Days Of Our Lives Poll: Over Sami.

Seeing her true colors.

Rafe spent much of the past week telling Sami that he didn’t love her. Not only that, but he claimed that the woman he thought he loved probably never even existed. Is Rafe right and has he already gotten over Sami?

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  1. From dc

    i really feel sorry rafe. i’m afraid he still loves sami. i read where rafe is being put with kate after a nite of drinking. this is so wrong. what are you writers thinking?
    hate what chloe is doing with the daniel/jennifer thing. glad parker is ok.
    and wake up and smell the coffee brady, i hate what kristen is doing to him.

  2. From Lee

    Rafe can do better. Sami never loved him anyway. She was too obsessed with EJ.

  3. From jenn

    Unfortunately, I think Rafe still loves Sami or he wouldn’t care so much. Lee, I agree that Sami is obsessed but I think it’s more with herself. It seems like she likes the idea of two men being in love with her; perhaps it gives her some kind of validation or something? Who knows….

    dc, Rafe and Kate?! Oh myyyy!

  4. From bettyg

    Yeah, I read about Rafe and Kate in Soap Opera Digest while I was standing in line at the grocery store. YUK!!!! Rafe has never shown ANY interest in Kate and now they do the nasty?! Cmon writers, give us a break! BTW, the ratings had DOOL tied with General Hospital, and that’s better than always being last!

  5. From jenn

    That is great news about the ratings, bettyg!

  6. From babs

    I love EJ and can’t stand Rafe I hope Sami stays with EJ.

  7. From babs

    Rafe needs to move on. The Sami,EJ,Rafe triangle is getting boring. How many time can they go back and forth.

  8. From WandaW

    I love him with Kate. He needs someone mature and dangerous to set his head straight. I am so glad that Days has written him to not be soooo stupid. I mean he usually acts goofy, but he seems sure-footed with Kate at his side.

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