Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For January 16.

The Aluminum Christmas Tree.

Chloe runs into Brady at Caffeinated. She starts hugging him until Kristen shows up. After the ladies are introduced, Kristen teases Brady about how hot Chloe is and then tells the diva they should have lunch some time. She putters off. Chloe clues in to who she is. She teases him about dating his almost step-mom and guesses he got his shiner from his father. Chloe rehashes everything he did for her before she left town. They worry that Kate might tell someone about her turning tricks. The diva is optimistic she has Kate out of her life. Meanwhile, Kristen calls her dad. He’s already heard about her and ‘John’s idiot son’. He reminds her that she promised not to hurt Marlena. She’s still seeking revenge.

Jenn and Daniel are at the pub blabbing about kids. Kate and Billie arrive. Kate tells the doctor that she needs his help. “I guess my happy new year hasn’t been as happy for you,” he says. She tells him that she is the only stability Parker has ever known. Kate adds that the kid must be confused and hopes for supervised visits. He offers to do what he can. After he leaves, Kate sits down with her daughter and explains that she wants to put Chloe in ‘a living Hell’. Billie worries. Kate says she will keep her hands clean. “Daniel has plenty of hands to go around,” she says before walking off.

At the mansion, Maggie and Victor hang out with Parker. They discuss Chloe’s plans for Daniel. She lit up like an aluminum Christmas tress when she saw him. Daniel and Jenn arrive with a gift for the kid. Parker sticks out his tongue and plays with it. When Daniel wanders off to look at the diaper bag, Parker starts crying because he’s been left alone with Jenn. Parker craps from the stress so Maggie runs in to change him. After she takes him away, Jenn and Daniel starts smooching. Chloe walks in, spots this and cringes. She slams the door and interrupts. Brady arrives and congratulates the doctor on his good news. After Daniel and his women leave, Maggie and Victor wonder what’s been happening with Brady. He says he’s happier than he’s been in a long time. Brady fills them in. “You sure have outdone yourself this time,” Victor moans. Maggie thinks he’s mad with grief.

Daniel, the kid and the women go down to the square for ice cream. “He likes it vanilla, just like his daddy,” says the diva. The doctor and the kid go off and Chloe tells Jenn she’s trying to make things as untraumatic for Parker as possible. Jenn decides to putter off to work. After they have their ice cream, they put Parker to sleep in his stroller and the doctor brings up Kate’s request. “She’s pure evil!” Chloe snarls. Meanwhile, Kate tracks Jenn down at the hospital. She tells her that Chloe shouldn’t be around children. She bluntly explains that Chloe was a prostitute.

In her office Marlena calls Will to leave a concerned message. Hope is there. They drink tea and the shrink explains that John has moved out. Marlena moans about how she is losing everything to Kristen. She admits that she was happy Kristen was with Brady instead of John. Hope says there is still a way out of this mess. She pulls out a little microphone she can hide under a pin. It’s illegal to do this, but ‘a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do’ says Detective Hope. Marlena heads to Kristen’s room wearing the wire. She’s not welcomed by the DiMera. “Shut up! We’re going to have a conversation!” the shrink barks, barging in.

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