Days Of Our Lives Poll: Allieꞌs Future.

Odd one out.

Unlike Samiꞌs other young children, who seem relatively content, Allie usually seems alone, uncomfortable and sullen. Is she carrying some awful secret? Does she suspect that something bodes ill for her future?

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  1. From dc

    who is to say about ally.. we have not seen much of her lately, in fact, we have not seen much of any of the kids. (theo, ciara, johnny or sydney)..

  2. From Casey

    She’s lucky to have Lucas and not be with Sami who is a terrible mother.
    Hope the writers don’t make another depressing storyline about kids suffering. NOT entertaining!

  3. From jenn

    Since Sami is a bully, I think Ally might fall into the same shoes. With having Kate as a grandmother, probably doesn’t help her either.

    dc, I have been wondering the same thing. I miss little Theo, so adorable!

  4. From TE

    Ever notice that Sami is always told she is a good mother…How can that be when you hardly see her with her kids? I think they need to have Ally go to live with Lucas as she did before when he was in Hong Kong. I would say that she has witnessed EJ doing something horrible and has never said anything and is fearful if he finds out that she knows.

  5. From jenn

    TE, I have noticed that and found it to be hysterical. I guess the definition of a “good mother” is relative? I really like your idea in regards to Allie witnessing Ej doing something horrible.

  6. From bettyg

    #4-TE–Could it be that Ally knows that Sydney is not Sami’s baby, but Nicole’s??? Interesting…

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