General Hospital Spoilers For January 15 – 17.

An escape, a surprising ally and plans for the ball.

As Johnny tells Diane about Todd’s plan, Todd is taken to the hospital. Felix takes note as Todd is treated for injuries incurred from Johnny’s beat down. Todd makes the most of his latest acquaintance and uses Felix to escape. Unfortunately for Todd, he still ends up at his arraignment. He threatens to escape again, but sticks around to make a surprising claim.

AJ takes care of Carly when she gets wrecked at The Floating Rib. He brings her to Todd’s hotel room, upon her request. Carly breaks down when she wakes up. Felix finds her and asks to use the Metro Court Ballroom for the Nurses’ Ball. He also helps ease her hangover and encourages her to show Todd what he’s missing.

Felix and Sabrina are surprised by what they learn about Lucy and worry about the Nurses’ Ball going forward. However, they breathe a sigh of relief when Tracy’s check clears. When Epiphany gets wind of the ball, Sabrina admits they didn’t tell her about it because Felix didn’t think she was any fun. Sabrina later sees Britt and Patrick together. She gets the wrong idea, but what she actually sees is Britt coming on too strong with Patrick.

In other news, Sonny and Connie grow closer and Anna confides in John about Duke/Faison.

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