Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 21-25.

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Sami raises Rafe’s ire as she continues to fume about Gabi and Nick. She even suggests that they may not be fit parents. Meanwhile, Elvis manages to get Will to open up about the baby situation. Will admits that he was torn up about giving the child up so EJ offers to help him get custody. EJ heads over to see Sami. He walks in as she is in another nasty argument with Rafe. The cop accuses them both of manipulating Will and his sister. Adrienne also rears her head to chime in about Sami and her family. While Rafe turns to Nicole to vent about what Sami is like, Sami turns to EJ and they nearly have sex. He leaps away at the last moment, but Lucas walks in just in time to see more than he wants to. He’s disgusted by her. However, the exes do agree to work together to give Will whatever support he needs.

Nick turns to Justin to get some advice about how to retain custody. They wonder if Will could be declared an unfit parent. Nick calls Gabi, insisting that they need to be officially married immediately. Then he confronts Will and attempts to push him into dropping all legal claims over the child. Will isn’t backing down. Sonny isn’t forgiving him so he doesn’t have much else. Will even tracks the couple to the hospital when Gabi goes in for her sonogram. Will tells them that he wants to be part of the baby’s life. Gabi is willing to go along with that. Nick has other plans. Will rushes off to tell Sonny about his baby and they wind up kissing. Meanwhile, Sonny’s parents discuss his ongoing involvement with the Horton. That leads to some arguments followed by the traditional Salem post-argument snuggling.

Chloe and Anne are feeling pretty good about their plans to doom Daniel and Jennifer’s romance. However, those smiles soon turn to sneers when they discover that the doctor is even more smitten with Her Royal Hortoness than they’d thought. After Chloe pays Jenn a visit, the Horton worries to Maggie that the diva is playing some kind of wacky game with her. The diva gets busy attempting to convince the doctor to let her and Parker move in with him.

Chad continues trying to prove to Abby that he’s sorry for acting like a wanker. She can’t forgive him and turns to Cameron for comfort. Abby confides to Gabi that she and Cameron are getting close again. However, she still feels uncomfortable around him because she’s a virgin.

Eric kicks Brady and Kristen off of the church board. The siblings have a bitter argument. Nicole decides to get involved in this mess by trying to keep Kristen away from Brady. She heads straight for the DiMera’s door to confront her. Meanwhile, John informs Marlena that he is leaving town. He needs to go somewhere else so his brain can fully function. Kristen manages to see all of this and gossips with her father. He thinks she can drop Brady now, but she still has other plans for him.

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  1. From olivia

    Oh my..this blogger is so biased against is ridiculous..eyeroll…hey doesn’t make me want to read these ‘spoilers’ careful..eyeroll

    They’re all written in fun but the writer really has nothing against Sami! He just likes to make the posts funny but we removed as we had two complaints. Admin

  2. From SandyGram

    I’m still for them all moving into the DiMansion and share and share a like. It sounds like it might be getting closer for Stefano to reappear, other than on the phone. If John is leaving town someone will have to be their to keep Marlena’s juices boiling and I don’t mean have a relationship with her.

    Wow Father Eric is kicking Brady and Kristen off the Church Board. If is reason they are having an affair, there is no one in Salem qualified to sit on the Board.

    I can’t imagine Justin help prove Will to be an unfit parent. Gosh how could a court choose Will over a convicted killer anyway. And as I thought, Nick will convince Gabi to run and get married.

    Finally the Merry Go Round is still going around with Sami, EJ and Rafe and now Nicole is being drug into it.

  3. From Just Moi

    Hello everyone, it’s been awile.
    Well I have to say January 14th’s show has to be one of the best I’ve seen in awhile. Love Sami in momma bear mode. She was vicious but not overboard IMO. I don’t think Rafe went overboard either, if it would be my sis that Chad was dissing I think I would of been a little more severe than that. Love, love, love Vic’s conversation and one liners with Sonny. Billy saying to Kate…”well if Lucas is a grandfather that makes you”…and Kate’s response “shut up”.lol. Felt sorry for Chad at the end. Looking for a little revenge and ends up with egg all over him. I think he felt bad for hurting so many others but Chad any good Dimera knows you must get ALL the dirt, not just parts of the story. I am sure Chad will learn his lessona and learn to be a real dirty, mean, vengful Dimera some day.

  4. From Dmitri

    Sami is a hypocritical tramp! Glad EJ leaves before anything can happen, he deserves better than that fickle whore. I am happy Lucas calls her out, and that Rafe turns to Nicole. Do not really care for anything else, but will be excited to see the Nicole-Kristen showdown.

  5. From Stacey

    #3Just Moi – I completely agree…I was LAUGHING so hard at Lisa Rinna’s lines yesterday.

    I cannot fathom my Sammi doesn’t take a deep breath and remember she did her own lying back in her day (she was prego with Will, but tried to get Austin to marry her claiming it was his)….Those in glass houses…I’m just waiting for someone to bring that up to her..and I like Sammi – she just needs to have a shot of single malt and chill for a second.

    Poor Susan Seaforth Hayes is relegated to being the “big mouth” and bumbling older gal. If they’re not going to give her a decent story line (she can act – she got chops), then keep her sequestered like Bo.

    I think Allison Sweeney has the best gig – she gets to make out with “EJ” and “Rafe”. I need that job.

    I do wish Chad would just tell everyone what Gabbi did – all this could have been avoided cuz who would marry that psycho wench? And when Abby finds out that Gabbi is an a-hole, will she run back to Chad? They have mentioned her virginity a few times, so clearly they are gearing up for either 1) a rape story with Abby, 2) A pregnancy story with Abby, or 3) she sleeps with Father Eric and joins a convent turning into Rosemary’s Baby.

  6. From Mandi

    Also wondering who the Horton family will support in all this at this point it seems to be nutjob Nick. They should also be trying to support will and lucas as well just don’t get it and think it will be interested to see who they think would be “better” for the baby.

  7. From patty

    Yess! Rafe has finally seen Sami’s ugly side for what it is and wants to run the other way fast. Run Rafe run because Sami’s already sipping wine and sniveling with EJ while he takes full advantage of the situation with his fake concern for Will. Will already has his father on his side as it should be and the scenes between Will and Lucas were fantastic, EJ has no business in all this. He just finished giving Chad the slap on the back for his actions.
    As for Chad, it looks like he is not sorry in the least for his actions as he brags to EJ. I guess he will have to endure the wrath of the people all alone because all EJ is concerned about is how to work this to his advantage. Abby looks interested in Cameron and I can’t say that I blame her, he is pretty hot.
    It took her long enough to do it, but I’m glad Gabi finally spoke up to clear up Sami and Rafe’s assumptions. Gabi is being truthful and so was Rafe when he admitted to setting a bad example for her when he covered for Nicole’s baby. I’m all for Will being part of his baby’s life but there are absolutely no reason for a custody battle at this point. Babies belong with their mother, first and foremost.
    Sami about to hit the sheets with EJ, I get why Lucas is disgusted with her.

  8. From MAB

    Rafe’s hole just keeps getting deeper, as he accuses EJ (who had NO part in this fiasco) and Sami of manipulating Will & Gabi. What??? Rafe, you just sound stupid at this point. You’ll do anything to drag EJ into any situation, and blame him. Rafe is obsessed over EJ, no denying it anymore.

    And where does Nick think he has a chance in hell of retaining custody? THE CHILD IS NOT HIS! Oh no, here we go again w/ another man wanting to keep a child from it’s real father. And why does he want this child so bad? What is his agenda? This boy is beyond disturbed! And Chad’s the bad guy, NOT!

    I see Adrienne chimes in, and I’m sure she’s gonna have another round of trashing Will. Well, I hope Sami, Kate, Lucas, EJ, Marlena, etc. tells the Kirakis clan to shove it! Better yet, I hope Sonny scolds his mother for her treatment of Will. I mean so what, Sonny got his feelings hurt. What makes him so special?

    I kinda like Maryl’s take on this – what if Nick goes bonkers and Chad has to save Gabi from him? Boy wouldn’t that be interesting!

    Can’t wait to see some loving between Sami & EJ, but why does it stop? I assume it’s because he don’t want her current state of mind to be the reason they sleep together. He’s gonna make sure she wants him of her own free will, and that she is done w/ Rafe. Good for him!

    Go Eric for kicking Brady & Kristen off of the church board.

  9. From Mandi

    Ok so my first part didn’t post so sorry if this goes through a second time. Guess I should learn to copy it first.
    I love how EJ is so into helping sami and her family and making sure they are ok. I know he will help support will in anyway they can. #5 totally agree about Gabby except that Nick already knows everything she has done to Melanie and still wants to marry her ( like the nick name psycho wench though :) very fitting). I feel so bad for Will all it should take for Sonny to understand, is for Will to tell him this happened after the first night he kissed Sonny and he was all confused, Sonny was so supportive in Will coming out you would think he would be supportive now if Will didn’t cheat. I hope they turn it around so they can help raise the baby.
    Speaking of Sonny how could Justin help Nick get custody of the baby and help keep it away from Will and Sonny, that doesn’t seem right to me and I hope the spoilers are wrong about that.
    I think Nick will end being a nutjob and super controlling over Gabi, I understand she’s preggo and sometimes the brain is like mush but she needs to open her eyes to see the whole picture, I wonder why Nick is so bent on taking the baby.
    I really wanted Eric to say something to Rafe today as well bashing Will i just hope he does say something, as kindly and preistly as possible I just don’t get where Rafe goes off thinking this is everyones fault but Gabby’s.
    I think Sami had every right to go off and Gaby as she did she felt used and she tried to do everything right for her and Nick. I do like how EJ stands by her no matter what there is a man ;)

  10. From Debbie

    Hey, Just Moi, I was just thinking about you recently and here you pop up! Glad to see you back and looking forward to your posts as well as others who’ve recently rejoined the group.

    I loved today’s show and thought it was one of the best that they’ve written in a very long time. The acting all around was top notch as well by all the actors involved. IMO, the best scenes were the ones of Sami and Rafe arguing, the emotional heartbreak that was between Sonny and Will, and the comforting support that EJ gave Sami. You could see the motivations behind all the emotion that each of these characters portrayed and I was completely pulled into each of them. Very well done, actors and writers! Now let’s just keep it up.

    I have to include here how much I adore Gabi’s wedding dress. It’s similar in style to Kate Middleton’s but Gabi’s has sparkles scattered throughout with rhinestones in her veil too. Very elegant and beautiful and Gabi looked gorgeous with her hair pulled up. It’s just too bad she has to be crying through all of it but at least it’s out in the open now and the story can move forward.

  11. From soapSK

    Sami called Gabi, Rafe’s sister, a biTCH! She crossed the line without knowing Will’s side of the story! Ofcoarse rafe has every right to be mad at her!!

  12. From Lynne

    I’m not usually on Sami’s side and usually like Rafe but after yesterdays show…I want EJ and Sami together and Will to get the baby. I have always loved Will’s character. Gabi needs to get a backbone! I can’t even stand to watch Nick because of the annoying looks he gets on his face like he is better than everyone and calling all the shots. I want to see Gabi and Nick go down! The Hortons should stand behind Will…THE BABY’S FATHER!

  13. From SandyGram

    #3 Just Moi
    Me too, I’ve been wondering where you were, nice to see you and as always great post.

    Getting ready to go watch today’s show it sounds great from the postings so far. But I do have one issue about yesterday’s show and Sonny walking out on Will. There is one secret that hasn’t come out, a secret Sonny knows and Will doesn’t, that being Gabi’s part in Melanie’s kidnapping. So with that said Sonny hasn’t a leg to stand on in Will keeping who’s the baby’s daddy secret. How is Will going to feel when he finds out Sonny has kept this secret.

  14. From patty

    Hi Just Moi! Nice to see you posting again. Nice little stretch of mild weather we’ve been having.
    I agree with you, the show is getting good and I also loved Victor’s one liners.
    Loved the moments between Will and Lucas today. This is what a father and son relationship should be about. Will does need to grow up and take responsibility for his actions . That does not mean taking his child from Gabi so he and Sonny can raise him either. Even if Nick turns out to be psycho, Gabi has done nothing that makes her an unfit mother. She has made mistakes but so has Will and Sonny plain out said he doesn’t want children, so I don’t get this talk about a custody battle. That would mean that Will would be already putting the child through exactly what he wanted to prevent by giving it up. I could be wrong but I have a feeling Nick is going to use what he heard, not against Will but against Sami because she will most likely be the one pushing for this fight for the baby. I don’t see Will wanting to take the child from Gabi, they love each other and have a very special relationship.

  15. From Debbie

    Yes yes, I knew I forgot something. Another scene I neglected to mention that I LOVED today was between Lucas and Will. And Patty you’re right about it showing what a real father-son relationship should be. Lucas has admitted to Will that both Sami and himself has made their share of mistakes but that they both loved him very much and wanted what’s best for him. And that they’re both there to support him no matter what. Marlena was good today with him too but then she’s always been Will’s best friend many times over.

    SandyGram, thanks for reminding us about what Sonny’s keeping from Will. I’d forgotten about that so it’ll be interesting to see how Will reacts when that not-so-little secret comes out. The show has been really great lately with the storylines and dialog so it’s been a real treat to watch, even with the creepy Nick becoming ever so darker. The acting has always been great across the board but I’m partial to Will and Sonny and how genuine their scenes always seem to be.

    In reading through last week’s posts, it’s nice to see that Admin is keeping close tabs on us when we play a little too rough in the sandbox. Let’s all be more gentle when sharing our toys(thoughts).

  16. From Maryl

    SandyGram–you are so right! I had sort of forgotten about Sonny harboring a secret about Gabi. He knows something that I think is a lot worse than Will’s daddy secret. That is something that, in court, could affect a custody case, should it come to that. EJ, of course, knows the truth also. Will he let the cat out of the bag if need be?? For Will and Sami, I think he would if pushed that far.

    MAB, I agree that it would make an interesting SL should psychotic Nick start going after Chad with the intent to cause harm.

    We could have some good courtroom drama coming up with a custody battle. The old writers had planned to have Abe in a custody battle with Stefano over Theo and EJ was supposed to defend and represent Abe. That, of course, never materialized, but I’m wondering if these new writers borrowed a bit of that idea with the Will vs Gabi/Nick Sl.

  17. From Maryl

    Tee–so glad you’re back!! Missed you a lot!

  18. From Mandi

    Am I the only one thinking that Abigail needs to get off her high horse? Chad has done nothing to her and she is acting like the victim I can’t stand it. I was really rooting for them to get together now I’m glad they aren’t. She is just too much but I would like someone for Chad just not sure who it could be.. Is there anyone chad could be with?

  19. From SandyGram

    Episode Tuesday January 15th:
    Other than Emergency News Report cutting in twice…A Great Show. Finally they gave Cameron a few more lines and some emotion today. Did you catch what Marlena said about Chad listening in on Cameron and Gabi’s confidential conversation was illegal? Now lets see if that little tid bit comes up later, maybe Abby will let that cat out of the bag and Nick will over hear her and try to use it down stream.

    Lucas and Will and Marlena and Will so so good today. Although Will knows Marlena is always there for him, this may be the first time he has really realized his parents is and always has been his protector. Including Grandma Kate although not mentioned today. Once and for all it looks like the writers have solidified Will did shoot EJ at the Church with Lucas reminding Will that he went to prison for him. Sonny is far from over with Will and like said in another post can’t wait for Will’s reaction for the secret Sonny is keeping about Gabi. When Chad was talking to EJ he may have looked pleased in his accomplishment and want to strut a little in front of his big bro, but I think he is sincere when he told Abby and Sonny he wouldn’t have outed Gabi at the alter if he knew it would affect Will and Sonny would be hurt by it. Abby gave him the best piece of advise to think of the consequences before acting.

    It was obvious Rafe and Sami were speaking with passion and still disheartened as to what they just heard. Sami the Mamma Bear protecting her cub, while Rafe the big brother sheltering his sister from Sami’s attack and anymore damage to her reputation. Both making assumptions that thankfully Gabi pulled herself together and some what cleared things up. The writers also took this opportunity to address how wrong Rafe was in helping Nicole conceal her baby’s daddy. Just one issue, for me, I don’t remember there being a conversation between Gabi and Nick saying since Rafe did the same thing it was OK that they hide the baby’s paternity. With the one exception that Will already knew he was the father and Nicole was trying to prevent EJ from finding out he was the father. Rafe taking responsible for their decision to conceal Will was the father by them following his example, that does work for me.

    Finally, good scene’s with EJ and Johnny. I thought for sure when EJ overheard Chad talking to Sonny about Will being the father of Gabi’s baby, Johnny was going to ask Will if he got Gabi pregnant. Then come into my parlor says the spider to the fly as EJ is waiting for Sami to come home. And disappoint she didn’t how predictable she would fall into his consoling arms.

  20. From gerri

    Just Moi,
    I’m also glad you,re back .we always seem to be on the same page.Yes SandyGram,Thanks for the reminder about Sonny knowing the secret about Gabi.
    I agree with Patty,re-a custody suit,Will is more concerned,about his love life,than taking care of a baby,no need to take this baby from Gabi…I thought someone had posted a spoiler earlier that Gabi would lose the baby.will this happen??..
    I think maybe they need to bring Mia back for Chad.don’t know anyone else……
    Sami what more can be said about her,and her fickle ways?
    and her holier than thou attiude,towards Gabi??

  21. From grandma to many

    Guess what Sami ? You just turned into Kate wonder how that feels ?

  22. From Michele

    Sandygram – I too forgot about the fact that Sonny knows about Gabbi. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

    Mandi – When it first happened, I could see where Abby would be mad at Chad, the same way EJ did. BUT then I remembered what she did to Carrie and Austin and thought ok she has no room to be so high and mighty about ANYTHING. But she is a Horton and what is forgivable for them is unforgivable for anyone else.

    I take it alot of people on here do not know that many step-fathers, but a good step father loves his wives children as his own. And if both the parents put the kids first, which they should the step father would stay in a child’s life even after they split up and the mother would want him to because she would know how much her children love him. I do not know if it is just when you dislike a person you feel like he should not be doing anything for the child (which it seems to the case) or if you really do not know any step parents. EJ talking to Will is what he should be doing, Rafe, Nicole, EJ, Lucus, all should be concerned with ALL Sami’s children. It takes a very special person to take on another person’s child and love him/her as their own. I think it should be admired, not condemed.JMO

    I think both Rafe and Sami are out of line with the things they are saying. but you know what they say when you assume.

    I find it disgusting that they keep having the women on the show act in away that they know is wrong and not ok for a man yet we are supposed to find it ROMANTIC? If Sami was a man going back and forth from one woman to another kissing both in the same day, almost sleeping with both of them in the same week, no one would be understanding about it. If he had a bunch of baby mama’s, was marring one girl while in love with another, no one would be ok with that. Look at how everyone feels about DR. Dan. They need to start writing the women on the show alot better. We are a strong, smart, independant, loving sex that can be without a man, that can put our children before our sex lives, that can make up our mind, that can run businesses without having to be given the job because the owner of the company is in love with us, we do not fall apart everytime we can not have what we want when we want it. I just wish the writers would get with the times and stop making us such a weak crazy stupid sex.

  23. From patty

    gerri, I hope we don’t have another baby die but I’m afraid that Gabi’s and her baby’s life are going to be pure hell with psycho Grandma bearing down with the help of EJ Demira. I hope the pressure doesn’t make Gabi lose her baby but I see Sami using a page out of Kate’s book and using her tactics to make Gabi look unfit or get her out of the way, which EJ could make happen for her. If that comes about, then I don’t care if Nick turns crazy and unleashes some mad genius plan on them. Rafe is going to have his work cut out protecting his little sister and her baby from Sami but he won’t give up. One good thing to come out of this, he’s finally getting rid of her and EJ can have his sloppy second.

  24. From patty

    grandma to many, you got that right! Scary isn’t it. Grandmas from Hell. Another innocent child being pulled apart because of selfish adults.

  25. From Adele

    Michele #22 Amen to that…

  26. From Kat

    Absolutely liked EJ today, Kind,caring, understanding and loving towards Will and Sami, and of course his little boy Johnny.
    All Will had to do is take a look at father and son, and see himself someday.
    Sami blames Rafe, Rafe bames Sami, they both took sides with their relative/son/sister, so what…

    Sami seemed so content with EJ, like she was home,at a safe place, EJ’s arms, and total support, no matter what…

    I am sorry to say, but I can’t find any sympathy for Gaby,
    took her long enough to clear up some the abortion stuff,
    We the viewers know how Will felt, and that he was not to much on board with Gaby aborting their child..

    But wow, I can just hear it…..
    if Will had objected right out, that he did not want Gaby to have an abortion….Blah, blah, it’s a woman’s right, it is her body, etc….
    Will couldn’t win this one no matter what he would have said, so he against his inner feeling, went along with Gaby, to let Her, The Woman, do her thing…
    Also fact is, Nick and Gaby Did Pressure Will a LOT,
    the poor kid did not know what to do.
    I wish he would have confided in Lucas or EJ, or both of them.. He went through all this Alone, and on top of it, worried about loosing Sonny, a Love that he just discovered, brand new….I think he will come to terms and do the right thing, and hopefully will support Will about his Baby, otherwise there is no hope for their relationship to ever last.

    Why would Gaby be upset, that Sami, the Grandma to be, would want to be in the Baby’s life, I would if it was my Grandchild, LOL.
    Nick and Gaby can/and should get married, and Will should be legally recognized as the Baby’ father and be part of its life.
    What is so wrong with that fact,
    Will would be a great Dad, and wow, it would not be the first child in Salem to grow up in split homes, LOL, give me a break. It could be so simple, if everybody really started to think about the child, and only the child. But the selfish adults, are going to find ways, to turn this into a big mess.
    I bet, that sooner or later Will and Sonny want a child, so why not Will’s bio child, they could love it even more, if that is possible.

    Abby sure has a short memory, not to long ago, she willfully wanted to destroy a marriage with Her Lies, funny, at least Chad had the truth on his side.
    Wait till the town, spec. Vic and Maggie and Dr.Dan find out, what Gaby really did, and Chad had to sit on it….
    What names will some of all these good people call her then….
    Yes, Vic, and your nephew Justin knew all about what was done to your wifes grand daughter,
    and made an illegal deal to keep Chad from going to the police, to report a crime… Let the games begin.
    I have a feeling, that John’s/Drake leave from the show, whatever,
    will really put a kink into the Originally Planned Sl for Doc/John/Brady and Kristin.
    What will they come up with now.
    It happens to many times, a SL get’s started, and then for whatever reason/writers change, etc.
    we the viewers end up with the short stick, of unfinished/ re-written SL’. It’s getting old quick.
    Of course, there is always somebody, that has already read EJ’s mind, knows what he is thinking, no matter what.
    Still don’t care for Rafe, and yes, Sami should never be with him. They do not belong together at all. All they have is sex, that’s it…Not unconditional love, trust, a bond between them,
    having each others back, no matter what… they have nothing that is needed in a marriage, so please, realize, You can’t go Back, move on…

  27. From gerri

    I’, just thinking the writers,will stop the pregnancy,having babies In Salem,Is like having weddings,there,most have this great build up,but doesn’t happen.

    If they stopped Nicole,s pregnancy,not once but twice,It doesn’t make sense,that they would continue Gabi, many lives intertwined here,and can’t picture,letting Sami become a Granny(when she acts like a teenager going through crushes)
    and making Kate and Marlena the dreaded(in their minds)GreatGrandmas.

    Michele#22 you sure hit on some important issues,Writers take note…

  28. From patty

    Rafe doesn’t want to go back, he’s done, he’s seen her true colors and it ain’t pretty. I think EJ pulls away from having sex with Sami because he knows she was about to get back with Rafe before she came crawling back to him. EJ is lots of things but he’s not stupid and this facade he’s putting on to reel her in is about to drop soon and his true colors will come out again, I have no doubt about that.
    Michelle, the last part of your post is spot on and I agree completely.

  29. From Tommy

    Chad needs to get the key to the city Will and Sonny need to go bye bye

  30. From Debbie

    Patty, I don’t think EJ is putting on a facade where Sami is concerned. I think he just wants her to come to him when she wants only him and not because she can’t have Rafe. EJ doesn’t want to be Rafe’s sloppy seconds any more than Rafe wants to be EJ’s. Because of the way we’ve been strung along by the writers, I think Sami will still think of the other man when she’s with either one.

  31. From Michele

    Thank you Adele, Patty and Gerri

    I agree with you Gerri it is bad enough to have all the weddings interupted but enough with the dead babies, ESP with Nichole.

    Patty, while I do not like the idea of the 2-3 men always chasing after Sami and do not believe for 1 min that men as good looking as EJ, Rafe, and Lucus would keep chasing after a woman that just keeps hurting them (I know that they have hurt Sami too, but I am only talking about the men chasing her right now)but I do think the writers are wrighting Ej & Rafe to be “In Love” with her. It may come across as something diff. to each fan base but I believe that the writers think that they are writing love stories. Sami being the person I love to hate the most, I am not part of any fan base that includes Sami, I want her to end up alone. Even still, I do believe that EJ amd Rafe are both, according to the writers “in love” with Sami. Even if we don’t always see their actions as them being in love with her.

  32. From Mike

    The show in general has picked up the pace a bit. Read somewhere that Gabi is going to lose the baby–hope that is just a rumor–too many pregnancies in this show end up in a miscarriage.

    Hope Will and Sonny can work it all out either way the pregnancy goes–Sonny has some life experience under his belt as does Will, though Sonny would be a positive influence on Will. Don’t want Will to be the Gay version of his mother.

    Would like to see Sami and Rafe together–he does bring the adult out in Sami as neither Lucas or EJ have been able to do.

    Please have Marlena and John’s separation be a short one==they belong together.

    And figure out what you are going to do with the Bo character–including him as an active member of the cast but off screen is just a little to bizarre.

  33. From Joanne

    I am team Lucas Sami and Will,
    this should be agreat SL for them
    as a true HORTON FAMILY for years to come :)

  34. From Mandi

    I for one have not seen any spoilers indicating Gabbi is going to lose the baby just speculation on here. Can someone pls tell me where they read this?
    I really loved how loving EJ has been agree with Debbie that he is in it be with Sami nothing more and he loves all of Sami’s children not just when it is convenient for him to do so. Really hope they can keep them together for while as well. Someone posted EJ is supposed to be with Nicole for Valentines day.. I have not read this either on any of the spoiler pages I go to … maybe a typo and meant Rafe? they are really good together he brings out Nicoles fun side.

  35. From jolie

    Spoilers say Sami vents about Nick and Gabi being fit parents…she ought to know as she has always been the prime example of the Most Unfit. Not saying she doesn’t love them but she has never been what she needs to be because she has man issues…or men in her case. I also don’t see Will really being able to raise a child. Even Will and Sonny together. What is the point of him going after custody except that is how it is done in Salem. Lord forbid that the parents just accept the situation and do what is best for the child. No, let’s drag the whole town into it and fight it out with dirty tricks and dirty schemes. I do agree with other posters…Sami just turned into Kate. I have been saying that Kate hates Chloe so much because she reminds her of herself. Well, Sami fits that description as well. The writers have written up a fine little situation on this Gabi/Will/baby story but not have to write their way out of it. Gabi losing the baby is one way and we will not be happy with it. Having this baby torn between families, not really a good option either. I am not holding my breath for a good ending here. Good luck writers.

  36. From jolie

    Thank goodness Rafe and Sami are over. I am so tired of her flitting from one to another and this past week it has been out of hand. Say what you will, if Elvis welcomes her back and wants her now, he is out of his mind. I really don’t see someone with any self-esteem himself buying into her crap. This sounds harsh against Sami and is I guess. I like her and love the actress so this is just a rant against her actions lately (most of her life). Sami has always wanted what she couldn’t have and went after it with a vengeance. She was more interesting then I think. Right now, all moony and bouncing between men, it is demeaning and just really not like her. To say that she has grown up..can’t buy that either as she still does such stupid and unthinkable stuff. Run Elvis! Catch Rafe’s coattails and run!

  37. From jolie

    #30 Michele, I so agree with your well thought post. The writers no doubt think they are writing romance and love stories. Sami has never really stood alone and I so hoped she would when she and Rafe split but no, first Lucas then Elvis then Rafe now back to Elvis. Romance? I am seeing manic behavior rather than anything redeeming in any of this.

  38. From Nana

    I would love to see a real story line with Sami and EJ as a couple. Tired of Sami going back and forth. Please writiers, let Gabi keep her baby, no more baby deaths! I loved the scence with Kate when her daughter almost called her a great-granmother! As for Daniel and Chole, I think he should chase after her instead of the other way around. Let’s see Chole be a strong,single,loving mother this time around.

  39. From MAB

    Tuesday’s show:

    Sami rightfully defended Will, but admitted they didn’t know the whole truth, and she noted it was Gabi searching for the abortion clinic, which Rafe was there to see for himself. But of course, he can’t admit any wrongdoing by Gabi, rather just blame Will for everything. Will supported Gabi, and even went so far to ask her to marry him and raise the baby together, sacrificing his relationship w/ Sonny. Gabi of course neglected to tell them that part of it, and most of the truth for that matter. She plays innocent, but is far from it! I don’t feel a bit sorry for her, crying like she’s the victim. She’s getting what she deserves. Sami also admitted she didn’t know why Will didn’t tell her, but dufus Rafe refusing to see past the lies, continued his tirade on Will. In fact, everything that came out of his mouth was a lie. Also, Sami was right that Will kept the secret mainly because of Gabi. He has been nothing but supportive of her from day one, and now Rafe wants to make him out to be the bad guy, and say nothing about Nick’s part in this, nor admit to Gabi’s part either. Rafe yells at Sami “Gabi didn’t do anything!” Uh, yeah she did, she lied, so stop trying to act like she is innocent Rafe! LOVED Sami telling him & Gabi off before she left the room, and that if Gabi pulls anything, she will answer to her! Go Sami!

    I don’t believe anything that comes out of Nick’s mouth. I still say this boy is disturbed. He is too desperate. Not to mention the fact of how he’s disrespected Will over & over, and Gabi has allowed it. I hope everyone learns how he has been treated by them, and even tho he has to own up to his part in this, he has been outnumbered from the get go w/ Nick & Gabi ganging up on him, getting him to agree to let them raise his child. And why is Nick so paranoid saying no one is gonna keep them apart? I don’t think anyone cares if they are together, this is about the baby! And he better think twice about trying to use the shooting against Will. Nick is the criminal here, not Will.

    Rafe has the nerve to talk about Sami’s true colors. What about his? He is worse than Sami, w/ his treatment of Will, which is unforgivable, and I’m glad Sami knows how he really feels about Will now. He stood there and told nothing but lies, and didn’t bother to try to figure out the truth. Of course the reason for that is that he thinks he’s right about everything. He said Sami attacked Gabi – well he attacked Will too! Rafe shouldn’t be surprised that Sami defending her son, just as he defended his sister (although his defense was full of lies). Lastly, after Rafe’s actions against Will yesterday, it didn’t even make a difference that he said he was wrong for helping Nicole keep her baby a secret. He only reason he admitted to it was because of Gabi.

    EJ & Johnny were so cute. And EJ’s gesture of help to Will was so nice. And of course, EJ is there for Sami, again. How long will it be before she realizes who the right man for her is??? LOVED their scenes as usual! He is so supportive to her and Will. I’m not too worried about Will’s outcome in all this, he has some great people in his corner, Sami, EJ, Lucas & Marlena. Kudos to Marlena for her support of Will, liked what she said to him, and double kudos to Lucas (again). He got it ALL right in what he said to Will. He didn’t sugar-coat it, but said it all in love. Loved it!

    I felt sorry for Chad getting yelled at for telling the truth, and everyone else acting all holier than thou. What would Abby think about what Gabi did to Melanie? I bet she would turn on her in a heartbeat, just like she’s turned on Chad. Maybe Chad should just call a press conference at the Horton Square and announce the rest of her secrets. Everyone should know what she did, and what she is capable of. Oh, and Cameron, how about you discuss patient matters in private instead of accusing Chad of eavesdropping. Anyone who passed that room would’ve heard what she said, not just Chad.

  40. From joanne

    Im team Lucas Sami and Will,
    this would be agreat time for them to have agreat story that would last for years as a HORTON FAMILY
    LUMILY always and forever :)))

  41. From Kat

    why can’t Will be the legal bio Dad, no matter how old or young he is, and have visitation rights with his child.
    I do not get why some think that would not be cool.
    Everybody will hopefully settle down in this town, get over the shock, and let the Baby have both parents in his/her life.
    Will, gets older and wiser everyday, and who wants Nick be the Sole Father figure in that child’s life.
    And Gaby, well we know all about her,
    I think it is even more important that Will has a part in the raising of his child. It’s his flesh and blood, does that not mean anything.
    He will learn, how many here, were total pros, when you first brought home a child.
    The Brady’s will love the child, they are family, so Gaby and Nick, share the child, LOL.
    I for one love watching Sami and her Men,
    that is the character of Sami, and it has made her a star for the last 20 years.
    Where is goodie Carrie, gone, not staying power as a character.
    I am watching DOOL because of all that crazy friction, and Sami and EJ together, give me the most entertainment.
    Soaps are not a moral show, if they were, the viewership would be way down. Soaps are naughty in so many ways, and that is why they are so popular.
    However, no problem with some letting out their frustration over certain characters and actions, but some just like it that way, and it must be the majority, because after almost 50 yers.
    still going strong.
    Go Sami, give us all stuff to gripe about, the more,the better, and don’t worry if they call you all kinds of names… you are the queen of daytime…the polls show it…

  42. From TerriK

    Shani- Sorry girl your name was a typo and I can’t say anymore than that cause we’ve been told to drop it. But that wasn’t meant for u.
    Ok so I see Sami from both angles. I can understand why she can be seen as a hypocrite, but it’s probably frustrating for her to see her son quite possibly making the same mistake she did (in a way) It would also be frustrating to think she was almost robbed of the chance to be a grandma too. Anyone offended by her calling Gabi a b*!#h..well she kinda is lol. The kid is responsible for Jack & Madison’s death & Abby is going to get upset with Chad? The Melanie crap aside-Everyone getting upset with Chad makes no sense. Gabi, Nick & Will made this mess..what’s wrong with people??? Seriously. Where’s the ownership here?
    As far as Chloe goes- the girl has been through hell and back with people like Kate..let her have a little revenge..and I love Nikki…but it’s rightfully coming to her. If my best bud did that to me I’d want some redemption too.
    As I said before- I could careless about Jenn & Dr. feelgood- the longer they are together, the less they interfere with everyone else. Jenn could have at least mourned her husband and father to her children for more than 5 minutes..just my opinion..

  43. From Maryl

    Mandi–I was the blogger who posted the EJ/Nicole Valentine’s Day rumor–that’s what was posted on this site on Jan. 7, under rumors and spoilers. Since rumors do turn out to be facts a lot of the time, I was not too happy about that being laid out in front of us. I sure don’t want that rumor to come true. You may be right about a typo–they could have meant Rafe and Nicole on Valentine’s day–that would certainly make more sense. This rumor may have been put out there to cause us some confusion just so we would keep watching. lol!
    I enjoy your posts!

  44. From Maryl

    Mandi-this rumor is posted under “The Rumor Mill”–dated Jan.7, if you care to read it.

  45. From patty

    I must have missed something because the only tirade I saw was from Sami to Gabi. Rafe hasn’t even spoken to Will yet. He saw Will at the abortion clinic and assumed Will took her there just like Sami assumed Gabi tricked Will but she didn’t. Will was in on the whole thing and made his own descision to stay out of the child’s life because he didn’t want the baby to have the life he had with his crazy mother. Can’t wait for him to tell her that.
    Jolie, you said it brilliantly. If the writers think Sami crawling back to EJ minutes after making out with Rafe is romantic, then we have a problem. EJ is looking like the idiot now . Sami bouncing from men to men is disgraceful and now going after somebody else’s baby when she can’t even take care of her own is a joke.

  46. From Maryl

    Mab–I agree about the hospital doors never being closed when something personal or private is being discussed! Cameron should also be blamed for this information making it out of that room. He’s a doctor and should know that “doctor confidentiality” means just that–close that confounded door! He came across as being very lax in upholding that obligation to his patient, Gabi. Because of this being the case, I don’t see how in the world the hospital could make a case out of Chad’s overhearing and revealing the information when Cameron himself was so negligent in his sworn duty to uphold a patient’s rights to privacy. If Cameron did try to press charges against Chad for overhearing this private conversation, then I would think he would have to answer to higher authorities about his negligence
    with his patient. He could experience some fallout from this too.

  47. From MAB

    Eric should say something to Rafe about trashing Will. Will is his family! So, Rafe has a right to be mad, well what about Sami? Sami told the truth in that room, while Rafe did nothing but lie, so Sami calling Gabi a b!tch was valid, especially since Gabi didn’t tell the whole truth, and let Rafe stand there and blame everything on Will.

    Will never once said or indicated that he wants to take his child from Gabi, and I don’t think he would ever do that, but after his talk w/ Lucas, I think Will is gonna stop letting them run over him, get tough, and if he has to fight for his child, I think he will. The only person talking about a custody battle already is Nick. He is obsessed over this baby, and that is not normal. It’s seems some have forgotten that Will was ready to take responsibility for his actions in the beginning. He was gonna quit school, marry Gabi and raise their child together. I’d call the taking responsibility for his actions. And that doesn’t sound like someone who was worried about their love life. It was Gabi who brought up their love lives, and forced that issue. The trouble started when Nick stuck his nose in and him & Gabi double-teamed Will and pressured him to go along w/ their plan.

    Mandi – NO, you aren’t the only who thinks Abby needs to get off her high horse, but her behavior is typical & predictable. She is just like Jen. They think because they’re Horton’s that they can do as the please (because there are always excuses made for their behavior), but they damn someone like Chad, and play the victim. It’s just like what Jen did during the Daniel/Nicole fiasco. She was horrible to Nicole, but excuses where made for her behavior, and Nicole was depicted as the bad guy.

    Kat – ditto, EJ is there for Sami no matter what, and there for her kids too. He loves her kids, all of them, all the time, and not when it’s just convenient for him. After Rafe’s tirade about Will, he doesn’t deserve her, or a relationship w/ her children. I still say Rafe has never really liked Will, and now it is all coming out. I also agree, no sympathy for Gabi (Nick or Rafe). Gabi & Nick are getting theirs, and Rafe is just the lowest of low right now in his treatment of Will.

    Either Rafe’s blind or just stupid if he’s just now claiming to see Sami’s true colors. Where has he been? He knows what she’s done in the past, and claimed he didn’t care & loved her for who she is. That all went out the window when saintly Rafe hopped up on his self-righteous pedestal and started preaching his sermon of lies. If anyone is showing their true colors now, it’s him. I hope Sami sees him for who he really is, and is done w/ him for good.

    Debbie – ditto, EJ wants Sami to come to him when she’s ready, and not use her fallout w/ Rafe as an excuse.

  48. From MAB

    I can only imagine what Rafe would do if he did speak to Will, as I’m sure it would involve violence, and trashing him like he did throughout the show yesterday, or just punching him in the face. Just like when Rafe found out Will was the father, he was ready to go after him too, like he was just a couple of weeks ago when he thought Nick was the father. Will was there to support Gabi at the clinic, nothing more, nothing less. It wasn’t his idea to go there, it was Gabi’s, but all Rafe can do is lay blame everywhere else but at his sister’s feet. It takes 2 to make a baby the last time I checked, so maybe Rafe should school Gabi on birth control instead of trying to beat up the guys she CHOOSES to sleep with. And we’ll see if Gabi ever comes clean w/ Rafe and tells him the truth about Will wanting to marry her & raise the baby together…that is until Nick took over and bullied Will into backing off.

    Sami’s children are well taken care of, by her, EJ & Lucas (note Rafe is nowhere in that mix). And she isn’t about to let Gabi & Nick exclude Will from his child’s life, and neither is Lucas, or EJ. It’s time these men, namely Nick & Rafe, realize they can’t keep another man’s child from it’s real father.

  49. From jolie

    #42 Terrik, you are right that Sami may be seeing that Will is making some of the same mistakes she has made. I am puzzled about Gabi being responsible for the deaths other than someone made a spark or something that set off explosions, right? I really didn’t like that storyline so didn’t pay too close attention to it. The tunnels and danger were there and would have most likely exploded if this were real but it ain’t so Gabi gets the credit. I am just tired of the whole deal with how Melanie left. What were the writers thinking?? If a character were leaving, that would have been the one to make into a disaster with all sorts of baggage and who made trouble and danger for everyone. Now Gabi is still here, in the middle of a major drama involving another baby-hiding scandal of sorts. Writers, repeat after me…no more baby hiding, baby napping, baby dying, baby parentage changing. Poor Chad has been left sort of holding the bag but he stepped right into it. He’ll be fine because other than bad judgment, he is really in the clear here. Will might eventually forgive him when he thinks it all out. Abigail might also forgive him as well.
    #43 Maryl, if the spoiler is true, I think it will be another caper like Nicole pulled on NYE…too funny. She might run into Elvis and they have a moment or 2 and nothing more. Or more likely it was a typo of sorts or really intended to throw everyone off. Why did we just go thru another bout of Sami and Rafe and now she has run back to Elvis for Elvis to be with Nicole for Valentines? Just doesn’t make sense. I am not a fan of Elvis with Sami as I think that boat should have sailed by now but why are we still even talking about it? It should have happened by now and the drama between them and the other Dimeras should have started by now.
    #45 Patty, poor Will is the most wishy washy person on the show but then look back at this life. He doesn’t have much in the way of decision-making genes..or appropriate decision making genes anyways. I did feel sorry for Will when he was mulling it over at the wedding. Wondering if it was time to let the cat outta the bag and danged if he didn’t. Bells can’t be unrung and this one rang long and hard in Salem. It involves so many people and families..all that inbreeding they do. And now the clamoring for custody starts with everyone thinking they know what is best. Stop, think, stop again and think some more before you act! This is another child the town of Salem will make miserable!
    #46 Maryl, Chad might just go to Elvis for representation if someone goes after him for overhearing and repeating a conversation thru an open door. Was it nice that he did Illegal, I can’t imagine it would be. He doesn’t work for the hospital so doesn’t have any affiliation that would warrant his being liable or so it seems to the uninitiated..which I am. I think the writers scored on this one…many in town are mad at him. He will turn to his family for comfort and support. Kristen will take credit for it when she talks to Fatha. If I were Cameron, I’d keep my yap shut but then didn’t Gabi rush into the room and start gabbing about it? Then really Cameron could not have guessed that she’d spill one of her biggest secrets in a non-secure place. So score one more of Gabi’s inexperience and dumbassedness, and for moving this tiring story ahead a bit! Also, everyone is taught in Salem Elementary to speak loudly when telling your most inner thoughts, plans, secrets that will ruin you, your family, your best friend. To do it often, loudly and in the middle of HTS when possible. Most of the characters excel at it. Mrs. Crackthewhip in Second Grade is very proud of them one and all.

  50. From Hellolisare

    Allison Sweeney article thought you might like. hope this link works

  51. From patty

    I don’t believe that Chad didn’t mean to do what he did and he wasn’t using Abby. Just like I don’t believe that he accidentaly overheard the conversation at the hospital. He was eavesdropping and listening on Gabi’s conversations like a stalker at different times leading up to the wedding so it doesn’t matter if Abby is a Horton or what she did in her past, she has every reason to believe he used her to get to the wedding to have his revenge on Gabi. He looks like he feels good about what he did and his apologies sound hollow.
    As for exposing Gabi, if everyone was to use blackmail or was to expose everybody elses crimes in this custody battle, there would be no one left to take care of that poor baby . Actually Nick is the only one who’s paid for his, how scary is that…

  52. From TerriK

    Jolie- I ere Gabi as responsibe for their deaths because none of them would have been in the tunnels to begin with looking for Melanie. had she told the truth when she first discovered Andrew had Melanie no one would hav been looking down there for her.

  53. From Kat

    TerriK, MAB, Maryl, Mandi, and…..
    Love your point of views, so realistic and true, not driven by blind Dis like of a character.
    Rafe, the good one, give me a break.
    Sami did everything for Gaby, and when she finds out, that they were going to deny her the grand child, (Yeh, I know….)
    she got mad, and yes, Gaby did deserve all the names, because they were facts…
    Compare Her to Will, in this situation,who is the better person.
    Truly, I would not want my grandchild raised by Gaby and Nick, but as long as they include the bio Father Will, I can see the scenario.

    MAB, so agree, Gaby badly needs to clear up some of those lies, that her Brother Rafe so readily believes. He should know, what a lier Gaby is, look at the Melanie situation, and how she lied to everybody incl. the Police.. Hope and Bo and Rafe. He was part of the investigation, and she sure did play Chad all the way…
    I think, if Sami went back with Rafe, blah, blah, she would become the darling of some again,
    then her past all of a sudden would not matter anymore, just like it did not matter when she first got together with Rafe.. LOL She was even loved when she tried to kill EJ, because after all it was EJ and he deserved it in their minds…
    I love it, love all the different comments, it’s fun to read, how some people think..MAB, so right, it’s time the real fathers are allowed to be Fathers,
    so Rafe/Dan and now Nick, find something else to do and quit messing with Baby’s lifes….
    Think Dr. Dan got that message by now…..not nice, to have your child kept from you.

  54. From patty

    jolie, you’re hilarious!lol! Mrs Crackthewhip should’ve been stricter with Sami and teach her to keep her big mouth shut…among other body parts! :/

  55. From TerriK

    One more ditty i’d like to throw out there (sorry of im annoying anyone) but the one guy who really truly accepted Sami and all her wrong doings was Brandon…he’d be an interesting character to bring back to the mix

  56. From Kat

    jolie, Gaby knew all about the gas in the tunnel, if she had done the right thing and told the police about Melanie being held and they would have found the Gas problem .. and maybe things could have avoided.
    And yes, it was Andrew, hired and paid by Gaby, that used His lighter, that started setting off all the explosions.
    If EJ is guilty by for Faye’s death, then so is Gaby Guilty for all the Hurt and Death that happened to the explosions.

    Got to be fair, and that is the way I see it.
    Why would Nick/Gaby want a Custody Battle in the first Place,
    Will is the bio Father and has every right to be a father, in a shared situation. Any court would give Will, the father partial custody. So nobody should support Nick in his Demands for full custody, why…
    A baby/child needs all the love it can get, and needs to know who his parents are. Why wouldn’t people want Will to be the
    real Dad, and Nick the step Dad…Why

    Didn’t anybody learn from what Sami and EJ went through with each other, and the Kids suffered.
    Share the child, and Nick sit on it, don’t trust you one bit. You are scary…

  57. From shameejaa

    Sonny has no secrets from Will. It’s not Sonny secret about Gabore’s involvement in Melanie’s kidnapping, it’s Chad’s secret. He promised Chad to keep his secret to himself.

  58. From jolie

    #52 Terrik, I see your point. I just think it would have eventually happened and why hasn’t someone sued the town by now. But yes Gabster got it all started, that numbskull.
    #53 kat, I might not have the same point of view as you but I am not driven by blind dislike at all. I really like all the characters at some point in the story and over time. OK Mr Creepy Ian was the exception…I just could not like anything about him like many other posters. Some of the Salemites, I’d like to smack and some I’d hug. Some I’d love to just shake.
    #56 Kat, I am good with the tunnel scenario now. I had really skimmed over it. I just could not get behind all that was happening and I might have traveled during some of it thankfully. And I see you are just as pleased with another child custody battle. Line them up and I’ll shake some sense into them for you.

  59. From patty

    To be fair, if EJ is guilty for Faye’s death and never paid or got exposed for it, what is the difference if Gabi never gets exposed for her part in Melanie’s kidnapping, which was done by Andrew ,not her. She kept it a secret like most people in Salem do when they have something to hide, and they all do. Most of the town knows what Gabi did and no one has come forward yet, including Melanie, so they’re all guilty of keeping secrets and covering up a crime.
    I am speechless about all the hypocrisy in Salem of late. Kate exposing Chloe to Jennifer about her “plying her trade as a protitute by night” . Hello Kate the Snake, isn’t that exactly what you did. That woman is all kinds of evil, knowing she’s the one who turned her grandson’s mother into a hooker. And she thinks she represents stability in Parker’s life? In what universe ?
    Loved Victor’s rant on Brady about Kristen and this time it wasn’t about one liners and zingers, it was about the truth and his fear for his grandson.
    I’m puzzled why it’s all of a sudden illegal to use a recording device on Kristen but EJ did it on Nicole without any repercussions at all. I’m sure there will be some for Marlena but then she’s not a Demira, only they get away with their crimes.

  60. From gerri

    are you wearing your rose colored glasses?I have mine on,but they must need cleaning,because apparently,we aren’t seeing that well.
    Jolie loved the the remark about,Mrs Crackthewhip..too funny.
    Hopefully the rumors about Valentine day,was a typo,and It will be Nicole with Rafe,not with EJ.
    I’m ready to see EJ and Sami,begin this great family life,that’s down the road,and we get to see other S/L,S develop,some that maybe,will have some excitement,but also a little bit of old fashioned romance,and a true love story.
    of course there will always some kind of Crimes taking place,but we need some I guess,but would love to see,some of them resolved.

    Watching Kate now,all teary-eyed,about Parker,My goodness,looks like she needs to get nominated for “”Granny Of The Year”"when did all these get togethers with Parker happen?

  61. From patty

    Maybe someone could clear this up for me, but didn’t Kate at one time mess with Chloe’s medication when she was suffering from postpartum depression? If she did wasn’t she putting her grandchild in grave danger by doing that? I so hope Chloe forgets about Dr tan and turns on Kate.

  62. From michele

    Jolie – Yes, Gabi is the one that walked into the room that Cameron was already in and started talking. So Gabi did not close the door behind her when in went into the room to tell Cameron that he has to keep his mouth shut about the baby’s father.

  63. From MAB

    If Chad is gonna be held responsible for overhearing a conversation thru an open door, then the doctor, Cameron, is also respsonsbile for discussing such a private matter in a room next to the ever popular nurse’s station. And what about Abby telling Marlena? Although it was already public knowledge, it wasn’t Abby’s place to go to the hospital and shout it out for everyone there to hear too.

    Kat – just as they are saying Chad revealing the baby secret sparked the chain of events where several were hurt, Gabi did the exact same thing, causing the chain of events during the explosion. If she had gone to the police, then maybe they wouldn’t have ended up in the tunnels, the explosions wouldn’t have happened (or happened the way they did), and madison & Jack may still be alive. I hope this comes out soon, so those are hating on Chad right now will realize what Gabi has done, and how will Abby, Jen, Maggie, Daniel, Brady, etc. feel about her little miss innocent act then?

    It may not be Sonny’s secret, but he’s still hasn’t told Will what he knows, so yes he’s lying about what he knows.

  64. From jolie

    #57 Shameejaa, remember that thought if it ever comes out and Will gets all mad at Sonny. Which by the way…Sonny is always puffing up at Will. I think Will might eventually find this tiresome. I am finding it tiresome already. Yes Will does some boneheaded stuff but look where he learned it so Sonny needs to cut him some slack.
    #59 Patty, I am with you. When did it become a crime to use a recorder in any conversation? And they do talk so loudly that the local TV station can barely film the evening news without haplessly spilling secrets. Of course only Kristen would know it is truly a crime. She knows a lot about a lot of stuff and people, like that Marlena was taping her. So I think she was already taping Marlena to know that. And poor Kate. Was there ever a more confused woman? She just can’t figure out what is the best way to raise a baby, by wolves or by hookers. Right now, the wolves have her vote of confidence. Chloe should have chosen Door #1 and lived in the Wolf Den and she and Kate would be besties.
    #60 Gerri, if you are getting up a petition for signatures or taking up pennies in a jar to vote Kate in as Granny of the Year, I am all in. I think she just needs some love and she’ll turn her evil ways right around. I did hear that she was baking brownies for the next Take A Hooker To Brunch function so your plan is working…or not.

  65. From Kat

    58 jolie, I did not say, that you jolie is driven by dis like….
    I gave an opinion, and maybe I should have said, to whom it may concern, yeh, that’s good, I might use that from now on, and avoid some posters feeling, that I am talking about them
    Hey jolie, none of us can watch everything all the time, I don’t, that’s why we can point out to each other but one might have missed..
    Are we cool… I hope
    59 patty, everybody that counts, like Nicole, Taylor,incl. the police know about EJ/Stefano’s involvement with Robe/Rafe and the death he caused Faye.
    About Gaby, only Mel,Chad,Rafe and I think EJ know.
    The ones that really need to know, are Maggie, Father Dan, the police, like Hope and Booooooooooooo, can you hear me…..
    so IMO it is not the same.
    Not EJ’s problem that the police messed up the EJ/Robo case. They could have had Stefano and EJ, had they not gone under the radar and rules.

    However patty, I totally agree with you about Kate the Snake, that was very well said IMO.
    I rather have Chloe as a Mom any day, compared to Kate.
    58 jolie, well Lexie was also a victim of the gases underground, and yes Andre put her there.
    But it would be nice, if somebody did sort of clear Stefano, of being totally responsible for Lexie’s death.
    The funny thing about Marlena breaking the law, one of Salem’s finest Cop is talking her into doing it…
    Now again, the Salem cops and their history, Like I said, they could have nailed the DiMera’s, but they always mess up by “breaking/bending” the laws, so funny, when you think about it.
    If people didn’t overhear things, there would be no story…
    and yes I agree, it’s not Chad’s problem if he just by being there could overhear a private conversation. Next time, both parties make sure, the door is closed, or locked in so many other cases…but again, then nobody could walk in, and get an eyeful… and no story.

  66. From Kat

    64 jolie, wonder if Kate remembers, Lucas was raised by a Hooker, a big time hooker, and Philip was raised by a big time Ex-Hooker, so ironic,
    If only Kate could leave things alone, she just might get some time with Parker, but mess with Chloe, and her part in it comes out, watch out, Grandma from Hell..
    Nancy might get her first, and no mercy from the other Grandma.
    Jolie in some states, in order to record,you have to give notice to the other party.
    EJ got away with it, because Sami and Rafe surely were not going to the police to report illegal taping…and I doubt that Kristin would. Not in her best interest.
    Only an innocent part being taped, would report it, somebody that has nothing to loose, LOL IMO.
    Rafe, the good and honest cop sure did not turn in EJ for the taping, did he now, because his behind and Sami’s and Will’s would have been behind bars, for a much bigger crime than EJ’s recording,
    and if I remember correctly, wasn’t it Adrianna that did the Recording in the first place.

  67. From jolie

    #65 Kat, I really didn’t think you were talking about me…maybe just making a point that it was sort of name calling and we don’t want that started again. And you are right, I can’t possibly watch it all with my household…grandkids come over a lot so they come first just like I am most sure yours do. Sandygram watches late of a night to get hers in. But yes, we are most good. And I do remember that it was the gases that eventually got Lexie but was not sure that Stefano knew she was there…I think not. Just Andre gone bonkers. And yes, if we didn’t have eavesdropping on this show, we’d have to resort to name dropping and it would definitely not be the same. But I think in the end Chad will come out on top of this one.
    #66 Kat, our Kate leave things alone?? Not if she had nine lives like a kat…I meant cat. But yes, things might go better if she showed concern rather than her claws. And I was just kidding about the wiretapping not being illegal. I think it is most illegal unless you say it up front. And even the FBI has to get a judge’s order to do it, well legally anyway. I meant that in Salem it is mostly NOT illegal and many people are specialists in the art of taping a conversation or just listening in on one that is none of their concern but again it goes back to that early learned skill of talking about your inner most dreadful secrets in HTS at the top of your voice.
    On another note, Hope and Marlena are not acting like the sharpest knives in the drawer. Up your game ladies. You are dealing with the Queen of Mean.

  68. From jolie

    I said wiretapping but that is a bit different and still illegal except in Salem. We are actually talking just taping a conversation and I think it is illegal unless you inform the other party or parties.

  69. From Sharon

    I have decided to take a break from Days. Why….cannot stand the way the writers have made the Dimeras so jail-proof, and anyone who does/acts good gets punished for it. Jen and Daniel are sorta on the sickening side, or am I the only one she bothers?? So, in a month or two, I will return watching the show, and guess what…bet I don’t find too many surprises!! Same old crap…….

  70. From patty

    I agree jolie, how was Kristen suppose to know Marlena was taping her unless she’s listening and watching her every move. Just like it is no coincidence that Chad was at the door eavedropping on Gabi’s and her doctor’s conversation. I don’t see how it is Cameron’s fault that Chad was stalking Gabi all day and listening to her every word.
    Kat, I hope some day soon, Rafe exposes Sami and Will for shooting EJ. He has no reasons to cover for them any longer especially if they’re going after his sister. Elvis would have to be one fine lawyer to defend them for that without exposing what he did to deserve being shot. At least nobody could use it against Will for blackmail anymore and Sami would get exactly what she deserves for having Rafe risk his career to cover her crime against the man she’s now sleeping with. I know Rafe is a better person than that and wouldn’t do it, but since he gets blamed for all kind of nastiness maybe he has a mean and vengeful streak in him that could come out if pushed hard enough. Would love to see that.
    gerri, I’m going to dig out those rose colored glasses, need them to watch the romance that is obviously escaping me unfold on Days.

  71. From Kat

    as an officer of the Law, Rafe would go right down with Sami for the shooting, accomplice/cover up after the fact.
    I don’t think he would walk free at all.
    Rafe to me is not a very up standing guy, he will break/bend the law in an instant, and has proven it in the past.
    Jolie, to whom it may concern… from now on…

    What I said, never considered it as Name Calling, the phrase is used here all the time… by just about everybody…OK
    Hope none of us get Ueber sensitive now…
    Good talking to you and discussing things out in the open.

  72. From Cindy

    Michele #22: Bravo!!!

  73. From Maryl

    Hellolisare–thank you so much for the link to Alison Sweeney’s article! I enjoyed reading it and would most likely have never found it. I am also a big fan of Downton Abby and it was nice to know that I have that in common with her!

  74. From gerri

    Jolie,you are too funny,with your
    take a’Hooker to Brunch”remark.
    maybe some of the people that Kate The Snake,has messed with,will bake a batch,and put a “secret Ingredient”in them,and Make sure Kate Is the only one who gets those.
    Chloe It sounds like It Is payback time.
    surely Billie will try to find out what her evil mom Is up to,and

    report it to someone who can stop
    Patty,your posts always make the most sense,and you are spot on.
    It’s just so hard,for me to imagine,that I could seriously care about someone,who had put, not
    just my life In danger,but Allie,s and his own children,as In the Rafe/Clone time,
    and to know ,he says he loves me,but by his actions,is putting this other man,into my bed..I guess.Sami has selective memory,well more power to her,she’ll need it,I’m hoping That a love Interest is in the works for Rafe,I think Nicole will be the perfect fit for him,would love for her to be able to have another child(one that would live)with Rafe…

  75. From SandyGram

    Episode Wednesday January 16th:
    After the last week and the wedding fiasco today’s show was mellow in comparison, but necessary as the writers are leading up to the on-going Brady/Kristen saga and the Chloe/Daniel/Parker and Jennifer story.

    What’s the line in the Tom Cruise movie ‘You had me at hello’…similar to that I have to admit I came real close to feeling sorry for Kate today when she was talking to Daniel about Parker. Those big Crocodile Tears, her heartfelt feelings and concern for Parker, a very believable performance by Lauren (Kate). From the loving concerned Grandmother to the Devil in disguise she turns her attention to destroying Chloe and using Jennifer as the Pawn to accomplish her evil plan. The writers will do this whole story line a dis-service if the fact that Kate was responsible for Chloe becoming a hooker doesn’t come out and revisit the other fact that Kate herself was once a hooker. Then Kate’s sloughing off of Nancy Wesley, Chloe’s mother and Parker’s Grandmother, better not mess with Grammy Nancy she can be a fire ball.

    Then there’s Marlena the writers continue to make her look foolish and under the guidance of Hope. While Victor now has someone other than Nicole and Chloe to chastise as he expressed his displeasure of Brady’s relationship with Kristen. Vic’s first encounter with Kristen after learning this will not be pleasant. Can’t wait for the moment Vic is in the same room with Nicole, Chloe and Kristen….a fan’s dream for sure.

    And what were the hair, makeup and wardrobe crew thinking about making Jennifer look so dowdy next to the immaculate Chloe. But then loved Chloe and Kristen’s first meeting. As beautiful and well dressed Kristen was she seemed wee bit insecure in front of the gorgeous Chloe as she tugged, rubbed and hung on the Brady man. This could get very interesting if Chloe wasn’t going after Dr. Dan.

    Finally, Stefano is looking very well, although not particularly pleased with his daughter. I’d say hurry home Daddy Dearest, but it sounds like his minion’s are give him a blow by blow of what’s going on in Salem.

  76. From Kat

    75 SandyGram, that was a very well written post, IMO.
    I agree with all you said, and may I add, very well said.
    I enjoyed reading all your very good points…
    Same thought, when seeing Jenn and Chloe, and then Kristin and Chloe. Chloe wins the looker contest, IMO.
    To bad, they are again messing with Chloe’s character. She used to be such a great girl, loved and respected, don’t like what happened to her.
    Jenn looked so much older, and so tired compared to Chloe,
    well and Kristin… she is supposed to be old enough to be Chloe’s mother.. Little insecurity there Kristin…
    Again SG, great post..
    jolie, I checked my post 53 again, I do not see that saying, “driven by blind dislike of a character” is Name calling in any way, not the way I meant it…Really.
    I just stated a fact, after reading posts every day,…
    was not meant to be personal to anybody, just an observation…
    We all have our way of writing, and I don’t get ueber sensitive about how other writers make their points… Peace, meant No Harm at all….

  77. From patty

    gerri, thanks. I love that we’re on the same page you and me. I’m also hoping that a good storyline is in the works for Rafe and if that is with Nicole even better. Just saw a spoiler that he sees Sami with EJ and he feels nothing. Gee, exactly what I feel when I see them together too. Well, besides disgust. I don’t get it either and I never will understand how a woman can go back to the person that has used and abused her in the most horrible ways and caused harm to her children and family. Whether it is in a soap or in real life, it is disturbing and a slap in the face to real victims imo. Sami as we know has never been able to make the right choices in life and this time won’t be any different. I just hope to never see the day she ever comes to Rafe or Lucas for help when she falls flat on her face again, and she will . I hope they kick her butt to the curb like yesterday’s trash.
    Kat, Rafe was sound asleep when Sami went to shoot her upstanding man in the head, Rafe’s not an accomplice. I doubt he would go to jail for covering for his wife, law says you don’t have to testify against a spouse, but if he did, I’d hope he’d be sitting in the cell next to hers so he can have a good laugh when she throws her hissy fits.

  78. From Tee

    Hello all!! I tried to post yesterday but kept getting the error message so Thanks to all who welcomed me b ack and sent well wishes.
    I have missed posting here with everyone.

    My thoughts on the goings on in Salem
    Chad was not in the wrong for speaking up, because it is asked at weddings if anyone objects to the wedding and why, so no disturbing of the Peace there imo. I do think he feels guilty knowing it was Wills secret as well but think Will is happy it is out now.
    Chad was not in wrong either for keeping from Melanie what Gabi did as he was worried about her and what it would do to her to know he rbest friend played a role in it.I do believe he needed to tell her just not right away once he seen she was ok he should have told her.

    Abby is mad of course and all bestie with Gaby but I am sure it is a set up for when she learns the truth about Gabis role in things that lead to her father death.

    Sami did tell Gabi she should have seen her coming and has done the same thing or similar before, Sami was upset and rightfully so.She helped her plan her wedding, and according to her her family helped pay for it, and she was there with Gabi when she learned she was pregnant, she also helped convince Rafe that Nick was gonna be a great father and not to beat him up.So yes imagine how she feels to know it is indeed her grandchild, and that Gbai never told her after all she has done fo her.
    Sami was right to back Will, her son by saying she would not believe her child would push the abortion on Gabi, and that he would not have stepped up.Lets remember Mia and when she was pregnant who was there for her alot Will. Sami also was the one with Rafe who seen that Gabi was looking into abortion clinics and though she acts like it is what Will wanted I remember Will immediately telling Gabi he would quit school get as many jobs as it took, and marry her he would be there every step of the way.Then when Nick found out he decided it was best not to tell anyone though Will said he wanted to and could not lie to his family and Sonny for long as he did not want to, then they decided it best Nick was daddy and Naby tried to convince Will, he reluctantly agreed but many times he has expressed to them he really does not want to and wants to be a part of the childs life.

    Gabi goes right along with whatever Nick wants and Will has been supportive of her.

    Rafe should have had enough decency as a man who was married to Sami and a step parent to Will to give him some benefit of the doubt, he immediately believed Nick a guy who just got out of prison, a murderer among other things, a guy who he even minutes before the wedding was asking Sami if she was sure they would be ok and a guy he barely knows over Will whom he always said was a good kid and he was around when Will was with Mia as well.
    Rafe jumped to some wild conclusions and yes Sami was hard on Gabi, but I can understand and she even admitted they may not know all the details but she was sure her son di dnot pressure Gabi into a abortion.Rafe tried drawing EJ into this and will do that agin accusing him of crap when he comes to samis. I am just wondering what real Sami he is seeing? I see a woman who is backing her son, and wants to be supportive of him, and who feels hurt because she was there for Gabi and advocated ofr her and Nick and helped pay for their wedding, meanwhile the baby is really her grandchild.Sure it was a little kettle a bit with Sami but she admitted that right off the bat, but atleast Sami did not have the woman, or man she was hiding this from planning her wedding and trying to make the real father a godfather then taking it back because he rfiancee dont want him too.Gabi should have been done with Nick after his comments about gay people, that was bs imo and I do not think Wills child should be around someone who feels that way and makes comments about the real father sexuality.Moving on from that though

    As Alisons interview says she makes a choice and Galen said his character is done with Sami so it is safe to say Safe are done where this story is heading will be hard to come back from, which was better in the long run because the way it was before no matter what Sami decided she would be back and forth this way it is done with her and Rafe they will ahte each othr after this.Sami and Ej may have hurt each other but never has EJ done this to Sami ove her children, in fact he has been there for her children,as a step father should.He has shown confidence and trust in Sami for example he did not care she was gonna be working so closely with Rafe on this wedding and he is well aware of Samantha and her need to be independant where as Rafe is not.Ej has shown no signs of scheming and he admitted about his reasons for taking the CW position as well.

    The rumor saying EJ and Nicole have a chance Valentines day, also says Sami reunites with Rafe as she is afraid of more pitter patter meaning she either thinks she is gonna be pregnant or is with Rafes child, and since we all know they did not have sex thats not happening, and it has been made clear EJAMi are coming.As Alison it has never actually happened before and it is for real this time. I do think rafe will find someone else very soon, as he is not gonna be moping around for Sami he sees her with EJ and feels nothing so perhaps he will be moving on very very soon.

    Great spoilers below

    Dvr alerts as well from the Guide for week of 28th
    Monday 28th (Marlena conffronts Kristen)

    Marlena demands to know how long Kristen’s torture of Brady will go on; Jennifer confides in Hope about Chloe.

    Tuesday 29th (Framing Kristen)

    Nicole tries to frame Kristen; Jennifer is shaken by Chloe’s stunt; Billie tells Kate she wants nothing to do with her mom’s schemes.

    DVR Alerts
    Monday: EJ and Sami build their relationship on more solid grounds.
    Wednesday: Nick reveals his past in prison to Gabi.

    Enjoy all more later

  79. From patty

    Tee, I don’t understand what you mean by EJ never did this to Sami’s children. What did Rafe ever do to Sami’s children? Or to Will? Nothing! He looked after them and protected them and loved them as his own while EJ used them, kidnapped them , passed them off for dead, told them his mother didn’t love them , put a perverted imposter in their house, threatened harm to Allie to Rafe, blackmailed Will, treated him like his minion, slapped him around and made a fool of him. I wouldn’t say EJ never did anything to them or that Rafe did, just the opposite is true. The facts can’t be changed.

  80. From patty

    Another fact that can’t be changed is that right up to the last minute before the wedding fiasco, Sami wanted Rafe not EJ. Rafe is not the reason EJ and Sami were apart, Sami was. Now EJ will get her because he’s her last choice, not because she loves him or anything. Most of us are happy Rafe is done with Sami so the bashing and trashing of Rafe’s character and blaming him for things he didn’t do to make EJ look like the better man is not necessary anymore. We know who the better man is and he is the winner in the end since he’s finally rid Sami for what I hope is for good.

  81. From patty

    Rafe and Will were very close when Rafe and Sami were married. Will told Rafe over and over that he was the best thing that ever happened to his family. He cried for days when Sami cheated with EJ and he hated his mother for doing that to Rafe. Then he got blackmailed into that job as a Demira errand boy and everything changed. Will had Rafe overhear about the grief sex on purpose. I think that is enough to break that trust so if Rafe feels like he doesn’t owe Will anything right now, it is justified. Rafe was a good stepfather to him, at least Will never tried to shoot him.

  82. From Lissa

    So I am upset about this whole baby story. I wish Gabbi had been exposed a long time ago. Why they had Melanie let her slide I will never understand. Now throughout all of this Will had had no one to confide in or get real advice from except from the two with their own agenda. Until this whole thing unraveled. Now Rafe is wrong assuming anything and once again Gabbi is lying. She is just going to let everyone think Will didn’t want it. I do think those two ought to have let Gabbi talk instead of going on about it because Gabbi talks a lot without Nick around. She forgot to mention Will said they were in it together and was supportive, even asked her to marry him. They didn’t even give him a chance to really absorb his feelings about their taking control of the situation and all along Nick has been condescending and insensitive toward Will. Sami has every reason to be mad about the secret and watch out for Kate! Maggie and Victor wouldn’t feel so bad about the wedding if they knew Gabbi is the real reason Melanie was kidnapped. Sorry but Rafe is being a jerk about the whole thing. Hope was quite annoying too seeing she is related to both Nick and Will and face it, Nick is a manipulative dirt bag when it comes right down to it. I see no reason why they couldn’t all just love the baby and Nick not be so possessive when he could be accepting a role as a good stepfather. Can’t wait for everyone to learn the truth about Gabbi’s misdeeds, especially Abigail. Will had reservations about this arrangement from the start and both Gabbi and Nick knew it.

  83. From Lissa

    Sorry I am still on yesterday’s show but Abby is getting on my nerves. Chad didn’t choose the best timing to reveal but I don’t think he was a bad guy in this. I think it’s a great thing the secret came out. This way things will hopefully calm down once the baby arrives. I think Nick can try to blackmail Will all he wants but now he has support, including the support of the person that centers around the blackmail. Hey that is EJ’s shtick Nick, only he can use that one punk! lol I seen another post say they heard Gabbi loses it and I’ll be upset if they go there again. I swear this show has a morbid fixation on the detriment of children sometimes. If that turns out to be the case they had better make it so Nicole’s baby actually lived! :)

  84. From Lissa

    What I mean is EJ will be on team Will and Sami’s side. Rafe needs to step down too. Sure Sami could have been a little more self contained in the moment but she was upset justifiably. They both would have done better to listen to Gabbi than to argue.

  85. From patty

    Yes Lissa, Sami had the right to be upset, and so did Rafe so they both jumped to conclusions before knowing the whole truth. But the pot calling the kettle a manipulative bitch? And Rafe is suppose to what, side with Sami against his sister? Help her fight a custody battle to take his sister’s baby from her? Nick might be a manipulative and controlling man but the discision that Will made about giving his baby up was his own. When he went to the church to stop Gabi from spilling the beans to father Eric, there was no pressure from Nick whatsoever for him to send that text . I want Will to be part of his child’s life too and he was willing at the start but handing over his rights was wrong and he was never lied to or tricked into it as Sami assumed, and he will tell her that. Besides making the wrong assumptions about Will Rafe never did anything wrong but be there for his sister and kick a out of control Sami out of the room. I’m sure when he knows the truth he will be fair to Will as he tried to be fair to Nick. As far as Nick, Rafe has been led to believe he wants the best for his sister and so far has no reason to doubt that. Now with EJ , who has no business in this whatsoever except to up his game with Sami, gettin on board to fight for custody is only going to make things worst. Nick using EJ’s shooting for blackmail (if he does) is definitly a page out of EJ’s Demira rule book and I think EJ might have met his match.
    Chad use to be a good kid but right now is acting like a loser. Melanie dumped him because of what he did, not because of what Gabi did. If he wants his “revenge” the Demiras insist so strongly on, why doesn’t he expose Gabi once and for all instead of covering his own butt for his part in it. The Demira’s coward way out I guess. Too bad the kid has to follow in his family’s footsteps, he might have had a chance.
    If Gabi gets exposed for a schoolgirl crush gone bad and they send a pregnant young woman to jail while Stephano, EJ, Kate and Kristen are still walking around creating havoc and never paying for their atrocities,I swear I will join others and be tuning out for good.

  86. From Mandi

    Loved seeing Stephano on yesterdays episode I sure do miss him :) Wish he was back in Salem though. I find it absolutely hilarious that Hope is able to use police equipment for illegal things as she is with Marlena and say Roman would be on board… but Chad get a citation for speaking the truth in a church during a wedding where he has every right to do so. However I do think Marlena looked really cute with her scheme face on lol. I really don’t blame John for walking out on Marlena though she is therapist and is always telling people to speak the truth and she can’t with her own husband?
    I can’t honestly see how NIck is going to be able to blackmail Will with him shooting EJ when EJ already knows and has not pressed charges if I was Will I would let EJ know what is going on and tell Nick to get a life of his own. I really like how Kristen is going to get “genuine” feelings for Brady but I thought she should have from the begining now it’s all going to come out and she’s gonna be the same way she was with John. I really like Dan and Chloe’s chemistry forget Jen Dan and go with Chloe Jen can have someone else let her go for Abe another vet on the show they would be cute… and since Patch isn’t on Y&R anymore they should scoop him up and get back with Kayla :)

  87. From jolie

    #78 Tee, I really do not agree that Elvis has been there for Sami’s other kids…Ali and the clone rings my bell…but I am trying to give up past sins, Maryl and I have a pact on it. So I’ll just say, go for it Elvis…I still think he needs to get his head outta that dark place and run! Fast! Help me here, I am really confused. Is Sami actually going to end up pregnant? Or is that what you are saying…that it was only a rumor and is not happening? Anyway, maybe she’ll get Will’s child to raise as Will and Gabi are surely not settled enough to take care of a baby.
    Hope and Marlena are not Thelma and Louise for sure. Hope, the crack detective of SPD, was quick to come up with an illegal idea to hook Kristen. Surely they should have thought that so far Kristen has been 2 chapters ahead of them in the How to Plot Crime and Get Away with It in Salem Handbook, authored by Stefano himself. Whatever idea they come up with, they should just chunk in the campfire and go back to the idea board. Kristen is so crazy that I don’t think they can outthink her.
    And that Stefano told Kristen to remember that Marlena was not to be how telling is that! I keep thinking that Stefano does not have control of Kristen(he might not know that yet) and it becomes more clear all the time. Stefano and Marlena will team up in the end to get rid of Kristen. Brady and John may be the fall out. If the actor that plays John is thinking of leaving, this might work well for a big shakeup of characters, pitting Stefano with Marlena and throw in Sami/Elvis against the Queen of Crazy Kristen. Would that not be the wildest ever?? The wild card here is that Kristen does start to have feelings for Brady but as crazy as she is, she’ll sacrifice him to retract revenge on Marlena. If John leaves the show, Kristen will have to refocus her ire on Marlena.
    I hate that Kate is back on to ruining Chloe. Surely the writers could have found something new for her to do. Maybe it will get better when Nancy gets here. I think Nancy will pull Kate’s hair out and dust the HTS with her best jacket. I’d steer clear of that gal Katie.

  88. From gerri

    Jolie #87

    Great Post!!!!

  89. From Mandi

    Jolie I never thought of Stephano and Marlena if John does leave wouldn’t it be interesting if Stephano finally got his queen of the night?

  90. From bobbie

    I think Nick better be real careful who he tries to blackmail. With E.J. on Will’s side, Nick is flirting with the devil. Not only does E.J. like Will, it helps score points with Sami. I have thrown the towel in and agree, E.J. and Sami belong together. Rafe just ends up butting his head against the wall if he thinks E.J. will ever be out of Sami’s life, and they will never be happy. Time to move on.

  91. From MAB

    Wednesday’s show was a let down after the past few days. The highlight was seeing the man, Stefano! I hope those negotiations are over soon and he returns to Salem where he belongs. Long live the DiMera reign!

    For Kristen to know Marlena’s every move, she must have tapped her phones, penthouse, etc. to know all these things beforehand…that’s all I can figure at this point. But that is certainly not the same situation w/ Chad overhearing Gabi talking to Cameron. And when did Chad stalk Gabi???? I certainly didn’t see that at all. The fact that Chad overheard is Gabi’s fault. Cameron is only at fault because he made it an issue that Chad eavesdropped to cover his own mistake of discussing a private matter where anyone could’ve heard it.

    It would be redundant for Rafe to expose Sami for shooting EJ now w/o implicating himself. Rafe willingly covered for Sami after she shot EJ, and turned on his sister Arianna in the process. If it came out, he would be considered an accomplice because he covered up a crime, which goes against the law he swore to uphold. So I’m sure he’d get in trouble for it, and get fired yet again for his blatant disregard of his job. Funny how he wouldn’t arrest Sami for shooting EJ, but he arrested her for going on the run w/ him…more proof of his jealousy of EJ, and obsession. As for Will shooting EJ, to my recollection the only ones who know about that is Will, Lucas, Sami & EJ…but I assume more will know soon once Nick blabs & uses it against Will to hold on to a child that isn’t his.

    Kate has a past, Chloe has a past, and neither one is better than the other. If Kate screws w/ her, then so be it. Chloe deserves to get what’s coming to her, since her agenda is to use destroy Jen, and use her own child to try to get back w/ Daniel. Regardless of Kate’s intentions, she is right about people Parker know to be ripped out of his life, and introduced to people he don’t even know. It doesn’t matter how young he is, he knows the difference.

    Kat – I just have to tell you that I read what you said and nothing you said could be considered name calling. I think it’s sad that we have to tiptoe around what we say. Nothing should be an issue as long as it’s not personal.

    Tee – fantastic post, completely agree! Oh, and if I didn’t say it before, welcome back! I specifically like the point you made about Gabi glossing over Nick’s insults to Will about being gay. When she heard Tad’s remarks to Sonny, she turned on him immediately. So how is that different from Nick’s insults to Will? In fact, that should bother her more as close as she is to Will.

    If Rafe doesn’t change and stop trying to control women like he did Sami, he’s never gonna have a successful relationship. With that said tho, he seems to treat other women differently than how he always treats Sami, and I think that is because of his obsession w/ EJ. Nicole could be a short term relationship for him, but I don’t see that lasting w/ Eric being back. I still think it might be Hope, but I can’t imagine it.

    Yep, I know who the better man is…EJ. And he will be the winner in the end. But it will be the writers making these choices, of who Sami loves, who her first choice is, and to finally have Sami move on w/ the man she should’ve been w/ all along.

    Rafe obviously put up w/ Will because of Sami. His treatment of Will was always teetering on the edge, especially when Will got involved w/ Gabi. But regardless of their past, good or bad, his current treatment of Will is beyond comprehension. Why can’t he admit that his sister initially wanted an abortion instead of blaming it all on Will? That is NOT how it happened, and there is NO changing the nastiness Rafe shot off about Will. Also, where was anyone discussing a custody battle? This has not even come into play yet, or that it even will. If Gabi & Will made the decisions in this, it would work out, but as long as Nick’s involved, it’s not gonna work. Nick is the problem here, obviously. Oh, and Will WAS pressured into going along w/ Nick & Gabi, because this plan was all Nick’s idea to begin with.

    Exactly, EJ has no business in this, but Rafe drags him into it and tries blaming him, when it’s obvious Rafe is just grasping at straws at this point because he knows he’s wrong. All EJ did was offer support & help. It will be up to Will to take him up on that.

    OMG, Nick is NO match for a DiMera! That is just too funny! The day someone like Nick Fallon is a match for a DiMera is the day Salem will turn into the land of Oz.

    Mandi – I thought Marlena was a hoot yesterday w/ Hope. She was very comical! Also I hope you’re right about Steve and Days gets him back on the show & back w/ Kayla. It would fill the void of not having Bo around.

    I predicted from the beginning that Stefano would not be able to control Kristen, and it looks as tho that is happening. Kristen will do as she pleases regardless of Stefano.

    I don’t think Drake/John wants to leave the show, after he tweeted for the fans to show their support. I’d say if he leaves, it’ll be the show’s doing.

  92. From patty

    Jolie, Grandma Caroline has Alzheimers and is no longer available to raise Sami’s kids so please, let it never happen that Sami ends up with Will and Gabi’s child. Will would probably never let that happen since she already screwed up his life as it is.
    I never made a pact not to bring up past sins and since the past is brought up here all the time as far back as the turn of the century, no harm in bringing up more recent facts right? Like the one of EJ standing over a caged up, drugged up and beaten up Rafe waving Allie’s picture under his nose threatening her harm if he didn’t comply. Now no rose colored glasses can soften up that ugly picture. If Sami is sick enough to want to be with a man like that, then go at it but that is how EJ has been there for Sami’s children. Rafe can sneer, grumble, bend rules or bash every face in town but he would never have done or ever will do anything so devious and evil. Sticking up for his sister instead of Will is nothing in comparison and it certainly doesn’t make him a bad step parent as is suggested. Rafe is still the best parent those kids ever had, including Sami.

  93. From TerriK

    Rafe woukd go to jail with Sami. He wasn’t an accomplice but he was an accessory. If you are aware that your spouse tried to murder someone, especially if you are an officer of the law, you are obligated to alert the authorities or you become just as guilty. Just sayin..
    As far as Chad is concerned- what privacy disclosure did he sign upon entering the hospital? He did nothing illegal. He overheard a conversation like we hear songs on the radio. So what if he told. He knows Gabi’s evil abilities and was legally bound to keep her bull poop a secret. He needed to expose her some how. For all the DiMera haters- she too was responsible for a kidnapping & murders- but sense she’s Robocops kid sister all is forgiven. Well not in my books.

  94. From jolie

    #90 Bobbie, Nick is smart and should have some street smarts now but not so much. I can’t see this going very far as Elvis might sure enough turn things around on Nick and plant a crime on his doorstep to get his parole revoked in a big hurry. And I too am trying to forget the past like Sami has and move on with Elvis. Rafe is smart to go now while he can. Elvis, run!
    #92 Patty, poor Caroline has done her share so Sami will have a pac-n-play beside her desk at CW! She’ll stick a phone in the squalling baby’s mouth and the bottle in her own ear. She couldn’t take care of her own kids and hold a job so I can’t see that changing now. And the past keeps coming up and I had forgotten that little detail. Terrible but yep, it happened. And Rafe was indeed a good parent to all the kids, no revisionist history needed on that.

  95. From Maryl

    Kat and I have always joked about Stefano and Marlena aka Queen of the Night, getting together someday! Now wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake if both Marlena and Sami wind up with the DiMera men! Not talking about John but the big one–Stefano!! Just think, Stefano has the big bucks to supply Marlena with all those strawberries & whipped cream plus a few diamonds here and there, plus a villa in Tuscany and just about anything her heart would desire! lol! Am I right about that, Kat?? It’s about time Stefano starts turning himself around just like EJ and Victor and realize some happiness with the love of his life–Marlena! Now look out for Kate!! Maybe Kate and John could reunite? Oh, what fertile ground there lies for an exciting and surprising SL!!

    bobby–welcome aboard the EJ/Sami train wherever it may take us!!lol!
    One thing I have always known for sure, the two of them together, have more room for great sls than any other characters on the show. They are always front bruner material!

    Jolie–I see you are doing a great job of upholding our pact! lol! However, if you have to vent once in a while, I won’t point my finger at you! lol! It is easier not to have to type that sin list everytime we feel the need to defend the character we love! lol!
    I’m sure the current event sins will be enough for us to handle in the future!

  96. From TerriK

    MAB- great minds think alike haha we were posting at the same time I think. I just saw your post

  97. From Maryl

    jolie–EJ may have no need to try to pin a crime of Nick–he may just do that all on his own. He has a look on his face a lot of the times that speaks of malice. It may be a challenge for EJ to help Will with this character because he is supposed to be a genius and possibly a psychotic one at that.

  98. From Kat

    Rafe was NOT married to Sami when she shot EJ. He was a cop, and therefore no matter what, it was his legal sworn duty to report the crime.
    Bad enough, they also involved Will, a teenager in the cover up…
    Not good for Sami, even worse for Rafe, who should have known better, period.
    If Bo.. and now St. Maggie could forgive his own Father Victor, Super Villain, Murderer etc.. of all times, why cant EJ and Sami forgive each other.
    If Killer Grandma Kate should get visitation with Parker, and Chloe is nothing in comparison to Snake Kate, why be soooo hard on Chloe, and yes, partly Chloe was a victim of the good people in Salem, incl. Stefanie and Caroline. Carly tried to fix things, but she became the bad guy.
    Dr.Dan was the Daddy, and Carly had a deal with Chloe, that if Phil was the father she would tell Dr. Dan, her husband everything. Whoopy, guess what, Dr. Carly was looking out for the baby, because she knew what evil Vivian had done to set up Chloe and Philip.
    What Justin did with this deal, by “blackmail” could get Justin in big trouble as an attorney.
    I agree, Chad let it all come out, and take your lumps of what you did and why you did it…A good attorney will get you off in no time, and will hold Justin the officer of the court responsible for what he did, and Justin knows it.
    Looks like Justin is leaving DOOL, since he re-signed with GH to play Wally again.

    I also think, that Chloe and Dr. Dan have more chemistry than “Grandma” looking Jennifer, just MO..

    Again, I must say, Will started It All with EJ, when tried to blackmail EJ, and some always seem to forget that little fact… and EJ turned it around, and they slowly formed a great bond between each other.
    And at the time Will/EJ relationship was rated in the top 10, among all 4 soaps. Viewers loved watching those two on the screen, and it helped, I said help, make Will into the star he became.
    EJ has always treate Ally with love and care,
    he partially raised her with Johnny, the same in love and care, when Lucas was in jail…He prob. at the time did more for Ally than Lucas.. I remember him changing the diapers,feeding her, playing with her, just like with Johnny, and he took care of Will, always knowing, that it was Will that shot him. He could have sent Will to jail instead of Lucas, but he did not….
    It was not EJ that held Ally’s picture under Rafe’s nose, it was Stefano…. EJ upon learning about those threats, had Kate call Sami to get Ally out of the country. That’s the way it was.

    Hope Stefano comes back soon, and this time around I hope the writers will follow through on all SL’s,
    get really ticked off, when they take us all up to the mountain, but instead of coming down the other side and see what it’s all about, they make us go back and give us another mountain to climb.
    Just not fair, it’s not about the writers and their egos, it’s about the flow of SL’s and the viewers that get invested in the Story and deserve to see the outcomes of all started SL’s. My rant, again….

    What Hope did, maybe in a small way, but illegal as heck, only proves my point, no matter what big or small, the SPD always messes things up one way or the other, that is way most criminals in Salem are walking free by Default, LOL… and the beat goes o…

  99. From Kat

    95 Maryl, just saw your post,
    you are soooooo right, we always talked about Stefano and Marlena getting a SL together, what could be better.
    They had one years ago, when Marlena/Devil threw Stefano over her balcony, and he lost his memory. He ended up living with her in the Penthouse, and she fed him a Hamburger, prob. his first, and he like it.
    I really enjoyed those two together, it was so entertaining.

    MAB, TerriK, great stuff, and I agree with most of it…almost all I guess, except I am not totally on board with MAB about Chloe, she is not any worse than our Nicole IMO.

    Agree about Nick, he will give us quite a ride for a while until he finally will get exposed, if the SL goes the way it looks right now.
    But that’s what I want, excitement…
    Maryl, jolie, like your pact,
    but when I see one sided sins of the past brought up on one side,
    I will talk about the other side..funny…

  100. From Maryl

    Kat–please don’t take jolie’s and my pact too seriously, as I doubt either one of us is truly serious!Ha! It’s pretty hard not to dredge up all the past sins, when it comes to defending our favorites.
    I just get sooo tired of typing all that stuff! Ha! But I guess you could say it sure is good practice.

  101. From patty

    Terrik, I still think it would be worth it to see Sami pay for her crime that Rafe risked everything to cover her butt for, all for nothing because she showed her gratitude by jumping in the sack, or should I say against the cabinet and on the couch, with the man she shot in the head. How loyal of her! Yes she needs to pay for her crime , more so than Gabi or anybody else.
    Kate is one sick woman. Her plastic nose should be about to fall off anytime from all the lies she’s spreading.
    I think Nick could be a real good match for EJ, he has the genius and insanity on his side so I hope he unleashes it accordingly. EJ is suppose to be on the up and up now so his hands need to stay clean if he wants to hold on to his new image and to Sami. Which I doubt he’ll be able to do in both cases.
    Chad was stalking Gabi the day of the wedding, we didn’t see him but we saw somebody watching her at different times just like at the hospital. Now that could have been somebody else but who else but Chad would have been interested.
    Kristen looks just like Susan when she’s being a bitch, which is all the time. I liked Susan, wish they would have brought her back instead.

  102. From TerriK

    Hey patty- hating all this snow yet? Ive been enjoying this little warm spell i must say..
    I’m not aboard the Sami train thes days as you can tell, I dont like the writers making her out to be a bimbo. I can understand why you would wanna see her pay but in that situation he did make her believe her kid was dead and found out he was behind it all, as a Mom i’d plead temporary insanity and probably get off with it. That fire was then fueld by Kate I believe saying he was gonna take the kids and run. No excuse, but Sami & EJ kinda cancel each other out. If they can forgive each other then I say live and let live. Sami has paid in the past, severely in fact- all the way to death row. Gabi deserves a scare of her own in my opinion.
    Nick really has nothing but hear say. EJ would have to agree to testify against Will saying he did indeed shoot him.
    Kat- Im all fpr Chloe getting revenge. Should be.interesting :)

  103. From jolie

    #95 Maryl, I can see it all happening. Would it not be the biggest turn around in history? It sure would give us plenty to talk about for months. And I think there is some validity to some of it…especially that Stefano will need some allies against Kristen..the gal is no-holds-barred and Daddy dearest better take note now and not later. But he won’t. And I am trying my best to uphold our pact! And the locals of Salem are producing new sins and crimes at such a rate that I have no lack of material to use on them. Who’d have thunk it?
    #97 Maryl, you may be right. Will needs to watch it as he is basically a misguided innocent(yes, I do remember that he has done some bad things and shooting Elvis was one but I am not using this past sin against him) but Will really lacks the skills his mom has to deal with deviousness. I hate that Nick is acting all weird because I had hopes that he’d be sweet and funny and not all whack-a-do! But you are right, he is wearing his malice face.
    #98 Kat, I really don’t think Will has to worry. That crime has been so covered up that the investigation is so tainted with DNA, mine and your included, that we’d never get a true result. Sami as well. She shot Elvis and we all touched the gun. I touched the bullet. Too much DNA and water under the bridge to really investigate and get a resolution. Just like the gun that supposedly shot and killed Stefano. I was beginning to wonder which of us had also grabbed up that gun. I also think Chad has nothing to worry about. He really hasn’t done anything and he’ll pay a little fine that the magistrate will reduce –disrupting a wedding is not a crime other than disturbing the peace when the fight breaks out. Will may eventually thank Chad for setting the stage. It had to come out and it was dramatic so pretty good Salem wedding for me. I like to see Elvis and Will together and I think that eventually they’ll be back in cahoots together. It is one of those things that you like to see but feel like you need to turn away from. Will was cocky like Elvis and when he thought he had the goods on Elvis he had the world by a string. And wonder what the heck Hope was thinking…here use this police property to perpetrate a crime. Good one Hope. But then Kristen hasn’t done anything illegal to John or Marlena so they can’t go to the SPD, desperate measures for desperate times. Boinking Brady’s brains out to aggravate his family is not a crime…of course she did hire those guys to beat him up and that was a big no-no.
    #99 OK, I might have to look that one up, Marlena feeding Stefano a hamburger. Kate will throw Marlena over the balcony and she’ll think the devil’s wife has gotten a hold on her. But then Kate is supposed to no longer be obsessed with Stefano. I’d like to see her with Roman again. I wish that Chloe had been in town long enough to change her underdrawers before she started plotting to get Daniel. I did not like what happened to her before and she would surely get more support if she worked to expose Kate for her part rather than plot against Jennifer, not that I care too much over Jennifer.
    And the pact on past sins, so difficult to ignore them! But like I said, the main characters are so busy creating new ones that we’ll be up to our ears in them before we know it. You can’t walk for stepping on them now.

  104. From patty

    I don’t believe you’ll ever see Marlena with Stephano unless she’s planning his demise. Marlena is not like Sami.
    Glad Brady is starting to put the pieces together so to speak. Of course he’ll probably start suffering from amnesia or something from the beating he took from Kristen’s goons during her fake mugging. Gotta love those Demiras, such an upstanding bunch, all of them!! Sickening to watch a show where evil prevails all the time. Time for the good people to strike back no matter how many rules or ethics they break.

  105. From voiceofreason

    MAB, I want to ask you a serious question. First, I want you to pretend it’s not a soap opera. Now, put yourself in Rafe’s position. E.J. was very much involved in a plot to have a look-alike in your place who could have killed your wife and stepchildren. He left you in a cell to die. He has had no remorse in doing so. Are you honestly trying to sit here and tell everyone that Rafe has no right to hold something against E.J? Seriously? If so, you ought to take Eric’s place because you must be some kind of saint. Again, we all know it’s a soap, but your defense of EJ as some kind of good guy in comparison to Rafe and his meddling ways is comical at best. I get your love for “EJami”, but the constant posts about how bad Rafe is and how great EJ is make no sense in the soap world, the real world, or any other world.

  106. From MAB

    EJ didn’t hold Ally’s picture in front of Rafe threatening her harm. Stefano was behind the intent to harm Ally, not EJ! EJ is the reason she was safe when he encourage Kate to have Lucas send for her.

    TerriK – yes, great minds do think alike! I thought accomplice/accessory meant the same thing in the terms of the law? Also, ditto on Gabi.

    Kat – with all due respect, I didn’t not say Chloe was any worse than Nicole, I said she has a past and is no better than Kate…in fact she’s no better than the rest of them. I would be in her corner if she came back innocent, but she’s gonna try to destroy Jen and use her child to get back w/ Daniel. So I say what every happens to her, I won’t feel sorry for her by no means.

    Not even the smartest person gets one over on the DiMeras w/ suffering the consequences so Nick should be the one to watch his back if he tries to go up against them. Talk about who won’t see them coming, they can make Nick’s life a living hell!

    I don’t think Marlena will ever be w/ Stefano either. Marlena has never had any feeling for him, unlike Sami has for EJ, and either way, the 2 situations are completely different.

  107. From MAB

    OMG, here we go again! Another person addressing me on a personal basis…now I’ve being told that I think I’m some kind of saint because of my opinion over a fictional TV show. I’m getting slammed for my posts about my dislike for Rafe & support for EJ, and that because I like EJ, that my opinion makes no sense in any world. What a load of BS! Everyone else on here does exact the same thing! And there are those who do the exact opposite, constantly post how great Rafe is and how bad EJ is. But that is ok, because we ALL have the right to express our thoughts about the characters. Also, I’m not gonna pretend like this isn’t a soap opera…because it is! This is nothing but entertainment to me, and I don’t compare movies or TV to real life because there is no comparison! I never said Rafe didn’t have a right hold things against EJ…but EJ has the same right to hold things against Rafe as well.

  108. From voiceofreason

    On another note, Ican’t even watch Sami anymore without wanting to lose my lunch. She is the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen. She’s sitting here yelling at Gabi the other day about what she’s doing and how nobody is taking her grandchild away, when she has done the exact same thing more than one time, including her own child and her sister. On top of that, she had the audacity to actually say that everything WAS about her. That had me cracking up. How either Rafe or EJ can want anything to do with her is beyond me, and when you’re saying that about a Dimera, you know there are problems.

  109. From TerriK

    Minister….oops I mean MAB ;) it probably does mean the same thing. I’m typically wrong with my terms.
    I agree on Kate/Chloe. They’ve both shared their scandals..I still like them both lol she might be wicked but her chdren/grandchildren are her gems and although she doesnt go about things the right way, she usually has their best interests at heart. What Chloe needs to remember is that she rarely comes out on top…Kate, like Sami is a force to reckon I say be prepared. Just like Adrienne..she should watch her step around Kate & Sami..especially with her greasy husband working in Gagi’s corner.
    I’ve missed chattin with you gals..even though its minimal..the interaction is fun ( even when it gets a bit heated)
    VOR- im left shaking my head. . No one should be forced to see it any other way than the way they want to see it. Name calling wasnt necessary and asking admin to remove it doesn’t change the personal attack but im aure someone will chime up and say u were justified.

  110. From jolie

    #100 Maryl, I totally agree. I love the pact only if hilarity will ensue from our use of it. We are truly just funning with it.
    #104 Patty, Brady should be much more savvy than he is portrayed. I hope he wakes up from his sex induced stupor and soon.
    #110 Voiceofreason, Sami has certainly been written lately as about as shallow as running water can get. She does think it is all about her and no one else but that is nothing new. It is just worse now.
    And I really don’t think Marlena would ever be with Stefano either. Just trying on ideas to make the show, conversation more interesting. I do think they’ll have to rely on each other against Kristen but that could be way in left field as well. I sure as heck don’t have any special knowledge or insight on DOL.

  111. From Cindy

    This is from the Comings and Goings – “Keara Baldwin” will be a 25 to 30-year-old Caucasian physical therapist who, “hides herself behind plain hairstyles and glasses as well as a dark secret about the last few years of her life.”

    Could this be Rafe’s Emily finally coming to town? I hope so!!

  112. From Kat

    MAB, all I meant, Chloe, Nicole, Kate, they are all in the same league, but Kat is still the Queen compared to Chloe,
    Nicole, I think has more dirt on her stick than Chloe, so would rate them
    Kate 1, Nicole 2, Chloe 3 IMO

    Never said that Marlena and Stefano would be in a “Relationship” LOL,
    I said it would be great if they were in a SL together, like a few years ago…. Did I clarify that enough now. Of course, Marlena would never “love” Stefano, unless this time she had amnesia.. LOL
    Not trying to make any comparison to Sami and EJ, they have feelings for each other after all.
    Marlena and Stefano inter acting for whatever reason, would be great theater…

    One thing, you have to give to Ann at the hospital, when she said, Jennifer’s 20 Min. work days, she is not that far off, is she now.
    If any of us worked with Ms. Horton, and she just came and went like Jennifer, we would most certainly gripe also, let’s be honest.
    Doesn’t mean I support the rest of Ann, and what her Chloe might be up to.

    Brady’s passing out, who is to say, that his fight with John did hurt him also, not just the attack by Kristin’s goons….
    I still say, when Brady punched John first, He then turned His Back and started to walk away,
    But John, the older and the Father, Went After Brady and started punching him. Of course Brady hit back.
    John should have known better and not gone after Brady…he should have just stopped….
    So which attack did hurt Brady, if he ends up in the Hospital again.

    MAB, great to see, that we are not total clones, like we have been accused of…
    But you are always on my top list of great posters on here….
    Are we having fun, I am….and things will never change….every so often, Steam must escape, or the whole thing will blow….

  113. From jolie

    #115 Kat I rather thought John’s going after Brady like he did was totally out of character. One way to look at it is that he is driven nutsy by Brady being with Kristen either thru jealousy or fear. Another way is that this is the breakdown and that family and TPTB are not going to try to preserve it. We hear that John is leaving due to few scenes…several are suffering from that malady. But you are right, could have been the John pummeling that makes Brady see doubles. Or a combo of all the beatings he has taken lately. And yes, I’d gripe about Jennifer traipsing in and out of her job, not really applying herself when others wanted it. Probably would not do any good but heck yeah, let’s gripe about it!

  114. From Kat

    TV Source Pulse Ballot Results,

    Actors…. EJ 1, Eric 2, Will 6,
    Dan 9

    Actress… Sami 1, Nicole 3,
    Jennifer 8

    Couples….EJ/Sami 1, Eric/Nicole 2,
    Will/Sonny 6, Dan/Jenn 9

    This from a site about all TV,
    and All 4 Soaps on the Air.
    I would say, pretty fair…IMO

  115. From gerri

    not much I could add to your posts,you both have all bases covered.I’m with you,Rafe’s past Is constantly brought up,so we do the same thing,all sides should be able to.
    we dislike EJ,and all the Dimeras,who always seem to be ,cleared of any crime,Bending the law,no way compares to evil.
    Saying Rafe didn’t care about Will,and Sami’s children huh??
    He was a step-father who was very much involved in their lives,Will seeing,the Grief Sex,between his mom,and EJ,was very broken up,with her actions,because he knew Rafe was the best thing,that had happened in his family,but really stepped into it,after his threat to Blackmail EJ,so he would have the money to leave town,so this began the days of being”" EJ’s
    pawn”"being threatened if he didn’t carry out his orders,

    So Sami,has forgotten how he used her son,and how Allie’s and his own Kids lives were put in Danger,by the Rafe Clone,as well as putting Him,In his great Love’s bed.If this Is love I’ll pass.

    anyway,since past events are talked about here on a daily basis,
    I’ll do the same,as I said Sami really does have selective memory,
    but hopefully this triangle will soon end,and she’ll be with that great love,and they can be happy,and I want the same for Rafe,It’s past time writers!!!

    As far as Sami,wanting Will to take the Baby from Gabi,she Is the biggest Hypocrite ever.I think she needs to take off her Rose colored Glasses,because her vision is really distorted looking through them.

  116. From Ninnie

    GAH I was hoping we were over the Will/Sonny thing. Not that I have any thing against gay couples I dont because many of my greatest friends are. But they dont “air” their personal “scenes” or even discuss them. And as for Shady Brady and Kristen the Chicken, I had rather see Archie Bunker and Marsha Brady. It would be no difference. BLAH!!

  117. From Kat

    116 jolie, just lost my post, so here we go again..

    Yes, John did act more like a jealous lover than a Father, they way he went back after Brady.
    And he did not even get paid for hitting Brady, like the goons did.
    Brady hit him once, for calling Kristin a name….didn’t some just defend Rafe for that, name calling….

    Shame if John feels he has to leave, because he is not big Front burner… he is in the middle of a SL, with other actors/characters, maybe they can replace him if he wants to be a diva.
    Yeh and our diva Jennifer, come and go, after all .. it is the Horton Hospital….

    gerri, and others, just anybody talk about what you want to talk about, nobody should care, one way or the other.

    If they don’t want to read old history, like our MAB always says, skip over it, and move on.

    I like EJ, Sami, Stefano, Kate, Nicole, Kristin, Brady,etc. the bad characters, because they carry the Show IMO,

    to sit and watch everyday our Rafe,Jennifer, Abby, Gaby, Maggie, Dan, etc. whoever, I would be out of here so fast..
    and the Show would Not last very long.
    Viewers for the most part do not tune in, for
    all the high and moral stuff, they want,
    the forbidden stuff, the bad, the evil, the nasty, the liers, the cheaters, crime, deceit,
    betrayal, you name it, because that gives an otherwise dull Story some Zest and Life…
    It works for me….

  118. From Maryl

    #114 Cindy–you could be oh so right about that new woman coming into Salem! Could be the long lost Emily that we have all been wanting to see. I would think that is the way they would bring her on board–mysteriously–no one really knowing who she is. Maybe the accident she was in with Rafe, disfigured her and she looks different due to plastic surgery? This could be very interesting if we have a new mystery woman with an agenda in Salem–whether or not it is or isn’t Emily. Would be a great sl for Rafe, finally!

  119. From gerri

    I think bringing a new woman,into Salem,could be that It will be the mysterious Emily,would be a Good S/L,of course I would rather see Rafe with Nicole,or maybe the writers intend to put her with Eric.either way,she also needs a some love in her life.

    Kate sure does a nerve,surely Billie will intervene,somehow,and keep her from doing too much damage,of course we know she Is leaving before long.

    What will they do with Brady,after his wild affair ends with Kristen?,because we know it Is doomed..

    finally Roman gets 2 minutes of airtime…for what reason? didn’t see that It was important…

    If Dr.Dan falls for Kate,s actions,he needs to give up his medical license,for he too dumb to be a doctor……

  120. From patty

    Terrik, it looks like our warm spell is over for now, get ready to freeze our buns off again. I’m in Moncton tonight , picking up hubby at the airport in the am, so waving to you up the road.:) Stay warm.
    jolie, I hope all the good people of Salem wake up from their stupor soon and start kicking a$$.
    Kat I don`t think Brady`s character is bad, at least not compared to the others you listed. He`s just dumb. And Nicole is just the best at anything, good ,bad or in between.
    Hey gerri! That old bat Kate needs to crawl back into her cave and be kept away from children.

  121. From Kat

    123 patty,
    right, there are a few that are in between,
    Brady is one of them, he can be good, but has done some evil things, and yes he can be dumb,like a man, but then he is not the only one….
    Chloe has been good, and then circumstances put her on the bad side.
    She needs some family for support and guidance around. Hurry Nancy.
    Kate is bad to the bone, but I enjoy watching her.
    Nicole, I guess is so multi “talented”, never know what is up any given SL/day or moment…

    Her SL will be with Eric I am almost sure… and they are climbing in the polls..

    The new woman coming to town, be nice if she might be a love interest for Rafe, it’s time. Sami is not for him, never has been, because Sami has always been Sami, for the last 20 years, and that is why Rafe fell for Carrie.
    If Carrie had picked him, he would never ever have taken a second look at Sami…
    I thought, maybe wrong, that after the Quinn and Hooker beatings incl. Chloe,
    everybody knew about Chloe, ….

    Hope Kate’s part in having Chloe blackmailed into the hooking,
    and switching her medicine to make her go off her rocker will come out big time.
    Going to Mother, Brady, etc. would not have helped Chloe, she was forced to Hook, because of the video Quinn and Kate had, when she slept with Quinn….

    Why couldn’t Chloe be redeemed, the way Nicole is redeeming herself now, and everybody is on board with that.

    Started snowing this evening….we’ll see how much.

  122. From gerri

    agree with the idea of Kate,belonging in a cave,and away from children.
    well It has turned cold here in the south as well,a few snow flakes,wind chill here today 28 degrees,I don’t like the cold at all!!!about every 2-3 years,we do get about 5 inches or less of snow at one time ,that’s enough,pretty when falling,but messy soon after…

  123. From Doris

    It could be that Roman may be the other guy that Kristen has on the side – if that rumor is right.

  124. From Clear

    I tried a couple of times to post this week, but got error message –or just did not go!

    I love Victor’s one liners and was laughing out loud for sure at what he told Brady. Marlena overplayed her hand, and now John is going away to lick his wounds! Wuss! Where is SuperJohn I say again!

    Sami and EJ fit together, because Rafe is too goody two shoes. He and Jenn would make a nice couple.

    Parker is too big to be in diapers isn’t he? He looks much older than he is supposed to be.

  125. From Clear

    Yea! Finally posted! I notice we found that Hernandez mother is very ill. Will the writers ever give us the family history? The Emily backstory? Remember there was something he kept from Sami and never did tell her?

    One spoiler said Dr. Cam has a past. Will we see that he has ties to a baby black market and believes he took Nicole’s baby from her because she is unfit? Does Stefano know?

    Another scenario could be that Nicole’s next man gets Nicole a surrogate mother to carry a child. That would be more interesting than another who’s the daddy SL!

  126. From bobby

    Did not like the way Brady treated his dad yesterday. He has a very bad habit of shutting people down and walking away when he doesn’t like what he’s hearing. What is he-12 years old? And yet, he’s always quick to give other people advice. Look how he treated Jen when Nichole accused her of losing the baby. He has been down the Nichole road enough times to know who the liar would be. He can be loyal and supportive, but he has to be realistic. Can’t wait until this Kristen thing is over. Go back to Chole or Nichole. Not much better, but at least closer to his age and neither has been to bed with John. Just his grandfather Victor. (Nichole)

  127. From jolie

    #118 Hi gerri, I actually don’t dislike the Dimeras at all but just don’t like their behavior at certain times. I see the need as this is drama and you have to have a villian. I might not understand Sami with Elvis and really don’t see the attraction but at this point I don’t care because the writers have made poor Sami into a complete idiot. But I do see Rafe as a good guy with flaws. That would cover most of the population as how we see ourselves, nice but very flawed. Sami has no long or short term memory. I just figured this out. She can’t remember which man she was with last, she can’t remember where she left the kids, she can’t remember where her keys are. So she surely can’t remember what has transpired in the past. And I am all for the triangle being over and for Rafe to find a good woman without so many kids by other men. If Sami tries to get Will to take the baby from Gabi, she is turning into Kate but she won’t realize it until Lucas tells her. He is her conscience and she doesn’t listen to him but knows he’s right.
    #123 Patty, I agree Brady is just dumb but mostly a good guy. And he has done some really bad stuff as well. I love Nicole so good, bad, never ugly, she is my bestie.
    #124 Kat I can completely see Chloe as a redeemable character but doesn’t she play the nasty character so well. She can be so devious.
    #128 bobby, Brady was SORAed and missed all that personal/emotional growth that comes thru the late childhood and teen years. He is emotionally still 6 and hasn’t gotten control of his libido or feelings. Or at least that is how he appears!

  128. From patty

    bobby, I find the situation with Brady and his father very sad, and all over an demented witch like Kristen Demira. Their situation will not be fixed by John leaving. I don’t know how John is suppose to convince Brady of what Kristen is doing when he won’t even believe his own wife when she tries to convince him of the same thing. I think both men are acting like fools letting Kristen win at her scheme, at least Marlena is on to her and trying to stop her, even if Kristen is always a step ahead of her. She is still smarter than those two idiots and is at least fighting back. So much for John and Marlena, super couple.

  129. From gerri

    I can say,I don’t like the Dimeras(,as the bloggers that do,can say they dislike Rafe)other than little Johnny,and Sydney,Theo,(hard to think of them as being the next generation).I liked Lexie somewhat,but she had her dark side,too,when the S/L with Zack/Issac was going on.
    I really see nothing about them at all to like(am I missing something?)they have or trying to destroy people’s lives on a daily basis.
    Maybe Chad will see that path,and not choose to walk it..

  130. From jolie

    #131 Patty, amen girl. John has his head straight up his arse. Marlena may be looking a bit foolish but at least she sees what the heck is going on while Brady digs in deeper and John slips off to lick his wounds. Well good thing that Marlena stayed at it while John supported how much Kristen had changed. I think the days of super coupledom are just about done.
    #132 Gerri, I support your dislike and I realize where you are coming from. I think I just have a big dose of that love to hate syndrome. I hate what they do but love that they do it on TV for my entertainment. So you go for it and say it how you mean it. I see Chad as the most like Lexie, on the outside looking in at times and when pushed will come out swinging with all available and think about consequences later.
    I like Rafe alot and fail to see all the negative that goes on around him but that is just me.

  131. From patty

    #117 I would say those polls are innacurate if Sami is #1 actress ahead of Nicole. No way, no how! She may be the most popular maybe because of her front burner storylines, but she is not the best actress or people that vote, which is only a small percentage of DOOL fans, don’t know good acting when they see it. Not saying she is a bad actress, she is good in her own soapy kind of way and is fun to watch, but Ari Zucker is the real deal and kicks it out of the park. She deserves an Emmy for her portrayal of Nicole because she rules!
    JS is a good actor but CM is right up there with him, no matter what fan polls say. Fans vote for what they want to see, not for best performances. It is not written in stone. Why Dan and Jen would even be on the list is beyond me, they’re like watching paint dry, which is probably why I don’t put much stock in polls or don’t participate in them.
    gerri, I’m with you, the fact that the Demiras hurt people on a daily basis is enough to dislike them, but getting away with it over and over while making people look like fools has lost it’s entertainement factor to me. This should be a show about good overcoming the bad as it had set out to be, not the other way around where evil prevails all the time.
    jolie, it’s not just you, I fail to see the negativity around Rafe too. The guy wouldn’t set out to hurt anyone and even though he’s not perfect, has proven to be the most decent man in this town…and the hottest!

  132. From patty

    Doris, you may be on to something there. That would explain Roman’s pointless out of the blue visit to Kristen’s door. Wow! I think Richard would have a lot to say about this since he always thought Roman is still a Demira pawn. Definitly something to think about.

  133. From Tee

    Hello all gonna make some things in my above post clear before I get to the goodies lol.

    I guess I should have gave full detail on meaning EJ has not done that to Samis children.With saying that most people here should know as I say many times I believe in any characters redemption, and I tend to validate what has been on my screen in near past present and future as opposed to years ago unless I chime in on things others use from years ago.With that in mind I was referring to the fact that Rafe automatically assumes Will is the bad guy, when as many said he was his stepfather and should know his character a bit and owed him the respect of not jumping to conclusions.He wasted no time in believing Nick a guy he thought was not good enough for his sister and a guy he dont know and lets just say Rafe is not done with his persecution of Will either this is going to get very very ugly.EJ in the last year has been a sounding board for Will, he bailed him out of jail when knowing if Will was cleared the investigation would shift to him, sure he blackmailed Will at one point only because Will tried it on him first and he also gave him a shiny car a house and money sounds like a good deal to me Then Will let Stefano have him set up EJ wit the whole sex with Sami stuff and it hurt EJ he betrayed him.Either way EJ was also there for him about coming out and gave him advice, not once did he use Will being gay against him just remember I said that in the coming weeks as well.EJ has shown much support to Will.I also recall when EJ and SAMIS Kids were recieving all those gifts he told Sami it was unfair to Allie, Yea Rafe only got Sydney a present.I dont use what a character did years ago in the presnt as I am not using anything against Rafe or EJ. I am talking current situation and what these characters have been doing.Rafe was a great stepparent and as I said I backed Rafe in beating up Chad. So no I am not just stomping on Rafe. He was justifiable in some, but in some he is unbelievable.Sami also jumped to some conclusions but she did have the decency to say perhaps they dont have all the facts but she was sure her son did not push a abortion .She had a right to defend her son as Rafe has a right to defend his sister again though his accusations on Will and ones he will make and what he will do is not excusable imo.

    As far as Sami not loving EJ and choosing Rafe well lets go back to the whole Kristen thing when Sami blamed EJ for her actions and then a day later she is now gonna be with Rafe, but Also notice she never told Rafe she loved him, on New years even after Rafe kissed her she wanted to be alone with EJ.As Rafe was all over Sami the day of the wedding she said she thinks they should talk about EJ and he did not want to, she also kept telling people to keep it quiet one can say she chose Rafe because she thought he was involved in Kristens crap aas well.

    Either way here is a little tidbit spoiler for you It is EJ who decides they will not be making love that day and very soon EJ is gonna know about Safes plans to reunite as well.Rafe will make that declaration to EJ and it is because as Galen said he dont want Sami but he dont want EJ to have her either.Either way it will be clear why Sami chose Rafe and who she really wanted all along and why she made these choices any who doubt will see soon.

    On the part I posted on Sami getting pregnant that was inresponse to the post about a rumor saying EJ/Nicole reunite by Valentines day it is on this site the rumor and the same person said Sami and Rafe reunite and hint that Sami could be pregnant or think she is. I was merely saying based off the fact Safe had no sex and EJAMI is lock stock and barrel that is not happening.So no it is not a spoiler only a response to a rumor.

    I want to make it clear I dont think Rafe is evil I can say he is right when he is and wrong when he is.I clearly think he is wrong about assuming Will wanted the abortion and Will was doing this and that, without being a level headed person he sometimes is and saying lets sit and discuss this with ourselves and Will and Gabi.His love for Sami and her children went out the door so fast her and my head are spinning.

    I just dont understand if Victor can be a changed man why not EJ? EJ has shown in the past months he is a changed man.He has done nothing evil but noone can forget his past but they can Victors who was worse then EJ?

    So on with the juicy stuff
    Here is a little something from February Sweeps from Ken Corday.


    When Rafe and Sami find themselves taking sides on Gabi and Will’s baby, Sami also finds herself by EJ’s side. Can he win her over by lending a sympathetic ear? “EJ is trying to be a good man to Sami,” says Corday. “This has always been his quandary: EJ knows he has a good heart, but he just keeps stepping on it.” Not to be left out of the mix, Nick uses a secret from Will’s past to blackmail him into giving up custody! “What we watch for this year with Nick is: When is his past going to pop up? Is there something else there that we don’t know about?

    Next up is someone who many here are familiar with Kat for sure you are Ryan the guy who runs source magazine and yes he is a spoiler writer might I add his spoilers are always on point and very entertaining. I will highlight some key things he says and post the link to anyone who wants to listen.Lots of good stuff discussed including Hope.Rafe the whole Baby thing Ejami even Chloe he talks about most characters and what too expect in coming weeks.

    Hope is going to be spening time With Rafe they become fast friends.Hopes story line will be starting in next week or 2.

    Sami and Rafe see what they wnat to see in the baby story it is going to get very ugly, Rafe declares over and over how he has seen the real Sami.

    Sami may see what has been in front of her the whole time and realize something.Also is Sami with EJ because hes the man she wants or is she just mad at Rafe.

    EJ wants to do it right with Samantha this time (perhaps that is why he decides they are not going to make love and pulls away)

    Rafe is going to try to blow up EJ’s world (I bet he is going to tell EJ that Safe were reuniting)

    Rafe feels his siter is being victimized, Nick confides something to Rafe
    Rafe will be on a warpath and Sami is gonna be pretty heated.

    Ryan put his own speculation and hopes that new girl is for Lucas.He says she would be perfect for him.

    Lost more here is the podcast to listen to.

  134. From Kat

    133 jolie, finally, you got the words and meaning right, of how to say something, the way I feel…
    Don’t really like what They are doing, but to watch them is great entertainment…. so true.

    patty, maybe I should have worded things different,
    those polls in now way judge… BEST Actor/Actress award,
    they are meant.. who are the most Popular for any given week,
    so yes Nicole is a good actress, but that is not what the polling is all about…
    People like what they like, it’s about the character they play, and EJ and Sami are popular individually and as a couple.

    So lets not mix apples with oranges, it’s not about Best performance, it’s about like the character they play. However, IMO
    Nicole and Sami could very easily be a tie…and EJ is a great actor, compared to Rafe. IMO Rafe has no dimensions, no facial

    expressions, just smirks and blah.

    Hopefully a brand new SL will bring out a bit more. However when he was on Passions, he was the same boring person, nothing to write home about. Yes .. he is very good looking, but looks are not everything. He needs a challenge, and I mean that in a positive way.

    He is never anywhere to be found on the polls top 10.
    Our Will is, because people like him, and he is a great actor also, with a lot of depth.

    And this poll is for all Soaps on the air….

  135. From Ninnie

    PLEASE let BRADY walk behind Kristen while she is on the phone with Staph-ano and let him over hear every thing and be aware of what she is doing!! This has got to end between them. It is gross!! Time for the bugs under the rugs to come crawling out. Time for an all over DAYS face lift if you ask me.

  136. From jolie

    #126 Doris, whoa Nelly! Many of us have lamented that Roman deserves a woman and a storyline…I dare say if your prediction were true, no one can lay claim to seeing that one coming nor that it is a good thing!
    #135 Patty, I second it, where is Richard?
    #136 Hey there Tee, good to see you here. I read your post but I don’t agree with all of it but that isn’t news. So here is my spin on some of the items. Elvis did indeed step up for Will but was giving him gifts and blackmailing him and they blackmailed each other and Will sold out to Stefano so they both had a fine time at it. And working for Elvis did have great perks and Will is young and impressionable so he made out like a bandit. It was sexy and tantalizing for Will. I don’t see this as a healthy relationship between the two but I’ll go along as sometimes Elvis has been all that Will had because he would not come clean with his mother or Rafe or Lucas for that matter and for sure would not listen to them. Matter of fact part of Will’s working for Elvis was to piss off Sami in the beginning.
    Rafe not buying a Christmas present for any of the other kids…this was just written stupidly. Does anyone really think that a man who loves those children would not bring them all presents? I think it was stupidly written this way because the penguin meant something to Rafe and Sami and the writers had not a clue that viewers would pick up on it and use it against Rafe.
    Sami may come down to the wire and say she never loved Rafe…can’t prove it by what I’ve seen but she can say it however they write it. Sami is a narcissist and always will be. That Rafe finally sees it and knows he has seen the elephant, finally. Rafe as perfect for Sami…not on my watch. Elvis as Sami’s life partner…I almost have to say they deserve each other for past sins but I am still trying to abide by the Reduced (not complete abhorrence) of Dragging UP Past Sins Pact with Maryl. So I’ll just say I hope they are happy together and that eventually Sami will be mewing around someone else or Elvis will find a reason to go back into business with Fatha. It won’t be pretty but it will be DOL for sure. And thank goodness Sami is not going to be knocked up again!

  137. From patty

    I like that Rafe will try to blow up EJ’s bubble by telling him what Sami’s been up to behind his back. Nothing like being honest. Maybe it will get him out of his stupor and he’ll see Sami’s true colors too. Any smart man would pull away from Sami. Why is everything always about Sami? What Sami wants, what Sami feels, what Sami realizes, what Sami sees, Sami gets heated, isn’t she always? Sami, Sami, Sami. Who cares anymore?
    Like Will said, she was the last person he would have told about the baby being his because she only makes things worst. Would we be so lucky that she would leave her nose out of this baby story since she turns everything she touches into a disaster.
    And who goes to work with a see through blouse and leather pants? Looks like she raided Kate’s or Chloe’s hooker clothes closet?

  138. From patty

    Kat, GG is good in his part because unlike Elvis, he is not portraying an over the top dramatic character. He plays the smoldering, strong quiet type very well and polls aside ,still has a very large fan base. He may not be emmy material but Rafe comes across as a genuine ,caring and decent man and GG is very convincing in that role. He wouldn’t have been front burner all this time if he didn’t.

  139. From jolie

    #137 Kat I think it really sums it up for most of us. And just glad they are doing it to people I know or in my town.
    And too bad the polls are just a popularity contest because there are some fine actors and actresses who don’t get much air time. Too bad for that. But I think Rafe is just as good an actor as Elvis. They both deal with some dreadful lines and situations. I know they must cringe when they read some of it. And I think Nicole is about the finest actress on daytime in a long long time. She is just tops. But not saying any of the others are not. They are really all fine in my book. Just some of them are dealt a bad hand with the lines and storylines they have to contend with.

  140. From Kat

    141, patty,
    I give you part of what you said,
    I guess it is in the eyes of the beholder, fair enough.
    But also hope you read about what I said, about these polls Not being about Best Actor/Actress awards, just popularity every week.
    Of course Rafe has his own good Fan Base,
    but he is not as popular as EJ, and Sami is more popular than Nicole.
    Nothing wrong with that picture, and maybe just maybe, Nicole gets a nomination for Best Actress. I agree her performance was really great.
    But right now, EJ and Sami are the two characters, that keep the fires burning.. so what, it can change down the road, it always does.
    Nicole used to dress almost like a Hooker at times, now she is trying on Nun’s habits, LOL, see what I mean, things change on here.

    I am going with the flow, and love great entertainment….
    Could care less about Galen, James, Allyson, Adriana… in real life, it’s the characters
    they play, that interests me…
    And EJ, he’s got the good part… along with Stefano.
    Like I said, the writers could make Rafe into some brand new character, interesting, etc..
    give him something real meaty to work with, and we might see a whole new dimension of Rafe…

  141. From jolie

    #140 Patty, I think Sami’s style of dressing sometimes makes her look dumb and I know she isn’t. You are right, an executive of a major corp would not dress that way. They have customers who expect professionalism but then they would not expect all the sex on the desks like Brady likes to have either. What in the heck are these people thinking??
    #141 Patty, if Rafe spoke with an accent, he’d be different and he’d have women swooning like Elvis. He is most handsome in that rugged way (appeals to me a bit more than the pink shirt and tie crowd but that is me). He is not a peacock so doesn’t stand out as much as some of the others. This old world takes all kinds to make it go around. I think he can shine just as bright at the other actors, Elvis included. Look at Bo, he too is dark and slightly handsome and shined at one was that bad boy thing they wrote for him. It worked when he was young and became less of an appeal as he aged so his air time shrank. Same with John who was once the daytime king. Actually it will happen to Elvis if the program would last that long. He’ll go to the back burner and Chad will step up as favored son in Fatha’s failing eyes and the polls!

  142. From gerri

    my vote is for Nicole all the way,like I said before she can be sad,happy,good,and bad,she plays all parts very well.

    all Sami can do is make everything about Blanche from The Golden Girls..
    On one episode when Rose was hospitalized with an apparent heart attack (this could have been written for Sami)Blanche is saying a prayer,and bragging to herself about her good looks,when Dorothy tries to interrupt,Blanche says ”Do you mind,this about me,me,me”"sounds exactly like Sami.

    I so Hope Rafe ,will be getting a great S/L.myself,I think he is very sexy,has a great little mysterious smile,that I love….

  143. From Mouse Fan

    Rafe might seem boring, but a lot of it is his script. He was a pretty good bad guy when he was RoboRafe. Very believable, IMO. Just ask Faye!

  144. From bobby

    #130 Jolie. Thanks for the explanation. After todays show, I think John has the same symtons. Must be contaigious. #131 Patti Marlena sure has her hands full with the Black Boys. What a spot to be in. Not to mention trying to help Will and dealing with Kristen. Isn’t that where John is supposed to be there for his wife and help support her? He sure isn’t the man he used to be. Nobody would have gotten away with endangering “Doc”!

  145. From Kat

    Well Ladies, I rest my case,
    it all comes down to good SL’s, how the actor interprets them, and how they come across the screen….
    It has always been that way,… heck, there have been many, many better actors out there than Gable,Grant, Hudson, etc. but because some of the guys were loved by the Screen, they became more popular. It happens, and even the best of looks, like Rafe…. mean diddly, some less good looking guy
    because of a electrifying performance, can knock people’s socks of..
    It all comes down to the chemistry an audience feels for the Actor/character, whatever…. Who can ever explain, what makes somebody a Star.
    It seems EJ has that certain something for a lot of fans, and so does Sami…
    It happens, somebody has to be the favorite.

    So let’s just all have our Favorites and enjoy the show.
    Doesn’t mean we can’t keep on “bickering” here and there, even the Admin. says… a bit of bickering is allowed…
    Mouse Fan, there you go, I have always said, give Rafe some better SL’s, give him some meat to chew on and give him a chance to show his acting chops, I am sure he would agree… Get him out of this current humdrum Rafe mode….expand his character….
    I have always stood up for Rafe, and his possibilities more, than who it might concern, have given EJ. EJ can be redeemed in many ways. But to tell the truth, I don’t want EJ to GOOOOOD, it could ruin his character…. Just enough to get by,
    like Rafe is right now…floating between good and bad/crooked cop bit..etc….but good heart..
    and Rafe was raised by the Nuns, not by Evil Stefano DiMera.

    There you go, just think if EJ had been raised by the Nun’s and given half a chance in life,
    maybe Rafe, raised by Stefano, could be the So Dis Liked one….
    I hope all of you know … I am having fun..

    Just put my Grandson on the School bus to go to Pittsburgh for Competition, for Lego League….whatever, something with Robotics…??
    Hard to let him go….but His Mom and Dad will be there tomorrow.
    However the kids love it, staying at a Hotel tonight… Freedom from the parents,,,, any of you out Remember your school days.. I do, and I loved it… Ditch the parents…even in Germany….

  146. From GGJudy

    I’m a new blogger having and want to see if this blog goes through before I actually post more.

  147. From Kat

    Today, Friday’s episode…. Sami and Will’s talk,
    IMO was on the best things I have heard in a long time on this show.
    She layed it all out to her Son,
    she talked about herself, all of her mistakes, did not try to whitewash herself,
    Will got a bit smug in between,
    but his Mother,Samantha did not give up, she did what a Mother should do.
    She fought for her Son’s well being, now and in the future years to come,
    she talked about the Baby, and not just now, but in the years to come, and how secrets always will come out. How Will, will have to explain himself someday to his child.
    Samantha was brutally honest about herself, her life and her mistakes.
    I hope Will, and I think in the end he did hear her, is going to rethink some of his decisions.
    I don’t think he should go for Full Custody, but be known as the bio Father with shared custody, like Millions of people do everyday..
    Main Point, let the baby know, who his Daddy is.
    Writers, Kudos, for today the writing for Sami and Will was absolute First Class, the best I heard in a long time…and I hope, that out there, some people listened and learned a little bit…. Thank you Writers, you nailed it..

  148. From Cindy

    Clear # 128 – “Another scenario could be that Nicole’s next man gets Nicole a surrogate mother to carry a child. That would be more interesting than another who’s the daddy SL!” I agree. that would be a good storyline and not one that has been done before on Days that I can remember.

    Tee #136 – Nicely put! I love how even you are with your explaination of why you feel a certain why about each character. You get your point across without sounding like you are RIGHT! and everyone else be damned. Haha. And as always, thanks for the spoilers!

    To all who agree that Sami is all about Sami – Spot On!!

    Have a great weekend!

  149. From SandyGram

    If Nick goes to Justin to help him with getting custody of the baby….wonder how Sonny will handle that? His dad helping Nick keep Will out of the baby’s life.

    Loved Chloe getting to tell her story to Daniel before he got back doored by someone else, be it Jenn, Kate, Nikki. Now if he only understands she was in that position because of the Katster.

    Loved Sami and Will, between this conversation and his talk with Lucas maybe his eyes will be wide open when he makes his final decision on how involved he wants to be with his child.

    Kristen has just got to have a bug in Marlena’s office, the penthouse, something on Doc’s person, so she knows everything Marlena is up to. I saw nothing in Marlena’s conversation when she arrived at the Hotel Room that would say to Kristen she was being recorded. From the moment Marlena arrived Kristen knew she was up to something and the telling moment was when she reached over a removed a piece of lent from Marlena’s lapel, right next to the Recording Pendant. Then the surprise look on Marlena’s face when Kristen held up the note “I know what your doing”, ouch Caught!….Neither John or Brady filed charges against one another for their fight, but there’s Roman just checking on Kristen since she was involved in the fight. Who told Mr. Scoop there was a fight and who was involved?

    Nicole and Chloe the BFF’s are gradually working it out that they both want the same man. I’m not sure Chloe should be upset after all she left Salem, did she expect Daniel to wait for her return? Or she’s applying the unspoken rule friends don’t date, love or marry BFF’s ex’s?

    A lot of good posts this week!

  150. From Debbie

    Kat, I agree with you about the writing on Friday’s show between Sami and Will. This is the Sami that I enjoy watching, the one where she talks like an adult and doesn’t give in to those stupid outbursts that make her look like an idiot. Her honesty in telling Will how it really is and the wisdom of her words were priceless. This was truly one of the greatest scenes I’ve ever seen depicted between a mother and her son. Bravo to Allison and Chandler and especially to the writers for bringing a complicated subject to the screen so convincingly.

  151. From Kat

    152 Debbie, Ditto Lady….I so agree, Allison and Chandler did a great, super acting job IMO and yours of course….

    Sami showed, there is a good Mother inside her…..
    hope she will grow up even more, as time goes on,
    and also finds out, who her heart does belong to. She will have to make a very brave move, for herself and her children.
    Trust her heart and go with Elvis, and stay good friends with Lucas, the father of 2 of her children….

  152. From Clear

    Sandy, I so thought Marlena overplayed her hand when she told Kristen to let it all out and was almost offering to make peace or at least negotiate–something she would never do. Then did you notice that Kristen identified the listening device on her?

    John has disappointed me, though I never liked the Marlena character that much. If John hadn’t disregarded her warnings and had stood by her to start they would have been a united front. She has more right to be upset than he does!

  153. From SandyGram

    #154 Clear
    If you notice all the relationship breakups for sometime have been over trust issues. Sami/EJ, Sami/Rafe, EJ/Nicole, Chad/Abby, Chad/Melanie, Stefano/Kate etc. etc. etc. and now the relationship that was suppose to stuck like glue Marlena and John. According to a Tweet from Drake Hogestyn (John) a couple of weeks ago to rally his fan support he said ” “If you want to see more of John in 2013…NOW is the time for you’re voices to be heard.”, he was soliciting views to put in a good word for the John character to be seen more on screen. So I would imagine John’s leaving Salem at this time has something to do with that. Just another couple that was brought back in the Days of Our Lives Relaunch on September 26, 2011 that didn’t make it. It’s good to see the former characters return after a long period of time but if the writers don’t give them a sustainable viable story line they don’t last long, who can blame them for leaving.

    And yes I did see Kristen reach over and pick a peace of lent from Marlena’s lapel right next to the listening device, although Marlena looked concerned she didn’t take the clue that Kristen knew what she was doing. Smart that Kristen, or as I mentioned in my post about Kristen has Marlena’s world bug, home, office, person,so she knows her every move.

    One other thing I forgot to mention before was Kristen’s memory of paying off the mugger to attack Brady. Another situation where I gave her the benefit of the doubt and thought she couldn’t have set that scene up but now we know she is pure evil and did set it up. Stefano is not happy in Kristen’s involvement with Brady and according to a spoiler excerpt from Days Cafe “Stefano assumes Kristen is going to dump Brady. Wrong”, she is obviously not going to do this so quickly. The spoiler excerpt further says “Kristen should know better than to go against father phoenix”. I sure hope he doesn’t try to resolve this issue over the phone, it needs his personal touch so hopeful Mary airs out the DiMansion for his return.

  154. From SandyGram

    After going back and watching yesterdays show I want to make one correction in Post #155….Kristen didn’t hire the mugger to beat up Brady, it was suppose to be John. It’s not clear how she was going to get John to follow her that day since she just left Brady…but according to yesterdays show it was John that was suppose to run to save her from the mugger and subsequently get beaten up. She is as twisted as Marlena thinks she is!!

  155. From patty

    Yes, I agree that Sami’s talk with Will was well done. What was surprising though was Will’s passive reaction to it. I was expecting to see CM’s acting chops but he just looked bored. I get that Will is not ready to be a
    dad and he’ll probably come around to the idea but he could try to muster up a little more concern for the situation.

  156. From Clear

    I so want them to keep John and make him the Superhero I love to watch. I want them to do better with his hair. They can do better than a dark tuft of straw sticking up. He and Stefano are my favs! Besides them more Stefano and Victor! Victor is funny! These characters are the best! I was a Safe fan, but more an EJAMI now. Rafe and Sami do not make sense any more. Plus I sense something off because Rafe never told his whole story for Sami.

  157. From Kat

    157, patty, nice, we see something the same way. I agree, Will’s reaction, when not a bid smug, was passive.
    Guess, his brain does not know what to think right now.
    To much happening for that kids, coming out, falling in love, becoming a father… I am willing to give him a bit of a break,
    but then Will should pull it together, and grow a “Pair”.

    158 Clear, Like so many, incl. Bo, Patch (62) John is not the Super Hero anymore. Does not mean they can’t give him exciting SL’s anymore, however Dan, Rafe, EJ, Brady, Eric, they are the new young blood and it is their turn.
    Bo did not leave, in his own words, because of money etc,, he wanted to make a lifestyle change, spend time with a daughter he had late in life, and travel. Also, I heard, that there were some Health Concerns involved….

    I hope, John’s leaving is not because of His Ego, suck it up John and be a Team Player, to me it seemed like your SL was on the way to sort of Front burner.
    Marlena used to be really the Star,like Sami now, and being 65 or so, well her time as Super Front burner has also past.
    Doesn’t mean good SL can’t come up, like IMO she is in right now with Kristin, John, Brady,….
    John and some other former “YOUNG Heros” has past. It happens in the Entertainment world, but one should hang in there for the rest of the cast,….looks how Super Stefano was and now still is in his older age… You never know.
    Come on Drake….. Do it for The Team…unless you have a great Movie Role waiting for you, or don’t need the money at all.
    Everything said, just my opinion…..

  158. From bobby

    157 and 159 I am not sure Will is ready to fully trust his Mom yet. He knows her drama and the minute he says he wants the baby, she’s going to overreact and go after full custody and the fighting will begin. This is exactly what Will is trying to explain to Sami. He doesn’t want his child growing up like he did. He’s the only one on the show that takes his time and tries to do what’s best before making a decision. He’s got a lot on his plate. Good thing he has a couple of grandmother’s he can turn to.

  159. From Clear

    Even Stefano seems to have mellowed, but John has lost his strong take charge edge. Writers have made him look weak, gullible, and ineffectual– do not like it. I would like to see him capable and in charge to help his son at the least.

  160. From gerri

    hope Will,doesn’t need or want any,advice from Kate,she is evil to the core,she wants to protect(run her kids lives)that is,but all the while,trying to take another mother’s child,s(Chloe)life.and now doing what she can,to take Parker away from his mother….oh such a bad person.
    she has no right what so ever,to look down her nose at no one,after all she has done in her life
    Marlena,has done wrong things too,but she Is the better choice,to advise Will.

    It way past time,for Kate the Snake,to swallow some of her own medicine…..

  161. From bobby

    #162 gerri Kate really jumped the gun this time. She had Dan convinced it was going to be ok to see Parker, who in turn had gotten Chloe to go along with the plan. Now she has shown her true colors and will end up not seeing Parker at all. And when it comes out she was the one blackmailing Chloe 2 years ago, OH Boy! Your right-she shouldn’t be in Parkers life. To bad Lucas and Billy couldn’t have talked some sense into her before she had to take the evil root.

  162. From gaelyn thomson

    gabbie is unfit mother she is behind mel kidnapping and almost killed her what kind of a mother is that i say unfit the baby should go to will and sonny i can’t wait for sonny secret to come out to see how will receat and it is sonny tuun to make amends afer that

  163. From Michele

    With the spoilers eveeryone is reading saying that Cloe is not staying in Salwm long term and that Dan & Jen will not be forever, I was thinking what if the new girl is Dr. Dan’s beloved Rebecca. You know how EVERYONE gets brought back from the dead.

  164. From SandyGram

    #165 Michele
    Days is very good at bringing back the dead, but Daniel’s Rebecca, if I remember correctly that back story was he met her as a cancer patient through Carly (I believe), he fell in love with her, married her, but could not save her from the cancer. Like John’s Izabella, Rebecca died in Daniels arms (all off screen).

    Now since we haven’t heard the details of Rafe’s Emily’s death, other than she was in a car accident, I could imagine her coming back to life and so many fans are hoping for that. Both being alive, for me, would be way over use of bring someone back to life, so if I had to choose I’d choose Emily. But then Emily’s sister Meredith coming to town would have been for nothing unless she truly thought her sister was dead. I could envision Emily being in a comma these past 4+ years and as she wakes up she doesn’t recognize herself because of facial plastic surgery because of injuries from the accident. Maybe some of her memory not quite right, but she knew she had some kind of connection to Salem so she returns as this troubled young woman. Eventually she runs into Rafe and feels a connection as he does, but neither recognizing one another right away….and the story goes on until he does recognize her as Emily and she knows he’s her Rafael. Oh My!

    On my Family Tree I’ve gotten all the way to my great-great-great-great-great grandparents on my Dad’s side. So now I need a little rest for the rest of day from the fantasy world of Days and my ancestors so I have to finish the potato salad, get the party wings ready to bake and make the veggie tray for Play Off Sunday…Go 49ers.

  165. From Michele

    Sandygram – I forgot all about that. I think your thoughts about it being Emily rather then Rebecca are better now that you reminded me that she died in his arms. Thank you for the reminder :-)

    Enjoy the play offs.

  166. From bobby

    #164 gaelyn-sadly, Will doesn’t know the lies Gabi has told about setting up the stalker and almost getting Melanie killed. I think his whole attitude about Gabi raising his baby with Nick will change his mind, but fast when he finds out. Still trying to figure out why Dr. Dan and Jen won’t last. I think I read J.J. isn’t going to make it easy on his mother and boyfriend. So, if this isn’t going to last, why did they bother getting them back together? I have enough of that with Sami and Rafe.

  167. From Maryl

    SandyGram #166, Our thoughts are in synch with the new mystery woman who is coming to Salem. Read my post #121, we are thinking alike on this one! I agree that this would probably be a good SL for Rafe.

  168. From SandyGram

    #169 Maryl
    I was in such a hurry writing Post #166 before the Play Offs started, I left out giving you credit for the Emily disfigurement scenario in Post #121. I’m really liking this idea the more I think about it. Without something knew Rafe is going to be on the Merry Go Round with Sami and EJ for a long time, so I guess like others who are Rafe fans I am ready for him to move on to someone without the baggage our Samantha Gene carries with her.

    I am getting anxious to see Stefano’s response to EJ trying to hook up with Sami yet again. Like Brady with Kristen, Pappa DBear is not going to like either of his cubs circling a Brady of any kind.

    Congrats to the 49ers and Raven’s…now on to the Super Bowl.

  169. From Maryl

    I think that Rafe would be very good and interesting in a sl of his own. The character has great potential. I suppose they placed his character in the Sami/EJ mix to get him on board with the fans which did work because he did succeed in getting there. But I believe now, he could fly on his own and more good sls could be in the making for him.
    I believe EJ/Sami have enough ground for sls for a long time in the future–they have a lot of things to deal with–like Stefano, Kate, Kristin, Will/Sonny/Baby, Nick/Gabi and of course, their own children. They have CW to handle also. The biggest thing with EJ/Sami and the best foundation for their sls will be their ability to forgo their past and work on building a future. They will need to create a bond between them that nothing can separate–few dents once in a while–but in the end, keep them together as a family. IMO. I think this can happen—if the writers really are serious about putting EJ/Sami/family together.

  170. From jolie

    #147 Bobby, that last mind-bender that John got before he and Marlena went off to parts unknown in Europe is still paying off for him. He is so clueless and most certainly not the man he used to be.
    #128 Clear and #150 Cindy, for Nicole to get surrogate to carry a child would be a great story but you know where the writers would take it at some point. The surrogate would come back and take the child for whatever reason then we have another baby drama that will have us up in arms. But if she doesn’t hurt the child and Nicole gets it back in a couple of episodes and the child is in no way traumatized…I guess we have see worse lately.
    #151 Sandygram, I agree about Kristen bugging Marlena but Stefano probably put the wires in long ago to the penthouse and any other building in town that he might have a remote possibility of wanting info now or later. I read that when the US Embassy in former USSR was remodeled, they found all sorts of bugs/wires in the walls and lights, etc. I can’t believe that Marlena would leave the bug laying out where anyone-John- could just waltz by and snatch it up. And Richard would say that Roman was there checking on Marlena was he has been on Stefano’s payroll forever and 2 days. Something is up for sure. And Chloe is just being ridiculous by fighting with Nicole. Nicole didn’t have to tell her anything. I thought Chloe really laid the lowest blow by telling Nicole that she was basically trashed by all the men in Salem and Nicole didn’t even fight back over that one. I am ready for Nicole to hold her head up a bit. She isn’t the most outstanding citizen in town but then the outstanding citizens in town do nothing to warrant holding their heads high for sure. But the fight gave room for lots of drama and they are working it out. More than you can say for some of Salem’s denizens…John, Brady, Marlena, the whole wedding crowd.
    #159 Kat, I think Will comes off as smug because he is young and it just suits the character. He gets that smug little look on his face. I like that quizzical smile he does as well. He is a great actor. And I believe you are correct. John’s SuperHero days are over. He could have been a hero still by listening to Marlena but chose to be a dumbaxx instead. These older players are a bit like us Grandparents. You are in a supporting role for the g-kids and their parents except when you are in the floor on your knees with Legos, crayons, Barbies, and the like and you are SuperGParent at that time which is wonderful. Circle of the Superhero life. I do think it would be great at the end of this Kristen story if it is Marlena who takes her down. Now that would be must see TV!
    #160 Bobby, very astute in your analysis of Will’s trust issues with Sami and what she’ll likely do over the baby once it is here.
    #166 Sandygram, you are describing Hope and a few other characters in describing Emily! Yes, this could work and has before so the writers could redo the story with some new twists and turns. Congrats on your team winning.

  171. From MAB

    Ok shows Thursday & Friday. Kate pretty much told Jen the truth, regardless of the things she’s done, she is right in what she told Jen. If Jen thinks Chloe isn’t gonna try to come between her & Daniel, then she is naïve. Chloe’s rant to Nicole was pathetic, when she has no room to talk. Too bad Marlena’s scheme didn’t work, and made John have even more doubts. I’m glad Brady found that note, and hopefully this will be the start of him using his brain as to what Kristen is really up to. Great talk between Sami & Will.

    #112 TerriK – I love Kate, and I’m ok w/ Chloe to a point, but her coming back after everything that happened and just automatically thinks she’s gonna get Daniel back, of course that is after she tries to destroy Jen, makes me not fond of her this time around. And how she stood there and talked to Nicole, when she is no better, was no doubt insane drivel (did I use the work right this time???). Chloe has the nerve to talk about how many men Nicole has been with when she can be tagged w/ the same label. That’s the characters that get on my last nerve, that stand there and preach to those that have a bad rep, when their rep is just as bad if not worse. Oh, thanks for the support again w/ those who continue their personal attacks.

    #115 Kat – I agree w/ how you ranked Kate, Nicole & Chloe, no doubt accurate, I’m just tired of the sanctimonious attitudes of those, like Chloe, who think they are better than Kate/Nicole. And her hurtful rant to Nicole was uncalled for, and I don’t care if she apologized, it doesn’t erase what she said. After the things she’s done, she stands there and lists the men Nicole has been with…well what about all the men she’s been with??? Kat, I’m glad we can discuss w/o being critical of each other…so nice to talk to people like you, TerriK, Tee, Maryl. Oh, I remember when we were accused of being the same person…what nonsense some come up with.

    Brady started the crap w/ John, and I wasn’t surprised in the least John fired back. As much as he loves Brady, he isn’t gonna stand there and let his son beat up on him w/o reacting. It just shows how much alike they really are.

    No one can say a poll is inaccurate, unless you were the one who conducted the poll yourself. Some prefer Sami over Nicole or vice versa, whether it’s about popularity or who one thinks is the better actress. No one is wrong in their choices, and picking Sami over Nicole doesn’t mean that person doesn’t know what good acting is. For me, it’s simple. Ali/Sami & Ari/ Nicole are both great actresses & characters, and one’s popularity doesn’t exceed the other’s. They both rock, and should be given the credit they BOTH deserve. Also, although times are different, Sami being front & center is not uncommon. Marlena carried this torch for years, and now Sami is playing that role.

    DiMeras don’t hurt people on a daily basis. How can they when they aren’t on the show everyday??? Stefano hasn’t done anything lately, per se, neither has EJ. Chad didn’t hurt anyone intentionally, he just wanted to expose Gabi lies. And Kristen, well right now it is her turn to be the devious one. But that’s what the DiMeras do. They cause chaos because w/o it, the show wouldn’t exist. It’s been proven over & over again they keep Salem hopping! The problem lies w/ the ones who pretend they are the so-called good people of Salem, when their actions have reached levels of the DiMeras, and for some even lower. They are no better, but get excused for their behavior, so why not excuse the DiMera’s behavior too???

    #136 Tee – ditto, great post! And that is the whole point about Rafe. He isn’t pure evil, but neither is EJ, and that is & always will be the difference in Rafe fans & EJ fans. We can give props to Rafe, when it is warranted, but some never do that same for EJ. The main problem w/ Rafe is his attitude, how he tries to control people, never admits when he is wrong, and his obsession w/ EJ (and Sami being w/ EJ). His self-righteousness is beyond belief, and it just makes him dislikable to me. I have a feeling Rafe’s scheme to tell EJ about him & Sami won’t matter in the end. EJ isn’t going anywhere, and certainly isn’t gonna let Rafe come between him & Sami.

    I thought Sami looked great in that blouse & leather pants. I don’t think what she had on was inappropriate for work, but even if it was, maybe she was only working part time that day, maybe she had no appointments w/ customers. Who knows, and who cares! There could be a million reasons she was dressed that way, but really, why does it matter?

    Shouldn’t every actor’s job involve portraying a dramatic character? I mean this IS a soap opera after all, filled w/ drama. Just sayin…

    Rafe = quiet type? Uh, not so much! He talks to hear himself talk, like Sami has pointed out many times. He yells & rants just like everyone else does. Also, Rafe has never had a real front burner SL. His SL has always played off EJ & Sami. And until they move him on to his own SL, he’ll always play second fiddle to EJ. Rafe probably could shine if given his own SL, but he’ll also have to drop that self-righteous attitude.

    I think Rafe would sound & look pretty silly talking w/ an accent. Either way, it wouldn’t matter, no swooning over him for me. In fact I don’t swoon over any of them. Regardless, I think James Scott IS rhe best looking man on the show, hands down!

    Most of the men on this show are timeless IMO. But I agree eventually the new generation has to take over, like EJ & Brady. But I look at them coming up behind the likes of Stefano & Victor, not John & Bo. John & Bo still have plenty of years left in them. I don’t think just because an actor gets older that it should matter. Why does air time have to shrink for John or Bo??? And as far as looks, Bo Brady was & is one of the best looking men to grace the screen of any soap opera! I think his looks have held up greatly over the years, and for me, his appeal is just as strong now as it was back in the day. I don’t think his air time should be judged on the fact an actor is getting older. Bo can still play a big role in the show, but apparently TPTB think they have a replacement in Rafe, but sorry, that is a joke! He’ll never replace Bo in anyway fashion or form.

    #171 Maryl – ditto, no doubt EJ & Sami have enough ground for SL’s to last well into the future…exciting & interesting ones at that…so much more than Sami ever shared or will ever share w/ Rafe.

  172. From MAB

    I hate automatic spelling corrections sometimes! I meant to say:

    drivel (did I use the word right this time???)

  173. From Kat

    173,,, Long Live MAB, I so enjoy reading your posts,
    and to civility …. even when dis-agreeing…

  174. From missy

    #114 i was thinking the same thing, let it be emily… the troubled 17 yr olds they are casting must be jj and a friend… and also casting a drunken female not sure where this is going… this was on dayscafe i believe…

  175. From gwen

    The only reason I watch is when nothing else is on and when Days is on still nothing on. I mute Samantha and hope for the old days of Hope and Bo.. some real actors get rid of sweeney and the show will be sweet.. from the first time she was on, I have never been a fan she couldn’t act then and still can’t

  176. From Kat

    177 gwen, respect your opinion,
    However, somebody out there must like her, because she has been top notch for more than 20 years now…
    Bo I always have and will like… Peter Reckell, No. 1 always, and not to mention, as I have so many times…. Looks so much like my Brother… Peter, please decide,
    sometime down the road .. to come back…
    Hope is ok, but not to much IMO without Bo by her side, giving her meaning….
    For so long now, many of us have talked about bringing the character Emily to Salem, and give Rafe some meaningful SL…
    His place is not/never has been/ with our complicated Sami, she needs a man in her life, that as Colleen said about Santos, that lets her truly be Who she is. Also before the “Black Dress” wedding, Colleen “talking” to Sami, and told her……Face your darkest and deepest desires…. and ….go for it…
    Colleen when she appeared to Sami in church, “a vision or whatever”, in so many words tried to tell Sami, EJ is for you, ignore the world around you and follow your heart and desires… Go back and watch it…it’s there.
    And now finally, the writers hopefully will make good, on all the seeds they planted, so many years ago…About time…

  177. From Kat

    Great Sami quote about Gaby…
    I can’t believe I didn’t see you coming,,, You should have looked so familiar to me……

  178. From chig

    After watching Chloe, Nichole,Kate & Sami I think they should bring back Marlena’s evil twin sister to do battle with Kristen..and change the name of the show to the “Battle of the B–ches”

  179. From Leah

    Hello folks, been away for a bit of a holiday. Wow, things certainly went down while I was away. Firstly BRAVO to you Chad. You saved us the viewers many months and maybe years of this continuing “Who is the father of this child?” saga. Yay! Have to say my how the mighty in Salem have fallen. Chad gets clobbered by a police officer for telling the truth and Hope (his partner in crime) comes running to his rescue by covering it all up and Chad gets the raw end of the deal yet again. And what was that for again? Oh thats right for telling the truth. Chastised by Rafe, Hope, Victor, Sonny, Nick and Abigail… for telling the TRUTH PEOPLE. Yep Salems finest.
    Was nice to see EJ acting like a caring stepdad. Telling Will he is there for him no matter what. Nice :)
    Sami fickle as ever. Was Rafe earlier in the day and when the going gets rough leaning on EJ yet again. Love ya Sami girl but you are rather pathetic sometimes. How after all of this you could even think about going back to Rafe is well and truly beyond me. Move on!
    Reading the spoilers from this week made me laugh. Writers really need to be more consistent. EJ loves Sami and has been very patiently showing her so. EJ has wanted to take it to the next level but now when he could capitalise on an opportunity I’m meant to believe he is going to “leap away at the last moment.” Yeah right…. only on a soap and only on Days LOL

  180. From Leah

    PS: Gabi is a complete nut job. I agree with Chad she deserves everything that comes her lying way. Hope the truth about Melanie comes out soon (and Rafes knowing the truth about it and his keeping silent on it). Gabi is REALLY good at playing the victim.

  181. From Leah

    PPS: Gotta love ALL of this Safe HYPOCRISY over the Gabi/Will baby drama. They both need to listen to themselves and take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror and be HONEST. Maybe this is what will finally make Sami see sense and make her truly remorseful for her actions when she tried to keep both Lucas and EJ out of their childrens lives. Seeing her son Will on the receiving end of it all won’t be nice.
    As for Rafe…. he just needs to wake up to himself full stop. Well that and I think he needs some anger management classes. He just can’t keep going around bullying or beating up on people. Then I think he needs to seriously sit down and consider if he wants to change occupations. This is not how a public servant who swears to uphold the law should be acting.

  182. From bobby

    #184 Leah I had to laugh just a little about Rafe not acting like a public servant. Have you ever seen the trouble Bo, Hope, Roman and Mrs. Horton used to get in to? Not to mention E.J. as mayor-another public servant who crossed the line. Even Abe took a stumble when running for office. Speaking of Abe-I thought there was going to be a storyline with him and Kayla. Or was that put on hold because “Steve” left another soap opera and they might bring him back to Days?

  183. From Maryl

    Kat #179–Thanks for reminding us of Colleen’s appearance to Sami at the church before her wedding to EJ. I had forgotten what all was said back then, so I went back to the archives of Days episodes and watched it. It sure came out loud and clear that Sami has been holding on to her denial of her true feelings for EJ. Colleen spelled it out very clearly for her. The episode also showed us the true reason for her denial—her family. They were on her like a pack of wolves, telling her what to do and what not to do. I can really see why she is so set in continuing her denial of her feelings for EJ. They have convinced her that she has to or otherwise she will be a traitor to the Brady bunch. Just recently Hope was on her case about EJ, so they are still doing it to her. I was so glad to see Caroline finally expressing her understanding of Sami’s feelings for EJ and not going ballistic as all the others. Thanks, Kat, for sending me back to that episode!

  184. From jolie

    #185 Bobby, good catch on the Abe/Kayla story we were promised. Maybe Steve will come back. John could use the back up…oh wait, he hightailed it out of town when Marlena did that thing to him that he had been doing to her…not trusting.
    #186 Maryl, you are right about Sami’s family on her like a pack of wolves…sort of like Will’s family has been on him about this baby. There are some people who are not meant to raise children…Sami comes to mind…and babies are adopted every day. I am sort of on the fence here as to whether Will really wants to be in the baby’s life or is he just going to step up because that is what is expected of him by his family. Does he care about the baby, you bet he does. Does he think he knows what is best, not on your life. As for everyone on Sami’s case about Elvis…looks like by now, they’d know Sami is going to do whatever pops into her head or bed and right now it seems to be back to Elvis. Family, go stew some other pot.

  185. From MAB

    I said back in my #91 post that Kristen must have bugged Marlena’s phones, penthouse, etc. to know all these things beforehand. She certainly has done her homework, DiMera style! I don’t think Stefano has done anything. Kristen is capable of doing this stuff all on her own. It’s Marlena’s stupidity for leaving the device on the table for anyone to pick up, not just John. I see both sides to this. After everything these 2 have been thru, Marlena should’ve never doubted John’s love for her to think he would end up in Kristen’s bed, and John should’ve never doubted Marlena’s suspicions of Kristen. So they are both at fault here, not just one of them. And now that John knows that Kristen is up to no good, he can’t even get thru to his son who is obviously whipped by Kristen. I get why he feels the way he does, and I get why Marlena feels the way she does. I don’t like that the writers are having John leave Salem, but they keep playing right into her hands, and that has been the problem from the beginning. She has accomplished everything she set out to do, and still is. John & Marlena need to show Kristen a united front, and show her she’s never gonna come between them.

    Kat – I agree, as much as I like Hope, she isn’t as good w/o Bo. They are each other’s better half, and need to be together. I hope he comes back, but they need to give him the airtime he deserves. And if that means getting rid of a couple of characters, then so be it. There’s a couple we can do w/o.

    Leah – I agree about EJ stopping things w/ Sami. I think it should happen, but I’m thinking maybe he stops it to be sure she has no doubts, and wants him w/o any reservations. EJ no doubt loves & wants her, but he isn’t gonna play second fiddle to anyone, least of all Rafe. I also agree about Gabi, she is definitely good at playing the victim…she has it down to an art form. Nick is just sick, and I’m calling it now, he will destroy Gabi if he keeps acting this way. He has major issues, and I see the day when it will be Chad being the good guy, and Nick being the bad guy. And Nick is so sick that he is gonna lie & scheme to keep Will from his child. I say again, where do these guys get off trying to keep children from their real fathers??? I think it is sick to be that obsessed w/ a child that isn’t yours. Looks like Nick took lessons from Rafe. I also agree that I hope this time Sami has seen Rafe’s true colors, and is done w/ him for good. He hasn’t changed, and there is not signs of him changing…he is still the same control freak he’s always been. It’s time Sami saw the light, and choose the man who is meant for her, EJ, once & for all.

    The public servants of Salem have done a lot of stupid things in the name of the law, and have made their share of mistakes. But they certainly live up to higher standards & morals than Rafe does, and they certainly don’t go around acting like he does on a daily basis. He is and never will be the man Bo, John, Steve, Abe, Roman are. And they have certainly never sunk to the levels he has, like trying to keep children from their rightful father.

  186. From MAB

    Sami’s family being a pack of wolves about trying to choose the man she spends her life with, is not the same thing as how Will’s family has been to him about the baby. He created a life, and he is responsible for that child period. It’s time he stop playing the victim and let people like Nick Fallon bully him into thinking he isn’t good enough to raise his child. Spoilers say after Nick’s lies & schemes to keep Will away, that Will tells EJ he’s ready to fight for his child. Go Will! I think having Sami, Lucas, EJ, Marlena, Kate, and many others in his corner is gonna bode well for his outcome…and Nick will self-destruct on his own eventually when his true colors start becoming known.

    I don’t know anyone who has ever had a child and not questioned themselves if they are gonna be good parents, and some even question wanting the child. I think these are all natural, human feelings to have. Everyone second guesses themselves, because no one is perfect. And this baby was an unplanned surprise, so I don’t see any wrong in what Will is feeling. He is young, in school, etc., and he & Gabi both questioned a lot. But it was Will who stood up and said he’d quit school, get a job and marry her (which is still unknown as Gabi neglected to tell everyone that part). It was Gabi who wanted to end the pregnancy, but she is the innocent one in Rafe’s eyes, and Will is the bad guy??? Not! Will was already to sacrifice everything for this child, which shows me that they only reason he backed down was because Nick & Gabi pressured him, and Nick made him feel he wasn’t good enough to raise his own child. Will also thought it best if the child wasn’t shifted between himself & Gabi like he was w/ Sami & Lucas. But that part could be worked out fine between Will & Gabi as they like each other (unlike Sami & Lucas used to), so they could make that part easy for the child. I’m sure tho once Will sees thru Nick’s BS, he’s gonna step up! And according to the spoilers, looks like he’s gonna do just that. As for Sami, I think Sami is a good mother for the most part. I think she learned a lot by her mistakes w/ Will, and has done better w/ Johnny, Allie, & Sydney. They are good, well-adjusted kids, so she must’ve done something right, along w/ EJ & Lucas. Nothing was better than what Lucas told Will. Yeah they made mistakes, but they love him, and sacrificed a lot for him. He needs to do the same for his child.

  187. From Kat

    188, 189 MAB
    I agree totally, just put my name next to your two posts, and I don’t have to type the same things….
    Leah, I liked your posts….
    you are right about Chad and Telling The Truth,,, what better place then in a Church, after the Priest just asked.. Is there anybody…… that knows…
    and yes there is somebody….Chad,. and then He stands up and tells the Truth, in Church, and then gets treated worse than Scum.. again In Church, with the Priest watching, and lets not forget all the good/or not so good People of Salem, like Victor, our Fallen Cop Rafe, oops, he is one of the attackers…..Thank you writers, Only in Salem….and that’s why we watch.
    At least it was Not a Motorcycle crashing through the Stain Glass Window.

    MAB, I agree about Bo…
    but from what I read, Peter does not want to come back, at least not yet.
    And it was not about the money, he seems to also have some health issues.

    Maybe in a while, he might return, when he gets every thing figured out in his private life.

    P.S…. Will would make a great parent, are any of you forgetting, He has been a Great Brother and “Parent” to his sisters and brother for a long time.
    He knows all about loving and caring for Babies and children. It is silly, to think that Will of all People out there, would Not make a Great, loving and caring parent…LOL
    Just let all this go round in his brain…
    like MAB said, mothers and fathers to Be, go through the same stuff, when all of a sudden they find themselves Prego, so give Will a chance without pressure from Nick.. and Gaby.
    Our Will is going to want his Child, look how he loves his siblings.

    I just wish, it would not have to be, No custody at all, (Nick’s wish) or having to fight for whole custody.
    Shared custody would be the answer, but again, we need the Drama…
    Have a feeling, things might get so bad, and Gaby will be caught in the Cross Fire, and maybe loose the baby… Has anybody heard for sure, that she will loose the baby, or are we talking about just a rumor.?????

    Maryl, on Source TV under Soaps, they also have 10 Sami Highlights through out her 20 years… and the Sami/Colleen segment is one of them..and of course the Black Dress Wedding…

  188. From TerriK

    MAB- I agree, we always seem to be able to respectfully disagree :) I think we agree for the most part though. We enjoy our villains.
    For me, I’m enjoying Chloe being scandalous, but that’s because as you know, I’m not a Jennifer fan or Daniel for that matter. But I’m aware Chloe isn’t any better than the rest. You’re right about that. I just like seeing her come back with some back bone so maybe people like Kate would back off a little.

    I loved seeing Nikki comforting Gabi today (not because I like Gagi in any sort of way) I just thought once again Ari’s acting was spot on. I know i’ll tick off even my pals on here lol ;) But I do think Ari is a better actress over Allison. However, Allison can act..I just think she over does it when she goes into psycho mode and starts her growling and tends to lose lips and flares her nostril excessively LMAO sorry..maybe I too just went overboard?? Haha. Regardless i’ll always love Sami.
    I do agree about Hope needing Bo..frankly anyone with Bo I can eventually appreciate. I enjoyed him with Billie and eventually I did enjoy him with Carly again. Hope is just kinda forgettable these days..

    Kat- I’m on board with Jenn looking way too old. She can’t really even compare herself to Chloe.

    Leah- I love your posts. I agree with you totally

  189. From Sue

    Why can’t Days get some creative writers? The same old stories keep coming back. Haven’t we had enough of John, Marlena, Kristin? Once couples break up, leave them that way. Why can’t a couple be happily married longer than one season?

    The same old stories are getting boring and old!

  190. From Michele

    I openly admit that Sami is the one person on the show that I love to hate the most. Not being a fan of Safe or Ejami I do not understand why each set of fans do not see the double standards they write. With all due respect Sami EJ and Rafe all try to control any situation they find themselves in. Not anyone of the 3 can say that they are not hot headed. Sami got into Nichole’s face today letting her know that she would hit her, again. Rafe has hot people. EJ does not get into fist to cuff fights BUT he does “hit” people all the time. If it was ok for Rafe to hit Chad, then it has to be ok for him to defend his sister to Sami who is calling her alot worse things then Chad did. If it is ok for Rafe to defend his sister then it has to be ok for Sami to defend her son. If Chad, Gabby, Nick or Will should go to jail then so should EJ, Rafe, and Sami.

    I again have to respectfully disagree about Sami being a good mother. I will not even bring up the Austin/Lucus stuff, or the fact that Grandma is the one that raised the kids or the fact that she brings men in and out of their lives so easily. The main reason I do not think Sami is a good parent is because unlike Lucus she has never given up anything for her kids. It has always been and always will be about Sami. Not just when she was young, look at what she did with Arianna. She used her son for the sole purpose to save herself. And if EJ is to blame for Faith’s dealth and Gabby is to blame for Jack and Maddison’s then Sami is surely to blame for Arrianna’s.

    I love the show and think all the actors do a good job as daytime soap stars. But I do think that Ari, Chandler, Joe, and James do jobs eaqual to the quality of Movie stars. They are just a step above the others to me.

  191. From MAB

    Kat – all I’ve ever heard was that Peter left because he wasn’t getting enough airtime (never heard anything about money either), and that he wanted to spend more time w/ his family. I saw a tweet from him on another site a while back, and he said he was doing some traveling w/ his family, and really enjoying life. I haven’t heard anything about him having health issues. What did you hear? I still think he left for the reasons he said, especially about the airtime. My own personal take on that…I think he felt pushed aside by TPTB to make room for Rafe. Also, I agree about Will. He would make a good parent. I just think he’s second guessing himself, on top of being pressured into thinking that he wouldn’t make a good parent, and his child would be better off w/ the likes of Nick & Gabi. Well, that’s a joke, especially where Nick’s concerned. I agree too that there shouldn’t be any custody fight over this child, and to be honest, I don’t see where there would need to be since Nick is NOT the father. I don’t care if he marries Gabi or not, he has no rights to that child IMO. If everyone would leave this to Will & Gabi, I think they would make the right decisions, but who knows what Gabi will do w/ Nick & Rafe barking in her ear what an terrible person Will is.

  192. From Kat

    194 MAB
    About Peter’s Health Issues, I saw that on the front page of a magazine, at the check out counter….
    Hope still, that sooner or later he will miss the show, and come back.

    I enjoyed today, it being brought up about Will being a good father,
    because of the way he is and has been with his siblings….being not only brother, but also father.

    I had talked about that in my post 190, before the show had even aired today.
    Anytime Will and EJ are in scenes together,
    we have a winner. Wish they make those scenes longer.
    EJ did listen to Will, did not screech, at him, or get over excited.. and he was spot on in what he said to Will.

    I understand, Sami and Lucas are more deeply involved, and therefore get more emotional.
    And All that Sami and Lucas said to Will, was also right on. The do care for him and love him deeply, no matter what.
    Just because Sami and Will made a lot of mistakes, does not mean, that now they should sit on their Mouth and say nothing… That surely would back fire big time in the future…

    You might think at times, that your Kids don’t hear you, but they do, big time….and they will blame you, that it seemed you did not care enough, to tell them the truth and try to help them from making mistakes…

    So right, Will and Gaby should be the ones making the decision, Nick should stay out of it.
    Of course like I said before, Family can give them their feelings about it, always, but not tell them what to do…

  193. From Tee

    Hello All!!

    Cindy Thank you I try to be fair and I know we all have our opinions.

    So my thoughts on the show today.
    Sami and Will great stuff from Sami. I agree with others that Will should have said more and made it more about the baby not him and Sonny or this or that. I enjoyed his conversation with EJ as always.Right away EJ called to the best custody Lawyer. Smart not doing it hisself as he would end up a conflict of interest since Nick is gonna try to say Will shot EJ.Well problem is the court will need to hear EJ say Will did it, and Will was also a kid at the time. I will say it again how ironic Nick is even gonna try that when he went to jail as a adult for murder among other things.Justin telling Nick he needs to find someone else was great though I hope he sticks to that. He will be a conflict of interest as well, once Sonny and Will reunite if he represents Nick. I think Nick will end up representing him and Gabi.Nick is defintely off his rocker and Rafe would do good to keep him from gabi.Seems Gabi is gonna be ok with Will being in his childs life but Nick is not.He is unstable and I wonder what his story will be. Either way I see Gabi taking his side as she sees him as a man who loves her and cant see he is unstable or she dont want to because she herself has done some unstable things.I am still waiting on her redemption.

    How about Sami admitting she knows Gabi should have went to prison I guess that answered some of our questins, now it wont be long before Will knows I bet.Then Abby will know.
    I am glad Will forgives Chad Abby is being extra almighty in this one and I am sure it is because it will make better story for when she learns the truth.

    Now on to Rafe as I predicted revealing to EJ he and Sami were reuniting and g onna have sex, lets just say Sami and EJ have a heart to heart after that and it brings them closer.Sami is as I have been saying gonna realize Rafe is not the man she fell in love with before and realize it was EJ all along, she also is gonna say she sees his change and she choices EJ. Rafe also is gonna realize Sami is not the one for him.So both Sami and Rafe realize they were not menat to be and Sami realizes what is in front of her all along the man she loves and who loves her unconditionally.So many wondered when the lock stock and barrel would start well it has now it could not before because they needed Sami and Rafe to decide they were not meant to be.That makes it better for EJAMI because Sami will no longer be indecisive in that area with Rafe and EJ. I have always had confidence in the people who give me spoilers and things I read in places and am glad it is coming out just as they said.

    On Rafe well after the way I seen him look at Nicole when she was talking with Gabi I am wondering if they will be the couple hooking up on the down low. I will have to check to see where I seen that one but I seen somewhere a couple who are attractive begin hooking up secretly. I do think Nicole will be iwth eric but I think they make hookup first. Perhaps her and Rafe get involved a bit then Eric finds out and is jealous and something happens there and Rafe and Hope spmehow hook up. They are setting things in motion it seems for it to go either way. I do like the new woman to be Emily, but many are speccing it is for Lucas. Nick is gonna be snooping around Lucas and Will alot, and I know a gunshop attendant will be cast just now wonder who will be shot and need a physical therapist.So many people it could be.Brady is siffering injuries perhaps it will lead to the need of a therapist, Someone may get shot and may need one as well.So my guess is Brady, Lucas or Rafe somehow involved in that.The drunk lady being cast will be at a pub/bar I believe, not sure but probably just a short stint.

    Sandy#171 I dont think Stefano will be upset since he told EJ he asked Will to betray him because EJ was not in love w ith Nicole but Sami and he wanted him to be happy, and for him to be with Sami, he also knows EJ will leave him hanging though I think in end he may cause some trouble one day anyway.He does want EJ in his life and he needs to understand causing Sami trouble will not be good for him and his relationship with EJ.That is why Kristen came to Salem supposedly.

    More later everyone

  194. From SandyGram

    Episode Tuesday January 22nd:
    Did anyone else hear Allison Sweeney’s TV Blooper today? It was just as she was leaving the apartment after EJ arrived and she was leaving in a hurry after giving Will all that motherly advise the last thing she said was ‘I have lots to do Nick’.

    Then I’m scratching my head….when did Sami find out about Gabi and her involvement in Melanie’s kidnapping? Did Rafe share that with her? Will doesn’t even know about it yet?

    Now on to the show. Sorry Nick $5.00′s couldn’t even buy Justin for your dirty little plan to make Will look like an unfit father. That whole scene was totally illogical to me since Justin is Sonny’s father.

    Daniel looks like he’s not only on to Chloe’s scheme, but he now has Kate’s 1-800-Backstabber number. Now Jennifer needs to step up to the plate and realize Ann and her Volunteer buddy was pulling the wool over her eyes to when it comes to the Social Service phone number showing up on Jenn’s desk.

    Nicole was in the wrong standing and listening to Gabi’s prayers in the Church. Although I think she was trying to give Gabi some advise based on experience, there was obviously an ulterior motive also. And did you just love the look on Sami’s face when Nicole called her Grammi, a Kodak moment for sure.

    Although I like the conversation and camaraderie between EJ and Will today, his ulterior motive was riding on his sleeve also. Be nice and supportive to Sami’s son and as we could see she was overwhelmed by his wanting to help. It was a sincere conversation, at least with EJ Will doesn’t feel attacked as Sami was doing. Now if Sami and Rafe would just zip it for a moment and listen to the same thing Will told EJ all the in fighting would go away. OOps, but then we wouldn’t have an interesting show.

  195. From Leah

    Oh come on cut the boy a break! I think if Sami wasn’t even in the picture EJ would be offering William his support. EJ was being nice to William because EJ likes William. After all their ups and downs EJ and Will are now at a place of mutual respect. And lets not forget how Will went to bat for EJ over the false accusations and charges the Salem PD bought against EJ with Stefanos “supposed” murder. EJ remembers all of this and just wants to be their for him and offer him the same kind of support Will offered him in his time of need. And lets not forget with this “keeping the father away from its child” saga, EJ has plenty of experience and knowledge on this matter which he will be able to enlighten and share with Will.

  196. From Kat

    198 Leah, you go girl…….

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