Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 17 & 18.

The backfiring blond.

Wearing the surveillance equipment which Hope gave her, Marlena attempts to force Kristen into confession. Kristen isn’t actually stupid enough to fall for this. Instead of incriminating herself, she turns on the waterworks and moans about how much she cares about Brady. She also pointedly reminds the shrink about how happy she was to find out that she was boffing Brady instead of chasing John. When Malena runs off, John winds up hearing this last detail and he’s not impressed. He’s annoyed that she has so little faith in his devotion to her and decides to leave town to think about what to do next.

Brady finds the torn remnants of a note in Kristen’s room. He wonders what’s up with that. She tells some crummy lies. He doesn’t buy them but then faints before he can probe for more. She takes him to the hospital and remembers that he had his head bashed in. She also remembers that she paid the ‘muggers’ to do it.

Chloe’s hardly been back in town a week and she’s already in the middle of battles with two women. She and Jenn draw a line in the sand over Daniel. All the same, Jenn refuses to play dirty and won’t tell the doctor that the mother of his child was a hooker. The diva is not impressed and, using Anne’s help, manages to turn this act of compassion against Jenn. Meanwhile, Kate looks for a way to make Chloe look like a failure on the mothering front. And Sami’s mothering style annoys Will as they argue about what he plans to do about his child.

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  4 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    getting tired of kristen/brady thing. wish they would bring stefano back and get rid of kristen.
    if john leaves town, i wish he would hook up with bo and steve and all three of them return together for another dimera saga.
    glad kate told jennifer about chloe. i assume philip told kate because it all seems to have happened when she was in chicago. being a hooker is not a good job for a mother..

  2. From L.G.

    I use to really like Chloe, back when she was first on the show. Now she has manipulated, and slept with, practically everyone in Salem. I can’t stand her now, the writers have completely ruined her character. I am, however, super happy that Rafe & Sami didn’t hook back up before the wedding showdown. I really don’t like those two together.

  3. From Kat

    1 dc, it was Kate that put Quinn up to getting Chloe to be a hooker, by black mailing her..
    Kate also tampered with Chloe’s medication, sending her into deeper depression.
    Kate big, big Super Queen Hooker, raised Lucas, after that she raised Philip, so she should talk, LOL.Like Chloe said today to Brady, I should have taken your Help, and none of this would have happened. Brady knows
    all about Chloe’s moonlighting.
    Does it mean anything to Kate, that Chloe saved her life,
    and if all of Salem had stayed out of her life, her and Dr. Dan could be happy today raising their son…

  4. From Maryl

    L. G. I so agree with your post. I also loved Chloe when she first came on as “ghoul girl”. I loved Brady and her both. They were my favorite couple and I loved their sl. Now, just as you stated, they have totally ruined her character. Chole back then, had a good head on her shoulders and a lot of good character. Quite the opposite now. I was hoping that with her return to Salem plus having a child, she would be written like she was when she first came to Salem. I also feel the same about Sami and Rafe not hooking up–I don’t ever want to see them together again.

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