Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For February 4-8.

The final nail.

Daniel has to cut his romantic getaway with Jenn short when Chloe calls in a panic over Parker. The doctor rushes back to the mansion and discovers that the kid is okay. He is not amused. He lashes out at the diva until Parker starts calling him ‘daddy’. That warms the cockles of his heart. Later, Jenn issues Chloe a stern warning. She and the doctor plan a night out with Brady and Kristen in Chicago. That’s not the only planning Jenn does. She also turns to Nicole for some advice on how to deal with the diva. Jenn feeds false information to Chloe about where she and the doctor are going. Chloe falls for it and is furious when her plans to interrupt them falls apart. When she gets home to Parker, she discovers he has a severely high temperature. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to track Daniel down.

Cam and Abby have breakfast together. They feel pretty optimistic about things. Meanwhile, Will doesn’t feel too optimistic. He hands Sonny back the keys to his place and reminds him that he loved him so much that he was willing to give up his own child for him.

As John hunts down Stefano in Europe, Marlena lashes out at Kristen in Salem. She only succeeds in making things worse. The DiMera decides it is time to up the ante. She plans to jilt him at the altar. She soon discovers she might have trouble getting him there though. When she mentions marriage to him, he laughs in her face. He explains that it’s too fast and he wouldn’t want to rub that in his father’s face. She claims John wouldn’t have to know. He still doesn’t like the idea. Meanwhile, Victor presses to have Nicole arrested for stealing Titan files. Hope manages to talk him out of it. Kristen decides to try and forge a truce with Nicole. That fails. The DiMera points out how obvious Nic’s lust for Eric is. Nicole is appalled but can’t hide the truth and does her best to avoid the priest, which confuses him.

Elvis and Sami hit the sheets. Although that makes her feel warm and fuzzy, not everyone is feeling so good about it. When Brady hears she has reunited with him, he thinks she’s being a twit. The news of the naked nookie continues to spread. Johnny knows all about it and blabs to Rafe. He declares that was the final nail in the coffin for that relationship. Caroline and Gabi both try to talk him around but no dice. When he runs into Samanther, they have a brutal battle about her bedmate. This fight is so big it manages to also be about Will’s claim over the baby. Sami suggests that he could get full custody and then urges her son to have a paternity test done.

Gabi notices that Nick has a giant scar and wonders where he got it. It’s a memento from his time in prison and he doesn’t want to talk about it. Julie shows up and conveniently blabs that it was from him being stabbed in custody. Nick still doesn’t want to talk about it. Rafe shows up and worries to his sister about Sami’s suggestion that Will could file for full custody. Nick is a convicted killer after all… Nick just happens to eavesdrop on this conversation. He buys some surveillance equipment and then texts “I know your son shot EJ DiMera” to Lucas. Nick plants the surveillance device on Will and then records the father and son’s discussion of the crime.

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  1. From dc

    i read somewhere that, maybe, gabi does have a miscarriage.. my thinking is nick is getting a little creepy, of when he was after melanie..
    after reading the above, i kind of had a feeling that john was going to try and track down stefano. i am wondering i will get some help from bo and maybe steve, who knows. it would be a good storyline.
    i read on the rumor mill uesterday that max and chelsea are heading back to days in april.. yea.

  2. From emma

    Nope Gaby will not miscarry : they cast a child to play her child.
    Well well well why can’t Rafe have a life outside of Sami ?! Move on Rafe !! Ej had other loves outside of Sami and he and Sami did not share screentime for long long period of times..why can’t be the same for Rafe ?! Why always having him sniffing around her, having him in her is annoying and tiring !! Let Ej and Sami alone ! And Brady is a big hypocrite : what about his relationship with a know Kristen Dimera himself, who is he to judge really ? EYEROLL And Hope defending Nicole..heu why ? Or Jen asking advices to Nicole ?! really ? ridiculous, despite some annoying and WTF parts these spoilers are ok.

  3. From sharon

    have decided the writers are writing such crap on purpose…..NBC must want to drop the show for sure!!

  4. From Leah

    Johnny knows about Ejamis romp and tells Rafe about it? WHAT THE? And how old is Johnny? Not happy about that Days writers. Show a bit more tack and taste!!!
    PS: So much for Ejami keeping it a secret. What it lasted all of 2 hours?

  5. From Leah

    #2 Emma… totally agree with your comments. Yes why can’t the Days powers to be have Rafe move on and have a life outside Ejami? Its been like this ever since hes been on the show. Surely the character and actor has the ability to carry and tell a story of his own without Ejamis help? Must be frustrating to continually be the third spoke in the wheel.

  6. From MAB

    WOW, how ironic that Jen turns to Nicole for advice on how to deal w/ Chloe. I didn’t see that one coming, but I think I like it!!

    Ah…it’s becoming clear now why John left Salem. I think John has a plan, and I guess hunting down Stefano is part of that, either to take down Kristen, or take them all down. Will he meet Bo on his travels? My real question is, will this be Stefano’s entrance back into Salem? I HOPE SO!

    Brady calls Sami out on reuniting w/ EJ? Really…can we say hypocrite??? As clueless as he is, he has no business saying anything to anyone about who they are with. Looks like them keeping a secret won’t be a secret for long. Johnny tells Rafe, so he declares “the final nail in the coffin for that relationship.” Well, I thought he’d already done that? Move on Rafe…Sami has!

    OMG, Nick text Lucas “I know your son shot EJ DiMera” (what is this “I know what you did last summer”)? The key word in that text is EJ DiMera…a person that psycho Nick doesn’t wanna mess with. Besides, it’s EJ’s call about Will, and he isn’t gonna press charges against Will for shooting him, so doesn’t that kinda put a crick in Nick’s plan? He may have had a tough time in prison, but he hasn’t tangled w/ a DiMera yet. EJ is in Will’s corner, and it will be pretty ironic if we see EJ, Sami & Lucas working as a unit for Will.

  7. From bobby

    Thank you writers. You finally put some humor back in the show. Nichole at Victor’s (with 2 of her husbands and a boyfriend) and then getting stuck in Kristen’s lovenest. She’s the only one that can pull that kind of humor off. Chloe’s planning to get Dr. Dan back is getting boring already. It would be more fun if she set her sites on Brady! Way more cat fighting Kristen/Chole/Nichole mix.

  8. From Linda

    Before everyone involved gets all upset, I would want it clarified what Will really wants. Does he want full custody away from Gabi or does he simply want shared custody with Gabi? Nick should be no part of any custody agreement. That should be settled between the parents – Gabi and Will.

    I thought it was silly, anyway, for EJ and Sami to think they were going to keep their affair a secret. Why?! I think the reason Rafe keeps hanging in is because he deeply loves Sami. I still say he got involved with Carrie on the rebound from Sami. A person can be on the rebound and still fall in love with the one they are rebounding with. I just don’t think Rafe’s feelings were ever as deep for Carrie as they have always been for Sami. Carrie was right when she told Rafe he still had Sami in his head. I do hope Rafe will be stong enough to stay away from Sami from now on, but I wouldn’t bet on it because I don’t think Sami and EJ will last long. Corday did say in his last interview that he liked the EJ/Sami/Rafe triangle. I do not!!

    I can see where Brady will be coming from chastizing Sami for reuniting with EJ. After all, she read him the riot act for being with Kristen. EJ – Kristen, same difference.

    I’m afraid down the line Nick will hurt Will physically. Jennifer turning to Nicole for advice could be interesting!

    Like #2 emma I also read that twins have been cast to play Gabi’s baby.

  9. From gerri

    Yes bobby,
    the fun part of todays’s show was Nicole,…she Is really a great actress,the best on the show.

    Chloe and her scheming Is already boring,If she can’t break Jenn,and Daniel up,maybe she’ll go after re-uniting with Lucas,boy would Kate become un-glued.

    Loved Billie’s talk with her Mom,she hit on all important issues,and told her mom,how Her actions,didn’t help her at all.
    wish the writers would have given her a better S/L,so she would have stayed around longer.

    Brady,Brady,Brady,you lied to your granddad,If your relationship with Kristen Isn’t the sex,then why is most of your time, spent in bed,wonder what kind of vitamins are you taking,making the little blue ones?,..

    I don’t understand the secrets,either,with EJ and Sami,It’s no ones business,so what Is the point?If this Is what they both have wanted,and waited for ,you’d think ,they would be proud,to have gotten to this place,or could It be shame on her part,because she has been back and forth,so many times,and couldn’t decide which one she wanted.oh well move this S/L on.and focus on another one.

  10. From patty

    So poor little Johnny sees EJ and Sami naked and tells Rafe? Is that what the spoilers are saying? Didn’t somebody mention taking it to the bedroom and locking doors the other day? That poor boy will be the most screwed up ever with the parents he has.
    I don’t really see how it is any more hypocritical of Brady to tell Sami she’s a twit for being with EJ than it was for Sami to take a fit because he’s with Kristen. He’ll probably let her know that.
    I hope Taylor does come back and that Nicole’s baby turns up if only to cause angst for the ” love birds.” As for Rafe, he’s over Sami but I hope he still remains in their faces for a while yet and doesn’t leave them alone, just for a little payback for the anguish caused by EJ when he was with Sami. Why should anyone make it all smooth sailing for those two, they certainly don’t do it for anybody else.
    I kind of like that Nick is a loose canon and I think he is the guy to outsmart all of them. I think Nick is someone Elvis doesn’t want to mess with and he could give him a run for his money. As a matter of fact, Nick is a lot like EJ as far as obssessive, controlling and manipulative behavior. Nick is just a lot more shrewd.
    #3, sorry, that was a little disturbing.

  11. From Leah

    Yes don’t know how it happened about Johnny knowing about his parents romp but I do think its stupid writing on the writers part. Mind you Johnny wouldn’t be the first child to walk in on his parents “cuddling” – ha, ha! I suppose him telling Rafe is meant to be a bit like out of the mouth of babes (there’s an innocence to kids). I for one reckon Johnny will be THRILLED about his parents being together. You could hear the excitement in his voice and see the big smile on his face when he saw his parents kissing on NYE. Anyone would be able to tell you MOST kids from broken families dream, long for and wish for their parents would to be together. For them to be together as a family. Johnny would be no different. EJ and he have always had a strong bond.
    I just wish this Ejami secret had been able to stay just that for a bit longer. It is nobody elses business but their own. They are both single and owe NO ONE else any kind of explanation. So Salem busy bodies and know it alls… butt out and get on with your own lives!
    As for pathetic Brady (and yes I love Brady but Nicole was right. He is dumb when it comes to woman), pathetic Brady should just mind his own business. He is being a hypocrite. At least Ejamis attraction has always been there and they do have two kids together… so it should be no big shock to him. Its not like him and his sidekick. No history together…. just the history she has with his dad etc. Brady please wake up! Dish the cougar.

  12. From gerri

    I agree with the other bloggers,re-the comment posred in could anyone even think such thoughts,and then post?
    It Is very disturbing…..

  13. From Kat

    What a moment today,watching Nicole leaving… Dr. Dan, Brady and old Victor… three of her former lovers/husband… it can’t get any better on a soap,
    but like I said before, Nicole is Like EJ, good and evil all wrapped up in one body….

    Another thing, I know Chloe is scheming,
    but somehow I do not find to much sympathy for Jenn in my heart,why is that.
    Jenn is just so I don’t know what, she just does not click with me…. Sorry to say….
    Wow, Brady saying today, that Kristin has not been back Here in 10 Years….
    wow does that make EJ only 10 years old… Writers, give us all a break, but don’t make us total fools…
    Sorry to say, but sometimes, writers in their re-writes are just pushing the envelope a little bit to much.
    Keep some Reality Alive please….

    Perky Jennifer, oh please help us… she is to “Liberian” to be ever called perky..
    or if needed, to in your face like with Nicole… perky, please help, but not Jennifer.

    Billie and Kate, let’s remember Billie, your Mother was Big Bad long before she Married Stefano, acutally Stefano did rescue Kate from the law, and made her a “better” person, not really, but he kept her in line..

    Oh my, did any of you see Chloe’s behind today talking to Ann at the Hospital,,,
    it was way out,
    but I guess ever since Kim Kardashian…whatever her name, big behinds are in..

    I think it looks not natural, women, were not born that way, and I am not trying to be racist at all, but white women do not have the same kind of behind naturally, as black women do..
    Kudos to black women, that now white women are trying to copy….

    Kristin and Brady in Bed…. Nicole in the Rear…
    what a way to leave us hanging…
    hope Brady catches on to what Nicole was trying to do. None of her business….
    Brady did not butt in on her and all the mess she was creating about denying EJ of his Child….

    MAB, so many of my blogs to you were deleted…
    don’t know why, friendship is punished on here.,,,
    but moving on, I will always stand up for a friend… and it was Me that reported that nasty post from Lady to the Admin….
    The truth shall set you free, but I have a feeling
    that this post will also be deleted,, don’t know why,,, it is not fair, in my opinion… but a kind of censorship will always be around, and maybe that is good or bad, I really don’t know at all….

  14. From patty

    Why am I not surprised that Sami’s the one to push Will for full custody. Like the spoilers say, Sami only makes things worse. Boinking EJ is not going to make her any smarter or kinder obviously . Will wants to be in his child’s life but has no plans to take the child from Gabi. Leave it to Sami to pull a Kate here and act like a busybody and a psycho grandma.
    I don’t think Johnny wanted to see his parents together that bad that he needs to witness their romps. Shining example of good parenting when a small child goes around blabbing about his parent’s naked nookie.

  15. From Brenda

    Wow I don’t say anything remotely off and my posts are not on here. I do know I saw another post from a Brenda that I did not put on so how could that happen? That was a long time ago so I will still read this blog for the information since the Day Ahead is not working and I love to know about this soap. I keep trying to post but I know it will not be posted. Why???

  16. From Brenda

    What did I say to not get this on line? Nothing about naked anything or romps or example of good parenting which I know noone here cares about. The only good parent is Grandma Carolyn. She finally had a storyline when she admitted changing the records in a hospital. Apparently she did not even get that right. LOL LOL LOL I guess us old people can not do anything right. Poor Phillip. Is Jay working anywhere now? I miss him.

  17. From Kat

    There we go again, another one gone, I don’t even know why I bother anymore, what is up Admin….So I am starting all over again…

    Patty, comments like “Boinking”, a word I learned from you, thank you…
    why are they used now and with Ej and Sami, and my dear, none of us have yet seen Sami and EJ do It, but judgement is already in..LOL
    Patty, I get it, and most likely every body else on here gets it by now, loud and clear, you do Not “LiKe” EJ,
    that is fine by me,
    but do not pretend you are in is brain/mind, and that you always know what he is thinking next… it get’s old….. let’s just wait and see what EJ will REALLY do……. how about that….

  18. From Leah

    We don’t ACTUALLY know Johnny saw his parents “cuddling.” He just may catch EJ getting dressed or leaving in the morning. Maybe Ejami will sit the kids down and talk to them (I doubt that as they were wanting to keep it quiet). And oh yes, Johnny wants his parents together. We’ve seen it many times. The drawing he drew of himself, his dad EJ and his mum Sami being a family. Johnny flatly refusing to wanna leave his “home” and his dad EJ to go with Safe. Johnny refusing to do as Sami has asked to the point that Sami has had to call EJ to get him to come over and help, and then the other times when Sami has just had to get EJ over to talk to him about something. Then there was the time where he took Samis hand and placed it in EJs. Then we have Johnny giving his dad the white rose to give to his Sami and asking EJ why he is not dancing with his mother. And I could go on and on and on. Johnny has made it abundantly clear he loves both of his parents and is happiest when they are together. Yes he loves Rafe but Johnny certainly knows and understands he is his stepdad NOT his father. Kids are adaptable and Johnny makes the best of every situation (whether it be Safe or Lumi) but if asked I’m sure he would tell you he would prefer his two parents together than anything else. Thats what his actions have shown us anyway!

  19. From Kat

    For crying out loud, all of you Holy people out there,
    nobody in your lifetime/sextime ever came close, like maybe one of your children, walking in on you or close to it…

    I know, it happened sort of close to me and my beloved husband, and beloved father of OUR Children…
    so please, just sit on it, I know you will do anything to discredit EJ and Sami…18 Brenda, don’t a clue what you are talking about..

    PS…Children have always been unpedictable, (SP),,, they can walk in on anybody,,,
    let’s be honest right now on this site…
    I am being honest…. Sorry to say, life happens and children do survive,.
    don’t they always say Children are so resiliant….(sP)/// sp
    so what is one more thing in their pain they are growing up with .. seeing Mommy,. seeing Daddy with
    Who ever other Woman out there….
    over and over again….. oh yes children are so resiliant…

    but now Lordy, they get to see their
    beloved Mommy and Daddy together,,,

    wow, what an awful thing to see…Not.. in a Million years …

    Happiness for Johnny and Sidney,, Finally, Mommy and Daddy together and they love each other so much….Finally, sooner or later, I hope later as they wish……

    let the all the busybodies in Salem know, and you know what, s…them all, it is none of anybody’s business….

    and really with all due respect, looking at it from the
    OUTSIDE, it is really is nobody’s business what Brady is doing.

    But however in Salem Everybody makes everybody’s Business Their Business….or there would be No Business going on….. So funny, I just love soaps, and my Love …loves me..

  20. From Kat

    21 Leah,
    thank you for a nice post to see things for real…not just
    used to bash Ejami…
    It is refreshing… to see a little bit of honest posting without bias….

  21. From lc

    Hello everyone!! Is it just me or is this Nick character doing a great job acting…maybe a little bit too good of a job!!! He is just really creepin me out!! He is becoming SO obsessed with the baby now. Is he going to kidnap baby after it is born? Is Gabi and everyone else really that clueless they cannot see his behaviour. I loved how Justin handed back his retainer and told him to find another lawyer! Whatever he does he is doing a great acting job!! Someone said earlier that Nick is going to hurt Will physically and sadly I think they are correct on that one. I thought Stefano was coming back so why did John have to go look for him? And I’m quietly hoping that Nicole ends up with Rafe :)
    Have a great week everyone!!!!!!

  22. From Chris

    Here’s my take on Will, Lucas and Nick. Nick will try to blackmail Will and Lucas with the info he gathers, but it won’t work because Nick’s past is going to unravel with the arrival of a man who was in jail when Nick was. I read that Gabi’s feelings for Nick change also.
    I agree with an earlier response that it’d be up to EJ to have Will charged, and as he’s on Will’s side and wanting to reconcile with Sami, he won’t do it. He’s helping Will fight for custody.
    I also don’t believe this custody thing is as cut and dry as it seems. Just because Gabi told Will he was the daddy and Will admitted to it recently, doesn’t make it so. Spoiler reads…paternity will come out at an unexpected time.
    Now as for Will and Sonny…They will have Brian to contend with as well as Nick as he continues to become more and more unhinged.
    I’m not sure how but they will reconcile. Same with Marlena and John.
    And I do know that Justin and Sonny have scenes with EJ as well coming up.
    Corday said Will and Sonny’s story isn’t over yet and they’re not running scared from it.
    Lastly, my only concerns are WilSon and JarLena coming back together and fighting together against their foes.

  23. From Susie Soaper

    Wow, come on. We don’t know that Johnny sees his parents together. Maybe he just gets excited that EJ spent the night. Maybe that’s what he may tell Rafe…..
    Love that Ejami is coming together….

  24. From Sasha

    I’ve been watching days since I was a kid. I always thought it was interesting but these storylines are pathetic now. Is everyone on Days now like the town ho? I don’t like Sammy and EJ, it’s ridiculous. EJ kidnapped Syndey, faked her death, and raped Sami long ago. I believe blackmail is on that list too. Now she’s in love with him and is willing to give up what she had with Rafe? He gave everything for her and she spit in his face with someone that did despicable things to her.
    I’m sorry, story writers but I don’t think you’re helping this soap become better it’s getting worse. Everything is becoming too predictable. You can’t even have a relationship, where the couple are working their *** off to make things right together and not going and sleeping with someone because they’re upset or stressed. (Sami and EJ.) on this show. There’s other couples that I can rip into but right now this couple frustrates me the most.
    Then the storyline for Nick/Gabi/and Will. WOW! Didn’t Will try and stop the abortion, didn’t he ask Gabi to marry him. I believe Gabi and Will don’t even have a say for THEIR baby. Nick was calling all the shots. They all can go to jail. Nick accidentally killed a girl on the beach (drugs had nothing to do with this death. He did it all on his own)and murdered Trent(claiming the drugs made him crazy, yeah right) He seems like a psychopath because he’s going almost the same thing to Gabi that he did to Mel, just in a different way.Drugs didn’t cause him to do anything, he did it willing. Next, Gabi’s planning got her best friend kidnapped and almost killed. Then Will shot Elvis, which EJ forgave him and now they’re best buds apparently.
    Good luck days, coming from the younger generation, if this soap wants to live for 50 more years it needs a lot of work and interesting storylines. We don’t want the plots to be predictable, we want suspense and the urge to want to watch it more.

  25. From Katie

    I am ready for Nick to go back to prison! I was looking forward for his return to Salem, but the way he acts toward Will as well as the way he’s already starting to slowly control Gabi (even though unfortunately she’s too dumb to see it) I was hoping that he’d have an actual useful storyline, and actual put his “genius abilities” to work, instead of being mixed up in yet another Days baby drama. speaking of babies, wander if Carrie had her baby since she and Nicole were due around the same time…

  26. From Lady

    Thanks ADMIN! I appreciate you settings things right. Now the show. Calling nick a psycho is true, but then so is EJ and his father. They do vile things just different ways. Seeing Sami make out with a creep that has done nothing but hurt her, her family and her children is ridiculous. Poor Johnny having to watch. What idiotic adults to allow this. They deserve each other. So glad Nicki will get her baby. That is when I think EJ will dump his blonde bimbo. So hope Rafe is happy and stay far away from Sami. anyone but her. EJ….change your shirt. Disgusting.

  27. From Leah

    Johnny having to watch his parents? Lady aren’t you jumping the gun? We haven’t even seen these scenes yet to know what Johnny encounters and sees… have you?
    Anyway people IF THAT IS THE WAY IT GOES DOWN…. don’t get angry at the actors who are only following instructions and acting it. Get angry at the Days powers to be for writing it and allowing it. In saying that, as some of us have posted wouldn’t be the first child on earth to ever catch his parents “loving” each other and the earth hasn’t stopped turning yet LOL.

  28. From bobby

    I think Sami wants to keep her and E.J.’s coupling a secret so she can keep Rafe on the backburner. She can’t quite give up the fun of having 2 men fighting over her. Not sure what my thoughts are over Gabi’s baby. I just feel sorry another child will be yanked around and screwed up by a bunch of people that can’t take care of their own kids. Not to mention the tole it takes on Will. Doesn’t he have enough problems?

  29. From Linda

    #11 Kat, yes Rafe did say that to Carrie but the writers blew that away when they had Carrie tell Rafe he still had Sami in his head, under his skin, whatever it was she told him. I just think no man would take all the crap from a woman that Rafe has from Sami if he didn’t love her deeply. It has always been my opinion that Rafe truly loves Sami but that EJ’s feelings for her can best be described as obsession. But even true love has its limits and I hope Rafe has finally reached his. I am sick of this triangle. However, I’m not against all triangles and I think a Sami/EJ/Taylor triangle could be fun!!

    #27 bobby,I don’t know if it was EJ or Sami or both who wanted their affair kept secret but my first thought was like yours, that Sami wanted to for the benefit of keeping Rafe handy.

    All the spoiler above says is that “Johnny knows all about it and blabs to Rafe”, so we don’t know how Johnny found out. Maybe he didn’t actually see Sami and EJ “together”.

    I have to agree about Nick being a phycho but that things Stefano and EJ have done are also pretty psychotic.

  30. From Cougar

    Great comic relief watching Nicole getting stuck in in Kristen’s bathroom and about to get an earful of sex!

  31. From Cougar

    Patty 13 I’m with you about nick. I buck the mainstream opinion here about nick. Yes he is controling, manipulative and possesive of Gabbi and her baby. I think has evil genius villan potential if is developed the right way. If the writing doesn’t continue to push him too far to the creepy factor he certainly has the intelligence and ability to map out a plan that creats havoc. They can do a lot with his prison background. A possability of extreme abuse by other inmates, connections to other criminals and much more I suppose. My knowledge of prison life is pretty limited. lol.

  32. From julie

    Yep they can get back Carrie for Rafe or even Emily or pairing him with Nicole whatever..tired of this triangle, let Ej and Sami have a REAL and fair chance. For years Rafe had a romance with Sami and Nicole with Ej and most of the time Ej and Sami were not in their way..but no here Rafe has to spoil it..Gary Tomlin and his worshipping of GG and his Rafe character is boring and so so so played out. Sigh.
    Jen asking Nicole’s help is just ridiculous, just few weeks ago she framed her for murder, please..
    I guess for Brady and Sami : fair is fair because Sami berated Brady for being involved with Kristen few weeks ago so it is pay back for Brady i, only for months now Ej only helps and is here for Sami, he also saved her life just last summer whereas Kristen plot against Brady behind his back and quite manipulate him..therefore not really the same situation, don’t you think Brady ?!!
    The Nick’s move could be interesting development in the baby story, and his past in prison could be intriguing although sadly we will have to suffer Gaby’s scenes, i guess he speaks to her about

  33. From Maryl

    The spoilers on this site made me wonder about Rafe–”final nail in the coffin for that relationship” (meaning his and Sami’s)? How many final times/nails has Rafe threw out there already. When is final, final with him? He needs to hit the road away from Sami and EJ and get his own life going. If they don’t find him a new woman/love interest or whatever soon, I’ll rope and tie up a woman from here in Texas and ship her to him direct!lol!

    I guess now Rafe will have a sl, thanks to Gabi/Nick/Will. Again the writers have this opportunity to put him in EJ’s and Sami’s radar range. We all know that Corday proclaimed his love of this triangle, so I guess we will be stuck with it until they decide to either write a good story for EJ/Sami or they decide to destroy
    it via Rafe/Nicole or whatever.

    No one really knows what Johnny sees happening between his mommy and daddy–we haven’t seen the episode yet. Or did I miss something? It may be simply that Johnny finds them together in the morning and he knows daddy spent the night. No big deal–they are Johnny’s parents.

  34. From me

    Sami and Lucas and kids are a true Horton Family,and this is the way it should be.

  35. From patty

    I am so bumbed that Nicole is the one who will be charged with corporate espionnage. I wanted so much for her plan to work but I was hoping for Nicole to use a more creative way to expose Kristen to Brady. I guess Brady will have to find out on his own about Miss Slime. I just hope it’s not too late when he does and that he will make her pay. The sarcophagus comes to!
    Yes Kat, I don’t like EJ and what he does . Neither do I like Sami, Kristen and Kate and their actions . Stephano I could care less one way or the other. Daniel and Jen bore me but I don’t dislike them. But that is just me and my right to feel however I please. I don’t pretend to be in EJ’s head any more than you do, just speculating here just like you are when you say Rafe never loved Sami and loves Carrie or that EJ and Sami love each other and they are destined to be a super couple. Sami has been with three men in the last year, one as recent as a week ago, and now her last option is EJ, so excuse me if I don’t see the love there. Their heart to heart talk and them “boinking” will not change my opinion on that, they are just not believable to me. I don’t know if little Johnny sees them naked, that is why I asked the question in my post #12, but I certainly hope not. It’s bad enough we’ll probably have to watch but poor little Johnny has already been through enough trauma in his short life.
    Ic, I agree that Nick is doing a great job in his role and he’s bringing a lot to the show right now. I like that he has everybody convinced he’s “normal”. I can’t wait to find out what is behind those crazy eyes. I do hope he doesn’t hurt Will but I don’t really believe he’s a physical threat to anyone right now, least of all Gabi. Sami’s probably the one who ‘s more of a threat to Gabi than anybody and will probably be the one to turn this all into an ugly mess.

  36. From jolie

    #8 Bobby could not agree more. Nicole is always at her best when she is doing some misguided do-gooder stuff. Her face tells it all. And Chloe’s story may get more interesting when Nancy arrives. Oh please let it. Who cares what Chloe does as we have seen it all before and from several. She is using her child right now to rein Daniel in. That will almost backfire and it will on her.
    #9 Linda, I don’t see that Will knows what he wants. Too many people are telling him how they felt with their first child, that he needs full custody, that he needs to feel this or that. No one has really asked him what his feelings are for the long run or really deep down. And if Gabi marries Nick, he will most certainly need to be taken into consideration on the custody arrangements. He is acting a bit deranged so there is danger in the waters around him. I can’t imagine that Rafe loved Carrie. He admired her, he needed some human warmth but love…I never bought it. I just wish it was all over..why is Rafe still being drawn back into the picture with Sami? It does not make sense. Move on! Corday must be the only one enjoying the constant spin cycle Sami has her men on. Few here are enjoying it.
    #10 gerri, you are asking Brady all the right questions and the blue pills…too funny. Brady acts like someone caught on the ferris wheel and missing the get off area.
    #12 Patty, more than likely the writers didn’t intend to imply Johnny saw his mom and dad naked but maybe in bed the next morning?? That would be a bit more tasteful and likely to happen…well, Sami likes the couch so let’s hope his little eyes don’t have the burned into them. And Brady and Sami need to get into an old fashioned slap fight. Slap some sense into one another. Or just slap each other because it would be fun for us to watch and they both need a good slapping.

  37. From SandyGrams

    There is nothing funnier than the spoiler that says EJ and Sami keep there relationship a secret. How secret can it be when anytime Samanther has sex it’s written all over her face. And Brady getting upset at Sami for hooking back up with EJ, Oh Please when he is groveling at the feet of the femme fatale of the DiMera Family.

  38. From patty

    Maryl, no big deal for a child to see different men spending the night with Mom all the time? Why would it confuse these poor kids, because they want their EJami crumbs too and have been waiting for it for 6 years?

    How many times has EJ been rejected by Sami and he’s still carrying on with his obssession. Rafe doesn’t want Sami and has every right to be disgusted at her because only days ago she was about to jump in the sack with him and then turns around and does EJ instead. Sami has nothing to be mad at Rafe for, he might have jumped at the wrong conclusions at first but he and Will are on the same side now so this anger at Rafe is unjustified. She however will keep on hounding his sister and he won’t stand for it. That is why Rafe has seen her true colors and wants nothing to do with her. This chosing EJ is bull, she’s not chosing him, he’s her only option. If I read the spoilers above correctly and for those who thought Caroline was backing Sami with EJ, it looks like she will be trying to get Rafe to reconsider dumping Sami. It won’t work thankfully!

  39. From jolie

    #24 lc, Nick is really a good actor and character. He can turn it on in a second to go from sort of loveable goofy to sinister looking. But yep, he might turn a bit violent and I hate to see that.
    #27 Bobby, you could be right that Sami doesn’t want to face the music and does want Rafe smelling around her still. I get all tickled about all the posts here that get all indignant about how Sami and Elvis are adults and can keep it secret because it is no one’s business but theirs..what the what?? This is a soap opera and there aren’t any secrets in soap operas. This is Salem so it is everyone’s business! Hope just filed a police report on them being seen on the couch. Everyone knows or will once Hope’s report is hacked and posted to Facebook. Secrecy…not in Salem and not anytime soon. If they want a secret, move to Chicago because we didn’t hear from Chloe for 2 years and that was fun and a fine time for all.
    #30 Cougar, I am in agreement on Nick. If he is not written as savvy and devious as his brain allows, then the writers have not done their job. Right now they are making him too creepy too fast and it seems like it will burn him out in a hurry.

  40. From Linda

    #34 jolie, yes, I agree and that’s what I was thinking, someone needs to sit Will down and ask him what he really wants instead of going headstrong (Sami?) and full steam ahead for a full custody situation that he might not really want. Couples have shared custody all the time. Some couples even have 50/50 custody these days. I disagree about Nick, though, if I understood you correctly, and don’t think even if he and Gabi marry that he should have any say in the custody agreement. I mean, he and Gabi might sit down together and decide what works for them, but it’s all up to Gabi and Will to finalize everything to their own satisfaction. It appears right now like Nick is only thinking of himself and how badly he wants that baby. What’s really up with that?!

    #36 patty, it must seem pretty incredible to Rafe that minutes before the wedding a few days ago Sami was going to have sex with him, at least it certainly looked that way if Hope hadn’t interrupted, and Sami was going to give EJ the old heave-ho. But now she’s sexually involved with EJ again. Why wouldn’t Rafe be disgusted and remark about that? What guy wouldn’t think that was remark-ABLE?!

    I agree with you also about if it’s no big deal for a child to see a different man spending the night with mom all the time. Confusing?, – of course it is! It’s a miracle Sami’s younger kids even know who their daddies are!

  41. From Linda

    I meant #39 jolie and #41 patty. Did those #’s change on me?

  42. From jolie

    The spoilers above say that Will give Sonny back his key and says he was willing to give up his own child for him. Sorry but I am calling BS on that. Will was supposedly torn over the right thing to do for the baby. So which is it…tastes great or less filling??
    John hunting Stefano in Europe??? For help with Kristen? Wouldn’t the ISA know where he is? Or why didn’t he just ask Kristen because she’d have probably told it. And Brady and Kristen marrying…maybe she’ll drug him to make him go thru with it but then if she left him at the altar, he wouldn’t really know it.
    And Kristen sees Nicole 3 times and is aware of all this lust Nic carries for Eric? Oh dear, Kristen has a large crystal ball to tell her everything going on about everyone, especially when they don’t realize it themselves.
    Sami and the custody battle…she is so quickly turning into Kate! At least Lucas will be there to point it out to her.

  43. From jolie

    #43 Linda, nope we are on the same page about Nick. I don’t think he has any rights or voice in the custody but needs to be considered as the influence he will bring to the table. But this is DOOL and it is all up for grabs! And Sami’s poor kids..who has 2 different fathers, actually 3 since Rafe has been step father and a good one to the kids. These kids are like Sami, they don’t know shoe leather from apple butter when it comes to family life.

  44. From Molivya

    Has anyone mentioned that Kristen is Brady’s first cousin? By adoption, but if John & Stephano are brothers, wouldn’t that make them cousins? Maybe this is more revisionist history.

  45. From gerri

    #38 Patty,
    you always hit the nail on the head…all your remarks are right on.I don’t like EJ,never have,and from the start ,he gave me all the reasons not to.He Is one that can never be trusted.He Is too devious.
    he deserves someone,who can hand It back to him,And I think that will be Sami(because she sure can’t be trusted either)It will be fun,to sit back and watch,their on and off days ,with each other.

    Anyway,I sure wanted Nicole to get Kristen good,but the DiMeras have too much power,and too many people,carrying out all the dirty deals,they demand.

    The only one I want to see get a large dose of DiMera Medicine Is that gullible Brady,I guess he drank,and did enough drugs to really pickle his brain cells.because the only thinking he Is doing,Is below his belt.

    I also hope when Chloe’s mom gets there,that she can talk some sense Into her,make her see,If a man don’t want you,have a little pride,and don’t use trickery and scheming to snare one.

    Something needs to happen,with Kate,to make her see everything does not revolve around her,her threats need to stop,and she needs to get a life.If rumors are correct,maybe It Is going to happen,soon,with a health scare,and Dr.Bill Horton coming back?

  46. From MAB

    Kat – what I don’t get is why post #3 is allowed to remain on here, while others are deleted or reprimanded. Makes no sense at all! I tried to talk to admin about that post from her, but they deleted my post to them, and I never got a reply. So I say whatever…

    Nowhere does it say that Johnny sees EJ & Sami naked. More fabricated assumptions to something that hasn’t even happened yet…nonsense! But even if he did see them, that would be no different than the many times he did see Sami romping w/ Rafe…everywhere in that loft.

    Brady is a hypocrite for slamming Sami for being w/ EJ. He wants everyone to accept his relationship w/ Kristen, then maybe he should try accepting Sami’s relationship w/ EJ.

    If I were a Rafe fan, I would want way more for him than to remain playing second fiddle to EJ & Sami. I would want him out of their faces, and move on to a SL of his own for a change. If Rafe wants payback, then EJ should get his too, after the anguish Rafe caused him for trying to keep his children from him, and arresting him for a crime he didn’t commit.

    A loose cannon like Nick won’t outsmart EJ, and will never give a DiMera a run for their money. Nick will eventually mess up and get caught w/ his pants down.

    Leah – no doubt Johnny will be thrilled his parents are together, as that was evident of him watching them kiss outside the pub.

    EJ & Sami have rejected each other, this isn’t just a one way street. EJ rejected her w/ Nicole, she rejected him w/ Rafe, and so on. And no matter who they were with, they never really left each other’s vicinity. That is not obsession…that is 2 people who can’t seem to live w/o one another. EJ has always loved her, and I believe she has always loved him. They both admit to that, but for Sami it was always about what others would think of her, and her stance against Stefano. I believe if not for Stefano, Sami would’ve been w/ EJ long ago.

    MAB AND KAT: If you see a post that needs to be dealt with, email us a note to request it please instead of complaining to each other. ADMIN

  47. From Maryl

    Sami has been “spending the night with different men all the time”?
    patty–are you speaking of the sl that’s going on right now? If so, when has she spent the night with EJ, Rafe, or Lucas (these are the only guys that I know of). When has she allowed the kids to see her doing this with these different guys? I would like to watch the episodes where this happened because it sure would be interesting to see. Can you please tell me when this happened so I can go back to the archives and replay that.

    I don’t remember Sami having sex or sleeping over with anyone since Rafe and her split. She has kissed and gotten fired up sexually with Lucas, Rafe, and EJ, but that’s as far as it went–if my memory serves me right. I can’t remember for certain whether she had sex with Lucas during their brief reunion but, I don’t think she did and if so, she didn’t let the kids see them in action.

    Sami has enough sins on her plate without adding some more that she isn’t even guilty of. Give her time and she probably will be! lol!
    Same holds true for EJ–neither one of them need to have sins added to their plates that have come from spinning or overstating the facts.

    Let’s not jump to conclusions of what Johnny saw or how he learned of EJ’s and Sami’s being “together”. At least not until we see for oursleves how it all goes down.

  48. From Kat

    MAB, I agree, post 3 to me is very offensive and disgusting…and I do not understand why it has not been deleted….

    All I can say, the light bulb for me, went on quite some time ago..

    I agree with you, the kids probably saw and heard quite a bit in that small apartment, when Rafe and Sami were at it, night and day.
    I remember when we talked about it on here, that having sex seems was all they had.

    Again, the people that don’t like EJami, but it is almost all they talk about. They must be watching…just not with the same eyes as some of us. And that is cool by me.

    43 Linda,,, you say about Sami, and now she is sexually involved with EJ again…
    what did I miss, I have not seen them having Sex yet….
    She might be next week or so, but Now.. nothing has happened yet..
    Also, who has seen them naked… having sex, that we have not seen yet.
    Time to get me a Crystal Ball, so I can see future scenes in living color, and don’t feel so left out.

    Sami might have thought getting back with Rafe was the right thing to do, but when betrayed Her Trust, threw things she had done into her face..
    I think at that moment All the Remaining Cobb Webs were removed from her eyes, and
    she saw Rafe for what He really is, not a Man but a little nasty boy with a chip on his shoulder..
    Sami’s eyes are open now about Rafe, and she is ready to move on, and do what She wants to do.
    And I do not read minds… I comment on what I see and hear on the screen….and base my comments on that..

    MAB AND KAT: If you see a post that needs to be dealt with, email us a note to request it please instead of complaining to each other. ADMIN

  49. From Maryl

    The reason that Sami can choose to be with Rafe and then head straight to EJ when things don’t work out with Rafe, in my opinion, is this—she does love them both.
    Rafe is the most practical first choice because he is the “good” safe one. EJ on the other hand is harder to sell to herself and to her family, so naturally she will pick door No. l–the safe and easy one.
    Now that her “light blub” has started to illuminate, she is beginning to look at which one of these guys really loves her the most.
    Which one of these guys will do anything and everything to be with her–dastardly of whatever.
    Which one of these guys accepts her for herself.
    Which one of these guys puts her first.
    Which one of these guys is forgiving of her.
    Which one of these guys is always there for her. EJ.
    Maybe when she has this all figured out Rafe can finally put that final nail in the coffin–he will have no choice but that.

    I believe Sami has already figured out her relationship with Lucas–her love for him now is only as a friend and she respects him as the father of Will and Ally.
    If she can honestly figure things out between EJ and Rafe, she might become stable again. At least for a while! lol!

  50. From Leah

    I think some of this writing is lame… I mean come on, Rafe interrupts an Ejami makeout session and doesn’t give a lick but when Johnny spills the beans he declares “Thats the final nail in the coffin for that relationship???” Ummm, what did the boy think was going to happen? What a ding dong. I call Rafe “Mr I’m not too Bright” and lets see if he doesn’t fail me yet again. No man would go back to a woman who had an affair with a man while they were married, it caused their marriage to fail and caused them to get a divorce AND just when it looked like things were getting better THEN goes and sleeps with that SAME man again. Nah! No way! No self respecting man that is! Lets see if he keeps interjecting and orbitting Sami/Ejami. As I’ve stated before I don’t think its losing Sami that has bruised his ego so much than it is the fact of losing her to EJ.
    Caroline may try to sway Rafe to not give up on Sami BUT unless the writers are going to have her do a complete backflip on her comments to Sami (about loving 2 men at once and the heart wanting what the heart wants) Caroline will back and support Samis decision. Caroline knows exactly how it feels to be in Samis position so I don’t think she will be throwing any stones. As for Rafe… if he was any kind of a man he would mean what he says. Ejamis connection/love has always been an issue for him. Pre Safe relationship, starting of the relationship, relationship, engagement, marriage, divorce and now still while hes single. EJ has NEVER been fully out of Samis radar. Rafe SHOULD do the smart thing and walk away. In my opinion he has wasted too much of his time and needs to move onto greener pastures. Count your loses Rafe and move on!

  51. From MAB

    #48 Kat – ditto!

  52. From Kat

    OK Admin… I guess I assumed when you removed some of our posts, you must have seen # 3 and just let be…
    Sorry about that.
    Thank you.. like to keep things good.

  53. From MAB

    Admin – I wasn’t complaining, just making an observation. There’s a difference. And I’ve never nor will I ever email you to complain about other people, not my forte.

    I’m sure this will be deleted, but just wanted to set the record straight of how things are perceived on here.

  54. From Cougar

    Maryl 47 if memory serves Sami was doing the hoizontal mamba with Lucas not too long ago when he returned to Salem but I cant recall exactly when the last time he danced between her infatuations with rafe & ej. It seems , again if memory serves correctly, you are right several times Sami ALMOST got together with Rafe or EJ a number of times but either were interupted or it was a pda with longing looks. As Ann Landers so eloquently put it as the only 100% sure fire way to not get pregnant she kept “the pill between her legs”. And for once she hasn’t turned up preggers lately! These girls really have to be carefull of that magical sperm he has as he seems to get barren women and other ones on night stands preggers!

  55. From Linda

    MAB and Leah, that’s what Rafe fans have been saying, walk away Rafe. We want more for him than Sami! The best for EJ would be to walk away from her, too, but he’s obsessed.

    #48 Kat, I was talking about what has yet to happen. Others were commenting on it so I also gave my opinion.

    I liked everything about today’s show. Except Will being such a good guy all the while Nick is planning to make out that Will is unfit.

  56. From Leah

    Just a thought….
    We have all read the spoilers that say Nicole is going to be involved in a triangle of her own soon. Who do you think is going to be the third spoke in the wheel? We all know the first 2 are Nicole and Eric but who is the third? Dr Dan – out! EJ – well hopefully he’s out but I suppose that depends on whether an Ejole baby is going to surface somewhere or not. So who? Brady? Well he seems all goo goo gaga about Kristen (dummy). Rafe? Well I wouldn’t mind that but we’ve heard rumours hes gonna be swinging Hopes way. Who else is there then? Be interested in your thoughts posters.

  57. From SandyGram

    Episode Wednesday January 30th:
    What a great show today, from the ominous music indicating there is something brewing to Kate the Snake showing she has true feelings. The last scene with Billie today was so touching I even had to go to the tissue box. It’s very rare that we see this kind of sincere emotions from our favorite reptile. And I liked that the door was left open for Billie to return and for Kate to visit Billie in Europe.

    I can understand why Rafe wanted Gabi and Nick to wait on getting married. After all, the effect of the baby reveal was still lingering over them. Nice to see Gabi is not totally influence by Nick, much to his dismay. It didn’t take any time for him to put his backup plan in gear as he sought out exactly what Lucas meant by talking the blame for Will by going to prison. And it’s clear Gabi does want Will in the baby’s life with her gesture of the giving him a picture from the sonogram. And then there was Kate, again! She is going to try and make Nick’s life very busy on the new job so there is no time for him to spend with Gabi and the baby. Of course Nick will have to do something about this, which is probably the lead into the spoiler ‘Nick does something bad to Kate’.

    Well Nikki asked for it and acted without thinking. Although harshly Brady had to confront Nicole, leading to the spoiler ‘someone gets arrested for industrial espionage’. But the best part of this whole scenario was the look on Kristen’s face when Brady was accusing her of putting the secret Titan documents on her own computer! The first time we have seen her for a loss of words.

    Did you see it? Kristen again using her Susan voice in her scathing condemnation of Marlena’s actions toward her. She was right what she said to Doc, but she just seemed to enjoy it so much. So now we will see Marlena spill her actions to Brady. That should be about the last thing out of the proverbial cat bag.

    It looks like today’s scenes with Hope and Rafe could be leading up to the spoiler “they will get close”. And wasn’t it interesting now that Bo is no longer there Hope has this big office a perfect place for a little desk top romp. Makes me shiver to thing about that!!

  58. From lulu

    Can Rafe be ‘disgusted’ far far away from Ej and Sami please ?! lol

  59. From patty

    Leah, I think the ding dong here is EJ since he’s going to have sex with Sami knowing that she’s fresh out of Rafe’s arms and was about to have sex and make a new start with him. No self respecting man would overlook that and jump into bed with a woman who does that. Of course no self respecting woman would do that either but Sami wouldn’t know the meaning of self respect.
    No one wants to see Rafe go back to Sami, not Rafe fans, certainly not EJami fans and definetly not Rafe . It’s not Rafe’s fault Sami is such a screw up and he’s certainly not playing second fiddle to anyone. EJ’s the second fiddle here, always has been since she only turns to him when she runs out of options. Is Rafe pissed at her, of course he is. Not only is she jumping in the sack with EJ after leading Rafe on, she is being overly vicious to his pregnant little sister that he loves more than anything. So yeah, I hope he gets in Sami’s face . I also can’t wait to see EJ’s face when Rafe tells him how Sami was all hot to get into bed with him only days ago. Rafe moving on doesn’t mean smooth sailing for EJami and if Sami wants Rafe out of the picture all she has to do is stay away from Gabi as he’s warning her to do, but we all know she won’t do that and she’ll need to keep him in her orbit.
    Maryl, yes those children have had more men in and out of their lives than any child deserves. Every time those kids get up in the morning ,they must have to wonder who’s my daddy today.

  60. From piper

    Aren’t will and sonny cousins ?

  61. From patty

    Can somebody tell me why everybody’s so worried about Rafe being aroung Sami if EJami love is so strong? Should be nothing to be worried about since Sami’s finally “seeing clearly” now.
    SandyGram, funny you should say that about Hope’s desk. I forget where but I read a spoiler or rumor about an unsuspected couple having a secret thing going on or something like that. Think it could be these two?

  62. From gerri

    Since Sami Is loving all this attention,she’s been getting from the men In her life(yes Lucas was also In the mix,when he first came back to Salem)they all need to get one more turn with her,and maybe something crazy will happen,and she’ll become pregnant with triplets(,It happened with the twins,or so It’s written that way)One by each,wouldn’t that be hilarious?maybe she could get a new Title,for her little group(instead of”" Sister Wives”")It would be “”Brother Husbands”"
    She has loved all three.

    Just trying to inject a little humor here.know nothing like this would happen.

    possibly the writers,are going to pair Rafe with Hope,I’m hoping not..I’d rather It be Nicole,but It looks like It won’t be,but maybe a newcomer…

    hey just trying to Inject a little humor here.

  63. From SandyGrams

    #60 patty
    The ‘lets keep it a secret’ sounds like it’s going to be EJ and Sami. Which is hilarious in itself since once she has sex with EJ it will be written over her face.

    But the ‘surprise thing’ could be Hope and Rafe. Today he was asking about Bo and how long was he planning on being gone. Not so he could move in but in concern for her with Bo not being there. I could see some afternoon there in her office she’s feeling blue, he comforts her and then there’s that moment, he puts his arm around her to comfort her, there eyes meet….Oh dear there’s that shiver again….if it comes to pass I hope the desk has been wiped and is so slippery they slide right off of it!!

  64. From Leah

    Patty there is no need to even try to debate with you on this subject. Why? Because you don’t see to any reason. You see it how you see it… and “A man convinced against his WILL is of the same opinion STILL.”
    So just wish you wouldn’t spend so much energy and time on continually bagging two characters you have admitted to dislike. You should be happy if they end up together. You should be standing, cheering and clapping from the sidelines. Why? Because it leaves your Saint Rafe alone to do his saintly thing. Why can’t you go onto other characters or storylines and leave the rest of us (who do like them) alone? To be honest if you got your wish and both Sami and EJ left Days you would be bored. As nearly every post you post is about them in some way, shape or form.
    PS: EJ doesn’t care about Rafe. When the subject comes up doesn’t he say he doesn’t care about them but rather wants to know where do he and Sami stand? EJ doesn’t care about how or what the other men are feeling, its Sami and their relationship that EJ is interested in. With EJ its all about him and Sami, not Safe, not Lumi. I reckon the other two men could learn a lesson from that. Rafe and Lucas have always focussed their attention on what EJ was or wasn’t doing. How sad? Shows a lack of confidence in these two and a confidence and maturity in EJ and what he and Sami have. Nicely done EJ, nicely done :)

  65. From Maryl

    patty–Sami has been married to three guys who were in the kids life. Sydney, Ally and Johnny would hardly know or remember living with Lucas. Sydney wasn’t born then and Johnny and Ally were babies. EJ was a father to Johnny and Ally after Sami married him, per Stefano’s plans, and Lucas went to jail. After that ended, there was only Rafe who tried to play daddy. If you compare her to some of the old timers and all their divorces and marriages, she really isn’t that much worse. Kids have always been shuffled and left wondering who their daddy is on these soap operas.
    This is another reason I would like to see the kids finally have a stable home with EJ and Sami. Sami, Lucas and EJ seem to understand the importance of getting along for the sake of the kids. EJ and Lucas do not like each other, but they respect their rights to their children.

    The kids are very young(except for Will, of course) and because of that there is still time for them to benefit from being a part of a stable family. As of now, they are not scarred by being passed around as Will is.
    But, things do need to change for them as soon as possible.IMO.

    In today’s episode I really started seeing the chemistry between Eric and Nicole emerging. I believe they will be a great love story if the writers handle it correctly.

    Believe it or not, and I know I am a minority on this, but I saw a spark between Hope and Rafe!! I was wondering if today’s episode was an introduction to two new couples–Nicole and Eric and Hope and Rafe?? I guess time will tell. I know it has been rumored to be a possibility.

  66. From patty

    Lol! SandyGram, somehow I don’t see Rafe and Hope as the desktop kind of people but who knows? Maybe the secret couple they are refering to are EJ and Sami since they want to keep their not so secret affair a secret. I also read that Will sees Sonny with cutie paootie Brian so maybe they’re the secret couple.

  67. From Leah

    Maryl I agree with your above post about Lucas and EJ. That is the one thing I love about them and their relationship. Neither hides there annoyance or dislike of each other BUT YET for the sake of the children they try to be amicable. Yes we get the hilarious snide remarks or jibbing of each other but they do and have always respected the importance of each others roles in their kids lives. Something (fatherless) Rafe has never done. All he has wanted to do was claim kids that weren’t his. Maybe the reason Lucas and EJ could rise above that was because they were ACTUALLY fathers. Maybe Rafe needs to have a child of his own so he can appreciate those boundaries now and in the future. Food for thought anyway.

  68. From patty

    Leah, every EJami fan’s posts here are about trashing Rafe and excusing EJ’s behavior by making Rafe out to be the bad guy. So now that he’s out of Sami’s life, why is everybody spending so much time and energy focusing on Rafe and why can’t everybody just move along with other storylines? Goes both ways my dear so no, there is no way you will make me see your reasoning . I don’t care if you like EJ, or even Sami even though I don’t get it, but why keep bagging Rafe’s character since he’s done nothing and all this is Sami’s own doing. I think you’d all be bored if he wasn’t on the show either because you wouldn’t have anybody to blame for Sami’s stupid mistakes.
    I know EJ doesn’t care about Rafe or Lucas, he cares about EJ and what he wants and doesn’t care how he gets it. That is a sign of a lack of confidence that he always has to resort to trickery to get it.

  69. From gerri

    Patty #67

    you go girl,!!!you tell It like Is!!my thoughts exactly…
    and I will add being a sperm donor,does not make One a daddy!

  70. From Maryl

    #66 Leah–you are so right about Rafe not seeing those boundaries– but notice how all of sudden, he sees that withholding a child from a parent is not such a good thing–no matter the circumstances? All it took was for his sister to be pregnant and ‘voila’ he now has done a complete turnaround in his thinking. With Rafe, it’s all about his own self and his family only. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, he has no choice but to admit he was wrong in what he did to EJ because he set a bad example for his beloved sister. Before this, he never had any concern for EJ’s feelings. His self-righteousness helped him to justify his actions where EJ was concerned.

  71. From Leah

    Is Rafe out of Samis life? We really haven’t seen that yet… have we? Two weeks ago he was steering/pushing her to get into bed with him after Gabi and Nicks wedding. Rafe was the aggressor/chaser there not Sami. I think she just got caught up in it all and went along with it. I think in the back of the Samis mind was the Nicole baby saga fiasco. Why? Because in the back of her mind I think EJs words were ringing in her head “Rafe is not the same man you fell in love with. Hes changed!” Now we are seeing that being played out on our screens and we’re seeing Samis reaction to it.
    Patty I will agree with you though Rafe vs EJ, Safe vs Ejami bickering does go both ways. Me saying that shows I can be reasonable – LOL. What a pity there is not more of that on here. In all honesty (and yes this is in my opinion) I truly believe Ejami fans can more often than not admit to EJs faults and mistakes BUT I do not see alot of that from the other side. If you were to ask me about what is one thing I liked about Rafe I would say (parental rights issues aside), Rafes willingness to take on Sami and all her children. Now can you tell me what is one thing you do actually like about EJ?

  72. From Leah

    #69 Maryl… good point. Hypocrisy!

  73. From SandyGram

    #71 Leah
    Hope you don’t mind if I get a cent and a half in on the ongoing conversation regarding you know who and you know who!

    For Me, ‘Rafe’s relationship with Sami and her children’ was not a willingness to take them on, but a true love of this woman who happen to have children. A woman that he listened to, for sometime while in the Safe House and beyond, talk endlessly about wanting to protect her kids from the DiMera family. Whether driven by jealousy or fear Sami filled his head with all the wrong doings of this known ruthless family and his love for her was so strong he would do anything to protect her and the kids.

    Now being a fan of ‘the show’, with a soft spot for Rafe (other than when he was with Carrie), over the past year I have found EJ’s best moments have been his relationship with Will (after the initial treatment of him as his puppet during the Mayorial Campaign,)he has been very earnest in his support for a trouble young man and is enjoyable when he is hands on with Johnny and Sydney. Now the Samanther Merry-Go-Round we’re on, I can wait a little longer for the story to play out to see if there is depth to his protested sincerity.

    With that said, I loved today’s show!

  74. From Leah

    Oh that was refreshing SandyGram… thanks. I appreciated your honesty and enjoyed reading your post!

  75. From patty

    Claire, glad it can give you a giggle. I suggest you take a peek on EJami fans posts to see how many times Rafe’s name is mentioned. It does go both ways. EJami/Rafe happen to be a big part of this show right now. As far as I know, we’re allowed to discuss any character we please on this site.
    Leah, the only time I come close to liking EJ is when he’s interacting with Nicole. Now that is chemistry .

  76. From Sarah

    I don’t see any chemistry between Ej and Nicole : just disgusting and boring, don’t ever go there Days..please.

  77. From Linda

    It can’t seriously be being said that EJ doesn’t care about Rafe?! EJ doesn’t “care” about anybody but himself most of the time but he’s all about whether or not Rafe is with Sami. And it can’t really be being suggested that those on this site who don’t like Rafe are open-minded about him and don’t dwell on every little cotton-pickin’ thing he does. And now here we have Rafe admitting he shouldn’t have helped Nicole keep her baby from EJ, (although I was with him and Daniel on that), and Rafe is still being criticized because of his timing, that he happens to be admitting it right now when his own sister is pregnant. But yet EJ fans have bought hook, line, and sinker into EJ having changed, no questions asked and no criticism of his timing, doing it right now when he’s trying to win Sami. And those are just a couple examples of the double-standard.

    I agree with both posts #67 patty and #73 SandyGram. Good ones from both of you! And SandyGram that’s how I see Sami and Rafe’s love story. The only true love story Sami has ever had, IMO.

    I could get with a Rafe/Hope pairing. I like him with Nicole, too, but I guess she’s going to have a slowly heating up relationship with Eric, acording to Corday’s recent interview.

    #61 gerri, I had a huge LOL moment over your remarks about Sami having triplets!!

  78. From Bobby

    Was sad to see Billie leave. Too bad there couldn’t have been a storyline for her. She and Lucas are the only ones that tell it like it is to Sami and Kate. And we have to find Lucas a woman. HOw about-if Taylor does come for a visit-they get together. Talk about another multi-mess. Starting to really watch Nick. Has all the signs of an abuser. Gabi better get ready for the ride of her life. And I think her horse is called Karma!

  79. From Stacy

    ————! I have not liked rafe since he has been on the show! Or his crazy sister! Ps this is what I see will happen with Johnny he will see that his dad spent the night over at his house and tell Rafe daddy spent the night over our place and rafe would say something like oh I see and where did daddy sleep and Johnny says in mommy’s bed. Lol I am just guessing here.

    Removed half of your post which was seen as baiting/bashing another poster. Don’t let it happen again. There is room for everyone on this forum. ADMIN

  80. From patty

    Maryl, that is where you judge Rafe wrong. With Rafe, nothing is about himself, everything is about protecting and helping others at the risk of his career and his own life. He is the most selfless person in Salem and that is what we love about him. He has been beaten, imprisonned and had his memory wiped clean and yet he fought his way back to the woman he loved and his family. He doesn’t scheme, blackmail or manipulate to get what he wants. He is human and he gets hurt and angry but he doesn’t do “revenge”. He’s not obssessed with other people’s kids, he helps their mothers protect them from their crime family father. He was a good father to Sami’s children and still is. He is not against Will as Sami claims but he will protect his sister because that is what he does, but I doubt you will ever see him hurt, blackmail or frame anybody to do it. He doesn’t know what Nick is up to anymore than anybody else in Salem does. Sami has no reason to be mad at him except for the fact that he’s defending his sister so that proves to Rafe what a loser she is and has made him see her true colors,something he was too blinded by his love for her to see before now.

  81. From TerriK

    In my opinion, the difference between ———- We accept him for him. The way he accepts Sami even with all of her short comings. Myself, I dont justify his actions…I just say he’s a DiMera- What exactly do you expect?
    Some Rafe fans, i’d never say all because well I dont know the opinions lf others, only the ones on this site- blame all of Rafe’s on Sami, which is a “cop” out in my opinion. We all have choices. Whatever happened to 2 wrongs dont make a right? Or being the bigger person?
    I know I’m done with this stupid debate because there is no reasoning. Rafe is far from perfect. As far as he knew, he cheated first. Hes covering for Gabi who was hated by 95% of this site until Saint Rafe decided her lies were ok, so now her haters have become her lovers because shes pregnant? Where was the love for Nikki when she was preggo? There was none. So this whole defense about leavin her alone because shes in a delicate condition just doesnt work for me.
    All for now..
    Kat,MAB, Maryl & Leah- I agree with basically everything you gals said..and almost always do so im not gonna repeat nicely put all!
    patty- I think this wind woukd blow me away if I were outside eh! it’s crazy but on a lighter note ADIOS SNOW!! Haha. Although my bf is cursing me because hes a huge snowmobiler! Hope you are stayin dry neighbour!

    Off now to celebrate my boys 4th Bday. Gees they grow up so quick!

    Part of your post was removed as it was seen as baiting a fanbase. EJami fans are not better than Safe fans and Safe fans are not better than EJami fans. There is room for ALL fanbases on this site and everyone needs to start respecting that. ADMIN

  82. From TerriK

    Rafe is the most selfless person in Salem? Really? Lmao..I’d say Eric is selfless..or maybe Father Matt..even Will id consider more selfless. Lucas….there’s a very long list before i’d call him the most..but hey..just my opinion.

  83. From jolie

    Nicole sure did a dumb thing yesterday but I guess that was her version of doing what Father Matt told her…help out someone else and quit thinking about herself. So round 1 of that didn’t go too well. Nicole absolutely looked surprised when Eric got her to thinking that she broke the law. At least this was a selfless act, stupid but selfless. Brady is burning his bridges with any and everyone. Kristen is doing a number on him like a black widow spider..get him in your web and keep everyone else away from him and he is totally under your control(like how Nick is trying to do Gabi). Brady has a glimmer of light activity in his brain once in a while but Kristen quickly puts it right out. In the end, Brady is going to have a lot of making up to do with lots of people. Nicole was wrong and dumb in her actions but she did put him ahead of herself. One of the most selfless (and least thought out) things she has ever done and it backfires on her.
    Hope was so strange about Bo. So either Bo has left her or he is deep in his investigation of Stefano and any talk might compromise his safety. Let’s hope he isn’t laying up in Europe with Carly! Maybe we will be led to think that Bo and John hook up in Europe to hunt down Stefano. I still think that Stefano is likely hiding in plain sight..I mean why would he have to hide?? He had really no new crimes on the books and hasn’t hidden for years. This isn’t adding up for me. I think it will turn out to be something between Bo and Hope rather than Stefano. Or maybe Hope is as puzzled about it as we are. Maybe she hasn’t heard from Bo lately and wonders herself. Lots of potential here for something for Hope.
    But then I keep waiting for something to happen for Roman as well. He waltzes in about once every 6 weeks but since Kristen has been back, he has been seen maybe 3 times. My imagination can read a lot into that.

  84. From Michelle

    I for one will be more than happy for Rafe to be out of Sami’s orbit. I don’t agree that the reason why Sami won’t let up on Gabi is to keep Rafe around. Gabi is carrying her grandchild, and just like she was spot on about Kristin’s intention’s, she was right about Nick and Gabi’s. Yes Gabi, may not be the orchestrator behind the whole plan, but she’s definitely going along with it and definitely not sticking up for her friend Will. Sami realizes the mistakes that she made raising Will, so she is able to identify quickly any plans that may prevent Will from being in his child’s life.
    But back to Rafe…. I appreciate the fact that he genuinely is concerned for his sister; it gives him a certain human element that was previously invisible to me. His love for his sister seems more organic than any other emotion that he has tried to display over the years. Even when he shows anger, he resembles a Surfer dude that is a little bummed because he ran out of wax for his board. (Rafe should have been type casted as the surfer guy, instead of Dan, he plays it better)
    It’s hard for me to believe that they will pair Hope with Rafe, just for the simple fact that when Bo reunited with Carly, fans were up in arms about the disrespect the writers shown for such a super couple. Now how would Hope, whose love for Bo is stronger than many in Salem, just so easily fall into bed with her niece’s ex-husband? I can’t see it. And I hope I don’t have to. If it does happen, then she or Rafe will have to become the town pariah, just like the way most of Salem hated Carly because of her relationship with Bo. As far as we know, Hope and Bo are ok, happily in love.
    It has been three long days of no EJAMI. Really looking for today and tomorrow and next week. Because as an EJAMI fan, I am very weary of the writers. Last night, I watched an old clip during the Sami shoots EJ in the head storyline. Knowing what I know now, I could really look at the particular situation for what it was. And I guess I can see where Safe fans are coming from. Rafe was like a Safe Haven for Sami when her life blew up. I get it. I’m just glad that whole mess of a storyline is finally over, and she doesn’t need Rafe anymore.

  85. From Michelle

    I do remember scheming, manipulation and blackmail from Rafe; Anna….Nicole. He played on Nicole’s insecurities and put Anna’s life in danger by trying to force her to rat on her own family. ( and yes, she was a part of that “wretched” family ) he schemed to keep EJ’s child away from him. I mean, Rafe is not above doing the things that EJ has done.

  86. From TerriK

    Admin- can I ask what the difference was between my post and #68??

    I get what some see now..I won’t bother posting future comments. I don’t enjoy being singled out.
    I’ve been a long tike fan of this site. Too bad.

    What post? We don’t babysit every single post on this site. Read the guidelines which explain this. Send it to us via email so that we may moderate it. ADMIN

  87. From Linda

    I see zero comparison between anything Rafe has done to what EJ has done. ZERO! Rafe has schemed and manipulated, yes, but I think the point Rafe fans make is that it is not self-serving. It’s always for the benefit of someone else. Rafe is not perfect but he is a good guy. I would not characterize EJ as a good guy. Unless he really has changed, which I will need a longer period of time to see if he has.

    I said I could get with a Hope/Rafe pairing but it would depend on what happens to Bo. Hope’s love for Bo runs very deep but what if she believes he is dead, or if he is missing for an extended period of time. . . .

  88. From jolie

    #56 Leah, liked your post and ideas but did the spoiler actually say a triangle? I missed that but not unusual for me! I remember the talk about Elvis and Nicole at Valentine Day but that seems sort of out of the way for how things are going. But it wouldn’t be DOOL if there wasn’t a fly in the ointment of love for someone or two.
    #61 Patty, somehow I had the notion that Kristen had a secret indiscretion on the side and we had even proposed Roman as he seems to pop up at times around her. But now you and Sandygram have added a new wrinkle. Of course the unsuspected couple could be Elvis and Sami because they are keeping their trysts a secret from someone. But Hope and Rafe…that would need to be kept secret until whatever happens to Bo or where ever he is comes to light. I can actually see Hope jumping up on the desk! She needs some action and Rafe might be the man!
    #62 Gerri, naughty naughty! But too fun to even think about. I wouldn’t mind Rafe with Nicole but if it becomes a triangle between Eric, Rafe, and Nicole…I am just not into it. Hope and Rafe, I am starting to soften up to it.
    #63 Sandygram, I saw Rafe/Hope scenes as a way to establish them as friends and put it out there for us to see. We haven’t seen much of them together but just some hints…like the time Hope playfully put that scarf around his neck. Really and truly, I will not mind Hope moving on and see no need to wait to see what the actor for Bo is going to do. If he comes back, fine. If he doesn’t…well, let’s move this thing on for Hope while she is still young enough and popular enough to get a good storyline.
    #67 Patty, it does indeed go both ways. Tell it.
    #73 Sandygram, a very fair and elegant way to put it all. You have a very good outlook on what happens and you don’t spin it one way or the other.
    #78 bobby, I too will miss Billie. She is beautiful and really never got off to a good storyline this time around. Too bad because she is a good actress. And Taylor for Lucas…now that is a great idea. That would cause Sami’s head to spin off, Elvis would choke himself trying to sniff Taylor’s scarf, Lucas might get a moment of happiness over it. Nicole would lay an egg. Mainly it would be ‘clean up needed in aisle 5.’
    #80 Patty, pretty good characterization of Rafe. He is rather loyal to a fault. He has protection woven into his fabric. Sami knows what buttons to push with each man in her life. Rafe is finally seeing it, poor Elvis is in deeper than ever! Lucas has seen it and is not dancing to her tunes any more. Best thing Lucas ever did. And can’t wait til Bill Horton comes back. I hope Lucas’ role is expanded when that happens. Something we have never seen is Lucas’ relationship with Bill and I hope it is good rather than contentious.

  89. From jolie

    #81 Terrik, fault me for a fool but I am always a Nicole fan no matter what so I was totally on her side when she was pregnant. Yes, I wanted to smack Dr Dan and Jennifer and Mags, Cameron and Maxine. Well, I had a list but have since misplaced it. I know, crazy, but I just saw her as backed into a corner and misused by Dr Feelgood. As for this other pregnant storyline..not feeling any part of it so I am just trying to get thru it! And happy B-day to your boys. They seem to start to understand humor at 4 and will come up with the strangest stuff. My daughter and I used to call it 4-year old humor when her son would come up with something that seemed so funny to him. You just had to laugh because he thought it was so funny.

  90. From Michelle

    THE fact is, he had done those things. I don’t believe that he was doing solely for the Bennie of others. He wanted to win the war. He and Sami started the war and he did not want to lose. His ego is too large.
    I guess I will have to wait and s ee if it really is Hope he has his secret tryst with. Until then I Erroll hope that it’s a triangle between Nicole Eric and rafe. Nicole deserves guys fighting over her, after this sad year she had shamelessly chasing men around.

  91. From TerriK

    Hey jolie- thanks and yes they sure do say the funniest things’s their innocence that just makes it perfect haha
    I too am a huge Nicole fan and had a very long list..sheesh she was high risk and everyone knew it.
    Just havin a hard time with this one cause I dont like Gabi one bit. What Nick is trying to do to Will is just plain wrong and it disgusts me that shes even goin along with it

  92. From Kat

    86 TerriK,

    Don’t leave here,
    you are stronger than that…
    and as the saying goes..
    When things get tough, the Tough (Ejami fans) get going.
    We support our fav. characters in a respectful way, know who and what they are, always remember it is a “Play” on screen. And the more Rafe fans try to push our buttons, EJ must be doing something right.
    Nobody has anything against Galen, it’s the character Rafe, that some just can’t warm up to..
    Some just don’t like EJ, but look on the bright side,
    EJ and Sami are the Top 10 Characters/Couple out of all 4 current Soaps, and that is a fact.

    Hope this does not get deleted, don’t see why it would…

    Rafe and Hope, wow, what happened to all the Bo fans.
    Carly was despised for being with Bo, After Hope had left him…
    and now I already read Fanfare on here for a Rafe/Hope coupling.
    Such Blind devotion to Rafe, .. why … he turns me off for what he is
    and unselfish is not a word I would use. He has been very vindictive (not talking about prego Gaby)
    and for being a Cop, so tainted.
    But the again, Hope is not the most honest cop either…nor was Bo.

    Without EJ and Sami for the big part, Rafe would be nothing. A man without a past that we know of, keeping it so secret.. why..
    Gaby would have been to young to remember anything when Rafe was young…
    At least EJ’s life is an open Book,
    and we know what and who we are dealing with.

    P.S. TerriK, again please stay, don’t give up your blog friends, for what,
    you have been through so much lateley in your life, this is an outlet for you….

  93. From Michelle

    I get very tired of talking about the past sins of both Rafe and EJ and Sami…because I believe Dena Higley, the headwriter at the time, was on a mission to destroy the soap, she not only ruined, Sami and EJ, but others, Hope, Bo, Stephanie, Kayla, Caroline, Chloe….. So I put the blame on her for the actions of the trio, EJ, Sami and Rafe. Instead of Sami and Rafe realizing after Grace’s death that they shouldn’t have kept her paternity from EJ, they say they would have done it all over again. Dena muddied the lines between right and wrong so frequently it alienated the viewers. The battle lines were clearly drawn. She writes a story to attack EJ, the innocent, but found a way to make EJ the monster in the whole situation.
    And now…EJ is regarded by others like family members of a drug addict, they just can’t trust him, because sooner or later he’ll slip up. I don’t think that’s fair.
    Yes in the beginning, EJ came to Salem to become follow through on his Dad’s orders, but in the process he fell in love with his target and started changing. All the things he’s done to prove to Sami that he’s no longer a Dimera pawn were beginning to mean something, until Dena and TPTB decided they needed to nix an EJAMI coupling. The whole Grace/Sydnaping Storyline was plot driven and not character driven. And very frustrating. Sami turned into a weak woman, desperately needing someone else to scheme for her. EJ turned drastically dark, and even his hair was longer to resemble a sleazy mobster. All the things that EJ has done for Sami and he suddenly turns on her so vehemently? That would have never happened if Sami never told him about Grace after she died with such malice. And since Rafe was new, who knows if his character during those times has always been his character?
    Dena wrote him with a huge hero complex, and it makes me wonder… how much does that have to do with Emily, he couldn’t save her, so maybe he made it his mission to save everyone else, regardless if they need saving.
    Now EJ and Sami are being written the way fans remember before Dena botched everything up. They are friends again and they aren’t denying their attraction to each other.
    And Rafe’s family values are finally making more sense.

  94. From SandyGram

    #88 Jolie
    After reading some of the spoilers it sounds like Sami and EJ will be the secret, so that leaves who will hook up in the bar that we wouldn’t expect to get together…I’ll guess Sonny and Brian. Just maybe this would be what brings Sonny and Will back together, Sonny’s guilt over being with Brian. Just a Thought!

  95. From Michele

    I too loved Ej and Nichole together. I think they both sparkled.

    I do not like Sami at all, therefore I do not like any pairing they put her in. I have not like her from the time she was 16.

    As a criminal justice major I will let you know, Ej does not get the choice to press charges when it involves a shooting. I love EJ but the fact is that he has no say in the criminal case against Will if his grandpa gets the proff that Will shot EJ he woul dbe leagley obligated to charge him.

    To me there are only two people responcible for this whole baby custody drama. Sami and Nick! If what Sami does is none of Marlena’s or Kate’s business then what Will does is none of Sami’s business. If we allow Sami to use Nick’s past as a reason to not want her grandchild to be with Gabi, then we would have to also remove Johnny, Allie and Sidney from Sami based on their parents pasts. Don;t get me wrong, I think Nick is crazy(but only us viewers know that right now) with that being said, come on who is SAMI to judge ANYONE. Name anything anyone has done in Salem…Sami has done it too. Name a reason you do not like someone in Salem…Sami is the same way. Who is to blame for Rafe hating EJ in the first place, Sami. Brady has the right to go off on Sanu for being with EJ because Sami went off on him for being with Kristen. Yes, Kristian did do things to her mother, but EJ has done things to his father. She believes EJ has changed, he believes Kristian has changed in the end they are in the same boat. Yes we as viewers know what Kristian is up to, but Brady does not know anything that we know other then the she lied about the note.

  96. From olivia

    Michele you are so biased against Sami that your argument above all is not credible although you have some good points on Brady’s pov, he doesn’t know that Kristen plot behind his back.
    With Nicole Ej was/is above all smug, nasty, skanky and looking a fan of Ej i don’t like that at all and i don’t see any sparkle just some forced we try to be “sexy” and it is slutty

  97. From jolie

    #92 Kat, Bo fans are probably still around but he isn’t. He is the one who abandoned ship with no date or even promise of return and Hope needs some story now. But you are right, people (me) did not like Carly for the coupling with Bo but I still blame Bo for that and Hope too and I really guess I am not a big fan of them together. But then I am not a real fan glued to the side of any couple here..well I do like Vic/Mags and I hope Stefano and Kate find their way back but with Bill coming back, might not happen. So if Hope finds a new man, I am on board for it. And I am so tired of the battering of poor Rafe. And Elvis too for that matter. Sami is Sami and needs someone to swat her a time or 2 to straighten her up some.
    #94 Sandygram, it does sound like Sami and Elvis are the secret…what a letdown! And if Sonny and Brian are the couple we wouldn’t expect together…oh dear. I am about as low as a dachshund’s toenails now. I was expecting something really spine tingling! I wanted to be watching my TV and going ‘what!’ and ‘how can they do that!’ Well, my hopes are crushed.
    #95 Michele, good points in the shooting of Elvis. I have waxed on a bit of that myself before. Lucas was convicted and served time, done deal as far as the judicial system cares. There is no evidence that Will did anything and Elvis would never tell it so case closed. All Lucas and Elvis would have to do is lay claim that it was and always has been Lucas and that Will has no part in it. Over and out. Of course this is DOOL so somehow it will matter that Nick knows this and will use it. Funny thing is that Will could probably back him into a corner about it and it would go away. Might be a little embarrassing to see it play out and to be accused in the public but Will was also accused of shooting Stefano and we know how that turned out. Nick is barking up a limp rope. And such goods points on our Sami and her part in the babycustody mess that is fixin’ to befall Salem. But I still think Brady and Sami should settle this with a slap fight.

  98. From gerri

    you’re always so spot on,with your posts.
    I’ve had trouble posting today.guess the Captcha’s aren’t correct,sometime they aren’t easy to read.
    Some of the posts on here,think Rafe wouldn’t have a S/L If not for EJ/Sami.well again this works both ways,since most of the discussions on here are about those three,EJ/Sami wouldn’t have one either,If Rafe wasn’t Involved.

    I really think Sami Is one big Hypocrite,It’s about time she also got some Karma…

  99. From Kat

    Boo ya, Today, Sami finally admitted to herself and EJ, what us Ejami fans have known from day one.. as Sami said,
    they belong together, always have and always will.
    Reminds me of the Song,
    I loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right…
    This is an EJami Fan day, thanks to the writers finally getting it right.

    Sami found the courage, to follow her true feelings, not what she thinks she should feel, to make her family/friends happy. Sami, for the first time since she met EJ, set her heart free to choose the Man she has always desired.
    Yes she went through confused/tough times between Lucas/Rafe And EJ,
    but now in the end .. finally the Heart won. Like I have said many times on here, and then I heard Caroline say it,

    the heart wants, what it wants….

    And now Bully Rafe at the door, pumped up by Nick’s embellishment of what really happened between Gaby and Sami…

    Congrats. to EJ and Sami, finally together after so many years.
    And again, thank you writers, you finally came through for all of us patient EJami fans.

  100. From LadyLumps

    I think the show is in a good place right now. So glad we will finally have an Ejami “naked nookie”, LOL
    Have you all seen the Kay jewelry valentines day commercial with Freddie Smith? Oh no, Sonny is cheating on Will!! ;-)
    Hey to Kat, TerriK, MAB, Leah & the rest of you DOOL ladies. I’ve been so busy lately and haven’t done much blog posting anywhere. Things should be cooling off for me soon. How are you doing TerriK? Healed up by now I hope?

  101. From Mary

    #80 patty–judging a character is different from pointing out their human weakness and faults.
    That’s what I did with Rafe–pointing out his hypocrisy. My judgment of him has always been the same as yours–he is the “good” guy, but his personality is such that it makes it hard for a lot of us to actually like the guy. He’s too pushy, sticky, and a complete busybody always trying to be a hero to some damsel in distress.

    Speaking of Rafe needing a damsel in distress–might the next damsel be Hope–she sure seemed to be in distress in yesterday’s episode. Rafe, turn on your radar and—

  102. From jolie

    #100 Ladylumps, welcome back. Long time, no hear but glad you have returned.
    #101 Mary, I wouldn’t characterize Rafe the same way but see what you are saying. Thing is that the very things you are saying ‘pushy, sticky, busybody’ makes sense for a cop. So maybe there is a method to the madness the writers inflict on the characters and viewers at times. I don’t see him as any more of a hypocrite than Sami, Elvis, Victor, Brady, Marlena, Hope, Kristen, Roman, Caroline, Dr Dan, Jennifer, Chad, Nick, well the list goes on for me. And Hope does seem to be in a bit of a dither. Maybe things will start to uncurl on where Bo is supposedly gone and what gives with his story. I am still holding out for a Dr Dick comeback and let he and Hope continue their midnight wanderings around town. Hope needs to give Brady another large bash on the noggin as he is in way over his head.

  103. From Maryl

    Wow! Just got through watching Sami telling EJ all the stuff we have been waiting for years to hear!! Thank you writers! We have never given up on EJ and Sami being together and now watching them light up the screen with Sami’s revelation of her deep down hidden love for EJ was worth all the wait! Absolutely heart wrenching and wonderful!

  104. From anna

    Sami and Ej today : just beautiful.
    That being said i would like a real angsty discussion about what they did to each others for all these years..but well not sure these writers are up to it or have the talent to write it well..still today was already a good step in the right direction. Love it.

  105. From Linda

    Two lines I took note of today. Loved Will asking Chad if he shouldn’t be out of the eavesdropping business.

    And EJ telling Chad to not EVER be a woman’s second choice. THAT, Ejami fans, will come up again!! EJ took Sami in his arms after her bologny of a speech to him, and spoilers say they will make love, but he was definitely disturbed by finding out she had been planning to choose Rafe.

    And what do you know, it’s not as if Rafe walked up to EJ out of the blue and announced that he and Sami were planning to be together and EJ was going to be out. He gave to EJ as good as he got, after EJ was sticking it to Rafe in a big way about losing her. Good for Rafe saying he didn’t lose her, he threw in the towel. As many of us have said, hope he sticks to it!

    I feel Sami was totally out of place going after Gabi like she did. And once again Sami didn’t have the correct, or at least the updated, information. And Gabi didn’t really threaten to keep the baby from Sami. Gabi simply said IF you want a relationship with this baby then you can’t attack me like this. Guess Sami forgot what Lucas told her about keeping peace with Gabi for the sake of their relationship with their grandchild!

    Until I see what happens tomorrow, I will reserve judgement on Rafe rushing over to see Sami after finding out from Nick that Sami had upset Gabi. Gabi was trying to keep peace by not making so much over it but Nick piled it on to Rafe.

    Poor Will all happy and excited that they are ALL going to get along and raise this baby. Not if Nick has any say about it!! Sorry Will saw Brian and Sonny kiss but from spoilers I guess Will and Sonny do get back together. But maybe not in time for Valentine’s Day. Oh, Kristen is good, isn’t she?! She told Brady the truth about her encounter with Marlena, with just enough of a twist about lying to him to reel Brady back in.

    “And EJ telling Chad to not EVER be a woman’s second choice. THAT, Ejami fans, will come up again!!” ** Be careful how you post to others as this can be seen as baiting the fanbase. Leaving the second sentence out would be best. ADMIN

  106. From Cougar

    Sami, EJ, please, just blow off Rafe pounding on the door and don’t answer!

  107. From Maryl

    Hi, Jolie–You made a good point about Rafe’s cop personna coming thru making him appear the way he does to some of us. Very possible.
    It’s the writers fault that they have him being more active with people’s personal business than his police work. However, how interesting would that be for his character if he was strictly police. Right? lol!

  108. From Maryl

    Amen, Cougar!!! #106 –Isn’t today’s episode amazing!!

  109. From Kat

    103 Maryl…. told you sooooooo…my friend…

    Today, Rafe going Kiss and Tell about him and Sami to EJ,
    it takes a very small man to do that and enjoy it…. What a weasel…Good for Sami, she saw the light.
    EJ behaved very admirable through out his talk with Rafe, no matter what Rafe dished out and gloating about it.
    Reminded me again, why I can not warm up to the character of Rafe. there is always something Under handed about him…he gives me bad vibes. He is like an Iceberg, more under neath than on the surface…

    Enjoyed the way EJ sat and gave Sami a chance to talk, he did not jump on her first, he listened, like a man that truly love the woman all the way and understands her…The expression on EJ’s face, when they finally kissed, was a thousand in one, as only EJ can do…Love, relieve, joy, lust, a big wow facter… finally, and thinking, I will never let that woman go ever again.

    Two great actors to watch, bringing it home…. brave Ally and James…

    Lady Lumps, welcome back, was wondering about you.
    You came back at a great day for us Ejami fans….

    jolie, yes, bring back Dr. Dick Baker. I just enjoy him on the screen
    and he would be right guy, IMO for Hope. I saw chemistry between those two… something there, and the age would be right.
    Going with Rafe, can’t help it, but IMO it would cheapen Hope, and the love
    that Bo and Hope have, and still have as far as I know…..
    The only way I can see Hope moving on, is if Bo died, or dumped Hope for another woman….

    Jan.31, a Day in DOOL history, Ejami declaring their love for each other…. always been there, as Sami finally admitted, and now hopefully they make a home for the children….
    Of course things will go up and down, this is after all a soap, and not Blah,blah Mr.and Mrs. EJ DiMera…
    Hope their times together will be exciting and full of love for a long time, we know it will not be forever…not in Salem.


    I am gloating, sue me…..LOL

  110. From Linda

    And EJ didn’t need to be spouting off to Rafe, either, about hiring a lawyer to protect Will’s interests where the baby is concerned. First of all, EJ doesn’t know yet that there will be any need for a lawyer and if there were, he shouldn’t be discussing ANYTHING with the opposing side. Secondly, he was just flexing his muscles to Rafe. Did someone say RAFE has a big ego?!

  111. From julie

    Sami and Ej : love it love it love it !!! If the writers screwed up again at least we will have these type of scenes.

  112. From patty

    Wow, Sami really has become Kate jumping down Gabi’s throat, the mother of her granchild, making accusations and assumptions she knows nothing about since her own son doesn’t share with her. I wonder if her shopping for her grandaughter will include a dagger as Kate did with Carrie. And how rich of EJ to warn Rafe about Gabi staying away from Sami when Sami’s the one who’s hounding her to the point of making her sick. I still say he needs to keep his nose out of this since it is none of his business.
    Sami also did a pretty good impersonation of Kristen with the puckered lips ,the helpless act and her sob story to EJ. He should take his own advice to Chad to never be anyone’s second choice. That was as sappy as it gets and if I didn’t know better I would think the writers used the lines straight from EJami fans sites to give them what they’ve been wanting to hear. If she wanted him all that time, there was nothing keeping her from him but herself and as she admitted, she was the one bouncing back to Rafe, not the other way around. One thing she is right about and will always be true is that she is selfish.
    Now can’t wait for Rafe to let her have it as she so richly deserves for harrassing his sister. I also wish Nick would forget about digging dirt on Lucas and Will but start looking into EJ’s other shooting, the one where he got shot in the head in his sleep in the middle of the night.
    Now that would be good drama watching her try to wiggle out of that one.

  113. From MAB

    I posted earlier, about 3 lines, basically saying nothing except hi to all my fellow EJami’s out there, and saying I thought Wednesday’s show was good. Well, I don’t see it. Admin, if you’re gonna delete my posts, then please just tell me now so I won’t bother wasting my time. Thank you.

  114. From jolie

    #107 Maryl, hey gal. I see Hope and Bo and Roman as much the same. They are all over everyone’s business and sometimes it is not warrented by their duty but rather by what they think is their duty. Doesn’t make them evil or dastardly (don’t you love that word!) but rather just very, closely, meticulously interested is other people’s business. Abe was much the same as well. If you watch 48 Hours, same thing there as well. They sometimes really go after a suspect then walk out of the room and say ‘I don’t think he’s our guy.’ But then I am giving the writers alot of leeway here and credit for characterizations that sometimes I am not sure they are up to. Read #104 Anna in the string above. She too has worries for the Elvis/Sami story and if the writers are up to it now that it is happening. But happy, happy, happy dreaming to you all who have waited so long for Elvis and Sami. I still say run Elvis run fast but that is just me!

  115. From Michelle

    Yep I said it. His ego is too large, i think that’s how i phrased it. Same didn’t live up to his high standards so he threw in the towel. Yup, they definitely don’t belong together.

  116. From jolie

    #109 Kat, I guess I see it differently on couples and yes even Bo and Hope because they have all strayed and some time after time and some for reasons that would pass muster. I just can’t get too dedicated to any couple on here for long. After Stefano and Kate split..I have started to worry about Mags and Vic. Is there no one safe? No, on DOOL there is no one safe from marital infidelities, dirty tricks, trysts with exes, lies, misunderstandings. Makes the days go round for sure.
    To those of you who really seem to be invested in Elvis and Sami, enjoy it while you can. It is DOOL and we know that one thing for sure…it ain’t ever over, finished, complete. It just takes a turn somewhere.

  117. From Barb

    EJ gloating all over the place to Rafe was just asking for it and Rafe gave it to him. And EJ didn’t like hearing it one bit. Number 105 Linda I think EJ telling Chad to never be a woman’s 2nd choce will come up again sometime in some way. Poor Will is so happy and trusting.

  118. From reality check

    Really Rafe is the one speaking about Sami doesn’t like being treated like a frail thing and need protection ?! Seriously ? lmaoooooo all and i mean ALL their relationship is based on that, on the other hand Ej and Sami give as much as they got. Rafe shut up and writers get your head examined, please. Eyeroll.

  119. From Leah

    Oh YAY… EJAMI!!!
    Was so happy hearing Sami say what she did say to EJ today. So us Ejami fans are not nuts! Sami was hesitant about getting back together with Rafe. Sami was thinking of her family in the back of her mind. Sami (even with Rafe pressuring her) was resisting telling EJ. In her words today “She didn’t want to do it because she knew he had had enough and would be done with her.” Sami didn’t wanna throw it away. Samis admission today that shes had enough of fighting her feelings for him. Samis admission today it is him that she wants. Samis admission today that even if EJ rejects her she is going to continue to fight for him. Samis admission today… from the moment we met “it” (the pull, the attraction etc etc), “IT” has been there. Samis admission today of how “this love, this pull” EJ has over her frightens her. Samis admission today it is you, has always been you and will always be you! Samis admission I WANT YOU! About time Sami did some of the grovelling and I enjoyed every second of it. Oh bravo, BRAVO. Music to this Ejamis fans ears. Replay please! LOL

  120. From julia

    Patty Nick want to target above all Will not Sami, Will is the most threatening player who gets in his way therefore Nick want to get rid of Will and for that search incriminate things against him, the most obvious one is Will shooting Ej back in the day, simple as that.
    Him going after Sami before Will doesn’t make any sense. Get real.

  121. From bobby

    If Sami’s reasoning for not telling anyone about Rafe-was that she didn’t want to hurt E.J. and wasn’t ready to face people unhappy with her, then why is E.J. and Sami going to keep their relationship secret? Saw no reason for Sami to be on her high horse with Gabi today. She’s such a control freek. If she and Kate would just step back for a few minutes it would all work itself out and they wouldn’t have everybody ticked off at them.

  122. From patty

    Exactly Barb, EJ’s the one who went up to Rafe with chest puffed out like a peacock (like real men do)giving warnings and telling him that he had won. I’m glad Rafe took the wind out of his sails when he told him about him and Sami. So happy to see Rafe fight back instead of taking crap from those two. I’d love to see him really fight fire with fire and get dirty like he’s always accused of being on here. I mean Demira style dirty. Then EJami fans would have something real to accuse him of or blame him for.

  123. From Barb

    Oh, please, EJ is the one with an ego as big as outer space!

  124. From patty

    Julia, it would make sense for Nick to go after Sami since she’s the one who pushes for full custody, not Will. If he wants someone to back off, it should be her because we all know what lengths loony Sami can go to get what she wants. Will would be happy sharing custody with Gabi and Sami is only going to make things worst as spoilers predict. Sami said it best before, she ruins everything she touches so EJ better watch out for his whachumacallit.

  125. From Linda

    #120 julia, but it might make perfect sense to nutty Nick if he looked into it because he could imagine getting both Will and Sami out of his way, since Will helped Sami cover up that she shot EJ.

  126. From patty

    Not to break your moment anyone but I didn’t hear the L word out of Sami’s mouth. Of course that is a word that Sami throws around without knowing the full meaning of it so I’m sure she’ll use it again . What I got today is that it is by her own fault she stayed away from EJ and went back to Rafe behind his back, so blaming Rafe and listing his shortcoming should be a moot point as of now. He was never the one that stood between EJami , she was. Either way, her excuses sounded so lame and I’m surprised he bought it. I had the impression he was seething inside.

  127. From Kat

    MAB, where are your posts…. this is our Day girlfriend….
    We have been waiting for this for sooo long, and now finally,
    and your posts don’t make through… what a crying shame that is,,, so please try again, sooner or later they should make it.. Why would anybody want to delete any or your posts, they are IMO great, and I have enjoyed them for so many years now..

    So please try again…

  128. From Michelle

    I think I will be spoiler-less from now on, I finally got what I wanted , Sami and EJ will actually give it a fair shot, now I will just enjoy it while it lasts.
    I’m so happy right now, I don’t think anyone can bring me down. GO EJAMI!! <3

  129. From julia

    It is spoilers or/and speculation about Sami wanting full custody, for now she still has not say that so Nick is pretty spot on by targeting Will with the Ej’s shooting story. Linda if Nick mind business on the Ej’s shooting by Sami, Will, Sami would be in trouble but Rafe the beloved brother of his beloved Gaby even more !! lollll

  130. From patty

    Interesting spoiler for the week of Febuary 11th. Rafe meets a woman at a bar.
    Hmmm! Now would that be a newcomer or a woman we know? I’m curious. Should be interesting, as long as it’s not Sami or Kristen.

  131. From Leah

    #116 Jolie…. thank you! That is EXACTLY what this Ejami fan is going to do. After 7 years of waiting for it I’m going to enjoy EVERY second of it. Yes tomorrow is a new day and this is a soap so we have to expect the unexpected but for TODAY I’m just gunna stay IN the moment. No one is going to ruin my mood or my day. Woo hoo :)!

  132. From Leah

    #126 Patty… good point and observation. I totally agree with you concerning “He (EJ) was never the one that stood between Ejami, she (Sami) was.”

  133. From Mopy

    Oh gosh, I am SO uncomfortable by Nick. What the heck is it that he wants? To what end? How Will was so happy and hopeful with Nick, but the audience knowing that he shouldn’t feel so secure, just makes me uncomfortable! I want for Will to have his part in his baby’s life. I even wish that this sinister Nick would just end and that he, too, can be a great step-father and everyone can live harmoniously! Durr!!!

    Unexpected great kiss between Sonny and that other dude, I hate to admit. But, again, poor Will!

    With Chad’s apology to Will, I hope they can go back to being good friends, again.

    Well, today, Ejami fans finally got their day in the sun. I really don’t think Sami knows what the heck she’s all about. She doesn’t know what love is, that’s been obvious for ages. She can’t just pretend that she hasn’t truly been back and forth between a few men, lately. I think she’s simply confused. She has feelings, to her, very honest feelings, about ALL of them. I think a similarly intense and passionate speech could have been made to Rafe or Lucas, during the times when she wanted them, too. But, EJ’s the flavour de jour, and even if she doesn’t know what she’s going on about, at least she has conviction and some passion, which seems plenty good enough for EJ today. Enjoy, fansies.

  134. From SandyGram

    Episode Thursday January 31st:
    Even Kristen calls herself a psychotic, but like Sami today the two of them got what they wanted with the ‘poor woe is me’ tears. But at least Brady has the information tucked away for use downstream.

    Sami was totally out of line today with Gabi and is the new Kate, but not a Snake, she does over react but isn’t quite at the evil level just yet. So maybe a Chameleon fits her better where her colors change as the circumstance arises. Sami eating a little humble pie was also good when she found out the baby was a girl and Will was at the sonogram. But it has to be Will that sets his mother straight. Who knows maybe Kate will give Sami advice on how not to isolate your children.

    Loved Abby’s talk with Sonny and Chad today and Chad’s talk with Will. And could that Will have gotten any more cute today and proud of that baby. But sad to see him peering in the window as Brian and Sonny shared a kiss. Can’t anyone in Salem wait to fall into the arms of someone else.

    Now to Rafe and EJ, like to kids trying to one up each other. Both strutting their stuff trying to get the better of one another. But in the end, EJ walked away with the scowl learning Rafe and Sami had plans on being together after the wedding.

    Finally to Sami’s apartment. I would have enjoyed it better if Sami wasn’t in such anguish in describing her confusion about EJ all these years. But in the end she got it all out. Like someone else mentioned, it was if the writers took lines from the fan sites. Congratulations to all of the Sami/EJ fans….now can they move back into the DiMansion and get out of those little apartments. Knock, Knock or I should say Bang, Bang, Bang on the door and rightfully so Rafe is there to confront Sami and her treatment of Gabi. I can only hope when Will walks away from the Coffee House he goes home in time to hear what his mother has been up to and steps in to set the record straight and tell her to back off Gabi.

  135. From TerriK

    Hey Lady Lumps! Ive missed you :-( if u wanna talk about the show or ANYTHING u got my twitter girl. Frankly im sick of commenting on here as my posts have been deleted. 3 times today for having a difference of opinion. Apparenty posts are baby sat- Just mine, Kats and MAB. But whatever, I’m pretty sure i’ll live and life will go on as normal.
    Kat & MAB- I think u r both awesome ladies and I enjoy bloggon woth ya’s very much, I however have a short fuse, so rather than speakin mind I will remain silent in my opinions and continue to love my show and my pals on here that voice their opinion in a more constructive way than I do. You ladies are that little bit of paradise where I can escape a sometimes very cruel reality so I thank you for that. Keep those opinions coming! Xo

    We haven’t deleted any posts, just so you are aware. ADMIN

  136. From patty

    Leah, you must have misunderstood me but what I said is that it wasn’t Rafe that came between EJ and Sami. She’s the one who chose to reject him to be with other men. She had plenty of opportunities to get back with EJ, she and Rafe were apart for over a year and she was only with Lucas a short time. There was nothing standing in the way to be with the man “she always wanted”, except when she didn’t. She dumped him twice to go back to Rafe and was about to do it again just a few days ago. Now overnight she sees it all clearly because Rafe is sticking up for his sister?
    Mopy, great post and you have it right about Sami. When she ran all over town looking for Rafe and ran in his arms at HTS, he was the man she always wanted too. Same when she got Lucas to dump his fiancee and quit his job in Honk Kong, she wanted a future with him also, and yes they were playing naked nookie all over the place . Now she’s going to be patient and wait for EJ forever but they’re going to be the secret couple, at least until little Johnny blabs that she’s doing the naked nookie with Elvis now.

  137. From Kat

    There was One person always standing in the way EJ and Sami getting together, and that was our Sami herself.

    Really, Naked Nookie, not once but twice, just ——–, and that right after the “boinking” comment… a little grace please, no need to be so graphic or whatever would fit. There are ways to make points in a finer manner…

    I am looking forward to finally see true love between a man and a woman, and that is what Sami and EJ have/had, and now finally they
    are both ready at the same time to let it happen.

    Nobody can spoil this for me….
    no sour grapes, nothing,
    as they say, daladalalalalala, can’t “hear” you.

    135 TerriK, right back at you.
    Keep on posting, that’s all you can do,
    this is an opinion post after all, and For All….. no matter what “party” we are in….LOL
    otherwise by bother posting here, if we have to sit on our opinions.

    Lots of snow, and snow warnings…
    so much fun.
    So Rafe, Mr. Bang, bang, ready to bounce on Sami, by what Nick told him.. a little bit embellished …
    what if the kids were at home, what then, would he still storm in and yell.
    Well SandyGram, you showed some grace by congratulating us EJami fans… thank you,it showed that you are a good sport,
    and none of us should be enemies and take things to serious.

    Take your own advice. There are other ways to as you said “make points in a finer manner” than calling someone “small.” Admin has no problem with using the words naked or nookie but there is a problem with name-calling. Calling someone small is against guidelines. ADMIN

  138. From Leah

    Oh ok Patty, yes I did misunderstand what you meant then. For me anyway Sami explained all her reasons she did what she has done. Easier options, family expectations, being scared, trying to fight it and run from her feelings but then always being drawn back to EJ because they have had this “thing” which has been there since day 1 etc etc.
    The other thing I want to interject here is that both Lucas and Rafe have acknowledged and known Sami indeed has loved EJ. The other day I watched the clip where Rafe confronted Sami about sleeping with EJ when Johnny went missing. Something I missed but heard loud and clear this time around was when Rafe asked Sami “Why did you do it? Are you STILL in love with him?” Sami of course denied it… but its obvious Rafe by even asking her that question has always had that buzzing around in the back of his head. No wonder he and Lucas have always felt so threatened around EJ and Ejami. But we shouldn’t be surprised by them feeling that way… it appears their worst fears always came true. EJ was ALWAYS a factor in their relationship and marriages to Sami. EJ is the reason both their marriages ended and why Safe and Lumi ended up divorced in the first place.

  139. From Maryl

    I know that everyone can see things differently–that’s normal. But I do have a hard time understanding why some cannot accept Sami’s revelation of herself and her feelings for EJ as being genuine. The reasons she gave him have been apparent to us fans for a long time. We always felt that she was in denial of her true feelings and that certain outside influences such as her family were responsible for her rejection of EJ. She was afraid of what she felt for him—the overpowering pull that they have toward each other. They were meant to be–regardless of what others think. This time Sami got it right.

    Kat–girl you can say it again and again–”I told you sooooo”. lol! Thanks for your pep talks when I really needed them!

    When EJ approached Rafe, he appeared sincere in asking about Gabi, but he immediately got a snarky response from Rafe about Chad, which led to EJ firing back.

    SandyGram, I didn’t see a scowl on EJ’s face after his little talk with Rafe, I saw a hurt and worried look on his face. But I know we all don’t see things the same. I think his being hurt by what he learned from Rafe about being sami’s “second choice” was also behind the remark he made to Chad–in other words–”just be sure that you’re not second choice to any woman”–meaning that you are bound to get hurt.

    I think EJ’s hurt healed quickly when he heard Sami’s confession of her true feelings for him and her coming to terms with these feelings. Her admission
    of these feelings that have always been there from day l and her realization that they were meant to be came across loud and clear. She wants and needs EJ in her world and he needs her.

    Go, Leah! And everyone else that is as happy about today as I am!

  140. From louise

    Great episode today.
    Loved Sami as a Kate light moma vixen with Gabby. AS was pretty good in this scene, very understated (and we know she can be OTT sometimes) but with lot’s of spark and not straightforward bitch mode but a mix of nice, not bothered, sarcastic and bitchy..just loved it. While Gabby was justified by telling her off for the most part she was also a little liar (she never went to see the sonogram with Will, Abby had to tell him and actually Gabby and Nick lied to him in order for him to miss really Gabby..) and the actress playing was really not match to AS, she is weak and dull, not worth watching it but thankfully AS charisma saved it.
    Nick and Will interaction was fun, although i don’t agree with Nick’s actions Blake Berris playing him is great and makes Nick an interesting character. I can’t wait to watch whe he does next, loved his scene at the computer, seeing him giddy by his find about Will/Ej/Lucas then being annoyed by Will’s interruption and trying to act nice to a Will totally clueless and nicy sunshine and rainbows was hilarious.
    Rafe and Ej confrontation was ok, both were cocky and but Rafe being sarcastic about Sami being helpless and loving being protected was a bit much, hey Rafe buddy you have your love story relationship with Sami based on this exact notion, not Ej.
    I don’t see any chemistry between Abby and her two suitors, dull to me although Cameron is a really beautiful actor and Will and Chad were cute. CD as Will is full of expression, talented really. I hope Chad will not get back as the ‘nice’ Dimera because he was too boring like that, he became interesting when he became revengeful, a better man it will be for later, far later, he is too young for that. He doesn’t have children, he doesn’t need to be better, he needs to be an antagonist, to drive stories.
    Sonny and Brian : wow what a kiss, it seems to me the actor playing Brian is more at ease with man to man kisses therefore the kiss was effective. He plays also a confident character who is aware of being attractive, it helps to generate sexual chemistry. And although i really liked him the first time he came on this show i now find him quite fake, his character and the way the actor plays just a player who makes a play for Sonny, nothing more, pretty superficial in my book.
    Finally the Ej and Sami convo : just beautiful, and great acting from Sweeney she was also understated in this scene which made it pretty effective. JS did not have any dialogue but the facial expressions and teary eyes were good. For those criticizing it as some kind of fanfic coming from the couple fansites..well sound like more sour grapes than anything else. What Sami said was truthful the only missing hole was a real talk about all the bad deeds they did to each others before a real legit union..that would be really powerful and soap opera goodness..but this soap has not great and talented writers who are up to it so they ignored it like they do with every other characters and their real issues on this soap..what a shame, Ej and Sami have a real complex full of upside downs and look deeper into it would make great soap opera and would make this pairing stronger, more legit and maybe one day iconic.
    All in all great episode.

  141. From Doris

    Finally EJAMI!!!!

  142. From gerri

    Patty #130
    Hopefully,the woman at the bar,will be a newcomer,for Rafe,since I don’t think the writers intend a Rafe/Nicole pairing.

    I think when Sami sees Rafe move on,we will see the old Sami again,as I think,she won’t be happy very long,when she isn’t the center of attention,and not having two men,In a contest over her.

    But I could be wrong,and she and EJ
    will have a true Love story,and live happily ever after,and this S/L can be put on the back burner
    and we can focus on some others,that are getting exciting.

    I hope Will,gives back to Sami,some of the same things,she has given to other people..She Is really a big hypocrite with this baby S/L .Looks like she observed
    Kate alot,since It seems,she is following her lead,on trying to run her children’s lives.

    watching the news,and praying for an end,to this horrible kidnapping of a 5 year old little boy on tuesday,killing the school bus driver,and now has this child as his hostage,in an underground bunker,showing no sign of giving up.and has this bunker stocked,with food to last weeks.

    The town,where this is happening,about 70 miles or less from here. I just can’t imagine,this happening to one of
    my g-grandsons,and I have one who just turned 6 in December,and Is in kindergarten.this is so heartbreaking”,please say a prayer”,that he will let this child out.

  143. From TerriK

    kat- your responses often remind me to be a little more light hearted, afterall, it is a fictional show, and those who are personally hurt whem a character they enjoy probably need their heads checked lol. Here it is near midnight, my handsome men sleeping in bed,and i’m up reading all of this giggling. Frankly if these characters were real we’d probqbly all share the same opinion because each of these characters (aside from the kids) tend to be psychotic at times…only if we could all shoot our ex’s in a fit of rage and get away with it lmao. If we read about half these things in the news…imagine lol
    The only characters I dont like on the show are the ones who cannot act. . Like Gabi. I enjoy everyone. What is the yin without the yang? We need the “good” so we can hate the “bad” and vice versa…there would be no drama without the villains and there would be no villaind without the “innocent” to prey on. And the innocent, just like all human beongs can always be pushed to snap and possible turned to their dark side to battle the evil they face…haha ok now im starting to sound like a Jedi *yawn* but u catch my drift..
    Night all

  144. From patty

    Really Kat, you think naked nookie is inappropriate but calling other posters small and telling them how to post is not? Those are the exact words used in the above spoilers to describe EJ and Sami’s romp so I doubt there are rules against repeating it or that you would even be offended if it was about someone else. If admin has a problem with my posts or find them too graphic they will let me know or will remove them as is the manner in which posters who don’t follow the guidelines are dealt with, which you should be very familiar with by now. I don’t see where it is your place to tell posters how to post or to decide what is appropriate for this blog or not. Maybe you should worry more about how you phrase your own posts. This place is to discuss the show, not other posters.

  145. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    So, the next storyline is Scami with Stockholm Syndrome, in love with her rapist/tormentor/abuser? And she loved him even when she gave him a .48 calibur lobotomy? And desperate EJ supposedly fell for this rot? I nearly gagged. Ridiculous. But then he’s been on a long, dry spell with his silk sheets and pillow-hugging. At least the rest of the show isn’t as boring as in the recent past.

  146. From Cougar

    Yes, Maryl todday was amazing. I saw hurt and misgiving in Ej’s face, at Sami’s revelation. Also saw that it melted like ice cream in the hot sun just before he went up to kiss Sami. Any man who has put his heart on his sleeve as many times as he has over Sami couldn’t resisit that big kiss moment for very long. Not quite a gone with the wind kiss but right up there. Writers nice touch and good stuff FINALLY!! Kudos!!

    It’s too bad Sami had to be such a witch earlier with Gabbi and it couldn’t have just been a mellow day. However that sort of nastiness is inherint to her character.

    One thing several EJami fans, me included, have said in the past is that we acknowledge and don’t want them to change their stripes too much.

    To me it seems natural that she turn into the next Kate like mama bear constantly meddeling in her children’s lives. It’s the next logical progression. She’s aged and matured; no longer the mixed up plotting teen or vengfull, possessive lover wanting what she can’t have. It is the next fitting evolution for her character as the manipulating grandmother.

  147. From Kat

    Patty, I phrase my posts just fine, don’t need “words” for effect, like the ones I pointed out.
    I always write respectful, so don’t even go there.

    So part of the words were mentioned above, still did not care for them.

    Also having been called out by the Admin.
    you also have had your share of that…. for calling posters Names…..etc.
    So putting that in your post was a low blow…IMO

    Remember the phrase from the show, about the pot and the kettle….ring a bell…

  148. From patty

    gerri, I had not heard about that little boy getting kidnapped. I will certainly pray for his safe return.
    I hope so too that Rafe can get to move on from his worst nightmare that is Sami Brady. I always said he deserved better than her, I don’t know who that someone is going to be but being alone for the rest of his days is still better than having Sami Brady on his heels. She has used him and trampled all over him enough and no matter who he ends up with will positively be an improvement. Not sure if either Nicole or Hope are the ones but I’m hoping there is a new woman in the cards for him. Rafe is the one who is coming out the winner in all of this, he is finally free of that nagging shrew even though I’m sure she’s not done her nagging. I hear she tells Rafe that was the best night of her life after she has sex with EJ. Reminds me of her kissing Rafe in the hallway , making fun of EJ and telling him the best man had one. What a prize she thinks she is and doesn’t she just love her games. Can’t wait for the real EJ Demira to come back and see Sami get what she deserves.

  149. From SandyGram

    #139 Maryl
    I purposely held back describing my overall opinion of EJ and Rafe’s encounter in the HTC today in my Post #134. I think we saw the same thing, just used a different word to express it. If I had of gone all the way I might have said something like this:

    They both began with their pompous one up-men-ship toward one another. EJ adding his authoritative, some what threatening manner “he’s obtained the best lawyer in town”; “if you interfere with William and Samantha in any way you’ll regret it”. Rafe retaliating, equally pleased with himself as he got his jab in letting EJ know he may not know Samanther as well as he thinks he does since he and Sami were planning on being together after the wedding. Which also meant, Rafe doesn’t know her as well as he thought he did either. For me whether, scowl, hurt, worried it all meant EJ was very displeased with what he just heard. The tense brow and body language spoke tons about how he was feeling. Both men were excellent at portraying their part of the scene. And I agree once Sami finished her groveling, EJ was more than happy to set aside what he had just been told by Rafe. Another great day in Soap Land called Days.

  150. From Linda

    My husband and I are all about the Super Bowl this Sunday. We were acquaintances with the Harbaughs years ago, whose sons will make history at the game, being that they are the first brothers to coach the Super Bowl opposing teams. John Harbaugh head coach for the Ravens and Jim Harbaugh head coach for the 49ers. So go at it, guys, give us a great game, and we join your mother and dad in hoping that, whoever wins, it’s close and not a blow-out for either team.

    Have a great weekend all! #141 gerri, we have been praying for the safe return of that little boy!!

  151. From Linda

    I have seen both “naked nookie” and “boinking” in spoilers, in fact “naked nookie” is in the above spoiler, so I don’t see wrong in using them in our comments here. Administration would let us know soon enough anyway so no need to police each other.

    #147 patty, in my opinion if Sami’s night with EJ was really the best night of her life, she wouldn’t have to make it a point to tell Rafe about it. To me, that right there shows she doesn’t have Rafe out of her system. Let’s just hope he really does have her out of his!

    We have no problems with any of those words. You’re all adults! ADMIN

  152. From Maryl

    #148 SandyGram–We definitely did see the scene at HTC in the same way. I felt the same way about the conversation between Rafe and EJ. Both of them got “territorial” and a bit snarky with each other, but that’s how our two guys always react to one another. lol!
    As far as the character’s facial expressions go, I am a real nut about paying attention to how they come across and trying to read the feelings of the character through their expressions. I get upset when I read some of the spoilers that misuse a character’s expression in their summaries. They will use words like “leer” when in truth the character doesn’t come across that way at all to the audience. I guess one can call that putting a spin on things. I have been an accountant for a long time and I guess I have this instinct to keep the “debits & credits” in the right column and to always balance!lol! That’s not such a good thing when trying to apply that way of thinking to a soap!

  153. From jolie

    #120 Julia, none of this is real but it would be certainly more interesting if Nick went after Sami first. What a twist!
    #121 Bobby, same reasons. Sami is just not sure she is on the right track and with her track record, how could she know? And Sami isn’t happy unless she is bullying someone else because it makes her feel superior and in control when she is actually doing it because she has inferior feelings and is out of control. Yes, I sound so professional but I read Marlena’s notes so that is where my info comes from in case you are wondering. And Sami is deeper than ever into becoming Kate. Morphing.
    #131 Leah, go girl! Enjoy and then just enjoy some more!
    #133 Mopy, part of the suspense of watching a soap! The actor is doing a great job of being slightly over the top and sinister. And what is with Sonny? He just broke it off with a guy that he invited to live with him then he is kissing some other guy…who might be an ex as far as we can see. Poor Will indeed. Chad can be a class act at times. He is almost like a puppy, still makes messes but you can see the great dog he will grow into and you know you are going to love him. And oh my but didn’t you hit the Sami nail on the head!

  154. From haycam

    ok this is the 4th time I am posting. i hope that this one goes through. It is the last time i will try. I looooove me some ejami!

  155. From MAB

    Sami’s little talk w/ Gabi was no big deal. She didn’t jump her as indicated, she just made it clear they weren’t gonna keep the baby from Will (& her). And speaking of Will, he’s so happy about the baby, and is willing to do what is best for the baby, but that demented Nick has the nerve to play nice w/ the intention to stab him in the back. Will is the only one looking at this thing right, that they should all be able to be cordial and raise the baby together. He’s including Nick, yet Nick still wants to get rid of Will. Will could be mean and make sure Nick has no rights to this child, and in reality he doesn’t. And Gabi, she lied to Sami saying Will went w/ her to the sonogram. Uh, no, he had to find out thru the grapevine (Abby) and had to show up on his own. Gabi claims Will has rights & choices, but she is going along w/ Nick and they are trying to rob Will of those rights & choices. She is pathetic letting Nick brainwash her. Good thing EJ hired that lawyer for Will cause it looks like he’s gonna need it after all. I can’t wait until they take Nick down!

    And Rafe…how gullible can he be to listen to anything Nick says? Doesn’t he think his behavior is odd? Where are his cop instincts? Then there was his talk w/ EJ, and he was as smug as ever. He had the nerve to say EJ kidnapped HIS babies from their mothers. First off, EJ only kidnapped Sydney, which was only one time. Rafe tried keeping EJ’s kids from him not once but 3 times…Grace, Sydney, and Nicole’s baby. He has no right to call EJ out on things that he has done himself. EJ certainly got it right when he said Sami didn’t meet Rafe’s high standards, and Rafe admitted he was right. Just what I’ve said all along.

    Sonny is a snot! Like I’ve said before, I think he is selfish. He berates Will for lying to him, but he goes and kisses another guy??? Well, that is cheating. I don’t call that love, not on Sonny’s part anyway. If anyone in this relationship needs a wake up call it’s Sonny, not Will.

    The best part of the show, EJ & Sami! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!! I am one happy gal! Sami FINALLY admitted to it all…to what she’s really always known (and to what we EJami fans have always known). She kept bouncing towards Rafe for her family’s approval, and thinking she was making the right choice, the good guy, but now she sees the truth, and sees Rafe for who he really is. She couldn’t commit fully to anyone else because that would’ve meant she had to give up EJ, like she said it would’ve meant throwing him away, and now she knows that would’ve been the biggest mistake of her life. That makes it clear on who her first choice is. I think she floored EJ. He just sat there and let her have the floor. And let her tell him fortunately what he’s always wanted to hear. She spoke from the heart, and finally revealed her true feelings for him that she’s always had, and all the time they’ve wasted dancing around it and allowing something or someone to come between them. And the rest of it was just icing on the cake. How she admitted there’s always been something between them from day one, how no matter what’s happened they always come back to each other, how afraid she was of how he makes her feel (obviously like no other), how she wants him, and how they belong together. Then he just took her in his arms, didn’t have to say a word, and they kissed. I LOVED IT! Oh, and it was too funny how they completely ignored Rafe knocking at the door, and kept kissing. Thank you Days for FINALLY getting it right!

  156. From jolie

    #134 Sandygram, as usual your post is valid and even. I really appreciate how you see things, the fairness to all characters.
    #139 Maryl, I think Sami’s revelation is as genuine as Sami can be. Let’s hope she got it right for at least 2 of her kids if nothing else. I am still feeling good for Rafe and Lucas and frightened for Elvis..but that is just me!
    #144 DTTB, you are a hoot! But I am a bit bored with it all as well so good to see it put that way.
    #148 Sandygram, I am sending you an Emmy for best writing! Normally when you see 2 males acting like this it was in Jr High School and over some little gal who was clueless and insincere except that she was the center of attention and was getting her jollies from that or 2 banty roosters in the yard trying to flog one another just because.
    #150 Linda, I would agree with your comment. Usually when someone makes a statement like Sami’s it is for the pure value of the hurt it causes and not necessarily any value of truth in it.

  157. From MAB

    #127 Kat, hey, I just posted about yesterday’s fabulous show. I hope it goes thru. Some of my posts haven’t gone thru, or being deleted, not sure.

  158. From Doris

    It’s finally EJAMI TIME

    I can’t wait for all the great story lines yet to be told, hopefully the writers can do them justice. They are fabulous together!

  159. From haycam

    MAB i tried to post many times. funny how it goes through when I say Rafe is hot lol! i love your posts. Ejami!!!

  160. From marilyn

    I think rafe and hope will get together and where is bo? I dont like nick’s acting….too much…what is good for the baby. writers use other words for a change.

  161. From jolie

    I was reviewing the rumors and Nick doctors up some test results and Kate is going to have another cancer scare. And Nick is supposed to do something to Kate at some point. Is Nick going to doctor Kate’s results and make her think she is having a relapse to her off the baby trail and off Nick’s case at work? It would surely take Kate’s mind off work really quick.

  162. From MAB

    #140 louise – ditto about EJ & Sami’s scenes! And I agree about the “sour grapes”. I think the writers got it right, and with all due respect, I understand you wanted them to have a real talk about all they did to each other in the past, but honestly, they’ve already had those talks, more than once. They have forgiven each other, so I don’t think they need to keep bringing the past up. They are past their past…and so should we all be too.

  163. From SandyGram

    I had speculated previously about the spoiler of two characters hooking up in the bar, it is clear now it is Rafe and ?? After reading several other Fan Sites I’m thinking that ?? is going to be Kate. Both being very unhappy right now it makes since. We can only hope that if it’s true, it’s only the one night.

  164. From MAB

    Thanks HAYCAM. And I’m with you, EJami forever!

  165. From Kat

    MAB, TerriK, glad you are back, I would miss your posts to much.
    Thanks, MAB, 157, well words speak for themselves..

    louise, great post, I like and mostly agree…

    Later, got to see the Doctor….LOL

    EJ and Sami, let it begin, finally….

  166. From patty

    Please SandyGram , say it ain’t so!!! I hope those are just speculations because that is just all kinds of ridiculous. I take back what I said last night that any woman would be an improvement from Sami , that does not include Kate and Kristen. Kate would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire for Rafe, she’s an even lower snake than Sami if that is possible. To TPTB, please let Rafe find a decent woman or let him stay alone?
    Louise, Sami’s long drawn out groveling was anything but truthful. Especially the part about there was always someone or something getting in their way. Who or what would that be? Is she talking about Rafe who she admits bouncing back to repeatedly or Lucas ,who she got to drop his fiancee and move from Hong Kong to take care of her. Her family whom she mostly doesn’t give a crap about and never listens to anyway? When she’s talking about some things got in their way, does she means the little things like Robo Rafe in her bed while EJ laughed with Fatha or like shooting the man she always wanted, the father of her children in the head? Sami and EJ kept themselves apart, nobody or nothing else did and they should at least be honest enough to own up to it and stop blaming everybody else. We know that whole scene was fanfic from EJami fansites and there was nothing believable about it at all, first and foremost that a woman could go back to her rapist, abuser and tormentor and have us believe that he’s the one she loved all along. Totally absurd!

  167. From jolie

    #164 Sandygram, oh please not no but really not at all! It might make some kind of sense but good grief there will be repercussions forever! But you are right, both are unhappy and unattached right now. And Kate has hooked up with Elvis and Daniel. Also Kristen is wearing poor Brady out. So maybe this is in the cards. Ugh! Rafe will be going from Mama Shark to Grandma Shark…or snake in this case.

  168. From MAB

    I see at least 2 of my posts missing now. They were there before and now they are gone. I thought admin said they haven’t deleted any posts????????

  169. From SandyGram

    Hey patty & jolie ….
    Rafe’s encounter in the Bar SPOILER with a certain female is for the week of February 11th.

    In those same Spoilers it also says Stefano wants to talk to Kate….that talk could be what drives Kate to the bar. But say the Rafe/Kate “”speculation”" is true….whether Stefano wants to reconnect with Kate or not….he will be more than unhappy she split the sheets with the Rafster. ALL Specualtion!!

  170. From MAB

    EJami fans see Sami’s confession to EJ as truthful, we see the beauty in their scenes. We are not asking anyone from the other side to agree, or like it. If you don’t like it, fine, but don’t berate us for our opinions. This sad scenario keeps occurring on here is getting old & played, the same continued criticizing of the opinions of those of us who likes EJ & Sami. Why is this allowed when is “supposedly” is against the guidelines we are told to follow.

    And if you want to talk totally absurd, that is suggesting the writers wrote that scene from EJami fansites. It’s been proven over & over that no matter what the fans think, the writers do as they please, or as they’re told.

    This probably won’t get posted, but I hope it the message gets across either way.

  171. From Just Moi

    Just want to give a shout out the the Admins here, kudos to you all you sure have your hands full lately babysitting this site. I don’t envy nor could I do your job, stay strong and please don’t let them close down this site :)

    GOOOOO EJAMIIIIII, finally!!! Now may you both live miserably ever after. If this would of been a few years back I would be jumping for joy but with all the crap (oops hope I can say crap) that has happened between them, all I have to say is la la la la boring now. But that’s just me, enjoy away ladies no sour grapes here, I turn them into wine before they can sour ;)

    Besides Eel J and cameleon Sami I am enjoying the show lately. Im loving Nicks evil ways, at least he is keeping the show interesting. Sami was way out of line with Gabi and I hope Will finds out and sets her straight! Watch out Sami you’re turning into Kat and thats not pretty. Kate has turned everyone of her kids against her at some point and if Sami keeps it up the same is going to happen to her. Well isn’t Brian just a cutie!!! I seen more chemistry in the Brian/Sonny kiss than all the scenes with Will/Sonny. To me they just seem awkward together.

    Ha with Kate the Snake, Sami the Cameleon and Eel J, we can rename the show Reptiles of our lives

  172. From Linda

    I agree about Admin. and they’ve been very busy just on this page alone. Great job!

    Peculiar actions by EJ today. It was a long stretch for him to follow Rafe out Sami’s door and be such a jerk out in the hallway. Rafe and Sami actually got to the bottom of why Rafe was there pretty quickly and they were done. Rafe was on his way, and EJ only did that to be a. . . . well, a jerk. Like he had to have the last word on who had won Sami. Rafe handled him excellently! Then the game EJ was playing with Sami. He sure made her come right out and ask for what she wanted. I still say he was thrown a curve finding out Sami was about to choose Rafe, if they hadn’t had this falling out over Gabi and Will.

    There were Rafe and Hope in her office again today. Hope consoling him and telling him Sami told her the day of the wedding that Rafe had always been in her heart. Rafe brushed it off but I think he’s hurt that Sami moved on so quickly. Who wouldn’t be after only a few days?! Even in real life that’s a bummer, when someone moves on from you in such jig time.

    I have decided when Sami professes her love to her men, maybe she really believes what she’s saying at the time she is saying it. She wondered today who talked Gabi out of getting married right now. Wonder if she will ever find out it was Rafe?

    I agree Brian is a good looking guy but I never liked him and I don’t like how he mislead Will today about his supposed night with Sonny. Glad Justin had the talk that he had with Sonny about Will.

    Chloe is in quite some distress over how solid Daniel’s relationship with Jennifer appears to be. She’ll shake it up if she can. And she’s using Parker to do it. Her jealousy didn’t get past Maggie!

  173. From Linda

    Does the spoiler actually say Rafe and a woman sleep together or do they just run into each other at a bar? How about Rafe and Nicole? He’s heartbroken over Sami sleeping with EJ, she’s struggling with feelings for Eric. . . .or how about Hope becoming more and more distraught over Bo’s absence?

  174. From SandyGram

    #172 Linda
    All excellent possibilities for Rafe and his Bar encounter. I’m not sure Hope would show up in a Bar, but certainly that’s an option for Nicole. The spoilers just make it sound like it’s a really big surprise and Kate fits that bill rather nicely. I hope who it is isn’t spoiler in the Spoilers…In this case I’d like to be surprised on the day it happens.

  175. From Cindy

    I also have problems with my posts not always showing up. I think it is a site issue and not that they are being intentionally deleted. I always copy my posts so I don’t have to retype everything just in case it does not go through. I think we have all seen some really bad posts get through that would not have posted if we were being ‘screened’ first.

    I also don’t see where any Sami/EJ fans are being attacked for their opinions. I do see the writers/story being attacked, but I don’t think that is the same thing. I so agree with Patty that it is absurd for a woman to end up being in love with her attacker, but that is the way soaps are and we kind of have to just suspend our disbelief. Of course, Riannah is going back to Chris Brown, so unfortunately I guess it’s not that far fetched.

    Have a good weekend eveybody!

  176. From Sharon

    i wrote #3…..someone please tell me what is so “disturbing” about it??? wow, all I said was the writers are doing a poor job. Am I missing something here????????

  177. From Cindy

    Sharon: No. You did nothing wrong. There was another post that was #3 that was deleted. It then moved your post up to #3. You are good, just a victim of bad numbering. :-)

  178. From patty

    Oh yeah, there’s Elvis sticking his nose into something that doesn’t concern him in the least and being his very obnoxious self about it too. Go Rafe! You tell him! He is Sami’s second choice and they do deserve each other. Why do I get the feeling Sami wasn’t all that happy when ELvis told her Rafe was gone and wasn’t coming back. Gee, they are already getting boring. Dan and Jen showed more excitement about being together than they do, and that is saying a lot.

    There’s never been nothing in the way ? Nothing that they didn’t bring on themselves. EJ should take her advice and run. LMAO at “you are a good man”! Exagerating a bit here Samantha, don’t go overboard now .
    I know Brian is a hottie but really Sonny? Getting pretty hot and heavy for someone so in love with someone else. Poor Will , he’s getting it from all sides.
    Loved Rafe’s conversation with Hope and Sami did tell Hope her heart belonged to Rafe. But he is absolutely right, Sami lies all the time and she doesn’t have a heart.
    Don’t like that Chloe is using her child to get to Dan but I must admit I prefer her spunk this time around . It is an improvement from the weak figure she portrayed in the past.

  179. From jodie

    Oh Patty please move on, speak about things you like it is getting seriously boring..i don’t post here but when i read all these post your repetitive bashing on some specific character is exhausting even when you just want to ignore it.. I know you can do as you please but really know that some people are tiring of it. I don’t know you can describe Rafe’s pov, type of acting from the actor playing him, ALL of his interactions (i mean he interact a lof with other character than Sami too) that you like i since he seems to be your favorite character, it would be so much more interesting.

    We allow character bashing here. Please see our guidelines on this. ADMIN

  180. From bobby

    Wish Hope would stop giving Rafe false hope. Let him move on. Of course, we all know what will happen. Sami will have to mess it up. Look what she did to Lucas when he came back. Broke his relationship up, and then dumped him. Must be nice for our future grandma to have all these men dancing at her feet.

  181. From Kat

    Looks like Rafe might be Due for Some Grief Sex….LOL
    It’s been a long time since He Had … how said… naked nookie or got boinked…
    It’s time for him, to take care of himself for change…

    I learn new English words on here every day, words that are Not Bad…I guess I should say thank you patty,
    So again patty ,,, thank you.

  182. From SandyGram

    Episode Friday February 1st:
    Hope is a busy little detective, just not on bringing in criminals. Again she was acting as the family counselor for Jennifer and Rafe. She’s logging in as many hours as a therapist as Marlena. Hope and all the other family members will have to ring in on Sami’s newest decision, whether asked for or not.

    I can see why Chloe’s stay in Salem this time is going to be short lived (according to the spoilers). Too much of her playing the victim and using Parker to corral Daniel again would be way too much. If anything I’d like to see her a strong independent mother and woman capable of standing on her own two feet. With her looks she could start her own cosmetics firm and give Sami and Kate a run for their ‘lipstick’!!

    What a contrast between Chloe and Jennifer. Chloe is a tall, lean, long legged beauty in designer ware; while Jenn is wearing long dark stockings and a modest not quite frumpy top. What a choice to put before a man, a cool glass of water or a cup of tea.

    Well Brian is a very handsome young man with a lot of charisma, but he blew his cool with his bragging or suggesting he was intimate with Sonny. Justin needs more time on screen I really enjoy his conversation with anyone he is paired with on screen.

    Rafe, Sami and EJ….just more of the same today. It’s seems like everything was under played today, like the steam had run out of Ejami’s excitement of finding one another. It must all be leading to their big ‘physical connection’ Monday.

  183. From gerri

    I agree,neither EJ or Sami seemed,
    that into,their afternoon of love.just wasn’t there,and I say the same thing,already boring,Jenn and Daniel showed more passion.

    I think Sami,in short while,will be itching for ,a new competition,for her,I don’t see her being Happy,If only one guy,Is
    showing any Interest.

    as far as she has matured,,where?

    She needs to get down off her high horse,and realize,she has no power,In Will/Gabi’s decisions.
    and after all the remarks aimed toward Rafe,that he had no right to any decision re-Sami’s children,
    then EJ,needs to back off,this Is
    absolutely none of his business..

    Even tho It’s nice to see Chloe,showing some spunk,after her high school days,and The Kate Drama,she needs to look somewhere else,to find someone,to build a life with,as I said before,Chloe have some pride,Daniel don’t want you..

    Hopefully Rafe has gotten Sami’s message loud and clear,and she’s history,he says so now,so we’ll see.Please writers send him a decent relationship and S/L.

  184. From Kat

    Well I would say, Sami has as much right to be involved with the Baby, as Rafe has, he is only the brother, she is the Mother/Grandmother….
    Just when is Rafe ever going to be done….

    Looks like the whole town, incl. Mama Maggie, know that Dan and Jenn are going to have “naked nukie”, learning to like those words…
    We should name Salem the Naked Nookie Boinking Capitol…
    That name would really fit now….
    Jenn does look really frompy….
    the Liberian and the Surfer Dude…

    Jenn, how long will it take her, to send Parker off to Boarding School,
    We all know, that She did not raise her little boy JJ. He was only about 6 yrs. when she came back to Salem, Alone….

    I am glad that at least Justin saw the light go on about Nick…
    hope Will listens to his advice…
    and when will somebody straighten out, that, NO, NO, Will was not asked to come for the Sono…
    Nick and Gaby lied to him about that…
    Will, think about that…for just a moment.

    Bully Rafe outside the Door, disturbing the peace, could ruin Romantic Moments for anybody,,, just try it sometime…
    but no doubt, EJ and Sami will get it all back, and it will be even sweeter,
    they will make Love, Not Boinking, thank you very much, even I know there is a difference.
    What Brian tried to do with Sonny today, I would call boinking, LOL

    Today with Sami and EJ, such great acting, you could actually see the love they have for each other in their eyes, and don’t worry people, when they tell each other… I Love You,…. it will be the right time, the right moment, and they will mean it…

    I have only one problem yet… will the writers do their best writing, or will they write such boring stuff, that even EJ/Sami fans are going to yawn…
    meaning, will they sabotage the SL for Ejami, and then claim, Well we gave you Ejami, can’t help it if they did not click…

    The writers that first gave us Ejami did such a fantastic job….it made us hold on for over 6 years to get more…

  185. From K

    Some of you still watch this “mess” of a show, and then complain, LOL. Since Days has been renewed until Sept 2014, they can still right crap until it is a wrap. This buys NBC some time to develop a new show to fill Days time slot and gives the actors/actresses some time to save up money when this show ends

    For you still watching this show, Good luck. So glad I had sense and stopped watching it, it is not too late for you too.

  186. From jodie

    hey admin i did not say Patty did not have right to bash fictional characters on this soap i just said it was boring and of course it is just my and like Patty has the right to tell he/she want she/he wants i have the right to tell my opinion also. End of story.

  187. From jodie

    I totally messed up my

  188. From emma

    I did not find Ej and Sami convo from this friday lacking of passion, at first it was awkward but in a good way imo, in a deep way. Ej was above all after all they went through, all their volative sometimes pretty difficult history, someone, something, themselves always getting in the way..i can totally understand that Ej was lost, did not believe it, did not what to do with them FINALLY getting a little hope to have a chance. To me JS played it pretty well. It was deep. Now let’s hope the writers don’t screw it up too soon, don’t write them out of character and for the time being don’t make them making love on a couch instead of a real BED ! LOL

  189. From Leah

    Oh Sami was definitely UP for some afternoon lovin… BUT EJ I think was hesitant as well as nervous at the same time. EJ has SO hoped, longed for and wanted this I don’t think he can really fathom it is here. The time has arrived. Sami has said everything he has wanted to here. I also think EJ SO wants everything to be perfect (perfect time, perfect place etc etc) that after Rafe interrupted them he figured “Oh well its not going to be today.” EJ explained it well himself… he was waiting, waiting for the next interruption, waiting for the next thumping on the door, waiting for the next drama, waiting for the next relative or person to turn up. As he explained he was certainly up for it before Rafe came he just figured “the MOMENT” had passed. Sami though certainly is still IN the moment and eagerly wants to settle the deal – ha, ha! Looks like Sami is going to reward EJ handsomely for all of his longsuffering and patience :)
    # 184 Kat… while I agree I hope the writers DO JUSTICE to this long awaited Ejami lovestory. I think Ejami know each other so well, have finally come to terms with themselves and all their struggles and obstacles hence we saw the casual, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at the end of their scene. So looking forward to Monday… bring it on!!!

  190. From Leah

    PS: Favourite parts of Ejamis scenes on Friday….
    A) Rafe pounding on the door and Sami saying to EJ “I’ll only be 2 minutes, I promise.” And EJ saying “Well thats not true. It never takes that long.”
    B) The realisation there were no obstacles standing in their way. And their humourous way of dealing with it.
    C) Sami whispering to EJ (just before she kissed him) “Go on, get out of here!”
    D) EJs honest declaration to Sami that she didn’t really need to sweat it as for him, its always been YOU. EJ never really had the option of making the “right” choice because its always been about her.
    E) Sami telling EJ “I don’t want you to go.” And then throwing his coat away and lunging into his arms.
    F) The lying on the lounge and looking into each others eyes. EJ stroking her hair and Sami making her declaration and then kissing him.
    For a couple who have had so many ups and downs, twists and turns, this normality (even if for a short time) must have been enjoyable to both. They both looked content and happy. As for the future? Oh I’m all up for bumps, misunderstandings, fights, tensions etc etc…. but the making up will sure be fun to watch. Go Ejami and Ejamily!

  191. From Leah

    Just catching up reading the above posts friends. Oh dear, please tell me it isn’t so… Rafe and Kate. YUK! I wouldn’t wish her upon him in a million years. Oh yes you may well be surprised – LOL. Me sticking up for Rafe? But no seriously I don’t like the cougarish Kristen and Brady let alone any hint of it with Rafe and Kate! Kate needs to be with a man her own age and Rafe I would love to see Emily come to days or him with Nicole… they seem to just click. But there are so many rumours about him and Hope I suppose it looks like they may end up together. Not really sure how I feel about that one. I suppose as they start getting more scenes together I will be able to tell whether they have “it” or not.

  192. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    I have had the busiest week ever painting and what not. But I am glad to take a break from all that.

    I am going to clear up some stuff that is being said and taken as spoilers and give some great ones a s well. bI first want to make my comments over last few days.

    Thursdays show with the mini showdown with Rafe and EJ, I must say I rather enjoyed that they both got some good points in there, I found myself liking Rafe even in that scene. I know I said it right lol. But its true. he did wonderful in that scene with EJ.

    Chloe well I am not too interested in that right now because it is going to go 2 ways either Dan will leave with Chloe when her character leaves, or he stays with Jen. I sometimes find myself interested and sometimes not.

    Sonny/Brian I think they had great chemistry which is hard for me because I am a huge Wilson fan. I felt sorry for Will after he went with hope to talk to Sonny after he heard Sonny still loved him. I think it was devastating to him. How much more can he endure, but atleast he is now on board with being a daddy.

    Chad/Cameron well not sure if he is going to forgive his brother, but Chad seemed concerned of what was happening with Sonny and Will and glad he and Will are friends still.

    Abby/Cam well she sounded a little condescending judging others when she sat there telling Cam how she had no right after all she did to people in past, but she is still hard on Chad, which I am sure is plot point for when she finds out Gabis dirty little secrets.

    I am still not onboard with new Cam yet perhaps in time I will find him and Abby great we will see…

    EJAMI wow they knocked it out the park. I remember telling everyone the key things which were back a while ago when EJ and Sami discussed the fact that she was making it like a good vs bad, and afraid because her family. I dont make this stuff up lol, How wonderful when it finally showed on the show that it was a clue of Samis reasons for choosing Rafe or even being in his orbit.I also mentioned she never told him she loved him though he told her many times. She also neglected to tell EJ as she was supposed to and even advised others to keep it a secret which matches my spoilers saying those were clues and would come up and wow they did. She told EJ she did not tell him because she did not want to lose him, and was a coward for not being with the man she wanted all along. wow. It was wonderful to hear Sami say that the scene where EJ looks like he is not going to forgive her but then the smashing kiss where both are elated wow. Then they are crying, relieved and smiling. Si happy.Sami saying she will fight for him if need be.
    When EJ told Chad never be someones second best he left intending not to be, he accepted Samis explanation because he could tell she meant it and it was the truth. You could tell at first he came in with different plans.

    Rafes pounding at the door classic, and I actually enjoyed his acting a bit there as well. EJAMI did not seem to care and in fact did not want to even open the door, but he would not go away.HMM Sami has not done that when she and Rafe were kissing in fact she immediately went to open the door on both ocxasions.Then her telling EJ not to go wonderful, she is showing the audience how she truelly feels and that is how it is supposed to be portrayed.I loved when she threw his jacket lol.

    First want to correct some rumors people have taken as spoilers.
    Nicole and EJ are not reuniting on VGalentines Day.That was a rumor someone posted and they said it was a rumor and someone else took it as a spoiler. As far as I know Nicoles baby is really dead, they did a good job as when the scene was on always showing the baby on screen with Cam trying to revive and straight to Nicoles arms the baby was dead.We all know this is a soap and anything is possible one day though.

    EJAMI keeping it secret is not what many think and they are not the couple spoiled about just so all know more on that below in spoilers section. Think about it John left Marlena, and Kristen has caused mayhem in her family, perhaps she wants a chance to tell her family what is going on before the whole town knows, but that wont happen because people find out first.We know Rafe already knows as does Hope, and Johnny knowing is not what many think either.


    From sony website themselves

    Hello EJami fans! Sami and EJ make love, then make love again! Reunited and it feels so good!

    quote above is exactly as it says on website link below to sony webiste for Days

    Next up I am holding the latest edition of SOD so I will quote a bit of good stuff in it for everyone here. haha gonna make you Rafe fans sweat a bit till I give out the goodies.

    Nick/Lucas Will
    Most of this has already been spoiled but here is a bit extra
    Nick sends Lucas a text saying he knows about what he did (about who shot EJ)Then he puts a wire on Will who has no idea he meets up with his dad who wants to know who all knows about this and explains the text, meanwhile he is secretly recording it to use to blackmail for full custody of the baby.He is ecstatic and believes he and Gabi will now have what they want and the baby to themselves.

    Here to go along with that is a interview as well with Blake Berris who portrays Nick

    Kristen wants to Marry Brady, and he is not to keen on rushing to the altar, The actor who plays him says Brady always makes rash decisions and so this time he wants to do it right, he also does not wish to rub his love in his Father and MKarlenas face.Kristen and Brady go on a double date and Kristen uses the I am drunk thing to make some confessions which are heartfelt, she really does want a family and is at the end of the day what is she really going to get out of her revenge, perhaps she is not as bad as she seems and her feelings are genuine, You will see a more loving side to her and who knows in the end what may come of it, will she continue her plot or take love what will happen.Her and Brady do have a chance…

    Nicole is amazed after Kristen tells her she knows she has feelings for Eric Zucker says Kristen could ruin her and she is amazed she does not.She says she has every right to ruin her but does not.She says it is a wonderful moment between the two.Either way she decides to spend less time around Eric and he takes notice.
    He dont understand why.
    Vicot wants to press charges but Hope convinces him other wise(next part not in sod but my own spoiler to add here)Hope sees Eric defend Nicole and decides to convince the old tycoon to drop charges as she sees how passionate he is in defending Nicole.

    Spoilers above except video are all in latest Soap opera digest pick one up if you would love to read full article as I just posted the gist of it.Below also from SOD.

    EJAMIs get ready…Kat something you mentioned above will happen haha

    Romance for Sami and EJ with photo saying Sami and EJ finally have a shot at love

    Sami and EJ get even closer, and she makes a big declaration to him. “She has this really nice moment with him where she says, ‘I love you,’ previews Alison Sweeney (Sami). “The way it was written was so clever because she then says, ‘Wait, that’s not what I meant,’ and he’s waiting so long to hear her say it that his reaction is, ‘Wait, what?’ And she says, “I do love you, but it’s more important for me to tell you that I trust you.’ “
    Later, Sami runs into Rafe and an argument ensues. “It escalates pretty quickly,” nods Sweeney. “The issue with Gabi and Will is weighing heavily on both of them. When she sees Rafe, that’s the first thing she’s thinking about and then he brings up EJ. She goes into it trying to be cool, but he accuses her of bed-jumping and says he knows she slept with EJ the night before. And she has this really hateful parting blow that when I read it, my eyes were as big as saucers, and she says something like, ‘Yeah, it was the best night of my life,’ and walks away. It is a low blow. But the tension from Will and Gabi is too much.”

    Above quote is word for word enjoy EJamis
    Also in SOD Stefano will be hitting the screen on Monday as John finds him.
    Look for Chandler Masseys lil bro to be on screen the 8th of February as he will be playing a young Will in a scene with Lucas(most likely about the shooting, and something we never seen)His name is Christian Massey.

    For Jennifer Horton fans there is a huge article on her it is a look back at Jennifers life on Days its about 5 or 6 pages long with lots of photos, so worth getting for any Jenifer fans or anyone wanting to read it.

    END of SOD spoilers for now on to other spoilers and tidbits.

    Nbc preview for next week featuring EJAMI and Rafe

    Great spoilers below from Ryan
    He has a wonderful site and spoilers on many shows not just soaps

    Everyone knows the site above and they have great spoilers too of course.

    Now on the whole secret lovers…
    No this is not in reference to EJAMI.
    This comes from Soaps in Depth magazine
    Two of the sexiest single-folks on the canvas are about to catch each other’s eye and hook up for a hot, secret affair. Who is this mystery duo?Now if you click on spoilers above from Source magazine you will notice at bottom he spoils about 2 Salemites drowning their sorrows at the bar and hooking up.He also says it is 2 people you would not expect.

    Now I will Give you Days Cafe spoiler on it
    Link below so you can read more about Rafe at the bar..

    Just so I say it now from what I hear this is a night of passion.I took it as a One night Stand for now. That is what I am hearing from a few people, I am not sure if it will stay a One night Stand or something more, but who knows if they will have something xome from this like it did Gabi and Will. That is my speculation and not a spoiler. i repeat I am speccing it could turn out like Gabi and Will with a baby, or it could just be a one night thing or something more.It happens the week of February 11th.

    Also February 11th
    From the guide

    Mon, Feb 11 (“Falling in Love”)
    Daniel and Chloe grow closer due to Parker’s medical emergency; Sami tells Marlena about her newfound feelings for EJ.

    Tue, Feb 12 (“Jennifer’s Lie”)
    Jennifer and Daniel get into an emotional argument; Stefano delivers some unsettling words to Kate.

    Wed, Feb 13 (“The Battle for Daniel”)
    Chloe and Jennifer fight about Daniel; Brady tells Kristen why he cannot marry her.

    Thurs, Feb 14 (“Valentine’s Day”)
    Kristen gives Chad some advice; Sami is overjoyed when she discovers a ring box on her desk.

    So lots of great things for us all to talk about here.

    I promised Rafe fans he would be getting a new love interest and dont worry he will rather it be this one or a different one.Looks like he and Hope have already started spending time together. i will let everyone enjoy and spec and comment my thoughts later.


  193. From Tee

    Sandygram#174 I want to add since you want the element of surprise I decided in end not to post who it is who meets up in bar, I have not said it on any site I spoil on either for those who know me from the other site I post on as well, So we are all gonna wait this one out lol.

  194. From Tee

    My #192 showed up but I posted a post before that so gonna repost in case it did not go through if it does later sorry.

    Mon, Feb 11 (“Falling in Love”)
    Daniel and Chloe grow closer due to Parker’s medical emergency; Sami tells Marlena about her newfound feelings for EJ.

    Tue, Feb 12 (“Jennifer’s Lie”)
    Jennifer and Daniel get into an emotional argument; Stefano delivers some unsettling words to Kate.

    Wed, Feb 13 (“The Battle for Daniel”)
    Chloe and Jennifer fight about Daniel; Brady tells Kristen why he cannot marry her.

    Thurs, Feb 14 (“Valentine’s Day”)
    Kristen gives Chad some advice; Sami is overjoyed when she discovers a ring box on her desk.

  195. From Tee

    Sory looks like some of my second post to correct the first one that did not show up did not copy correctly as my original was with my thoughts and many spoilers If it dont show up in a few hours or so I iwll repost it all for you, lots of links and spoilers in it.

  196. From rachel

    Hope and Rafe looked so smug on their scenes, it totally did not make me feel sorry for Rafe if that was the writers’ intention ..the actor playing Rafe should stop with the pretty scornful, condescending look, i mean if he is supposed to be a good guy it is not the right acting, almost the same for Hope on Friday with him. She look more uber cold and mega bitch than a nice soap heroine..what’s up with that..and this smug all over the scene did not help generate any was painful.

  197. From Barb

    Kat number 184, Sami has as much right to be involved with the baby AS LONG AS she stops harrassing Gabi, the baby’s mother. Sami needs to listen to what Lucas told her, to keep peace for the sake of a relationship with their grandchild. Sami and Rafe’s talk was none of EJ’s business, or following Rafe out the door to interfere even more.

    I hope for Ejami fans that things pick-up on Mon. because EJ and Sami was dullsville yesterday. Dan and Jen were much more romantic the way their love scene developed. But unfortunately interrupted by Chloe’s call. I’m glad her stay in Salem won’t be for long. But first we have to get through her mother, Nancy, coming to town!! UGH!

    Hopefully Justin’s talk with Sonny will make Sonny think about giving Will another chance with him. Hope Sonny stays away from Brian. I don’t like him! Glad Justin is getting a reading on Nick wanting to play dirth.

  198. From Kat

    Just read something funny,
    Hope being the current town gossip, like Maggie used to be,
    and get this… Rafe being Salem’s
    Meddler Extraordinaire.

    195 rachel, I thought the same thing…funny.

    189 Leah, Yep, I hope the writers will do the long awaited EJami SL justice, we’ll see…

  199. From patty

    rachel, you mean to say a good guy has no right to be pissed or scornful having the woman you’re with betray you again so fast it makes your head spin . You would need to be inhuman not to be angry about that. Why does Sami and EJ get to be deliberatly cruel to him or to anybody Sami dumps. She loves them one minute and scorns them the next, she does it to EJ too when she dumps him and she will probably do it again and scorn and rub his face in it like before.
    Sami’s undying love is such a farce, last week she was daydreaming of Rafe with a smile on her face, this week she’s jumping the EJ’s bones. How can anybody fall for her bs is beyond me.
    I do talk about what I like, the show. Not other posters.

  200. From Kat

    196 Barb, No problem, you see it your way, I see it my way…cool

    Just because EJ and Sami didn’t go wild all over the place,,,
    I thought it was loving and tender, despite Rafe’s disturbance of the peace…
    Or are we expecting everything to be lie Brady/Kristin and others at times, jumping and groping each other like wild animals….LOL

    I enjoyed the scenes, that’s what matters to me.

  201. From rachel

    I don’t know Patty Rafe could look heartbroken and vulnerable not totally smug, superior and scornful..just look at Chandler Massey and what he can do in term on Will being totally crushed, you feel his pain, Rafe you just see and feel..smug, no layers, no vulnerability.. i can’t relate to that and i don’t feel anything for Rafe is he acts like this. It was a bad acting choice from the actor playing Rafe imo.

  202. From Maryl

    Great posts above from all the EJami fans–enjoyed every one of them!! Agree with all of them.

    PERFECTION—my description of the emotionally charged scenes between EJ and Sami—from EJ sitting there totally speechless listening to what Sami was saying, to the realization of what she said. His hopes finally being realized. The joy and feeling of finally setting themselves free of all the things that have always stood between them, was wonderful.

    All the bad stuff they did to each other was always because of them not facing the truth. Sami trying to deny how she really felt about EJ all these years was a huge obstacle between them. She secretly loved the “forbidden fruit” aka EJ DiMera, but couldn’t allow that. Thanks writers for letting Sami finally see!!

    Sami and EJ will have many struggles in their relationship because of all the people around them—Stefano, Kate, Sami’s family, and now Rafe/Gabi/Nick. Not many of these people will accept them being together. Great ground for many good sls.

    EJ and Rafe at the door–well, IMO, Rafe is a big boy now and he can take it. EJ was letting him know that this time Rafe is the one who is trespassing where he doesn’t belong–circling around Sami and causing her problems is off limits. I also think EJ did want Rafe to know that his revelation at HTC about Sami choosing Rafe first, didn’t stand in his and Sami’s way. That’s our guy, EJ DiMera!

    Kat, my definition of boinking is –someone just like Rafe who uses his Neandrathal manner of love making–fast and furious and over with in a few minute! lol!
    EJ is a pure romantic at heart. He starts out slowly, gently and lets his passion build–the result bing pure perfection!!!

  203. From Barb

    Jen and Dan were the ones loving and tender. Brady and Kristen yuck. Sami and EJ dull, but like I said, maybe theirs will pick-up better moments on Mon.

  204. From HAYCAM

    Rachel i couldn’t agree with you more! Rafe leave ejami ALONE NOW PLEASE.

  205. From Kat

    201 Maryl,
    thanks for the Lesson,
    I thought that the word boinking meant something sort of “disgusting”, or it would not have been used when talking about Sami and EJ… What else is new…
    I agree about EJ, he is romantic, something Rafe would not know about..
    I love your words, Fast and Furious,,, that is good and so true, we had to watch it…

    I am not going to use the words anymore myself, I just tried to make a point.Even as the Admin. said the words are ok, because we
    are adults, Adults do have choices IMO.

    IMO, Jenn is about as dull as a potted plant. I just can not see Dan and Jenn ending up together in the long run…. They just don’t fit.
    I think Dr. Dan thinks, sticking with one of the Goodie Horton’s might make him look better, we know what he used to be called.. The Man Whore of Salem…
    I guess we’ll see…….I might be wrong.

    I am actually wondering now, who Rafe will have his grief sex with…
    so Tee, you know…
    Rafe looking broken hearted, Not IMO…smug and superior is more like it…

    Still, snow, snow, snow….

    194 Tee, there have been a few problems with Posts not showing up, incl. mine…
    don’t know why…

  206. From Barb

    Rafe not trespassing at all. He went there to tell Sami that harrassing his sister Gabi was what was off limits. He and Sami actually handled it fairly well and the discussion was over. EJ had no place sticking his nose into it. But, yes, Rafe is a big boy and he handled EJ perfectly! And by the way, I loved Rafe and Sami’s love scenes. The only boinking that went on Sami was from fake Rafe, thanks to EJ and Stefano.

  207. From Kat

    TV Source Pulse Poll report for Jan. 21…


    EJ 2, Will 5, Eric 5….Sonny 8,
    Rafe 9, John 10


    Sami 2, Marlena 7, Nicole 8,
    Jennifer 9


    EJ and Sami 1
    Eric and Nicole 5
    Will and Sonny 6
    Rafe and Sami 10

    Like it not, here we go again…

  208. From Tess

    I guess the show is going to be cancelled. it is just too stupid.

  209. From Tee

    Hello all seems my post did not show up lol It was hard working going through everything to post here for you all. I am going to try it again.

    First thing to clear up is a reumor is a rumor. A fellow poster brought over a rumor and said it is only a rumor and it is now being said it is a spoiler by other posters who misunderstood.
    The ones I seen were Nicole and EJ get back together for Valentines day are not true, in fact spoilers for that week still have him and Sami still together in love. People are saying Nicoles baby is alive again it is a rumor someone started, In my opinion the show made it clear by showing the baby dead and nicole holding her dead baby as well as Maxine being involved. Sorry it is just a rumor. In fact anyone here can start a rumor by submitting it to a site that takes submissions and they post it under rumors, that dont make it true, and that is why it says rumor.Lets have it noted the same person who posted the Nicole Ej rumor also said SAFE reunite and hinted at Sami being prego, well we know she did not sleep with Rafe and wont be anytime soon, so not true.Some people here it on other sites and report it to another some rumors come true some dont just wanted to make that clear.Those aree rumors and I doubt none of those are coming true. As far as Rex coming back that has been going around for about a year now so who knows, I have no information on that either way.

    I am going to seperate this in 2 posts as there is alot,
    So lets start I will do SOD spoilers here as I have the magazine right here in front of me.

    I am not going to post whole article just a summary or bits from it.


    Nick is going to send a text to Lucas telling him he knows the truth about who shot EJ.Lucas falls right into his trap and meets up with Will.Will has unknowingly had a wire attached to him by Nick who will use this to record their conversation and he gets it.Lucas asks Will who knows he shot EJ.Nick with his proof is excited he now has the means to put Will out of the childs life and let him and Gabi raise the baby as his.Also in SOD and related to this Chandler Masseys brother Christian Massey will be playing a young Will and shares scenes with Lucas and what looks like a cop.That scene will be this week coming up on Feb 8th I believe.

    Nicole will get a visit from Hope who is there because Victor wishes to press charges for stolen Titan files.Eric however backs Nicole and is angry this makes Hope decide to change Victors mind about pressing charges.She sees how supportive Eric is of Nicole.

    Later, Kristen and Nicole meet with each other and Kristen suggests that they call a truce. Explains Arianne Zucker, “Kristen has every right to ruin Nicole, but she doesn’t. Nicole is pretty amazed.”

    Kristen brings up Eric and says it’s obvious Nicole has feelings for him. “Nicole tries to play it off but Kristen is basically like, ‘Come on honey. A woman knows.’ It’s a great moment between Nicole and Kristen,” shares Zucker.

    By week’s end, Nicole decides to fight her feelings for Eric and she starts to push him away.Eric notices that she is being distant.

    For EJAMI fans below
    Sami and EJ get even closer, and she makes a big declaration to him. “She has this really nice moment with him where she says, ‘I love you,’ previews Alison Sweeney (Sami). “The way it was written was so clever because she then says, ‘Wait, that’s not what I meant,’ and he’s waiting so long to hear her say it that his reaction is, ‘Wait, what?’ And she says, “I do love you, but it’s more important for me to tell you that I trust you.’ “
    Later, Sami runs into Rafe and an argument ensues. “It escalates pretty quickly,” nods Sweeney. “The issue with Gabi and Will is weighing heavily on both of them. When she sees Rafe, that’s the first thing she’s thinking about and then he brings up EJ. She goes into it trying to be cool, but he accuses her of bed-jumping and says he knows she slept with EJ the night before. And she has this really hateful parting blow that when I read it, my eyes were as big as saucers, and she says something like, ‘Yeah, it was the best night of my life,’ and walks away. It is a low blow. But the tension from Will and Gabi is too much.”

    So yes Kat you will get what you were wondering about Sami finally tells him she loves him. More spoilers below in next post on Rafe for Rafe fans and more on everyone else including EJAMI.

    Also in SOD Stefano will be on screen this week feb 4th as John learns his location.

  210. From patty

    Barb, I guess you could call the grief sex boinking too, oh and what happened when Johnny was conceived. Oh yeah, that is called rape. So was what was going on with RoboRafe at EJ’s orders. EJ starts slowly and lets his passion built, when have we seen that? Maybe with Nicole since it certainly wasn’t the case the few time we saw EJami have sex .

  211. From Kat

    Hi Tee,
    thanks, I did say in my post 184, that EJ and Sami will tell each other,,, I Love You… when the moments is just right..
    Never had any doubt about that at all.

    Thanks for clearing up all the Rumors on here… it is difficult
    to figure out anymore what Is Spoiler Fact or Rumor…
    It muddles the waters, confuses us… but such is life.

    So what about Dr. Cameron, is he in with Stefano, or is that a rumor….

    Kristin and Nicole “bonding”, well why not, one is as bad as the other…
    or should I say, even though I like the character of Nicole,
    she has done so many more evil/attempted murder etc. than Kristin.

    Kristin spent time in a harem, wonder what she learned there.

    I wish Father Eric would be as Kind and understanding about other Sinners, not only Nicole.
    I guess, the flesh is calling, wonder how long he can hold on to being a priest,
    and not betray his oath…

    In Salem it seems to be so hard to keep those Oath’,
    no matter a Doctor (Marlena, She put Stefano into a coma)… Dan…)
    a Policemen, Rafe, Hope,Bo …)
    and now Eric the Priest…
    Only on a Soap.

  212. From Tee

    Thanks Kat I have many more been trying to post including why Peter really left days I hope they come through I also agree on Father Eric and his Holier then Thou attitude.Lots of good EJAMI stuff coming lots and from Sony we get this message

    Hello EJami fans! Sami and EJ make love, then make love again! Reunited and it feels so good!

    Check out their days site

    I will post more juicy stuff If I can get it to go through lol, see many are having the issue

  213. From Tee

    Soaps in Depth titled Secret Lovers
    Two of the sexiest single-folks on the canvas are about to catch each other’s eye and hook up for a hot, secret affair. Who is this mystery duo?

    It is not EJAMI in fact it seems it is Rafe as he meets up with someone in a bar drowning sorrows and as source magazine spoiled will be hitting the bad for a night of passion.

    Going to separate more in hopes my upteen posts can get through

    Kat I agree about Father eric and his holier then thou attitude
    Of course we knew she would say it I love we get clarification now. It is going to be wonderful and Sony has spoiled they do it more then once her eit is

    Hello EJami fans! Sami and EJ make love, then make love again! Reunited and it feels so good!
    taken from their site word for word.

    I loved the scenes and how Sami said she has been a coward and how when they kissed they came together overjoyed,relieved and did not want to stop classic when Rafe pounded at door and they did not want to answer.

    RAFE ON Thursday was great I enjoyed his and EJ’s back and forth and feel they both got some good jabs in.Rafe was likable that day to me even if he was sticking it to EJ they did well in that scene as well as the one on Friday.
    Seems they are setting something up with Hope and Rafe but will it be the drunk bar time nookie or a relationship building for down the line?

  214. From Tee

    I think Sami knows something is fishy and of course it is though it is Nick who wanted to rush the wedding as to have a better stance to claim the baby, when a baby is born into a marriage the husband is assumed the father there are ways to fix it. But Nick would be father until that happened, and one of those things is a established patenity test.Sami is going to tell Will he should get one and I agree, if Nick convinces Gabi later to martry that test will keep Nick from being put on birth cert by default.

    Sami has every right to be involved as does Rafe, Nick and Sonny should be involved but from a distance more as support, though we know that is not how it is going down. I am amazed to hear SAMI should not be involved and why not it is her grandchild, she is Wills mother, just as Rafe is GABIS sister and has a right to protect her so does Sami with Will. Also Gabi said Will was at ultrasound making it sound and Sami believing that he was invited, well he was not invited nor was he told by them.Something Gabi left out, either way Sami backed down and I think she had the right approach after that in that she would shop if Gabi would not allow her to help.Gabi did want her help to plan a wedding to her convict scheming Fiancee, meanwhile she was keeping Sami from her grandchild and flat out lying to her face.But suddenly now she cannot help her with anything else.Double standards from gabi who is not as naive.She knows Nick wants to push Will out he says it over and over.

    Dan and Jen funny Dan says we have dinner reservations in 30 minutes then they decide to makeout and head to the bed, is Dan a minute man or something lolSorry had to say it.It was like listen Jen dinner in 30 minutes so thats all we have, no Dan you wine and dine then get the nookie, Jen shame on you for settling for a quickie in that case lol.Either way Chloe is set on ending that quickie nookie.

    Chloe is something I dont know how I feel on, since she is only on show temp and confirmed that I feel either Dan will ride off in sunset with her and Parker, or her Cancer comes back she passes and Dannifer raise Parker or perhaps she goes Away empty handed,man wise that is.Should learn more on where this is heading when Nancy comes to town.

    I seen a bit of sparklately with Kristen/Brady, I possibly could be on board with that pairing if she leaves the revenge Alone. I am enjoying what the revenge brings to the story however.but if it is going to last with those 2 it is time for her to change her tune and come clean and hope.

    Sonny and Brian wow I actually seen chemistry which I am surprised as I am a big Wilson fan. They brought it and poor Will, but Justin now sees what Will was going to give up for Sonny his own child, will Sonny see maybe it seems with the help from Justin he will. I liked their scenes Justin and Wills.

    Then we have Hope and Rafe and seems they are getting closer,I noticed her big ol office.
    I also wonder if she will be team Rafe in this because something tells me she will be.

    Nick setting up Lucas and Will is still kettle to me he is a convicted murderer,stalker and so many other things.WILL was just a kid then and if I am not mistaken if it ever goes to Salem pd, does he realize EJ would have to want to press charges, especially in Salem with his grandpa as Chief of Police, what is a so called confession if the victim defends him lol.I assume for now it will be a blackmail tool then Nick gets a surprise when a ex con whom he knows well comes to town and will be working with Eric Seems this will be when Team Will gets something to use back at Nick.Wonder what it will be.

    Nicole/Eric not on board yet I dont see as much chemistry there yet, as I do with her and Rafe I love their chemistry thus far.

  215. From Leah

    Two of Salems sexiest singles hook up? Well we know one of them is Rafe… so who could be the sexy female? Nicole? Reckon they would be great, wouldn’t mind that at all. Chloe? Mmm… she and Rafe haven’t had much to do with each other but may comfort each other feeling down. Isn’t that what Chloe did with Philip? LOL Hope? No sorry don’t see it. Especially not going to a bar not her scene. Especially when she has a child at home. Just doesn’t seem like Hope. EMILY? Well I can only hope…

  216. From Leah

    So glad to read Gabi ISN’T going to miscarry and lose the baby. Yay! Good for characters and current storylines. This baby storyline (for me) has been an unexpected pleasant surprise. I like all the drama it is causing!

  217. From Leah

    As I’ve stated before I’m SO EXCITED Ejami are finally being given a shot. I don’t want their chemistry or dynamics to change one little bit. We Ejami fans want the writers to keep Ejami… just that “Ejami.”
    I know some have mentioned that they thought there was a lack of intensity in their scenes on Thursday/Friday and have wondered what Mondays lovemaking will bring. I for one loved their Thursday/Friday scenes for reasons I’ve already outlined above but in regards to Monday here’s what I wanna say before I even see it. There are times as a couple you make love when its just plain raw passion, or lustful, others times it’s romantic, sweet and tender. Just as sometimes its fun all night and other times its quick – LOL. I will be interested to see how after Thursday/Friday scenes it is written and acted out. I’m picking it won’t be lustful or intense but more playful and loving. A confirmation of love, contentment and commitment to each other. Bring on Monday!
    PS: We’ve seen Ejami love making intensely. Would be nice to see a bit of keeping with the theme of romance. Plenty time for the other later on. Ejami fans… what do you think?

  218. From Tommy

    Maybe Will sees that he wants a relationship with Gabbi And drops Sonny

  219. From Leah

    Food for thought comment:
    Looking forward to seeing Stefano return to Salem. Even though I’m an Ejami fan…. I want to see his reaction. See what he thinks about them. See if hes gunna stay out of it or wanna be up in their business. See how EJ reacts to seeing his dad again. See if their father/son relationship can be resurrected. See what EJ will and won’t tolerate from his dad. See what EJ will and won’t tolerate from Stefano concerning his relationship with Sami. IF Stefano is wise…. he knows EJ has always loved Sami, he has tolerated her before so I would think he will do it again. So come on back Stefano… I wanna see it all play out on screen!

  220. From Michelle

    I remember back around the end of 2011, there was youtube clip showing the November sweeps promo, shown at the Days of Days event, when EJ and Sami’s Grieve sex was displayed, the audience erupted with cheer. That really makes me wonder, how much research did the PTB put into EJ and Sami’s relationship. Did they think they would be able to survive the wrath of the Anti-EJ’s?
    I have a feeling their research showed they would do just fine.
    I can’t count how many times I re-watched Thursdays and Friday’s episode. It just feels so unreal. Especially after the horrible ways both EJ and Sami treated each other those years ago.
    When comparing EJ to Rafe, I noticed most Rafe lovers, want Sami to be with him, because he’s a good guy, but is and was he ever really a good fit for her?
    People insinuate that EJ has been second fiddle to Rafe since the cop came into town, but they fail to realize that Rafe was Sami’s rebound.
    EJ was never a rebound to Austin, Lucas was, EJ was never a rebound to Lucas, Sami and Lucas broke up BECAUSE of Lucas, and EJ definitely is not a rebound to Rafe. EJ has always been the common denominator and every relationship Sami has ever been in since his arrival. It’s hard to be second in a situation like that.
    I don’t know if I already said this, but I really do hope that Rafe and Hope do not become romantically linked. They are better off as friends, If he respected BO, he would stay away. Bo has always been in his corner, is the way he will repay him? And even though hope is a busy body, she still has class. Hooking up with her ex-nephew is just tacky. She’s Kate after all.
    I would like Chloe to be the woman at the bar, but considering that she’s dead set on getting Daniel back, and she and Daniel do bond a little over Parker, I don’t see that happening.
    The most plausible person is Nicole. She lost her dear friend Brady to Kristin, she’s still getting over Daniel, and Kristin called her out on her impending feelings for Eric, and because of her love for a nice Martini, of course she would be at a bar.
    Plus Rafe and Nicole play off each other very well. Their smiles come along so easy when they are around each other.
    I am so looking forward to this new woman coming to Salem, Lucas needs someone. Even though I would like Emily to resurface, they can keep her identity hidden for at least six months, to give Lucas enough cookies to eat on to last him a lifetime.
    I really like the fact that John will seek out Stefano to tame Kristin, I wonder if they will acknowledge their relationship again. And I really hope they explain why Stefano is gone from Salem. When will come back????
    Will Stefano be the ally that Marlena is surprised to have? What other foe will she deal with. Kate isn’t a foe, and all the other women in town adore her.

  221. From Michelle

    LUMI broke up because of EJ, not Lucas.

    Hope is NOT Kate.

  222. From patty

    Tee, if Sami thought there was something fishy with Nick , why did she try to convince Rafe that he was a good guy and that he loved Gabi so much? That is how much Sami knows, she doesn’t know squat as usual, she just assumes things when it suits her own selfish agenda.
    Leah, I think I speak for most of us that are not EJami fans that we could care less how EJami have sex or how many times. No matter how they go at it, to us it lacks conviction because of their past that they conveniently swept under the rug and to most of us it’s mostly just awkward and cringe worthy.
    Michelle, the audience that erupted in cheers at the grief sex were EJami fans for finally getting their crumbs but there was equally as much disgust expressed at that time also.
    What you seem to have failed to notice is that Rafe lovers don’t want him with Sami , not only because he is too good for her but because he deserves better for all the things he went through with her and for her. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be made out to be the bad guy in this because he’s not. EJ’s the one that made her life hell for years, not Rafe and for her to be cruel and hateful to him now after only days of wanting to be with him, shows how fickle and what a true bitch Sami Brady is and that he is better off without her. His only mistake ever is to have believed anything she says because Sami is a liar and has no heart, which is why her sudden “love” for EJ feels so contrived and fake.

  223. From Michelle

    Patty, about the Grief sex audience, my point is…. at Days event that features each fanbase, it was a surprise to hear such an eruption for EJAMI and no other couple.

    Patty, that is not what Rafe lovers were saying before. And they still are saying (on other webpages) “please put Rafe back with sami, they belong together” blah blah. “Rafe is Sami’s true love”
    So I did not fail to notice, I just think it’s funny how some people can’t accept defeat.
    Like i said a few days ago, It’s not about Sami, it’s about Rafe, if Sami makes Rafe happy, then it’s “sami should be with rafe” if Sami is mistreating rafe then it’s “Sami doesn’t deserve rafe” if EJ wronged Rafe then it’s definitely “sami and rafe belongs together” And it’s perfectly fine, I feel the exact same way when it comes to Adam Newman on Y&R, I love that character above anyone else on the show. When he was happy with Chelsea, I wanted them to stay together, but once Chelsea became unsupportive, I dumped her in my mind, and would rather they never reuinte again.

    Also, Rafe isn’t necessarily the bad guy in the situation, he was of course doing the right thing when it came to Gabi, his sister, but is he the right guy? No and I’m glad he finally realized that, he should have realized it and walked away completely when after everything he did for Sami, she still found a way back in EJ’s arms, or couch…

  224. From Michelle

    From the spoilers that I read, Sami wasn’t cruel until her brung up her being with EJ. made her out to be some kind of harlot because she was able to fall in bed with EJ so quickly. Well, he knew he was in a love triangle. He knew Sami was conflicted about EJ, he even questioned her about whether she was using Kristen as a reason to keep EJ around, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to him, that her feelings for EJ were still there, and that EJ is still around, even so quickly after the blow up.

  225. From patty

    I disagree Michelle, it is about Sami, it’s always about her. What Sami wants and what Sami thinks she wants at the moment , her being selfish and untrustworthy as always. If EJ is the one that Sami always wanted and belonged with, then why did she fantasize about Rafe or pursue Lucas and why did she try to kill Elvis? That is why her sorry excuses that there was always someone or something standing in their way is so lame. Trying to dismiss her ties and her feelings for those other men that she claimed to love at the time or blame her family’s disaproval for keeping her from EJ is just plain stupid and incredible, let alone ignoring all the horrible things he did to her and her children. And I don’t think her being with EJ is a defeat for Rafe or for his fans, it’s just not believable. The spoils go to EJ but he certainly didn’t win anything, he got Sami Brady and she is no prize.
    As for Sami being cruel, that is Sami being her bitchy self. Even though Rafe has every right to be mad for her jumping in the sack with EJ days after she was going to do the same with him, I doubt he calls her some kind of harlot but he should because she acts like one. Lucas certainly didn’t spare her either. Her parting words to Rafe are deliberatly cruel because that’s what Sami does, she did the same to EJ lots of time but he deserved it, Rafe doesn’t. Using the excuse that the pressure from the Gabi/Will baby drama is just too much, that doesn’t cut it. As far as she knows, if she bothered to listen, there is no pressure between them and even if there was, it’s certainly not Rafe’s fault so it doesn’t justify her actions and shooting off her nasty mouth to him or to anybody else.

  226. From Kat

    Michelle, all your posts are very well written and I mostly agree.

    I have one big question, why would Sami want EJ, after All He has done to Her,
    Well, WHY would EJ want Samantha, after All She has Done to Him.

    Seems to me, like said on here over and over again,
    the characters did it best, They forgave each other several times,
    so if they can live with all the things they have done to each other….
    Just like Maggie is living with Super Bad Guy Victor…

    why do we fans keep on harping about things they did to each other…
    This is a Soap, that’s what happens on soaps, they move on with the same characters, just change them to suit their ongoing SL’s…
    Rafe was in a Tree Some…. so now bow out, you lost, she chose EJ, and Rafe himself by his behaviour towards her and her son,
    helped tip the scale, In Sami’s Mind..
    She finally chose EJ, she wanted him all along, but now she finally found the courage to admit it to herself and EJ.
    Thank you Rafe, you helped all that along just fine.
    Now Move on, get ready for your own Grief sex, licking wounds sex, whatever and get over it..
    and remember, You really don’t want Sami anyway, remember Carrie…
    Also, Rafe does not have any more right about Sami, as does EJ, when they were competing. Both were divorced from her. Rafe did Dump Sami big time.

    Sure wondering who Rafe’s Bed partner will turn out to be…
    No, not Maggie, not Caroline, not Hope for sure….
    maybe KRISTIN………….. could very well be, it is supposed to be shocking……

    that leaves, Nicole, doubt it…she wants Eric,
    Chloe, doubtful,
    how about Jennifer, for whatever reason…drowning her sorrows about Chloe/Dan.
    And there is always our cougar Kate,
    she had EJ and now maybe Rafe,
    at least she could be a judge,
    Who is better in the Sack….
    RAFE OR EJ.???????????????????????
    For some reason, my money is on Kristin… don’t know why, but that would be a shock…IMO
    Hey Tee, if it is not Kristen, since you know, can you just eliminate her….ha
    , ha.
    Another thing,we can not just judge Rafe and EJ fans on what is said here…
    there is a whole big Fan base out there,
    and the Majority do like EJ period,
    and they liked the Grief Sex..
    Fans know this is a Soap, Rape, etc. and Grief Sex happens on them all the time,
    it is over the the top on soaps,
    we are not in Sunday School when we watch all the Forbidden Love and Lust, Adultery, Murder, etc., so after almost 50 years, fans should be used to it.
    I have seen much worse on other soaps over the years, yikes, much worse…
    Sami and EJ are not in real life, then yes I could see the outrage,
    they are in Our secret sinful world,
    like my guy says, wow, what are you watching……LOL…. And the Beat goes On…..

  227. From Leah

    The Days crowd CHEERED with gladness when they got a preview of the up and coming Ejami lovescene. Cheered why? Because they were EXCITED. Whether some like to admit it or not Ejami are and always have been hugely popular. Why do you think the powers to be have circled them so many times? Why do you think the powers to be have for the last 6 years always made it about Ejami? Why do you think its always been an Ejami triangle plus 1 or 2? Because the Days powers to be aren’t really that dumb. Yes they made have made wrong choices with our beloved couple but because of their huge fanbase Days have no choice but to keep them intertwined. Look at how bad the ratings were when they kept Ejami completely apart. They were dismal and that is a fact!
    PS: And another little fact for you…. that week the Ejami grief sex happened the ratings when up massively. Yep Days know Ejami are their bread and butter.

  228. From Kat

    In My post 225, just to make sure,
    I am not trying to tell anybody on here how to think,
    All I am posting are strictly My Opinions.
    Can’t be to careful anymore…
    Carry on

  229. From houston

    Rafe and Hope will get married eventually. Both cops, attractive together. Bo’s out of the picture. I doubt the producer / writer’s would agree to replacing Bo’s character!

  230. From gerri

    we always agree,on our favs,and question many of the S/L’s ,written for them,but we both hope someone will be put In Rafe’s life,that Is deseving of him.

    Right now,don’t have a clue,whom It might be,the other’s already In Salem,(other than Nicole)I don’t see anyone there that fits the bill.So Listen up writers,bring her on…

    But,Sami needs attention,from more than one man,(Of course she can change)has been proven over,and over,and over,so I believe once the excitement has fizzled down,we probably wil see the old Sami return.

    She will pass a big test,tho when she sees that Rafe has moved on,and will be really Happy for him(and not pretending)If she does this,then I will say her and EJ’S relationship Is the real deal.

    The other S/L’s are getting very interesting too,Looks like It will be Brady/Kristen/Marlena..on the front burner,then followed I think next Gabi/Nick/Will then Eric/Nicole and his future in the priesthood,somewhere,Dan/Jenn/Chloe,will play out,right now Is not that exciting,might change tho when her Mom arrives….

    on a news story here in Al,the murder/ kidnapping/hostage story Is in the 5-6th day,don’t think the
    man Involved has any intention of letting the little boy go.

  231. From Michelle

    Patty, because in the eyes of everyone else around her, EJ was always the wrong choice. And she started her redemption after Austin. She did not want to be the Anti-Brady anymore, so choosing someone her family approved of was the safer way to lead her heart.
    And I agree with you, Sami can seem in-genuine, but the continued lingering looks, stolen glances, says a lot.
    The big difference with Sami this time around, compared to in the fall, she did not allow the two men start a pissing contest in honor of her. I was so surprised when she put Rafe in his place when he tried telling EJ to stay out it. If she hadn’t done that, then I would have been convinced that Sami wasn’t sincere about her choice. She would have enjoyed it, had she still had hopes of reuniting with Rafe.
    I don’t think Sami is ignoring the things that EJ has done, I think she just acknowledges that she gave as good as she got, considering the circumstances.
    Kat, thanks. And I think Rafe hooking up with Kristen would be very interesting, I did read in the Rumor Mill section that Kristin has a paramour, this was posted after she established her affair with Brady, so it had me thinking that there is yet another pickle she’s playing with. But Kristen is never seen without Brady, he’s her lap dog, so I can’t see it happening.
    I wish it was jennifer, only to break Dannifer up, this couple bores me to death,and I still can’t believe the way they threw Jack away like that. And I don’t understand how Daniel can be seen as an honorable man when he’s still a man-whore? the way he just dropped all feelings he had for Nicole out of the window, saying he didn’t want to be entangled in a triangle again, because of his experience with Jennifer, just to pine after her immediately afterward. that storyline was just horrible.

  232. From Michelle

    Leah, it’s funny to think that anyone thought Taylor was the real deal, that situation was an epic fail. They really tried replacing Sami in his life, it just couldn’t work. Fired two actors because of it. Sad shame. haha.
    I felt bad for both Natalia and Tamara….but that whole situation from start to finish should have never happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if that pairing had anything to do with the dismal ratings.

  233. From patty

    Kat, big bad Victor never did anything to Maggie and their story doesn’t even compare to EJ and Sami. She has nothing to forgive him for, what he did as a crime boss or whatever he was didn’t affect her life or that of her children ever. Maggie didn’t spend her life having men to protect her from Victor to then jump in his bed. I don’t know that Sami and EJ ever forgave each other’s past because they don’t adress it, they just dismiss it as a joke, not caring who their actions hurt. As of a month ago, she could understand why Nicole would want to keep her child from him and scorned him because he blackmailed Rafe, today she thinks he’s a good man. Shows what a stable person Sami is.
    Why keep harping on what they did to each other? Why keep harping on Rafe’s non affair with Carrie and dredging up everybody elses past ? I don’t see why everybody else’s sins need to be revisited and EJ’s swept under the rug since he’s done the worse ones of all. Like you always say, fair is fair.

  234. From Leah

    #229 Michelle… your statement “I don’t think Sami is ignoring the things that EJ has done, I think she just acknowledges that she gave as good as she got.” BINGO! Want to add her too… lets not have any gender bias here. EJ is also not forgetting what Sami has done to him but he too acknowledges he got as good as he gave. The ONE PURE THING with Ejamis relationship is seeing the TRUE POWER OF FORGIVENESS and then moving on. How adult of them. Love it!
    EJ did give Sami as good as she gave him. EJ is one of the rare males in her life that has. All the other men have just run around after her, made excuses for her, rolled over and done whatever Sami wanted, Rafe included. Rafe changed when with Sami, not the other way around. Rafe compromised himself, his values and principals, his career not vice versa. EJ is Samis equal in every way shape and form :) Bring it on!

  235. From Michelle

    Leah, I really hope they dig into Rafe’s past to really determine that he changed. Emily would be the only one that really knows.
    I’d love for her to come into town, find out all the things Rafe has done for Sami and really give him a piece of her mind for the drastic way he changed.

  236. From Kat

    Just because Victor has not done anything to Maggie,
    so what…. Maybe Maggie has Nothing personal to forgive Victor, but let’s face it .. She sure had/has a lot to OVERCOME, because Victor hurt a lot of people in her family, etc. Maggie was able to marry a Man, that has committed so many crimes/murder/drug dealing, porn stuff etc. and the biggest of them all IMO,
    He tried to kill his own son Bo twice.
    In my opinion, he is 10 times worse than EJ or Sami ever could be, but St. Maggie fell in love with him, and He sort of changed, at least on the surface. Like an Iceberg, there is always much more underneath, and that goes for most people….

    I have heard EJ and Sami discuss their past several times, and now that they are together, I am sure they will talk about it even more.
    As long as they are ok with it, I am okay.
    I want to watch those two great characters/actors together on the screen…they make the show for me, so there you go.
    Why don’t we just let Ejami find out for them selves if they can make it together.

    As for the Rafe fans, they are happy now, that evil Sami has dropped Rafe for good,
    now enjoy Rafe’s new adventures coming to this theater….
    and just ignore Ejami.

    Leah, Michelle, IMO, both EJ and Sami, thought that maybe Nicole, Taylor, ….
    Lucas, Rafe…. were the real deal, but they always sooner or later .. were Not…
    They know now finally, that is has always been Them. .. together… the real deal..
    So go for it, finally, ignore the rest out there…other’s are not living your life for you, it’s your life EJami…

  237. From SandyGram

    Hey Tee….are you covering the game today! All the Treats are ready Lets Play some Football!

    PS: You mentioned posting on other Fan Sites are you there also as Tee and if you don’t mind what are they? I’d like to see these other opinions from other fans you speak of. Thanks!

  238. From patty

    Michelle, since EJ’s past doesn’t seem to matter, what does it matter what or who Rafe was in the past? A little double standard here, lets leave EJ’s dirty deeds in the past, but lets dig out Rafe’s to try to find skeletons. As I said before, there is nothing that could be found in Rafe’s past that would even come close to being as bad as EJ’s . The list of EJ Demira’s crimes is as longer than one of a convicted felon. Rafe is a cop and former FBI agent. He wouldn’t be if he was a criminal.
    Kat , Victor’s list of crimes sound pretty much like EJ’s but most of EJ’s were against Sami and are a lot more recent than Victor’s. I don’t remember anything Victor did to Maggie’s family but my memory doesn’t go that far back into the past. Neither do I remember hearing Elvis ask forgiveness for what he did to Sami, kidnapping Sydney or for RoboRafe…etc nor did I hear Sami ever say she regretted shooting him in the head. All I remember was they shook hands and said no more cloning, kidnapping,shootings blackmailing…etc and thought it was funny.
    But I remember last week and Sami did not drop Rafe, he dropped her, was done with her, saw her true colors and she ran to snivel to EJ because he’s a sap and he believed her sob story or pretended to. I still think the real EelJ will come out as soon as the little honeymoon is over much like the real Nick will. A leopard doesn’t change its Demira spots.

  239. From Michelle

    Patty, I am invested in Rafe’s past as fan of this show. How can I dismiss something I know nothing about. I never said EJ’s past has been whitewashed, I just think it’s been talked about long enough. and everyone has already made their opinion on his past. But for Rafe future storylines of substance, digging into his best is usually a way to go.
    Going to use a sports anectode:
    Back when LeBron James was still fighting for his first championship, I would defend him till the death against LeBron haters and Kobe lovers. I saw Kobe as the enemy, even though he was great in his own right. I hated Kobe with a passion because he was the number one example used against LeBron to explain why LBJ did not deserve to be considered a great basketball player. I was just as nervous as the next person that LBJ would never get his first ring.
    But once he finally achieve his first goal, I backed off Kobe, and I was able to see him differently.
    Especially now that Kobe’s game has dwindled and LBJ’s chances of obtaining another ring is feasible.
    This is how I handle Rafe and EJ, that horrible love triangle is finally over, EJ finally has the love that he’s always wanted and Rafe is no longer a threat. So… Now i move on… Rafe isn’t leaving Salem or anything, so something has to happen to him right? Since he’s been in Salem, he’s been a third wheel the EJ/Sami story, now it’s time for his own.
    And like I said before, I want to like him, because I loved the actor once upon a time. So as a fan of the show, I would love for Days to dig into his past and really let us know how he was before he ever met Sami. That’s not so unreasonable is it?
    And I just have to say, out of all the EJAMI lovers that I’ve seen post on this blog, I never seen any of them or myself white wash his past sins.

  240. From Michelle

    And Patty, I never said that I wanted his past dug up to discover his crimes… he was an FBI agent so his past crimes, if any, would most likely not amount to anything.

    If Rafe is to be relevant Post-Sami, he needs a story on his own without it revolving around her. He needs a new love. He needs character development, character back story.

    I’m not even going to compare EJ and Rafe anymore because it’s no longer relevant. I’m just saying the writers should give Rafe a good storyline.
    And who ever he hooks up with won’t be the one for him, because they are already spoken for. So that storyline won’t stick.

  241. From Kat

    With EJ we know all his dirty deeds/his life…

    With Rafe, we know nothing.
    who cares if it was criminal or not, I never thought of it that way,
    just want to know, what in the world Is his Past,
    ….. He left Sami once, rather than talk about it.
    So what is He Hiding…just curious…

    Victor has done things to Kayla, Julie, his own Nephew Justin, etc.
    if you don’t remember, some of us do, it can always be looked up,
    like many keep looking up EJ and Sami’s past.

    EJ and Sami have done things,
    but Victor and Stefano will always be the Masters of Evil.

    Well I heard them talk to each other about what they have done to each other…
    so be it.. It’s their choice to be together after all…

    I am getting tired of rehashing every things, but let facts be facts…

    Now I want to go forward and see the next chapters in the life’s of our characters…

    Does not matter, who dropped who anymore, Rafe and Sami found out, that they just Do Not belong together, so instead of mopping all over the place about Sami, and then getting drunk,
    Rafe should be happy and celebrating, that He unloaded” mean terrible Sami finally….Yikes
    Both EJ and Sami are now with their 1st choice, finally…..and forget about the rest…of all the know it all’s. They are all doing what they want to do….

  242. From Kat

    237, 238 Michelle,

    sounds like you and I are pretty much on the same page about Rafe and Ejami… Good posts….
    and patty yours are good also, I just don’t agree with you…

  243. From Michelle

    Kat 234
    yes, EJ really did believe that Taylor was the real deal once upon a time, but it was too ridiculous, that I will never accept it. EJ even admitted to Nicole that he had no idea what that was all about.
    240 – whenever i think about Rafe’s past, i see so much potential, nothing that has to do with him proving himself worthy of EJ or Sami’s attention.

  244. From shelia


  245. From patty

    Kat and Michelle, EJ’s past is being whitewashed every day here, it is also excused and justified and always blamed on on someone else. It’s usually Rafe’s fault, or Stephano’s or Sami’s, the Bradys or the Hortons or the rest of the town’s hypocrites and he never has to pay for his crimes, not because he’s got goons and crooked cops on his payroll but because the Salem PD are a bunch of keystone cops and bumbling idiots. That is the general defense of the Demiras and their dastardly deeds on here.
    And Rafe was never a threat to EJami, it was the other way around, EJ was the threat to Rafe and Sami and the third wheel and interloper. He made their lives hell. Can’t change history just because Sami chooses to forget all about it in her moment of temporary insanity.

  246. From Michelle

    Just like there’s always an excuse for what Sami did to EJ, and why Rafe backed her up.
    What’s the difference?
    But the fact is, we do acknowledge that he did what he did.
    I don’t like to inject real life, but I feel like this is common sense, to make sure that you don’t do the same mistake you have to dig deep down and find the cause. There’s always a reason why someone does something, and for Sami, her reasons for keeping Grace from EJ were “fear” of Stefano, hurt of losing EJ and jealousy of EJ and Nicole. EJ’s reason for Kidnapping Sydney was pure revenge, against Sami, Stefano, Nicole, anybody who were involved in hurting him in the first place. they all had their reasons.
    Sami’s reason for shooting EJ in the head…she was overwhelmed with extreme emotions why she thought about all the things that transpired with EJ and the kidnapping.
    I mean I could go on and on…. there are always reasons why actions. that’s not whitewashing the crimes, that’s just giving reasons.

  247. From Kat

    243 patty,
    believe what you want………

    I am moving on, want to enjoy the new SL’s coming up,
    enjoy finally EJ and Sami on screen together trying to make a life for themselves…

    I wish Rafe all the best, may he find a women “good” enough for him, our little, whatever he is…
    and may he make all his fans very happy, so they can let go of Ejami.
    All Ejami fans know exactly what EJ is and has done, and the same goes for Sami. I for one have ever never white washed EJ or Sami.
    I have always like EJ because of what he was, an absolutely intriguing character with so many flaws, but always with a heart and a soul that screamed.. let me out..

    Nicole’s Father and background has been used over and over again, to justify her criminal deeds…

    so EJ was raised by super evil Stefano, and sort of pushed into a lot of bad stuff,
    but in the end EJ was responsible for his own bad deeds…
    just like we should hold everybody else in this town responsible for what they do/did…
    Like Rafe, Gaby, Nick, Brady, Nicole, Sami, EJ, Stefano, Victor, Dr. Dan….
    Chloe, who else………….

    Let’s face it, in this Town really Nobody ever pays for what they do or have done, so let’s move on about EJ, singling him out … is getting old and tiresome…Let it go…. the characters have….

  248. From Leah

    Sorry Patty I have to respectfully disagree with your #243 comment. The MAJORITY of Ejami fans admit to EJs and Ejamis faults. We love them inspite of that. Its a quality we find endearing. BOTH EJ and Sami are the type that “react” first and then “think” later. This has got them BOTH into lots of trouble and once the dust has settled they usually show some signs of remorse or regret. Something that Rafe has hardly ever done. Sami has apologised to EJ over and over again about keeping her pregnancy a secret etc etc, has Rafe? No not once. And again with the whole Nicole baby saga… An apology? No just a declaration that he would do it all over again if he had too. Rafe does not show any signs of humility and that is the thing I despice. I hate that arrogant attitude. To be honest its a quality most people hate about Rafe and why he is so disliked (and no they are not all EJ or Ejami fans who state that either).
    Change that and Rafe may get more fans. I hated him with Sami and that will never change. In my books they were a complete mismatch from the gecko. I am however more than willing to give the boy a chance but the arrogant, smug, self righteous, know it all, always right bullying attitude of his HAS TO GO!

  249. From Michelle

    My feelings exactly Kat, can’t wait for tomorrow.
    Right now, I have the Superbowl on mute while I watch EJAMI montages on my phone. I’m so anxious. haha.

  250. From cecile

    Just to say one thing for all people who don’t know really well Day’s history : Victor did try to kill one of Maggie’s daughter back in the day..therefore it just shows that it is a soap opera where everything can happen if the writers want to do it, simple as that.
    p.s: i love Ej and Sami and their killer chemistry but let’s not kid ourselves Rafe is not out of the picture, TPTB love this triangle so we should enjoy Ej and Sami legit glipses of romance while we can.
    And pairings doesn’t bring ratings, great storylines do. (although Ej and Sami never hurt the ratings like some claimed over and over).

  251. From patty

    Well Kat, thank you for saying that EJ is responsible for his own bad deeds, and lets face it they were evil. Nobody made him do anything he didn’t want to do just like Sami wasn’t with anybody she didn’t want to be with and nobody or nothing was stopping her from being with the man she “always wanted”. Now EJami can move on with their self absorbed little world but need to get off Rafe’s case and stop blaming him for their screwed up life. And leave Gabi and Will alone.

  252. From patty

    Leah, I can’t get past that you find EJ’s and Sami’s faults endearing, sorry. Manipulations, schemes, disloyalty, lies, revenge, crimes, balckmail, control, obssession, abuse,stealing,kidnapping, framing, cloning, those are not just cute endearing faults. Those are sociopathic behavior. Now Rafe being smug in comparison has nothing to be remorseful about. Rafe has nothing to apologize for, Sami and Nicole kept their babies from EJ, and they had good reasons for that and would probably do it again because Sami herself said she didn’t blame Nicole for doing so, not that what Sami says counts for anything because she’s a headcase herself, but that ain’t Rafe’s fault either.

  253. From SandyGram

    #244 Michelle, et al:
    You are so right there are always “reason’s why someone does something” on Days. I know it hasn’t slipped anyone’s mind, it’s because that’s the way the writers wrote the script. It can be debated until the cows come home and it won’t change a thing. The story line can be analyzed until the Sun goes down at dusk and it’s still just one fan’s view or opinion verses another. It’s kind of like Ice Cream…some like Vanilla….some like Chocolate….some like Strawberry it’s all good based on your taste.

    For me, we are moving into the next phase of Days as a show, kind of like first your born, then your a teen, then your 21, then your in your 30′s, then your faced with the Big 40…so on and so forth. Always changing, never staying the same. Now the writers are taking Days in a new direction, we can get on board and enjoy what they’re giving us or not! Again for me, for what the writers do give us I’m more interested in expending my energy on how well the the script is written, how well the actors portray the characters and deliver the story to the audience and is it entertaining. Along with some spoiler speculations now and then. But if there was something that was so objectable then I would write the Producers, Writers, NBC etc. the only people that could do something about those dislikes or as a fan, what I think is missing in a characters story.

    Now with that said…..How about those Raven’s. And on my Family Tree Project I’m into the early 1800′s on my Dad’s side.

  254. From Michelle

    SandyGram, exactly. They always have reasons and their fans will always defend them, doesn’t matter the character.

    I wish I knew what the writers really have in store for Dannifer, I really want them off my screen. lol.

    I congratulated the Ravens on facebook and accidentally called them the falcons, lol, lost all my credibility. haha.

  255. From Kat

    248, patty, I named a lot of people, not just EJ,
    saying they are all responsible for their actions…LOL
    You just seem to zero in on EJ, as if he was the only guy doing bad stuff in Salem
    The city is full of them,
    I really don’t want to list them all again….nobody made them do anything, they just did it because they wanted to… Not..
    They all have a Reason, and so did EJ, but that does not mean you have to act on those reasons..
    like Nicole…Sami… Rafe… Brady…. etc.. here you go again Kat… stop it…
    The Dead Horse, e-mailed me earlier to remind me… Hey, I am really dead …. Move on

    Tomorrow is a new day,
    it’s Ejami time…. finally…

  256. From Michelle

    SandyGram, how do you start the family tree process? It may be a little harder for me, being born in a poor country with unsophisticated record keeping (Haiti). I doubt I would be able to find the answers to my questions. Especially since the last major earthquake.

  257. From SandyGram

    #253 Michelle
    We invested in Ancestry World Explorer which searches records all over the world. You think we could locate all the ancestors of the Horton, Brady, DiMera, Hernandez, etc. families through the searches….joking of course.

  258. From Leah

    # 249 Patty, thats ok we will just disagree then. No problems! :)
    I personally think Rafe has plenty to apologise for.
    Just so you know EJ and Sami have done plenty of things that I have absolutely hated and I don’t make excuses for them in it. I may be able to understand their mindset and thinking about it at the time but have hated how they found ways to hurt each other continually. But it did go both ways.
    As for EJ/Sami/Ejamis endearing faults… I think the reason I find them that way is because of the fact that they RECOGNISE their mistakes. Often they wanna do the “right thing” but find themselves doing the complete opposite. I choose humility and imperfections VS being prideful and proud. Simple as that.
    PS: Can I just state why does EJ get the blame for the cloning? It wasn’t his idea. Stefano had gone behind his back and done all the ground work way before he revealed any of it to EJ. Yes EJ went along with his fathers scheme which was stupid BUT LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT IT WAS ALL STEFANOS IDEA AND DOING not EJs.

  259. From Leah

    # 250 SandyGram well said. You are totally right.

  260. From Linda

    #236 patty, you said “she ran to snivel to EJ because he is a sap and he believed her sob story OR PRETENDED TO”. That pretended to part I wonder about and that maybe that’s what he’s doing. EJ was obviously disturbed over finding out Sami was going to choose Rafe just a few days ago, it was all over his face, and then EJ’s remark to Chad to never be a woman’s second choice, I think EJ could be reeling Sami in for a big let down and maybe has some kind of pay-back in store for her. But even if that’s not the case, I still don’t buy the new EJ. At least not yet.

    Great Super Bowl game! Didn’t think the commercials were that good but I did like the Budweiser horse story, the military welcome home with Oprah’s voice, the God made farmers, and the Audi prom ad where the boy comes home with a black eye. Sandy Hook children’s choir was so touching!!

    Still prayers for that little boy in AL!!!!

  261. From Linda

    As far as I’m concerned about the fake Rafe s/l, EJ is just as responsible as Stefano because EJ went along with it completely, and he laughed and enjoyed all of it. Remember what delight EJ took in hearing about fake Rafe in Sami’s bed, and how he laughed at seeing onscreen how Rafe was suffering in the asylm? The only thing EJ did that was in any way good during that time was notify Kate to get Allie out of town and to Lucas. I gave him credit for that but it was hard because he was being so awful otherwise. IMO EJ has been a really bad guy, – period. But we’ll see how he is going to be from now on and if the writers truly are going to take him in a new direction.

  262. From patty

    Leah, I can provide the clip where EJ specifically asks Fatha to get rid of Rafe after seeing Rafe and Sami with little Johnny in the hospital. Now Stephano might have hired the clone, but EJ went along with all of it every step of the way, including coaching FauxRafe on what to do, having the real Rafe beaten, drugged, caged up , erase his memory, put him in an institution and leaving him for dead when he fell off a cliff trying to escape and celebrating with Stephano for it of course. He also knew that his children were in danger with that pervert in their lives and he also found it extremely funny that some stranger was having sex with(raping) Samantha. The only thing he did that went against his father is get Kate to remove Allie from the danger he put her in, but that didn’t stop him from using her to get Rafe to comply. I would say that yes EJ is responsible for the cloning and stupid is not a word I would use to describe EJ’s part in this , dark and twisted is more like it.

  263. From jolie

    #170 Just Moi, welcome! Good to see you post and a good post it was.
    #172 Linda, I thought it was rather over done that Elvis followed Rafe outside Sami’s door to threaten Rafe over Sami and Will. And Sami needs to wise up. A grandparent has no rights to a child, especially when 2 parents are involved. I know this from a case involving the grandchild of a friend. No rights at all. So Sami can huff and puff and she will but Gabs is right, Sami needs to keep her relationship with the mother of the child if possible. If something were to happen to Will, Gabs could leave and Sami would never ever see the child again. It happens. Of course this is DOOL and nothing like reality. And Sami blamed everything and everyone for keeping she and Elvis apart except her own stupidity which is what is getting them back together. I have tried but can’t get behind this couple but not giving up yet. Still, run like crazy Elvis! Chloe is playing a dangerous game in using Parker to keep Daniel reined in. That will backfire on her eventually. We’ll see.
    #173 Linda, good possibilities.
    #182 Sandygram, I had high hopes for Chloe when she came back to town. I hated the way the writers used her and trampled all over her, especially her with a small child. I don’t like her now and was prepared to really be on her side. So much for my good intentions. When will these gals learn that if you have to trick a man (or woman) into being with you, you’ll have to trick him and yourself into staying. And really the comparison between Jennifer and Chloe, not fair. Chloe is lovely but then so is Jennifer in her own way. Chloe doesn’t have any innocence on her side for sure.
    #184 Kat, Sami nor Rafe have any rights to the child or to be involved. They have privileges given by the parents. And I’d ask the same question but differently, when is Sami going to be done? And I hope the romance is there for you this week with Elvis and Sami. I am trying to be supportive of their fans!
    #184 K, so nice of you to drop by and leave us such a nice post. Have a great week and catch a few hours of DOOL if you can.
    #193 Tee, hi there. Thanks for not posting the Rafe hookup. Keep us waiting and guessing! It is torture but not doubt good for our imaginations. Monday 11th will be interesting if Sami is revealing new found feelings when she and Elvis sort of vowed they had always been there. And if Stefano is still belittling Kate, she’ll fight back now. He has been gone for a while and the sting might be over for her. Stefano might hold out too long on this.
    #208 Tee, great post and thanks for info. I am glad Nicole/stolen files will be glossed over. It was stupid and just a ploy to move Nicole away from Brady/Kristen orbit and more into Eric. Nicole knows you can’t call a truce with a rattlesnake so she better be aware of where this is going with Kristen. And I agree with you on the Nicole and Eric thing. How can Kristen see something between them?? She is never around them. But I don’t see it and do see it with Rafe. Eric is just a bit too fussy about everything right now so why would Nicole spend much time or waste any effort on him?
    #250 Sandygram, right on the money.

  264. From patty

    Linda, I’m also wondering if this new version of EJ is not all a pretense. Unless it was bad acting, and we know JS is good, that blank look on his face while Sami was giving her speech was definetly off. Now we are so used to him having an underhanded agenda , it’s hard to buy into his new act all of a sudden. I think Sami insisting that she trusts him is kind of fortelling that she shouldn’t ,but then trust is something Sami would know nothing about since she’s the most untrusworthy person ever and she deserves whatever she gets.
    Glad you all enjoyed Super Bowl last night. Us Canadian girls are not much of football fans but I can appreciate your love for it because we are just as passionate about our hockey. Congrats to the winners!

  265. From HAYCAM

    As a Canadian and a girl I can assure you we are very into football!

  266. From Kat

    It depends on the state you live in,
    Grandparents can sue for visitation rights….
    so in the end, Sami and Lucas have more right than good old brother Rafe.

  267. From MAB

    More AMAZING stuff on Friday between EJ & Sami! Great acting, great chemistry, great passion, great everything! And I am loving every minute of it! All of their dialogue was on target, and so refreshing to hear. They almost didn’t know how to approach each other w/o “waiting” for something to interrupt them. And EJ was so nervous, as he’s waited so long for her, and for this. Like he said, for him, “it’s always been her” and “he really hasn’t looked at anyone else but her”. It was cute when she asked if he wanted her, and he said “pretty much every waking moment for the past 6 years”. It was so nice them just being close to each other, tenderly & lovingly touching & kissing one another, and not just jumping in the sack and having sex (which is what she would’ve done w/ Rafe). EJami’s actions just make their scenes more romantic & realistic.

    Now that Sami has given EJ the green light, and he was not about to let Rafe come over and start crap w/ Sami, again! He went out in the hall to tell him he’s done and to stay away…so it is EJ’s business, especially since Rafe made it his business to comment on EJ being in her apt. And yep, EJ was obnoxious, he had to be to get on Rafe’s level. So for everyone claiming EJ has completely changed, nope don’t think so, he proved out in the hall that ‘that EJ’ still exists! Only changes for him are where Sami is concerned. Also, if EJ & Sami’s cruelty (if that is what you want to call it) was deliberate, then it was warranted. Rafe’s dishes it out to them all the time, so they have every right to dish it back to him. And EJ coming back in and telling Sami that Rafe was gone and not coming back, and she said “good”…well se sure sounded very pleased to me!

    I feel SO sorry for Will. He is getting screwed from both ends, by Nick & Sonny. I still say Sonny is selfish, and he proved that to me again after gallivanting off w/ Brian. And Nick’s actions behind Will’s back are just sickening! I was glad Will ran into Justin, and he suggested him getting counsel…even he knows he needs it. So again, good thing EJ put a lawyer on retainer for Will. And of course, EJ gets him the best, according to Justin. And speaking of Justin, I would like to see more of him too.

    Dan & Jen, I’m warming up to them again, but not like before. They’re mediocre now for me. Chloe, I think she’s a beautiful woman, and I enjoy her sometimes, but I just don’t care for how she’s using Parker to win Daniel back.

    If Rafe is done w/ Sami, then what right does he have to be mad at her being w/ EJ? I didn’t feel sorry for Rafe at all, sitting there complaining to Hope. And talk about dullsville, these 2 sure have that down…not looking forward to them if they hook up down the road. And I wouldn’t take much stock in anything Hope says about Sami. They really don’t have a relationship, never have. She thinks she knows Sami, but she knows her least of anyone in the Brady family.

    Ditto Kat, Sami has more rights than Rafe does. I was so glad to see her tell him off Friday. She no doubt looks at Rafe differently now, and I think he got that message loud & clear, especially when she nip his rant in the bud and told him to leave. He shrugged his shoulders like he was surprised by her response to him, and her lack of any kind of feelings towards him. He also seemed surprised when EJ told him she told him everything. I think Rafe thought if EJ knew, he’d be mad and wouldn’t be around. Not! Surprise Rafe, you’re little scheme didn’t work. As I’ve said for quite some time now, Rafe ruined things w/ Sami on his own, and finally showed her HIS true colors. And now maybe she & EJ can get on w/ their lives together.

    Sami isn’t gonna need any extra attention from other men, because EJ will provide her w/ that attention. He’s man enough to be the right type of devoted man to give her all the attention she needs, unlike the rest of the men were in her life.

    I’m not surprised Rafe fans are claiming how bored they are w/ EJ & Sami. Oh well, now you know how the EJ fans felt the entire time she was w/ Rafe. Don’t worry about us EJami fans, we are all very satisfied & pleased, and will continue to be.

    I don’t get it, if Rafe fans are SO happy it’s over w/ him & Sami, then why all the negative comments, and anger? Why the continued trashing of EJami, when you say they deserve each other? You all should be overjoyed at this point.

    #201 Maryl – I agree, and I’ve been saying the same thing all along. Sami & EJ can have great SL’s for years to come. They will have struggles because of all the people & situations around them, but that is what soaps are about, and what makes couples great in the end. They go thru good times, and then the bad times, but still end up together and in love more than ever…perfect supercouple recipe.

    Rafe coming to Sami’s apt. unannounced, uninvited, and unwelcomed can be considered trespassing. Just because he’s a cop doesn’t give him a pass to do what he wants. What Rafe wanted to say to Sami could’ve been done over the phone. There was no need for him to come over. He just wanted to bully her some more.

    So Rafe will meet someone in a bar, and possibly sleep w/ them. Hmm, not interested. I could care less who it is or what he does…as long as it doesn’t involve EJ & Sami.

    Yep, EJ was always a threat to Rafe & Sami, and that is why they are done and she’s back w/ EJ.

    Thanks Tee for ALL of you spoilers, and expertise. Very informative! I love it, and appreciate you giving us the scoop! Also, I said the same thing, Gabi did not invite Will to the sonogram, he found out from Abby and showed up on his own. Gabi lied to Sami about that. I hope Sami finds out she lied. Also, I SO agree about Nick trying to set up Will, pot/kettle to me too when HE is the murderer, stalker, drug abuser, etc. I don’t care if he did serve time, he’d still be in there if it weren’t for Melanie, and I wished she’d never spoke up for him since it got him out. Isn’t he on probation?

    I’m all for Nicole & Eric! Right now, I think we’re just seeing them reconnect on a friend basis. But eventually I think we’ll start seeing them in more of a romantic way, and then we’ll start seeing the sparks fly. Nicole can work it w/ any guy on the show, so I have no doubt she & Eric will be hot! She’s just that good.

    Leah – I think EJ & Sami’s love making will be all that you described…raw passion, lustful, intense, playful, loving, romantic, sweet & tender. They embody all that together, not just some of it like they have w/ other partners. Also, I’m w/ you about Stefano. I want him to return too, and it’ll be interesting what he thinks of EJ & Sami being together. Whatever happens tho, now that EJ has Sami back, I doubt he’s gonna tolerate Stefano, or anyone, coming between him & Sami again! He has what he’s always wanted, Sami and his kids, and I think he’s gonna fight tooth & nail for it…and this time I think Sami will too.

    Michelle – great posts, and I did the same as you. I watched Thursday & Friday’s episodes several times, and I’m sure I’ll be watching Monday’s several times too. But I always watch EJami scenes more than once. And you’re absolutely right, EJ has always been the common denominator in every relationship Sami’s had since his arrival…no second fiddle there. I also agree about Rafe & Hope. There are many reasons why I don’t like them together, but mainly Bo. And lastly, totally agree how Taylor was an epic fail, and should’ve never happened. It was nothing but a big waste of time.

    I agree w/ jodie’s posts.

    You cannot watch this show and say EJ & Sami haven’t forgiven each other, nor addressed their past. EJ has asked for Sami’s forgiveness several times, and Sami has asked for his too. They have acknowledged it, and have moved on, just like some fans should.

    Isn’t all this name calling of Sami’s character bashing? Hmm, thought that wasn’t allowed on here???

    Maggie was a Horton by marriage, and still considers herself a Horton IMO. Victor did a lot of things to everyone back in the day, and that included her family. So yeah, Maggie had a lot to overcome to be w/ Victor.

    Seriously, it’s being suggested that Sami leave Will alone??? Will is her son, why on earth would she leave him alone???? And why would she leave him out there to the wolves to be taken advantage of by Nick, Gabi & Rafe?

    My final thought goes out to TPTB & the writers. I don’t know if they read our posts or not, but if they do, just wanted to give a BIG thank you for FINALLY getting it right! EJami forever!

  268. From patty

    Ok, Haycam, I take that back, this Canadian girl is not a football fan and good on you if you are. I hope your team won.

  269. From HAYCAM

    Patty..ok i admit that I watched the game at the hockey arena lol

  270. From Elle

    Doesn’t anybody but me care that EJ is a thug and his family is evil? Good will always win in the end, and Sami’s feelings for EJ are based on lust. Rafe is her true love, her Champion and Knight in Shining Armour.

  271. From patty

    Lol! I might be a fan if I understood the game more because Super Bowl is fun, well half time and the commercials are for me. The food and the beer too.

  272. From MAB

    Sorry, but I know of several real life cases where grandparents do have rights to the child, even w/ both parents involved. It happens… But regardless, Sami has never stated she wanted custody of the child, or even made her rights an issue, that is all what Rafe & Gabi have made up. Sami is doing what is right, supporting her son, and wants to make sure Will keeps his rights, and good thing she is for that w/ what Nick is planning. So it’s a good thing EJ retained the lawyer for him, because he’ll need it. And Gabi being the mother or not will cause herself problems if she goes along w/ Nick and trying to keep Will from his child. And at this point, she brainwashed enough to do it.

  273. From Elle

    Sami’s feelings for EJ is not love. EJ is a thug and his family is evil. Sami belongs with Rafe, he is her true love, champion and Knight in Shining Armour.

  274. From Maryl

    Sorry, patty, but I did not see a “blank” look on EJ’s face when Sami’s was revealing her feelings toward him. What I saw was more of a bewildered look, as if he was trying hard to grasp all that she was telling him and daring to hope he was hearing her correctly.

    In an earlier blog I posted, I used the word “trespassing” to describe Rafe’s and EJ’s “at the door” confrontation. I was immediately corrected for using that word regarding Rafe’s behavior. I don’t believe I used the wrong word. The word trespassing has several meanings, one being “to intrude”. That is exactly what Rafe was doing–no matter what his reason was for coming there.
    After a few words to him, Sami asked Rafe to leave and tried to close the door on him, but Rafe forced the door open and barged in with no regard to her request for him to leave. Then he was ordering EJ around in her house to which she again told him to leave and that he did not have any right to order people around in her house. I think this forced intrusion by Rafe was what set EJ off to lay out a perimeter around Sami. In other words, Rafe, don’t think you can come barging in on Sami anytime you feel like it without answering to EJ DiMera.

    Rafe has always had a problem with barging into people’s homes. Never does he seem to have a warrant or any right to do so.

  275. From MAB

    Spoilers say Rafe rages at Sami for sleeping w/ EJ. If he’s done w/ Sami (as he keeps telling everyone), then why can’t he leave Sami & EJ alone? His exact words to EJ in the hall was for Sami to leave him and his sister alone. Well, how bout he does the same thing and leave Sami alone. It’s none of his business whatsoever what Sami does, or who she does it with, and hasn’t been for a long time. Butt out Rafe and get a life! I can’t wait to hear her tell Rafe her night w/ EJ was the best she’s ever had! Love it!

  276. From MAB

    Maryl – you’re right, no blank look on EJ’s face when Sami was revealing her feelings for him, in fact EJ didn’t have to say anything, as his expressions were loud & clear. EJ had courtesy enough to sit and hear her out, allowing HER to talk, instead of talking over her (like Rafe always does). At first, I think EJ was a little bewildered after just coming from hearing Rafe’s side of the story. Then Sami sits him down and tells him the truth, which seemed to make him a little unnerved. Then his whole expression & demeanor changed when she said “I’d be throwing you away”. In that moment, I think all of his insecurities melted away as he was finally hearing her say what he’s wanted to hear her say for 6 years.

    Also, you see things the way you see them, so you certainly didn’t misuse the word trespassing, because that is basically what Rafe was doing. He could’ve easily had the same conversation w/ her over the phone, but chose to come over there and bully her. Sami told him to leave more than once, but he just kept on running his mouth, as usual. And that is exactly what prompted EJ to confront him in the hall. Rafe came over there looking for a confrontation w/ Sami, and he got one, and another one from EJ too.

  277. From jolie

    #274 Elle, most everyone on this board probably disagrees with you for some reason or another but you go right ahead.
    #275 Maryl, I thought the look on poor Elvis’ face was pure fear….oh my great goodness alive what have I gotten myself into! You know the old saying, be careful of what you wish because you might get it. Well, Elvis, she is your problem now!

  278. From voiceofreason

    Besides, none of this matters because as Matt said in his musings, EJ is probably in love with Rafe anyway. Matt, you make me laugh.

  279. From Sherry

    I don’t know why this irks me so badly but, it gets on my nerves that Parker is walking around playing and is in his terrible twos as they say but, still can’t feed himself, they make a big deal because he says daddy and the most irritating is when he naps in a baby carraige.

  280. From Maryl

    Jolie–I don’t know about the fear you saw–seems to be kind of a unusal observation IMO, because EJ sure didn’t act out in fear when he walked up to Sami and put his arms around her and oh so sweetly kissed away her tears! But like we have all been saying–one sees what he wants to see going down between EJ and!

    Just got through watching the love scene between EJ and Sami! Again, I have to say thank you writers for creating it to be so beautiful and perfect. Loved the low lighting, the music, and the slow, tender, loving manner in which Sami and EJ came together.

    In some of the above blogs, it was mentioned by EJami fans that they watched Thursday’s and Friday’s espisode over and over—ditto–I can be added to that list!

  281. From Leah

    #277 MAB totally agree with your comments about EJ. I think when he got to Samis apartment after his conversation with Rafe and Chad… EJ was A) Hurt and B) Angry. I think as he stated later on “he was at the end of his patience with her.” BUT as you say EJ DID let Sami talk uninterrrupted and heard her out. And you are CORRECT when Sami stated one of the reasons she couldn’t tell him about her and Rafe was because “she’d knew it meant she would be throwing away YOU” EJs whole demeanor did change. He softened. Here was the woman he loved saying all the things he had so longed to hear. I think after his Rafe/Chad conversation EJ was in shock and a little bewildered. When EJ stood up and walked away he was letting it all slowly sink in. As EJ stated he had nothing to say “because as usual Sami had done all the talking.” I thought James and Alison knocked those scenes out of the park. They delivered the array of emotions required for those written scenes and Ejami history. In my opinion it was great acting. No wonder they are two of Days most popular actors!

  282. From Kat

    My earlier post did not make it….
    Grandparents rights,
    I guess it depends on what state you live in.
    in my State, Grandparents can sue for custody or Visitation rights, whatever applies ….

    I would think the State Salem is in,
    whatever State law they need, they have and use all the time.

    I so enjoyed Sami and EJ together, like the look through the window, with the curtains blowing.
    They did not have “sex”, they made love, beautiful sweet contented loving, tend and caring LOVE.
    They acted as if They were Finally “Home”… How sweet it is…

    None of any “petty/jealous” comments on here, can spoil my enjoyment….
    But I do understand why they make them….

    I sure did not see a look of Fear on EJ’s face..
    just slow total bewilderment for the good, like is she really saying all this, oh my God, are my dreams finally coming true…
    Ok, fine by me, any of you see whatever you want to see.
    However EJ’s actions following Sami’s declarations, speak very loud, don’t they now……

    And I do agree, Rafe was trespassing, don’t remember hearing Sami… inviting Him into her home,
    and then when asked to leave, he would not, Mr. Law and Order…and he did carry on outside when banging the door, like a “luni”(SP).

    No matter what, Sami seems to be on target about Gaby and Nick,
    Nick is planning to get Will totally out of His child’s life,
    so Sami stay by Will’s side, because he is going to need all the help he can get.
    I would be on my 20 year son’s side, all the way.
    If Gaby and Nick’s real stuff comes out, sooner or later, Will just might get total custody, and if not, the very next in Line would be Grandma Sami…..

    Maryl, MAB, as always, Thumbs up ladies… I so agree with just about all you have said, so nice and loud and clear…. Like your posts….

  283. From Kat

    It’s only Monday… and we have Post # 281….wow…
    and All thanks to EJ and Sami of course.
    It brings out viewers like crazy,
    so it must be interesting somehow,
    because Nobody can Stop talking about THEM…lol
    Numbers speak for themselves…..

    267 MAB, my dear Blog friend,
    Character bashing is allowed, just Not Actor/Poster bashing….
    and I know I can correct you on that, and we will still be friends.
    I respect you a lot, and I like your opinions, maybe disagree about 3 or 4%.

    Just to make it clear, I respect everybody’s opinions on here, and I have made that clear so many times…
    but that does not mean, that I like
    ALL of them or agree with ALL of them.

    I hope I made myself Clear enough to last a while.

  284. From patty

    Maryl, how many times have we seen EJ barge in on Sami and Rafe at the loft , intruding and making threats in Rafe’s home. I remember Sami picking up the phone to call the police because he wouldn’t leave but that didn’t deter him either.
    Rafe has every right to call Sami as he sees her, he was lied to and played by her and she does jump from one man to another which nobody can deny, not even her. She just doesn’t like to hear the truth about herself and her parting remark is just Sami being her nasty self and shows what a disgusting person she is comparing sex between her men.
    Her roll in the sack today with EJ was just that, Sami having sex with her man of the day while her children are off to their endless sleepover. Nothing special or earth shattering about it . EJ walking around in his skivvies is not really a pretty sight either.
    Chloe using her son to get Daniel away from Jen is an old and unimaginitive trick, I mean really, a recording of a crying baby? I hate that they brought Chloe back for this.
    Kristen is also beginning to get less than entertaining with her endless demented schemes. Glad to see John is at least being active in trying to stop her but I didn’t really get the point of his visit to Stephano. Brady well, he’s just clueless and a hopeless case.
    As for Nick, I’m not sure what blackmailing Will and Lucas is suppose to accomplish since Will has so far not mentioned any plans for custody. My guess is that Nick and Sami are the ones who are going to make it hard for Will and Gabi to raise their child together.

  285. From jolie

    #279 VOR, as usual, you are …well the voice of reason and Matt is hilarious. Just a great outlook on the show. Yours too is great. Keep it up.
    #281 Maryl, I guess it is just that I fear so much for Elvis. I keep telling him to run and he just doesn’t listen. Like I posted earlier, I am trying to support the fans of the couple here but I can’t get behind them myself, yet. But I can make fun of the show which is my most favorite thing ever. But do enjoy watching the scenes over and over and over.

  286. From Cougar

    Great show today. Great to see Stepheno interacting with womeone rather than on the phone with Kristen.

    Liked the creative style for the Ejami love scene. Muted lighting & music. This was much, much improved over the “grief sex” when they got together the last time. Romance beats out the two yowleing cats forplay scene from from that debacle. As an EJami fan today only one word to sum it up “fianally!”

  287. From MAB

    Rafe has always been more about his rivalry w/ EJ and getting revenge than Sami, and he continues to prove that whether he’s w/ Sami or not. If he’s SO done w/ Sami, then why rage at her for being w/ EJ? Rafe is the one obsessed w/ EJ, always has been. He can’t get thru a conversation w/ anyone w/o bringing up EJ’s name. And he’ll once again do it when he has his next run in w/ Sami. They start to discuss Will & Gabi, but Rafe brings up EJ. No reason for it other than what EJ pointed out in the hall, Rafe doesn’t want to admit to defeat.

    Sherry – you’re not the only one who’s nerves it gets on about Parker. Just like last week, they put him in a play pin. I thought to myself really…can’t the kid walk? They treat him like an infant.

    Maryl – I haven’t seen today’s show yet, but from what you described about EJ & Sami, it sounds beautiful & amazing!!! I can’t wait to watch it!

    Leah – no doubt, James & Ali are knocking their scenes out of the park! The best coming together of a couple that’s happened in years! I looooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!

    Kat – ditto! I agree about Sami being on target about Gabi & Nick. Everyone thinks Sami is overreacting, but she knows something isn’t right. Also, you’re right, character bashing is allowed, but I thought there were restrictions. I remember being called out on my bashing of Taylor & Madison. Thanks for the correction anyway.

    And some say we blame Rafe for everything, ha! IF EJ barged in on Sami & Rafe once or twice, big deal, that doesn’t excuse Rafe’s belligerent behavior barging in on Sami & EJ. The only time I recall EJ barging in on them was when he found out about Rafe’s part in keeping his child w/ Nicole away from him. And I’d call that a good reason to confront Rafe.

  288. From patty

    I don’t understand why grandmother’s rights are being discussed or that Sami having custody of Will’s baby is even a possibility here. That child has two parents and if there is to be a custody battle ,it should be between those two and Grandma from hell needs to take care of her own kids before even considering being a grandmother to Will’s child. What the heck would she need another baby for so she can ship it off for sleepovers when she wants to play naked nookie with her man du jour. Or even worse forget she even exists like she does Allie . Why wouldn’t Gabi be capable of taking care of her child , or Will? The child is not even born yet and so far Gabi and Will want to raise their child together so I think people should just butt out and let them be, especially Sami since she is just going to make things worst for Will.

  289. From Cougar

    While I must say I’m not crazy about the way Rafe is reacting to Sami’s back and forth rejection of him it rings true. I can think of several instances where the male ego has a difficult time of letting go. Some guy just don’t handle accepting the hand writing on the wall too well. Especially after a protracted back forth peeing contest to see who’s is igher. This back and forth thing has gone on for quite awhile. Eventually (hopefully) the writers will write Rafe in to letting go and move him on to bigger and better things.

  290. From gerri

    News up-date from here In Al

    Little boy released and seems ok.
    Kidnapper Is dead,following a loud boom,from the Bunker….Thank you God,for letting this little boy survive……

  291. From Kat

    There we go again…..

    The only reason we are discussing Grand parents rights, is because some claimed, they have no rights…. wrong…

    All I said, and please read again to whom it may concern..
    If, big If, and it might never come to that, but could..

    Should all of Nick’s nasty planning.. He is on probation after all, and on top of it, Gaby’s criminal involvement with Andrew come out……
    and Will could not get custody, because of the EJ shooting or whatever…
    Sami would be next in line as the Grandmother to get custody/whatever of the Child.
    Gaby’s mother is to sick, and Rafe is just the brother..

    Now if the Poop and Caboddle (SP), about everybody…. Sami’s shooting EJ, Rafe’s cover ups in that, and Nicole’s baby…you name it…
    Who know where the baby would end up…
    So please, let’s not always put words into my mouth, that I did not say or imply.
    All I said was If, If, If…..

    288 patty, wow, do you ever care, wow, such passion, Sami really gets to you, and so does EJ…Kudos, you are a very dedicated fan of the Show.
    I wish Rafe, EJ and Sami would read all of our posts on here, of course I mean, Galen, James and Ally,
    they would get a real kick out of all of us….
    Maybe I will write to them, their addresses are posted, be fun … unless they already know….about this site…

  292. From lizzie

    bigger and better things like a little cougar schemer extraordinaire named Kate Roberts..lmao.

  293. From gerri

    Wonder how Sami keeps from calling out the wrong name of the man of the hour(In the heat Of passion).
    I’m a betting person,so my bet,will be this love or whatever,EJ and Sami has right now,isn’t going to last,why would It?
    They would become a boring couple,having meals ,with the kids,taking them for sleep overs,picking them up,maybe reading a book,This life isn’t what Sami Is about,she needs Drama and excitement,and at this time In her life,It wouldn’t last with Rafe either,she Is just too fickle and inmature,so to all of you EJAMI fans,enjoy,enjoy,and enjoy,as the writers does not want a ratings drop,which will happen,unless they keep some drama,with this couple.It’s just Sami’s way.she needs lots of male attention,her past Is proof of this…….Sorry..and as another blogger posted, EJ needs
    to run as well.

  294. From Maryl

    #284 patty—I wasn’t trying to compare EJ’s trespassing in the past to Rafe doing it now. They are both guilty of doing that. I was simply defending my choice of the word trespassing as meaning intruding in the “Rafe at the door” scenario we just witnessed. You are right EJ has done it too–so both of them stand guilty as charged. Some of the blogs above made it sound like Rafe wasn’t intruding when he forced his way into Sami’s apt., when in fact he was. He pushed past her, forcing her to open the door to him disregarding the fact that she asked him to leave. EJ has done that too, but now he’s the one on the same side of the door as Sami, thus the warning to Rafe to stay away from her. I’m sure we will see more “trespassing” from all of Salem’s citizens–from EJ, Sami, Rafe to Nicole, Kristen, Marlena, John, Chloe, Brady, etc.! lol!

    patty, I will give you a lot of credit for jumping to Rafe’s defense and justifying his questionable actions by bringing up EJ’s.

  295. From SandyGram

    Episode Monday February 4th:
    OMG….What was with John having a key to Stefano’s get away and they acted like long lost brothers? Stefano was over joyed to see John or Giovanni as he put it. They actually kind of hugged. It sounds like John was there to make sure Stefano didn’t send Kristen to Salem to cause problems between him and Doc so Stefano could renew his obsession with her. I don’t think Stefano replying to John with “been there done that” should make him feel secure with the deep brow expression Stefano had when John warned him of staying away. It was actually nice to see Stefano today!

    If there is anyone that doesn’t think Kristen is not in ‘La La’ land, there should be no doubt after her encounter with Marlena today. I’d like to feel bad for Brady walking right into her scheme, but a man that only thinks with the smaller of his two heads has no brains to think with.

    With all of these characters there likes and dislikes are all expressed in there ‘brow’. And, Marlena sure flexed her’s today when talking to Nick! As a professional I’m thinking she knows Nick is not OK! Then sweet William he is so ‘Ga Ga’ over his little girl, he’s missing the bigger picture, Nick! But I loved his scene with Caroline and the brother to brother time with Johnny explaining to him about the sonogram and that he was going to be a Dad. Nick didn’t like it so much, what a great job Blake Berris is doing playing this dark character. I’m intrigued as to where the writers will take the character Nick?

    I really disliked the story line when Chloe left Salem after her life as a prostitute, but I’m not liking the scheming creature she has become. Especially using Parker and placing his and Daniel’s relationship right in the middle. And just where did she get a recording of Parker crying to play for Daniel….she has said Parker has never been a problem.

    Lovely scene’s with EJ and Sami today. I liked the ambiance of the room.

  296. From Kat

    Forgot to mention in my earlier post,
    I really enjoyed the inter action between Stefano and His “Brother” John….Maybe there is hope, that the writers will use this connection, and write a little bit more about them being Familia… It’s about time it does get acknowledged…
    John is a full blood DiMera, same as our Stefano..
    John’s son Brady, is also a DiMera, sam as EJ.

    I like to see John and Stefano get along .. at least a bit,because they do share the same Fatha..
    And the SL’s could be endless.

    If Sami marries EJ, she will be Mrs. DiMera, just like her mother Marlena is a Mrs. DiMera….
    Now if Brady marries Kristin, no big deal, she will go from “Miss DiMera”, to Mrs. DiMera… Are we having fun yet.
    There are a lot of Real DiMera’s in this town.

    I know that Marlena sort of helped Nick get Out, but does she start to sense a bit…. something……
    Hope so.
    I am looking forward to the Nick/Gaby/Will saga playing out, it could be a very exciting SL, as long as it does end right….specially for the Baby…

  297. From Michelle

    I must admit, I sometimes let my neice or nephews cry if all else fail, but I really don’t like how she deliberately let Parker cry just to record him. I really don’t like how she’s playing this game. But I did like her retort outside of Jennifer’s door, I liked that stunt, just wish she wouldn’t use Parker that way.

  298. From Michelle

    Besides EJAMI, Stefano and John were the other highlights of my day. Why did they seem so comfortable around eachother in a brotherly way? lol. I can’t wait until Stefano comes back home, his absence is definitely felt.

  299. From patty

    gerri, thank God that little boy is going to be ok. What a horrible experience for that poor child. His family must be so relieved.

  300. From Tee

    Hello all!!
    Kat I can eliminate Kristen she will not be sleeping with Rafe, and actually I will eliminate Nicole and Chloe for ya. Haha should be easy now and someone spoiled it this evening anyway on FL.Some here have already guessed it right, we know its Not Sami either so there you go. This person is a Grandma and soon to be Great Grandma lol

    Sandygram The site I was reffering to is a EJAMI fan site and its membership for EJAMI fans, I do from time to time post on NBC and Rogue and yes my name is Tee there.
    This is the main site I post on I think I may post here then I do on the EJAMI site lol.On ejami site we talk all stuff.

    KAT Thursday on FL we will be hosting James Scott and Alison come check the date we will be chatting with them then Friday we may have Source Ryan in for chat.

    I enjoyed todays show I think the EJAMI scenes were wonderful, loved that Sami asked him to stay and he seemed elated. I also love they think their kids are most important and could care less what anyone else thinks.Finally EJAMI are here.

    Poor Will he is gushing to Marlena how Nick is being better while Nick is eliminating the gay men from his mouth. He makes me sick. He is crazy he is already looking up surveillance devices. ,Marlena seems a tad reluctant to believe he is willing to allow Will to be there for Gabi and baby, good for her.

    Daniel and Jen I actually liked Jenn today a bit, her understanding of Daniel and her kind words were good. She is gonna make a mistake though.

    Stefano and John liked the scene itt had a more brotherly feel to it,he said Stefano needed to be ready when it all went down to come back and fix what she did, so seems that may be how he comes back to town.Wonder what Johns next move is we know what Kristens is tghough I think she will actually marry him and not go through with her plan to leave him at altar that was just for Steffies ears.

  301. From Tee

    Hello all gonna spoil more on Rafe and who he sleeps with so if you dont want to know skip by this post. It will contain clues and what not

    KAT yes Kristen is eliminated, in fact it has now been spoiled in one place credit for the spoil will go to Source Ryan as he is first to actually spoil the name that I have seen.
    The person who Rafe meets up with at bar, drowns sorrows with is a Grandma and soon to be Grandma. Her name starts with a K…
    Source Ryan actually teased this out a while back as well.

    END OF RAFE SPOILER enjoy I think I made it easy to figure out lol

  302. From Leah

    Haven’t got much time to comment but I just couldn’t let the Ejami lovefest today go without posting. So in a nutshell…. WOW! WOW! WOW! EJ has stated he likes the heat, Sami was certainly feeling the heat and today Ejami exploded. Loved it. It wasn’t tacky, it was classy. It was more about finally giving into their desires for each other and sealing their love. EVERYTHING was beautifully written, staged and acted. From the lighting, to the choice of music, to all the emotions Ejami showed us… JUST PURE MAGIC. No wonder Ejami were trending for hours of the day in the US. So many excited and happy fans. Congratulations to Days and James and Alison for bringing Ejami alive. We love it and them!

  303. From Leah

    How disappointing… poor Rafe. BUT then again do you think Rafe knows exactly what he is doing? Rafe knows Sami hates Kate with a passion. What better way to get back at her than sleeping with Samis long arch enemy. I don’t see Rafe as innocent in any way shape or form (like some) so reckon this could all be a ploy of his to keep Sami in his orbit. Rafe gunna get and play dirty now? Maybe he will take over from EJ – LOL. By the way that was a joke, please do not shoot me down.
    Honesty I was so up for the woman to be Nicole or Chloe… what a shame for him and us!

  304. From Kat

    Hello Tee, well I did mention Kate….
    and also pointed out in my post # 226,……
    that there is our cougar Kate…
    Well she had EJ and now Rafe… LOL..and as mentioned…..
    maybe she will share who is better in the sack….
    Thanks Tee….I’ll check on FL…and Ryan..

    Rafe must be drunk, well I have not seen the scenes yet…
    but to end up with Kate, another EJ
    “and” Stefano Left over, my goodness, I can’t wait to see that…

    Rafe Fans are going to be spinning, to see their little Angel with Kate the Snake. Even I don’t wish Kate on Rafe,
    Rafe must be pretty destroyed over loosing Sami to EJ,
    well, no matter what anybody says, Sami must be quite a woman, to have so many men pining for her, and keep coming back to her so many times…
    like Lucas, Rafe,EJ….
    Maybe Rafe has to hit bottom to finally move on from Sami, and hopefully make a new life for himself, with a woman that is not still hung up on somebody else, but totally free emotionally to fall in love with him, no baggage…..

    Wow Kate, congrats., you can get just about any man…even without getting paid for in your past…
    Dr.Bill Horton, Victor, Stefano, EJ, Dr.Dan, Ian, now Rafe,,,
    old, young, whatever, who am I Forgetting here ladies….oh yes, John, Roman,………………

  305. From Tee

    Kat I was just thinking after reading your post above wow Kate has had most of the men of Salem, except those related someway. I think this is going to bring Kate and Rafe something from Steffie can you imagine his words for ehr and what he may or may not do uhh ohh.They took Rafe from one Dimera story to another they sure do like to keep him in the Dimeras life though, This could be a good story line.Can kate get pregnant?? I cannot remember if she still can as far as no surgeries or what not stopping her.Could you imagine if she did oh boy.

  306. From SandyGram

    Tee…I know all those other Fan Sites you mentioned and ‘lurk’ on them frequently. It seems that well guarded secret didn’t last long and I was speculating on it when the spoiler about Rafe hooking up with someone in the bar first came out.

    You don’t happen to have any tidbits on where TPTB/writers are going with John and Stefano. They were just to cozy today, like long lost brothers. Even to the point of touchy feely, I’m sure I saw Stefano kind of embrace John when he first came in and John walked by and touched Stefano on the shoulder like you would a family member or good friend. The best line of their conversation was from Stefano when he said “been there done that” in response to John saying he better not have plans to revisit coming after Doc.

  307. From cassie

    Oh my gosh, the hype of Ejami making love disappointed me so much. I was waiting for hot, hot, hot and got not, not, not. I got more heat from a hot tamale. LOL!!! Boring!!!! No romantic music, no passion, not happy. I am over them.

  308. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Successfully fastforwarded thru the garbage between the skank and the Brit. Made the show a whole lot shorter for me. I did catch this nugget. “We did something right together Re: Kids”. Yeah, you let everybody else raise them.

    John picking locks. Great stuff with Steffy.

    Speaking as a grandmother in the middle of a custody battle in Illinois, I have no rights. (other than the right to pay for the stinkin’ lawyers, LOL) Every state is different. I gather they only extend to ‘visitation’ rights in other states, so what’s the Limey barking about..Sami has what rights? To dictate? Maybe if Salem is on another planet, but not on Earth or the U.S.

  309. From Cougar

    I think both Kate & Rafe have to drunk to tumble into bed together. He doesn’t exactly strike me as type she would go for’ he’s not fabuously wealthy or tres chic. I’m sorry but they both gotta be completely blottoed.

  310. From Trina

    NUMBER 305, ROFL, I am happy for Kate. She is single and Rafe is single. Both haven’t had it in a long time. Have fun Kate. She better not get pregnant, that would be sooooooo wrong. LOL!

  311. From patty

    Well if Rafe is going to have drunk sex with anyone that is not a grandma,ex hooker, who hasn’t slept with half the men in Salem , that is not in a relationship ,not pining for Dr Tan or who’s name doesn’t start with K,there would be no one left execpt maybe virgin Abby that would fit the bill. Now Nicole I could understand, Hope would make a little sense but Kate the Snake, I just don’t see the reasoning or the purpose for it. I suppose if a man a man is drunk enough and just wants sex, she is attractive and alluring enough and of course Kate will be getting the better end of the deal with a hot young hunk in the process, which will definetly be an improvement for her, but at least they are two consenting adults with no strings holding them back. I’m thinking this hook up is either something to rattle Stephano’s cage or maybe just to follow in the new cougar trend Kristen started. Either way, any nice young hot blooded female would have suited the purpose better than Kate the Snake who is just an older and more polished version of Sami Brady.

  312. From ntg

    Oh ! What tangled webs !! What was the deal with John coming in the back door today and calling Stephano “Dad” !! Where is all that going ?

  313. From Sarah

    Yep Stefano and John scene was fun, great chemistry between them but i saw more some friendly brothers or old friends than mortal and Ej and Sami convo was HOT HOT HOT but with some more lights it would have been more than HOT !

  314. From Michelle

    I thought the lights were a little too dark at first too, but when I realized the way they were going about the love making, it all made sense. Some things were not left to the imagination haha. the fact that she actually pulled off his pants and he unhooked her bra was enough proof to me that they were about to do the nasty, and since it is daytime, it’s better that it’s not done in broad daylight lol.
    I still think about the grief sex and how they actually made the motions of actual sex…. i thought that was crazy lol.
    They may not have their breast bouncing in the mens’ face like the women of Y&R, but Days is definitely finding other ways to push the envelope.
    Overall, I love the art of both ways they had EJAMI “come together” lol.

  315. From Sarah

    Michelle did you ever see the love scene between Sharon and Adam on Y&R on New Orleans it is kind of very famous for some Y&R fans and there are some pull off pants, unhooked bra with kissing of naked back and the lights were on..believe me. And while me too i loved the beautiful very soapy way to do the Ejami love scene (it quite reminds of some Sonny and Brenda iconic loves scenes from GH on 90′s) some lighting would have been better imo.

  316. From Leah

    Personally I loved the lighting. It was leaving something to the imagination and that is always a good thing. The Ejami lovescene was about love and tenderness NOT lust. We’ve seen the other type of lovingmaking from Ejami so this was a nice change. I also agree with the poster who said they believed this scene was also to show how much Ejami have grown and matured and it certainly did.
    PS: I also loved the choice of song playing in todays scene. Very clever PLAY ON WORDS by the Days powers to be. EJ said to Sami in October “Me? I like the HEAT.” And then we have Sami getting all hot and bothered and then during their scene the song starts playing “Feel the Heat.” Nice touch!

  317. From Michelle

    I glossed over those scenes at the time, I was a newbie when it comes to Y&R so I just started watching when Sharon chose Adam over Nick, I didn’t know what to look for in those scenes. I’ll definitely have to watch it again.
    Y&R has always to me seemed more racier about their sexcapades, Sharon and Adam and Phyllis and Ronan stick out for me as the raunchiest lovers.
    Something I hardly see on DAYS. Or maybe I missed those scenes? lol. the Grief sex would be the closest thing to raunch, that i could think of.
    EJAMI is finally a bonafide couple so their next 10th and 11th time making love will surely have better lighting lol. Especially if they move back in the Dimera Mansion… (for some reason I think it’s really going to happen.)

    The scene to me was about two lovers finally reuniting after years apart, getting to know each intimate part of each other again, not wanting to rush in fear that they’d miss something. They savored each kiss and embrace, it was sweet. And the smiles on their faces were priceless. They were finally home.

    I just saw new montage, which included thursday and friday’s clips that gave images to Sami’s words, it was very beautiful. It included their entire sordid history and showed how even when they hated each other, it was obvious that they still loved each other.

    I should really be asleep, gotta go to work in less than six hours….lol

  318. From Michelle

    apparently, I need to broaden my soap love making knowledge, a lot more couples have gone dirtier than EJAMI lol. I guess just not on Days recently. lol

  319. From Maryl

    I loved the sex scene! It was done realistically–no overacting with the passion. The passion was definitely there, but was dealt with in a loving, gentle, slow and tender way—the way a mature couple would make love in real life. James and Ali, you were
    great!! You delivered us a love scene that we have been waiting years to see with such beauty and class!

    I loved the way Sami said “I love you” to EJ. It was so simply stated. None of her usual dramatic declarations of love like she has done to all the other guys–”I never felt this way about anyone else” has always been a “big one” for her. A nice declaration in itself, but problem has always been that she declared that to every man she substituted for EJ all these years. Her declaration to EJ was solid and needed no theatrics. Like the bottom line is—”I love you”.

  320. From Linda

    I disagree that what Sami does and with whom hasn’t been Rafe’s business for a “long time”. Like, what, 3 or 4 days, a week?! Cause she was going to do “it” with him the day of the wedding if Hope hadn’t interrupted! Yes, Rafe is most likely going to have his say over Sami having sex with EJ yet again but do any of you really think Sami isn’t going to have her own choice words when she finds out Rafe slept with somebody else?! Her words to Rafe that her night with EJ was the best in her life are words intended to inflict deep hurt. Why is that? Why does she care?

    I think the Ejami yesterday was fairly well done and the Ejami fans must have been happy. But to me there was no there there. All kinds of wrong with that scene that had nothing to do with the lighting!! Ejami used to have it for me a long time ago but no more. My thought was that I was glad Sami wasn’t rollin’ with Rafe. But now I sure can’t say I’m happy that Kate is who Rafe hooks up with at the bar.

    Grandparents legal rights differ according to the circumstances involved. But grandparents have zero rights to a relationship with their grandchild if the parents don’t want to allow it. Especially if the two parents present a united front. The parents rule on that issue. But I haven’t seen anyone write that they don’t think Sami should be involved with Will and Gabi’s baby. What some have written, myself included, is that IF Sami wants a relationship with the baby, then she needs to keep peace with Gabi, and for that matter keep peace with Will, too. Lucas told Sami that but so far she isn’t listening. And aren’t we all shocked about that?!

    Strange super friendly meeting between Stefano and John. But sarcasm was abundant. I was thinking Joe (Stefano) didn’t look like the same robust man he used to be and then my husband walked through and asked me if the actor had been sick.

    There was a time when I couldn’t have cared less about the Gabi/Nick/Will s/l but right now it’s the most captivating for me. Really a surprise how into it I am! I also like the surfer guy/plain Jane story of Dan and Jennifer. Got tired of them for a while but I’m back on with them again. Just wish wardrobe, hair, and make-up would fix-up Jennifer a little more! Kristen and her antics are getting old for me.

    #309 Dying to be Blonde, I’m sorry for your grandparent custody situation going on, whatever it is. My best friend went through it after raising her grandchild for 5 years. But when the parents decided to be parents, they didn’t want her and her husband involved and they have no legal rights. Guess their mistake was not getting “Legal Guardianship” during those 5 years. That could have made the difference but they were raising the grandchild out of the goodness of their hearts and never thought there would be an issue. Heartbreaking! Sadly we can’t always trust family!

  321. From Linda

    #291 Kat, I just read your post and of course if the parents are out of the picture for some reason, or unfit, then grandparents are usually next in line to have their grandchild.

  322. From bobby

    Here, I thought John was going to be gone for awhile, but he’s back. At least he seems to have found his backbone again. Still don’t like the way he’s treating Marlena. Nick is the mystery. Still can’t understand his obsession with this baby. And the way he gets creepier and creepier, I’m thinking he really shouldn’t have anything to do with her. And next week-he’s supposed to start unraveling. Agree with everyone about Chloe using Parker to get Dan. And, just like Marlena, Jennifer is going to end up looking like the bad guy.

  323. From jolie

    #288 Patty, Sami has the sleep over down to a science now so she can most certainly take on more children. Yes, Caroline’s dementia put a temporary kink in her knickers but the ‘sleep over’ which she now thinks she discovered and will go into the history books with old Chris Colon is the best thing since his discovering America. And yes, we seem to have placed poor Allie on the back burner. I think she was put away in a closet with the left over Christmas paper and Sami hasn’t missed her yet.
    #289 Cougar, poor Rafe has been batted back and forth so much he is starting to fray at the edges like that tennis ball I throw to my Lab. Please writers do move Rafe on! And not the way the rumors are reporting: with Kate and her with child. That is just stupid. Why would that be a good option in anyone’s mind?
    #293 Gerri, I think you have it pretty well in a nutshell. And Sami is a nutjob so it fits.
    #295 Sandygram, how puzzling are the Dimera brothers! So is there more to this than meets the eye? I keep saying it, in the end Stefano will have no control over Kristen and will need everyone’s help to get her back into the bottle like an evil genie. It will take the whole village to get the ogre out and gone. Maybe it will take some time too so we’ll get a new take on the Brothers Dimera and the apparent new relationship that we weren’t aware of..hugs all around. Wouldn’t it be great to find out a little about Santo’s later life?
    #296 Kat, I think poor Marlena is up to her eyeholes in drama so she’ll miss all the weirdness that is Nick before he gets out of hand…and he is heading that way fast. It would be great if she could eventually come to Will’s rescue. And so appropriate.
    #305 Kat, Kate is likely upset over Billie leaving and losing Parker, Rafe’s life has been a roller coaster lately. So 2 unattached adults hook up in a bar or anywhere else. Most of the time not a big problem but these 2 certainly have a lot of baggage. I like Kate with Victor, Roman and Stefano, not so much John and Bill has been so long ago. And Kate looks great so have at it while you can.
    #306 Tee, Kate is apparently going to have another cancer scare and that would likely end any pregnancy that has been started, unless Nick alters records that make her think she has cancer to get her off his trail so he can bedevil Will. And if she had the child, Stefano would be there to steal it or at least there would be rumors to that effect!
    #309 DTTB, sorry about your battle. Grandparents sadly should be the staple in a child’s life rather than have that child treated like a pawn. Loved your other comments on the show.
    #310 Cougar, maybe Kate is lonesome and Rafe is available. He is strong, very male, dark and handsome. What’s not to grab? But hope this is one time if it comes about.
    #311 Patty, we should see something good for Rafe as he has fought the good fight but looks like the writers are still trying to break him. Sami was more than most can handle and poor Elvis (Run! Elvis, run!) will have his hands full. I hope for an actual relationship for Rafe for a change.

  324. From SandyGram

    Tee….now that it’s out of the bag who connects with Rafe in the bar…I guess I won’t hang back with the next rumor I’ve been reading other sites that says Kate gets….Oh Yuk….I can hardly say it…she gets pregnant.

    Say it ain’t so Tee Bird, Say it ain’t so!!

  325. From Kat

    323 jolie about Kate and getting prego…
    I think Tee in her post 305, was just kidding with me about Kate getting pregnant..

    Unless you read/heard someplace else that Kate will end up prego… I think she is to old, to still be in child bearing age… LOL
    Since I have not seen any of this yet on the screen, I think I’ll just wait for the facts..
    Like I said about Grandparents custody/visitation… it all comes down to the circumstances,
    if the parents/or single parents are Fit or not,
    if they are around, whatever,
    but there are a lot of Grandparents in this country, that do raise their grandchildren, for many, many reasons..
    In this case I mentioned …that Gaby and Nick might very well get exposed for whatever they are up to, or what, like Gaby, they have done criminally…
    And if Will gets exposed by Nick in court.. etc.
    well, here come the Grandma….or Grandpa Lucas…
    That’s what I have pointed out several times, that’s all I meant about Grand parents…
    Now if Will gets shared custody, as he should in normal life,
    than Sami has nothing to worry about.
    But Sami, having been a coniving person all her life, can smell con jobs, like Nick…. a mile away… She knows by instinct, that something is not right, and has not been right from the beginning.
    We’ll see.

  326. From MAB

    EJami’s love scenes = MAGIC! As discussed yesterday, EJ & Sami’s love making embodied everything – passion, desire, playful, loving, romantic, sweet & tender. It was beautifully & tastefully done, and realistic. He is beyond handsome, and together they make a beautiful couple…a couple that finally came together for all the right reasons. My only complaint was the lighting when they first went into the room…it was a little too dark. I would’ve just liked to have seen their faces better, otherwise the low lighting used was done in a classy way. All & all everything was fabulous! I’m SO glad she told him she loved him, which she has all along, but he needed to hear that. But like she said, what she really wanted to say was she trusted him…and he said he trusted her too. That is a big step for them, because that was one thing that was very hard for them to do in the past. I loved every scene between them, from them just lying in each other’s arms to them eating Sydney’s bagel pizzas & drinking wine. I’m so glad she asked him to stay too. Looks like that is how Johnny finds out, and not what was suggested that he witnessed any sex. He sees them in the morning, and to his surprise, mommy & daddy are together. He’s gonna be excited!

    No one has said anything about Sami getting custody of the baby, all was said was that she has rights, and being the grandmother, she does have rights. And Sami hasn’t said anything either about fighting for custody, she is just supporting Will, and if Nick’s influence isn’t removed, Will is gonna have to fight for custody of that child. Oh, and there have been several writing on here that Sami should have nothing to do w/ the baby…no denying it.

    When have soap operas every allowed couple’s SL’s to become truly boring? That doesn’t happen because that spells the end of any couple. That’s been proven over & over for years, like the trials & tribulations of Bo & Hope, John & Marlena (only to name a few). And EJ & Sami will be no different. I’m sure they will be shown spending time w/ their kids (as they already do), but there is nothing wrong or boring about that, but realistically there is never that much time taken w/ any of the kids on the show…child actors are only allowed on screen for a limited amount of time. The writers will no doubt do what they always do, and focus on EJ & Sami as a couple, where they will have plenty of fireworks, adventures, and interesting SL’s ahead of them. Also, if any man is the one to provide excitement in Sami’s life, it certainly is EJ. Finally, Sami will have the man she’s always craved.

    Eww, I just read Rafe will be sleeping Kate. I just hope we don’t have to see it. I don’t think this little affair will end well tho. When Kate gets wind of what Will will probably endure at the hands of Nick & Gabi, Kate will turn back into grandmother hen and support Will down the line. Kate and her new boy toy Rafe will be on the opposite ends of the stick, and Kate, if need be, will align herself w/ Sami over Will. As for what Rafe is thinking sleeping w/ Kate??? I wouldn’t be surprised if his drunken sexcapade isn’t a ploy to somehow get back at Sami, but of course he could’ve done that it better w/ someone his own age, like Nicole. I think that would’ve be more realisic. Rafe coming off the Sami thing, Nicole coming of the Daniel thing, and denying her feelings for Eric…they show up at the same bar, get drunk and sleep together. On one hand, I feel sorry for Rafe reducing himself to sleeping w/ Kate of all people, but on the other hand, I think it is hilarious! Funny how Rafe’s tryst w/ Kate is being described as them being 2 consenting adults, while her trysts w/ Daniel and even EJ were trashed from one end to the other, and she and those men were called every name in the book. Oh well, all I’m hoping is that when Sami finds out, she doesn’t care in the least, and tells Rafe as much. Also, the only reason she tells Rafe being w/ EJ was the best is because Rafe goads her about it. Why wouldn’t she strike back?

    It was so great seeing John & Stefano yesterday, together, again! These 2 are always amazing in scenes together. Loved it! I’ll always think Stefano has the wheels turning and knows & does things no one is even aware of, and I’ve said from the day she appeared on the show that I thought Stefano wouldn’t have control over Kristen, but how much control he actually has over Kristen is yet to be seen. We don’t know what the writers have planned for Stefano down the road or what the outcome will be. Also, John didn’t have a key to Stefano’s place. He picked the lock. I think Stefano looked wonderful. I didn’t think he looked sick at all, but that man is in his 80’s after all so he’s not gonna look as strong as he used to…in fact he hasn’t looked like that vigorous man in a while now.

    OMG, Nick is so sick! And how can Gabi lay there in the bed and not hear his ramlbings about Will? I hate how he acts towards Will’s face, so smug! Looks like Marlena is somewhat onto Nick. Good to know, since Will is probably gonna need her too in the end. I used to get annoyed by Will & Marlena’s relationship, how the writers used to shove it down our throats, but once they backed off some, their relationship now is more enjoyable. Also, little Johnny is so cute, great little actor, and I loved his scene w/ Will.

    Sometimes I wish Marlena would just knock Kristen’s teeth down her throat, but I think Marlena got under her skin today, telling her she will self destruct on her own. Kristen is a true mystery, although she’s smart & resourceful, she doesn’t seem to know where reality begins. An although I don’t like Brady w/ Kristen, I am enjoying seeing more & more of him. He is a great actor, and so handsome! I want better SL’s for him tho.

    Daniel = clueless, Jen = passive, Chloe = desperate. Not much else to say.

  327. From jolie

    #325 Oh my dear KatKat! I hope you are oh so right. I did see it in the rumors but Tee has told us those are just rumors and sometimes, mostly, no truth in them. But I don’t want to see that visited on a child. Gabi’s child has it raining in her now and in the future so let’s not even go there and put a small child in Kate’s direct path.
    And too bad Billie left when she did. She and Rafe could have been paired up. She is a good actress and a hoot. Much better than Kate. But I guess we are doing the cougar thing so Rafe and Kate it is.

  328. From Kat

    324 SandyGram,
    did not see your post when I posted….
    Thought Tee was just kidding, but now you say that you actually read about Kate getting prego…
    Who knows….what a Joke that would be, even for a soap….
    Did you read a rumor or a spoiler…

  329. From Kat

    327 jolie…

    Oh My Dear Kat….
    does that mean we are going steady now…..
    just kidding around a bit, we need some humor now and then….

    I also hope it’s just a rumor…
    Kate and Rafe as parents… just imagine for a moment…
    but imagine some more… Stefano will get back into the picture with Kate, and he will claim that the Child is HIS, whaaaaat… leaving Rafe out in the cold,, My God … someone keeping his child from him. Again … Just a Joke LOL

  330. From Stacey

    Did anyone read the rumor section on Dustin’s page? Feb 4th – said that Kate & Rafe have a one night stand…WTH? I think I’m going to be sick. This cannot be true – If they don’t hook Rafe up with Hope, they might as well release the actor …

  331. From Stacey

    Oooh – I also wanted to add that I absolutely LOVED the scenes with Sammi and EJ. I thought ..gosh how tender – and none of the crap that goes along usually with a love story involving Sammi. It was so awesome to see them together like this. James Scott is… sigh…divine.

  332. From patty

    Cougar, I don’t believe Kate necessarily has a type, she has been with all types, rich or poor, tycoons and working class, young and old, good or bad, tall or short, fat or thin, married or single you name it she had it. This time it will be a hot young stud and I’m sure the size of his wallet is not what she’ll be thinking about. Kate getting pregnant is absolutely ludicrous and makes zero sense so hopefully that is just rumors. Kate needs to stay away from children, not pop any more out in her old age.
    As for the tacky song that played during the EJami sex, it had nothing to do with tenderness and romance and everything to do with lust and sex, the same song that was played during Rafe and Carrie’s office heat and ice scene. But it was very fitting for Sami and her willingness to jump from one man to another and getting hot and panting for each of them. The lighting was fine but total darkness would have been better.

  333. From Amanda D

    To the writers – didn’t think it was possible for you to create a more disgusting character than Kristen DiMera, however, you have topped yourselves with Nick Fallon. I pretty much want to vomit on my shoes while watching his disgusting bigotry in action. Great job making me want to puke every day…think this long time fan is taking a break for awhile. I realize that it’s a soap and controversy = attention, but it isn’t fun to watch good people getting plotted against every single solitary day by disgusting bigots, creeps and orange sluts.

  334. From MAB

    #331 Stacey – ditto!!

  335. From jolie

    #333 Amanda D, now don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel!

  336. From SandyGram

    #328 Kat
    I was reading other fan sites where the members were talking about ‘reading a spoiler’ that Kate was pregnant. I haven’t actually seen the spoiler myself.

  337. From gerri

    Bravo…… 333 Amanda
    you said It all……
    the bad never pay..
    before this soap ends,I hope the good will win out in the end..

  338. From SandyGram

    Kat…..From Dustins Page The RUMOR Mill:

    New! February 4, 2013

    Thanks to SOF’s anonymous friend for these:
    * Rafe and Kate have a ONS
    * Kate will end up pregnant
    * Rafe and Hope will get together in the future.

    This may be where the jabber about Kate comes from!!

  339. From patty

    Aww! Little Johnny telling Rafe his mommy told him they were going to spend more time with Rafe and he can’t wait. Little does the poor boy know that he can’t count on anything his mother says because she’s so fickle and untrustworthy.
    Sami and EJ joking about being at each other’s throat, again sweeping everything under the rug like it never happened. Shooting somebody in the head is not really the same as being at each other’s throat. Sami’s not so keen on letting everybody know they’re together in the light of day is she? They’re already bickering about their families and Sami’s telling him to stay away from Kristen. EJ ducking under the covers is a good sign that that’s not going to happen.
    Loved Rafe’s and Caroline’s talk and how she’s afraid that by Rafe walking away from Sami, she’ll end up with EJ. Sorry Grandma, already happened and be on notice that the sleepovers are going to keep on coming. Good question from Rafe, where’s Allie? At least he includes her which Sami and EJ never do when they talk about their children.
    Ha! Go Brady! You tell that hypocritical witch what’s what. You may be a doofus when it comes to your own personal life but you’re right on the money about Sami’s. Of course Sami’s dismissing her past troubled history with EJ has bumps on the road. Oh and there’s EJ and Kristen congratulating each other over how their hard work paid off.
    I think Cameron is hot and he and Abbigail would make a nice couple. Not sure what is up with the rumors of him having a past but hey, who doesn’t have one in Salem?
    I can’t believe how Nick has everybody convinced that he’s legit and that nobody has an inkling of what he’s up to. He is good and so is the actor in his role. As wacko as he seems to be, he is a very interesting character.
    Now Sami thinks she and Rafe should talk, like she knows how to do that. I hope she doesn’t think he’s going to go easy on her after her betrayal and the way she attacked his sister. What is up with the ugly lipstick again? Doesn’t she run a lipstick company or something?

  340. From patty

    Amanda, you are absolutely right. We are seeing ugliness every day that is getting hard to stomach, the evil ones get away with everything and the good ones are made fool of repeatedly. Not that entertaining anymore.

  341. From gerri

    I agree with everything you said
    in post 339.
    Sami and EJ need to put their great business sense(where did either get schooling or experience?)together and invent some different colors of lipstick,wasn’t becoming on Sami at all.

  342. From MAB

    Why is it any business to Rafe where Allie is? She is undoubredly w/ her father Lucas. It’s obvious Lucas spends a lot of time w/ her since being back in Salem. EJ is the one who always includes Allie, always has. And he practically raised her along w/ Johnny. He knows her better than Rafe does. Seems to me Rafe only cares about any of her kids when he goes to mope around the pub sniffing for support from Sami’s family. Oh, and the sleepover wasn’t w/ Caroline…Johnny & Sydney was w/ Kayla & Joey. Will said so.

    Sami isn’t married to anyone, can do as she pleases, so no betrayal on her part. And why should he care if he’s done w/ her anyway?

    Spoilers say Abby may be hanging out w/ Cameron, but can’t seem to get Chad off her mind. This is setting up for the classic love triangle, and in the end, she’ll end up w/ Chad after Cameron’s shady past comes to light. That last part is just my speculation, but I’ll go ahead and be confident enough to call it now as it will probably happen.

  343. From Kat

    SandyGram, I have seen that, and it is strictly a Rumor Mill….

    Still waiting for Johnny to see the Naked Nookie thing that was talked about on here, and had EJ and Sami already condemned..

    333 Amanda, if it gets to be to much for you, turn it off…
    We all have a choice, and soaps will be soaps, always have been and always will be….
    That’s why I watch…..My choice…
    and if any of you out there keep on watching, it is your choice to make…
    Just voicing My opinion, just like you did and others.. in their post…

    I totally enjoyed Sami and EJ bickering like old married couple..already..

    and yes watching Sami and Brady, or should I say… the Pot and the Kettle, was entertaining..
    If some had their way, we would have No Story lines on the screen, just
    church music, and characters holding hands and singing whatever,..
    The writers will never, never, ever be Able to PLEASE Them ALL….
    I think Kristin and Nick, yes they are bad, but they bring so much intrigue to the story, to the screen,
    just like the Witch does in Snow White, etc.
    A Story without Evil and disgusting,etc. is not good at all,
    but then again, I know I am preaching to the choir. Some just can’t accept, that there is evil and bad stuff in soaps as there is in real life.
    At least watching a soap, we know it is fiction, and just because one does not like what is going on, the next 10 might enjoy the entertainment.
    The Writers know for sure, they can not, nor will they ever be able to please

  344. From MAB

    Why do Sami & EJ need experience in cosmetics to do what they’re doing? They seem to be doing just fine. Sami has style, and I’d say that is all she needs. People don’t always have to go to college to get experience in what they do. Half of Salem runs companies w/o any schooling.

  345. From patty

    Kat,nobody is saying that the show should be about church music and holding hands and of course everybody expects evil and disgusting things to happen. What a lot of people are sick of is of people getting away with evil and digusting things, the way evil prevails, not just some of the time but all the time. Crime , schemes, dirty manipulations, that is being applauded and rooted for while the targets are made to be humiliated and made fools of over and over. How long has it been since Kristen has been using Brady to stick it to John and Marlena, and yet besides Marlena, the men just continued to be made out to be clueless and Marlena scoffed at for at least trying to fight back. Kristen is a disgusting creature and there is nothing remotely entertaining about watching her use sex to trap Brady or gloat and jump with glee like a crazy lunatic over causing Marlena pain. Now she will move on to trap Brady into marriage and some will probably root for her fake feelings she’s suppose to be developping. No punishement would be severe enough for what she is doing but she will most likely get away with it and even worse, made out to be some kind of heroine in her love story for Brady.
    Mab, I take it you haven’t watched today’s show yet but to answer your question, Rafe is having breakfast at the pub, not sniffing around and he asks where Allie was because Johnny and Syndey spend the night but Allie , who like jolie said, must have been tucket away in the closet with the Christmas paper, was no where to be seen as usual.

  346. From Leah

    Pure and simple… Rafe is a hypocrite! Fancy him asking about Allie, I think this IS a first. So he’s now pretending to care? Or is it just a convenient way to have a jab at Sami? I think the later. Rafe seemed more than happy to ship the kids off to Grandma Carolines all the time so he could have sex with Sami when they were together SO whats his deal?
    PS: And know Rafe fans should be casting stones at EJ about Allie either. Its been evident for years EJ loves Allie and thinks of her as his own (something Sami has had to remind him that hes not several times. Go back and watch reruns if you don’t remember). AND when Rafe was running all over Salem looking for a penguin for Sydney did we see his same enthusiasm looking for a gift for Allie? NO! Plain and simple he was doing it to impress Sami and get in her good books. I bit of Rafe foreplay? YUK! Yep, today Rafe was doing the usual Rafe thing. Throwing his weight and opinions around for all to hear whether they want to or not.

  347. From MAB

    No I haven’t watched today, and I don’t recall asking a question to be answered. I don’t care if Rafe is having breakfast at the pub or not. He always sniffs around Sami’s family when he wants attention. He’s done it more than once. No real reason for him to go to the pub, he could’ve had breakfast anywhere. I’d say his reasons to be there were to see if he could find out if Sami spent the night w/ EJ, and apparently he finds out what he wanted to know.
    And again, it’s obvious Lucas is taking a bigger role in his daughter’s life since returning to Salem. It’s obvious Ally is w/ Lucas, otherwise, she would’ve been right there w/ Johnny & Sydney on the sleepover.

  348. From Kat

    345 patty, I give up,
    you only hear and read what you want to,
    not getting my points,
    I have never applauded or cheered for evil stuff,
    I know if it is bad,
    but it is part of the Story,
    and since a Soap is not like a Book with and End… is an ongoing
    sage, with No end in sight yet, Hope not,
    people that do bad, at times get away with it, not only the bad guys, but also the so called good ones.

    If you want total justice, then lets put them all away, no matter who,
    start with Nicole, Dr. Dan. Rafe, Kate, Sami, Caroline, Gaby, Will, Victor, Marlena,Brady, (Kristin and Nick) at the moment they have not committed a crime yet, and the ones they did, they paid for it already…But there is the future.
    Stefano at the moment is free and clear, because he put his Own Life in danger, to help His Country, LOL…

    Lets be very fair, and punish every crime committed in Sin City, and start brand new with brand new characters, every few months or so…

    So how does Brady know, that Sami shot EJ…..I think it was Brady that brought that up today….oh yes, he also brought up the kid napping….
    Bang, bang, kidnapping… back and forth… it went.

  349. From Barb

    Hellooo, most of Salem eat at the pub, and at most any time of the day. Why should Rafe be any different?! Knit-pick much?!

  350. From Kat

    Well since Rafe made the snide comment not to long ago, that he certainly is not at the Pub for the Chowder,
    it must be that the breakfast is better than the chowder… LOL
    and of course, lets be honest, he is also there to get the latest on Sami, etc…. Why not be honest…He sure did question Johnny, didn’t he.

    No wonder our Rafe is heading for a Drunk Down and seeking Relieve in the arms of Grandma Kate, soon to be GGKate. Nothing like a Gammy to comfort you….

  351. From patty

    Leah, I take it you haven’t watched today’s show either. Rafe was having breakfast at the pub and little Johnny went to sit at his table and asked him for a FBI jacket , playfully picked in Rafe’s plate then told him his mommy told him they were going to spend more time with Rafe and he couldn’t wait.
    Caroline came to sit at his table and told him the kids had a sleepover and he asked where Allie was and she said she was with Lucas. He had a nice conversation with Grandma with her doing most of the talking and encouraging him not to give up on Sami because she will end up with EJ.
    Then Gabi came to sit at his table, trying to talk him out of dumping Sami because of what she did to her. He told her the same he told Caroline, he and Sami are over.
    Rafe left and saw Sami in the park, started to walk away and she said wait , we need to talk. The end.
    Now please explain to me where Rafe has thrown his weight around or been a hypocrite in any of those scenes. You want hypocrite, wait till you see Sami’s scene with Brady. She even insulted him and said he was more selfish than she was, which is impossible.

  352. From SandyGram

    Episode Tuesday February 5th:
    Great show today. I especially like the Pub scene’s with Rafe, Johnny and Caroline. Johnny and Rafe do have a special buddy bond. But I’m afraid Johnny let a little Mommy secret out of the bag that unfortunately Rafe will use to taunt Elvis. Sami having already told the children “they would be spending more time with Rafe” makes it pretty clear her intentions were to go back with Rafe. Of course that must of happened before the wedding. But then again, Sami has had time to clear that up with the kids also. After Johnny responded to Rafe’s comment about being dropped off at the Pub early, it did appear he took advantage of the situation to extract a little extra information from Johnny.

    Caroline she is so pro Rafe and his concern for her well being with having all the kids was, for me, sincere and touching. Also, Rafe asking about Allie was natural to me since Caroline didn’t mention her when she said “Johnny follows Joey around and Kayla’s is so over the moon to have Sydney”. I didn’t see Rafe being at the Pub as anything but having breakfast and checking on his sister, he didn’t know the kids would be there and certainly didn’t know Johnny would come down stairs. I like that although now Rafe was highly suspicious that Sami and EJ did spend the night together, he didn’t tell Caroline. In fact in Rafe’s explanation to Caroline about his relationship with Sami he made a point of saying “he couldn’t go back there after she attacked his sister”. And how astute of Caroline to tell Rafe if he didn’t go back to Sami “you know who will”, nothing wrong with her ability to be rational!!

    Cameron and Abby appears to be moving gingerly which is good no reason to rush back into a relationship, there’s been way to much of that lately. Cameron just seems like such a nice young man to have some dark secret past as the spoilers are indicating. And didn’t Abby look pretty today.

    More brow raising today with Jennifer and Nick. She sure caught on to him making the comment about “his daughter being brought into such a strong family”. Finally what happened to Nick in prison is slowly leaking out. But while the stabbing must have been traumatic I’m not relating that to why he is so possessive of Gabi and Will’s baby. SPECULATION: Could it be the stabbing has made him sterile and he can’t have children so being the father to Gabi and Will’s baby is the only way he can be a father? Ummm this will be interesting!! Not to mention the SPOILER where one of Nick’s former sell mates shows up in Father Eric’s Out Reach Program, could this be the guy that stabbed Nick in prison? Ummm…more intrigue!

  353. From patty

    Really Kat, was is it about grandmas? EJ also had comfort with Gammy and is now boinking another one.

  354. From SandyGram

    #351 patty
    Great recap of today’s show with the Pub scene’s. And I asked the same question….what does Sami think her an Rafe need to talk about? Hasn’t she ever heard the saying ‘Nut-N-Honey!’

  355. From SandyGram

    Episode Tuesday February 5th Part 2:
    If I’m not mistaken hasn’t ‘Trust’ been the issue between all of the Days couples? Didn’t Sami just say to Elvis yesterday she ‘trusted him?’ Didn’t both Sami and Elvis agree to keep their recommitment a sssshhhh secret for the time being? Didn’t Brady and Kristen say something very similar? Now Today….EJ meets up with sister dearest and spills the beans he’s back with Sami and they celebrate in their accomplishments revolving around their relationships with the “B” siblings. Now for Sami, it did appear to slip out as she utter to Brady she was back with EJ.

    In both cases Sami and EJ and Brady and Kristen I enjoyed their conversations today. But I’m thinking both couples are making promises neither will be able to keep. And again another well done for Eileen Davidson (Kristen), like Marlena said she will do herself in and what an explosion that is going to be!! Perfect exchange between Sami and Brady, but just a wee bit on the hypocritical side.

    Who knows maybe we will see a dual wedding someday, it maybe the only way the church wouldn’t be totally empty there are so many against this foursome.

  356. From Kat

    353 patty,
    well Grandma’s must have something,
    EJ did it with one…a la Kate…
    now Rafe is doing it with one..almost GG.
    and Rafe was more than willing to go back with Almost Gammy Sami…

    Yes sir, We Gammy’s got it, and don’t you ever forget that….

    However I would say, EJ is making “love”
    to an almost Grandma… Love, not boinking, that’s just not so, by all the dislike of EJ, let’s not go overboard.

    So patty, in all fairness, when Rafe gets with Kate, what are you going to call that,

    “making Love” or if the shoe fits “boinking”. As long as it will clear his Heads..LOL

    I know you will have a good answer, you always do, keeps it interesting…

  357. From Leah

    #351… just watched it Patty.
    Have to say I like the fact that they are keeping Rafe and Johnnys relationship. I have never said or implied Johnny doesn’t love Rafe. As I’ve stated before Johnny is a well adjusted kid (I suppose he’s had to be) and will make the most of Samis decisions. Whether it be Rafe or Lucas. By Johnny doing this it takes nothing away from his and his fathers relationship. Johnny absolutely adores and loves his father… hence the calling mummy and then daddy while on his sleep over. As both EJ and Sami have stated Johnny is going to be thrilled his parents are together!
    The “THING” I hated about Safe was their determination in keeping EJ from his children… and that was it in a nutshell. If I hadn’t kept seeing that over and over again I wouldn’t of had a problem with Rafe as a step parent. I’ve never had an issue with Lucas. Why? Because Lucas and EJ respect each others rights to be in their childrens lives. Something Rafe never did.

  358. From Leah

    I liked the Brady and Sami scenes today. I found myself laughing and smiling at them both. The one thing I did pick up on was how Sami had sympathy for Brady knowing he was now also going to be looked upon as another black sheep of the family. Maybe having this in common will actually bring them closer together? One thing I know for sure if things continue this way and they all end up living together in that big old Dimera house its gonna be explosive and fun to watch. Never a dull moment on Days :)

  359. From houston

    I believe Sami and Brady are working together (along with John/Bo) to “ATTEMPT” to bring down the Dimera’s yet once again… Of course they never will.

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