General Hospital Weekly Summary For December 31-January 4.

A proposal and lots of lovemaking while lives hung in the balance.

Maxie convinced Ellie to meet Spin on the hospital roof but her car died and she was left stranded on the road. Meanwhile, a dog caused Maxie to fall and later she learned she had a miscarriage.

Britt deemed Starr fine after Connie’s attack, and Michael alerted Dante to Johnny’s kidnapping. Trey tried to tell Connie goodbye, but she took off with Johnny in the trunk. Michael, Trey, Kristina and Starr followed her down the same highway where Cole and Hope died. Connie tried to avoid Ellie, who was trying to find cell phone reception, but crashed her car anyway and Michael crashed right behind her. Everyone appeared unharmed and Starr found Connie hanging onto the edge of a cliff. She refused to help her until Johnny confessed to shooting out Anthony’s tires. They pulled Connie up, Michael found Ellie and Trey collapsed.

Sabrina babysat Emma and when Patrick came home early after Britt got stuck with patients they almost kissed at midnight. She took off in a hurry after Britt showed up naked under her coat and sent her back to work. Patrick promised Britt he would be with her another time soon, but not that night.

Todd took Carly to the New Year’s Eve Haunted Star party where they talked about being over their exes Blair and Johnny. They kissed at midnight and later made love in his room at the Metrocourt. They agreed to be an official couple. Elsewhere, Steve asked Olivia to marry him and she accepted.

Distraught over her miscarriage, Maxie found Spinelli alone on the roof of the hospital. He assumed Ellie dumped him and he took Maxie home. Worried, Lulu and Dante came by but before Maxie told them about the loss Spin interrupted that everything was fine with the baby. Later, Spin and Maxie kissed and ended up having sex. Maxie tried to tell him again about the baby but they were interrupted by a call from Ellie. Spin ignored it, not knowing it was Sabrina calling about the accident. He fell asleep before Maxie told him the truth about the miscarriage.

At the hospital Sabrina told Liz about her moment with Patrick before Trey and Ellie were rushed in. Connie fled the crash site to be with Trey. Starr confronted Johnny about what he did as Todd and Carly arrived. Carly lashed out at Johnny, who told her Todd was hiding something from her.

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