Lisa Rinna Out At Days Of Our Lives.

Leaving Salem?

Updated: January 18, 2013.

Lisa Rinna’s final episode in the role of Billie will air on January 30.

Updated: October 15.

On “Today,” it was revealed that one of the projects which Lisa Rinna had on the go will be her return to “The Apprentice.” The actress originally appeared in season 11. Look for her to be back for next year’s all-star season beginning in March.

Updated: October 10.

Lisa Rinna (Billie) has tweeted that she shot her final episode of “DOOL” yesterday. It should air in January.

Original article: August 24.

The Huffington Post is reporting that recently returned “DOOL” vet Lisa Rinna (Billie) will be departing again soon. According to them, the busy actress is already set to leave and has several new projects in the making, including her own line of vitamin supplements. She may be headed back to TV though. It is also being reported that she is trying to get a talk show. Rinna used to host SoapNet’s “Soap Talk.”

Her departure has not been officially confirmed. Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you updated with information as it becomes available.

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  11 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    Well, here we go again. Another actor/actress they bring back and then let go, yet again..
    Good luck Lisa in all you do..

  2. From jenn

    I figured she wouldn’t be on that long because she was never on!I liked Lisa Rinna as Billie but as Kate as her mother, they looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. I also like the second Billie, I think her name was Julie Pinson? Good luck Lisa, even though I know you will be fine! :)

  3. From bettyg

    Naw, never liked Lisa as Billie. I liked the actress who played Billie before Lisa a lot more.

  4. From sam

    new she would not last long…the revolving door continue’s

  5. From maria

    put billie with rafe

  6. From Lee

    Julie Pinson is returning as Billie. I like her or Lisa Rinna in the role.

  7. From CM

    I liked Krista Allen as Billie. She was the hottest actress ever on the show…or at least tied with Nadia. Wow. And Lisa Rinna was the original Billie…but was completely wasted upon her return. Wow…what a surprise. Look at what they’re doing with Marlena…maybe the most popular female ever on the show and she’s reduced to “gay talk” with Will a couple times a week.

  8. From sam

    i thought all 3 billies were good
    krista allen looks the youngest

  9. From jenn

    ha! Reading my earlier post, I meant to say I also liked the third Billie. If the character is to return, I prefer Julie Pinson. I didn’t are for Krista Allen’s acting or lack of.

  10. From Miselemeas

    #5 That much older than Rafe actress is leaving,or were you just baiting?By the way,Julie Pinson was by far the most beautiful of the three, should Rafe decide that he’s had enough of Sami’s craziness, Julie might suit unless she’s too old for him.Slainte

  11. From Kat

    Lisa Rinne as Billy was very good when she was first on, with the “Other BO”, back then I so enjoyed her character and the lines that were written for her.
    Now, I do not understand why they would bring her back, if they do not have a Good SL laid out for her character…Makes No Sense to me..

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