The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Steffy’s Pregnancy.

Will being knocked up knock out Hope?

Hope’s battle for Liam continues to get close to the manic mark, but Steffy has just discovered something that could ace her out. She’s pregnant with Liam’s child. Will this be enough to keep the constantly unsure young man? Will she even use this to try and keep him? Could it be enough to make Hope back off?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From sammy

    get new writers who can give liam a set of balls, and acome up with new stories, get rid of the entire logan clan and caroline, they are all snakes

  2. From tee

    Steffy need a fair chance with Liam

  3. From rosella pritchard

    i love to watch the b&b and the y&r i would really like to see b& b stay on for 1 hour. i cannot stand the talk . i think steffy will have the baby and her and lilam will never make it because he loves both. but steffy will win in the end.

  4. From Mary

    I’m sick of the Liam and Hope story…. They are both pathetic. Give them a new direction….. Away from each other oh and give Liam a set if balls like his dad!!!! I’m about to start turning the channel if you don’t.

  5. From verna

    I hope that this baby will solidify steffy and liam s relationship! it s too late for hope to win liam back. I hope that steffy and liam keep loving and loving and loving !!! get the heck out hope!

  6. From Julie Sweeney

    I think if/when Liam finds out about Steffy being pregnant, he will want to do the right thing and stay with her. But, after Steffy seeing Liam with Hope in their bed, after he said he would be faithful to her….Steffy may have another plan, without Liam…

  7. From hillbilly

    Ilove Hope character. I did love Steffy character untill then wrote the store line were she takes other women man!I do like Steffy character.I just what to see if the write’s are going make this character like Hope and still what to be with Liam!becaues Steffy feel same way Hope did.Why can’t Liam character be a man make up his mind who he what to be with. because the write’s are still having Liam character still in Love with both character’s.I hope the write’s don’t have Tylor character say in think to in one.but I have to think will the write’s going her Seffy character more if her mother say what she know’s.It look’s to me that the write’s will keep Steffy and Liam together,Hope will be hurt again,Talyor will be hurt because the write’s will have her tall what’s going on,The write’s will hurt two sister’s over a man.but I will still watch the show !

  8. From hillbilly

    I love Hope character!I like Steffy character but don’t like the write’s having her go after other women man.are the write’s going have Steffy character like Hope character forgive Liam. Steffy feel same way Hope did!I will still be watching to see what character will do next.

  9. From melissa martin

    Lets shake things up and let bills drinking being about knowing he slept with steffy and the baby turns out to be his.Let hope and liam marry and have katie an hope deal with steffy.

  10. From Lacey's

    I’ve always loved hope and what she stood for I hate the fact that she was cheated out of being with Liam for being a good girl. And steffy gets him by sleeping and manipulating him what does that tell women or young girls that believe in marriage before sex… Think it might be interesting to have hope pregnant too. Liam does need to be more of a man instead of being so wishy washy with his feelings

  11. From kaffi williams

    I am so sick of the logans always winning i am starting to hate b&b. I want bill to leave katie for brooke and let steffy and liam have their baby and leave the dimwit hope out in the cold. I want taylor to go with eric and take back the company from rick and give it to thomas.

  12. From Dee Gunn

    I’m just catching up on my soap opera by recording on my DVR. Seems history is repeating itself. I’m really gonna stop watching bold & the beautiful, we all know Brooke has won Ridge every time. Now her kid daughter will win a fight over a man like her mom did. It’s the same all the time so why watch when we know what’s the ending story.

  13. From The Charleston Lady

    The Bold and Beautiful was one of my favs, didn’t miss it for anything. Then started loosing characters and now I am tired, actually sick to death, of the Hope and Liam thing and wish the writers could simply leave Steffy and Liam together and have hope find another love interest. May need some new writers if they can’t find anything else but putting these three in a constant triangle. I am fast losing interest in this soap and being only 30 mins doesn’t help either. Just from talking with friends – Bold and Beautiful is quickly loosing it’s audience.

  14. From hillbilly

    I didn’t think the write’s would have the character Steffy use the baby to keep Liam. that just say Steffy character know’s that’s only way she can keep Liam.steffy know’s that Hope is Liam truly love and she is 2nd.Taylor character should keep out of this like her child ask her to do,she don’t need mom she can take care of her life on her own.I say Liam and Hope never got a fair chance, like the write’s did for Steffy and Liam,but that ok, Hope character need’s some one other then Liam character so he can keep his(2nd)Steffy. the writes has Hope character should have better.the write’s having Steffy character have use in think to keep a man went she know’s were his heart truly loves,I will be watching to see how the write’s are going make storie line were two woman character are going have a man keep hurting you keep low’ing there self down to get a man. I do think the write’s are fun were then have done Hope,Steffy,Liam characters.

  15. From jolly van

    I don’t think Steffy will “use” the baby she has matured way beyond manipulations. Stef will want to know Liam is with her because he loves her. I do hope they get together. Am so tired of Hope’s tantrums and childish giggles. Steffy didn’t steal Liam from Hope – Hope broke it off and Liam turned to Steffy. Now hope is trying to steal him from Steffy!! Robbed – come on Hope you made the decision to dnd things.

  16. From Artman

    I just dont get it. Why does this Steffy/Liam/Hope story facsinate the writers so much? Hope refuses to let go of a dead relationship (the man is living with another woman). SHE broke up with him not once, not twice, but three different times,but she insists that their meant to be. Regardless of what other people did. Liam kept going back to his ex wife everytime(even on the wedding day). Bill and Rick didnt make him do that, his love for Steffy did. This flip/flop relationship between them just makes her look mentally unstable and Liam weak. I agree with Bill most of the time just not his methods of persuasion. I think the writers dropped the ball on Hope’s mental health issues. Now thats a story worth watching. When will the only black couple on the show get a story worth watching? Im still a fan of B&B but revamping the Taylor/Ridge/Brooke mess isn’t working and people like me are changing the channel

  17. From Jez

    You know I was originally team Hope, but now I’m pulling for Steffy. She’s so much better for Liam. Hope is a childish, unstable prig and she just needs to move on. I also hate the fact the B&B is only a little over 20 minutes. And as for the whole Brooke/Bill thing, what kind of whore would be “in love” with her own sisters hubby after hating him for years then spending a week or two with him. The whole thing is absurd! Time to have Brooke act her age, geez. And please, someone tell Taylor to quit having all that stuff injected into her lips, she looks like a duck! How can anyone think that is attractive??? The whole Eric-Taylor thing creeps me out too… Isn’t Pam a little closer in age to Eric? I’d rather see those two together than see an old guy sucking on silicone Barbie.. Just saying! LOL

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