Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 10 & 11.

Bumbling down the aisle.

The wedding day rolls around. Rafe makes it clear to Sami that he wants them to be back together after the ceremony ends. She wants that too and decides to let EJ know, but things start getting in the way. Frustrated, she blunders off and nearly has sex with Rafe. Hope walks in on them before they can do the deed.

Abby helps Gabi get dressed up for the wedding. Everything is happy. Even Chad chimes in to chirp some best wishes. The lovey mood also extends to the father of the bride’s baby. Sonny offers Will a key to his place and Gabi asks him if he will be the godfather to his own child. Nick spoils the mood when he walks in on this and declares that there is no way that will ever happen. This leads to a less than jovial atmosphere for the wedding, but that’s only the beginning of the problems the bride and groom face.

Chloe manages to find a job in Salem and giddily tells Daniel, who isn’t quite as excited. The diva then runs into someone who is even unhappier to hear she will be sticking around: Kate. The old enemies reignite their war as Chloe declares that Kate will never have anything to do with Parker again. Since she already has some enemies, Chloe tries to recruit a new friend. She manages to find one in Anne, a woman whose hatred for Jenn could be very useful.

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  1. From Shani

    I thought originally Chloe was only coming back to the show briefly. Now there’s all the talk about her getting a job, a spoiler says she & Anne will be coniving together to bring down Jen, Chloe & Kate will be hating each other all over again. Sounds like Chloe’s going to be around for a while! & apparently her mom, Nancy, will be joining her. Is that spoiler still out there? I never cared for Nancy!

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 Shani
    the spoilers do say Nadia’s (Chloe) return is to be brief, but she is suppose to have a significant story line and her mother Nancy is there to help. Including going after Kate. Not sure how that is going to work since Daniel is suppose to want to have Kate in Parker’s life. Like mentioned in another posting earlier, that could change if/when Chloe being a prostitute was instigated by Kate comes out. The writers are sure jumping right into the ‘nasty mode’ for this storyline. I can see poor little Parker being yet another pawn in everyone’s troubles. At least we have heard a few weeks back that Maggie and Victor have gotten to know Parker when visiting Philip in Chicago. Ummm…now that I’ve said that…it makes the statement Kate made about Philip and Chloe breaking up illogical. Victor would have plenty to say about Chloe after one of those visits, or is this yet another loose end the writers missed when developing the new storyline.

    In the summary above…Nick declares he will not allow Will to be the baby’s godfather after Gabi asked him to be. My question is how can she go forward with the marriage?..Nick’s possession and homophobia is starting be in the for front of his personality and their relationship.

  3. From patty

    You’re right SamdyGram, Nick’s homophobia and controling ways should be a warning sign for Gabi. I hope the interruption is before they say their final vows and that the marriage doesn’t go through.
    So Sami wants to have sex with Rafe and goes off to tell EJ. How thoughtful of her. Then she will go suck up and cry to him when she fights with Rafe. Well that is as good a reason as any to make EJ her second choice I guess.
    I really wouldn’t care if Chloe stays in Salem just long enough to get back at Kate for what she did to her, trying to murder her and getting her into prostitution. I would not blame Chloe one bit for keeping Parker from her, Kate did everything in her power to keep Chloe form her son when he was a baby plus she is no longer his grandmother so she should get lost.

  4. From urcenter

    Nadia’s return is scheduled to run from now until sometime in April. Nancy will not arrive until sometime in March

  5. From dc

    well, nick’s behavior is kind of like it was with melanie, creepy. if him and gabi do marry i don’t think it will last long.
    parker and daniel looked so good together today. glad to hear daniel tell jennifer he still wanted to see her. chloe is gonna try her best to break them up (even with the help of that employee at the hospital that hates jenn)..
    i don’t know about any of you, but i am getting a little bored with the brady/kristen thing and also the sami/rafe/ej thing. the writers need to move on with other ideas for these folks.. i am thinking out loud again.

  6. From L.G.

    Come on guys, did any of you really believe that Nick had changed? lol
    I’m really not liking the whole Chloe ruining Jennifer bit. The writers really have gotten too predictable.

  7. From Terri

    when the writers chose to make Will’s character gay-did they have to make him such a weine too!!?? what a coward-please can we mature Sami? it’s disappointing that the show pimps her out between the men -get rid of Ej all together-no one keeps falling in love over and over again with their rapist and child abductor-such a stupid ongoing storyline-lucas is the only logical choice-Rafe-I like but cmon what single guy signs up for someone that 4 kids!!?? Jennifer is acting like a desperate teenager-they have ruined her.. she’s throwing herself at Daniel(who has had everyone on the show) please rewrite

  8. From SandyGram

    Episode Wednesday January 9th:
    I’m pretty successful at remembering Days is a Soap Opera, created and acted out in Soap Land, but there are just a few topics where it really bothers me when the writers take liberties with the subject matter. Today’s such liberty was Nicole badgering Father Eric about what was bothering him. It’s just plain out not her business and it would be grossly in appropriate if he shared his every thought with her. He’s a priest…so in all cases the writers should respect that fact.!!!

    Well if we went by just what we saw today, regardless how Rafe approached Sami, in the end it would appear Sami has made up her mind and she has chosen the Rafster. Just not going to hold my breath on this one with the upcoming mess from the Wedding.

    Nick sincerely apologizes to Will for jumping to conclusions on who started the conversation about when Nick got out of prison…Or NOT….for me he was just doing a number on Will. Although Nick is really pushing every part of Will’s emotional stability, I love that Will is keeping it together, for now that is!! And, Sami substituting for Gabi’s mom was interesting.

    Now here we go little Miss helpful Kyla taking Jennifer to the KMasion. It all turned out well in the end, for today, but I got a good laugh when Chloe answers the door and there stands Jenn, but no Kyla. But once Chloe goes to take Jenn into the parlor surprise there’s Kyla…where the heck was she? I wouldn’t think there would not be a parking problem at the mansion, even Chloe asked if Victor would leave the gate open for her to return later.

    Loving more cuteness with Parker. Sweet moments all around, Victor taking him for milk and cookies, etc.

    The writing is on the wall that Chloe wants Daniel back. But I didn’t hear her BFF Nicole say she wants him also. I did find it interesting when Chloe commented she sub-lent her apartment in Chicago and she was tired of jumping through hoops with Philip to get to see Parker. I thought they were in an amicable relationship. So Kate’s comment about breaking up must be off also.

  9. From Leah

    Samis chosen Rafe based on what? Love? I don’t see it. Rafe has done nothing to try and win her back. All he has done is bark commands and ultimatums and then gone back on his word (I’m done with you and playing games) and then does backflips. Yep REALLY endearing and romantic – NOT! Sami is a d**n fool is all I can say!
    So lets get this right… Sami tells EJ she has chosen Rafe and is going to be in his bed that night but when it all goes to hell runs back and sobs on EJs shoulder. Oh dear EJ (I love ya) but you’ve always been a Sami fool. I suppose they say true love is blind. I personally would like to see the writers man EJ up a bit now and tell Sami “You made your bed now lie in it.” And in the words of Chuck Bass to Blair Waldrof “I have chased after you for a long enough, its now time you chased me.” And then walk away EJ (and don’t look back) and let Sami come crawling back and try to win you over. Well, I can only wishful think hey. Thats how I’d write it – LOL

  10. From Shani

    “I have chased after you for long enough, it’s now time you chased me.” 9 Leah I love that!

  11. From Kat

    9 Leah, thanks for your nice words on the other site… wish I could sleep,
    I agree with you, EJ should let Sami come crawling back, he is making things to easy for her.

    I like the quote from Chuck Bass….
    Thought many times in the past, that EJ should play a bit more hard to get.
    I like to see Sami with EJ, but only if she truly really wants him,
    not because Rafe ticked her off….

  12. From Bonnie

    Did I miss something here.Didn’t Stephanie ask her friend to switch test so Daniel was the father because she didn’t want to break up Philip and Melanie? He switched it to Philip without her knowing so he could be her hero and switch it to Daniel, without her knowing. So then how did that not happen?I’m confused.

  13. From HOPE

    Does the truth come out that Will is the father of Gabby’s baby I hope so………………

  14. From Linda

    EJ and Sami have more chemistry than Rafe and Sami. It even has my heart skipping a beat whenever they become romantic. Rafe is in love with who he wants Sami to be while EJ loves her good or bad. Writers make me sick they way they have her bouncing between the two men. Let them both walk away from her and see who she goes after and leave her there! Just something about Rafe I do not like.

  15. From L.G.

    I totally agree with Leah. Also, is anyone else annoyed that the only time they seem to show Will & Sonny together is when they are in bed? I wouldn’t have such a problem with the gay storyline if they wouldn’t portray it in such an ignorant manner.

  16. From Kat

    14 Linda,
    I feel the same way, EJ and Sami seem to have a great on screen chemistry.
    Rafe also rubs me the wrong way, he is always so smirky and smug.
    Like today, when he was in Sami’s place, all he kept pushing for, was to have sex, and her telling EJ about them…
    Seems to get one over on EJ is more important, than be loving and patient with Sami… All IMO
    Sometimes divorced people think they can go back, but it usually does not work out.

    I think that is what’s going on in Sami’s head, that she should give the marriage another chance….
    but sooner or later, she will follow her heart, and only her heart, and do what is best for HER, and not everybody else.

  17. From Arlene

    13.Hope – I think I read recently in one of the Soap Opera Digests that at the wedding it comes out that Will is the real father. I think the wedding is basically stopped.

  18. From Lee

    Im sorry to disagree but is everyone having a bout with amnesia EJ is evil……for the storyline to even veer in the direction of putting him and Sami together is utterly ridiculous. More to the point has she bumped her head, this is the same man who had their child kidnapped and pretended she was dead, literally tormented Sami with it day in and day out. Hello then there was fake Rafe who basically systematically raped her and treated her like garbage acting on orders from EJ and his Daddy

  19. From Linda

    Just to clarify and avoid any confusion, Linda #14 is a different Linda than I am, who has been posting for a little while now. I, as you know, think Rafe is the better man for Sami, and I see much more chemistry and love between them than her with EJ. And I agree with others who think EJ is playing Sami right now in order to win her. But, as I have written before, at this point I don’t really care who she is with because I am very tired of her back and forth between the two men. I think she chooses Rafe because, yes, she loves him, but as we know from spoilers, that pairing won’t last through all the wedding mess. Then she will run and cry to back-up choice EJ. But, the way things have been going, she won’t be with EJ for long, either. I do agree with Linda #14 that maybe both men should walk away from her. That could be refreshing!

    I do not think Nick’s apology to Will was sincere and now we’re going to see his creepiness again over the issue of Gabi wanting Will to be the baby’s godfather.

  20. From ejgirl

    How about a crazy twist on all this Chloe business and have her end up with Rafe! He gets on my nerves! Everyone tells me that I am alot like Sami’s character, personality wise,and Rafe is hot- but EJ is hotter! Sami is a firecracker and she can be a little devious and manipulative…. Rafe is too goody goody and self righteous- he judges Sami all the time! EJ gets her and loves her unconditionally! He is even quite amused by her. He has changed! He is still a DeMira but he wants to be better for his kids! EJ just really wants a family… isn’t that what most of us want?
    Also, I think a great storyline for Will and Sonny would be for them to have the baby and raise him/her. They did such an awesome job with Will coming out and progressing the relationship with Sonny….. why not have them become a true modern family…. Nick’s character is already showing his homophobic controlling ways…. have him go crazy again (mental illness runs in the Horton family) and kill Gabi then Will and Sonny can raise the baby :) win win!

  21. From brenda H

    I love reading all the post. I have watched Day’s from the beginning. You girls keep me updated,when I miss episodes. Thanks so much

  22. From Kat

    19 Linda, hi girl, why don’t you must call yourself Linda I, to avoid confusion…
    SandyGram had that problem once and added on the Gram.
    However, this is totally up to you, not trying to tell you what to do…
    I was a bit confused, when I read your “like” for EJAMI…
    However, I enjoy your posts….

  23. From patsy

    I just wish the writers would make
    up their minds with Sammi. She
    deserves to be happy once and for
    all. EJ loves her good and bad
    but he is always doing something
    bad with or without his father.
    Raf on the other hand is the better
    of the 2 and is more stable. Ive
    been watching Days since 1972 and
    feel it is about time for Sammi
    to be happy once and for all

  24. From L.G.

    I totally agree about Sami! E.J. accepts her for who she is totally, and Rafe doesn’t. Why do the writers keep putting her back with Rafe? They don’t even have any genuine chemistry.

  25. From From Carla

    The writers should put Sami and Lucas back together becuase they get get each other and they have great passion for one another and that they are meant to be.

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