Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For February 15.

The Blond Barracuda.

Sami opens a ring box in her office. EJ asks her what she thinks of his proposal. She’s amazed. He explains that this was the accountant’s idea. She’s confused. “It’s not like we’re making some kind of lifetime commitment,” he says. She’s baffled. Sami starts to huff and puff as he babbles, saying that he can call Diane in to take her place while she’s looking after the children. He pulls out a bunch of rings. She’s even more confused. He finally tells her that this is all part of their new ad campaign. Embarrassed, she admits she was expecting a different kind of proposal. He says that would have been a little bit forward. “Life with you is never going to be tedious and dull,” he says, sucking her ears. They smooch. He locks the door and they climb on top of the desk. They do it on the floor. She wears his tie and all the rings. He moons about how he feels about her.

Cameron drops in at Abby’s. He brought peach cobbler. She’s been sorting out boxes of her stuff. He begins rifling through it and reading her old birthday cards. Then he goes through her yearbook and teases her. She drops a plate of cobbler when he mentions The Golden Circle Club. He assumes the club must have had something to do with investment banking. It didn’t. He gets buzzed back to work before she can explain. She gives him a kiss. Dr. Davis heads to work and asks a nurse if she was in The Golden Circle Club. She accuses him of sexual harassment until she realizes he’s clueless. The nurse explains it was a club for people who pledged to remain virgins until they were married.

In her room, Gabi worries to Nick about the baby. He says that Sami and EJ are the real problem. Now that ‘the other gay boy’ is back in the picture, it could be even worse. She objects to his phrasing and worries about how Will’s family hates her. He assures her that he has a plan and she doesn’t need the details. “Will may be out of the closet but his family still has plenty of skeletons in there,” he says. That sounds like blackmail to her. He says he won’t play dirty unless it is necessary.

Will heads to Caffeinated to see Sonny. The Kiriakis wonders why he is looking so happy. He assumes it must be baby related. Will pulls out the gift. Sonny explains that he ordered it a month ago and forgot about it. He should have cancelled it. That’s awkward. They listen to the IPod together. Brian arrives to pick up Sonny. Will abruptly runs away. He heads over to Gabi’s to tell her how wrong he was about Sonny. Will claims it’s better this way and then asks her about the paternity test. She still has to look into it. Meanwhile, Brian and Sonny have gone rock climbing at the gym. After Brian kisses him goodbye, Sonny thinks of Will.

Kate drops by the station to see Rafe. He called her over to talk about Sami. They head down to Mandalay. “I wonder if we should stick to soft drinks?” she muses. He tells her Sami is demanding a paternity test. She wonders what ‘the blond barracuda’ is up to. Kate actually trusts Gabi to do the right thing. The person who worries her the most is Nick. She assumes Rafe doesn’t exactly trust Fallon either. They debate how the custody battle could pan out. She doesn’t think her grandson is in a position to raise a child on his own. She thinks they need to show Nick they are on the same side. They call Nick over. He squints when he sees them together. Rafe is vague. Nick says that Sami is the problem. Kate admits she thinks he might have an ulterior motive. “Do you?” prods Rafe. Nick is defensive. Rafe worries about his criminal record if a custody battle comes. Nick says he’s paid for his crimes. Rafe knows what happened to him in prison.

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