The Young And The Restless Spoilers January 29 – 31.

Leaving town and suspicious conversations…

Nick shows Sharon around at The Underground. She likes his club. Over talk of Newman, Nick suggests that Sharon leave the company before Victor returns. She doesn’t agree, and they argue about Adam.

Adam wants to talk to Victor as father and son. He wants Victor’s respect and offers him the company back on a silver platter. Victor thinks he can take Newman back by himself and vows Adam will never be his successor. Adam warns that after this, Victor won’t get the company back at all. Later, Adam pleads with Chelsea to give him another chance. She may not have time for him though, as Chelsea and Chloe set out on a new business venture – with a new partner. Gloria lost on her racehorse and wants in on their fashion venture.

Adriana and Noah have a talk about the money, which arouses suspicion in her. When he brings up that the money probably belongs to the cops, she points out that she never said anything about the cops and demands to know if he’s been talking to Alex. Noah covers. Adriana kisses him then leaves, and Noah lies to Alex when he calls asking if Noah has talked to Adriana. Later, Adriana, who thinks Kevin and Chloe have the money, gets Eden to tell her where they live. It’s not long after when Chloe calls Kevin and tells him the money is missing. Adriana returns to find Noah, shows him the money and asks how long it will take him to pack.

Tucker goes to Katherine and informs his mother that he’s leaving Genoa City. He plans to head to Hong Kong immediately on business. Katherine admits that she doesn’t want her son to go. After an emotional goodbye, Tucker leaves. Katherine can’t fight back the tears and sobs.

Dylan McAvoy, who Avery thought had died and was deeply in love with, appears in Genoa City and hopes to see Avery. Instead he finds Nick at The Underground and introduces himself as Mac. Meanwhile, Avery assures someone that she knows exactly how it feels to lose someone you love.

Wait, there’s more… Nikki receives some shocking news.

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