General Hospital Weekly Summary For January 14 – 18.

Vampires, Ferncliff and medical miracles.

At The Floating Rib, Sonny pulled Connie away from kissing AJ. He explained that Alexis got a court order to pull the plug on Trey, so he could donate his organs. Connie left with Sonny, as AJ took a drunken Carly home. Except, Carly had him take her to Todd’s so she could get revenge on him by cutting up his clothes. Carly woke up the next day in Todd’s bed, to a half naked AJ. She was relieved to learn they didn’t sleep together. After AJ left, Felix stopped by to ask if they could rent the Metro Court ballroom for the Nurses’ Ball. After he helped boost Carly’s self-esteem, she donated the ballroom for free.

Connie and Sonny arrived at the hospital after Olivia saw a vision of Trey telling her he was going to be okay. Connie signed the papers and everyone gathered around as Trey died. Sonny later sat with Connie, who grieved at Johnny’s place.

Lucy ran into John at Kelly’s and mistook him for the vampire Caleb Morley, who she once hunted during her days as a slayer. She also saw Sam, who she thought was Caleb’s lover and Kevin’s daughter Livvie. Lucy was taken to Ferncliff after stabbing McBain in the chest. John survived and attended Lucy’s hearing where she was sent to Ferncliff. Once there, Lucy met Heather who tried to buddy up with her. After Lucy learned who Heather was, she backed off. AJ came to visit in hopes of luring Lucy’s stock away from Tracy. Lucy was taken to a meeting with her lawyer before signing anything, as Heather offered AJ assistance.

In their jail cell, Todd goaded Johnny into beating him up so he would be taken to the hospital, where he planned to escape. Todd’s plan failed and he attended his hearing where he pled not guilty by reason of insanity. The judge sent Todd to Ferncliff for an evaluation before rendering his final decision.

After pleading with Britt to implant another embryo, Maxie ran into Spinelli at the hospital. He relayed that he was staying with Ellie. Heartbroken, Maxie returned to Britt, who told her she couldn’t do the procedure because Maxie was already pregnant again. Meanwhile, Spinelli returned to Ellie, who happily showed him she could move her toes.

In other news, Alexis called Kevin about Lucy, Patrick told an overbearing Britt they needed to slow down and Lulu and Dante searched for Luke.

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