Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 3 & 4.

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John and Brady wind up in the hospital after pummeling each other. Marlena shows up and tells Brady that he can never see the DiMera again. Down the hall, John and Kristen are debating what she did. He thinks that she’s still obsessed with him and she accuses him of just being jealous. When John finally meets up with Doc, he realizes that she knew what Brady and Kristen were up to all along. He is not happy.

News of Brady’s affair quickly spreads all over town. Eric is shocked to discover what has been going on among members of the church board. Sami has a fit. She immediately chases Kristen down to moan. EJ starts to worry that his big sister might be cramping his style. Sami then turns to Rafe and cries all over his chest. They continue to inch closer together, obsessing over the tongue tying they did on New Year’s. They kiss again and promise to be together forever. She scurries off to tell EJ.

Abby starts having second thoughts about going out with Chad. After all, he was kind of crazy after Mel dumped him. He does his best to talk her around. She wanders off to see her mom and encourages her to be happy with Doctor Dan. Meanwhile, the surgeon is anxiously getting his pad ready to welcome his date when who should show up but Chloe.

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  19 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    yea, i am glad chloe is back. her and nicole will try and break up daniel and jennifer. let’s see how that plays out. i assume parker will be with chloe, daniel may grow closer to her because of parker.
    everyday i am hating this kristen thing with brady. brady deserves better. kristen either needs to be let go or stay at dimera mansion and her and ej run the dimera empire. but better yet just let kristen go. i never liked her when she was on the show years ago..

  2. From Guest

    I hate Kristen like everyone else does, but she will make the shows interesting. It has been a while since we have had such an all round evil character. Gotta love to hate that character. Happy new year Salem.

  3. From pancho

    Can’t stand Kristen. Like DC didn’t like her before. Brady needs to think with a brain. they are making him look like a sex starved idiot.He deserves much better.

  4. From Kat

    Yeh, but Kristin has brought some of the best SL’s to Dool in a long, long overdue time,
    yikes, if you guys enjoy boring I can understand your concern, but I have been waiting for so long to get a real exciting SL to get Marlena, John, Brady, etc. out of that rot (??) they have been in.
    I am enjoying every moment, John is coming alive again, he has something more to do than suck in strawberries and doc.. LOl,
    give the guy some excitement…
    he is growing stale,,,

    I hope this SL really goes on for quite some time, expands and grows,I love it.I have grown so tired of the RoboRafe Story, help me stay awake,
    and now, finally, Kristin has come to town. and if the writers are willing she will shake up things for a long, long time, I just love it… No boredom……

  5. From Sue

    Don’t like Kristen and shouldn’t she be like a whole lot older than “stupid” Brady. He has got to stop letting his little head take the lead, so to speak.

  6. From Stacey

    @Kat #4 – totally agree – love the Kristen s/l. However – it is a little predictable that once again, Days has decided to make one of their most macho men an idiot when it comes to recognizing the signs of an a-hole woman. :) I wish…just wish, that Brady was kind of “in the know” and was just jerking Kristen around, pretending to be all about her, and then drop her like a hot potato and watch her unravel. Yesterday’s scenes with Kristen’s evil little laugh and smile were awesome.

    I am SO wanting the Gabi storline done. I like Will … dislike the character of Gabbi/Gabby/Gabi. She has NEVER EVER appealed to me. Now – you wanna throw days into an all out ratings bonanza – have Nick go whack job on Gabi because he’s all insecure and a nutjob, and kill her and her unborn baby. Then, watch the fallout of Will, his loss, etc. This would allow for a temporary Rami/Safe reunion (only to be busted up, once again, by Ejami. Who, by the way – I would lick his boots after they tromped in mud cuz he is one supa-fine man).

    Ok – rant over. Thanks for listening :)

  7. From L.G.

    Kristen’s character adds spice to the show again. I really hope they keep her character around for a long while, and they don’t drive her storyline into the ground. Everyone else is so boring. For the love of god please don’t have Rafe & Sami get back together yet again. The chemistry between them is dull and not believable at all.

  8. From P.T.

    All they need to do now is bring Peter Blake(Jason Brooks)back into the picture and try to win Jennifer back and plot against Daniel. That would be a great storyline. After all, they already brought Kristen back. They are biological siblings adopted by Stefano.

  9. From patty

    My hope for Kristen is that when Brady finds out what she’s up to, he digs out the old sarcophagus and sends Kristen on a “little trip out of town”.
    Why kill a beautiful young pregnant girl like Gabi when you have an evil old witch like wacko Kristen Demira out on the loose?

  10. From eve


  11. From Brenda

    Kristen was John’s lover so she must be a cougar. Why not. She has got a GOOD Plastic Surgeon. More power to her.

  12. From Kat

    Jenn’s real life husband Scott Reeves is leaving GH,
    so why couldn’t they bring him in as Peter DiMera…
    Last Peter, caused real life marital problems for Melissa and Scott,
    so bring on her own husband as Peter…. why not.
    Right now, Kristin is making the show, and John, Brady and Marlena are on the front burner…
    Isn’t that what we wanted, other characters on the front burner…
    Can’t please them all, ever….
    It’s already starting with Eric,…
    Brady really got to him about “Sex”….The flesh is calling out loud and clear, and poor Eric will have another battle to fight,
    but with our Nicole hanging around day and night at the church, the poor Want to be Priest, won’t stand a chance. Get ready for another controversial SL…
    I like Eric, he has already brought a lot to the show, great character in the making, and he is already up in the polls about fav. Male Actor…
    EJ,Eric and Will doing a great job for DOOL.

  13. From Nan

    Sorry to see writers making Brady look like such a fool. Like Patty, I hope Brady figures out Kristen and dumps her. Won’t matter to her tho as she is only using him to hurt Whispering John. Don’t like the thoughts of Chloe coming back.
    She was always rather a downer. Guess we’ll see how she is now. Also wish the writers would cool it on the bed scenes with Will and love-sick-eyes, Sonny. Do they think that is all gays ever do? Know many gay couples and believe me, that is NOT how they act!! Give ‘em a break, would ya ?!?! Give them a real story line.

  14. From Ed

    I have to agree with Nan, get Will and Sonny out of those bed scenes. It is disgusting to watch. As Nan says, gays do more that just bed scenes. Even Kristin and Brady bed scenes are a bit too much. DOOL is all about bed, sex, etc., give us some real good story lines.

  15. From Tammy T

    Tired of the non-moving story lines. Not a huge fan of Daniel and Jennifer but just leave it be. Chloe needs to be with Brady instead of old woman Kristen. It’s just gross. I miss the days of Stefano doing something evil and it really be evil, not messing with other people on petty things. Plus stop the Sami love triangle. Give her some peace for a year or two. Love Allison Sweeney but enough with Rafe and EJ.

  16. From Toni

    For some reason I like Chole I understand her. She was bullied as a teen, got married to a man who let her down (Brady). I couldn’t imagine being married to someone on drugs. I don’t agree with her cheating on Dr. Dan, but his nasty butt ain’t a saint either. He screwed both Kate and her granddaughter (i can’t remember her name) So Chole and Dr. Dan deserve each other.

    I like Sami and Rafe but I’m LOVING Sami and EJ. It took some time for me to get over him raping her back in the day though.

    Kristen is a nut job but I’m liking her too. She’s definetly breaking some things up in Salem.

    I can’t stand Will, he’s the total opposite of his feisty mom. He can’t stand on his own two feet to save his life. People always have to speak up for him. So until he grows some balls he won’t get my respect.

    Chad is a jerk and I can’t stand him either.

    Ok thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

  17. From Tess

    The Kristen Brady storyline is just plain sick. She is old enough to be his grandmother.

  18. From Kat

    In real life, Kristin is 12 years older than Brady… that’s why they look pretty good together.
    Marlena is 12 years older than Kristin. John will be 60 this Sept.
    I am enjoying the SL between John/Marlena/Kristin and Brady.
    Finally something for them to do.

    Kristin has brought some much needed spice to this SL.

  19. From ST

    Couple of thoughts…
    1)Not digging the Gabbi/Nic storyline. However, I’m lovin crazy Nic. How about sending him over the edge (once the baby is old enough to survive on its own) and he can kill Gabbi but the baby can survive (should never kill a baby on soaps). Will will be forced to be baby daddy and he and Sonny can raise the baby. That could be a fun, limitless storyline.

    2) Kristen is an awesome actress. I agree, Brady looks stupid because of what she’s doing to his head but on a different level, I have to admire how he’s standing by his woman. Twisted but definately interesting.

    3) EJami / Safe… still don’t care. Pick already!

    4) Loving Nicole… so talented. Also loving Eric. This sl has so much possibility!

    5) Time for Bo to come back to Salem!

    That is all. :)

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