The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary November 26 – 30.

Victor threatened Billy, Tucker made an offer, and Kyle flirted with Phyllis…

Upon arriving home, Victor ordered Billy out of Vikki’s life and threatened to tell her about LA. Billy left the family to be with Vikki, who threw them all out. Billy lashed out at Jack for almost getting Vikki killed during his wild goose-chase to Miami. Kyle warned Jack, who continued popping pills, that he was pushing away his family then flirted with Phyllis. Kyle and Phyllis agreed to team up to run Adam out of Newman. Billy returned home and asked Vikki for forgiveness. Victor revealed Billy’s knowledge of him being in LA with no memory. Vikki agreed to let Billy stay – for Johnny’s sake – but made it clear she didn’t trust him.

Nick spent the night with Avery but warned Summer not to use Avery to get to Phyllis. Ronan informed Phyllis he was leaving Genoa City. After Summer recognized texts sent to Jamie were from Fen, she heard Michael and Paul would be mentoring Jamie in Ronan’s place. Fen warned Jamie that he was with Summer, which was only in Fen’s mind. Later, Michael asked Fen to befriend Jamie.

Chelsea and Sharon argued over Adam. When Chelsea warned Sharon to stay away from Adam and threatened to reveal her secret, Sharon panicked. Chelsea stood her ground and told Adam she didn’t want him to see Sharon anymore.

Tucker offered to buy everyone out of Tag ‘N’ Grab then took Jill out on the town. Cane warned Jill against Tucker, but she assured him her eyes were wide open. Chloe told Kevin she wanted to use the money made from Tag ‘N’ Grab to start a business with Chelsea and was stunned to hear they were losing their house since Kevin had invested all their money in the company. Michael gave Kevin the $10,000 he needed. Kevin paid a man, who reminded that the money would only buy Kevin a month – since he borrowed much more against his house. Kevin wondered how much money was in the Tag ‘N’ Grab account then completed a transfer on his laptop.

Nina said goodbye to Paul then left town. Though Paul and Christine planned to start over, Paul thought his career needed a change. Across town, Neil instructed Cane to be Devon’s mentor at Jabot, which irritated Cane.

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