Days Of Our Lives Poll: John.

Taking off.

John and Marlena have been fighting about Brady and Kristen. Doc has hurt his feelings so now he wants to leave Salem and go somewhere else, where his brain will be more functional. Is this the right move for him to make, or is he acting out of character?

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  1. From dc

    hate that john is goin away for awhile. hopefully he will return with some new best buds (maybe steve and bo).. just a thought.
    i am wanting shawn, belle, claire, max, and chelsea to return.

  2. From jenn

    John would never run before. He never ran away from confrontations or problems, not that I recall anyways. But then again, DiMera’s make people do crazy things. I mean, Brady hitting is own dad?

    I am hoping for the same dc! I would love them to come back.

  3. From babs

    John is acting like a spoiled brat. Why you brought John and Doc back is a mystery to me. Boring.

  4. From Lori

    I for one can not believe the story line with John, Marlana should have slapped him. He was the one not standing by his woman, I would have never tollerated it for one minute. I’m so mad that John took Kristians side and not marlana’s. She only did what she thought nessessary to get them stupid men to open their eyes.

  5. From WandaW

    Marlena should leave him alone, because everytime she wants to console him, she makes it worse. He brought all of the problems they are having on himself when he wouldn’t listen to Marlena in the first place.

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