Days Of Our Lives Poll: Three’s A Crowd.

Home sweet home.

He may not want to marry her, but Brady still asked Kristen to move in with him. She decided to up the ante by asking him to move into Casa DiMera with her… and her father. What will happen if Brady goes to live with Stefano? Does this have the makings of something good?

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  1. From jenn

    Even though they never metnion it, isn’t Brady a quarter of DiMera? I chose Stefano will brainwash him. I chose Stefano will brainwash him….

  2. From Molivya

    Yes he is. I know that in Salem adoption negates incest (I’m thinking of you Uncle Max) but Kristen is his 1st cousin as Stephano and John are half brothers.

  3. From dc

    well, let’s see, look what happened to john.. kristen is just playing brady and he is gonna get hurt. i just hate to see it happen. i read where kristen is gonna bring back a role on young and restless. (sounds like she is doing what justin is doing, goin back and forth between 2 soaps to work). i would not be hurt if she just stayed on young and restless, no loss..
    on todays show, i was glad to see will and sonny back together, never liked the brian character that was trying to make a play for sonny..
    and from what i am reading nick is gonna be possesive of gabi, sounds familiar (like before he went to prison).

  4. From DLM

    I have been watching Days since the 1960′s but the show has lost me as a fan. All of the current story lines suck and are so unbelieveable. Everyone has slept with each other. There are no true love stories anymore. It’s just a pitiful show now. Brady and Kristen, Brady and Nicole who never had any history. Its so sad because I always loved this show but I find that I just can’t watch it anymore.

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