The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary for January 7-11.

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Hope moaned to Dayzee about how her relationship with Liam had been sabotaged. Dayzee filled her in about the conversation Marcus overheard between Justin and Bill. This made Hope sure that Bill was behind what happened in Italy. Meanwhile, Karen and Danielle accused Bill of letting his drinking and temper get out of hand, hurting Caroline as a result. They recruited Katie, Taylor and Brooke for an intervention. He wasn’t impressed. Eventually, Hope literally smashed her way into the house. She confronted him and demanded the truth. Katie spilled the beans about Deacon. Hope was pissed, even more so since her mom obviously knew about it. Hope threatened him and stalked off.

Liam filled Steffy in on what’s been going on. Hope arrived to tell him everything about Italy. Liam was furious and hurt. Over at Forrester, Thomas and Steffy discussed the competition and Caroline. She hoped the fall would knock enough sense into Caroline to dump Rick. Steffy also remained adamant that Hope couldn’t touch what she had with Liam. When she went home, she found Hope there. The blond vowed that she would get Liam back.

Liam drove off to see his father and lectured him for meddling in his life. When he took off his sword necklace, Bill was so offended that he grabbed it and stabbed himself. As he sat there impaled, Bill begged his son not to throw away their relationship. Then he begged him not to go back to Hope. Liam ran off and his father pulled out the blade, which had only gone into the cash wad strapped to his chest. Liam drove back to Steffy’s to complain about how twisted his father was. Then they had sex before she had to run off and help her dad with something. When she got to work, she took a test and discovered she was pregnant.

Rick apologized again to Hope for helping to ruin her relationship. Eric called everyone together and reminded them what was at stake in the big competition. Thorne assured Eric that he wasn’t interested in running the company anymore. Pam pined after Eric. Meanwhile, Hope ducked out of work to tell Liam again that she wanted him back.

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