Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 28-February 1.

Developing some feelings.

Fiercely miffed about what’s happened to Brady, Nicole gives Kristen a piece of her mind. Kristen is furious and, after hurling abuse at her, starts using her fists. Brady manages to stop the two blondes from getting into a brawl that could have sunk the town all over again. Kristen’s day continues to turn to crap as Marlena shows up to launch another tirade against her and her malevolent plans for Brady. Once she’s finished rolling her eyes, Kristen and Brady go out for a night on the promenade. Nicole breaks in and plants top secret documents from Titan on the DiMera’s computer. She’s forced to hide as the most controversial couple in Salem return. Before Kristen can stumble over her, Brady notices the files on his lady’s computer. When he asks her what’s up with that, she has a fit and storms off. He chases after her but they both clue in fast that they were framed. He hunts down Nicole who promptly walks into exposing herself. Brady doesn’t like what he sees and lets her know it. He then bumps into Marlena. The shrink confesses to failing in her hackneyed plan to get a confession out of Kristen. The meaning of the torn up note finally clicks for him and he lashes out at Kristen over her deception. She lies and then kicks him out. He feels guilty. They have guilt sex. The DiMera starts to realize that her feelings for him are becoming more real than she’d intended.

Jennifer mopes to Hope about the diva being after her doctor. The cop suggests that she kick things up a notch. Meanwhile, Chloe attempts to convince Daniel that she and Parker should move in with him so he can bond with his son. That’s as transparent as one of her cheap negligees and he accuses her of being the one interested in a little bonding. When Jenn finally shows up, she finds Chloe in nothing but one of Daniel’s spare shirts. Jenn nearly plotzes. She asks Daniel out, promising some romance out of town while Chloe has a chuckle to herself and calls Anne to brag about making Jenn bug out. Chloe comes back down to earth with a thud when she hears that the doctor and Her Royal Hortonness are heading for a resort. Just as they are about the set the mattress vibrating, Chloe calls to moan that there is a Parker crisis.

Billie tells her mom that she can’t handle being part of her underhanded schemes anymore. She’s quitting whatever her job is at Mad World and leaving town. Even though they have their issues, it’s still hard for them to say goodbye. In other randomness, Detective Rafe notices that Bo has been gone for a long time. He asks Hope about it but she refuses to explain.

Rafe asks his sister to postpone her wedding some more. She’s okay with that, Nick less so. Fallon distracts himself from the latest annoyance by digging into how and why Lucas went to prison to protect Will. William actually catches his cousin digging up the dirt but Nick manages to outwit him. Will has other things distracting him. Chad tries to win back his friendship. He’s far more successful with the Horton than he was with Abby. While Will moons to Chadsworth about becoming a father, Abby moans to Cameron about her messy life.

Rafe runs into EJ. Since Elvis is more glib than usual, Rafe is sure to tell him that he and Sami nearly had sex on the wedding day. As soon as he dropped her, she ran to EJ. Annoyed Elvis ambles home. Sami soon shows up to soil his shirt, fresh from another furious unleashing on Gabi. Nick managed to stop her from nearly clobbering a pregnant woman. He’s sure to tell Rafe about Sami’s threats. This throws Rafe into a fury of his own and he starts pounding on her door. Rafe could care less about catching them getting carnal. He warns her that she’d better stop bullying his sister of she’ll have to deal with him. Sami sobs to a sympathetic Elvis about how she’s finally come to know the real Rafe.

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  1. From dc

    well, her we go again.. the kristen/brady thing and the chloe/daniel thing. i guess the writers think if they drag a scenario out something good will eventually happen. oh well, i don’t see it that way.. just drags out the characters and makes it sort of boring for us fans..
    i’m doing alot of venting but that’s just me..
    i will keep on watching whatever goes down.
    i like the way they are still keeping bo’s name out there (maybe there is still hope that peter reckell will return).. just hoping and praying this will happen.

  2. From Lisa

    My these ‘spoilers’ are so biased and twisted..eyeroll..for example Rade did not drop her, she just left after their fight at the church with Gabby and secondly she did not ran to Ej, he was here at her home, she did not ask anything..i get this blogger doesn’t like the Sami’s character but enough is enough, it is annoying and doesn’t make want to read this blog. Get it Soap opera, change your spoiler blogger and soon !

  3. From AC in PA

    If the writers put Rafe and Hope together, I am done. No way, no how. Bo needs to come back, ASAP!

    Also, Chad and Abby just need to get together already. The “bad-boy” Dimera (though I think he did nothing wrong by exposing everyone else’s lies) and the goody-two-shoes Horton would make for a good new “supercouple.”

  4. From Cougar

    Loved it when Nicole asked Sami, How ya doin granny?”

    The fear of the “G” word is epidemic. Also very funny when at the wedding that wasn’t, and it came out that Will was the baby daddy. Billy looked at Kate and said “That means . . .” before she could say great grandmother Kate says, Don’t say it!”

  5. From michele

    my feelings from last weeks page.

    I openly admit that Sami is the one person on the show that I love to hate the most. Not being a fan of Safe or Ejami I do not understand why each set of fans do not see the double standards they write. With all due respect Sami EJ and Rafe all try to control any situation they find themselves in. Not anyone of the 3 can say that they are not hot headed. Sami got into Nichole’s face today letting her know that she would hit her, again. Rafe has hot people. EJ does not get into fist to cuff fights BUT he does “hit” people all the time. If it was ok for Rafe to hit Chad, then it has to be ok for him to defend his sister to Sami who is calling her alot worse things then Chad did. If it is ok for Rafe to defend his sister then it has to be ok for Sami to defend her son. If Chad, Gabby, Nick or Will should go to jail then so should EJ, Rafe, and Sami.

    I again have to respectfully disagree about Sami being a good mother. I will not even bring up the Austin/Lucus stuff, or the fact that Grandma is the one that raised the kids or the fact that she brings men in and out of their lives so easily. The main reason I do not think Sami is a good parent is because unlike Lucus she has never given up anything for her kids. It has always been and always will be about Sami. Not just when she was young, look at what she did with Arianna. She used her son for the sole purpose to save herself. Also when she believed (at that time) that EJ was evil and should never be around his kids. She handed those same kids over to that same man and would rather have her children think that their mother does not love them anymore or want them just to save herself from going to prison.

    And if EJ is to blame for Faith’s dealth and Gabby is to blame for Jack and Maddison’s then Sami is surely to blame for Arrianna’s.

    I love the show and think all the actors do a good job as daytime soap stars. But I do think that Ari, Chandler, Joe, and James do jobs eaqual to the quality of Movie stars. They are just a step above the others to me.

  6. From gerri

    I too loved Nicole,s “Granny” comment to Sami.even tho I don’t think the writers,will continue the Pregnancy S/L,It might go on for awhile longer,but I think,there is more to follow,with 1st Nicole’s baby boy,stillborn,and almost immediately,another pregnancy happens,I could be wrong,But possibly a “Black Market Baby Ring”
    could be forming ,with Maybe Cameron,and that crazy mean Hospital worker Ann,I can surely see this all happening.

    Now with Chloe,being determined to get Daniel back,and once again,we’re seeing,the scheming,and trickery ,one will use,in these situations,why doesn’t anyone have enough confidence,in themselves ,to have a relationship,without having to have help to achieve It?

    I’m sure wishing BO will return,and also Patch..
    Please writers enough of the Sami/Rafe/EJ drama,bring In a love interest for Rafe(even tho I would like to see him,with Nicole) I think he was really touched by,Nicole’s talk with Gabi today…..

  7. From Kat

    Oh please, get a new woman for Rafe,
    Nicole and rest have been recycled enough….
    Let him be with somebody he can have children with, his own children…
    A love all of his own..
    Tired of Rafe always nipping around women that have been had by others…
    This musical chairs is getting old.

    Let Nicole get back with her first love Eric.
    Sami with the Man she was meant for,,, EJ,,
    Lucas needs a brand new love,
    Dr. Dan, I don’t know about him, I really don’t like him all that much with Jennifer. Looks like the bloom just is not there for me.
    If Bo is not around anymore, just where is he supposed to be now…
    bring back Dr. Dick Baker, he had a lot of chemistry with Hope, and also is more age appropriate than Rafe..
    Rafe with Hope, .. it just does not fit.
    Justin is returning to GH, so will he be on both shows….
    EJ and Will today, I like seeing them together, and I for one, believe that EJ was very sincere in his talk.. more listening than talking… with Will,
    but of course .. can he ever get a break for just being good…

    Nick and Gaby, can’t wait till this SL is done and over with.
    Sami sure looked good in her black outfit..
    Nicole, Sami and Chloe are beautiful women.
    To me EJ and Eric rank on top of my list…
    Like Eric’s voice, and of course EJ’s accent, of course I have a very slight accent myself, not a strong German accent, I have been told, more a mix between French and German. Makes it harder for people to guess, LOL

    Do we ever have snow, and it is soo cold, thank God for Fireplaces.

  8. From Leah

    Have to say even though I’m over unplanned pregnancies and keeping a child from its parent I DO now see alot of storyline potential with this Gabi/Will baby. How interesting to see Nick wanna use Wills past (shooting EJ in the back) to keep him from his child. How interesting to see Sami now witness her son going through what she has put Lucas and EJ through. For Sami to see it from the other side now. How interesting to see EJ supporting Will. EJ has plenty of valuable information and insight into the matter. How interesting to see Rafe and Sami react so differently to the situation and how it brings out their worse sides. And how interesting would it be to see William get custody of his child and see Gabi only get visiting rights. I think this is going to get a whole lot juicier and I for one am looking forward to seeing it all play out. Its been a pleasant surprise, well done Days!

  9. From Leah

    # 5 Michele… good post!

  10. From grandma to many

    Nicole really seems to have turned over a new leaf she has become the shineing example in Salem is it from the loss of yet another child , working at the church with Eric or just tired of being used ? She has tried to tell Chloe that she will not be able to hang on to Dr. Dan and was very understanding to Gabi today and I really liked her comment to Sami ! please give her a s/l that lets her actually win for a change i feel she has earned her redemption and anything she tries to do to help get Brady away from Kristen is a okay with me

  11. From gerri

    Unless,the writers,have in mind,bringing In new characters,most every woman In Salem,has been used,multiple partners,musical beds,so I don’t see Rafe,being with a new person,I’m with” grandma to many”,Nicole needs a chance for redemption,she has gone through alot more than others,so writers why not?Maybe Eric(,if not Rafe,then bring someone on board for him,not”" Hope”",please…..

  12. From Tracey

    Maybe they will put Rafe with the new character that they are bringing in Keara Baldwin. They should stop getting rid of the old characters like Jack,Carrie,Austin,Philip,etc to hire these newbies that don’t matter. I wish Chloe would stop causing problems for Jen and Dan. They are made for each other. They should just put her with Eric or even EJ. Sami needs to get back with Lucas. She should learn from Nicole’s mistake that no matter what Dan loves Jen. I can’t believe Chloe has to stoop so low. Is it me or does Chloe not make a good mother? She looks so strange when she is with Parker she does not fit the mother role. I don’t know what it is. I just wish the writers would just leave Jen and Dan alone. Leave this couple together and let them be happy!! Chloe should stop using Parker as a pawn!

  13. From Leah

    Lucas and Sami have moved way past their best. The last time around for them was sad to watch. I don’t wanna see Lucas continually get hurt and let down by Sami over and over again. Lumi are far better as good friends who co parent now.
    Have to say now Nicole has decided to go after Kristen I’m hoping we see a Eric/Nicole/Brady/Kristen triangle. I reckon this one could be interesting and certainly bring new fireworks to Days. Imagine Nicole and Kristen going for it! But in saying that I have always thought Nicole and Rafe had a certain spark and like their growing friendship.
    Dr Dan with Jennifer? Eeww! Jennifer is a little too old and lacks the spunk I think Dr Dan needs.

  14. From patty

    Leah, I think EJami have moved way past their best also and this little reunion they ‘ll have will most likely be boring and short lived as is always the case with Samantha. The fact that he is willing to overlook that Sami was about to have sex with Rafe a few days ago proves that EJ has either lost his edge or that he’s still playing games. Their predicted heart to heart talk will be fast hogwash since both are accomplished liars and we can’t believe a word that comes out of their mouth. Sami telling him she choses him is a crock since he’s her only choice left.
    EJ’s play as the helpfull friend to Will is just a ploy to keep Samanther in his good graces and is not believable since just a short time ago he had him jumping through hoops like a circus clown with blackmail, threatening to expose that he was gay and taunting him on how he’d be the perfect target for men in prison. The fact that Rafe has to keep telling Sami to stay away from him and his office means she’s still following him around so is she really with EJ because she’s mad at Rafe as has been suggested? My biggest hope for Rafe is not Sami or another woman, but that he decides to play really dirty like he’s been played to turn on these two and use his knowledge to nail them both and expose them for their crimes he’s been covering up for way too long. Maybe that would shut their hypocritical mouths for a bit.

  15. From gerri

    I agree with your words re-Sami & EJ,hope this saga will end,and that they do end up together,but this is Salem,and without some drama,wouldn’t be popular,so I also look for a short term reunion.

    yesterday,he was on the phone,talking to a custody attorney,for Will,using all his tools,to win this game,he’s been playing,and as you said,It wasn’t that long ago,that he was blackmailing and threatening,Will,but he Is this upstanding citizen,there,so I say Put Sami back with him,they are “”"2 peas In a pod”"”deserving of each other,but I do want Rafe,to have a relationship,just wouldn’t seem right,if not.
    so writers bring someone on board.

  16. From TerriK

    I disagree about EJ. He may see this as a chance to score some points, but I do believe he genuinely cares for Will. He may have played dirty with him in the past, but Will was beon dirty himself. And he did try to kill him after all.
    If Rafe was such a great step parent he would have exercised his ability to hear Will out and Chad for that matter when it comes to the Gabi situation. He’s acting like one of those parents who think their kid can do no wrong. He should keep in mind what his baby sister did before he jumps down Sami’s throat. Hes the one who was willing to pass off EJ’s kid as his own at one time. But apparently that’s ok because EJ isnt human because of his last name..and Rafe the golden child could do no wrong. Hope and him do belong together. They abuse the law to get their way. How are they any better? A crooked cop is way worse in my least the villains don’t put on a front.

  17. From jolie

    #1 dc, I think you have figured out the storyboard guide used by the writers…drag it out til something good happens. That was hilarious, even if it was venting!
    #4 Cougar, that was the most perfect moment on the show. They all do have a fear of the g word.
    #5 Michele, I know you’ll probably get flack but I think that was about as fair-minded and true a post as I have ever seen. Good work. Though I must admit that at the end of Tuesday’s show, when Elvis walked in on Sami and Rafe arguing and told Rafe to leave her alone…if I were Rafe, I’d have popped him right in the mouth. OK I am over it.
    #6 gerri, I see Anne as a coward, stirs up trouble from the sidelines, not too bright. But Cameron on the other hand, he might indeed be in on a ring of some kind. And romance without the scheming and trickery…not on DOL! I thought Nicole was so sweet and heartfelt in her talk with Gabi. I like Nicole and can see her with Rafe. At least as good friends if not more.
    #8 Leah, Sami and Kate are sort of getting it stuck to them now and the past has come full circle for some of the stuff they have done to others. Deal with it gals.
    #10 and #11 I am with you ladies, Nicole has earned her redemption as much as she can so give her some happiness!

  18. From MAB

    Tuesday’s show:

    Line of the day, Nicole calling Sami granny! Hilarious!!!!!!!!! Their bantering back & forth is classic stuff!

    I know Will didn’t have the best upbringing, but Sami loves him, and is only trying to help. I get tired of him always throwing what she says to him back in her face and comparing his situation w/ hers. If he doesn’t want her help, he needs to stop blaming her for his actions, take responsibility for his own life.

    I absolutely loved EJ & Will’s talk. EJ listened to him, didn’t judge him, gave him advice (when Will asked for it), and offered his help. And EJ was completely honest w/ him, especially telling him why he wanted to help, that he is a great brother, and because of Sami. No ulterior motives from EJ, as this isn’t the first time he’s helped Will. He likes Will, and genuinely thinks enough of him to help w/o any hidden agenda. Will is lucky to have EJ in his life. And looks like EJ got thru to him, when Will walked in on Nick & Gabi. He walked in w/ conviction, so I assume he’s no longer gonna let Nick keep running the show! Go Will! Yeah, Will may have thought about his relationship w/ Sonny, and regretted getting Gabi pregnant, but he never turned his back on Gabi, and was willing to sacrifice everything for her & the child. He may have made some mistakes, but he is not the bad guy here, Nick is!

    I LOVED when EJ walked in and told Rafe to leave Sami alone, and Sami had that pleased smile on her face. I’m sure their talk today will be very interesting! And I’m sure Rafe will somehow try to drag EJ into this, and blame him, when he had nothing to do w/ what happened. It’ll be just more lies out of Rafe’s mouth over something his sister is mainly responsible for.

    Go Justin! I’m so glad he told Nick basically where to get off, and that he will not be a part of his evil schemes. I just don’t get what Nick’s plans are…why does he want to marry Gabi and be a father to this child so bad? I do know that he is desperate and disturbed tho, and he just might take Gabi down w/ him if she doesn’t start using her brain and stop being brainwashed by him.

    Rafe standing there listening to Nicole & Gabi, I think he was pleased, and seeing Nicole in a different way. I too have a feeling they may hook up for a while, and I wouldn’t mind seeing that happen, as long as it’s temporary (because she belongs w/ Eric). Also, I like what Rafe told Gabi. I think it’s fine he stands by his sister, and helps her, but I just don’t think that should be at Will’s expense when he’s done nothing but support Gabi from the get-go. Gabi needs to tell Rafe how great Will has been. Rafe told Nick there was no hurry for him & Gabi to get married. I wonder what he’ll think when he finds out Nick is pressuring her to get married. I hope Rafe wakes up and realize Nick is the problem here, not Will.

    Did I hear Rafe right in saying he didn’t come to the pub for the chowder? If so, I think that was disrespectful to Caroline, and the whole Brady family.

    Glad to see Nicole will rip into Kristen over Brady, but looks like it will backfire on her. And Brady realizes the real reason behind the note, and gets mad, but he still goes back to Kristen for more. Ugh!

    Yes, Rafe needs to move on from Sami and find another woman, but if there is a new female character being brought in, then she should be for Lucas, not Rafe. Lucas deserves to have a real love interest for a change. Rafe’s had his chances.

    It’s pathetic how low Chloe will stoop to get together w/ Daniel, not only using her child, but trying to make Daniel turn on Jen.

    Tee – I was surprised too that Sami knew what Gabi did and thinks she should’ve gone to prison…so hopefully her other secrets will come out, and everyone will know Gabi isn’t little miss innocent after all. Also, I guess Rafe thought his confession to EJ about him & Sami would drive a wedge between them. Well, not so Rafe. EJ isn’t like Rafe who flies off the handle and belittles Sami, they talk things out like adults…and spoilers say it brings them closer. Love it!

  19. From patty

    As far as we’ve seen so far, there is no indication that Rafe’s beef is with Will, it is with Sami for jumping all over Gabi. He assumed that Will didn’t want his child because he was willing to let Nick be the father, which is the truth. EJ on the other hand, already has a custody lawyer on speed dial even before knowing if Will wants this child, which is what Will told him yesterday. EJ is sticking himself into Will’s business for his own advantage, not because he has suddenly developped a fatherly affection for the boy he was treating like garbage a few months ago.
    I liked that Rafe reminded Sami of how many times he has covered for her butt. I don’t see bending the law or covering up for someone you love as being a crooked cop. Crooked cops are the ones the Demiras have on their payroll , snitches who take money to falsify evidence or to be informants. Rafe , or Hope, are none of those. History shows the Demiras are the real villains and are the best at putting on a front. But I do wish Rafe would become ruthless enough to use what he knows against Sami and EJ if push comes to shove.

  20. From MAB

    EJ & Sami’s reunion, if that’s what you wanna call it, will be great. No two better characters to make that TV screen sizzle! EJ won’t overlook Rafe’s little revelation, but I have no doubt how Rafe would act if EJ also revealed some revelations of his own of the time he’s been spending w/ Sami. EJ will act like an adult and discuss it w/ Sami, and Rafe would berate & belittle her. EJ & Sami will move on, nothing happened, so no reason for EJ to act like a bully like Rafe. Plus, EJ isn’t gonna let Rafe get what he wants, and that is to come between him & Sami.

    Why does EJ have to use Will to get Sami in his good graces? He’s already there. Yep, EJ did have Will jumping thru hoops, and he deserved it for starting the blackmail in the first place. But that is over, has been for quite some time, and Will is obviously over it, else he wouldn’t have anything to do w/ EJ. Their relationship became one of respect, and EJ ended up doing several good things for Will w/o Sami’s knowledge, so it wasn’t about scoring points w/ her. He did it because he likes Will. And in return, Will helped EJ as well, defended him when he knew he was innocent of Stefano’s murder the village idiots charged him for, and Will even went against his own father for EJ.

    Oh, and Rafe wouldn’t have any problem playing dirty, as he does that all too well, but what would be the purpose of revisiting the past, one where he would also implicate himself in crimes? If anyone is a hypocrite, it’s him, being a cop that never follows any protocol whatsoever.

    #16 TerriK – bingo! Rafe thinks Gabi can do no wrong. And he’ll keep thinking that way because when it comes to breaking the law, he doesn’t care unless you’re on his wrong side, then he’s ready to throw you in jail. He’s ok w/ what Gabi did because he justifies what she did, just like he does himself.

    Although there is no call for it, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rafe hit EJ after telling him to leave Sami alone. He’s that shallow. He’s always ready to throw-down, that’s his forte. And I could just see it now, if the roles were reversed and EJ was in the same position as Rafe, and he hit Rafe, the opinions of same people would be completely different. Double standards, as always, for some.

  21. From Kat

    A crooked cop to me is any cop that does not uphold the law, he has sworn to do…
    Covering up crimes, attempted murders, Baby switches, LOL
    what more is that Guy allowed to get away with.
    Rafe needs to get out of the Law Profession, because He can not live up to his oath. One can only wonder,
    what comes next that He will cover up.
    He has no excuse, he is supposed to be the law,
    and I don’t even want to hear, all the comparisons to the “bad” guys,
    but I am sure I will.
    16 TerriK, I agree,
    MAB, 18, right on,
    and yes what is up with the Chowder comment… first thing I thought, arrogant, smug Rafe, showing his real colors, but if Caroline had walked out, he would have been phony sweet.
    Could it be, now that he is not after Sami any more, we get to see the real Rafe, that never gave a hoot about her family, was only nice because he had an agenda to be with Sami over EJ…

    Enjoyed reading some of the other posts, got to give credit, they love Rafe, no matter what,
    and EJ, unlike Nicole, if he crawled on his Knees for 10 or miles for redemption,
    some, whoever they are, would say it is a scheme.
    “NO Name Calling” here, just my Opinions on what is written on this opinion post…
    Going out to brave all that snow….
    Later, after watching today’s show.

  22. From TerriK

    There will just never be an agreement when it comes to Rafe and EJ. When you swear to uphold the law, there is no bending the rules. There really isn’t one true saint on this show except the toddlers..and eventually they will par-take in their own scandals as well. Rafe pointing out Sami’s flaws as a parent was pretty low today, after all he did marry her knowing her past and accepted her for who she was in front of god, now he’s going to stand in a church and judge her for it. I repeat- in a church. I’m glad EJ stepped in. Rafe by no means is perfect or better than EJ. Yes EJ has done some terrible things to him, but Rafe has tried to keep 2 of his.children from him and is now all buddy buddy with Nicole- but condemns Sami for her past? Sami has made mistakes yes, and I know Caroline “raised her kids” – can anyone tell me how often you see anyone taking care of their children full time on this show during their baby/ toddler years? It’s not just Samantha. So that arguement doesn’t stand with me. If anything I’ve seen Sami with her kids a lot more than anyone else. You may not see them, bu they are implied to be in their rooms sleeping or watching movies. She works all day. But any scenes shot when she is home in the evenings those kids are always said to be there.
    Gees Nick is a psycho. Holy Will & Gagi- get away from the weirdo. Gabi, yes you deserve to be punished, but not at the hand of this nut job.
    All for now :)
    patty- This warm and cold weather is crazy! -35 here

  23. From Maryl

    Yeah for EJ!! He is doing all the right stuff! Rafe is showing his
    “imperfections” which some of us have always seen. It’s about time that the writers quit trying to keep his “halo” polished–a little more tarnish on it would make him a lot more interesting! IMO. A lot of us saw that tarnish anyway, but EJ had to carry the load of the bad boy image just to make Rafe look like the good boy. It’s about time for EJ to get a reprieve. With Sami back in his orbit, EJ will have plenty to deal with without the dastardly deeds! His character will most definitely always be interesting and exciting, no matter what! EJ just has that much charisma and oh, those looks!!

  24. From Nancy

    I agree Nicole calling Kate Granny was the hot moment of the year to date! And she will be a Great Grandma—guess Kate is finally catching up with Victor.
    I am curious when Gabi’s bad will all come out–including the episodes concerning Melanie. It cannot just go away for Chad knows the truth!

    Also the time has come for Sami to be admitted to a mental hospiatl for Skizophrenia—-the back and forth has gotten ancient thus she must be mentally ill.
    EJ curious if the writers can develop a role for this character other than lusting after Sami. He has no other role.
    Just my thoughts!

  25. From patty

    Terrik, -35C here also. Not a good day to be outside. Brrr!
    Funny how Sami didn’t think what Gabi did was a big deal and understood that Rafe was trying to protect his sister when EJ was blackmailing Rafe. Now she wants Gabi’s head on a platter.
    I believe Rafe told Sami nothing but the truth today and Sami admits it is. And he didn’t hit EJ but he did tell him it was none of his business which is also the truth. Now EJ might be standing there saying all the right things to impress Sami, but that was the height of hypocrisy when he told Rafe to show Sami some respect. The same respect he’s shown Sami through the years that, that Rafe witnessed and experienced first hand?
    Kat, EJ might want to get out of the law profession also since he’s broken everyone of them. I know lawyers are suppose to be crooked but I don’t believe they take the bar exam to be criminals themselves.
    I agree that Nick is getting creepier but I wish that Will and Gabi both would speak up for themselves instead of letting Nick and everybody else speak for them.
    Sami is being Sami and is being rash about jumping in with EJ so soon after she was about to get back with Rafe. I’m sure EJ knows that and even tho he’s using the situation, that is most likely the reason he pulls away. There was no sizzle or sparks there.I saw more sparks between Rafe and Nicole and they are just friends.
    Sami was a total bitch to Adrienne today, but then what else is new. Chad is still trying to redeem himself for his actions but it’s not working too well for him.

  26. From MAB

    Hmm, I’d like to see how Rafe treats people he don’t have beef with. He blatantly blamed everything on Will, so apparently he does have a problem w/ him. He has no right to assume anything, and turn around and tell Sami she can’t do the same thing to Gabi.

    It doesn’t matter who EJ called for Will. If Will refuses the lawyer, then so be it. EJ isn’t twisting his arm to do anything. And if Will didn’t want EJ in his business, then he wouldn’t have talked to him. Apparently he respects EJ’s opinion, or he wouldn’t have asked for it.

    Ah, the forgetful, when just recently Will was at the Horton Square when EJ spotted him, and provided a sympathetic ear to Will (after he had been grilled by Rafe of course). EJ didn’t have to do that, but he did, and to my knowledge Sami never knew about that, so he certainly didn’t do it to score any points w/ her. He did because he likes Will, and wanted to help.

    Yep, the DiMeras are villains, to a certain extent, but they are supposed to be. But on the flip side, there shouldn’t be renegade cops on the force who continually break the law to suits his own needs & purposes, especially when you’re “supposed” to be the good guy. Ha!

  27. From gerri

    Patty #19 and 25….Bravo…
    I guess EJ being An Attorney,somehow,he got out of taking an Oath,and again when he got the Mayoral Job(thanks to his pawn..(Will)after tripping up Abe,s re-election chance,did he not take an Oath as well?what I see other than the Gabi,s evil deed,with Melanie,the bending of the Law has been done to protect,not destroy lives,and I would certainly want these law benders,on my or my families side any day!!

  28. From Mopy

    A question was asked a couple of weeks ago about the Canadian Days ahead. I’m in the Toronto area, and It’s been nearly a year since I’ve had a day ahead episode, after some Obama live speech thingy. So, I’m on the same day as most, here. Pity. Having an episode a day ahead was fun for those several years.

    The wedding crash last week was pretty exciting, and we had a good day or two with that.

    I’m not happy with what they’re doing to my Nick. He had the makings of a good solid character, but I guess the writers only saw a headcase. Blah.

  29. From Cougar

    Felt sorry for Will today. I get what nick is saying about i mommy & 3 daddies but they really shouldn’t treat Will like some sort of sperm doner whi just shows up to be the skunk at the garden party.

    Sami, Sami, Sami. Just follow the bouncing Sami ball. Remember the old Mitch Miller sing along show; follow the bouncing ball. Wow that really dates my age. I hope that Rafe is finally done this time and we can get on with the EJami reunion that has been promised; its gonna be good. It’s about time Rafe’s lost his illusions about Sami’s persona. But I like Rafe too and wish to see him move on and in a worthy sl.
    Patty I agree that Sami was bitchy to Adrien today but that is Sami being Sami. What else is new; Adreien came loaded for bear too. They both had valid points to make. Adrein made her pointthat Sonny was heartbroken and Sami had her points about Will losing the man he loves and becoming a father. Not trying to make waves just a little different view point.

  30. From MAB

    Sami not thinking what Gabi did before wasn’t a big deal because it didn’t involve her, but this situation involves her son, and she is doing nothing but being protective of her son…just like Rafe is being protective of his sister.

    I haven’t seen the show yet today, so I’ll have to wait to see how it plays out between Sami/EJ/Rafe before I comment. But I’m sure Rafe will be his normal self-righteous self, laying blame everywhere else except for his sister. And I’m sure he’ll be the one belittling Sami for anything & everything, and drag EJ into it as well, and somehow try to blame him too.

  31. From Cougar

    Forgot to mention. It’s been a while since I had a baby but is the resolution for sonograms really that good today. Wow if so they have certainly come a long way.

    I have been thinking about Chloe. I thought that they said whe would rejoin the cast with her thinking on straight and together like she used to be. Not so sure. I jst don’t recall her being quite that manipulative and low down As ghoul girl she at least was acedemially smart, was a talented singer and didn’t invite too mush trouble. True she was a loner and had low self esteem but had the ability to over come the negatives. I see this version of Chloe only slightly better than her last stint on Days. She is focused on a man who has moved on and enlisting the help of the office trouble maker to commit devious acts and creating set ups. Not so sure the old, old Chloe would have been that cruel to do unto others as they have done upto her.

  32. From Leah

    I have to agree with some comments about the character EJ. It looks like even IF the writers were to fully redeem his character in every way, shape and form, some posters on here will NEVER buy it. They will always amuse the worst of him and simply look for what is NOT there. It seems his character (in their eyes) is always going to be damned if he does and damned if he don’t! The boy just can’t cut a break or win. I see it as small thinking and particularily bias when another “certain” character can do NO wrong in their eyes. It’s laughable. Oh well each is entitled to their opinion. Happy viewing :)

  33. From Leah

    PS: And for those who SO hate EJ, Sami and Ejami… I don’t understand why you spend so much energy and time focusing on them or talking about them. If you don’t like them move on. Move on and talk about other aspects of the show that interest you and that maybe we can talk about. I mean as you have clearly stated before this is not the Ejami show!

  34. From jolie

    #29 Cougar, you are too funny, skunk at the garden party but so true. And about Sami as well. She acts like a nutjob but the writers could do better than that if they just would.
    #32& #33 Leah, what you are saying may well be true but it works the other way too. I think some here feel forced to defend Rafe as others do Elvis. Rafe is blamed for everything under the sun..including some things not yet hit with sunlight. It is all in the writing and neither really have any free will. They are TV characters. And again there are as many haters of Rafe and every move he makes as are haters of Elvis. I don’t have a dog in the fight as I don’t care either way and believe that both should RUN from Sami.
    Now I did say I would have popped Elvis in the mouth for coming into the church and telling Rafe to leave her alone but that is just me. Sami was giving as good as she got so Elvis should have stayed clear and let them have it out. The problem with that is that Sami would end up kissing Rafe if Elvis had not walked in. She is a trip.

  35. From TerriK

    Seeing as Nick is trying to be dirty and cut Will from that babies life, why exactly is it wrong for EJ to have contacted a lawyer to fight for Will’s life? Will is the.most stable out of all of them for raising a child. He has a genuinely good loving heart. What did he do to deserve such ridicule from Rafe? Another question- What did EJ do to Rafe to make Rafe help Sami keep Sydney a secret? Rafe caused the initial bad blood between him and EJ. EJ had no vendetta against this man until he made his super hero appearance on DOOL with his pre-judgement of who or what EJ is all about. Am I wrong? I dont think I am but hey jmo…

  36. From Leah

    #34 Jolie, yes I totally agree it does go both ways. Thats why I try to bring up other issues on the show sometimes… so we can steer away from the whole EJ vs Rafe, Ejami vs Safe debate. It starts to get old when its week in and week out.

  37. From patty

    Leah, the same question could be asked about Rafe,why not move on from him and quit trying to blame him for everything, including Gabi’s mistakes which he had nothing to do with. He is no longer an obstacle in the great EJami love story since he thankfully saw Sami’s true colors so why put so much energy in bashing and trashing his character, making things up to make him look like the bad guy. Sami and now EJ have inserted themselves into the Waby baby story and are using it as an excuse to get in each other’s pants so yes, they are up for discussion.
    The whole show today was the ripple effect from the Will/Gaby story. Sonny, Will, Adrienne, Nick, Gaby, Rafe,Sami, Chad, Abby, Cameron and now EJ, who indeed has no business getting involved since Will has a perfectly good Dad he can turn to for help and support,as it should be. Instead they’ll probably have Lucas on babysitting duty while EJill and EJami are being propped.

  38. From Kat

    Last I looked, EJ has not practiced any law, and been crooked in doing so.
    No matter how some want to slice and dice it, Rafe is an active Law enforcement Persona, and bending and breaking the law every time he sees fit is Not Ok in my Book.
    So gerri, you want the lawbreakers/benders on Your side,
    even if it hurts somebody else’s side.
    I Rather have a Law Man that stands up for every body’s right, and goes after every Law Breaker without no matter who they are..

    And please stop comparing EJ to Rafe, …. Rafe is a police man….
    I do remember very well, when Elvis was talking to Sami a while back,
    Rafe poped right in and actually smack EJ…. Short memories…
    Jolie, nobody gets more pounded on, right or wrong, than EJ… I read things on here all the time, when who ever they are, know what EJ is thinking,
    when actual facts are not enough for them…

    Law enforcement are people I am supposed to trust,
    Attorneys and politicians, we all know, can be shisters (SP big help).
    Rafe, if all his cover ups really came out, would be held to a much much much Higher Standard than anybody else, and that is a fact… I checked.
    And at the time, he was not married to Sami, nor is he “married” to Gaby, so there, does Rafe really want to take his chances…

    I really do not remember, that Sami knows the full extend of what Gaby did to Melanie.. Must have missed that one, unless Sami got the totally Sugar Coated Version of what went really down.

    Will and EJ are totally ok with each other.
    EJ did teach Will some good lessons, and one should Thank EJ for that. Otherwise Will just might have thought this is the way to live, by blackmail etc.

    They both now, have mutual trust and respect for each other, regardless of Sami…
    All this slave, minion etc. stuff, is so not real anymore, EJ and Will have come out of this in a very good way, specially for Will. I think EJ saved him from going down the wrong path…by tough love, yes, I said it.

  39. From Tasha

    I know Sami has a temper but I hate the person she has become. She had a good thing going with Lucas. T. W.

  40. From patty

    Terrik, nowhere in today’s show have I heard Rafe ridicule Will or say anything about keeping his child from him. His anger was directed at Sami for attacking his sister and saying she was going to take her baby from her. He spoke the truth when he said that Will kept the secret of her grandchild from her so she can’t keep blaming Gabi for that. Rafe says they are college kids and they are both in love with someone and that to think this was going to be easily resolved is unrealistic and Sami agreed. He said nothing to indicate he’s angry with Will but I doubt he will stand by and let anybody try to take Gabi’s baby from her. Gabi has done nothing to deserve losing her child . She made mistakes but so has Will so neither one is better to raise this child than the other. They need to stick together as parents but neither one seems to be mature enough to see that and they have given Nick free reign to run the show.
    As for the bad blood between EJ and Rafe, Rafe came into this as a FBI agent assigned to protect Sami from the Demiras, she was the one with the bad blood and he did what Sami wanted. EJ’s the one that set about getting revenge on the two of them for the years that followed and that he did.

  41. From bobby

    #29 cougar. Agree about Will. What I can’t figure out is why Nick is so bent on making this baby his. There is something strange about him, and also, how mad he got at Will’s reference to him being crazy. Ok to point a finger a Will for being gay, but when the finger is pointing at him, he goes creepy. #35 Terrik Sami and that little smirk she uses on Rafe when E.J. is defending her really shows her true colors. If I remember, Sami had witnessed a murder at the Dimera’s mansion and went into witness program with Rafe being the cop assigned to keep her safe. She had been at the masion to tell E.J. she was pregnant, but after the murder, she didn’t want him taking her baby away from her. Rafe fell for her and decided to help her. When E.J. found out, he was jealous of Rafe.

  42. From Kat

    Wow, if I ever felt like kicking Rafe’s a$$, it was today in church, the way he talked to Sami, and about her children and their life to be. He said she was bad, always has been and always will be, than what the heck did you, Rafe, ever want with her in the first place… Hide Babies from EJ…

    If I was Sami, I would put that lousy guy out of my mind forever, and regret every moment that I have ever spent with that hypocrite….
    EJ conducted himself totally reasonable and fair and like a gentlemen
    , I was proud of him…
    For now, I am soooooooooooo done with Rafe,….
    Dr. Cam, Baby Doc on the Gaby case,,,,
    if rumors are true, about the Baby Market,
    what is in store for Will and Gaby’s baby… or is Nick… part of that Gang.. with Dr. Cameron…
    Also, after Chad talked to Dr.Cam and this guys response to Chad, I have No use for Dr.Cam any more…..Nothing good ahead with him, Abby you better watch out..

    And saying, Sami was cruel to poor Gaby,,,, give me a break, what do any of you think Dr. Dan. Maggie, Carly, Victor… would say,
    about Gabby having been More Than Cruel to Melanie.
    Bravo for Sami, today, setting Adrienne straight, about what is going on in Will’s Life vs. Sonny’s life..
    Man like Sonny, can/or not come and go in Will’s life,,, and they will, it’s a soap,
    but his Child, A Little Girl now we know, will be Daddy Will’s little girl forever.
    So Adrienne .. sit on it…

    Today, and I said Today, I was very proud of both EJ and Sami, they did great, it was about Will and a Baby, and like Sami said,
    God I just want to protect My children from making the same mistakes I made..
    Isn’t that what most parents want in life, protect their children from themselves…. I do…

    Watch out for Dr. Cameron and Nick,
    No good is coming from those two.
    Even Gaby, every so often when Nick makes Statements, she gets that look on her face, like… What….. maybe down the road, her time somehow might come to redeem herself, by protecting somebody or something from Nick the crazy man…. whatever, hope it will be good…

    Snow and more Snow, but so beautiful…

  43. From Leah

    I’ve NEVER seen Rafe do anything he didn’t want to. Against HIS WILL Patty so please don’t play the “Rafe only did what Sami wanted” card. It doesn’t wash! Rafe was a mature adult (not a baby) and knew the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

  44. From gerri

    I totally stand by my remark.
    There are all sorts of loop-holes for the crimimals,but none for the victims,so I,m all for the victims.,even if some laws were bent for them,It’s about time rules are changed……

  45. From Kat

    People on here, will always talk about what they want to talk about… and if it is Rafe/EJ/Sami, so be it…
    There is no law, about who or what we can talk about,
    just like we can write all the long essays we want.
    So, that still leaves the freedom for anybody out there, that does not want to talk about certain characters to just not talk about them,
    however, every time I turn on the blog, there they all still talk about them, but complain in the same sentence… Yikes, you got to like it, to be on here, this blog site, and all of us putting up with each other, day in, day out….So much fun….

    To bad, we will never be around a big table, and “duke” it out, have lots of good laughs, and then Toast, to just how silly we all can get over a fictional Soap like DOOL, and all it’s fictional characters like Rafe, Sami, EJ and Nicole…
    However Stefano I would like to meet, he is an old world Charmer all the way… Hurry back ….I miss you grrrrrrrrrrrrrreatly….

  46. From patty

    Leah, Rafe was there to protect Sami from the Demiras and that is what he did. He did what he had to do to keep her and her baby safe at Sami’s request. No hidden agenda, no bad blood, no ulterior motives. I bet he wishes he would have left her to the wolves now.
    Kat, I think Rafe calling Sami out on her bs was the best thing Rafe did in years and it was long overdue. Why should she be the only one going around talking like that to people whenever she feels like it. Can’t wait for Lucas to let into her also, he sees her for what she is too.
    EJ pretending to be the voice of reason was just laughable. He’s yelled at and thrown things in Sami’s face that makes her conversation with Rafe today look like amicable chitchat. Rafe didn’t say she was bad, he said she always made it about herself and he’s right. He’s also been around her long enough to know how she’s screwing up her children’s lives. She knows it and admitted it, now she wants to have sex to make it go away and EJ’s available.

  47. From Kat

    44 gerri,
    Rafe broke the law for “criminals” like Sami, Nicole and Gaby….they were Not Victims, LOL, they are criminals.
    So you want the rules changed, have police man like Rafe, break/bend the rules whenever they see fit,
    where would that lead us…
    I would not want myself or my family in the mercy of cops like that, not in a million years.
    Rafe is a dishonest law man, no doubt about it, and I don’t care, who he protects. Melanie was the victim not Gaby…
    EJ was the victim, not Sami….
    and so on….. Nicole was no victim, she was just a jealous B…..and wanted to punish EJ…
    And just were does Cameron get off to play the sister Lexie card to Chad.
    Cameron met Lexie in her last stages of Cancer, and now he dares to claim he knows what Lexie would have said.
    I think Lexie would have stood up for Chad for telling the truth, because Lexie herself was involved in a very bad Baby switch scandal herself, stealing Bo and Hope’s child,
    and she was remorseful about that.
    So IMO Lexie would have been all for the Baby paternity to come out….
    Cam, don’t like you, the writers are setting you up for bad stuff to come.
    Cam and Nick, to sicko’s to come to light sooner or later.

  48. From Leah

    Just a comment/observation from me…
    I don’t understand why Rafe is so puzzled by Sami and her reactions to this Gabi/Will baby. This is the same Rafe who has stood by her side and aided and abetted Sami in her many crimes. Samis lies, manipulations, plans, schemes and tricks! The only difference this time? Its arrayed AGAINST Rafe and HIS family. Oh, so now the light bulb comes on? Gee not too bright there.
    And as for Rafe being done with Sami… apparently the actor himself said in an interview “Rafe is done with Sami. He doesn’t want her BUT he doesn’t want EJ to have her either.” Oh wow, doesn’t sound like there is any hint of being bitter or twisted in there at all – LOL
    Anyway lets hope Rafe means it and moves on. I’m keen to see him with someone other than Sami. I reckon she bought the boy down.

  49. From patty

    gerri, I’m with you. I would rather have a cop who bends the law to protect people on my side than a lawyer from a twisted criminal family who plots crimes for no other reason than for revenge, kicks and giggles over port and cigars.

  50. From Kat

    48 Leah, big mega ditto girl….

    Good bye Rafe, let the EJ and Sami Romance Saga begin, finally…
    Old sour Grapes Rafe, get out of the way, move on, and find yourself a “holy” person, only you being so tarnished, don’t deserve one …..

  51. From Kat

    49 patty,
    is your comment for real,
    I got a real kick out of it…
    you were so off subject, that I was talking to Gerri about…
    Rafe, was protecting criminals, not victims… LOL

    Thank you for never letting me down with your comments, we all here enjoy your way of looking at things, and I am sure
    you get a big kick out of my comments….
    so we should thank each other,
    for all the extra entertainment….

    Peace….. no harm meant…
    we are talking about fiction after all….

  52. From Maryl

    Kat and Leah–thanks for your great blogs! You said everything for me. I so agree with you both.

    Only thing that I can add is–Wow! That kiss EJ and Sami shared was perfection! Hesitant at start, gentle, slow and building into more intensity. Nothing like the “caveman style” where the guy grabs the girl, and plants a rushed sloppy forceful kiss on her.(I won’t mention any names here) lol!
    I think EJ has a reason to stand up for Sami and Will. I didn’t see him as interferring. He has a right to be concerned for Will’s well being because Will is a brother to his children. Johnny and Sydney love Will and EJ is sensitive to that. Also, EJ cares about Will.

    I think Sami handled Adrienne like she should have. She let her know what the other side of the coin was like in Will’s case. After Sami let her know that side, Adrienne had nothing to say–sort of tied her tongue it seems.

    Kat, I’m with you on Cameron. He sort of struck out with me today. Maybe he will come around, but today he seemed like a judgmental and unforgiving jerk.
    Nick is insane and I’m beginning to think that we will soon be feeling sorry for Gabi. So unless the writers change their mind about his SL, I think we will see a huge change in Nick when he marries Gabi. I fear the change will not be a good one.

  53. From gerri

    you see the same things I see,so are we blind or what?
    Unless I’ve missed something Rafe doesn’t know yet,what Gabi did to Melanie,so in what way,has he broke the law,protecting her?and I’ve said before she should be punished,when anyone’s life is put in danger the person responsible should be held accountable,how often has any Dimera,had to pay?
    It seems on this blog,we “all”
    get passionate,but some of us don’t realize It’s a soap,uh?
    all the blogs on here read as tho we are all talking about real live people,none of us are excluded,and if we didn’t react this way,then why do we all have these disagreements?
    I want Rafe to be really through with Sami,and not just say so,I also think In time,EJ will be as well,because I doubt very seriously,Sami will change.Everything Is really all about her……..

  54. From Katie

    An EJ and Sami reuniting is dull and boring! EJ is a stiff stuffed shirt. They are so predictable. Kiss kiss fight fight split up. BORING! They deserve each other. Rafe needs someone wonderful and that’s not Sami. She can have her evil EJ! He never changes his shirt. Always looks greasy. I find him so unattractive. Yuk. I guess I see him as he is inside….ugly. Why isn’t this man in jail for all his evil ways?

  55. From Linda

    gerri and patty, good back and forth between the two of you about Rafe bending the law, why he does it and who he does it for. I totally agree with you gals. I would want him on my side. . . . and maybe even a little closer than that, if you know what I mean!!

  56. From jolie

    #38 Kat, we don’t see Elvis practicing law nor do we see Rafe doing any law enforcement.. for that matter we don’t see Hope or Roman doing any. We sure don’t see Marlena practicing her profession nor do we see Brady running Titan. We do see Daniel show up at the hospital but he runs out and back to HTS to see Jennifer or to Victor’s to change diapers. So this constant back and forth on who is the biggest hypocrite to their profession is just groundless. The only people who actually DO anything are Sonny who serves coffee and Nick who still busses tables. And while Sonny is a true barista, Nick still must think he is going to work for Kate. Anyway the point is that arguments are endless and there is no real evidence of support for either side.
    Kat, also Sami does seem to know the Gabi secret. So both Elvis and Rafe know, Will does not. So either Rafe or Elvis told Sami. I don’t think Rafe would have trusted her with the knowledge if past actions stay true. And Elvis doesn’t tell his secrets as his Fatha taught him better. So who spilled it? I know it wasn’t me and I don’t think you would have told it but someone told Sami.
    The one good thing that has taken place lately is that Will has some good scenes with Elvis lately. The two actors are really good together. Wish I could get behind Sami and Elvis but I am not there!
    #39 Tasha, Sami was so smug with Rafe once Elvis arrived to stand over and referee the argument.
    #40 Patty, I agree that Rafe’s path with Elvis was totally determined by what was going on with Sami. Sami is the path to destruction and well…run Rafe, run Elvis!
    #41 Bobby, when Nick got so weird with Will calling him crazy, big clue to the future. Gabi is so naïve…thinking that Nick has her and the child’s best interest in mind when he is so controlling. It is scary to think she would jump at the chance to be under his thumb but this is probably the most true to life situation on this soap. Nutjobs controlling the lives of others in the name of true love…til the controller loses control of himself. I hate to see that this is why they brought Nick back. I liked him and didn’t like what happened before and am not liking it any better now.
    #42 Kat, just shows how different people see things and feel about it. I think Sami gave as good as she got and Rafe needed to tell it. Sami even admitted it was true because Will had said the same things to her. I don’t think it was exactly Rafe’s place to tell all that he did but at least it cut the cord between them for good…thank goodness. But I respect your opinion and agree church might not be the right place. And where was Eric or Nicole or the sisters to throw their axxes out??
    I feel sorry for Chad. He is scrapping rock bottom for friends now and what he did was misguided at best but he just acted from his heart and in the end it was likely for the best. It would have been much worse if Gabi and Nick married and THEN the baby daddy story came out. Still there is no good end to this baby story. Another kid caught in the middle.
    #52 Maryl, I am confused about Cameron and his actions. I guess we’ll get more on him as it goes forward. I am confused as to why we saw 2 minutes of Abigail and Chad getting friendly again only to be back to Cameron and Abigail looking into each other’s eyes again. I wonder who is Cameron’s dad and if that will ever come out or if it matters. He is a puzzle right now and since we hear there is more to him, bring it. I hate that Abigail will be in the middle of it.
    #53 Gerri, I think Rafe does know the Melanie story and Gabi’s part. He went to Justin and retained him for Gabi. I too am glad Rafe is finally done with Sami. The writers have put him thru it for a while now. As for Sami changing…her socks maybe! Elvis will eventually wonder who won when he and Rafe were in the path of Hurricane Sami.

  57. From patty

    gerri, Rafe does know about Gabi hiring a stalker .So does Justin, Nick, Chad, Melanie, EJ, Sonny and possibly Will and Sami.He didn’t turn her in because there were no charges brought against her and he protects his sister, just like he did his wife. Melanie’s kidnapping, the tunels, the explosion, they were Andrew’s doing, not Gabi’s. Not saying what she did was right but Kate, Stephano, EJ and Kristen do worse before breakfast and they are considered the good guys ,well at least on here they are, and the Hernendez the bad guys. I’m sure this will be used against Gabi down the road to take her child from her. Especially with EJ and Sami in the mix. Rafe will not let anyone hurt his sister and Nick will probably go berserk on a few of them which is what they deserve for being such hypocrites, having committed and gotten away with more crimes between them than a jail full of criminals.

    Kat, yes my comment was real, I would sooner have Rafe Hernendez on my side any day than the likes of Elvis Demira. EJ doesn’t only protect criminals, he is one. And I agree, this is just entertainment.

  58. From patty

    Thanks Linda, good to see you back…and yes I do know what you mean. ;) Please stay with us, we love having your input. You too Blaze and Shani if you’re listening. And of course Grandma Judy,where are you?

  59. From Michele

    Jolie & Leah Thank you “-)

    I think Adrianne only let Sami tell her off because Sami talked about Will being gay and how that can work against him with the courts when it comes to his child. I think if she only talked about Will’s age, Adrianne would have said something like he should have thaught about it before having unprotected sex.

    I think Nick and Sami talking about Will being gay and the 3 fathers is all setting into motion the futher telling of Will’s story. DOOL have done a wonderful job in telling the struggles of a young gay person, coming to terms with his sexuality and coming out to his family. They have also done a wonderful job telling tha story of family of the child and their difforent reactions and the many ways people react to the news. They have been very mindful of the journey of being gay in america and I believe this whole story line is to show another hot topic social issue, Gay parents. If they do as well with this subject as they have done with Will’s coming out they will have someone represent each view point on the subject, and get a conversation started. They have, IMO, cast the perfect actor to highlight the subject. Like Will, Hate Will, Love the gay storyline, Hate the gay story lineI think we all can agree that Chandler has done an amazing job telling the story.

  60. From MAB

    Sorry, but this is gonna be a long one about Wednesday’s show, so be forewarned:

    OMG, if I have to listen to Nick’s BS much longer, I’m gonna puke! He is actually trying to convince himself that this baby is his! Where is Gabi’s brain? Doesn’t she see how disturbing his behavior is? And Nick stands there once again trying to control the situation and insulting Will, while Gabi stands there allowing it to happen. I mean how many times does he get to make prejudice gay remarks to Will before Gabi stands up and defends her friend? Will was standing there looking at Gabi, waiting for her to speak up, and she just stood there and did nothing. Well, that makes her just as bad as Nick. Is it me, or does Nick have his hand up her @$$ like a ventriloquist & a dummy?

    I’m glad Will had the last word, and made it crystal clear he’s never giving up custody of his child. And he said it plain and spoke the truth, his agreement w/ them raising the child was what he thought was the best thing for Gabi and the baby, but he knows better now. He has been there for Gabi from the beginning, always taking her feelings in consideration, but she isn’t there for him, not since Nick came along. So I can’t wait until he crushes Nick and gets him out of the way. Also, I was so glad he found out about the sonogram, and showed up to see HIS baby. As for Sonny, well this isn’t the first time he’s made this about himself. I think Sonny is selfish. He made this all about his feelings, well what about Will’s? Ok he lied, but if Sonny loves him like he says, he needs to get over it already and be there for Will for a change.

    Then there was Adrienne, who came looking for a fight w/ Sami. Well, Sami nipped that in the bud. Everything Sami said to her was spot on…she put Adrienne in her place, and she deserved it. Go Sami, loved every minute of that!

    Cameron really doesn’t have the right to speak Lexie’s name. He barely knew her. He doesn’t know how she would’ve reacted, but my guess is that she would’ve stood up for Chad for telling the truth, maybe not how he went about it, but nevertheless, she would’ve supported Chad. I’m glad Chad called him out of his holier than thou attitude. I don’t trust him.

    Sami/EJ/Rafe: well, Rafe’s behavior was typical. He exaggerated about Sami’s treatment of Gabi when the truth came out, while he was no better in the accusations he made towards Will. He stood there, bullied Sami, berated her as a mother, and a person. And he has the nerve when all he’s done w/ no remorse…plus the fact he doesn’t know what it is to be a REAL parent trying to protect your child. He’s just pissed because of all the negativity against Gabi, but too bad, it is warranted. I loved Sami’s smug grin to Rafe while EJ defended her. He deserves it because he hasn’t done anything like that for her in a long time. And EJ, well he was classy as usual. He didn’t have to stand there slinging insults, etc. like Rafe did. EJ was reasonable & fair, and did let them have it out. Sami said she could handle it, so EJ stepped back. But Rafe’s nastiness became even too much for EJ so he intervened. And being the gentlemen he is, he wasn’t gonna stand there let Rafe keep ripping her apart. EJ genuinely cares for Sami & Will, and proved it. I just hope Sami is done w/ Rafe for good after she’s seen HIS true colors. I just pray this is truly the end of Safe, and the beginning of EJami. And I can’t forget to mention the kiss! OH MY! It just doesn’t get any better than that, or any hotter! It was amazing, and I can’t wait to see the continuation of that today. EJami rocks!

    Additional comments:

    There are those of us who are not too fond of Rafe, but give him credit when it’s due, and then there are those who bash EJ for anything & everything no matter what. This is how it’s always been on here, and always will be, and that’s a fact. I comment on the current happenings, and try not to dwell on the past. Rafe gets trashed more often than not because of his self-righteous attitude, never admitting to what he does wrong, and bullying people when he doesn’t get his way. And this is not just once in a while, it’s daily. And no one has to make things up to comment on Rafe, he exudes this behavior daily.

    Why wouldn’t Sami insert herself into the baby SL, she is the grandmother of this child, no changing that? As for Lucas, he gave Will good advice, but I didn’t see him retaining a lawyer for Will, so EJ offered, nothing wrong w/ that whatsoever. And apparently he’s gonna need it dealing w/ psycho Nick and clueless Gabi.

    Nope, Rafe didn’t attack Will yesterday, and did direct his anger towards Sami. But Sami wasn’t attacking Gabi either. Sami has never said she was gonna take Gabi’s baby away, very untrue! She is just letting it be known that the 3 Stooges (Nick, Gabi, Rafe) aren’t gonna keep Will from his child. Rafe is still angry w/ Will because if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t still be freaking out, and maybe acting like an adult and talking to Will, or seeing thru Nick’s lies.

    Again, more untruths. Sami didn’t initially want to go into witness protection, but Roman demanded she did. She knew Stefano was behind the murder, and Sami didn’t blame EJ for it. Sami wasn’t afraid of EJ, and was still talking to him while in witness protection. Sami decided later on to keep the baby from EJ, once Rafe jumped on her bandwagon, and EJ overheard her schemes w/ Rafe to keep his child from him, that is when the whole saga began.

    Rafe’s blatant disregard for authority, hiding crimes, and trying to keep children from their father is beyond just bending the law. He didn’t just bend it, he broke it! Rafe has gone beyond anything the likes of Bo, John, Steve ever did. They did minor things, bending the law, for good reasons. They never pulled the stunts Rafe has…that is the difference. As for Gabi, I don’t care if she goes to jail for what she did, I just want everyone to know so they know she isn’t little miss innocent, and then everyone can make their own judgments about her and what she did…and that Chad isn’t the bad guy for telling the truth.

    Great posts Kat, Leah, TerriK, Maryl.

  61. From Maryl

    Just suppose–the writers change EJ to be a better person, and also start putting Sami’s head back together? I don’t mean take away her spunk–please never take that away, but make her more conscious of her actions that can hurt or involve her kids. Maybe all this mess she is going thru with Will will make her take a good look at what’s really important to her–meaning her children and providing them with a good loving home and family. This is something the children have never truly had. They have been passed around way too much and force feeding them with substitute dads has not been the right answer in their case.

    I believe EJ has always seen this and that’s what has driven him to reunite with Sami. He wants a happy family environment for his children and he also happens to love their mother. I think EJ will never give up on his kids and he will keep Stefano at bay or whatever he thinks he needs to do to keep them safe and happy.

    I think it’s a possibility that we could be seeing something really new and nice happening for EJ, Sami and children—heavens knows its about time–way overdue!

    We have to remember that Sami’s character is controlled by the writers. She has to react to whatever buttons they press. So, Jolie, there is a possibility that she can change a lot more than just her socks! lol!

    If you look back at the character of Julie,(didn’t watch back then), you will read that she was a lot like Sami. She was constantly in some dramatic turmoil until the writers changed her direction. Once they settled her with Doug, she finally changed. And, it’s not only Julie–even the now saintly Jennifer was quite a handful for Alice. Etc, etc.

    It’s very difficult to assume anything about a sl or character in a fictional story. Things can change so quickly. This can either be a big disappointment or something great–depends on how you hope it effects the characters you like. I have been disappointed a lot in the sls of the past–hope this time won’t turn out the same!lol!

    James Scott and Alison Sweeney may be facing a new acting challenge if their characters’ personalities change a lot. I know both of them are very capable of handling that and that they would continue to excite and entertain us!!IMO!

  62. From TerriK

    Hey patty..still freezing to death today. Thank goodness for the wood stove is all I can say!
    I didnt mean on yesterdays episode (concerning Rafe’s attitude with Will)
    As far as Rafe saying what he said to Sami- she’s well aware of her past mistakes…as well all are..and openly confided in him, her husband, about those mistakes. And he accepted it then. I know myself, I don’t appreciate having my past slapped in my face. Especially when it’s someone I trusted my secrets with. Sami isn’t trying to steal Gabi the psychotic stalker’s baby..she’s trying to ensure her son has equal rights to his child. I don’t think that’s wrong.
    Bottom line is Rafe isn’t the perfect man that some choose to see. He’s constantly throwing fists assaultong who he wants an when he wants.(what grown man does that?) If he wanted to get back at the people who have wronged him, perhaps he should do it the legal way and work harder to have charges pressed. And maybe he shouldn’t be covering for his kidnapping, stalking, murderer of a sister. Or covering for Sami when he found out she shot EJ in the head? Or when he was aware of the swap of dna when it came to the real father of Nikki’s baby? It’s a bit hypocritical in my opinion.
    I’m not in denial about EJ, he’s bad. He’s done evil things. He’s done good things too. I don’t try and paint a halo around his.head that’s for sure. But I love his character. He’s calm and cool and can snap like a venomous cobra when need be. And sexy as heck.

  63. From SandyGram

    Uh Oh! There is a Bye Bye Billie Spoiler on Days Cafe for next week and right after it there’s a bold typed bullet that says “Hopefully brother Lucas gets to stay around longer”.

    Has anyone heard any rumors of Lucas leaving Days?

  64. From jolie

    #60 Maryl, good luck with Sami in this scenario you propose. It could happen. And Elvis does want the family environment but often at whatever costs to any and all so he has been at fault as well as Sami. I am not including anyone else here as it seems this is the pair of parents the kids are going to get. Of course Lucas is in the mix but without much story, he could be taken out of the mix at any time. And this is wild but I was thinking of Julie and Sami being alike when I started readying your post here and then bam, you mentioned her. Weird? But now Julie has been reduced to a busybody without any direction. Buzzes in for a line or 2 here and there and in cruise wear as Victor puts it. I think the writers are the ones who will have to up their game now and try to redeem this couple as citizens, parents, family members. So much baggage! I can’t imagine anyone is real life trying to go back after all they have done to each other and others but…oh dang! There I go worrying about the past sins…done with it.
    #62 Sandygram, would we blame the actor if he left? He has been given no incentive to stay in storyline. Billie has had more time on camera flitting in and out of HTS and conversations in the last few weeks than she has had the whole time she has been back.

  65. From Cougar

    Bobbi #41 I have not read all posts past yours yet but the thing I wish to comment on is the Nick wanting to raise Gabby’s baby. Sor some reason they have a lot of men in Salem who want to raise other people’s children. First Rafe now nick. Sad to say but that is the opposite of what I see going on in today’s society. We have so many deadbeat Dads and Dads not owing up to the responcibilty of raising their children. Not that there aren’t any responsible fathers out there it’s just that there are a lot of dads not doing their job.

  66. From gerri

    ,Linda(glad also that you are
    back).we three along with Shani,and others,have a different take on the characters and S/L,s.
    Jolie liked your post#55 it was on target….

    Sami’s character,true is determined,by the writers,as well as Rafe,and everyone else,we hate some of these S/L,s,regardless of needing Drama,we need to see the guilty pay at some point,but it never happens,the DiMeras are always at the front of the line,EJ raping Sami,was the start of his storyline with her,(A crime)when he came to Salem as a race car driver(not an attorney)his goal was to impregnanate A Brady,and I guess he accomplished that,even tho I have hoped,all along that Johnny wouldn’t be his child,and the next generation of that family.

    With these writers who knows?that might be how the story ends..
    I give this family only credit,for all their evilness,kidnapping,murders,drug dealing,and drugging victims,taking their memories away,
    cloning,the list goes on and on.
    I sure don’t know what about all this appeals to Sami,maybe somehow,she was a baby switched at birth,we know Salem Is famous for doing this,and Is really Victor,s child.or grandchild..(you know In the past,these two families feuding with each other,was what they did,always trying to up one
    another).I would absolutely love this.Victor could have the last laugh on the Dimeras..

    anyway,My mistake on Rafe knowing about Gabi’s involvement with Melanie’s kidnapping,but the deal was made to protect Chad as well,after the violent beating of Nick…so Justin the attorney should have known better,and charged.
    Jolie,guess this town and Hospital kinda runs itself,no one works,sometimes so very little,and yes the coffee shop,and Brady Pub,are where we see the most work.

  67. From TerriK

    Cougar- I agree about the deadbeat Dads. A lot of dead beat Moms out there too. I only say this because I just read in the news about a 27 year old woman in my area left her 8month old baby on a street corner wrapped in a blanket. In -35° weather.
    patty- has this news hit your area yet? I’m so disgusted!

  68. From patty

    I’m with jolie, Sami will never change and I don’t believe EJ has either. He has committed too many evil deeds and underhanded criminal acts to ever make me believe he is all of a sudden this pristine, lilly white character who has been redeemed in the name of love. To be that he would have to atone for his sins and he never even aknowledged them let alone pay for them. Instead he laughed and bragged about them. Gentlemen and EJ don’t go in the same sentence and everything that was done to him by Sami and Nicole he deserved. What he acts like and pretends to be is for Sami’s benefit, not because he has seen the light. He could take a lesson from his brother Chad who at least tries to make up to the people he hurt. We’ve yet to see EJ do that, unless he wants something. Right now that is Sami and he’s pulling all his tricks because he knows she would never accept him otherwise.

  69. From Linda

    The latest edition of SOD (2/4/13) features a preview from Ken Corday of what is in store this February.

    Kristen/Brady/John/Marlena:”Kriste comes up with her ultimate plan of revenge against John and Marlena. She wants to marry Brady, for one. But there’s always that last-minute wrinkle in any wedding. It is certainly interesting and gives good story for John, Marlena, and Brady. John returns to Salem with a plan to save Brady from Kristen’s clutches. The last thing he wants is for his son to marry Kristen, so what will he do to stop that and will he be successful?”

    Will/Nick/Gabi/Sami: “Sami pushes Will to protect his rights to his unborn child, but her actions only make things worse. It’s typical Sami, sticking her nose into a situation. There is a much bigger story at play here, where Nick has to get control over what’s happening. He wants to raise the child with Gabi, and becomes something of a loose cannon. Just as Nick thinks he has everything under control, a former prison mate becomes part of Father Eric’s outreach program. This former prison mate will play a large role in the show for about three months. Very slowly we start to see Nick’s past unravel.”

    Sonny/Will: “From moment one, Sonny didn’t understand why Will couldn’t have come to him about the baby and that misunderstanding festers and makes it a heartbreaking Valentine’s Day for Will. There is a fly in the ointment here and it will come out through Nick’s past and the arrival of the man from his past.”

    Nicole/Eric: “This is the slowest-building story on the show. Nicole is torn. She can no longer fight her forbidden feelings for Father Eric. But we’re a long way from where the audience thinks we’re going.”

  70. From Cougar

    Terrik that is awful. Is this woman totaly dense. Does’t she know that you can now leave a new born baby no questions asked in a safe zone like a hospital? these laws were enacted to prevet that very thing?

    But at any rate in our fictional town of Salen i seems that we have guy who instead of running from parental responsibilty run to it. Counter intuitive. Even teen dad Chad seemed to want to care for their children. But I do remember one exception. Dr. Feel good gave Chloe the boot. However, he did offer Chloe money till she got on her feet. She should have taken him up on that.

    Also agree with comments about the Will/Gabby sl being a timely look at gay parenting.

  71. From Mandi

    Just watched todays episode ( thurs) and wow!! the show has been so good lately.
    I love Sami and EJ so cute on todays episode just like a high school couple would do call when you are about to go to sleep. So sweet and the way he defended her at the church with Rafe was great as well, like she said very clearly she didn’t need EJ sticking up for her but it was nice. I personally would have liked Eric to come out and do the same but didn’t happen.
    Sami and Lucas were great today as well I love how brutally honest he is with her and is almost the only person who can say those things to her with out being offensive you can he honestly does love/care about her very much, even if they just have to be friends.
    I was so overjoyed to see Will know the sex of the baby and be able to feel her kick as well the only thing that spoiled it for me was creeper Nick staring though the door.
    Nick really confused me I don’t understand what is going on with him and why the baby is so important to him just don’t get it. Can’t wait to find out either. The writing on the show has been so good lately I love it.
    I didn’t buy Rafe telling Will he still cared about him today it just seemed fake to me. He really didn’t sound like he cared about WIll the way he was ranting at Sami. SO miss Abby can go around telling people about dr appts and things and not keep her nose out of everything but is still rude to Chad… just wrong to me. You cannot also tell the way she talks about Nick she is seeing him through rose colored glasses as well and won’t see him coming til it’s too late but because he is a Horton it will be ok.
    I also have some questions I know a few people have mentioned seeing the archived Days but I can’t find it anywhere but youtube and it’s frustrating to find all the parts of the older epidsodes. I missed the show from like 2002- 2011 around about and would love to see these old shows. I’m in Canada so of course NBC will not let me view them… gah I even tried using a VPN to log in but it was really slow just wondering if anyone has anywhere else I can watch older episodes? please and thank you for your help. :)

  72. From MAB

    The only people that know for sure what Gabi did are her, Chad, Melanie, Nick, Sonny, Justin & Rafe. Kat is right, it was never shown that Sami was told everything about Gabi, nor EJ. There is no indication either one of them know for sure, so to say for a fact Sami & EJ know is also groundless. Also, Rafe didn’t turn his sister in because he hid her crimes (just like he did Sami’s), but wants to cry wolf when someone finds out about her lies and tells the truth about them. Too bad Melanie doesn’t come back long enough to tell the truth about her. And it serves Gabi right to have this used against her in a custody case, if Will shooting EJ is gonna be used against him. I think Gabi will be hurt, but it won’t be by Will, or the others, it will be by Nick. And Rafe will be so busy laying blame on the wrong side, he won’t see Nick coming. And if it happens, it’ll be Rafe’s fault.

    I don’t think Chad’s gonna have a problem having friends. Sonny seems to be ok about it, and spoilers say Will is also. The only person he cares about that is still mad at him is Abby, and that is not surprising w/ her “look at me I’m perfect” attitude. After what she did, she shouldn’t be throwing stones at anyone, least of all Chad who did nothing but tell the truth.

    TerriK – ditto on all you said, especially about Rafe throwing Sami’s past in her face, something she confiding in him about that he “supposedly accepted back then. Just proves what Rafe is really all about, and what a hypocrite he is. Too bad Sami can’t throw his past in his face, because he doesn’t have one!

    I don’t want the writers to redeemed (or reduced) EJ & Sami as respectable citizens of Salem (there are none anyway). I want them to be who they are now, and to hell w/ what everyone else thinks. They will never be all good, because they have that fire that makes them the multi-dimensional characters they are. They don’t pretend to be something they’re not (like some), but at the same time keep each other grounded. I say as long as they are good & secure w/ each other, that is all that matters. They don’t need approval from the hypocrites of Salem.

    I highly doubt Bryan/Lucas will leave the show on his own unless they get rid of him. His last job was demeaning as he was working building scenes for TV.

  73. From voiceofreason

    Lest anyone be led down the path that Rafe is some kind of lawbreaker compared to Bo or Roman, both of those guys have bent or broken the law in their quest to catch the Dimeras, so many times more than Rafe, it’s not even funny.

  74. From MAB

    I for one would never see EJ as a completely changed character, or would want him to, but he can be redeemed, just like everyone else. It’s a soap, that’s what happens sometimes. I do think he is redeemed in love, and that is because of Sami, the woman he’s loved since day one. No matter what, EJ has always loved Sami, that is one constant for him. As far as his sins, EJ has acknowledged multiple times for the things he’s done, and has paid in different ways. EJ is showing Sami the man he can be for her, and yep, that IS a gentleman. He doesn’t care what others think of him, all he cares about is Sami and the kids, and some members of his family. And Sami should also have the same mindframe too, and stop worrying about what others think of her and her choices.

  75. From patty

    Terrik, just read this on the news about the baby left in the cold in St John. How horrible and sad! My God, who does that? Some very sick people in this world. I was just outside for five minutes and my face almost froze, imagine that poor baby! I hope whoever did this is charged.
    Just finished watching todays show and just loved Lucas and how he can tame down Sami and make her see reason. I so hope he stays on, I have a feeling he’ll be the best support for Will in the days to come.
    So much for the assumptions that Rafe is angry at Will. He seeks him out and they straighten things out, share the good news about the baby girl and hug, with Rafe’s support for Will being there for his child. Nick is another story. Even tho he seems to do and say the right things, there definitly is an underlying agenda beneath all this. I am happy Will finally decided to be in his child’s life with Gabi. If things get ugly, it will come from Sami and Nick.
    I think the look on EJ’s face was very telling when Sami told him she had something to tell him on the phone. I have a feeling he already knows what it is.

  76. From Debbie

    I’m behind on the posts so I skimmed through them to see if anyone said anything about this but can’t find anything, so please forgive me if I missed the discussion. Last week, someone on the show brought up Emily and I couldn’t remember who it was but earlier this week Emily was brought up again, this time by Cameron. I can’t recall the details but are we to assume this is just another Emily that’s in Cameron’s life and not the one from Rafe’s past? It’s too coincidental and confusing to use the same name since so many viewers remember the one from Rafe’s past so why was this woman named Emily brought up? Did anyone on here already mention this? I know so many of you remember details of the show so I’m directing my question more to you.

    MAB, I know you tape/DVR the episodes and review them closely so can you please speak on this if you know what I’m referring to? Who is the Emily that Cameron talked about?

  77. From Linda

    I thought Rafe was very sincere in his conversation with Will today, and that he was genuinely happy for Will that Will is so happy about the baby. And I liked how Rafe laid it on the line with Nick that Will has every right to his baby. When Nick asked if he could count on Rafe’s help if things get ugly, Rafe said “sure”, with a quizical look on his face, but then he also said “but” and was going to go on and say something else when Nick interrupted him and walked away. I seriously doubt Rafe would have any part of supporting Nick if he tries to have Will proved unfit. But from the spoiler I posted above, #69, it appears that Nick’s plans will hit some other sort of road block anyway.

    Lucas was right in everything he said to Sami, about her going back and forth between Rafe and EJ all the time, and about keeping peace between Rafe and Gabi. I think it’s good that Chad is having trouble winning friends back. They will come around eventually but he needs to learn the lesson that telling the truth is not always the right thing to do. Especially if you are only doing it for revenge. I believe him when he says he would not have done what he did if he had known Will was the father. He only knew half the truth about the baby and that’s why he shouldn’t have repeated information he only happened to overhear.

  78. From Snickelfritz

    Woo hoo! Love Lucas! He seems genuinely excited to be a Grandpa, and I loved the way he dealt with Sami today. He is awesome! I sure wish the writers would give him a great storyline.

  79. From Cougar

    Well shut the door and turn on the air conditioner cuz its gonna get hot between Sami & EJ! I just bet that James was congratulating himself on that smooth move he made today by swinging Alison on to the sofa in one fell swoop! And yes, Sami is really Marlene’s daughter hiked legs in the sofa and all; like mother like daughter. Somebody get that girl a bowl of straberries and whipped cream! It’s gonna get good soon I hope!

  80. From Linda

    Debbie #76, Emily is Cameron’s girlfriend that he told Abigail he just broke-up with.

  81. From patty

    Linda ,thanks for the interesting spoilers. Sami makes things worse, why am I not surprised. I guess Lucas’ warning to back off the mother of their grandchild didn’t sink in after all.
    I’m with you Linda, Rafe’s talk with Will was very sincere, from both of them. They don’t do fake, that is not in them. Nick however, is another story. Rafe,Gabi, Will as well as everybody else in Salem, are still not aware of what he’s all about. He sure is good in his role.
    Loved, loved Lucas and how he puts Sami in her place like only he can. Of course everything he told her is true, she knows it and agrees with it, but it still goes in one ear and out the other.
    As for Chad, people will come around but I hope he learned not to heed the Demira’s advice anymore. His revenge cost him more than he bargained for and ended up alone because of it, something his siblings forgot to warn him about.

  82. From MAB

    #76 Debbie – the Emily that Cameron mentioned was supposed to be the girl Abby saw him w/ at the pub a while back that he was supposedly dating. The “other” Emily people on here are talking about is the one from Rafe’s past, and some are wondering if the new woman’s role being cast is that of Rafe’s Emily.

  83. From Leah

    Todays scenes is why I love Lucas. I LOVE IT when Lucas is the friend who Sami just happens to co parent with. Lucas as the friend gives it to her straight and doesn’t care about her feelings. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! And that is why my friends I have said for a long time Lumis best (as lovers) is behind them, they are so much better being friends!
    I love Lucas and his character. I agree with posters above it would be a shame to see him be let go again. Hes a great actor and needs to be given more storylines on the show. One big one of his own. Go Lucas!

  84. From Leah

    #79 Cougar…. you are funny I enjoyed reading your post!
    Just one comment… Days please can we move the couples progress from the sofa to the bedroom. Alot more room in there – ha, ha. And with little kiddies in the house I think its wiser. Hate them to walk in on something little eyes shouldn’t be seeing.

  85. From Leah

    Debbie there are two Emilys talked about on Days. First one is Emily Rafes “supposedly” dead fiance. Rafe has never opened up about her, no not even to Sami. Alot of us believe she was the love of Rafes life and have suggested how interesting and valuable we think it would be to introduce her character to Days. It would help us understand Rafe better as well as open up his mysterious unknown past to us.
    The second Emily mentioned is as Linda stated. Dr Camerons girlfriend, ex girlfriend?
    Hope that clears it all up for you :)

  86. From SandyGram

    Did I miss something…the spoilers were saying Nick was going to share with Gabi what happened to him in prison. Did that ever happened and if so what day and what did he tell her?

    I’m so involve in building my Family Tree I’m watching the show, but only skimming over the Postings an I haven’t seen where anyone has commented on it. Thanks.

  87. From Kat

    84 Leah, the kids were on a sleep over, didn’t you hear Sami mention that, so it would have been Ok on the couch.
    Nothing wrong with the couch in my eyes, I am sure some of you know all about it….LOL

    More later, got to get my Grandson… he is tutoring another class mate.

  88. From Maryl

    I haven’t seen today’s espisode yet. Too busy. It sounds like I’m in for a treat with Sami and EJ! I’ll be watching it on SoapNet tonight!

    I agree that Lucas is usually a good friend to Sami. Sometimes he rubs me the wrong way but as for telling Sami how the “cow ate the cabbage” he is just plain good!

    No one knows for sure what will transpire between EJ and Sami, but already the blogs are filled with comments about them–whether it is dislike of them or love of them, they steal the thunder from all the other characters. So nothing much else needs to be said to prove that point.

  89. From patty

    Yes shut the door is all I have to say about the EJami couch thing. Nothing hot or attractive about a woman who’s willing to hike her legs for two different men in as many days. And the gall of EJ to roll his eyes because Lucas shows up. How dare the father of two of Sami’s kids show his face to discuss their troubled son?
    By EJ admitting to Chad his outburst at the wedding worked in his favor because of Sami and Rafe fighting, isn’t he admitting that he’s just being second best?

  90. From grandma to many

    Cougar #70 you left out a significant person who kicked Nicole and Sydney out when he found out that Nicole had lied about being pregnant and thought Sydney was not his child if I remember right they were destitute and Sami actually took them in

  91. From Maryl

    Patty–I didn’t realize Sami hiked her legs up for Rafe in “as many days” with two different men. I think Rafe got interrupted by Hope. So who can say for sure whether or not she would have gone through with hiking her legs! lol! We do know however that she hiked them for EJ? I’ll be watching tonight. I sure don’t want to miss out on that! lol!

  92. From gerri

    However Sami might go about It,she really needs to be supportive of Gabi,for the time she’s pregnant,for sure,no matter how hard It might be.It’s her grandchild,and,too many things can go wrong,while under stress,and Sami needs to be the bigger person here.

    haven’t watched today,s show yet.

    Patty and the others who live where It’s so cold,Stay Warm,I could never live where It’s that cold.I like these upper 50,s to 70,s temps.we have a few cold days,where we turn on our gas logs,and turn our thermostat a little higher,but thank goodness,not many…

    The person who left that baby in the cold,needs to be found,and the same thing done to them…

  93. From TerriK

    kat- Futons and tailgates are fun too lmfao
    are we really gonna knock Sami because of where she likes to romp? Beds were made for sleepin ;-P

  94. From gerri

    grandma to many,you are correct,and Sami gave her money,to leave the countryas well.

  95. From Maryl

    #90 grandma to many–If one really paid attention to why EJ made Nicole and baby Sydney leave one would have known exactly why he did that. He knew Nicole had gotten her illegally and that eventually she would be taken away from them. He couldn’t face that because he had already grown so attached to her. He acted like a man might who is hurt and afraid of being hurt more. He not only found out that his child with Nicole had died but also that he was deceived by the mother into believing that a child who was not legally his was his daughter. To top that we know that another lie was laid on him and that Sydney really was his and Sami’s. And we wonder why EJ can turns on his dark side. He has been hurt a lot.

  96. From SandyGram

    Episode Thursday January 24th:
    It looks like yesterday was full of accusations and talking hateful to one another. Now today was an apologetic, understanding day beginning with Adrienne. As Adrienne said to Justin when they were leaving Common Ground, ‘your my rock’, he’s very good at getting her to see things differently. I think Chad is sincere in his apology tour. Although he was going after Gabi he was very earnest in feeling bad about hurting Will and Abby. But he did lay the heavy of Cameron about being family so he would like him to accept his apology. And Abby, she will come around, but probably just in time for that other shoe to drop about Gabi’s involvement Melanie’s situation. As anticipated by many Rafe has calmed down toward Will. I’m glad to see the writers didn’t throw away their relationship it’s always been strong in the past.

    The hospital scene was great, with exception of another open door to an exam room. Will got to see the sonogram and feel the baby kick. And Nick is getting stranger by the day. He hustled Gabi out of the Pub so Will wouldn’t find out they were going to the hospital, but he stayed remarkably controlled when Will came into the room. But I was so glad to see Will say they could all three be involved in the baby’s life, even Gabi appear happy about that. I actually think Gabi has stronger feelings for Will than Nick, it’s just she can’t have him because he’s gay.

    EJ talks to Sami in a sincere and loving manner, with tender touches, declarations of love and lingering kisses. FOR ME, this is a just long line of well executed gallant gestures. Getting her all stirred up and then to back away professing it’s not the right time. One thing he was right about, they do seem to end up in a compromising situation when something terrible has happened to one or both of them. This is all part of his plan to reel her in. After all look what he said to Chad, “the war between Rafe and Sami didn’t do him any harm”.

    Applause, Applause for Lucas, since his return he has said some very pointed things to Sami. The best was when he was leaving the apartment after she said she really loved Will, Lucas responds with the line of the day “Sometimes love just isn’t enough”. I had a feeling that was more directed at their relationship. Why I can’t imagine, but he still loves her.

  97. From Maryl

    SandyGram–the difference this time is that EJ didn’t start the war between EJ and Sami–so him making that remark is simply and honestly put–it definitely didn’t hurt his hopes of getting together with Sami! Of course, anything EJ says or does can be misconstrued to be something quite the opposite of what he intends for it to mean. That is, of course, if you rely on the past sls. But does it always have to be seen that way?

  98. From SandyGram

    #97 Maryl
    I’m not going by the past story lines. Even Kristen stepped down from her position at CW for EJ to take over and be closer to Sami. And For Me, his comment “the war between Rafe and Sami didn’t do him any harm” meant she is now out of Rafe’s orbit making her more available to him. Now the writers are giving James a script to reinforce him becoming a kinder, supportive, rational, objective, family, good humor, Mr. Rogers kind of guy and he’s doing a fine job at portray those qualities.

  99. From Kat

    95 Maryl,
    I always thought the same thing about EJ and finding out about Sidney…
    you explained just perfect.
    And EJ has talked about it and explained his feelings on that matter.
    He sure got a bad hand from both of the women about his children,
    and Rafe, more than willing enjoyed twisting the knife… and
    he was still at it, enjoying twisting, with Nicole’s second pregnancy.
    Get EJ, where it hurts the MOST, withhold his children from him
    Hope it will not happen to Gaby, so that Rafe would have to find out first hand, how it feels for a Parent…
    97 Maryl, again, right on the money.

    If EJ had gone through and had sex with Sami,
    Lordy, the names he would be called on here today,
    He pulls away, saying he wants to wait for the right,time, and I agree with him, he gets accused of having an agenda..
    The guy will never win, because
    some minds just are not open, towards him and never will be.
    At least we give Rafe his dues every so often, trying to be fair minded.

    But it is ok, EJ has sooooooooooooooooo many fans out there,
    he can do without a few….and still be the most beloved character on Soaps….

  100. From Maryl

    SandyGram–James is doing a good job of switching his character around. I agree with you. And as far as him being a Mr. Rogers kind of guy–well all I have to say is Mr. Rogers how did you get so hot??
    Just think how nice that would be for Sydney and Johnny to have a wonderful father figure as Mr. Rogers! lol! My kids loved him!

  101. From Michelle

    Todays episode was great and awkward at the same time for me. I felt a little bit sorry for Sami, she looked like she felt rejected. But I am glad EJ stopped, because if they did make love, it would be like May 2008 all over again. She wanted to make love to him, but when bachelor number two (Lucas) reared his head in, she got all confused again. I rather Sami be 100% sure about who she really wants to be with. And before Gabi’s wedding, it seemed to me that Sami was still not 100% sure, but she gave in to Rafe’s desires (that woman hasn’t had any in close to a year) without really thinking it through. If she had thought it through, she would have considered whether, if her immediately having sex with Rafe without settling their differences would really change their situation. and one of the biggest differences that they could not settle was EJ. Because like it or not, EJ has changed. And he will always be in his children’s lives. and Rafe will always hate it. And the fact that she “chose” Rafe wouldn’t erase the feelings of love and attraction she has always felt for EJ. (they’ve tried it before, and connection never went away, it was damaged, but not gone) So who knows if during EJ’s visits with his kids, she begins to wonder if she made the right decision.
    I get on this site almost everyday to read all of the posts. And what I come to realize is that the division between EJAMI and SAFE is really about the men and not Sami. Sami’s perfect if she’s with Rafe, but she’s a horrible mother and bitch if she chooses EJ. That’s basically what I pick up from the ongoing conversations.
    I have to admit, in 2010 when she was hellbent on revenge against EJ for the sydnapping… I hated her. And I hated the writers. Because that’s when the hypocrisy was at an all time high.
    She started the war when she chose to hide Grace’s paternity to EJ, and no one admonished her or Rafe for doing it. Then EJ, who was blindsighted by the betrayal exacted his own revenge against her in the worst possible way, everyone in town made sure to let him know how low they felt of him, rightfully so.
    I know what EJ did to Sami was wrong, everyone knew what he did was wrong. But I hate the way the writers made it seem like everything Sami did before all of that wasn’t wrong at all.
    And they repeated that all over again by having Nicole keeping her miracle child from EJ.
    How is that not wrong?
    So now, we will get to see Sami and EJ act like a real couple, without being together because of extenuating circumstances. Will Stefano come back to town once they make it official? Who of the Brady family will be team EJ? Caroline, for sure, Marlena… well she’s has been pretty neutral with EJ, which is odd. Eric, I think will accept it once he’s sure Sami is happy. Roman….well he’s a toss up. Hope…. Will hate it.
    I’m also looking forward to new storylines for Rafe. I loved the actor when he played Luis. Galen, Lindsay and Eric (actors for Rafe, Arianna, and Brady) are the reasons why I started watching Days. Luis, like Rafe was a cop, he followed the rules and sometimes bent them when it came to love. But for some reason, I could not get behind Rafe’s persona, at least his persona when paired with Sami. They felt forced. When he was with Carrie, or even Nicole, everything seemed organic. I really hope the new character will turn out to be Rafe’s Emily. I want to love Galen again.

  102. From Leah

    Maryl you go girl and ENJOY todays episode. I know there was plenty of us that did. The others… sounds like sour grapes to me!
    As for the couch thing I’m all for having a bit of fun but I don’t think Sami locks her doors (LOL) so who knows who could just waltz in. I’d prefer another Ejami bedroom scene than a couch one.

  103. From Debbie

    Linda, MAB and Leah…thanks for clearing up the confusion on the two Emilys. I figured they were two different people but wondered why the writers would duplicate a name when they could have used so many others that haven’t been used yet on the show. I just thought it was weird since we know Rafe has an Emily in his past and thought this might be the writers’ way of bringing her back into Rafe’s storyline.

  104. From Cougar

    Grandma to many #90 point well taken I forgot about that. I don’t always reach as far back in my memory bank and recall all the twists and turns as many on this sight do. I do agree that it was not EJ’s most shining moment of charity visiting Nicoles sins upon Sydney.

  105. From bobby

    #95 Maryl #99 Kat What goes around, comes around and E.J. gets what he deserves. He’s not the one I will ever feel sorry for. And let’s face it-if he does turn over a new leaf and becomes sweetheart of the year-we will all be just a little bored with him. And isn’t that what some people complain about Rafe? Look what happened to John when Marlena tamed him years ago.

  106. From patty

    Michelle, good post but there is something that has obviously escaped your memory also. EJ has also kept children from their mother, he’s also put his children in danger, he has put their mothers in danger, kicked them out on the street, turned a child against it’s mother, kidnapped one of them, blackmailed another, raped, framed, emprisoned, drugged and cloned and the list goes on. Now how is that not wrong? How is it excusable? I’m amazed that someone could try to defend that kind of behavior no matter who he’s getting revenge on. And you all wonder how can anybody keep children from him? The dislike for EJ is not because of Rafe, they don’t even come close in comparison as far as bad actions, but it is because of his past deeds that he’s gotten away with.

    Nobody changes from that overnight and that is why a lot of us think this new fake version of “Mr Roger”(I like that) is just another one of his schemes. It started out with Kristen’s help. That is what the Demiras do,then they report on their progress to one another and gloat. Now just because this scheme is not as devious as before, he is still playing Sami and she’s falling for it like the fool that she is and the fact that she’s about to hit the sack with him makes it gross, not hot or romantic. But my bet is the old EJ will be resurfacing as soon as he has Samanther in place.

  107. From Leah

    I for one am looking forward to Nicole going after Kristen. Someone is going to have to keep Kristen on her toes as Sami is now going to be preoccupied with her son and unborn granddaughter.

  108. From Barb

    I was glad EJ stopped but I also think it was part of his strategy to bring Sami to that point and then back off. Sami looked sleazy so willing to have sex with the man she was going to NOT choose the day before. I don’t understand all the dislike of Rafe, except that he came along and burst the balloon of Sami-with-EJ fans. Rafe is my favorite man on the show. Sami should remember she wouldn’t even know Sidney is her little girl if Rafe had not dug out the truth.

  109. From Leah

    Good post Michele and I totally agree with your comments :)

  110. From Michelle

    #106 – Patty, by the time the sydnapping storyline came around, the sins of EJ’s past was a non-issue for Sami, hence, why she got pregnant by him again in the first place. It was a non-issue for almost everyone, {but the parents I’m sure} because they got beloved Johnny out of the situation.
    Keeping his children from Sami was in retaliation after the war started. Placing Rafe2 in the Sami’s home, and endangering his children was after the war started.
    And I’m not saying anything that he’s done is excusable; I in fact sad that he has done so many bad things during that time, and I hated how they wrote his character.
    But the fact that there wasn’t anyone to let Sami know that what she and Rafe STARTED was wrong, is what upsets me. Just like Rafe was able to tell Gabi how wrong it was to lie about the baby, where were the people on Sami’s side letting her know that she should have never done that?
    That’s my beef. The hypocrisy was strong.

  111. From Barb

    Rafe is my favorite man on the show and I hope he really is through with Sami. I don’t think it was any sudden choice of EJ’s to stop with Sami on the couch. I think it was his strategy to bring her to that point and then back off. Like all else EJ’s been doing lately is strategy. Sami and Rafe’s quarrel has played into his plans perfectly.

  112. From gerri

    Patty,and Bobby
    you both understand the Dimeras,and what they are all about,same with me.Sami Is a big fool,for buying into anthing that EJ tries to sell her.If she can’t remember all the things he has done to her,and what has been done to her family,by his family(and yes he’s has been in on lot’s of it)Lucas said It all,she Is nothing but a tramp,with One man,one day,another one,if not the same day,then the next one for sure,If the writers are going to turn EJ,into this great humanitarian,they need to find him a different woman,regardless of her having two children with him
    (,over 50% of children do not live with both parents,)

    Wonder what she Is going to tell EJ,about Rafe??
    and oh by the way,I didn’t hear I love you back to EJ,when he said It,did I miss this?apparently It was a bidg deal recently,when she didn’t follow Rafe,s I love you,with one of her own.

    All in all,when “Sour Grapes” are mentioned,when It looked like she was going to reunite with Rafe,It came across with all the comments,those who wanted her with EJ, that there were plenty of” Sour Grapes” around….

  113. From Mopy

    As someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in either coupling, I must say that I’m finding all of the Safe and EJami scenes and storylines completely dismal and boring. There is no excitement in either pairing, nor has there ever been. I think you need to be biased for a particular pairing in order to have any tolerance for this show on days where these pairs are featured.

    Some wonder if Nick was raped in jail by other men. I’m wondering if it’s the opposite, and Nick may have raped someone in prison. Or, maybe he was once a victim but turned into a rapist, himself. Maybe a jail-mate, who was one of his victims, sees Nick and runs away terrified by just the sight of him. It would make sense, since rape is about power and control, and Nick has issues with both. You see how calm and cool he plays when he’s not getting his way. But, you get to hear him mumble to himself later. And, he has such an obvious aversion to homosexuality. It just seems obvious that stuff went down in prison, but I would find it more fitting to his actions now, if he had been more than just a victim.

  114. From patty

    Michelle, the fact that Sami has no issues with EJ’s past sins is what makes her look like such a fool. No woman in her right mind would ever be with a man that has done such horrible things to her, her children, her husband and family, let alone the fact that she shot him in the head for it. I think that is why the writers took their time to go there and gave EJ that false tranformation so it would seem more realistic for Sami to fall for his bs again. Insecure and fickle Sami will fall for anything and I am so happy Rafe and Lucas are rid of her and are done getting trampled on. No sour grapes here.

  115. From MAB

    Sami & EJ = HOT! I loved every minute of it, although it didn’t last long enough. I love their tenderness, lingering kisses, so romantic…way more happening in their intimate scenes. EJ showed great restraint tho (more so than when Rafe was groping her last). He wants it to be right. As it should be, and this time Sami will know what she wants for sure, and it won’t be Rafe. With that said tho, I don’t think EJ & Sami making love yesterday would’ve been like when they slept together over their grief for Johnny. I think it would’ve been more like when they made love when she got pregnant w/ Sydney. But EJ was right that it didn’t need to happen when one or both of them are in a bad place. It needs to be right, and I’m sure when it happens, it will!

    EJ & Sami will never be boring characters, or a boring couple. They have a lot of story to tell, just as all other couples did, Bo & Hope, Kayla & Steve, etc. It’s their time, and I can’t wait for their journey to begin.

    EJ didn’t roll his eyes in disrespect to Lucas. It was just bad timing when Lucas showed up. And EJ left to let them talk, no qualms from EJ or Lucas.

    I love how Lucas & Sami can talk to each other and be honest, what friends do, and they don’t have to get along w/ each other, but still come together for their kids and put them first. Sometimes Lucas can go over the top in his comments to Sami, but yesterday wasn’t too bad, it was mostly comical. It still seems he is carrying a little hurt around tho when he said sometimes love isn’t enough, no doubt that was meant for her. Of course, I think he’ll always love her, and her him, just not in the way they should. They are better as friends.

    I’m glad Rafe talked to Will, but I don’t really buy it. Will should know what Rafe accused him of, and Rafe should know the whole truth and not what he’s been led to believe by Nick & Gabi…that it wasn’t Will’s idea about the abortion.

    Adrienne was still reeling from her encounter w/ Sami. Oh well, if you can bark about your son, then so can Sami. I’m glad Justin agreed that Will is not the bad guy here, and agreed w/ Lucas too.

    Will was so cute gushing over his daughter. I haven’t seen him that happy in a long time, not even w/ Sonny. I think Will is gonna make a terrific dad. And I know he’s gay, but it was sweet there for a moment seeing him & Gabi together, as I always thought they made a cute couple. Ugh, Nick just keeps getting creepier!! I think Rafe got a glimpse of his weirdness yesterday, so I hope he remembers that when Gabi will need him most, after Nick goes bonkers!

    Since when is telling the truth not the right thing to do? Chad’s mistake was innocent, but telling the truth is never wrong! And yes, he only knew half the truth, but so did a lot of other people that ran off at the mouth about things they knew nothing about, and hurt people. Chad isn’t the only one who should be sorry for what happened. Also, I didn’t like Chad went back to apologize to Cameron again, because he doesn’t deserve it really, but I think there’s a reason behind this that Chad just might find out something incriminating about him eventually. Hope so.

    EJ didn’t change overnight. This slight change in him has been a long time coming since he & Sami have been circling each other again, way back before Stefano’s fake death. And just because he’s changed that part of him for Sami doesn’t mean he still can’t be EJ DiMera. He told Sami she was gonna have to accept him being a DiMera, and in some cases, Sami likes that man he is, powerful & ruthless. We are still gonna see that part of him, just slightly different as a loving man to Sami, which is what he’s always wanted. EJ just wants to be his own man, and have his own family by his side, and not his father. And this time, I think it’s gonna work for him. Go EJami!

    Maryl – ditto!

    Kat – ditto!

    Michelle – great post! Oh, and nothing has escaped your memory. We know the wrongs EJ has done, but most of them were forced on him by scheming people deceiving him at every turn, and doing just as many despicable things that he did. And you have every right to your opinion to defend EJ if you want w/o being chastised over it.

  116. From Maryl

    Great post Michelle! You clearly understand EJ DiMera! You have to look at his character from a different angle than someone as uncomplicated as Rafe. EJ is very complex. He has a reason to be. He is Stefano DiMera’s son. Yet above all that, EJ has a great ability to love and he can feel remorse. He is trying now to change some of his darkness. Hope the writers bring him there with Sami’s help. They should be able to help each other change for the sake of their children. They are so alike. We know Sami definitely has a dark side too. I don’t, however, want to see either one of them loose their spunk and become a couple of “goody-two-shoes”. They need to become a formidable force–together.
    Leah, enjoying all your blogs!!

  117. From MAB

    #116 Maryl – ditto again! Like I said before, EJ & Sami will never be a boring couple, nor will they be like any other couple. EJ & Sami as respectable citizens of Salem, no way, but who cares. They will never be all good, because they have that fire that makes them different than the rest, more complex & interesting, and they don’t pretend to be something they’re not, like the hypocrites do.

  118. From Barb

    I think that when telling the truth is wrong is when telling it will blow apart the lives of other people. I don’t say lie but the better choice in some instances is to keep information to yourself.
    I was thinking the other day that Sami needs to remember she wouldn’t even have known Sidney was her little girl if Rafe hadn’t relentlessly dug in to find the truth. I would have thought that would have bonded her to Rafe forever. But I hope he stays away from her now.

    number 90 you were paying attention just fine and I agree with your comment.

  119. From patty

    Looks like what you’re all saying is it’s ok for EJ to pretend to be the nice guy to win Sami over but after that his evil side must come back as long as Sami gets down and dirty with him. A formidable force to do what, take down , blackmail and frame her own family members with the Demiras? Being a complex character is not an excuse for being ruthless and evil it doesn’t matter from which angle you look at it. Sorry but Sami and EJ are already a boring couple for many. EJ’s Mr Rogers image is boring and Sami’s jumping from man to man every second day is boring and disgusting.

  120. From Debbie

    MAB,your comment in #115 about Chad maybe finding something incriminating in Cameron’s past is right in line with my curiosity as to why Cameron mentioned his ex-girlfriend Emily recently. This may be the link to bringing Rafe’s mysterious past into the open if his Emily is the same person as Cameron’s. Sure, the ages of the two men and the timing of when they could have known her may be skewed (soap opera time is never timely with kids being SORAS’d all the time, for example) but I’ll buy the storyline if it reveals Rafe’s past to us once and for all.

  121. From Kat

    106 Michele, you deserve a “posty” for that excellent post.
    Everything you said was just spot on, and so fair and balance, and how things Really happened.
    and your follow up in 110, great.

    To me, what Rafe did in church,
    sealed the deal for me, Rafe.. Goner.
    He claimed he could not trust Sami with the Baby secret, but told Carrie…
    But here he is, in church and throws all Sami has ever confided in him, in her face, right in front of EJ… If that was not acting like
    a louse, instead of a Man…
    Sami should be done with him forever.
    I do not believe, that Rafe truly loves Sami,
    he fell in love with a married woman/Sami’s sister, and when the married woman decides to go Back to her husband, no matter the reason, she did…
    he finds himself sniffing around Sami again.. However, I think, it’s not because he loves Sami so much, it’s because He Hates EJ more…that’s the way I see it..
    Now Sami has come close with both Men, almost having sex….
    now it will be time for her to figure out
    who truly loves Her..Sami… more
    and who does she really love, not who her family loves, but Sami… like Caroline tried to tell her.

    Forget the laundry list of what both of them have done to each other, who did what first, and who was second…
    It’s a soap and it does not matter anymore, just ask fair Maggie and how she now is happy with Super Evil/deadly Crime King Victor.
    Sami and EJ need some great adventure Stories coming up, like Bo and Hope, Marlena/John used to have.
    They are meant to be a Super Couple, they have so much chemistry as characters and actors.
    They could be Tracy and Hepburn, Bogey and Bacall, you name it, they Got IT.

    Sour grapes become raisins, and then soak them in Brandy, and great stuff to bake with….
    I am just having fun, so keep your knickers (SP) on.

  122. From Kat

    Wrote two posts, got error 503.. hope at least one will come through.

  123. From Michelle

    Patty #114- considering all the crazy things Sami has done in her lifetime, I don’t think she’d be categorized as someone in her right mind. But I like her current state of mind. She send more mature.
    MAB #115 - I Agree, when EJ saw Lucas, HUD face to me said “isn’t that ironic? Its A good thing we stopped”.
    EJs change started September 26, 2011. Slowly but surely, he reached a level of maturity that surpasses his father and crazy sister. I love Kristin by the way. Lol. Kristin is the compete opposite to Eileens other character, Ashley on YnR.
    Maryl #116- EJ had definitely siren remorse fur his actions time and again. At least towards the things he had done against Sami and his kids. But he will never show remorse for his actions against Rafe because he didn’t start their war. And Erroll never acknowledge that he was wrong to go along with Sami’s jealous plans. I wonder if rafe ever asked himself “if EJ is do dangerous, enough that we have to keep Grace from him, why is Johnny still bring raised by him?”

    Thanks Leah!

    Oh and this had been bothering me, Sami definitely does not know what Gabi did, all she knew is that it was big enough for EJ to blackmail Rafe.

  124. From Maryl

    #114 patty–The fact that Rafe had no issues with Sami’s past sins makes him look like a fool also. No man in his right mind would or should want someone like her either. No one except the one that understands her dark side and loves her anyway—this man is EJ DiMera. Just as they themselves have stated, Safe fans need to let go of “Safe” and hope for a better sl for their man. IMO.

    For once the writers are getting it right with EJ/Sami. EJami fans have waited long enough to see EJ’s and Sami’s love story to evolve and happen.

    Sour grapes? Don’t know for sure, but there is something in the air from some of these blogs that smells a lot like grapes fermenting. Can smell it all the way down to Texas! lol!

  125. From Guest

    Loving days right now. I love psychopath stories and I think Nick will be a good one. There are no limits when you are a psychopath, always fun. Although I won’t like Will being the victim of Nick’s though. I’m a day ahead person. All I can say for Monday is I love Ari Zuker. She is soooo believable, her emotions so authentic I feel it through the screen. I think her new storyline could be great. Loving it all now.

  126. From Maryl

    patty –my image of Sami and EJ being a formidable force is not the same as yours–no surprise there. lol! I see them as uniting to stand up to some of the “holier than thou” hypocrits who will for sure be judging them and trying to ostracize them should they get back together.

  127. From patty

    Here we go again, blaming Rafe for Sami’s fickle heart and EJ’s dirty deeds. Again, Rafe did nothing in church or anywhere else that even comes close to the nasty things EJ or Sami have done so why even go there? Sami is a sad , untrustworthy, disloyal ,immature and selfish person who uses men and then disposes of them like yesterday’s trash when things don’t go her way. It is to men’s advantage to stay away from her. She didn’t jump from Lucas to EJ, to Rafe, to EJ, to Rafe, to EJ because of something Rafe or Lucas did that was so bad or for EJ being her perfect guy all of a sudden. She did that because she’s desperate and needy and can’t go without a man to make things better for her when she hits a bump on the road. She’s willing to have sex with all of them but her heart belongs to no one.
    Sami is , always has been and always will be her own worst enemy. Her sleeping with the devil again proves it.

  128. From Kat

    123, 124 ..Michele and Maryl,
    wow you girls are hot, kicking it into high gear.
    Everything you said, is new and looking at things from a side, none of us have looked from…

    Maryl, love your “fermenting sours grapes” comment…
    like them better made GOOD in Brandy…
    Yes IMO, there are for sure sours grapes out there,
    ever since Sami is sort of back, giving EJ a chance.
    The Same Sami was just great for Rafe before, even the would be killer… but now all of a sudden,
    some are going after her like wild… Rafe picked her, no matter what she had done. The sex they had morning . noon . and night, seemed good for him, and I think that is all they ever had..
    After Sami’s grief Sex, when she felt guilty as heck, she was not that close to him/sex… bing, he went after Carrie…
    so again IMO, Rafe never loved Sami for all the right reasons, or he would not have walked on her, when times were bad, and he did not know why/or the griefsex,
    Marriage is in good or bad times, well Sami was in a bad place, but Rafe’s feelings for her were selfish, He did not get what HE wanted……so the hell with the marriage vows.
    Yes, yes, we the viewers Know what Sami/EJ had done, but the Husband Rafe didn’t…So blaming Same for what he Did with Carrie, is no excuse at all.
    He was on his way to cheat, and he did in many ways… he fell in love with another woman, and to make it worse, his wife’s Married sister… What a guy…. give him a halo.

  129. From Kat

    Patty, how do you know that EJ and Sami are already a boring couple for many,
    the stats all over the country do not lie,
    EJ and Sami are the most popular couple, period.
    Just look on this blogsite,
    EJ and Sami’s story is on, and the numbers just go up and up, just talking about those two characters.
    Remember, back when EJ and Sami went on the run, this site went over 500.
    Doubt very much, that the numbers went through the roof, because people were bored with them.
    I am sorry, that you are bored right now, but you could be a good sport, and remember when us EJami fans had to grind through the Safe period, and we were bored stiff.
    A little give and take,could be very nice…

    Trust me, I feel your pain, been there, and so have many others….
    Things on soaps are not forever, so I am sure your turn of excitement will come again…Hopefully Rafe will find a “better” person than Sami, now that all of a sudden she is not good enough for Rafe anymore… Same Sami, same Sins, but
    wow she is not under Rafe’s Thumb anymore….

  130. From Michelle

    My last post was plagued with typos… here is the revised version
    Patty #114 – Considering all the crazy things Sami has done in her lifetime, I don’t think she’d be categorized as someone in their “right mind”. But I like her current state of mind. She seems more mature.
    MAB #115 – I agree, when EJ saw Lucas at the door, his face said to me “ Isn’t that ironic?! It’s a good thing we stopped”.
    EJ’s change started September 26, 2011, or even before that when he lost his laughable “love” Taylor. It has been a long process, but he has finally surpassed his father and crazy sister, in maturity. BTW, I love Kristin. Eileen’s portrayal of Kristin is a complete 180 from her portrayal of Ashley. Sometimes I can’t believe the same person played the two characters.
    *I wish I could forget about those God-Awful storylines of 2009-2010, but nope, they did not escape my memories. LOL
    Maryl #116 – EJ has definitely shown remorse for his actions time and again. At least towards the things he’s done against Sami and his kids. But he will never show remorse for the things he has done against Rafe, for the simple fact that he did not start their war. And Rafe will never acknowledge that he was wrong for going along with Sami’s jealous plan. I wonder if Rafe ever asked himself “If EJ is do dangerous, enough that we have to keep Grace from him, why is Johnny still being raised by him? Why is Johnny not as important as Grace?”
    Thanks Leah!
    Oh and Sami definitely does not know the details of what Gabi did this past summer. She just knows that it was big enough to have EJ blackmail Rafe about it. If EJ knows the details, that I’m not sure.

  131. From patty

    Maryl, if no man in his right mind would want to be with Sami, that means EJ is not in his right mind either or else he’d run too. As for sour grapes, you must be talking about the same smell as when Rafe and Sami were together. As a matter of fact, that is where all the blaming everything on Rafe comes from. My opinion has remained the same whether Sami is with Rafe, Lucas or with EJ so no sour grapes here. I’ve let go of Safe a long time ago, I’m a Rafe and a Lucas fan and I want them to be happy, not with Sami. Sami can be miserable with her dark and complex man or alone, either way it is what she deserves and I’m willing to bet it won’t be pretty.

  132. From Maryl

    Kat–do you have a good recipe for some German wine? We have the sour grapes in abundance, so we should be able to whip up a batch or two. We do need some cheese to go along with all this “whine”, agree? lol! Maybe we could get Mr. Rogers aka EJ DiMera to help us stomp all those sour grapes! I know, I’m living dangerously here, but if you can’t laugh at things than maybe we’re getting too serious!lol!

  133. From Cindy

    I wish the writers could come up with a better explaination of why the kids are never around now that Caroline is not a reliable babysitter. How old are they? 4 or 5 or 6? My kids never went on sleep-overs at friends at the that young of age unless it was a relative. And how do you coordinate 3 kids out of the house at the same time? And who are all these ‘friends’ that Sami would trust her kids to? She doesn’t have any friends. The only women she interacts with are ‘frienmies’.

    That is the one thing about Nichole as a mother, she never let Sydney out of her sight. Sami can’t farm hers out enough. No wonder Will has second thoughts about whether he has learned how to be a good parent.

  134. From Linda

    What sour grapes?! Rafe fans have been writing on here for quite a while now that Rafe should walk away from Sami and let EJ have her. That’s certainly how I have felt and, hopefully, now it’s going to happen. Being a Rafe fan doesn’t mean being a fan of him with Sami. I find EJ and Sami boring but at least there are other s/l’s developing that will hold my interest.

    Lovin’ Nicole! Glad Jennifer stood up to Chloe and that she told Maggie her feelings. Chloe sure had a Chessy cat smile when she suggested she move in with Dan. I’m not normally a fan of Marlena but I feel sorry for her because of Kriste0n and I felt her pain today when she said good-bye to John. At least we know he’ll be back.

    About Rafe “cheating” on Sami. Been discussed to death but I never felt it was cheating in the true sense. I never blamed Sami for him turning to Carrie but I do explain it as being due to Sami pushing him away for so long. Turn away from your spouse and refuse to discuss why and that’s what can happen. Rafe was on the rebound from Sami with Carrie. I don’t know what was going on with EJ when he cheated on Nicole with her sister, Taylor. Just the good ole’ boy falling in love with somebody else, I guess!

  135. From Dmitri

    I find Rafe and Nicole to be perfect for each other, I don’t think Sami is good enough for him. EJami is gross, they’ve hurt each other so much, and Sami is still putting him last, just using him because Rafe won’t kiss her butt. She should be with Lucas, EJ needs to be killed off or leave, I refuse to support any pairing of his anymore.

  136. From bobby

    #106 patty If I could give you a standing ovation, I would. Sadly, Sami turns to anyone that will smooth her ruffled feathers. I have admitted that I gave up. After seeing E.J. and Sami together lately-they do deserve each other. Not so much romantically-more like 2 peas in a pod.
    #112-gerri I’m afraid that Sami will learn all to quickly that once E.J. has her-he’ll go back to his old ways. Wouldn’t it be fun if Nichole’s sister (you know-his “real” soulmate) stopped in for a visit? Can’t wait to see Nichole and Kristen go at it. Brady is another that I can’t see the attraction. Just another horn-dog. He’s the male version of Sami. And John running into Kristen and then still walking away leaving Marlena at Kristen’s mercy. Real Man!! If that’s love, glad I’m not.

  137. From cathy

    I am so upset with dool again they take John(drake hogestyn)off.If they needed so get rid of someone why not marlena.I can’t stand her since she started standing up for her gay grandson.What trash tv dool has become.Without John days has nothing.So goodbye days.Cathy

  138. From gerri

    our sour grapes must taste different,from the EJ fans,as we have seen plenty,coming from that side,when they can’t say enough bad
    things about Rafe.Oh whatever!!

    Linda,you brought up a good point,about( “cheating with sisters)Guess It was somehow different,with EJ and Taylor,how much did that hurt Nicole?of course he didn’t care.

    Patty,I am so hoping,that Rafe is for sure ending things with Sami,she definetly isn’t good enough for him,and the writers will bring in someone who will deserve him.

    Don’t think this craziness will end,as Sami and EJ will need Drama,in their lives,or their S/L will become boring,and someone else,will get the spotlight,right now If Rafe wasn’t in the middle of it,it would already be rather boring,as other bloggers have said
    but really It has gone on long enough,and time to move on,Would love to see Nicole get a good S/L,
    with someone,she Is a great actress,can’t wait to see the action between her and Kristen,on monday!

  139. From Maryl

    The difference between Safe and EJami fans in regards to Sami is this–we have always known what Sami is and how she operates but when Safe had her in Rafe’s world, they made her out to be this changed and “good” girl just because of her being with Rafe. He supposedly changed her into this new Sami. We felt it wouldn’t last long and it didn’t. Not a realistic vision of our Sami. She was trying to be someone else. We pointed out all her faults and shortcomings back then to validate the fact that she was not any better or different than EJ and deep down was still the old Sami hidden from Rafe. She tried so hard to live up to his expectations, and even now if she was back with him, that’s what she would have to do to keep him happy. Question is–would she be happy being someone she is not.

    I wouldn’t quite call EJ crazy for wanting Sami in his life because the difference between Rafe and him is he doesn’t care about her dark side –he knows her like a book and loves her anyway. He understands her. Like the saying, “fools rush in where wise men fear to thread, but wise men never fall in love so how are they to know?” Rafe on the other hand, really wants someone more like Carrie or maybe now it will be Hope. We know how different Sami is from these gals! That’s why Rafe would be crazy to want her and think he could change her.

    Sami operates on emotions. They take over her ability to reason and see things clearly. Because she is so highly emotional, she goofs up a lot and makes wrong choices too hastily. She needs to slow down and think things through.

  140. From patty

    #134 Linda and #136 bobby, you are both absolutely right, most of us didn’t want Rafe with Sami anymore, even when they were together about to make love(like two days ago) because we knew it wasn’t real and that Rafe deserved better and we expressed that. I also don’t remember any Rafe fans using the term” sour grapes” when some threaten to quit the show, trashed the writers and blamed Rafe because they weren’t getting their EJami. But I got a good recipe for crow pie.
    #129 Kat, I have said before that I don’t believe in numbers and polls and that hasn’t changed . I also appreciate your concern about my pain but I don’t feel any. I’m just glad Rafe isn’t under Sami’s thumb anymore, now she will continue ruining her kid’s lives and go on to crush EJ’s nutsack and live miserably ever after.
    I am totally saddened that John and Brady have become such pathetic men. Go father Eric! Loved when he threw his color down. Hope Nicole’s plan works but it probably won’t because Kristen is such a slimy reptile. It should be fun to watch tho.

  141. From Jen

    I always take spoilers from this site with a grain of salt. They tend to embellish things and then some turn out false because of it. Basically this is part spoilers & part speculation.

    All of our spoilers come directly from the studio. None are embellished and none have ever turned out to be false. I can assure you of this. Admin

  142. From Kat

    Lordy, let me get my violin out, all you Rafe sister sound alike,
    for a boring, clotzy, boring, dishonest, bullish, cheating husband, and Man….
    I would, if I lived in Salem, take EJ anytime before I give Rafe the phony another look.
    You treat EJ right, he will treat you right, and he always has done that,
    until he got crossed by the women in his life.
    Well nobody has to believe in polls, but they are out there, and usually right, doesn’t matter, nobody has to believe that the sun comes up everyday, whether we see her or not, like on a cloudy day, but
    our Sun is there….
    Remember ladies, this on here is meant to be friendly bickering, so let’s not loose site of that…

    On the rumor mill, just read,
    Kate’s cancer back. also Bill Horton will be by her side in time of need.

    Gaby’s baby will be lost, or will it go the Same Route as EJ/Nicole’s son….
    and is Nick involved in that Baby stuff with Cameron.

    EJ/Nicole baby is alive….
    Rex and Cassie will return…

    138 gerri, so we have Grape farmers on both sides, so what, but it is EJ/Sami time,
    so be gracious and let Us have some enjoyment time…
    It’s not nice to be selfish, my Mommy told me…. LOL
    132 Maryl, please invite all of us from both sides, to come down to your “Scum Pond” where EJ lives, did I get that right Patty,,,
    and we can stomp some grapes together and have fun. EJ and Rafe can join us, and maybe we can all remind each other,
    that at the end of the Day, all this should be in good fun, no feelings should get hurt,
    and we should laugh about our getting so silly about fictional characters….

    Long live EJ and Sami, the most popular couple on screen, and may poor Rafe find some great love soon, and the same for poor Lucas.
    Sami must have something very special, let’s face it .. those guys keep coming back for more all the time. Lucas has been at it for 20 years,
    and Rafe, well he is not totally done yet IMO…
    Sami whatever you’ve, Bottle it and Sell it, you could be rich…..

    Have not watched today’s yet, later.

    Maryl, again you are so right, We have known who and what Sami is for 20 years now,
    and some just got it a while back…..
    loved her when her and Rafe were together… wow….

  143. From Kat

    Today’s show, Eric to Brady, how can you be with Kristin, she tried to kill our Mother..Marlena,
    dah, Brady could come right back and say, how can you be with Nicole.. and we know sooner or later he will… She tried to kill my Grandfather Victor.Why is everybody to over bent out of shape, that Kristin tried to Kill Marlena, when so many in this town have tried to kill each other.
    What makes Marlena so ueber more important than anybody else..
    Eric is a bit hypocritical, he is willing to give people of his choice a second chance, and that is where it stops.
    So far Kristin really is not any worse than Sami and Nicole,
    Kristin might end up working in a convent someday and be totally remorseful, like Nicole is right now.Sami and Nicole both tried to kill somebody, they both have plotted and lied to get their ways,so they fit right in with Kristin.
    I think John needs to straighten out his head and heart about Kristin, to me he looks mighty confused about where he stands…
    Nicole is right, Jennifer is the boring one, maybe we could put her with Rafe, and they both can sit together and watch the grass grow.

  144. From patty

    My last post meant to say collar, not color.
    Actually Maryl, Sami’s relationship with Rafe was the longest one she ever had and it was also the happiest she ever was, that is the change you saw in her. He brought out the best in her and EJ brings out the worst, her dark side. Now EJ has to change into a “good guy” and be someone he’s not to be with her but he has to because the real him won’t last very long with Sami, he never does. This will actually be their first relationship ever, if it even happens so there is no way to know how long this unrealistic version of EJ will last.

  145. From Leah

    Gerri read the posts…. it sure sounds like sour grapes to me.
    As I said some of you will never cut EJ, Ejami or THEIR fans a break. It seems even when being good and doing the right thing some posters will continually look for simply what is not there. I repeat EJ, Ejami and their fans it seems will be damned if we do and damned if we don’t. And that is a conclusion I have come to from how others have posted on here. I think their posts speak for themselves. It is almost like when they know EJ is on they sit there with a note pad and analyse his every action, thought and words. I think its rather pathetic because its these same people who claim to hate EJ and hate Sami. So why so much energy, effort and time focussing on them then? The two don’t gel or make any sense to me. I also agree with Kats above comment on this matter.

  146. From Leah

    # 115 MAB I’m with you EJ + Sami = HOT, HOT, HOT! SIZZLING!
    Their “interaction” etc is more authentic and real and less acted. You see the raw attraction they have for each other. Sami and EJ going at it, Sami jumping up into EJs arms with her legs wrapping around him and him leading her to couch. Even when EJ put a holt to the proceedings it was all very real. Sami undoing his belt, him grabbing it and then regrettably saying “I can’t do this.” And then Samis bewildered, puzzled look and then the getting dressed afterwards. Ejami always knock it out of the park. No wonder many in soap circles believe/consider their love making scene in May 2008 as the BEST nap scene ever on a Daytime soap. All more sincere than any Safe scene I’ve seen. Safe had to overact to try and get some fizzle. All the noises, grunts, moans, grabbing etc etc just came off as a little too try hard.

  147. From voiceofreason

    LOL at Matt’s Musings, when speaking of Sami and EJ: “It was like being with RoboRafe only with less personality and no sense of humor.”

  148. From gerri

    yes we are ladies,watching this
    fictional show,and we should never be nasty to esch other,and I give you,that you can be funny with your responses.(which Is good)…

    Leah#144….I do read the posts(all of them)and this is how I can say “”"”Sour Grapes”"”"from both sides!!and if you can,t see It,
    then It’s because you choose not to….or either It,s you not reading all the posts.but hey your choice…..

    I think that It,s EJ AND Rafe,s characters,that we are directing our remarks to,rather than which one Sami Is sleeping with at the time..

  149. From patty

    And he goes on VOR, “EJ did his best impersonation of Rafe when he defended Samanther to Rafael”. Gotta love Matt!

  150. From Leah

    Also just feel I want to add here… I DON’T HATE the character Rafe. Believe me I’m being honest and sincere when I state that. Anyone I know will tell you I am an upfront, honest, tell it as it is person. Something you will all have to take my word on as you dont personally know me.
    EJ and Sami are my two favourite characters. I like them BECAUSE of their imperfections! Yes they both done despictable things and despictable things to each other. There is just no getting around that. But the thing I find endearing about both of them is…. they are both live wires. They react to things first (which usually makes them do the wrong thing) and think about it later. Usually as the dust has settled they both think about it and they are remorseful and regretful for their actions. We’ve seen EJ and Sami both try hard to make amends for their mistakes. We’ve seen both EJ and Sami apologise to each other and others for their mistakes. To me it draws me to them and their imperfections. Whereas Rafe has NEVER done this. When have we seen never Rafe ever admit fault? Admit he’s done the wrong thing? Never seen Rafe show regret. Suggest that maybe he wasn’t wise for participating or contributing to something he shouldn’t have. When have we ever seen Rafe eat humble pie? Never to my recollection. Yes Rafe has done plenty of wrong (assaulthing Chad at the church recently for speaking the truth is just his latest incident) but when does he ever go back and apologise? NEVER. Sami herself said to EJ in September “You know Rafe, he does all the talking. When he speaks hes gunna make sure you listen. He never thinks he is wrong.” And thats coming from the woman who was married to him! That is what turns me off his character. It comes across as being arrogant, as being a bully, as being smug and self righteous. I can’t find anything endearing about it. That in a nutshell is what puts me off his character. I think if the writers would change that I might feel different. Eating humble pie goes along way sometimes. Any way I don’t hate Rafe…. just his behaviour!

  151. From Debbie

    As much as I’ve never liked Marlena, it was heartbreaking to see her begging John not to leave and how coldly he responded to her. Even though he’s justified in feeling hurt that she didn’t trust him enough to repel Kristen due to her insecurity, he’s more angry because she didn’t tell him of Brady’s involvement with Kristen and that’s something she’ll have to suck up being a mother herself. Still hard to watch though. I wonder what the show plans to do with John’s character now.

    And since when did the Catholic church allow priests to wear wedding bands? Did anyone else notice Father Matt’s gold band on his left hand when he sat down to talk with Nicole? Seems the prop department dropped the ball on this one if Ralph Waite was supposed to have removed his own wedding ring for his scenes. No big deal to me really…just an observation.

  152. From Clear

    Nuns wear bands symbolizing marriage to the church don’t they? Did you know Canadian priests can be married?

    Today, Rafa’s character really turned me off. He has said bad things to Sami and about her. EJ knows her and loves her anyway. Let EJ have her, but he will never control her.

    John could have taken Marlena with him. I wanted to slap him silly when he was giving reasons for leaving that made no sense. He was the one who disrespected Marlena by not believing her and standing by her!

  153. From patty

    Clear, to my knowledge, Canadian priests can’t get married. If they do, it is only after leaving the priesthood or if they are not Catholic. Catholic priests can’t get married in Canada.
    Leah, we have seen Rafe apologize plenty. He just did to Will, he’s also admitted to his sister that he was wrong about helping Nicole hide her baby, he has acknowledged his part in his marriage falling apart plenty of times. He doesn’t have to apologize for trying to stop evil or for protecting people from evil. He could probably teach a few things to EJ and Sami about humility. They might show remorse for two seconds and then they go right back to repeating the same sins and mistakes over again.
    Chad got what he deserved for calling Rafe’s sister a whore. And Sami saying Rafe does all the talking? What a joke! That is only when she can shut up long enough for him or anyone else to put a word in edgewise.

  154. From Linda

    So some didn’t like Sami with Rafe because they say she changed too much when she was with him in order to please him. (Which I totally disagree with. I felt that was the happiest time of her life and that calmed her down.) But anyway, now EJ has supposedly done himself a make over in order to win Sami but EJ fans think that’s ok. Hmmm. Why would you want EJ to change? But I don’t think his makeover will last and that’s what will spoil Ejami. Sami is a nut case and has done bad things but she’s not bad to the core like EJ. If he really has changed, then I’ll give him credit but I don’t believe it until I see it. And what I’ve seen so far doesn’t prove it.

    I agree with Barb’s post #111 about EJ, and also that Rafe is my own favorite man on Days and I hope he’s truly done with Sami. Bo used to be my favorite but he’s gone now.

  155. From Linda

    P.S., Years ago John was always my favorite man on Days but he’s sure been a disappointment to me this time around. What are the writers thinking?!

  156. From Debbie

    Clear, I’m not Catholic so I’m not aware of what jewelry the clergy is allowed to wear, hence my question. But thanks to anyone who clarifies this as I just thought it was an oversight of the prop department.

  157. From Janiebell

    John is still super if he only had a good storyline.
    Rafe deserves better than Nacole; better Rafe should be with Sammi.

  158. From grandma to many

    well here we go so Dr. Cameron is working for Stephano and Nicole’s baby is alive just as some of us suspected I feel like Kristen may be aware of this but not so sure EJ is wait a minute did I just say something half way nice about EJ ?well I guess there is a first time for everything ! watch out Gabi and Will ! Nick is becoming even more devious and I think Rafe is starting to be concerned Sami just may get exactly what she deserves EJ

  159. From Maryl

    patty #143 It’s too bad that wonderful change Rafe made in Sami while they were married wasn’t for real. Didn’t last long at all before she needed to bounce with EJ and come undone. Just goes to show what was seething beneath that “little Miss Sunshine” personality she put on for Rafe.

    The new version of EJ or Sami may not be so unrealistic. They can just continue to be themselves—no change really necessary–they understand each other completely. I doubt EJami fans think EJ or Sami will ever be “goody-two-shoes” and “Dudley Do-Right”. Personally, I’m only hoping that the stupid stuff they do (thanks to bad writing) is no longer part of their script. What I’m hoping to see is a good change in both of them where the children are concerned. I still see Johnny’s little face in the window of the pub on Christmas watching his mommy and daddy kiss. It was so wistful–it really pulled on my heartstrings.

    James Scott was able to convince all his audience that he was this evil DiMera–then he started to convince us that there was more to EJ then he lets the outside world see. This was when I got on board with EJ. He first made us hate/dislike EJ. Then he started to work on those who can see the color grey and he succeeded in getting empathy from a large portion of his audience. His character created a split fan base–those who still despise him and those who see the hidden man behind the DiMera facade. Now he has another acting challenge facing him–to convincingly portray that man that has been hidden beneath the DiMera name and let the world see him for who he really is and wants to be. He could come across stronger than ever. The same goes for Sami’s character. I think both actors are more than capable of accomplishing this. A large part of their success will lie in the writers’ hands and we know how that can go.IMO.

  160. From Maryl

    Debbie #150–Some Catholic priest do wear a ring to symbolize their marriage to the church. Most of this is done by priest who belong to a certain order, such as the Franciscan Order. Most nuns wear rings that symbolize that they are brides of Christ. I remember all the nuns who taught me, had plain silver/gold bands on the “wedded” finger. I can’t remember seeing a ring on any of the priest from my parish–perhaps some years ago which I probably would have been too small to remember or notice.
    Hope that answers your question. Maybe Father Matt is a!

  161. From Kat

    Warning, this is a poll…..

    TV Scource magazine,
    covers TV shows and all current Soaps on the air.

    Actor….1 EJ
    4 Eric
    8 Rafe……..

    Actress 1 Sami
    4 Nicole
    8 Chloe

    Couples 1 EJ and Sami
    5 Eric and Nicole
    8 Dan and Jen
    9 Rafe and Sami

    This is not best Actor awards etc.
    just popularity for the week…

    EJ and Sami are holding their own for so many, many weeks now..
    Wow, looks like Rafe finally made it into the top 10 category.

    Congrats. to all the great characters on DOO.

  162. From Barb

    Doesn’t matter about polls. Rafe is my number 1 guy on Days. I only hope when EJ’s true personality surfaces again that Rafe doesn’t take Sami back.

  163. From Kat

    correction, of course it should say DOOL, but you knew that…
    Patty, looks like you might be saying prayers for Rafe, he is moving on up…

  164. From Kat

    161 Barb, doubt that Sami will go back to Rafe, now that She has seen true character, and the way He betrayed Her confidences….

    Rafe being your No. 1 that is just fine by me, you are a loyal fan,
    just thought I share what the rest of the people out there like.
    GH’s Lulu and Dante are always very close with EJ and Sami.
    All of our DOOL characters face some tough competition out there among all the fine actors in all the other soaps.

    So like or not any of them, they deserve some Kudos period, let’s not have any sour grapes about that, and being gracious about things is just the American Way, IMO.
    If Rafe or any other character on DOOL climbs to No. 1, I’ll be more than willing to tip my hat to them,
    I grew up, being a good sport, and I have always taught my kids and now my grandson, what it is really all about…
    Don’t be a petty looser, it shows how small you are….
    I am beginning to think, that maybe Father Eric is in the wrong profession.
    He seems to be a little personal, about choosing which Sinner he will spend time help them….

    Kristin and Brady, should be on his list, to talk to, counsel or something. But no, he gets all personal, because his Mommy is involved.
    A man of the cloth, should be able to put that aside…When Eric enters the church, or whatever, he should be able to put all his worldly personal feelings aside, and be able to minister to anybody, no matter how big the SIN.

    To me he seems to be taken sides a bit to much..

    He sure is going out of his way for Nicole, a criminal in her own right.

    Also, I was a bit disappointed that he did not stand up, after Chad answered His Question, to state, Well I did ask, didn’t I.
    Sure Chad should not have called Gaby a Whore, but I guess in his mind he assumed that Andrew, her employee in the crimes committed, was also the Father of her Baby…. Seemed logical….

    So again, I think, Father Eric is not going to make it as a Priest to long, for various reason, to come to the screen in this show before long. You can already see the build up, is not objective enough to be a Priest.
    Father Matt and Father Mash, I am sure will be starting to notice little things soon,
    and it should turn into an interesting SL for all of us to watch and discuss.
    If they handle it half as good as the gay SL,
    there will be another winner.

    Also read, that in the last few weeks, DOOL had it’s highest viewership in a long, long time… People seem to like all the SL’s,
    hope it will continue….

  165. From Lady

    I don’t watch DOOL to watch sex scenes. ———- And one more thing, she swears a lot I would like the administrator to try to have her tone it down. I love that Nicole will get her baby finally! I hope Rafe doesn’t run back to Sami when EJ dumps her for Nicole. He does not deserve her! Nick is a loose cannon. And any of you who even try to compare EJ’s sins to Rafe’s and say Rafe has done more bad things…..well you are ————. There is NO comparison. So Cameron is following in EJ’s footsteps. What a loser clan. If I never saw EJ on this show again it would be fine!

    Please read our guidelines before you post again. Please do not bash posters on this site. Everyone is welcomed to post here whether or not they like Rafe or EJ, neither or both. Please learn this before you post again:

    1. Abuse: Flaming of actors or posters will not be tolerated – whether it be acting or physical appearance, profanity, racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual-orientation slurs. Character bashing in a thread that clearly says “no bashing” is not allowed, but in other threads you are free to state your dislike for a character. We do not allow sexually-oriented material, nude avatars, or any other offensive material on the site or in email to staff of the site. We reserve the right to edit or remove postings that go against the abuse guidelines. We encourage you to use constructive criticism and tact. You are welcome to voice your opinion and debate/ argue the point, however, don’t argue with the poster!

    If you think someone swears a lot and if it is against guidelines then please send the URL, the infraction and the name of the person along with the post number and we will look into it.

  166. From Maryl

    Kat–I read the same thing about Days having the highest total of viewers during the week of January 14 since two years ago. The excitment has been stirred up by the wedding gone to pot and the Rafe/Sami and EJ situation experiencing a big change. This has obviously turned viewers on. Just think, I was really considering giving up on the show because it had started to look like it was going to go backward again with the EJ/Sami Sl. The writers have now reeled me back in for sure! Kat–you can say I told you so. lol!

    I would like to see more happen with Nicole and Eric because I think there is a potential for a great sl for them. I also think the Gabi/Nick SL is going to keep us on the edge of our seats. Blake plays Nick perfectly as a pyscho. The only Sls right now that make me want to do the fast forward, is the continuing saga of Doc. Dan and his women. Not too fond of the Kristin/Brady mess either, however, if Nicole starts going after Kristin and Stefano comes back, I will probably get on board. I’m just tired of Brady and Kristin’s sexcapades going on and on like the EveryReady bunnies! These, of course, are only my opinions. And I have to add that I don’t expect all the sls to draw me in. That’s expecting a lot. It is nice, however, to be able to enjoy more than one sl going on.

    Tomorrow my husband and I are taking the grandkids to the beach to fly kites so that’s my blogging for this week–I have blabbed enough for one

  167. From K

    Who really cares about Sami/Rafe/EJ storyline. This is the main reason I got enough sense and stopped watching Days. If others would follow, you would be glad you did.

    That being said,Sami uses men to get her needs met, nothing more nothing less. She is incapable of loving any one man and probably revels in the fact of them fighting over her. In this regard she is worse than Kristen. Too bad EJ and Rafe are still falling for her charms. At least Lucas had the sense to drop her.

    I used to like Sami, now I don’t. Her anger towards Gabi shows how hypocritical she is. Does she not remember how she treated Austin, Carrie and Lucas, or how she went alter ego Stan to get back at those she thought wronged her, and got John addicted to drugs?

    Too bad NBC won’t can Sami, but with Alison Sweeney bringing so much exposure to NBC, that is not going to happen. Too bad, Days would be a better show if Sami would just go away

    Rant Over.

  168. From Dave

    … [Trackback]…

    [...] Informations on that Topic: [...]…

  169. From Debbie

    #159 Maryl, thanks so much for your answer to my inquiry! I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned about things not connected with the show. lol

  170. From missy

    ej would never had kidnapped syd if sami would have told him she was pregnant….. then he heard her and rafe talking about keeping syd from him…. that is what you get….as far as nick he is up to something, he wants to much to be the father of gabi’s baby,,, is he and cam working together? i think cam is probley a dimera since we dont know who is father is… hopefully abby doesnt sleep with him before finding out… chad needs to tell abby about gabi, i like these 2 together, kinda like bo and hope, bad boy, good girl… i love nicole and rafe together, i always wanted her with brady but i really like the chemistry between her and rafe.. and as always GO EJAMI……

  171. From Mopyca

    I like Nicole with Rafe, too. I never thought she and Brady had any chemistry, not ever. Even when Brady was played by Kyle Lowder (this doesn’t mean I see the actual married real-life couple the same way at all). It’s just that Nicole stormed and mostly forced herself in when Chloe and Brady were still in a great position to continue their wonderful soulmateship after such a long and fabulous build up. Whereas, the Nicole and Brady’s initial union was fast, shallow, and cheap. I never could warm up to them, after that. Plus, they’ve totally and completely destroyed the Brady character beyond redemption into some brainless, walking hard-on… I mean… zombie.

    But, I like Rafe and Nicole. I don’t know exactly what it is, but something about the pair works. They’re both not exactly who they’re supposed to be. Nicole’s not entirely a bad girl, and Rafe’s not entirely always a good guy. But, they both look out for each other, accept each other, and see the positive in one another. Rafe has fire in him, you can see it. It may come out in sparks here and there as arrogance right now, but I think Nicole is just the woman to hone in on that fire and bring it out of him in the form of true passion. Now, THAT would be sexy!

  172. From jolie

    #87 Kat, nothing wrong with the couch but gee whiz it would get nasty in a hurry if Sami had had sex with Rafe then Elvis on it. I once offered my living room couch for all my friends to come over to have sex on it. I was divorcing a cheating husband and I was leaving the couch to him. How fitting!
    #91 Maryl, looked to me like Sami was ready to hike them for Rafe as well. Our gal is so confused. Lucas said it all when he told her love was not enough. It never has been for Sami. Bless her heart, she’ll be the ruin of Elvis.
    #96 Sandygram, I agree that Chad is sincere. I wonder why the writers are pushing he and Cameron together? Perhaps Chad will rush to rescue Abigail from Cameron at some point since we hear now that he is a Dimera operative in the babyblackmarket. And poor Nick is coming unglued at the seams, Cameron throws down on Chad for overhearing privileged info then leaves the door open for the sonogram…did we not learn anything?? So will Gabster’s babe really die or will this be an in to investigate the abduction/switch or whatever happened to Nicole’s baby?? I agree also that Elvis is a very calculated person with calculated actions. He was trained that way. He can’t help it. It is his mojo or SOP. Not that it is a bad thing but it is just how he rolls. Others fly by night or the seat of their pants, think Bo, and it serves them as well.
    #99 Kat, I don’t think it would be Elvis who was called names for having sex on Samanther’s couch but rather Sami herself. Bless his heart but Elvis will not escape her this time. I know you want to see them together but she’ll make him at least a nervous wreck before it is over or much worse. But that might not be bad for him if he likes it and doesn’t start biting his nails over it.
    #101 Michelle, I don’t agree with all you have to say but a good post.
    #107 Leah, I am with you. I think Nicole could give Kristen a run for her money but will this be a one off or will they butt heads a bit in the future?
    #110 Michelle, I think I see what you are getting at but Sami was away from her family so she came back with Baby Grace saying she had adopted her. No one really knew she left pregnant by Elvis with Sidney. Nicole found out and worked it all to her advantage thru the fabled and much missed Dr. Dick who we apparently have forgiven (I know I have, crazy yes). But with Sami, it would not have mattered what anyone said to her as advice, she’d have chosen her path and plowed a crooked row.
    #113 Mopy I so agree with you on the Safe/Ejami story. Yawn and I am so tired of it. Like the Gabs baby story. But this has become the common thread in DOOL writing so we are served up a new batch of old stew. I think you are right about Nick. Or did he fall a little in love with some guy in the slammer because he needed someone to rely on and it has terrified him that it might come out. Maybe that is his aversion to homosexuality…he is scared because he participated and is now afraid it will define him. That is why he is pushing for a wife and family to prove to himself that he is not homosexual? If it were not Gabs, it could have been anyone else who crossed his path with no self-esteem. And you are right on in your description of him. He is a bit devious to watch.
    #126 Maryl, Elvis and Sami better have more to do than stand up to hypocrites in Salem if they are to be entertaining. The fact that most couples on the show are not happy for long (just look at Bo and Hope or John and Marlena over the past few years) because it is more dramatic when there is tension, secrets to lie about, backstabbing to be done. If the writers are going there, they better have some story lined up for them. That way, I can’t think that anyone (myself included) would have a problem with the pairing. Right now I am not feeling it but trying not to think about it so I don’t cross into past sins!
    #130 Elvis knew what Gabi did to Melanie from Chad. Sami mentioned that Gabi did something to Melanie or some sort of comment that caused many to think that she knew as well around the time she was popping off to Gabi in the dreadful aftermath of the perfect wedding. Not sure if the writers thought that one thru. Will did not know or at least it was never revealed that he did. Gabi did tell Nick. Justin knew because he was going to lawyer for her.
    #136 Bobby, we did hear that Taylor would come floating back into town with her scarf in tow for some kind of story with Nicole. Wonder if she’ll cross Elvis’ path while in town? I hope she does cross Sami’s when Sami is with Elvis. Now that might be worth watching.
    #147 Voiceofreason, you don’t often say much but you often say a tremendously large amount.
    We still have the back and forth and will always on Elvis good or bad and with or without Sami. The one factor that isn’t in place now is Fatha. If he comes riding back into town and blesses the couple…look out Elvis as Fatha will have Samanther kidnapped and cloned or Johnbrained or whatever is his latest technique he has been studying feverishly in Europe lately because he will never accept a Brady in the family. If he is against the union of the couple, they might see a bit more mileage but Sami’s constant haranguing against Stefano will wear thin on Elvis. Or it could be some other scenario. Stefano may have to enlist Elvis, Marlena, Sami, John to eventually rein in Kristen. She will be the wild card this year. She will not capitulate to Stefano’s rules of behavior or plans. She is the wild bull in the china shop.

  173. From MAB

    Friday, I felt so sorry for Marlena, grabbing John from behind. She was so hurt. I get John’s doubts in all this, but he shouldn’t be leaving Salem. What they should do is show a united front, but I guess that wouldn’t work in the writer’s plans to allow Kristen to continue her scheming. I can’t wait until he returns, and Kristen gets hers, but I’d rather see Brady come to his senses and be the one to take her down. Loved Eric telling Brady off, and what he needed to hear, even tho he refuses too comprehend. Then he goes and sees Marlena in tears over John. When will he wake up?!

    I cannot wait to see Nicole take on Kristen today. These scenes should rock!

    When Sami turned her attention back to Rafe, Safe fans were right back on their bandwagon. Now that she’s turned her attention back to EJ, she’s trash again, and Rafe doesn’t deserve her. Sour grapes, fickleness, or whatever you wanna call it, it exists for those who jump back & forth. EJami fans remain loyal & stable, and have supported them even when they weren’t together. Just another difference…

    Whoopee, Sami turned away from Rafe after she slept w/ EJ. That was no reason for Rafe to turn away from Sami and fall for her sister. And it wasn’t a rebound, he was in love w/ Carrie, and was gonna be w/ her, if not for her going back to Austin after getting pregnant. Also, what about Rafe turning away from Sami in the beginning because he would never tell her about his past, and still hasn’t? He left Sami over it, which should’ve told her something back then.

    I think Nicole already has a good SL. She is clawing her way back from being at rock bottom, and has begun a SL w/ Eric. There’s no reason to rush it since she is still reeling from what she went thru, and he’s a priest. I think this is another SL that will slowly build, like EJ & Sami, one that will be worth the wait, and very interesting & romantic.

    Where Rafe is concerned, I call it like I see it, always have. He’s smug, self-righteous, and a bully for the most part, and if he’d ever show remorse for his actions, or apologize once in a while, I would give him more credit. But I also can admit, he does have his good moments too, but problem is they are too few and far between. But I call them too, and give him credit when it is warranted. Again, that is & always will be the difference in EJ fans & Rafe fans. They never give EJ credit when it is due, rather turn everything he does into a negative, while constantly brining up ancient history from his past that has been long ago resolved by the characters themselves.

    I doubt EJ will be killed off or leave anytime soon, especially since James Scott is one of the most popular actors in daytime!

    Hmm, Rafe brought out the best in Sami and EJ brings out the dark side. HA! When she was w/ Rafe, she still schemed & plotted…she shot EJ, kept EJ’s kids from him (w/ Rafe’s help), went against Rafe’s sister Arianna (which Rafe went along with), and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Even tho Rafe controlled her throughout their marriage, Sami still did dastardly things. I don’t call that bringing out the best in someone. Rafe wore her down, and changed her into someone unrecognizable. Sami’s most revealing best of herself has been since EJ’s been back in her life. She is maturing, being a better mother, and working! She is being her own person for a change, and EJ allows her to do that, be herself. And EJ isn’t changing into a “good guy”. He is just being a better father, and better man for Sami…a man she can finally depend on.

    NO EJ fan has uttered a word about wanting EJ to change completely. That is what you Rafe fans keep talking about, how he’s changed into (what are you calling him now) Mr. Rogers??? All EJ has done is tried to be a better man for Sami & a better father to his kids. That is not changing into Mr. Rogers, that’s just making an adjustment (or improvement) to the man he already is, and that has always been in him. He’s shown it before w/ Sami & Nicole, until they deceived him and ruined things, causing him to do the things he did. This EJ fan is just fine w/ him the way he is. As I’ve said many times before, he can be the better man for Sami, but still be EJ DiMera!

    Will is the one who apologized to Rafe, all Rafe did was succumb to the situation. If he really wanted to apologize to Will, he would’ve told him the horrible things he said/thought about him, and apologized for that. Also, telling your sister you’re sorry for the Nicole baby’s situation isn’t apologizing to the people who he did it to.

    Kat, Maryl, Michelle, Leah – great posts as usual, and instead of pointing out all of your spot on comments, I’ll just say I agree!

    Lady – REMOVED BY ADMIN. I have already taken care of this issue. Please read our guidelines and note that your backlash against this person was actually worse than what she said to you. This is how these big arguments grow. Rise above it and let it go. I’ll be removing any posts regarding that one post from this point onward.

  174. From MAB

    Nope, Chad did not tell EJ what Gabi did to Melanie, nor did anyone tell Sami. If they did, it was played out off screen where we didn’t see it. The only people who knows for sure is Gabi, Chad, Melanie, Nick, Justin (and now Sonny because Chad did tell him).

    EJ won’t have a problem w/ Sami being against Stefano, and EJ will go along w/ it. There is no doubt EJ & Stefano’s relationship forever changed after what Ian did, and now EJ knows he doesn’t need his father’s approval anymore. And he also knows he can make it w/o his father, and do things his way. With that said, EJ won’t completely turn on his family, as he has already made clear to Sami. He’s already told her she has to accept him for who he is, and that is a DiMera. And apparently she is having no problem w/ that whatsoever at this time. But there is no doubt they’re gonna have their ups & downs, that’s inevitable to happen, but this time I think it’s for real for them, as a couple. If the writers do it right, they have the potential of being one of the most interesting & romantic soap couples ever!

  175. From MAB

    Ok EJami fans, I don’t normally post spoilers, but I had to post this one. Next week, EJ & Sami finally make love!

  176. From patty

    I would like to make a little correction here if I may. EJ does know about what Gabi did. Chad told him but EJ immediatly ran with it to blackmail Rafe to stay away from Sami. Chad was very upset at EJ for doing that. Sami and Will I think don’t know the whole story.

  177. From Linda

    #177 patty, you are correct about Chad telling EJ what Gabi did to Melanie. And then, yes, Chad was upset with EJ for what he did with the info.

    Kudos to Admin. in #165 and #173.

    I was disappointed with Nicole’s encounter with Kristen today. Not really all that much to it. Brady interrupted before it became more interesting. And I’d say Kristen won this round, and it appears from spoilers that Nicole won’t do so well with the next round, either. Hope was comical trying to convince Jennifer to go for it with Daniel. Ciara was onscreen for too short a time. How adorable! Gee, wonder how Jennifer liked Chloe’s great legs?!

  178. From MAB

    More of the EJ & Sami spoiler – Rafe tells EJ that he and Sami planned to reunite before their fallout. Instead of driving EJ and Sami apart, it only brings them closer after a heartfelt conversation. Rafe shows up to argue with Sami again about Gabi, and after he leaves, Sami tells EJ that she now sees both men for who they really are and adds that it makes her choice clear. She kisses EJ and they begin to make love.

  179. From voiceofreason

    Is it just me or does Salem hospital have the worst security in the entire world? I don’t even want to imagine how many HIPAA violations they incur on a daily basis.

    Also, can someone please explain to me, if spoilers are correct, how in the world cameron was able to take Nicole’s baby? That procedure isn’t a 5 minute deal, not to mention that someone would have seen somebody coming out with a baby. I get that it’s a soap opera, but is it too much to ask not to have them insult intelligence like they do?

  180. From jolie

    #177 Patty, I fully agree but was not going to argue with anyone on it. Chad was indeed upset with Elvis for using the info to blackmail. This was also a debated point here as to whether Elvis was scheming to get Sami and of course we all know he is not as their love is as natural as the sun coming up in the West and frogs jumping backwards. Just not as much fun.

  181. From MAB

    Admin, sorry, but I don’t understand how her post was allowed to remain on here for 3 days for everyone to read, w/o it being removed, or anything said to her. Nothing was removed or said until I responded today, which IMO is a little too late. Maybe I shouldn’t have responded to her, but who can blame me when I have to once again defend myself from such nasty, personal remarks, and it is those types of posts that start the arguments, not mine. Sorry, but that is hard to rise above & let go. I know your guidelines, and I try to follow them, but these personal attacks continue to happen??? And even tho I do not feel what I said to her was worse than what she said to me, not even close, I understand why you removed my response to her.

  182. From Linda

    #181 jolie, you got it, girl!! What a way with words!!

  183. From Nicole

    You sure would think this was Sami/Ej/Rafe show.
    Sami can have her abuser and Ej his murder.It will not be the least bit surprising when Sami runs back to Rafe,though.Or even Lucus.

  184. From Leah

    I give up! With some people there is NO reasoning with them. I admit I’m an Ejami fan. I admit I don’t like Rafes character (notice I said don’t like not hate. Reasons outlined above). I admit I hate Safe together (biggest mismatch on Days for a while. And no people Rafe didn’t change Sami he just went along with all her plans and schemes. Sami changed him! How weak! Especially for a man who wears a badge).
    The reasoning I was trying to get across for my reactions to Rafe seems to fall on deaf ears. I don’t get it. Yet repeatedly vulgar remarks are continually made about EJ. Whats with some people? Don’t get it, especially when as we all clearly laugh and state…. its a soap, its fiction! Anyway I’ve had enough of trying to explain and bring reason to some. I’m just gunna make my comments and be done with it all. IF it was interesting, fair, reasonable debate… that I’m up for but not this childish bickering.

  185. From Leah

    It will be nice to see Nicole as a mother (if as spoilers suggest her child is alive). But rather than it being her and EJs I was wishing it would be a child she had from her past. That the child be grown up and either Bradys, Erics or Victors. I reckon having them as the father would be much more appealing than EJ. A) We see EJ already as a father figure on screen. B) I think Nicole is completely better off without EJ in her orbit in any way, shape or form!
    Will be disappointed if its EJ but happy for Nicole if its one of the others. Ejami may make love next week but spoilers could be right… Ejole may end up together by Valentines this its EJs. Bbbooo!
    So Rafe is climbing the ladder now on TV source magazine. Notice it is only when his bad side comes out he goes up the ranks. Seems like some out there must like the bad boy than the good. LOL

  186. From MAB

    I know EJ & Chad talked about some of what happened, but I do not recall Chad revealing the entire story to EJ. Can someone furnish what episode this transpired on, or the dialogue? Tee, Kat, Maryl, do you remember?? I watch this show everyday in it’s entirely and do not remember EJ being told the whole story.

  187. From Leah

    I’m with the Ejami fans who don’t want EJ or Sami to change ONE LITTLE BIT! Yes I want them together but I certainly don’t want their dynamics to change. I love the chemistry it brings. So for me bring on Ejami but PLEASE keep the fireworks. Let Ejami bicker, fight and be head strong. The making up will be fun to watch – LOL. As one poster said many moons ago… it should always have been Ejami against the world not each other.

  188. From bobby

    #172 Jolie-thanks for that little bit of hope Taylor may throw a little wrench in E.J.’s llife. Her and Sami would be fun to watch. With Taylor-still water runs deep. Sami just flies off the handle, but Taylor has a little more class and it would be fun to watch Sami deal with someone who thinks things over before re-acting.
    #180 voiceofreason-you can’t be real suprised with the hospital. Take a look at the Salem police department. When’s the last time they actually solved a case and arrested anybody? Even the church couldn’t pull off a simple wedding.
    Fun watching Nichole and Kristen. Had a little sparring round, and now the fight begins. This may even get Nichole and Sami to join forces. Then again, Sami would have to choose between E.J. or Brady. Let’s see how important family really is to her.

  189. From Linda

    After Chad overheard Gabi and Andrew talking in the hospital room right before Andrew died, Chad went to EJ and told him what he had heard, which is all of what Chad actually knows. Not the fine details from beginning to end, but it’s the most incriminating part for Gabi. I think the only one who actually knows all of the details from start to finish is Gabi, now that Andrew is dead. Sami doesn’t know anything except that it involved Gabi and Chad and it was bad enough for EJ to try and blackmail Rafe over it. The writers are off base trying now to
    make it seem as if Sami knows all of it.

  190. From Leah

    Just had a thought. I know spoilers are not always accurate BUT…. here’s some food for thought. Corday has said this Rafe/Sami/EJ triangle is going to go on for sometime yet. If this is true and then there are are going to be many more bumps in the road before this is settled. This would also suggest to me even though Ejami make love next week its not over by a long shot (unfortunately). We’ve heard spoilers suggesting… Sami goes back to Rafe because of the fear of the pitter patter of tiny feet. We all thought Sami was going to get pregnant again. Well she could but could it be that when Ejoles baby is revealed Sami knowing how EJ is with his children gives him the easy way out to go back to Nicole? Hence she tells him shes leaving and going back to Rafe. I wonder? Is this how we could get Ejole by Valentines Day? EJ because of the child will make a go of it with Nicole again. Lets not forget we have seen him do this already. When Nicole was pregnant with the child she lost EJ not knowing Sami was pregnant at the same time with his child chose to build a life with Nicole and for the sake of his child. We all saw EJ was still very clearly in love and struggling with keeping Sami out of his life but he did it because of who he thought was his and Nicoles child… Sydney. So maybe some these spoilers are just fake or maybe there is some truth to them. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Its a soap, so we know there are gonna be twists and turns at every corner.
    PS: I hope the spoiler about Gabi losing her child is false! I reckon this storyline has added alot more excitement and character depth to the show. Been enjoying it.

    All spoilers on SoapOperaFan and Soaps are accurate. They come from the studio. ADMIN

  191. From patty

    Linda, why do I get the feeling that Sami and EJ are going to try to use that information against Gabi? Sami is the one who’s hell bent on going after Gabi and we know how far EJ would go to impress Sami so blackmailing Gabi is not out of the question. Rafe’s warnings to Sami to stay away from Gabi might not work so maybe we’ll see crazy Nick pull one on her. I think when Nick asked Rafe if he would help him if thing got ugly is a pretty good sign that thing will get messy and will keep Rafe, Sami and EJ all tangled up in the Will/Gabi storyline as predicted.

  192. From gerri

    I was expecting more fireworks,between Nicole and Kristen today,but Nicole will not be giving up,she went straight to Victors and faked the headache,to get time to get on computer,to do something big(hopefully).Brady is in for all kind of pain and regret,once he finds out how he was duped again,I can’t understand why his mother’s ghost hasn’t paid a visit(she will be the one he would listen to)she also needs to pay That Stupid John a visit as well.

    it will be very interesting to find out how the hospital,pulled off the fake death of Nicole’s baby,but again,anything and everything Is possible In Salem.
    I felt from the start that Cameron,was there under Stefano’s,orders and power.
    and felt like he would be In fact,His son.

    And hopefully Taylor will float,back Into town,she turned EJ’S head quickly,the 1st time around,he was very smitten with her,so we will see If Sami will be able to trust him.and will be rather interesting to see,what happens with the baby story(Nicoles)If In fact This will happen If Stefano was In on It,Then It would make sense That EJ,would know as well,and if he didn’t can you imagine,what will happen in the DiMera family?whoa,a big blow-up!!!.
    I hope It Is true,and In time Nicole will be able to get your child back.
    #180 Jolie you are too funny.
    I’m also hoping that Rafe will see that there is light at the end of the tunnel and he can move on,and find love (hope It will be Nicole).he really needs to give up on Sami,way past time…….

  193. From SandyGram

    Episode Monday January 28th:
    Nikki, Nikki, we’ve seen you take a harder swing at Sami before and connect. But then that Kristen is getting so slimy your fist would slide right off her face. I guess the results of Nicole taking things into her own hands to protect Brady were expected. Now or later any time she gets in an argument with anyone, I suppose the writers will throw the lost baby under the bus once again. Can’t even comment about Brady, the writers are making him blind to everything about Kristen, even though he has now seen signs that should make him suspicious.

    At least Marlena realizes it’s mostly her actions that caused John to leave town. But I have to think back when John was ‘Bad John’ with no memory to speak of living in the DMansion as head of the DiMera Enterprises, Marlena stood by him all the way.

    It’s sad to see Hope being used as only Jenn’s cheer leader and confidence reinforcer. Then Chloe poured it on pretty think today…now the question is will Daniel fall for those long legs. What a camera shot when she opened the door to Jenn’s knock!! Even my hubby walking across the room stopped for a peek!

    Did Father Eric seem a little more over rot, than just to be mad at Brady and Kristen and the trouble their relationship is causing the family. There’s something brewing here!! Now if we read the Tarot Cards and it becomes a fact that Eric gets involved with Nicole, will he write a Letter of Resignation for himself like he had to have for Brady and Kristen? Would he give up everything to do with the Church for our Nikki? Even building the school? The only way I could see him and Nicole working is if they left town together and I hope that’s not the plan in the future. About Nikki having a living child from her past, if it’s not one of the two baby’s we’ve seen die on screen it would have to be before Eric. And that might mean it’s an older child and although I would never like this kind of story line it could be from her own father…..if I remember correctly she was under his control before Eric.

    One last comment about that adorable Parker. Although born November 11, 2010 , making him 2 years old, he appears in size to be more than 2 years old, or he’s going to be very tall.

  194. From missy

    i dont believe nicoles baby is alive, maxine held him also, i dont think she would be part of a plan. i think cameron and nick are in some kind of baby thing and nicoles baby died so they needed another one, so pick gabby…. let nicole have a baby with someone else. like rafe… again i do love them two together… maybe that is why rafe is climbing to the top, because of nicole, see ej was involved with many women and i feel sami is the best for him, rafe did not have a chance to play the field, that is why you all think he belongs with sami but just watch him with nicole and look at the chemistry…. they have it as a super couple.. i am total ejami but i think rafe and nic could be a very close almost #1 super couple of days….

  195. From Maryl

    MAB–On Utube, Oct.4, and Oct 5, 2012 episodes, you can see how things went down with Sami learning about EJ’s attempt to blackmail Rafe regarding Gabi’s involvment with Andrew. Obviously, Chad did tell EJ everything he heard and knew about Gabi’s and Andrew’s scheme. When Chad lost his hold over Gabi because of the beating he gave Nick, and he was forced into the agreement Justin and Nick laid out, EJ talked with an attorney to see if the agreement could be made null and void. He was told that it could not. So that left EJ with no hold over Rafe either. He would have to face Chad going to jail for beating Nick if a move was made against Gabi because of the agreement Chad signed. Sami had overheard EJ and Chad talking about Gabi’s mess but she had no details of what Gabi actually did–she just knew something was going on with EJ. She paid a visit to Chad and forced him into admitting the fact that he and EJ had encriminating info on Gabi. He did not tell her what Gabi did–only that she broke the law. Sami of course put 2+2 together and knew that EJ was holding that info over Rafe to keep him away from her. Our Sami knows EJ like a book! lol! Sami finds Rafe and tells him she knows why he pushed her aside. She knows EJ was blackmailing him over Gabi’s wrongdoings. Rafe doesn’t explain any of Gabi’s “wrongdoings” and Sami doesn’t ask him–everything between them is just wonderful!

    From what I watched, Sami doesn’t know what Gabi actually did. She knows Rafe covered a crime for Gabi, but that seems to be the extent of it. Don’t know if the writers will clarify this further down the road or if they will leave it as it stands.
    The only people who know–and this is only Gabi’s version of what went down because Andrew is dead–are Chad, Melanie,(Gabi finally confessed to Chad and Melanie), Rafe, Justin, EJ and Sonny. Will doesn’t know the details of what Gabi did to Melanie either.

  196. From Maryl

    Good post missy !!I agree with you!
    I think what a lot of us are seeing about Nicole’s baby being alive is mostly in the rumors sections–not in the spoilers. Although rumors can materialize, often times they turn out to be duds. I for one hope all the rumors I have read turn out to be duds! None of them would make too much sense and would have us going back to a lot of stuff that has already been done before. I also want Nicole to have a baby–but not EJ’s–please!! I think she will have a baby one day and my bets are on Father Eric!! It will be a miracle for Nicole and Father Eric will have to change from being a priest to a Deacon. lol! Rafe and Nicole would be good too! They both need a child so maybe together—who knows–could work!!

  197. From Leah

    Interesting to see the growing Nicole and Rafe fans. I do like their interaction but have always liked her with Brady. Then of course there is Father Eric. Oh Nicole so many eligible bachelors to choose from. What are you going to do?
    As long as EJs out of your orbit I don’t care. Why? Because with EJ Nicole was always second or third best. The convenient fall back girl. And Nicole knew it! I want more for her than that. So as long as EJs out of her next triangle… bring it on. I just wanna watch all the fun!

  198. From Leah

    I don’t know about you but IF the only reason Chloe is back is to try and start up with Daniel again… I say what a waste of time.
    As for Lucas… while I’m enjoying his role in being their for Will at the moment with this baby saga I have to say can’t the powers to be give the boy a story of his own? He is way too good an actor to get a few lines here and there that he does. Igot the raw end of the deal.

  199. From bobby

    Tired of all these people justifying their reason to jump in bed with ex-lovers-it’s all for the children! Sami and E.J. have used that excuse until it makes me want to pull my hair our. Now Chloe is using Parker to get Dr. Dan back. Then we have Nick trying to get his way with the same phrase. Sadly, it all falls on Grandma Brady to raise all these kids. Stop using these poor kids for an excuse.

  200. From patty

    bobby, you are so right about that. “He’s the father of my kids” and “He/she’s changed” are lines that are so overused on Days.
    Thanks Maryl for clearing that up, that is how I remember it also.

  201. From Barb

    Numbers 188 and 194, thanks for the information. I had to take time off from Days for a couple of weeks then.

    Number 190, I also think that information will be used against Gabi by EJ and Sami. Team Ejami/Will against Rafe/Gabi/Nick. Except I don’t think Rafe will go along with Nick when he finds out how far Nick wants to take this. I don’t think Rafe would hurt Will. He already told Nick Will has every right to his baby.

    Why all the bickering over Rafe and EJ? Some like one, some like the other. So what? Rafe is my man but I’m not caring who likes EJ.

  202. From jolie

    Poor John is one dim bulb and leaving Marlena alone to fend off Kristen?? How can this help Brady any unless there is really a reason for him to leave town? If he is just banging around Europe, no help at all. If he actually has a plan, then some of us owe Mr Black an apology for not believing in him. Oops, sort of puts us there with Marlena. This story is just way confusing on where it is going.
    Brady is so blind that he’ll likely start walking into walls next. I think he is so intent on taking up for Kristen that he can’t see his fingers in front of his face. Nicole is a good friend to go up against Kristen but sort of a letdown. Expected more from them I guess.
    #195 Kat, I think Eric is just over reaching his authority but he is heading up the committee so I guess he can demand a resignation but legally probably couldn’t get it but this is Salem and who knows what is the real answer! Quinn and Taylor might have been so totally in love but it didn’t last long. I am sure that Elvis will not look her way as he is supposed to be completely drowning in Sami but truthfully, I think it would add drama to throw a little kink from out of the blue in the mix. I’d like to see Sami have a little competition even if it weren’t really competition. I think she will ruin poor Elvis and he needs to RUN!
    #196 Maryl, totally agree. Let’s not go back on the Elvis/Nicole baby bandwagon. What would be the point now? I would love to see Nicole with a child. Maybe she’ll find a child -thru her Church job -that needs someone. Yes, I know Nicole might not be the mother figure that most of us would wish on a child but she loves Sydney and took good care of her…if you can overlook the crime part of the story! She would go to the ends of the earth and back to protect a child so maybe she can get one the legal, old-fashion way..adopt it. Stranger things have happened in Salem.
    #199 bobby, so right! DOOL really overuses the kids and mostly not in a good way. We have had too much anguish over the last couple of years, dead babies, kidnapped children, hidden children. Move on to adult stories. When adults do thinks to other capable adults, usually that means they’ll get stuff done right back at them. It makes the world go round. But kids don’t have the same skills to fight back. So let’s take it out of the kindergarten and back to the board room, beer joints, coffee shops. Adults in Salem, time for you to take hold of the stories.

  203. From patty

    Just read that EJ and Sami decide to keep their relationship a secret. A secret from whom? Lucas already caught them in the act and now Rafe will also. Why the secret and I wonder who’s decision that is?
    So tired of hearing women tell Daniel how devastating losing him was . Yesterday Chloe and today Nicole. Girls need to move on, he is not all that.
    Would love to see Nicole go head to head with Kristen but it looks like it’s not in the cards. Of course Miss Slime will get the upperhand again . Why does everybody get to be made fools of while Kristen gets away with her nasty plans?

  204. From jolie

    #177 Linda, it seems like Kristen has won most all encounters with anyone who crosses her path since she flew into town on her broomstick! She is a big bad mess and these folks need to up their games or she will huff and puff them into the wind. When I saw Kristen hopping up and down and clapping her hands when she saw John saying good bye with Marlena in the coffee shop: 2 things stood out…how did she know they weren’t making up because they were kissing. And how weird is it that she jumps up and down like a kid getting a birthday present?? That is a little telling to me…she is nuts!
    #179 Voiceofreason, also, where did the dead baby come from?? Maxine held the dead baby. Nicole held it as well. And yes, their security is NON-existent. Barney Fife would have had a field day in that hospital.
    #184 Leah, reckon this baby thing is why Taylor will swan in swirling her scarf?? I would love for Nicole to get a child as well but please we have been there with the Elvis scenario and really don’t need to go back there. I thought maybe the spoiler had a typo and perhaps meant that Nicole would be with Rafe or even Eric at Valentines…friends celebrating Heart Day?? Nicole does not need another round with Elvis and that is just a few days away as the crow flies so if Elvis and Sami are on the couch again, well, something is off here.
    #187 bobby, the SPD, bless their hearts, arrested 6 little ladies who were running some gambling out of the church basement. Yes, some of us call it Bingo but crime is crime. Besides the little ladies were also eating rum cake left over from Christmas. Crime is rampant so no wonder there are no guards at the hospital.
    #189 Leah! Bite your tongue! Please let’s don’t do Rafe and Sami again. I thought he was done..again. I like Rafe and I don’t think he deserves another round with her. Actually I like Elvis and wish he could get his head outta her leather wear long enough to remember that Sami is slightly off the radar when it comes to crazy. And what would be the point of taking the baby if Nicole is getting the baby right back?? This is much food for thought. Then again it could just be a fluke…a snow storm that keeps Elvis snowed in at the church with Nicole where he went to pray for his sanity in the future. Oops, saw the message that spoilers here are accurate. Still I think they sometimes draw you in one way while the story doubles back another. Which is really a good thing.

  205. From jolie

    #203 Patty, strange that 2 unattached adults would try to keep their relationship a secret while 2 exs have already walked in on it. Brady was keeping his secret and that has surely worked out well. Does Sami need it to be a secret because Marlena and John are still reeling over Brady and Kristen and Sami herself threw a large fit at the hospital over it? Or does Elvis not want it out so Fatha doesn’t find out and come rushing back to Salem? And will Kristen find out and use it against them? Or someone will maybe? Lots of potential but it won’t be a secret for long in Salem. And Kristen is waylaying any and all comers right now. You can see that Stefano is starting to see he has no control over her. When Kristen goes down, it will take most everyone she knows to take her down. And Chloe, Nicole, Jennifer are all lacking in antioxidants so they are flocking to Dr Feelgood and his orange skin because it reminds them of carrots. It is very devastating if you don’t have your antioxidants so I think that is what they are saying.

  206. From MAB

    I think it’s smart for EJ & Sami to keeo their relationship a secret…maybe it’ll keep people’s nose out of their business.

  207. From Cougar

    I know this my go against the populr grain but I like Nick. Could he be the villan we have been waiting for? I think that there are going to be more interesting reveals in store for him. Was he threatened in prison, raped possably to further explain the reason he dislikes gays besides his previous explination? I think he has the capability of delisiously playing a persona on the edge of going out of kilter.

    I also am a fan of the Rafe/Nicole pairing. They have show the potential for chemstry but unfortunately it was never explored too deeply.

  208. From Leah

    #205 Jolie…. tongue bitten – ha, ha! Was just thinking out loud. I don’t want any of that to come to pass either. I was just thinking about all the spoilers that swirl around to see how they could fit in with what we are currently seeing played out on our screens.
    I LOVE THE FACT EJ and Sami are going to keep their relationship a secret. I have wished for them to have a secret affair for a long time. It’s nobody elses business what EJ and Sami are doing anyway. But this is Salem, full of busy bodies and know it alls (who if they knew) would probably feel obligated to chip in their 2 cents worth. Seems like Ejami are growing up. I for one am going to sit back and enjoy it :)

  209. From MAB

    I assume Taylor coming back is just a rumor, as I’ve read nothing of her return. Didn’t Days learn anything from the first go around w/ her tho? She was a waste of time & space, so why bring her back????

  210. From MAB

    Why would Kristen finding out EJ & Sami are together matter to her? She was trying to help EJ get back w/ Sami in the first place, so why would she care one way or another? As far as Stefano, I said from the get-go that he had no control over Kristen…that was evident. And just because Lucas & Rafe saw her w/ EJ means nothing. Lucas don’t care, and Rafe, well he thinks they are together even when they’re not, so he really knows nothing, except how jealous he is.

  211. From MAB

    Cougar – no disrespect to you for liking Nick, but I don’t like psycho villains like him. They are short-lived usually, and hold no real substance of what a true villain should be, like Stefano DiMera! I agree tho what is going on is keeping the SL moving & interesting.

  212. From MAB

    Why would Taylor coming around matter at this point? EJ is w/ the love of his life, and Taylor couldn’t turn his head if she tried. Also, she left Salem w/ the so-called love of her life Quinn, and even that didn’t work out. She is a waste of time…bury the Taylor character once and for all. If they wanna bring back characters, how about Philip, Steve, Bo???

  213. From SandyGram

    Episode Tuesday January 29th:
    Kristen was in her best channeling Susan today. But then when Susan was playing Kristen her true personality must have been revealed through Susan. Those great little facial expressions, turned up nose, devilish smile, all like a Fireworks Sparkler doings it’s best never to go out, spitting and a sputtering to win over the mean, mean, people around her. There will come a time when Kristen’s light does go and like the boy that called wolf, who will believe her, like now, that she is done with her wicked way and really wants to become a changed woman.

    Now the rest of the show was OK, but then I missed some of the 37 minutes dropped off from being so tired from working my Family Tree, things are coming together, but it’s a brain teaser for sure…..I guess that was Bye Bye Billie…so sorry to see TPTB waist such a good talent.

  214. From Leah

    MAB I totally agree. There are far better Days characters they could bring back to Days than Taylor. She was a waste of space and time. Never took to her one little bit.

  215. From Barb

    I liked Taylor. Especially the second actress who played her. I think she could play down and dirty real well against Sami!

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