The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary January 7 – 11.

Avery’s ex resurfaced, Adriana appeared, and Sharon took a new job…

Dylan McAvoy, the man Avery had an affair with and said had died, bought a ticket to Genoa City. Meanwhile, Avery changed the locks on her storage unit, due to Summer’s snooping. When the unit was broken into, Nick wondered if someone other than Summer had done it.

Adriana appeared and admitted the money was left in her apartment by another tenant – a drug dealer. She heard it was missing. Noah confided to his parents that Adriana was in town and he was in over his head. Later, Alex spotted Adriana and asked about the money, which she said she didn’t have. Alex warned he’d be watching her. Adriana said Alex was a dirty cop and asked Noah for protection and forgiveness. She claimed her father left, her brother pimped her out and she needed the money to start over. Noah agreed to help Adriana, who received a text asking about the money. Across town, Kevin made plans to launder the money and played dumb when Alex appeared, having received a tip. Chloe confided everything to Chelsea, who offered to help Chloe keep the money.

Sharon accepted Adam’s offer to take Phyllis’ position at Newman. Vikki and Billy planned to help Jack and fight Adam in regards to Newman/Jabot. Victor denied a connection to Stephanie but accused Adam of a cover-up at Jack’s. Knowing Victor would ambush them, Adam later told Victor he found out a dead prostitute was found at Jack’s, one Adam had no knowledge of. Adam assured Victor he would no longer work with Jack because of this. Adam updated Jack and vowed Victor would never get Newman back. Billy irked Victor by informing he was taking over as Newman’s CEO for Jack. Victor then met with the father of the prostitute, Congressman Wheeler, shared his suspicions of Jack and Adam’s involvement in her death and promised him justice. Adam got wind of Victor’s meeting, and who Stephanie’s father was, then left an urgent message for Jack and told Chelsea they couldn’t leave town. Phyllis took Jack to the cabin to get clean and helped him through withdrawals until the private doctor arrived.

Cane continued to be uncomfortable with Tyler’s association with Lily. As a favor to Lily, Cane rehired Tyler and regretted giving Neil the CEO position back. Later, Devon informed Tyler that Cane had to go out of town that night.

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