General Hospital Weekly Summary For January 7 – 11.

A couple of arrests, a sad goodbye and new alliances.

Dante arrested Todd and Johnny and placed them in the same cell. Todd tried to smother Johnny, but Dante’s presence put a stop to it. Carly then came to visit Todd as Diane accompanied Johnny to his arraignment. She told him she was done with him.

After Trey was declared brain dead at the hospital, Dante arrested a distraught Connie. Sonny bailed her out so she could see her son. After some pushing from Kristina, Connie decided to pull the plug on Trey. However, she changed her mind after saying an emotional goodbye to him. She slipped out of his room unnoticed.

Tracy agreed to underwrite the Nurses’ Ball and appoint Lucy as co-CEO of ELQ, leading Lucy to sign over her shares. When AJ learned of the decision, he beelined it to The Floating Rib, where he encountered Connie. She tempted him to drink, as they got acquainted with each other. Carly walked in with some harsh words for both AJ and Connie, snapping AJ out of his funk. He passed on his drink. As Connie watched Sonny walk in, she planted a kiss on AJ.

Upon overhearing Patrick and Sabrina discussing their almost kiss on New Year’s Eve, Britt told Sabrina her advances made Patrick uncomfortable. Mortified, Sabrina told Patrick she couldn’t be Emma’s babysitter anymore. Patrick was upset, but Britt distracted him with a surprise visit in the locker room shower.

After wondering if he truly belonged with Maxie, Spinelli finally listened to Sabrina’s message about Ellie being in the hospital. He rushed over and sat with Ellie as she discovered that she lost feeling in her legs.

Luke managed to call Anna from the Turkish prison where he was being held. She told him about Faison/Duke and Robert. Anna then learned from the doctor at the Swiss clinic that Robert was in a coma, with no foreseeable treatment. Duke tried to comfort her, but since he reminded her of Faison, Anna recoiled from his touch.

Next, Luke interrupted Maxie’s attempted miscarriage confession by calling Lulu. As they talked, Lulu heard gunshots and then the phone went dead. Lulu and Dante decided to go to Turkey to investigate.

John visited Sam to tell her Faison confessed to shooting Jason and pushing him into the river. He was sorry, but Jason was not somewhere waiting for her. John held Sam as she cried.

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