Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For February 11-15.

Putting a ring on it.

Chloe continues to push ahead with her scheme to pull Daniel closer. She doesn’t have to manipulate things too much though because nature seems to do it for her. Parker has a real medical emergency and that throws the parents together in panic mode. Jenn is sidelined and the diva does her best to keep her there. She tells Daniel that Jenn lied to her about where they were going and that put Parker at risk. Daniel is furious and lashes out at Jenn. After the blond is finished fighting with him, she gets into a brawl with Chloe.

Still walking on sunshine, Sami tells her mom all about her reunion with Elvis. Even though Sami gushes about all of her feelings, Marlena can’t help but rain a little on this parade. Samanther wanders off to the office and soon discovers a box with a ring inside. And speaking of rings… Brady repeats to Kristen that they won’t be exchanging any. He’s not shy about laying out the reasons why. She takes a break from pondering the next move in her plan to dole out some advice to little brother Chad about what he should be doing with his seemingly aimless life.

Chadsworth isn’t the only one who isn’t getting much love for Valentine’s Day. For a few minutes, William’s hopes soar when he gets an unexpected gift from Sonny. However, it starts to look like the Kiriakis is still not planning to get back together with the daddy-to-be. Meanwhile, Nick’s plan to blackmail Lucas and Will continues to slowly creak along. He confidently assures Gabi that they are going to have no trouble keeping custody of the baby.

As Valentine’s Day starts off, Kate is not having a good time in the romance department. Stefano rears his head to give her his judgement on what she’s made of her life since he dumped her. His vicious words cut a deep blue streak into her heart. She mopes off to drink her troubles away. She’s hardly the only one. Tired of life in the nunnery and yearning for the affections of a celibate man, Nicole wants to go out on the town. After an unpleasant argument with Eric, the priest gives her an ultimatum, decreeing that she is not welcome back if she spends the night out. Meanwhile, Rafe is more nauseated by EJ and Sami than he wants to admit. He thinks some booze will cure it. He winds up drinking with Kate and one thing leads to another until four legs wind up frolicking in happy valley.

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  1. From kitty

    I’m first…yipee!!
    I was wondering how they were going to show Sami and EJ in bed as, as far as I recall, we have not seen EJ shirtless due to James’s tatoos. At first I thought that with the muscel shirt,low lighting and his careful placement of his arms, Sami’s back etc they were doing a good job covering it up, but then on Monday we saw him full-on bare chested. Good work make-up department! You would never know he had any tatoos at all.

  2. From Lisa

    Rafe is hot but kinda on the boring side so it would be nice to see with Kate or hope

  3. From jolie

    Chloe scheming against Jennifer/Daniel with Parker and now a real emergency. Who would have guessed that would have backlashed like it did? Well, other than all of us? And Daniel lashing out at Jennifer?? Now is the time to tell Dr Antioxidant the Medicine Man to shove it up his carrot colored rear end. I am so over he and Jennifer or actually Daniel and anyone decent. He is a basket case. As bad, no, much worse than Brady. If he isn’t jumping his patients, he is jumping to conclusions. Jennifer, dump his butt and move on.
    And I have quit feeling any tiny bit of sorry for what happened to Chloe previously. She is another basket case. And 2 basket cases make a matched pair if you set them up on the mantle together. I now officially hope she wins out and she and Daniel ride off into the surf after they wax his board.
    Marlena rains on the Sami Parade. Maybe Marlena sees that she can take her mind off her problems and Brady’s problems by pondering Sami’s problem. Their problems are all the same. They suffer from Writers Block.
    Sami finds Elvis’ ring. Is it his Dimera Decoder Ring? If Sami has it, she will be able to decode the messages Elvis and Fatha are sending to one another. Dread, she’ll know what is going on. A first.
    Chad needs a storyline bigger than moping and taking advice from that lunatic he calls Big Sissie.
    Nicole needs to get a life outside the convent. Who is Eric to tell her she can’t spend the night out carousing?? Eric takes a lot on himself…he is definitely Sami’s twin on the ultimatums and Marlena’s son for knowing exactly what someone else needs to do with her life. Or not.
    Oh dear, Kate and Rafe do the horizontal tango. The sky is falling and it ain’t snow or even rain. I just can’t wait to hear what Victor has to say on this one. The King of One Liners will have a heyday with it.
    Nick and the baby custody story. I just don’t get why Nick wants total control of the baby. I guess the story will flesh out some coming up as his past in jail is revealed but right now he is just weird and menacing. But that just puts him right in the boat with Kate and Sami over this custody thing.

  4. From MAB

    Sami, happy for a change, tells her mom about her reunion w/ EJ, but Marlena rains on her parade. Well that’s no shock. Marlena treats Sami differently than her other kids, and I think she always will. She has a problem accepted Sami’s choice to be w/ EJ, but she supported Carrie going after Rafe and leaving Austin in the dust??? Makes no sense! Marlena always has something negative to say where Sami is concerned. Of course they all will, just because she’s chosen to be w/ the dastardly EJ DiMera. Well get over it people! She’s made HER choice, and doesn’t need anyone’s approval. But Sami should expect to get the usual flack from her family, except maybe the kids. I just hope Sami remembers what she told EJ, that she doesn’t care what others think. She needs to let her family have their little tantrums and tell them to mind their own business. None of them should throw stones, as EJ said. Sami’s happy for real this time, and nothing they say will change her mind, nor will she allow anyone to come between them. She needs to stick to her guns, not worry about what her family or anyone else thinks, and only worry about herself, EJ and the kids.

    Kate has had her share of hot young studs, and Rafe won’t be any different. And Kate may or may not have a type, but you’d think Rafe would. That’s why I find it odd for Kate to wonder off to a bar to get drunk, sorry that’s just not her style. That sounds more like Nicole, which would’ve been a more logical choice for Rafe to hit the sheets with. But nope it’s Kate. I just can’t help it…I’m still laughing about this!

    Spoilers say Nick remains cocky that he has the upper hand, “so he thinks anyway”. It’s just a matter of time before Nick gets caught, and it’ll be glorious when it happens! Will will be a father to his child, regardless of the stunts Nick or anyone else may pull, and he has a good team backing him up w/ Sami, EJ, Lucas, Marlena, and several others.

  5. From lucy

    Euh Jolie for now Nick is so much worse in this baby story than Sami or Kate, he is the one scheming and plotting not them ! Now they could counter-attack..soon..
    Yep Marlena’s reaction towards Sami and Ej is in character and predictable. So i will just watch how it is played out, after all soap opera would be nothing without drama, confrontations between families go Marlena and Sami !! lol

  6. From MAB

    Nick’s obsession over this baby in no way can be compared to anyone else involved in this situation. He is in a class all by himself. He is obviously sick & twisted to obsess over a baby that isn’t his, nor has been born yet. Of course, Rafe did the same thing, but he wasn’t psycho, just stupid trying to get revenge on EJ. I just wonder if the writers are gonna try to come up w/ an excuse of Nick’s ‘hard times’ in prison to try to justify his behavior. Well, from his actions (and what’s to come), there will be no excuses. They’ve laid the ground work of him being a complete psycho, and a bigot, and IMO, no matter what they come up with, I’ll never buy it. Also, again, where has Kate or Sami said one word about custody? They, like many others, just want Will to have rights to his child. What is so wrong w/ that?

  7. From Linda

    Spoilers say Nick will unravel and quick and I could see it starting today. Something about Gabi asking him about the scar has churned things up inside him. It’s probably going to unbalance him in a big way. That’s where trying to physically hurt Will might come in.

    Such cute scenes between Johnny and Rafe. But poor Johnny, so excited telling Rafe “the secret” that Sami told him Rafe will be spending a lot more time with them and Johnny tells Rafe he can’t wait. There is no doubt Johnny loves his daddy EJ but he loves Rafe, too, and will be disappointed what Sami told him is not going to come true. Sami shouldn’t have told Johnny that until it was sealed in stone. However it does show how sure Sami was that she was reuniting with Rafe. What was up with her stopping Rafe today and saying they need to talk. About what?! Let it go, Sami!

    I didn’t like EJ and Kristen congrating each other over how successful their conquests are working out. I like Abigail and Cameron together but wonder about spoilers that say he’s a man with a past.

    I agree Nicole would have been a more realistic choice for Rafe to hook-up with in the bar but I guess I can handle him with Kate ok as long as there are no repercussions later. I can’t hardly put any stock in the rumor that she gets pregnant!

    I enjoyed the verbal battle between Sami and Brady. All of what they both said to each other is true!

  8. From Snickelfritz

    I am sick of hearing Nick call Will and Sonny “gay boys.” Is that really necessary? Isn’t Will his cousin? How sweet of Nick to talk about his family like that! Geez, I am over him. Wish he could go back to prison.

    Kate and Rafe? GROSS!

  9. From rachel

    Poor Kate..

  10. From Kat

    MAB, remember Kat got drunk with Dr. Dan, and they ended up together ….
    and we all know, Kate likes to drink….
    Rafe must be soused to end up with her.
    Good post MAB

    I am confused from reading to many different versions on here..
    some say that Rafe dumped Sami…
    but today, He said, that Sami dumped Him. Who is right, some posters, or Rafe….
    If Sami is so bad,as Rafe claims, why does he still bother at all, just let it go .. finally…
    I remember the song, feel the heat, from Miami Vice…
    yes there was heat, but such a comfortable sexy and loving heat…
    I love the set up, the open windows, the curtains in a breeze,
    and two people, against all odds,finally together, More…. please

  11. From Linda

    Sami is the one who brings up custody. It said in the spoilers on last week’s page that when Sami and Rafe argue, she tells him Will could get full custody of the baby. Then in a spoiler in The Salem Spectator, it says Nick eavesdrops on a conversation between Gabi and Rafe where Rafe warns Gabi about what Sami said.

  12. From clara

    Linda Johnny will be fAR MORE and i say FAR MORE happy and delighted that his parents are together.

  13. From Linda

    #10 Kat, I guess the writers got confused with the script they gave Galen. Rafe did tell EJ he threw in the towel on Sami and him. But then today he said Sami dumped him.

  14. From MAB

    Sorry Kat, but to my recollection, Daniel was the one drunk, Kate was sober. She pursued him, and got him in a drunken stooper.

  15. From dc

    kate and rafe (this sounds awful, what are you writers thinking).. i’m still trying to get over sami and ej being back together, yet again. this is what i like to call a yo-yo romance.
    i sure do not like chloe trying to weasel her way back into daniel’s life, she had her chance and blew it when she hooked up with philip.

  16. From jolie

    #7 Linda, poor Johnny will feel the fallout as usual with Sami’s kids. And what the heck! What does Sami have to say to Rafe? And what would Elvis have to say about that Sami was still wanting to talk to him? It makes no sense but maybe is setting the stage for Rafe to drink too much and completely lose his mind and sleep with Kate.
    #11 Linda, exactly. And didn’t Elvis hire the BEST CUSTODY lawyer in Salem for Will? I guess it was for Will’s traffic tickets.
    Rafe isn’t the only one confused as to who dumped, bumped, slumped who. I guess when Rafe was good and mad, he did throw in the towel and did say done. But when he thought about it, he could also say Sami threw him over for Elvis. Either way, thank goodness it happened and we can move the heck on from it. Who cares who did who, just please don’t let Kate get pregnant!

  17. From Linda

    #12 clara, It’s two separate issues. Like I said there is no doubt Johnny loves EJ, and I would add that he will be thrilled to have his mommy and daddy back together, – if they indeed do stay together. But Johnny does love Rafe, too, and was very excited today to tell Rafe “the secret” and I would imagine he will be disappointed not to have Rafe spending all that time with them that Sami must have told him he would be. Sami must have been really sure of herself about Rafe! And that was only several days ago, too!

  18. From MAB

    Kat – Rafe specifically stated he dumped Sami several times, but now he’s gonna recant that and go around saying Sami dumped him since he now knows she’s done w/ him and chosen EJ. And that is how Rafe rolls, he wants to make himself the ‘good guy’ in this too, and make Sami & EJ look like the bad guys…like he’s been betrayed…yada yada. Just sounds like ‘sour grapes’ to me! And he’ll be eating those sour grapes once he takes a roll in the hay w/ Grandma Kate! This is TOO funny!

    Exactly, WILL could get full custody, not Sami, which is what has been suggested by some. If Will plays hardball, he could get full custody w/ Nick & Gabi’s backgrounds. Nick & Gabi are the ones who everyone acts like they have all the rights, and Will doesn’t. And if Gabi is stupid enough to go along w/ Nick, then she doesn’t deserve to be a mother to that child. Come hell or high water, Sami is gonna make sure Will keeps his rights as a father, and he better be glad she’s looking out for him w/ what Nick has planned.

    No doubt, Johnny will be far more happier that his parents are back together!!

  19. From sbuz

    I can’t understand how people want Sami and Ej to end up together. Have you forgotten that EJ has raped sami once (in exchange for helping Lucas) and he also paid Rafe’s look alike to rape Sami repeatedly. People who support this relationship disgust me!

  20. From bobby

    All you ever hear is what a good mother Sami is-then why was Grandma babysitting (like always) and Sami never told her where she was. And telling Johnny that Rafe was going to be in his life a lot-then turning around and going back to E.J. That poor little boy. Who’s your Daddy??? Hasn’t Rafe got enough problems without putting him in bed with Kate? Although, that would really put an end to Rafe And Sami. What was the deal with her having to talk to RAfe today? What makes her think he would want anything more to do with her? Not to mention-E.J. told him to stay away from her. And yet, there she is wanting to chit chat. Did like her with Brady. 2 peas in a pod, and yet they can’t see it. What was with all the bedroom scenes today? Doesn’t anybody work?

  21. From Kat

    14 MAB, you could be right about Kate and Dr. Dan….

    EJ hired an attorney, to make sure Will’s right will not be violated, and that he will get His Shared Custody of his child..
    Nobody said, not EJ or Will, that he is going for Full custody.
    Again things fabricated, as it happens on many
    times on here. Very confusing, just like the Naked Nookie comments and Johnny watching/seeing it….LOL

    If Johnny and Sidney would have to choose, no doubt they would pick Mommy and Daddy,
    and pick Rafe as a friend.
    It’s up to Rafe now, how he behaves/handles the situation,
    he prob. could see the kids if he accepts things in a gracious way..
    It’s over….I heard the Fat Lady sing..
    Rafe and Kate, it made me sick when it was EJ and Kate…

    Lets see now….
    Fatha Stefano and son EJ shared Kate,

    Father John and son Brady shared Kristin..

    Grandfather Victor, Grandson Brady and Godson Dan, two of Sami’s exes, Lucas and EJ…and soon her brother Eric,will,have shared Nicole.

    This whole town is and always has been related by “Injections”,
    disgusting as long as I can remember, but guess what, Myself and sooooo many of you are still watching.

    MAB, you are so right, depends which way the wind blows,
    Rafe either got dumped, or did the dumping… I am sure he is confused by now who did what, Cheers, I think the boy needs a few drinks to clear his head, and our Sexy very experienced LadySnake Kate will help him,to make sure His Head will really be cleared up all the way and more.

    That’s why I watch, where else do you find so much ridiculous fun and entertainment…and that…every Day…almost for 50 years… Some body out there must like all this….

  22. From julie

    yeah Kat lmao about all the fanfiction one week ago here about Johnny seeing..oh drama his parents get it on..lmaooooooooo
    As for Caroline i doubt she is the first baby-sitter in line since she has Alzheimer..but with these they already least she mentioned Kayla being here and yesterday Johnny said to Will that Kayla was the one keeping him with her son writing all over the place..again !

  23. From Mouse Fan

    The funny thing about kids… They want their parents together even if they hate each others guts!

  24. From patty

    julie, the spoilers did say that little Johnny told Rafe about EJami’s naked nookie. He didn’t do that either. He told Rafe mommy had to do something, little did the poor boy know that she was doing someone. Rafe of course knows and is disgusted as will everybody else when they find out. Little Johnny will be disappointed he can’t spend more time with Rafe because it’s obvious the boy loves him and I hope he gets to have his FBI jacket.
    Had to laugh at how Sami just blurted out to Brady that she’s not going to be alone when Brady questioned why she would leave Rafe, like jumping from one man to another overnight is just a normal thing to do. Loved how Brady called her out on shooting EJ in the head and being with a man that put an imposter in her bed and she just dismisses that as a bump in the road. Is that woman suppose to be normal? How can a woman be that dense and still be allowed to bear children?
    As for Rafe having sex with Kate, he’s the only one in town who didn’t ride that bike so he might as well hop on . I hope he gets drunk enough not to remember a thing but if not he can always close his eyes and pretend it’s Sami, they’re one and the same anyway.

  25. From Michele

    As a married woman, I can totally see where it would and IMO should take more then 1 fight to get over each other. If my husband did something that I thought was unforgivable and left him, even if I knew I could never go back to him it would still bother me if he was in bed with someone else that soon after we broke up. Love is not a switch that you can turn on and off…that is unless you are Sami Brady. I think the writers having Rafe bothered by the fact that Sami had sex with someone, anyone, that soon after they “broke up” is very realistic, esp when that someone is his arch enemy. Before it is asked, Yes I thought it was wrong for Rafe to be with Carrie too, no matter what your spouce has done you do not go with the sibbling or the sibblings man/woman….oh yeah, Sami did that too.

    Sami can get into Will’s business, but Marlana can not get into Sami’s? I just do not get it.

    Does Sami understand that the courts say that right now NOONE but Gabi has a right or say about that baby? EJ is lawyer and should tell her that until that baby is born Gabi and do what she wants and how she wants including move to another country and while I do not agree with it, ending the pregnancy.I do not care for Gabby at all, but if I where her and Sami THOUGHT about talking to me like that I would get an order of protection then Sami would not be allowed to be within 50ft of me. But then as we all know, I hate Sami.

    I can relate to how the Ejami fans are feeling. I felt it when Ejole reunited, when Bo and Hope got together, Jack and Jennifer, it is a wonderful feeling I am happy for you guys. But enjoy it while it lasts, the writers seem to like to break couples up as quick as they make them now a days. I hope that changes and it goes back to the way it was, but with the talk of Hope and Rafe getting together I do not think they respect the idea of the supercouple status we all enjoyed so much years ago.

  26. From patty

    I don’t think it really matters who did the dumping between Rafe and Sami, they’re done. The fact is that Sami led Rafe to believe they were going to be together up until the wedding but then he saw her true colors for the way she mistreated his sister. Before he had a chance to even technically break it off she had already replaced him with EJ. Now that doesn’t reflect bad on Rafe, it just shows what a heartless and selfish person Sami is . She has nothing to be angry at him for but he has every right to be upset, angry and hurt for the way she treated him. She’s the one who wants to talk after he told her to stay away so if he tells her off she’ll be getting what she deserves. If he goes out and gets drunk and has sex with every woman in town, he has the right. His sleeping with Kate will probably piss off Sami but I’m curious how its any of EJ’s business because according to spoilers, he questions Rafe about it. Now what’s it to him? They tell Rafe to stay away but they won’t leave him alone .

  27. From Leah

    I think Days is rushing this Nicole and Eric “love” story. Where has been the slow build? Now all of a sudden Nicole is in love with him? If we were to go by what we were seeing on screen it would be more likely scenerio if they had made it Rafe and Nicole and then moved onto a Nicole/Rafe/Eric triangle. I see lots of potential with Nicole and these 2 men but its seeming just a bit too rushed with Eric. What do you think?

  28. From Leah

    Have to say I like the fact that they are keeping Rafe and Johnnys relationship. I have never said or implied Johnny doesn’t love Rafe. As I’ve stated before Johnny is a well adjusted kid (I suppose he’s had to be) and will make the most of Samis decisions. Whether it be Rafe or Lucas. By Johnny doing this it takes nothing away from his and his fathers relationship. Johnny absolutely adores and loves his father… hence the calling mummy and then daddy while on his sleep over. As both EJ and Sami have stated Johnny is going to be thrilled his parents are together!
    The “THING” I hated about Safe was their determination in keeping EJ from his children… and that was it in a nutshell. If I hadn’t kept seeing that over and over again I wouldn’t of had a problem with Rafe as a step parent. I’ve never had an issue with Lucas. Why? Because Lucas and EJ respect each others rights to be in their childrens lives. Something Rafe never did.

  29. From Vivian

    Rafe and Kate? I’ll comment on that as soon as the medics get here with the defibrillator and get my heart back to a normal rhythm. I thought for sure Kate would end up with Roman and Rafe would end up with Nicole. WOW they really slipped that one in on us…wonder if Stefano will be as shocked as we are?? :-)

  30. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Wait…what? Johnny has parents?

    #22 Not every child wants their parents together, but I digress..

    Maybe Rafe cloned Sami and stuck her in EJ’s bed. Maybe Sami is in on it and she and Rafe are giggling about EJ being raped by a ‘droid. Oh, wait, that’s been done before. Well, maybe it’s true love between Tweedle Dee and Dum, then. Fastforwarding and zipping right on thru the show, these days.

    I think Rafe and Kate could be interesting in a trainwreck sort of way, short-term. They don’t have as much baggage between them as most all the other couples do. But I don’t think they need to make a menopausal, 60ish, great-grandmother-to-be, whose had chemo for lung cancer, preggers. Then again they put a victim in bed with her abuser this week, so I guess anything is possible in the fictional world of Salem USA.

  31. From Michelle

    It has already been spoiled why Sami wants to talk to Rafe, (will and gabi and baby) why all the surprise?

    Rafe is a fool, he played his pursuit of Sami all wrong. I’ll keep repeating it….he knew the situation he elected to be in with Sami plus EJ. So if Sami is the decider, let her decide and don’t make the decision for her…. Because since she’s so “fickle” and such a liar, why trust that the choice that you made for her would actually stick?

    Point is… Rafe is a fool.

    That was very irresponsible of Sami to tell Johnny something like that, especially since she did not get around to telling the person who deserved to hear it first. But overall, I don’t think Johnny would be heartbroken. Because he will still see Rafe around, at the Pub or HTC, as we can see today.

    I knew it would be an uphill battle for EJAMI when people become aware of their love, but it just hit me today how bad it’s going to be. If someone like Brady, whose bedding EJ’s sister, can still find it in himself to judge Sami {whose life at the moment is not directly chaotic}, then every other screwed up Salemite will line up to cast more stones.

    It will be a nice storyline of “me and you against the world” if despite everything people have to say about the couple, EJ and Sami stay committed to their love and keep the outsiders out of their minds.

    I know that that’s what Kristen and Brady is doing right now, but unfortunately, it’s not based on a good foundation, Kristen’s deceit and and twisted plans will be the end of her. she’ll realize after it’s too late that gem she had in Brady.

    It’s still so surreal to me to see EJ and Sami really together, never thought the writers would be brave enough to go for it. But it’s about time.

  32. From fiona

    First Sami (a character i watched since 1993 when Sweeney started and i was pretty little at this time lol) is a victim of ANYONE, secondly lot’s of children dream to see their parents together even if they can accept it will not happen and move on, nevertheless when little/young in a part of their minds they think about it and dream about it. It is not for nothing that for a while Will did everything to have his parents together (he even shot Ej for that..ha).
    Michele can’t take your post seriously about Sami or her pairings since you don’t like the Sami’s character therefore it is too biased to be pertinent imho.

  33. From patty

    If Rafe is a fool it is only because he let Sami lead him on to think they had a chance. Obviously Sami thought the same thing since she told Johnny Rafe was going to be in their lives . Jumping from one man to another in a matter of days is just Sami’s usual reaction when things don’t go her way and EJ willing to accept her after she was about to get back together with Rafe, now that is being a fool.
    Apparently, it hit Sami today too what an uphill battle she was facing trying to get her family to understand why she would go back to that man, which is why she decided to keep it a secret. All that bravado from yesterday about not caring what anybody thinks kind of went out the window this morning because she knows she will be alienating her family again to be with him. She will also face an other struggle trying to alienate EJ from his family since he’s obviously not willing to do that, because minutes after Sami telling him to stay away from his crazy sister he went right to her to divulge their “secret”. These outsiders you want Sami and EJ to keep out of their minds, they are her family and their approval and support means more to Sami than she lets on. She will never get it while she’s with EJ Demira. He might have her convinced that he’s a new man, but he’s not fooling anyone else.

  34. From michele

    fiona, I can understand why you would feel that way, but if you think about it just about everyone one here is biased. I do not like Sami based on Sami’s actions. Ken C and Allison S both do not like Sami’s actions either. She has been written as a “bad guy” from the time she returned to the show at 16. She is supposed to get under my skin. I would not want her off the show because I love to hate her. Just like some people on her love to hate EJ or Rafe. It is like Dallas people loved to hate JR. But you are right I am biased at times, like I said I never trust her motives. Although I did cry for her when Grace died.

    I think I am being the least biased person when I say that it is normal for someone to be upset when their EX had sex with someone else so soon after a break up. I think anyone that can not see why Rafe would be bothered is being biased. I personally like EJ more then Rafe but can see why Rafe would be upset, like I said it love should not be a switch. I respect your opinion and can see where, you being a Sami fan, would not see things like I do. Maybe we will see eye to eye on another character and story line. :-)

  35. From Linda

    So, did I miss a point where years ago when John first left it came out he was Stefano’s brother? So wouldn’t this whole Kristen/Brady thing be incest? Anyone? :/

  36. From erica

    Patty wouldn’t you like to talk about some characters you like, enjoy instead of the ‘monster’ Sami and ‘uber-monster’ Ej for change ?!

  37. From Michelle

    Sami has been making her decisions based off her families opinions for way too long now. They will just have to accept the fact that she’s happy with her choice, and worry about their own problems. Hmmm lets see, Marlena needs to use her brain in a more efficient way to prevent krazy k from destroying her marriage permanently, Roman needs to hook up with one of Kates old hooker friends, because he has been lonely for a century now. Or maybe he should just solicit kates services. Eric has to figure out if being a priest is really for him before he gets in too deep. Lucas is blazeh about it. Everyone else is truly irrelevant

  38. From patty

    #33 michele, good fair and unbiased post!
    As much as I enjoyed Sami and Brady’s scenes today , glaring hypocrisy and all, it was also sad to watch how dillusional they’ve both become. With Sami, it’s understandable because she’s always been dillusional but Brady is so much smarter than that. Here are two members of a family that the Demiras have spend a lifetime trying to destroy and that both have been victims of for years but they stand there trying to excuse and defend EJ’s and Ktisten’s actions to one another. I mean can they really hear themselves. She tried to murder my mother, you shot him in the head, he put an imposter in your bed. Ah that, just rough patches on the road. Why are they arguing which one is worse, they know what they are and what they did. They’re Demiras, the very people they’ve been fighting against all this time. Now they want to justify why they’re sleeping with them? How much dumber can they write these two really?

  39. From Leah

    I liked the Brady and Sami scenes today. I found myself laughing and smiling at them both. The one thing I did pick up on was how Sami had sympathy for Brady knowing he was now also going to be looked upon as another black sheep of the family. Maybe having this in common will actually bring them closer together? One thing I know for sure if things continue this way and they all end up living together in that big old Dimera house its gonna be explosive and fun to watch. Never a dull moment on Days :)

  40. From patty

    I talk about what goes on on Days. What do you like to talk about erica?

  41. From Leah

    I don’t know why everyone is getting bent out of shape with this Rafe/Sami scenerio. It was obvious to a few of us Sami fans that she was hesitant about the two of them reconciling AND in two minds about her decision. The biggest clue was when Rafe told Sami he loved her and she didn’t say it back. The silience from Sami there spoke volumes! Then of course you had Rafe being the aggressor and telling her what she should be doing. I think Sami just got railroaded back into it by Rafe then everyone else put in their 2 cents worth in and that seemed to be that… BUT the stickler was Sami just couldn’t bring herself to tell EJ because she knew what it would mean. Sami knew would be losing and throwing EJ away and out of her life again. Something she didn’t want to do. And even Rafe sensed her hesitancy when he asked her “Are you sure you not using this as an excuse to keep him around?” And then they got into a fight and Rafe said he regretted even bringing EJ up. The signs were all there for those who were watching and not sticking their heads in the sand.
    PS: After all the years of anguish and pain I am just loving seeing him so happy EJ… and how happy Ejami are together. Love it!

  42. From jolie

    #19 Bobby, Sami’s kids are lucky to know what day it is. And now that she is with Elvis, she will not be spending more time with them. She just invented the sleep over so she’ll use it til they are 35. And no, no work in Salem. Just sleep overs.
    #23 Patty, good thing Sami told Elvis to keep it secret so she could run out and tell it. At least Brady is right about one thing. Kristen did all manner of things to Brady’s family (Sami’s family too). Elvis has done all manner of things to Sami. But in her world all is forgiven until she jumps ship.
    #24 Michele, a very fair and well thought post. Good for you. Feelings are not turned off overnight (except for Sami) and even if a partner does something unthinkable, you still have to overcome feelings and deal with them. Doesn’t happen right away. Sami is not worried about what the court has to say, she’ll just want her say. And while many have posted that Will can get full custody of the baby once born due to Gabs and Nick’s pasts, well, Nick now knows Will has a past as well and it has a large crime right in the middle. So who’s crime/sin is bigger? None of them rank high enough for me to give them a new puppy to raise. And very fair for you to relate the feelings for Elvis/Sami with other couples. Yes, these fans have waited and wanted it for a long time. They deserve it and I hope they are watching it over and over because you are right too that the writers are right now finding ways to come between them! Hard to say what will happen with Hope. I saw the banner so maybe there will be a mystery coming up about Bo and maybe he just disappears somewhere. Not very satisfying but it has happened before.
    #25 Patty, Sami is a narcissist of the highest order. Everything she does reflects on how it affects her. Elvis probably wants to know about Rafe sleeping with Kate because he remembers it was fun and if Rafe is moving on, then Elvis can quit looking over his shoulder.
    #26 Leah, agreed. Seems like Nicole wasn’t even thinking that way til Kristen brings it up about Eric. Now, Nicole is back on his trail when she was still having Daniel palpitations last week?? But yes, Nicole and Rafe then on to the Eric angle would make sense. Good thinking!
    #27 Leah, again agreed with your points on Johnny loving Rafe. Why shouldn’t he? Rafe has been good to those kids. Johnny does seem to be well adjusted. But Will did at that age too then he started shooting at people and blackmailing them and other unsavory things. But Will is basically a good guy I think and he does have a conscience and it wins over at times. His mother doesn’t have one. Elvis is trying to find his but not a lot of luck there. The biggest problem with Rafe in the kids’ lives…Sami. He was up to whatever she brought on. He picked it up and ran with it and it has not served him well at all.
    #28 Vivian, are you OK? Did the medics get to you in time? I sure hope so. I thought too that Roman might come back into the picture and I liked he and Katie together. Kristen seemed to have an accomplist for a while and I thought it might be Roman. Not sure where that one went. She hasn’t taken one of those calls lately that don’t seem to come from Fatha.
    #29 DTTB, you are a hoot. Of course Johnny has parents. They have been trying to ruin his life for ages now. They are all on sleepovers that never cross the same thresh hold on the same night.
    #30 Michelle, Rafe has been written to act rather foolishly over Sami so he just can’t help himself. But he does come off as foolish at times and normally Sami is standing in the vicinity somewhere. Glad that you are enjoying Elvis and Sami. I still can’t find the pleasure in it. I enjoy Elvis with other characters. I enjoy Sami rambling around Salem making a nuisance of herself. I just don’t feel the love, yet.
    #31 fiona, I am biased too so don’t take this too seriously but Sami has moved mountains to try to get her parents together. I bet Will has finally learned that his mom and dad did not belong together. Meantime, when will Sami hear that John is gone. Or did I miss it?
    #33 Michele, that was about as clear and fair a post as I have seen here. Good job. I feel much the same way over Sami and I too would hate to see her go. So Sami, have at it. Make Salem know you are there and make all the men in your path miserable. And send the kids on a sleepover.

  43. From jolie

    Nick being attacked in prison will soon come out now that it has been introduced. Could Nick be taking painkillers? Could he be hooked on them? Drugs are supposed to be pretty easy to get in prison and he could find a source once out. Point is that perhaps this is why Nick is acting so crazy scary. And that he snitched in prison. Could have done something to save a life or two so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing but it seems designed to make Nick seem even weaker. I would have thought that Nick’s abilities could have been a hot commodity in prison. He could have money in off shore accounts. He could have a network of thugs who owe him for favors he did for them in prison due to his smarts and figuring out how to use whatever tools(computers or lawyers) were available. I just think the writers have missed the mark here with the possibilities on what could have been. Instead we are treated to Round 2 of Nutty, Controlling Nick. I am enjoying the story less and less because I like Nick and wanted good things for him this time around. I hate that he is plotting against his family members and I hate that it involves a baby. Sorry for the rant here. Just one gal’s opinion.

  44. From Linda

    #20 Kat, I don’t see where anything about custody was fabricated. MAB asked in #6 where Kate or Sami ever said one word about custody. In #11 I asnwered that question. It was in the spoiler at the top of last week’spage. It hasn’t happened yet, maybe it will today, but Sami is the one who brings it up that Will could get full custody. She says it to Rafe. I think that spoiler is what prompted all the discussion about custody, etc. Sami may be worried about Will and his rights, and I understand that, but she needs to ZIP IT.

    Michele #’s 24 and 33, Good posts and even though you say you like EJ better, you were very fair toward Rafe. I posted on last week’s page the same thing, that it’s perfectly natural for Rafe to be bummed out about Sami turning to someone else, let alone EJ, so soon. And I mean REALLY soon! Even in real life that’s soooo hurtful to think someone could move on from you so quickly. But those who don’t like Rafe don’t see it that way. As for you being biased against Sami, you admitted it fair and square and after all, who among us on this site isn’t biased for or against somebody.

    I fail to see what was wrong with Rafe having breakfast at the pub or asking about Allie. Rafe didn’t know Johnny and Sydney would be there and Johnny happened to come downstairs. When Caroline explained about the kids, she didn’t mention Allie so I think it was natural for Rafe to ask about her.

    I for one am not bent out of shape over Rafe and Sami’s break-up. I hope it lasts even though I doubt EJ and Sami will last. But I did not see hestitation from Sami about telling EJ he was out of the picture the way some Ejami fans saw it. She was daydreaming about Rafe constantly and she was nothing if not absolutely radiant the day of the wedding when talking with Hope about reuniting with Rafe. And it sure looked like Sami was going to have sex with Rafe when Hope interrupted. To me, all signs pointed to Sami being truly in love with Rafe. And what she told Johnny is proof that she felt certain about choosing Rafe. (But, still, she shouldn’t have told Johnny that.) If anyone was leading someone down the primrose path it was Sami leading Rafe.

    And now EJ falls into her arms knowing full well she was about to choose Rafe but for a stupid arguement over Will and Gabi. IMO both Rafe and EJ have been fools over that woman. Except I’m not so sure EJ has forgotten he is Sami’s second choice.

    Johnny loves Rafe and I hope they can remain friends no matter what happens with Sami. And like someone else said, I hope Johnny gets his new FBI jacket he asked Rafe for.

    I already commented on Sami and Brady. They were both right about each other.

  45. From patty

    Leah, it was also obvious to those of us who watched that Sami wanted to be with Rafe right up to the last minute before the wedding fiasco, there was no doubt about that, not even to herself. She told Rafe she wanted to have a future with him, she told Hope, she told little Johnny, everybody at the wedding saw them and assumed they were together and she never told EJ she loved him either. So yes Sami led Rafe on to believe they were back together and only changed her mind for the umpteen time after things didn’t go her way as usual. So clearly obvious is that Sami Brady is a liar and that there is a pattern with her that doesn’t change . Now what I don’t understand is why everybody is so hell bent on blaming Rafe for being angry and hurt over this like it’s all his doing and not seeing the obvious that this is just scatter brain Sami being her own selfish, shallow, untrustworthy, fickle self. She plays with men’s heart and stomps on them then she walks away leaving them in her dust, treating them like dirt and being deliberatly cruel, jumping to another man like the other never existed and switching her feelings and her lies overnight to accomodate the one she’s with. It is what Sami does and anybody that doesn’t see that are the ones who have their heads buried in the sand. Sami’s heart is loyal to no one and her new found love is no more real than the thousands she’s had before this one. I still think EJ knows this and this shmoozy, sappy front he’s putting on is going to drop when he sides with Kristen over her family, just like when Rafe sided with his sister. EJ telling Kristen he owes her is pretty foreshadowing imo.

  46. From patty

    jolie, I also haven’t seen the spark between Eric and Nicole and as far as I knew, as of last week she was still crying over Dan. Isn’t it amazing how savy Kristen has already picked up on it before everybody else? Those Demiras must have super powers.
    I’m with you on Nick, even though I enjoy his role as a nutjob, I hate that his crazy genius is wasted on his family members and this baby when he could put it to good use and direct it at someone who deserves it. I’m thinking his obssession with the baby has to do with his homophobic fears that she will have two gay men in her life. I’m thinking his reasons to think like that has something to do with what happened to him in prison but it doesn’t excuse his homophobic remarks and calling Will “gay boy”. I can’t wait to see him unravel, should be interesting. He is fun to watch.

  47. From Kat

    Still have one question, how does Brady know, that Sami shot EJ….????
    So they have another thing in common,
    Sami and Brady(DiMera) are in love with DiMera’s, well Kristin is not a DiMera by blood, she is actually a Blake, no not a Black…that is John Black,really John DiMera….

    and both of them.. Sami and Brady tried to Kill EJ.
    So maybe now it is Sami’s turn to try and kill Kristin, that would make them even.
    And both of them are walking free, not just EJ and Stefano…LOL

    If I remember right, when Sami and Rafe were together the Kids were on an almost permanent sleep over …. it was so heavily discussed on here all the time…
    that the kids were Never home…So lets wait and see, what happens when EJ and Sami are together..

    So Linda the custody was in the spoiler, and has not happened yet..ok, not everybody is a spoiler junkie,
    so will talk about it again, once I have seen/heard it on the screen.

    45 patty, I don’t see anybody being “hell bent” Your words,on here…only you when it comes to you talking about EJ and Sami….

  48. From michele

    Patty, Jolie and Linda Thank you and I am glad that you understood what I was trying to say.

    #27 Leah I totally agree! I love Nichole and love that they are giving her a story line, BUT when where we, as the audience brought into this love affair? Last we seen she was still in love with Daniel but let him go because she knew he was in love with Jen. The “switch” can not be turned on and off that fast for Nichole either.

    #41 Unlike with real people the writters hand and they have total control over how these people feel and I think you are right, even when Sami was with Rafe I believe the writters wrote Sami to be in love with both Rafe and EJ. I think that they wanted us to see how hard it was on her,torn between two lovers and all, but what they thought they where creating in their mind and what was told on screen did not gel. Instead of seeing Sami as being in love with both men, it came off as if she really did not love either to them. I do not think that, that is Allison’s fault at all, I think that they should have written more seens that showed the conflict Sami was supposed to be going through like more talks with Grandma, her mom, Lucus, pictureing herself/life with Rafe, pictureing herself/life with EJ, talking to herself and thinking what each choice would bring her etc. instead of just the make out sceens and hot and bothered sceens we where givin. That just made the Rafe fans see it as she must not love EJ because she did and said this to Rafe, and the EJ fans see it as well she must not love Rafe because she didn’t do this or say that. I think the writters wrote Sami to be “in love” with both Rafe and EJ so both fan bases are correct when they say Sami loves_______. I hope they see that their message did not come across as they hoped it would and do not make that same mistake again.

  49. From jolie

    #44 Linda, very good points on your post. Good work. Rafe will be blamed for breathing air if possible. I am glad for Rafe and Sami’s breakup because she is too ditzy for a relationship. I love the actress but Sami is the one character that I’d not waste my time on in real life. And I still think a slap fight between siblings Brady and Sami would be worth the watch and might do some good for them both. Neither are very deep thinkers and are experts at self-delusion.
    #45 Patty, if Rafe was not hurt over the latest Sami caper, what kind of guy would he be? He’d be roasted for a cad for sure. He has heart and was back in deep with Sami. Too bad he hasn’t learned that deep on her side is marginal at best. Sami has changed men like changing hairstyles and with as much thought. Poor Elvis but now he is in deep.
    #46 Patty Nick is fun to watch and you just never see where he is going next, changes up on a dime. And can be so convincing as well. Good acting. I don’t like his gay boy comments either. It is offensive but I guess it really shows his frame of mind. And unravel he will.

  50. From MAB

    Now that I watched yesterday’s show, a lot of holes in the synopsis some gave yesterday, as there were plenty of notable points left out. I do stand corrected tho, Rafe didn’t go to the pub to sniff around for support, he went there to pump them for information. He already knew that EJ was w/ Sami, and I’m sure it crossed his mind that it was possible EJ stayed the night. But it’s none of his business! Yet he sat there and took advantage of the situation and questioned Johnny & Caroline about why the kids were at the pub, and where Ally was. Sami had planned on talking to EJ, and obviously took the kids over to Kayla for a sleepover w/ Joey. There is nothing wrong w/ that…nor is it any concern of Rafe’s to question why the kids are w/ her family, or to insinutate Sami just dumped her kids off w/ Caroline. She didn’t dump them, they were there for a sleepover w/ Joey where Kayla was in charge, Caroline was just watching as she said. And he has no room to talk anyway when he never seemed to have a problem w/ the kids going there it when he was w/ Sami. Caroline no doubt loves spending time w/ those kids, as they seem to keep her young, as she & Johnny were going off to apparently play some video game. I think it helps her w/ her condition. Also, I didn’t like how Rafe talked to Caroline. He made jabs about Sami, and was disresepctful, especially about Will, saying HE should’ve used protection when sleeping w/ Gabi. Well, what about his nitwit sister? What excludes Gabi from be smart enough to use protection? Once again, he disses Will and points the finger in his direction, which proves he still blames Will, but excuses Gabi from any wrongdoing. I think Caroline should’ve called him out on talking about Will that way, and pointed out Gabi was just as repsonsible as Will for them using protection.

    Why would Rafe wanna eat breakfast at the pub when he clearly doesn’t like the chowder, as he so snidely commenting on to Nick just recently? Of course my valid observation was rudely called being nitpicky, right……… was clear Rafe’s intentions were to take full advantage of the situation. I don’t care if his claim was there for breakfast, or to see Gabi, he was there to find out info on Sami, plain & simple.

    More great stuff w/ EJ & Sami. I loved them waking up next to each other, their playfulness, and simply enjoying one another. I love seeing them being real w/ each other. And it was so funny when EJ pulled the sheet over his head. It looked like Ali almost busted out laughing at him, using his hands while talking underneath the sheet. Sami is back to her spnuky self, where she speaks her mind w/ EJ, and he allows her to w/o berating her. EJ is definitely in 7th heaven, he is just beaming! And it was just TOO sweet how Johnny noticed how happy his daddy was.

    Sami & Brady were hilarious! They really acted like brother & sister. And they were both valid in what they said to one another, but the difference is Brady’s being played, Sami’s not. At least tho now Brady knows how Sami has felt for years as being the outcast of the family.

    Sami should’ve never told Johnny anything about Rafe spending more time w/ them. I think that was really stupid for the writers to put out there. What’s as the point?

    I see no chemistry at all w/ Abby & Cameron. I’ll be glad when her attention gets turned back to Chad.

    It looked like for a moment Jen saw the weirdness from Nick. I thought for sure she’d point out about the child not being his, but Will’s, but she didn’t. And what about her loyalty to Will. He is her nephew after all. Someone in the Horton family needs to give Nick a reality check, if they truly really care about him.

    Kat – it looks like the spoilers and the suggestions made about Johnny were false. Johnny’s secret was telling Rafe that Sami had said he was gonna be spending more time w/ them. And as of yet, Johnny knows nothing about Sami & EJ being back together, and it’s highly doubtful he sees anything sexual between them. Also, it seems nothing about Sami & EJ’s past deeds are a secret. Brady knows about her shooting him, and the kidnapping, etc.

    Leah – I agree, Rafe is a hypocrite, and now he’s a liar. He sat there and told Gabi Sami dumped him, when it was him that did the dumping first.

    Uh, Johnny isn’t confused about who his father is, and never has been. What is wrong w/ having several people who love that little guy? Nothing!

    I don’t think it’s odd that it bothers Rafe if Sami is w/ EJ. But the point still remains tho that HE dumped Sami, and said her actions were unforgivable. Well, his actions were also unforgivable, blaming her son for the baby, and saying mean & hurtful things to her while she is only trying to protect her son and his rights. He is the one who showed his true colors, Sami was just being Sami, just as Caroline pointed out yesterday. Also, I don’t have a problem w/ Marlena getting into Sami’s business, but not if it’s only to berate her for her decision to be w/ EJ. Sami being in Will’s business is to protect his rights as a father to that baby, especially since Nick is trying to screw him out of those rights…big difference IMO. Lastly, Gabi isn’t the only on who has a right or say about the baby, Will does too. He is the father, and he has as many rights as Gabi does, even if they are not a couple or married.

    Why is it a surprise Sami wants to talk to Rafe? It’s obvious it’s about Gabi & Will, and it’s Rafe who brings up EJ, which fuels the fire and prompts Sami to tell him it was the best she’s ever had.

    Leah – I agree somewhat about Nicole/Eric/Rafe. I think it would be better if it was Nicole that slept w/ Rafe and not Kate (still laughing about that), and then the triangle could surface w/ Eric being involved. I do think there will still be a slow build to Nicole & Eric tho. He will most likely end up leaving the priesthood to be w/ Nicole, but I see that as being a struggle for him for a while, plus I think Nicole still has a little repenting to do after everything she’s done and been thru. But you have to remember, they were each other’s first love, and I think those feelings are still there from the past, and have been since he waltzed back into Salem.

    I also hope EJ & Sami’s SL will be them against the world, despite all the flack they will receive. I hope they continue to commit to their love and dismiss all the negativity. But there is no reason to believe that her family won’t eventually come around. If the writers want to make them work, they’ll let it happen. If they see that EJ makes her happy, then they should have no problem accepting her decision to be w/ him. And as far as his family, he told Sami she is gonna have to accept he is a DiMera, and obviously she has. I think she always has, she just didn’t like the influence his father had over him. And now that EJ has Sami back, he isn’t about to loose her again. I think he will move heaven & earth for them to be together. I don’t think he’ll denounce his family, but that don’t mean he has to live his life like they do.
    Not to stray from Days, but is anyone on here watching the second season of Dallas? I absolutely love this show SO much! It is the most amazing, superb nighttime drama that has graced the TV screen in years. Never a dull moment, great SL’s, great cast & acting…it is the perfect show!
    Erica – great observation!!
    Leah – I agree (again) about Sami & Rafe. I think everyone just assumed that Rafe & Sami were back together, but it wasn’t the same this time around. Sami didn’t tell Rafe she loved him, and just kind of let things happen. She was still being told Rafe was the ‘right choice’, but she was hesitant about telling EJ. And she explained that perfectly on Thursday’s episode.

  51. From HAYCAM

    Rafe needs to check his face…his nose has seemed to have gone all up in Sami’s business.

  52. From MAB

    Exactly, if a partner does something unthinkable, you still have to overcome feelings and deal w/ them…well why didn’t Rafe do that when Sami slept w/ EJ durind the time Johnny was missing? Nope he left her and ran to her sister.

    Will can only be charged w/ the crime of shooting EJ if EJ presses charges, and by now has the statue of limitations ran out on that? Will isn’t a criminal like Nick, who is a murderer, kidnapper, stalker, drug abuser, and all around psycho…and he’s preparing to do even more harm! And Gabi, well she hasn’t paid for her crimes in the Melanie situation…SO Will would be the likley candidate to get custody of that baby if all of their secrets are revealed.

    I think Will being in this siutation will make him come to respect his parents a lot more when all is said and done. No situation is the same, and he can’t compare his childhood w/ what his child’s life will be like. He can no longer blame his parents for mistakes he’s making as an adult. Eventaully you have to take respsonsilbity for your own actions, and I think he finally sees that now after seeing his child. I think he realizes life isn’t always fair, but you take responsibility for your children, and do the best you can.

    Linda, if you’re gonna quote me, then do it accurately. There were assumptions made by some on here that Sami was talking about custody on the grandmother level. Snd she has never mentioned anything like that for herself, and that is what I was talking about. I never said Sami won’t say that Will could get full custody. And he could, and Sami does need to be concerned about Will w/ what Nick has in store for him. Also, I never said that I don’t see Rafe being bothered by Sami being w/ EJ, in fact I said the opposite. I’m sure he’s bothered by it, but that doesn’t change the fact that he dumped Sami, and showed his true colors as to how he felt about her AND her son. So he has no one to blame but himself for the destruction of their relationshop. And that is the way I see it, so please don’t group me w/ others just because I happen to not like Rafe. I have my own indivudal opinions, as we all do, and we don’t all see things the same way as you implied.

  53. From MAB

    I love your sense of humor HAYCAM! Keep it coming!

  54. From patty

    Yup, right you are jolie, Rafe gets blamed for breathing and heaven forbid he should eat breakfast in a public place. How disrespectful of him to answer Caroline’s questions when she came over to his table to have a conversation about Sami. Oh and the audacity to let Johnny sit across from him to tell Rafe his secret and to steal a slice of his bacon. He should have respectfully just told them both to take a hike and let him eat in peace. Next time he’ll know better than to set foot in that establishment when he’s hungry because they feed him information he doesn’t ask for and he doesn’t like the chowder anyway.

  55. From fiona

    So if i understand well Jolie you love hating and ranting about the Sami’s character ? ok…whatever float your boat i

  56. From Ninnie

    OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! I am going to have to break away from all of this and start watching THE CHEW!! At LEAST they are chewing on FOOD rather than gnawing on human flesh!! If it hasn’t been the BR-ISTEN thing going on and on NOW it is going to be R-ATE??!! OH GET OUT OF TOWN AND CALL IT VACATION!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. From Linda

    #52 MAB, I did quote you accurately. In #6 you wrote “Also, again, where has Sami or Kate said one word about custody”? I wasn’t criticizing you, I was just saying that in #11 I answered that question. It was in the spoiler at the top of last week’s page that Sami is the one who mentions it to Rafe. That Will could get full custody. If you meant gramdma custody, then fine. No need to read me the riot act over it.

    As for Rafe’s feelings about him and Sami being over, I have never referred to you personally in any way about any of that, or grouped you together with anybody.

  58. From Barb

    Yeah, I didn’t understand that when someone asked why would Rafe want to eat breakfast at the pub when he doesn’t like the chowder anyway. Who eats chowder for breakfast??

  59. From sam

    Patty if Rafe had done that (i mean your breakfast scenario) it would have been hilarious and totally in character, he was already in a grumple mood and the scene would have been entertaining. lol.

  60. From voiceofreason

    Some of you are all up in arms that Rafe is eating breakfast at the pub. Where else is he supposed to eat? Chez Rouge? I haven’t seen another eating establishment on the show. Give the guy a break. I don’t think Salem has any other restaurants or grocery stores for that matter.

  61. From jolie

    #47 Kat, now there’s an idea. What if in the end it is Sami that has to kill Kristen and come to her brother’s rescue. We know it will be something dramatic and that Stefano will not have control over Kristen…he doesn’t now. So that would be an interesting scenario. It would also put some peril into the path of new/old couple Elvis and Samanther without benefit of infidelity or romance outside the couple which would please their fans. That would totally be novel to a soap! Elvis would forgive his Samanther while Fatha would be inconsolable and that too would be a hurtle they would have to face. And Sami thinks she invented the sleep over as a method to pawn the kids off so she has used it far and wide and will continue to use it.
    #48 Michele, if you were writing Sami in the past 6 months, I think I would like the character indefinitely more and would be more open to the coupling with Elvis. The way it was…just sort of man hopping and it destroys the credibility of the story they are trying to convey.
    #54 Patty, I like the posts in which the Rafe character has full control over his actions so he is all a liar and dog snatcher. And the other characters…well the writers just wrote it that way. I thought the writers wrote it all.
    #58 Barb, apparently many people on this post do eat chowda for breakfast or that is how it appears, the way Rafe was judged for it. I like mine with a double tequila and breakfast will be fine.

  62. From patty

    fiona, jolie doesn’t love ranting about Sami half as much as I do and please remind us what there is to like about her? What I love about today is Rafe finally letting her have it. Now you can all blame him for being scornful, angry and giving as good as he got from Sami. Go Rafe! You are so right! Her small little brain can’t even absorb how badly she hurt that man and her pretending she’s hurt by what he said is just hilarious. Her gloating about having sex with EJ is even funnier because any time Sami has sex is the best night of her life. Oh and making the grief sex all about poor Sami and blaming Rafe for that too ! Priceless! What a cold and calculating bitch! Kristen and Kate have nothing on her and even Elvis deserves better than her.
    Watching her shoot her mouth off about Gabi is just ugly and nauseating for the hypocrisy of it but loved , loved Rafe’s threat about her own attempted murder. Yessiry Rafe my man!!!! Sami’s already scrambling to do some damage control. Ha!

  63. From rachel

    Frankly i don’t give a damn when Rafe eat his breakfast, this conversation about it is pretty funny but one concept : he could eat his breakfast at HIS HOME, his never imagined that right ? But i don’t mind him eating at the Brady pub, i just don’t care and Caroline likes him so eat, eat Rafe at the Brady pub, be the official breakfast eater of the Brady pub in Salem USA !! lmao

  64. From patty

    VOR, Rafe is suppose to eat cornflakes at home now because he needs to stay out of the EJami love.

  65. From Mandi

    Just watched todays episode, ( 6th of feb) and had to comment. I can’t beleive Rafe at all for thinking there is anything wrong with Will wanting joint custody of the baby…what is wrong with him he must have a screw loose big time. I felt Sami was justified in everything she said to him. He was the one that couldn’t hold back anything and had to be really rude and hurtful. Good for her for sticking up for herself and then to have Rafe run to Gabi oh no Will wants to have joint custody what an ass… I’m sorry I can’t say it any other way.
    Nick sure is great at playing someone so nutso, I can’t wait til that guy he knew in jail comes around I want to hear more about what he was snitching about and things sounds good to me what a great story line.
    Speaking of the law what is up with Hope how does she even still have a job? she can’t be unbiased in absolutly anything and “convinced Victor to let Nicole off? what about poor Chad in the church… really can’t stand Hope right now at all.Love Victor however he adds such a comedic edge the show needs I love him :).

  66. From voiceofreason

    #63 Rachel, as I said, they’ve never shown a grocery store. We assume that Salem has some, but you never know. How do you think the other Salemites can afford not to have jobs or work one hour a week? Caroline is supporting all of them with her thriving pub. It is, after all, the only place in the town to eat.

  67. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    You gals are cracking me up today!

  68. From MAB

    Linda – when did I say you criticized me???? Again, you, putting words in my mouth. And I never asked a question to be answered. This is a place to comment & give opinions, not a Q&A session. If you’re gonna quote me accurately, you need to understand what you’re quoting, instead of misinterpreting it like you did, but I’m not wasting my time trying to explain it again since it’s obvious by your reply that you can’t have an adult conversation. Also, you insinuated all of us who don’t like Rafe think he shouldn’t be bothered by Sami being w/ EJ when you said “but those who don’t like Rafe don’t see it that way”. I stated the exact opposite above, so yes, saying that IS grouping me and everyone else together.

    OMG, WHO CARES where Rafe eats!! The point was missed, as usual, by those making a mockery out of this, and that point was that Rafe was there to get info on Sami, period!

    CLEARLY, it was Rafe who had all the questions, not Caroline, nor little Johnny. Rafe was fed the information he asked for, as Caroline had to explain why the kids were there, where Ally was, yada yada. But I guess Rafe likes playing 20 questions, probably part of his training when he joined the FBI. I know a game I would have loved to see…Johnny taking that piece of bacon and ramming it up Rafe’s nose!

  69. From Lisa

    Today Rafe was a classic ASS but it was towards Sami..Sami the monster so it is ok i bet. lol

  70. From Kat

    Oh brother,
    how many on here, like Barb, patty voice of reason,
    you guys missed the whole Chowder and Breakfast remark….LOL.
    some of us were just wondering, why Rafe would Eat anything incl. breakfast at the Chowder Factory, when he made his statement after all, that he certainly would not be there for the Chowder.. so many of us, and why not, took that comment that Rafe was Knocking the Food at the Pub…
    Get it… stop twisting things about that breakfast(food) around…
    It was Rafe in the first place that made that negative comment about the Food in the pub.
    65 Mandi, so refreshing to read your post…
    I had the same thought,
    why did Rafe get so bent out of shape, when Sami mentioned shared custody….
    Let’s ask every father in this country, that might dare to ask for shared custody…
    and yes after Rafe got all upset, Sami did go on and tell him that with Nick’s history, they will be lucky that maybe Will might not go for more, but Rafe brought those comments on himself.
    Again today, as in church, our great All Real Man Rafe, threw even more into Sami’s face, how he had to put up with her all these years, really Rafe.
    you were Her Partner in Crime, you covered up for her, and yes you involved a teenager/young Will in this cover up…and you all but destroyed your own sister….
    Go turn Sami in, and You will be right next in a cell to her, big Mr. Honest Policeman.
    And of course, more cover up now for the Sister, just let Hope find out, that it
    was Gaby, her and Bo were looking for, when they were after Andrew’s accomplice/employer…..

    Rafe why in the world did you want Sami back so badly, if the last few years were so horrible for you, I am confused.
    You were right there with Sami, keeping children from their father, something you like to do,
    like right now with Will, you don’t want the young man, the father of this little girl, to have shared custody,
    on be able to see her, when it is ok with Gaby and Nick.
    Sami is so right, not on your life,
    specially now that she knows, not only Gaby and Nick think that way, but also Rafe.
    Hope Will does listen to his Mom, her instincts are good, after all this is Sami,
    get a DNA test done now, establish your rights as the bio father, or as planned by Nick, hell will come down on you.
    Go Sami, protect your sons rights, for his own good, he might appreciate it, maybe not at the moment, but down the road.

    After Rafe was done today, throwing All the Dirt into Sami’s face, the way she looked at him, long and hard,
    I hope she realized just what small scum Rafe really is and has been.
    She lived with him all these years, and that is how he really felt, as he said, all these years were so hard…blah,blah…He showed .. he is not a man, he is a jerk.
    EJ has never thrown anything into Sami’s face, they have forgiven each other, and EJ and Sami love each other in spite of all that happened between them… That’s the difference, and Sami finally could see that.
    In the kids case, they are getting back their parents,
    it’s not like it was with Will and Sami, when they tried to get their parents back..together,
    Johnnie and Sidney, are really getting their parents back, they should be over the moon.
    Hope we get to see it soon, and I hope they will be very very happy, finally.Writers, I hope you will not mess with the kids again right away, let them have some stability, at least for quite a long time…
    If EJ and Sami will have problems, let them not be any bigger than other “Happy” families go through, things that can be worked out…

    MAB, totally awsome post, as always,
    however I can read, that some of the posts on here sound a bit rattled…

  71. From Linda

    #68 MAB, no, you didn’t say that I criticized you and I didn’t say that you did.

    You brought up a couple of points and I explained myself on both of them. You don’t seem to want to accept that and, since I’m not into argueing, I’m stopping this right here.

  72. From Kat

    68 MAB, I got it, I just try to read right,
    specially since I missed the boat once on what shani had said, and I had to apologize..

    And as I put in my post that should come up before this one,
    why would Rafe even want to eat period at the Pub, when he just knocked the food there… Chowder.. not to long ago…
    I love your comment, OMG, Who cares where Rafe eats…The point was missed…… right lady…. I had the same thought…
    And Yes, Rafe did a lot of his way questioning..

    One thing I am confused about, and maybe Caroline is also….
    just a while ago she sort of told Sami, maybe to be brave and go with EJ….
    Whats up Caroline….

    I still would like to know, how does Brady know that Sami shot EJ….

    Also when I mentioned, Sami trying to kill Kristin, if you read it right, whoever…
    that was just a joke, not a thought I had for her to do it…LOL
    All I meant that would really put them on the same playing field.

    Eric is really getting a bit to much involved with Nicole,
    does he know, that Nicole tried to kill Victor once upon a time, and that she is not just that little mis understood victim out there. She is a Bad Girl, her and Sami have so much in common.
    But that is prob.what turns Eric on, and one can already see, he is affected by Nicole… soon he’ll be a goner…

  73. From voiceofreason

    Geez, get over yourself (you know who you are). It’s a tv show. I didn’t know it was taboo to joke around about the lack of grocery stores and resteraunts in Salem, or that in order to comment we have to pick a side in some stupid debate about the merits of three idiots. Perhaps people shouldn’t be getting so bent out of shape about EJ, Sami and Rafe.

  74. From Michelle

    Just have to say, todays episode was so funny!! From Victor (oh sweet victor..haha) to Kristen and Rafe!! Lol. I was never really on the Victor fanwagon, but today with his bag of candy and his boyish demeanor, it was just too much for me LOL.
    I definitely saw sparks with Eric and Nicole today, as a priest, Eric was a little too close to his ex-lover. Hahaha. And Nicole did not seem to mind. Lol. Kristen definitely noticed.
    And Rafe, poor Rafe lol, all I kept seeing him do was fling his head around to express anger….too funny. But like I said yesterday, he was a fool in the situation. Hahaha. But I really enjoyed his scene with Sami today.
    For this past month, Sami and her mother have been the only sane rational women in Salem. Their instincts have been right about a lot of things. Guess those are perks of being a bonafide heroine and villain respectively, for many years.
    I wish the detective would actually be detectives, so many things they let slide under the radar. Where is your critical thinking skills Hope and Rafe? Nick is a wacko!

  75. From Nancy

    Hi Folks, hope all is well.

    Curious isn’t there about a 30 year difference between Rafe and Kate? And no offense but what are the writers thinking with this one, as it is a bit gross to even consider—ick.
    Nicole has done some great acting recently, while Eric needs to make a huge decision.

    Curious when will we see Staphano again, I do sort of miss his quirkiness.

    EJ?Sami? I don’t see this lasting and do hope that one day they both get a life on the show!

    Lastly I do hope Sonny and will get back together, only true love currently on the show.

  76. From Linda

    First thing I spotted right away today was Brady and Kristen’s kiss at the beginning. It wasn’t as slobbery sounding as the model and the nerd kissing in the go-daddy Super Bowl commercial but it was at least as loud! Anybody see that commercial?

    I chuckled out loud at Nicole’s and Victor’s one-liners. Glad Hope was all for Victor not pressing charges but I guess Victor was just playing a game with Nicole anyway and wasn’t serious.

    Kristen was all nicey nice about the whole thing to reel Brady in on marrying her. She sure struck a cord with Nicole with her hunk in the turned around collar – forbidden fruit comment. I agree with those who think the Nicole/Eric story is suddenly moving pretty fast.

    It would have been a much smarter move on Sami’s part if she hadn’t stopped Rafe to talk. He saw her and was walking away but she started right in. And practically the first word out of her mouth was “EJ”. Rafe certainly did jump the gun assuming Sami was going to tell him all about her and EJ and Rafe is so hurt and tormented to think she would sleep with EJ that he was just spoiling to pour out everything that’s been building up inside of him. And the way Sami responded only served to help him get it ALL out. Rafe obviously took Sami’s threats seriously, considering Nick’s past and Rafe knows about what Sami called Gabi’s “crimes”, even though Sami doesn’t know herself what Gabi did to Melanie. I disagree with Rafe’s apparent surprise that Will would want shared custody. Of course Will would want that! And then Rafe was really surprised when Sami mentioned FULL custody. So Rafe passed that on to Gabi, in order to warn her, and Nick overhears it.

    In the meantime, Sami knows she did wrong, as she mumbled to herself after Rafe left “great, what did I just do”. She blabbed and did what she called “tipping her hand” and now she’s trying to do damage control with Will. It’s all a terrible mixed up mess and with psycho Nick right in the middle of it. I do agree with Sami that Will should get a paternity test. Can those be done even before a baby is born?

    Sonny is so right about Gabi and Nick and I’m glad he warned Will. Guess Sonny never looked at it that way before – that Will was willing to give-up his baby for him.

    #61 jolie, chowder with a double tequila. What a concept!! Like a bumper sticker I saw recently – “BEER, it’s not just for breakfast anymore!”

  77. From bobby

    #45 Patti-ditto on Sami. Didn’t you love her throwing Nick’s past in Rafe’s face and in the meantime she’s in bed with someone who has done all those things, and more! Nick gets creepier every day. I’m going to have to start sleeping with the light on.

  78. From MAB

    #65 Mandi – great post, all true!

    #70 & 72 Kat – great posts, and ditto on all you said! And my take on why Rafe got all upset about the shared custody is because he still blames Will. And Kat, no matter what happens, I hope whatever comes their way, that EJ & Sami move heaven & earth to be together & stay together! And yeah, where is the supportive Caroline that understood what Sami was going thru…now all of a sudden she’s team Rafe? This is where the writers screw things up. I also don’t know how Brady knows she shot EJ. As for Eric, I don’t think he’s ever gotten over Nicole.

    #71 Linda – good, then don’t address me again.

    Perhaps people shouldn’t get so bent out of shape over what others say, and joke at their expense about it either.

  79. From Dying to be Blonde

    You know the convo has gone really downhill when you have to discuss the merits of chowder, cornflakes and bacon up the nose.

  80. From Kat

    73 vor

    I for one had no problem about your grocery stores etc…..
    that was not nor has it been the point, which you are still missing I see.
    I only pointed out twice now,
    why I came think it was odd, Rafe eating breakfast at the pub,
    after he had just knocked the

    Food/chowder there… That’s all,
    so please my dear blog friend, I have nothing to get over…

    I think you should watch the way you seem to think you are so superior to the rest of us….You just knocked a lot of posters on here, from all sides, EJ, Samis and Rafe’s LOL…
    Not nice at all IMO… but then again I am sure that maybe one or two will like what you said….

    Thank you very much…

  81. From 22222222222222222222222

    EJ and Sami hilarious.
    Rafe and Kate,God I hope she dont get pg.LOL

  82. From Linda

    #75 Nancy, I was not so much in favor of the Gay storyline on the show but now I can’t believe how I’m rooting for Will and Sonny. In a lot of ways, they’re the only couple that makes sense.

  83. From klc

    help! I’m confused. John and stefano are brothers. Kristen is stefano’s daughter. brady is john’s son. so Kristen tried to marry her uncle and now in bed with cousin??????? thanks for any clarity

  84. From caroline

    Nicole always get a pass for everything she Hope of all people defend would be almost funny if it was not pathetic, Nicole is the luckiest gal in Salem..ugh.

  85. From patty

    Mandi, Sami said Will wants joint custody, Will never said that. Will tells everyone who will listen, which Sami never does, that he is fine with his agreement with Gabi to be in his child’s life whenever he wants .He just finished telling Sonny the reason he was willing to give up his child was because of him so Sami’s accusations that Gabi was trying to keep her child from Will are false but when does that ever stop her. Neither Will or Gabi know what Nick or Sami are up to and custody battles have not even crossed their minds. Sami’s the one threatening to go after Gabi’s baby and that is where she screwed up and Sami knows it. She ‘s kicking herself as soon as she is done her tirade to Rafe which is why she goes off on her damage control mission.
    Of course Rafe is going to warn Gabi and rightly so. Are they suppose to stand there and let Sami take over Gabi’s rights to her own child? I don’t think so and I’m glad Nick overheard what Sami’s doing, maybe he can unravel and go nutso on her instead of Will. I have a feeling Will tells Sami to mind her own business.
    As for Rafe hurting Sami, she would have to have a heart for that. Rafe looked hurt, she looked spiteful and cruel with her smeared orange lipstick smirk.
    Somebody didn’t just say Sami is sane and rational. Now that is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard! How does that explain that she’s about to make things worse for Will and his child as spoilers indicate? Where is Lucas when you need him to keep Sami’s big mouth shut?

  86. From gerri

    Jolie,you are so funny#3 hilarious..and your other posts as well.Patty,Bobby, Linda,DTBB always love reading your posts.

    Sami Is In a league all her own,she wants everything to be all about far as Rafe keeping EJ’s children from him,who was asking him,to protect them and herself from anything Dimera?
    Our Sami,,,but she gets no blame,for any of It.

    and If Sami Isn’t her Mom’s favorite and hasn’t been there for her,What Is Allie to her?As Jolie said On one of her earlier posts,she must have packed her away,with the Christmas paper,and forgot where she put her,as her name doesn’t come up,in conversations.

    I hate to think of Rafe with Kate,for one second,but the writers mus thave thought That It would open up a new S/L.How?
    unless It Is to make Sami,mad as hell,don’t know…
    I do think Sami,will get her feathers ruffled,regardless,of whether she Is with EJ or whomever.

    I think Sami Is like alot of ex’s,they might not want you,but they don’t want you,to be with anyone else.But I really hope It’s just a one night stand,and Kate can cut another notch In her belt,as she has bedded another young stud..

    And I say to Jenn,Slam the door,in Daniel’s face and move on.He doesn’t deserve you……

  87. From lulu

    Sami can do what she wants Patty (or more accurately writers can make her what they want).
    As for what makes her a great character : she is spunky, funny, smart, beautiful, can be insecure (which sometimes makes her endearing and real for a fictional character), multi-dimensional, full of spark AND she has her flaws too but i will not go at it since on this board are already delighted to do it and even overboard with it.

  88. From Jay

    Aren’t Stefano & John half brothers? If so, then John almost married his niece and now that niece is bedding his son….her cousin?

    Kate & Rafe??? Yich!!! Isn’t she old enough to be his mother? Would still like to see Rafe & Sami together. I thought they made a great duo – like Bo & Hope.

  89. From Barb

    Linda number 71, good for you!

    Personally, I’ve really enjoyed the go ’round about breakfast at the pub. Gotta laugh at some of the seriousness.

    Sami shouldn’t be speaking for Will. Shared custody would be fine, and I don’t think Rafe should object to that, but Sami was speaking out of turn because Will never said anything about that. An awful lot of emotion between Sami and Rafe today. Thin line between love and hate?!!

  90. From Kat

    81 patty, who said that Sami was sane and rational….

    I know that I said, Sami has good instincts, after all it is Sami….
    so if that is what you are talking about….
    of course Sami has Good instincts, and yes,after all it is Sami, and she knows when she smell something is off…. She is after all the Queen of deceit etc…
    I did not call her rational and sane,
    so please patty, tell us who you are talking about, who said Sami was Sane and rational…….Please,
    otherwise I guess you I said, it would be putting words into my mouth…
    So enlighten Me, and then we can move on.

    Maybe somebody on here did say it, but I did not read it….so….

    If Will does not listen to Sami, Justin or uses the attorney EJ got for him, to establish his Legal rights concerning his unborn child, he will be sorry pretty soon, and show that he is still very inmature…. This is Your child, make it legal, agreements can be broken every day, get your rights on paper,
    that’s the only way to go, otherwise Will don’t come crying….

  91. From Kat

    83 lulu, I so agree with you….

    Thank God for Sami all these 20 years, she is a big part of what makes this show….
    A great character creation IMO.
    And now EJ and Sami, absolutely a Super Couple, with such screen chemistry…
    Those two are the Stars of the Show,
    they make even the Numbers go up on this post site. Over 350… thanks to EJ and Sami and of course Rafe
    the Co Star…
    and yes Nicole is great…..but so is Kristin. They capture the audience….

  92. From Kat

    84 Jay, you must not be reading any of the posts on here,
    otherwise you would know that Kristin is Not Stefano’s Bio daughter,,, so there is no blood…
    The last time Kristin was on, when she was to marry John/and all the Marlena stuff happened after Elvis was born…. her name was still Kristin Blake, not Black…
    Hope that helps…
    85 Barb, If some people had understood the breakfast remark in the first place, there would not have been all this go around, who/what/when its what, where or whatever in the first place…
    But I guess you can think that maybe it was funny.
    Maybe Sami should not be speaking for Will, but the girl is right, and all of you know it…
    and I still don’t understand why Rafe got so bent, when Shared Custody was mentioned, right time or not….
    Why can’t he see, that Will should have shared custody, not just Gaby’s and Nick’s word.. You would think, he would also try and look out for Will’s right as the Father….What’s his problem about Will…
    well maybe the untold truth about the so called abortion business, that has not been cleared up, or going to the Sono, that he was not invited to, but he found out by accident.
    Rafe needs to find out a few more unpleasant facts in this whole scenario IMO before he gets to judgementel..

  93. From michele

    Mab -When I said only Gabi has a say over that baby, I meant legally. In this Country, ONLY the female has any say over the unborn baby. Not that I agree with it but until that baby is born this Country does not even see it as a person, other then in Lacey Connor cases. Also I agree, and have always thought that it was wrong for Rafe to go with Sami’s sister. Sami doing that to Carrie is what started me hating her. I am all against all of the ‘keep it in the family” stuff that is going on. I will also not approve of Rafe being with Hope either. There are ladies on the show that are not related to Sami, he should be with one of them.

    On the Will shooting EJ, there in no statute of limitations on murder or attepted murder. Also in those cases the victim does not press charges nor can he get the charges droppes. However, Nick taping Lucus and Will talking does not mean anything anyway. I can say that I killed Kennedy all I want to, the police can not arrest me based only on what I said. They would have to do an investigation and get proff that I did it. No one that knows the truth is going to help Nick prove that Will did shoot EJ. Also lets not forget that Will’s granfather is not going to sign off on the investigation.

    I was thinking they might be having Sami act like she is with Gabi, Will and the baby BECAUSE that is how Kate was to her, Austin and Lucus. Just like the way they had Will see his mother sleep with EJ, I think they are haveing Sami become/do the things that the people she has hated for so long intentionally. I wonder if they will have Will or Lucus that points this out to her.

  94. From Adele

    Hey Kat.. Michelle on #84 made the sane and rational statement. That’s what Patty was referring to.

  95. From Adele

    Hey Kat. Michelle in #74made the sane and rational comment that Patty was referring to.

  96. From Kat

    to add to my post 86
    who is to say that Sami is not sane, maybe irrational at times,
    but who on this Show is Not, for LOL.
    Sami of all people knows, when She smells a Rat,
    and there is a Rat in Salem trying to steal her Grandchild….

  97. From voiceofreason

    #79, Kat, I don’t think I’m better than anyone at all. I just think it’s ridiculous for some to get so agitated about the whole Rafe/Sami/EJ debate (again, they know who they are). I like to joke around especially at stuff that writers seem to gloss over and pretend doesn’t exist, i.e. anything outside of the chosen sets. lol

  98. From patty

    What I don’t get is as far as anybody knows, Will and Gabi are planning to share custody of this baby. Will said he wouldn’t be needing a lawyer because he’s not planning a custody battle. Before today Gabi didn’t think she would have to fight for her child either so what is everybody else getting all excited about. Sami is complicating everything, Rafe in his anger at her fighting back, Nick in the background secretly plotting some menacing scheme , Sonny trying to turn Will against Gabi, EJ Demira sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. If everybody would just back off Gabi and Will they could go on to be the happy parents to this little girl. But then we wouldn’t have all the drama. We have to watch Nick unravel, we have to watch history repeat itself with Sami in the role of Kate, we have to keep Sami in Rafe’s orbit, the Sonny and Will angst, Elvis pushing his weight around. That poor baby, she’s probably going to be born and left to a bunch of crazy people with both her mommy and daddy in jail because of all the threats of exposure and blackmail against these two.

  99. From Mandi

    Patty 81 Sami probably assumed Will would want joint custody as that is what most parents would want if they are not with the mother of the child. It is not Gabi, Nick or Rafe’s place to deny him that even if Will never said he wanted it. He needs to get a court order so that way when he wants to see his child he can see her when he wants and they can’t just say they are busy. But Rafe will get his in the long run and I really hope Gabi does but in the same sense I am really scared for her and that baby ( I know it’s a show lol ) but with Nick being the psycho he is I don’t know what he will do especially if they ever try to leave him.( not that I like gabi or anything) would make a great story line to have an abusive relationship but really scarey too.

  100. From Kat

    90 Adele, thank you so much for clearing that up for me…I just wanted to know before I jumped to conclusions, because I did talk about Sami and her instincts.
    So here we go patty, our friend Adele did clear it up for me…
    However, Michelle did have a point in what she said…

    Sami except for not knowing who to choose, has been pretty cool, and Marlena is sort of back to earth again also….
    VOR, again, I do not consider myself getting all agitated about the Sami/EJ/Rafe situation, to me it is just a show I enjoy, and I have stated that many, many times.. LOl even making fun about it…
    However you have a point, there are a few, that really seem to take it to heart a bit to much.
    So vor, are we ok now, did we get it all straightened out, I hope.
    I also like humor, and if you have read my posts, you know I try to inject a lot of it.

  101. From Michelle

    Yeah, I made the remark. Lately, they seem the most put together out of the other women in Salem, at the moment, yes, Marlena looked kind of crazy with her antics against Kristen, but she was right.
    And when Sami went off on Kristen and Gabi, she was right on all her accusations.
    been too busy, have to catch up on the blogs, this is entertaining.

  102. From Michelle

    I’m re-watching the episodes and I swear…. Rafe is soooo funnnnyy!! lol. I can never take his anger seriously lol. he made my day.
    I understand his frustations, but i’m not convinced by his facial expressions.
    Even when he beats on EJ, still can’t see the anger…ha

  103. From Kat

    Yes, I Agree, Will and Gaby can be very happy parents to that little girl,
    if They Make it Legal…JOINT CUSTODY…….
    get it in writing, any attorney or judge will tell you that.
    If everybody did that, the courts would not be half as busy,
    as trying to figure out Oral Agreements, LOL…Make a contract, LOL, even Justin tried to tell Will that….
    Any Parents that thinks He/She can rely on the good word of the other parents when it comes to Child custody,Visitation, etc. is a FOOL… of course there are always exceptions, but please lets not even go there..

    Sonny has every right to warn Will about Gaby….

  104. From patty

    Kat, I don’t believe for one minute that Sami’s going off half cocked because she has any inkling of what Nick is up to. She was singing his praises right up to the wedding and convincing Rafe that he was reformed and how much he loved his sister. Nothing has changed since then besides her sudden unexplicable over the top hatred for Gabi. Gabi lied to her but so did Will. Lies are nothing new to Sami, she tells them all the time . I believe Sami sees herself and her past in Gabi’s situation and thinks she’s like her in what she did, but nothing is further from the truth. Gabi didn’t trap Will and was honest to him from the start . Sami’s vicious attacks on her are not warranted and awful to watch. All the accusations Sami hurled at her turned out to be untrue. She also has not been around Nick enough to suspect that he is up to anything , nobody does and there are sure some smarter people than Sami Brady around.

  105. From Michelle

    Oh and BTW, lesson learned, not all EJAMIs have the same opinion, so bunching us together won’t make your points stick. doesn’t matter to me, just saying…

  106. From Vivian

    Linda: A paternity test in Salem? They do that and we will all know where that storyline goes…..

  107. From Kat

    patty, our Sami can smell when something is not sitting right,
    didn’t say she knows all about Nick….
    but something just does not sit right with her, and she is of course right….Maybe Sami sees herself in Gaby, even more reason that Sami smell something rotten….
    Get it in writing…. what is so wrong with that, LOL

  108. From patty

    There you go Mandi,Sami assumes so Sami takes it upon herself to speak for her son. Rafe and Gabi were not trying to deny Will anything and he didn’t need a court order to see his child because he and Gabi made an agreement that he could see his child anytime he wanted. That is until Sami made her threats to Rafe about getting full custody because of Nick’s past. Now she blew it.
    Again, nobody knows what Nick is secretly planning, not Gabi,not Will, not Rafe and certainly not Sami so I don’t see what Rafe and Gabi have done that they are going to get theirs in the long run. Rafe did nothing and if you are talking about Gabi’s part in the Melanie kidnapping , hiring a stalker for yourself may sound foolish, but it is starting to pale in comparison to some of the crimes that are being jokingly swept under the rug lately. Or compared to Sami’s and Will’s attempted murders on EJ. There are all kinds of crimes to go around if one wants to dig them up, expose them or use them as blackmail.
    I know Nick is psycho but I don’t think he would hurt Gabi and her baby.

  109. From Claire

    All i see in Rafe’s face is the smug..well and his eyebrows that is all and it is boring.

  110. From patty

    Warn Will against Gabi for what Kat? How is Gabi a threat to Will? Yeah Will should be very scared, from Sonny maybe, because he’s the one who hurt him. Or are you still harping on that little old crazy stalker business when we got so many other juicy crimes that could be exposed and are being overlooked and swept under the rug? What is endangerment compared to volontarily shooting someone in the head in their bed or in the back of a church. It’s in the past so why revisit past sins right? Or does that apply only for EJami crimes ?
    I suppose it would be ok for someone to expose this dangerous young pregnant girl since she’s such a threat to society while everybody else can keep on getting away with their crimes. In the mean time, the baby that those criminal are fighting for can be born in a prison cell, that should make everybody happy since Gabi Hernendez is such a horrible person . Chad Demira can brag to his crime family how he finally got his revenge on Gabi for his girlfriend dumping him.

  111. From patty

    Claire, all you see on Sami’s face is her ugly lipstick and her cruel smirk and it’s getting old.

  112. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Didn’t Rafe just mention “I’m not here for the chowder” translation: I’m here, for the girl.. Had nothing to do with knocking the food as I recall. It’s a pretty standardized slogan in television shows. In other words he was being flirty, not being a food critic.

    You know the convo has gone downhill when you’re discussing chowder, cornflakes and bacon up the nose. I can’t get this entertainment anyplace else on the interwebs.

    I think it finally occurred to me why Ejamin doesn’t work. Sami is boring in romance. If she’s not being a screech owl and all up in someone’s grill, she’s stuptifyingly dull. She makes EJ dull. EJ was more entertaining with Kristin in the coffee shop. She was more electrifying in her argument with Gabi or Rafe. I guess you’d say it’s the essence of her character to be a spitfire. When she purrs, I go to sleep. Just like the cat does (Princess Gina).

    The custody stuff is becoming very hard for me to watch. I’m in the unique position to experience first hand what a bonafide, moronic, controlling toxic piece of trash the Sami character is. Welcome to my world, Gabi.

  113. From Clear

    Kate with Rafe? Disgusting! Is there anyone left in Salem that Kate didn’t sleep with some ime?

  114. From Leah

    The Ejami scenes from Thursday through to Tuesday were… JUST PURE GOLD! Loved every second of them. My two favourite days were Thursday and Tuesday. Why? Thursdays episode was because finally we had Sami be honest with herself and EJ and tell him how she has been feeling and her true feelings towards him. Tuesdays episode was because I just loved the whole atmosphere. Ejami were happy, relaxed and playful. From EJ joking about beholding her beauty particularily when she was sleeping with her mouth open, to cutting deals, to the holding hands continually, to Samis leg being draped across EJ, to Sami wearing EJs singlet, to the bickering and EJ putting the sheet over his head, to saying I can see this time around it is going to be different, to Sami lunging at him and saying yes, yes, yes and then kissing him. Great scenes, great writing, great acting! Thanks Days!
    PS: I reckon why it was so enjoyable to watch too is because the two actors were into it themselves. Must have been a nice change for them :)

  115. From bobby

    #109 clear-Nick. But, then again, her daughter and her granddaughter did.

  116. From Barb

    Michelle number 101, that may be but, really, wouldn’t there have been a nicer way to disagree with somebody that the way the other Ejami fan went about it. Just sayin’. . . . Anyway Rafe fans are lumped together all the time. I’m with you in number 97 about these blogs being entertaining!

    Dying to be Blonde number 108 good blog and good points. Love your humor. Sorry for the “unique position” you are in.

    Sami shouldn’t be assuming anything about what Will wants. Maybe he’ll tell her that. The spoiler that said Sami only makes things worse was correct. And it started yesterday. But I will agree with Sami and everybody who has said so on here that Will should get a paternity test. Can’t wait for today’s show.

  117. From jolie

    #73 Voiceofreason, is Salem in the path of the big snow storm heading up East coast?? If so, big problems in store since they do not have grocery stores. Where do they go for the mandatory bread and milk run?? And I just love the debate about the village idiots! Too funny.
    #74 Michelle, I missed the sparks, really. I saw how uncomfortable Nicole suddenly was with Eric after Kristen’s little talk but it did the intended…got Nicole disarmed as an enemy and off on a new tangent. It is just hard to swallow that she totally is now aware of Eric when they have supposedly been working together each day and arguing most of those and NOW she sees him as forbidden fruit and gets all self-conscious because Kristen mentions it to her?? Not feeling it.
    #76 Linda, so what was behind Hope’s strong-arming Victor (hardened police tactics of using a small child’s love and esteem of a grandpa over his head) over dropping the charges against Nicole. While Victor was hilarious, what was in it for Hope? Or just that she had other fish to fry… staring pensively everything someone mentions Bo? I hope this is going to be as intriguing as it can be about Bo being missing or are these stalling tactics so the writers can come up with a story?? Kristen is hilarious looking at her ringless finger over Brady’s back. That gal wants a proposal. Brady might find himself roped and tied before he knows it. I hate this for Brady because he falls hard, if stupidly. Sami, what can you say. A basket case with an ego bigger than the Goodyear blimp and a brain the size of a pea. I like the character less and less as this progresses but the actress is terrific.
    #77 Bobby, I find it even more stupid of Sami to hurl around the crimes of Nick and Gabs while Nick is looking up info on Will. And then we have that scene of Sami shooting Elvis right smack in the noggin and crawling back in bed with Rafe. Yep, Sami makes Kristen look a bit less intense at times.
    #81 Patty, if you took Sami, Elvis, Rafe, Nick, Sonny out of the equation, Will and Gabi would do well to raise the child and remain friendly and do what is best. We need another explosion in the tunnels under HTS.
    #82 Gerri, Sami has Teflon woven into her very skin. She said it when she told Brady that he was more selfish than she is. She was wrong..she has that title, always has. And I agree that perhaps the writers have a notion about making Rafe sleep with Kate that a story will open up but gee whiz! And you are right…Sami’s tail feathers will fly when she hears it. I bet she’ll seek Rafe out to make sure he knows what she is thinking…about herself. Is it too late for Elvis to run?? And why shouldn’t Kate go after the studs in town while she can? She hasn’t had the best New Year so far and Lent coming up really fast. Small window to do it then repent it.
    #85 Barb, I rather enjoyed the breakfast at the pub as well, after my 2 shots of tequila. Will is being rushed into a position that he has yet to voice that he wants, shared custody. See what is has gotten Ali. Misplaced with the Christmas rubbish. Salem Po-Po looking thru the bins for her right now.
    #89 Michele, you make sense, not that it will get you anywhere here. And Sami really needs Lucas now and that is the last person she will go to or listen to.
    #93 Voiceofreason, I think you have a better sense of humor than most on here, I mean if we are having a vote.
    #102 Vivian, oh dear, you didn’t go there! Yes you did and that is so darned funny that you brought it up. I bet Sonny ends up as the father!
    #103 Kat, all Sami is smelling is the cologne on Elvis’ pink shirt.
    #108 DTTB, well now you have done it. You just wiped out the very reason for 100 angry posts. What do you have to say for yourself now? But I so agree with you. I thought too that it was not knocking the food as he is a big fan of Caroline and would likely starve without the pub but then if we didn’t have some that saw it as knocking the pub’s food we wouldn’t have the 100 angry posts. A vicious circle, yes? And oh my goodness, I am voting you as the person with most insight this week! Sami is dull if she is not in full metal jacket attack mode. That is what I have been missing in trying to watch the scenes between she and Elvis…I was nodding off as well and could care less over them. They are boring because Sami is not herself. And Elvis is more entertaining and animated with Kristen or when he is threatening to take the kids from Sami than when he is feeding her pizza bites in bed. Boring. Thanks for putting a name to it. I am so sorry for your problems. I cannot even imagine how it feels but have seen the toll it takes as with a family member who has gone thru it. He was dealing with a certified lunatic who, even though the child is now in early teens and the control is not so complete anymore, still makes things miserable at times. Keep your chin up.
    #111 Bobby, that was probably a rhetorical question but you are the score keeper extraordinaire.
    #112 Barb, has Will really thought about what he does want? His life has been one uproar after another of the past year. His head must be swimming with the possibilities now and those missed. And how do you get a paternity test on an unborn child..I think it is thru ambio fluid which no judge would order as can be dangerous or that is my understanding and medicine is not my forte. Will could possibly have his DNA tested then the judge issue an order for a test once the baby gets here to match them up. I think this call for the test is just to establish Will’s position but Nick will throw a stick in the fire soon with all this stuff he is seeking on the shooting of Elvis. Not sure yet now this can pan out though because that case is now closed on the books as Lucas was found guilty and served the time. Not sure though if the shooting of Sami-shooting of Elvis in the noggin is still open. Maybe that would give Hope something to do while she hides Bo’s whereabouts from everyone and looks aside very mysteriously, she can review cold cases.

  118. From Mandi

    My post didn’t show up again. so I guess I will try once more.
    If both parents want what is best for that baby than they would have joint custody and there is nothing wrong with that. I know I wrote Sami would assume that but so would any person who gets along with each other would want joint custody it just makes sense and making it legal would protect them both. Gabi or Rafe should not be upset about Will wanting joint custody if Will were smart he would want it too. That way Will can see the baby when he wants without Gabi and Nick making up some stupid excuses for him not to see the baby. Everyone is justified in warning Will what is going on and I find it hilarious that none of the Horton family can see Nick is nutjob. I don’t know who Julie was speaking to yesterday but it’s not someone I would think of as normal or even remotely sane enough to be a father or father figure to a baby. They should all be thinking twice where Nick is concerned. The actor is doing a fantastic job at this character and it makes it so much more beleivable… he gives me chills lol.
    As for Rafe and Kate I can’t wait to see when they wake up with each other that should be a great scene lol… Maybe Rafe would then understand what happened to EJ and Sami a little bit better. I know it’s not the same circumstances not by a long shot but he is very emotional about loosing Sami even though he is trying so hard not to act like it but Sami was very emotionally devastated when she thought she lost her son she didn’t think clearly about what she was doing so this should be good imo.

  119. From patty

    Mandi, I don’t see the similarities in Rafe having drunk sex with Kate and the grief sex. Sami was a sober married woman who cheated on her husband while her husband searched for her child and used grief as an excuse. That is what Rafe will always understand and so do most of us. Kate and Rafe are both free to sleep with anybody they want. I don’t even think Rafe is doing it on the rebound, I think he gets drunk to delete Sami’s memories as he told her he wants to do and has sex with Kate because he’s drunk ( a man would have to be) and she’s there . Kate doesn’t need a reason to have sex with Rafe. A hot young stud for her is an improvement over the old creeps she was crawling into bed with before.
    Sami as always is acting irrational and complicating things for Will and everybody else. So far there is no reason for it. It’s just Sami believing Gabi has an agenda to trap Will and keep him from the baby because that is what Sami would do and has done countless times. Sami is an expert at keeping kids from their fathers and has even stolen babies before.
    Sami’s obssession with Gabi’s baby is just as scary as Nick’s because just like him she’s capable of anything to get her way. The difference is Rafe and Gabi know this about Sami , not about Nick. I don’t blame them for being very worried and fighting back.
    jolie, good post as always!

  120. From gerri

    Hadn’t thought about a paternity,test being necessary,but whoa,could b ethat.Gabi could have drugged Chad,(while she had the hots for him)and he don’t remember,Days has Been down that path before…So why not?could also have been that crazy Andrew,maybe he drugged Gabi,at some point,and raped her.

    I don’t think Sonny,would be,because he hasn’t been confused about his sexuality,like Will was.
    This might be fun to watch,Sami finding out,that she can’t control,the situation any longer…

    Please Rafe,run when you see Sami out someplace, you don’t need to have any talks with her,for now you do have the baby In common(might change)but even with this,don’t discuss any of It with her.

    Maybe after the one nighter with Rafe,Kate can compare him,with EJ,
    and If better,throw It at Sami,Kate you are known as A snake,this Is a perfect time to show your fangs!!!

  121. From Kat

    108 DTBB .. thank you for the English lesson in slang….

    However, some American posters on here, didn’t get it at all,
    at least I only went strictly by the words, assuming the chowder was not good…
    the rest went into orbit…LOL

    106 patty, good grief….tell that to Jack and Madison….
    Gaby is now a victim….
    I think Will should know all about the mother of his child,and why not…
    Nobody is sending her to prison, were so many belong… yes I agree… but the show must go on, so just plain full disclosure would be fine.

    115 patty, Rafe is grieving His Loss, so yes, IMO he is having his own grief sex,
    he wouldn’t be drunk in the first place, if he was not grieving….
    there are different kind of grief,after all.
    Saying Sami was a Sober, Married woman who cheated on her husband,
    she was Totally “Drunk with grief, and so was EJ… more out of their mind, than little Rafe drinking because he wants or needs to,and uses that as an excuse….
    Any mother and father, would rather grief over a “break up”, than Over A DEAD CHILD… but of course, what innocent Rafe did, so what……..he “belittled” himself, sleeping with Kate…no less.
    One thing I do not understand,

    Why is it wrong for people that love Will, trying to make sure He gets shared custody, The Legal Way,
    there are after all the Next 18 years in play. Only a fool will agree to a “handshake” with Nick and Gaby…
    So as some say on here, Will should just take Gaby and Nick’s word, that they will “allow” him to see His Own Daughter, that is a joke, and nobody can really believe that.
    Tell that to Fathers in real life…I know it’s a soap, but that does Not make it any more logical…

    P.S. Not talked about, of course not…
    Sami started to tell Rafe, that after talking to EJ, she realized about Gaby,,, but bully Rafe had to jump in the moment he heard the Name EJ, and could not let Sami finish what she was trying to Tell Rafe.
    From the sounds of it, she was trying to apologize in her way, but No, Rafe wouldn’t let her talk.
    After that performance and all the things He Threw into Sami’s face, I really can’t stand him now…before he was just annoying, now…. what a jerk as a Man….

  122. From Linda

    jolie #113 and patty #115, both great posts. jolie, dare I answer your question about Hope? I was advised, you know, that this is not a Q & A session! LOL! Anyway, yes, I think you are right and Hope has other fish to fry and wasn’t the least bit interested in following through with Victor’s formal charge against Nicole, which, in the end, he wasn’t serious about anyway. Cute remark Hope made to Victor about Ciara. Hope is definitely distracted and has a growing sad look about her. Maybe the new “missing” Bo poster banner is a clue that story will be zeroed in on soon. I agree Ali is doing a great job with Sami but I don’t like the character much. That’s why I hope Rafe is really done with her. Do you think the writers will actually marry Brady and Kristen, or will he catch on to her before that, or will she leave him at the altar? I haven’t read spoilers that far ahead.

    Thanks Barb.

  123. From Linda

    I just realized the photo on the Bo “Missing” poster changes. Guess I hadn’t looked at it long enough until just now.

    Sharing words that were e-mailed to me this morning -

    LIVE HAPPY IN 2013!

    Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, yet the youngest you’ll ever be, so – ENJOY THIS DAY WHILE IT LASTS.

    Life is too short and flies by if you let it.
    So choose what you want every day and go get it!

  124. From missy


  125. From Kat

    118 Linda, so Hope has better things to do,
    than follow up on somebody trying to frame another person for corporate espionage….Cute..

    Must be, because Kristin was the Victim…

    On a humor Note, since that is so needed on here…. Linda, I don’t think that The Writers will actually marry Brady and Kristin…
    just thought the way you worded it, was funny, that’s all.

    Funny, thinking back to when Sami shot EJ,
    I could not stand Sami back then with Rafe..
    but after what she did…
    I remember how all the Safe fans on here justified what Sami did,
    GrandMa Judy called her, Just a Little Snot….her and I did go back and forth about that, not in a bad way,
    Sami was the center of the universe, after all she was with Rafe, and could not no wrong.
    Now without Rafe, all the fans have thrown her under the Bus, throwing things into her face that she did,
    just Like Rafe Did twice now….
    You got to love it…
    I only started liking Sami again, after she got away from Rafe,
    and it all started when she Saw Rafe and Carrie in their Non affair, just an affair of the hearts…more serious than a one night stand…
    Love is more serious anytime than lust or whatever….

    Will should listen to his Mom and EJ, etc. get a paternity test, establish your Legal Rights, anything else is just plain foolish, and he would deserve what problems will come his way…

  126. From Mandi

    wow Kat great minds think alike :D I just find it funny that Sami and EJ ♥ are telling Will things that he needs to do but not forcing him to do it they are giving him option through what they have been through… really would have like to see Lucas with them through that convo though. Lucas has been through enough as well with custody and Will being the victim there as well he should pull his head out of the clouds and stand up for himself. I know I’ve said it before but Will really needs to be cocky Will that we seen in the Summer I know different writers but we sure need it.
    Linda hoping the question mark picture is foreshadowing maybe Bo being recast as much as I love Peter Reckall they need someone to play him. :)

  127. From jolie

    #115 Patty, if Sami would take a minute to step back, take ME-SAMI out of the equation, and actually talk to Will about what he thinks he wants and how he sees the future, well, seems that would be helpful. It might be fun to see Sami and Nick square off about the baby while the real parents would have gotten along just fine if well enough had been left alone. Nick is being written (and well played) as one who is controlling, over the top, a bit underhanded in how he is handling things….oh dang wait a minute. That was Sami I was describing as well. Ok then.
    #116 gerri, now that is a new idea that someone else might actually be the baby daddy. I don’t actually think it would be Sonny either, was making a point, but there could be other possibilities that we are not yet privy to. Stranger things have happened on this show. And yes, no reason for Rafe to be talking to Sami. Or for Sami to be talking to Gabi. If Rafe were to totally cut Sami off and walk away each time, Sami would just flat out bust wide open. Kate might just tell Sami that it was the best night of her life. Sami would bust open over that one as well. But maybe Kate will want to keep it secret like Sami is keeping she and Elvis secret…wonder who she’ll tell today??
    #118 Linda, I guess I am just an inquiring mind, can’t help myself. Seems like we are getting clues to The Missing Bo. And lately Hope is at odds in a way…sort of like Roman, waiting for something to happen. Maybe she won’t still be waiting 10 years later like he is. I know this will not be popular but I (said it before)like Hope better without Bo. She is stronger on her own. And the poster makes me want the mystery of his whereabouts whether the actor Peter returns or not. And maybe Bo is coming back but another actor?? All big mystery. Kristen will definitely either talk Brady into marriage or trick him into it. Not sure she’ll leave him at the altar. He may figure out a few things for himself…yes, I have been to the Wizard and requested a Brain for Brady and hope he can still use it. Kristen might think she’ll dupe Brady but maybe circumstances dupe her first. If Brady were to leave her standing, oh my goodness alive. Grab your dogs and children and hide the cookie jar because the fur will be flying! Kristen will go completely nuts and everyone will be in harm’s way.
    #121 Kat not sure who you are speaking of but I will most certainly throw Sami under the bus because she is the one character who continually ruins everything and everyone she comes in contact with. I didn’t like her actions with Rafe nor with Lucas…actually could not believe that he went back to her for one sleep over after he came back to town before she threw him over to go on the run with Elvis, threw him over to go back to Rafe, now back to poor Elvis. So yes I love to bi-otch about Sami and do it with humor because she is fictional. Again, I would not have any of these people over to supper at my house. They are most all detestable. But then they are fictional. I am glad you are now in Sami’s corner so you are now not throwing her under the bus where you might have been before. Makes sense that the glove is on the other hand but doesn’t make anyone here less a fan of the show or less a wonderful and worthy person in general. Except Sami, IMO. I guess I like Elvis more than that. Did I say it today yet..RUN ELVIS RUN FAST!

  128. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    You’re welcome, Kat. I swear I can hear Lennie on L&O when a perp says are you here to arrest me? He says, “well, we’re not here for the chowdah..”. I think Days totally plagarized that line from somewhere..

    Jolie, I can’t top “Salem Po-Po looking for Ali in the Christmas rubbish”. And here I thought she was in the Horton attic with Bo and Celeste, and Lucas. They said she was with her dad..

    2nd place to Patty’s “a man would have to be drunk”.

    I don’t think Kate ever slept with Brady or Bo.

    I really, really, really wish Brady was gaslighting Kristen, but Days never plays it off that way. One can hope.

    I’m going to concede to Kat her position on the grief sex. Although I disagree with it on the surface, it WAS written that way, that they were drunk with grief. And as a plot line to Will’s blackmail and then working for Eeeeeej, after stumbling across the debacle. VOR is right, these people are idiots. Stefano, stay in Europe with Billie and John.

  129. From Linda

    Kat #121, I guess that did sound kind of funny, didn’t it, better fish to fry than making that arrest. Ha! But Victor wasn’t serious about pressing charges, anyway, and Kristen also dropped it. So I guess Hope lucked out. Poor woman knows something she isn’t telling, or maybe it’s what she doesn’t know.

    Jennifer in devious mode doesn’t seem to fit but today she’s taking a stab at it, after a warning from Nicole about Chloe. I’m afraid in the end, though, and according to spoilers, Jennifer will pay for doing this. Chloe definitely has the upper hand, that upper hand being Parker.

    So Johnny is very excited that Rafe is getting him the FBI jacket he asked Rafe for and he tells EJ all about it. Know I’ll get jumped on for this but I do not think EJ had good intentions when he told Sami about it. EJ acted all understanding of Rafe’s point of view but from the look on EJ’s face when Johnny told him, I don’t think he likes the idea one bit. And I think he knew exactly how Sami would react and that’s why he told her and told her in the way that he did. Like I said the other day, I hope Johnny gets the jacket!

    It’s smart of Rafe to tell Gabi what Sami said and for Gabi to be forwarned, and Sami and EJ are also telling Will the right things. But neither should be pushy on Gabi and Will. But as it is now, things are getting all mixed up and pitting the families against each other, and I hate to see that happen to Gabi and Will. But Nick is going ahead with his plan and that will for sure heat things up in a very bad way. Will is such a nice guy and really doesn’t want any trouble and it was soooo hard for him to approach the paternity test issue with Gabi and Nick. And Nick just so-so understanding. Yeah, right!

    Ali does a superb job playing Sami but I don’t like the character. That’s why I hope Rafe is really done with her. I liked the Sami that was with Rafe but she ruined it with him, IMO, and now she’s back to being someone I really don’t care for. If Bo is gone long enough, bringing in another actor could work. But in the meantime, Hope can probably hold her own with a good s/l. They may use the old tired s/l where she gets with someone else and then, boom, Bo is back. What fun if Kate were to rub Sami’s face in the fact that she (Kate) slept with Rafe!!

  130. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    So my opinions on the show are I think Sami has made the comments lately a few times that she could see right through what they were doing.Lets not forget when Will asked Gabi last week to back him and she would not that was in reference to the baby, and Gabi also did not tell Will of the ultrasound, she does seem to be ok with Will being involved, but she also has done nothing the many t imes Nick tells her they will have full custody of the baby.She has done nothing to back Will when Nick uses Will being gay and makes comments.Gabi is passive right now, and Will thinks all is well as the audience we know it is not.We know Nick is already scheming to not have Will involved at all.Sami knew that if Nabi were married Nick would legally be the father till it was corrected.We the audience know as well that was Nicks intentions, so how is Sami wrong for thinking it was as well.Sami has experience in this stuff and has made the comment she sees right through what they are doing.Yes Gabi as well because she knows of Nicks intentions well most and has not stopped him.
    I think Sami is right in telling Rafe her son will want shared custody, the full custody comment was because Rafe was being snarky, why did he not just say I am sure they will work it out or Shared custody is no issue?So yes Sami jumped the gun and said Will could go for full custody considering Nicks background, it is true, Nick has murdered, stalked, faked paternity tests and it goes on and on.Sami did convince rafe to let him have a second chance but she also can see what Nick is doing because she herself has done things like that before or knows of it.
    Nothing wrong with that, so tell me as a mother would you not support your child and help him as well??I know I would.

    When Sami learned Will went to ultrasound, though uninvited since Gabi sorta omitted to telling her that, she backed off and was nice to Gabi.Sure does sami go overboard sometimes yep she does, but Rafe does as well, and lets not even talk about Physcho Nick.

    Marlena was all nice to EJ when she was telling him stay away from Kristen and I am not going to judge what she says till I see it since spoilers have been a bit off on some things as in Johnny telling Rafe about his mommy and daddy, that did not exactly happen.

    Also want to say to whoever said Sami never told EJ she loved him actually she did it happened on Mondays episode.She wasted no time in telling him after they reunited actually.

    Kat #121 Very true some Sami haters liked her just fine when she was with Rafe and even justified things she did as well.Now some claim they never liked her, Please note I said some and not all, either way I dont care I have liked Sami since she came on Days and she has always been a schemer, and manipulator, though some are right she does care what her family thinks.

    As I stated before the reason they are keeping it secret was because Sami wants to tell them herself same as she told Brady, and she does she tells Marlena and she told Brady.Nothing wrong with that.So wondering why they kept it secret but yet she is telling people is because that was the purpose that they enjoy their time together and also to tell people herself, as she told Brady.I dont agree if Marlena passes judgment on Sami since she has been very nce to EJ, and even told him he has done good and not to let Kristen mess him up and to stay away from her.She has taken Carries side against her own daughter, when is it ever ok for a sister to involve herslef romantically with her issters husband??Never.Before anyone asks it was not ok when EJ involved hisself with Taylor though I will say he and Nicole were a sham at the time, they had a business type marriage or relationship with benefits.Even after Nicole blackmaled him to stay with her, it was not about love then either,it never really was usually with them two.It was usually about making Sami mad, I do believe he wanted to try at some points to be happy with Nicole, but he could not truelly.
    Rafe does have a right to be involved in Samis kids lives in some way he was their stepfather and I do believe Johnny does care for Rafe, I also believe he loves his father, and will be happy they are together remember New Years he seen them through the window and was so happy.

    Rafe to me though if he claims to care about her children then why not Will, I was first to say I was glad he came to talk to Will, but for him to act like Will should not even want shared custody is bs to me.

    Kate and Rafe together as I said it is shocking, but as a soap we know there is usually a reason why, and I ownder will Rafe end up a daddy?Will this put him in Stefanos orbit, perhaps Stefano will come claim Rafes child, perhaps when Stefano finds out Rafe slept with Kate and we knows he must know by now that man knows everything, especially what involves Kate, wonder how things will play out.Either way it seems Rafe could be feuding with Stefano now which is much more dangerous then EJ in ways.I have seen the spoilers saying EJ asks something of RAFE about Kate not sure what it is yet, or how EJ knows or if he knows so no comment on that really yet either. I do know EJ and Kate have a friendship, and who knows she could tell him herself.EJ could be warning Rafe what his actions may mean, EJ is no dummy and I am sure he knows his fatha is gonna be really mad.Either way I know nothing on that yet.

    Funny so many harp on things characters did years ago acting like it has anything to do with todays show.I also want to say to whoever said EJAMI have not discussed their past wrongdoings if you would like I could post videos showing they have many times actually.They have moved on so have I.This is a soap not real life and so therefore I could carelesss I like redemption for anyone.I am still awaiting Gabis redemption someday as I say many times.

  131. From Nancy

    I have not yet seen today’s show so can speak on such. Yet I do agree with Patty and Sami’s make-up. Yet sami is now 40 when is she ever going to grow up!

    Curious Jen/chloe dan gig has already grown a bit old, and repeated. Yet I am curious what BAs thinks of Chloe.

    I am also curious if the writers are going to bring the BO substitute in as was done almost 20 years ago. I never saw him as a true BO only that of one of Stephano’s cons even tho he wasn’t.
    John I cannot wait to see you back with your queen marlena!

  132. From Debbie

    Linda and Mandi, I noticed the picture of Bo changing on the poster too. The other pic looks an awful lot like Robert Kelker-Kelly who replaced Peter Reckell the first time around. I’m wondering if he (or another actor) is in negotiation for Bo’s role. It makes sense to me because of how evasive Hope was to Victor yesterday when he asked her about Bo and she wouldn’t answer.

    And regarding the “chowder” incident, I didn’t take Rafe’s remark to be critical of the pub food either. I knew he only made that statement (thanks too, DTBB, for the slang clarification) to reflect that he was there for others reasons and not to eat. I have to admit, though, that I enjoyed the silly bickering back and forth on here about it. All you guys are so funny! Really wish I could actually meet all of you in person. I think we’d be surprised at how much more fun we’d have disagreeing once we got to know each other for real.

    Loved Johnny’s remark today at needing a new jacket because his other one “got too small” instead of him just getting bigger. lol

    I’ve also meant to say how much I think Parker looks just like how a boy would look with Daniel’s and Chloe’s looks combined. I know it’s not that important but I can’t help seeing Daniel’s features in Parker and even some of Chloe too so I think the little actor was a perfect physical fit to be Parker. He just looks a lot older than 2 years old to me though.

    I’m enjoying seeing what kind of storylines we’ll get from the Sami/EJ pairing now that everything’s out in the open between them. And as long as there’s a baby between Will and Gaby, Rafe will always be around Sami too unless the upcoming paternity test that Will takes reveals a different father. Now that will be interesting because it’ll throw a monkey wrench between her and Nick for sure. But at least it’ll be a way for Rafe and Sami to separate for good since there will be nothing to bind them to each other. I want to see someone new with Rafe but certainly not Kate! Someone here mentioned that Billie might have been a good partner and I agree. I also think Chloe might have been interesting if Nadia had been staying in town longer.

  133. From jolie

    #128 DTTB, I love that Lennie and I think you might be right. That line sounds very suspiciously Lennie. We need a search party for Valentines instead of the regular card swap and candy hearts. We have way too many characters missing. Kate never slept with Bo because she was plotting with Billie to get him from Hope so she had already peed on that claim for Billie and missed the sex. Brady..I think Brady was Victor’s grandson and John’s son and she had added those 2 to her bed post notches. It would have been in bad taste to do Brady as well I think. Did I hear you singing If Brady Only Had a Brain? I was humming right along with it. Grief sex, I never had it nor have I been drunk with grief so it is hard to determine that one. I have had grief but it really didn’t drive me into have indiscriminate sex. I won’t comment on being drunk enough to have indiscriminate sex but then if you are drunk enough to have it maybe you just don’t remember having it! Not sure why this is still a hot topic as it was so long ago but the Carrie collision was just as improbable as the grief sex and we still see it visited here often. I really don’t think I believed in either.
    These people are a village of idiots. Sort of like an infestation of zombies but without all the flying body parts and gore. Well that is unless someone pixxes Sami off and it can all go nasty in a hurry.

  134. From Kat

    124 DTBB, wow, I am starting to see you in a whole new light,
    one can reason with you, and you are actually being fair, I like that…

    123 jolie, as I have said many times… Sami must have something,that men, like Lucas, Rafe and yes EJ, keep coming back to her for more.
    Having said that, I do believe that ever since Sami and EJ met in that hallway, they were meant for each other, and even Lucas and Rafe,deep down in their sixth sense always knew that too….
    Enough about the kids already, we all know, the reason we do not see them on screen 24/7 is because of laws.
    We all know that Ally spends a lot of time with Lucas.
    What would be nice for Ally and the other two siblings, if Lucas could take all three of them for a visit, to keep them together.
    Elvis did that a lot, so why not Lucas..make them all feel like one family…
    Another thing, as mentioned…
    I am not watching DOOL thinking I would like to be personal friends with any of these characters… give me a break,
    they are all bad, and way of my radar for ever being friends with any of something like them…

    However when it comes to watching Actors on the screen, entertaining Me….
    I just enjoy Sami and EJ more than any of them.
    Those two have screen presence, …

    When Sami was with Rafe, first she was not herself, but boy was She Bad to the core.
    I dis-liked her so much, could not stand her actions, bad actions, and totally supported by “Good Cop” Rafe. He tolerated her attempted Murder, no I should say .. he approved of it, the way he handled things… and now he is crying wolf…So two faced, now that she no longer wants him…Maybe even Sami figured out, that even though he protected her at the time..
    He is a crooked cop, who only up holds the law, when it suits him….

    She is a much better, stronger person than she has ever been. She knows what and who EJ is, not a pretend good guy like Rafe….

    She knows all her mistakes, really knows herself now, and yes, so far EJ has been a good influence on her, and definitely on Will. I admired his talk with Will today, he was so right about all he told that young Man…No doubt about that….

    When EJ talked to Sami about Rafe,Johnnie and the FBI jacket, he was spot on, and she did listen to him….

    like to see somebody spin that one,
    and when he said, He was not worried about Rafe, so mature to say that…
    unlike Rafe, that constantly was insecure about EJ,from day one on, and it showed all the time.
    Rafe and Lucas both always knew, that the shadow of EJ was always Between Them and Sami.

    That’s the way I see it, don’t care how anybody else does see it, we are not clones after all…

    Does Nick know, as EJ and Sami and Rafe know,
    that any recordings Are Not Legal,
    so what is he going to use them for…
    No court will listen to that, no law will go by it.
    So I wonder, why is he doing it,
    must have something else in mind..
    Got to give it to Nick, he played both Will and Gaby today….
    this plot is getting interesting.
    Still think, that sooner or later Gaby’s involvement with Melanie and Andrew and the town’s explosions should come out,
    doesn’t mean she will go to jail,
    no body does, well Nicole and Nick did,
    Nicole went for a “Few Days”..
    and Nick did, because he was leaving the show anyway for the time being.. might as well go to jail.

    Stefano, don’t see enough of you, hope you come back soon… seeing you on the screen makes my “hour”.

    122 Mandi, I also enjoy your posts, like your logical thinking, call it as you see it,
    not because I don’t like a certain character.

    Jennifer, going to become a schemer Herself,
    two schemers now going at each other,
    no good at all, it will back fire for one of them for sure….

    But then again, all is fair in Love and War,
    so that goes IMO for both of them, Jenn and Chloe.
    She wants to make a family for her son Parker,
    yep, maybe she is going about it, not exactly in the right way, but I totally believe she is doing it out of love for her child… and yes she still loves Dan,
    and yes, Lots of Outside forces did Not help…
    If I was her, I would try to get my man/father of my child back…. maybe a bit differently, but I would try.
    But this is soap drama, so of course Chloe has to go a bit over board, but now “Dumb” Jenn is starting to do the same.
    May the “better” person win, or even better, may Dan be the one, after a while, decide for himself where his heart is drawn to… The woman he once said he loved more than live, and his child,
    or Jennifer, where Not to long ago, he came in Second to her Husband Jack and her children….
    It will be interesting to see, how all of it will play out…

    Eric, you are starting to annoy me bit,
    leave Nicole and her personal life alone…
    If you start to have temptations, the first thing a good priest would do,
    is not have the “temptation” work for him in such a close and personal/business arrangement…
    if you are starting to lust in your mind, go get help from another priest, that is if you are committed to being a priest…

    Well, I guess, we all know, how it will go…need a story/entertainment on the screen…it’s a soap

  135. From Kat

    good post Tee,
    I see you picked on my talking about…
    What If…. Kate got prego…LOL, and Stefano would do a Rafe…. and claim the child is his…
    That would fix our Rafe really good… a dose of his own medicine..
    However I doubt very much, that the writers would make Kate prego, but stranger things have happened.
    There have been women in real life that got prego in their 60s….
    The rest of your post, great, like the way you look at things, not so biased for one or the other character, more down the middle, or seeing both sides as neede.

  136. From Tee

    Hey Kat yes I have been thinking along your lines with Kate as well, have been since I found out a week ago who Rafe was going to sleep with.We do know there is a reason why Rafe will sleep with Kate just wonder what in end it will add to the story line.As far as her getting pregnant you never know it seems they may be heading that way with Kristen at least I think they may, I do believe she is a little younger then Kate but who knows It is my spec only of course that Kristen could end up prego as well. I think minimum Kates story will have some repercussions on Rafe and her, and of course they could team up on Sami though not sure Kate would go that route with her having EJ’s backing she is not dumb, and she has to know Stefano will know of her drunken romp soon.We know Stefano loves Kate still it is just a matter of trust with him, and so I am sure Rafe is gonna be involved with the Dimeras somehow in a story line so it seems. I dont see them falling in love because she claims to love Stefano so perhaps this is just a route the show is going down for now till they pair Rafe with someone else. I am assuming that will be Hope.
    I too miss Bo but the actor gave a great interview recently of the real reason he left days I will have to look it up again I tried posting it last week.It has nothing to do with money or health, it was the way things were going in their story line his and hopes and the fact he was doing things that were not like how he thinks Bo as a character is, and also he touched on giving fans what they wanted and di dnot understand why they wanted to take the story line elsewhere not sure what he meant there but it was lack of story line for better words.

    EJ and his telling Sami it was fine Rafe was going to get that fbi suit for Johnny was great, perhaps it di dhurt him but he does know his son likes it and so I believe he is doing the adult thing about it.Until I see otherwise.So many times lately people assume about EJ and they are wrong, but alas we are all entitled to our opinion.

    Do not forget Nick is famous for Changing paternity tests….

  137. From patty

    LMAO at “your motha and I both know about custody fights. Yeah, with each other. Neither one of us can bear to spend the night away from them????” You didn’t really say that Elvis! He’s so stiff and boring when he’s playing Mr Rogers . Good for you Will for showing those two what loyalty is and what it means to be a friend. Of course they wouldn’t know anything about that since they don’t have any. EJ hinting at what Gabi has done in the past and saying Will wouldn’t feel that way if he knew, that was rich coming from him. What business is it of his what Gabi and Will do about the baby? Feeling a little threatened by Johnny’s relationship with Johnny are we? Sami is just unbelievable, now all of a sudden Johnny loving Rafe is a problem? After pushing Rafe’s relationship with her children all along now he shouldn’t be around them ? And some think Sami is a better person when she’s with EJ? I’d say she’s the worse person that she has ever been and that is saying a lot.
    Wow, Nick is good! He has both Gabi and Will totally snowed. Hopefully he won’t go too far overboard so he can be redeemed down the road and get to stick around for a long time. BB is just awesome in this role!
    Good to see Lucas back to say his three lines again. At least one line went to acknowledge that Allie still exists. Thanks Lucas, we were getting worried about her being stuffed with the Christmas ornaments.
    Not sure what to think about Nicole’s new found feeling for Eric. Where I can understand the attraction (dropdead gorgeous), I’m not sure about this forbidden fruit thing. He does act like a priest after all and it just seems weird to go there, not for Nicole but for him. He should just hurry up and leave the priesthood if he’s having feelings for Nicole.
    Jen/Dan/Chloe triangle, just so predictable and overdone. Jen is playing with the big girls now, double dating with her new bff Kristen, asking her not so bff Nicole for advice and playing dirty with Chloe to keep her man. Movin up in the world Jen, just be careful, you’re in the big leagues now trying to hold on to Dr Feelgood.
    Loved Rafe’s assurance of Gabi that she didn’t ruin anything between him and Sami because it was just an illusion anyway. He’s seen the real Sami and is happy she’s getting what she deserves. Rafe warned Gabi of the situation but also made it clear to her in a concerned and loving way that he doesn’t want to push her or to tell her what to do, unlike Sami and EJ ganging up on Will and urging him to do what they want. Liked that when Will let it slip that EJ and Sami were the ones making him do this. Sami is for sure going to screw all this up with her meddling and I hope Nick has a little nutty plan in store for her .

  138. From Leah

    NEVER has a truer word been spoken by Rafe “I was in love with a woman who doesn’t exist.” Yay, I’m so glad he finally gets it. Now he can be put out of his misery and move on!

  139. From Richard

    My beliefs only:
    Trent Robbins is alive and Nick met him again in prison.
    Melanie killed Trent and Nick took the fall for her, because he loved her so much.
    If you were Trent, instead of walking around in the cemetery, wouldn’t you reach and attempt to pull the knife out of your back, or wouldn’t Melanie have helped him, in some way?
    By the video, you can tell that Melanie lied about Trent and the cemetery and where was Nick in the flashback?
    Melanie was flashing Trent’s credit cards around Salem and even stated that her father couldn’t hurt anyone again. Max looked suspicious and said the same thing.

  140. From Kat

    137 patty, I got to give it to you,,,, you are the best “Spin” poster on this site….
    Nobody does it better, than you,
    I am serious, I have to admire how every time, you come up with new twists to anything we see on the screen…., of course it is always about EJ and Sami….. You’re good….
    I tip my head to you….

    I am saying that in a good way, really….

    Tee, you were so right when you said, that lately people assume to much about EJ and what he is “thinking” or what He “means” when he says anything anymore. Mind Readers, wow…

  141. From Leah

    Johnny and the FBI jacket. Oh well done EJ! Loved how you handled the whole situation. You are ticking so many boxes lately… LOL.

  142. From Richard

    Nick is the only one that wants Gaby and the baby.
    Will would have let the baby be aborted, because of Sonny.
    Sami and EJ are only concerned about the baby, because it is Will’s.
    Rafe wants his sister and Nick to have a chance.
    Nick has to do something, because he stands to lose again. It’s either lose Gaby, Gaby and the baby, or go back to prison.

  143. From joey

    I love Sami MORE AND MORE these days !! She is a spitfire with Ej in their lovers scene and in confrontation scenes, love her, she is a more down to earth cute endearing, mild version of Kate and it is totally how her character should evolve.. LOVE IT ! And she is 34/35 years old not 40 by the way. Some great episodes these last days minus the Hernandez (zzzzzz) but i guess Gabby is needed since she is the one pregnant with Will’s spawn..(if only it was a more interesting character this story would be gold) and Rafe..well not even worthy to speak about.
    As for everybody speaking about Gabby and Will friendship and without everybody else involve themselves in their biz..they would have a nice arrangement and raise their child in a happily ever after way..euh just no with that they will no story, no drama, no conflict and above all no viewers and no SOAP ! Moreover while Will is too naive and weak Gabby is that also and so much more and with Nick she manipulated Will for a while..nope i did not forget this little detail, nope one bit.
    Ej and Sami paid for their sins in lot’s of way, only it was not jail but it was as much painful in a soap way..Gabby did not have any comeuppance except a wedding postpone lol. So these comparisons are silly.

  144. From patty

    I don’t swear by anything I read but I’ve seen somewhere that the Rafe/Kate drunken sex leads to them teaming up to find out about Nick. Now that could be just speculations just like Kate ending up pregnant.

  145. From Barb

    More of the same today, as far as I could see, just the storylines getting in a little deeper. I’m to the point right now about Johnny’s FBI jacket that I don’t care what EJ’s motive might be for his nice guy routine, I just hope he sees to it Johnny gets the jacket. Sami completely had the wrong idea on how the jacket issue came about with Rafe. It was totally Johnney’s idea.

  146. From gerri

    Glad to see your posts.
    you are correct as always,with your views.

    When Rafe told Sami,he had been In love with someone who never existed,to me she had a very different look on her face,not that
    smug and smirk look,with that horrible color lipstick.

    I do have a question,those of us,who are Rafe fans,get accused of not liking Sami now,since their break-up.and the hook-up with EJ,
    my question Is ,how many EJ fans,didn’t like her,when she was with Rafe,I see no difference ..

    She has always been a hypocrite,when things didn’t go her way,all the way back to Austin/Lucas SL…

    I really see now,that he and Sami are a mismatch,and no matter what was In their past,he needs to stay clear of her,It’s very possible this Reunion with EJ,will be short lived,but I hope not,for they seriously do deserve each other.
    but It will be fun,to watch,her,as Rafe moves on,I Imagnine we will get to see a little jealousy,on her part.
    I want Lucas to get a good S/L too. .I don’t know why He was even brought back….

  147. From Vivian

    Anyone on here been watching for the past 45 years? They have made Lucas into Bill Horton Jr….he is acting just like Bill did years ago…his atitude especially. Like dajevu (sp)….bet they dug the old scripts out and changed the names…LOL

  148. From michele

    I LOVED seeing EJ put Johnny’s feelings first!! I love that he is aware that Rafe and Johnny care about each other and that that jacket means alot to him. But Sami never lets me down and did not think of her son first, but herself!

    I think every show everyday should have Vic in it. Just for a few mins. to let him get his lines in about what is going on. They crack me up.

  149. From Lefty

    Does anyone remember EJ telling Chad not to be a woman’s second choice when he heard about Sami and Rafe at the almost wedding. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if he is gaslighting Sami, he will have gotten what he wanted a willing Sami and at the same time made it so she lost Rafe too. Please throw a net on nutcase Nick soon lol. How did Dan become a doctor got to be the most gullible man on the planet besides Brady that is. Is Dan the only Doctor in Salem. Just saying.

  150. From julie

    No it would be lame Lefty, the triangle with Sami, Rafe and Ej as the ‘devil incarnate’ is been there done that, get totally old so moving on please ! Maybe Rafe did gaslight Sami just before the wedding in order for her to be willing, would be a hoot for you ? At least it would be something new..ha ! And what about Rafe gaslighting Kate in order for her to have sex with him..what a hoot !
    And totally new too lol.

  151. From Richard

    Kristen told EJ that Stefano wanted Sami out of CW, and EJ acted as though he didn’t have a problem with that.
    No one knows much about Rafe’s past.
    I can say that Stefano must have known him for quite a while, and maybe even EJ has known him for a while, too. To me, it would seem like more than an over-night job to create a perfect duplicate of Rafe, that even had Sami fooled.
    Some will have to admit that Rafe still has some memories that Stefano had induced into his head, that makes him do some of the things that he has done, that maybe he normally would not do.
    We never expected Steve to do some of the things that he did, when he was under EJ’s control.

  152. From Leah

    #146 Gerri I’ve always liked Sami. She is my favourite female character on Days. BUT I didn’t like who she became with Rafe. His arrogance, hypocrisy, self righteous attitude and smugness rubbed off on her. She thought she was justified in all her actions. WHY? Because Rafe never held her accountable instead he just aided and abetted her crimes. And because of Rafes overbearing and controlling ways Sami second guessed herself alot and was less confident in herself and her abiblity to make decisions. She second guessed herself alot. I didn’t like that one little bit. Her fire went out. As Rafe said “He fell in love with a woman who didn’t exist.” I for one am glad to see her with her spunk back!

  153. From Linda

    Lefty #149, yes I remember EJ’s comment to Chad and I said at the time that I think it’s significant and will come up again.

    I’m one who doesn’t totally buy EJ being such a nice guy and I think he told Sami about the FBI jacket on purpose to rile her. And then he could take a more reasonable position on the issue. I have to admit, if he’s faking it, he’s doing a great job of it! But at least EJ’s stand could benefit Johnny and maybe get him the jacket. Sami was true to form and immediately flew off the handle, not putting her son first.

  154. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    The first thing I will answer is I have been always 1st a Sami Brady fan, I was still a fan when she was with Rafe.When has Sami ever been a do gooder never, though when she was with Rafe like many have said she did seem to try to be something she was not,You can go back in any of my posts and see I have always supported Sami through thick and thin.
    I am a EJ Dimera fan as well, but since Sami was on longer I am of course a longer supporter of her, I used to like her with Lucas but they moved to the friend zone so long ago and I like them there.I love their friendship.

    I also dont so much dislike Rafe I just wish he had a story that dont revolve around EJ.Make him his own man on this show. EJ has had many stories that don’t involve Sami. Rafe needs some too, I actually as I stated a few times before enjoyed EJ and Rafes conversations lately even when he was breaking EJ’s heart possibly by telling him he and Sami were gonna reunite.I liked how they played off each other.I just dont think he is a good match for Sami.

    On to news about Rafe and Kate. So many of us have said they must have been drunk especially Rafe and yes they were but they do it again after they are sober heres the gist of it from SOD magazine.

    At the beginning of the week, Kate hears from Stefano. Kate isn’t happy with Stefano’s detached demeanor, and some harsh words are exchanged. This is the tipping point for Kate, and she goes out drinking.

    Rafe ends up joining her at the bar. He is angry over Sami’s treatment of Gabi. The two of them begin discussing the baby that’s coming. Kate considers Gabi family now that she is carrying her grandson’s baby, and she is understanding of what Gabi is going through. They continue to drink, and are soon saying things to one another they wouldn’t normally say. According to Lauren Koslow, “Kate also thinks that Rafe is obviously a very hot, sex guy. A chemical thing happens and it turns intimate.”

    Kate wakes up in Rafe’s bed the next day. They agree it was a drunken mistake, but then they have sex again.

    So wow spec away everyone

    On rather they team on on Nick actually you may be referring to the spoiler saying Rafe and Kate question Nick no news on what they question him about but it is a spoiler out there that they question him about something.

    EJ making the comment to Chad had to do with when he went to Samis he was cold and had decided he was not going to be her second choice it was after her confession he changed his mind after he felt he was not her second choice according to Sami.So as far as I know that is the meaning behind his statement not anything else.

    I love listening to people try to find him being plotting and or evil when he is clearly not.He loves Sami and she loves him as she said.

    As far as how long they will be together according to Alsions interview which has been posted many times here this is to be seen as a sort of final decision though we know nothing is final in days lol. It is seen like Marlena chose John but look at all the things they went through Kristen etc so sure it may be her match for the show but there may be bumps as this is a soap.Bo and Hope they were the shows choice for her but she and he have both had temp pairings as well to cause trouble.That is how it works.So no couple is set it stone forever,there is always trouble in paradise.

    I am interested to see how this Rate thing is gonna go

  155. From jolie

    #134 Kat, Nick’s recording will never see the light of day so legality is not an issue. Nick knows it and is just gathering info to use against poor young William who seems younger as this all goes on. He is so happy and is about to have the rug jerked from under him. I feel sorry for the boy. But Nick is one devious character. Can you imagine what would happen if he and Elvis had teamed up and he was Dr Rolf for Elvis, whoa Nelly! Or if he teamed up with Kate to become her man servant like Evan to Madame Viv. Now that would have been some good stories if the writing could keep up.
    #136 Tee, how interesting about the actor for Bo and that the character was not going where he wanted him to go. Are any of them right now?? All seem to be off the seismic scale for crazy. Bo and Hope have been split apart for the stupidest reasons over the past years. I can’t imagine anyone enjoyed Carly moving into Hope’s bed so quickly no matter the circumstances. I am not a big couples fan, actually not at all. I have never been very much invested in Hope and Bo but they had staying power for years and did a great job. I can see where the guy didn’t want all that ruined by writers off on a tangent. More power to him. The FBI jacket seems to be thrown in to show us something. I see Rafe doing the right thing by trying to please a little boy he loves, Elvis doing the right thing by swallowing what he might really think and allowing his son to keep part of a relationship that obviously means something to him, Sami trying to insert herself in the middle and make it about her. Well what is new? Oh and Nick and the paternity test! Now that might be very interesting. He can’t really change it to himself because that ship has sailed. Andrew is a goner so he would be the likely suspect that no one can prove or disprove by interview. Intriguing! But again poor Will is on the outs.
    #137 Patty, I really get a bit perturbed when the writers do something like they did with Elvis. The kids are all on permanent sleep overs and Elvis makes that remark. But it smacks of the same thing that others jump poor Rafe about, stupid and out of limits (or Outer Limits) scenes. I’ll be glad when we do see the real Elvis again. I liked him and miss him. Run Elvis! Sami is an idiot. Great little actress but playing an idiot. How does the gal do it with a straight face? She is definitely a champ. Above I laid out some scenarios that Nick could have used his deviousness and smarts but I am afraid they are taking him back to the edge and he’ll jump right over again. I don’t understand why Elvis would hint to Will about Gabi’s past. Again, just out of character. The real Elvis would not say a word but would be behind the scenes making a list and checking it twice. Where is Fatha to rescue Elvis?? And yes, thanks Lucas for letting us know that little Allie was not boxed up til next Christmas like an old fruitcake. But he got me to thinking. Why can’t Nicole and Lucas be revisited? They have both grown up a bit. They both have lots of baggage, Nicole’s is of all shapes and sizes and Lucas’ is Sami. I am not liking Eric too much right now as he has been all over the place in his treatment of Nicole so far. He is a bit self-righteous to me but I am a Nicole fan and of course am waiting for her to be happy for a little while. I don’t see that happening with Eric.
    #138 Leah, can’t agree more on that one.
    #139 Richard! Just so good to see you here again. I have missed your insight and theories. So welcome friend. A very good theory but I for one would hate to see Trent back. Now that was one mean and devious son of a gun. And don’t you just wish Nick had a better story going that just going off the deep end. A waste of talent.
    #144 Patty, that would be a better use of them getting together and it would involve a pregnancy just not Kate’s. They would have a common goal in that they would both have the baby in mind. Yep, I can see it.
    #149 Lefty, you’ll be taken down to HTS and publicly flogged for thinking that Elvis and Sami were not made for each other, soul mates forever, true love at last. I’ll try to hurry down there and save you!
    #152 Leah, could not disagree more on that one.

  156. From voiceofreason

    #100 Kat, no worries. :)

  157. From patty

    What some people call spunk in Sami I see as irrational viciousness and being hateful. The only thing different about Sami when she was with Rafe is that her hatred was directed at EJ and she wanted him dead. That was the main reason why some didn’t like her with Rafe and he got all the blame for it anyway. Safe were no more boring than EJami are right now with EJ trying to do his best impersonation of Father Eric. What seemed to be a somewhat softer side of Sami when she was with Rafe was just an illusion and it was just our Sami playing the helpless victim as always. The Sami we see now is the same miserable creature she always was but worse. Her hypocrisy knows no bound, of all the undeniably rotten things she pulled, she has no room to judge or scorn another person . Her dumping Rafe and within days jumping in bed with the devil after what he did to her shows what a fickle, weak and delusional character she really is. There is nothing cute about her cruel tirades on others and they are getting more tiresome and less entertaining to watch. My take on Sami Brady which you already heard but I’m giving it anyway.

  158. From Linda

    Only days ago, according to Johnny, Sami told him Rafe would be spending more time with them. Yesterday, Sami flipped out that no way was Rafe giving Johnny an FBI jacket. Shows how Sami can turn on a dime. Look out EJ! And Sami is so wrong if she really thinks Rafe would get the jacket to impress her. Never would have entered Rafe’s mind if Johnny hadn’t asked him for it.

  159. From gerri

    Sami Is and has been acting for awhile now,more like a Dimera,than A Brady,so maybe she Is,and EJ Isn’t nor has ever been one…we all know Stefano has used his powers,and with his Doctor sidekick who knew all the ends and out of Science,knew what needed to be know some posters have questioned that maybe Roman could be a Dimera.

    Stefano has always had this obsession with Marlena,so maybe he
    impregnated her ,while under one of his devious plans.who knows?
    wild theory,but wild and crazy things happen on Days.

    I hope that,in the end,there will be some happy couples.
    I agree Dr.Dan,Isn’t showing that he Is capable of being a Doctor,he just acts so stupid,with his personal life.

    Patty#157 good post!!

  160. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I thought Elvis was in charge of the Salem brain yesterday. Now you guys have me questioning his motives. He was RATIONAL.

    Nicole certainly didn’t have the brain. Otherwise, she’d have thrown Jen out on her ear for asking for help with Chloe and then guilting her. Like Dr. Feelgood is too stupid to handle his own wimmin?

    Sami will freak if/when she hears about Kafe.

  161. From MAB

    Loved Sami & EJ’s united front w/ Will yesterday, and that they are encouraging him to make things legal for himself where the baby is concerned. Things should be legal for the sake of both Will & Gabi, but most of all, the baby. Then there’s Nick who is going to great (criminal) lengths to try to cut Will out of the baby’s life, so if Will doesn’t make things legal, he could loose his baby. I have no doubt Gabi would go along w/ Nick too, that is unless she finally starts to see the real him. And Sami is not threatening to go after the baby, she’s looking out for Will, and wants him to realize that if he doesn’t take action, that Nick & Gabi can and/or will try to take Will’s rights away from him. And that is smart thinking on her part, not to mention the right thing to do. Also, Lucas is gonna be in Will’s corner no matter what, so I say when it comes down to it, he will align himself w/ Sami & EJ. Also, EJ & Sami aren’t the only ones warning Will about Nick & Gabi at this point. Sonny warned him about both of them, and Justin suggested he consult w/ the lawyer EJ retained for him. I guarantee this lawyer would tell him the same thing EJ & Sami has already told him. It’s time Will start thinking about himself and his daughter, or he’ll be sorry.

    Rafe’s rant to Sami the other day was his typical behavior…he was his usual self-righteous self. He was nasty to her, just because he can’t stand that she chose EJ over him. And then to bring her kids into it, saying she dumped them off w/ Caroline, when that was not the case. But even if it was, it’s none of his business anyway. His comments just goes to show what a low-life he is, and has really always been, and I’m glad she is seeing thru his fake disguise. All in all, I think Sami handled him quite nicely tho, and I loved everything she threw back in his face. Sami seemed to want to clear the air, but of course Rafe goes around barking that she is being the unreasonable one, when it was him being unreasonable, and letting his jealousy over EJ cloud his judgment where his sister’s wellbeing is concerned. And why is he getting bent out of shape over shared custody between Will & Gabi? That is the way it should be. And if Rafe didn’t hate & blame Will, he wouldn’t have a problem w/ Will & Gabi making things legal. It should be legal so Gabi can’t take the baby from him. Not saying she will, but just because she has assured Will about things, doesn’t mean she’ll hold up her end of their agreement down the road. She’s already left him out of the first sonogram that he had to find out about thru Abby…so what else is she planning on leaving Will out of? Also, when T made racists comments to Sonny about being gay, she immediately jumped to his defense even tho she barely knew Sonny. And here Will is (supposedly) her best friend and the father of her baby, but she allows Nick to call Will ‘gay boy’ and doesn’t defend him??? Talk about someone who’s fickle, well that certainly is Gabi…and she’s untrustworthy & unstable as well. So, in matters like this, there is no way a verbal agreement between Will & Gabi is gonna work, because someone won’t hold up their end, and it will more than likely be Gabi. So as long as they make things legal now, the baby can start out w/ both parents on board, rather than having them fighting in court over her later on. Also, if Rafe was using his brain, he should also be encouraging Gabi to make things legal as well, so she doesn’t also get burned down the line either. But instead of being the level headed guy some claim he is, all Rafe wants to do is bully everyone, and blame Sami for everything.

    Sami isn’t assuming anything. Will has made it clear he wants to be a father to his baby. It’s time he quit being so trusting & naïve and solidify his place in his daughter’s life, or he will be the one being told “I told you so” by those who are trying to give him advice, and warn him now.

    SO sick of some saying Will wanted the baby aborted. That is nothing but BS! Gabi is the one who wanted to abort the baby, and there is no denying that, period!

    I loved Lucas telling Chloe off, she deserved it.

    #93 Michele – thanks for your explanations. Good post.

    #107 Kat – you’re right, Sami knows something’s up. She may not know what Nick is up to yet, but she knows something isn’t right…and her radar is on target. And I say if Rafe was any kind of detective, he would know something isn’t right w/ Nick too.

    #114 Leah – ditto, all of EJami’s scenes since Thursday have been pure gold, and they will continue to be!

    OH YES! EJ’s back in the pink shirt, love it! He’s the only one who can pull it off. And if all Sami is smelling is the cologne on his pink shirt, then I’d sure like to be in her shoes!! By the way, Sami & EJ both having on grey yesterday was very attractive. They looked like they matched, very nice! I loved EJ telling Sami that he is not threatened by Rafe, that he is ok w/ Rafe loving the kids, and if Johnny wants the FBI jacket, he’s ok w/ Rafe getting him one. He isn’t gonna deprive Johnny of something as simple as that. EJ was completely mature about it, and even got Sami on the same page. It just proves EJ is the class act here. EJ is man enough to be ok w/ Rafe, even tho he acts like a jerk, and not to mention the fact that he tried to keep 3 children from him. Rafe is too insecure to ever admit he is wrong, or to anything that would put EJ in a good light. If I were Sami, I wouldn’t go out of my way to allow Rafe to be a part of the kid’s lives tho. For one, he has no more rights to be (not that he ever did), and two, he only is a part of their lives if is serves a purpose for him (or if he just happens to be at the pub eating breakfast when they’re there). I wouldn’t deprive them if they run into him, and want to talk to him, etc., but other than that, they really don’t need Rafe in their lives. They have their real fathers who love them no matter what, not just if they are in a relationship w/ their mother.

    Did Chloe actually say that Daniel would have to start over w/ Parker if he was away from him one day? What???? Why didn’t Daniel ask her “what kind of crack-head thinking is that?” No child is gonna forget someone after one day. What if Daniel had to work all day, I mean that happens being a doctor in a hospital. Is he gonna have to take Parker to work w/ him and carry him on his back while he does surgery to satisfy Chloe? I thought that line was the most ludicrous thing that has ever been said by anyone on this show!

    Tee – great posts as always! And I loved your statement “I love listening to people try to find him (EJ) being plotting and or evil when he is clearly not. He loves Sami and she loves him as she said’. Very true!

  162. From MAB

    Apparently Rafe is gonna sleep w/ Kate sober too??? This just keeps getting funnier!

  163. From Kat

    159 gerri,
    When Marlena had the twins with Roman, as far as I remember, there was no Stefano in the picture yet.

    How ever, Stefano had Marlena impregnated with The Twin Rex and Cassie, using Kate and Roman’s stuff, LOL
    Marlena gave birth to them, we saw that on TV.
    They show two Bo’s up on that picture, and a ?, does that mean they might hire a New Bo….possibly.
    Which Bo will come back…..some day….

  164. From MAB

    It’s obvious how fans reacted furiously over Stefano & EJ not being father & son. I mean even the actors themselves were displeased. So when the new writers came in, they nipped that stupid SL in the bud, and wrote it that Ian forged the false document, so that it would turn out that EJ was in fact Stefano’s son after all. I highly doubt they will ever go down that road again, as it didn’t work the first time, and it certainly wouldn’t work again. As far as how Sami is acting, she is acting like Sami, always does. The only time Sami has ever acted unlike herself was when she was married to Rafe and was trying to be someone she wasn’t.

    Rafe told Sami he was married to someone who didn’t exist. What a load of BS! He knew exactly who she was when he married her, and that EJ was in her life. He told her he loved her in spite of her indiscretions. HA! He was just like every other man in her life (other than EJ), telling her that stuff, but as soon as she did something he didn’t like, he dumped her.

  165. From MAB

    I’m also glad the picture was changed on the main page – so sick of looking at Nick’s face! I don’t know if the changing picture of Bo means anything, but I say if Peter doesn’t plan on returning as Bo Brady, then leave the character off canvas. Peter is irreplaceable as Bo Brady, and no other would be accepted in my eyes, just like when they brought in Robert Kelker Kelly years ago.

  166. From gerri

    don’t think we know how long,Stefano was In the background,putting his plans together,so with him,everything is possible.
    as I said,”wild theory”
    but I’m not surprised,of anything connected to this family…..

  167. From MAB

    Alison Sweeney posted this on her blog (and it looks like she got a lot of great feedback):

    Hi everyone,

    So, EJAMI fans – how you all doing this week?! ;)

    While I always try to stay neutral on the fan shipper battlefield, I can’t help but notice on Twitter and Facebook that you all are on fire. It’s certainly been a pleasure working with James on this story. So today’s post is a special shout out to you EJamis. Thanks for all the great feedback this week. I’m so glad you enjoyed the scenes.

  168. From MAB

    SOD: Will gets an unexpected package from Sonny. He assumes it’s a sign that Sonny wants to reconcile. The gift is an MP3 player. Will takes it with him to the coffeehouse to thank Sonny. Will is embarrassed when Sonny reveals he actually ordered it before they broke up. The two end up bonding over the music Sonny chose. However, their moment is disrupted when Brian shows up for his date with Sonny.
    As I’ve been saying, I think Sonny is selfish! He claims to love Will so much, yet he’s already going out on a date w/ Brian??? My dislike of him keeps growing & growing.

  169. From missy

    not once but twice, COME ON… stop it with the rafe being with kate crap… he would not even think about that in real life, i dont really like the connection between nichole and eric, i feel it with her and rafe, (maybe cause i see sheridan and louis from passions) i am 100% ej all the way but i so do love rafe also (just not with sami) i hope will isnt the father, abby needs back with chad, not liking cameron.. as far as hope, i would like any bo… because without Bo there is no HOPE and without Hope there is no BO. maybe gabi will end up being rafes daughter instead of sister, lol, i mean he acts like a loving father instead of big brother. when are we going to see the new sydney? OOO and just for the record, no funeral for nicoles baby? i know he had an autopsy but things that make you go HUMMM

  170. From kate

    How old are Johnny and Ally? Lucas told Ally to text him when she needed picked up. The kid can’t even read but “TEXT ME!”

  171. From Leah

    When I say I’m glad to see Sami has her “spunk” back… I mean she aint gunna take no ones garbage. Thats the Sami I love, the one that when backed into a corner comes out swinging. Seems I’m not the only one. EJ said to her back in 2010 “Its one of the things I absolutely can’t stand about you but strangely enough it is also one of the things that I absolutely love about you!” I say ditto to that EJ.
    As for Sami acting more like a Dimera than a Brady… hasn’t it always been that way? Sami was getting herself into all sorts of trouble way before EJ came on the scene. Think about all the things she got up to and did for her own selfish reasons. Thats why the girl was known as the “black sheep” of the family.
    One scene on that subject though that brings a smile to my dial is when Ejami went to visit Dr Baker at the police station. I remember Sami was still fuming when they got home and said to EJ if he had killed him there on the spot she would have cheered him on. As she left a smile came to EJs face and he said “Spoken like a true Dimera!” Thats the chemistry and dynamics Ejami have that us Ejami fans love.

  172. From Leah

    #167 MAB Thanks for the post. I’m not surprised Alison blogged that. She and James have been well aware of the huge fanbase Ejami has. I think that is why they acted so happily through their scenes in the last few days. They knew they were making a fanbase very happy and what they had longed to see for so, so long. I think it must have been a relief to them as actors also. I remember James stating once that the most asked question he would get from fans was “When are EJ and Sami getting together?” James said it was frustrating for both him and their fans as he simply could not give them an answer. So again thank you Alison and James. The chemistry you two have brings Ejami alive and make them so enjoyable to watch. Flaws and all.

  173. From Leah

    One THING EJ has always had is confidence in himself. EJ was never threatened by Lucas and now he’s not with Rafe. Whether its been Austin, Lucas or Rafe in Samis life EJ didn’t really care. They were NOT his competition. The whole thing for EJ was about Sami. About Sami being truthful to herself about her feelings for him, about Sami admitting it, about Sami giving into it, about Sami not being afraid to go for it with him, about Sami forgetting about family expectations and trying to make everyone else happy etc etc. As EJ said on Monday “I always knew you and I would get back together eventually.” Yep EJs always had confidence in himself and their love. Sami FINALLY acknowledging it has been there since day 1 and how she always would come back to him must have been music to his ears. EJ saw Sami had finally accepted it and wasn’t trying to fight it any longer. No EJ you weren’t nuts and either were us fans who saw it either. Go Ejami and Ejamily :)

  174. From SandyGram

    Episode Thursday February 8th:
    Wasn’t that interesting how the writers filled in a back story for Will shooting EJ. Now they’ve involved ‘T’ as knowing the secret. Just another avenue Nick can use to try to prove to a child protective services group that Will would not be a fit father for his baby girl Gabi is carrying. In Will and Lucas’s conversation Lucas was talking about evidence at the Horton Cabin and Will’s finger prints being all over the gun and bullets. If I’m not mistaken the bullets that went in to EJ’s back were never removed and according to EJ he has the gun, so I’m not sure what physical evidence there would be. Will could have visited that Cabin many times since the day of the shooting leaving behind his finger prints. I suppose when the crap hits the fan Nick will find a way to blackmail ‘T’ into breaking Will’s trust on what he knows. I do know EJ will never spill the beans, but I’m not so sure about Stefano. I was happy to see Will backed off on talking to ‘T’ and as ‘T’ said he may not have been so nice lately but he is his friend and he can trust him. The young boy in the flashback scene’s with Lucas was actually Chandler Massey’s brother.

    Loved the scene’s with the party hardy group. Jenn and Kristen looked gorgeous in their clubbing clothes. Unfortunately this one night of pleasure is going to lead to another big bump in the road for Daniel and Jenn, or maybe even end the relationship. He’s treating her just like he did Chloe when Kate and Vivian was turning Chloe into an emotional wreck, but this time ready to put blame on Jenn for something Chloe has started.

    What’s going on with Gabi and Will just goes to show us just how influential outsiders can be. If Nick wasn’t so controlling of Gabi, Sami wasn’t such a busy body and Sonny wasn’t walking around hating Gabi…a paternity test wouldn’t be necessary. Gabi wants Will in their daughters life. But then I’m sure the writers will turn it all into a ‘do over’ of all of Sami’s kids birth and their paternity tests.

  175. From Kat

    161 MAB

    great stuff MAB,
    I agree about EJ and the FBI coat….
    EJ is happy and he knows that He Loves his happy Son more than he despises Rafe…There you have it…
    It takes a parent to think and feel that way.
    What would Rafe know about that kind of love.
    all he knows is how to “steal” kids….
    EJ again proved that he put his kids first, when he gave Sami full custody of them…

    Only a Man with total confidence in himself, would feel totally comfortable wearing a pink shirt, LOL.
    I agree about Sonny, dating Brian now, who needs him….and look, how quick Sonny ditched Will…
    and Will was willing to give up His Child for that guy…
    So every time Will and Sonny would have had a problem, Sonny would have been gone….
    Will, your child is from now on No. 1…
    and like MAB said, and I totally agree,
    make it legal not just for yourself, but for your child. Tell the world, on paper, legally, that this is your child now and forever.

    Do you ever want your daughter to ask you some day, Dad, why am I not Legally your Daughter, why Dad…..

    MAB, so right, ever since Rafe’s encounter with Sami at the church, and the other day,

    what a low jerk he is. To throw stuff like that into the woman’s face,things she told you in deepest trust and confidence.
    There are some things a man/husband should respect no matter what….

    So I hear, Rafe and Kate like their Naked Nookie, LOL. Well the woman must be good, lord she is a professional, and she has a resume,
    100 miles long…
    There is Rafe again, sharing DiMera’s left overs, from Fatha and Son this time.

    I agree, Chloe’s statement about Parker missing Dan if gone overnight….stupid, poor writing I think…

    What I enjoyed most of all, and some did not get the point IMO,
    about the FBI Jacket, when our Sami… I said our Sami, right away without even thinking flipped out, it was EJ, as so many times in the past….
    that calmed her down and made her think with reason.. and now the great part about all this,,,
    she did listen to him, thought about it, and agreed with him.
    EJ is good for her, same when she flipped when she first heard about Will/gay….
    it was EJ that made her think rationally…
    I truly enjoy Sami with EJ,, they are meant to be together, they are good for each other….in so many ways.
    It will be up and down, and rough, whatever, but those two will master the storms and come through together, as a Family….Finally

  176. From Kat

    In all fairness, I have to say, not only Rafe is getting left overs,… EJ did also….
    he had it with Kate, a Kiriakis and Stefano…etc. leftover,
    he had it with Nicole, God how many did have her…

    EJ and Rafe could get drunk and compare Notes….. LOL for sure.

  177. From grandma to many

    who could bring up little girl Hernandez , Horton , Brady ,whatever best ? Let’s Mommy is a criminal , Daddy is a criminal , Step Daddy is a criminal , Grandma is a criminal , Grandpa served time for attempted murder even if he didn’t do it , Great grandma Marlana is too distraught , Great Grandpa Roman is invisible as well as Grandma Hernandez , Uncle Rafe offers support to criminals , Great Grandma Kate was a call girl , Great great Grandma Caroline switches dna results Uncle Johnny , Aunts Sidney and Allie are too young ? I guess Sonny is the only logical choice :)

  178. From patty

    Leah, that is not confidence you see in EJ, that is arrogance and conceit. He thinks everybody else is beneath him, and that is not just when it comes to Sami’s other men. Why do you think he doesn’t have a friend in town? If he never saw Rafe as the competition, why did he try so hard to “get rid” of him all this time?
    Kat, what would Rafe know about that kind of love? He knew enough that he cared for those children as if they were his own, protected them with his life when Allie’s safety was threatened and used against him, searched for missing Johnny tirelessly while his mommy and daddy were having sex, searched high and low to get them little penguins and an FBI jacket, read them stories, played with them ,packed their lunches, brought them to school…all the stuff that any loving father would do and those children still love him for it. Why do you think little Johnny asked EJ if Rafe was coming over? Because he’s still waiting for Rafe to spend more time with them like his mother promised him. The poor boy has no way of knowing that his mother is a liar and has already switched her feelings to another man overnight, even though he should be used to it by now poor thing. And real men don’t wear pink.
    As for Rafe and Kate drunk and next morning sex, I have no clue where the writers are going with that, but they are both unattached and consenting adults so have at it. Rafe is getting no worse than what he had. Kate/Sami, same difference except one matured, the other one never will.
    SandyGram, isn’t it amazing how with every sordid crime that has been committed in Salem, Will’s is the only one that ever comes up again over and over. This is getting ridiculous. Now they are adding new evidence that wasn’t there when Lucas took the rap for Will . With all the hinting around about what Gabi did, it is starting to look like both Will and Gabi could be behind bars when this child is born while the rest of the idiots keep on fighting for a child that no one is fit to raise anyway. Except maybe Rafe or Grandma Caroline,but she’s done her share.

  179. From Kat

    176 grandma to many,,,, what a hoot, I love your post…
    you nailed it,
    everybody in Salem is a criminal,

    or they are to old, like Maggie,
    she was Parker one moment, talked to Chloe and the next second Parker is burning up with fever.
    Maggie, 30 secs. earlier, saw nothing wrong with the kid….

    Somebody earlier mentioned, and I have thought about it myself,
    they should somehow make Gaby Rafe’s bio daughter.

    He is old enough to have her, maybe then we could find out why Rafe was raised in the convent…
    maybe he got a girl pregnant as a teen, went to the convent, and Mama H. without ever telling Rafe took in Gaby, Rafe’s baby, and claimed it as her own.
    That would explain Mama’s absence…
    would give Rafe and Gaby a little bit more substance, etc. and it would make him a Grandpa.
    And we could learn a bit more about Rafe’s past, that he seems to guard with his life, almost… He left Sami before, rather than talking about his past.
    What do you Ladies think about that…

  180. From patty

    Kat, while you keep on counting who’s had who and who’s leftovers they’re getting, aren’t you forgetting how many men Sami has had and who’s getting sloppy seconds now?

  181. From Leah

    I giggled at reading your post #176 grandma to many. How true! Great to see we can still have a sense of humour through it all.

  182. From gerri

    #179…..funny remark,about Sami,and the guys getting “”"Sloppy Seconds”".
    and I agree that EJ’S looks,are arrogance,and I’m better than everyone.

    we see Rafe’s devotion,to Sami’s children,one way,and others see another way,he has spent more time with them,than EJ ever has ,He protected them and Sami herself,from EJ( at her request)..

    the writers do some strange things,Parker being fine,one min,and having a fever of”" 105″ degrees,the next.of course Jenn will get the blame,that Daniel couldn’t be reached,,my question,did he not tell Maggie,where they would be?and Chloe didn’t call her.There Is always the possibility,of phone service being unavailable.

    But If Daniel lets Chloe get away with this,Jenn needs to give up on him,and move on.she deserve much better.

    Rafe and Kate,a digusting thought,I’m thinking writers went with her,Instead of maybe Nicole,or a younger person,because they would get a much bigger reaction from Sami,because of her and Kate’s hatred for each other.Oh well time will tell…

    Even tho Will is seeming to be all concerned and wrapped up,in the baby,he admitted he was ready to give up the baby,for Sonny,and appears to still feel that way,to me,he’s acting like a love sick,school boy,He Is too young and Inmature to be a dad anyway.
    and Nick Is crazy and needs to be out of the picture,so If Gabi does carry the baby to term,and delivers her,I can’t think of where this S/L will go.

  183. From Richard

    The nurse with Chloe, must have given Parker a dose of what ever she was going to give to Jennifer.
    I thought that I heard Will say, in the flashback, that he remembered pulling the trigger and hearing the “click”. Doesn’t that mean that the gun didn’t fire.
    It don’t mean too much to me, since I have always believed that both times that EJ was shot, was both faked, set up by Stefano and Kate.
    Always have and still believe that Roman is a bad guy and has bugs on Hope, Marlena and John. When he went to Kristen’s room, I believe that he was giving Kristen a heads-up, as to Marlena’s purpose for being there.

  184. From Leah

    Well one thing I know Rafe was pretty quick to jump on and dish out judgements on both Johnny and Sydney to Sami at/in the church. And that my friends was pretty desperate, horrible and pathetic. Fancy doing that or saying that about young kids. Talk about underhanded!
    Seems like Rafe is all over them (the kids) when he thinks its gunna get him in Sami good books and her in the sack with him but when its not working out for Rafe… then the truth and what he truly feels/thinks then comes tumbling out. Is this a case of looking sweet on the outside but all bitter and twisted on the inside? Maybe. Certainly Jekyll and Hyde type stuff. At least with Ejami what you see is what you get and they are consistant in it.

  185. From Leah

    Patty I’m sorry I totally disagree with you… I could debate with you but I think there’s no point. You hate EJ and will never acknowledge or see any good in him. He could go door knocking for the Red Cross and you would think of some sordid motive he had. So I’ll just leave it at that. In my opinion EJ is confident and I think Sami likes that. She certainly seemed to on Thursday anyway. For EJ its never been about the other men, its always been about him and Sami – fullstop!

  186. From CM

    There’s not a single storyline I give a rip about right now. Daniel and Jennifer don’t fit together at all (are we SURE Jack is dead?) Then we have the PSA for gay rights that Days has become. Anyone that doesn’t wholeheartedly embrace homosexuality is portrayed as a “bigot” or “intolerant.” Anyway, not a gay rant. Well, I will have to say I’m curious about how the heck they’re going to explain MIA Bo.

  187. From bobby

    #181 gerri I agree about Jen and Dr.Dan. He knows what Chloe is up to and she had already cried “wolf” once. Not to mention her calling Jen the liar. Here she was, ready to spike Jen’s drink, but that’s o.k.? And poor Will. What a mess. People just waiting in line to run his life. Needs to get a backbone. This new baby is going to be another Salem basket case. It’s the reason that people who live there shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

  188. From Linda

    SandyGram, patty, gerri, bobby – not much more to say after your posts. I feel the same as all of you. I would just punctuate that I see no evidence that Rafe hates Will or even blames him for anything – but of course Rafe is looking out for his sister after everything Sami threatened – Sami hates Gabi, though, and it’s more about Gabi than Sami sensing anything off with Nick – Rafe has loved Sami’s kids and took care of them and spent time with them even more so than EJ or Lucas, hence the bond Johnny formed with Rafe – EJ has ALWAYS been threatened by Rafe and up to one thing or another to remove him from the picture – Jen needs to give Dan the heave-ho big time – I would like a s/l like patty mentioned earlier where Rafe and Kate go after Nick – and oh, my, the scenes with the party group were such fun. Kristen and Jen looked beautiful and Kristen was a hoot.

    Will, your need to get strong and stand up for yourself over and above everyone who is speaking for you. Decide exactly how you want to handle all this and go for it!

    Richard #182, good point about the click.

  189. From Linda

    Oops, I forgot one thing. Lucas thinking Nick could have sent the text but loyal friend Will brushed off the idea. Hope Lucas goes back to it!!

  190. From patty

    Leah, and you must really hate Rafe to think he’s this Jekyll and Hyde personality that is using Sami’s children to get her in the sack and is this horrible and underhanded person because nothing is further from the truth. He doesn’t seek out the kids, they seek him out and run to him when they see him because they love him and want to spend time with him. I don’t see what Rafe told Sami at the church that remotly sounded like he was dishing out judgement on the kids, he told Sami she is screwing up their lives which is a pretty fair assumption since Will would attest that she screwed up his.
    Rafe ripping into Sami is just him giving as good as he got all those years getting stomped on and putting up with her crap. He hasn’t told her one thing that isn’t true or that she didn’t deserve to hear. Her disdain towards him is a lot less deserved than his towards her but that doesn’t stop her from hurling hurtful things at him or trying to make him look like he’s the bad guy now that she “chose” newly upstanding paragon of virtue EJ Demira. Rafe did nothing wrong but stand up for his sister and trying to blame Rafe for any of this doesn’t even make sense. Him wanting to protect his sister is all her sudden hateful attitude towards Rafe is based on, shows how shallow she is.

  191. From Kat

    First of all patty, the point I tried to make, that All of them, with maybe not Tom Alice,
    do live on Left overs”… LOL
    They all have been with Others, and others, and then You, and again there will be others….
    So much for the hand me downs or left over, which ever one prefers.

    Now about the love of a Parent…
    no matter how long a list some will write, about Rafe and his love for all of Sami’s kids…

    First let down, Will, lots of parental love there,
    He should have been the Same.. with Gaby and Will….but no, after all Will is not Blood,,, but Gaby is “HIS SISTER”, Will is ONLY Sami’s child,….
    EJ in a heartbeat would give His Life for His children,
    now let’s see if Rafe would,
    not just today, or tomorrow, but even in years from now,
    when he has moved on, has his own Family, bio children…whatever,

    who would any of you bet on, would give up his life for His Children…
    EJ or Rafe.

    A Parent is for Life, a Step parent, …not always,…..
    is for the moment when he is happy with the Mother,
    and even then, I would not take bets, that they would be just as ready to give up their live,, like the parent does..
    Even before Rafe and Sami split up for good, did Rafe Ever ask, to have the kids for a sleep over, take them to a movie, anything, except running into them somewhere..
    EJ always has treated Will right, sure young stupid Will tried to mess with EJ,
    and EJ taught him some very valuable lessons, and I think Will learned a lot.
    Now Will again should listen to EJ, and “his Mom”,,
    Rafe sure does not even want Will to entertain the thought of Legal Shared Custody… what is it with that guy, always
    having a problem with “Fathers”.

    So to summaries my point..
    yes I think Rafe does love the kids,

    but EJ, does love them totally and unconditionally , for the Rest of their Lives…

    Wouldn’t it be ironic, if Nick’s bad deed, could turn out to clear Will, and Lucas in Hind site. Stranger things have happened on this show.

    183 Leah, good one….Rafe “loves” them or gives them attention, when times are good.

    Looking forward to seeing Kate and Rafe.

    I guess, we all voiced our opinions, fair enough…. Nobody is right,nobody is wrong, all the time…just having fun.

  192. From Kat

    Let’s have “wine” and cheese party for Rafe…poor thing..
    and before that, let’s “burn” Sami the “.itch” of Salem in the Horton square. Isn’t Salem the home of Witches….
    Oh and what the Heck, let’s burn EJ, the warlock, right with her…
    give people some Happiness,
    and then make poor Rafe, the Saint” of Salem, and worship at his “altar”… Not, in my Opinion… LOL
    I know EJ and Sami have done terrible things, but Rafe the “saint” has been down off his pedestal, More, than He has been ON.

  193. From Maryl

    #191 Kat–thanks for a good laugh!!
    Saint Rafe’s halo has become slightly tarnished and after Kate gets “through” with him, it’s not just the halo that will be slightly “tarnished”.lol! Rafe may walk around Salem telling everyone that he also experienced the “best night of his life”! This is the one time I am looking forward to seeing Rafe in a sl!

    The writers are bound to be getting some feedback from the blogs on this site! I hear the actors using expressions and remarks that I have read many times on these blogs. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but it sure looks questionable sometimes. Example of one thing that I have noticed is EJ wearing the pink shirt. It’s as if they know how it “works” the Rafe fans into always commenting on it and using it to demean EJ’s manhood! lol! I can just picture James Scott when wardrobe hands him the pink shirt–he probably knows exactly why and that he needs to strut his stuff because EJ will be noticed! I think EJ can wear any color he pleases because a color is not what makes him a man and he knows it. And EJ is definitely All man! He is a very imposing figure who is so dangerously handsome that it’s no wonder Sami can’t stay away from him!

  194. From Leah

    Love the Days promo for this week… “SAMI IS FINALLY WITH THE MAN THAT SHE LOVES.” Aaahhh, thats music to my ears!

  195. From Vivian

    We keep rehashing EJ-Sami-Rafe-Nicole-Daniel-Jennifer-Chloe-Lucas, etc….1)What happened with the storyline when Doug and Julie took off to Africa on Alice’s Money Trail? 2)The reason for the demise of Rafe’s first love? 3)John’s search for the money that Stefano took from EJ that was John’s that belonged to the Retirement Funds?…and for my two cents worth….I don’t think Hope knows where Bo is at. Wonder if Nick inherited some of his Mom’s mental illness? Whatever happened to Nick’s wife…he was married before…..??

  196. From Maryl

    PS I have to add that I think EJ always looks like a Rolls Royce while Rafe looks like a Yugo.

  197. From Leah

    #187 Linda, what you are smoking? Rafe has spent more time with the kids than EJ or Lucas? What the? WRONG! I think you need to go back and watch some reruns. The ONLY male who has been consistant in those kids lives and been there for Johnny, Sydney and Allie since day 1 is EJ. And that is a fact, sorry you choose not to see it. Unfathomable really.
    I will give you since returning to Salem Lucas has been more involved in Allies life. But EJ has always been the primary care giver of both Johnny and Sydney. Look at the year or so Sami spent in the WWP. It was EJ who was looking after the kids. It was only when EJ gave Sami fully custody that he saw less of the kids for a short period of time but Sami soon came to her senses and realised the kids needed their father in their lives. Sami herself has said over and over and OVER AGAIN EJ is a great father!
    #184 Patty I’ve said Rafes character is a Jekyll and Hyde type for years. What you see is what you get with him DEPENDING on which way the wind is blowing and depending on what Rafe wants. It grates me terribly his hypocrisy. What its ok for him and Sami to ship the kids off to Grandma Carolines and other sleep overs when he’s getting the benefit from it all but not for Sami to do it with the man she loves EJ? The absolute worse time Safe did it was on Ejamis wedding day. The kids were so happy and then were yanked out of there (Johnny refusing to go) then upset and shaken dumped off at Grandma Carolines with no explanations. That was the low and equalled pathetic. Yep Rafes a hypocrite and all bitter and twisted. So yes I stand by that comment. And no I do not hate Rafe just his attitude and behaviour sometimes. As far as Rafe and the kids are concerned I hope the writers keep that relationship going. As long as Rafe is NOT going to use it to spew out his issues with Sami and Ejami like he did the other day. EJ definitely was the one showing more maturity between the two. EJ was saying “Yes Johnny may love Rafe and yes I may not like the fact that he is going to give Johnny another FBI jacket, I may not like it but I understand how Rafe feels aobut Johnny and Sydney.” Whereas Rafe was yelling at Sami for shipping the kids off here and there so she could have sex with EJ. And when she mentioned they had talked he got abusive again and right up in her face and said “Talking, really? Is that what you were doing all night? Yeah, right.” Yep EJ handled it more maturely… yep EJ won hands down! Another tick in the box for him.

  198. From Cougar

    Maryl Rolls vs. Yugo, you are too, too funny my friend! Love it. However to be fair to Rafe I always thought that he could clean up pretty good; more the blue collar type appeal.

  199. From patty

    Kat, not sure about the point you were trying to make but Rafe is the least of Will’s problems right now. He is not siding with Gabi over Will, last we saw they were cool and hugged and were happy about the baby. I don’t see where you get the idea that Rafe doesn’t want to entertain the idea of shared custody, Will and Gabi already agreed on shared custody as far as Rafe knows. What Will and Gabi object to is the custody battle that Sami is pushing for. That is what Rafe went to warn his sister about, Sami’s threats to take action against Gabi and hints at going for full custody because of Nick’s past. If Rafe is suppose to treat Will the same as Gabi,
    then what gives with Sami treating Gabi like dirt since right up to the wedding she considered Gabi her family.
    As for EJ giving his life for his children, that is what is expected of any father, even though in his case we seen him put their lives in danger more than protect them. We don’t know that Rafe ever took the kids to the movies because we didn’t see it just like we never saw EJ do it either. EJ didn’t always treat Will right, he blackmailed Will with the same thing that he is being blackmailed with now by Nick , but at least Nick has the excuse of being a nutjob. I guess EJ’s life lessons to Will didn’t work very good because Will is still acting young and stupid, is gullible and naive, has no confidence and thinks of himself as a screw up. Not to mention he was willing to give up his child to hold on to a man. So much for his mentor.
    The only ones that have put Rafe on a pedestal are EJamis so they can knock him off with a bunch of fabrications. Rafe is not perfect but he was a good father to those children and has never used them for anything. There is nothing anyone can say that will change that, not even Sami because she has said so plenty of times . That is why EJ wanted him gone because he was afraid Rafe was taking his place in his children’s life, I could provide the proof of that if I felt up to it.

  200. From Cleara

    I agree with you CM, except I am enjoying watching the Kristen/Brady debacle and laughing at Kristen–except I hate to see the weak gullible character of Brady. I find Eric and Nicole interesting and wondering if he might save her, or will she seduce the last “good” man in Salem to partake in lustful carnal pleasures with Misty Circle.

    The best part is when Victor is on screen as delivers his witticisms!

  201. From bobby

    Between Kristen and Kate-the cougars are alive and doing well. This show sure has a mixture of couples. And they’re always in bed. When do we get a transvestite? Wasn’t Vivian’s companion known to dress up once in awhile” Boy, the people that backed Nick at his parole and got him out are going to have egg on their faces. Even ultra-shrink Marlena defended him. Melanie made the right decision when she left town.

  202. From gerri

    the words on your blogs,goes so deeply,telling the truth,about the family life(or lack there of)of EJ
    and his children.he can say one thing,and mean something else.

    Rafe’s past with Sami and her children can be discussed over and over,but his actions tell me all I need to know.

    I get the idea,that EJ’s past deeds,don’t need to be talked,about,since he’s a changed man now,but one’s past is always there ,and helps shape your present,as well as your future.

    I don’t understand how the great fatherly love, EJ claims to have,and not protect,but put his children’s lives in danger,with Robo Rafe,being sent to live with them.and this great father,rushed to the chapel to pray,and made promises to God,re-Johnny’s recovery from eye surgery,
    only to break his heart,by telling him,his mother didn’t really love him,If this was love, I’ve been mistaken all my life,on exactly what love Is.

    I hope Rafe can remain a part of their lives,if he’s refused at some point,out of spite,from Sami,and EJ I won’t be shocked,but it will prove my point.their love,for the children Is nothing but fake……


  203. From Maryl

    #197 Cougar–yeah, if we cleaned up Rafe, we might could elevate him to a Dodge PU!! Now that’s a blue collar man’s truck in Texas, so I’m being generous here!(Even my husband drives one! Ha!)

    I think Caroline’s eyes were opened a bit in the way she saw Rafe the morning he was eating his breakfast at the pub. I really didn’t see her supporting him so much as others did. As a matter of fact, I thought she got a little perturbed with Rafe for pointing his finger at Will as being the only one who was irresponsible in getting Gabi pregnant–no blame on Gabi, only on Will. Caroline let him know that humans make mistakes. She went on to say that Sami, Will, and Gabi were human and she then added Rafe to the list too. All he did was mumble some sort of agreement to what she said but he didn’t apologize for his accusation of Will–unless I missed that. Caroline had a different look on her face after that and that’s when she let him know that if he can’t forgive Sami and get his act together to win her back, than someone else would–meaning EJ. Caroline knows EJ accepts Sami the way she is and never gives up on her. So I kind of read her “support” of Rafe to look more like a warning to him. And of course, we do know the outcome.

  204. From Luvtoteach

    I am really enjoying watching days lately. A good turn around in the stories from a year ago.
    Nick: history seems to be repeating itself with his obsessive nature. He was so obsessed with Melanie that it led to many bad events. Everyone seems to have blamed it on the meds. Truly a little psycho. Beware gabby. Blake is a talented actor.
    Kristen: good move days for bringing her back. She can be so funny at times and then so dramatic. I’m looking forward to seeing her play Susan. What a hoot!!

  205. From Leah

    It seems some of you posters have more insight into EJs parenting and parenting skills than the writers or characters do themselves – its hilarious to read your blogs!
    Fact… It is written and been acted over and over again that EVERYONE in Salem knows EJ (and for that matter Sami) love their kids and who do anything for them. For years we’ve seen so many storylines revolving around this. What lengths Ejami would go to for THEIR KIDS. So I’m sorry but some of you are just barking up the wrong tree with this one.
    FACT…. Rafe was the stepfather he’s never been their dad. Something some of you might not like but something Johnny, Allie and Sydney are fully aware of.

  206. From Leah

    Heres one for you… Do you acknowledge Rafe was pumping Johnny for information on Sami the other morning at breakfast? LOL

  207. From Leah

    #201 Maryl, the other thing I picked up on from the scene between Grandma Caroline and Rafe the other day was… Sami had put thought into and planned and premediatated what she had hoped would be the outcome of her meeting with EJ. In others words Sami was hoping EJ would accept her apology and explanation and then the two of them could spend some time and the night together. Samis intentions spoke both loud and clear to Grandma Caroline and Rafe. Both realised “Oh it not you!”

  208. From Kat

    We just got home, and I had to read on here. LOL
    Maryl, I just love your posts.. was laughing so hard, I almost chocked….
    I think I have a new name for Rafe.. Yugo… I just love it…
    Ok, everybody, I am having some fun…

    Oh patty, give me a break, Rafe is on Gaby’s side all the way,
    and No,
    he was not pleased when Sami mentioned Shared Custody… he was against it,
    that is when She got mad, and threw at him…. that because of Nick’s record… Will could go for total custody.. Facts…..

    Maryl, I agree about Caroline….

    Ok, for LOL, are some of you trying to claim .. that Rafe loves the kids more, than their Father EJ does….
    give me a break,
    Rafe will move on in his life, get his own life going,
    and then, Lordy, Lord,
    EJ will still be their Dad, for the rest of their Lives….Mama Mia, …
    EJ does love his kids….
    If I was Johnny or Sidney, I would bet my life on Daddy,,, not Rafe… not saying Rafe does not love these kids, but Life of those kids. can be very very long………………..and a Dad and a Mom are forever….

    If Rafe had ever wanted/or taken the Kids, this is one thing, I am sure, the writers would have made a point to put into the SL…

    They showed him crawling around Sami a lot…
    but Never the Kids, why…. they could have done that, if they had wanted to…
    they sure made it a point, when Rafe happened to run into the kids by Accident…
    Whoopy Do Da…..I say….

    patty, Sami went all out for Gaby and the Wedding, and yes Nick,
    but when she found out, about the baby,
    well our Sami blew, that’s her, surprise,
    and I would have blow too….What a shocker,
    I have a grandson, to think that somehow, I could have missed out on his life,
    …. Nick, Will and Gaby would have heard me loud and clear, whether they liked it or not…. immed. response…LOL

    Well Ladies, still having so much fun,
    had lunch with my friends again today..
    of course we talked partly about DOOL, so much fun, because some of us see it differently, just like on here. But we had to laugh so much, almost chocked at times….

  209. From Kat

    202, 203 Leah,,,,So right my dear lady……Ask the Kids, who they want … Mom and Dad EJ, or Mom and Rafe……. And I think everybody on here, if they are honest, knows the answer to that question…..Mom and Dad…remember when they looked through the window…. the “Dance” etc.
    I am looking forward to see some scenes
    when the Family is finally together at home, loving and secure….

  210. From gerri

    It’s also quite hilarious,to read comments,praising EJ for his parenting skills,which he has proven he has none,except while trying to impress Sami..
    so guess I’ll just keep on barking,but not up the wrong tree.

    It’s ok,that some of us have different opinions,I’ll state mine along with everyone else stating theirs,nothing wrong with that.

  211. From Leah

    Rubbish! Don’t know what show your watching but it must be with one eye. LOL
    Anyway not gonna debate that one anymore seems senseless. Those kids love their dad. You can see they love it when they are together as a happy family. Interesting to note young Johnny (without being told) picked up on the difference in his dad “Daddy you look so happy today.” I can see when they tell Johnny about being back together he is going to be SO excited and have a BIG grin from ear to ear… just like he did when he saw mommy and daddy kissing through the window on NYE. Looks like at long last Johnny is going to get his wish with the picture he drew (in 2010) of his family. It was of his dad EJ, his mom Sami, and himself. Yay!

  212. From Donna

    @kat I believe nichole has already been with eric when they were younger that is when sammy first started hating nichole because she broke erics heart when kate paid her to marry lucas if i remember right. Nick is a lunatic he has been manipulating gabby and will from the jump he is the one who convinced will that it was best for everybody and the baby if him and gabby raised the baby as thiers and I’m sorry the fact gabby has not put him in his place about calling the baby his sammy has every right to be concerned about the custody she is the only person who doesnt know what gabby has done but knows not to trust her. I am just hoping that if it comes to nick spilling the beans about will that chad and sonny will make sure that they are willing to do what they need to do as far as spilling the beans about gabby. Truth needs to come out about her. This would be a good time for ej to actually act like a dimera. I like dr dan and jenn together but he really is just plain dumb. he deserves to be miserable. They could try to put jenn with brady or even rafe

  213. From Donna

    @patty do you think you could bash on sammy anymore. I was a safe fan when they first got together but rafe is a hypocrit. He should not be a cop he not only tried to help sammy keep ej from his child did the same with nichole. Sammy has made many mistakes but rafe is far from perfect. I don’t even like rafe much anymore. He thinks he is perfect and that his decieving sister is perfect as well. You have a very narrow view on the entire show anything wrong with any sl is somehow sammys fault. I bet you think that it is sammy’s fault that jen lied to chloe about going to Chicago.

  214. From Kat

    209 Donna,
    you are right, I believe,
    Nicole met Eric when she worked at, was it Java cafe, it was at the Mall or something. She really loved Eric, (maybe some of that love is resurfacing)

    but then the 5 Million from Kate came into play, and she married Lucas…..

  215. From Barb

    Insight into characters goes both ways. So much “insight” goes on about Rafe’s true intentions no matter what is seen onscreen. Great imagination!
    I’d say Rafe was the best dad Sami’s kids ever had. Which is sometimes the case with stepparents who come into the picture and are the best parent of all. I think Rafe was even a better parent than Sami was/is. Rafe jumped in with both feet as a stepdad and he did it all without Mary’s help! He not only had fun with the kids but he did all the mundane things. The stuff Mary does at the mansion! And he did it out of love for the kids and they love him back. (Not saying they don’t love their dad. Kids’ hearts are big enough for everybody. But someday the kids will grow up and find out all about EJ.) Sami ruined it all with Rafe, for her kids and herself. Rafe isn’t perfect, no one has said he is, but he has never done evil things like EJ has. Rafe’s my favorite guy on the show because he is who he is. No pretending or putting on airs for his own benefit or to falsely please anyone. Same with bending the law, always to benefit someone else.
    I liked Ejami at first but after he coherced her into sex at gunpoint before he would help save Lucas, gosh, somehow their twosome lost its luster for me. Not to mention everything else EJ has done to her. I know on soaps, the unforgivable is forgiven for romance sake, and I have gone along with a lot of it on a lot of soaps over the years, but this Ejami pairing is not even remotely believable for me, let alone anything romantic. But I don’t want Sami with Rafe anymore, either. Sad for her kids!

    I feel the same way as some and Sami has no clue about Nick. It’s her dislike (hate?) for Gabi now that’s driving her. Gabi lied to her. But so did Will lie to her! One thing about Sami, she can’t stand it to be out of the loop!

    Kristen was so funny Fri. If she wasn’t such an evil witch I could like her. The actress must be having fun. Kristen would be a good one to give Jen pointers on holding on to Dan. But if Jen has to lower herself to those lengths, I say get rid of him! Dan and Brady both need brain management!!

    Those are MO and I’m sticking to them!

  216. From patty

    Wow! EJami’s are getting ever so bold among themselves in their trashing of Rafe and blaming everything on him to try to make EJ and Sami look like the upstanding people they are not. Telling posters they must be smoking something or blind in one eye, calling their posts rubish and narrow minded, referring to smells and social class (that smells a lot like something I won’t even mention) which certainly doesn’t sound like open mindedness to me. Still all of it doesn’t change the well known fact that EJ is lower than a snake on any scale to the citizens of Salem and that everybody knows what a unreliable and screwed up person Sami is. Nor does it change the fact that Rafe was a good father and that the children love him. As a matter of fact, I think if Johnny or any of Sami’s chidren were to draw a picture now, they would probably draw all three men in there because that is what they know. And I wouldn’t be surprised little Johnny asks about Rafe when he finds out his parents are together or for his FBI jacket. Not all of Salem are going to jump for joy at them being together because all of them would rather see her with Rafe, especially Caroline and if you saw anything different when she talked to Rafe, you must be blind in both eye. What she expressed to Rafe was her fear that it if it wasn’t him , it would be EJ. Caroline knows how volatile her grandaughter is and wants what is best for her, which in her opinion and everybody else’s is Rafe, not EJ.
    @Donna, unless you haven’t watched this show for long, you know what both EJ and Sami have done and are capable of and you know that Rafe’s faults don’t even compare . Rafe helped Sami keep her children from EJ because she wanted to have them protected from EJ, true fact that can’t be changed. The only rule Rafe broke is covering up for her sorry a$$ when she shot the father of her children in the head. Nobody says Rafe is perfect and it doesn’t matter if you like him or not just like it’s my right to like or dislike who I want. Trashing characters is allowed on this site but baiting other posters is not.

    Please send us any posts that you feel are going against the guidelines instead of confronting an entire fanbase for doing something one may have done. Contact us at contact – at- with the link, post #, poster’s name and the post in question. Thank-you. Admin

  217. From Maryl

    #210 Donna–great observation!

    We can also add that EJ is held responsible or suspected of every thing that goes wrong in Salem. Another reason that Sami and EJ being together is so right–they can stifle all the hyprocrits who think they have the right to judge them and tell them who they should love and make a life with. All EJ and Sami need to do is make a loving stable home for their children and the heck with all those Salemites who as EJ so eloquently stated, “live in their glass houses”! It will take Sami a while to rise above the need to please her family, but I think she will get there. I also believe that inch by inch, her family will start to see what EJ and Sami really have together–a love that can’t be denied!

  218. From patty

    Excellent post Barb and you said it all brilliantly!
    Maryl , do you really think everybody in Salem is wrong about them and only EJ and Sami are right? The rest of Salem doesn’t have blinders on and know exactly what a disaster they are together. Grandma Caroline, Marlena, John, Roman, Brady, Lucas, Will, Hope, Kayla, Rafe, they are just hypocrites who are only around to judge poor Sami and EJ and their disapproval is not justified based on what they have seen EJami do to each other in the past, not to mention what EJ and the Demiras have put these people through? What they saw was a happy and halfway decent human being when she was with Rafe and her suffering at the hands of the man she’s now sleeping with. Why would they consider accepting EJ with open arms now just because Sami changed her fickle mind once again?

  219. From gerri

    Patty,and Barb,
    you both said It all once again.
    Gosh I must not have cleaned the rose colored glasses,that I’m looking through,because apparently,I’m missing seeing,what others see.Oh Well,life goes on.

    Watching Days,and seeing how the S/L’s unfold,makes me think ahead,It’s not close to ending,because,It will be like watching all the sitcoms,and movies,two things will happen,the bad people will completely do a “”180″” or they will finally pay for their crimes,on that I will say,EJ is no where close to making that ”180”,a lot of drama Is yet to be played out,and he is fooling,lot’s of people,at the top Is Sami,and what a fall she will take,for buying into his promises.

    I agree Rafe has not been,”Snow White”but his actions,that the writers have written for him,has been to protect,those that he loves(including Sami)and her kids,along with helping Nicole during her pregnancy,because Sami and Nicole both knew,the threat that EJ and Stefano were.

    So when I see a post ,that even tho my name isn’t mentioned,that the remarks were aimed at me,I will respond,nothing changes,we all have the right to our opinions,without anyone’s being called”"Rubbish”"

  220. From SandyGram

    In Post #173 I commented on what evidence the SPD might have from the time EJ was shot. After a gentle reminder, I now remember Will didn’t do his gun practice at the Horton Cabin. It was at the Cabin where the SPD found all the trash as if a bunch of teens had been there and some bullet shells. But still again, although Lucas confessed, you would of thought the SPD would have run forensics on the trash and bullet casings. Oh there I go again thinking the SPD knew how to conduct an investigation. Or could it be Roman does know Will’s finger prints are all over this evidence. Just maybe when Lucas went undercover in prison, that was all part of the deal to get him out early while concealing the fact Will was guilty of shooting EJ. OOoops there I go again posting like I know what the writers were thinking during the ‘who shot EJ’ story line in 2007 and they would have the for thought to wait until 2013 to continue the story as Will becomes a young man. Silly me!!

  221. From patty

    Sandy Gram, if it has been 6 years since the who shot EJ storyline, that means Will was only a kid of 13 or 14. Now I don’t even remember who was playing Will or that he was investigated at the time but seems to me that being a juvenile when it happened ,he wouldn’t be able to be charged now as an adult or that they could even re open the investigation after Lucas was already charged and convincted for that crime. Even when someone confesses, isn’t the crime suppose to be proven in a court of law before being sentenced? Plus wasn’t there bullets flying from every corner of that church on that day trying to prevent the well loved EJ from marrying his Samanther. Who’s to say who put the one in EJ’s back, nobody knows for sure, not even Will in my opinion, he could just believe that he did. At best, that investigation was botched from the get go and wouldn’t hold up in court. I think all this blackmailing of Will for this crime is just whackjobs blowing hot air and they actually have nothing on him to begin with. I don’t think Nick will actually do anything with this information except use it as a threat against Will to get him to comply much like EJ did.

  222. From Maryl

    #215 No, patty, I don’t believe, nor did I say, everybody in Salem is wrong about EJ and Sami. I never said EJ and Sami have been right in what they have done. What I did say and mean, is that they are “right” together. While saying that the Salemites are not necessarily wrong, I do mean it when I say they are hyprocrits. Almost every one of them has a past of some sort, but they seem to be able to forget and forgive one another–just not someone like EJ DiMera or at times Sami. They have branded them.

    EJ and Sami were their own worst victims during their years of warring against one another–unfortunately, the people who were wedged between them, got caught in the crossfire.

    The sins of Stefano against the good citizens of Salem, are just that–Stefano’s sins! He used EJ to his advantage to carry out many of his dastardly deeds, and of course, EJ responded as the loyal son because that’s what he was groomed to be. The person responsible for making life miserable for the Bradys and Hortons is Stefano–in all his glory!

    Let’s also not forget that Stefano vs the Bradys’ and Hortons’ situation is and always has been, a feud between the families. Similar to the Capulets and Montagues. EJ and Sami are a modern day Romero and Juliet, only difference is that Sami and EJ have a heck of a lot more audacity and survival instincts! lol! My money is on them—they will survive!

    Sami being fickle? Her past does indicate that, but not right now for Sami has finally awakened to her true self. She will no longer deny herself the love she always kept hidden and was afraid to let live. Like she said, “I’m tired of fighting it”! Go Sami!!

  223. From Kat

    213 patty, 1st and 2nd Sentence…

    Just who are Some of those EJ posters, that are getting so bold, and telling other Posters that they must be smoking something…………….read on.
    I am an EJami fan, are you talking about me….. for I do not recall having said any of these things you listed …..

    If I did, and I know, I Did Not,please spit it out, I would like to know, instead of getting lumped into…
    So I am awaiting your answer, a post # to back up your claim.
    otherwise I feel very baited by your comments…

    I feel, that if you have something
    to say, give the Name and No. of the post, just like I am doing now….

  224. From Kat

    P,S. to patty, ..

    About the rubbish, and I did not write it……. I have to laugh, because .. let’s be honest, There is a lot of “Rubbish” written on here…INCLUDING MINE at Times… LOL….Think about it, and all of you know it is true…..IMO

  225. From Richard

    If Will really did shoot EJ, what was the reason that at least 3 guns was fired at the same time and why didn’t Stefano have protection for himself and EJ?
    As I have said before, why would Will wait until after his mother and EJ were married, to shoot him? I still believe that Will would want to shoot before the “I Dos”.
    Why were all the guns shot at the same time?
    Why were they only after Lucas/Will and not all shooters?

  226. From DOOLFan

    The Nick storyline showing the flashbacks in jail got me thinking about what he could have been being warned about snitching about…I just wonder if he was a victim of rape in jail and he was going to snitch on the attackers and was therefore stabbed to teach him a lesson that snitches get stitches…this would certainly account for his hatred of gay people and constant comments about Will and Sonny being “gay boys”. It would also explain why he don’t want anyone to know…he may be afraid that people would think he was gay or somehow wanted what he got in jail. It would also explain he incredible need for a ready made family to convince himself that his manhood is still in tact. Also, if left untreated, psychologically, being raped and stabbed to force you to protect your attacker could certainly cause lots of backlash…thus him saying he just wants to forget his past like it never happened. Once it comes out it could spin into a storyline for Marlena to treat him and Sami’s feeling toward him would also soften because she too was raped twice and she could identify. When EJ raped her, she too had to protect her attacker, so she knows the kind of psychological damage that can do to a person. Just an idea…the question is…what would Gabby do once she found out? She was really tormented about Will being gay, thinking she somehow caused it because she wasn’t enough woman…now if Nick had these homophobic tendencies because of that happening, she would feel like he was just using her to get over those worries that people would view him as being responsible. What does anyone think of my insight? Excited to see what anyone thinks…didn’t see anyone really putting their ideas out there about what Nick is hiding…this would also let room to redeem the character, which I like.

  227. From Clear

    At the time they identified people who were there with guns, but I didn’t remember them shooting. Maybe the wait was because it was the last chance after self searching angst? Or maybe for Sami to be in charge?

  228. From Michelle

    These posts are as hilarious as Rafe’s anger towards Sami.
    I hope he makes a little roberts baby, haha…nevermind, that’s just scary.

    I wonder who the writers will listen to? The group of people who wants two people together because “the other guy sucks, but the girl ain’t no better”
    the group of people who wants to people together because they understand that people and situations are never black and white and the best stories are the grey stories?

    It’s funny reading posts predicting that EJ will do all these bads things because that’s just who he is, and Sami will never make up her mind even though she just did.
    Too funny.

    The writers realized how popular EJAMI is, and if they make EJ betray Sami ever again, it will not turn out well. And for what? Just to prove to the people who don’t even like Sami that they were right? horrible logic.

    Now that complicated EJ and Sami are finally together, I can actually enjoy the other storylines. I still fast forward Chloe’s scheming, but I have been watching Jenn and Dan more.

    I usually FF through the Nick and Gabi scenes because I hate the way Nick almost crashes his head against Gabi when they kiss, it’s so awkward…

    Looking forward to more Hot Brian, he wants his man, can’t fault him.

    I’m really disappointed that after all that time EJ and Will spent together, he did not pick up on EJ’s self preservation trait. It would come in very handy right about now. He would have been able to look at the situation he got himself in a little bit closer. The moment Nick began using derogatory comments against him should have been his eye opener, that Nick does not have his best interest at heart, despite his reasoning for claiming his child. It’s silly, Will is so naive right now.
    Why did he never ask himself when Gabi would say “we’ll lose the ones we love”, “how will gabi lose her love? he already knows? the burdens really on me, not her”…. the writing for Will took a turn for the worst, considering the family he has. Sami, Lucas, Kate and even Marlena sometimes, they all have that great skill of reading people and their true intentions.
    I’m hoping they hurry up and pick this baby story up, I want to see how Chad and Sonny will play into it all.
    Oh and Chad….. as a Dimera, a night or two in jail won’t hurt you, just tell someone already, this is just ridiculous.

  229. From patty

    In Will’s defense, no on has picked up on Nick’s intentions, no one. Nick is that good. Sami is no more on to him than anybody else. Sami’s skills at reading people’s intentions are way off because her anger and suspicions are towards Gabi and are totally off base at this point because Gabi is not the one trying to keep her baby from Will. EJ is not equiped to teach anyone about self preservation or anything else, he was trained by Stephano Demira to run drug cartels and have goons on standby to “take care” of things. His lesson to Will was when I say jump, you say how high. No wonder the kid is so messed up and lacks confidence.
    Michelle, if the writers stay true to the characters, Sami and EJ will self destruct in no time. If they insist on making them this sappy couple and turn them into something they are not, then even some of you EJamis will get bored with them. I know EJ’s new goody two shoe routine doesn’t have everybody convinced and is annoying to lots of fans who want to see him act like himself and not a lovestruck schoolboy. Sami well she stays true to form as far as flying off the handle and making everything about herself with who she thinks makes her happy at the moment, until she decides otherwise .

  230. From Maryl

    patty, it sort of sounds as if you are really speculating and wishing for EJ and Sami to self-destruct? Is it because you have hopes of a Safe reunion? I can’t see any other reason that a Rafe fan such as yourself, would care that much as to what happens to EJ and Sami, or be so adament about EJ and Sami self-destructing. It would seem that if Sami is so disliked by the Rafe fans right now, they certainly would not be wanting EJ and Sami to split up–they would want Sami as far away from Rafe as possible and for her to remain in EJ’s orbit only. If the writers give Rafe a “new love”, which I’m sure they will, why worry about EJ and Sami being happy and making their relationship work?

    Let Rafe get a sl of his own for once, and then he can have all his fans supporting him and his fans can forget about EJ and Sami. Rafe fans can focus solely on him and can cheer him on. EJami fans can continue to cheer for EJ and sami. Sounds fair enough–right?? Do I see this happening–seriously? I doubt it! lol!

  231. From Michelle

    EJ has always had this soft side to him; just now it’s being showcased more. I am very confident that his cunning personality will re-surface, just as Sami’s feistiness has returned. And soon they will do things the moral police would turn their nose up to, together.
    The true test of their relationship will be their behavior when Stefano returns, and when Sami’s family tries to interject their opinions into their relationship. If Stefano returns, will he try to persuade EJ back into the darker side of DE? If so, how will Sami react to it? I doubt that EJ will agree to it, as he has a lot to live for. As stated above in earlier post, Kristen remarked that she and Stefano wanted Sami out of CW, maybe they wanted her out of the CEO position; that was never really explained and explored. But regardless, what kind of things could they get into at work? Office love? LOL, that’s Brady’s forte’.
    Sami said it was as much as Nick’s fault for the situation as it was Gabi. “Gabi is a girl, and she wants the man that she loves to be the father of her baby, and in this situation, so does Nick” and she’s stated before that Nick’s intelligence plays a large part in why she’s so determined to protect Will’s rights. I think she’s angrier with Gabi than she is with Nick because with Nick, she doesn’t feel betrayed, Nick doesn’t owe her anything. But Gabi was like family to her for years, and day in and day out, Gabi fooled her.
    And frankly, Gabi has not tried hard enough to keep Will in the baby’s life. She has let Nick run the show from the beginning.

  232. From gerri

    Patty,as you said,given time,Sami will self destruct,I don’t want her back with Rafe,she gets so angry,about anything,she can’t conrol,and will hurt the ones,who will get In her way.I admit,back so long ago,she and the kids,did seem happy,with Rafe,or again,she was fooling lot’s of people(which she’s proven she has the talent to do)I said earlier,,maybe she will let him have a small part in their lives,but after last week, I don’t see that happening,I don’t think we,ve seen the really angry Sami,untilshe sees that Rafe has moved on,with someone new.

    she might not,but my bet is on she will be mad, I hate,That Kate,has been picked,but,the writers made her the choice,so we will watch Sami’s reaction….
    we know she will show some jealousy,we saw that,when she thought he was the father of Nicole’s baby.

    but we all know,the writers will have to keep some Drama going,so undoubt,that the Sami/EJ reunion will hit many speed bumps,along the way.

  233. From Linda

    A busy day on here yesterday! Guess we Rafe fans are all in good company together narrow-mindedly watching the show with one eye, smokin’, making rubbish out of what we’re seeing, and waiting for that “transvestite” storyline (bobby #199, love it!) to come along! LOL! More power to us!!

    Richard #222 and patty #218, I can see if the writers would want to they could make a current s/l over who really shot EJ back then. Right now, I don’t see how Nick thinks trying to prove Will unfit because he shot EJ, if he did, is going to do any good, since Nick has been in prison himself. And I’m wondering if that guy Nick knew in prison will be coming to town soon and that’s when Nick is supposed to really start unraveling. So maybe his “unfit” plan won’t even get off the ground in any big way. That could leave Nick desperate enough to want to harm Will, which has been discussed on here. I read on The Salem Spectator-Crystal Ball that “A female physical therapist will be airing in May, and you have the role of a gun salesman being cast”. Will Nick get a gun and try to harm/kill Will with it?

  234. From Tee

    I have really been enjoying the show lately lots of good stuff.

    I know I don’t generally get too involved in the back and forth but when a man loves a woman does he throw everything from her past in her face.Rafe claiming he sees the real Sami or that she is not the woman he married or whatever he clims cracks me up because when he met her she was jealous of Nicole and would not tell EJ after she attempted to stop his wedding to Nicole even, Rafe wanted to be Graces father and told Sami if she told EJ he was gone, Rafe came up with the plan to illegally adopt Grace not Sami and she told him she was not sure at first and then When alone he tells Grace he wants to be her father but her mother may not let him.Either way Sami did not fear EJ then in fact EJ was taking care of the kids while she was in wit protection, and even slipped her pictures of her kids in her bag.
    I have already posted this video proof before but some still try to say it went down as they say though it did not.
    Rafe wanted to steal Grace from EJ then and not because Sami feared him then either but because he loved Grace, and wanted a kid.Sami assumed they would get married and he burst her bubble by saying no he only wanted to adopt Grace at the time.
    EJ assumed Grace was his as did Sami, and hence EJ hurt decided to repay Sami in kind by kidnapping his own daughter so Sami would know how it felt, though no harm came to Sydney, and EJ then realized he loved Sami still so we know how that went down.Then Sami who could not believe EJ would do that to her went and shot him while EJ was contemplating killing himself for what he did to her and his kids.It went back and forth,Rafe offered to help cover that crime and is now gonna throw it in her face, as well as the fact that her kids had to go between her and their fathers because they were not together, something he had no problem with while he was with Sami. Oh so it is ok then but now that he is mad it is not. That is a hypocrite. If Rafe thought shuffling the kids between 2 parents was wrong he should have stepped back and allowed Sami to be with one of the fathers. Instead he throws it in her face now. Rafe is well aware of who Sami is, not sure why he would assume she is any different then the woman he met.A woman he obviously cannot accept. That is the problem, EJ can accept her for who she is as he is not no goody goody himself. They get each other, and have no qualms over It.He ahs always accepted her for who she is, Rafe has not it seems. I hope Rafe finds him a goody goody but it wont be Kate.

    Sami is and has always been the way she is now, if anything she is being herself now.For all the years she has been on the show most of them were spent scheming, plotting ,manipulating etc.

    I like EJAMI grey and I am fine with the two of them doing what they want, if Sami accepts how EJ is I am fine with that.As long as he is not hurting her or their kids.

    As far as Gabi not knowing what Nick is doing it will become very clear over next few weeks she does as Nick tells her.Gee how many times has Nick told Gabi they would have custody and they would be the parents, or said some crap about Will or his sexuality, she is not innocent or naïve in this.She may not know his whole plan but she does know he is plotting, and what he wants.. Lets not forget Gabi did not tell Will she was having a ultrasound. I think Gabi assumes if Will has to be apart of the childs life she can deal with it but if Nick manages to stop that she is fine with that too.

    Next to clear up what was said by Sami about custody word for word.

    Rafe:Unfortunately we can’t make it a clean break because of the baby but maybe if you keep your end of the deal and don’t harass my sister we might be ok.
    Sami:: Yeah absolutely. As long as Gaby does not interfere with Will’s rights as a father, I have no problem
    RAFE: Please my sister has no problem with Will seeing the baby. Sami: I am not talking about Will just seeing the baby. Rafe then what are you talking about? Sami: I am talking about Will having equal rights to his own daughter. I am talking about shared custody. Rafe: You want to make this child a prize in a custody battle?
    Sami:No Rafe I don’t see Gaby would keep Will from his own little girl, but if she tries you can be sure it will be Gaby in court pleading Will for a chance to see her daughter

    Rfae then says Yea right she is the mother, and Sami mentions yep a mother who is about to marry a convicted felon,murderer and kidnapper and Gabis own crimes whatever they may be.

    , Rafe: Pull any dirty tricks with my sister or the baby and I will come after you. And by the way I will be the judge of what is dirty, since you have a history of charming your way out of just about anything, including attempted murder. Sami: Right considering your sister’s fiance is a convicted murderer, I am not exactly quacking in my boots. Rafe: Go to hell

    So yea seems Sami was only saying Will should have equal rights and shared custody Rafe got all mad and Sami said as long as Gabi did not try to stop him from having that all would be fine, and warned Will should have shared custody as Gabi should not want this to go to court since she is marrying a convicted murderer,kidnapper and felong, and she herself is covering up crimes she did.Rafe then decides to hold what he helped Sami cover up which as many have said wont work since the crime was c omitted against EJ.Whom is on Samis side and Wills.

    So no she did not threaten full custody only warned her son deserves his rights and as long as that was being upheld she would be nice.I don’t blame her or Rafe for protecting their family in that case. I will say Rafe/Gabi/Nick have more to lose.They are not going to find Sami or Will guilty of any crime against EJ since 1 he wont testify against them 2 Lucas already did the crime3Even if Samis case is somehow brought it EJs crime against her first might cross that out as temp insanity4Will was about 13 when he shot EJ and EJ is still alive so no murder.No evidence only them saying they did and it cant be used in court anyway, illegal taping and all and no proof of whos actual voice it is.Now On the other hand Rafe helped Sami cover her crime.To his credit he did give up his job at the FBI.Meanwhile EJ knows Sami shot him and tells his father he loves her and misses her, and if she shot him he deserved it.He only wants to be in his kids lives.Ej”Father if she did shoot me I got exactly what I deserved.Stefano I guess you did suffer brain damage. EJ”i RIPPED her heart out, I put her babies bloody clothes and I put them in the river and told her she was dead.If she did pull that trigger I got exactly what I deserved.Stefano keeps ranting and raving and pushing EJ to not allow her to have custody.EJ kept the secret of what she did to him so it seems most of the talk is just threats from Rafe and Nick and will be used on Will for blackmail and leverage.

    Lucas thinks EJ sent the message
    to him…

  235. From patty

    Why would Sami feel so betrayed by Gabi for not telling her who the father of her baby was and not about her own son lying about it and keeping it from her? Because she would rather blame Gabi and jump to conclusions that Gabi was trying to trap Will or keep his baby from him, which is not true. Just Sami assuming that because that is what she herself did so many times before,trapping men, lying about pregnancies and keeping children from their fathers. Can we say hypocrite now making someone the villain for something she would do?
    Yes Maryl, I am speculating that EJami will self destruct but not because I want her anywhere near Rafe or want them back together, because I don’t. I am speculating that because that is what they do and because I think EJ will drop the act sooner or later. He’s a Demira and even if he wasn’t to return to his wicked ways he should at least pay for his past ones. I also speculate that because Sami has a history of changing her mind as she changes socks and can switch her feelings on and off depending on the day of the week. Maybe we could forget about EJ and Sami but they are being shoved down our throats. They need to stay out of everybody’s business and move on to go live in their happy ever after phoney la-la land so we can forget about them and everybody else can stay off their radar.

  236. From Kat

    226 DOOLfan, you may have a good point, it has been speculated on here, the Prison Rape is in play…
    228 Michelle,
    230 Maryl
    231 Michelle
    234 Tee,

    great posts, like the way you see things,
    like that you guys stick more to the facts and what has happened …

    not always thinking you can read the characters mind and putting out wishful thinking…

    Tee, thanks for the re-caps,
    as I have said a few times, you do not throw things Back into a person’s face, your ex-wife Sami, a person you claimed to have loved at the time
    she confided in you…
    Why should anybody ever be honest to their spouses again, no lies between them,
    then when things go sour, there it comes .. right in the smacker…
    Not very man like, dear Rafe.
    Your re-cap about who said what, between Rafe and Sami,
    clearly points out, that Sami never said, Will should go for full custody,but by some it gets talked about— as if she did.
    She has never threatened, about Will wanting Full custody…on pointed out, that IF Nick and Gaby would try to mess with Will, that could become a reality..

  237. From HAYCAM

    Wow Tee…Thanks!!! that cleared up so much!

  238. From gerri

    Rafe came into Sami’s life,to protect her from The DiMeras,and their hit men.So Rafe got involved In the different aspects of her life,including Grace and the other kids,which he grew to love,but Sami wants to treat this,as Ok Rafe,then (the faucet Is on),so It Is ok,for you to love,protect,and be part of this family,
    Then when things started to change,It’s now Ok Rafe faucet Is off,you are nothing to this family.

    when one learns to love,and have an attachment(If only as a step-parent)once the water Is turned off,Good-bye…so hence the saying,Love and feelings,can’t be turned on and off like a water faucet.
    Sami Is a long way from being mature enough to being a mother,let alone a grandmother.

  239. From Michelle

    Because as Sami so rightly pointed out, Gabi and Nick manipulated Will. Sami knows Will was vulnerable, coming out to the world, and there were people who opposed it and tried to make him feel like he wasn’t sure of himself.
    It would be one thing for Sami to accuse Gabi of those things if she was wrong, but she’s not. She’s spot on about Gabi and Nick. And people like to talk about Sami being a hypocrite for reacting to Gabi and Nick’s deception the way that she has. But how else should she react? “oh well, carry on Gabi and Nick, keep doing what you’re doing to my son, it’s ok because I did it to his father years ago”… That does not sound like Sami. And Sami has long since acknowledged that what she did to Lucas, and what she and Rafe did to EJ were not what was best for her kids. It never works out the way she planned. So what if she did it back then, does it make it right to let her son go through it himself?
    Sami’s able to read Gabi and Nick, because she was Gabi, and Rafe was Nick. The fact is, Sami is right on all counts when it comes to Gabi. Gabi DID manipulate Will into the situation, and Nick does want to keep Will out of the picture.
    I think a bullet lodged in his brain is payment enough, his son walking out on him is payment enough. I remember when EJ helped get Stefano arrested, that evil man had a nice stay until Marlena drugged him. Now he got what was coming to him, but it wasn’t because he was behind bars, going to jail has never been the best comeuppance. Losing what you worked so hard to get is the best form of revenge, and EJ and Stefano, Sami, Kate and all the other criminals (EXCEPT GABI) have all had a taste of it.

  240. From SandyGram

    #226 DoolFan
    Yes I have contemplated on the possibility that what happened to Nick in prison is now going to be brought out by the writers as what is affecting his actions now. Especially since Father Eric will be counseling a man who knew Nick in prison in his Out Reach Program at the Church. I think this is one of the most interesting story lines going right now. Nick already is know to have mental problems, not to mention so did his mother so it runs in the family. With not wanting to talk to Gabi about his scar and being upset at Julie for even telling Gabi about the prison stabbing, Nick appears to be harboring deep seeded feelings about that time. And I like your thought on this possible prison rape story is what’s driving his attitude toward Will being gay and not wanting to be viewed in that light if the rape should be known to family and friends. I’ve also speculated before that maybe the stabbing has caused Nick to be sterile so he may see raising Will’s baby with Gabi as his only opportunity for having children. There has been enough indicators from the writers that it’s a good possibility your on to something. And Blake Berris (Nick) does an excellent job at portraying this troubled character.

  241. From Barb

    OMG, Rafe’s mind gets read all the time on here. I think partners throw past stuff in each other’s faces a lot. It’s the emotion and anger that comes out when someone feels betrayed or like someone has led them on, or just the complete hurt and frustration at someone finding someone else so soon. Like a few days soon!! Like I said in one of my posts, there was an awful lot of emotion there between Sami and Rafe during their arguement over the baby. I could be wrong, wish I could find the video, but I could swear Sami went from shared custody to full custody in that arguement. And then Rafe passed it on to Gabi.

  242. From Kat

    P.S. I for one, and so many others, never wish Rafe off the Radar,
    only always hope that he would get a great SL of his own…
    I know and realize, that many people out there just “love” Rafe, and so be it,
    but so why can’t we be just a little bit fair…. No Man is an Island…

  243. From MAB

    There wasn’t much filled in on the back story for Will shooting EJ. The only thing was Will admitting to the shooting to Lucas that we never got to see before. We saw years ago where the police bring Will home from being out w/ his friends drinking (it was just done by the actor who played Will back then). Also, I don’t recall Lucas actually saying THE Horton cabin, he just said the cabin. Now I assume T was one of the friends he was out with. And if memory serves me correctly, the gun was in Sami’s apt. It showed Lucas leaving w/ it, and then returning w/ it. During that time, somehow Will got a hold of it and shot EJ.

    It doesn’t matter what outside influence Will & Gabi are receiving, the paternity of the baby needs to be made legal since they are not married or even a couple. Things can get messy even for people who start out w/ the best intentions, and Will & Gabi are no exception to that…making things legal will only benefit the both of them down the road, and the baby. As far as Sami & Sonny, what they are saying is right, and Will should take heed and stop being so trusting of someone who is being brainwashed by a psychopath Nick…which is the one who is gonna cause the real trouble here, not Sami, Sonny, or anyone else. There is NO such thing as shared custody unless you go to the court and make it legal, because no doubt someone will go back on the agreement somewhere down the road, unless things are made legal.

    #175 Kat – ditto, EJ was the one who made Sami think rationally when she found out about Will being gay.

    Real men don’t wear pink? HA! Well apparently some have never seen the MANY celebrity men who wear or have worn pink, and pull it off all the time. And James Scott is one of those people, who can pull off just about anything…which shows there is WAY more to someone like him than someone like Rafe.

    #179 Kat – I think the idea of Rafe being Gabi’s dad is terrific! It would explain why he acts like her father more than her brother (although I think that is just his normal behavior – just like he used to act like Sami’s father). It would explain some of his past, why he’s kept quiet about it, we don’t ever see their mother, and why he was raised in a convent. Or it could be that Rafe doesn’t know Gabi is his daughter??? Whatever, it’s a good idea, and finally give Rafe a SL.

    Any claim that Rafe has spent more time w/ the kids than EJ is completely false! Those kids were raised w/ EJ from the beginning, and have been in his life since they were born, even Ally. And Sydney, Rafe barely knows, as Nicole & EJ raised her for the most part. And the protection Rafe “supposedly” provided was about Stefano, not EJ. Only when Sami got Rafe to go along w/ her is when she decided to keep EJ in the dark about Grace/Sydney.

    I think Sami will think Rafe sleeping w/ Kate is hilarious! If they wanted to make Sami jealous, they would’ve went w/ Nicole instead. I don’t think Sami will be jealous in the least, and why would she when she has EJ!

    #184 Leah – ditto, Rafe throwing the kids in the mix and basically making judgment about them proves his so called love for them is transparent. It only comes out when it suits him, it’s not unconditional w/ him like it is w/ their real fathers EJ & Lucas. Yeah, Rafe is cool w/ Will (on the surface), but he keeps going around making snide remarks about him. I wonder what Will would think to hear the things Rafe has said about him, and most of it lies, or just put blame on Will’s end and not his beloved sister’s???

    #196 Maryl – LMAO!!!

    Sami has treated Gabi no differently than Rafe treated Will. It just so happened what Sami said was said to Gabi’s face. Everything Rafe has said about Will has been behind his back.

    Yep, just as EJ’s past will always be there, so will Rafe’s and the things he’s done. The difference is that EJ is trying to learn from his mistakes, and grow. Rafe isn’t doing any of that, he won’t move forward, and never will until he admits to his own faults, and to the things he’s done to make many situations worse than what they should’ve been. And I guess those life lessons Will learned from not only EJ, but Lucas and Rafe as well, also didn’t work.

    As for Will giving up his child for Sonny, that was still only part of it. It’s been swept under the rug that in the beginning, Will was willing to give up everything, and marry Gabi. It was Gabi who initiated that ‘they’ didn’t wanna loose Nick & Sonny, and then she had the bright idea of the abortion. That wasn’t Will, that was all Gabi. He was just there to support her. Then when she decided not to do it, she & Nick started pressuring Will into letting them raise the baby, and kept bringing up that he would loose Sonny. Will thinking it would be better for the baby for several reasons (not just about Sonny), agreed to it. The only real mistake Will made was letting them pressure him into letting them raise the baby…and maybe he should’ve told Sonny, but w/ the saintly way Sonny acts, I’m betting he would’ve dumped Will either way.

    #203 Maryl – I agree. I think Caroline was a little perturbed w/ Rafe’s rant too, she just handled it more calmly than most would. She tried to make a point, and keep things fair, but Rafe didn’t and never does. I think he was disrespectful to her. And maybe she should’ve pointed out that Gabi & Nick would have zilch if it wasn’t for her giving them a place to work & live. They aren’t family to her, Will is, and her loyalty should be w/ Will. And even tho I think it is, she isn’t the type to throw Gabi & Nick out, although that is what she should do, throw the trash to the curb! Also, you didn’t miss a thing, Rafe never apologized for anything (as usual).

    Kat & Leah – yeah for those who knock EJ as a parent tend to forget even Rafe at times has admitted to EJ being a good parent & loving his kids. He only changed his tune when Sami turned her attentions back to EJ. And yes we EJ fans talk of EJ’s good parenting skills, because he is a good father, but never have I seen any of us ‘praise’ him (as it was implied). I wouldn’t praise ANY of the character’s parenting skills. But there is no changing that no matter what some say, EJ loves his kids, and would do anything for them. And as far as who is responsible for their upbringing, well most of Will’s good parenting came from Austin. Johnny & Ally’s from EJ & Sami, and Sydney’s from EJ & Nicole, then Sami. Rafe was in there some, but not enough to make a dent to the constant people in their lives. I even recall Rafe, after loosing his job, trying to be a stay at home dad. Well that lasted all of one day. He couldn’t take it, got mad, and ran off to find him a job so he didn’t have to stay at home w/ the kiddies.

    #212 Donna – I agree, I hope when Nick starts to spill the beans, Chad (or Sonny) will counteract w/ the info on Gabi, or give it to Will to use against her. If she’s gonna be stupid enough to let Nick brainwash her, and disrespect Will (whom she calls her best friend), then she deserves Will using her crimes against her. Oh, and when push comes to shove, EJ won’t forget how to act like a DiMera. That part of him is always there! And he will use it for the greater good, in protecting Sami & Will…and will probably have several thanking for his using his ruthless power.

    There’s no doubt there are unresolved feelings between Nicole & Eric. They were each other’s first love, and that kinda love is hard to forget.

    I’d say the reason 3 guns were fired at the same time was to set up “who shot EJ” SL. This type of SL has been done to death, just like Stefano’s recent shooting, how many people were there that night w/ a gun? This is called a classic SL whodunit!

    Nick isn’t gonna be “that good” when he thinks things are going smoothly, he’s gonna get caught.

    Yes, Leah, even Will admitted to how much he learned from EJ while working for him, so you’d think he would’ve picked up more of a backbone during that time, and be using it by now instead of letting Nick treat him the way he does.

    Michelle – all these things that some think will destroy EJami will more than likely just make them even stronger, and will also add to their already interesting SL. Never boring will they be together!!

    Rafe is the one who always gets angry about anything he can’t control. He proves that everyday constantly going around trying to run people’s lives, bullying them, and sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong.

    Even tho it seems to us by counting years, Will was only around 13 at the time of the shooting, but he was really older than that when it happened. If memory serves me correctly, he was at least 16 (unless the writers have decided to rewrite that). That age is more accurate w/ the circumstances, because he was out at night w/ his friends, when he got caught drinking by the cops. I’d say he wasn’t allowed out at night w/ his friends when he was 13. And I’d say if they caught a 13 yr old like that, they would have hauled Sami & Lucas off to jail, but instead they brought him home.

  244. From MAB

    If anyone is going against the guidelines on here it’s the same person that is griping about EJ fans trashing Rafe, when it’s fact that in no way do EJ fans trash Rafe like she does EJ “in every post”…then the others chime in. And to call out ALL EJ fans on their behavior, when it’s her behavior that’s the worst of all, down right appalling at times! There are several posts on here of hers that does the exact same things she blames everyone else of doing. She is the one baiting the EJ fans. Before crying about what others say & do, she should look at what she says & does first, and practice what she preaches. This probably won’t get posted, but it had to be said.

    Yes we already took care of this, thank-you. Again, if you’ve an issue, let us moderators take care of it. This only causes the argument to last longer. Let’s leave it at this – if there is an issue, please contact US and do not deal with it on your own – everyone, please. All fanbases are welcomed on the site, they’re all welcomed to post nastiness about the character of their choice but nobody should be calling out fanbases. Admin

  245. From jolie

    #174 Sandygram, Dr Dan is just about as uninvolved in the general world around him as a potted plant. How can he fall for Chloe’s crap? I was so in hopes Chloe would come back and things would be better for her. Dr Dan might have actually wanted her back if she came back and went to work and was kind and just a very good mom but she has to start these backhanded dealings and using little Parker as her pawn…he might forget Daniel after one night is just too stupid to really come out of her mouth. Look at Sami’s kids and all the sleepover they have had and they still remember the names of their penguins. And that Chloe and Ann were going to sabotage Jenn with a laxative…that could have really caused health problems so I do hope that comes out eventually and Ann gets her butt canned from the hospital. Tired to the bone of this whole story but too bad the laxative didn’t backfire on Chloe and Ann and them get a nice large dose of it. Sami will reap what she has sowed with her grandkids and paternity. We might even find out things about Sami’s kids like we did with Parker. The tests were changed as often as Sami changes her hairstyles.
    #175 Kat, I guess you could ask that same question about Sami, what does she know about that kind of love? Elvis might have tried to put the kids first…not so with Samanther. But then it would be difficult to be confident in one’s self with all the pain and dirty tricks Sami has inflicted. Waiting for the other shoe to fall so to speak. I feel like she is using Elvis or will to bully her way across town and make sure she gets things her way. Elvis may be love struck but he isn’t stupid forever.
    #177 Grandma to many, you just summed up the whole problem with writing this poor baby into the story with these hoodlums. There is really no good choice here so Sonny it is.
    #178 Patty, isn’t it amazing that now new evidence is being introduced against Will. I guess the writers are grasping at what they can come up with as so far they don’t have much to offer here for blackmail. Too bad that T is involved because he was beginning to fit in again. And too funny about Rafe getting the same thing with Sami or Kate. Can’t be much argument there.
    #179 Kat, I thought that was pretty lame of the writers to make Mags look like she wasn’t watching Parker to have him burning up with fever. And Gabs being Rafe’s daughter. I could see it.
    #182 gerri, Dr Daniel is a dullard so he doesn’t think to tell Mags or anyone else where he’ll be. And what the heck did Chloe do before she knew Parker was Daniel’s son. Take him to the blooming dr, Chloe rather thick headed Lane. I am ready to Jenn to back out of this crap. Put her with Rafe. Or let her pick up the pieces for poor Brady because he will need it and soon. And you are right, where is this going to go? The writers have backed themselves into a corner. No one fit to raise this baby but that hasn’t stopped anyone else in Salem.
    #183 Richard, those are some good theories and ideas. That is why I love to read what you write. I don’t have to agree. I can just hang on and see. But I agree, a click is not a firing but rather a misfire. And Roman was very suspicious to arrive at Kristen’s room and then Kristen seemed to immediately know there was a bug.
    #188 Linda, Rafe doesn’t hate Will at all but I did make that point last week about Rafe likely to be blamed as a scallywag for breathing air. There you go. And wish I could help Jenn give old Dr Orange a big shove out the door. I thought Dr Dan was pretty stupid at the club to leave his date alone for so long then rush in and punch a drunk. Wow, how manly.
    #189 Linda, our Lucas has grown a pair this year and a brain. Now if they’d only let him use them all.
    #196 Maryl, I always thought of Elvis as the Rolls and Rafe as the Jeep. One is very elegant and the other is rough on the outside. Suits them both.
    #201 Bobby, our poor ultrashrink has so much egg on her face while dealing with Kristen that she just needs some toast to host a brunch lately.

  246. From Michelle

    Wow, Nicole is being pretty cruel to Eric lol. It’s only a defense mechanism though. I am so ready for this love story.
    Nicole’s dream was pretty hot and wrong at the same time. lol

  247. From MAB

    I don’t care what “scenario” they come up w/ that they may or may not use to excuse Nick’s behavior, I won’t be buying any of it! There is NO reason for the way he’s treated Will, calling him racist names, and taking his “problems” out on Will, who’s done nothing to him.

    There is no reading Rafe’s mind, as he has a one-track mind. He’s predictable because he sees one way…his way! Personally, if I had a partner to throw my past up in my face, love or not, he’d be out the door! There is no excuse to throw someone’s past up in their face when it’s something that can’t be changed. If Rafe wanted to bring up something Sami did to him, like sleeping w/ EJ, alright, I’d give him a pass on that, but to bring her kids into the equation, and start knocking her for things she’s done that doesn’t even involve him, he’s stepping over the line, but then again, that’s predictable for him to do. Everyone has a past, just too bad Sami knows nothing about his to throw in his face.

    Kat – I can live w/ or w/o Rafe, don’t really care either way. If he was gone, I certainly wouldn’t miss him. If he stays, no big deal either. It’s just time to give him a SL of his own already w/o involving EJami.

  248. From voiceofreason

    Dang people. You see what the writers want you to see. For the most part, they’re flying by the seat of their pants on this show. They’re probably throwing darts at a dartboard to come up with their ever-changing story lines. Why there is so much anger around here toward those with different opinions about those stories, is beyond me. Be nice to each other.

    Again, I wish they would get back to the days of people being kidnapped, held in dungeons, dropping off cliffs, etc. Much more interesting.

  249. From pattypat

    Writers, what are you thinking throwing Rafe and Kate together. They are as different as night and day. Ugh! I think bringing Chole back is spicing up the story. Getting tired of Sami and EJ. Please, please bring back Bo. He is sorely missed. I will keep watching.

  250. From Cougar

    Loved Stephano’s comment to Marlene today about them getting together to have conversations about the family sinced Brady & Kristen and Sami & EJ are now couples. It conjures up images of family dinners with the Blacks & DiMera’s. Hey Easter is coming up soon. Hot crossed buns anyone and pass the green bean cassarole.

  251. From MAB

    Seems Sami is cut down either way when trying to be a mother to her children. Granted, she’s made a lot of mistakes as a parent, but some slam her either way…either she’s a bad mother for dropping them off at the pub…or she is a bad mother for supporting Will. She can’t win w/ some fans and never will. But when it’s looked at closely, Sami is the only one on the show who spends more time w/ her kids than the rest of them, and it’s evident by her apt that she has kids and is a mom. With most of the others, you couldn’t tell they have kids unless they just happen to appear. Like Hope, you couldn’t tell either way if she was a mother or not.

    I wouldn’t say Sonny is a good choice either for a child…not as selfish as he is.

    What new evidence??? Will’s story hasn’t changed from what happened back then, other than bringing T in as one of the friends he was out drinking with that night. And actually showing Will admit to Lucas he shot EJ. He admitted it to him back then, they just never showed the scene…and the next thing you knew, Will was sent off to stay w/ Austin & Carrie.

    Yeah, how come Maggie didn’t realize Parker had a fever?

    And it does make you think what Chloe did w/ Parker before coming back to Salem. She acts like she can’t do anything w/o Daniel (although I wonder if she treated Philip the same way). You’d think Daniel would see what she’s trying to do since it’s as plain as the nose on your face, but Daniel is clueless as usual.

  252. From Kat

    Whoever wants to read this…

    TV Source Pulse ballot results for Jan. 31..


    EJ 1
    Eric 4
    Sonny 9
    Will 10


    Sami 1
    Nicole 9
    Kristin 10


    EJ and Sami 1
    Eric and Nicole 6
    Will and Sonny 9

    About Rafe being Gaby’s Father, it would be a great SL, as I think, but I would like to see, that Rafe has no clue about it…
    As I said in my post, when Rafe was in the Convent, after getting maybe somebody prego….
    Rafe’s mother could have adopted the baby, and claimed that it was hers… Rafe was not around to know any better.
    Maybe Arianna knew about it… she did hint at times about something….
    Maybe Gaby’s real Mom could come into play here one of these days… Who knows.. only guessing…

    Michell and MAB, great posts, very rational and to the point, I like..

    Have not seen today’s yet… comment on that later.

  253. From Mouse Fan

    #215 Barb: I totally agree with you! So many stepparents are wonderful and never given the credit they deserve! It’s a tough roll to take on and I’ve known some that put the real parents to shame!
    #248 VOR: Too funny, and so true! :)

  254. From Maryl

    #245 Jolie–Rafe as a jeep is good! I had elevated him to a Dodge PU–that is after cleaning him up a! EJ is like a Roll Royce Phantom Coupe and Rafe is like a Jeep Cherokee–both useful “vehicles” when directions are followed on “operating and using” them under the right circumstances! lol! The Phantom’s ride being sleek and smooth while the Cherokee can be rough and bumpy–in the end, however, both will get you there!!!

  255. From MAB

    Spoilers say Nick boasts to Gabi that he can use blackmail for them to retain custody of the baby – so does that mean she is gonna go along w/ him? If so, whatever happens to Gabi from this point on, she deserves!

    Spoilers say Kate & Rafe disapprove of Nick and let him know – sounds like as soon as Rafe hits the sheets w/ Kate, he turns on Nick.

    Spoilers say EJ wines & dines Sami, and she finds a ring box in EJ’s pocket. It then turns up on her desk, and she thinks he’s proposing, but turns out it is for an advertising campaign.

  256. From MAB

    These are excerpts form an internet chat with James Scott & Alison Sweeney:

    The participants could not only hear, but see Ali and James during the chat. They said Ali and James were very playful with each other and were positive about EJ Sami.

    Ali said she loves this story and what is coming. Sami is 100% committed to making the EJ-Sami relationship work. Their ideal story would be like Bonnie and Clyde with them wreaking havoc on Salem. She is glad that Sami is finally back to her former self.

    James said that he has always had to play EJ as in love with Sami and putting her above all else so this EJ isn’t out of character.

    Ali also said she felt a lot of pressure for Sami’s speech to EJ because she knew how much it would mean to the EJAMI fans and that they would be very happy regarding what is going to be in the box on Sami’s desk.

    It was also stated that the ratings were very important to TPTB and they were thrilled that EJAMI was trending on twitter last week.

    Oh….she is sick of all the baby drama and wants to put it aside for awhile and she loves EJ.

    Something happens in May that makes EJ very mad.

    They feel the writers really get EJAMI and that the writers and producers are on the same page with EJ & Sami.

  257. From Mouse Fan

    So, Sami is in her own apartment, but looks in EJ’s coat for a pen? Puleeeeze! Maybe she should go through his wallet for a scrap piece of paper! :)

  258. From Linda

    Rafe is already out the door so it doesn’t matter much what he throws up to Sami. I agree with #241 it’s not unusual for people to throw all the dirt to each other when they are breaking up. Sami has had her share of the say in recent days. I never saw it portrayed that Rafe got a job to get out of the house and away from the kids. Must be that one eye thing I was watching with! LOL

    Parker’s crisis was a little more serious that what was indicated by spoilers, with convulsions and a 105 deg. fever. Hate it when the good guy, Jen, tries something underhanded and gets caught. Still, Daniel should realize what Chloe is up to, also.

    I didn’t think there was really anything wrong with Marlena’s reaction to Sami’s news about her and EJ. Of course it would be a surprise. Not so much criticism from Marlena as her asking Sami perfectly appropriate questions. Among them, what will EJ be like after Stefano returns.

    Nicole looked stunning and was something to behold in that black dress. And Eric was beholding her in a big way while trying not to let on!

    Can’t believe Sami would actually be up for an engagement to EJ so soon after almost hooking up with Rafe. Oh, yes I can believe it! But she’s going to be disappointed about the ring.

    voiceofreason #248, your post really is the voice of reason. The anger is so silly.

    Mouse Fan #257, that was odd, wasn’t it?!
    Dear posters:

    This has nothing to do with the above post. This was the last post made in this spoiler page and where we wanted to comment that we closed the comment section under this particular spoiler article as we grew weary of the many consistent issues between posters and especially the fan bases – Ejami vs Safe. This is a time for posters to reflect on our guidelines and the way they treat one another. The forums are still always open for discussion and Tuesday there will be a new spoiler page with open comments to all. If these same issues strike up, we will shut those comments down as well.

    When you return, please remember there is room for all fan bases here and we expect respect for all. Bashing any character is not against guidelines no matter how often it is done and if you do not like someone’s post please ignore it and move on or contact us if there is an infraction. We moderators will take care of any issues that crop up. All you need to do is contact us at contact – at –


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