The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For January 14-18.

Keeping it quiet.

While Steffy digested being pregnant, Liam was listening to Hope’s attempt to convince him that they should still be together. She started dumping all of Steffy’s stuff and declared she was moving back in. They started to make out. Steffy arrived and spotted them through the window. She cried and ran. Liam stopped Hope’s tongue from going any further down his throat. She insisted that they were victims and should be together but he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

At Forrester, Eric spoke to the gathered family members about the big changes coming. Rick and Thomas each made pitches for why they should lead to the company and showed some of their fresh designs. Eric named Thomas co-head designer and Rick president. Tom wasn’t thrilled. He moped off to his mom. Taylor was snooping around Steffy’s office and found the pregnancy test box. When Steffy showed up, her mom tried interrogating her. Steffy wouldn’t explain.

Hope told Rick she’d get beyond what he did to her and get back with Liam. Brooke didn’t think that was such a great idea. Hope wouldn’t listen. Meanwhile, Bill and Katie checked on Liam and he insisted on handling his own life. They went home. Bill was miffed that Katie had sent his booze ‘on vacation’. They bickered about his drinking. Back at Liam’s, Brooke dropped in to see him and tried to stop him from getting involved with Hope again. Bill called her over to the cabin and vented about Katie taking his drinks away. He worried that Katie didn’t like who he really was. Brooke puttered off to see her sister and asked her to cut Bill some slack.

Pam tried to console Eric, who admitted that he’d been drinking to Stephanie’s memory every night. He tried to fight off her consolations but they wound up weeping together. Back at Forrester, Rick tried to bolster the company’s reputation with a press conference but it was far from comfortable. Hope got up to declare that she was back with Liam. This raised some questions for Bill and Steffy. She called Liam and he assured her it was nothing. Hope showed up on his doorstep moments later and refused to leave.

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