Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 31 & February 1.

The next step.

Kristen does her best to cover her deception when Brady confronts her about the note she wrote to Marlena. She acts as upset as possible. That leads to sex. As they lay together, she realizes her feelings for him are more than just physical.

Nick has to chase Sami away from Gabi when she storms in, screaming at her. Rafe wipes the smirk off Elvis’ face by telling him he and Sami nearly slept together on his sister’s wedding day. As Sami mopes home to seek some comforts from EJ, Nick tells Rafe about Sami’s latest explosion. Hernandez storms over to her place and interrupts as she’s about to get intimate with EJ. He tells her he could care less what she does, but she better leave his little sister alone or there will be hell to pay. After he storms off, Sami declares that she has finally seen the real Rafe and is ready to take the next step with EJ.

Chad continues his apology tour. He pays Will a visit. The Horton is actually relatively forgiving. He’s too excited about becoming a father to hold a grudge. Abby isn’t so receptive though. She turns to Cameron for some comfort. Meanwhile, Jenn has left town with Daniel. Chloe couldn’t stop them from going, but she decides to use Parker as an excuse to stop them from going too far.

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  14 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    yea, i wish brady could see just what kristen is all about. if i have said it once i will say it again, i never liked kristen before and in my opinion her character has not changed. wish it was just over for her, she would leave town and bring stefano back.
    with john leaving town, maybe he will hook up with bo and maybe steve.

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 Hey dc,
    So what do you think….was today the beginning of something brewing between Rafe and Hope? Kristen will have a way to go to continue to wind Brady around her little finger, ouch that noose is getting pretty tight as it is. Great show today!

  3. From Evelyn

    Here’s my hunch, and how many people can agree with me on this one? Okay, Bo left town, possibly to go to see Shawn, Belle, and Claire, right? However, he and Hope did talk about going after the DiMeras; well, John has just left town, as you very well know, and he said that he had some meetings to attend, but that he would swing by Italy after they were done; well, Stefano has been talking to, by phone, Kristen this whole time; how many people are willing to bet that Stefano could also be in Italy, and that Bo, John, and perhaps even Steve could all meet up, return on screen, and bring down Stefano?

  4. From Pancho

    I agree with dc. I didn’t like Kristen when ahe was on the show before. As for Brady he is acting like a teenager with a silly smirk on his face.

  5. From Leah

    Rafes hypocrisy drives me nuts! In answer to your question: Does Rafe care more than he claims? I think that really depends upon which way the wind is blowing and which is more beneficial to him and his family.

  6. From Leah

    I too agree dc… Nicole who know him so well said it best “When it comes to woman Brady is dumb and makes stupid decisions.”

  7. From Krissy

    I’m so ready for Nick to GO!! I didn’t like his character before and I REALLY don’t like it now!! What a crazy person!!

  8. From Joan

    I think the John and Marlena seperation is a plan to fool the DiMera’s into thinking they have won

  9. From renee

    #3Evelyn I agree with you that would be good if that is what is going on. And as far as Nick I am not liking him at all.

  10. From haycam

    Looove ejami!! Mab you rock

  11. From Sharon

    I like the K&B storyline. I liked Kristen back in the day with the J&K storyline. If the writers had wanted Marlena and John to be together they did not have to turn Kristen bad. I never was a fan of J&M storyline. I am only back because of Kristen. With Kristen back J&M get more screen time people. Sami & EJ need to be together to only brake up again. Rafe & Hope now that will just make sami crazy. Sami is like her mother always grown people stuff.

  12. From Michelle

    I’m glad the spoilers weren’t 100% correct, because being so surprised by Sami’s speech was well worth it. EJ and Sami’s interaction had little to do with Rafe and a lot to do with their own history of the love they have. Love it.

  13. From Leah

    So us EJAMI fans were not nuts all of these years! FINALLY Sami comes clean and admits everything we have long known. Oh how sweet it is :)

  14. From Leah

    So nice seeing the Thursday/Friday Ejami scenes. Seeing them being honest and truthful with nothing standing in their way. Loved seeing them both at the same place at the same time. Both in love, happy, content and peaceful. LOVED how EJ was occupying time waiting for the next interruption to put a halt to things. And how sweet of him to say he had better get going as Sami must be tired as its been a long day. EJ sweet and tender with Sami, treating her like a lady. BUT I loved Sami stepping in his way and telling him to stay. Sami is going after what she wants as only Sami does. And the big grin from EJ was gorgeous. Oh yeah the boy is finally gonna get some Sami attention and lovin. Woo hoo!

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