Days Of Our Lives Video: Keeping A Lid On Things.

The secret slips out.

Jennifer has the chance to tell Daniel all about what Chloe did.

In case you missed it, take this look back at Friday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From dc

    well, i guess today was the last day to see john for awhile. maybe when we see him again steve and bo will be with him.. love to see them together to deal with the dimera’s.. (just thinking out loud).
    it is beyond me why jennifer did not tell daniel about chloe. but chloe already told him today and then her and that girl she knew framed jennifer with a “fake” note they planted for daniel to see. this is gonna eventually backfire in chloe’s face and i can’t wait til it does.
    sami, sami, sami. will knew what he had to do. i can’t see him and sonny raising the baby, that will never happen. nick is gonna find a way for him and gabi to keep that baby (sounds like to me it will be a tug of war)..

  2. From dc

    i just read on soap opera fan sister site ( in the comings and goings that alot of “new” characters are being cast. my question is why, when there are some of the characters we use to know that could (if they would) re-join the show, maybe to help ratings, who knows. but casting new faces. i don’t know.
    two characters that returned (kristen and eventually chloe’s mom), thinking these were a mistake. they were not my favorites before and don’t think that will change.
    i hate that drake is gonna be gone for awhile (hope he returns). i wiosh kristen would leave and go far far away. this fan would not miss her at all (thinking out loud again)..

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