Days Of Our Lives Poll: Kate’s Prospects.

Feeling isolated.

Last week, Billie decided to leave Salem and get some distance from her mom’s scheming. This comes hot on the heels of Kate learning that her grandson wasn’t her grandson after all. Although Kate is used to having enemies, at the moment she has close to no friends or family around to help her out. Who or what is next for Kate?

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  1. From dc

    i can’t see kate and roman getting together.
    my thinking she does not need anyone.
    glad to see john today. be glad when he returns to salem. maybe he will run into bo and bring him back.
    i read where max and chelsea might return in april. this is a good thing. i love more of the former characters returning..
    well, i think kristen is bringing brady’s character. i use to like brady’s character but now i am having 2nd thoughts..

  2. From Casey

    Kate and Roman was one of the most mismatched couples I’ve seen on Days. They have nothing in common. Same with Sami and EJ. Why do writers keep trying to force same old storylines? It’s ruining the show.

  3. From Lee

    Kate and Rafe? No! I like them both but I hope neither of them are that desperate.

  4. From bettyg

    Sorry, but the only man that can match Kate’s drive and ambition is Stefano. Let’s get them back together. Imagine Kristen having to deal with this “stepmother”!

  5. From CJ

    Please do not have Rafe with Kate!! That would be the worst pairing right now!

  6. From BeeBee

    Kate needs to be with Stefano. They were a perfect match.

  7. From Jane

    Most of the young Actors leaving are being replaced.

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