Days Of Our Lives Poll: Too Fast?

Bad idea?

Although they’ve only been together for a few weeks, Sonny has already asked Will to move in with him. Considering he waited more than a year to kiss the guy, has Sonny’s judgement of appropriate timing gone out the window? Did he move too fast?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From jenn

    For myself, it would be way too soon for me to move in with a person. However, if they feel it’s right for them to move in together, why not? I just hope Sonny is not using this to keep tabs on Will.

  2. From dc

    since the post are running a day behind, todays wedding was a fiasco. and chad did not even know it was will who was the father. i hated what it did to sonny, hopefully he and will can talk and work things out..
    the whole show today was about a wedding that never took place. i jusdt wonder if gabi and nick will ever get married.. looks like nick has also losdt his job with kate and i am sure sami won’t want him either.. it is probably gonna be a surprise to see how this ends up (gabi and nick)..

  3. From dc

    just read where stephen nichols is leaving young and restless. his last date on the show is 1/28..
    could he return to days?? (i sure hope so)…

  4. From gaelyn thomson

    why not they should move in together and raise the baby together in a new place in salam

    if sonny loves will like he say’s he does than he should be there for him no matter what if sonny loves will like he say’s he does than he should forgive will and kiss and make up i think will and sonny be better parents of the baby

  5. From Optimistic

    I think Chad did the whole town a favor. nick and gabbi both belong in jail. Will is a decent kid and although family is dysfunctional they love each other. Rafe really messed up as he knows that gabbi created the circumstances surrounding kidnapping that triggered the deaths of many including jack and probably Nicole’s baby. Rafe needs to do a decency reality check. Murder is still murder even in soaps and gabbi and nick are identical twins in their criminal acts. Nick is close to Kristin in the revenge category. Prime examples of those choosing their own destinys. Great acting on nick and Gabis part other than the fake ‘vow declaration” but otherwise great mean roles. Kristen’s acting is less than talent and therefore a waste of airspace and viewers intelligence. Great soap….we need to raise rating by getting rid of ‘K’ story lines – sick cemetery scene, revenge, set ups etc are just stupid but a good actress could of captured at least a few-not this one. Just some thoughts. Love the soap and should be #1 with quicker stories and finality for a few! Dictated sorry if errors dragon is cool

  6. From Sue

    I would really not watch 2 men or boys in bed on my lunch break. I love to watch days of our lives, but not when this is going on. Seems to me the more we advertise this behavior, the more we will see it on our tv screens. I would rather not watch then. I have been watching days for over 30 years, soon to be not watching at all. Another thing, why are all the kids always being hurt on this show. Poor little kids.

  7. From Amanda

    I agree with Sue above. I would rather not watch 2 men in bed together. When their scenes come on I always change the channel. I could care less about this storyline.

  8. From Family Mom

    Take the gay roles off of the show. ——– I will stop watching now, have watched for years but this is not my belief.

    Part of this post has been removed as it is seen as inflammatory toward gays which goes against Soap Opera Fan’s guidelines. ADMIN

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