Days Of Our Lives Renewed.

Another year.

TVLine has received official confirmation that “Days of Our Lives” has been renewed. Its new contract will expire in September 2014. There had been fears that the last remaining soap on NBC would be cancelled this year thanks to falling ratings. Last year saw substantial budget cuts. This contract extension will mean that the soap will see its 48th anniversary on the air.

Find out who made the list of nominees in the 65th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards. Did you think the show would be cancelled? Check out what viewers had to say in our DOOL Poll: Cancellation.

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  1. From dc

    just keep the storylines interesting and bring back some characters that were once on the, then maybe the ratings will be better. just a thought..

  2. From Kat

    It’s a no brainer,
    give the majority what they want… give them EJ and Sami, and your ratings will go up….
    So simple, is boring Rafe really worth it, to keep ratings down in an otherwise great Soap…
    Give Rafe another love interest or send him off to Whatever country might need a crooked cop…LOL

    get him out of Sami’s orbit….she loves EJ, if only her self righteous family would stay out of things. They all do what they want to do…

  3. From maryjane

    Majority wants Ej and Sami? I though the majority was sick of so much Sami? Seems to me that majority does not want them together, or they would’ve done it that way. The Sami and Ej people are —. You will really stop watching a show because you don’t get your way. Sorry but that’s —. I hated when Roman and Marlena parted ways so she could be with John but I got over it. I do not like Ej and Sami together but I wouldn’t stop watching if they were together.

    Please take care not use name-calling on Soapoperafan. Fans are not ‘strange’ just because their opinion differs. Admin

  4. From maryjane

    Admin, I’ve seen a lot worse on here and you did not censor that. Wooooow, talk about ultra sensitive, yikes!

  5. From Evelyn

    James Scott is a cutie and my #1 Fave Forever!

  6. From bettyg

    Thank you, NBC! Another year we can moan and groan and enjoy DOOL!

  7. From CM

    I can’t believe the ratings haven’t skyrocketed with Will and Sonny making out every other day. I can see where the storyline is heading…in the end Will and Sonny will end up with Will’s baby and raise it as a “family”…and the show gets cancelled. I really miss the glory Days of the 80s…Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla, Shane/Kim, etc. But today DOOL has become nothing but a PSA for gay rights and “going green.”

  8. From Janice

    CM @7 I totally agree with you. May I add one more? Roman (Wayne Northop) and Marlena and Josh Taylor as Chris (he was the original Chris). Other wise you were right on the nose.

  9. From Sandy

    Maybe ratings are not up because people record the program. I Am working @ 1 so I watch the recording at nite echen I get home.

  10. From Charles

    I have a feeling that NBC will try to get the show to the 50 year mark and cancel it shortly thereafter.

  11. From KJR


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