Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For February 18.

House Cleaning.

Chloe calls Daniel and offers to come over and help him with their son. Brady shows up at the doctor’s. He starts quizzing him about Jenn. Meanwhile, over at the mansion, Victor sarcastically tells Chloe he’s over the moon to have her back in town. She begins lecturing him about how non-child friendly and environmentally unhealthy the mansion is. She forbids him from going near Parker until he switches dry cleaning companies. The diva begins insisting that the ducts be cleaned. That doesn’t go well. He lectures her for destroying the men in his family. She trashes Philip and Brady until he gives her the boot. That puts a smile on her face. She heads straight to Daniel’s and informs him that Victor has thrown her out. Chloe moans about having nowhere to go so he suggests she move in there. He leaves to sort a few things out. Chloe is pretty happy with herself since she has no idea that the doctor is calling a hotel to book himself a room.

Nicole leaps on Eric in the confessional and begins kissing him. She snaps out of this fantasy and bumps into the priest with a gasp. He suggests she seems frustrated. She runs away. Eric goes to see Victor at the mansion. After Victor gives him a donation for the church, he lectures him about Nicole, insisting that she will never miraculously turn into a decent person. Meanwhile, Jenn heads to the mansion to see Maggie and worry about Daniel being angry with her. Maggs tells her she should talk to the doctor directly. Jenn agrees and heads off. When the redhead turns around, Victor informs her that he has kicked Chloe out. She asks him to reconsider but he won’t.

At Mandalay, Rafe and Kate warn Nick that his prison record is a big liability for retaining custody. Rafe knows what happened to him in prison. He was beaten and stabbed. Nick doesn’t want to discuss that. Rafe doesn’t see how he can start a family if he hasn’t even told Gabi about this stuff. They suggest that Nick try taking things more slowly. He refuses to wait until the baby is born to get married. Nick walks off. Rafe is happy to see that Nick is so devoted at least. He and Kate talk over the situation and stare into each other’s eyes. They head back to his place and hit the sheets. Meanwhile, Nick returns to his room to go over the evidence he’s collected. He thinks over when he was stabbed. “You think you know what happened Rafe, but you don’t,” he mutters. At that moment, the man who stabbed him is counting down the days until he’s released from prison.

Lucas bumps into Jenn outside the square and asks her if Daniel has broken her heart again. She insists that she’s the one who has messed things up. He tells her that Chloe wants the doctor back and Daniel ‘historically has a problem with keeping it zipped’. He bustles off. She grunts. Nicole appears. She guesses something is wrong. She tells Jenn that being the good girl won’t work in her fight with Chloe. Jenn rails about how everything has gone ‘crazy’ for her thanks to following advice from Nicole. However, she still isn’t backing down from the fight. Nic asks her how she could have walked away from Daniel before. Going back to Jack was just the right thing to do, Jenn explains. After she heads off, Nic returns to the church. Lucas arrives. They instantly begin bickering. She accuses him of think he’s better than her. They yell at each other until Eric interrupts. Lucas storms out. Nic tells the priest that she doesn’t belong there. He’s sorry that her past is exploding in her face like this. He wonders if she is hung up on Lucas. She admits she is hung up on a man, but it certainly isn’t Lucas. At that moment, Daniel drops by Jenn’s. Lucas is there. He tells the doctor that his sister wants nothing more to do with him. Simultaneously, Jenn arrives at Daniel’s and discovers Chloe there. The diva happily informs her that she has moved in.

In her room, Kristen is underwhelmed as her father informs her that he’s heading back to town. She admits to Stefano that she has been falling for Brady. Kristen doesn’t see the point of breaking his heart anymore. Later, she meets Brady outside of the square. He nervously confesses that he doesn’t want to lose her. Brady doesn’t want to marry her, but he does think they can live together. Kristen says that won’t work.

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  1. From Michelle

    I liked today’s episode, Victor was a riot. Bad News Bitches… hahahah

    I’m actually seeing more love between Brady and Kristen now. I love this storyline.

    Jennifer looked pretty and not prehistoric so that was a nice change.

    I felt bad for Nick during his flashback, but he really should realize that if he does not push this thing with Gaby and the baby, Sami will never have the opportunity to use his past against him, but he cant see that.

    I missed the flashback, heard it was hot.

  2. From dc

    uh oh, here we go again. jennifer finding chloe at daniels. and why did lucas say what he did?
    the scene between kate and rafe was really nauseating (seeing it again), i almost had to leave the room. i just can’t see them two together at all..
    read “rumor mill”. lots of stuff on that page..
    victor has never liked chloe, but can you blame him?? the tactic was just her way of getting daniel to let her move in. but i did hear him calling to put himself up in a motel..

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