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Some people never learn, especially Hope, Liam and the rest of the triangle crew on “B&B.”  Meanwhile, Nick continued to rub all kinds of people the wrong way in Salem on “DOOL,” and Heather of all people may hold the key to ELQ’s future on “GH.” At least we got some steamy scenes between Adam and Sharon on “Y&R,” even if it was only via her imagination.

B&B Breakdown:
Someone was keeping secrets in the land of the beautiful, but interestingly it wasn’t one of the usual suspects. “Why is Dayzee’s past as an adoption facilitator such a big secret that she doesn’t even want her husband to know?” Candace asked. “She was helping these women like Maya, right? It also seems totally out-of-character for Dayzee to want to keep a secret about anything she did – she’s always been an honest, open book. Waiting for the blanks to be filled in on this one… ” Meanwhile, Liam continued to keep both his ladies close, as usual. Read about it in the Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Chloe’s first real scheme back in Salem was sort of effective in the short term, but ridiculous for the long haul. She is going to have to up her meddling game if she is really angling for Daniel. “Daniel acted in a surprising way twice this week by being so protective of Chloe and jumping to conclusions thinking Her Royal Hortonness of all people would call CPS on Chloe behind his back,” Christine said. “Is this a taste of what’s to come for Jenn? Anne and Chloe’s satisfaction over their ridiculous plot to separate Dan from Jenn was laughable. Someone should tell Chloe she should have went to a DiMera for a real scheme in her quest to break up Dannifer.” Meanwhile, read about Sami’s ever-evolving love life in the Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
While Britt never had any problems pushing boundaries before, last week she not only crossed the line, she flew past them at high speed, covering for Maxie and yelling at sweet little Emma. “The fact that Maxie is determined to pass her own baby with Spin off as Lulu and Dante’s is absolutely ludicrous,” Hollie said. “Who does that? The craziest part of this whole thing is that Britt is going along with it. That takes her from meddling and mean to criminal.” Meanwhile, read more about what could be next for Duke in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Was anyone surprised when Sam changed her mind again and found herself with EJ instead of Rafe? “Even though sex and daysaters are never far apart, plenty of Salemites were still ready to drop their britches around their ankles,” Matt said. “EJ did his best Rafe impersonation as he defended Samanther to Rafael. Sami was impressed. It was like being with RoboRafe only with less personality and no sense of humor. She took EJ home. He could hardly resist sniffing her leather pants. They reminded him of all of those posters he had of Tom Jones in his dorm room at the all boys school.” Meanwhile, Gabigate rages on in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
An epic battle may be brewing between Michael and Lauren and Candace is ready for the blows.  “Michael, who has convinced himself his offspring is dangerous, grilled Fen at home,” she said. “Later, Paul produced evidence that placed Fen at the scene, and Jamie woke up again while Fen stood over him and stared creepily. Gah. I felt like Fen was about to smother him with a pillow or something. Meanwhile, Lauren became scarily protective of Fen when guilt was implied – the conflict developing between Lauren and Michael, and even with Paul, is very compelling stuff.” It’s all over now in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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