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A few weeks into the New Year and life hasn’t gotten much easier for the folks on Daytime. Adam and Victor’s feud over Newman Enterprises continued to heat up on “Y&R,” while Connie couldn’t bring herself to sign the papers that would take Trey off life support on “GH.” On “B&B,” Steffy learned she was bringing a fourth into the triangle, and on “DOOL,” Chad got ready to make life miserable for Gabi and crew.

B&B Breakdown:
Steffy and Liam are starting off the New Year with a big old oops, and Candace has a pretty good idea how this will all go. “Yup, Steffy finally came up preggers, which definitely ups the stakes,” she said. “I’d predict pretty confidently that by the time Steffy makes it back home to tell Liam the news, Hope will be draped all over him. Steffy will see what’s going on and decide to keep the pregnancy to herself, wanting Liam to choose her for her, not because she’s carrying his child…something along this line.” If you think it could end differently, comment in the Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Chloe came back to town with big baby news for Daniel, who really should have asked more questions than he did. “Even though PhillyK got another DNA test, I say Daniel should do about five more himself, just to be on the safe side,” Christine said. “Kate learned the big news and rushed home to bang on Chloe’s door to beg for a crumb of Parker’s time but Chloe refused her. One way to compromise would be to let Kate have supervised visits with the most adorable little guy. I know. Too boring. I’m sure Kate will come up with enough dirt on Chloe to cause issues and it looks like Chloe and Anne are striking up a friendship which should cause a little drama of their own for ‘Her Royal Hortonness.’ That could be fun.” Read more about Chloe’s return in the Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
It was a bad week for just about everyone in Port Charles, except for that brief moment among Alexis, Shawn – and a meatloaf sandwich. For Sam, it was finally time to face the facts about Jason. “McBain delivered a full explanation right to Sam’s doorstep about what happened to Jason the night he disappeared,” Hollie said. “Even if she had doubts, his explanation that Faison would have traded info about Jason if he could have made sense to her. She was finally ready to face the possibility that Jason was not going to be coming back to her and Danny. Still, without a body that door will never be closed fully for her and she will think there might be a possibility some day. This is “GH” after all. Even with a body the chances of revival are incredibly high.” Read more about how Connie dealt with the aftermath of the accident in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
You didn’t even have to blink to miss Philip’s return to Salem, considering he wasn’t really even there. “Philly K returned to Salem this week with news so heavy and sad that he had to wear his invisibility cloak to spare the audience the sight of his tears,” Matt said. “At least that was the official line. Rumor has it that the grief was so great that it had dislodged his second face. After rowing to Salem with his peg leg, the faceless non-father dropped off Parker and descended to the Kiriakis bunker to become the town’s version of Phantom of the Opera. Victor managed to take the news that Parker was really Daniel’s son with an unusual level of calm. Maggie is apparently still drugging his breakfast. Either that or she makes him get up at two in the morning to help her do her hair for the day. He only managed to use the word ‘slut’ once to mark the return of Chloe.” Read more of Matt’s take before the week’s new shows begin in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
Other than the lack of passion in Genoa City, Candace also had some problems with a few of the characters getting air time. “Adriana, so far, is rather unlikable – your typical manipulative user chick,” she said. “Noah obviously got the knight-in-shining-armor gene from Nick. It would be great if he weren’t a pushover in this. As for Detective Alex, he’s getting annoying with his hovering and threatening. There’s obviously more going on with him and Adriana and this money or he would have had a search warrant for the tackhouse last week, and certainly would have busted Chloe and Kevin this week. The Keystone Cops could have busted Chloe and Kevin by now! ” Read about Jack’s detox and more in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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