Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 7-11.

Trying to move on.

The battle over Kristen continues as Sami plops herself into the fray. She and Brady have some nasty words about it. He finally turns to Kristen to offer her the words she’s been dying to hear. Meanwhile, Marlena tells John something he really didn’t want to hear. She’s known that his son has been playing rumper pumper with his former almost-step-mom for quite awhile. He’s so angry that he moves out.

Daniel is stopped in his tracks when he opens his door and finds Chloe standing there. He attempts to avoid dealing with this awkward situation by telling her that he has a date but she won’t budge. His date may have to wait since accident prone Jenn manages to injure herself on her way to meet her dear doctor. When Daniel escapes from Chloe, the diva hunts down Nicole and tells her old drinking partner that she is determined to get the orange surgeon back. She instantly finds a job and is sure to tell Daniel that she will be staying in town. He keeps trying to avoid her. When Chloe turns around, she may have second thoughts about sticking it out in Salem. She comes face to face with Kate. The old enemies still loathe each other and it only gets worse when Chloe tells her that she will never see Parker again. Kate wants to destroy her for that. Meanwhile, Daniel explains to Jenn that he is still committed to her, regardless of Chloe and Parker’s return.

Cameron clues in to the fact that Nick can’t have actually been the one to knock up Gabi. She tells the doctor that he better keep his gob shut about it. He promises that he will. Unfortunately for them, someone has been eavesdropping. Meanwhile, Will and Nick have another unpleasant run-in as the wedding heads into rehearsal mode. The rituals are rekindling memories for Sami and Rafe, who overlook the fact that they were supposed to be finished with each other. When the wedding day arrives, Rafe tells Sami that he’s now decided that she’s the one for him. She likes that and tries telling EJ to get lost, but is interrupted before she can do so. Later, she and Rafe nearly make it to the bedroom, when Hope walks in on them.

Abby helps Gabi get ready for the big day when Chadsworth drops in and, surprisingly, doesn’t raise hell. The upset happens elsewhere. Gabi asks Will to be the baby’s godfather and Nick freaks out about it. He insists that can never happen. It isn’t all bad for William though. At least Sonny offers him a key to his apartment. When the wedding ceremony begins, everything seems to run along smoothly until the end, when someone stands up and publicly smashes Gabi and Nick’s baby story to pieces.

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  1. From Imane Assi

    I didn’t want Chloe to be wasted on disgusting Dannifer and heartless scumbag Dani l.A woman like Chloe should have men fighting for her.Instead we’re supposed to believe that she didn’t get over that hypocritical heartless scumbag an will use her baby to get him back?So once again,they’re gonna trash her and write her totally out of character to prop that worthless disgusting character and couple….Chloe and Nadia deserve better.But since she’s gonna be wasted on DanieL,I hope she puts him through hell, makes him pay for what he put her through, gives him a taste of his medecine.

  2. From SandyGram

    Thank Goodness all will be known about who’s the baby’s father during this week.

    There should be 2 Polls, the one in the Summary and one for ‘Who overheard Dr. Cameron and Gabi talk about Nick not being the father of the baby”. Or are we to assume who disrupts the wedding is one in the same/

  3. From Lisa

    horrible and ridiculous spoilers..Tomlin has really surpass himself this time. Nuff said. I will not watch this garbage, that’s for sure.

  4. From dar

    Whatever we may think of Chloe/Daniel….what did HE do to her? She is the one who cheated and tried to pass off the baby as Daniel’s………Why is everyone against HIM (in this instance, not because of his past loves!!!)

  5. From Jessica

    Ejami’s are lied to a again what a waste

  6. From dc

    my thinking is chad will find out the real truth.. he’ll interrupt the wedding and will probably find out from dr cameron about the baby.

  7. From Leah

    Yes SandyGram its Chad who overhears to conversation between Dr Cameron and Gabi and I’m picking it is Chad who interrupts the wedding with this revelation.
    Go Chad! The truth about Gabis schemes about Melanie needs to all come out too. Why should her wicked deeds to conveniently swept under the carpet. What because she is Rafes sister? That simply don’t wash it with me.
    Have to say this recent writing is garbage. Gabi has gone from being a complete nut job obessed with Chad to an immature needy kid about to have a kid. Can’t stand her or the storyline!

  8. From Leah

    Corday is killing this soap and hanging it out to dry. I reckon NBC should give him the flick. I don’t care that his parents started all of this… he really doesn’t have a clue. He seems to be so out of touch with what Days fans really want. It looks like this OVERPLAYED triangle of EJ/Sami/Rafe is gonna be playing out on our screens for a lot longer yet. According to Corday he thinks its immensely popular and the fans are eating it up! What a ding dong. If he did a little research he would find out fans are fed up with it and just want Sami to make a decision. The general consenus is… GET RAFE THE HELL OUT OF OUR EJAMI LOVESTORY for good. Dear oh dear, no wonder this soap struggles against the more successful soaps when the Corday and his team have no clue. Just a few days ago a well known soap site questioned their soap fans. One question was “WORSE triangle pairing on a soap?” 1st place went to B&Bs Steffy/Liam/Hope and 2nd place went to DOOLs EJ/Sami/Rafe. Yep, Corday sounds like your on a winner – NOT!
    Another thing I dont like is Corday leading fans up the garden path and being deceptive. Corday said Days were going to give us Ejami lock, stock and barrel. That they were putting their all into these two. Well why then are we getting Safe fretting for each other? Why are we getting Safe kissing on an Ejami date? Why are we getting Safe getting all caught up in the romance while planning Gabis wedding? Why are we going to get Rafe (changing his mind) and telling Sami she is the one for him? Why are we going to get Rafe tell Sami he wants to spend the night with her after the wedding ceremony? Why are we getting Sami agreeing to this if she’s supposed to be torn between the two? Why does Sami tell EJ to get lost and that she indeed does plan on spending the night with Rafe? Why do Safe get conveniently interrupted when they are just about to make love by Hope? Ejami lock, stock and barrel??? It sounds like its all about Safe, Safe, Safe to me. Corday is either leading Ejami fans up the garden path to keep us plugged into Days or he is just a plain liar. Either way I’m just about done with it all. Days has ALWAYS promised so much with Ejami but yet delivered zero.
    Side note: So cute seeing Johnnie so happy at seeing his parents kissing and smooching. Yes he loves Rafe but the majority of kids (despite the circumstances) usually want to see “their” parents together. So he was just being a normal kid there :)

  9. From bobby

    John is leaving Marlena? What a jerk. He put Kristen’s story before believing his wife, and then expected her to tell him about Brady? He wouldn’t have believed her anyway. John has lost his spine somewhere along the line. But, the best part of today’s show was Nichole jumping on E.J. Yeah!! She’s got her personality back. Fun. Hoping the day will come when she and Kristen butt heads. Fireworks!

  10. From Clear

    So Gabi and Nick are already married when Chad tells all! It has to be him because he’s the one who hates Gabi enough to submarine her!

    So now if Johm is moved out, is Kristen going over to tell him it is really his attention she wants. Will she drug him, or get him drunk and do a taste test between John and Brady? I would not put it past her, plus an arrangement for Marlena to see everything that happens but not know where it is happening or worse!

    Why would Chloe come back to win back Daniel after all this time? Is Parker Daniel’s son, and she knows? Remember Philip and Belle doing in vitro. He may not have too many swimmers? I always wondered about Rafe too, since every time Sami got near EJ she ended up PG!

    If Rafe is going to stay around as the resident “Dudley Doright” writers need to revisit his background. Who is his Daddy? Why is his mother sick? Why did he spend so much time with the nun, Sister ? What really happened to Emily and how were Ariana and Gabi involved?

  11. From Shani

    Yes, you gals are right about Chad. A spoiler on DaysCafe for 2 weeks ahead says “Chad the wedding crasher interrupts Gabi & Nick’s wedding. Sonny is shocked by Will’s inconvenient truth. Turmoil, yes, but they are far from over”.

    I think the same as Leah 5 that I wish the whole truth about Gabi would come out. The real baby daddy, her part in Melanie’s kidnapping, that she knew she was being held captive, etc., everything.

    So memories are rekindled for Sami & Rafe & “they overlook the fact that they were supposed to be finished with each other”. Oh, no, say it isn’t so!! Sounds like Chloe’s return is going to throw Dr. Dan for a loop. Big, BIG surprise!!

  12. From Leah

    A BIG TWIST in the EJ/Sami/Rafe triangle? Days fans are spectulating over what it might be? Do you have any ideas? Some are suggesting Sami to going to get pregnant again. Some predict Safe baby (hence maybe the hint Sami said recently to Rafe “Your going to be a great dad”). Or some are saying which ever man Sami chooses she will end up getting pregnant to the other one? Anyone heard this? Is this even possible with the whole Sami cancer scare storyline? I for one am over unplanned pregnancies and feel with 4 kids already Sami should just quit there. She has more than enough on her plate not to mention the fact she is starting to get on.

  13. From patty

    I wonder if Chad will just be telling the baby story or will he expose Gabi for her part in Melanie’s kidnapping? In doing so, he will also be implicating himself. I’m glad the baby’s paternity will be revealed finally. It looks like Gabi and Nick will still be married though. I just hope Will is still going to be involved in his child’s life.
    Sami trying to tell EJ to get lost so she can be with Rafe? Didn’t she just do that a few months back and looked how well that worked out. Is this triangle ever going to end?
    I like that Chloe will be going after Dan if only to get him away from Jennifer but I’m hoping they don’t make her into a psycho too. Or if they do, let her go after Kate for some payback or something. We have enough of one nutjob with Kristen.

  14. From Kat

    7 bobby,
    I think that our John deep, deep down is not/or has ever been totally over Kristin.
    So I am going to enjoy all the games being played, sit back and enjoy lively SL’s.
    It’s about time, poor doc and John have not had a good SL in years, LOL
    With John moved out, that will really open up all possibilities for some twisted plots, can wait..
    So agree, the truth, the whole truth about Gaby and the Melanie debacle has to come out, and then we can move on.
    I think, about Sami/Rafe and EJ it is going to get much darker yet,
    before we will see light….

    Sami will need just a bit more damaging info about Hero Rafe,
    and then she will be finally done with him. I want her to be very sure, between Rafe and EJ,
    not just pick one on a whim….

    Curious what Chloe is up to, good SL needed there for Dan and Jenn…
    6 Leah, hope Corday is not as dumb as some might think. But if you are right,
    there will be an angry mob of fans out there,
    because the Big Majority want EJ and Sami, and that is a fact.

  15. From Kat

    Oh, anything but another Baby SL, with of all people involving Sami/Rafe/EJ.
    I am so sick of people never having a baby anymore with the person they are in love with.
    Let them find the baby that supp. died when Nicole went to the clinic, was it Nicole’s or Sami’s.. That door was left wide open. Just like with Sidney and the Tooth Brush DNA.
    Busy body Rafe, not following protocol and doing a DNA test, with just a tooth brush that could have belonged to Sami or Nicole. I, know, he tried to help, but look … the pain it could cause, if he messed up… Wide open. All up to the writers… Honest, I just want Dr. Dick back.

  16. From patty

    Well Leah, if what you are saying is true, I hope it is a Safe baby. EJ has enough children as it is. So does Sami but if she’s going to keep popping out babies she might as well have one with Rafe.
    I’m wondering if Nick is going to go off the deep end after the wedding fiasco.

  17. From Maryl

    Wouldn’t it take the cake if Sami finally got pregnant with Rafe’s kid and then decided it’s not Rafe she wants but rather EJ? She then could cook up a plan to keep the baby away from Rafe. Maybe she will be finished with Rafe when she finds out about all the lies and deception between Rafe, Gabi and Will. She might decide EJ is a better suited parent—now wouldn’t that be a real switcheroo. That seems to be the only way these writers know how to write. I sure hope they don’t go down all these stupid paths again!

  18. From Leah

    Personally I think not only is it silly for Sami to be spitting out anymore babies I also think it is taking Samis character dramatically backwards. I have to say I like this working class Sami, the standing on her two feet, financially independant Sami. It has taken a heck of a long time to get her there to go back to barefoot and pregnant is NOT the direction I want to see her go regardless of who the dad is.
    Corday said they were bringing back to Days the family, love and romance. Well I’m not seeing it. Sami already has 4 children to 2 different fathers. Having her have her 5th to father number 3 is just yuk, yuk, YUK! I have to also add here I think Days is being grossly irresponsible in their continuing promotion of bed hopping sex and unprotected, unsafe sex! Days says it takes pride in its stance on public issues… examples bullying, gay love and rights, eating disorders, addictions (Lucas’s alcoholism) etc etc yet they continue down this dangerous storyline over and over again. Diseases caused from practicing unprotected unsafe sex is an issue and Days don’t seem to care that they could be seen as promoting it through their storylines. This needs to be addressed.

  19. From Kat

    16 Leah, about the unprotected Sex… I agree.
    That is what I hated when EJ allowed his fatha, to put RoboRafe in Sami’s bed. As I said then, no matter what she had done to him. like shoot him, hide is kids with Rafe’s help,
    to expose her to that criminal. No matter what, she is the mother of his children, and I was not happy about that.
    The writers should address that problem, I think it is the biggest Soaps have.
    Nobody practices safe sex, especially people that should know better.

    Leah, what poetic justice, if Sami was prego with Rafe’s child, but her and EJ decide to claim it is EJ’s child….
    Wonder, how Rafe would feel about that one, but I do hope, it won’t happen. Tired of Baby Stories. Let’s hope all this is just a false rumor…Tee, we need you to clarify…

  20. From patty

    I seriously don’t see why Sami would end it with Rafe over something Gabi did. She knows that EJ was blackmailing Rafe over something Gabi did and she understood that Rafe was protecting his sister . If that is the case that she dumps him because of Gabi and moves on to EJ, he has a much crazier and more dangerous sister to deal with, one that is busy tearing her family apart right now. Chances are that if one sister is going to be the problem between Sami and her man of the day, it would be Kristen, not Gabi.
    I agree about too much unprotected sex on daytime tv. Too much bed hopping and desktop romps too.

  21. From Justin Moore

    Would love to see Sonny Spank William….Will can be cocky at times and definitely needs a taste of paddle

  22. From gerri

    You phrased it correctly about EJ’s and Rafe’s sisters,they both,have a screw or two loose.both dangerous.Kristen is too me the more crazier one tho,what she done in the past,and upon her return to Salem,trying to fool people,into her claim of changing into a good person,..
    and I so agree with everyone,too much sex,esp unprotected sex,for daytime TV.too much influence on the younger viewers,Where has morals gone,apparently with these writers,down the tubes.

    I enjoyed days much more,when there was some wining and dining,flowers,dancing,romance,and one or two committed couples.

  23. From Dmitri

    Actually, several polls conducted by Soap Opera Digest and fan websites have found that the majority of fans DO NOT want EJami together! Most fans want to see a reunion of Lumi and EJole, so you’re right about the majority being upset about the Safe reunion, but wrong about EJami having the most support. It simply isn’t true, and it for sure isn’t realistic of what I want to see. As for the baby storyline, I’m glad it is over, because it just was not interesting. I hope Chad reveals the truth about Gabi’s involvement in Melanie’s kidnapping,and I think that EJ will find some way to keep Chad out of jail. The storyline of Kristen and Brady is very dumb, not interested in that.

  24. From Rachael

    I think that Chad will be the one to expose the truth about Gabi, and hopefully the whole truth in regards to the Melanie debacle, but a true surprise would be if Chad says something to Will about Gabi’s lies and the pressure of another person knowing the truth pushes Will over the edge and he admits in front of everyone that the baby is his.

  25. From Leah

    Sorry Dmitri I don’t reckon Soap Opera Digest counts. It is a well known fact they are Safe fans through and through. Hence when Soap Opera Digest do spoilers etc it is always slanted towards pro Safe and anti Ejami. In fact I reckon any bias or fanbase site is excluded. I don’t care if its Lumi, Ejami, Safe, Ejole, Bricole or Dannifier etc etc. Biased commentary or fanbased sites simply don’t count. NOW if you can give me an independant soap site with no clear fanbase inclination then and only then will I take it on board and check it out. I have never found a non bias soap site where Ejami are not the favourite couple pairing of Days (apart from the short time soap fans loved Wilson or Ejill – ha, ha).
    Oh by the way, when you come back at me with this can you please list the websites because I’d like to check it out for myself. Thanks!

  26. From Sharon

    Why would anyone want to see Sami and EJ together is a puzzle to me. He is abit to slimy, just like his father. I would love to see an interview with the actress playing Kirsten…she can’t be anything like her role…she is really good as an actress!!! You have to despise her, but come on writers…why are you making John so downright stupid?? and how old is Kristen supposed to be compared to Brady?? hmmm.have the writers forgotten ages again?? enough of Daniel and Jen….to me, they don’t even have one smidgen of chemistry. Can’t wait for Chloe!!!

  27. From elizabeth

    well, nick make me sick. will is gabi’s baby father, will should marry gabi, because of will’s baby.i dont want nick marry gabi no way. i want gabi and will marry and take care of their baby. will need break up with sonny. that is all

  28. From bex

    Rafe and Sami have zero chemistry, Rafe and Nicole have, why don’t they get them together??
    When are EJAMI finally gonna have an actual proper relationship on this show!!! Ej and Sami and their kids shud just move to another soap and get married there. These days writers suck!!! I’m not watching this show anymore, it suxx :(((

  29. From Hilary

    As a watcher of the show for over 25 years , I have seen it all. I personally am a Safe fan, so I don’t care what website showed the majority was for Ejami , they are simply not accurate. Not everyone who watches the show votes on these polls and I understand it is based on the people who actually took the time to vote so it is solely based on them , but technically it doesn’t speak for the people who watch and maybe don’t have computers to vote , so it is not written in stone , it is just based on the few that did take the poll. Beyond that I am all for safe sex , but that starts at home educate your own children , I don’t look to a soap opera to teach someone moral values. I mean seriously I didn’t watch because they were tackling the issues of the day , I watched for the romance , mystery, and to have that 1 hour of day to just have fun and not be serious. Yes they have to repeat similiar storylines after all the show has been on for 47 years. I have my characters I love to hate and some SL that I hate but I watch anyway, and take the good with the bad. So don’t over anaylze sit back and enjoy , psssst its not real :)

  30. From Shani

    15 Kat, but a baby storyline may be coming that we will like in the end. A DaysCafe spoiler/rumor says “Cameron’s character has been changed. He is now a man with a past, which opens the possibility of Nicole’s baby having been born alive, not dead, as the child was delivered by the mysterious Dr. Cameron”.

    The only thing is that you & other EJ/Sami fans could be disappointed if this comes true & throws a monkeywrench into any pairing of EJ & Sami that might have taken place. There are many reasons I think EJ & Sami won’t work but this could be a biggie. EJ now knows that baby was his.

  31. From gerri

    After reading,where Dr.Cameron could be in on Nicole’s baby S/L,i STARTED THINKING,Do we know who his dad Is?I know Celeste was the Mother,and she had a child by Stefano(Lexie),could It be possible
    that Stefano fathered another child by her,both became Doctors,so the two had apparently some of the straits,did this come from Celeste?just a thought,and maybe he was working also with Stefano,to take the baby??
    he would have his reasons,whatever they were,for meaness to Nicole and Rafe,incase he didn’t know that baby was actually EJ’s.I know this might be wild speculation,but who knows,it has happened,as I once said Stefano has scattered his seed all over the place,.

    also,did Celeste break up Abby and Cameron,with her visions,that Abby was a bad girl?where did this S/L ,end up,no news from Celeste,since she left Samel.

  32. From Valerie

    I have patiently waited for YEARS for Sami & EJ to really get together.. not w/ manipulation or blackmail but for real. They were so headed that way. When she went on the run w/ him. Rafe is boring & does nothing for Sami except make her boring. I will be taking a break from DAYS if they put them back together. I can’t take it.

  33. From Kat

    30 Shani, I was talking about another Baby/Pregnancy SL….
    I would never be disappointed if a Baby thought to be dead, would turn up alive. It is Also EJ’s baby, and if Sami truly loved him, I hope, what difference would it make. EJ would be and has been a good StepDad to Will and Ally, (how many diapers did he change, and how many bottles did he feed her etc.) when Lucas was in prison…
    This Town is made up of Step Parents. A Baby is always a blessing and IMO never a Monkey Wrench.
    Sami would also love the Baby, she is a Mother and she would be actually happy for Nicole.
    But I can also see, where you are coming from…
    I hope Will stands up for his child,
    Monkey Wrench or not, if Sonny is the Man Will thinks he is, things will turn out ok, if not, Will you will find another love worthy of you, But you will have your child, that is forever.
    P.S. Knowing you did not forsake your child will make you sleep better at night.

    If EJ’s child is alive, I truly Hope that he had Nothing to do with this, that IF it was all Stefano, or whoever EJ’s hands are clean.
    If EJ did this, than We EJ fans got screwed again royally and it would be really a very sick SL.

    31 gerri, just a funny Note, at the end of your post, you Re-named the Town of Salem, in honor of our Sami, it’s now SAMEL…
    I know it’s a typo, but so cute….

  34. From Linda

    I just watched yesterday’s show. Although I think Rafe is the better man than EJ, I have reached the point where I don’t care anymore who Sami is with, but I will say I saw much more between her and Rafe New Year’s Eve than I did her and EJ. Loved her kiss with Rafe.

    And Nicole, what a hoot she was! And evil Kristen made me laugh so hard. What an actress Eileen Davidson is!

    I was always onboard with Chad and Melanie but I’m liking him with Abigail now, too, while I have also warmed up to Jennifer with Daniel. New Year’s Eve in Salem was great, except for John and Marlena. And after all is said and done, poor Brady will not enjoy 2013 very much, I don’t think.

  35. From Kat

    Some babies could be alive… we have the “Tooth brush”DNA, and we have the “Vitamins” that just had to get to Nicole… del. by Brady….
    Is Sidney.. Nicole’s or Sami’s, and who’s Baby Del. by Dr. Dick, could still be out there.
    After all .. there were 3 babies,
    Nicole (??), Sami’s (Sidney ??) and of course Mia’s (Grace).
    Will the writers ever go back to that, they do have a big opening…

  36. From Debbie

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Channukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and any other holiday I missed. Yesterday’s show was great. Loved seeing Sami and EJ share their tender moments early in the show but also loved Sami with Rafe especially when he pulled her into that kiss at the end! It looks like the writers are going to continue to do the Chinese water torture with the Sami/EJ fans since they won’t let Rafe move on with someone else. They may think they’re keeping the individual fanbases happy but I think they’re pleasing a very small minority in each fan base. That’s no way to keep a show moving.

    Thank goodness they brought Kristen back. I loved her the first time around and glad to see she hasn’t lost her evil spunk. And I like that there’s an evil female DiMera to watch out for. EJ may be shades of gray right now but Kristen is all black and she’s much worse than EJ is now, IMO. And they’re fun to watch together. She’s the jolt that was needed to bring some life back into Salem. Look at how many lives she’s entwined with! And it gives veterans John and Marlena front burner storylines at last.

    Although I’m not a fan of either Daniel or Jennifer, I did enjoy seeing their interaction yesterday too. At least they didn’t do that stupid talking over each other and contradicting themselves when they try to explain their feelings. It was refreshing and I hope they can now communication more intelligently and see their romance blossom. Chad and Abby were cute too and I’ve always liked their connection, so I hope they can rekindle their romance as well. The Horton/DiMera pairings are as interesting as the Brady/DiMera ones and can provide some great stories down the line. Let’s hope so for the new year.

  37. From Shani

    I’m sure no one really thought I was directly referring to Nicole’s baby, or any baby, as a monkey wrench. I, of course, meant the SITUATION could throw a monkey wrench into Sami & EJ’s relationship, if there is one by then. Sami & Nicole hate each other so much.

    Nicole was just hilarious yesterday. & Rafe may have said he is done with Sami’s games but the 2 of them are definitely not done! What a kiss! Kristen made me laugh so hard. But, oh, Brady is in for a rough 2013 with that woman!

  38. From Kat

    37 Shani,
    I did say, I see where you are coming from… meaning the SL of course.
    I would never accuse or anybody of thinking that babies are monkey wrenches,,, remember, benefit of the doubt, that would be getting personal with you, and I won’t/wouldn’t do that.
    And it would not be about Nicole and Sami, it would be about EJ, the man Sami will/does love and his child being alive. However Shani, you are so right,it could complicate the Romance a bit, for a while, till everybody gets a grip again, and remember, it’s about the Baby… Same goes for Will.
    Shani, I will not hurt anybody by getting personal on here, if in doubt, ask me for clarification, please, same goes for anybody on here… OK

  39. From Shani

    gerri 31, I have thoughts similar to yours. What if Cameron, even if he isn’t Stefano’s son, was working with Stefano to take Nicole’s baby? I really don’t think EJ had anything to do with it. Actually if the baby is alive, it could spark several different storylines.

    I’m a little vague about why Abigail & Cameron broke-up but I think it was because, with dealing with Jack’s death & all, she couldn’t get into the romantic scene with Cameron. She was embarrassed, too, I think I remember, about still being a virgin. Cameron would have fixed that little detail but she wasn’t ready so he walked away.

  40. From kitty

    Ok, although Cameron delivered the baby, the baby had no heart beat as per the OBGYN filing in for the regular doctor remember? She told Nicole that the baby was dead and Nicole went into “labour” after the fall. Not sure if she faked the labour pains or not. Also in room was nurse Maxine who saw the dead baby. Lots of re-writes would be required here.

  41. From Dmitri

    @Leah, SOD is NOT biased! Real viewers of all fanbases contribute, and the actors are interviewed on there as well. I think you’re just upset because a reliable source is not favoring EJami, or any other fanbase for that matter. As for EJami, I can never buy them as a love story, because of all the baggage they have, as well as the fact that this show needs someone you love to hate, a true villain. We used to see that when EJ was single, or when with Nicole. However, just as EJami fans say that Rafe makes Sami boring (I disagree, but whatever), Sami makes EJ boring. She will never accept him. She always wants to make him “better”. Nicole is the only woman that has truly loved and accepted EJ for who he is. EJ himself said this. I don’t want EJami because I don’t want EJ to be anyone’s second choice. Plus, I will admit, we are seeing EJ being “better” with no scheme, but still Sami only has “feelings” for him, nothing more. Next week she even chooses Rafe over him, despite EJ being better. Because of this, I know Sami will never truly love EJ.

  42. From Karen

    Obviously it’s going to come out that Will, not Nick, is the father of Gabi’s baby. Would love for Will to find out what Gabi did to Melanie and have that result in Will and Sonny raising the baby togehter, leaving both Gabi and Nick out in the cold.

  43. From Chris

    Rafe & Sami all the way!!! Those 2 belong together as does Ej & Nicole. I don’t for one minute Ejami has more fans than Safe. This goody Ej does not suit him nor is he interesting. Nicole brings out the real EJ. I so hope Nicole & Ej get their baby. Either someone kidnapped the baby or Sidney really should be Nicole’s. Enough babies for Sami.

  44. From patty

    Kissing and encouraging two men on the same evening is making Sami look quite sleezy. I’m with you Linda in thinking Rafe is the best man for her but I’m disapointed that he’s letting her drag him into her games again. I am hoping that she won’t be jumping into bed with each of them , that would be totally gross. I am so over Sami and her endless back and forth that nothing that happens now will make me beleive that she truly loves either men, she is cheating them both. She deserves no one.

  45. From Shani

    38 Kat, Thanks.

  46. From Debbie

    I posted this on the wrong week so I’m reposting it here.

    Wow, didn’t I just post what a black heart Kristen has after watching yesterday’s episode? And today John confirmed it to Brady by calling her black-hearted! Ever since her return, Eileen Davidson has been knocking each scene out of the ballpark no matter who’s onscreen with her. Definite award winning acting there. Her diabolical true colors came out to John yesterday when she laughed in his face while he was grabbing her, and today it continued with Marlena again. I haven’t even thought of Stefano once since her return and was surprised to think of him when he appeared in his Santa cap at Christmas. I hate to say this but I really don’t miss him at all and wouldn’t care if he didn’t return because Kristen is handling all the DiMera evil herself. I don’t think even EJ can do it himself since his better side has been displayed more recently.

    Speaking of EJ, I loved the romantic dinner that was planned for Sami and himself and how he got her to come with him to the office. But once again, his plans got foiled. I wasn’t surprised by this at all since the writers seem to love doing the slow boil with them, but I was really hoping that we’d get to see some real romance this time. But no, it had to be Lucas this time. I really hope they’re not mentioning him just to bring him back into the quadrangle again. He needs a story but not this one again, it’s old and boring.

    I meant to say in my other post that I enjoyed Nicole’s diversionary tactics with EJ yesterday. Their interaction was unintentionally funny and gave her the means to do her “good deed” in getting Rafe and Sami together.

    Nick seemed sincere when he explained his “gay boy” usage to Will and how wrong he was to say that, but his attitude just rubs me the wrong way in everything. I think he may have an explosive temper and if he catches Gaby in a lie, I really think he’d go ballistic on her with either physical or verbal abuse. I hope I’m wrong on this but I just don’t trust him completely.

    Finally, I really hated the fight scene between John and Brady though. I can’t imagine beating up a loved one unless they were coming at me to kill me.

  47. From patty

    I agree Debbie, watching father and son pummeling each other was horrible to watch. Even more sickening was the evil witch in the background and her gleeful demented laughter. I also agree that she is creepier than Stephano.
    I’m hoping that Marlena comes after Kristen for destroying her family. John and Brady are just being dumbasses but Marlena can go to the dark side when pushed over the edge.

  48. From bobby

    #43 Chris-I agree. Sami and Rafe. But, please just pick one and let’s get this show on the road. #42 Karen. You’re right. I can see Will and Sonny being the better parents. Nick is getting spooky and Gabi just gotten so selfish and now, lies with such ease. She’s turning into a Sami clone. And what will happen with Sami and Rafe when she finds out the truth? P.S. Did not like her barging in on Eric when he was counciling Gabi and Nick. No boundries. And starting the New Year with father and son throwing punches at each other was something we could have done without.

  49. From ger

    Kat,Yes It was a typo,In spelling,Salem,but hey I should have put an J on the end,then it would sort of been named for the both,as they are right now,most popular residents there.

    Although The female doc had told Nicole there was no heartbeat,she could have been involved as well,and It strikes me as kinda strange,that Nicole should have been aware of no movement,which she weren’t ,this hard to believe,as she was so ready for this baby,and talked to him daily,and rub her abdomen all the time.just too many questions surrounding all this…

  50. From Leah

    Patty and Debbie totally agree this father son interaction is horrible. I’m so disappointed as I’m fans of them both and their relationship. How a son or father could choose a woman over their kin is beyond me!
    #40 Kitty… good post. And your right the way it was all played out it would take more than Dr Cameron for this baby to be alive. The OBGYN was the first to say the baby had no heartbeat, then as you say Maxine also saw the baby born dead. Then we had Nicole being allowed to nurse her dead baby and say goodbye to him. For Ejole baby to be alive it would have to be a whole Salem Hospital conspiracy, let alone how they would explain the dead baby they had in those scenes. Eeewww!If they are gunna try and even go back there it would be very interesting to see how they are going to write it. But then again this is a soap and it is Days so we fans should know you never say never.

  51. From Rocky

    Why does Corday want to destroy his show?? What does he mean no super couples? Has he forgotten his series was built on super couples. Triangles are not what the fans want to see! There is no romance in the writing anymore. Why does he have a problem putting EJ and Sami together? Your fans are being played as fools! I have watched for thirty five years and I am not enjoying Days anymore!

  52. From Blaze.

    Nicole is a hoot, and Kristen is a nut!! :)

  53. From Barb

    I think that Nick is the creepiest person I’ve ever seen on a soap and even if Gabi wasn’t pregnant I don’t see what she sees in him!Will will be a great father even if they don’t get married,but Gabi cannot marry Nick.Kristen is a person I love to hate,it’s so much fun to see how she can switch personalities so quickly!It seems like Brady’s brain moved south,he should go back to Nicole,there’s another character who needs a break and she was good with him before.I just have to laugh at what Kristen gets up to,but I really sympathize with Marlena,having to put up with someone who tried to kill her!

  54. From SandyGram

    Episode Wednesday January 2nd:
    Breaking down Kristen’s Hotel room door with such fervor (or at all) might not be the best way to convince your son he’s sleeping with a she devil. As the moral protégé of Stefano, Kristen has been taught well the skills of emotionally manipulation. Eileen Davidson is over the top in this role as she torments and taunts Marlena and as John said, in convincing Brady she is the victim. The park scene with John and Brady was hard to watch. I would have preferred the writers taken a different route, but now that it’s done, they will really have to work hard to untangling this web they have weaved. I think it’s time for another ‘ghostly vision from Izabella’ for Brady to get his head on straight. Then Kristen smiling devilishly on how successful her plan and unexpected opportunities appears to be getting her exactly what she wants.

    That was some ‘diversionary maneuver’ that Nicole pulled off to keep EJ out of the Town Square at 12:00. I’m not too sure that EJ’s ego didn’t enjoy those long legs wrapped around him and her lusting attention for him. That’s exactly how Ejoles relationship started years ago in the elevator. But then Eeeej finally returns to the Town Center to plant a back bending wet one on the fair Samanther. After he explains his tardiness, Sami flashbacks to Nikki throwing her the kiss and knows Nikki help to set it up that Rafe would be at her side at the stroke of 12:00. I’ve always thought, although Sami and Nikki are sworn enemies, at the time it counts they could be best friends. It was very considerate of EJ to not plan their night together in a Hotel Room or his apartment. Great ambiance in his office, but at last the fair Samanther could not stay for Allie having a temperature.

    Will may have had the best line of the day quote “he resolves to beat the bigotry out of Nick if he dares call him gay boy again”, but unfortunately Nick’s response concerning the baby being raised as his and Gabi’s child is right. Although Will wants say in the Child’s life, he should of thought of that before letting Nick step in as the father. This is definitely a story line that needs to be straightened out.

  55. From Kat

    54 SandyGram,
    Don’t know if you saw it, but I did answer your post from “last Week” with no. 126…

  56. From Tay

    This may seem random in the midst of all this conversation but I really like Chad and Abby together. Is that bad?

  57. From Kat

    Just watched today’s show, wow, I like all the excitement… finally …
    Rafe did not look like a man totally in Love with Sami, when he watched EJ kissing her…
    he just looked a bit smug, I saw no pain or whatever in his face..
    I think he just felt smug, thinking he got one over on EJ…

    EJ was so sweet when Lucas called and Sami had to leave for Ally,
    totally supportive of Ally as always, he does love that little girl, and he has proved it.
    Even after Sami had left, there was no smug or angry looks on EJ’s face, all he said when he raised his glass, was To
    the Woman I love. James and Ally wanted a slow growing relationship, and by George, they are getting it, and it will last, it better….

    Will, get your head together, that Nick, being a Closet Bigot, raising your child, what if your child turns out gay
    someday, is that the man you want around your child.??? It should give you night mares…
    My Goodness, Kristin, the Best thing to hit DOOL since Ketchup/Sliced Bread… she is so evil, it keep me on my toes just to watch her, I am so hooked on every scene she is in. Finally I am getting what I have been hoping for like forever…. Thank you writers.
    I know that Brady did the first hit, then he backed off,
    but why did John have to come back and do more hitting, he should have just let it go, he is the
    Father, the older one, so now it turned into a full fledged fight…. Wow Kristin looked like the Devil in the Background…
    Maybe she is possessed the Way Marlena was at one time…
    and somebody maybe Brady can Save her, or maybe it must be John to save her, would’nt that be a SL to reckon with…LOL
    I would love for Kristin to stay on the show,
    somehow…. because she is just such a great actress, I rather see poor Jenn go, than Kristin, but then again, I do not want anybody to loose their jobs.

    Just hang with me for a moment, right now looking at Marlena, purse around like a Girl Scout, and then Kristin….
    and then Men looking at her,,,,

    and don’t get ruffled, I am not talking about your good guys, your husbands, etc.I am talking about the Male Species….
    and I do agree, John does seem to have some kind of unresolved feelings for Kristin….Remember
    all of you watching, HE DID have Dreams about Kristin before She Ever came Back…..
    So something is there, like it or not, and all of you might know it, or not,, I do.

    I am so patient with Sami and EJ, because when it does happen, it will be in such a big way……
    it will make all of the EJami fans very happy…
    you hear that Corday,……. you are walking a fine line, LOL, I am trying to be funny, please…..

  58. From Leah

    I didn’t see Nicole lusting anything for EJ. Her plan was to stop him and her having to throw herself at him (as she always has done) was the only way she could stop him being with Sami at midnight. I hate, hate, hate how Nicole after years of having men leave her hasn’t learnt a damn thing! As for Rafe I think it was showing us a true sign of his character. That is that Rafe is fine with planting a kiss on Sami WHILE she was on a date with EJ. Yep don’t tell me Rafe is all pure and righteous. He has shown many times he is just as happy to get down and dirty to get what he wants as the next person. The whole NYE saga with Rafe just confirmed to me what a hypocrite he is who doesn’t respect boundaries either. Talk about double standards. If EJ had done this while Safe were on a date everyone would be crying murder.
    This whole saga was just Rafe and Nicole interloping another Ejami scene. Seems that Rafe and Nicole can’t do a story of their own with Ejami. What a shame!

  59. From Leah

    PS: And yes I think your right SandyGram it was a nice touch EJ taking Sami to the office and not his apartment or a hotel room. By the way Sami kissed him at the beginning of the night and said to him “I thought you would like to go somewhere private” I’m not sure he wouldn’t have had his way with her also. I too hope Sami is not going to be bed hopping between Rafe and EJ in the future!
    On NYE EJ showed us he is in no hurry and wants to treat Sami like a lady and sweep her off her feet. That shows me EJ is in it for the long haul whereas Rafe seems an eager beaver to just wanna get Sami back in the sack. Hence Rafe putting the “hard word” on Sami next week about wanting to spend the night with her after Gabi’s wedding. I am finding it all rather amusing and interesting how they are writing this Ejami/Safe triangle.

  60. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Kristin looked like she was having an orgasm watching the two men fight over her. Hilarious!

    Once the Ej/Sami date was a snoozefest. My God, if I was on a date with such a boring man, I would have gone home to a 100 degree fever too. Or I left the oven on. Anything to get me out of there. I had to rewind it just to see if they said anything interesting. They didn’t. I don’t know where they’re going with this s/l, but they might as well be pouring tea if they get together.

    I spent the weekend going thru old family videos and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Kristen married to a blind Tony DiMera (hey, bro) and sneaking around with a very smitten John Black. Also, Victor with darker hair and married to Nicole. Different Philly, and Kyle Louder, Kristen Storms and Shaun Douglas, a little bit of Kassie and Rex and Mimi. Sami with Lucas plotting something. Even an episode of Anna DiMera and some Ireland stuff with the Santo photo. Ah, the good old days. Also, a tape of me with long, black hair looking strikingly like Gabbi. I was surprised because I don’t see that reflection in the mirror anymore…

    I was hoping for a while that Brady was playing Kristin to keep her off John’s scent, but since the fight happened, it seems remote that it could be that way.

    I’m so ready for a catfight between Chloe and Jen over Dr. Danlove. I like Chloe better than Jen these days.

  61. From Kat

    The way I see it right now,
    I do not think Rafe is really in total Love with Samantha,
    He just does not want
    her with EJ.
    Poor guy,even though he did not know it at the time, the only way He got a Kiss from Sami, is because Nicole had to manipulate the whole situation, how sweet that is, or not, so Rafe don’t get happy to fast, you got that kiss by default…

    Ok Dtbb… what do you want,

    as you called Ejami a snoozefest,
    do you want him to go in for the kill, none of us do, we want slow romance, and slow romance can come across a bit boring. I, for one, am enjoying it a lot, the slow up and down relationship developing between EJ and Sami,. I really enjoy it,

    it is an old fashioned Courtship, something that will make relationships last, compared to all the
    the quicki hop on the bed relationships,
    we all want in the end for EJ and Sami to be together for as long as a Soap Will allow them to be together…
    So again, I can wait, as long as it will turn out ok, but if Corday screws us,,,,
    What can we do….. Nothing, but move on…. LOL

  62. From an old days fan

    So, Sami may become a mother AND a grandmother this year? FAIL!

  63. From grandma to many

    When the Dr. couldn’t find a heartbeat and told Nicole her baby was dead she only used the ultrasound for verification and there was a mysterious partial blackout that seemed to move to different areas at different times in the hospital not in town but only in the hospital it is possible that the ultrasound didn’t pick up a heartbeat because there was no power to the machine at the time babies also don’t move as much very close to the birth because they are moving to the correct position for birth and there have been s/l in the past where people appeared to be dead but were actually not ( remember all the dead that ended up in New Salem ) just saying there could have been a plot to take Nicole’s baby out of the equation Stefano has been gone quite awhile and Anna went where ? she was willing to keep one child away from her mother maybe another one ?

  64. From Paula

    I don’t want to see Chloe come between Jen & Dan. I love those two together. With the rest of the couples it’s all about sex. Kristen and Brady how many times can these two go at it?! Nick and Gabi in bed (boring)! Will and Sonny same thing. Jen and Dan at least they are dating,romancing and enjoying each others company and they are funny and cute together. I love all their dates in the past and look forward to many more. Daniel and Chloe it was all about sex again, nothing else. Chloe was good with Philip. Maybe they should put Chloe with Eric since he probaby won’t be a priest for very long because you know that won’t last long on any soap. Chloe and Eric would make a good couple or maybe put her with Ej that would be interesting, just keep her away from Dr.D!! He belongs with Jen!! That’s a couple that love each other and it’s not just about sex it’s about wining and dining and romance!! That’s the way it should be. I am also sick of Kristen and Brady and their horizontal hoochie coochie! Brady grab a brain and see Kirsten for what she is!

  65. From SandyGram

    #55 Kat
    I just read your response in Posting #126 on January 1st. Sometimes I can get the Dool Spoiler History to come up and some times I can’t, it helps when I put in the right Date Range. It took a while but I also found the section in History where I wasn’t posting. Thanks for the date range that was a lot of help. I intended on reading all the posting from that time period I missed, now with the snow on the ground I’ll try to catch up between finishing my winter Honey Do List. I’m still not sure of any misunderstanding between you and me after I returned from my time out, everything is OK with me. By the way for New Years I made the Apple Strudel it was great, a nice scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream to top it off just right!

  66. From Shani

    Rafe did get one over on EJ. & why not? Nicole made it happen that Rafe was alone with Sami at midnight, which was an arrangement by Nicole that Rafe knew nothing about, but since he had Sami to himself, why not kiss her?! He loves her & he had the impulse to do it. & Sami was soooo into that kiss! I felt EJ’s kiss on Sami when he finally joined her was quite a lot for show, with the others standing there. & from then on, I didn’t think EJ’s & Sami’s date amounted to much, which was fine by me. Nicole & Rafe were great together back at the church. His eyes just twinkled when Nicole finally got it out of him that he did kiss Sami.

    Like some others, I hated to see Brady & John fighting. But Kristen standing there laughing amused me. I find myself separating the character from the actress in a lot of these scenes & Eileen Davidson plays evil & crazy so well that I find it all very comical at times.

    Will started out strong with his homophobe talk to Nick, & I was with him, but then he backed down & Nick was the one to have the last word setting Will straight. I will be glad when the truth comes out Will is really the daddy. But then I wonder where the storyline will go from there?

  67. From Sue

    SOOOOOOO glad they are not dragging out the “who’s the daddy” storyline.
    Now if they would just get rid of Kristen, and by the way, HOW OLD IS SHE??????? Brady wasn’t even born yet, good grief!We’re not stupid writers!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. From patty

    I agree with your post Shani and I too wonder where the storyline is going to go after the secret is out about the baby. Is Nick going to go berserk again? It is really hard to tell what Nick is really about. He comes off as creepy but he’s good at putting up a good front.
    I agree about Sami and EJ, still waiting to see the spark. I understand he’ll be making the moves on her soon and so will Rafe. I am going to puke if she has sex with both.

  69. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Kat, I don’t have any wish list of events. Maybe just some storyline with intrigue. I don’t necessisarily think ‘romance’ on soaps have to be boring, but there is no chemistry about Sami looking moon-eyed at a guy she’s been to the mat with (both literally, and figuratively). The re-write of these two’s personalities doesn’t remotely resemble a DAYS plot. I need EJ to be a villain and not a besotted also-ran.

    #62 ODF – My mom became a grandmother at age 38. Three months later, she had me! She said she got some very strange looks when she went to the hospital to see her newborn granddaughter, and she was 6 months pregnant. I believe ‘Uncle Phil’ is younger than Brady, as well. Happens a lot, but it is different growing up with the grandkids and not the sibs. I am looking forward to the big reveal, as I’ve thought this ‘hide the paternity’ was purposeless in a 2013 world. That’s not good storytelling. Exactly who were they supposed to be hiding it from that would actually care? Stupid.

    My two cent is the Ejole baby is alive. The way it was written..lots of loopholes. If Kristin gets a baby someplace down the road, you can bet that it’s EJ’s kid. Oh, the humanity.

  70. From MsBoulderCO

    How dare John move out on Marlena. He’s been tired of her saying Kristin was scheming all along and now when she admits she know all along he can’t bring himself to say it was his fault she kept everything in.

    Enough of saying Nicole’s baby is alive. I don’t want to go through another storyline like we did with Sydney.

    Agreed, Nick is creepy. He’ll do the same thing to Gabi like he did with Mel. And yes, it needs to come out about Gabi’s involvment with Mel’s kidnapping. We already know Chad kept it from Mel which is why she left but no one else knows so why should he carry the baggage alone. Also, am I missing something in reading about the wedding actually going through? I don’t see where it says they go on to say I Do and then the rest of the revelation comes out.

  71. From kitty

    Thanks Leah!! I posted for the very first time @#40. I have been reading here for years but never posted as I thought you had to join a club etc but thought I would try it as I just had to mention the OBGYN and Maxine and whoa, my post appeared. I started watching DOOL with my mom as a teenager and it has now been 40 years – yikes. It was when Doug and Julie were having an affair.
    Keep up the great posts everyone…I’ve alwayes enjoyed reading and now I can post too.
    P.S. I am from Canada.

  72. From Mandi

    Loved the scenes with Will and Nick finally will stands up for himself. I can’t wait for the wedding and the look on Gabi’s face when it all falls apart. Will deserves so much better than the way they are treating him, and deserves a roll in his baby’s life as much as Gabi does Nick should have no say. You can bet Gabi will completely turn around and cry poor me which is so different from her bullying ways which we have seen the last few weeks. I for one will find it hilarious.
    I also really like Rafe and Nicole together they have great chemistry together. I would love to see them together than maybe he can leave poor Sami and EJ alone. I love Nicole though she has so much spunk it was really hilarious keeping EJ from Sami. I also found it hilarious Rafe had to grab Sami as she was walking away to kiss her but it was mutual with Sami and EJ. I’m not saying Sami didn’t like kissing Rafe but it was not really her choice she was looking for EJ and Rafe just takes what he wants. I agree about John as well I don’t think he is over Kristen and can’t wait til he moves out from living with Doc and huge trouble will start. I just wish they made Kristen sincerly have feelings for Brady. I think she will down the road and then they won’t be together because Brady will finally open his eyes. But Kristen is so great love all the scenes with her in it. As someone had mentioned it would be a fight to see Nicole trying to protect Brady and fighting with Kristen they can both be so nasty and crazy it would be awesome.
    It really seems over the next few weeks the show is gonna heat up I can’t wait :)

  73. From Kat

    65 SandyGram, glad you liked the Apfel Strudel, and with Ice Cream, even better.
    I have a jar with Raisins soaking in Brandy in the Fridge right now.
    Always ready, to make some…Yum.

    I am glad you got to read my post,
    glad we are good now.
    Hope no more mis understandings in the future, hope we can always talk it out.
    71 Kitty, welcome to our crazy world..
    72 Mandi, agree with your post…
    69 DTBB, it’s great that we all can like different things, a little bit for everybody.

    With John moving out, will he become involved with Kristin…. it sure does look to Me, as if She is STILL in HIS Blood. There are unresolved feelings there, I think… I so enjoy this SL..

  74. From SandyGram

    #67 Sue
    Brady was born on screen to John and Izabella on May 19, 1992, also their wedding day. In 1996 – 1997 when John and Kristen were a couple Brady was 5 years old. After their relationship fell apart and John reconnected with Marlena and Belle was born they decided to raise Belle and Brady together. Young Brady began to resented Marlena for taking the place of his mother Isabella (which he never knew because he was a baby when she died) and was sent to a Private School. He returned to Salem as a young man in College in 2000 in his early 20′s. So that should make him around 33 on the show today. Eric Martslof who plays Brady Black was born in July 1971 which makes him 42. Eileen Davidson who plays Kristen was born in June 1959 making her 54 and that should be the age she is playing on the show today. Drake Hogestyn (John)was born in 1953 so he is 59. That would make a 26 year difference between Brady and Kristen if my math is right. Not to mention Kristen was almost his step-mother in 1997.

    #70 kitty
    Welcome aboard, there are many Canadian friends on this site. Enjoy the ride.

  75. From jolie

    Happy New Year to all! Have been away but back now and roaring to go. What a good couple of weeks on the show! Loved Nicole on NYE. She is such a great actress and didn’t she just enjoy herself when toying with Elvis. Rafe has a friend in Nicole for sure. Not sure where the Elvis/Sami story is going but went down the tube in my opinion on NYE! Rafe was there and thanks to Nicole, Elvis was not. That we’ll now have to chew another serving of Sami/Rafe…I was excited that he was moving on finally. I like Rafe, just not as Sami’s fall back. I like Lucas but again not to pull Sami’s axx out of a sling. We’ll see what happens I guess.

    Brady has lost his mind. Kristen is crazy as a loon, as always! She is so devious and disasterous. Poor John is just danged stupid and if Marlena starts wringing her hands, I hold we resurrect the old dock sets and push her in the river! John leaving Marlena, what a crock! Again he is losing his marbles.

    Loved the scenes between Adrienne and Kate. How grown up they were acting! And how funny that Kate thought to ask if they had to do lunch now. Not on your life.

    Loved the scenes between Chad and Abigail. I am glad Chad has left the anger behind. I know it is still present but at least not bubbling over making him look deranged. I like Chad and hope his character has a better year with Abigail.

    Gabi wants to tell the truth about the baby but just can’t quite get there. I can’t really tell if Will wants it told. When Sami (her busting in on Eric and Gabi…made her look stupid)was ranting and frailing in the narthex of the church with Will and told him that Gabi was telling something..Will was going in til Sami prevented him. What was his motivation? Did he want to be part of telling it to Eric or was he going to stop her? And someone posted that Sonny might be more understanding than Will gives him credit for…that might be right and I guess we’ll see for ourselves when the tale comes out. As for Gabi and Nick being married when it comes out..does it change anything for them except that Will is in the middle now? Hopefully this thing does not go down a dark path that Nick eventually abuses the child in a fit of anger. I am not up for that and don’t think many fans here or elsewhere will grab on to an idea like that. I like Nick and wish they let him keep his innocent ways rather than this wheeler dealer he now presents.

    Nicole’s baby. We so hoped it would be saved and now there is a smidgen of hope again but do we really want to go there? I don’t want a baby that is Nicole’s to come into the picture and she be left out of it. She has suffered enough and so have we.

    Chloe’s return, I guess Jennifer might need to lose another body part to get Dr Feelgood’s attention back on her! I saw a post that mentioned she and Nicole teaming up but the spoiler just says she contacts Nic and says she wants the dr back. Hopefully Nicole stays out of it.

    Good to see all your posts today. Have a good evening!

  76. From MAB

    Yep, it sure sounds like EJami’s are being lied to again by what’s being said above, but I’m not giving up hope! I still think Sami will end up w/ EJ. I think it’s just a matter of time.

    I hope Chad does tell on Gabi, and let the pieces fall where they may. Who cares if he implicates himself, all he did was beat up Nick, and who really cares? I’d say Chad would only get a slap on the wrist for kicking his @$$.

    I for one have been loving the show as of late, especially EJ & Sami’s scenes, so romantic! Nicole just made herself look like a total @$$ in her attempts to divert EJ from Sami, although it was comical what she did, and Rafe just looked desperate all around. Funny how Rafe made it a point that it was EJ who kissed Sami in the square, but he hasn’t seen what’s been going on when he isn’t around, and all the other times they’ve kissed, and how Sami has initiated some of them on her own. You’re kidding yourself Rafe if you think you’re gonna win Sami back. EJ is just gonna disappear, he’s not gonna allow that, and neither is Sami. EJ is the one who really loves her, like he said yesterday when she left the office, as he toasted the woman he loves. I still think this is nothing but a revenge game for Rafe to get one up on EJ. As for who Sami loves, apparently the writers want us to believe she loves them both, so I guess I’ll buy it for now, but I still say EJ is her true love, otherwise he wouldn’t keep coming between her & any other man in her life.

    Kristen is certainly a biotch, but this SL is definitely interesting! Her schemes are working, and they’re all playing right into her hands. Kudos to the writers for all the wow scenes between John & Kristen, then John & Brady, and the fight! But I can’t believe Brady is actually fighting his own father over a woman he barely knows, other than the damage she did to John & Marlena in the past. You’d think he’d be more perceptive than that, but I guess he’ll once again turn out to be the dumb one, that is after she chews him up & spits him out.

    I agree about the Sami/EJ/Rafe triangle. It’s time they allow Sami to make a decision, and pick EJ already. It’s what the majority wants, regardless of what some say. These are the 2 characters Corday is putting everything in to, w/ good reason, because they’re 2 of the most interesting characters on the show, and even more intriguing as a couple. SO why not put them together where they belong, so they can be the supercouple they were meant to be? I didn’t hear Corday mention Rafe in any of this, so give him his own SL for a change, and get him out of EJami’s love story!

    Regarding the rumor about Sami becoming pregnant, paleeze! She doesn’t need anymore children! She has enough, while poor Nicole can’t have any. If anyone deserves to have a child, it’s Nicole.

    For those who are puzzled by fans who want to see Sami & EJ together, continue being puzzled. We don’t have to explain why we want to see them together.

    Talk about being fickle, Rafe is as finicky as Sami. He tells Sami, I’m done, then runs back for more. That certainly isn’t him getting dragged back into her games, that is him playing the game, willingly. I think he likes it, because it pits him against EJ, and that is what he wants, to one up EJ. And getting one over on EJ seems to be more important to him than his so-called love for Sami. At this point, I’m not sure who he’s more obsessed with, Sami or EJ???

    #56 Tay – nope it’s certainly not bad to like Chad & Abby together. For one, you have the right, and two, they are good together and could have an amazing SL.

    Too bad EJ & Sami didn’t go somewhere private after all. Maybe that way they could’ve had a real date, and a romantic evening w/o someone worming their way into their business. EJ showed his class, taking time to plan a romantic evening (something Rafe certainly couldn’t pull off, or should I say wouldn’t), and then EJ being the gentlemen when she had to leave because of Ally. And talk about a snoozefest, that was the kiss she shared w/ Rafe. All you could see what confetti! She definitely enjoyed kissing EJ much more, at the pub, and at his office. Now those are kisses to talk about!

  77. From RT

    Can’t believe Brady would have to settle for an old bag like Kristin. She’s in her 50′s and looks older. Stupid.

  78. From Leah

    Enjoyed reading your post MAB! It bought a smile to my face.
    I’m missing Tee’s posts as well. She must be one of the lucky ones on holiday.

  79. From jolie

    #74 Sandygram, always the historian! I enjoyed the lesson today so thank you for hooking us up with some dates. When you read over it, you can see why poor Brady is the hopeless basket case he is and will become more of as this present storyline presents itself. I think John should rethink moving out and present a united front to fight Kristen but then she wouldn’t be getting her jollies now like she is and she definitely is!

    #73 Kat, I am not sure John still has Kristen in his blood but you might be right. She sure is under his skin right now, isn’t she. I guess there are unresolved feelings all around and Marlena’s are mostly being pissed off (sorry for my French here but difficult to think of another word to really describe it). Marlena better bring her A-game to the fight with Kristen because she is fighting for John and Brady. Kristen was glorious in her enjoyment of the havoc she has caused. I still think that when Stefano finally tries to rein her in, he’ll be in for a surprise. She is uncontrollable and it might be Stefano who finally has to end it again, like the last time. So one question on the raisins in the brandy…can you drink the brandy? Or just for cooking? Or would it be like rum raisin ice cream?? Anyway, got my mouth watering.

  80. From patty

    If Rafe’s kiss was a snoozefest and she enjoyed EJ’s kisses more, why is she sitting in her office daydreaming about Rafe kissing her on NYE? What is even funnier is that EJ walks in and asks if that look on her face is about him. Not! Then Sami tells EJ that she can’t even stand to look at his face after finding out what Kristen did, telling him he’s guilty by association. Then there is Rafe in the park and Sami’s going to cry on his shoulder and they will kiss and say they want to be together forever. Then she wants to tell EJ to get lost but is interrupted. The wedding rekindles memories for Rafe and Sami, then they almost make it to the bedroom. Yup, all signs of her eternel love for Elvis. Sheesh! I’m almost starting to feel sorry for Eeeej always coming in second after all his hard work. Rafe doesn’t even have to try. Like he said, what competition?

  81. From Blaze.

    I wonder if Rafe told Sami he ‘was done’, to help her get over her constipation and get off the pot!! :)

    So, were there two kisses between Rafe and Sami on NYE?! ‘Cuz the one I saw, Sami seemed to be in to it!!
    Granted, Rafe didn’t walk in and bend her over, but she seemed to like it, just the same!!

    I would have been surprised if EJ put up a fuss over Sami leaving to be with Ally!! That would have crossed a line, and EJ is trying to walk a straight one at the moment!!

    Kristen is definitely a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic, and WOW, Eileen is wonderful at making us think so!! Great Job!! :)

  82. From Janice 43

    I hope Marlena files for divorce. Did not like John Black from the first time he came on the show. He is stupid and has NEVER called Brady by his name, It has always been “kid.” What an idiot. Also remember they did an autopsy on Nicole’s baby. Surely the Demira’s don;t have all the doctors in their pocket.

  83. From SandyGram

    Episode Thursday January 3rd:
    Now how pretty was Samantha Gene all decked out in Pink! Sami was caught a little off guard today when EJ walked into the office just after her fond memory of kissing Rafe. But Sami being Sami she also seemed to enjoy EJ’s nuzzling…she’s like a school girl confused when it comes to her biological emotions and her mental emotions.

    I can see where Eric and Sami would want to go to the Hospital to check on John and Brady but Sami’s over the top attitude was a little strange for me since she hasn’t really cared much about John since his return to Salem. I can only guess this is leading up to Kristen’s actions having some affect on EJ’s plan to spoon Sami and make her his own. But that loony bird Kristen with her pitiful self going on to Brady about how she never wanted their relationship to come to this, now that was great acting when moments later she was reviling in her success to put a wedge between John and Brady. Look out Eeeej this bird of pray is going to be a handful for the whole DiMera family, heck the whole town of Salem.

    Nicole and Rafe have such great camaraderie, their playful and fun to watch. Now what was up with Eric when talking to Nicole at the Church? He seemed to be more than upset over John and Brady’s fight.

    Finally it would be nice if the writers would give the new Dr. Cameron Davis, played by the handsome Nathan Owens, more lines. Everything going on around him is so powerful, he’s getting lost in the scene’s and doesn’t seem to be comfortable in the role yet. Schuyler Yancey when he played Cameron, his height alone made his presence felt.

  84. From Kat

    79 jolie, hi,
    I never drank the Brandy,
    because the Raisins pretty much soak up the Brandy. Of course I use good Brandy, keeping it in the Fridge is handy, you can whip up some Strudel anytime…
    Sometimes I make the orig. long version, totally from scratch,
    but in between the frozen dough, etc. helps. Getting a bit lazy…

    Dumb and Dumber in the Hospital today, priceless…
    They showed the fight again today,
    Brady swung at his Dad and knocked him down, started to walk away, so why did John have to go after Brady and start punching back…. not cool, like I said, John is the older one and should know better.

    Brady will have to find out the hard way about Kristin, just like John had too,
    so many years ago.
    Marlena was right in what she said to EJ,
    Beware, because Kristin might turn on him also…
    However, Kristin better not overplay her hand, because EJ will take No Crap from her, when it comes to her interfering in his plans for a future with Sami…

    I am not worried at all, EJ and Sami will be the End game…
    Rafe enjoy these upcoming moments, because it will not be you, that Sami will choose….
    It will all play out…glad they are going slow, I can wait.
    Today when Nicole was talking to Rafe,
    she carried the whole scene,
    all Rafe can muster up is that same boring look on his face. I thought it would never end.

    79 jolie, something is still in John about Kristin, hope it will get resolved, but I think it will all get worse before it gets better. I like that, want to see great twisted plot coming up.
    So in real Life Brady is 42 and Kristin is 54, twelve years apart, not bad, but in Salem Time like SG said there must be at least 26 yrs. between them…
    Our Sami sure is back, the way she is running all over the place, driving everybody crazy… that’s her alright.
    Did not like her blaming EJ…a bit strong. Did not like it.
    Also did not like, the Nurse having such an attitude towards EJ, not nice or professional at all. I think EJ handled it pretty good, Victor would not have taken that crap,
    he also built a big part of this hospital, seems both Crime Families have built the Hospital.

    Well, like Bette Davis said, buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, it was Bette … wasn’t it…

  85. From patty

    Source Look Ahead: Week of January 14
    It’s the week of Nick and Gabi’s wedding and nothing will go as planned. Someone (Chad) drops a major bombshell that will not only impact the lives of Nick, Gabi, Sonny and Will, but also changes everything between Rafe, Sami and EJ! The battle lines will be drawn…

    EJ comforts Sami after her argument with Rafe; of course after making it very clear that Rafe is the man Sami truly wants , EJ will be plan B when things go wrong with Rafe ,as usual. EJ has no pride.
    Abigail refuses to forgive Chad. Gee trouble in paradise already.
    Hope comes up with a clever idea to expose Kristen; please make it happen Hope!
    Chloe is angered when Brady tells her that he and Kristen are involved. She probably can’t believe how stupid he is.

  86. From Meldays

    Brady is 21.
    Sami and Lucas are the real couple.

  87. From Leah

    Aahhh… EJ (sigh), he’s in love! EJ is showing true character here. He loves Sami and knows exactly what he wants which is more than I can say for Rafe. One minute he’s all over her next minute he’s telling her he is not playing games and its over. Rafe is the one playing games here not EJ. Rafe is the one sending mixed signals. No wonder Sami is confused. I think we have been too quick to bag Sami for her indecision and accused her of playing games with these 2 men. BUT I now believe and am starting to see that Rafe is also playing games. By the way they (Days writers) are writing it Sami wants Rafe but its Rafe who is too busy laying down the law, barking commands, giving ultimatums and using bully stand over tactics with Sami. Rafe needs to pull his head in. If ya want the girl Rafe get over yourself and ease up. I believe Rafe could have had the girl by now IF he himself hadn’t got in the way. Rafe better be careful because if he continues with this he may end up losing the girl and driving Sami away. Of course I wouldn’t mind that one little bit – ha, ha!

  88. From Debbie

    #66 Shani, I’ve found myself laughing out loud at Kristen too although I know the humor is supposed to be unintentional. Eileen Davidson is the shot in the arm that this show has needed to stay alive and she brings it to every scene she’s in. She has one of those wonderfully beautiful faces that can show innocence as a victim then turn into the diabolical villain in the next breath. I especially love it when she does that little happy dance when her plans are going well. It’s childishly evil and delicious to watch. There has never been a villian on this show that has ever entertained me like Kristen. Stefano, EJ, Kate, Sami and Vivian as well as those I can’t remember anymore just don’t do it for me. The only ones who come close are Victor and Nicole and with Victor having been moderately redeemed, only Nicole stands alongside Kristen as the villains I “like”.

    Of course, I want to see the good guys win in the end but we need the villians to do their villiany stuff to entertain us and keep the stories going. Otherwise, we have no show.

  89. From Leah

    Some of my views are starting to change…
    When I watched the whole NYE episode things went down a little differently to what I was expecting. Firstly Sami was excited about going on her date with EJ. I too think EJ could have ended up having his way with Sami IF circumstances had played out differently on the night. Sami certainly seemed keen and up for whatever EJ had planned that evening. What a shame for us Ejami fans that EJ decided to be a gentleman! LOL
    Opening scene…. When Ejami were kissing in front of the Brady pub window Sami said to EJ “I thought you might have had somewhere more private in mind.” EJ said “Maybe later” and Sami went in for another kiss only to have EJ tease her with a kiss, smile, and lead her away by the hand.
    The whole Safe kiss scene. Rafe was the aggressor here. Sami was about to walk away and look for EJ. Yes she kissed him back but confirmed to EJ later on she was happy to continue on with their date. PS: I thought Rafe showed us how little he thinks of Sami and her ability to make decisions too when he kissed her. Rafe showed Sami a lack of respect by not honouring her or the fact she was on a date with EJ. To me that shows complete arrogance!
    Then we have EJ doing the whole romantic thing by having a private dinner set up for Sami in his office. You could see Sami was impressed and loved the fact EJ had gone to so much effort for her. When EJ sweetly said to her that “The view is pretty good from where I’m sitting, and I’m not talking the town, I’m meaning you.” The look on Samis face was awesome. She was totally melting and into him. If that phone hadn’t rung I reckon we could have gotten some Ejami office loving. HINT Ejami, if the writers ever give you another chance…. turn off all electrical devices please!
    From watching that episode I have concluded Rafe is in competiion mode. Rafe wants to beat EJ plain and simple. Rafe is also thinking with his senses (if you get what I mean). Rafe wants to get Sami in the sack and then figures out everything else will work out fine. But then again when hasn’t that been Safes solution to everything? On the other hand EJ has shown us he’s not in a rush. For me, EJ gets brownie points for telling Sami he didn’t set up the dinner at his apartment because he didn’t wanna appear to aggressive for a first date. EJ wants to treat Sami like a lady, he wants to romance her and sweep her off her feet. EJ is showing Sami he’s gunna stick around and that he’s in it for the long haul.
    Overall my vote for who acted like the gentleman on the night and who showed they are in fact totally besotted and in love with Sami. EJ wins it hands down…. Well done EJ, well done!

  90. From Michele

    I have to say that I just do not like the Bradys and Hortons constant hypocrisy! While I do love EJ, can someone please tell me why the Bradys/Hortons feel that it is ok for Sami to be with EJ, YET Kristen can not be forgiven. I know that she has now showed them her true colors, but even BEFORE she did Doc. said that she could never forgive her, yet EJ she can??? Nicole can never be forgiven, BUT Sami can, Grandma can, John can, Hope can, Marlena, Abbey can even Nick gets forgivness, they will forgive men from time to time, Jack, Steve, Vic, but they never forgive women that do not have the last name Brady or Horton.

    I agree with those that say if Rafe is a good guy, why would anyone want him with Sami she, to me, is the most self centered, Narcissistic personality in Salem. I was a huge Ejole fan, and I still am but the facts are the facts, Sami is not better then EJ if anything I would say she is worse because unlike EJ she was raised to know better but chooses to do what she does vs. being taught to do whatever it takes to get what you want.

    Don’t get me wrong, growing up I loved Bo and Hope, Jen and Frankie and all the young Brady/Horton couples I just can not stand the hypocrisy any more, it truely is just too much.

  91. From camera shy

    Patty, could you please tell me why my opinion from the board DR are listed in your posting for number 84? Why not just give your own opinion instead of copying someone elses?

  92. From Leah

    Have to say I agree Michele. The hypocrisy carried around by the Bradys and Hortons etc is horrible. I hate the double standards. The do as I say but not what I do. A few of these good guys, pillars of the community and our favourite characters have been guilty of that for some time. Roman and Bo being that way against EJ was the last straw for me. Once upon a time Roman and Bo would do what was right because it was right regardless of whom it may affect. Roman has held Sami accountable for several things in her life and well and truly told her when he didn’t like it. Something that has been lacking for quite some time. Instead we get excuses or they conveniently turn a blind eye or deaf ear!

  93. From bobby

    #84 Kat I think Sami is mad at E.J. because she thinks he knew all along what was going on and didn’t tell her. She is never going to fully trust E.J. And as much as I can not stand Brady and Kristen together, Look at Stepheno and Victor’s past. Up until their last marriages (although I think Kate is quite a bit younger) there has always been a huge age difference in their relationships.Waiting to hear what Kristen has to say to John. Maybe her threats are what leads to a breakup with Marlena. He could be just protecting her until he puts Kristen in her place. Once he is “free” he may make a play for her just to prove to Brady what her motives are. One can only hope.

  94. From Linda

    Kristen sure showed yesterday how much she cares about EJ! NOT!! Something about if he can’t handle the bumps in the road, get out of the street. Real sisterly love going on there!! And then Sami turns on a dime against EJ, too. All in a huff, wasn’t she, running around?! And I thought Maggie and Hope were the busybodies on the show! Sami is beautiful in the color pink but I didn’t like the dress.

    I loved Nicole and Rafe again yesterday. Those two are so good together onscreen. Don’t see how they keep from cracking up over each other’s reactionary facial expressions. Marlena and John, especially John, are going about it all wrong to get Brady away from Kristen. Let’s hope Marlena rises above her emotions and comes up with something better.

  95. From jolie

    #80 Patty, you are exactly right but you’ll never get the Elvis/Sami crew to see any daylight between them and of course it is poor Rafe’s fault. Some will still see the romance between Elvis and Sami with her pining and daydreaming over Rafe and acting so rashly with Elvis. And the writers are playing this rather stupidly for Sami to end up with Elvis. I have truly tried to see the relationship between Sami and Elvis and truly tried to see them as a couple for the future but just don’t see it, yawn. Still waiting to be blindsided by it.

    #81 Blaze, now that is a good way to put it! Get off the pot. And you are like Patty, wasting your ink to try to convince anyone that Sami was into Rafe’s kiss as some just can’t see it. So maybe there were 2 kisses, ha! And even Kristen would not put up a fuss over someone leaving to be with a sick child so I’m with you, Elvis doesn’t really get any kudos for that.
    #83 Sandygram, I think Sami has a hormonal imbalance that is causing her to act stupid and slightly slutty. She acts very manic at times like yesterday in the hospital and in the church earlier this week. Not sure what the heck is going on there. The brawl this week will have lots of repercussions but don’t you just know that old Stefano is enjoying the heck out of hearing about it!! Well, good luck Big Guy when you finally have to deal with your nutsy girl yourself when she turns it on you, and she will.
    #84Kat, just shows my inexperience with soaking the fruit but I’ll try it next Christmas. And I bet your family lines up for either version (long or short). Marlena is indeed right with her warning to Elvis about Kristen. Sami may be the target of her ire before it is over with Kristen. Think about it…if Sami is in Elvis’ life and may cause him not to fold into Kristen’s schemes, then Kristen will do whatever necessary to change it. Sami may suffer the same attention as Marlena did from Kristen and it might be deadly! Kristen will be for Kristen in the end and don’t get in her way. Elvis might find himself protecting Sami and his kids from his dear Big Sis. I say leave the kids out of it. And John better get his noggin outta his buttocks because Kristen is laying waste to all she touches and he is in her sights. And it was Bette Davis who said it, I can’t remember the movie but she was an aging star, husband was a producer or something on Broadway, and there was a new young star coming on board. She also said but in an interview (my favorite quote) “Old age ain’t for sissies.” I am starting to think she was right about that as well.
    #85 Patty, I think poor Elvis is blinded by that dim bulb Sami. She is catnip to him. She tantalizes him beyond his ability to think with his brain which must have shrunken due to his proximity to her lately. And what would Chloe know about Kristen other than she is a Dimera and John’s ex wife which would be included in all the gossip circulating around town? Too bad about Abigail and Chad…they seem to be taking a page from the Jenn/DrFeelgood book of romance and that is not a good thing.
    #93 bobby, you may have something there…putting John in the mode to protect his family by moving away from them to draw the fire (Kristen) away from them. But problem is that John isn’t that smart and all the bunch is too reactionary to stop and think out a plan. Hopefully John does have something up his sleeve.
    #94 Linda, I think Kristen will plow anyone under who gets in her way without a second thought. Oh she’ll placate Elvis a bit but in the end if his goals are in her way, out the window with them. Nicole is just a supreme actress and she is very good with Rafe. They seem to be playful which I find a bit more romantic than Elvis and Sami breathing in each other’s faces.

  96. From Shani

    Nothing more to say. Blaze, Linda, patty, jolie, & Debbie have written my thoughts. Good ones & right on the mark from my perspective!

  97. From ST

    #90 – Michelle – Well said, “Sami she, to me, is the most self centered, Narcissistic personality in Salem” They could rename Days “The Sami Show.” I don’t want to anger anyone here… Allison is a beautiful, talented actress but come on! Lets give some of the others – equally talented actors and actresses more of a story line. EJami, Safe… Who Cares! IMO, they are making Sami look ridiculous. She’s bounced back and forth between these men for years. Let her move on without either of these men and focus her acting talents on something worthwhile! Please!
    Lets have more scenes like Chad and Abby playing monopoly and her doing the little happy dance… more scenes like Kate and Adrian humorously jabbing at each other while making nice, more Caroline and her funny Alzheimer humor, more Will and Sonny (not in bed) but rather getting to know each other, more Nicole and Rafe – they are fun together. Show me some fun loving spirit! This show has so many talented people… give them a chance to shine! …and Kristen… I’m loving it!

  98. From Ninnie

    I have stopped watching and wont watch any longer until DAYS can stop showing those ASPCA and HUMANE SOCIETY commercials every time the show takes a commercial break. I am an animal lover by far and do what I can do to rescue myself and donate. But I dont want it rubbed in my face or shoved down my throat either this way. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I cant watch ONE DAY without having to either turnthe channel or turn it off completely, in which I have already done just that. THANK GOD for the spoilers and pages like THIS and HOPEFULLY they wont get to showing those commercials and if so…then I am OUTA HERE too!!!

  99. From MAB

    Sami was over the top yesterday about John & Brady, then taking out what Kristen did on EJ. I hate when she acts childish like this, it just makes her look stupid! Brady was mean to Eric, and I have a feeling that is gonna come back and bite him in the @$$ somehow. And Kristen, she just doesn’t give up! She is good, but I found her annoying yesterday.

    I saw Sami’s kiss w/ Rafe as a snoozefest, my opinion! I don’t control the writers having her sit there thinking about Rafe, EJ, or anyone else. I don’t expect the person who feels the need to take a jab at everyone one of MY opinions to agree w/ me, nor would I want them too. I would think by now tho they would stop obsessing over my comments, and come up w/ some of fresh ones of their own.

    Rafe showing more arrogance today as he sits and tells Nicole, Sami can come to me. How lame is that? What sane woman would want to be w/ someone who doesn’t even try, and thinks she has to come to him? How smug!!! Then he says, I’ll talk to her anyway about Gabi’s wedding…just more proof of how he schemes under the radar to circle around Sami. Again, he is way too fickle, as fickle as Sami. At least EJ knows he wants Sami, always has.

    I think Marlena has a soft spot for EJ. This is the second time she’s warned him about Kristen. Maybe she’s practicing for when she’s his future mother-in-law!

    Kat – Nicole definitely carried the scene w/ Rafe yesterday. He basically just sat there w/ that stupid smirk on his face. Also, if Kristen’s schemes do come between EJ & Sami, EJ will be a force to be reckoned with, and Kristen just may loose the battle!

    I do not like Maxine’s attitude towards some at the hosptial. She treated Nicole like dirt, and then proceeds to get snotty w/ EJ yesterday. He asked a simple question, and she gets nasty, telling him everyone hates him. Uh, no they don’t Maxine…stop acting all high & mighty like you run the place.

    I don’t see the upcoming spoilers indicating that it is made very clear that Rafe is the man Sami wants. I’ll wait to actually SEE what happens, instead of just assuming what happens. And Chloe, where does she get off being angry at Brady, or thinking he’s stupid for being involved w/ Kristen? She has NO room to talk after her escapades of the past…talk about stupid!

    Leah – ditto, on all you comments, from EJ being the gentlemen w/ Sami, to Rafe’s idiotic actions. You’re right, Rafe has been playing games all along, and that game is competing w/ EJ over Sami. He shows zilch emotion around her anymore, unless that’s just more of the bore coming out in him. And you’re right, he can’t get over himself long enough to do anything but be self-righteous. I’ve said all along Rafe would loose Sami on his own, and I still think that will happen.

    The claim that someone is exactly right, and comparing that to the ‘EJami crew’ is a thoughtless statement. NO ONE is absolutely right in what they say because it’s nothing but opinions here…and one’s opinion doesn’t make another’s opinion wrong. Some see it one way, and some see it another. That is how it always is and always will be…and knocking someone for seeing it differently than you is self-righteous.

    Some need to stop telling me what I can & can’t see. I see just fine…you just need to STOP trying to ‘convince’ me about Rafe & Sami, because it will NEVER happen!

    Lastly it is nonsense to compare EJ’s integrity w/ Kristen’s. Perfect example was at Lexie’s grave. EJ was humbled there visiting his sister, and Kristen threw flowers. Kristen has proved that she is concerned w/ NO ONE but herself. She has used everyone & everything from an unknown child falling off her bike to sleeping w/ Brady just to get back at John & Marlena. EJ is nothing like her…he has a heart, and proves it everyday.

  100. From Nancy

    Happy New Year To ALL!

    Curious isn’t Kristen John’s Niece and Brady’s 1st cousin?
    And John leaving Marlena–aren’t there any secure couple on Days other than Doug and Julie and maybe Sonny and Will. And Brady isn’t dumb so why make him so and where is Victor his grandpa to the rescue!
    I do hope that Gabs truths come out by Chad, as they are long overdue!
    And Yes I am one for SAFE, while EJ does need some sort of life to get too.
    Kayla as head of Hos. is a good pick!
    Sami getting pregs again—isn’t she over 40 sch could be dangerous for her and her body!

  101. From MAB

    Ninnie – I don’t know about you, but Days isn’t the only one showing those animal commercials. I see them in several TV shows I watch. I’m an animal lover too, but I agree, these commercials are just too much. So sad.

    Nancy – Kristen is not a DiMera by blood (she was adopted), so she’s not really related to John or Brady.

    Spoilers say Chloe announces the Daniel is Parker’s bio dad, and Kayla gets a call from Stephanie, who confirms this. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think this sounds very odd???? And where is Philip?

    I get why some feel this is the Sami show sometimes, but if you’ve watched the show as long as I have, this used to be the Marlena show at one time. It seems they’ve always put stock in specific characters throughout the years, so I don’t see any difference in then & now.

  102. From voiceofreason

    Seriously…Can’t we all just agree that both EJ and Rafe are dorks and Sami is worse because she won’t make a decision? Seems like many posts now are these long-winded novels about how sweet and caring EJ is and how Rafe is such an idiot or, less frequently, the other way around. I wish someone else would take both of them so Sami would be left with nothing. Actually, I wish Stefano would lock all three of them up in the dungeon for a few years.

    Even though she’s a cruel character, Kristen is hilarious. Brady is dumber than a box of rocks though. I do like that it has given Marlena and John a story for the first time in a long time. At least I haven’t had to watch them kiss like a couple of carp lately, so that’s good. Nicole is the best actor/actress on this show by far. No matter if she is the villain or the sweet girl next door, she’s always believable. Finally, I wish they would bring back Wayne Northrop and pretend that the Chris Kositchek as Roman/Alex North thing never happened. This soap used to be so much better when people were falling off cliffs, being tortured in dungeons, etc.

  103. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Well, VOR, that’s just mean, mean, mean… and 100% accurate. Thx for the giggle.

  104. From Blaze.

    VOR & DTBB: You’re too funny!! Thanks for the laughs!! :)

  105. From bobby

    #95 Looks like my hopes were dashed today. John is just going to play the hurt party. After he has belittled Marlena for months, and treated her like she was nuts, he’s the one that’s mad?? She wasn’t going to win no matter how she handled Kristen. Where’s his love and devotion to a woman that has stood by him? Kristen shows up and all of a sudden Marlena doesn’t know squat. #98 Ninnie I agree about the commercials. Besides, who wants to potty train a puppy in the winter? I’ve done my part-Saved 3 dogs. Have you seen what they’re charging to adopt a pet now? With all these donations, and claiming they need to find these pets homes, I think they should stop making it a business and bring the price down if they expect people to afford these poor pets. And why do they always show the pitiful ones?
    And what was with Kate mentioning the twins that Shawn and Belle thought were aliens years ago?

  106. From gerri

    I enjoying reading most of the posts,on here.I’m with the ones who like Rafe,but not so much with Sami anymore,I think she has played both EJ and Rafe long enough,I think they both should dump her,would love to see Rafe with Nicole,they seemed to have so much fun together,and are very funny,yes Nicole is the best Actor/Actress,on Days right now.
    we have seen her both very sad,and Happy.Kristen Is just plain out crazy,along with being evil,Stefano taught her well,but like someone else said,she’d turn on her own family,to get what she wanted.
    Brady does indeed need a vist from his mother’s spirit,to get him out from under Kristen’s spell.

    I agree that I loved the Monopoly game with Chad and Abby,and her doing that cute victory dance,was a great scene.

    If The writers make a decision with the Sami/Rafe/EJ triangle
    I would rather It would be Rafe,who would be the winner(but only If they keep Sami,from hurting him anymore)because the scenes between,them IMO has shown me more tender moments,and romance,than with EJ,I just don’t see It with someone else said,quick pecks here and there,don’t show me the passion,that others have saw.
    but I agree with everyone It’s time to”" close the deal”"

  107. From SandyGram

    Episode Friday January 4th:
    Here we are still with those swinging University Hospital doors letting just anyone into the rooms. When it comes to Kristen, her demeanor is seductive and her objective is dangerous. She said all the right things to taunt John and Marlena while advancing to her real objective, to let John know Marlena sent him to Brady’s office knowing she was there. You could hear the nails going into that coffin, leading to the one thing John depended on from Marlena, mutual love and trust.

    Now our Rafe, love this man, but, comparing Sami to Kristen is only going to antagonize an already over rot Samantha. It seemed the writers were mixing up Sami’s feelings about Kristen with the long overdue conversation that is needed between Rafe and Sami. It was confusing what the writers were trying to accomplish leaving Rafe writing checks that may not be able to be cashed. I would of like to see more comforting and caring toward Sami and leave the testosterone on the back burner today. But then he did seal it with a kiss, a kiss even Samantha couldn’t deny. Just one curiosity in their conversation, now the writers have Sami caring about John and even mentioned ‘he was like a father to her and he did raise her’…. Ummm trying to redeem EJ and make Sami into a family person. There were so many things included in this scene that were almost word for word comments made by fans on various Fan Sites.

    Love the conversation with EJ and Kate today. Nice to see she’s in a better place with her clean bill of health and for me, unfortunately dumping Stefano. For the first time she mentioned having a house and finally she’s off on a trip to visit Rex, Cassie, Philip and her sweet Parker. Wonder if she gets out of town before she discovers Chloe is in Salem and with Parker?

    Abigail/Chad, for me, have great chemistry and I really like seeing them both happy…they’re a very attractive couple. EJ and Chad’s conversation interesting, but clearly told us EJ does not like Kristen doing anything that is going to get in the way of his plans for Sami.

  108. From Kat

    Poor Marlena, but in a way she brings everything on herself.
    Why couldn’t she tell John that Brady and Kristin were involved.
    That was weeks ago. Is part of what Kristin said the truth,,,
    as long as Kristin is with Brady, she will NOt be with John….
    John, we all know is already in inner turmoil, started with his dreams, now Marlena lies to him, she knows how he feel about Brady, and how protective he is…. Bad move Marlena..
    I know, Kristin is the Bad/Evil witch, not forgetting that,
    but that does not mean that everybody around her has to go nuts also.
    Again, Brady is a Very Grown Man, with many women under his belt, LOL,
    Let him find out for himself, quit pushing, he will not listen… just move back a bit…do nothing, then pretty soon we will see, it will play out all on it’s own.
    What’s our Sweet Kristin/SheDevil going to do, if there are No Reactions from any body.But that would be to normal, we are in Soap Land and we need crazy stories/plots….

    Hate to say it, but the little board games, etc….la, la, la, bore me to tears, that is not why I am watching a Racey Soap….
    I can watch my own family doing board games, etc…my grandson loves chess…Fun to watch at home.. but not on my soap.
    I rather watch Kristin getting under every body’s skin.
    Sorry, to all Rafe fans, but to me, he is just not
    the man, arrogant, full of himself, sex driven, God he must be horny by now, it’s been like forever for him, unless he got a little bit somewhere unknown….
    The same could go for EJ, LOL, my Mom always used to say, Men do not sweat it out of their Forehead…
    what can I say, no offense intended…

    95 jolie, girl, don’t know why, but when I read, that you had no experience Soaking the Fruit, I started laughing and could not stop… I told my Guy, come her honey, read this, and he had to laugh also… Your are so funny….
    SandyGram, you are so right, When Rafe compared Sami to Kristin, wow, I was waiting for something to happen… still waiting, .. If he feels that way, why is He, Mr. Pure and Saintly still hanging around… I am so sure, that it is only to get one over on EJ, a Pay Back for the Grief Sex…Rafe has never gotten over that yet, and he never will. His arrogant Ego will not allow that.
    Sami, better watch out, if you were to decide to pick Rafe, you could find yourself out.. out…. because then Rafe would have had his revenge…
    I think that EJ is the one, that truly loves Sami, always has and always will, no matter what… EJ has learned a lot in the last few years, and time away from Stefano’s influence
    has started to show a lot.
    As far as His Sister Kristin, EJ just met that woman a month or two ago. Never seen her before in his life,
    Well, except for Kristin looking just like Susan… that’s all.
    There is NO Bond between EJ and Kristin at all, how could there be, she lives in a Hotel Room, they run into each other at times at the Horton Square, where everybody knows your name….

    82 janice, just saw your post, must have popped up later,same thought, didn’t they do an autopsy, I thought that is how they
    determined the cause of death, what was the name again…
    That would involve toooo many people, they might as well close down the whole Hospital for Heavens sake..
    Yes, another very annoying thing about Whispering John,
    can He ever call his Son by his Name…. Brady…..
    Brady is not a Kid anymore, so step back, and let Brady make his own mistakes. In the meantime, Brady is getting a lot of good sex, takes his mind of loosing Madison…. and he will survive.
    Unless Kristin is going to kill him…let that great twisted SL unfold, I am enjoying it.
    Oops, stuck on my Book,
    but sure not on posting along here on this post….

    About those commercials, my 13 1/2 year old Grandson, has three Labs, yellow, black and brown, with Mom, and a Golden Retriever with Dad,
    can not watch this commercial, it makes him tear up and so sad.
    His Black Lab, Cocoa went blind, just like that, Diabetes… only about 6 years old. Shots every Day, special diet, and she is getting so much love. I adore her, and all the dogs. Heartbreaking,
    so watching those commercials does not help one bit…

    I am sure all of you know, just how much work it is, to take down all the Xmas decorations in the whole house, up and down…and every where and pack them all away again…

  109. From SandyGram

    A Rumor is A Rumor…but these are must read Rumors:

  110. From Lisa

    I think the entire Sami storyline is really boring as well as Daniel and Jennifer. I’m so glad Eileen Davidson is back as Kristen who is probably the best actress on soaps today, but must all the good guys on the show have to be so dumb and clueless?…I mean I get they are written to be good hearted and noble but does it also mean they have to have no brain cells such as John and Brady. I do wish the writers give Kristen a heart back and make her kinda good again not like Jennifer but a strong woman with a conscious.

  111. From Leah

    Interesting SandyGram… yes it is the rumour mill BUT I have heard these rumours from a few other sources too. That is that NYE would set up how things are going to play out for the rest of the year. Safe back together (possiblity of a Safe baby) and Ejole also back together but with the possibility of an EJ/Nicole/Eric triangle. When it is repeated from several sources you have to wonder if there is some weigh to it. As an Ejami fan IF this is how it plays out I will need to take a Days break. Seriously why should I be loyal to an executive producer who seems to take pleasure in leading one fanbase up the creek. Putting our all into these two (Ejmai), lock stock and barrel and this is what we get. What a liar!
    I usually try to see the best or positive side to things so am now starting to wonder if that “supposed” statement has been reported wrong or taken out of context. Surely Corday couldn’t be that much of a fool to say all of that and then deliver the complete opposite without expecting a backlash from fans. Time will tell I suppose. Is he a man of his word or just a plain liar? I’m still trying to believe the best here. So fingers crossed.

  112. From Sue

    Hope Jen and Dan do not work out. Jennifer is so sweet it is totally disgusting. Make her real. Daniel has slept with almost all the women in salem and PLEASE tell me Kristen will not be staying, Cannot stand her.
    And Sonny is awfully bossy if you ask me. Will can do better.

  113. From shameejaa

    Hernandez’s spawn dies? I’m all for it. Amen!

  114. From Ninnie

    Glad to know it is not just me regarding the animal commercials. Thanks to all who responded about that.
    NOW—regarding the show itself…these are honestly some of the most outrageous story lines I have ever viewed since the movie they tried to make of The Haunting in Connecticut. And Paranormal Activity 3. After I watched these movies, I sat there and thought…Hmmmm have I missed something here?? THAT is the SAME WAY I feel after watching DAYS. But I havent watched all week. #1 couldnt take my chances with the commercials every few minutes and #2 just plain irrelevant story lines!! I had rather watch Abbott and Costello argue over WHO IS ON FIRST???!!!

  115. From Kat

    TV Source Pulse Ballot Results for Dec. 24…

    Fans from all 4 Soaps polled,and wow again, Ejami all the way.

    Best Actor, No. 1 EJ
    No. 2 Eric
    No. 7 Will

    Best Actress, No. 1 Sami
    No. 5 Nicole

    Best Couple, No. 1 Ejami
    No. 4 Eric and
    No. 7 Will and Sonny

    Rafe as always, nowhere to be found…
    Eric and Nicole, I guess the fans like them together.
    Will and Sonny, always in the top 10.

  116. From Nan

    Thank you ST #97. I am fed up with ALL the bedroom, office desk, everywhere sex scenes. I also change the channel on those times. Now that Sonny gave Will a key, wonder how often we’ll get to see them naked? Kristen/Brady, Sammi/Rafe…Enough already! Guess the writers can’t find anything else but bumping ugly’s to fill the time. Leave a little something to the imagination.

  117. From bobby

    #115 Nan I agree. Have said before the imagination in story lines have stalled. Thought getting the newspaper up and running again with Abbey getting into all the trouble her mom and dad used to get in. This can be updated with online stories that generate crime cases or cold cases. There are a few cast members just blowing in the wind. Start a private investigation office (like Bo, Hope, and Patch used to do). The bedroom scenes are boring and predictable.

  118. From lulu

    What amaze me is some people cheering Nicole’s moves at NY midnight whereas it was scheming and manipulation and oh yes they would cry what Nicole did to Ej was boderline sexual assault if it was a man doint it to a woman even more if it was god borbid..Ej doing it to a woman and even more if it was Ej doint it to..Sami ! These double standards repule me..puke !

  119. From patty

    SandyGram, thanks for the rumors. Interesting. If the rest of the rumors listed are an indication, it looks like most of them come true. Except maybe about Jan Spears coming back, which is a good thing imo. Don’t see where she would fit in Salem and again we have enough of one psycho woman running around.
    It looks like John will be leaving town. What a guy! Well at least Kristen’s revenge scheme will fall flat if John is not around. I wonder who she will target next since everyone is pretty well on to her, of course besides besotted Brady. I still can’t believe John, doubting his own wife for months when she was telling him the truth and now he leaves because she didn’t tell him about Brady. He probably wouldn’t have believed her anyway. John got exactly what he deserved when he walked in on that sleaze fest.
    I agree with most that this has become the Sami show. As far as actors, AZ should be the number one actress on all charts no matter what any EJami fans poll says. ED is a great actress but she is mostly a super villain. EJ just looks bored lately and so does Rafe when they’re with Sami and they’re probably as tired of the ring-around-the Sami game as we are. Sami pregnant again, please say it ain’t so but if it is, make it Rafe’s. At least we know he’ll take care of it. EJ and Nicole rumor by Valentines Day, now that I want to see. They did ring in the new year together, best scene in a long time!
    Poor Lucas stuck babysitting all Sami’s kids on NYE. Is this what they brought this poor guy back for? Give the man a storyline already.

  120. From Shani

    109 SandyGram interesting rumors.

    I didn’t quite understand Rafe’s line of conversation with Sami Fri. but I really liked the kisses, especially the last one. & Sami obviously did, too. Frustrated much, Sami?! She reaslly is one confused woman! & what a surprise that Sami gave John credit for being like a father figure to her! Just when did she come up with that?! Must be that Rafe really threw her off balance!! I know he would me!! Rafe/Galen is MY man all the way!! But I don’t need to see him hurt anymore by Sami, though.

    I think Rafe truly loves Sami & that it has nothing to do with trying to get revenge on EJ. I think Rafe is trying hard not to indulge in games to win Sami, & that’s why he acts like he wants her to come to him. But yet he can’t stay away.

    Like someone else wrote, I’ve hever read the lock, stock, & barrel comment, either, except what someone posted on here, said to be made by Corday about his investment in Sami/EJ. Not saying he didn’t say it, just that I never read it except what someone posted. In fact, in Corday’s most recent interview, found in The Salem Spectator, he mentions the fan following both Sami/EJ & Sami/Rafe have & how that makes this triangle so interesting. Except it’s NOT that interesting to me anymore. But whatever happens, I won’t stop watching the show. Corday also mentions the triangle coming up between Jennifer/Dr. Dan/Chloe. & apparently Hope has a storyline coming up.

    Great acting continues from Eileen Davidson, as Kristen is completely convincing in her conversations with Marlena, John & Brady.

    Chloe is as beautiful as ever, & the look on Dr. Dan’s face was priceless!

    I agree about the animal commercials. I know there is a desperate need for rescueing animals, & it really is a pitiful situation the coutry has with all of them, but those ads are so sad & I think they go too far, both in content & how often they are run. Maybe they will be cut back for a while now that the Christmas season is over.

  121. From Shani

    118 patty I sure agree with you that Ari Z is really the #1 actress on the show. Multi-dementional, goes anywhere with her portrayals.

  122. From gerri

    Patty,and Shani
    I agree that Nicole Is by far the best actress,on Days,she can play both sides,being good,being sad,being Happy,being bad,what else can be asked of her?
    so with us and some others she is #1 ,polls can be taken all day long,but we won’t change our minds on her or Rafe,He’s our favorite as well,Kristen is just full of herself,and can only play a bad gal,but that’s why she is on the show,and she is a great actress as well.
    Maybe with John leaving Marlena he will hook up with her again,taking his son’s leftovers,as Brady as already taken his dad’s leftovers,ugh,sickening,

    Maybe down the line,Roman will come back into her life,which would give him a S/L.
    And I’m ready to see Lucas to get one as well,what Is the deal with him returning,?
    I think way too much money,is spent on the bedroom scenes,what’s exciting about all that?we all do have an imagination,we don’t need to see It daily,I would much,much rather that time ,and money,used for other S/L’S,that would be more interesting,other than the Sami/Rafe/EJ Triangle.

    I also have had to switch channels,when ths animal ads,come on,way too much…My question is,does these ads have to be paid for,and by whom?If It Is the their agency,why isn’t that money used,for the care for these animals?Instead of paying the networks,who air these ads?

  123. From Clear

    I love animals, but those ads are tasteless along with some of the ones for 3rd world children to me. I FF through them. I would never trust those agencies, plus we all have local agencies! People must send money otherwise they would not keep running them.

    Did I get that right that spoilers say John is leaving? I hope not! Keep him for sure though he has fallen short of the SuperJohn of bygone Days!

  124. From julie

    Hey if Nicole and Rafe are so ‘awesome’ (lmaoooooooo) root for them to be together guys !! Root, root, root, the two most awesome human-beings together as an awesome couple !! Yay the heaven, a dream comes true for you guys and ratings will skyrocket i am sure ! Call Corday !!

  125. From Kat

    John is leaving the Show..?????
    why would a character leave in the middle of the best SL he has had in years and years…..
    What am I missing here.

    Or does it mean, John is leaving Marlena, but not the show/Story Line…. don’t trust them spoilers to much anymore…LOL
    Maybe poor Roman will finally get a SL..

    Wonder if Roman will go with Kate to see their children Cassie and Rex..???

    gerri, don’t think anybody wants to change your mind, why would we,
    nobody can change our minds, unless due to circumstances, we change it ourselves…
    So you enjoy Rafe all you want, and I will get a kick out of EJ, fair enough…
    We are not obsessed, we just like what we like better… just a soap.
    I do not follow James Scott, don’t care about his private life, just him as EJ. A great character brought to DOOL so many years ago, just like Stefano…
    Stefano, where are you….Kate needs a good twisted romantic plot with you…

    It’s just nice to see, where DOOL stands against all Soaps out there,
    and what all fans think, not just US FEW on here….

    Nicole, since paired with Eric has come made it to the Top Ten, so that is nice, she is a great actress.

    Maybe if they paired Nicole with Rafe more often in some real good scenes, she could bring him up with her.
    Bo and Hope had made it up there….

  126. From bobby

    #117 lulu It was just pure funny when Nichole waylaid E.J. We have to have our laughs. Would rather see that then Kristen and Brady shagging themselves to death. Has he even taken her on a private date? Why buy the cow,—-. forgot how big and beautiful Chloe’s eyes are. With John out for awhile, and Kristen can’t antagonize him, maybe she’ll go after Roman and keep Marlena’s nightmare going.

  127. From Leah

    #114 Kat… we all know that it is true. Ejami consistantly are at the top of many soap site polls but really it is all rather irrelevant as Corday and the writing team of Days like Safe and Ejole. So thats what we are going to get. Every now and again they like to put a bump in these couples roads so they can throw others fanbases some crumbs… example of this Ejami and Lumi fans. With Safe and Ejole coming back to the forefront I will be done watching Days and go back to reading spoilers.
    As for Cordays comments about lock, stock and barrel? Many of the sites we all visit (that also run up and coming spoilers) reported on that interview/comments. So I think it did happened, just not sure as I said if it has been reported wrong or his words were taken out of context. Either way those comments do not match with what we are seeing on our screens and with what up and coming spoilers say is going to happen.

  128. From Leah

    #124 Kat… its interesting to see that Nicole being paired with Eric or Rafe is really growing in momentum. To be honest though Nicole is great with whoever she is paired with (even her with Victor was good for a laugh). And yes that is a testimony to the actress herself and her acting abilities. Probably the only relationship Nicole has had that I haven’t really liked is the one with EJ. Why? Because it was SO obvious EJ wasn’t into her at all and only flirted with her to make Sami jealous. EJ knew Nicole pushed all of Samis buttons and still does – LOL. With EJ Nicole had to lie, manipulate, scheme, trick etc etc to just keep him interested in her. With EJ Nicole was always second best, a convenient after thought when things went wrong with Sami. Nicole herself has said to EJ “Its always Sami, Sami, Sami!” In my humble opinion Nicole can do better than that and should expect more than that. I want Nicole to be with a man where she is their number 1 come hell or high water. Thats why I like her with Brady or Eric. But I do have to say Nicole and Rafe do have that certain spark. I saw it right at the beginning when their two characters met. And when Rafe was trying to get information from a drunk Nicole and they went back to her motel room and made out… it was a little sexy. Actually it was watching their dynamics then that made me think “Wow, these two could be good together.” In that brief encounter I saw way more fizzle in Rafe than I’ve ever seen in countless hours of Safe. With Brady busy with Kristen (yuk!) and Rafe being one of Nicoles new “best friends” maybe it would be good to see it develop into more. I know it would certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons with Sami. I reckon watching a Rafe/Nicole/Eric triangle play out could be fun!
    PS: Another soap site had many posters grossed out with the whole Safe back together and what this means for the whole Will/Gabi baby scenerio. Posters were not happy that with Safe together it meant that this child is going to have its grandmother married to its uncle. And if Sami does indeed get pregnant with a Safe baby… that its dad (Will) is going to be a half brother to Safe child which is going to be this Will/Gabis babies cousin/what? Posters were going off about it being close to incest etc and weren’t happy one little bit. I suppose they do have a point. It is all rather crazy and a little too much even for us soap fans. BUT HERE IS THE POST THAT WAS THE MOST INTERESTING TO ME… one poster said they heard after the whole baby saga is revealed Gabi will lose the baby anyway. Now has anyone heard of that? Well I haven’t but it really makes me realise all of this speculation, rumoured spoilers etc etc does show me what crazied imaginations some of us fans must have. LOL

  129. From Maryl

    I will not be watching Days when Safe rears its ugly head again. I couldn’t stand to watch Rafe with Sami the first go around much less a second time. I’m sure the rumors about Safe happening will soon pan out to be a fact and the Sl will swing in that direction.

    Although team Corday/Tomlin are trying to keep us all hanging on and in a state of confusion about the outcome, some of us EJ/Sami fans can see the writers starting to swing things in the direction of Safe. I personally feel the EJ/Sami fanbase is being used again. Corday knows the ratings go up when the supposed pairing of these two characters is dangled in front of us–he knows we will watch. I personally will not be watching much longer. I have given up watching Days for months at a time before, but this time it will be for good. The only reason I have watched at all is because of the EJ/Sami story. No other sl is of any interest to me. Even though this is just the way I personally feel, I do read other viewers’ complaints of boredom with almost everything that is happening right now. So it would seem that it isn’t just me. Maybe I have been watching this soap opera too long. It seems that we can only get sls that go backward with repeats of things that have happened over and over. There is definitely a need for good writers and it seems there is a big void in that department. I see no creativity, no adventure, no mystery, and certainly no true romance. Sorry had to vent my frustrations which leads to another question–why the heck am I watching something that doesn’t entertain me but instead frustrates me? Sure glad Downton Abbey will be back on tonight with Season 3! Now that, for me, is entertainment!

  130. From patty

    Spoilers say that Marlena is crushed when John informs her that he is leaving town, not that he’s leaving the show. I wonder if he’s going to help Bo nail the Demiras or if he’s the one that goes missing.

  131. From patty

    I have to ask, when people say they will no longer watch if EJ and Sami don’t get their stock, lock and barrel, does this mean EJami are the only reason you watch the show? I mean it’s good to be rooting for your favorites but why get so invested when there are all kinds of other stuff and possibilities going on? I would think you would want your man EJ to be treated better by Sami and not always be her second choice when things don’t go right with Rafe. I would think you wouldn’t want EJ to have to change his ways so she can accept him or him knowing that she is still pining for Rafe. Like the other day when he told Kate Rafe was no match for him in his competition for Sami while across town she was in a lip lock with Rafe getting hot and flustered. She’s already cheating on him. I know I prefer for her not to be with Rafe if she’s just going to trample on his heart. I want Rafe to wisen up to her and walk away if she’s just going to play each men against one another like she’s been doing. I think Rafe deserves better and I would think you’d feel EJ does too. But whatever happens, I won’t be giving up on Days because the fickle Samantha Gene Brady can’t make up her effin mind.

  132. From Clear

    I saw the rumor/spoiler that Gabi loses the baby. I am appalled that they would miscarry or kill off another child. I hate that! I guess it is easier to write with fewer children for placement, but they could always have a character start running a nursery and school! I hope they don’t make her lose it.

  133. From K


    I disagree. I like seeing Rafe and Sami together (at least Rafe did not rape her like EJ did).

  134. From K


    Hello, of course Kristen does not care about EJ, she is a sociopath, you know.

  135. From Kat

    I have gone to Restaurants for a special Dish they served.
    When no longer being served,
    I have stopped going, and found myself another place with another Fav. dish I like.
    Such is our choice, to each their own.
    And just because somebody likes all the Dishes on the Menu, or most of them, does not Mean, that I have to like them or still go there.
    Freedom of choice for all of us, and more power to the ones that like every thing on the menu, no matter how it is served for the Day….
    So Maryl, I understand, it is your choice, and I hear from my friends, that season 3 is starting. Enjoy….

    However, I believe yet, what James S. said, last August, after the New Writers started, that EJami will happen, but very, very slow, by request of James and Allyson… So, it is not dark yet…hang in there a bit longer….

  136. From Barbie Doll

    I think there are some mighty passionate Days fans. The pairings don’t really matter as long as the story lines are good! It must be hard to keep writing winning story lines after 30 years. I agree some romance and a little less sex would be nice to see!
    Will and Sonny are cute but I could do without their constant bed/kissing scenes. Will and Sonny raising his baby might be interesting (definitely a new twist).
    As for Sami. Can she ever make up her mind. Nicole and Dan made a cute couple. Jenn’s time has passed. Too bad they could’t have stayed together. Would be nice to see John and Marlena stay together. This is the same as the silly Hope – Bo story line when he rescued Billie and they broke up.
    Sami has the potential to be such a strong character but her poor sleeping with each man repeatedly is tiring and makes her look needy and weak!
    Aw well! Whatever happens –will be just another day in Salem!

  137. From Leah

    #130 Patty… seriously? We are entitled to our favourites and opinions just as you are. We love Ejami and EJ, you like Safe and Rafe. I dont’ think Ejami fans have anything to apologise for, for wanting to pull the plug if it all goes down as rumoured. Be honest wouldn’t you to if the shoe was on the other foot? That is, if you were teased with your favourite couple Safe for 7 years only to see it never eventuate to nothing. You may feel the same way too… a little let down, frustrated and angry. You are the first to cast your opinion about Ejami so why can’t we express our dissatisfaction?
    To be honest posters have always expressed their dislike and dissatisfaction with Ejami and painted Rafe the saint. Well any of those fans that are ok with this Safe/Will/Gabi family in bredding etc need their heads checked. You simply cannot glaze over that one! I suppose its an easy way for TPTB to promote Safe by having Will/Gabi lose their baby to avoid that. But a young fertile woman vs a woman getting older who has had a cancer scare to promote a couple. If this is how it all plays out this show is going to pot! So why wouldn’t ya wanna leave it all behind.

  138. From lulu

    Nope to me what i saw onscreen bobby (and i am not alone) was Nicole who forced herself on Ej : plain and simple and it was disgusting and pathetic. But it is super goddess Nicole so it is ok ? eyeroll.

  139. From patty

    Leah, the answer is no. I’m a Days of Our Lives fan, not just a Safe fan. I like Rafe but don’t much care for Sami. I wouldn’t quit watching because Rafe doesn’t end up with her or because I’m frustrated with the spoilers. I would quit the spoilers first.
    The rumor that Sami might get pregnant is just a rumor but just the idea of Sami having another baby is what is gross, especially if she ends up not knowing who the father is. Nicole has lost more babies that we can count and Gabi might be losing hers but Sami just keeps adding to her brood at her age. I don’t know what you mean by in breeding because Gabi and Will are not related and neither are Sami and Rafe. I think disaproving fans are grasping here, Days has always had stories where families intertwine. Look at Doug and Julie, Max and Chelsea, Dan and Jen and I would say Brady and Kristen but they are gross and not because they’re related. Well Kristen is, Brady not so much, he’s just stupid.
    So yes everybody has a right to express how they feel and it is their choice to watch or not but this long time Days fan is not boycotting the show because of a twit like Sami Brady.

  140. From bobby

    137 lulu You’re right. I forgot E.J. jumping on Sami when she was trying to save Lucas and she ended up with twins with 2 different fathers. That was disgusting. And not funny at all.

  141. From Linda

    Waaaay too much heat and overly deep analysis going on here about a fictional show. And a soap opera at that! Where’s the fun? To quote Hilary in #29, “So don’t over analyze sit back and enjoy, psssst it’s not real”.

    As Shani posted in #119, Ken Corday thinks the Rafe/Sami/EJ triangle is a good one. I doubt he is a stupid man and he must base that on the ratings he sees. And a strong fan base for both couples, regardless of what any polls that have been quoted on here might show. (Hilary #29 also addresses that issue in a way that seems to make sense.)

    It’s everyone’s own personal choice, but I would never stop watching Days because a s/l wasn’t going the way I want. Maybe if I had lost interest in ALL s/l’s I would but I’m not that invested in just one or two that I would stop.

  142. From Maryl

    Thanks Kat, and Leah–I know you understand where I’m coming from even though you may or may not share my feelings.

    Why bother sitting in front of the TV watching stuff you would rather fast forward through?
    Why not just cut it off? I have watched Days for years, so I wouldn’t say I am disloyal, but what have they done lately to keep me watching or earn any more of my loyalty? I think the whole problem is with TPTB. They choose to ignore their viewers. I also think spoilers/rumors have ruined the soap sls. They frustrate a viewer. You know how things will most likely go down before it actually happens–this is not good for any sl. It takes away from the anticipation of not knowing an outcome. This of course, is only my opinion.

  143. From SandyGram

    January 21, 2013 Soaps In Dept Magazine, Rafe Romances Sami, But EJ Won’t Quit!!

    The In Depth Story: It’s a new year and a time for fresh starts. For Sami, that means finally getting her chaotic love life in order. This week, she finds herself in Rafe’s orbit as they get caught up in the romance of Nick and Gabi’s wedding. But don’t count out EJ just yet!

    “I love the challenge of EJ and how hard the dynamic is to balance (their feelings) with how horrible the things are they do to each other,” offers Sami’s portrayer, Alison Sweeney.

    EJ may think he’s got his future with Sami in the bag, but what he doesn’t know will hurt him! Rafe’s got a piece of her heart, and she is leaning toward giving him the rest of it… especially after he promises her that nothing will come between them.

    By week’s end, it certainly looks as if Rafe has taken the lead in the race for Sami’s heart! “I think they are good for each other,” Galen Gering (Rafe) insists. “They are certainly compatible, and they have a special relationship.”

    That said, it’s absolutely impossible to deny the chemistry Sami has with EJ. And just as things heat up between the beautiful blonde and one of her ardent suitors, look for someone with the worst timing ever to interrupt!

    And to think I was going to stop my Subscription, but then we would have missed this tantalizing story….or NOT!

  144. From jolie

    Did you read Matt’s Musings for last week? That was so funny!
    #102 Voice, you are sounding more like voice of truth!
    #103 DTBB, fun, fun, fun!
    #105 Bobby, John has his noggin up his backside and it has been there for some time now. First he believed Kristen was the root of all evil, then she was changed, then she is horrible, now Marlena is the blame. One minute he is wallowing on the bed and smooching and the next he is blaming her for his troubles. Well, John you are gonna need her so settle down a bit. Kristen is just getting started.
    #108 Kat, I was in earnest about the soaking of the fruit but when you read it, it is funny. I am so glad we got a laugh out of it. Now, if we ate the fruit then read it again…over the top no doubt.
    #109 Sandygram, could the rumors be more confusing and intriguing?? Sami/Rafe and the possibility of little feet? Nicole and Elvis…oh no! What is going on with all that? Gabi losing the baby..I hate that but the poor child will twist in the wind just like Will did. And I just feel like Kristen is going to cause the Dimeras all kinds of trouble. She isn’t just here to vex the good townspeople of Salem. She has an axe to grind with Fatha as well and he’ll have a difficult time dealing with her as there is no keeping her in check. And that Kate and Stefano must get thrown back together over something that happened long ago. Maybe it is something they have to come together to solve or vanquish and their old feelings bubble up for one another. I know, I am talking about 2 snakes here but I like them together. And they are superb villains of the highest order. Taylor coming back..spare us that one.
    #114 Hi Ninnie, Who is on third.
    #119 Patty, well put. But is John actually leaving town or just leaving Marlena? I need to go watch that again but he needs to stand by to protect poor Brady. I think Nicole’s scenes with Elvis then with Rafe are the best we have seen in a long time. At least it was less boring for us all than what we have been subjected to lately with poor Rafe and Elvis blowing in the wake of Hurricane Sami.
    #120 Shani, Sami seems to remember John being in her life when it suits her purpose. Like most other things in Sami’s life. She did look great this week but is still a bit of a dimwit. I agree with you as well that Rafe is trying to avoid the games but if he is waiting on Sami…she is off somewhere spinning out of control!
    #134 K, now that is putting it in a few words!
    One thing about the show lately, it has given us lots to talk about, good or bad. Some of it we like (Eric has come back, Kristen has come back, Stefano phoned in, Dr Dan got his tan and groove back on) some of it we don’t like (Kristen is boinking Brady’s brain out, Sami can’t make up her mind on which man she wants to spend the afternoon with much less her next weekend) but it has gotten more interesting. Lots of stuff going on now. I am liking it and enjoying the performances. I am one of those who really doesn’t have a favorite couple but I do favor Nicole as a character always as she is just superb in any scenario. I’ll keep on watching, now in my 46th+ year, off and on (work has sometimes prevented my watching for long periods so I do so much appreciate the history when those of you are kind enough to look it up).

  145. From jolie

    #143 Sandygram, thanks again for that posting. Very intriguing. So what does it mean that someone interrupts with the worse timing ever? Is it someone new or just someone (like her other suitor) causing things not to happen? This will be very interesting or at least that is my hope! One thing about the Sami story…someone will end up hurt, whether Elvis, Rafe or Sami. Someone’s heart will get tossed aside.

  146. From Shani

    DaysCafe spoiler for the week of January 28 – I was beginning to wonder when this was going to take place -

    “Bye, bye Billie! This character was brought back as an ISA agent to bring down those dastardly DiMeras but writers change, stuff happens, & her storyline was dropped. (EJ & Stefano got lucky again!)”

  147. From MAB

    Friday’s show:
    I was shocked Kate mentioned visiting Cassie & Rex! I guess they do still exist. Nice comradery between her & EJ, and EJ congratulating her on still being cancer-free. I sure don’t buy Kate being elated over the end of her & Stefano tho. I’m sure she’s happy about other things, and how things are going good, but I think she’s still in love w/ Stefano. Also, I don’t see her going anywhere w/ Chloe being back. Spoilers say she tries to destroy Chloe again. Also, from what she said, sounds like Nick accepted her offer. What’s that about? I thought he was holding out until he got EJ & Sami’s offer???

    Yuck, Rafe & Sami’s scenes made me sick! Usually I just find them boring, but now they’re becoming nauseating. He stands there and acts like his normal macho-annoying self, saying nasty things to her (as usual), then yanks her in twice for a kiss????? I don’t find that the least bit tender, nor romantic. He’s acting like he’s already won the game (he’s obviously playing). Again how smug can he be? And what anyone finds appealing about that, I’ll never get. His attitude towards her was a complete turnoff, the most obnoxious behavior I’ve seen out of him in a long time.

    Apparently some aren’t watching if all they’ve seen is EJ & Sami’s kissing as pecks. They have had plenty of long, tender, romantic kisses!

    Sami always flip flops between hating & loving John (& Marlena), and this week she just happens to be on the supporting side of them, so she’s thrown into the mix of involving herself in their drama, and claiming her family is being destroyed. I wasn’t surprised to see these actions of hers, as we’ve seen them many times before. Seems to me this is just an excuse for her to mad at EJ for what Kristen has done. He isn’t to blame, of course, and it would serve her right if EJ dumped her @$$ for how she’s treating him. He’s done nothing but prove to her that he is his own man, and shouldn’t be constantly blamed for his family’s actions. Truly lame excuses only to throw back at Rafe, who unlike EJ, treats her like she’s beneath him & not good enough. But of course, EJ won’t dump her…he loves her and will disregard her actions when she comes running back to him, again…after Rafe screws up, again.

    Chad & Abby, love it, want more of it, but looks like the writers are gonna have Abby get mad at Chad for letting the cat out of the bag at Gabi/Nick’s wedding. So here’s another obstacle for them to overcome before they even get together. Sad!

    I’m glad Marlena is not acting crazy anymore, and I thought she was being pretty smart as of late, but it seems she’s dug herself another hole. She should’ve told John about Brady & Kristen, and let things play out. Maybe Marlena didn’t because of Kristen saying “as long as I’m sleeping w/ Brady, I won’t be sleeping w/ John”. Marlena has sacrificed her children before over John, so why not Brady too? I do think Brady got what Marlena was saying tho, but he acts like this is more about proving them wrong than about him being w/ Kristen. I think the best thing is for John & Marlena to back off. Let Brady figure out on his own that Kristen is only using him…it’ll happen soon enough. And I’d say if John & Marlena backed off, Kristen’s schemes would fall apart. But they keep playing right into her hands, and now John will leave Marlena. Kristen just keeps getting her way.

    Just like Brady will have to figure out w/ Kristen, if Rafe wants Sami so bad, then him getting hurt will be on him & his stupidity because EJ will always be an obstacle for them. And Rafe is certainly not the only one who has been hurt, as he has hurt Sami numerous times, especially w/ the Carrie thing. Again, he can’t have a conversation w/ Sami w/o bringing up EJ, just continued proof of him wanting to get one over on EJ…sounds like revenge to me. As well as how obsessed he is with EJ. Makes you wonder…

    I hope Jen & Daniel do work out because he is more likeable w/ her. He made me sick the entire time he was w/ Chloe, like he was more in lust w/ her than in love w/ her. His relationship w/ Jen seems more realistic, like real love, unlike what he had w/ Chloe. Oh, and spoilers say Nicole & Chloe have it out over Daniel. That should be interesting!

    I think those rumors are poppycock! Sami & Rafe, Nicole & EJ…doubt it. Why would Eric be back if there wasn’t something on the horizon for him & Nicole? And the other rumor is still floating about Hope & Rafe, so how does that work for Sami?

    I don’t think anyone has ever negated Ari/Nicole’s acting ability, or her popularity. I’ve always loved Nicole, and always will, but to compare her to Ali/Sami and saying one is better than the other is not realistic. They are both phenomenal, and I for one appreciate what they both bring to the show.

    Leah – I agree, when someone like Nicole has to lie & manipulate to keep a man, or someone like Sami has to be a needy, weakling, little Ms. Perfect for Rafe, what is the attraction? Nicole has schemed w/ nearly everyone she’s been with, and the only one she ever seemed herself w/ was Brady, who loved her despite her ways, but I guess that ship has sailed, so maybe Eric will be the one she finally has a happy ending with. As for Sami, she is the real Sami when she’s w/ EJ, as he too loves her for who she is, not what he wants to be, like Rafe.

    Maryl stated plainly that she watches because of the EJami SL, so if she says she will stop watching if it doesn’t happen, then it’s her right. Why does some feel the need to question her, and why do you care? She doesn’t have to answer your questions…she explained herself clearly. But if it’s questions you want, here’s a few for you. For your beloved Rafe, why would you want him w/ Sami, the character you obviously don’t like because you trash her all the time? Why would you want him w/ Sami who will undoubtedly turn to EJ once again as soon as Rafe gives her a reason to? Why would you want him w/ Sami, who brings out the worst in him? Oh, and just like EJ saying Rafe was no match for him and she was kissing Rafe across town…well same thing happened on NYE when Rafe said she didn’t kiss EJ, he kissed her, but across town at the office, she was kissing EJ and getting hot & flustered. Same thing, different day. Keep thinking Rafe is her first choice, we’ll see how long that lasts.

    I for one won’t stop watching, never will, and that is my choice, but I don’t begrudge someone else for their choice. And maybe you won’t stop watching either, but if EJ & Sami really do happen, I’m sure we’ll have to continue to read the mind-numbing dribble of those who will daily trash the EJami SL.

    Uh, the lock, stock & barrel comment Ken Corday made was in an interview w/ SOD. It wasn’t just what someone posted on here. If you want to read it, I provided the link below:

  148. From MAB

    “I think they are good for each other,” Galen Gering (Rafe) insists. “They are certainly compatible, and they have a special relationship.”

    I think Galen is just as clueless as his character. They are compatible? Paleeze! Yeah, as long as Rafe has Sami under his thumb like he did before, he’ll see them as being compatible, while he ruins the Sami character!

  149. From Kat

    144 jolie, “yes to eat or not the forbidden fruit.”..
    maybe we all should, then we would really understand all the crazy, out of this world stuff that is going on in Salem,
    relax about it all, and just have plain fun watching it.
    Nobody would care who Sami is with, as long as she is with somebody, Rafe, Lucas or EJ…. or all three of them in a big house… LOL
    Get my drift…. we all would be in La,La Land….

  150. From Jamie

    Who agrees with me…. I think who would be a better match with Brady is… MELANIE… seriously there so cute together…when he was trapped underground with her…I was rooting for them to fall in love.. Brutal – I am so happy that baby Parker is Daniels, he looks so sad when looking at the pictures – I don’t care what anyone says I loved Chloe/Daniel together, too cute – Kristen is like oh so old…Gross!! needs to end… And Rafe/Sami all the way…been watching the show forever… I love seeing Sami with someone who treats her with love as per EJ who keeps playing games with her…. Nicole/EJ better fit… Ok Done my rant… Canada out!! :)

  151. From jolie

    #149 Kat, wouldn’t that blow the roof off…all three in the same house! I don’t think I could eat enough bandy soaked raisins to watch that for long! But on this show, you never know what we might have in store for us…bring it!

  152. From Maryl

    Thanks, MAB for your support. In #148, you read my exact thoughts. If GG thinks his Rafe character and Sami are compatible, then he certainly doesn’t have a clue about the Sami character. Makes you wonder about him. Must be the reason Sami and him don’t come across the screen as being genuine. However, I’m sure Tomlin will take care of that, just for Rafe, and change Sami’s personality to suit his character.
    Then it will be back to a Sami we don’t recognize.

  153. From Ninnie

    BRADY needs to carry around a blow up doll or one of those man vibrator things. GEEZ!! And I cant wait for his jowls to drop down to his wha-hoo when he has to go around singing the old song…”WRONG AGAIN” and listen to every one else sing…”I TOLD YOU SO”!!!

  154. From MAB

    #151 Maryl – yep I don’t see where Rafe & Sami have ever been compatible, and if they’re reunited, Sami will once again become unrecognizable, and become boring like she was when they were married, and if that happens, that claim of Nicole being #1 sure will be accurate. And you’re welcome! I’m tired of some’s suggestions on here. It’s old & played how the constant badgering of EJ fans goes on here daily. Some seem to hate him more than we love him…for a character they loathe so much, they sure do talk about him enough.

  155. From Kat

    Corday has announced that DOOL has been renewed till Sept. 2013.
    It’s on TV Source,
    a site for all TV…. incl. the polls I site every so often.
    I think it is a pretty balanced site IMO.

  156. From Shani

    Would that by any chance be like the mind-numbing dribble we’ve read from those who have trashed Rafe daily since all the scenes he & Sami have had recently?!

    I feel Sami was at her best when with Rafe, just like Nicole said the only time she liked Sami was when she was with Rafe. I think Galen probably knows his character very well. He plays him excellently! & he & Sami always looked very genuine to me. Geez, the writers are lying to us & leading us down a path, & now the actors don’t know their characters. Like Linda said, where’s the fun?

    149 Kat what an idea, all 3 in the same house together. THEY would have to eat the brandy soaked raisins to be able to stand each other!

    152 Ninnie bring on the blow up doll idea for Brady!

  157. From Kat

    153 MAB, I agree with you, there are times when I feel that EJ is some posters personal enemy, LOL,
    so much deep dis like.
    The way Rafe has talked to Sami, I think, yes, he does Lust for her, but I do NOT believe that he actually likes Her…
    The things he brings up to her…..
    In order to have love you also have to like each other.
    I do not see that from Rafe.
    His biggest aim is to beat out EJ in Sami’s life,and then we go back to boredom and sex, business as usual. Even Sami deserves more than that, and so do We, the Viewers, that have been waiting, like idiots.
    If some end up, having had enough, so be it.
    Getting tired of having Safe spoon fed to us. It is so yucky, got to spit it out. It’s time for the other fan base, to get some of what We Like…
    Wow, that was quick, the way Chloe got to spit it out on the same day, that Parker is Dan’s child. And now Kayla on the way, with paper work to confirm it.
    If the so called Elite had not tampered with the DNA, all could have avoided.
    Like to hear a bit more, of what is going on with Philip. He must be crushed, again, another child not his…after Claire…
    Jenn needs to take a deep breath, it’s getting boring to watch her clutzing ??around all the time, acting worse than any teenager could.
    Well Kristin is getting her Revenge,
    Marlena and John are at it..
    Just when you think now it’s all trust between them, Marlena again has to withhold something very important, specially since John knows there is something else. Come all the way clean Marlena, you are still playing into Kristin’s hand. Sooner or later, she will tell John about it, that as long as Brady is with Kristin, she is not with John.
    Good to see, they finally got some acting action going on. The strawberries and whip cream will get stale in the fridge, or they could send them to Brady and Kristin.

    Poor Brady, again he is in Love. Doesn’t take him long.. ever…
    Still wonder, what If Kristin’s and John’s child (thought Kristin lost in Paris) is still alive… Stranger things have happened, it’s a soap.
    Maybe it’s time to bring all the children back, that could be out there,
    should DOOL end in Sept. 2013.

    Waiting for Father Eric and Nicole to start heating up. The flesh is weak, and with Nicole around Eric day and night,
    his flesh will start calling out soon.
    Curious to see how they will handle this SL.

    If Gaby looses her baby, could be that they do not want Sami to become a GrandMa yet, and Marlena a GG, don’t think she could handle that one.

    Maryl, you know I understand, but I would truly miss you. You, MAB, Leah ,SGram, where is TEE… so many others, make this site interesting. Well you know who you are..
    I like all opinions, some more than others…

    Lost my other long post, hope this one works..

  158. From Blaze.

    YIKES!! Mind-numbing dribble!! Those are pretty harsh words to describe someone else’s opinion!! Just MO!! :)

  159. From Shani

    156 Kat how about brandy soaked strawberries so they last until Marlena & John are over their spat?! I mean, fruit lasts longer when soaked in an alcoholic beverage, right?! YUMMY!!

  160. From Kat

    I, and prob. others on here… did not realize, that my not being to crazy about Rafe, I have never trashed him, only wished better SL’s for him
    could be considered dribble so powerful, it could numb somebody’s mind. Wow…we’ve got to be careful… when talking about Rafe…Seems my mind is till very good, considering reading so much negative stuff about EJ… nope, not affected at all…

    Don’t read the “Dribble”, stick to the soaked raisins, and you might even learn to adore EJ, and if all will have a few sips, some might find Rafe to be “Mr. Excitement”.
    Yes, I know, in our dreams,,
    What can I say, keep it funny, not personal.
    Oh, and when Sami was with Rafe,
    didn’t She/Sami knock Nicole off her feet, because of the “Shoot EJ” secret.. etc. I do not remember to much like there, etc.
    I realize, just when you think you take one position about what somebody did to somebody else, things change and they become best friends, or all is forgiven, or not.
    Look at Rafe and Nicole, they used to despise each other, and then, bingo, Rafe risked every thing to lie for Nicole, well, I think mostly because he hated EJ more, than he liked Nicole.
    Looking forward to scenes between Victor and Chloe, should be good.
    And where is Parker, (the name Parker, after Dan’s mother) always was a dead give away that Parker really did belong to Dan.

    152 Ninnie, sorry, to kinky for me.

    Another thought about Brady, He is young and single, all Man, full of it…
    why can’t he have all the Sex he wants…
    He will always risk getting hurt, no matter who he might be with..So let him find out on his own, and all back off a bit. Pressure Never works, only will drive him more into Kristin’s deceiving arms, and she wins.

    Look at Adrianna, Madison, Nicole, and so on.

  161. From gerri

    I’m confused,what’s the difference,In Those of us,who trash EJ daily,as quoted,than the ones who trash Rafe daily?
    Maybe I’m missing something here,but IMO ”’No Difference”’
    that I see.

    There are many S/L’s that are beginning to get interseting,and hopefully more will follow,It’s past time,that more focus can be shifted to those S/L,S and off
    the Sami/Rafe EJ triangle.

  162. From Shani

    157 Blaze that’s what I thought so I decided to turn it around with my question. 160 gerri yes, what is the difference?! & I am all for storylines that don’t focus so much on Sami & her men.

    Another great show today!

  163. From Kat

    Well gerrie and Shani, I just have to say it, and not in a mean way,
    the difference is, that I don’t recall any of the EJ fans having accused any of the Rafe fans of “Their dribble numbing their minds.”…That’s the difference, it got personal, when claiming somebody was doing “harm” to their mind, and all over Opinions.. like Blaze said…
    So let’s get over it, hope all of our minds are intact,
    and the Rafe/EJ feud goes on, and on..That’s what the writers want, and we are giving them what they want, lot’s of controversy.

  164. From grandma to many

    Will Kristen be so available to Brady when John is on his own ? I’m afraid Brady had better knock before entering ! Does anyone else think this might be a plan by John to make Brady see just how sneaky Kristen can be ? I thought so but after today Marlena really let a lot come out about her feelings I was very impressed by just how pissed off she felt .

  165. From patty

    You said it gerri! No difference. And the hatred towards Rafe is just as intense as it is for EJ ,if not more.
    I have made it clear that I would rather not see Rafe and Sami together if she’s going to keep up her back and forth games. I think Rafe is a better man for Sami than EJ but I really don’t care who the flake ends up with because she will always keep running back to the other. She doesn’t love either one. I am not going to lose sleep over it, I am so over the never ending triangle from hell. On with the show already.
    Loved how Marlena laid into John today when he tried to accuse her of keeping things from her. Why is any of this her fault? Didn’t she warn him over and over that Kristen was playing them? Did he believe her? Hell no and now he’s the one who playing right into Kristen’s hands like putty. Time to grow a pair John.

  166. From SandyGram

    TV Line Article on the future of Days: “NBC Boss Addresses Days of Our Lives’ Future: ‘It’s Not Going Anywhere’”

    It appears the sands will continue to flow through the hourglass for the foreseeable future.

    Addressing the fate of its only daytime soap, NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt expressed confidence that Days of Our Lives would remain on the air beyond its current contract cycle, which expires in September.

    “I think Days is going to stick around,” Greenblatt told reporters Sunday at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in Pasadena. “I don’t know that I’m at liberty to say that officially yet, but it’s not going anywhere.”

    Days currently ranks last in the ratings among the four remaining soaps, averaging 2.3 million viewers. It recently tied an all-time in women 18-49 (0.7). (Reporting by Vlada Gelman)

  167. From Kat

    I for one, have Never on here said, that I “Hate” Rafe, but I have read loud and clear more “Hatred” towards EJ coming from one of our bloggers, a fact it is.

    So, please let us stop this non sense right now, before it becomes a mountain again.
    All I get here, is people constantly keep forgetting, that all these people are not Real, but we bloggers are real people.
    So lets get a grip, and stop this
    border line personal “war” over Rafe and EJ.

    Friendly feuding should be more than enough for every body concerned.
    If any of you don’t want to talk about Rafe/EJ and Sami, then please don’t, but none of you seem to be able to stop, and I am talking about the ones, that always claim, they don’t want to talk about it anymore…. Really…
    I like talking about them, they are the Story, like them or not, boring or not,
    I like to watch EJ in action, Rafe puts me to sleep, as I have said so many times,
    if that Is Called Hating Rafe, well you got me, think about it.
    I don’t love or hate any of them, yes, I like or dislike, so what, all of you do the same out there. So please, watch how you throw that word Hate around…

    Childish is to good a word, LOL.
    We are Mothers and Grandmothers, etc. talking about a Soap of all things.

  168. From Blaze.

    #161 Shani: Hi!! I see you up there on the High Road!! :)
    #162 Kat: Sorry, you’ll have to go back to MAB’s lengthy post #147 (And maybe you won’t stop watching either, but if EJ & Sami really do happen, I’m sure we’ll have to continue to read the mind-numbing dribble of those who will daily trash the EJami SL.), to see that there isn’t a big difference between fans that trash EJ and Rafe!! Let the dribbling begin!! :)

  169. From gerri

    I’m also ready for this triangle,to be settled,and at This stage In the Game(which It Is)I hope Sami does pick EJ,she won’t be happy for long,because she has proven,she Is not to be trusted,and I’m so ready to see Rafe get a decent S/L,himself,and not a clone of another evil character.
    haven’t watched today’s show yet(had to make a trip to Atlanta,with my daughter,and now getting ready to watch my college team play Notre Dame,but todays’ show sounds very interesting,John Is a dimwit,and Marlena needs to send him packing forever,back to Kristen,and Maybe he and Brady can be with her on alternate days and nights(seems to be what he wants.)
    what a jerk…..

  170. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    #162 Kat, recall in MAB’s 5 page essay for today (#147, I had to go back and read after people referenced it, cause I don’t read 5 page essays here), that MAB used the term mind numbing dribble first, except I suspect she was leaning towards drivel. It’s a good word. I use it alot. Mostly about convo’s between EJ and Sami discussing their kids and great parenting techniques. So you might want to retract your statements to the ladies. I’m sure they would appreciate it, since it’s clear they didn’t start it. Or am I the confused one, here?

  171. From Leah

    #139 Patty thanks for your honesty. I didn’t realise you weren’t such a big Sami fan. I thought at times when you have posted about her you were just cranky with her… as we all do get from time to time. LOL
    And…. I’m with Patty, I hope it is “only” a rumour and that Sami doesn’t get pregnant again. And would absolutely hate it even more if its another “I don’t know who the father is” saga. I understand being attracted to 2 men but sleeping with the 2 of them is just not COOL! I’m wanting to see Days return to the love of a life time, romancing, innocent flirtation and leaving the making love it is appropriate. That is when they are actually in love. In seeing the family together and happy. Of course I expect drama, misunderstandings, adventures and mysterious etc but would just like to see more of the old than what we are getting. We can all hope I suppose.

  172. From Kat

    Well SandyGram, one things is for sure and on paper, DOOL will be around till Sept. 2013, as I said in my post 154.
    Anything could happen in the meantime… so let’s hope for the Best and that this fellow is right in his expressed confidence.
    Like to see it go past 40 years at least.

  173. From Leah

    PS: Just wanted to add while I am an Ejami/EJ fan as stated many times I don’t hate Rafe either though. I personally just don’t like him with Sami. As I’ve said before I think they are a complete mismatch and he would be better paired with someone else. I’ve also wished they would bring Emily on the scene. I have always thought the foundation they have laid for Rafes character is shallow and that Rafes story and background has been under done. Days could give us so much more which could add alot more value to his character and the show. Give the writers and us the views so much more to explore with him and his character instead of just running around after Sami and the Dimeras all the time.
    As I said I don’t hate Rafe but I do hate some of his behaviour. And thats it basically.

  174. From patty

    SandyGram, great article! Happy to hear the sands will continue to flow through the hour glass!

  175. From Blaze.

    #169 DTBB: I too, giggled at dribble vs. drivel, but didn’t want to rock that boat!! Well done!! :)
    And, that’s me, standing behind you in the line of confusion!! Heheheh!!
    Happy Evening All!! :)

  176. From SandyGram

    #171 Kat
    Here’s a little trivia you might enjoy:

    - November 8, 1965 Days first came on the small screen as a 30 minute show. Ah, I remember when!!

    - April 21, 1975 it went to a 60 minute show.

    - In 2013 it is now entering it’s 48th year.

    - In reality the 60 minutes is about 37 minutes actual show time and other 23 minutes in commercials.

  177. From Kat

    Dying to be blonde, when you are right you are right,
    however, I guess I missed MAB’s last or so sentence.
    That however still does not make it right on either side,.
    Shani, gerri I am sorry. See I can say it, and I have many times in the past when it applied….
    wish more on here could do the same thing when they should.
    DTBB, sorry you had to get your zinger in, calling MAB’s post a 5 page essay…. How come you never call anybody else’s long post that.
    So again, to whom it may concern, I am sorry for assuming the “Mind Numbing” comment was one sided…

    All other thoughts, I pretty much stand by.
    I never stated that I do “Hate” Rafe,
    that word pretty much seems to be reserved for EJ by the Rafe friends.
    Maybe EJ and Rafe should dump Sami, come out of the closet and become a loving pair.
    That would put a damper into the Feud (?). Strawberries and Whip Cream for them…. LOL. Get over it all of you and let’s move.
    MAB, I am still your friend,
    because I have read much worse from the other side, but we never get an apology….

  178. From SandyGram

    Have you seen the newest Rumor posted today in the Rumor Mill Section of SoapOperaFan:

    “Something horrible is going to happen to Kate and Bill Horton will be by her side to see her through it”.

    Ummm something horrible that Kate needs Bill’s help, two things immediately come to mind (1) Something happens to Lucas or Allie (which would definitely BE my Very Least Favorite; or (2) Since Kate has mentioned her being Cancer free several times, just maybe it comes back and Bill has found some experimental cure in Africa.

    I’m not thinking it’s Parker not being her Grandson any longer although this will be horrible for her. But now if she was to harm Chloe, just maybe this time she goes to jail and Bill comes to stand by her side. Umm, or maybe not!

    Have fun speculating on this Rumor!! Remember we’ve already heard at least 2 characters will be joining the Days Cast. Can’t remember if they were new or returning.

  179. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Thanks Kat, class act. Yes, it’s a zinger. I suggested brevity. Nobody cared. MAB suggested I skip. I do. Problem solved, for me.

  180. From patty

    Well thank you Leah for your answer. I appreciate it and I’m glad we could clear that up without involving anybody else. ;)
    I would also like to clarify that contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate anyone either and I do get that these characters are fictional. This place is to discuss those characters so that is what I do. My life will go on just fine no matter what happens on Days. I’m just happy the show will stay on. :)

  181. From lulu

    Well in this case what did Nicole is not better than what Ej did back in the day bobby..but while for Ej it was so controversial and we speak about it till now the Nicole’s move was just ‘funny’ and a ‘nice gesture’ for Rafe..okkk..double standards double standards..and at least Sami did not push Ej away, she said ‘i will do it’ and she did it ! lol

  182. From gerri

    I like your comments about bringing back some of the old romance and flirtations,that made Days fun to watch.why did It have to turn In to so much crime,pregnancy,whos the daddy cover ups,…We all got hooked back then,so those things must not have been boring.I know we need excitement,but why does most of the S/L,S have to go In that direction? Myself I am ready for some wining ,dining,dancing and some romance.

  183. From Kat

    175 SandyGram, first I meant to type, go over 50 years….
    and thank you for the Info.
    Amazing, how time has gone by…
    it seems just yesterday, when I started to watch DOOL.
    Learned a lot of English from this, and other shows.
    Remember how great it was when DOOL and AW went to 60 minutes,
    and every episode was a surprise… no spoilers to take the anticipation away.

    P.S. I don’t even know about drivel or dribble or whatever, or what is what, Blaze let me in on the Joke….

  184. From Kat

    Hey SandyGram, sounds good to me.
    I have mentioned so many times that I would like to see Dr. Bill Horton back in Salem, and why not.
    He could become a Rock… living in his parents home, maybe with a nice woman by his side, and we have
    the Horton’s again in the Home.
    A little bit back to Basic’s would be so nice.
    Maybe Mike will show up, or his son, so many possibilities out there,.

    There is one blogger, that I do remember very very well, that spit so much poison and Hate and name calling, about EJ, it used to boggle my mind, and that is a fact, and it is in the archives. However, it seems to be in the past now, the views have softened and so be it. But Facts are facts….

    DTBB, thanks for taking my apology, hope the others mentioned will also…… we’ll see….

  185. From kitty

    Yes, I too read the rumour that Gabbi will loose the baby.

    I pretty much guessed it from the start so tried not to get too attached to the idea of a new baby.

    It IS sad, but it has to be so. I mean, if the baby survives, that would make Sami and Grandmother and Marlena a Great-Grandmother. I remember that Deidre did not want to be referred to as Grandma when Will was born and does not even address Johnny, Sidney and Allie as her grandchild…she just calls them her precious girls/boy etc. Not to mention Claire…which by the way she never mentions. Even when Hope went to see them at Christmas, no talk of the third generation. In fact, they have never said the “G” word for Hope/Bo either;likely wanting us to forget about it.

    Just how many mothers have lost their babies: Marlena, Sami/Mia, Hope, supposedly Billie, Kristin, Carrie, Nicole (2 times), Kimberly, Julie,-who am I missing? Likely many, but too many already. It was said to be classic soap opera plot at one point, but it is old and tired and I think even lazy. It’s either the baby dies, or we have “who’s the daddy?”…or wait, we were wrong, now it’s “who’s the real daddy”? Like I said, just sad!

  186. From Clear

    I think Mab had some good comments in her long blog. It isn’t like we are cramped for space. If a blog is to long for some they don’t have to read it, but why complain? I regret that I often don’t have time to read everything on the site, and miss some good interesting stuff!

    Meanwhile, go Sami! I’m watching today’s show and saw that scene with Sami and Kristen. It reminds me of times I knew the scoop on someone and held my tongue for sake of peace. It makes me enjoy Sami’s refusal to pull any punches and let the chips fall where they may. At least she told him better than anyone so far what Kristin is doing though Brady is too besotted to see it. When will Kristen show her true colors? Will he be able to listen to all the I told you so’s without drowning his sorrows in alcohol and drugs? I could see Nicole being the one to pull him out of the fire.

  187. From Kat

    185 Clear, agree with you about MAB’s Blogs,
    IMO they do have a lot of substance and I enjoy reading them.
    The Admin. has no problem with Long posts, we cleared that one up not to long ago,
    so if anybody on here does have a problem, like you said, just skip over it and move on.
    However, I say, just leave big boy Brady alone,
    all everybody is doing is pushing him more and more into Kristin’s arms. One would think that our Great Shrink
    would know that, but she is to personally involved to think straight herself.

  188. From Clear

    PS. If John is so smart that he knows Marlena didn’t tell all why was he so dense about the vixen Kristen? He should continue to be apologetic instead of retreating into icy male oneuppance–so controlling! Bad John!

  189. From gerri

    Kat,no need for an apology to me,we both have our favs,and we will always be on the sideline cheering them on.
    I do think we are all passionate,about days,so in that light,we know It’s a soap,but I think each of us in our own way,”"We” all relate it to real some aspects,if we didn’t,I see no need to watch It.

    And I for one have never said I hated EJ,that’s a strong word,but I dislike his character….

    This Is my 2nd response,hope It posts.sometimes these CAPTCA’S are crazy.

    well my college footballteam won the BCS National Championship…..Roll Tide!!!

  190. From Clear

    One last thought–doc Dan needs at least three different DNA tests with armed guards to see if Parker is his son.

  191. From Leah

    I am sad that Days changed Parkers paternity… just so they could to bring Chloe back. And for what? To cause havoc I understand but her return is only temporary as far as I know. I LOVED the fact that Parker was Philip and Chloes child. With all their history I thought it was fitting and I was SO excited to see Philip finally a daddy. I do miss him.

  192. From Clear

    Leah, remember Phillip has another son. The invitro result with Mimi as the mother I believe because of an egg switch. He let the people that had him adopt when he found out I believe –cannot remember all the story from when he and Belle were together. I figure that one will pop up with rapid aging syndrome sometime if they bring Phill back.

  193. From Leah

    Oh ok Clear… I must have been on a break then. Too busy looking after young children – lol. But he doesn’t have anything to do with him then?
    Still think it is a shame. Philip was there for Parker and raised him single handed for a while when Chloe was going off the deep end. And the thing I loved about it Philip wanted Chloe to get herself sorted out so she could be involved in Parkers life. I think its a real shame.
    I also think if TPTB have Gabi lose her baby now that would also be a shame. I certainly didn’t like it when she fell pregnant but see her being pregnant and having the baby could add some interesting storylines to her and Wills lives.

  194. From bobby

    #141 Linda Just harmless bantering. We all have our favorites and like to challenge the people who don’t agree. Gives everyone different points of views. #152 Ninnie. I agree about Brady. Jumps anything that stands still long enough. Wouldn’t want him running my business. He’s another one that’s quick to give his advice to friends that are going off track, but doesn’t listen to anyone else when it concerns him. Wonder what will happen when he bumps into Chloe.

  195. From TerriK

    John wouldnt abandon Doc knowing Kriston is back full tilt. JMO and I could be wrong, I am a lot. But im thinking this is a plan to get Kristen to let her guard down so they can prove what she has really been up too…
    Anyways…ive tried posting flr days now…this probably wont go tbrough either..but I thought i’d throw that out there.
    Myself, i’ve been more absorbed in Sons kf Anarchy these days…what an amazing show, but not for thiggt hearted.
    Hope everyone is doing well! Just trying to stay warm and sane these days. Glad 2012 is over. Lost my Nanny suddely 2 days after Christmas..hoping 2013. Is the year of fresh starts.

  196. From Shani

    176 Kat no apology needed to me. I just figured you had not read all of MAB’s post. Blaze & DTBB cleared that up so we’re fine.

    I have never said I hate EJ (don’t like the word) but I really do not like him at all. Rafe is my man but I don’t necessarily want him with Sami, if she is only going to hurt him again & again.

    141 Linda I respect your post, as well as 29 Hilary. It does get heated on here at times and can go too far. Although it has been better lately since administration stepped in several times. I hope those who have said they will give up the show unless this or that happens will rethink it but it’s their choice in the end. I won’t stop watching even if this or that doesn’t happen.

    180 lulu no one’s life was at stake when Nicole did her little distraction on EJ. All in fun imo, whereas I thought EJ’s sex by cohersion back then was sick.

    I was so glad yesterday that Marlena laid her heart out to John. & I felt she was absolutely right in everything she said & the pain on her face was plain to see. John was always my favorite guy on the show but I am disappointed in him this time around.

    Since the Parker daddy storyline is going to happen again, I hope it’s really true that he is Dr. Dan’s & it’s not just a lie manufactured by Chloe to reel Dan in. I feel a little like 190 Leah & was fine with him being Philip’s. I was always a fan of Chloe & Philip together.

  197. From Shani

    My post may come on twice. As I sent the first one, I saw that I had typed a wrong letter for the captcha but it was too late to correct it. So I retyped my post but the first one went through anyway. Trying to hurry so I see on the 2nd one I left out my thoughts about Parker.

  198. From jolie

    Yesterday’s show was good but I wanted to click Chloe up on high to get her to spill it. And love it that Lucas feels free to comment on Jenn’s love life to the point he does. He is right but still…tone it down and try to sound less like Sami bellowing at Brady. Sami did indeed bellow at Brady and all of a sudden they are all one happy family before Kristen came back…I think this is revisionist history but I’ll play along. Marlena calling herself mother to Brady? Sami claiming John as the man who raised her? Brady is her brother? When she needs something maybe. But like I said, I see the need and will play along with the writers. So Daniel is indeed Parker’s father like we have predicted time and again. It should have been exciting but just another child pulled and pushed to and from family. At least this time Parker will get to keep his grandparents of a sort, just the names will change from stepgran to gran and from grampy to stepgrampy for Mags and Vic. Could this be more messed up? Well, yes, yes it probably can because this is DOL!
    I am not sure what to think about John. I’d like to smack some sense into him. While Marlena did keep the secret and hasn’t really told the absolute reason as yet (and when John hears it, well, nails in the coffin) I think she should quit talking to him and slap him sillier than he already sounds. Where does he get off being so sanctimonious about this? Everytime Marlena opened her mouth, he was backing Kristen up, running over to her hotel room, running into her and grinning her face and all the time telling Marlena how Kristen had changed. Marlena has never been a favorite character of mine but I am on her side on this one. Yes, keeping the secret..bad. John acting like an ass…bad. Kristen acting like she cares for Brady…bad. Brady acting like his head is further up his arse than John’s is…bad. This is fun. Then John getting a hotel room…will it be next door to Kristen? Will he be able to hear Brady and Kristen doing that thing they do? Almost makes me forget about the upcoming wedding.

  199. From patty

    Hi TerriK, wishing you a bright New Year. As for staying warm, that is pretty well the case for all of us here in Canada. Brutal last few days but slowly warming up. I hope you are right about John because if not he is behaving like a total jerk.
    As much as Sami is getting on my last nerve, I just loved how she got in Kristen’s face. Of course I’m a little puzzled at how over the top she is all of a sudden to defend her family that she doesn’t usually give a heck about . I hope she acts on it now instead of just blowing hot air.
    Loved seeing Chloe back, she’s still as beautiful as ever, but why does every scene with Daniel has to be about propping him and beating around the bush for what seems like hours? Clear, funny about the armed guards but I agree. There were so many people trying to tamper with those DNA results, I’m still confused at how it all went down.

  200. From jolie

    #186 Clear, don’t you think that if Sami can see that Brady is being duped and has the grit to jump both he and Kristen about it, Brady should think twice about what he is doing? But no, he just digs the hole he is in a bit deeper. Drop the shovel. Listen to your family. This is like how a teenager would react…my parents think it is a bad idea so I will go whole hog! I am glad that Sami took time out of her busy day wandering around HTS to go down and lay into Brady and then Kristen. I think a good girl fight would have been in order and, Katie bar the door, but while Kristen might not be a push-over, Sami might clean her clock. It was pretty good scenes. I didn’t quite get what Kristen meant when she said she might be more than Sami’s kids auntie. She is already their aunt so how can she get any closer related than that? Are she and Brady going to try to adopt some of Sami’s kids or does Sami have some unknown babies out there floating around that will come back into play? We are all looking for Nicole’s babies but what if the tables are slightly turned a bit??

  201. From jolie

    #195 Terrik, so sorry to hear about your Nanny’s passing. Hope your 2013 is bright.

  202. From Jolie

    #190 Clear, where in Salem would you find 3 armed guards that aren’t in it up to their armpits?? This story has been slightly off-kilter from the start. That Stephanie, Carly, Chloe, Caroline, and others that I might not remember were all knee deep in the DNA tests on the computer, well, I still don’t get what some of them had to do with it. But then I guess that makes it a good who-dun-it…the one you least expect. And we are still reeling from the results…that makes it a great who-dun-it. Like the Jelly of the Month Club..a gift that keeps on giving.

  203. From TerriK

    Hi patty! Yes it is quite a task trying to keep warm. We sure have one big dump of snow. I’ve sold my home in St. Martins and I am now in Bloomfield. Nice country home, just the boys and I, on a big piece of land. Quiet and peaceful. I’m sure I’m wrong about John because it wouldnt be his first stupid act lol. I’m loving their story line. Something new was needed. I can’t help but be a Kristen fan. I mean come on, she’s not playin with a full deck, so its easier to laugh at her. Eileen is really doing a wonderful job.
    I don’t wanna see Dan/Chloe back together. It’s not because I like him and Jenn, it’s because him and Jenn are both dramatic head cases and if they are together, they cant ruin it for others. And yes Chloe messed up..but her sleepin with Philip is no different than Sami and EJ goin at it when they thought Johnny was dead. I’d be a hypocrite if I held a grudge. Now her getting into Nicole’s face over Daniel will be well deserved. They are supposed to be besties and Chloe was there for Nikki every time she needed her. Love Nicole, and I even love her scandals so I say bring on the cat fight. Me-ow! ;)
    Gabi/Nick- 2 creeps. Match made in heaven. They’ve both hurt Melanie in very serious ways. No wonder Chad wants to seek revenge.
    As far as Sami/EJ/Rafe goes…I hate what the writers are doing. Sami is far from a bubble head and they have her acting like a big bimbo. Dislike. Frankly I dont want her with either one. No man or men in general for that would deal with such back and forth moves. Like really? Enough is enough, because IMO they have ruined Ejami and Safe for a lot of fans. They ruined it for me and some other fans I know. I would never speak for anyone..just sayin..

    Jolie- Hey girl! Thanks so much. I’m gpnna stay positive this year no matter what. Life is what you make of it, so no need to dwell on the crappy stuff that happens.
    Jelly of the month eh Griswald ;) matter,

  204. From MAB

    I hope you all enjoy this LENGHTY post!

    I don’t trash Rafe w/ every other word like some do EJ. I always give credit to Rafe when is warranted (just don’t happen too often), while EJ never gets credit from some regardless of the circumstances. That IS the difference, plain & simple, no matter how much some say there is no difference, there is. Also, I talk about all the characters on the show, and express MY opinions good or bad about each of them. I don’t set out to attack Rafe, he just makes it easy to do. Nope, not mind-numbing dribble/drivel from one who sees Rafe’s actions clearly in his scenes w/ Sami for what they are. And no, those aren’t harsh words compared to what some of my opinions have been called, or should I say what “I’ve” been called. Kat may apologize, but I don’t, because it never ends on here because some won’t let it. That is why I’m not surprised to get the same responses from the same ones every time…those who take descriptive words and twist the meaning. Yet I wouldn’t think it would bother them if the comment didn’t pertain to them anyway.

    Blaze & DTBB – I want to thank both of you for showing everyone what I meant by mind-numbing dribble…or should I say drivel? I hope you get satisfaction out of making fun of me, and childishly insulting me for a ‘lengthy’ post (that everyone on here does). Oh, and that ‘essays’ comment was truly along the lines of when you DTBB corrected my grammar some time back. I thought only children acted the way you are so I must ask you both tho…what grade are you two in? I mean there has to be some kind of explanation, right? And that goes for a few others on here as well. At least when I post, I talk about the show, unlike either of you who only chime in to hurl insults. And you say you skip my posts? Apparently not!

    Now that I’ve got that nonsense out of the way, on to the show!

    Great stuff between John & Marlena yesterday. Even tho I hate seeing them turn on each other over Kristen, their material yesterday was really good, and their performances were spot on! Now I remember why I like them so much. I was glad Marlena didn’t whimper & cry, instead, she fired right back at John. But John doesn’t get all the blame here. Marlena is hiding something else, and John knows it, and apparently it IS about the comment Kristen made about if she is sleeping w/ Brady, then she wouldn’t be sleeping w/ John.

    Sami, over the top again yesterday, but she was right in what she told Brady, and I did like her banter w/ Kristen. But Kristen is in NO way intimidated by Sami, so Sami better watch her step…although I think EJ will step in there if needed. I don’t know, but as mad as Brady is, he seems to be listening to what he’s being told, even if he doesn’t act like it. Maybe he will start snooping around on his own to find out what Kristen is really up to.

    Daniel & Chloe – boring! And Jen’s endless escapades of clumsiness are silly. No wonder the writers continue to have Lucas rant about Daniel, because Jen will probably start to believe what he is saying once she finds out Chloe is back.

    SandyGram – I had just read the article about the show staying on. I’m glad. Thanks for sharing that.

    Clear – thank you for your kind words. As I’ve said many times, I usually only post once a day, to discuss the show, which is why my post are sometimes long (unlike those short posts that don’t discuss the show, but only make snide comments).

  205. From SandyGram

    Episode Monday January 7th:
    It took her long enough, but thank goodness it only took one show for Chloe to tell Daniel he was Parker’s father. Now let’s see if the writers have the where with all to have Daniel do a very guarded DNA test since so many had their fingers in the pie when Parker was first born. And wasn’t it strange all of a sudden Stephanie sends Kayla, although it wasn’t said, what appears to be a document that proves Daniel is Parker’s father? Maybe the writers are just trying to clean up this storyline that was such a mess to start with. It just seems awkward now as they stumble through the facts.

    Good filler at the Horton House to delay Jenn’s arrival at Daniel’s. It would have been so funny if Abby had on a hot little number and her and Jenn were changing into each other’s clothes when Lucas came in. It would also be nice to see Lucas take it down a notch when venting to Jenn about Daniel.

    Now to the Hospital, still pretty in Pink Samantha, appears to have suddenly become an all around family person concerned about brother Brady, mother Marlena and Oh Yeah the man she couldn’t stand back on September 26, 2012, step-father John the man that raised her. Can only speculate this is another storyline clean up. While after all these years and what John and Marlena have gone through, he seemed to be oblivious to what she was saying and how she felt when he wouldn’t believe her about the conniving Kristen. So it looks like he will go sulk in a Hotel Room…..Hotel Room ‘Eeeee Gads’, the same hotel his wife’s nemesis is staying in. If the writing isn’t on the wall here, then the writers sure have me fooled…this is heading right where Kristen is planning…dare I say it…..John and Kristen sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Oops meant to say doing the Horizontal Mombo!! Is that bed going to big enough for three?

  206. From Kat

    204 MAB, I always enjoy your “long” posts. They are substantive and pretty fair to all…and you do cover most all of the characters as needed.
    I apologized, because I went after the Mind numbing comment, and then was told you said the same thing. My problem, did not want to be a hypocrite, so there we go. But I still want to to be your friend, and I hope this Stupid stuff does not come between us. Mistakes happen on here, and I do agree with you, EJ never gets credit, no matter what, but Rafe, all he has to do is smirk and you would think the Sun is rising…LOL
    I did not like the Fun made of your Long Blogs, and I said so. We all can write as long as we want, the Admin. said so… It was cleared up a while ago.
    So everybody, live and let live…

    TerriK, welcome back, do miss your posts. Sorry about your loss.
    Hope 2013 will be a Brand New Beginning for you and your family.
    Good Luck.

  207. From MAB

    Kat – it’s your right to apologize or retract what your say, but not me. I won’t apologize for what I said, because I didn’t say anything derogatory to anyone. Those words were used in a descriptive manner, and I can’t help if what I said went over some’s heads and they took it wrong, but that is what happens when the same few people get bent out of shape over the least little thing, and proceed to turn it into something it is not. I’m not a hypocrite…I didn’t call names or get personal w/ anyone (unlike it has been done to me and others on multiple occasions in the past). This I simply a case of what has become the norm, some who live to start drama on here instead of discussing the show.

  208. From Linda

    Kat, A classy move on your part to explain that you had not read the whole post and apologize to those other posters. Big time kudos to you for doing that!!

    Today’s show was a tear-jerker for me when Daniel met Parker. I wondered if this was all some scheme by Chloe but after seeing everything laid out today, I no longer think that.

    Boy, the writers really went the LONG haul to delay Jennifer from getting to Daniel’s!!

    I guess we already know the person listening to Gabi and Cameron’s conversation is Chad. I wish Will was going to be the one to tell Sonny he is really the baby’s father but it’s going to be Chad.

  209. From Linda

    OOPS just read on the new page that, yes, Chad is the one who announces Nick is not the baby’s father but Will is actually the one to step up and tell everyone HE is.

  210. From Kat

    207 MAB,
    In order to stay fair, I sort of scolded Shani for the numb mind comment, had not read yours…
    You have every right to say what you did, but I should not have gone after somebody else for the Same Thing… I hope you understand my meaning, please,
    it was not earth shattering and even in my response, I tried to tell people that my mind was still ok… no matter what is said about EJ.
    Don’t know if I am making clear, what I am really trying to say and get across.
    That’s all I can do in this strange situation I found myself in…
    I have to do what “I” feels right for me.
    Still friends I hope.. Kat
    I am truly sorry, if I hurt anyone..

  211. From lulu

    Well we can agree to disagree Shani. At least in Ej’s case he asked Sami and made a deal out of it which did result at saving Lucas’s life. Without him Lucas would be dead of Sami could have asked for somebody else’s help, she did not. Nicole’s move was just for nothing ! Rafe was certainly grown up enough to take care of his love life himself..So i will leave at that, it is just blatant, obvious double standards, after all it is just a soap, nothing is real but at least admit it, would be less hypocritical..

  212. From Kat

    211 lulu, I so agree, If Nicole/or anybody had done that to Rafe in order for EJ to be with Sami,
    wow, we would Not have heard the end of it…
    but since it was to benefit the Golden Boy Rafe, everything goes as usual.
    Hope if Dr.Bill Horton comes back,
    as speculated about, We will not have to go through all his history, of How He Raped Dr. Laura Horton/Mickey. his brothers wife… and how Dr. Mike Horton is the child of Rape, like they say Johnny is.
    Dr. Bill very roughly raped Laura in the Hospital during the night they were both on duty.
    Much, much worse than what EJ did….
    but again, his name is/was Horton, and they all walk on water…LOL

  213. From Maryl

    Yes Kat, you have your facts straight. To make things even more interesting, Bill Horton wound up marrying Laura and having Jennifer with her. If it was all right for an “upstanding” Horton to forcefully rape a woman and then marry that same woman, then why is EJ’s “compromised rape” of Sami so unforgivable? Everyone forgave Bill Horton and treated him as though it never happened. I guess the difference must be that he was a Horton and EJ is a DiMera. Salem certainly had no problem with good ole Bill.
    MAB, I see people on here who like to make “fun” of a certain word that was used or mispelled or how lengthly one’s blog might be. When someone has to go out of their way to point something like that out, tells me that they must believe they are so much more “intelligent” then the rest of us. However, for me, that self-satisfied attitude doesn’t leave me in awe of them. Quite the opposite is more like it.

  214. From SandyGram

    Episode Tuesday January 8th:
    Where’s Philip? Like so many other characters on Days who have gone upstairs to never been seen again or who have hidden out upstairs, how powerful today’s show would have been to see Philip saying good-bye to Parker. Or at least, saying good-bye to Victor and Maggie. Or even be the one in the parlor that introduced Parker to his real Dad. Now that would have brought all fans running to the small screen to see that.

    Maggie was near going into one of her ‘welling up’ moments when Victor pointed out she is Parker’s grandmother. And how nice it was for her to remind Victor he won’t loose the title of grandfather just because Philip is not Parker’s father. It has been mentioned Daniel wants Kate to still be involved with Parker, just wondering if he will feel the same when Kate goes after Chloe again. Then little Parker, cutie, cutie, cutie and very good at following directions as he walked over to Daniel.

    We’ve heard Lisa Rinna (Billie) has taped her last show, I sure hope these were not her last scenes. She deserves a better send off. But for today it got the job done in keeping Jenn away from Daniel’s. Kind of felt sorry for Kyla being left behind to deal with telling Jenn all Daniel’s news.

    Nice to see Gabi, although through Rafe, is going to tell her mother about Nick. And we see the writers covered Mamma Hernandez being missing from the wedding by her being sicker than Gabi thought and how disappointed Gabi felt the rest of the family would be in her.

    What a Bachelor Party. Certainly enough negative comments from everyone to make it a real fun time …. Or Not! Nick’s homophobia was riding high also and Lucas hid his by saying he thought Gabi was going to be his daughter-in-law.

    Tomorrow is the big day. Anxious to see how it all plays out.

  215. From Kat

    213 Maryl, yes, the Bill Horton Rape vs. the EJ Rape, Bill’s being totally brutal, unlike EJ’s so called Rafe, Sami had a choice, Laura never did…Bill just went for it…

    but yes, Bill was a Horton, and Horton’s Rape’s don’t smell,,, LOL.

  216. From Kat

    My post 215….
    what a slip… EJ’s so called Rafe”, wow, glad I caught that one…

  217. From Shani

    Kat & Maryl my discussion with lulu was not about how differently people would react if Rafe had been tricked so EJ could be with Sami. It was about whether or not EJ’s forced sex with Sami to save Lucas’ life was not any worse than Nicole playing drunk New Year’s Eve & coming on to EJ so Rafe had time to kiss Sami at midnight. I feel there is no comparison between those 2 events. lulu seems to think there is & it is a double standard. I simply don’t see those 2 situations as being on the same level to be compared. But I agree with her that we will agree to disagree & there is no harm done on either side.

    By the way, I thought Nicole was a hoot & I would have felt that way, too, if she had been play acting with someone else to give EJ time with Sami or whoever. Nicole is so good!

  218. From patty

    Shani, you’re absolutely right. What happened on NYE was funny , mostly meant as a joke where Nicole was teasing EJ . He didn’t even seem to mind it all that much. What happened that night in the car, well no fun and laughs there. Those two scenes can’t even be compared.

  219. From Shani

    Thanks patty. I was beginning to think I had missed something. Like a whole heck of a lot! The Bill & Laura rape & the EJ cohersion sex with Sami at gunpoint could be compared & debated. But I don’t think the EJ & Sami sex that night is anywhere near like what Nicole did with EJ New Year’s Eve.

    But if anyone sees it differently, ok.

  220. From Maryl

    Yes, Nicole was cute–she turned on her comedy act with EJ on NYE, but she had an agenda against EJ and Sami–keep them apart for the sake of Rafe. Rafe, who all of a sudden is her BF. Yet a while back, he wasn’t such a gentlemen or friend to her–even was willing to seduce her to accomplish his mission so he could come out looking like a hero to Sami. This “wise” Nicole who suddenly knows who should be with who and who loves who? Yet as far as her life goes, she doesn’t have that same magical power to figure out love for herself.
    By the way, where has all that “fear” of EJ gone–you know, the one that makes her quake and tremble?

  221. From Shani

    220 Maryl I agree with you Nicole had an agenda NYE. But the issue at hand is whether or not what she did to EJ then compares to what EJ did to Sami that dark night way back when.

  222. From Shani

    & I don’t think Rafe was trying to look like a hero to Sami when he tried to seduce Nicole back then. He was doing the right thing for Sami. & Nicole knows that now.

  223. From Maryl

    Shani–I’m sorry but I don’t see any comparison between the two incidents you mentioned in #221. I am sort of lost there as to why the comparison was made? As far as Rafe trying to look like a hero to Sami, I have to disagree with you on that one. He may try to deny that but deep down he does like to play the role. IMO Sami is always fanning that flame by declaring him as being “her hero”.
    Surely, he feels the need to live up to that assessment for her–he is just that type of guy. He has a strong ego that comes off loud and clear.

  224. From patty

    I agree, and Nicole has always said that she hoped Sami knew how lucky she was to have the love of a man like Rafe. She also says her favorite version of Sami was when she was married to Rafe. I thought so too .
    Nicole’s fear of EJ was mostly when she was pregnant, she was afraid for her baby, not herself. She has nothing to fear from EJ right now, I think he even still has feelings for her.

  225. From Maryl

    patty–somehow that doesn’t seem too logical for me–Nicole afraid of EJ for her baby and not herself? Where does one end and the other began? If you are afraid of someone, you simply are afraid of them. EJ begged her to come home. He wanted to take care of her and the baby. He would have done exactly that–but he wasn’t given the chance–not because of Nicole’s fear for the baby (which incidently was EJ’s too) but because she was stinging from her personal hurt and jealously of discovering the sex thing between EJ and Sami. She just wasn’t going to overlook that or forgive EJ for it.

  226. From patty

    Maryl, Rafe’s strong ego comes out to help others, be it Sami,his sister, Nicole or anybody else. He doesn’t play with people’s lives nor is he obssessed with winning. He’s a cop and nailing the Demiras is on his priority list as it has always been with Bo,Hope, Roman, John and Abe . That is because they all were victims of their atrocious crimes and all had their lives messed with by them at one point or another. Rafe has his faults but even a person like Nicole can see that he is an honorable guy and one that is good to have in your corner because he’ll go to great lengths for the ones he loves, even as far as bending the law to protect loved ones from the Demiras who have broken every law and committed every crime in the book and have never paid for them because they have crooked cops, lawyers and goons on the take at every turn. When that doesn’t work, there’s always blackmail, framing, cloning or kidnapping as their back up plan.

  227. From patty

    Exactly Maryl, which is why Nicole knew she couldn’t trust him to keep his promises since he broke all his promises to her after cheating on her for a second time , keeping it from her after promising no more lies. She knows EJ more than anybody because they are cut from the same cloth . Her fear was that he would take her baby from her because she knows he and the Demiras are capable of that , she’s seen it first hand with Sami’s kids. Even Sami understood Nicole’s need to keep her child from EJ.

  228. From Kat

    217 Shani, All I did talk about if Nicole had done that to Rafe, to give EJ an up…..

    Next I compared the “Rape” cases… Bill Horton/Dr. Laura, Mickey’s wife.. how he Really Raped her, and she had Mike..and how they ended up years later, married and had another baby, Jennifer…against Sami and EJ, they had Johnny, and than conceived in love… Sidney,Sami was then with EJ totally willingly, until Lucas walked in and she felt unloyal, but make no mistake, she wanted to be with EJ.
    So please, read MY post 212 again, and you will find, that in no way did I compare what Nicole did to the EJ/Sami thing. I compared that with the Bill/Laura Rape….Hope that cleared things up for Us…..
    See, how easy it is, to get mis-understandings going, and others blindly jumping on the band wagon, without having read what I wrote….
    Sort of what happened to me.

    Rafe might be many things, but I would Not call Him a Honorable Guy….LOL
    and taking care of his sisters…
    How did He treat Arianna, when she found out what Sami had done to EJ, and her brother the Cop was covering up an attempted murder. He and Sami treated Ari, as if she was the criminal… not nice

    I will never buy Nicole’s fear of EJ,… LOL
    She was willing to leave town with Him, afraid of him, Not, going out there, to the unknown, with a Man/Father of her child, where she did Not know Anybody..
    Her argument does Not wash in a Million year, Afraid of EJ….in her Dreams…Please. She was Using that excuse to have Rafe and Dan at her fingertips, those stupid Men….
    Hope Dr. Dan, when he holds his son Parker, will Re-think what He tried to do to Another Father, and a good one, withholding a Baby….that is as low as one can go…same goes for Rafe, and he is a serial Baby WithHolder….right there with Nicole and yes.. Sami…

  229. From gerri

    your posts have always been my thoughts on paper.
    If Sami’s mind and heart are with EJ,after watching show yesterday and today,she sure Is fooling me.I wouldn’t place no bet,at this time on she and him getting back together.She and Rafe just seem,made to be together,but I won’t wish for that to happen,unless I see more sincerity,from her,and she has put the brakes on,with some point she has to make up her mind,and quit this flip-flopping.

    Chloe is such a beautiful woman,It might be hard for Daniel not to fall for her again.Parker sure Is a cute little boy,but If she is only there for a short time,I don’t see the writers going that way,unless It would be to break him and Jenn up.From the spoilers,It looks like my thoughts,and questions about the hospital worker Ann was on target,as she and Chloe will team up,against Jenn.

    Patty,I agree the Salem PD,might have done some underhanded things,but they could never,ever,match up with the Dimeras,and even Victor,s

    I knew they weren’t going to let Sami,become A granny,and Marlena,and Kate great-grannies,but they shouldn’t have written in a pregnancy,with Gabi,if it wasn’t going to actually happen,and live,instead they give us another dead baby,Sad,Sad…….

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