General Hospital Weekly Summary For January 21 – 25.

A rivalry, a pregnancy and a possible new Q heir.

After Lulu and Dante found Luke in Turkey, they all safely returned to Port Charles. Luke headed for Anna and learned about the real Duke. Spencer declared himself a rival to Duke for Anna’s affections.

Maxie learned from Britt that she was pregnant. She realized the baby was Spinelli’s, but refrained from telling Lulu and Dante the truth. She convinced Britt to stay mum as well. When Olivia saw Maxie, she had a vision of her with the dog again. Maxie deduced that the vision referred to The Jackal. Speaking of Spinelli, he told Ellie he slept with Maxie. Ellie promptly dumped him.

Patrick once again tried to explain to Emma why Sabrina couldn’t babysit her. He tried to get her to come around to Britt, but she flat out told him she didn’t like her. However, Emma agreed to have lunch with her daddy and Britt. Patrick stepped away from the table as Britt tried to bond with Emma. Emma shared her true feelings with Britt, who retorted that she didn’t like her either. When Britt went to the bathroom, Emma disappeared.

Connie accused Sonny of being nice to her in the aftermath of Trey’s death because he was looking for Kate. Sonny acknowledged that he missed Kate, but admitted there was something between them. Connie felt him pull away from her though and threw him out.

AJ told Michael that Heather knew of something in Edward’s will that could help them against Tracy. Michael refused to let Heather help them, but agreed to ask Johnny for the proof Anthony gave him regarding Tracy and the Soleito money. Johnny gave it to Michael, who gave it to AJ, who went to Tracy, who failed to get Sonny to help her with AJ. Carly later learned what Heather said about the will and indicated she might know of another Quartermaine heir.

In other news, Ned returned to help Tracy, Carly officially donated the Metro Court ballroom to the Nurses’ Ball and Kristina went after Connie.

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