Days Of Our Lives Video: New Dad.

Settling in.

Daniel tries to bond with his son.

Take this look back at Friday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Find out where you can find some Salemites in person in our DOOL Stars To Appear At Universal Studios.

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  1. From dc

    well, we said good-bye to john today which i hope is for a short time.
    chloe is trying to mess up things between daniel and jennifer and poor parker is a pawn in chloe’s tactic to do so. the little boy playing parker is really cute.
    loved seeing stefano today, wish he was back and kristen was gone.
    (just thinking out loud again)..

  2. From dc

    cameron is working for stefano and nicole and ej’s baby is alive. kate’s cancer returns. i think i read on that same site where kate and bill reunite.. rex and cassie returning (can’t remember who they are), a senior moment..

  3. From SandyGram

    #2 dc
    Yes I read that rumor also….When he first came to town Celeste was worried about him for the bad vibes she was getting about Abby. Couldn’t she feel something was going on with her own son? You can’t be working with Stefano and smell like a rose!

    Rex and Cassie are the ‘alien kids’ that landed in a spaceship and later turned out to be Kate’s kids.

    If Kate’s cancer is back and Nick is suppose to do something bad to Kate….wonder if he is going to do something to impede her treatment. That will then be the call for Dr. Bill Horton to come out of the jungle and save her, just might be a good way to bring these to together after all he is Jennifer and Lucas father.

  4. From dc

    thanks for all the info, sandygram.
    Ya know, it appears they are trying to bring back all the former characters, maybe to boost the ratings..
    i would love to see bo back, steve, shawn, belle and claire.
    i have not seen bill horton in years. it might be good to see him again and with kate..

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