Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 24 & 25.

The arguments continue.

Elvis pulls away at the last minute before he and Sami get intimate. Lucas shows up and is appalled by the way she flounces from man to man. But, as much as he cringes, he still thinks that they need to work together to support their son and his baby problem. William already thinks that he knows what to do about it. He tells Gabi that he wants to be part of the child’s life. That doesn’t rub Nick the right way. Sonny’s reaction to the news is quite different since he and Will wind up kissing. Meanwhile, Sonny’s parents debate about their son’s love life and wind up making out.

Chad continues doing his best to apologize convincingly. Cameron is willing to get over it, but Abby is still less than convinced. She frets to Cam and gets neurotic about her virginity. Meanwhile, Jenn starts to get neurotic after Chloe pays her another visit. The blond tells Maggie that she is sure the diva is out to get Daniel back. At that very moment, Chloe is busy attempting to convince the doctor to let her and Parker move in with him.

After Eric decides to make Kristen and Brady leave the church board, the two men get into a furious argument over Kirsten. Nicole decides that it’s time for her to help out two of her favorite men by making sure that Kristen doesn’t spend any more time in Brady’s life. Kristen is busy spying on John and Marlena as they say goodbye. He needs to leave town to figure out what to do next. Kristen’s thrilled and calls her papa to regale him with the news. Stefano hopes this means she’ll finish with Brady but she still has other things in mind for him. When she gets home, Nicole shows up.

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  10 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    i read where the guy that plays justin is also working on another soap. i do love the justin/adrienne characters. i missed them when they were gone from the show..
    is it just me, or is nick getting a little creepy about this baby thing with gabi, although gabi has not been an angel.
    the gabi/nick/will baby thing is not gonna turn out good, at least that is what i am thinking.. and remember nick does know about lucas going to jail for will when ej was shot.

  2. From T. W.

    The actor portraying Justin (Wally Kurth or Kurt) is on the ABC soap opera with all the Quatermains. I also saw Eileen Davidson (Kristen) on Young and Restless. I do not know if the scenes were already filmed or if she is with both programs.

    I think Nick is upset for two reasons.

    1. Will went back on his word.

    2. He is anti-gay. On today’s episode he said he did not think it is best for the child to be raised by one mommy and three daddies.

    They are having a girl. Will is not manly and he still seems confused about his sexuality. Sonny is raising his boyfriend. All of this mess will give plentu of good storylines if the writers do their jobs. T. W.

  3. From T. W.

    The actor portraying Justin is on One Life to Live.

    Nick is angry for two reasons:

    1. Will went back on his word.

    2. He told them that it is not good for the baby to have one mommy and three daddies.

    Salem U. needs better security, locks on their doors. They need their ability to run dna analysis revoked. Since when do physicians perform ultrasounds?

    Will is being raised by his boyfriend Sonny and should not be in a romantic relationship of any kind. I hope the writers touch on this. T. W.

  4. From P.C.

    This whole thing isn’t going to turn out real well, Nick is obsessed and possessive the “tricks” he learned in prison, as well as his high IQ are going to HURT Gabi and a bunch of other people. What happened to Melanie will be a cake walk compared to what Gabi will go through with this mentally unstable intelligent manipulative psycho … come on writers get with it. E.J. and Sami are a train wreck ALWAYS, Sami should be the one to catch on to Nicks possessiveness and get Rafe to see it to putting them back together with E.J. sucking hind teit

  5. From Kat

    2 . T.W.
    Justin is on General Hospital, playing Tracy Q’s son, Ned I believe… I have seen him there…

    No matter what Will is, he is still the Baby Girls father…
    and he has every right to change his mind… this is not a jacket he bought, and yes he can change his mind and take it back… this is his child, like forever… give the young man a break.
    How many men out there, need time to get used to the idea to become a Father, and some of them are married to the Mother.. LOL

  6. From Helen

    Nick IS getting creepy, possessive, controlling in his role of non-baby daddy. I hope the writers let Gabi see that before it is too late, but it is a soap, so time will tell. Sami flip flops way too fast from one man to another. That’s sick. She needs to grow up for the sake of her kids and for herself. John should not leave but stay and face things, but Brady should open his eyes and see the real Kristen.

  7. From pattypat

    I agree with Helen on her comments. I think somehting is wrong with Nick and he may have a bigger story line. I kind of like Abby with Cam. Not sure how Chad will enter the picture. Please keep John and Marlana together. Kristin needs a good BOOT. Bring Bo back too. He makes Days not only in chacater but the show.

  8. From Renee

    I also wish they would bring Bo back to the show. And I think Nick is up to something not good. I just hope nobody get hurt. And I hope Daniel see Chloe for what she really is before it is to late.

  9. From reality check

    First PC your post doesn’t make any sense..secondly Nick is maybe ‘psycho’ but for some to bash him whereas they cheered of ‘heroic’ Rafe for doing the same type of BS make me seriously laugh..hypocrisy hypocrisy..ha.

  10. From Deena

    I can’t believe that John is leaving town! He and Marlena have not had a descent story line in years and now they finally have a great one. It is horrible he is leaving! The writers have really messed up on this one.

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