Days Of Our Lives Poll: Abby.

Salem’s virgin.

Abby’s virginity has become a central part of her character recently. She has enormous anxiety about it. It ruined her relationship with Cameron once already. As several men compete for her affections, are you interested in where this is heading, or do you find this all a little unsavory?

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  1. From dc

    abby has really not had much of a story (except when she was with chad). i’m not sure her being with cameron was such a good idea. hopefully things will get better. i read where cameron was working with stefano about nicole’s baby..

  2. From jenn

    I find it weird how her virginity affected her relationship with Cameron but yet she tried to seduce Austin. So, I voted her virginity is not much of a story. Maybe because we didn’t get to “grow up” with her on the show like Jennifer, Hope, Sami, Carrie, etc?

  3. From Lissa

    I voted other. I saw the rumor Max might come back and I was always an Abby/ Max fan… Chad would be second choice. As for Chelsea, without Bo or Billie being around I wouldn’t miss her much.

  4. From babs

    I do not want to see her with Cameron.

  5. From WandaW

    I am so sick of this sappy, undecided girl. She’s nosey and very unsure of herself. She and her mother are really making me want to stop watching the show because of their whoosiness. Thank goodness there are other characters to watch and I am glad I have a fast forward on my tv.

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