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Special day.

Everyone starts to gather for Nick and Gabi’s wedding.

In case you missed it, take this look back at Friday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From dc

    well, chad is gonna make the wedding a fiasco. sonny runs out, abby gets mad at chad, will announces he is the father of the baby, rafe wants to kill will, and sami wants to kill gabi.. WHAT A MESS!!

  2. From Morabb

    No surprises about Chad ruining the wedding of Gabbi and Nick. I’m not thrilled with Nick but I don’t liked what Chad did. I think he is a bad actor and I didnt like him beating up Nick and his actions toward Melanie. I hope Abby drops him. I don’t want Nick to go after Will rather against Chad. I hope Chad goes to jail for beating up Nick. He doesn’t deserve to be with anyone. He should have left the show after Melanie left.

  3. From dc

    chad is a dimera.. i guess his true colors are finally showing..
    he is becoming his brother and father.. WATCH OUT SALEM..
    has anyone heard if stephen nicols is coming back? with john going out of town, i think he is gonna meet up with steve and bo and all of them will return together (just a hopeful thought)..

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