The Young And The Restless Spoilers January 11 – 14.

Goodbyes and concerns…

Adam arrives at work and states that he doesn’t want any distractions today. Sharon appears and wonders if that applies to her too. Adam informs that he’ll only be the boss for a few more hours, as he and Chelsea are leaving Genoa City tonight. He assures Sharon once Jack returns she’ll still have a job – Jack owes him. After weeks of struggling with her feelings and pushing Adam back into his wife’s arms, Sharon says goodbye to Adam and Chelsea.

Victoria listens in on a conversation between Billy and Victor. When Victor asks if Billy scrounged up a job yet, Billy makes his father-in-law aware that he did – Victor’s old job at Newman! Later, Victor meets with Congressman Wheeler, the father of the dead prostitute. He shares his suspicions about Adam and Jack’s involvement in Stephanie’s death and promises him justice. Once Adam hears about Victor’s meeting, and who Stephanie’s father is, he leaves an urgent message for Jack then tells Chelsea they can’t leave town yet.

Nick receives a text at The Underground and tells Avery he’s screwed. Avery thinks she has a solution for Nick, who wonders if it entails cancelling the opening and selling the club. Avery tells Nick not to worry and works to get someone to send him a copy of the license – and to correct the issue of the address mix-up on half of the flyers.

Neil and Cane argue over what each wants Lily to do at Jabot. Cane admits to Lily he regrets giving Neil the CEO position back. Meanwhile, Tyler and Devon finish up a meeting and talk shop – and Lily. Tyler tells Devon he saw Lily upset the other day and hugging a guy other than Cane. Devon clears the matter up, tells Tyler about Daniel then assures him Lily is very much in love with her husband. Devon then mentions that Cane has to go out of town tonight. Leslie becomes concerned about her brother’s continued interest in Lily.

Come Monday… Noah doesn’t want anyone to see him and Adriana together. She thinks it would be kind of hot to pretend they didn’t know each other. Tyler tells Lily her husband being out of town is Cane’s loss and his gain, and Jack wonders why Phyllis didn’t leave.

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  1. From #1LaneFan

    I believe Lily will be great whatever she does, but she would make a great model again. Whatever she does don’t allow it to get in the way of her relationship with Cane. I love the pairing and they are one of the main reasons I watch the show. True Commitment, something that we don’t see much !!!

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