General Hospital Poll: Steve’s Proposal.

Saying yes.

Steve and Olivia have been through a lot together the last few months. In fact, ever since his mother Heather came back to Port Charles last year, Olivia has had to be on the defensive, first trying to convince Steve that Heather was a menace, and then just trying to ward off Heather herself.

Now that they have made it through the other side and Steve has confessed all of his sins, he suddenly proposed with a big ring early on New Year’s day. What do you think of the engagement news? Vote in the poll and comment below.

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  1. From Michelle

    I think it’s terrible that after proposing Steve is leaving the show. Shame on GH!

  2. From Anne Marie

    Too many ads…btw…as for steve leaving the show after proposing..yes, that sucks…what’s worse is that Jason and Robin aren’t back yet…get them home already or else write Sam off the show too…good record of doing that anyways…getting annoyed with this….and get that b***ch away from Patrick…let her be the next one to die!

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