The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary January 14 – 18.

Nick’s opening failed, Jamie took a terrible fall, and Tucker made a move…

Nick’s nightclub opening ended quickly when the power went out. He got called away when Summer became sick, and Avery hired Tyler to launch a new marketing plan. Once alone, Noah and Adriana had sex. Noah later caught Adriana with a fake name and bank statement and threw her out. Meanwhile, Dylan McAvoy checked into a local motel.

Tyler told Leslie they were in the clear. Leslie worried someone would order a background check on them. Across town, Devon turned down Tucker’s job offer. Katherine encouraged Devon to give Tucker a chance. Tucker wanted to prove to Katherine he’d been sincere in wanting to work out their issues and gave Victor half of his Newman shares.

Jack told Phyllis he couldn’t get through the withdrawals without her. Phyllis left at Jack’s insistence when she heard Summer was sick. Victor’s henchman appeared and told Jack the dead hooker was the congressman’s daughter and that Victor hired her. Later, when Phyllis returned, after hearing her divorce had been finalized, Jack told her about Stephanie. Meanwhile, Victor agreed to give Mason a place at Newman if he spied for him. Victor’s henchman reported back with news on Jack. Nikki stopped Victor from going public on what he knew about Jack. Victor warned Billy to order Jack to give Newman back or he’d reveal his secrets. Jack confessed to Michael and no longer wanted anything to do with Newman. He ordered Billy and Adam to take over.

Fen texted Jamie and told ‘the loser’ to stay gone. When Jamie returned, Michael insisted he stay with them. Jamie begged Fen to back off and promised not to say anything about the texts. Later, Fen made it appear as though Jamie had stole from his parents and told Paul Jamie would be gone very soon. Jamie walked out after Lauren questioned him about the missing items. Michael was convinced Fen set Jamie up. Fen found Jamie on the roof, and after the boys engaged in a shoving match, Paul found Jamie unconscious on the ground below. Later, at the hospital, Michael wondered if Fen had anything to do with Jamie’s fall. Lauren objected, but Paul confirmed that Fen had been certain Jamie wouldn’t be around for long. When Fen arrived, shaken up, Michael noticed.

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