The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For January 21-25.

Haunted by the past.

Brooke sent Bill and Katie out to her cabin for romance. That didn’t work since Katie could smell the booze on his breath. Meanwhile, Taylor lectured Brooke for interfering in their relationship. Then she lectured her about Hope ruining Steffy’s relationship. Then the shrink called her daughter to badger her to tell Liam that she was pregnant. Brooke dropped in at the cabin and found Bill alone. He explained that her sister stormed off and then fondled the blond’s follicles. She stopped him and urged him to chase after his wife. He did. Bill and Katie made out.

Liam and Hope continued to get closer. They cuddled until Taylor showed up to ruin the mood. All three of them bickered as Taylor advised Hope to bow out. Taylor stormed off and went to see Brooke again. They bickered about Hope and Taylor vowed that their daughters would not repeat the story they’ve been living for years. Taylor blamed all of her family’s problems on Brooke and her family. Brooke thought they should get over their grudge, but the shrink wanted to get a lot more than that. She started thinking that Stephanie had fallen for Brooke too. Taylor talked to her son about how he deserved more. He decided to go to Paris. Taylor plodded off to see Eric next. Pam and Donna were competing for his attention. She wasn’t there to pampered him. Instead, she ranted about Stephanie falling for Brooke until the dead woman’s portrait fell from the wall.

Maya popped up at Dayzee’s cafe demanding to know where her baby was. A startled Dayzee reminded her that she gave the child up before going to prison. After Maya ran off, Dayzee explained to Hope that she helped some people adopt the baby. She refused to tell Marcus about any of this.

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