The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Taylor And Eric.

Getting around.

This week, Taylor takes a break from sticking her nose into Steffy and Thomas’ lives so that she can chase after Eric. Donna and Pam are already meddling with the mourning man and the shrink decides it’s time for her to weigh in as well? What is she up to?

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  1. From hillbilly

    If Taylor get with Eric then she is know better then Brook!why I say this,what Taylor said about Brook beening with all the Frosters!If Eirc gives in to Taylor and hurt his son that is wrong,Taylor and her child’s is taking or crying get there way,so both Taylor,brook are about the same.

  2. From hillbilly

    If Taylor get with Eric she js no better then Brook.Taylor and her child cry or go after what then what like Brook and me Hope is the person get her man take for her and she is trieding to be good person more then other!

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