Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For February 14 & 15.

No happy hearts in Salem.

Brady continues refusing to marry Kristen. He gives her the, “Itꞌs not you, itꞌs me speech.” However, he actually means it. Wrought up, he admits to her that he still feels guilty about the untimely demise of his previous two lovers. In spite of herself, Kristen really feels sorry for the guy and starts to doubt her own plan.

Gabi and Nick take a break from the stress in their lives for a little private Valentineꞌs Day party. Meanwhile, Will receives a gift from Sonny which gets his heart beating fast. Heꞌs expecting that this could be the start of a fresh beginning for them. Will runs around town happy as a clam. When he bumps into Gabi, he tells her how optimistic he feels. She canꞌt help feeling that a reunion between Will and Sonny might not be so good for her. Elsewhere, her brother teams up with Kate to try and keep control of things. They speak to Nick to make sure that heꞌs planning to respect Willꞌs rights. As they are looking out for the Horton, Will is getting his heart smashed. Sonny explains that the gift was actually purchased before they entered splitsville.

Victor gets permission from his wife to visit his old mistress. He and Caroline reminisce. And the awkward Valentineꞌs Day continue as Abby has Cameron over for lunch at her place. Meanwhile, EJ keeps disappointing Sami. Every time that she expects him to propose, he doesn’t. When she finally finds the ring box on her desk, sheꞌs shocked after Elvis pops up and simply proposes a new ad campaign to her.

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  10 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    i can’t really see ej and sami getting married especially since stefano will be returning to salem (at least that it was i heard from his phone call with kristen).
    kate and rafe, can’t see this ever working out to anyone’s advantage.
    i just read on the “rumor mill” that lucas and nicole might get back together. wouldn’t that be a hoot??..
    here we go again with a child being, what i call exploited when it comes to the parents. i’m sorry but i think it is all wrong..
    does anyone out there have an opinion on the picture of hope with (2) bo’s (on the main page). if they do bring bo back i sure hope it is peter reckell. but i also read where hope and rafe might get together (on the rumor mill)..

  2. From Stacey

    The KRAFE scene had me gagging. I have no idea why – it was just forced – and if we have one more “oops I’m prego” story line – I’m going to send a box of condoms to NBC. Seriously – it’s 2012 – precautions do exist.

    Sami and Ej – a little early to be discussing marriage I think but I do enjoy their chemistry over anyones.

    I just read a spoiler that Nichole gets back with Lucas. Blech – I’m hoping that Eric is really a priest in disguise and he’s undercover for the ISA, watching Kristen. Fingers crossed – can’t believe they brought that character back only to be a priest – I mean – the role is so limited to weddings and funerals and why have a hunk like Greg play that role if he’s going to be a Priest? lol

  3. From pattypat

    My head is spening with all the Day’s plots playing out. Some of them need to be resolved. Beleive it or not I like the way Chole is back. I think the chemistry between Eric adn Nicole is so strong. He is a hunk and yes, I agree with Stacey his talent is wasted just being in the role of a priest. I want John back and getting to Kristin. She too is a witch and good at her role. I will keepw atching and watching.

  4. From lori

    stacey-it is 2013 not 2012. Good point made though.

  5. From Renee

    It almost make me sick with Rafe & Kate. Can you just imagine if Sami finds out about it.

  6. From Clear

    Poor Nicole, trying to be a better person. She needs to go to the 12 step meetings with Brady. Eric needs to leave the church because he is obviously miserable and unhappy. After he sorts himself out, he could join a church where he doesn’t have to celibate. Like someone said in a posting, he is a hunk and I would like him to stay around, but not as the priest in a crisis of temptation!

    Any of you Canadians know any of the priests who were excepted because they were already married because of a shortage of priests?

  7. From Lynn

    I have waited a long time to see Sami & EJ really together the way they should be. It would be nice to enjoy a true long term romance between them before any proposals
    Though! however, when the time comes, It would be great if Sami was the one proposing!

  8. From Barb

    I thought Rafe and Kate were a hoot this week and I liked them today, too, across the table from Nick. Go team Rafe and Kate! And I think that’s all it’s going to be. I don’t see them becoming a couple, and I don’t want them to, but they could make a great team up against Nick in the custody issue.

  9. From Villergirl

    I am loving Days this week.. The Rafe and Kate Story, As much As the thought of it made me want to hurl, I am actually enjoying them.. gives Kate a little warm side. Rafe and Kate against Nick might be very interesting. As much as I once really liked Chloe, She is pissing me off and really? Is Daniel a total idiot? How could a Doctor be so stupid and blind? Kristen is awesome.. Love what they are doing with her character but what or I should say WHO I am really waiting to see show up is SUSAN! I can’t wait to see the dynamic between her and EJ!!!!

  10. From Crystal

    Thank God Sami and Rafe are supposed to get back together by the end of the year :) Soooo looking forward to be able to watch Days again without gagging. Sami with EJ is just so sick and hard to watch. Thought Days was well past that. Would have been nice to let Eric and EJ fight over Nicole. Maybe Lucas and Rafe over Sami. Not sure why Days keeps messing things up. Their ratings continue to drop and they just keep messing things up. I’m only watching every once in a while because of this. It’s ashame. I’ve watched from the beginning and can’t say it is as good as it used to be. The characters are so one-dimensional now. Couples keep changing partners too much. Too much sex and not enough romance.

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