General Hospital Revisits Port Charles’ Vampire Storyline.

Spoiler alert.

In 1997, the “General Hospital” spin-off “Port Charles” debuted. “GH” characters crossing over to the half hour soap opera included Lucy (Lynn Herring) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom). And while their current “GH” characters weren’t part of the canvas, actors Kelly Monaco (Sam) and Michael Easton (John) played lovers Livvie and vampire Caleb, when things took a supernatural turn. Per TV Guide, that history will be mined in current day Port Charles when Lucy runs into John and Sam at Kelly’s and thinks they are Caleb and Livvie.

Since Lucy was a vampire slayer on “Port Charles,” she acts on instinct and stabs John. He heads to the hospital, as she is hauled down to the PCPD. While in jail, Lucy is paid a visit by Duke Lavery, played by Ian Buchanan, who played vampire king Joshua Temple on “Port Charles.”

The storyline will kick off on January 14. It will remain to be seen if Lucy is going crazy or if the vampire storyline is actually crossing over to “General Hospital” ten years after “Port Charles” was cancelled.

Will Lucy’s reminder of her vampire slaying days be the thing that brings Kevin back to Port Charles? Keep watching to find out.

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  1. From Kadykakes

    Oh pleeease please let them resurrect at least…even just a little of it. I loved Caleb and Livvie :D
    The dumbest thing they did back in the day was to kill off the show. They were the forerunners in a new type of drama. I don’t know if they can successfully resurrect that now but i would like them to give it a try.

  2. From Audrina

    I am BEYOND thrilled of Caleb and Olivia Morley re-surfacing in the town of Port Charles. I’ve been VERY disappointed that General Hospital hasn’t given more respect to the little soap that could (Port Charles — if it had been given a chance) and to the actors that helped “Bring It To Life”. I never bought into John Mcbain on OLTL, the character bored me but I got excited again when I heard ME and KM would be together. The chemistry is incredible and should be capitalized on, I would love to see them woven into the fabric of General Hospital. If Caleb is somehow related to the Cassadines, he’s got family there already and it IS the same town after all.

  3. From Samantha

    I hope this storyline works out. Caleb and Livvie were my favorite characters!!!!!!!

  4. From Alison Armstrong

    The upcoming storyline mentioning Caleb and Livvie intrigues me. However, I hope that the Caleb and Livvie storyline will be treated with respect and love. Since many of us love Caleb and Livvie, we don’t want to see them dismissed as products of Lucy’s hallucination or deprived of their vampire mystique. If Caleb does return as a character, he must remain a vampire, not turned mortal. The whole storyline would not have to revolve around vampires for Caleb to return as a discreet vampire who hides his vampirism beneath a facade of a human, similar to how Caleb hid himself when he was “Stephen Clay.”

  5. From LambertLover19

    I watched Port Charles from mid 2002 until October 2003 that it got cancelled. I couldn’t see it from the beginning because I had no idea it was on and because in 1997 when it premiered I was only 16 and still going to school. It only makes sense that they’re trying to bring back Caleb and Livvie since it’s confirmed they killed off Sam’s husband and the father of her baby, Jason, and although Sam and John could have a romance and Sam could get a brand-new start with John, it would be fun to watch the vampire Caleb again. They ruined Caleb and Livvie when they had Caleb having sex with…what was her name? Rafe’s girlfriend, I forgot her name, and then had her marry Rafe anyway, pregnant with Caleb’s baby! Remember that, guys? That didn’t make sense at all. That was messed up. We’ll see what turn this takes. Port Charles invaded with vampires again! Yay!

  6. From Carolyn Wolfe

    I would love to see the PC storyline continue and was thrilled when Lucy shouted Caleb’s name. This was an excellent show and I loved Livie and Caleb. I would bring a refeshing storyline to GH!

  7. From linda

    think a vampire story line will not be a good thing for GH stick to the story lines at hand – bring back Robin – get a new Jason -have Jerry Jax be the one who fished Jason out of the water n have him be the one to kill Jerry n safe Robin -need more fun Diann w Alexa n Diann w Max n Diann w Sonny Johnny n Todd she is very funny w them all -have AJ finnaly change -he was very nice to Carly durning her break down it showed his kinder side -keep GH real not fake w vampires -

  8. From Raye

    It is conceivable that Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco could play duel roles. Would not be the first tie on this great show!

  9. From Irish

    A nod to Caleb and Livvie is deserved and helps explain the deja vu of Sam and John. But I really think that is all the writers will do and I think at this time would be what most people would want. You can’t ignore it with all the older people coming into town. So it has to be delt with but in a subtle way. Love lives on eternally Caleb and Livvie in John and Sam.

  10. From CS

    I just started watching GH again because of the resurrection of Port Charles’ vampirer storylines. Its about time GH take focus of Sonny and Carly.. I was getting bored with all that mafia crap.. It was has been, for several years, The Sonny and Caly Show… BRAVO GH for bringing back history of their cancelled spin-off!!

  11. From just me

    Story line is wack to have vampires on really, your pushing the button people will stop watching and rating will go down and oh show cxl. just let sam and john be together and start their live together. Story line is dumb i cant even watch it anymore please rethink this or we would be forced to watch another talk show or the news in your time slot im just saying.

  12. From Opinionsopinions

    I haven’t watched GH in months.Could not inserstand why the producers didn’t try hard enough to keep Steve Burton(Jason ) . The show horribly sucked.i don’t want to even start on the fact that the writers had no clue what to do with trey/Christina , sonny/Connie thing,or the robin faked death slash kidnapping.jason seemed to be the glue for me. But with the new storyboards I’m intrigued and anticipating what’s going to happen next. Keep up the good work GH,I ll be watching…… For now .

  13. From Carol

    I NEVER watched soaps until PORT CHARLES and I was totally addicted. When it ended, I never went back to soaps.
    There is such chemistry between them. Caleb wasn’t an evil, bad vampire. He loved Livvie and every women envied Livvie. I only record GH now, waiting to see Celeb, or John. Do I just give up and cancel recording? PLEASE bring back Caleb, at vampire you could LOVE.

  14. From Dawn

    Please bring back vampire story lines. Love love love and miss interesting tv. If we are going to watch fantasy let’s really get fantastic and sexy fantasy we can sink our teeth into . well that we can see Caleb sink his teeth into anyway. Please give us our guilty pleasure.

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