Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 14-18.

Wedding walloping.

Everyone nearly falls off their pews when Chad shows up at St. Luke’s to proclaim that Nick isn’t the man who knocked up Gabi. Rafe is furious and the traditional Salem wedding pummeling commences. Will watches his friend get beaten into the carpet until he finally decides he’s seen enough. He steps up and announces that he’s the father. Sonny is shocked and runs away. Will is about to run after him when his dad demands some answers. He’s not the only one. Rafe doesn’t know what’s going on, but he’s not happy to catch Sami tearing into his sister, accusing her of bamboozling her son. Sami and Rafe get into a brutal fight after she nearly clobbers his pregnant little sister. Samanther runs off to sob on Elvis. Meanwhile, Lucas and Will still haven’t learned how to talk quietly. They babble all about Will’s past crimes and Nick just happens to overhear them. He assures his bride that he’s got all of the ammunition they need to get what they want.

In the aftermath of the fiasco, Will attempts to mend things with Sonny. The Kiriakis admits that he still loves him, but that isn’t enough. Will mopes, finally running into his mother. They have an unpleasant conversation about what future he foresees for his child. Meanwhile, Chad picks his face off the floor and tries to apologize to Abby. She tells him to stuff it. Cameron backs her up.

Marlena moans to Hope about how her relationship with her husband is in a shambles. She wonders how to fix it and make sure that Brady can see the truth about Kristen. The cop gets a brilliant idea. She decides to equip the talking doctor with a wire. The shrink heads straight for Kristen’s room. The cocky DiMera lets her in and easily out-maneuvers the doctor in her head game. Kristen manages to sound innocent and sad, but is sure to flash a little note stating that she knows what Marlena’s up to. Marlena storms off. John winds up hearing the recording, which doesn’t make Kristen sound bad at all. However, it happens to include the doctor admitting that she knew Kristen was sleeping with Brady for some time and kept it a secret so to keep the DiMera out of John’s bed. He’s disgusted that she let his son be seduced because of her own insecurity and decides to leave town. Meanwhile, Brady finds the torn shreds of Kristen’s little note and wonders what the hell it is. He tries asking her but then collapses. She takes him to the hospital and Cameron reminds him that he recently had head his head kicked in. His girlfriend slips away to pay off the dudes who did it.

Chloe and Brady quickly reconnect. She’s shocked when she learns that he has hooked up with Kristen DiMera. The diva has a lot more pressing things to be annoyed and worried about. She finds Daniel kissing Jenn and that really makes her cringe. The doctor takes a break from the blond and uses his mouth to suggest that Chloe give Kate access to Parker. Chloe doesn’t like that idea, not one little bit. While she gets busy overreacting, Kate is already busy trying to find a way to get access to the child again. She tips Jenn off that there’s something the doctor ought to know: Chloe used to be a call girl. Jenn decides not to tell the clueless doctor. However, Chloe knows that she knows and decides to exploit it to her own advantage. She hooks up with Anne the Jenn hater to destroy the Horton’s career. Meanwhile, Kate kicks up her vendetta to have Chloe declared an unfit mother.

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  1. From dc

    yea, i can see daniel taking parker away from chloe (maybe with kate’s help). but chloe won’t go down without a fight..
    knew the baby thing (about who is the father) would finally let us know that will is the father but nick is gonna make it where will is gonna ne shown unfit (because of the ej shooting).. can’t wait to see how this plays out..
    sure hope stephen nichols will be back on the show (his character on young and restless is going away). maybe he will return with bo in tow and if john leaves town too maybe the three musketeers will all return together.. just a thought..

  2. From Sarah

    euh..Nick using Will’s crimes against him..Ej forgave him and what about Gaby’s crimes that Rafe covered up and now he has the nerves to beat up Chad for telling the freaking truth..ok..whatever..Hernandez can not do wrong with these writers, it is ridiculous. I am looking forward to see Sami and Will’s scenes about his birth/childhood story. Let’s hope these writers will give them great dialogue, it could be thoughtful deep given the rich background story, but with these writers..we will see.

  3. From SandyGram

    If Parker is Daniel’s son, why does Daniel want Kate to have access to Parker? So did Nick and Gabi say ‘I do?’ Since when does John have to get out of town? He and Marlena have always worked it out in the past. Ann from the Hospital hooking up with Chloe to bring down Jenn, that could be interesting, but out of character for Chloe! My head is already spinning at Sami going overboard. And the big one, Nick overhears Lucas and Will talking about Will’s past bad deeds, including shooting EJ? Can’t wait to see how the writers have this played out with Grandpa Roman or Detective Hernandez. Maybe this is also an opportunity for Sami shooting EJ to come out also.

  4. From Jamie

    I don’t know if Nick will be able to use that. If he does EJ may make Nick’s life a little impossible … I think Daniel will let Chloe have visitation with him having full custody. I think the only reason why Daniel is letting Kate have access to Parker is because she was nice enough to give him a picture of him as well as tell him information about him.

  5. From MAB

    Hmm…I like dc’s suggestion of Steve returning w/ Bo gone…or that all 3 return to the show together!

    Looks as tho my dislike for Nick is gonna continue to grow! Nick, Gabi, & Rafe have NO room to talk after all they’ve done in the past, yet Nick is gonna try to use Will’s past against him, and he’ll have Gabi’s support??? I’m not surprised Rafe lays into Will, and then proceeds to beat up Chad, in church nonetheless, for telling the truth. Too bad you can’t tell the truth in Salem w/o Rafe punching you in the face. So much for “protect & serve”. I guess it’s ok for Rafe to beat up Chad, but Chad was told he would go to jail for beating up Nick. What kind of crack-head laws does Salem enforce? And Gabi, why should she be exempt for her crimes that still have yet to come to light? I guess that’s ok too as long as Nick & Rafe continue to cover everything up for her. I’ll be glad when everyone finds out about her involvement in what happened to Melanie. I’d say she’ll have enemies in Abby, Daniel, Maggie, Brady, and others over that. And Nick better watch his step because EJ likes Will, and I think EJ would support Will if someone is trying to use the shooting against him, especially since it was EJ he shot. I know EJ would step up for Will, but not Rafe. I’ve never believed Rafe has ever really liked Will, just tolerated him because he’s Sami’s son. Something else Sami needs to make note, and be thankful for, because unlike Rafe who will no doubt support Gabi in all this, EJ will probably be the one to help Will if necessary. And of course, the blow up w/ Rafe will only have her running back to EJ yet again. It’s as if anymore EJ doesn’t have to do anything to come between Sami & Rafe, as Rafe does that all on his own w/ his self-righteousness.

    I don’t think Chloe ganging up on Jen w/ Ann from the hospital is out of character. Seems right up her alley to me. She may be no Nicole, but she is no angel to walk the dark path.

    Why would it matter if Sami shooting EJ came out? Roman knows she shot him, and covered it up, as did Bo & Rafe. It would be all of them who got in trouble for the cover up, but doubt any of it would matter as EJ wouldn’t press charges against Sami for what she did. He forgave her, she forgave him, so I think they’re past all that stuff.

  6. From Maryl

    Sarah, I totally agree with you. I guess it’s ok to beat up someone for telling the truth if that someone happens to be a DiMera. Chad revealed the lies because he wanted revenge, but he did tell the truth–no fabrications on his part. In the long run, he probably did Will a big favor. R. Hernandez only showed himself to be what he usually is–a hot head who flies off the handle too quickly.

  7. From MsBoulderCO

    Before Will came out when he and Gabi were dating Rafe and Sami were cool with that. I think it’s interesting that Sami will be the grandmother and Rafe will only be the Uncle. For Nick and Will being cousins Nick is so homophobic that he can’t stand his own family member. Gabi should know karma is a bitch if she agrees with Nick to use evidence with him cause it won’t sit with EJ who can then out Gabi for her misdeeds.

    So is Chloe going to end up getting a job at the hospital and how does she rate with qualifications? I think Nicole will rat on her to Daniel and once again come out looking like a good person who is really trying to change.

    I wish they would turn around this whole John and Marlena story and come with it’s their scheme to turn the tables on Kristen to bring Brady to his senses.

    My last thought, Kate, get a life and quit trying to ruin everyone else’s.

  8. From Shani

    Sami is way off base if she jumps to the conclusion Gabi bamboozled Will & what was Sami doing almost hitting pregnant Gabi?! But the first paragraph of the spoiler above is so jam-packed that I’m going to wait until I see it play out onscreen before I judge anything or anyone. One thing I do think is that EJ will protect Will. He does like Will & he is also trying to win Sami.

    Sorry to read that Hope & Marlena’s plan falls flat, & that Brady never gets an answer about parts of Kristen’s note that he finds. Not going to like another custody issue over a baby!!

    Dr. Dan’s meeting with Parker today was very touching. I had said I wondered if this was all masterminded by Chloe to reel Dr. Dan in but now I think he really is Parker’s daddy. What a royal mess with those DNA tests back when Parker was born!

    Kind of silly how they managed all that happened to delay Jennifer getting over to Dr. Dan’s but I guess the writers had to come up with something. I actually did trip over a package left at our front door one time. But I didn’t get hurt.

  9. From Leah

    Oh thank you dear Chad… you have saved us Days fans probably a good year or so of this “whose the daddy saga.” Bravo to you! What a shame though you didn’t come fully clean and expose Gabis part in Melanies kidnapping etc. I’d much rather an assertive Chad than a dull one.

  10. From Leah

    So what? Rafe lays into Chad and bests him for what? Telling the truth? What the? This type of thing is what turns me off Rafe. He is meant to be the good guy. There was no need to lay into someone for exposing the truth. If he is mad at anyone it should be his sister who continues to lie through her teeth. If you ask me the only decent one in this Hernandez family was Arianna. But then again she was also a jailbird. Can’t believe this, seems all a bit surreal.

  11. From Leah

    PS: I hope you are right in suggesting EJ coming to Wills defence. I have missed their interaction and it will be great to see them acting together again. As EJ has stated to Sami many times… he loves all her children. Yes he and Will have had a rocky relationship but that was mainly due to Will seeing EJ as the enemy and what was keeping his parents apart. So fingers crossed and looking forward to it if thats how it plays out. Personally I’ve always loved EJ in lawyer mode.

  12. From Latrise


    I so agree with you about the Will and EJ situation. Seeing is how EJ at time seem like a father/ role model for Will. Will even admitted it. EJ was the first to call out will on being gay, and told Sami to be more understanding. EJ will back up Will, no matter if it is to make him look good in front of Sami or not. He actually like Will. I think Rafe has lost that loving feeling for Will because of the way Will started to treat his sister at the end of their relationship, as well as Will was the one that outed his mom and EJ, about that night. After Rafe defended his mom to him, and call Will towards the end some bad names, out of respect of defending his wife. As well as Rafe was the first to believe that Will was the one that shot EJ, although he say he would help him. He always goes to the worse when it come to Will.
    On a sidenote: I think Chad gives Will an out. He want to tell, but no one gives him a chance to. It seem to him from his view that he is getting mix messages about telling. But it seem now, that he want to tell the truth, otherwise he wouldn’t say anthing. He to would be mad at Chad and just let the sitauton play out and keep his mouth shut. I truly believe that Nick got nothing, and I truly believe that if the storyline play out the way it is with Chad being attack by Rafe. I want to see some fireworks with the Dimera against him. This is when they call Stef and him and the family get some revenage.
    I truly hope that aleast Kristain will go after him. ( A part of me thinks that this whole thing with Brady is also a scheme to get back at him for attacking EJ and almost starting that war that got Chad shot at. I truly hope so, since that storyling was drop very quickly. But sadly with the writting I don’t think that they will connect the two. It will be away to bring in all the characters not just John and Mar. And I bet the whole moving out is a scheme. I do slightly understand why John is upset, seeing is how he talk about nothing but behing honest, and when he found out he did tell Mar. He didn’t wait, I think he more upset with her because she did not trust him. I don’t think that it all about Brady, I think that John feel like his lady love doesn’t have faith in him. I think that is what is upsetting him.)

    To be honest I hope someone out Gabi. I never truly like Chad, but I don’t think that it far that he have a major situation happen to him that he can’t truly talk about. So no one knows why he truly anger, so they don’t know how to truly help him. He has a right to feel the way he does, and Gabi didn’t help by making it out that it was all his fault in the reasoning for her doing what she did, when she confess. Which would make anyone see red, when you start to blame the victim. She went after him and attack his girlfriend, when he was trying to be a friend to her, in her time of need. He was the one who went to Rafe and told Rafe what was happen and once again he tells the truth about Gabi and now he is being attack by Rafe. So I hope in the end the turth can come out about everything, so people can see that it just not him being a jerk. And truly help him to move on from his anger towards Gabi.

    I’m happy that the truth came out about Parker, but the truth is. I would have care about this news a year or so ago. Dan lost all my respect when he case her out, and then did what he did to EJ. Look I understand that he was mad but he saw that she was hurting and never once try to help or save her life. As many times as he did Jenn. It’s like he picks and choose who he can help. But I wish that they would have kept Parker, Phil son. I miss his character, why couldn’t he be back instand of Lucas. I miss his commentary. All I’m saying is if he was still the father he would have reason to comeback, because of his child. And Chole and him could have try to be a couple. I feel like now we are at the stage were everyone has gone through everyone elses hand me downs. There seem to be a shortages of availablity in the men and women of Salam. We need new faces to keep the show fresh, even if they are passing by. We might not like them, but at least it gave the vets, someone knew to play with then the ones they have last week. I’m just saying.

  13. From latrise


    I so agree with you about the Will and EJ situation. Seeing is how EJ at time seem like a father/ role model for Will. Will even admitted it. EJ was the first to call out will on being gay, and told Sami to be more understanding. EJ will back up Will, no matter if it is to make him look good in front of Sami or not. He actually like Will. I think Rafe has lost that loving feeling for Will because of the way Will started to treat his sister at the end of their relationship, as well as Will was the one that outed his mom and EJ, about that night. After Rafe defended his mom to him, and call Will towards the end some bad names, out of respect of defending his wife. As well as Rafe was the first to believe that Will was the one that shot EJ, although he say he would help him. He always goes to the worse when it come to Will.
    On a sidenote: I think Chad gives Will an out. He want to tell, but no one gives him a chance to. It seem to him from his view that he is getting mix messages about telling. But it seem now, that he want to tell the truth, otherwise he wouldn’t say anything. He to would be mad at Chad and just let the situation play out and keep his mouth shut. I truly believe that Nick got nothing, and I truly believe that if the storyline play out the way it is with Chad being attack by Rafe. I want to see some fireworks with the Dimera against him. This is when they call Stef and him and the family get some revenge.
    I truly hope that least Kristin will go after him. ( A part of me thinks that this whole thing with Brady is also a scheme to get back at him for attacking EJ and almost starting that war that got Chad shot at. I truly hope so, since that storyling was drop very quickly. But sadly with the writing I don’t think that they will connect the two. It will be away to bring in all the characters not just John and Mar. And I bet the whole moving out is a scheme. I do slightly understand why John is upset, seeing is how he talk about nothing but being honest, and when he found out he did tell Mar. He didn’t wait, I think he more upset with her because she did not trust him. I don’t think that it all about Brady, I think that John feel like his lady love doesn’t have faith in him. I think that is what is upsetting him.)

    To be honest I hope someone out Gabi. I never truly like Chad, but I don’t think that it far that he have a major situation happen to him that he can’t truly talk about. So no one knows why he truly anger, so they don’t know how to truly help him. He has a right to feel the way he does, and Gabi didn’t help by making it out that it was all his fault in the reasoning for her doing what she did, when she confess. Which would make anyone see red, when you start to blame the victim. She went after him and attack his girlfriend, when he was trying to be a friend to her, in her time of need. He was the one who went to Rafe and told Rafe what was happen and once again he tells the truth about Gabi and now he is being attack by Rafe. So I hope in the end the truth can come out about everything, so people can see that it just not him being a jerk. And truly help him to move on from his anger towards Gabi.

    I’m happy that the truth came out about Parker, but the truth is. I would have care about this news a year or so ago. Dan lost all my respect when he case her out, and then did what he did to EJ. Look I understand that he was mad but he saw that she was hurting and never once try to help or save her life. As many times as he did Jenn. It’s like he picks and choose who he can help. But I wish that they would have kept Parker, Phil son. I miss his character, why couldn’t he be back instant of Lucas. I miss his commentary. All I’m saying is if he was still the father he would have reason to comeback, because of his child. And Chloe and him could have try to be a couple. I feel like now we are at the stage were everyone has gone through everyone else hand me downs. There seem to be a shortages of availability in the men and women of Salem. We need new faces to keep the show fresh, even if they are passing by. We might not like them, but at least it gave the vets, someone knew to play with then the ones they have last week. I’m just saying.

  14. From Debbie

    Speaking strictly for myself, I don’t think Rafe and EJ deserve Sami at all, they both deserve better! Like TerriK and others have said, Sami’s indecisive ways are killing her relationships with both men, and what “real” man would want a woman like that? Although Alison Sweeney is an amazing actress, I never warmed up to her character and absolutely hate it when she gets impulsive and acts crazy when she’s mad. She crossed the line with her childish behavior when she burst in on Nick and Gabby at the church and Will had to stop her, and again at the hospital when (I think EJ?) had to hold her back. I’m tired of seeing her character be perpetually 15 years old. Being feisty is one thing, Hope is feisty too but mature, and Sami can remain feisty too,but her explosive tantrums are not attractive to her at all and just makes her look stupid.

    Although I sort of always liked Chloe, I hated her first day back in her scenes with Daniel. It was painful having to listen to her doing that doublespeak that she does when she’s trying to explain herself. It took the whole dang hour for her to say it!

    And watching Jennifer try to get away from Lucas’ rants only to have her go to the hospital was a timewaster as well. I really wish Lucas could have his own story with a new woman.

    And with John moving out on Marlena, maybe this will give Roman a chance to sniff around again and give Josh Taylor some air time. I feel sorry for him. Roman was once a vital character and he’s barely on at all. They should bring back Wayne Northrop as Roman and make Josh Chris Kositcheck again. And Shannon Tweed can be brought back as a redeemed Savannah Wilder for Chris. I loved those two together.

  15. From Kat

    MAB, I hope you read my post 210 on the other week site,
    because I was still a bit confused about your response to me.
    Thank you, however I give you the benefit of the doubt, and believe we are still friends..

    Now on to watch today’s episode…

    what is this, Rafe beating up Chad, well maybe they can call in Justin, to make another illegal deal, but no, Justin has left to go back to GH playing Tracey Q’s son.

  16. From AC in PA

    Why is Chad such a bad guy? I like him. I can’t stand Nick or Gabi, and they deserve everything bad to happen to them – not Chad. I like him with Abby, too, so I hope they do get together in the long run. A Horton and a Dimera…

  17. From Kat

    Debbie # 14, what is wrong with Chloe taking a while,
    lordy, usually what she tried to tell Daniel would usually take a few month’s or so…. This was done in record time for a soap…
    So Dr. Dan, you thought Chloe was trying to play a cruel game with You, funny, what game were you ready to play on EJ about his child. It hurts Dr.Dan doesn’t it.
    IMO, Chloe has been a victim, between Vivian, then Stefanie, nice Whitewash going on here…, Caroline, etc.
    The only friends she had was Dr.Carly, and she got cruxified, led by Dr. Kayla…..LOL,
    Carly would have told Daniel if he was not the father of the Baby, but all of the Salem Goodies had to chime in and mess with the DNA. Nice re-write right now….
    Then Dr. Dan, a Dr. did not follow up on his own and get a DNA test done, before tossing the mother of Parker, a little innocent baby out on the street.
    A Bad Ripple Effect occurred for Chloe, put her into orbit, Maggie, bless her tried to help but it was to late….
    I never liked what was done to Chloe, when after everybody, like Dr.Dan and Rafe cuddled Nicole, the lying bitch….
    I blame a lot of people in Salem, that Chloe was reduced to becoming a Black mail victim, and had to work for Quinn….
    Where was Dr.Dan’s compassion for Chloe, the mother of Parker, regardless,
    but he risked his Job for someone like Nicole, a “criminal” in her own rights….SG, I am scratching my Head.

    I do hope that Kate, whatever is up in the rumor mill, will remember, that is was Chloe that saved her life.
    Without Chloe, Kate would Not Be Here, to do anymore Evil Deeds to her….

    Gaby H. … bad Girl, don’t like her.
    Maybe it’s time for the H.. Family to depart, and they bring in a whole new family the way they always do and have done in the past…
    They are all jail birds, or should be,
    Adriana, Gaby and Rafe for being a crooked cop, that withholds evidence of crimes, not good…

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s show,…
    Chad, tell them the truth, like it or not…and then sue Rafe for beating you up……we’ll see, after I see it, only read about it.

  18. From Kat

    Hey 16 AC from Pa,
    I am Kat from Pa,
    I agree with you, why is Chad the Bad guy…. he risked his life to save Melanie, was waylayed by Gaby every step of the way,
    thought Nick had done something to Mel, why not,,,
    beat up Nick, and then got roped into an illegal deal by Justin…
    and Nick…
    Chad should come clean, take his chances why he hit Nick, but have it all come out what Gaby did.

    Hope and “Bo”…should be very interested since they were the investigating officers, now they can solve the crime committed on Melanie, all the way…get Gaby, the one that started It ALL, she hired Andrew and paid him Green Money. People get convicted all the time for hiring people…
    But SPD, do it the right way, Not the way you deal with The DiMera’s.
    Don’t mess it up by going crooked yourself, do it on the up and up…If you had stayed up and up a long time ago when dealing with the DiMera’s, you could have put them away many time… but of course then we would not have had a great soap opera to watch with our beloved villain Stefano…
    I am sure, Gaby will walk, but let it come out into the open, let her pay for all this one way or the other. I guess loosing her and Will’s baby will be bad enough…

  19. From Blaze.

    Does EJ know that it was Will, not Lucas, that shot him?!

  20. From Kat

    19 Blaze, oh yes EJ knows it was Will that shot him in church of all places…, he told Will in response, when Will tried to blackmail EJ, knowing about the Grief Sex…after that, we all saw a slow real good relationship forming between Will and EJ, and I Think that is why, should Will get into trouble with, Nick, etc. and the whole mess, etc.
    EJ I am sure will have Will’s back, because I think he always has cared about Will,
    he is the son of the Woman he Loves. Not a fair weather friend like Rafe Hernandez, beating up people, and ask questions later.
    Mr. Hernandez, I hope all of the bad things that happened in Salem WILL come out, incl. Sami’s shooting of EJ, Will’s shooting, your cover ups… Gaby’s crime of Kidnapping etc.,
    your Cover up again,
    Chad vs. Nick because of Gaby and Melanie, what am I leaving out… Not to forget, Rafe is an officer of the court,,, not good,
    not to mention all the bad things he has already done in the RoboRafe Kidnapping, beating a prisoner, name it, with the help of Bo and Hope… yeh….

    And I am coming back again….young good Chad,trying to save our Melanie,,, being hoot winked by Gaby…. Is The Bad Guy,,, I need some help to digest that one… really.

    I understand why the writers are writing the way they do,
    they need to keep us fans up in arms about the un -fairness, and they are doing a good job…as long they clear things up in the end….someday…

    Going to bed, starting a terrible nose/throat infection….well, what can I say. See you later….

  21. From patty

    Blaze, whether he knows for sure or not, EJ used it to blackmail Will into that slave master working relationship they had. Ironic that he would now use it to score points with Sami by defending him, even if he supposedly knows he did it. No clue why they are discussing the shooting at the wedding so Nick overhears it but it looks like Nick will now be using it to manipulate Will also. Ridiculous how everybody that has committed crimes in Salem are walking around without any consequences for their actions but Will who may or may not have done something as a child still has it used against him as an adult. Nobody has proof that he shot EJ so I don’t believe he has anything to worry about. His father has already been convicted for this crime. Time for Will to finally man up and fight for his child.

  22. From AC in PA

    Hey Kat, I hope you feel better. The flu is all around here in PA – I had it myself and am still recovering a week later.

    I stopped watching for several years when Chad was introduced, and I missed his first storylines, but picked it up again about two years ago – and I’ve always liked Chad. He needs a good storyline and a good girl to love. I don’t like that he’s made out to be the bad guy here when all he does is tell the truth while everyone else lies. Plus, he’s cute with Abby!

  23. From Kat

    Does it matter to anybody, that EJ, a human being, son of a mother… got shot twice now,
    one in the back in church, and then totally helpless and passed out in Bed…
    A human being, is a human being in my mind, and nobody has a right to take that life away…
    only in self defense, and with EJ, there was hardly self defense appropriate, not in church, not passed out, and I don’t care who pulled the trigger, Will and Sami, so what… If EJ can move on and forgive and still love Sami and Will, in a Soap world I can move on with the rest of them… LOL
    In a Soap World, you have to move on, with all kinds of crimes/wrong doings, you name it, or there would be No On going Saga, get it…. I did a long time ago.
    Does not mean, we the viewers every so often want to get some satisfaction for the evil deeds to be exposed in front of everybody, that’s what we watch for,
    but then somehow, some of the regular characters get out of trouble and keep on being part of the show…
    Because they are strong and powerful characters and we like to watch them, no matter what, like EJ, Stefano, Kate, Nicole, Brady, Kristin, Lucas, Dr. Dan, Chloe, even Caroline…bad girl…
    of course Rafe, the tainted cop,
    Sami, our perfect villain for centuries…now young Will,
    Nick the questionable “Killer”,reformed or not and his criminal Bride to be… Gaby….
    Chad, one of the best in town, how did He get so Lucky, to be named the
    “Bad Boy”, how could he possible beat out all that named crowd named above, I would say, he is one of the good guys…

  24. From patty

    No it doesn’t matter to most of us that EJ got shot in the head twice. It’s just a soap and it’s entertainment. He had it coming since he never pays for his crimes any other way. Sami the love of his life did it to him because he stole her kids. Will as a child did it because he felt he had to protect his mother from him . Yes human beings are human lives, something EJ and the Demiras don’t have much respect for. That’s why we don’t feel sorry for them when the tables are turned and they get what they deserve. Entertaining as all heck!

  25. From Katelyn

    Rafe, you are a jerk, Chad didn’t do anything wrong and yet he gets the living daylights knocked out of him and he loses Abigail for telling the truth what is wrong with this picture? I feel really sorry for Chad, he doesn’t deserve this. Rafe had better get some type of puinshment or i will scream. and good for Will on admitting he’s the father. I hope we get to see Ej’s reaction when he finds out that Rafe beat Chad into the carpet.

  26. From Clear

    In all this nothing unexpected, but I hate that they are breaking our only viable super couples up with Bo gone and John leaving. John is going to take his toys and leave town? Terrible writing! Actors can be recast though they would have to fit, and I like the ones we have.

  27. From Leah

    #19 Blaze yes EJ knew it was Will that shot him and not Lucas. Lucas stood up for his son and took the blame for it and EJ went along with it. Both men did not want to see a young Will in the clink.
    And I agree with several posters how can Chads hands be tied and threaten with jail for assaulting Nick, yet Mr Salem PD with witnesses around assaults Chad and nothing is going to come of it? Come on, assault is assault regardless of who it is. And lets remember Rafe laid into Chad for what? Telling the truth. Sorry but what a creep!
    And for the record EJ is NOT to blame for any of this so I hope Rafe fans are not going to desperately try to add him to the mix or bring up his past comparing it to Rafes actions. It simply don’t wash in this wedding fiasco. Leave EJ out of it!
    PS: After Rafes actions with Will and laying into Chad and Samis actions towards Gabi… am I STILL to believe Safe wanna eventually go home and make love. Romance – NOT, in love – NOT. The whole Safe thing is just plain gross at the moment. Rafe seems to be putting no effort into Sami, barks at her all day long and yet he seems to get the girl? Well he wouldn’t this one – ha, ha!

  28. From Shani

    Like I said in my number 8, I will have to see all of this wedding fiasco played out onscreen before I judge anything. Probably no one believes Chad at first & thinks he is just out to disgrace Gabi, because everyone knows how he feels about her, even though they don’t all know why.

    I read a spoiler that Chad will have some regrets about what he’s done after announcing the baby “truth” at the wedding. Was it the time or the place to reveal it just for the sake of revenge on Gabi?! Now not only Gabi pays but it affects a lot of other people as well.

    I would have rather had Chad keep the secret about the baby & instead reveal what Gabi did to Melanie. That way, Will could have claimed his baby in his own time & in his own way, if he chose to do so.

  29. From Shani

    26 Leah anything is possible on a soap. Some people, who are currently in the state of hating each other, & believe their son is dead, have sex together! Go figure!

  30. From Mandi

    Great post MAB and Kat and Maryl and Latrice totally agree with what you guys are saying. I love how the soap is heating up. I didn’t hear John was leaving the show just leaving town he will be back I’m sure or there would be something in the going section. I dind’t know Justin had left though… :( that’s sad.
    I can totally see Rafe pounding the crap out of Chad what I would love to see though is EJ just take one good shot and knock him on his ass lol but I know that won’t happen. So Rafe can stick by his lying sister and is ok with it but can’t stand when the woman “he loves” does it … he is so hypocritical it’s hilarious.
    I never thought about Hope not arresting Gabi for the Melanie thing because of Nick I’m sure she won’t she’s as much of a hypocrite as the rest of the salem pd clowns … because Nick is family they won’t arrest Gabi or they will help her find someway off.
    How did Gabi not bamboozle Will he kept saying he wasn’t comfortable with the arrangment and she kept playing it up like it was best for the baby … yes a lying manipulative person that Gabi is, a nut job like Nick I’m glad this is coming out and hopefully Will and Sonny can raise the baby … that will just eat Nick alive. I really hope EJ does come to Will defense I really liked it when they were working together… EJ was not a slave driver will had a fancy appt car and bank account he liked working for EJ and having all kinds of power … I like cocky will pls bring him back :)
    I unfortunaly didn’t watch the show when patch was in it ( before my time) but the things I hear of him I really hope they bring him back I am thinking of looking him up on you tube any suggestions ladies?

  31. From Shani

    Patch was great and I do hope they bring him back. One of the best storylines ever was way back when Patch & Jack discovered they were brothers.

  32. From Maryl

    Shani–I know Chad wanted his revenge on Gabi and that is one of the reasons he let out the truth about the baby, but as far as the time and place–during a wedding ceremony, there is a pause and an opportunity for someone to speak up if they know a reason why a couple might not be joined together. If Chad knew about that, maybe that’s why he chose to reveal it then. In Gabi’s and Nick’s case, I think they could still be married, however, the priest would probably post-pone the ceremony until further counseling. They kept an important truth hidden and lied about it.
    Regarding Nicole’s NYE comedy stint with EJ–she was cute, I have to admit–so was he–really cute!! I’m wondering, however, where did all that “fear” of EJ that Nicole was supposed to have go to? Sure didn’t look scared of him to me–no quaking or trembling.
    I find it very funny that all of a sudden Nicole is Rafe’s BF. Rafe who went after her in a pretty rough way–even was willing to seduce her so he could accomplish his mission and come out as a hero to Sami. But that is in the past, where a lot of stuff is and belongs. I guess that’s how we are supposed to accept all this stuff the writers are putting out. However, if so, then we shouldn’t be pulling out things from the past for any one character to use as arguments against them? Not so easy to do is it? I guess we fans also have to learn to forgive, forget and move on with these fictional characters just as they seem to do.

    Nicole all of a sudden being an expert on who loves who or who should belong with who?? So funny!!
    I seriously doubt her new found wisdom on love–she sure doesn’t apply that wisdom to her own love life nor does she seem to know the difference between love and obsession. Of course, this applies to most of Salem, not just Nikki. My opinions only.

  33. From jolie

    #3 Sandygram, perhaps Daniel wants some transition for Parker. All of a sudden the world he knows turns upside down. It is difficult for adults and surely terrible for the kids. Maybe Daniel is finally thinking about something other than his tan. Or maybe he is just afraid Kate will go over the edge. And we all can see that happening but why go after Chloe who had nothing to do with the DNA switch? And yes, let’s throw all the past crimes on the table in the open, grant immunity, then go commit some new ones!
    #8 Shani, I thought the same about Sami hitting a pregnant woman but then I thought..spoilers and they sometimes do not pan out exactly as stated. And the Jenn delay was almost as painful as the pulling of the Parker story from Chloe’s mouth. Endless!
    #16 AC in PA, I think Chad is a pretty well regarded character here and has lots of fans. Some of us worried about his character after Melanie left as he was so angry and seemed to be bouncing around without any direction but he bounced back. He’ll do it again. I liked Chad and Abigail and hope they get back to courting soon.
    #17 Kat, if Kate opened her arms to Chloe, Nancy probably wouldn’t need to come back. So maybe Nancy will go toe to toe with Kate. Maybe Nancy will make a play for Stefano if Dr Wesley is no longer in the picture. Who knows? The writers should know but sometimes that one is up for grabs as well!
    #27 Shani, no doubt Chad will see the turmoil caused by his announcement at the wedding and feel some remorse. There is a baby involved and his friends Will and Sonny, plus Abigail is mad at him. Not saying it shouldn’t have happened but maybe his timing was off. But this is a soap and DOL has had few weddings without a motorcycle thru a window, a shot to the head, some kind of large drama. Doesn’t everyone brawl at family weddings?? How better to draw new battle lines and realign your allies.

  34. From patty

    Shani, I’m with you. This wedding fiasco has not played out yet. If Chad is going to disrupt a wedding for revenge to make a big revelation like that against the bride he should know that there will be consequences. Yes he’s going to look like the bad guy and someone will knock him down. At this point for Rafe, Chad is just a lunatic crashing his sister’s wedding and making wild accusations against his sister. Sneaking around and listening on a private Dr /patient conversation to use against Gabi for revenge is as obssessive as her school girl crush gone bad on him. Probably why Abby won’t have anything to do with him afterwards. Spoilers say nothing about him exposing Gabi for Melanie’s kidnapping so I believe that is probably to keep his own butt out of jail for breaching his contract.
    As for Sami ,she will be going into her over the top screeching mode and will be making wild accusations of her own without knowing the truth. Gabi didn’t try to entice or trap Will but I see why Sami would think that since that was her way of getting her men to the altar for her own wedding fiascos. And pushing a pregnant woman around, no wonder Rafe loses it. Put a sock in it Sami and please don’t ever have sex again so you don’t get knocked up too Grandma.

  35. From Maryl

    Mandi—I totally agree with your post!
    EJ may have come across as controllng of Will because of the blackmail attempt, however, I believe he really was trying to teach Will a lesson. If Will was EJ’s slave, he sure had it good!!(Ha!) I think EJ and Will bonded during this time. Because of what went down between them, I think Will and EJ understand one another much better. I also think Will grew up a bit under EJ’s wing.

  36. From jolie

    #31 Maryl, does the reveal come before the couple is married? I thought something was said about it coming after the vows are done…but we’ll see. Puts a new twist to it. I guess the writers are making Nicole and Rafe friends after all that has happened and expect us to believe in it the same way they are now making Sami the woman Elvis loves after all he has done to her (and she has done to him). Rehabilitation. Good for the story if we can swallow it. Seems we all have a very difficult time with it, hence we discuss it immensely here. And Nicole..she is the poster child for how not to have a relationship so if she just does it all opposite of how she always has, she’ll come out all happy. Or not because this is DOL.

  37. From Shani

    31 Maryl yes it may be, & probably is, during that pause Chad steps up and has his revenge. But should he have really done it, & was it worth it, I guess is what he is going to ask himself later. As I said, I would have rather he kept the baby secret & instead let it out what Gabi did to Melanie.

    I responded to you on the other page that I agree with you about Nicole’s agenda on New Year’s Eve. But the discussion at hand was about whether or not what she did to EJ NYE was comparable to what EJ did to Sami on that dark night way back when. & I don’t think it is. 2 entirely different situations IMO. But that is over & done with & I think lulu & I are ok.

    I never felt Rafe tried to seduce Nicole back then to be a hero to Sami. He was doing right by Sami. & Nicole knows that now. Nicole & Rafe are great together onscreen, I think. But, then, she is great with anybody.

  38. From Maryl

    Shani–I responded to you on the other blog page. It seems like we are playing musical chairs here.(Ha)! I don’t feel like typing all that stuff again, so if you care to read my reply, please go back to that page.

  39. From Shani

    Maryl I read your response. The comparison was made beause another poster thought it was a double standard not to. I did not see that the circumstances were anything alike.

    DAYSCAFE SPOILER in 2 weeks says “EJ reaches out to Will”. It also says “Though she understands he is hurting, Marlena wants to change John’s mind. They are soul mates, after all, & have weathered many a storm . . . but he is gone! Will could get another chance with Sonny.”

  40. From MAB

    Maryl – yes it’s obvious who likes to make fun of others on here, and I addressed those individuals on the other page (in a lengthy post I might add, which was one of the things that was made fun of). Such cattiness by those who dwell on drama, and make personal remarks about people they don’t know. Same stuff, different day.

    Ugh, more nastiness from Nick. I wished Sonny would’ve smacked him after the comment he made to him. Granted, I’m not a fan of Will & Sonny’s gay SL, but I hate the snide comments from Nick about them. If Kate doesn’t watch out, Nick will be the downfall of Mad World. I’m glad EJ & Sami didn’t hire him.

    Hmm, EJ didn’t mind Nicole groping him & jumping all over him??? Certainly not what I saw. He could’ve been rude, but he actually beleieved she was drunk, so he was trying to be patient w/ her and not hurt her. And Maryl, spot on, where is Nicole’s so-called fear of EJ now???

    At Christmas, EJ & Kristen were made fun of for not singing in the church. Well, that is nothing compared to the upcoming event of Rafe beating up Chad in church for telling the truth. I just can’t wait to see what kind of excuses some will make for him over this.

    latrise – hey good to hear from you! I agree, EJ will back Will whether it has anything to do w/ Sami or not. Just like the day he saw Will at the Horton Square, he took the time to talk to Will about what was going on in his life. No agenda, just showing his concern for Will…unlike how Rafe treated him (I believe the same day), when he approached an obviously distraught Will only to grill him about Gabi. As for Kristen, not sure about her caring about anyone other than herself (from her actions), including her brothers, but I like your take on it and would like to see it happen. I also agree w/ you about the Parker thing. I’m not interested anymore. I hate Philip was there, and we didn’t get to see him. Of course, I know he “really” wasn’t there, but I hate they even mentioned it. I would much rather see Philip back on the show, while there are a couple of guys he could replace IMO in a heartbeat, namely Rafe & Daniel. Also, it seems Chloe may have come back to tell Daniel the truth, but she’s gonna do nothing but scheme to get him back. I’m not thrilled about her return.

    Kat – I read your post on the other page, and I addressed you about it, and addressed the individuals who started the drama w/ their childish behavior. I’m over it, and wish to no longer to discuss it. We’re ok.

    Apparently some miss a lot of the show, because when Will tried to blackmail, EJ turned the tables on him by revealing he knew all along Will was indeed the one who shot him, not Lucas. Will admitted to this as well, so it’s true, not just something that was made up. This was a BIG reveal, but I guess some missed it, or choose to ignore the facts. Either way EJ & Will worked it out between them, and they are good w/ each other now. It took a lot for EJ, Sami & Will to move on from their past, but they did, and are better people for it now. Too bad some can’t learn to do the same thing.

    Uh, Sami didn’t shoot EJ because he stole her kids, not true at all! She had her kids w/ her the night she shot him, as she had just crushed him and ripped his kids away from him. She went there to have it out w/ him because Kate uttered nonsense in her ear that didn’t & wouldn’t have happened, considering the shape EJ was in. Sami knew that, but shot him anyway. Of course, her actions were partly based off the brainwashing influence Rafe had her under at the time.

    There are only a few people who know how Chad feels about Gabi. It’s not like the whole town knows, most don’t care, and he’s only shared these feelings w/ certain people who run in the same circles. He wants to see her suffer for all the crap she’s pulled and she deserves to have her bubble busted! And there is no waiting to see how this plays out, it’s specific that Rafe pummels Chad for telling the truth…no denying it! But I already see excuses being made for Rafe’s actions, no surprise! Also, Chad isn’t the first person to disrupt a wedding or overhear a conversation. When was the last time there was a wedding that someone didn’t disrupt? And consequences he suffers should be getting beat up by the bride’s cop brother.

    I keep reading about what happened between Rafe & Nicole way back when. Rafe most definitely seduced Nicole just to get the information he needed against EJ, then he threw Nicole to the side, and was rough w/ her.

    Mandi – great post! And you’re absolutely right about EJ’s treatment of Will. Will had it made working for EJ. If that is slave driving, then I wanna be signed up!

  41. From Blaze.

    Yes, MAB, a lot of us do miss the show for lonnnnnnng stretches at a time. You know, with a full time job, family, and life, sometimes it’s a long time between visits. Heck, I never get to WATCH the show anymore. I try to keep up through this website.
    Sometimes it’s just hard to remember exactly what’s happened, and what if I didn’t get the opportunity to read back that far?
    With the way the SLs change, miss a Month, miss a Lifetime!!
    Sorry Everyone!! I didn’t ignore the facts, I just forgot them!! Heheheh!! :)

  42. From Ninnie

    does this mean another trip to the hospital for Brady and will he end up in that same hospital room along side of Jennifer because she is suppose to have an accident too. Seems like they should all start paying for room and board since that is the only HOME they all seem to know any more and does that hospital not have any more rooms but that one, and on the same floor along with the same staff all the time?? GOOD GRIEF this is getting SO OLD!!!

  43. From Blaze.

    I thought Nicole was cute on NYE with EJ. I’ve always liked them together!! And I’ll bet she was quaking and trembling a little bit, if you know what I mean!! ;)
    She was in love with him, after all!! :)

  44. From Kat

    Shani, on the other side you adressed me … saying I compared what Nicole did on NYE with EJ, to the Rape .. EJami.

    I did not, if you had read my post carefully, You know how that goes…ha, ha…
    I compared It to the Rape between Dr. Bill H. and his brother’s wife Laura. That was a bad and rough/forceful Rape. Mickey raised young Mike as his son, not knowing that he was the result of a Rape.
    Then later, Bill and Laura got together,because they loved each other, look at that…. and then had Jennifer…..
    Sounds a lot like EJ and Sami, but at least EJ gave Sami a choice, he did not man handle her…
    See how easy it is to make a false response like I did….
    And of course others had to jump on the band wagon, without having truly read my post.
    I did Not compare Nicole/Ej with The Rape… period…

  45. From MAB

    Blaze – I don’t recall pointing you out about EJ knowing Will shot him. I said some missed it or chose to ignore it. Whatever end of that you are on is of NO concern to me. But you seem to take great pleasure in dissecting everything I say, and why is that? And I guess because I watch the show everyday, then that means I don’t have a full time job, or a family, or a life. I mean that IS how you’re depicting it for those of us who keep up w/ the show, right? You know nothing about me to make any kind of assumption about me personally. So why don’t you do us both favor and can your sarcasm. It’s neither welcomed nor warranted…and that includes the other childish comments you made to me on last week’s page. How bout you leave me out of your comments from now on. You think you have the restraint to do that?

  46. From Mandi

    Is anyone else confused as why Victor doesn’t still see himself as Parkers grandfather? he is married to Maggie so technically he is still grampy vic… just don’t get it lol

  47. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Article post on TV/Line on January 9, 2013: NBC Renews Days of Our Lives Through 2014

    “As foreshadowed earlier this week, NBC has renewed Days of Our Lives through September 2014 and the soap’s 48th anniversary.”

    See the entire article on TV/Line:

  48. From MAB

    In my #40 post I said, “And consequences he suffers should be getting beat up by the bride’s cop brother”. I meant to say, “And consequences he suffers shouldn’t be getting beat up by the bride’s cop brother”.

  49. From Shani

    44 Kat sorry you misunderstood but I did not say YOU compared the NYE comedy to the Ejami “rape”. It was another poster who compared the 2 incidents & in one of my posts I was clarifying to you & Maryl what the other poster & I had been discussing.

    46 Mandi yesterday Maggie confirmed to Victor that since she will be Grandma, he will be Grandpa. So sweet how she made him feel better.

  50. From Shani

    P.S. Kat it’s all pretty confused by now but when patty jumped in to agree with me, she was saying the same thing I said vs. the other poster’s opinion. It had nothing to do with you. Hope all this clears it up.

  51. From lala only question for everyone is! With the pattern of bringing kids back..example Boe and Billie, now its Daniel and Chloe, when are they gonna bring Nicole’s little girl back!!! Cause if I remember correctly the dr. was a baby broker! so will she be alive in the future?

  52. From Kat

    Shani, ok, but when you responded, it was to me and Lulu…and she had said what you mentioned. So it was to me and her,,,,
    all I wanted to make clear, that what I was responding to Lulu about, was yes about the Nicole/EJ thing,

    but then went on to the Rape comparisons.
    So, well things happen, I know,
    but the response was to me and Lulu….
    and others did chime in…
    However, Shani, I enjoy our blogging together, even if once in a while we All have to straighten things out a bit..
    But such is life here on this blog, and it is nice, when we can do it in a friendly and adult way,like we are doing….
    Nick is starting to get to me, more and more… there is something really wrong with his attitude…
    Why is Chloe treated like that, she was a victim and so was Philip..LOL
    And Dr.Dan dismissing Stefanie’s part/and Caroline’s not to forget…
    so quickly, well Dr. Dan can not really call the Kettle black since he himself is a big black Pot.
    Let’s not forget in all this big joy… that Chloe is Parker’s Mother and he loves her. It’s bad enough the poor kid is loosing the only father he has known, but now it is starting to look as if Some want to get Chloe out of her child’s life….
    Replacing her with Jenn, LOL, Jenn, the Mother, that has not raised Her own little boy in years and years.
    That is rich….IMO
    Why wouldn’t Chloe try to make her Family whole again, let her try…
    Jenn not to long ago, chose Jack, the father of her children, and left Dr. Dan in the dust…
    And Kate, yes let her see Parker, but
    remember, Kate would not hesitate one moment to rip Parker out of Chloe’s arms.
    No gratitude for Chloe saving her life,
    No… but when Chloe was totally down and out, she put Chloe into Prostitution, etc.
    tried to kill her first of course,
    tried to kill Dr. Dan….
    and not to forget, everybody ring, ring around Nicole….who has done worse then Chloe ever…
    but for some reason that I can not understand, Chloe, just like Chad, is made out to be the Monster of Salem…
    To me, she is a Victim and the only friend she had was Dr. Carly, who our saintly Kayla also tried to destroy… Oh the good people of Salem, all depends on what your last Name is.

    Funny to watch today’s little rehearsal dinner at the Pub….. every one in the room/on the table, was a criminal in their own rights.
    Only in our town of Salem can all this happen, and we like it,,, don’t we.

    What are they up to with John…what’s going on…just when the SL is getting good, he is leaving town.
    So far, that makes no sense at all.

    About Sami and Rafe, nothing new, so many divorced couple, when cheating was involved, think that maybe, just maybe, they can get back together again and make it work.
    Sometimes, very rarely it works, but usually it falls apart for various reasons, like they say, you just can’t go back.

    Before anybody says, well the same would apply to EJ and Sami, I say not at all…
    Sami and EJ have never experienced Married Life, on a daily basis together, so there is the difference.
    They could really have a brand new relationship/marriage, etc.
    I hope it will happen.

    Everybody is talking about Rafe beating up Chad,
    I have not seen a thing yet…what am I missing….
    However, if he does beat Chad, take him downtown and book him. He is a Cop and should be held to a much higher standard, you would think… but not in Salem…

    You just got to “love” it all, in order to watch it every day…

  53. From Kat

    P.S. and let us Not forget there is Nancy, Parker’s Other Grandmother/. Maggie is not the only one, and she will hardly stand by silently, and let any monkey business go down,
    in denying Chloe her child.
    To much wrong has been done to Chloe already by the “Good” people of Salem.
    And to think Dr. Dan was willing to risk ALL for Nicole,
    but just stood by when things happened to Chloe, a Mother, and a woman he just had to have, even though she was married to Lucas.
    There is a lot of double standards going on in this town..

  54. From jolie

    I always thought Chloe was a good mother and was forced to do things that she didn’t want to do but the good citizens had basically turned their backs on her. I am not sure I want her back with Dr Love but whatever. Just don’t anyone try to take her baby. Mama Nancy was a force behind Craig Wesley, her dad when he was the town doctor. I don’t think she’ll back down from anyone. I loved Nancy when she was on the show before so looking forward to her coming back. And I can’t believe that Victor or Phillip would completely back out of the child’s life since Daniel is family. Ackward, danged tootin’ but we’re talking about a little boy here so adults, suck it up and take it. I do expect more revisionist history with babies…Nicole’s and hopefully not Gabi’s but who knows what is in store for us.
    Kat, if we take all the criminals out of Salem, we’ll be watching a blank screen, won’t we? We can argue who’s sin is greater(which goes on here constantly) but they are all great sins and most of these characters, well you sure wouldn’t want then sitting on your living room couch. Thank goodness we can turn it off and walk out on them.

  55. From Kat

    30 mandi, good post and thank you….

  56. From Michele

    #46 I did not get the Uncle Vic comment either. Vic and Maggie are the only ones other then Chloe that do not change their relationship with Parker. I know that his blood line changed but they were both his grandparents before and are now.

    I also do not see any diff. between Chad beating up Nick and Rafe beating up Chad. Unless Chad hits him first, he should be in trouble. I do not hate Rafe at all, I do not even dislike him. BUT I do, as I stated before, HATE the hypocrisy. I know that hat eis a strong word and that is honestly how I feel about the hypocrisy.

  57. From Shani

    Kat, dontcha love these mix-ups?! Wish I could give you post #’s but the page is gone now & I don’t know how to go back. Yes, you responded to lulu, saying you agreed with her that if it had been the other way around & someone distracting Rafe so EJ could kiss Sami or whoever, people would not have thought it was ok. Or words to that effect. & you also posted about the Ejami night as compared to Bill & Laura & Maryl was discussing that, too. Then I posted to you & Maryl & said that my discussion with lulu was not about any of that. It was about whether or not Nicole’s actions toward EJ NYE was as bad as EJ’s to Sami that night long ago & I explained that she felt it was & I felt it was not. I guess I caused the confusion myself when I posted to you & Maryl trying to clarify what lulu & I had been discussing. Probably didn’t matter anyway. But at any rate, I knew you were not comparing NYE with rape of any kind & I did not post otherwise.

    51 lala many of us have speculated & wanted that to happen. There is a spoiler/rumor out there saying maybe Dr. Cameron was in on a plan about Nicole’s last baby & that it could be alive. I would like that but I’m not going to hold my breath. Seems it was pretty sure to have been born dead but on the other hand, there were a lot of loopholes to the storyline.

  58. From Kat

    54 jolie, you said it lady….and very well I must add. Yes Chloe was a victim… but all the goo goo seems to go to Nicole… LOL
    Dr. Dan give a little of your good feelings to Chloe, the mother of your child, instead of Nicole,… so, I don’t even have words for it….

    56 Michele, in your blog, we have another winner….thank you….I so agree with you…

  59. From Leah

    Nick and Gabi are going to try and use Wills past (shooting EJ in the back) against him. Are they BOTH nuts? Yes… ha, ha, ha! Neither of them should be casting stones. What about their pasts? Nick has just been released from prison and Gabi is mighty lucky not to have gone to prison for her schemes and part in Melanies kidnapping. So who are these two trying to kid? Mine you if big brother (Rafe) stays true to form he will just cover it all up anyway.
    Fingers crossed EJ and Will come together to fight this baby drama. EJ has bonded with Will and thinks of him highly. EJ is just the person Will needs helping him as EJ knows exactly what it is like when the other parent wants to hide or keep you out of your childs life. EJ is also a lawyer so will know the ins and outs of the law to represent Will and give him the right advice. I think Will is gunna need EJ too as I reckon Sami is gunna be too busy over looking all of Rafes faults and Safe will be consumed with each other and more interested in getting into bed than worrying about… Sami her son, and Rafe his sister. But when is that not Safes answer to everything? And we all know Sami has proven track record of choosing men over her kids. Why would now be any different? Good on ya EJ… for stepping up to the plate with Will when he is going to need it.

  60. From Leah

    #56 Totally agree Michele. While the whole Rafe beating up Chad is a spoiler and hasn’t been played out yet… IF it does play out 100% the way we think it is Rafe is just as accountable for his actions as any other character on the show. I’m with you I hate the Brady family/Rafe hypocrisy. And for Rafe fans to go on about Chad just doing it for revenge. Who cares? At the end of the day CHAD TOLD THE TRUTH! In my opinion Chad has every right to be mad at Gabi and all of her deceitful ways. Why not out her and make her accountable. Now if the truth about the Melanie saga would just come out then I would be more than happy.

  61. From Blaze.

    Sorry MAB, I don’t have the restraint. Apparently it IS your concern and you’ve taken my words and twisted them to meet your own ends… again.
    I meant no disrespect to ANYONE, and never have.
    Sorry you had to take it that way.
    I’ll think twice before posting my questions or opinions in the future, if at all.

  62. From Kat

    Leah, sitting in my bed, with my lap top, sicker than a dog should ever be… or a human being, LOL
    reading blogs and typing away with answers, having fun,
    what else, with nose and throat against me…….
    Misery, is the word for today….again…

  63. From Shani

    Sami & Rafe really into each other today. Sami’s anger quickly turned from Nick to Kate over Nick taking Kate’s job offer. Did Nick look relieved or what that Sami was diverted?! So Chloe is back in town to reclain everything that was taken from her. & when Nicole questions her getting Dr. Dan back she says “watch me”. Oh, oh!! This is gonna be good!! I think Dr. Dan’s will have good feelings toward Chloe UNLESS she messes with Jennifer, which it appears from spoilers she is going to do.

    The wedding is going to really be an event!!

  64. From Maryl

    Jolie your post #54 is so good! You hit the nail on the head about all the sinners and criminals in the wonderful city of Salem! lol. I think we have to start forgetting their past sins and forgiving all of them because these poor characters have to endure some very questionable writing and still try to keep us loyal and supportive of them. If we had to condemn all of them for what they have done, we would not be able to watch this show or have a favorite character. The good thing is that it’s fictional, so we can afford to be more generous in our judgment — something we cannot do in the real world. lol.

  65. From Kat

    63 Shani, well look how our Nicole messed with Jennifer,
    and he still has nothing but good feeling for Nicole and she is not even His son’s Mother….
    How about that one…
    More power to Chloe, if there is just a little chance, she can give her son Parker a family back, he should have had in the first place…. before half of Salem incl. of course Vivian started messing with Her and Philips Life… Would think Victor would be more leaning towards understanding what happened to Chloe, because it also happened to his Son Philip, and not to forget, Dan’s daughter Melanie.. All victims in a big mess. What am I missing here….

    sorry Shani, I went back and read it all again….
    you lumped me and Lulu, and the other jumped in as usual, without facts.
    But it does not matter, we are moving on, and lets have fun on here.

  66. From Jerseygirl

    Don’t understand why most don’t want to see Sami with rafe? I think he’s perfect!

  67. From Shani

    Kat, if you took it that way I am truly sorry because I certainly did not write it with that intention. My post started out “Kat & Maryl”, & I explained & clarified what lulu & I were discussing. Then patty posted to agree with me, & she did have her facts & knew what my exchange with lulu was about. It had nothing to do with you. But yes, let’s move on. The other posters must know these details by heart by now & not care one bit. (lol) At least you know how I really feel & had no intent to connect you with NYE being like rape.

    I agree with you some about Chloe & I have liked her character. Always sympathized with her when she was wronged, & she was. But if she is going to hook up with that awful Anne at the hospital to bring down Jennifer, I don’ think I will like that. But on the other hand, I will be on Chloe’s side over Kate, if Kate is up to her old tricks against Chloe. Round and round we go . . . .& will have to see what actually happens.

  68. From Shani

    Kat, I figured out how to go back & here is the post -

    217.From Shani
    Comment added January 8th, 2013 at 5:42 pm
    Kat & Maryl my discussion with lulu was not about how differently people would react if Rafe had been tricked so EJ could be with Sami. It was about whether or not EJ’s forced sex with Sami to save Lucas’ life was not any worse than Nicole playing drunk New Year’s Eve & coming on to EJ so Rafe had time to kiss Sami at midnight. I feel there is no comparison between those 2 events. lulu seems to think there is & it is a double standard. I simply don’t see those 2 situations as being on the same level to be compared. But I agree with her that we will agree to disagree & there is no harm done on either side.

    By the way, I thought Nicole was a hoot & I would have felt that way, too, if she had been play acting with someone else to give EJ time with Sami or whoever. Nicole is so good!

  69. From Michele

    #60 Leah I agree with you too about Chad should not be looked at as “the bad guy” for telling the truth anymore then Kayla was looked at as “the bad guy” at as the bad guy for making Mrs. Brady tell the truth at Parker’s baptism.

    I also enjoy reading that the kidnapping murderer is use Will shooting EJ to keep him from HIS baby. I know Salem’s justice system is messed up, but I do not think that even in Salem they will think that the Kidnapping Murderer will make a better father, then the attempted murderer. I personally do not think that better aim makes you a better parent. But what do I know, because only in Salem is a misdemeanor assult looked at the same as a felony kid napping and careless disregard for human life.

  70. From patty

    Wow! I see some on here never learn and are slowly reverting back to their old ways. Hang in there Blaze, gotta be tough. I just love it when I’m being referred to as the other and blamed for God knows what and thrown digs at. I also know that Shani is right and her comments were between Lulu and herself. For the ones who are about to jump down my throat, the post will be sent to admin. I’m here to discuss the show, not to get insulted at every turn for my views.

  71. From Kat

    Shani, what does one call herself, when in the same week she makes a complete @$$ of herself, meaning Me..
    I think, I better quit reading here for awhile until my Infection gets all cleared up, Not that I am using that as an excuse…
    I am glad you hung in there and proved me wrong…..
    I accused you of not reading my post correctly, when it was me, that did that….
    Moving on, like you said, people get tired of our blah, blah, blah….LOL

  72. From Leah

    #62 Oh dear Kat… you poor thing. I’m feeling your pain. Sending healing prayers and love your way! And believing for a speedy recovery. Take it easy.

  73. From Cindy

    I am really hoping that John is only leaving Marlena so he can fool Kristin into thinking she has won and will be able to prove to Brandy what a snake she is. That darn Kristin! She is just awful, but I do love to watch her. Hahaha.

    I also hope that Rafe does not really beat up Chad. Those spoilers are always so misleading. Maybe he just take a swing at him because he thinks Chad is lying and just trying to hurt Gabi. Hopefully, he is not reacting that way once he knows the truth. I like Rafe, but that would not be cool! There should be some fall-out for that.

    Oh Sami, Sami, Sami. What a fickle little fish you are! Swimming back and forth, back and forth. Pick a pond and stay there before someone drains out all your water and you are left high and dry.

  74. From Cindy

    Kat: I have always liked you. Your posts are always fun to read and you seem very fair minded. You are even admitting you have made a mistake – that’s all just a flu fueled mistake. We should all take a lesson from you. What a classy lady you are! Take care of yourself and get better!

  75. From Shani

    70 Kat glad it’s staightened out. You know the old saying, I make enough mistakes all on my own, I don’t need to be misunderstood, too. (lol) Get well! Hope you don’t have the awful flu that’s going around.

  76. From Shani

    P.S. Kat do you have any brandy left? Might feel good going down & then that oh so comfy feeling afterward. I know cause I love brandy!!!

  77. From Kat

    Shani, thank you, I guess this week it did not only rain for me,,,, it poured, LOL…
    Like I said, I am not using my Cold as an excuse, it was all my own fault..

    Cindy, that is so sweet, and thank you.
    Just trying to be honest, and admit when I am wrong.. It’s very liberating, and no “stones” have fallen out of my “Crown.”…ha,ha..

    Wonder what is really going on with John….
    and yes Sami, like Cindy said, you might try to swim in an empty pond. That is so funny….
    Again Shani, you are a good sport….Thank you…

  78. From Kat

    75 Shani, your post just popped in…
    Only Raisin soaked Brandy,
    and I really don’t have any taste for it…
    I also enjoy a nice Brandy after, when out for dinner, or even at home after a special dinner.
    Miss Grandma Judy’s talk about us liking Merlot…

  79. From gerri

    I do hope as well,you aren’t getting that virus,thats showing up.they said It’s bad….
    Drink plenty of fluids(esp OJ)
    and rest,rest,rest.

    IF you start getting hoarse,and lose your voice,try my former bro-In law’s treatment(he was the lead singer in a band)he always did this,mix,honey, DR.Pepper,and lemon,get very warm and sip it…It worked for him…

  80. From karen

    had to vote other…surprised so many voted why does Kate care…Daniel left her for Chloe and Kate is not the kind to forgive and forget…Parker is a pawn to get back at both of them…(not saying she should use a child, just that her character would)…WOULD SOMEONE please please please clue me in as to iwho anne is

  81. From karen

    if this posts…why would daniel trust kate with parker…didn’t she frame him for chloe’s attempted murder…and who is anne who hates jenn?? do they mean Anna, anna dimera…if she does, why??? fill me in!

  82. From cassie

    Sami is so stupid. She was going to hit a pregnant girl. Another question, how did Chad find out? Chad was at the party when someone were listening in on Gabi and the doctor. So I bet I know who told. These grown old people need to grow up and not slitering behind door. EJ

  83. From Maryl

    Kat, I hope you will be feeling better soon! The flu has hit Texas really hard this year. My two grandsons and daughter had it. So far, knock on wood, my husband and I have been spared. I played nursemaid to the kids, so I have been exposed. I did have a flu shot so maybe that might help, however, people here are getting it regardless.

    Cindy #72–loved your description of Sami as being a fickle little fish! Ha! So cute!

  84. From Linda

    Shani and Kat, I have to hand it to you ladies. Terrific job clearing up that misunderstanding. Hope you feel better soon, Kat.

    cassie #79, that’s a good point about Chad being at the party so was it someone else listening to Gabi and Cameron and they passed the info on to Chad? My guess would be Kristen, even over EJ. Or did Chad manage to get over to the hospital for some reason? People come and go from one location to the other so fast on the show. But I don’t see any reason why he would have been there.

    Considering the circumstances at the wedding when Chad blows everything wide open, my guess is that Rafe does overreact at first and it’s just a matter of how badly he hits on Chad. Bad enough, I guess, that Will stops it and tells that he’s the baby’s father.

    So many signs that Gabi should not marry Nick. I can understand him not wanting Will to be part of the baby’s life, godfather and all that, many couples prefer a closed adoption and years ago that’s how it always was. But in this case he and Gabi and Will all know Will is the father so in a small town like Salem, how can the togetherness be avoided?! Nowadays many couples have an open adoption, where all the parties know who each other are, and it can work out very well. I’m not sure that’s how I would want it if I had adopted, but it can work if everyone is mature about it and acts like an adult.

    I can’t wait for the wedding. I’m glad the truth will come out, but I just wish Will had been able to make up his own mind to tell it when he wanted to.

  85. From jolie

    #81 Linda, I think Chad was on to Will a bit at the party and the conversation between Cameron about the date and saw that Cameron was thinking something was up. And that Will jumped to make a call as Cameron has to go. Chad said he was not invited to the party so maybe he was listening in to Will’s call and that led him to Cameron at the hospital. Just some old detective tools, shoe-leather and eavesdropping. Time tested and true, each time and every time. And I think you are on to something about Will being the baby’s godfather. People all over have taken in kids by adoption and some just like this scenario where a guy steps up to be a dad. The expectation on most is that the bio-dad does not interfere because it usually breeds some kind of angst for someone. Yes, poor Will has not made up his mind if he wants to be in the baby’s life. Perhaps he should have tapped the brakes earlier and talked to someone…even Father Tobias since Eric is family. But too late, that boat has sailed. So now it is a free-for-all at the wedding with secrets and punches thrown. Could it be any better for us viewers!
    I am hoping we move on from baby stories after this one for a while. We have a bit of joy over Parker being Daniel’s but Victor is a little down about it. So imagine how Phillip would be if he were on the show now; it is just sad for someone. Chloe did mention to Nicole that she had to kiss his axx to get to see Parker so things have not been easy for her. I hope Chloe doesn’t come in and try to pull dirty tricks to get back with Daniel but then this is DOL so we’ll probably be treated to a few. I am just a bit tired of the pulling a child in all these directions. But then I think back to King Solomon and the two women claiming the same child…it has been going on for all times.

  86. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from the Variety Article on ‘Days of Our Lives’ 12,000th Episode’, posted January 10th:

    “In these times, we take it year to year,” says Corday, adding that he hopes that soaps can still fill a void for viewers who have so many more options now than when the genre was thriving in the 1970s and ’80s.”

    “You always have to find ways of re-inventing the wheel, but people watch the show for romance, to get that emotional satisfaction from watching two people fall in love,” he says. “That’s our bread and butter.”

    See the entire Article at:

  87. From MAB

    Blaze – I did nothing of the sort to twist your words, that is your forte, not mine. I guess the personal assumptions you made about me, and how you made fun of my comments (on last week’s page) isn’t being disrespectful. Right… All I ask is that you stop addressing me on a personal level. And don’t play the victim card about posting…just have enough respect to leave me out of it and that will be the end of it.

    And to those who chimed in about this, the ones that never learn, you are the ones who keep bringing it up. If you want to involve Admin, go ahead, because they can read, and should clearly see the ones causing the problems w/ the personal comments.

    I’m done!

  88. From Blaze.

    Sorry again, MAB, but my exact words were, “You know, with a full time job, family, and life, sometimes it’s a long time between visits.”
    If you don’t know what it’s like to have a full time job, family, or life, please don’t take it out on me. As far as I’m concerned, you twisted my words, or didn’t read all of them.
    I apologized. Please leave me alone.
    (And I’ve been here many times… you’re not done.)
    Happy Day All!! :)

  89. From jolie

    I tried to post earlier but it didn’t take then took a later one. I’m trying again. Might be out of synch but please forgive.

    #62 Kat, Mr. Boston’s Rock N Rye. That is if it is the croup (is that a Southern term or all over?) not the flu. Hope you get better soon and that you are in bed, smartest thing you can do for yourself and family.
    #63 Shani, I felt sorry for both Rafe and Sami when I watched the show. They seem to be so happy and satisfied with one another and we know it will not last and again we’ll have the hurt and blame (and that is here on this blog) and not to mention the bouncing around to Elvis for Sami when it falls apart. I just don’t get it. And while Nick should be wary of Kate, he should also be wary of Sami. He is not pleasing many these days except Gabi and that will go South when she stops hopping when he growls. Yes, the wedding ought to be a large time for mostly us viewers, wouldn’t you just hate to be there!
    #64 Maryl, let’s make a pact that we’ll try our best to forget their past sins and only pin their axxes to the wall about the present ones and maybe we’ll spread the good cheer. The current sins will be enough to keep us busy if you look at the present story lines. And the ones we have going now are pretty good.
    #72 Cindy, if only John were that smart. I think he has his head stuck where he isn’t getting much oxygen lately. How can he up and leave his wife when that is exactly what Kristen intended. How can he think Brady can see thru it if he can’t see thru it himself. Numbskulls! Maybe Marlena and Hope can formulate a plan to get to the heart of it…well, let’s say the black heart of it and that is Kristen and yes, fun to watch. I too think Rafe will take a swing at Chad because he will think it is a lie being spoken against his sister..say to accuse her of sleeping around so to speak and perhaps trying to pass off a child as the proposed groom’s. Rafe, or any other male relative, would not be happy with that being said. But Chad will get his point across and that might be worth a black eye to him. Plus it will fuel the fire for future animosity between Rafe, Chad, Will, Gabi, Sami, Eric, Nick, and a partridge in a pear tree. And Sami is like a puppy. If you are holding the treat, she is in your lap and licking your face. Right now Rafe again and is it because she is pissed at Elvis because of Kristen sleeping with Brady? Or because she can’t make up her mind and really loves both guys a little? Or loves herself a lot but is scared of herself without someone to take the blame and try to please her? And I thought Rafe had made it her mind for her and was taking himself out of her orbit, lasted almost an episode! So when she flits back to Elvis and she will, how can she say she no longer loves Rafe and now loves Elvis? Cindy, you are right, would serve her right to find herself in a dry pond. I love Sami but danged if I want to see Rafe or Elvis tangled up with her because I like them so much as well! Oh, the confusion!

  90. From Doolsaster

    The way I see it if Nick goes after Will, one of 2 things will happen (or maybe both). 1.) Gabi’s role in Melanie’s abduction and near death experience will be exposed or used as leverage to hide Will’s crime. EJ knows exactly what she did b/c Chad told him BEFORE he signed the agreement to keep his mouth closed. Rafe knows that EJ knows, so he should be very careful. EJ would have no problem telling Sami and Sami is has alot of blackmail experience. Or maybe EJ will give Will an opportunity to put some of the blackmail skills he taught him to use. I would personally like to see her crimes exposed and Will granted full custody. 2.) Nick will lose his fancy job offer. Nick is a felon and his only job offers have come from Sami (Will’s mom) and Kate (Will’s grandmother), neither of which that will care to hire him after they realize that he was trying to keep their grandchild from them. With that being said, Gabi and Nick will be supporting the child with their jobs at the Brady Pub. I can’t stand Nick’s character and want to see his parole revoked. Besides, do Nick and Gabi really think they can go up against Sami, Kate, and EJ?!?!?! No way, but I would like to see them try and lose royally!!! Although they hate each other, I really liked when Sami and Kate teamed up at Countess W. As for Sonny and Will, Will should have been straight with Sonny from the start–who cares what Nick told him to do, he should have been honest. Sonny had a right to know the truth. Lastly, I want to see Sami completely walk away from Rafe. I used to really like him, but he is a self-righteous jerk. I hated how he chased after Carrie and then lied about being the father of Nicole’s baby, etc. I lost alot of respect for his character, especially since he’s always trying to tell everyone else to do the right thing. Plus, it would be weird for the baby’s grandmother to be married to the baby’s uncle. I never thought I would say this but at this point, I want to see her with EJ–he accepts her for who she is, and they have children together. He doesn’t try to change her and let’s face it, she’s not going to change so she might as well be with someone that truly accepts her. Team Ejami!

  91. From Cindy

    Karen: Ann is that rotten busy body from the hospital that has had it in for Jennifer ever since she went to work at the hospital. She is always verbally attacking her. Chole will find a good ally in her because she already hates Jennifer.

  92. From Shani

    89 jolie know what you mean feeling sorry for Sami & Rafe yesterday, seeing them so happy & knowing what’s ahead for them. I still think EJ is playing Sami but I kinda even felt sorry for him today, too, because Sami is only going to run to him after she & Rafe disagee after all that happens at the wedding. EJ will have no idea what Sami was intending to tell him & he is 2nd choice only due to her temper tantrum against Rafe. But I don’t think Sami will be with EJ for long, either.

    I don’t like Nick but it was a Comical scene between him & Rafe & after all Nick’s explaining Rafe was only there to give him & Gabi the honeymoon trip. I wonder if they are leading up to Gabi & Rafe’s mother dying? Would be a way to for writers to bring Sami back from EJ to Rafe. Sympathetic to Rafe’s loss & then gazing into those sexy eyes!

    Don’t know what to think about Chad. Such a cool customer today that I would almost believe he doesn’t know yet about Nick not being the baby daddy. Maybe he isn’t the one always eavesdropping, but I think he proably is.

    Glad Victor has a good attitude about Parker’s new paternity. I had mixed feelings about Kate’s encounter with Chloe. I would hate to be cut off from a child I had bonded with as a grandmother. But then I’ve never tried to kill my daughter-in-law!! Could be some hard feelings there!! lol

  93. From MAB

    #88 – OMG, there you go again making assumptions about me personally…and that is YOUR problem. Everyone knows I don’t discuss my personal business on here, but FYI, I do have all those things (a full time job, family, life, etc.). You purposely took what I said and twisted it when I said “I guess some missed it, or choose to ignore the facts”. I didn’t mention anyone’s names, and I’ve never once addressed you. In fact I’ve never addressed you first, only when you address me. So who is the one who won’t leave ME alone??? You continue to address me w/ your sarcastic remarks, when all I’ve asked you to do is leave ME along repeatedly, and you still won’t do it obviously. And another FYI, my “I’m done” comment meant I’m done with you not w/ this site…another incorrect asinine assumption of yours.

    I had a request to read this post. I do not see an issue with this post but please if someone is making sarcastic remarks, let us know instead of engaging. ADMIN

  94. From MAB

    Love seeing more & more EJami’s commenting on here. Enjoying most of the posts!

  95. From Blaze.

    I knew exactly what you meant by “I’m done.”, MAB. And obviously, you’re not… as I said you wouldn’t be. Thanks for not letting me down.
    Now, please move on.
    Wonderful Day All!! :)

  96. From Maryl

    Jolie #89 That pact soumnds like a good deal! Heavens knows there will be plenty of new sins committed in the future. As long as the little kids aren”t used/involved in hurtful situations because of the crazy “adult” Salemites, I think I can take it!lol! I’ve reached the point where I don’t care what they do to one another. But be warned–I will still take up for and try to justify EJ’s bad behavior! It’s always such a challenge!lol!

    MAB–I noticed the same thing! I think it is great to be able to read some more EJami blogs.

  97. From Kat

    Feeling better, slowly, and it’s not the flu. Thanks for all the good wishes..
    Kate calling Chloe a Slot, so rich, I guess the pots and kettles are a part of Salem.
    EJ was so sweet today, pouring out his heart..
    Rafe, smug as always, and I truly think, all he is after is getting Sami into Bed. Sex, sex as it used to be…That guy just rubs me the wrong way. Hope they get interrupted, don’t think Sami is really sure yet, but he keeps pushing her..

    I just don’t see the loving tenderness I see coming from EJ.
    Beautiful scenes today with EJ/Sami and Johnny..and then with Uncle Chad.
    Nick and Gaby, big puzzle there, she still when around Chad acts as if she is the Victim, and not Melanie and Chad…

    Kate wants mercy from Chloe, but in the same token, she will do anything to take the little boy away from His Mommy…
    She does not care about that boy,
    only what she wants and Revenge against Chloe. Hope Dan will also find out that it was loving Grandma Kate that helped force Chloe into prostitution, when she was totally down and out… Nice Grandma, loves Parker, oh yes….

    Maryl, MAB, I have also noted more EJami’s on here.
    It will happen, but not before a few more Road blocks, twists and turns,
    slow boat to China….and then the big Tsunami of Love and Romance will sweep EJ and Sami away, and us EJami Fans will have our day in the Sun,,, finally, long overdue…

  98. From Leah

    Samis chosen Rafe based on what? Love? I don’t see it. Rafe has done nothing to try and win her back. All he has done is bark commands and ultimatums and then gone back on his word (I’m done with you and playing games) and then does backflips. Yep REALLY endearing and romantic – NOT! Sami is a d**n fool is all I can say!
    So lets get this right… Sami tells EJ she has chosen Rafe and is going to be in his bed that night but when it all goes to hell runs back and sobs on EJs shoulder. Oh dear EJ (I love ya) but you’ve always been a Sami fool. I suppose they say true love is blind. I personally would like to see the writers man EJ up a bit now and tell Sami “You made your bed now lie in it.” And in the words of Chuck Bass to Blair Waldrof “I have chased after you for a long enough, its now time you chased me.” And then walk away EJ (and don’t look back) and let Sami come crawling back and try to win you over. Well, I can only wishful think hey. Thats how I’d write it – LOL

  99. From Leah

    PS: While I do love Samis character…. come on Days there has to be more single, attractive, motherless, available woman in Salem than Sami. All these men fighting over her left right and centre. Honestly Sami needs a man break. All this darting backwards and forwards between Rafe/EJ then EJ/Lucas and now back to EJ/Rafe is silly. And it makes the men who seem willing to put up with it look like really drongos! Give Sami a break and clear her head and THEN have her PURSUE and CHASE after the man she wants. Make her work for it for a change! I am SO OVER this “I’m torn and can’t make up my mind business.” Yuk!

  100. From gerri

    Strange,that Kate Is suddenly acting so grandmotherly,If she ever mentioned Parker,I can’t remember,butif she did,It wasn’t many times,and My question,If she truly cares(which we all know she don’t)she would be supporting,this new situation,so Parker could have,a stable family life,and sure wouldn’t be trying to tear him away from his Mother,guess she has forgotten how painful It was for her,when Austin and Billie,was taken away from her by Curtis.
    I really hope It doesn’t take long,to bring her down for her part in trying to destroy Chloe’s life.

    but Chloe also needs to accept,Daniel moving on with his life,and she needs to do the same.
    available men in Salem,some from her past,Lucas,boy would Kate hate this or Brady,or could it be a new one maybe ,Rafe,or EJ,which ever one Sami,throws away.or could the writers have someone else in mind?just please don’t put her back with Daniel,I think he really does care about Jenn.

    can’t wait for the big day tommorow,to see everything come crashing down.I do want Gabi to be exposed for the kidnapping of Melaine.

  101. From Blaze.

    “Oh well, I’m sure I’ll just end up seeing another post from you so you can have the last word.”
    Thanks, MAB. Still not done?

  102. From Cindy

    I just can’t stand it! I am at work and they have not posted today’s recap yet. What is a girl to do? I guess I could work, but where’s the fun in that? Hurry, hurry, hurry!!! :-)

  103. From SandyGram

    Just wanted to jump in for a minute and say I loved everything about today’s show. I’ll be back later for a more detail overview of what I saw in ‘today’s show, but first I have a long string of 1st and 2nd cousin’s to add to my Family Tree before I forget the details. See ya’ll soon!

  104. From Blaze.

    Take your time, SG!! Your posts are always worth the wait!! :)

  105. From patty

    Loved it when Chloe slammed the door in Kate’s face. That woman has a lot of nerves, after everything she has done to Chloe, to even think she’s going to let her have access to her child. I so get a kick out of a woman like Kate calling someone a slut after having been a prostitute herself and having slept with half the men in Salem. Chloe is no more an unfit mother than she is either. Chloe fought long and hard for her child and I hope no one tries to take her son away from her and that includes Dr Daniel. Children should be with their mothers unless she is unfit and Chloe is not.
    Rafe and Sami were good together yesterday and today and looked so happy but Sami’s fickleness takes away from the moment and leaves me not caring one way or the other who she’s with. I thought the sheepish , lovestruck EJ was as sappy as a schoolboy on his first date declaring his “I feel you” . What have they done with the real EJ? Unless EJ already knows what she’s up to and this is all an act because I can’t believe the old EJ would have been so blind as not to see that she is two timing him. Why would any man want to be with a woman that has two men on the go at the same time? She is making fools out of both of them.
    I get kind of weirded out by all the awkward, happy, nicey nice atmosphere of the last two days knowing that it’s all about to hit the fan . I find it quite creepy of Chad pretending to be nice so he can worm his way in so he can strike and exact his revenge. No wonder Abby won’t forgive him. I can’t wait for the wedding fiasco to be played out and everything to be out in the open so people can return to their normal selves. Well as normal as it gets on Days.

  106. From Kat

    Just an observation,
    When Dan loved Chloe, and cheating on Lucas with Him…
    She was wonderful…..
    When She was with Dan, and had a drunken unplanned romp with Phil,
    she became a Slot…
    Could Dr. Dan then feel Lucas’ pain…
    I guess it all depends what day it is…..and who you are doing it with…

    Kate tried to kill Chloe for cheating on Lucas.
    she should have “poisoned herself” when she cheated on Stefano.
    Just to keep it all fair…LOL
    I can see Chloe having some illusions about making a family again for her Son, with Mom and Dad…why not…
    Dr. Dan is not married yet..
    Jennifer went back with the father of her children, left Dr.Dan…
    Dan could decide to go with Chloe and Parker….
    But I have a feeling they are making Chloe go “dirty” in getting back Dr. Dan…and I don’t like that at all.
    She has been put through enough, when everybody kept interfering in her life.
    And of course Vivian did not help one bit. Phil also was a victim, and look how that man is suffering now.

    Poor Parker, hope he does not loose his Mom on top of loosing his Dad.
    I am tired of messing with kids, and they know at his age, and they hurt…

  107. From Arlene

    Kat, you should probably go to the dr. soon. Both my husband and I had the same bug and it turns into an upper respiratory infection. You need an antibiotic to get rid of it. It’s going around bigtime in MD and PA.

    I hadn’t heard that Justin left the show. I thought that he did a temporary thing on his last soap opera, but I don’t think he left Days. Can anyone confirm what is the truth on this. If he goes, then Adrienne will probably go too.

  108. From MAB

    I rest my case #102.

  109. From janeycake

    I thought Chad spied on Gabi and the doctor visit but it was never said who the bio dad was. I don’t think Chad knew it was Will, he might have done things differently. Will stands up to proclaim his status as Nick was so cold with the absolutely never be the godfather, just the last straw I think.

    Idea: Have Nicole actually get bored enough or whatever to actually start going to the homeless shelters and start giving suggestions and advice to the homeless people and all their situations. Could develope alot of humor in this.

    Maybe Sami will just impulsively marry EJ someday and that is how her indecision will be resolved. I’m a total Ejami fan!

  110. From Linda

    I am Linda, not to be confused with Linda #14 on the other page, which I explained in #18 on the other page.

    Kat, glad you are feeling a little better. Probably good advice from Arlene, though, to go to the doctor. Or maybe you already have.

    I loved yesterday’s show. I have loved Sami and Rafe the past two days, especially. But it’s all for nothing, at least for a while, since she will turn back to EJ after the wedding mess. But then how long will that last?!

    I don’t think Nick’s apology to Will was sincere and now his overbearing ways will surface once again over Gabi wanting Will to be gotfather to the baby. I’m still not clear as to whether or not Gabi and Nick are actually married when the wedding brawl breaks out.

    Chad is sure a smooth one, if he does indeed already know Nick is not the daddy. But if he does know and is the one who has been eavesdropping, then Abby’s invitation to the wedding has opened up a golden opportunity for him to exact revenge on Gabi.

  111. From Linda

    I guess I still think there is a possibility that Kristen was the one eavesdropping and tells Chad what she heard. But I could be way off base.

  112. From NATZ

    i wish my PVR recorded it looks like the show is getting good.

    From what i read, i gather Sami will go running into EJ’s arms and make sexy eyes the minute Rafe the ape sticks up for Gabi.

    As for Gabi, i dont like her on the show, Nick too! Get rid of them!

    Kristen is someone i love to hate she brings so much dramarama to Days.

    WHERE IS STEFANO??? Why hasent he retunrned yet, the Phoenix is overdue for an appearance.

  113. From MAB

    Neither Kate nor Chloe have any real morals, so neither one has room to talk about each other’s past indiscretions. But from their altercation yesterday, I see both sides to what they had to say. We don’t always see the time that is supposedly spent w/ any of the kids on the show, so we have to assume from Kate’s remarks that she has spent sufficient time w/ Parker. I think it’s sad that Chloe would instantly remove Kate from his life, because bottom line, that isn’t fair to Parker. But from what Kate has done to Chloe, she has valid reasons why she wants Kate out of her & Parker’s life. My problem is how Philip is screwed in all this, and how he has just been kicked out of Parker’s life when he is the only father Parker has known, another thing that isn’t fair to Parker. Not that Daniel shouldn’t be recognized as his real father, nor take on being his dad, but Philip did nothing to deserve this, and I think it’s sad that Philip will be just discarded from Parker’s his life so easily. Also, looks as tho Chloe will try to win Daniel back, and also take up w/ Ann at the hospital against Jen. So her scheming makes her no better than Kate or anyone else, as she is there to use her son to try to get back w/ Daniel. So I’m not too thrilled w/ Chloe’s return or what will trouble she’s gonna cause, but I’m not looking for her actions to have a real long term affect, as her stint is short term on the show. And since her stint is short term, I still like my original idea for Chloe’s SL to end w/ finding out she is dying and have to leave Parker to be raised by Daniel.

    EJ & Sami’s scenes yesterday were great, as usual. They bring out the best in each other, character-wise & actor-wise. EJ was so genuine & tender w/ her, telling her how he feels, and being honest w/ her. He admitted (to what some referred to as scheming) that he took the job at CW to help her & be near her. I love it, because he isn’t the one playing games here. No doubt James Scott can play his character in multiple ways, and I think he is doing it very well. He is separating how he is w/ Sami, the loving man he can be, from how he is in business, powerful & ruthless. Sami also seemed genuinely upset after he told her he was in love w/ her. She said she wasn’t expecting that, but in a way, I think she’s always known how EJ feels. I mean this isn’t the first time he’s told her he loves her. I still think she feels her choice has to be Rafe, but not because that is what she necessarily wants. She says she’s gonna tell EJ (about Rafe), but I don’t think she really wants to. She needs to wake up and see EJ is the one for her, the one who truly loves her for who she is, and wants to do nothing but make her happy…and not control & belittle her like Rafe does. Seems she’s always smiling w/ EJ, and frowning w/ Rafe, and for me, that says it all. And speaking of Rafe, there was nothing whatsoever appealing about him & Sami, especially his actions around her. He acts like a horny teenager, trying to bag his first score. YUCK! And what has he done since NYE except for insult her, comparing her to Kristen, bringing up his obsession w/ EJ, and how he is obviously playing a game in getting her back. Seems to me instead of telling her how he feels (and not once have I heard him utter that he loves her), it’s like all he wants to do is jump her bones.

    I enjoyed Will & Sami’s conversation yesterday. You can see how much she loves Will. And little Johnny running in to see his daddy, them high-fiving each other, and him dragging EJ off to school was so cute. I’m glad EJ & Chad ran into each other too, and I liked their talk. I like them being brothers.

    How wishy-washy can Gabi be? One minute she’s backing Nick as they unload on Will about not having anything to do w/ the baby, then she sits there and tells Will she wants him to be the baby’s godfather. What? Of course, spoilers say Nick says no way, and I’m sure brainwashed Gabi will agree, as she seems to go along w/ anything Nick says. I can’t wait until the fallout at the wedding. It’s time her lies come out.

  114. From TerriK

    Blaze- u were trying to cause trouble and you did take a dig at MAB. I stay out of this kinda stuff now, but you also offended me when u implied that people who watch the show daily must not have a job, family or a life. I have all 3 but I do take an hour of my day to watch a show i’ve watched since I was a little girl. What’s so wrong with that exactly? It’s called being a fan. And you chimed in on the dig to MAB about the essay comment. So dont play the innocent. You asked a question about the Will/EJ shooting- patty implied that it was never really clear if EJ knew…however, Will admitted it from his own mouth….if u really read your arguement with MAB – I dont think she was even directing the comment about choosing to ignore the facts about what Will did…but i cant speak for her…but I will come to her defense

  115. From jolie

    #92 Shani, I too felt sorry for Elvis as he was telling Sami he loves her and she was just kissing Rafe. What the what! Sami is playing Elvis for a fool right now and Rafe was well. She is leading them both on and that has never worked out for anyone. All it takes is one argument and Sami is off and running to her back up man. I do not like the way this is happening. I don’t mind Sami being conniving, being slightly mean, being slightly clueless, or a little manic in her behavior. I do have a problem when she is being written as a dumbaxx. This is not Sami. Sami is stronger and would not have a problem doing what she wanted to do. And she has never had a problem with making up her mind…normally that is her problem – that she has made up her mind and goes after what she wants with a vengeance, hell bent for leather, taking no prisoners as she goes. What the heck is wrong with Sami??
    And I think Chad was indeed the eavesdropper and is just being cool and biding his time for the right moment. He is a Dimera and is just developing his sense of timing…Fatha would be so proud! Actually it is a really devious plan…I am kinda proud of him too.
    #96 Maryl, go for it gal. You are most certainly up to the challenge of backing up Elvis. And I am most certainly not against him. Actually I am not against any character right now. I have my favorites like Nicole but I see her for what she is…flawed, funny, sweet, devious, deadly, at times redeemed.
    #97 Kat! Back to the land of the living, I see. Good for you! I think Kate does love little Parker but Kate has to blame someone and she loves revenge as well as the next person on this show, probably more. Chloe better be aware and listening to her spidey senses.
    #98, #99 Leah, tell it girl! Sami is sort of making fools of both men but they don’t know it yet. Elvis is all sweetness and sunshine around her now because he thinks she feels what he feels. Rafe too assumes that since Sami is responding and even discussed telling Elvis that they were back together that he is the man in her life. I think they should both walk away from her then let Lucas tell her ‘I told you so.’ I like Sami but this is ridiculous. What grown man would stand for this??
    #106 Patty, amazing that Kate doesn’t see herself in Chloe and like her and help her…what am I saying. That is probably why Kate doesn’t like her, she sees herself and her past in her and knows the harm she has done her own kids…but won’t own it. And I am a Kate fan! And I agree…where is the real Elvis??
    #110 Janeycake, that is a good slant on Chad…he might not do what he is going to do at the wedding if he actually knew Will was the father of the baby. And your idea on Nicole, the show ought to pay you for that one. Would it not be so funny for her to be a life coach for the homeless? If not a lifecoach…an advocate? She would be perfect.

  116. From Linda

    #115 TerriK, on the other hand I took Blaze’s comments about a job, family, etc. as being directed to herself and an explanation of why she doesn’t get to watch the show all the time and sometimes misses things. That certainly applies to myself and I was not at all offended by what she said. A misunderstanding between the two people is how I see it and it appears to be over. This is exactly what I meant when I said sometime earlier that things get waaay to heated and in depth on this site.

  117. From MAB

    #115 TerriK – thank you! This nonsense has been going on w/ this individual who started it by addressing me last week. It makes NO sense and regardless of what prompted her to start it, it was the fact of how she turned it into something personal. You can argue w/ me all day about the show, but there is no excuse for getting personal w/ someone for any reason. And there is no excuse for that kind of behavior on here, yet some can say what they want and continue to get away w/ it. I’m sick of it! I don’t know how many times you have to tell someone to leave you alone before they can take a hint.

    #117 Linda – with all due disrespect to you, the job/family/life comment isn’t the issue here, and wasn’t the root of the problem, as this started last week when this individual rudely addressed me on a personal level.

  118. From Blaze.

    Okay… for the sake of argument, here is a little history lesson.
    (Sorry folks, this is a little long, but I feel my back is to the wall!) 

    #19: I asked if EJ knew it was Will that shot him.
    (Thank you to everyone that replied with the facts!! I had forgotten them!!)

    #40: Part of your post: “Apparently some miss a lot of the show, because when Will tried to blackmail, EJ turned the tables on him by revealing he knew all along Will was indeed the one who shot him, not Lucas. Will admitted to this as well, so it’s true, not just something that was made up. This was a BIG reveal, but I guess some missed it, or choose to ignore the facts. Either way EJ & Will worked it out between them, and they are good w/ each other now. It took a lot for EJ, Sami & Will to move on from their past, but they did, and are better people for it now. Too bad some can’t learn to do the same thing.”

    #41: My reply: “Yes, MAB, a lot of us do miss the show for lonnnnnnng stretches at a time. You know, with a full time job, family, and life, sometimes it’s a long time between visits. Heck, I never get to WATCH the show anymore. I try to keep up through this website.
    Sometimes it’s just hard to remember exactly what’s happened, and what if I didn’t get the opportunity to read back that far?
    With the way the SLs change, miss a Month, miss a Lifetime!!
    Sorry Everyone!! I didn’t ignore the facts, I just forgot them!! Heheheh!! “
    (Wow! Sounded like I was picking on myself, not YOU!!)

    #45: Your reply: Blaze – I don’t recall pointing you out about EJ knowing Will shot him. I said some missed it or chose to ignore it. Whatever end of that you are on is of NO concern to me. But you seem to take great pleasure in dissecting everything I say, and why is that? And I guess because I watch the show everyday, then that means I don’t have a full time job, or a family, or a life. I mean that IS how you’re depicting it for those of us who keep up w/ the show, right? You know nothing about me to make any kind of assumption about me personally. So why don’t you do us both favor and can your sarcasm. It’s neither welcomed nor warranted…and that includes the other childish comments you made to me on last week’s page. How bout you leave me out of your comments from now on. You think you have the restraint to do that?

    And then it was on.
    (#61, #87, #88, #93, #95, #100, #102)
    I didn’t try to start an argument with You or with ANYONE, and I apologized more than once.
    (That wasn’t good enough and it was thrown back in my face, #100. Nice.)

    I’ve repeatedly asked you to PLEASE* move on.
    (*A word never mentioned in ANY of your posts. Asinine, yes, but Please, no.)
    Now you’ve brought others into it. And this isn’t the first time.


    So, can you PLEASE move on?!
    I would appreciate it very much, and I’m certain everyone else would too!!
    Thank you!! :)

  119. From Blaze.

    MAB: So what are you saying?! Last weeks post by you wasn’t lengthy?! Is that the ‘attacking’ you’re talking about?! You yourself have admitted to long posts!! And, it was LONG!! Just my opinion, which I’m supposed to be able to have.
    And, if it was about Dribble/Drivel, those words can be swapped for each other in that instance!!
    I wasn’t making fun of you, I thought it was funny.
    I apologize again, if you took it that way!!
    I have tried to ignore the mean remarks you keep making, but seriously, I have feelings too!! It’s not all about you, considering you misunderstood my meanings from the beginning. Instead of jumping to conclusions, come out and ask.
    Try having a little fun out here, ‘cuz people aren’t picking on you!! And I’m certainly not!!
    Thanks. :)

  120. From TerriK

    Linda- I try and stay neutral and see it from both sides. In fact i’ve held my tongue long enough in this case because MAB had some personal insults thrown at her last week and it wasn’t right. And now Blaze can’t even fess up to it and apologize. Instead would rather continue to try continue to make MAB look like she threw the first stone. You have your opinion on the job/life comment and I have my own. Like MAB, I can enjoy a good disagreement about the show/characters/story line, but comments below the belt are unnecessary. This is a site to leave comments. There is no limit as to how much we can write and therefore those who don’t like the lengthy comments, scroll through them and keep your rude comments to yourself. The end. I’m not going to argue with you, but if you are gonna chime in too, maybe find out all the facts first to avoid petty arguements.
    MAB- no thanks needed. You’ve come to my defense as well in the past and you know I always enjoy your thoughts on the show. So keep on writin those “essays” and I, as many others do, will continue to keep on reading
    Blaze- you thought it was “funny” – u were correctibg her. You and another person TOGETHER laughed at her “essay” sorry but laughing at someone and laughing with are 2 different things and for the record MAB didnt say “hey people defend me” I spoke up because I know what u are doing. You singled her out. Do you laugh at Jolie’s post or comment about the lengh? How about sandygrams? Or tee’s? Or NeeNee’s? Dont think so, right? Like I said…dont play innocent in this

  121. From Blaze.

    Good Grief, I said I was SORRY!!

  122. From Kat

    111 Linda, why don’t you make yourself into Linda I, no more confusion in the future…
    But that is totally up to you, not trying to tell you what to do..
    SandyGram had that problem years ago, so she added on the Gram, and we all know who she is,,, Ha, ha..
    Just a thought…
    119 Blaze, in all fairness, MAB brought nobody in, looks to me, like TerriK and jolie made their OWN choice…to comment…
    That’s all.
    Arlene and jolie, thanks for the good advice, but I am so much better.
    Seems like everybody around me, is suffering from something like this.

    Show today interrupted by News Alert…
    However, it was pretty rich for Kate, Lucas and Billie to question Chloe’s ability to be a good parent.. Those Pots and Kettles seem to multiply in Salem on a daily basis.
    Nick seems to get very good, having arrogant looks on his face,
    almost like Rafe.
    Wonder if they will re-play today’s episode on Monday, if not have to watch it on the computer, DOOL Full length episodes.Don’t want to miss Rafe’s Assault on Chad,
    Cop beating up citizen in Church…. what else is new. Judge Judy sure would get Rafe for that one….

  123. From Blaze.

    Oh, and TerriK… I thought what MAB said was funny, not what I said. You too need to quit reading into it whatever you want, and I shouldn’t have to defend myself to you.
    OMG, is this why people leave this sight?!

  124. From Kat

    121 TerriK,
    just posted, but now I see your comment, and I agree, MAB did not ask you or jolie to help her/jump in…
    I agree with you, and I always like MAB’s post, especially because they are long, but never ever boring. She has a lot of good things to say about everybody on the show.
    I also write very length posts,
    and as I have said before, right on here, I asked the Admin. if they had any Problem with that, and the answer of course was NO.

    MAB has been singled out for years now, and IMO it is because she does have strong opinions and she does write great stuff, but they are Hers, and I like them, and many others do also.
    But, Her LIke and Defense for EJ, when appropriate…just has been sitting so wrong with so many Rafe fans, that it became such an issue, to get MAB, and yes for many years now, there I said it again.
    Yes people have been picking on MAB, I have been here for many, many years,
    and I have also experienced many ups and downs.
    But when I made a booboo, I have always apologized for them in the past.

    But Never, when I was truly the victim, and that won’t change.
    So here we go, No offense to anybody, just trying to be honest and fair…

  125. From jolie

    My posts are lenghty but I talk alot in real life too. Sorry to offend anyone with this but it is time to lay the gloves down. In Blaze’s defense, I think you are picking on her as MAB can be brittle in her responses but that is my opinion and is worthwhile to me alone, just like yours is worthwhile really only to you.

    Have a good weekend. This is out of hand.

  126. From MAB

    #119 & 120 – I see you neglected to include all that was actually said, as you only picked out certain parts of the posts and neglected to go back to when you started this. I certainly am not about to go back and post a reenactment for everyone, and bore everyone else to tears who come here to talk about the show. If anyone wants to read it from the beginning, they can easily go do so themselves w/o my intervention, and come to their own conclusion. Also, just who did I bring into this? I didn’t go ask TerriK or Linda what they thought, they gave their opinion and I simply replied to them. I never said my post wasn’t lengthy, but who cares, many on here are. It’s when you CHOSE to single me out and make fun of it, along w/ another individual, and you made it personal. It’s all there in black & white, no denying it. You say you think it was funny, but you never stopped to think how your sarcastic remarks made me feel, so why should it matter to me how you feel? I never said it was all about me, and why would I ask you anything about your meanings, when your words were obviously self-explanatory. I didn’t jump to any conclusions or misunderstand anything you said. Lastly, I do have fun on here, as long as I’m talking to people about the show, and not about this nonsense. So if you could ever agree to stop baiting me, we can move on, because I’m sick of talking to you about it. Does that work for you or do we have to go another round???

    #121 TerriK – all I can say is thanks again…everything you stated was true! I will keep those essays coming, don’t worry. LOL

  127. From Blaze.

    Thank you, Jolie!! I talk alot in real life too!! :)
    And Linda #117, I appreciate you understanding what I was saying!!
    And, just in case… I apologize if I might have offended either of you, or anyone else, at any point!!
    Great Day All!! :)

  128. From MAB

    #122, ok you apologized, so let’s put an end to this once and for all, and leave each other alone. Thank you!

  129. From TerriK

    Kat- im with u 100%. And i love your posts too.
    Jolie- I also enjoy your posts as well as hearing about your life. I don’t think i’m pickin on Blaze…I think it’s. A taste of her own medicine.

    Blaze- I’d love to respond, but that life I have- it’s calling me elsewhere.

    Have a good safe weekend all! Iff to get my tattoo- look for it on facebook tonight kat if u still can find my profile :)

  130. From missy

    GO EJAMI…… cant wait,,,

    i have not posted in awhile but i just wanna say this is AMERICA and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but i thought this site was about DAYS OF OUR LIVES,,, fans talking about the show and their hopes.. just for the record FACEBOOK is for disrespecting each other on paper…. i am a everyone get a long type of person and i truly dont like reading people talk smack on each other, i wanna read what you have to say about the show… just sayen

  131. From MAB

    Kat – thank you, and although I don’t play the victim, this kind of nonsense has been going on for years on here, to several of us, but I get hit hard because I won’t back down when it gets personal. I don’t like it, and it makes me angry when people got to a personal level, and I don’t back down from anyone when they pull that crap. There’s no reason for it, or room for it on here. This site is supposed to be to talk about the show, and that is all I want to do, speak my mind about the show, and not be ridiculed for my opinions.

  132. From Blaze.

    Goodbye All!! :)

  133. From Linda

    #121 TerriK, Excuse me but no petty arguements from me. I only stated my take on Blaze’s job/family comments and left it at that. You said they offended you personally, I said they didn’t bother me. End of story. I have no business getting into the rest of the conflict and neither do you!

  134. From Voiceofreason

    I’ve really been loving Bristen lately. They’re so loving and gentle with each other. The way that Kristen was so caring with Brady in the hospital, after his fight with John, was so cute. I don’t care how much she has done wrong in the past or that she’s part of a crime family, or even that she plots, and snickers and talks to herself after she does something bad. Kristen is misunderstood. She has changed and it’s because of Brady. I’m pretty sure that most of the polls are showing that Bristen is the hottest couple on the show. Forget Safe and EJami. They’re yesterday’s news. This is my opinion. Also, Nick is going to end up doing something very very bad. I can see it in his eyes.

  135. From Linda

    #121 TerriK, I was responding directly to you about the single issue of Blaze’s job/family comments. End of story. No petty arguement. I didn’t comment further about the “facts” of the conflict going on because I didn’t think it was any of my business.

  136. From voiceofreason

    Also, Blaze I don’t think you should go. You have as much right to speak your mind as anyone else.

    On another note, I would like to smack the person who started combining names, upside the head. Quit being lazy. Samantha Gene doesn’t belong with Elvis Jr. or Rafael. She belongs in the Psych ward with Jan Spears.

  137. From jolie

    Voiceofreason, I love your posts! Are you serious about Kristen being misunderstood or are you pulling our leg? Either way, it is so danged funny, thank you for that! Also that you used Bristen then railed about combining names later. I am loving your posts so keep up the good work.

  138. From Cindy

    VOR: I also do not like the name smash. I think it all started with Bennifer and have not liked it since then. Especially when the combo makes a real name like Wilson(Will and Sonny), because I try to figure out who this person Wilson is. Haha.

    You are right about Sami belonging in the Psych ward becuase of her duel personalities. Maybe that is the new storyline – One of her personalities loves Rafe and the other loves EJ. That would explain her behavior! :-)

    I do have to disagree on Kristen. I think she seemed to have changed when she first came on, but now they are showing she is still up to her old tricks. She is pretending to be loving and caring when she is with Brady, but it is all for show. She as much as told John she was only with Brady to hurt John.

    Happy Weekend all!

  139. From Jennifer

    For me I’ve been waiting for Sammie to see EJ is the right guy for her.I mean even when she was at her worst he still loved her.Sure she is a Brady and he is a DeMera but they just fit together I started watch DOOL when they brought the teen age Sammie on and haven’t stop and of all the men she has been with EJis the best fit.Her and Rafe get on my nerves he’s always trying to change her I like Sammie like she is .Ihope the writers leave them alone can’t wait to see if they let it play out in EJAMMIES FAVOR hoping RAFE doesn’t mess thing up

  140. From Shani

    Like with Kat, the show was interrupted here today by the Obama/Karzai press conference. I have it set to record on SoapNet tonight but I’ll be gone for the weekend & I don’t think Chad’s big reveal was today anyway.

    So I will just say that I didn’t like Nick’s nastiness AGAIN. Chad looked more smugish to me today so I guess Abigail’s invite to the wedding has put his plan in place. I thought Sami was stunning when she got dressed for the wedding. Love the way her hair was done! She was so happy, all smiles, & absolutely radiant talking with Hope about her reunion with Rafe but now it’s all going to turn to you know what. Rafe looked very handsome and I loved his “I love you Sami Brady”. & I believe he does.

    From what I’ve seen of Linda’s posts, I don’t think her name & “petty arguements” belong in the same sentence. (121)

    Blaze, don’t you go ANYWHERE!

  141. From Maryl

    Sami’s wishy-washy behavior in this EJ/Rafe triangle is proof positive of her uncertainty about which man she should choose to spend her life with.
    Rafe is the safe one. If she chooses him, it would not be like sailing uncharted water–she knows the course. Rafe is accepted by her entire family, the kids like him, and he is a lot like daddy. So, he would most definitely be the safe and easy choice. However, is she sure she wants to sail that ship again strictly for herself, or does she think she is obligated to try to restore her marriage? Suppose in her mind she thinks it’s the right thing to do–she feels she owes Rafe that much and it would also please her family. This could be a strong argument and reason for Sami to reunite with Rafe–except for one thing. There is and always has been this pull she has toward EJ. EJ the forbidden love. Just like Grandmother Caroline experienced in her life. Will Sami make the same choice as her grandmother or will she choose to be braver and follow the pull to EJ?

    A married life with EJ is uncharted water for Sami. Yet Sami loves challenges, Sami loves to be her own woman. EJ sees these things in her and he loves her just the way she is–no changes necessary for him to love her. He has patience with her–a lot of it! He has loved and wanted her for years–tried to scheme his way into her life, fought dirty for her–Dimera style, won’t accept defeat and giving up on her and so on. Obsession–maybe, but love can easily become an obsession when it runs so deep. Some of the greatest love stories are about obsession. EJ’s desire for a family with Sami and their children drives him even more.

    So Sami, what will it be–the usual or something new and exciting waiting on the horizon of uncharted water? All I can add is, Sami, please tell us –deep down in your heart, who the heck do you really want??

  142. From Mouse Fan

    I don’t post on here very often, and usually enjoy reading everyone’s opinion, but I’ve got to say, sometimes folks take it too far.
    There’s no redemption for any comments or mistakes made by anyone, and some jump on the bashing bandwagon where they don’t belong.
    I personally feel sorry for Blaze. He/She sounded truly sorry for whatever they had said, but the snide remarks just kept on coming. No redemption.
    I’ll most likely take some flack for my opinion, but it is mine to have.
    Don’t stop participating Blaze! Some of us enjoy your posts!

  143. From Kat

    Well another Baby put to bed….LOL
    Won’t be the last one/time.
    Things will happen on here again,
    because like Voice of reason said,
    the right to speak your mind… however, some things are not cool…
    131 missy, might as well get used to it on here, this site,
    every so often we get off track a bit, because we are all hot blooded, passionate women on here.
    Sometime we blow a little steam, but it gets worked out in the end.
    135 Linda, so which Linda are you….???

  144. From Debbie

    With the news that the show is renewed through 2014, I wonder if Corday is going to screw the Sami/EJ fans even more with delaying their reunion until the very last moment. That way, he’s probably thinking that all the fan bases will be happy enough to keep tuning in. I personally don’t care who’s with who but I fear the Sami/EJ fans may be getting more crumbs thrown their way in an effort to appease them.

    As for the name crunching regarding the couples, I don’t know how far back that goes but I do remember Bope being mentioned in the early 90s. Although instead of Bo + Hope = Bope, I prefer Hope + Bo = Ho since both of them have treated each other shabbily at times throughout their relationship. lol

  145. From Kat

    Nobody should ever feel they have to leave here, unless at times they choose to do so.
    I have taken time out and so have many other, but we usually come back sooner or later….

  146. From Arlene

    I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of Obama putting his press conferences on when Days is on. Why can’t he do what the past presidents did and hold them at noon?! It’s just so irritating to be sitting there watching a great scene and bip, a news interruption. Just venting!

  147. From Melissa

    @ Maryl, you have a lot of insight when it comes to Sami. In my opinion, she likes the chase. A few months ago she was playing games with the last 3 ex-husbands but Lucas was smart enough to walk away. Nick is very controlling and possessive .Gaby can’t think for herself. Chad annoyed me being obsessed with everything Gaby said or did but the way he outed her today was hilarious. I see the DiMera in him now. Maybe Stefano will come back once he hears what Rafe has done to Chad.

  148. From lyn

    You may remember that Arianna was framed by none other than Nicole.

  149. From Linda

    #139 Shani, thank you for the vote of confidence! I offered her my opinion and I was surprised when it was thrown back at me, along with something about petty argument and not having the facts. But it doesn’t matter. I’ve been thinking about leaving and that little zinger came around just in time to push me into doing it. More drama goes on between the bloggers here than I expected. But you keep up your great comments about the show.

    #118 MAB, I appreciate the respectful tone of your post. I didn’t wish to discuss with TerriK everything that was going on between you and Blaze. I responded to TerriK only on the specific point about the job/family/life comments and gave her my take on them, because I was not personally offended by them like she had said she was.

    Kat, take care and I hope you are completely well soon. Linda 1

  150. From Maryl

    In yesterday’s espisode when Rafe told Sami he loved her, I was taken by surprise that Sami did not respond with a “I love you too”! Normally, in the past, she has been very gushy with her response to him and always said she loved him too. Did I miss her verbal acknowledgment of love or did the writers leave out her response to him deliberately? She sort of rushed away from him using the wedding as a good excuse to quickly leave. Maybe, she will declare her love for him at the weddding? She did display happiness and excitement,(especially w/Hope) but with Sami, you never know for sure whether she is happily in love or just pleased that she was pleasing her family by picking the guy of their choice–safe Rafe.
    If the rumors that were posted on this site on Jan. 7, come true, Sami will wind up with Rafe after this wedding blow-up and there was a hint of EJ and Nicole getting together on Valentine’s Day. If these rumors become facts, as they do a lot of times, than we won’t have EJ/Sami too long, only a few crumbs handed to us again. Better enjoy them for the few moments we may be getting.
    I hope this rumor is way off base for once and that it was put out there to keep us wondering.
    Writers, gather your courage and imagination–do something different for once with EJ/Sami. Put them together as a couple and family and make them work so all that magic and chemistry those two characters have when they are together on screen, does not go to waste again!
    Bring in a beautiful woman named Emily, who is a stranger in Salem. She will not look like Rafe’s Emily, but in time will let us know that she does know Rafe Hernandez. She knows Rafe on a personal level and she knows a side of him that none of Salem knows. Take it from there writers!lol. Create her agenda. Give Rafe his own Sl.
    Have a good week-end everyone!

  151. From TerriK

    I’m not going to apologize for sticking up for MAB. I consider her a friend on this site and I rarely get involved in such arguements. Howver, when I see someone being singled out , it wouldnt matter who, I will step in if I think it’s the right.thing to do.
    Shani- I’m not the least bit surprised by your comment. Some people can’t stand to see someone in MAB’s corner because of grudges they hold against certain Ejami fans on here.
    Gees this site is like days all over. The Horton/Brady saints against anyone who says otherwise.
    Don’t leave on my account. I rarely comment. But I will continue to read the comments left by the people in here that I do enjoy chatting with.

  152. From SandyGram

    patty, kitty, Mopy, TerriK and all the other Canadian members of this board:

    I had noticed on Network 54 New Salem there were no Day Ahead postings for 2013, nor on Days Cafe for several days so I sent a message to the Administrator of New Salem asking why, here’s her response:

    “As of Jan 1st NTV started simulcasting Days … they didn’t air an episode on Dec. 31st based on NBC’s previous plan of not airing Days on Jan. 1 … whether they will go back to a day ahead airing I’m not sure … this has happened before but they’ve usually corrected it quite quickly – it’s been 2 weeks now. We’ll see what happens on Inauragation Day – maybe they will air an episode and get back to being a day ahead.”

    My question is are you still seeing Days in Canada a Day Ahead of Days in the U.S?

  153. From Mouse Fan

    I don’t post on here very often, but I usually enjoy reading the others. I apologize, but I have to say, I personally feel sorry for Blaze. He/She seemed to truly be sorry for what they said, but the snide remarks just kept on coming. Don’t stop participating, Blaze. Some of us enjoy your posts.

    I think Nicole is one of the best actresses on the show. She brings her A-game to every scene and makes me believe her. Whether she’s happy, sad, manipulating, or schemeing, she’s always good. Kudos, Ari!

    As far as Sami goes, just pick EJ and be done with it. You know you love him. You always have. Quit riding the fence!

  154. From Janice 43

    To from Debbie 14

    I totally agree with your last paragraph about bringing Wayne Northop back and putting Josh Taylor back in the role of Chris. John Black is a 1st class #1 lesson giving jerk.

  155. From Kat

    TerriK, I went on your face book, but saw no pic with tattoo.
    Actually, most of your stuff, that you used to have on was totally gone….
    Enjoy your new Home and your new Life…. You can do it…..

  156. From Leah

    I have a feeling we Ejami fans maybe getting screwed over again. TPTB know Ejami are their bread and butter… why otherwise would they have continued this Ejami triangle plus 1 or 2 over the last 7 years? If Safe is all that why havent’ they had a Rafe/Sami/Lucas or Austin or Brandon triangle? Simply put they KNOW who the general public “MOST” want to see together thats why they have played it like they have. Another fact everytime Days is coming up for renewal which pair are in each others orbits again? Yep you guessed it Ejami. The Days powers to be are just not that stupid. BUT where they may come undone is continually setting Ejami fans up to continually let us down. One too many times without a payoff and you just may come unstuck Days. So wisen up… I know a heck of alot of Ejami fans that are saying after this time around IF this is another set up by Corday (lock, stock and barrel comments) to keep us tuned in Days you will get a big backlash. Ejami fans are simply fed up. And Corday you cannot lie to your fans, be disrespectful, lead them up the garden path and expect no backlash. After 7 years of patiently waiting we deserve better than that. Surely you can give us more than Ejami crumbs. We have had to put up with Safe/Ejole for years and then Lumi again. We want Ejami NOW. Corday either do it or be straight up with us stop playing games.

  157. From Leah

    #140 Maryl good post! I think your right Sami is settling for what she knows and what is the familiar and safe option. EJ was right when he said to her you’ve chosen your men based upon… “because it was EASIER, because it was SAFER, because it was EXPECTED.” I really do think some of this (whether Sami wants to admit it or not) has to do with Kristens latest bag of tricks. Sami is thinking about how a Dimera is upsetting and causing trouble for her family yet again. What was it she said to EJ at the hospital? Guilty by association.
    And regarding your post in #146 Maryl, I haven’t watched that episode yet. And I too find it interesting that Sami wouldn’t say she loved Rafe straight back after he said that too. Maybe the Days powers to be are going to have Sami go back to Rafe only to realise its not the same. Rafe (as EJ has previously stated) is not the same person she married years ago. Maybe Sami is going to come to a slow realisation and then start longing for EJ etc. Only problem with that scenerio is IF Ejole are getting back together by Valentines day what will EJs response to Sami be? After being hurt by her over and over and OVER again will EJ really want to go there again? I’m not so sure. Whats that saying…. once biten, twice shy. Maybe at the end of the day Sami will end up all alone? Now wouldn’t that be one for the books.

  158. From Paula

    @Blaze. Sorry for what MAB is putting you through. That is what she does. Try to ignore her if you can. When I see her name and those long, long comments I just pass them all. If you are not an EJ lover she will pound you to the ground. And very nastily too.

  159. From bobby

    The Friday cliff-hanger was brought back. Can’t wait for Monday’s craziness. I agree with some of the fans not liking Chloe’s new role of schemer. Plus, everybody is so entangled with events, it’s hard to know who anybody is going to end up with. Will Abbey go back to the doctor? If not, why change actors and not give him a story line? #144 Arlene-Agree with political interruptions. We also had our govenor speak the other day at 1:30p. Why not at noon so people on lunch can see them speak? Good thing I have the soap opera channel on cable.

  160. From Shani

    147 TerriK I’m confused as to why you would say any of those things to me? I have not been involved in the latest dust-up. I wrote a one-liner at the bottom of 139 saying “From what I’ve seen of Linda’s posts, I don’t think her name & ‘petty arguments’ belong in the same sentence”, along with another one-liner saying “Blaze, don’t go anywhere”. I wouldn’t think either of those would upset you. So what comments are you talking about? What grudge? & why make it a point to say you aren’t going to apologize for sticking up for MAB? Who asked you to? Not me. It’s your right to have whatever friends you want on here. All of us have our friends that we see eye-to-eye with. In fact, I’d like to think we are ALL friends, no matter who our favs are on the show.

    145 Linda we were supposed to be gone for the weekend but my husband started not feeling well so we came home last night. I just read your post. I am sorry you are leaving. You haven’t been posting long, maybe 2 or 3 months, but I think you are fair & never attacking anyone, & you have a thoughtful approach to the storylines. Hope you won’t leave, or if you do you will come back after a while.

    I finally watched my DVR of Friday’s show from SoapNet. Everyone looked pretty darn shocked when Chad stepped up & stopped the wedding. But I thought Gabi actually looked scared. I guess tomorrow’s the day it all hits the fan. Or from all that’s supposed to happen, maybe it will take several days to get it all done!!

  161. From patty

    SandyGram, since the new year started, we have been seeing the show here at the same time as you do . I don’t know when or if that’s suppose to change again but that is the reason there are no longer any day ahead postings.
    Loved Friday’s show with everybody looking good and excited about the wedding. Knowing it is all about to go downhill kind of puts a damper on things but I agree it is time for everything to come out in the open. I’m sure there will be more lies and misunderstandings and the fall out from this is going to affect quite a few people but it’s all part of the drama.
    Again, loved how easily Rafe and Sami fell back into their familiar fun loving ways and how happy they seemed. Of course it’s too bad that with Sami, nothing seems genuine anymore because of her unreliable ways. Both men have declared their love for her and she didn’t give either one an answer, even though the plan is to get back with Rafe, but it looks like she will keep on playing with both their hearts. Time for the men to wake up!!
    Nick is really playing the part of happy groom and control freak at the same time. Chad also played his part in the deceit very well. Kristen’s and EJ’s coaching must have resonated well with him.
    # 126 jolie, totaly agree. Lengthy posts are not what is offensive, the content is. I don’t see you being condescending with anyone and we enjoy your posts. Yes, that is why people leave this site Blaze and Linda, but don’t let that be you, we need your input so please don’t let anyone run you off. This site is for everyone, you just got to learn to skip or ignore and post away as you please.

  162. From gerri

    Some of us ,do see certain S/L,s different,and we state our opinions and likes and dislikes,as the others see things differently,as well,there is no reason to get ugly,with anybody.I always agree with you,SandyGram,Shani,linda,Blaze,and some others,we all need to share,our views,with one another,as I’ve said many times,big world,and would be boring,If we all liked everything to be the same.

    Yes our local TV Station,interupted,Friday’s show,but It was aired completely,after The President’s news conference,can’t wait til tommorow,to see It all go to pieces.Although Sami might not have replied to Rafe’s “I love you”,Statement,I could see how Happy, she and Rafe looked,but who knows with her fickle mind?If It Is EJ,she wants,she sure is fooling me.I think whichever one she picks ,chances are she,will wish she was with the other,.

    I hate they brought Chloe,back,to cause problems with Daniel and Jenn(with the Hospital Worker,s help).
    the only one should be going after Is Kate the Snake,and It seems she has gotten off to a good start with her.
    I guess the excitement at the wedding,is what causes Gabi,to lose the baby,and she can blame Chad,so”Even Stephen” as they say.She caused him,to lose his love,and he will have most likely caused her to lose her baby. Wonder what happens with her and Nick,they are both criminals,but after hearing about her part in Melanie’s kidnapping,he probably will be finished with her,he indeed is creepy,and hateful.
    Loved The little fellow,playing Parker,he is a cutie…….

  163. From Kat

    155 patty
    One of the “richest” comments I have read in a long time, is you sitting in Judgment of some Posters on here.

    When I have done wrong or went over the line….whatever, I apologized, something that you would know nothing about….
    Some of us do remember very well, so the best you could do, is Really stay out of it, because you have record of your own…
    I have left because of you, and so have others.
    My Memory is very good… I am not trying to start anything with you,
    period, but your #155 remark to jolie,was just to rich to ignore.
    I am already apologizing to you in advance, but could not help myself,
    since you have been either the pot or the kettle so many times in the past.

    And don’t worry about the Admin. I have my problems with them, but We’ve got it all straightened out.

    Sorry to everybody else on here,
    but with a history that goes back so many years…. I could not help myself… LOL
    Tried to bite my tongue/fingers, but it didn’t work….

  164. From patty

    gerri, I love posting with you also.
    I love that Chloe is sticking it to Kate the Snake and I don’t feel sorry for Kate one bit. If she loved her grandson that much, she wouldn’t try to destroy his mother, turning her into prostitution. Who does that? I also am not too thrilled about Chloe scheming to win Daniel back. As a matter of fact, I am not a fan of anyone scheming to get a man or a woman. Love should come naturally, not by tricks and lies and trying to destroy the competition. Doesn’t anybody have any pride left on this show? There is now three women after Daniel, I mean please, he’s not all that special. Neither is Sami to have three men falling at her feet, well two now because Lucas was smart enough to remove himsel from the race. I want to see love and romance the old fashion way, boy meets girl, they fall in love, they go through their trials and tribulations but love wins out in the end. It doesn’t happen like that anymore on this show.
    Tomorrow should be an interesting show, cannot wait.

  165. From Leah

    Safe… easy EXACTLY! Theres no chemistry or spark. They are just going at it a little too try hard for me. Trying to make it believable but it ain’t, its called over acting. Where as with EJ… EJ only has to lean over Sami, play with her hair or whisper in her ear, or just get close to her for Sami to come undone. Hence in the 7 years Ejami have been orbiting each other… we’ve only seen them sleep together 3 times yet they continue to keep us glued. Now thats CHEMISTRY! Ejami don’t have to be gropping at each other to sizzle… both their characters are seductive and passionate which causes an explosion whenever they are together. They are way more fun to watch with their cat and mouse games, ducks and weaves. EJ loves the heat… and we see that part of the fun with Ejami is in the chase.
    This is not so with Safe, they have to drop and do the deed like rabbits anywhere, anytime, any place, regardless of the circumstances. With Sami lately Rafe has been acting like an egotistical, hormonal teenager. He doesn’t seem interested in wooing the girl just getting her in the sack. YUK! Ejami is where the romance is in this triangle not the other.
    I personally think Safes friendship off screen affects this couple. Family BBQs with spouses/kids and then going at it don’t match. Safe look uncomfortable like a brother and sister going at it. It just don’t work in my books!
    For Sami: Rafe is easy and familiar, EJ is the unexpected and the one to unlock her dreams and desires. GO EJAMI AND EJAMILY!

  166. From Kat

    159 Leah, I agree with you all the way.
    There is nothing between Rafe and Sami, except maybe a feeling of familiarity, and family approval.
    That’s it….
    Elvis makes Sami come alive, she wants him, loves him, and would become a totally full filled woman with Elvis as her man.
    Sami, forget about your family approval,
    go for what you, your heart, your soul, your body want, it’s EJ, and he is on top of it all, the Daddy of your children….
    Go for broke girl, it’s been to long in coming.
    Give the audience finally what they have been waiting for,
    an EJ and Sami love story/romance etc. because NOBODY does it better, than EJ and Sami….

    Rafe and Sami, been there, done that, it does not work, it is boring, boring, lame, nothing but sex, smirks, controlling attitude, putting down Sami, and on and on… So tired of watching it.
    Give Rafe a woman, that fits HIS NEEDS,
    because Samantha does not, and never will.

    What does it take, for the writers and Corday to finally give the majority what they want…. Yikes, whatever works….

  167. From Maryl

    Seeing little Johnny’s face in the window looking so wistful when he saw his mommy and daddy kissing on NYE really pulled at my heart strings!

    I think Parker is another little “cutie pie” on this soap! Days has darling kids in the cast and so talented too.

  168. From patty

    Rafe and Sami are sizzling hot together but Sami’s still a two timing tramp . I wonder if EJ gets to find out that Sami was about to dump him to make a new start with Rafe when he was making his awkward , over the top confession of love to her and does he just overlook it and pretend like it didn’t happen. If he does, then he has totally lost his ba!!s and has turned into a real sap. If he doesn’t know well she will still be playing him for a fool.

  169. From gerri

    you phrased it all very well.
    as far as Sami/EJ,don’t see,anything there to build a relationship on,she made out with the RAFE Clone,much more than with EJ,he was too busy trying to destroy Rafe,and making out with Taylor and Nicole.I think unless my math is wrong,he and Sami have only been together 3 times,over how many years?don’t seem like much of anything is there,This Is my take on their relationship.

    It would be great,If Days would resolve this Triangle,and start putting a true love story together,with someone else.

  170. From Peggy

    We here figure that before it is over something will happen and it will come out that Parker is really Lucas’ baby and not Daniels.

  171. From Maryl

    If EJ realizes that Sami was going to try to reunite with Rafe, I’m not sure he would or should hold that against her. For one thing, both Rafe and EJ have known that she has been undecided between the two of them. She expressed herself as having feelings for both men. EJ has always known that she might choose the safe one–Rafe. I don’t think EJ uses a rank system of first place or second when it comes to loving Sami. He loves her enough not to worry about wounded pride or whatever could be insinuated in the case. If Rafe shows another side of himself with his Neanderthal behavior–the angry side and his ability to blow up and attack, EJ may be able to see a change in Sami’s view of Rafe. Sami will see a side of Rafe that she has pushed back in her mind–the side that tells her she is not his first concern, nor is he trusting enough of her to share secrets with. She will now experience him taking sides against her and her son. Rafe jumps in with both feet and immediately see things his way–no discernment on his part as to the equal blame that should be looked at–he has already charged Will with all the blame. Not sure if Rafe is actually “safe” as far as Sami is concerned. He has issues that are not exactly good ground for this perfect marriage Sami has visions of. She also will or should recall what happened with her and Rafe in the first marriage go-round. They are not compatible personalties–never have been.
    Rafe is overly confident of himself with Sami. He believes he has got her hooked. Mostly he has used the promise of his “sexual abilites” to entice and control her and it seems to have worked–for now. EJ on the other hand, seems to know there is a lot more to Samantha Brady than sex when it comes to keeping her in a permanent relationship. He has experienced bad and good stuff from Sami for the last 7 years or so and she, of course, knows and has experienced the same from him. How all this plays out will be up to the writers who will either destroy things or for once make them right between these two characters–Sami and EJ.

    If Abby eventually learns the real truth behind Chad’s hatred of Gabi, she might be apt to forgive him for the “baby reveal” at the wedding. I believe that once she learns what Gabi did to her best friend, Melanie, and to Chad, she might think differently about forgiving him. Afterall, her daddy was killed because of the fallout from Gabi’s scheme.

  172. From patty

    Since I come here to discuss the show and not sit in judgement I will be the bigger person and hold my tongue/fingers, but there you have it. Posts like #157 show who the true instigators are . Apologizing before insulting someone doesn’t cut it. My memory is very good also but I saved that post anyway.

  173. From Kira

    @Blaze. I feel so bad for you. Please know that that is what MAB does to anyone who doesn’t love EJ. Quite the bully. You should just ignore her posts as most are mean and judging people. When anyone says one word she disagrees with she slams you. Just scroll over her long, long comments. You will feel much better if you just don’t read her bashing. That’s what a lot of us have to do. Hang in there!

  174. From bobby

    #165 Patty I totally agree. This is just a place to air our opinions and not everyone is going to agree. But, taking it to the level of nasty and rude ruins it for everyone. I am here for friendly debates, and when they start getting mean-I just ignore and read the regular bloggers that are here for the same reason. I like the history updates that make a little sense of the story line of events happening now. And the speculation from others. There are a few story lines that drive me crazy-but-it’s a soap opera. That’s what they do.

    Hello everybody,

    I am asking that we all please move on from the issues from the weekend. There have been apologies made and we hope that you can all post together once again. If you feel you cannot talk to a specific poster with respect, please simply ignore their posts. It will be easier for all.

    Thank-you, Admin

  175. From jolie

    #146 Maryl, did you notice that Sami didn’t tell Elvis she loved him in the scenes before when Elvis was gushing forth. So Sami has them both hanging on. She told Hope she was back with Rafe and was happy to tell it. So if she runs back to Elvis because she and Rafe have a fuss after Round 1 of the Hernandez/Horton nuptials, Elvis needs to be ware. She is too torn between the 2 men to make the decision right now and Elvis will be wading in the waters with crocodiles! And I am so thru with the spoilers…well, til next week’s.
    #152 Respectfully, I see Rafe as the wild card, not Elvis. Rafe seems safe but what do we know about him. And just when you think you know what Rafe is about, he throws a curve ball. Posters here have asked time and again for info on his life, his Emily, what the heck was he doing before he came to Salem. Elvis, we all know. He is suave, smart, devious, gorgeous but he really has hometown advantage here. I do agree that if Sami is with Rafe, she’ll long for Elvis but if she is with Elvis, she’ll long for Rafe. That is just Sami. And both men would look a bit smarter if they took a vacation and leave her sitting. She needs to sit back and take her meds!
    #155 Patty, I think the actor playing Nick is doing a great job and can make a quick turn on a dime. He is either totally manipulative or just so full of himself that he can’t see straight. I do like the actor and hope the character doesn’t go careening out of control again.
    #158 Patty, what the heck is Kate’s problem? Doesn’t she have enough kids to ruin without now going after one that her son was man enough to give back to its father? Good grief but we went there once with Kate and Chloe and really? Is there a need to go there again? Chloe scheming to get Daniel back, scheming against Jenn as well. Kate and Chloe are much alike but again I say that is why Kate hates her…she sees herself in her. Not excited about this storyline. But Lucas had the best notion about it…not with a chair and whip…he’ll probably end up married to her and be one of the father’s of her next child.
    #159 Leah, I am not a couple’s fan as I have stated but I did see the sparks between Rafe and Sami…just a different perspective. And it seems to me that Rafe and Elvis have changed roles or techniques. Rafe is all pulling her in and really smooching her while Elvis is declaring his love and happiness and gently kissing her. Used to be the other way around. Either way, good luck to both men. Gird your loins boys, Sami is about!
    #164 Maryl, I understand your reasoning and arguments but I don’t see Elvis as being OK with Sami choosing Rafe. He has stated his love and that he wants the family part of it. I think he’ll howl like a wolf if he finds out Sami is NOW smitten and kissing up a storm with Rafe. It is just totally confusion any way you look at it for them. No good way out of this!

  176. From jolie

    #166 bobby, couldn’t agree more.

  177. From kitty

    In response to Sandygram… Hi, this Canadian lives in Ontario (basically the middle of Canada) and we do not get the Days Ahead. I know that the west coast provinces do (British Columbia and Alberta at least). With my cable, I can tune into these if I want, but I would rather be on the same page as everyone so no, I do not know it it still airs.
    I live close to the boarder of Michigan so alway watch on the US station (better commericals :) and yes, I watched your President interupt my soap at a cricual time on Friday :( This is serve me right to watch my Canadian content!! Thanks again all for making for feel so welcome.

  178. From Maryl

    Jolie–You are right about Sami not expressing her love to either EJ or Rafe. I also have been aware of that. I, however, thought this was so much more evident when she appeared to be accepting Rafe back into her life yet she did not respond to his “I love you”. If she was truly comfortable with stating how she felt, one would think those same words would have come easily for her. Should have been spontaneous.
    I may be wrong about EJ being upset when he finds out that Sami was going to reunite with Rafe, but somehow, I don’t think he will be. He knows our Sami is very conflicted and confused right now. He is trying hard to be more patient and understanding. Could our bad boy have changed that much?

    I did state that Rafe may not be as “safe” for Sami as she or we think. I agree with you that he has an unknown past and we know nothing about it. Maybe the writers will create a background for him eventually. In one of my earlier blogs, I suggested that a beautiful woman, whose name happens to be Emily, comes to Salem with a hidden agenda. She would happen to know a side of Rafe that no one else in Salem knows.
    Sami has been kissing up a storm–so true! With both guys! She has not, however, done the bedroom bop with either one of them, so I will give her credit for that or maybe the credit should go to Hope for interfering with the Rafe/Sami moment of sexual intentions. lol!

  179. From Kat

    I just saw a Poll, about John and Marlena’s Exit….
    anybody have any idea, what is going on….
    IMO, the Sl is just getting interesting, so why would they leave…
    The majority voted, that they will be just fine, without Marlena and John…..
    There has to be more to all this… it makes no sense.
    Could this be a poll from years ago, no, that would be silly.
    SandyGram, you are good in investigating….

  180. From Tee

    Hello all
    I have been away a few weeks from blogging due to moving to my new home and my son having surgery. All is well now though.I have missed chatting,commenting,discussing, and spoiling here with everyone.

    I will start first with this weeks happenings. Wow guess we are getting that big wedding showdown and it is gonna be crazy.I knew Rafe would Take Gabis side but I thought it possible he may learn the truth ahead of time which he did not.Oh well seems he is sealing his fate now with Samantha anyway. I dont understand that he claims to love her kids as his own but yet he will take Gabi and Nicks side on this baby issue.Yep no good for Rafe when it comes to the woman and kids he claims to love.And just when they were getting all nostalgic over this wedding and planning to reunite,though Sami made it clear noone needed to know and she still had not told EJ.Though EJ made a statement which pretty much cleared him of manipulating as I stated would happen, he told Sami why he came to CW.Truthful EJ some are not use to it yet but as we have seen he is going about this the right way and has made a big dent in being his own man and not the big bad Dimera evil puppet or puppet master some still think he is.I say noone questioned Victors sudden fall from Crime lord to loving man why not let EJ have his changes as well.Of course the show hit the mark by bringing in Grandma Caroline to give her advice to EJ and Sami.She knows since she gave up her one true love Victor for a Safe guy like Shawn Brady whom she loved as well just not as much.Its called foreshadowing, it shows Victor changed for love so can EJ.

    Gabi well I still say no redemption for her yet.I am wondering when all her secrets wil come out.Nick and the things he says about Will are son wrong, with the support of Sami, the Bradys and yes even EJ, and the Kiriakis clan Sonny and Will can raise that baby just fine, the baby does not need to be around him even as a step parent.Now he wants to use Will’s criminal past funny coming from a man who just got out of prison.No worries though as I will reveal in a bit.

    Chloe returning I am not sure what I think yet,

    Kristen and Brady, could be a great couple maybe but so much is lingering over their heads and Brady wil find out one day.Chloe is not a potential match for him because she has confirmed she is here temporary only for a short contract cant wait to see Nancy.

    On to a interview from Galen Gering on January 4th 2013
    He is moving on pretty much but here is a few excerpts from the interview for the Galen fans.This is from ABC soaps in Depth and it is the Jan 23rd issue I believe.So here goes
    Days of Our Lives, Galen Gering (Rafe) has earned quite the following. But with his heart recently getting trampled on by Sami, yet again, is the hero really ready to give it up? “Ultimately,” suggests the actor, “There is only so much scar tissue one can handle before you’ve gotta walk away.”
    That being said, Rafe doesn’t want EJ to have Sami either. “Regardless of whether or not they’re together,” Gering answers, “Rafe knows who EJ is and that he’s not the right person for Sami.
    Might be time for the detective to put out an APB for someone new– and dare we say less complicated — to love?
    “Perhaps!” Gering agrees. “He needs a woman who’s loyal, independent, has a sense of humor and doesn’t take herself too seriously.”

    Next is a tidbit form it on Gabi having Will’s baby
    However, the fact that she’s having a baby with Rafe’s onetime stepson, Will, is bound to cause some drama. “Especially in light of the fact that the guy says he’s gay.” Gering notes, “it’s like, what? It is pretty confusing.”
    Above is excerpts only check out full issue to read the rest of stuff they discuss, like his homelife etc.

    Some things mentioned above about will and EJ.Yes EJ is gonna offer Will his support and help him try to gain custody of the child.

    Link above is some wonderful spoilers very juicy. Enjoy Days will be looking to cast some little ones around 5 years of age around April
    Also in casting news is a female around age 25-30 link below to read on.

    As far as long posts go admins made it clear we can post as short or long as posts we want and are encouraged to express and do just that.I seen somewhere it was brought up above and I am a long poster myself generally since I post news spoilers and discuss the show.

    around Nick even as a stp parent


    Nick even a s

    Nick even as a

  181. From Tee

    I also seen people were wondering when Canada would do days ahead, it will resume when we have our next preemption here in US from my understanding, which is this month.

  182. From jolie

    #179 Maryl, I am ready for the elusive Emily to come on down! What if she comes in and becomes friends with Sami, takes a job with her, really insinuates herself into Salem life THEN starts making herself known. And little by little starts in on Rafe…that will turn Sami on her ear and will make Elvis’ life miserable (now right here, I am considering that Elvis and Sami are now hand-holding or even living together). By the same token, Elvis was young when he came to Salem but he could have an old sweetie out there as well..NOT Taylor…sorry if I shouted that. Sami will clean the porch with Taylor and choke her with her own scarf.

  183. From Tee

    Correction to my post #181 Days is not casting 5 year olds lol I read wrong. It is various castings and they will air in March, April time frame one interesting one is a gun salesman, nd a prisoner who needs to look mean, or come off mean anyway lol

  184. From Kat

    Tee welcome back, love your long posts….
    Pres. Obama is on, and guess what, it’s noon, like some on here mentioned he should do, not DOOL time. LOL
    Hope he doesn’t talk to long, and cut into our show after all.
    Rafe’s heart has scar tissue, could some of that be, that His Great Love Carrie left some.
    He did tell Carrie, He never loved Anybody, the way he loves her.
    So let’s not blame all the hurt heart on Sami, He hurt Sami also, when he fell in love with her Sister, Before He know about the Grief sex… Trying to stay fair, Rafe was no angel in all this mess.
    To me it always sounds like these current writers would like to forget about the Great Rafe/Carrie Love story.
    No matter what, it’s EJ and Sami time.

    I would love to see them getting into some Action SL’s, the way Hope/Bo/John etc. used to… Just sitting around in Salem, at the Square, the Coffee House or the Pub is so old and boring.
    Seems, that is all anybody on this show is doing anymore..

    From the square, to the coffee place or the pub for chowder, then if something happens at those places, off we go to the hospital, another Meeting Place for all, usually in evening gowns and tuxedos, LOL….
    Come to think .. there is a wedding, all dressed up, wonder if anybody will end up in the hospital.
    One thing I like, all this time, when not knowing what she wants, Sami has not jumped into bed with any of them.
    Almost with Rafe, when she thought her mind was made up.
    So Sami, that is good, and nobody should call you any low down names.
    EJ has handled himself very well, and I think he will win Sami’s heart, for All the Right Reasons.

  185. From MAB

    I agree, why does press conferences, etc. always have to interrupt Days???

    This so-called reunion of Sami & Rafe is making Sami sappy again. It’s one thing to be happy, but it’s another to act like she’s got a school girl crush…and he just acts like the overconfident jock who wants to nail the prom queen! Their interactions are always forced, and all it seems to be about is them hoping back in the sack together. I never see any romance between them, and sure didn’t Friday when all he did was go into her apt. and grope her. EJ & Sami don’t have to grope each other to show their affection, it happens just by them being in the same room together.

    Ugh, and their comparisons of Bo & Hope and Sami & Rafe are ludicrous! There is NO comparison. Sami & Rafe can only dream to be in the same league as Bo & Hope. Bo & Hope are/were meant for each other, and always will be, Sami & Rafe, not so much. I have a feeling this is the beginning of bringing Hope into the mix. Seems odd Hope & Sami being close all of a sudden, when they never really have in the past. I think this is a sign of things to come, as Sami will move on w/ EJ, and Rafe will start working w/ Hope, and obviously become involved w/ her.

    #142 Maryl – I agree, I think Sami feels obligated in some way to Rafe, probably after cheating on him, and that she owes him, but she shouldn’t feel that way after his escapades w/ Carrie. There’s no doubt Rafe’s the easy/expected/safe choice for her (as EJ put it), and the choice that will make her family happy. If they accept him, they’ll stop treating her like they have all her life, like black sheep of the family. The only one who sees it fairly is Caroline. But why does Sami have to settle to make everyone else happy? Why can’t Sami do what makes HER happy? She knows choosing EJ will cause conflict within her family. So, does she live the safe boring life w/ Rafe, or the life where everyday will be exciting, and adventurous w/ EJ? I’m hoping it will be the latter, because it will not only bode well for Sami’s character, but the fans as well. I think EJ is the one who really knows what makes her tick. He’s the only one who has tapped into that. He allows her to be Sami, and not what he wants her to be. Bottom line, the feelings she has for EJ aren’t gonna disappear, so the only one who will look like the fool is Rafe, because he wants to beat EJ out for her affections. Rafe is kidding him, because EJ will always come between them. And I don’t think EJ will give up this time.

    #146 Kat – totally agree. No one is forced off here, it’s their choice to leave. You and I have both done it, and for me it was necessary to take a breather for my own sanity after what I endured from those who know who they are. And you’re right how things get heated on here, and how that will never change. And that is ok as long as it isn’t taken to a personal level, but that’s what ends up happening, and I’ll never figure that one out. The personal stuff needs to end once and for all on here, there is no place for it, and I just wish some would think before they start the drama. Everyone should be able to voice their opinion w/o being ridiculed for it.

    #151 Maryl – I still can’t imagine EJ & Nicole getting together, and I can’t imagine EJ even wanting her, after all that happened, plus the fact I don’t think he’s gonna give up on Sami. Also, TPTB supposedly made it perfectly clear the Nicole’s future is w/ Eric.

    #152 TerriK – your comments were spot on! Also, you are one of the fairest people on this site.

    #157 Leah – I agree, there is no reason for TPTB to wait to put EJ & Sami together based on their renewal w/ NBC. EJ & Sami have a lot of interesting stories that can be told, that can last for a decade, or more.

    I see some aren’t seeing the show in advance anymore. I wished it would stay that way because it’s better for the discussions on here when most are talking about the current day’s show, and others have already seen and talk about the next day. Makes it too confusing sometimes.

    Can Nick be anymore controlling, and can Gabi be anymore clueless? Just as I predicted, she asks Will to be godfather, and as soon as Nick pitched a fit, she immediately changed her mind and agreed w/ Nick. Gabi is brainwashed! I can’t wait to see Chad sock it to her! It should be a fun day to watch Monday.

    #164 Kat – DITTO!

    I think EJ will reluctantly overlook Sami & Rafe’s almost reunion, to be w/ the woman he loves. But if the roles were reversed, and Rafe knew about all the romantic moments she has shared w/ EJ as of late, he would’ve already dropped her like a hot potato!

    I like the jaded Lucas! He refuses to be snowed by any of his exes. I loved his response about Chloe when Kate told him she was back in town. I just wish he could find a true love for once!

    Paula & Kira – OMG, the weekend passed, and some just won’t leave it alone. I’m reluctant to even waste my time w/ the two of you, since neither of you know what you’re talking about. But I guess I must since you can’t seem to mind your own business, and chose to make “personal” comments to me. I’m not doing anything to anyone. If someone wants to cry wolf after being nasty to me, well go ahead and feel sorry for them, but it wasn’t me who started what happened, but I finished it, by defending myself, and defend myself I will against people like you who only posts to sling personal insults about people you don’t even know. Funny I don’t see post from either one of you about the show, but you sure didn’t hesitate to chime in to show your rude behavior. The majority of MY posts talk about the show. I don’t talk personal stuff, until someone makes it personal, like the two of you. Oh, and you both say you ignore/skip my posts, yet you seem to know what my posts contain…why is that? Seems you’re reading them if you know what I have to say.

    Now that you have had a chance to respond to what happened over the weekend, this is done. I do not want to see anymore posts about this argument. Everyone is more than welcomed to stay but I ask that everyone act like adults. If one does not like another, IGNORE them and talk to those you do like, please. I will start deleting posts that continue to discuss this. It’s been days, ladies. Let us move on. ADMIN

  186. From jolie

    #181 Tee, welcome back and hope you love the new home. Healing prayers to your son as well. So I know most will down Rafe for taking up for Gabi but he is her older brother and would anyone really expect different from him? Sami will most certainly take up for Will because he is her son and will go to the end of her rope for sure for him and should. What I don’t get is that they jump in with both feet and neither take a breath and give that little glimmer of a thought time to grow before they start shouting. The spoilers do say that Sami was going to deck Gabi and that is just not right, wait til the baby has come then go at it…and they will with Sami as the grandmamma. Sami jumped Elvis the same way about Kristen sleazing it up with Brady who is now to be recognized as Sami’s brother. We know it is all in the writing but wouldn’t you like to shake some of these characters and tell them about how insanity is most commonly defined as doing the same darned thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That is Rafe and Elvis in a nutshell. Lucas just jumped ship on Sami or he’d be in the mix as well. Anyway it makes for great, crazy, stupid drama!

  187. From Tee

    Well About Hope and Rafe… Rafe attacks Chad at church and Hope tells Rafe she is going to cover for him so he dont lose his job andorders for Chad to be arrested for attacking a officer to which he responds, he attacked me so she tries for something else, at this point he is not under arrest but she did offer to help Rafe cover this up real fast and your right they have put her in Rafes orbit. I knew it was coming and seems it may be.Rafe finds some way to blame this on EJ Chad says nope EJ could care less about you or Gabi.Hope finally thinks Chad is telling the truth, though Chad believes Andrew is the daddy, Will tells Gabi he is done lying and should have been truthful all along they try to play him for a fool even after he says that he reveals the truth to a shocked room.

    Kat Drake I think wanted more airtime he is leaving the show not sure how long could be only for a while.

  188. From Tee

    Kat and Jolie thanks for the welcome back, and I am enjoying my new house just unpacking sucks lol. My son had a ruptured apendix, he is recovering so far very well.Thank you for the kind words Jolie.

    I agree with your post and yes I dont fault Rafe for wanting to hit Chad for calling her those names any brother would do that.Rafes later comments is what I will fault him for and as I said Will was his stepson he should not be so judgemental and assume Will would pressure Gabi to have a abortion he should have asked Will or Gabi what happened his comments to Sami are one thing that will have them being over for good this time.Not to mention it is gonna escalate and get worse and from Spoilers Rafe may align hisself with Nick.EWhats new he loves to keep fathers from their child if that does happen.

  189. From Michele

    Oh, the never ending hypocrisy on Days.

    RAFE! hits Chad, chad gets arrested??

    SAMI! Mad and thinking it is wrong to keep the baby’s father a secret?? Calling someone a “manipulative, lying, little bi@#h”!!

    KATE! Does not feel Nick is a good fit for her company??

    Did LOVE Vic rating the wedding disaster a 7!!! Remembering Carrie doing it to her!!

    LUCUS! Telling Will that when you have a child it is not about you anymore???

    I do not like Nick or Gabbi at all! But at least Will, the father of the baby, was in on this too. So Both Sami and Rafe, who have lied and did alot more then fooling their friends and family, they kept the FATHER out of the loop being the ones that are so over the edge upset about this is the cherry on the top of the hypocrisy sundae.

  190. From patty

    Well so much for Rafe beating Chad into the carpet, which Chad totally would have deserved for repeatedly calling his siter a whore. Brothers don’t usually take kindly to that kind of insult against their sisters, cop or not. Chad is the one who made a bunch of enemies here and ends up with egg on his face. Even Victor has a little barb for him telling him his father would have been proud because he showed his true Demira side
    Now Sami is the one going in attack mode against a pregnant woman without knowing the truth and assuming Gabi was keeping her child from Will and of course herself, which is usually the case, making it about herself.
    Oh yeah, Nick threatening Chad when they’re alone and looking like he means it. Like Victor says, Chad better watch his back on the way back home. Loved how Victor is having a laugh at Sami and how history is repeating itself. Sami calling Gabi a manipulative lying little bitch, she should know, it takes one to know one. Can’t wait for Will to put her in her place and for Rafe to kick her to the curb.
    Looks like EJami might be hitting the sheets according to spoilers, who says it’s not about sex for Sami or EJ?
    #174 ditto.
    Thanks bobby! Good posts Shani! Welcome kitty, Ontario eh? I’m from the East Coast, New Brunswick. We had the show ahead but since the first of the year we are on the same time as everybody else. No idea when or if that will change.

  191. From Mandi

    after watching the Jan 14th episode I just had to comment. Wow can the hortons get anymore annoying and hypocritical? I could not believe it!! Why was Abby and Jen so mad at Chad he told the truth!!! I just don’t get it they have no problems interupting weddings themselves but not for a Dimera so disgusting. I was really happy father Eric did not continue with the wedding.
    I did like Victors comments to sonny about how it was 7 out of 10 and his comments about Doug and Julie were hilrious as well loved it :)
    I would like to know why Chad got a citation for “disturbing the peace” when all he did was object to the wedding because there were no being honest. Rafe who was an aggresor ( not as bad as I thought he would be but he’s an officer and should know better) should be the one who is charged with assault. I also think the cop that was assigned with keeping chad there should have also arrested Nick who cares that Chad is a Dimera Nick a man who is on parole and uttering threats should have been imedidiatly arrested… gah it really bugged me.
    Good for Sami and she did not “almost” hit Gabi but she could have backed off a little bit but nothing she said was not true.
    Loved the show just the not the Hortons acting all hollier than thou but the rest was good Loved Billie saying that if Lucas was a grandfather that would make Kate a great grandparent I loved it :)

  192. From patty

    Well so much for Rafe wiping the floor with Chad, which he should have done really for calling his sister a whore repeatedly. Brothers usually don’t take kindly to that kind of talk , cop or not. The one that is left with egg on his face is Chad and he’s the one who made ennemies here with his bright idea. Even Victor has a little barb for him on his way out telling him how he must have made his father proud for acting like a true Demira. Sami is the one that goes on attack mode on Gabi, of course making it about herself as usual and calling Gabi a manipulative lying little bitch without knowing the truth, which she would know about since it takes one to know one. Of course Rafe will defend his sister and he is right when he tells Sami that Will is the one who took Gabi for an abortion . I love how Victor is having a laugh at Sami about how history is repeating itself. Can’t wait for Will to set her straight and I can’t wait for Rafe to kick her to the curb. Nick threatening Chad when they are alone and looking like he means it. Like Victor said, Chad better watch his back on the way home for all the people he hurt.
    It looks like EJami might be hitting the sheets according to spoilers, who said they are not about sex?
    #174 ditto!
    Thanks bobby! Great posts jolie and gerri! Welcome kitty, Ontario eh? I’m from New Brunswick. We had the show a day ahead but since the first of the year we are on at the same time as everybody else. Don’t know if that will change.

  193. From MAB

    I’m not like most, and I don’t down Rafe taking up for his sister, but that doesn’t give him the right to beat up Chad, and turn on Will. He needs to stop acting like a jerk, and act like an adult, and a cop for once!

    Tee – not surprised Hope tries to cover for Rafe, as the Horton’s always think crime is ok as long as your last name isn’t DiMera. Also, not surprised Rafe, and probably others, will find someway to blame EJ for this, when Chad is respsonbile for his own actions, right or wrong. And Chad hasn’t been hiding the fact he was gonna get her one way or the other. What comes around, goes around, and Gabi will start getting hers now. I just hope the rest of her secrets come out too.

  194. From patty

    Sorry for the double post, my computer said error the first time. :)

  195. From MAB

    Maryl – I agree, if Sami didn’t still have EJ on her mind, saying I love you to rafe should’ve been easy for her to say w/o any reservations. Also, EJ is the one who is patient & understanding, and I think he will over this too, and that is how much he loves her. But as I said before, if Rafe knew about her “moments” w/ EJ, he would’ve already kicked her to the curb, or at least blew his top. The man has anger issues that need addressing. Rafe no doubt has an unknown past, and there is no doubt that he may not be the “safe” choice, but from what we know of him now, using the word “safe” means he’s the safe choice to settle for that will appease everyone.

    Kat – I didn’t hear anything about Marlena, but I did see where her & John will be off canvas for a while after he leaves Salem. Drake Hogestyn tweeted that if fans wanted to see him stay w/ the show, they needed to show their support now. Not sure what that means, as I’ve seen nothing from Days about either one of them leaving the show.

    Tee – nice to hear from you, and thanks for keeping us up-to-date! Love your LONG posts!

    Funny how Sami asked Hope to keep it hush hush about her & Rafe. I already said EJ would offer Will his support, and looks as tho I was right. I’m so glad EJ steps up to help Will, and not surprising he does, and he really likes Will, regardless of whether Sami is his mother or not.

  196. From Maryl

    Enjoyed your scenario, Jolie! lol! Suppose this–Emily comes back to get revenge against Rafe, she gets a job from Sami, but Emily gets the hots for EJ!! Now how would Sami handle that?

    I believe Sami is a carbon copy of a DiMera! Her lashing out at Gabi about hiding the baby from her family strongly resembled EJ when he is denied his children.

  197. From Kat

    Maybe they should Not ask the question anymore,
    Does anybody here…blah, have anything to say.
    Of course, if somebody does say something, there will be turmoil, LOL.
    Hope sure showed her colors today, covering for a fellow cop.
    It was a church, no violence, and Chad did tell the truth.
    And yes, he did assume that Andrew might be the father,
    and why not… Chad needs to get the whole truth out pretty quick, or he will be the bad guy, and Gaby the saint. Thinking that Andrew might be the father, why wouldn’t Chad think that she is a W…., and then all the things she did to Melanie… A lot of people knowing what Chad knows, could think the same thing.
    This whole mess needs to be cleared up, and Rafe the Cop knows all about what His Sister did to Melanie, covering up a crime… wonder how Hope would feel about that part, since she was one of the investigating officers in Melanie’s kidnapping… and she got led around the Nose by Gaby…Don’t think so, but then again with the SPD, you never know who will cover up what…

    Will did not ask Gaby to have an abortion, it was totally her idea, and everybody chimed in that it was her Right. Will never was happy about that, so please somebody set the record straight. Gaby knows that part very well, Will never tried to make her do anything, like aborting the baby. Nick totally lied about all that…. And Yes, Nick and Gaby both pressured young Will into giving up his rights to the child, and it hunted the poor guy. He loves Sonny, and he felt he had no choice..
    Rafe, does like to punch people, cop or not,
    he does have a temper problem IMO, very bad, and Hope better address that with him. She can not always cover for him.

    So many still talking about Sami, EJ and Rafe,
    even though they claim they are so tired of the Threesome.
    I for one like talking about EJ and Sami and boring/impulsive Rafe, they are very popular no matter what…
    Today, oh so many pots and kettles, enjoyed Vic acting as if he has always been whiter than new snow, and so on and on.

  198. From Kat

    Don’t see why Will can’t be the Bio Dad, Nick the Step father, and all is well.
    This is Salem, nobody, almost nobody lives with their own parents in this town. They all have Steps… LOL.
    Sonny needs to learn, that all this with Will and Gaby happened before they were an item.
    Gaby and Will do have a past, so what. Why can’t he be the Daddy, many gay people have children.
    But the way I see it, Nick just could Not handle that, as he called Will, the “Gay Boy”, being the child’s real father.
    I blame a lot of this mess on Nick and the pressure he put on Will and Gaby..
    I am glad the truth is out. Babies should know who their parents are, not matter what. It is important for so many reasons, incl. Health issues, etc. etc.
    Yes, Rafe stood up for his sister, but he did not have to attack…I think he was afraid, that Chad maybe would reveal the Whole Truth about Gaby, a truth Rafe himself is very aware of and covering up,.. so he wanted to shut up Chad as fast as possible..
    Just My opinion, that’s all.

  199. From MAB

    As I predicted, looks like Rafe will screw up on his own where he & Sami are concerned. He can’t get past his self-righteousness long enough to see both sides of the situation. Instead he acts like a neandrathal, attacking Chad for telling the truth, turns on Will & Sami, and backs Nick of all people, a guy who he was just ready to beat up a couple of weeks ago. He’s known Nick all of 5 minutes, but he’d take his side over Will, a young man he used to be a stepfather to. Like I said, I don’t think Rafe ever really liked Will, and now I guess he won’t have to pretend to.

    And I’m not surprised at Abby at all for being mad at Chad. She is just like Jen and the rest of the holier than thou Horton’s. They are all about honesty, but when someone tells the truth, even the way Chad did it, why does he get all the blame?

    I hope Nicole intercedes and doesn’t let Chloe get away w/ trying to come between Daniel & Jen. This is something Nicole could do that would be unselfish.

  200. From MAB

    Sorry, but some keep saying Chad spoke up when Eric ask if anyone objects…but he didn’t. He interrupted when Eric was about to pronounce them husband & wife. Or at least that is how it happened Friday. Did they change it today?

  201. From MAB

    #198 & 199 Kat – ditto, great posts!

  202. From Mouse Fan

    Nick and Gabi as parents is just scary. They’re going to shape the mind of a child? Holy Moly!

    I hope Nicole finds love and happiness (and has a baby that doesn’t die!). She really loved EJ at one point and I was hoping they could work through their issues. EJ wanted her once too. Well, until he met her sister, Taylor. Hey, kinda like Rafe and Carrie, but with no scarf sniffing. :)
    Of course, the whole ‘not the baby daddy’ SL didn’t help her case with EJ at all.

    Paula & Kira (Only): Enjoy your slap? You had to know it was coming. No redemption on here.

  203. From Maryl

    The only sensible people in the wedding fiasco were Eric and Caroline sitting together alone, in the church, and interacting with each other over the incident.
    I thought Caroline looked beautiful in her green outfit!

    All the Hortons need to get over their biased, self-righteous attitudes and realize that Chad only told the truth about what he knew about Gabi/Nick/baby. He could tell them a lot more truth as to why he is in revenge mode where Gabi is concerned. He held that back. I wish all of it had come out. Although Rafe knows the truth, he sure didn’t broach that subject when he was arguing with Chad. Chad will learn what it is like for a DiMera to cross a line in Salem–you are automatically the bad guy who is the cause of everything that goes wrong. He will never be treated with respect or any dignity again. That kind of forgiveness and understanding is only available to the “chosen” people of Salem.
    I look for Nick’s psychopathic personality to surface. Chad will most definitely get a back-lash from all of this. Nick is a genius and he will fool everyone into thinking that he is as normal as eating apple pie with ice cream.
    No one will ever suspect what’s brewing underneath. IMO

  204. From Shani

    186 MAB regarding 152. It was not so spot on because I was not involved, as I explained in 161.

    Today’s show was just as good as we have all expected it to be. Spoilers were wrong about a detail or 2. Rafe did not beat up Chad & Sami did not physically attack Gabi.

    Rafe & Hope tried to remove Chad peacefully but then Chad broke away & told Rafe his sister was a “lying slut”. But once wasn’t enough for Chad. He went on to call her a “bitch” & then called her a “slut” again. As a fellow cop, Hope did what she needed to do to protect Rafe, & to keep Chad at bay with a minimum of charges.

    Chad did tell the truth but Abigail was right to tell him when you lash out, you may hit your target but you hurt a lot of other people. In the first place, Chad only knew half the truth, & telling the truth is not always the right thing to do, especially if you are only telling it to get revenge. I believe he might not have done it if he had known Will was the father. Nick is one dark guy & it was quite a threat he gave to Chad!

    I can plainly see why this will come between Sami & Rafe. Everything is all mixed up, with no one but Gabi, Nick, & Will knowing the whole story, & both Sami & Rafe are jumping to the wrong conclusions. Sami is compleeeetly off base about Gabi’s intentions & it was nuts the way Sami went off on her. & Rafe is wrong about Will taking Gabi to the abortion clinic because he didn’t want the baby.

    I think Sonny has a right to be hurt & angry but I think he will be ok after Will has the chance to explain things from the beginning. Considering all the ramifications, I think it was brave of Will to tell everyone the truth. & he is right that the truth should have been told from the beginning.

  205. From Kat

    204 Maryl, girl you said a mouth full, I so agree, specially about Nick.. fooling the people… hope it won’t last to long.
    Something is up with Nick for sure….
    And the Horton’s I so agree, and let’s not forget, the Now Horton want to be.. our big Bad Boy Victor…How ironic that is.
    How great to watch Victor becoming whiter and whiter, and soon we will see the Halo above his White Hair.

    192 mandi, 190 Michele and MAB, such great posts, I just love reading them.
    I wish EJ would step up for his brother, when he finds out, that Only Chad got cited, and nothing happened to officer Rafe, as usual.
    Hope was totally unfair, and yes, what about the threat Nick made, concerning Chad….
    I have the feeling, that some of the good Horton/etc. clan might be mighty sorry some day, for blindly backing Nick and blaming it all on Chad.
    So Chad spoke up after the question from the priest, but like He said, he was going to let it go, until all the blah, blah started about truth and honesty…
    and he let it out…. Good for him, only wish, he would let it all come out, and take his chances for his part when He went after Nick… and he did sort of have a reason for it.
    Look at Rafe, if people had not stopped him, in church, what would Chad really look like now… the hospital maybe…
    You got to love the writers, they know exactly how to keep pushing the viewers buttons, by writing the way they do…

  206. From MAB

    Spoilers say “Sami unleashes her fury on Gabi, charging that she and Nick were out to destroy her son all along. Rafe stands up for his sister, and points out that Will took Gabi to get an abortion”. That is just what I’d expect from Rafe. Ok, stand up for your sister all you want, but don’t stand there and tell a bald-face lie about the abortion thing. That was Gabi’s idea, not Will’s. He obviously didn’t want her doing it. Too bad Chad doesn’t get out the rest of Gabi’s secrets to expose her little innocent act.

    Spoilers also say “Chad better watch his back”. Well I say it’s Nick who needs to watch his back. He is the one who eavesdrops on Lucas and Will’s conversation and learns that Lucas went to prison for something Will did. So he wants to use this against Will. Well he’s gonna have a llarge wrath of people coming to Will’s defense, Sami, EJ, Lucas, Marlena, Kate, among many others. Spoilers also say Kate decides against hiring Nick. Ha, ha! Guess his genious skills will be put on hold, and he’ll have to continue working for peanuts at the pub…that is if Caroline allows it. I hope she kicks Nick & Gabi to the curb!

  207. From MAB

    #205 Shani – I agreed w/ TerriK, and that is my right.

  208. From bobby

    #197 Maryl-you took the words right out of my mouth. Ok for her to do it to Lucas and E.J., but when the tables are turned-she did sound just like E.J. 1st time I have thought E.J. would be the better man in her life. She is just like him. At least she can clue Will in on a great baby sitter. Poor grandma Brady. And what was Kate on her high horse about? Nick thought he was doing the right thing. She can be mad at Gabi or Will, but NIck?? And I love Kate getting in Chloe’s face about being a call girl with a baby. Hello! Stephano’s call girl. 2kids. Affair with Bill Horton-Lucas. How soon they forget.

  209. From Shani

    208 MAB you are correct. It is your right. I just wanted to double down on the fact that I was in no way involved in the dust up that went on. I don’t know how my name got mixed up in it or what TerriK was even talking about. Unless she was posting to the wrong name, which is what my daughter thought after she read all the posts.

    Anyway, this is it for me. I told Blaze & Linda not to leave but they were right & I was wrong. They say things happen in three’s so goodbye ladies. Enjoy!

    We wish you would not leave. Many posters have emailed us to ask me to tell you that your posts are wanted and needed on this site. We agree. Please if you can, take some time to consider that on forums, there will be issues between people of differing thoughts and there may be arguments but if you can ignore a few with whom you cannot get along with, you should still be able to have a good time posting. Admin

  210. From Kat

    MAB, the poll about Marlena and John’s Exit…
    on Soap Opera
    Opinion Poll…
    John and Marlena’s Days exit…

    upset but still watching…… 52%
    upset and done with it…. 48%

    That’s all I know..
    Finally, there is a good SL involving both of them, and they are considering to bail out….. Not happy, but willing to get the whole story…
    We all know, that John.. going towards 60,
    Steve/Patch.. 62
    Roman 70, Bo 58,
    my God our Doug is going to be 88 and his Julie 70. Vic .. 80 and Maggie 69…
    Our Heroes have gotten old, and I think it is time for some of the younger dudes, like Brady, Rafe, EJ, Dan,Eric, and even
    Will, Chad, Sonny, Nick to get some of the SL’s our Old Hero’s used to get.
    The old ones mentioned above had their glory days, and it is time to realize that
    their Macho days are behind them, move over and make room for the younger ones,
    same when they took over from the older ones in their days.
    I hope, that Kristin will stay with the show, even if John and Marlena decide to ditch the show, for whatever reason, and like I said, I don’t have all the facts….

  211. From patty

    I don’t buy that all Chad did was tell the truth, he went off half cocked not to tell the truth but to get revenge, not knowing the whole story and not thinking how the outcome would affect everyone. It’s not like he’s the perfect guy to speak out for the truth when he has his own secrets and criminal acts under his belt. He has lost the respect of a lot of people by his actions but mostly of his friends Sonny and Will and his girlfriend Abby, consequently making enemies of the Bradys, Kiriakis and the Hortons. Not to mention crossing the possibly dangerous Nick Fallon. Since all the chaos in Salem are usually caused by one Demira or another, who else are the Salemites going to blame if not them.
    Now I see the blame is put on Rafe as usual and some are jumping the gun saying he will side with Nick against Will and EJ will help Will fight for his child. All the spoilers say is that Nick seeks Rafe’s support in case things get ugly with Will, which doesn’t mean he will get it, and that EJ offers to help Will to fight for custody,(to continue to try to impress Sami no doubt) which doesn’t mean Will is going to accept it. We don’t even know if Will is going to fight for his child because one, the baby is not born yet and two, spoilers also say that Sami and Will have a heated discussion about what role, if any, he plans to play in his child’s life. Rafe is not to blame for any of this, not for his sister getting pregnant, not for Nick Fallon’s controlling ways(Sami insisted he was the real deal), not for Will’s descision to stay out of his child’s life, not for ruining the wedding, not for Sami’s volatile heart and scatter brain ways, not for supporting his sister and he can’t even be blamed for wanting to punch Chad’s face in for ruining his sister’s wedding day and calling her a whore.
    Will did the right thing by telling the truth, but that is something he should have done from the beginning. By not doing that, he gave Nick the upper hand and I have a feeling Nick is going to play his crazy genius card to the hilt. Like Lucas told Will, this is not about Sonny Kiriakis, this is about you and your child.

  212. From patty

    Shani, no! Not you too. This is so unfair to lose all our good bloggers because of harrassement from bullies. Please stay!

    Please do not call other posters bullies. If you have an issue with another poster, please contact us at ADMIN

  213. From Kat

    oh lordy, I knew it, blah, blah, poor Chad is a DiMera, string him up high…
    Let’s go back a bit,
    Chad was a young man, had a Baby with Mia, did not step up to the plate, so she decided to give her baby up for adoption… we all know the rest of the story…
    Then almost overnight, Chad lost his Mother, had his “Loving Step Father”, the DA turn against him, and found out that God help him…
    the evil Crime Lord Stefano DiMera is his Bio Father.
    Of course, that meant instantly, Chad is a DiMera and of course responsible for all the family’s sins.
    He dated Gaby, then Abby, and then fell in love with Melanie… hang him for that, he is a young man, and this is the time to figure out who you care for..
    Gaby could not handle Chad’s love for Melanie, so she went Criminal by hiring Andrew to help her with her dirty work…She kept fooling and manipulating Chad every day,
    then finally Chad risked his life to save Melanie, found out just who Gaby really was, and her part in all this misery, and now he is the bad guy.
    Vic and Maggie, wait till you find out what Gaby did to Melanie, and Nick and Rafe covered it up,
    wonder if you will still be so “smart” about Chad and him being nothing but a DiMera. That Kid deserves a bit more, than what he has been getting. Gaby put your Grand daughter, and Dan’s daughter through absolute torture, tied to a bed by a nut job, and now we “might” have another nut job in Nick… maybe Gaby will get some of her own Medicine back, when Nick becomes unhinged some day… poetic justice…

    Chad has tried to stay away from All DiMera, tried to make it on his own, but still, he gets blamed for somehow turning out to be a DiMera, a name he got some 20 years later in his life.

    Some can say, that Chad has lost respect, but only because none of the goodie two shoes know, what He Knows about what Gaby did…… Let’s judge Chad again, when all of the truth comes out, and also what Justin did to protect Nick and Gaby, by “blackmailing” Chad into signing that piece of paper….

    Chad told the Truth, and let’s face it, the Truth shall set them all Free,
    or is the truth all of a sudden such a bad thing… Things can be worked out now,
    a little more truth in this town, could have helped a lot of people in the past,
    but all the lies, keep this Story going…

    One thing Rafe is to blame for, hiding the truth about what Gaby did to Melanie.
    and also what Sami did to EJ..
    Mr. Officer of the Court, same goes for Hope,,, no respect there for you guys.

    Just where is Roman in all this mess.

  214. From SandyGram

    Episode Monday January 14th:
    For me, it wasn’t as bad as anticipated based on the spoilers leading up to today. I believe what Chad said to Abby about him not planning to expose that Nick was not the father of Gabi’s baby. But once Father Eric started the ceremony he got emotionally caught up in the moment and telling the truth. Not to excuse Rafe’s actions when Chad dropped his bomb and continued to call Gabi a ‘sl$t’, but Rafe’s so called attack on Chad was not as bad as it could be, it looked more like he swung at him and missed and they went to the ground wrestling. It’s understandable a brother would not like to hear his sister’s name and reputation disparaged, especially by someone that has treated her so awful in the past.

    Well I suppose there had to be someone to get control of the situation so the writers had Hope step in as cop of the hop and do her protecting a fellow officer routine. Whether Rafe was brought up on charges or Chad received a Disturbing the Peace Notice….the incident was not exactly a Wiley Coyote getting beat up moment, but it did serve the purpose of separating Chad from the masses who were very angry at him.

    So they didn’t get to say ‘I do’. Then didn’t you just love Billie telling Kate ‘if Lucas is a grandfather, that makes you a (as her hand goes over her mouth) with Kate responding “don’t you say it”. Next to Victor’s comment to Chad about ‘how proud his father would be of him and how he’s proven he is a DiMera’…the two best lines of the day. I just love the moment between Caroline and Father Eric….he knew something wasn’t quite right with Nick and Gabi, mostly Gabi, but he went forward with the wedding. So much guilt being passed around including Maggie and Julie thinking they should have been there more for Nick. Oh please get over yourselves, it wouldn’t have mattered how much time they spent with Nick he was bound and determined to rush Gabi into a wedding and take Will’s child from him.

    Sami was our beloved Samantha Gene spewing out her garbage to Gabi when she herself has been right where Gabi was today. No doubt about it the line is drawn between Rafe and Sami. I’m just sorry to see the writers have Rafe continue to use the abortion issue to beat up on Will. After what was said between Sami and Rafe they were were deep feelings of guilt on their part in letting down a son and sister, but will have a lasting effect on their relationship or now probably lack of relationship.

    Just one curiosity about today, there Nick was hiding in the bushes listening to Will and Lucas’s conversation instead of staying at the Church to be with Gabi….HuH!!!

    Hey Tee….Nice to see you back. A new house that must be exciting. I’ve been working on a Family Tree which I can only say becareful what you ask for the cousins are crawling out of the woodwork and that’s from only one family. Best wishes to your son on his recovery hopefully it will be as fast as Jennifer’s. Now I’m off to read all the posts for today, there’s a bunch of them.

  215. From Linda

    #210 Shani, I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry for what happened to you and that it has led to you leaving the site. But I’m in that same place with it so I understand. It all gets to be too much. Even if a person isn’t involved in the discord, it’s the pits to have it going on so much of the time. I agree with your daughter that TerriK must have used the wrong person’s name in her post #152. Anyone who has followed the comments and read them all to date knows you were not involved in the argument that went on. Your commentary on the show has always been very good. Keep watching. Good luck to you!

  216. From SandyGram

    Linda, Blaze and Shani girl. ..What’s going on? I haven’t been keeping up with the postings and now now I read on patty’s post #213 you all are leaving. If you must, you must, just know you’ll be missed.

  217. From Kat

    213 patty, I think you are going to far…..

  218. From Peela57

    They more they keep saying Will didn’t want the baby just because he was the one who took her to the abortion clinic, the madder I get! He didn’t want the abortion. As a matter of fact, I totally recall him offering to marry her…he was willing to give up Sonny to do right by his child and Gabbi!
    As far as Rafe goes, I don’t think he would have assulted Chad if he hadn’t called her a slut and a whore…that would be going over the line for any brother..cop or not; so I don’t blame him for going off the deep end.
    And for Sami…she just needs to take a good look in the mirror!
    Very frustrating.

  219. From Kat

    Removed some of your post Kat. ADMIN

    I am really getting very confused,
    what is it on here, why can’t people have their opinions right and left, without getting judged for it….or somebody throwing out a personal punch.

    admin. before you get upset with me, all I want is to get things a bit straight on here,
    and if you think it is not my place to do so,
    just let me know, and I will back off,
    but also deal with the other problem maker…..
    Amen, Peace, and lets move on,… there is another big story coming up tomorrow….
    the fall out of the Baby paternity, LOL…

  220. From gerri

    Busy all day,doctor and Dentist appointments,so just watched Days,
    what beating that we heard was going to happen?Rafe more or less,only knocked Chad,down,and swung at him,as someone else,said more like wrestlers..He should have done more,Cop or not.I would have hoped that my,brother would,have done the same for me.

    Regardless of what she did,Rafe didn’t know the whole story,and neither did Chad.

    But My favorite part was Lucas’s conversation with Will.he really laid It out there,so totally,stupid,that all Will could,think about was Sonny’s feelings,Will,time to grow up,and put the most important things 1st.

    Kate was too funny,didn’t want to hear the GGranny word…

    Shani,Blaze ,Linda please rethink your decision,about not posting,Patty,myself and others need your input..

    Tee,Hope all turns out great for your Son,I’m familar with these kinds of things,with antibiotics most of time,all ends good………

  221. From Cindy

    Kat # 214. I totally agree about Chad. Except for beating up Nick when he thought he hurt Melanie, the only thing he has done wrong that I can remember is to THINK about how he wanted to get back at Gabi. Who could blame him for being so mad at her? He just talked about revenge, but had not done anything to her until now and his only revenge was to tell the truth. He does seem to get painted with a black brush just because of his name.

  222. From patty

    Sami is the biggest hypocrite of them all. There was something quite disturbing about her standing over and spewing venom at a devastated, weeping, pregnant young bride making false accusations about something she did herself but ten times worse years ago. At least Gabi didn’t drug any guy to have sex with her and she told the truth to the father of her baby first thing, giving him the choice to be in his child’s life. Unlike Sami who went to the altar lying to Austin that he was the father and keeping Lucas from his own child. Sami is really a piece of work and today she was in true form as her selfish crazy self making this about her and how could Gabi do this to her. Really Sami, how is this about you? I so hope her past will be thrown back in her face and I believe Will is about to do that, can’t wait to see it .
    Loved the talk between Lucas and Will. A father being there for his son, unlike the mother too busy making it about herself and throwing a tantrum.
    #218 I don’t think so.

  223. From Linda

    Shani, I also meant to say that Terri’s #152 was most likely meant for me.

  224. From Maryl

    patty revisited some of Sami’s past sins–something we EJami fans have always known about Sami. The list of Sami’s sins, clearly shows that she is definitely not compatible with Rafe, but with EJ–oh yes! Sami, leave Rafe now and run to EJ and Rafe–just run! Find a woman who is more suitable for you. One that maybe you can understand and know what makes her tick.

  225. From sanova

    I cannot believe the number of posts thinking that Chad only spoke the truth. All parties involved kept this lie including the father of the baby. It was not any of Chad’s business to blurt out their secret as it was not any of his business to listen to a private conversation between Gabby and her doctor. Chad was wrong. Three consenting adults can decide who can raise a baby and if Will was letting Gabby and Nick raise the baby it was their secret to keep. Sami’s character is such a hipocrite. She switched her own baby’s paternity test and kidnapped her own little sister. She should
    just keep her mouth shut. Please days, no more baby switches. It is
    getting old and too unrealistic.
    I think Gabby and Nick should have
    been able to raise the baby if Will agreed to it. There were no paternity test switches here and there could have been an abortion and I would have stopped watching the show if that would have happened.

  226. From Debbie

    #221 Gerri, I too thought it was hilarious regarding the great-grandmother comment Billie *almost* made to Kate. Kate’s reaction reminds me more of how Marlena would have reacted. Speaking of which, I wonder if that’s why Marlena wasn’t at the church since the ggranny remark would have been meant for her too. Deidre Hall must be furious about this situation since it’s only been within the last year that she’s relented to being called ‘grandma’ onscreen. lol

    Linda, Blaze, Shani, and anyone else who’s thinking of leaving…please don’t! We need your input on here as much as anyone else’s.

    And Tee, welcome back! I see you’ve been very busy but I’ve missed your posts and look forward to reading your thoughts about the show again!

  227. From SandyGram

    We’ve all heard Drake Hogestyen (John) is leaving Salem to come to grips with this Marlena/Kristen thing. Well in an Article on Days of Our Lives they mention the following:

    “Well, the actor recently tried to rally his fans’ support on twitter, tweeting, “If you want to see more of John in 2013…NOW is the time for you’re voices to be heard.”

    What does this mean? For me there is no Marlena without John.

  228. From karin

    Who does hope think she is today? She let Rafe assault Chad for telling the truth, then cites him. Thought she was self-righteous during the Sierra kidnapping…and the rest of Salem…who in that town hasn’t lied? But Sami was WAAY too much

  229. From bobby

    #207 mab Rafe got his information from Nick about Will not wanting the baby. Will was only trying to help Gabi and stand by any decision she made. Sami just starts lighting into Gabi without all the facts, just as Rafe did. Turmoil! #223 Patty-Sami is getting a taste of her own medicine which has now lead me to believe she does belong with E.J. And when are people on this show going to learn that there is “always” someone listening to their conversations? Now Nick has blackmail info on Will. I feel very bad for Will. People use this poor guy over and over again when all he ever tries to do is the right thing. (o.k., not blackmailing E.J. But he was new at that kind of thing) Sorry to see Billy go. There could have been good story lines for her and it seems the opportunity has been wasted.

  230. From jolie

    #189 Tee, had a thought when I read your post about Rafe loving to keep fathers from their children, which I don’t ascribe to but your opinion so valid. What if Rafe has a child come to town in the future that he didn’t know of?? Wouldn’t that throw some folks for a loop?
    #190 Michele, is this not hilarious? All the pots in Salem just called the kettles black!
    #191 Patty, Victor is so mellow lately that I think Mags is doping him with Prozac. Where is pod this one came out of?
    #197 Maryl, I just passed out from the vapors over your additions to our little mind game with Sami, Rafe, Elvis, Emily! Loving it! And Sami is just a blue print for disaster!
    #199 Kat, so many lies have now been told amongst this crowd that it will be difficult to ever trust any of them again. Will and Gabi did cave in to Nick’s pressure but their carelessness started this whole mess. And they are all still mired up in it. Lots of details to still come out about the mess and when all the truth about the baby is known, new lines will be drawn. At the heart of it, still a baby and that sort of makes me sad over all that happened at the church. The rest of them can all go hop in the harbor but that baby deserves better. Kate as Greatgranmommy, Sami as Granmommy, Gabi as Mommy….oh my gosh what the heck will happen to the babe? How could this be worse??
    #205 Shani, this wedding bunch was better at jumping to conclusions than they were sitting there waiting for the truth to fall on their ears. But makes more drama if there is a free for all at a Salem wedding!
    #209 Bobby, your point about Kate is spot on. She is a treasure for sure and very predictable to do the wrong thing and feel good about it. Lucas will be right back in Sami’s orbit now that a grandbaby is involved. I worry for him. He’ll also have to protect the baby from its evil greatgrandmommy.
    #215 Sandygram, good view on the happenings at the wedding. I love to hear your outlook on what goes down as you really spread the wealth with fairness.
    #219 Peela57, must be good writing if you are up in arms over it! I think you are right about Rafe, the insults were too much for him. I would not allow someone to call my sister names and I’m not a man or a cop and might throw a punch or two myself. And Sami…her mirror is like that one on Sleeping Beauty.. she sees what she wants to see.
    #222 Cindy, Chad did have a right to be mad but he was getting over the edge with it. I think this has been written like it has to push him closer to the Dimera family. He has moved a little closer to them and this should all push him right into the middle. Fatha will be hearing the sound of Chad’s feet pitter-pattering around the manse as soon as he returns!
    #225 Maryl, if either man had a brain in his noggin, he’d have done been gone. What gives? Yes she is lovely but definitely not worth the drama. Run boys run for cover.
    #228 Sandygram, Marlena and John have been a bit lukewarm on the storyline front and now John seems to be going off the deep end over this Kristen mess. He can only blame himself on how this all turned out. So I had a thought about what you said about Marlena without John. I have been thinking that Stefano will eventually need help with Kristen when she turns on him and he can’t control her. He can’t control her now but it will get much worse I think. Marlena and Hope are already on to it but they are just not devious enough. What if they have to team up with Stefano later on to end the reign of terror that nutjob Kristen will spew out in Salem??

    Blaze, Shani, Linda, please stay. Ignore the ugliness when you find it and put your own thoughts and comments beyond the enticement to drag you in. It works.

  231. From gerri

    I think now Is the perfect time,for the writers,to settle the triangle,after the fiasco at the wedding,with Sami taking the,”"Don’t do as I do(did)”"But what I say stand,Rafe Is furious with her,for talking to Gabi,like she did,so witers perfect chance,send her back Into EJ’s arms,they really do deserve each other.”"”He raped her,she shot him”",
    Happy Days ahead!!
    It will be a challenge,and give some good S/L’s to keep fans excited,to see which one will try
    and up the other,as neither can be trusted.

    I’ve said for a while,that Rafe needs a new love interest,and I’ve said,I would like him and Nicole together,they are friends,and also funny ,with each other,and she had wanted to take EJ.S baby boy,and give him Rafe,s name,so looks like a pretty good start.

    as far as the Will/Gabi/Nick baby,situation,Will might have agreed to everything,and went along with it all,when he needed to step up,and be concerned with the one carrying his child,he started acting like a love struck teenager,and couldn’t get away quick enough,to find Sonny,and find out how this would effect their relationship.

    John and Marlena haven’t been my favs,at all,but with the Brady/Kristen S/L,he did have more of an exciting one,and I thought was getting much more airtime,than many of the others.

    and I do wish they would give Jenn a hair-do that would look better on her,one day they have her look,as matronly,the next as a teen-ager,there has to be a middle line someplace.

  232. From Regina

    Where does Hope get off pressing charges against Chad for answering the “Does anyone object” question; but not arrest Rafe for assault? Chad should have reminded Rafe how low Gabi will sink to get what she wants; and how Rafe helped cover her crimes. Nosy Hope would jump on wanting to know what he was talking about.

  233. From MAB

    Kat – I agree, why do they want to take John & Marlena off canvas when they finally have a good SL going on? According to what Drake Hogestyn said on twitter, it’s not them, it’s TPTB decision.

    When I posted yesterday, I had not watched the show, and was going off the spoilers. Well, I need to stop doing that because the spoilers did not depict it they way I saw it happen. I think Hope, for the most part, was fair. She wasn’t too happy w/ Rafe’s actions, and she put a stop to it, otherwise Rafe would’ve done worse, and probably hurt Chad. Too bad Rafe can’t follow his cop instincts like Hope. They should’ve taken Chad out of there, and settled it outside instead of inside the church. Such disrespectful to the church and Eric. I didn’t like Hope using her power to weasel Rafe out of his neanderthal actions. I’m ok w/ Chad getting a citation, as he did cause an uproar in the church, but he didn’t do anything wrong other than tell the truth. Yeah, he didn’t have all the facts, so it wasn’t what he expected after realizing Will was the father, and not Andrew. Then of course predictable Abby turned on him, but he still told the truth. What would she think if she knew what Gabi did to Melanie? Chad is sorry, and spoilers say he tries to apologize for it, w/ EJ’s encouragement. I’m assuming it’s to Will & Abby, as I doubt he’ll apologize to Nick or Gabi who deserved what they got.

    And where was Nick’s concern for Gabi when he kept saying he needed to be w/ her? He didn’t go to her, he left the church to go after Will, after he threatening Chad. And he LIED to Rafe and told him Will took Gabi to get the abortion because he didn’t want the child. Rafe should know better than to listen to Nick because he was there at the clinic, and knows what happened there. But no, he decides to believe Nick, again someone he’s known all of 5 minutes, and believe this is all Will’s fault.

    Chad’s only criminal act was kicking Nick’s @$$, and again I say who cares! I still highly doubt that would land him in jail. Also, why should it matter what the saintly Horton’s think of him? They’ve already tagged him the bad guy because his last name is DiMera, just like Julie said yesterday, yet they all sit there and act like Nick is just misunderstood. What a crock! That boy is disturbed! He is a liar, and he is obsessed w/ Gabi & the baby (but still Chad is the bad guy????).

    Why would Will hate Chad for telling the truth? There is no indication Will is mad at him, in fact, I think Will looked relieved that it came out. And I don’t take too much stock in Nick’s threats to Chad. He may be an insane criminal, but Chad is a DiMera after all. He might as well use it to his advantage if he’s gonna get tagged for it.

    Lucas was spot on yesterday, telling Will what more people need to realize, that by him & Gabi creating a new life, what they think is important (Sonny & Nick) has become secondary. Their priority is now that baby! Big kudos to Lucas for speaking the truth!!

    Then there’s Sami, well this is a hard one to comment on w/ Sami’s past because she’s been where Gabi is when Carrie ousted her to Austin on their wedding day that Lucas was Will’s father. But it’s not entirely the same thing IMO. Sami hid the truth from everyone. Nick, Gabi, and Will came up w/ this stupid plan on their own (although Will was more forced into it for being outnumbered). Sami should know the truth before she jumped Gabi, but I don’t blame her for being mad that Gabi used her because she did. She lied to her, yet used her to get her “perfect” wedding. I didn’t feel sorry for Gabi at all sitting there crying. What goes around, comes around, and you’re getting yours now after what you did to Melanie, which everyone also needs to know about too. Also, I don’t fault Sami for standing up for Will, especially after Rafe comes in w/ his false accusations about the abortion. No surprise Sami goes off, that is what she does, she speaks before she thinks. But Rafe, he should know truth about Will, but he comes in there all ready to blame everything on Will from what he heard from an unreliable source in Nick. Rafe needs to stop treating Gabi likes she innocent, and everyone else is to blame for her actions.

    As much as I love Victor’s barbs, I think he was disrespectful talking about Julie being cheap, and how he judge Chad, not so much for what he did, but playing the DiMera card w/ him. Well Vic, people could claim the same about your family, and blame them for criminal things they’ve done because they’re a Kiriakis (including yourself). I mean just because he married Maggie doesn’t mean that automatically erases his past.

    No one is jumping the gun…the spoilers I read specifically say Nick gets Rafe & Justin to side w/ him. I’m not surprised, as he already seems to have a lot of people snowed just because he’s a Horton.

  234. From Linda

    I appreciate the thoughts from those of you who have offered them.

    jolie #231 I have tried to do that since being on here a relatively short time but I did responded to one eencie comment a few days ago and got pounced on buy someone not even involved in the larger disagreement that was going on, which I wasn’t involved in either and didn’t inject myself in the overall part of it. And now it seems Shani somehow got blamed for it, maybe by mistake, when she was no part of it whatsoever. I don’t need that and leaving is a good choice for me. I didn’t read before I joined this site. If I would have I probably wouldn’t have come on.

    Kat #220, you mentioned how you and Shani were able to work things out. (I read that part last night before it was gone.) The reason is that during the misunderstanding, you both remained calm and didn’t get nasty with each other. Ultimately, you graciously apologized and Shani graciously accepted it and you both moved on. Doesn’t always work that way, especially since there are at least two who get off on talking rough to people. Hope you are over your sickness by now!

  235. From Maryl

    Did anyone else notice that Gabi’s wedding gown looked a lot like Princess Katherine’s? I’m wondering if they did a copy. I know EJ gave Nicole a sapphire ring a while back that looked like Princess Di’s engagement ring.

    I thought Gabi’s gown was sweet and beautiful. She looked gorgeous in it! Sami did do a good job in her selection of the dress!

  236. From Kat

    235 Linda, thank you. I know they would remove part of my post….

    When there is something out between two people, maybe, just maybe it is a good idea, not to chime in anymore, let the parties involved have a chance one on one to work it out.
    Mis understandings do happen, and I realized watching this thing go down,
    to many other posters jumping in does only confuse the whole situation more.
    It takes away from solving the real mis understanding between the TWO involved.
    Just my 2 cents, talking from experience.
    Shani, Linda and whoever, nobody can make you leave, unless you truly want to and it is your own choice.
    Personal name calling should never be tolerated,
    No Matter from Who’s Side it comes…

  237. From Mouse Fan

    I agree, it was great to see Lucas point out that the baby should be Will and Gabi’s first priority. Way to go, Grandpa!

    And, although fighting should never be the answer, I doubt many brothers could stand idly by and watch/listen to the venomous berating of a family member. Especially when the person spewing the venom is a DeMira. In Soapdom, that never happens.

  238. From Kat

    226 sanova, good points, and can sort of agree with some of them.
    It’s nice to get others views.

    I think some of us, are just not to happy, the way Nick pressured Gaby and Will into his way of wanting things to be.
    One could clearly tell, that Will was so confused between his love for Sonny,a brand new love, and high on hormones ha,ha, and his already growing love for his child.
    Pressure did not help him, and Gaby was not strong enough to stand up against Nick, the Man willing to marry her.
    It’s a tough situation IMO.

    Still hope, that All the truth’ will come out sooner than later, so the good people can See Both Sides of this whole Disaster.
    I wish Melanie would have pressed charges, it would have been the right thing to do.

  239. From Kat

    234 MAB, good stuff, keep it up…
    TerriK, can’t find the tattoo pic on your face book….
    You must be busy with the new house and all….
    238 MouseFan, I agree, I always thought that a child comes before any man or woman, a child is forever, men and women come and go… just look at Salem…LOL

  240. From Just Moi

    Hello, it’s been awhile but Im back. (well been reading, just haven’t had time to post)

    Chad didn’t just tell the truth. He yelled it, cursed it, shouted it and would shut up and I loved every minute of it even though he looked like such an a$$ at the end. I even felt a bit sorry for him. Love Sami in momma bear mode. Don’t blame Rafe one bit for tackling Chad and if some think thats beating him into the carpet well…Love, love, loved Vic and Sonny’s talk and love Vic’s one liners, that man cracks me up. Oh and Billy’s question to Kate..”well if Lucas is a grandfather, then that makes you”…Kate “shut up”. Ahh got to admit its the best days I’ve seen in a long time but then again Eel J wasn’t making moon eyes and stuttering all over Sami and Rafe wasn’t trying to win her back either so a good day all around :)

  241. From Maryl

    What can one say about the hypocrites of Salem?

    Victor won the hypocritical prize yesterday! Imagine that old gangster/reprobate pointing his finger at Chad for being a true DiMera. Victor must think he has truly been white-washed since his marriage to a holy woman. He may
    let Maggie rule his roost while things are going well with all his little “extra curricular” activities, but I would be willing to bet that Nikko is on stand-by at all times. It wouldn’t take but a moment for Victor to default back to his dark side as needed. I think he has a lot of audacity to point his finger at anyone. However, I do like that old reprobate! lol.

    Chad is a young man who has been through a lot of upheaval and uncertainty in his life. He made a mistake in choosing to reveal what he knew at the wedding but he didn’t commit a crime. You could see that he regretted what he did and that he immediately was feeling the consequences of his actions–mostly because he did not realize that Will was in the middle of all this deception. He tried to put on a brave facade as if he didn’t care what the congregation thought of him, but in that moment when he was left standing their alone absorbing the remark Victor had made about him being a true DiMera, you could see the pain in his eyes–he was near tears. We have seen that same painful look on EJ’s face many times.

    I think it would be ironic if in the end, Chad will be the one to rescue Gabi from Nick. If Nick turns psychotic and tries to kill Chad, Gabi may find out about it and step up to warn Chad. Gabi is/was a schemer, but she has, in the past, indicated that she is not into physically hurting someone.

  242. From jolie

    #241 Just Moi, good to see you here and making a good post as well!
    #242 Maryl, Stefano is the same way. The old scallywag will do all manner of mayhem to others but will cry foul at the smallest infraction of others. But Victor is just good at it and has no notion of shame. And Chad is sort of a lost boy. I think all of this will push him closer to his family and I guess the other characters already consider him there. And we have mentioned here time and again that Gabi has never really shown any concern over what she did, only moved on with her happy little life. Gabi was a good girl one time, sweet and sincere. Your scenario would help rehabilitate her a bit. I think you have something there. I was in hopes that Nick would not come back as a nutjob but it seems to be going the other way fast.

  243. From MAB

    #218 & 220 Kat – I just had to tell you were right in all you said, and I read all of #220…and you said it all! I wanted to comment more about it (the name calling), but I’m not.

  244. From Shani

    Dear Administration, I so much appreciate you contacting me on 210, & I also appreciate the efforts of other posters. Thank you! I know you do the best you can to keep things going smoothly.

  245. From Kat

    243 MAB, thank you, amazing how both of us have made it through so many years….
    I do not always agree with all you say, but we have mutual respect for each others opinions,
    that is something we need more of on this site.
    Shani and I had it for each other,
    and it worked out fine for us.
    Name calling does not work for me,
    but I can always tell, when someone really has bad names for the characters, well need I say more…
    Glad we are all moving on.
    Till the next time, LOL.

  246. From Tee

    Thaks everyone for the wonderful words and encouragements and the welcome backs.

    I want to first say, I was suprise by Rafes admiting what he did to J was wrong even though he never admitted it to EJ or Sami.He did tell Eric it was not right what he did I also want to say I feel that Rafe should have asked Will and Gabi instead of jumping to conclusions that Will wanted and pressured Gabi into a abortion. I heard him say Will pushed Gabi into it and took her there and if it was not for Gabis protesting the baby would be dead because Will did not want it. That is not true at all so no Rafe was wrong there not right.Will did not want her to get the abortion but felt it was her choice over his as she was the mother and would be carrying it, he also as some posters pointed out offered to drop college get a job and marry her. Gabi then said no you are in love with sonny, Will wanted to tell Sonny and they told him no, of course he is a man and should have done it anyway, but I think he has been a tad vulnerable and what with his own upbringing it played a factor into his decisions as well.The main deciding factor was him trying to appease Gabi the mother of the child, as he was mostly raised by Sami, maybe he assumed she had more rights then him.Will many times over last few weeks has approached Gabi and said he does not want to lie to people and regrets his decision to which Gabi and or Nick shut him down quick using Sonny and his sexual status, which to me is BS.Will recently came out the closetand as he told Lucas he worried people namely Lucas would think he was not really gay, and of course he worried abut Sonny, but this was never Wills intentions his intentions were honorable and Gabi at no point stopped Nick and said Will is not comfortble and he is the real father,Yes Will made a agreement but one he was unhappy with hence his dreams and conversations with Nick and Gabi over it.

    Sami well she did tel gabi she should have seen her coming and she knows her she was referring to the fact she has done it before, she was upset and rightfully so she was there when Gabi found out she was pregnant, here she was planning her wedding to Nick and convincing people Nick was gonna be a great father, helping plan, and pay for someof the wedding, and being supportive of Gabi and Rafe in this.So yes it is about her in a way imo as well, as she was dupped by Gabi in many ways.Sami knows her son would not suggest a abortion as she told EJ she felt the accusations on Will were untrue as it is not in his character and she defended him, Rafe should have known this as well.He wasted n time accusing,pointing fingers and believing a man Sami had to convince him not to beat up as some posters said a man he knew 5 minutes.Lets go back to when Will was there for Mia and her baby and Rafe was around for all that.This as many have said is the over for good for them.

    Rafe will go around accoring to spoilers telling everyone he sees Sami for who she is now.Who is she a woman who defends her child, and wants to be there for him and her grandchild?A woman who was mad at his sister for lying to her when she has been there for her when noone else has but crazy Nick and her brother.Lets not forget Rafe knows Gabis role in Melanies kidnapping and Andrews shannanigans as well. I dont fault him for his reaction to Chad, he did call his sister some names, but I am not sure what he means by the real Sami??Either way he is done with Sami and she with him.

    Chad did nothing wrong there is nothing illegal about standing up at a wedding and rejecting and giving a reason matter of factly it is asked at weddings, so not sure how he is at fault. I also believe he did not plan to do this, but it cameout and he would not have done it if he knew it was Wills child.Abby backing Gabi is just a setup for their downfall in friendship when Abby finds out Gabis role in Melanies kidnapping and the whole aftermath of it which included her father dying. I also think like many Nick is gonna go overboard, makes me wonder what the gunshop guy is that is being cast and will appear around March/April and who will be visiting a gunshop.

    John/Marlena/Kristen/Brady not sure anymore what is going on there just that she is gonna realize her true feelings after talking with Papa Stefano and I am sure Brady will find out the truth one day.Perhaps Drakes tweets means he may not be back as John for a while uless fans protest now.

    I remember Corday spoiling Kate being involved in a big storyline I guess we learned it is involving Chloe.On the Kate note I dont blame her for firing Nick, Will is her grandson after all, and according to Nick he had a contract which means Kate mustpay him anyway.

    Chad watching his back from Nick is laughable unless Nick is the one who visits a gun shop later.Nick was eavesdropping on Lucas and Will, but funny people faulT Chad becaause he overheard Gabi and Cam.Still trying to figure out what crimes Chad di but beat up a guy he thought was a threat to his fiancee, and not telling his fiancee her best friend was the one who hired Andrew since he thought she had been through so much already. His reasoning was not bad or evil he felt he was protecting Melanie. If Chad was aking his father proud believe me he would not have signed that illegal crap from Justin and Nick, and Gabi would have suffered not like this, Victors comments were rich so what he interrupted a wedding, many have in Salem, and it is usually not a Dimera doing it.Now for some juicy spoilers for everyone. First thing up is a interview of Alison Sweeneyand let me tell you all it is good.

    She says Sami is gonna be making her decision she said someone is gonna win her we all now nw it is EJ and she makes some comments on that and her biggest loser show amongst other things great interview.

    I see the spoilers for January 21 are up o here so I will p[ost spoilers over there as they go with that week so check over there for it I will also repost Alisons inte5rview as well.

  247. From Kat

    246 Tee, great stuff, and I so agree with all you said.
    I see things the same way, and I do hope that Rafe and Sami are finally done.
    They do not belong together, all they have in common is Sex,
    nothing else, like Faith and Trust, real Love and Like, etc.
    Hope all the truth about Gaby/and Rafe’s cover up of yet another crime comes out. Chad needs to get a break,
    but Nick will do something to frame somebody/or set up, or worse try to do away with somebody and put the blame on Will/Chad…
    something smells rotten in Salem.
    Gaby might just get hurt in the “Cross Fire” and loose the baby…who knows..

  248. From Kat

    246 Tee, very well written, and I so agree with you…Fair and balanced IMO, no sides taken, just looking at what is really going on.
    I hope Sami and Rafe are finally over, they do not belong together, because they have nothing that is important to have a meaningful relationship, all they have is sex
    and that is not enough,.
    EJ and Sami have been through a lot, but now slowly they are getting to know each other in so many different ways, and I think they will have great give and take relationship, and they will Trust

  249. From Joey G.

    Hi, ladies,
    I have been a fan of Days for many years,and it’s interesting to read everone’s takes on various SLs. I just have to say that I have been up half the night reading your blogs, which are just as entertaining as tbe show itself. I would like to add that I admire the fact that even though you all seem to have a few heated discussions over any disagreements within topics and SLs, the resolutions and self-awareness that you portray in your dialogue back and forth is quite refreshing. Kudos to each of you. This type of banter is much better than the hate and regrettable statements I have seen posted on a few other discussion boards. This page would be an extremely entertaining book. A short note from my own perspective: John has most ikely just trying to give Kristen the “real” impression that he is

  250. From Joey G.

    leaving Marlena to protect her from Kristen’s wrath while he figures out how to get rid of the evil snake. He really should find “Susan” and have her kidnap Kristen, take her place, and make Brady see her schemes from herself (Kristen),but instead, she falls in love with Brady, etc.,etc. (sound familiar?), or they could have Doc possessed again, and show Kristen what evil is really like.haha. Anyway, moving on, I like seeing Nicole her “badness” skills to do good, and, Chad is definitely the good guy in my book, but I see a huge custody trail coming with all of these past misdeeds coming out. I really do not like Nick. I think he is sounding more and more like the next “Salem Stalker”. Sami

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