Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For February 18-22.

Making things worse.

Dr. Cameron realizes that his girlfriend is a virgin. Abby turns fifty shades of pink. She has to admit it though. However, her week isn’t nearly as rough as her mother’s. Chloe manages to make herself homeless. That turns out to be easy when Victor is the master of the house. The divaꞌs plan continues to pan out as Dr. Dan agrees to let her and their son move into his pad. Jenn is aghast. She explodes at the doctor. He explains that he will actually be staying in a hotel room but sheꞌs too angry to understand. The Horton storms off to attack Chloe, who remains confident that she is on the road to getting Daniel back. Jenn decides to make amends with her doctor, but demands more from him than he was expecting. She orders him to cut all ties with Chloe and get a lawyer to handle all custody issues. He thinks thatꞌs way over the top but she refuses to compromise.

After seeing how distraught Nicole is following a vicious fight with Lucas, Father Eric starts to think that she may still have feelings for her ex-husband. Before he can get to the bottom of her emotional turmoil, Nic decides on going back to her all purpose plan of leaving town when things get ugly. While she tries to run, Eric finds himself facing danger. Nic walks in on the priest being held at gunpoint by one of Salem’s junkies. She winds up in the middle of the scuffle. Although Eric saves Nicole, he ends up seriously wounded. Fearing that he’s headed for paradise without her, she yelps that she loves him. When he regains consciousness, she worries that he may have actually heard her profession of love.

Stefano pushes his daughter to stick with her plan to marry ‘the idiot’ when she starts to get cold feet about being so brutal. Brady is eager to move in with her. Kristen still has her doubts. Those are silenced after she has another run-in with angry Marlena. The shrink’s week continues to get worse after she receives a call from John that she can’t get enthusiastic about. Meanwhile, things get heated between Kristen and Brady when she throws his cohabitation plans for a loop. She does her best to convince him to move into Casa DiMera with her… and Stefano.

Rafe and Kate work together to try and convince Nick to delay the wedding. Nick won’t listen. Little does he know that his problems are about to get worse as one of his old fellow convicts stands perched for release. Meanwhile, Rafe continues trying to defend his sister. Fresh from getting an earful from Julie, Sami lashes out at Gabi. Rafe does his best to stop her tirade but Gabi freaks out and starts screaming in pain. She’s rushed to the hospital. Will joins Nick and Rafe to blame Sami. After they order her to stay away from the pregnant woman, Sami sneaks into her room to apologize. This only leads to Gabi going into premature labor. This also leads to everyone lashing out at Sami again, who insists that she was only trying to do the right thing. Elvis stands up for her. The labor halts and then Nick goes off on Sami. Amidst all of the turmoil, Sonny shows up to try and offer Will some support. He realizes how deep Willꞌs feelings for him really go.

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  1. From dc

    good next week, looks like it is gonna be full of surprises.

  2. From clara

    Ok so Sami is the scewed up who drove the story for now..why not, i am a Sami fan and i like that. She will be once again the blacksheep against the ‘nice’ people (although Nick is not so nice and Gabby either but she get a pass because she is pregnant and plays the weak It totally in character for Sami therefore i could enjoy it. Now would be cool that down the road her and Ej come with a little scheme against the Nick and Gabby team. Would like Will to be more proactive and not so makes him boring imo.

  3. From gerri

    I won’t miss any of the episodes next week,because It does seem like alot of things will be happening,Sami makes an apology,to Gabi,won’t believe that until I see It.

    Jenn just needs to hand Daniel back to Chloe,and search for a new love,He Is so not worth,any kind of relationship with Jenn.

    If Brady gives In and ask the Witch to marry him,he deserves,whatever she does to him,He Is one log,short of a load.

    If the baby survives,hope a paternity test will be done,and Will won’t be the father,(maybe Chad,or Andrew,timeline will fit)
    then There would be no close connection,between Sami and Rafe.
    and both can have a new start.

  4. From SandyGram

    Wow…what a week. But I’m not understanding this lingering story about Abby is a virgin. It’s a nice distraction from the other stores, but to what depths can it be taken to be any more interesting than she eventually has sex with someone?

    Here goes Jennifer, over the hill to Daniel’s house to find Chloe, she’s acting like the Big Bad Wolf she’s going to huff and puff and that house ain’t going down. She sure needs her Grandma! Bake some donuts Jenn and chill out!

    Now Eric is shot….didn’t see that one coming. But him not hearing Nicole confess her love that’s predictable. Or he hears it and chooses not to act on it because his commit is to a higher place.

    There it is, it reads like the DiMansion will be back open for business with the possibility of Kristin and Brady moving in. Like I’ve said so many times before put them all in the DiMansion it would sure save of the cost of sets.

    Well we know Gabi doesn’t loose the baby. Gabi and Will need to get a restraining order on all the ‘Oh I’m just trying to help’ family members. Turmoil is the word for now!

  5. From SandyGram

    #3 gerri
    ‘Disconnecting’ the Hernandez and Brady families in every way may be the only way this baby will survive through birth and as she grows up. A creditable story for Gabi having sex with Chad or Andrew would be an interesting challenge for the writers.

  6. From jolie

    I was a little puzzled yesterday as to why Eric thought he was entitled to tell Nicole she was out on her ear if she left to party. Obviously he doesn’t want her out acting skanky and bringing it back on the church but really where does he get off here? And no telling what Nicole might say as to what she really wants when she really just wants a family, a home, some real love. I still don’t see the attraction that is suddenly looming between the 2 of them.
    Marlena handled herself well with Sami. Why shouldn’t she say she has concerns, large concerns over what has transpired in the past. Sami thinks she is a magician and can make it all disappear, like her kids at a sleepover, and everyone should be pleased about it. Old Stefano is a card and a cad!
    Hard to determine what Kristen gained by her performance for Brady. She was funny but it was stupid as a tactic but I am sure it will work.
    Daniel deserves Chloe. I held out hope for Chloe but now I am done. I am tired of Jennifer making an effort. Cut bait gal. You aren’t catching enough to make a small pot of chowder where you are fishing. Seems Jenn did figure out Ann’s complicity in the Chloe capers. Jenn is out of her league with these devious people. I have not been a big Jennifer fan but I hate to see someone constantly lying and being so underhanded as Chloe has been. And Karma can be rough on you and sometimes your child. Chloe needs to take note this time but she’ll use it against Jenn. Jennifer, walk away. Take Elvis by the hand and RUN.

  7. From jolie

    #3 gerri, I too am weary of the fight over Gabi’s baby. Too many people involved who have really nothing to say except trash talk and how to hurt someone else. NO baby deserves to come into this kind of crap. I wish too that Will is not the father..that somehow someone else will be the father. If Chad, oh dear me. But whomever, just get it over with. Tired of this storyline.

  8. From angelsons4


  9. From jolie

    #4 Sandygram, I am starting to fear for Abigail since her virginity seems to be an issue that continually pops up. I am hoping she will not be raped. And not by Cameron. Not sure where this is going but it is not very interesting as it is. And Eric shot, will this be the turning point for him that he needs a new change of life? Victor will absolutely disown Brady if he moves into the Dimera manse. There is no way to write this that will make any kind of sense. Yes, it would save on sets but dang!

  10. From Debbie

    Is it just me or did I really hear Rafe (almost) say the $h!t word today when he came in to see Eric? I thought Galen did a great job playing drunk without overdoing it. Although I don’t like his hookup with Kate, I do enjoy his makeout scenes and thought he was funny when he told Kate she’d have to pay him if she wanted to see him in heels. I also laughed when he called Stefano a freak. Galen’s a very good actor and I wish he was given more to do than being shown angry so much. Whether playing drunk or sober, I enjoy seeing him when he’s smiling and relaxed and being a little bit flirty.

    And I almost didn’t recognize Allie today! We barely get to see the little actress anymore but it sure looks like she’s grown up a lot. Loved seeing her but wish EJ would have bent down to hug her goodnight or stroke her hair instead of keeping his hands in his pockets. I thought I’d seen him more physical with her before but maybe I’m mistaken and that’s why I was so surprised when he didn’t touch her at all.

    I liked how Jennifer really told it like it is with how Daniel treats women in need. He has a good heart but always seems to get too involved in saving them from their distress and it causes problems in other relationships. I think he needed to hear that from her.

  11. From MAB

    Monday’s show:

    Just because Sami found the ring doesn’t mean she’s ready to walk down the aisle. Nothing wrong w/ them getting engaged, as it doesn’t mean they have to get married for a while. I just loved their scenes yesterday…again! And I’m glad they are 100% committed to each other, and we are able to enjoy them every time they’re on screen together…always romantic, cute, fun-loving, interesting stuff between them.

    EJ apparently wanted to let Stefano know he’s back w/ Sami, but he didn’t seem to care about his reaction. I think EJ has learned that he has to follow his own path, and not let his family dictate his life, or life choices. I don’t see EJ letting anyone come between him & Sami this time. And I’m hoping Sami does the same thing. They will never have a real chance if they let those outside influences interfere.

    I think Marlena’s reaction to Sami’s news was typical. She has every right to have reservations, but the problem is how she doesn’t support Sami like she does Carrie. I mean, Carrie came to her w/ the cockamamie story that she was not only ready to leave her husband (for the second time for another man because she was basically bored), but she was in love w/ her sister’s husband. And Marlena never gave her any harsh words…in fact she supported what Carrie was thinking of doing (I guess because she had done pretty much the same thing of choosing between John & Roman). It just irritates me when Marlena doesn’t show Sami the support she deserves, nor the same respect she shows Carrie.

    I have seen no one discredit stepparents on here. Every stepparent situation is different anyway, and there are just as many good ones as bad ones out there. But once again, we aren’t discussing real life here, just a soap. Rafe was not an exemplary stepparent by no means…he was mediocre at best. I believe he loves & cares for the kids, in his own way, but his relationship w/ them was one of more convenience (like being their buddy) than being a real parent to them, and most of his involvement stemmed from him being w/ Sami.

    I didn’t feel sorry for Chloe in the least yesterday. If she wasn’t going around scheming about Daniel & Jen, and cavorting w/ Ann, then maybe she would’ve been w/ Parker and noticed something was wrong w/ him before it got serious enough to have to rush him to the ER. When something bad finally does happen and she really needs Daniel, she can’t find him, and that’s her fault for sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong. Then she cries wolf and throws Jen under the bus just because she was trying to get 5 minutes alone w/ Daniel. And the way Ann talked to Jen was heinous! Can’t Jen report her and get her fired already? Better yet, she should just sock her one in the jaw and shut her up herself.

    As for the rest of the show: I think Nicole looked beautiful in her going out outfit, and I think Eric liked it too! Kristen was too funny yesterday acting drunk (she reminded of Susan sometimes). And I loved Stefano & Marlena’s chat – love seeing Stefano still playing games, as only he can do!

    Spoilers above:

    Good for Jen to start demanding Daniel handle things w/ his roller coaster life if he wants to be w/ her, and good for her to tell him to make things legal as far as custody goes (just like what Will & Gabi need to do).

    I can’t imagine Brady moving into the DiMera mansion w/ Kristen, and Stefano! I read other spoilers that say John will return at the end of the month, and have a lot more screen time, as well as Stefano returning to Salem. I wonder what’s next? For me, I can’t wait, because John & Stefano are 2 of my favorite characters!

    I’m sick of Nick’s cheering team (Julie, Hope, Maggie), and them thinking just because he served time for his crimes, that he’s ok back out in society, mainly just because he’s a Horton. Well, that certainly isn’t the case. He has major issues, and if they weren’t patting themselves on the back so much, they would realize he needed counseling to try to overcome his time in the pokey. And I assume since Nick’s involved w/ Gabi, that gives Julie the right to give Sami an earful. Maybe she should mind her own business, or go on another cruise w/ Doug. They’ll be the ones w/ egg on their faces when Nick’s schemes are revealed, then Julie, and the rest of them will realize what a psycho he really is.

    SO glad EJ will stand up for Sami to all the bullies around her (like hyenas after a cub)! No surprise they ALL decide to blame her for Gabi having premature labor. Will will regret his actions once he realizes his mother is right.

  12. From Forrest

    I hope China drops one of its bombs on Salem. I have been watching DOOL since Episode 1, off and on. This is the worst mess I have ever seen. No characters to care about, plot lines that look like they were written by a low rent comic book writer, and the same old stuff over and over. Even the Doc possession story was better than the stuff they put out for public consumption now.

  13. From nancy

    The only thing Kristin and Brady have in common is sex and I think we’ve seen enough of it from these two. No reason for then to get married.

  14. From MAB

    I’m not really understanding the focus on Abby being a virgin either, but maybe they’re wanting to create a real love story for her, and when she finally does have sex, she will be sure that person is the one for her…and I’m hoping that is Chad! I always said they had potential, and I still think they do.

    Gabi knew for sure Will was the father because she said he was the only one she had been w/ until Nick came along. It wouldn’t make sense if Chad or Andrew was the father, as she never slept w/ either of them. She wanted Chad, but couldn’t get him because of Melanie, and that is the only reason Andrew came into play, and I doubt she would’ve slept w/ him after being so gaga over Chad. That would flush the entire SL of Gabi’s down the drain, and all that effort of her scheming to get Chad w/ Andrew’s help would be for nothing. But if they do decide to turn the baby saga into Will not being the father, then they will have to rewrite history, or bring another guy into the mix. I just don’t see the writers doing that for several reasons.

    The passion between Eric & Nicole never went away IMO. They were each other’s first love, and really never got over each other when Eric left the show. I knew as soon as they announced Eric was returning to the show, that there would be a connection between him & Nicole, and the writers would eventually write a love story for them…one that was never finished.

    Sami wants nothing from her family but respect & support, and for them to treat her like an adult. She certainly doesn’t expect them to accept her reunion w/ EJ right off, but she wants them to try. They need to listen to her, and trust that she knows EJ is the right man for her. They don’t have to give her the third degree either, just tell her that although they have reservations about it, we support you no matter what. And STOP bringing up Rafe to her every 5 minutes like he’s the ‘better’ choice. They still think he’s the right man for her, because they’re all still snowed by him, but they haven’t witnessed the real Rafe as Sami has, which is why she dumped his @$$.

  15. From MAB

    Oh no, I just had the same thought about Abby possibly being raped by Cameron.

  16. From jolie

    #12 Nancy, they act like they invented the stuff! And like alot of other stuff in Salem, we have seen enough. It isn’t romantic (at least the writers are trying to make Elvis and Sami romantic though many of us are having a hard time buying into it) and it is tiresome. Even Brady hasn’t seemed to be all that into it since Kristen has started the ‘let’s get married’ recital.

  17. From Cougar

    While working for a church you would expect a certain moral standard for employees, nor would Nic be allowed to bring back male visitors at the nunnery while staying there. To my knowledge employers have no right to dictate what an employee does off the clock and off the premisis. I don’t think that Eric really has a right to impose on Nic that she is out if she goes clubbing.

    How about medusa, oh, er, I mean Ann; Chloe’s new bff.

  18. From Cougar

    Debbie 10. I wondered about Rafe’s language too. Not sure what he was trying to say that it came out sounding like that!

  19. From jolie

    #16 Cougar, a gal like Ann will turn on Chloe as quickly as a cobra. She will not be a loyal friend as they are bonding over being mean to someone else. And love your name for her! Maybe she’ll babysit for Chloe a time or 2. Please not. And the spoilers about Chloe moving in with Daniel, well, we knew this would happen sooner or later. I hope Nancy rides into town on her broom(just kidding because I liked the actress tremendously!) and wants to move in as well. That ought to put a kink in Chloe’s love life. Or her planned love life.

  20. From MAB

    Cougar – the medusa comment = funny!

    I haven’t watched today’s show yet, but I’m gonna have to put on the closed caption to find out what Rafe really said.

  21. From clara

    Father Eric is really cute, he plays ‘angst’ pretty well, almost look like a little boy sometimes..wub wub.

  22. From SandyGram

    Breaking News Report today so I only saw maybe 20 minutes of today’s show. What’s the old saying about “then I’ve seen to much”, that’s how I see Nicole and the good Father Eric today. It appears the rules for working and living at the convent were not clearly laid out to Nikki. Enough of this cat and mouse already it takes away from their obvious connection.

    Also, I love that Chloe is back, but where is that strong Chloe we were promised. A woman that has to connive the way she is isn’t very strong. And that Ann, whew she can go to the front of the line of the Snake Family. Jenn did wrong by not telling Chloe where she and Daniel would be, here we go again with Daniel getting his nose out of joint. The SPOILERS do say Chloe deliberately gets herself thrown out of the Kiriakis Mansion and moves into Daniel’s apartment, but they also say Daniel’s plan was to go to a Hotel. Yeah, let’s see how that works out!

    And speaking of cat and mouse….cute scene’s with Elvis and Samanther, did he or didn’t he know she saw the ring, and he was just playing with her! But not so cute scene’s with Sami and Marlena. I like when Sami told Marlena to stop talking psycho talk (or something like that) to her and talk to her like a mother. Interesting since Sami never listens to Marlena one way or the other. And how many years was it that Sami treated Marlena and John so bad after Marlena chose John over Roman.

    Kristen does being a drunk very well. What a funny scene when she molested the plant after being caught by Brady pouring the drink into the plant. She is sure earning the title of #1 Day Time Villainess. Then her sneaking off to call Father while Brady sleeps, yep that bond is still strong. And speaking of Stefano….a call to Marlena to let her know John had been there. His return to Salem must be near.

  23. From Mouse Fan

    #10 Debbie: I agree. I thought it was odd that Elvis didn’t hug, or touch Allie. Having his hands stuffed in his pockets made it even more obvious. I wonder if that’s because Allie isn’t his? He’ll have to step up his game if he’s going to be Allie’s stepfather.

    And, I can see why everyone keeps bring Rafe up to Sami. She was just telling everyone that she was getting back with him, and then the wind shifted and now she’s telling the same people she’s back with EJ. It would be normal to have questions, IMO.

    And for you, Dr. Dan… Pull Your Head Out! You need some fresh air! :)

  24. From gerri

    always possible Chad was drugged,by Gabi(she wanted him that bad)or maybe Andrew drugged,Gabi and raped.her….you know anythings possibel on Days…..

  25. From Richard

    I sometimes wonder if fake Rafe is still alive, or if Stefano has any control over Rafe, that would have led him to the affair with Kate?
    I also wonder sometimes, if the Dimeras are not connected to Nick’s release and him going after Rafe’s sister? This seemed to result in Chad getting his revenge and the breakup of Rafe and Sami.
    Was this all a Dimera plan, all alone? Cameron was also involved in all of this also. Maybe Chad was setup to overhear Cameron’s talk with Gabby.

  26. From Michelle

    I thoroughly enjoyed today’s episode, from Nicole/Eric, EJ/Sami, Jen/Dan/Chloe, Stephano/Kate/Rafe. They were all very entertaining to watch.

    I think Eric should have really considered his decision to become a priest, it’s not working out the way he wanted. His heart longs for Nicole, it’s so apparent. Swoon! I really like the way they are writing this story. It seems crazy that Eric is spending so much time trying to run Nicole’s life, but I think he’s doing all this because of how quickly Nicole shut him out. He can tell that something is bothering her and going out is just an excuse to relieve her problems and he only wishes she would let him help her.
    Eric looked so sad and disappointed when Nicole was about follow Rafe to the bar, his heart is screaming for her and he doesn’t even realize it.
    I’m finally able to look at Jen in a different light. She admitted to her lie, as expected, but she didn’t back down from her reasoning either. Way to go Jen. I appreciated the fact that Daniel wasn’t shouting but he was still able to communicate with Jen his disappointed in how she handled the Chloe situation. Chloe needs to calm down lol, over the top, but I get it.
    I miss Stephano so much, he lights up my life! LOL. He is still so bitter about his decision to ruin his own relationship, he’s kicking himself in the rear about it. I hope they reunite soon. Just wonder how he will react when he hears about Rafe. Rafe…. Poor Rafe… this guy just can’t get it right lol. I laughed through the entire make-out/love scene, I just can’t take it seriously. But I have to say, the way Rafe was positioned on top of Kate, you would think he was actually in there lol. Ewww, sorry for the thoughts. Lol. This Rafe/Kate alliance is important because when Nick comes off the hinges, Gabi will definitely need protection.
    And finally EJ/Sami, Sami was adorable. I’m glad EJ doesn’t have the thought of marriage in his mind yet, because they just reunited the night before, they need at least 7 days to stew it over. LOL. But I appreciate the fact that Sami is ready, because like they both said, they have been together “forever” and wasted so much time fighting, why waste any more time, ya know? Sami is all about EJ right now, it’s too cute. Their scene at the HTC was so HOT, EJ’s low voice, Sami glancing embarrassingly behind her when EJ mentioned tearing her clothes off, loved it all. It’s been over a week, and I still can’t get over this, they are a bonafide couple. <3
    I wonder what EJ will be angry about in May. I bet he’ll be angry at Stefano or Kristen and NOT Sami. I hope I’m right.
    Drunk Rafe, I love that version of him. He looked like he wanted tear Nicole’s dress off when he was inviting her out.
    I wonder how Rafe did not know how Kate wound up with Stephano, I’m sure he was in Salem when Kate attempted to poison Chloe and frame Daniel. I thought it was public knowledge what she did.
    I don’t EJAMI is on tomorrow, but I’m still watching, every story has been so good lately.

  27. From Linda

    Nicole and Eric have a history, and they obviously have a connection now, too, but all of this between them yesterday and today is so out of the blue for me. I can’t quite get with it yet.

    Kate and Rafe were such fun to watch and I enjoyed them. At ease, playful, uninhibited, – and, yes, drunk, but they were great. Jennifer looked like a little kid caught skipping school. Glad she finally stood up for herself, though. But in the spoiler above it sounds like she goes too far!

    I guess if Sami does another number lashing out at Gabi, and then Gabi ends up in the hospital, it would be normal for people to blame Sami. I also think it’s very understandable that people keep mentioning Rafe to Sami. She very happily said she was getting back with him and appeared thrilled about it, and at the almost wedding, she was radiant and obviously “with” him. Hard for people not to question her going back with EJ this quickly. “The wind shifted” as Mouse Fan said in #23. Good choice of words!

  28. From dc

    good point, richard.. but seeing kate and rafe today made me nauseated.
    i am probably the only one who thinks this but i am wanting bo back and maybe even steve too.
    and i have read that maybe max and chelsea will return in april, that would be a good thing, some new faces. cannot understand why on earth they are bringing chloe’s mom back.
    i am a dreamer when it comes to writers bringing back old characters.

  29. From gerri

    you bring up some very interesting possibilities,about Fake Rafe,and other things.I’m just wondering,why Sami came up with,the Idea that a paternity test should be done,if there wasn’t reason to believe that Will might not be the father
    ,and If Gabi could have had sex,with a drugged out Chad,she would only have to lie,because again,the child would be a DiMera,and she knows the threats and actions they make.

    But maybe It Is all a big DiMera plan,Involving Kate(for revenge)and involving Nick as well,for Chad’s revenge..(.good thinking on your part on all these possible S/L’s…

  30. From Leah

    Yep… nice to see Marlena didn’t let us or Sami down again. True to form Marlena did all she could to rain on Samis parade and try to undermine her and fill her with fear and doubt. I’m sorry I find the whole thing hypocritical and laughable. Why? Because not that long ago she was kinda giving her consent to Carrie to pursue a relationship with Samis ex husband Rafe. I don’t like the double standards and how Marlena treats her two daughters so differently.
    As a parent of adult sons I’ve learned over the years I’m not gonna like everything they do or decide to do. When I can I voice my concerns but after that at the end of the day when they make their decisions I do all I can to get behind them and support them. Stefano at least understands this. He probably doesn’t like it anymore than Marlena does but he will tolerate the situation because he knows EJ loves Sami and he wants his son to be happy. As Stefano and Caroline have both said “The heart wants what the heart wants!” Something both Marlena and Caroline know about. Marlena chose John over Roman and Caroline had an affair with Victor while married to Shawn. So neither of them have the right to be judgemental or criticise. I have to say we have all criticised Samis indecision over the years but after Marlenas reaction today we know why. Sami has always been torn between doing what she wanted in her heart and doing what the rest of her family expected and wanted. No wonder she was all over the place. I have to say for me its been nice to see a happy, in love, relaxed and at peace Ejami. The torment of fighting their love has gone and they are simply enjoying it and each other. It’s nice to see.
    I have to say I think the powers to be missed a real opportunity today. Rafe should have been hitting it with Nicole and not Kate. We all know Nicole had a “thing” for Rafe when she was pregnant. It made Dr Dan get his nose out of joint. Rafe and Nicole have a certain chemistry that would be nice to see explored. Rafe was checking her out today and said she looked nice. Would have truly spiced things up and been an interesting triangle to see. Rafe/Nicole/Eric… I could have been up for that!
    Nicole and Eric are getting good too. Interesting to see that their popularity is growing fast and we haven’t really seen much from or with them yet.

  31. From Leah

    While I did enjoy Ejami scenes today…. the up against the wall canoodling and hitched up leg etc etc. Why oh why did they hit the streets? Doesn’t EJ still have his apartment next door? It appears some have fun playing in public…. LOL!

  32. From patty

    Those scenes today with Eric and Nicole were perfect! This guy is playing the part of a conflicted man brilliantly. His eyes say it all and of course Nicole is at her very best as always. This has the potential to become the best soap story ever.
    I , surprisingly, enjoyed the Rafe and Kate scenes. There was nothing forced about it, it was light hearted and it worked, not to mention they were funny as heck. I thought for a minute EJ and Sami were going to walk in on them, now that would have been a hoot. I think Rafe and Kate’s hook up stole the show from EJami today . Their nail polish business discussion wasn’t nearly as fun .
    Wow, an Allie sighting and she actually spoke!!! Not much of a welcome for her since Mommy and her new boyfriend couldn’t get out the door fast enough. I still don’t know what they had to go out for.

    So I guess now we know that Rafe, Will and Gabi are all on the same team.
    It looks like Sami’s animosity towards Gabi and her anger at Rafe are totally unfounded and that she’ll be getting some of what she’s been dishing out for causing Gabi harm. I agree, they should get a restraining order against her.
    Lucas told her to be nice to the mother of their grandchild, but since when does Sami ever listen to anybody?

  33. From Linda

    Getting tired of all the swearing on the show. Repetitive story lines are getting out of hand. Although I don’t like Sami, the show gets pretty boring when she’s not on camera.

  34. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I see Ejami is still sailing on the good ship USS Boring. And the PDA hump in the gated park doorway was disgusting.

    Marlena was right on target with the mom advice/beatdown. Had the same discussion with my son on Sunday about his Sami. Can’t fix stupid.

    KaFe was entertaining.

    Dannifer was a rerun of the same script between Marlena and John. “you lied, Re: my son and didn’t trust me”. Barely had time to get dust on in before they used it again.

    Nicole looked great. Who’s dressing Sami? Awful.

  35. From Debbie

    Sure sounded to me like Rafe said something about Sammy needing to get her s – - – together! I even played it back to hear it again as I couldn’t believe it got past the censors!

  36. From Leah

    I enjoy the humour in Ejamis relationship…. loved the couple of lines on the 11th. Sami “I’ve been thinking…” And EJ “Oh please don’t do that.” Sami “Oh no I’m sure you’ll like this one.”
    Enjoyed the humour today with Sami thinking EJs gonna pop the question. EJ “You know don’t you.” Sami (gulp) “No.” And then the way Sami sat there thinking EJ was gonna pull out the ringbox and instead we got the mobile phone, the report and then da da the nail polish.
    Enjoying the “can’t get enough of each other.” All the kissing, eye contact, hands over each other and flirting. EJ saying “I just wanted to rip your clothes off and kiss yuou here, there and there.” And Sami saying “I’m always up for that.”
    We may have waited for it for 6 1/2 years but yes its been worth the wait. I know eventually the honeymoon will be over and trials and tribulations will come but I’m gonna make the most it it while I can. More please…..

  37. From Tee

    Hello all!!!

    I seem to remember Cam already knows gabi is a virgin. I thought they broke up because she kept inviting him over and putting on the moves and he did not wish to rush her into that. Someone chime in if I am wrong.Anyway I am assuming they are trying to appeal to a younger crowd with the innocent Virgin story line.Though the show is on during dy many are home schooled and could watch or off school by then, or even watch on DVR with parents or soap network or online.So its a nice little story to get please parents I guess.Me personally I am not finding it interesting right now as I see no chemistry there. Much prefer Chad with her, but we will see as time goes on.

    Jen/Dan/Chloe-I am not into this story so much right now,I do enjoy Chloe as a character and Jen was a fave before but not anymore. I cannot believe I am saying it but I may be able to like Dannifer one day soon though. I do see chemistry at times.Chloe is only a temporary in Salem anyway I guess but still looking forward to when Nancy comes and how it will add to the story.
    Jen I think was a little overboard in asking him to cease all contact but through a Lawyer.She reacted out of Jealousy, though I understand why she is.Perhaps next time Dannifer go away for night they should take Parker with them and hire a sitter they trust and get their alone time. Jen was in wrong for giving Chloe the wrong information, but Dont Dan have a cell she could have called his pager?Something else

    Marlena and her critism of Sami is exactly why Sami has been settling for second all this time.I agree Marlena should have been more supportive of Sami and who she loves.She has been kind to EJ and commented on his changes as well in past. I just dont get her taking Carries side when she was kissing her sisters husband,, and then encouraging her to be with her sisters husband.They were married still then. Marlena was in her right as a maother to ask Sami about what made her make the decision and whatever along those lines,but really about the whole Rafe thing once can say the opposite as well. I Remember when she tried telling them before she was thinking of reuniting with EJ around the time she was helping him when Steffie was shot, Rafe had made it clear at that Safe house it was Carrie he loved, and said he had never loved anyone that way something Marlena was well aware of him saying Then he Decides he wants Sami because Carrie is pregnant, should she not want her daughter to be a mans 1st choice?Sami clearly had been confused on what she should do and most knew that.So her choosing EJ should not confuse anyone he was still in the running now she should have been confused if she went left field and chose Lucas since he was eliminated a long time ago, when she chose EJ over him.
    Sandy I like your comment about what Sami said about being a mother and how she treated her mother and vice versa in #22.
    If I remember correctly Eric was not fond of his mothers relationship with John and Brady could not stand Marlena and did alot of terrible things to her growing up. I Think even to Belle.
    Sami has always been the outcast, and she longs to not be.So she has been trying to do what a Brady should do or what they think she should do.It has caused her to do some terrible things along the way even, and of course it put a damper in her love for EJ.Who is Marlena to judge their love when she has herself been possessed by the devil, and had affairs and on and on.Brady resented her because she treated him different then Belle, and thought he was a demon spawn.That had something to do with Brady becoming Paralyzed if I remember right.Someone who does free to comment.John used to be a mercernary for hire if I remember and we know all the dirty things he did while a Pawn.But isn’t EJ just the same, he was groomed by Stefano and If Marlena has all this faith John could be his own man why not EJ.But she made a good comment we will see when daddy returns.Hope he dont activate something in EJ ughh

    I have not watched todays show yet so I will comment when I do I am interested to see the Rafe Kate scenes. I would like to see that chemistry and what it is about if any.

    On Nick and what will happen to Gabi well lets see Nick is gonna push marriage again and Sami is aware that would make Nick legally the father unless Will does paternity test.So yes I am sure she hears all this and may be upset because it does need to be acknowledged who the father is first.It is a big deal as the husband is legally the father and Will would have to fight in court to get that changed since Nick would contest.Nick is also known to change paternity tests so keep that in mind going into the future.Is Sami supposed to stand by and let Rafe and Kate do all the convincing?She has a right to help her son establish paternity before birth since Nick and Gabi want to marry now.Nick tells Will no need for a paternity test as well, Will may not be aware of the law and so Sami is trying to help him.Is Nick now Gabis keeper?Either way gonna eait till I see why anyone blames Sami at all.

  38. From Debbie

    #34 Debbie – is that you MAB writing my name by mistake or is this another Debbie replying to my earlier post (the Debbie from #10)? MAB, the reason I’m asking is that you said you’d go back and check the show with the closed caption on. I thought maybe you were typing fast and put my name in the space where yours would go.

  39. From Kat

    This show is soooooo slow and boring. You do not have to worry about missing anything, tune In next month month and it will be the same ole same ole. Take tips from the Young and the Restless. Come on writers STEP IT UP 500 notches and get some creativity to keep us on the edge of our seats.

  40. From Barb

    I can’t believe how much I liked Kate and Rafe yesterday but I did! Terrific job Lauren and Galen!! Ejami up against the wall was tacky. But she was comical expecting any minute she’d be proposed to. Must have set a record with Allie for how fast a kid can be hustled off to bed!!!! What was up with EJ barely acknowledging her?!

    Jen was sorry but not completely sorry, and I was rooting for her, and she was right in everything she told Dan about himself. And at least SHE has it firgured out, even if Dan doesn’t, that Chloe and that b**ch from the hospital were planning something nasty. Tall Nicole looked beautiful. Much shorter Eric was out of line, imo. But I think it’s really going to be something when they finally get it on!

  41. From bobby

    #16 Jolie E.J. has finally got his way and yet, he seems stiff and unromantic with Sami. She seems happy and comfortable with the relationship (a little to soon to be talking marriage. It’s only been a few days), but he still seems to be holding her at arms length.
    Kate and Rafe weren’t as bad as I thought. Except for Rafe jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Sami and Kate are cut from the same cloth. Eric and Nichole-way to soon! And Jen-I agree with the ones that are telling her to run. And yes, it was a page right out of John and Marlena’s script.
    There aren’t any real story lines going on. Just a bunch of people bed hopping all day long. Very tiresome. There won’t be too many marriages coming up-why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. Oh, and Kristen was ridiculous the other day pretendin she was drunk. Brady should know her well enough (Ha) that she would never be out of control. Not to mention-it’s a real turnoff to be a recovering addict and have someone around still using. Drunk shouldn’t have been the direction she should taken. Please–don’t let her spike anything Brady might be drinking or eating. Will be the end of watching DOOL for me.

  42. From Barb

    From Days Cafe this morning

    “As previously reported by Days Cafe, Gabi will not lose the baby. Her and Will’s daugher is born late spring. The name of the game is custody. . . . !”

  43. From jolie

    #22 Sandygram, I feel much the same Eric seems to want it all..the priesthood and Nicole doing what he says. Well, that might go for a while because Nicole is obviously torn as to what to do. She does seem to want to be a better person or as good a Nicole can be. Eric…just not sure yet what he wants. I am not feeling it between them. Dr Dan may move to a hotel but Chloe will call him over for calamity so often that the front door will spin. I think it is a bit premature for Elvis to put a ring on it. And Sami seemed to be all for it. She is a dunce. What if Elvis bought or just picked up the ring for Kristen?? Funny. And Elvis and Sami in the bushes behind the HTS with her legs all hiked up?? I was a bit surprised by that scene. Rafe and Kate were drunk and she at least waited til she was in her room to hike her skirt. I blame the writers for not knowing romance if it hit them like Cupid’s arrow.
    #23 MouseFan, how right you are. Sami is her own worst enemy like us all. She often has her own words thrown back on her but then she says so much. She has likely confused most people she has contact with due to her man swap. We know Johnny was confused over what she told him.
    #26 Michelle, OK, you have an entirely different take on Eric than I do but I am open enough to take it into consideration. Maybe it is that Eric is confused and trying to run Nicole’s life because he does have deep feelings that he can’t yet name. I see some Sami in him that he speaks and expects all to fall in line. I need to get over that I guess. And I am like you. I am starting to see some spunk in Jennifer. I am glad she admitted her part then didn’t go into the pettiness of the harpies about going to the club to hunt Daniel down. And I am glad she stood her ground. If Jennifer is having a grown up moment or two, she’ll soon tire of Dr Orange and his antics. If he gets stuck with Chloe, he’ll deserve it. I do disagree about the Rafe and Kate thing. I can see them as friends, but not so much as lovers. I thought Kate was really enjoying herself and feeling like a woman for probably the first time in a long while. Stefano might have pushed this too far this time. No fault but his own.
    And Drunk Rafe was too funny. The guy is a good actor and has good screen presence.
    #27 Linda, I think you categorized it well, Rafe and Kate were playful and uninhibited. I enjoyed the scenes because they were not rushed or shoved down our throats. Two adults needing some friendly comfort. I think you are right too that maybe when Will and Gabs need help, they will be there for them. I hope so. And yes, most would assume some blame if you went off on a person and that person landed in the hospital.
    #29 gerri, Sami knows all the tricks because she has used the all so naturally she would think a paternity test is in order. If Nick doctors it up and Will is not the father, Sami will likely go off on Gabi again for trying to tie Will to the child when it wasn’t his. But why drug Chad to have sex with him. Yes, Sami did it to get pregnant, right? By Austin? Was Gabi hoping to get pregnant? Doesn’t ring true for me but who know what could happen.

  44. From jolie

    #33 DTTB, I am with you on the PDA, what was the need of that? Couldn’t they go next door to Elvis’ apt? I guess the writers wanted it to look like they might have a chance to run into Rafe and Kate. And I thought Marlena was right as well. So what if she said ‘go for it?’ Most of us would have called foul on that. Everything she said was true. Sami acted like a spoiled brat, huffing around. My 12 year old granddaughter acts the same way when her mom gets down to the hard truths with her. And you are right, you can’t fix stupid and people have to play it out. I am amazed at people who think that all the people who love them and are saying the same thing are just wrong. Dr Daniel is another case…can’t fix stupid.
    #36 Tee, I thought Cameron knew as well but am now confused. I like her with Chad as well so maybe if Cameron’s dark side will eventually show, Chad will ride in to save the day. I still hope the virginity being such a big deal doesn’t mean Abigail will be raped. We haven’t had a rape in a while and not looking forward to it if it does happen. I can’t agree with you on all the Sami/Marlena family stuff. Sami is an outcast because she wants first place in everything or nothing at all and doesn’t want anyone else to have it either. You see that kind of person all the time..those who don’t really want the partner they have but don’t want someone else to have them or make them happy….I call it a spoiler because they are just there to spoil it for others.
    #38 Barb, the writers are what is up with Elvis barely acknowledging Allie and her with her head this going somewhere or what? Lots has been made of it but I can’t believe the character would have just not acknowledged her when she walked by. But I see it like Rafe buying the penguin for Sydney at Christmas and nothing was mentioned that he gave gifts to the other kids. Some here jumped right on that bandwagon but really would Rafe not buy gifts for all the kids…yes. The writers don’t know that we are sleuths and will hunt out and turn over and over each detail.
    #39 Bobby, Elvis seems stiff to me as well but this is new for the actors. But now if he has bought Sami a ring..which I hope he hasn’t and she is just jumping the gun…he is in deep. Yep, too much bed hopping, dream sex sequences, pressing into walls and hiking up legs. Where’s the romance in all of that??
    #40 Barb, doesn’t really make me all that excited that we’ll be served up more custody woes. Ridiculous and very unimaginative.

  45. From Cougar

    Can’t wait for Nancy to return. I always enjoyed he character and they way the actress portrayed her. The thing that was so great about Nancy was that, lets just say she was a plus woman, and yet she managed to have a very handsom successful husband who was loyal and loved her. It totally bucks the image that you have to be glamorous or anorexic to to hook a man like that. Really a grea lesson out there for young girls that there is more to the total sum of a person than that of body image.

    Yup Kate &
    rafe had to get drunck to do the horozantal mambo. Can’t wait to see the morning after scene when thye wake up hung over. I have to admit that I enjoyed it m=more than I was expecting to.

    Tee,I don’t recall Abbie telling Cam she was a virgin. He moved on to another before they got that far if I recall correctly. I think that it is expcted that as a Horton she would be the one remaining virgin in Salem as a role model to younger viewrs just as Jennifer was years ago. With everyone else throwing their sexuality away so feely like a frisby(heard this great reference throwing on the Jeff Probst show) this is a counter balance.

    With EJ wrapped up in Sami I thinkour newest conflicted soul will be Eric. He was just priceless yesterday telling Nicole not to take her love to town; really something no employer has a right to. I recall working for an immature 23 hairdresser who was put in charge of ER staff. Her sister-in-law was the HR Directer an the hairdresser’s husband lost his job. No really this happened. Neputism in a small town is a great thing. Anyway, my best friend, who also worked under her, got together for a Mother’s Day Margareta party because our immediate family’s weren’t able to get together to elebrate on the actual day that year. She told me that I could not invite one person from the department without inviing everyone to my home. Indvidually we we were each taken in to the office and given verbal warnings. I told her that what I do on my own time and who I invite to my home is none of her concern. My friend asked her i she ever heard of the Labor Board because whe would know they where when she got done reporting this action.

  46. From Cougar

    I am enjoying the interplay between Sami and EJ. This little ring mix up could be the DiMera always 3 steps ahead. EJ may suspecting that Sami would do something like rifle through his pockets. It could go either way. Maybe he just lets her get the wrong idea at every turn before he pops the question in earnest. Or maybe it’s just a little misunderstanding forcomic releif after all they have said it will be a long slow process to get there two together.

  47. From MAB

    Spoilers saying Chloe moves in w/ Daniel is a misleading. Victor kicks her out, and apparently she gets herself kicked out on purpose. Daniel lets her & Parker move into his place, but he moves into a hotel room. I think Jen handled Daniel very well yesterday, at least she was honest. I just wish he knew what Chloe & Ann were up to before Parker got sick. It’s time Daniel stop being gullible when it comes to a woman in distress. He should’ve learned after Nicole, and now Chloe is acting the same way, but way worse because she’s using her son as bait.

    I thought Rafe’s drunken moment was gonna be ruined as he started ranting about EJ and the kids, which he has no right doing, or questioning EJ being the only father figure in the kids lives. Before Rafe came along, all the kids had was EJ, for the most part, and Lucas sometimes. If EJ can be questioned on how he treats Ally (which I don’t think is an issue), then what about how Lucas treats Johnny & Sydney? He barely acknowleddges them, and they barely know Lucas…at least Ally knows EJ, and was partially raised by him. With that said, I thought Rafe was a funny drunk, and ‘almost’ (I repeat) ‘almost’ cute when he asked Nicole out for a drink. It went all down hill tho when he met up w/ Kate. At first, their convo was funny, but then entered the flirting, and it got odd, and then down right nauseating. Them groping each outside the Horton square, and then in bed. I didn’t know whether to laugh or throw up! The writers sure missed a great opportunity here…too bad Nicole didn’t take Rafe up on that drink. I still think she’ll end up w/ Eric, but I would’ve liked seeing her & Rafe have a short fling.

    EJ has always been good to Ally, helped raise her, etc., but I don’t recall ever seeing EJ hug her, so I didn’t think it was odd that he didn’t yesterday. I think some are just making something out of nothing, as usual. He acknowledged her, was nice, smiled at her and told her goodnight. It wasn’t scripted for him to hug her, so it didn’t happen. Either that is how the writers want it, or they could be setting up for a closer bond to form between her & EJ. Also, the little actress is obviously very shy. I mean she barely says anything, or interacts w/ anyone (she sure isn’t like Johnny). Maybe that is why EJ didn’t hug her. What I don’t get is why she was out so late, while Johnny & Sydney were already in bed. I would’ve thought her spending the night w/ Lucas would’ve been more realistic.

    No doubt EJ & Sami were adorable yesterday! It was funny that Johnny’s dinosaur was in the frig guarding the apple slices, as Sami pointed out, and cute how EJ was just being daddy, getting them calmed down to go back to sleep. If they start living together any time soon tho, they are gonna need a bigger place because there will be too many people in the small apt. Back to EJ & Sami, she was distracted waiting for him to propose, and no doubt she was gonna say yes, but he kept bringing up work. I don’t think he had the slightest idea that she saw the ring, especially since it turns out it’s not for her anyway. Then them stepping out to have a little alone time, him telling her he wanted to rip her clothes off & kiss her everywhere, very playful & sexy! And them running off to find a place to ‘fool around’ (even if it was just outside the Horton square). Very hot him lifting her up against the wall, like they can’t get enough of each other, and obviously they can’t! Well, I can’t get enough of them either. I’m enjoying EJami immensely, never boring, always charming!

    Ok how is it that EJ & Sami up against the wall was tacky, but Rafe & Kate weren’t??? More double standards!

    Well, if Chad was drugged by Gabi and she slept w/ him, then why did she continue the Andrew thing that got Melanie kidnapped and nearly killed? And why bother having Will & Gabi sleep together if they were gonna go back and make Chad the father? If that was the case, then it could be Nick vs. Chad instead of Nick vs. Will. Bottom line, I never said anything wasn’t possible, just said that if they did change the paternity of her baby, they will have to do a lot of rewriting, which I don’t think they will. Why go back and change all of Gabi’s SL just to make someone else the father instead of Will? I think the writers intended all along to make Will the baby’s father, hence the reason for them sleeping together in the first place. I think the writers want Will to be the main focus of the young SL’s, and him having a baby w/ Gabi was the perfect way to keep him front & center.

    I agree, Eric is doing anything & everything to keep Nicole around, as it’s apparent he doesn’t wanna loose her. She decided not to go out after all, and I think that pleased him. He was honest in what he thinks of her, and told her nice things about herself, that she often doesn’t hear or believe…what a good person she is, and how he has faith in her. No doubt he got to her, and the best line of the day was her saying “I wish I saw the person you see.”

    #28 dc – nope you’re not the only one who wants Bo & Steve back. I never wanted Bo to leave in the first place!

    I think Stefano hates that he & Kate are no longer together, but I get why he’s disgusted w/ her after cheating on him. She still thinks of him as the love of her life, and I think he still loves her. I hope eventually they will find their way back to each other.

    #30 31 & 35 Leah – all your posts were great! I also enjoy the humor in EJami’s relationship, and how charming they are together.

    #36 Tee – fantastic post, I agree on all counts! I thought Cameron already knew Gabi was a virgin too??? I thought she blurted it out to him when they were talking once. That is the way I remember it…and that is the way it played out when they were in her room…they started up, he asked if she was sure, she said yes, but then shut him down again. He left, and that was it, they were done. I for one think it’s a nice SL for Abby, and that way it’ll just be more special to her when she finally finds the right guy, and I’m hoping that is Chad! I also agree about Marlena, as I said the same thing you did. It’s not even so much about what Marlena says or does at this point, of course she is gonna have questions & reservations, but this is about the difference in how she treats Sami vs. Carrie. She blatantly supported Carrie’s betrayal of her husband & sister w/ Rafe, but wants to chastise Sami for wanting to be w/ EJ, willingly 100%. And ditto on Sami really being Rafe’s second choice. Sami was and always has been EJ’s first choice, and now that the clouds have lifted for Sami, she realized EJ should’ve been her first choice all along. Sami has already thoroughly explained herself, we all heard it, and there’s no way it can be spun any other way…she wants EJ period. And everything she’s been feeling for quite some time, and like she told Marlena, this isn’t an overnight decision. Things have been progressing between her & EJ for some time now. She just couldn’t get off that ‘making the right choice’ train, but she’s off now and finally making her own decisions, instead of decision that will please her family.

    #37 Debbie, it must have been another Debbie in #34 that addressed you, it wasn’t me. As for what Rafe said, he didn’t say sh!t, but it definitely sounded like it. It was like he was gonna say it, but stuttered and used another word instead. My closed caption showed him say “sh – - shape”. Not sure what it all ended up meaning tho. Maybe Tee or someone else can tell us what he really said.
    Kat – where are you???????????

  48. From MAB

    Geez, it’s already been spoiled the ring is for an ad campaign. EJ is apparently not rushing anything, although I don’t think it’s too far off down the road.

    Oh, and the writers are doing a terrific job in the EJami dept…heating & spicing things up for them, making it very interesting & charming! So much romance & tenderness, while being playful, sexy, and a bit naughty! Everything a healthy relationship should envelope. Finally nice to see a couple truly happy together w/ no agenda, and just plain enjoying one another. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If anyone witnessed the first go around of Eric & Nicole’s romance, there would be no questioning their feelings now. They were a very hot item back then, and even when he left Salem, he was still hung up on her, as she was him.

    Why is it that when a pregnant women has a confrontation w/ someone, they end up in the hospital??? I mean, I could understand if that confrontation including physical harm, but just because someone tells you off, doesn’t automatically end up in a trip to the hospital (we saw the same thing happen to Nicole). I mean what’s next, Gabi ends up in the hospital for driving in stressful rush hour traffic??? Come on, this is stupid! The real reason for this is just another reason for them to gang up on Sami and make her look bad. Mark my words, she is the one who will be saying ‘I told you so’ in the end. At least she’ll have EJ in her corner to fight off the wolves, and nice she’ll finally have a man to have her back for a change.

    FYI – EJ moved out of the apt across the hall, so I assume someone is living there by now, hence why EJ & Sami didn’t end up there. Not sure where he’s been living since, as that hasn’t been shown. Of course, we don’t know where they were on their way to since he got a business call and they ended their night.

  49. From MAB

    I hope this doesn’t end up being a duplicate post, as I’m not sure if I posted it yet, but I wasn’t finished, so I’m posting it again, I think??

    Spoilers say the ring is for an ad campaign, although EJ could be using it in the mean time to see what Sami’s reaction would be if he proposed to her. But at this point, it looks like the ring is nothing more than a business item, and EJ is apparently not rushing anything. Although I don’t think it’s too far off down the road.

    Oh, and the writers are doing a terrific job in the EJami dept…heating & spicing things up for them, making it very interesting & charming! So much romance & tenderness, while being playful, sexy, and a bit naughty! Everything a healthy relationship should envelope. Finally nice to see a couple truly happy together w/ no agenda, and just plain enjoying one another. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If anyone witnessed the first go around of Eric & Nicole’s romance, there would be no questioning their feelings now. They were a very hot item back then, and even when he left Salem, he was still hung up on her, as she was him.

    Why is it that when a pregnant women has a confrontation w/ someone, they end up in the hospital??? I mean, I could understand if that confrontation including physical harm, but just because someone tells you off, doesn’t automatically end up in a trip to the hospital (we saw the same thing happen to Nicole). I mean what’s next, Gabi ends up in the hospital for driving in stressful rush hour traffic??? Come on, this is stupid! The real reason for this is just another reason for them to gang up on Sami and make her look bad. Mark my words, she is the one who will be saying ‘I told you so’ in the end. At least she’ll have EJ in her corner to fight off the wolves, and nice she’ll finally have a man to have her back for a change.

    Uh, EJ moved out of the apt across the hall, he told Sami he was after one of her trips on the train of Rafe. I assume someone else is living there by now, hence why EJ & Sami didn’t end up there. Not sure where he’s been living since, as that hasn’t been shown. Of course, we don’t know where they were on their way to when he got that business call and they ended their night.

  50. From Barb

    number 42 jolie It was different for EJ to act that way to Allie, or not act that way, so that’s shy it stood out for me. Like Allie being put to bed so quickly. I feel the same as you do about Sami being a spoiler kind of person. I’m not looking forward to a custody s/l, either.

    If Rafe would have had Kate up against a wall, with her dress hiked up, it would have looked tacky to me, also. One of those moments that screams “get a room, people”!

  51. From Maryl

    I think Eric became a priest for all the wrong reasons. He was guilted into making a decision which I don’t think he was ready to make. He wanted to replace the priest he thought of so highly while working in Africa. While his reasons may be considered admirable and selfless, those types of reasons are not enough to warrant becoming a priest. Eric needed time to heal from the ordeal he went through in Africa, and it’s beginning to appear that he may have entered the priesthood too quickly.

    A man entering the priesthood should have no “baggage” — no matter what it may be. He should desire one thing and one reason only to become a priest and that is to serve God. He should not enter the priesthood as a sacrifice, recompense for something that occurred, or for some personal need other than to serve God.

    Many priest have given up the priesthood because they realize they cannot uphold the sacrament. A big part of the time this happens because they were forced or “groomed” into becoming priest by their parents. This is not the church’s fault, because parents are warned against this kind of behavior all the time, but some parents have a need for glory through their kids and unfortunately it happens.

    If Eric knows he is still in love with Nicole and desires her, he will need to take that collar off or have himself removed from the parish if he chooses to remain a priest. Either way, I’m sure he will be having a “talk” with Father Matt some day soon! lol! My money is on “hurricane” Nicole–she will wreck havoc in the church but maybe in the process, she will also redeem and reform herself through Eric. I’m looking forward to see how it all happens!

    All I have to say about EJ and
    Sami is—loving every minute!!

  52. From Grandbarb

    I think the writers just forgot to tell the new Cameron about Abigail being a virgin,because I remember the old one finding out.He and Abigail had a whole discussion about it,so I guess the new Cameron just didn’t get the memo!

  53. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Kate and Rafe was an amorous, if drunken, embrace. EJ and Sami was a gratuitous, horny grope. Which defines their relationship completely. Nobody’s at the manse, right? Why not continue this sexcapade in private, like two parents, and I use the term loosely, would do? Then again, I’m psychoanalyzing a soap character. I just wish that the writing was tighter on this show.

    #41 Bobby, you’re 100% right. There no chemistry or romance between the Eeeej and his siren. If the writers are going to continue this coupling, I hope the whole fam-damily shrugs and says who cares, we’re out of it.

    Jolie, I was referring to my son, can’t fix stupid, but if the DAYS fits.. I always view Days thru the lens of my own soap opera. LOL.

  54. From Nancy

    Hi Ladies and Gents.

    Curious when is Gabi’s real trash going to come out—re. what she did to Melanie. It does need to come out soon not later.

    And sorry but an 18 year old being a virgin is a so what? But she wants to date someone close to 30, at 18 I would find that much too old for me.

    EJami, has also grown old, they don’t move as characters and EJ only knows how to lust for her–not love. Both are better actors then ones to play kissy kissy—and this relationship has grown old and cold—sorry Corday!

    Just seeing Kate and Rafe in bed together was a bit over board and not a good storyline in fact I found it disgusting at best.

    Cannot wait until John and Marlena are together again! Hopefully the real Bo will come back with him!

  55. From Ninnie

    I havent watched in the past couple of weeks because I have grown so tired of the story line, and BR-ISTEN. I have been watching The CHEW instead. At LEAST they dont chew on human flesh, or drag something out for days, weeks, months or years either. When DAYS decides to get rid of the story writers or the story writers decide to change the story lines a bit, then maybe I will start back watching. Until then…HAPPY CHEWING!!

  56. From Katt

    Rafe with Kate? So fun and supah sexy. Sami will blow her stupid head off and I will be in line to laugh.

  57. From Tee

    Hello fellow bloggers!!

    So I have now watched yesterday and todays show.So Gonna comment now

    Rafe was great as a drunk. I think he was going to say shit but said shape, perhaps he realized he was in a church, or he was supposed to be slurring his words.It seemed like Rafe was looking to get laid.He was very flirty with Nicole,the looks Eric gave had me laughing. I think he picked up on it too.If Nicole showed up I believe he would have taken her home. I do like their chemistry Nicole and Rafes.More on that later.Rafe was doing great drunk.I did not like his comment about EJ being the only father, it actually dont make sense with his other comments to Sami.Let me get this straight he thinks Sami is a bad mother because her kids had to go back and forth between her and Lucas, meaning Allie and Will.But he thinks that Sydney and Johnny should have 2 parents?So confused Rafe.But anyway, I enjoyed his scenes, I actually think his eyes was shining even in the scenes so good job to Days on that.His eyes looked very pretty and mischievous.Yep I said it. I never thought Rafe was ugly, in fact he is good looking and it stands out in some scenes.He just is not my fave character on the show but I have enjoyed a lot of his stuff lately.Now on to him and Kate, I think it looked like a sorta uncomfortable scene yesterday, which is normal considering.Their wake up scenes were good though.I liked Kate trying to be all modest considering.It was all great until Rafe said I thought you were gonna help me with Sami?I was glued to the screen in their scene I admit.Then I thought about it Like Patty said Kate is another Sami really in many ways as is Nicole.Though both are worse in ways and Sami is worse in things.Like Kate has a very sordid past, but her and Sami are both manipulators and go get what they want.Very independent Women. Just as Rafe told Kate she was as is Sami usually.Sami specializes in Paternity tests, and manipulation.Nicole is quite the manipulator herself, and plays the victim well.Perhaps Rafe likes the woman he thinks he does not. I dont know if he thinks Sami is awful for being these things then why is he circling around women just like her?Out of the 3 Kate is more for him because she has been manipulated by many herself.Kate works well with a man who she cant manipulate, like Stefano.Nicole actually works well with the tortured man as she herself is deep down.Sami works well with a man who thinks like her and knows her moves.That is why her and Lucas were so great and why she is great with EJ imo.Anyway I could go on and on about how these 3 women are similar and what not but for the long run I am not sure how it would work with Kate and Rafe age aside because to me that has nothing to do with anything.What matters is that out of Sami and Kate Kate can be more tamed by a man and still be independent.Her manipulations usually are aimed at Sami, something business or her childrens significant other.Kate worked well with Roman, and he was a good guy mostly.So I guess it could work with Rafe if it goes that way time will tell.I think it is strictly sexual right now but we will see where they are taking this.So moral of my ranting is I thought Rafe needed a goody goody woman and therefore never truelly thought it could work with him with Nicole or even Kate. I loved Rafe and N icoles chemistry though.Given Kates character it could work with her maybe.It could not work with Nicole because Nicole needs the troubled man who is really a good guy just troubled, and Kate has done well with the good and bad guy though I like her with Stefano.Sami does well with guys like Lucas and EJ. I am not saying Lucas is not a good guy, he is Just saying he knows a thing or 2 about manipulation and scheming and can keep up with her and have no qualms usually.EJ as wll can keep up with her and even know what she is gonna do sometimes before she does it, or why she does it.They work well with her.

    EJAMI scene outside was hot.I have to say if a relationship is not allowed to have some spontaneous sexual tension, and stuff then idk. I am married and its not all romance every day. Does it need to be romance every day.Cant they have some hot steamy makeout in a corner?Why not I am sure most have at some point, though there are those who are very against any pda or think that it should be romance 24/7They are sexually attracted to one another and I see nothing wrong with it.We seen romance last week and will see more tomorrow.I am fine with it.John and Marlena and Bo and Hope have had some stuff like that I never seen it as tacky with any of them.

    I seen someone above ask why EJAMI went out anyway I think EJ made that clear he did not want to get hot and heavy since Allie had just come home and stuff so he thought best to go out a bit you know maybe fresh air, to which Sami said well we are alone now..They could have been headed for a coffee does it matter they took a late night stroll it is normal for couples to take walks at night.
    I still find it irnoic people comment on where Samis kids are when there are rules that say a kid can only be on set a certain amount of hours in a week or month or what not based off age.Just look at the casting calls for kids like Gabis baby it says it right in there.So noones kids are really on set.Like where is Ciara we see her like a few times a year and hear of her less. We are privledged to hear of Samis kids more then others but the reasons why they are explained so much on screen may be because so many epople question why Samis kids are not with her 24/7.So they invent something liek a sleepover, or Grandma Carolines, or what not.Sometimes we get lucky and see them where they are said to be briefly.That is more then most kids on set.To get it straight Johnny and Sydney were not being watched by Caroline why she and EJAMI had their first night last week they were with Kaylas son having a sleepover.We never even got to see him at the sleepover.We only got to see him at Christmas.I seem to recall Sami and Eric both were shipped off to boarding school by Marlena most of their young years.Many judge Samii but I say just look at Marlena.She only seen her kids on holidays and special occasions.She treated Brady so bad when he was little she was a awful and mean stepmother.Roman’s kids were sent away while she raised Johns kids with him.Gee I wonder why any of her kids could have turned out the way they did.She also committed adultry, and put John above her children and their child together.Any of her kids who stood in the way of her and John like Sami did were sent away and made the black sheep much like Brady was for years.I think it was Bradys accident that made her treat him better and apologize, but she still treats Sami different.Carrie kisses Marlenas butt so of course she loves her more.It shows.Marlena molded and shaped Sami to what she is, because she had to scheme to get attention, or was not a part of her family as she was living it up with John and their child.She was in boarding school.Eric also has as many said some of Samis sides to him.No he is not a manipulator but he is judgmental and condescending and wants things his way.Much like his sister.Why not they never had it their way as children?

    Chloe Jen Daniel ughh not much more to say other then what I have.

    Stefano is coming back soon I cannot wait.

  58. From gerri

    I know It would be stupid,to think Gabi might want to be pregnant,by Chad,but the writers come up with S/L’s that are not what we would expect.
    She wasn’t using birth control when the Will act took place,so anything could be written for her character.

    I thought Jenn looked so much better today,so maybe they took our advice on this blog,to dress her,differently,and give her a make-over.Daniel acts so stupid,.
    he don’t deserve her.

    Wonder what Brady is going to tell Kristen,about being unable to marry her,a mystery here.
    Actually the scenes,between Rafe/Kate,wasn’t as bad as I had expected.

    I just have to agree with the bloggers tho,that at this time,in Sami/EJ’s reunion,haven’t seen,that special thing yet,seems so fake.
    I do think,that their characters and S/L will be put on the back burner,to move on with others,and I don’t think this will go over so good with them,they are too used,to be the highlight of the I do expect,some big time drama,in their relationship,

    I think as well,by Abby’s virginity,being brought up,a,S/L must be In the works.and since Days has repeated S/L’s ,Rape Is a possibility…would hate that.

    I hope The Real BO,would return,but If not,They need to bring his character back anyway..

  59. From Linda

    I found Kate and Rafe very entertaining again today. Waking up and not believing what they had done, Rafe hardly remembering, whoops, but oh, well, as Kate said, “what the Hell”, and they do it again! Their conversation was hysterical. Loved it all and I played it twice! I don’t really think this Kate and Rafe pairing will go anywhere, except that they may become allies in the custody battle. Kate has the right handle on Nick, (as does Lucas!!!!), and Kate gave Rafe pause for thought.

    Nick is sooo getting everyone upset about the custody of the baby. Gabi is just plain scared. But it was good she calmed Rafe down from going to see Sami. It says in the spoiler above that it’s something Julie says to Sami that gets her riled and then she goes to unload on Gabi. Gabi is obviously feeling the effects of pregnancy, needing to go lie down today, and probably whatever Sami does tilts the scale, sending Gabi to the hospital.

    Go Jennifer with telling Chloe you know what she’s up to! When Jen and Daniel were outside his door talking, I had visions of Chloe inside pinching Parker to make him cry so Daniel would rush in!

    Sami Rafe’s second choice? I never thought that. I would say Carrie was the second choice. Rafe was married to Sami, loved Sami, and because of Sami pushing him away and acting like she didn’t want him anymore, he turned to Carrie. Carrie told him before she left that she knew he still had Sami in his head. Which, of course, he did.

    I won’t be able to see tomorrow’s show until DVR tomorrow night. Can hardly wait!

  60. From Kat

    What is going on….
    Now three of my posts are not on, maybe they will show up later..

    Only wanted to point out, that

    poster 39 Kat
    poster 53 Katt…

    Is Not Me.. the org. Kat LOL
    You should be able to tell by the content/words, that it is Not Me…
    Asked the Admin. but they told me, anybody can use any name, duplicate or not….
    Don’t want to get blamed for anything the Orig. Kat did not say…..

  61. From MAB

    Rafe did have Kate up against the wall, same thing! But I guess it’s ok for 2 consenting adults to publicly display their sloppy drunken state lust, while 2 people in love get called tacky. Ha! And Sami’s dress wasn’t hiked up, it was just that short, like they are all wearing, Nicole & Chloe too. And still no way of knowing where they were headed when they were interrupted by the business call. I’m sure it was some place private.

    The writers have nothing to worry about, they are doing just fine by EJami. Fans all over are very happy w/ how it’s going, prompting the increase in the discussions on twitter that not only the actors noticed, but also TPTB – getting a lot of attention and good feedback – which just bodes well for EJami’s future on the show!

  62. From Leah

    #60 Original Kat… maybe you should add a number or letter to your poster name so we know its you my friend.
    Let me see… Rafe and Kate is that the same tacky, trashy,disgusting, gross, pitiful garden gate that Ejami leaned up against all hot and bothered too? Seems like the Days writers have a real sense of humour!

  63. From Ron

    Can’t believe Brady is in love with that old bag. Might as well be his mother. Should have come up with someone more believable, or at least better looking. Yuck.

  64. From MAB

    Tee – again, fantastic post, and I agree very much about EJ & Sami’s little outing. Just as I said, nothing tacky about what they did, it was normal behavior for 2 people in love who can’t get enough of each other. I think it was playful & sexy! I also agree about the kids. I also mentioned the same thing, why is it always about Sami’s kids? What about all the other mothers on the show whose kids we hardly ever see? We see Sami’s more than anyone’s, and being in her apt, you can tell kids live there. Whatever absence of her kids is due to the amount of hours the kids are allowed to work, plain & simple.

    Brady tells the truth to Kristen of why he doesn’t wanna marry…loosing his last 2 women to death.

    When has a SL for EJ & Sami (together or separate) ever been on the backburner? That ain’t gonna happen! They are too popular, fan favorites. These 2 are full steam ahead, or didn’t anyone read Corday’s statement of them putting everything into EJami? It’s all happening…

    I guess Rafe & Carrie confessing their undying love in the cabin, and planning a future together was her being his second choice? Right… And the claim of Sami ‘pushing’ Rafe away doesn’t fly anymore. He wanted Carrie, and she wanted him, regardless of what Sami did or didn’t do. And the only reason he claimed to still have feelings for Sami after Carrie left was because he got wind of her & EJ being together again. He didn’t want Sami, but he didn’t want EJ having her either.

  65. From MAB

    #60 Kat – call yourself the original! LOL

  66. From Tee

    Mab # 63 I agree great post.

    Kat the original I can tell so far your posts apart, but your right some could confuse it and cause a mix up.

    EJAMI are not backburned at all and though there are those who dont like them there are much more who do.That is a fact.We are all entitled to like who we want but they do have the biggest following out of Samis pairings. No pairing gets all the fans obviously that is the glory of it for shows, but they have the biggest out of her pairings.

    I Am sure they read the many Corday statements lol.

  67. From Linda

    I see the other Linda is back, too, in #33. At least with yours, Kat, the other one is spelling it differently, with two t’s.

    Grandbarb #52, that’s really funny!

    I thought Sami’s leg hitched up there was kind of too much. Not their best scene, for sure. I wouldn’t call Kate and Rafe’s sex lust but whatever it was, their scenes have been terrific for me to watch. Lauren and Galen great together, superbly playing off each other, and I can only imagine it was fun filming.

  68. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I would think that two drunk people in a spontaneous makeout would be a whole lot more understandable in a PDA, BECAUSE they lack history and a prior meet-up, than two people who left sober, together, with a planned outing, to show that kind of overboard knee to crotch foreplay stuff that EJami was doing. If the writers expect the non fan base to buy into this at all, there has to be something romantic and not all hot and horny about it. That’s all I’m trying to say. I think Ejami fanbase deserves better. One couple was drunk. The other was supposed to be thoughtful parents on a walkabout, trying to convince Salemites that they’re a viable couple. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Tee. I didn’t. Nor did I like the image of a priest throwing Nicole on a desk. Sometimes, this show disgusts me.

  69. From "NameBrand" Kat

    65 MAB, you are to funny,
    Ok… OrigKat, how about that….

    Can’t comment yet, have not watched the last two shows,
    was gone, had test done and then stayed at my Son’s house, could Not drive…full of goodies, LOL

    62 Leah, right, NO 1 Kat, or Orig. Kat, love it, my friends..


  70. From patty

    In my opinion, Rafe and Kate having drunken sex wasn’t gross and the morning after sex wasn’t either. Just two unattached adults having fun, no harm done. It was very entertaining.
    As for Sami , it looks like everybody is gearing up to do battle with her over the custody of Will’s and Gabi’s baby, which Will never even consented to. Sami will be making things worse as predicted and will possibly not only be losing her grandchild, but her son too.
    I am so not caring what happens with Jen/Dan/ Chloe. All the bitch fighting for a man like Daniel has me scratching my head. I didn’t like Jen being in the middle of it with Nicole and I don’t like it any more with Chloe. Jen is out of her league with these women and Dr. Tan is so not worth it.
    I agree with some that the Sami/EJ reunion seems fake and he doesn’t seem to be into it, using work as a distraction. I don’t think this domesticated lifestyle is EJ’s thing and it shows. If the weird interaction with Allie is any indication, it will get old fast and he will have them all moved in the Demansion soon where Mary can take care of the mundane stuff and he and Sami can pop in to say goodnight when they’re not busy putting that old crusty couch to use. They might end up having to share it with Crazy Sis and Brady though if Kristen has her way, now that would be gross!!!

  71. From bobby

    Why do they keep portraying the men on this show as mindless puppets? It’s kind of insulting.
    Poor Abbey. She’s the only one on the show not getting any action. Refreshing. I still can’t figure out what Nick is all about. That poor baby will end up in foster care the way everybody is getting ready to use each other’s past sins to fight for her. OH, please let Sami find out about Rafe and Kate. Time for some funny fireworks.

  72. From Michelle

    About EJ and Sami’s hot interactions yesterday, you have to remember that they are still within that 24 hour time frame since their romantic declarations of love and commitment, they came together at least 10 times already, lol, and they still want more. And like Tee said, it is not out of the norm for two people in love to never get enough of each other. They are so cute together, and lately (this isn’t relevant to the storyline) his Italian side has been coming out more for me; I had to remind myself that he is Half Italian. The dark slicked hair, olive skin it’s all there. So sexy. I think it really stuck out when he was speaking Italian. Like duh, of course he would know it! I just have a big thing for accents, French, Spanish, Italian, British they are all sexy.

  73. From Linda

    Yes, that is how I see it. Carrie was Rafe’s second choice becuase he thought Sami didn’t want him anymore. But Carrie, completely in awe of him and not hiding it, was there and Rafe fell for her. But then before Carrie left, the writers had Carrie see that Rafe still had Sami in his head and it went from there.

    #58, gerri, I agree about Jen. The actress is actually a very petty woman.

  74. From Tee

    Forgot to add to my post I just sent through
    Gabi has been tired in every scene just about she has played, sure pregnant woman are tired but not that tired, I think we even seen her sick sometimes recently.She is due in a few months on the show she should be past the tired all the time stage anyway.Let me take a stab at what julie says that pisses Sami off.
    Nicks told Gabi plainly Do you think we have been on Wills side is that what you think?He made it clear he felt they were not.He also then planted in her mind it was Sonny pushing for Paternity test probably, Then Gabi after thinking back on Sonny knowing her secret, then Rafe walks in and Gabi tells Rafe Sami is pushing for the test.So Nick tells her Sonny Gabi tells Rafe its Sami.Can they make up their mind or does it depend on who they talk to on who is to blame?
    Then Nick goes to Hope and says Sami is pushing a paternity test.Hope though Will was being included in everything big misconception lol I am sure Julie will find out.Lets couple this with Nick wanting again push marriage so he can ensure he is the legal father.As Legal father he can contest Will getting a paternity test and cause a long drawn out battle.
    Many think its wrong for Sami to want Will to get his paternity established but she knows since they planned to marry it would make Nick legal father so yes she is smart and its the right thing to do.
    So perhaps everyone will feel Will has been included in all things baby since Nick is planting the seed as has Gabi, though it is a lie, and Julie will most likely tell Sami she is wrong to suggest gabi have a paternity test or even let it slip they are getting married and then Sami will go off to see Gabi.I think Gabi is already showing signs things are not right exactly in her pregnancy.
    Why was Gabi so worried about Will getting a paternity test?She should not worry about it It is odd she is.Now its going around Will is pushing for full custody as Nick told that to Hope and he and Gabi discussed it.

    So let me say again I already posted word for word what was said between Sami and Rafe the gist was as long as Gabi allowed Will to have his rights as father to this child all was cool, and Rand mad she would suggest Will get shared custody then prompted Sami to say well if she tries to stop him I am sure it would be worng for GABI since it would go to court and with her marrying Nick, and her own crimes it could cause her to lose her child to Will.It is true.Sami only wanted Will to have his rights as a father and shared custody.
    So then Rafe runs to his sister and makes it bigger by warning Will could get full custody umm yea that is not what Sami threatned at all.Now Nick is spreading around Will is going for full custody.Why has Gabi, the mother and or rafe who as his stepfather not asked him or spoken to him?I mean since these people assume that all is well and Will is being included and talked to I mean really none of them ask Will anything.Sami does try to talk to him, but GABI, Any of these nosy bystanders,they should stop believing someone elses word and ask Will.Better yet Gabi take a stand against your crazy arse boyfriend you are letting run your life.

  75. From Leah

    #70 Michelle I agree. Everything about Ejamis ineractions are HOT! Ejami are two passionate people so why wouldn’t we see them “sealing the deal” over and over again. I mean they have plenty of time to make up for – LOL.
    EJ has stated he likes the heat, Sami likes turning up the heat so we should get to see Ejami wanting to release the heat. Woo hoo!
    I loved how EJ said to Sami on the 12th “All I wanted to do was rip your clothes off. And kiss you there and there and there.” Sami enjoyed every second of hearing the man that she loves declare he wants her. And Sami certainly wants it as she said “Am happy with that!” As Sami has already established finally giving into her love for EJ was the best night of her life. Should we be surprised? No, Sami has already declared that sex with EJ is so good and that EJ is a good lover. So go ahead and enjoy yourselves Ejami. We are enjoying coming along for the ride.

  76. From Tee

    Linda #71 We all have our views on it which is fine.
    But to me Rafe never gave Sami the time of day once he decided to be with carrie, We never seen him once even seek her out or show he cared.In fact Galen was unhappy with how his character reacted and it was said it would be fixed and it was.He thought his charcter should have been eating soup from a can moping and what not, and said it was not in character for Rafe to just act like Sami was noone to him.Now we see Rafe drunk and remembering Samis words about the best night of her life.I think that was more up the aisle of what Galen thought his character should do. It was shown on screen that Rafe cared nothing for Sami and that is straight from actors mouth so yes that is how a lot of the audience seen it as well.He put Carrie above sami.Just because Carrie said Sami still gets under his skin dont mean she was his 1st choice then.
    I should say I know many people that get under my skin sometimes but I am not in love with them lol.I say Rafe did love Sami before but he is now showing he thinks he never knew her or that the oman he knew existed.It sounds to me like he must have figured out she was never herself with him, and he just never seen it before, though I wonder when he helped her do all the things she did who he thought she was then?

  77. From Mouse Fan

    I’m probably just making something out of nothing, as usual, but I still feel that Elvis should have been more personable with Allie when saying Good Night. At least pull his hands out of his pockets. It made it look like he was afraid to be close to her.

    It’s about time Sami and Elvis got romantic. Wait… ROMANTIC!! Yes, that’s the word. It’s nice that they want to rip each other’s clothes off, but I would have rather watched them build it slowly with some tenderness and long, slow, deep kisses. Some sweet caressing and not horny groping, IMO.

    Alas, we’re at the mercy of the writers!

    Now, Kate and Rafe… Let the groping begin. They were drunk and alone, and feeling it. More of the gropy lust goin’ on there. And, their conversation was entertaining too. Such fun!
    I have a feeling Sami is not going to like that pairing one bit! :)

  78. From SandyGram

    Episode Wednesday February 13th:
    Like others have said, the Rafe and Kate hook up wasn’t as bad as expected. Galen (Rafe) and Lauren (Kate) work very well together. Over all for me, this has been the best comedic work they have done on the show. Then Kate waking up in the morning had a small resemblance of her in the same position with her first tryst with Ian. You know I can’t remember a time when we’ve seen Kate actually in bed with Stefano. I must be having one of those foggy days, I only remember them headed upstairs in the DiMansion.

    The scene with Allie and EJ yesterday did seem a little standoffish on both their parts. But that could be that the Murphee twins that play Allie are a little shy, but she did smile with a ‘don’t let the bed bugs bite’ good night toward EJ. It would have been nice to see him lean over and give her a hug as we see Rafe do to all the kids. If the writers would give her more dialog, even show her playing with Lucas or Sami other than sitting at a table coloring or playing dolls, or even wrestling with Johnny and Sidney would be great. But then Sydney is shown as a quiet child also, anxious to see what the new twins bring to her character.

    For me, verbal abuse is a very good reason for Gabi to end up in the hospital, which is way different than sitting in traffic. We will have to wait and see how that scene plays out, if it’s anything like the previous verbal attacks I won’t be surprised to see her double over.

    When Jenn told Hope she wished Hope could be a little angle sitting on her shoulder feeding her positive re-enforcement, I envisioned it being the little Wheat Checks Guy from the commercial about getting kids off to a good start in the mornings. Just my imagination on double time.

    Did you see the RUMOR Mill dated 2-13-2013 it says “Lucas and Nicole get back together”. I’ll have to think about that a little since she was never in love with Lucas, she was only there because Kate gave her $5million dollars to marry Lucas. And that’s when Eric left town. Could be another return to yesteryear story line.

  79. From Orig.Kat

    66 Linda,no, in # 39 Kat. Not Me..
    in # 53 it’s spelled Katt….
    Are 39 and 53 the same….

    I am the orig…
    so you have a double too…

  80. From Tee

    I was just thinking I wonder if Marlena will give Eric the same talk about nicole.I mean after all Nicole kidnapped her grandchild, she stole it from the mother Sami and passed it off as her own, Accepted Money to marry Lucas over being with Eric.supposedly committed murder, she has blackmailed and bribed and plotted and schemed.She slept with Erics father, half brother Brady.Hired hitmen to Kill someone.Tried to kill Victor herself when that didnt work.Shot Colin.Shot Paul Mendez Oh yea and she was once a porn star and also tried to drug Brady.I am sure there is much more but yep she has done worst things then many in Salem has.I did not include all her blackmailing crime cover ups,bribery,stalking,or Political crimes either.But yea I wonder how The family will take that one something tells me it will be fine.Double standards from Marlena as usual but time will tell.I should add that I love Nicole but its true and she has actually tried to kill more people then EJ.Somehow she gets sympathy from people no matter what she does though, I dont always like what she does but I dont sympathize with all she does either and I still like her character. It is like Stefano I cant stand some things he do es but his character is a favorite of mine. I love to hate him lol.

  81. From Barb

    Rafe and Kate,
    great, great, great!

    I don’t think they will be a “couple” but they’ve been a hoot together the past two days. I would hope they would team up to go after Nick. Another great show today on all fronts!

    I felt Rafe was rebounding from Sami to Carrie. But that was a long time ago so it doesn’t matter much now.

  82. From Tee

    Sandy#76 I don’t pay much mind to rumors few come true but many don’t. I think they are basing it off the fact that Lucas and Nicole have a argument and Eric believes she still has feelings for him. I have not seen that scene and am wondering what day did that go down if someone could tell me So I can see how I missed the fight.
    Your Wheat checks guy comment was funny.
    I guess the girl is probably just shy and we dont really see much interaction as far as hugging with her and Lucas either. A friend of mines daughter did store ads and was very funny about anyone hugging her daughter even her agent.It could be something along those lines, or perhaps they are so shy and They dont know James very well and so that is why it was not done.It could be the twins personality.We have all wondered why she is shown on set less then any of Samis kids and it may be due to their shyness or perhaps parents wishes who knows.I dont think it was at all anything EJ character related at all.

    Above some great spoilers about Sami and Nick and all the other goings on in Salem

  83. From taylor

    I don’t know why this didn’t post so I will ask it again. Ignore if you have already seen it. Ok did any one does think Eeewww gross when Dr. Dan was letting that Baby play with his. Nasty stephascope sorry if that’s spelled wrong, come on Dr. Dan that was stupid. Can you say ear-infection? Then you stand around acting bewildered when the boy is sick. You touch sick people with this thing everyday day then let a baby play with it? Again sorry if you already seen this.

  84. From patty

    Tee, you are right about one thing, any of those nosy bystanders should stay away and mind their own business. Gabi is the mother, Will is the father, period. No one else needs to be involved but tell that to Sami who saw fit to make it her business without even bothering to find out that Will and Gabi have come to their own agreement and were not anticipating custody battles. Anything else that comes about is being forced on them by outsiders. Gabi is being manipulated by Nick and Will is being manipulated by Sami and Nick.
    As for nobody asking Will anything, he and Rafe had a talk about this baby and are on the same page . Sami doesn’t ask questions ,she just assumes and Will doesn’t want to talk to her about this or involve her because she only makes things worse. And he is right, she will. Sami is actually the biggest threat to Gabi,Will and this baby , not Nick. By pushing for this, she is pushing Nick ‘s buttons and this can end up hurting Will.

  85. From patty

    I am curious as to what EJ has to question Rafe about Kate about. Is it another case of Demiras knowing everything and that he knows they slept together. If he does , I wonder how he would know unless he still has eyes everywhere or that Fatha has Kate followed. Either way, it is of no concern to him .

  86. From Tee

    Patty #81 and 80
    Well considering Rafe leaves Gabis today saying he knows just the person to talk to on that side as he put it, I am gonna assume he is talking about Kate who is most likely gonna either A. speak to EJ to get to Sami B. speak to Sami or C. Speak to Sami while EJ is present, either way perhaps something is said that makes EJ ask Rafe something and perhaps it is not if he slept with her.It only says EJ asks Rafe something about Kate not what he asks.I doubt EJ is following her around though it is likely Stefano finds out as he seems to find out things quick.Ej and Kate have been shown to be supportive and friendly and many times we see Kate giving him advice and sharing coffee I guess like a step mommy as of late or a good friend.So if it is Peoples concern about EJAMI then why not peoples concern about Rafe and Kate.
    Perhaps EJ is going to warn rafe to be careful of his fatha perhaps he is gonna ask why he is involving Kate knowing her and Sami dont get along, I mean that in itself seems odd anyway.Since when would anyone seek Kate out to advise sami or help calm Sami lol That to me would seem odd.They dont like each other at all.

    So let me get this straight if Sami would never have said a word you think that Will would be a part of his childs life and Nick would not be doing this?
    Nick started plotting as soon as he found out and convinced a gullible Will it was best he lied and let Nick raise his child, wasn’t Nick plotting to use Will shooting EJ against him to get custody of the baby before Sami even mentioned shared custody?Why should Sami not stand up for her son?Why can Rafe stand up for Gabi and jump to conclussions?Yes Rafe talked to Will who stated he planned to be a big part of his childs life, and he also told EJ he wanted his parental rights which is exactly what Sami is making sure he gets.So if Sami stays out then what?Will gets pushed into a corner again and allows Nick to raise his baby.So should Sami take everything that comes up with Nick who really is just the fiancee and not the father or mother?Or Rafe who is just the uncle?She goes staright to Gabi like they should do with Will.Instead rafe went to Gabi and said Will wants full custody or could get full custody or what not so yea seems he could have went to Will and asked or better yet Gabi should have as she is the mother and will the father.What is being forgotten is Will believes he is being included but he is not.Even Nick told Gabi today when he said Really Gabi you think we have been on Wills side is that what you think?He was saying come on Gabi dont play naive you know my intentions and have not stopped them.Or what about when he says the exact words to Gabi that he will use blackmail to get Will to sign over rights?If Gabi marries Nick the baby is legally Nicks and that is the biggest point in the paternity test.Nothing wrong with Sami advising Will of that. Will does not know the law and so she is advising him and taking up for her son and grandbaby she has the right.But atleast she goes directly to Gabi and asks the questions not someone else like Rafe has been, or Anyone else who are gonna believe Nick’s crap.Should Sami be more mindful of Gabi being pregnant?Sure, but it would be wrong of her to go arond spreading lies and assuming Gabi is planning anything without asking.That is my point.

  87. From SandyGram

    I was just thinking, which is dangerous in its self. It’s obvious Rafe and Kate’s tryst will eventually come out. I sure hope the writers don’t go with the ‘turn around is fair play’ story and have Rafe or Kate say something to Sami about it being the best time of his/her life. It should really be none of Sami or EJ’s business what Rafe and Kate did or didn’t do or how often and they certainly didn’t do it with the intention of hurting someone.

  88. From patty

    Tee, why is Sami attacking Gabi if she thinks Nick is the one manipulating the situation? What is her irrational hatred towards the mother of her grandchild doing to better Will’s chances, or her own, to be in this child’s life? Why doesn’t she question Will about what he wants to do instead of threatening Gabi with custody fights and making her sick with the stress, endangering her own grandchild? Lucas is a supporting father to Will but you don’t see him berating Gabi or urging Will to take actions against her. He is the one using his brain here on suspecting who could be sending those messages.
    Rafe didn’t tell Gabi Will wanted custody, he warned her about Sami’s threats about going for full custody because of Nick’s past.

    Rafe already knows what Will’s intentions are because he asked, and he supports Will . Thanks to Kate, he will start to question Nick’s behavior and will know to keep a close eye on him. In the meantime, his job is to keep Sami from his sister. Now according to spoilers Nick threatens Sami to stay away from Gabi or else. Sami will be making things worse for her son, her grandchild and especially for Gabi, no doubt about that. Sami will get what she deserves if Nick makes good on his threat.

  89. From Leah

    I too did find EJs reaction and acting towards Allie strange as well. In the past EJ has loved on, talked about and involved Allie as if she was his own daughter. I’m wondering if that was done on purpose though. I might be grasping at straws but I am wondering if the writers are going to make there be some issues with the kids at the “Ejami” being back together. I mean we have this odd EJ/Allie interaction, we have Ejami both repeatively declaring how happy the kids are going to be that they are back together and just recently we have Johnny interacting with Rafe and talking about FBI jackets again. Maybe I’m just making a mountain out of a molehill but we all know the penny has got to drop sooner or later and that Ejami are going to have to face some kinda issues. As I’ve stated I wanna make the most of this honeymoon stage while it lasts. Using the kids? Well I wouldn’t like it if the writers use the kids as a way of upsetting things with Ejami. In my opinion keep them out of it. Anyway I suppose the telling sign for all of this will be when the kids are told about Ejami being back together. Fingers crossed I’m way off beat with this one!

  90. From Michelle

    I personally don’t think there is anything odd with the way EJ and Alli interacted. This may be Alli’s most recent appearance, but I’m sure this is not the first day in a long time EJ has seen her. He doesn’t need to hug and love on her, because her dad is very much in her life and EJ respects Lucas’ parental abilities. Sami can hug her daughter and show her all the love in the world as that’s whats she’s supposed to do, but EJ is not her dad and he doesn’t have to pretend to be.

    If Sami had Alli and EJ hug, I would have felt that they were forcing the issue. Yes Rafe was very fatherly to all the babies, but that was around the time Lucas was in Hong Kong and he and Sami wanted EJ out of their lives. It wouldn’t be right to leave Alli out of the love fest just cuz she’s not EJ’s baby.

    Alli has Lucas, Lucas shows her all the love in the world so EJ playing step-in Daddy for Lucas is not necessary. Just like EJ is to Will, I think when they get older (they being the twins), if EJAMI are still going strong, EJ will be her confidant and paternal figure, but never her dad. As it should be.
    Unless something happened to Lucas.

    At this current stage in the relationship, because of the fact that their reunion is so new, them being a happy family, with Alli included would be contrived. EJ and Alli would actually have to form a stronger bond, but I don’t see that happening simply because anything that Alli may need from a father figure she has in Lucas and doesn’t need EJ right now. Just as long as EJ respects her and treats her equally as a part of the family, that’s all that should matter.

  91. From Tee

    Patty we just dont agree on this, because You said this was between Will and Gabi and responded to what I said. we do agree on a few things.
    However saying Sami is to blame here imo is wrong because Nick has been plotting before Sami even knew Will was the father.So if Rafe as you say has a right to protect his sister doesn’t Sami have a right to protect Her son.I mean it is her son not a sister or brother she gave birth to him.I also said that if people would go to the source rather then believe Nick or even Sami’s words for that matter it would be easier.Rafe did tell Gabi if it goes to court will is going to use all in his power to get her baby and take full custody.I just rewatched the episode to make sure. He did tell her Sami told him she could lose full custody because of marrying Nick and his criminal background.It is like a double standard I dont get here.We the audience have seen Nick scheming since he found out Gabi is pregnant, and even before all this was brought up about Will and shared custody again something Rafe did not mention to Gabi that Sami said.Nick was plotting to get surveillance equipment, and looking up stuff about the shooting online.Why is all of a sudden Nick and Gabi in the right and Sami in the wrong and getting what she deserves?What about Will who is being Naive and gullible and played here.If as you say Rafe has a right to protect his sister should a mother not want to protect her son and grandchild?The other point was this is Gabi and Wills baby not Nicks so Sami going to Nick to ask questions when things come up is pointless he is not the father.Gabi is with Nick and she allows Nick to make her decisions as we seen when Will said he wanted the paternity test and he wanted his daughter to know before she was even born he was proud to be her father, Gabi protested and Nick shut her up and answered for her that Gabi would get the test.Umm really Gabi should stop that real quick instead she allows it and as Nick told her today they including she has not really been on Wills side anyway she did not disagree when he asked her.In fact after Will had his talk with Gabi other day she said That is why she wants this to be Nicks baby as she rubbed her tummy at athe pub, and while she was talking to Rafe she said that is why her and Nick decided it should be his child.So yes Gabi is the mother and therefore Sami should speak to her or Will as Rafe should as well.Rafe imo has a right to protect his sister as Sami has a right to protect her son.So Now Nick is plotting as he has since day one and somehow Sami deserves his wrath because she is trying to make sure her son has his rights.

    If you read spoilers it also says Sami will pull out all stops to protect Wills rights to his daughter and tells Nick that.
    So ick is a genius EJ is a Dimera and will do anything i n his power to protect his beloved Sami, Nick is the crazy one here and that is what I will remember watching the story.So my question is How is it Samis fault Nick is crazy?How is it Samis fault gabi puts up with it?
    Sure Sami may be getting herself involved here and in the business, but I am passing no judgement till I see what happens that day.

    Leah I dont know Johnny has been shown to be very happy his parents are spending time togetehr. i think the angle with that is to show EJ is ok with their children loving Rafe remember we also seen Christmas EJ was having Sydney thank Nicole and even calling her step mommy or second mommy or whatever it was.So it is sorta correcting EJ;s old jealousy of rafe.I really think the Allie thing is just nothing but we will see.We have to understand Allie is barely on and the twins have been rather shy and so it may just be they have not worked together since they were younger who knows.Or it could be nothing.EJ has had his hands in his pockets many times and it meant nothing.I know we are used to more interaction from years ago but this is all new and Allie has been spending time with her dad alot. So perhaps he is going slow.Not overbearing on Allie

  92. From Michelle

    No EJAMI today, but I enjoyed Wednesday’s episode very much. Yesterday Kate and Rafe me cracking up, but today their scenes were realistic and unforced. Rafe even looked sexy, I don’t think I detected a smug facial expression at all. I wonder when exactly was the last time he had a one night stand, it’s been so long, maybe he should do it more often. He seems more human.
    Jen’s hair and outfit worked for me today. Could it be my EJAMI glasses are too rosey that I’m seeing everything so pleasantly now? It’s crazy.
    I’m even able to watch Nick and Gabi and take their storyline for what is and enjoy it. The first time around, Nick was so attractive to me, the geeky, adorable guy who just wanted to be Chelsea’s man, I loved him. And even though he’s not that guy anymore, I’m happy that I can look at him and not cringe.
    Bless these rose colored EJAMI lenses.
    It’s typical that Lucas thought EJ would be setting Will up, but I just wish they would go to EJ and Sami about it already. All the gossiping, how are you supposed to know if you don’t confront the person. And I’m glad that Will brushed off the idea that it could be EJ. I just wish he’d wisen up about Nick’s motive and realize that ANYBODY could have found what they did after their very public conversation in the park.

    So excited that Stefano will be back home soon, I miss the DImansion. I don’t think I can picture Brady and Kristen and EJ and Sami under the same roof but it would be so fun to watch.

    I know there are a lot of people who oppose EJAMI and have threatened to stop watching the show, but I’m not the only one who have began to show more interest in the other storylines since the reunion, so i think DOOL will be just fine.

  93. From Kat

    The Orig. one,,,
    I just have to say it…

    When a Man is horny or drunk enough, he is capable of Scr…g a Grandmother or a Snake,
    well our dear Rafe did both,
    did a Grandmother who also happens to be a Snake, according to so many on here. LOL,
    not only once but twice or trice… LOL.
    Like I said, a man can not sweat it out of his forehead, go Rafe go.
    As for two consenting adults, well so are Sami and EJ, two consenting adults, as are Brady and Kristin, etc. go for it.

    Jenn is getting on my nerves, her babble is getting annoying, and who is to say, that Dr. Dan does not still love Chloe a bit,
    never know.
    I just don’t see any chemistry between Jenn and Dr. Dan.
    It would be nice, if Chloe would play fair, and she could get Dan back and they could be a family with Parker. After all they were happy until half the town starting messing with them.

    I think to much is made of the EJ/Ally thing, he smiled, was nice, so he did not hug her, big deal…
    This Baby thing is getting ridic.
    it should be a given that Will wants to have shared Custody, that’s what people do anymore, and if you are not married, get a DNA, to make it legal. Has nothing to do with trust etc.

  94. From Tee

    Found this cute little video of Alison Sweeney and James Scott and it has a lot of good stuff it is a sort of ini interview type thing at the Dimansion, and it is new.She talks about all the stories and her take on them but not too much.Enjoy all

  95. From Maryl

    Regarding EJ and Allie–it may simply be that EJ felt he needed to stand back and not push himself on Allie so quickly. Allie has been staying with Lucas at lot lately and Lucas is HER father so maybe he didn’t want to make her feel unconfortable around him by trying to force a fatherly image of himself upon her — could be confusing for Allie and maybe a little unwanted by her at this time. I think EJ holding back may have been the right thing with Allie right now. He will need time to rebuild the bond he had with her when she was a baby. I think EJ will do this and hopefully Lucas will accept it and that all the kids will be happy. EJ has always respected Lucas’s rights as a father and he has never tried to replace Lucas in their eyes.

    It appears that the slow moving and wonderful love scene between EJ and Sami in their coming together is forgotten by some. What’s being critized and taking over is the scene at the HTS gate. It looked a bit naughty, but these are two people in love who are experiencing a new beginning so they are very passionate. The gate seems to be a secluded spot and that’s why they headed there to have their little “moment”. Obviously Rafe and Kate thought the same thing and made out at the exact spot. In both instances–no one was around to see. So what’s the big deal? We had two people who love each other and got a little heated and then we had two drunks who also got heated. lol!

  96. From Leah

    #87 Tee… Yes I hope you are right about the kids. I suppose we are always looking for and expecting the unexpected here in soap land as the writers always like to come at us with something left field or outside the box. Anyway lets hope its all just my wild imagination. EJ has always been a good with all the kids :)
    PS: I remember EJ saying he was gonna move out but did he ever get around to it? Where is he living then?

  97. From Clear

    This would be a good time for Doc Baker to come back. Hope can go back to the dark side and hot pants to help him with his rehab. We can find out that she is undercover & she has a lead on one of the babes he sold! Pick one!

    I would like Quinn back. That would throw Chloe into a tailspin! Now she is in Salem she is likely to run into one of her Johns for some awkwardness too. Daniel can watch as she is propositioned in the square.

  98. From Barb

    patty numbers 80 and 84 I like and agree with what you’ve said.

    I think Lucas is the one using his head with Will and he warned Sami not to get into it with their grandchild’s mother and what the consequences could be but Sami goes her own way anyway. Rafe, too, has asked Will what he wanted but then Sami blew it out of the water discussing custody with Rafe. If Sami could hold her temper, she might be able to do more good. Maybe EJ could advise her about that!!
    The paternity test may be a good idea but at this point, everyone knows Will is the father. Even Nick doesn’t deny that and isn’t trying to prove Will is not. Nick is going the unfit route.
    I don’t know about Nick just automatically being the baby’s legal father JUST BECAUSE he and Gabi marry. Unless Gabi were to name Nick as the father on the baby’s birth certificate. But if Will proves he is the baby’s bio dad, even if he does it after the marriage, he can win out on having some kind of custody agreement. There are stories in the news all the time about that very thing. Sometimes the bio parent, mother or dad, comes back into the picture even years later and wins out in court. (Which is always kind of sad after the child has been raised by others all that time.) But, anyway, I’m just saying Nick would not necessarily be viewed as the baby’s legal father in court, just because he and Gabi are married. This is all going to be so interesting, and with the bio father being Gay on top of everything else. That little detail may rub Nick the wrong way but nobody else is going to care. In this day and age, Will and Sonny might end-up with custody, who knows!

  99. From patty

    Tee, what I’m saying is that Will and Gabi have all the rights here, not Nick or anybody else. Nick’s scheming is not right and neither is Sami blaming Gabi and making her sick with worry over custody fights. Sami doesn’t have a clue what Nick is doing just like everybody else, so attacking Gabi has nothing to do with Nick’s manipulations. Nick will sooner or later be found out but Sami’s meddling in the meantime is doing nothing to protect her son or her grandchild. EJ needs to stay out of it alltogether since this has nothing to do with him, he’s just the boyfriend and not even related to this child. Sami attacking Gabi and sending her into premature labor is not pulling all the stops to protect her grandchild.
    Kat, as for Rafe a grandmother and a snake, that is what he was doing with Sami also, now EJ’s doing it as he did with Kate too. At least Rafe and Kate were entertaining.
    Michelle, the other storylines really have become more interesting but I doubt it has anything to do with EJami. Those two have actually come out more boring now that they are together. Discussing nail polish and dry humping in the park is not that entertaining. The Will/Gabi and Nick storyline has become the front burner story and Blake Berris’ role and acting has a lot to do with it imo.
    As for Allie’s interaction with EJ , I am willing to wait and see what happens with that. For me it wasn’t about his less than enthusiastic welcome to her but more her reaction to him. But she is a child actor and maybe the scene didn’t come off as it was meant to.

  100. From jolie

    #45 Cougar, I feel the same about Nancy. She was so good when on DOOL. Remember that she redecorated Dr. Wesley’s office and put in a hot tub! Too funny. And I live in a small town so I know exactly where you are coming from. It happens.
    #52 Grandbarb, too funny! You nailed it.
    #53 DTTB, as usual, you have your way with words and it rings true to me. You are a champ.
    #59 Linda, I thought it very entertaining so far with Rafe and Kate because you really don’t know what to expect next. I do wish Rafe had a real lady love who is more suited to him but I would like to see he and Kate remain friends and no one really know why they are friends. Nick is sure pulling Gabi’s strings. Funny about Chloe pinching Parker…I was thinking she had her recorder out again. Jennifer needs to just walk away. Daniel is a blooming idiot. And I am in agreement with you that Sami pushed Rafe away due to her guilt and the writers wrote that really stupid story about Rafe and Carrie. Oh my, good grief I wish we could all forget it. Bet the writers wish they could. And I don’t get this first and second choice that gets debated here. How many of us have had a romance, a fling, a crush, a flirtation that didn’t work out, didn’t amount to much, didn’t get past second base? It happens and 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice really doesn’t play into it. It is just life and best thing to do is learn to roll with it or it will swallow you up.
    #60 Kat, that could be a problem. I saw the Katt and knew that wasn’t you. How about ORG Kat. The original!
    #67 DTTB well put. That is exactly how I feel as well.
    #68 Patty, it does seem like the battle lines are being drawn in this custody fight with some strange bedfellows and the baby isn’t even due yet! With DOOL you just never know what will happen. And too funny about the crusty old couch. If I were Sami, I’d still have Elvis and Nicole laying there in my mind and wouldn’t be able to even sit on it. That house will get crowded and really soon. I cannot imagine any reason for Brady to be stupid enough to move into there. Sami, yes, but not Brady. Sami knows no bounds on what she might do. Brady does have some Victor in him so that ought to tingle his Spidey senses that this is not the thing to do.
    #76 Sandygram, Nicole and Lucas. I posted here that wouldn’t it be fun to try them back together since they would be working together on the church board and Lucas was protesting so much over it. Now it is a rumor. Who knows maybe Nicole and Lucas have a spark and she sees it as a way to try to get Eric off her brain. I see it as a way for Lucas to end up hurt again. But it would pixx Sami off but then so would Nicole with Eric. And Rafe with Kate. And I agree, sitting in traffic is not quite the same feeling as having Hurricane Sami all over you.
    #77 Tee, that will be up to the writers but looks like she might need to talk to him about more than just Nicole’s past if he decides to come out of the priesthood. I would think that is a large and angst filled decision to make. I am a big Nicole fan due to the actress’ abilities to make it all look real no matter what. She brings it always and never phones it in. I see all the bad stuff she does and know it will fall back on her because she steps in it each and every time. She might not get all that is coming to her but this is DOOL so we can’t have all the main characters in jail but at least Nicole has done some time. Few others have.
    #83 Sandygram, couldn’t agree more. They are adults and had some fun. Leave it at that or let a friendship grow out of it. Kate could use a friend who might tell her the truth about things. So leave the others out of it. But Sami will likely have plenty to say over it if she finds out.
    #85 Leah, hopefully this was just quirky writing but we have seen how quickly the writers are jumping from the frying pan to the fire, think Dr Orange/Jenn and Nicole one week and Chloe the next. It does seem like we are getting clues but we might just be reading too much into it. The writers have no compulsion not to use the kids in any way possible as we have seen. I don’t see the excitement of Elvis and Sami like some but to start tearing them apart before they are even really together…I don’t get it and especially not over the kids.
    #87 Tee, Elvis’ reactions to Christmas presents from exes to the kids, the new FBI jacket ring true to me. But then so do Sami’s when she goes off the deep end. She just does that and can’t help herself so it is good that Elvis is a bit more calm over it and thinks it thru. Again, I think it is just quirky writing that could have been done a bit better. Main thing was to move on with the scene. If there was a way to get the babysitter there, the scene could have gone right on without the appearance of little Allie.
    #93 Clear, I love Dr Dick and will take him back with Hope at any time. I didn’t like Quinn for what he did to Chloe but she has done herself in with me now so bring him. Then let Nancy come back and put her foot up side his noggin. But yes, that Chloe should run into a john and get embarrassed in front of Dr Orange …well deserved.

  101. From Stacey

    Oh my lots of posters for this week :)

    Abby’s virginity was already known – writers need a history lesson.

    Jen – more fish in the sea, if Dr. “I look like I just woke up and never comb my hair and spend my life in a tanning bed” wants to believe Chloe “I wear the longest fakest eyelashes known to mankind”, so be it. You’re better than that.

    What would everyone think of a Rafe/Jenn pairing? I know folks are hoping for a RAFE/Hope pairing – but maybe Jenn is more his style? He seems to like blondes and he likes a damsel in distress…Hope is very independent …thoughts?

    Just kill off Gabbi and Nick – story is stupid and I cannot get into the characters.

    They’re dragging out the Kristen storyline – lets move it along – we get that she’s making Brady love her, blah blah blah – lets get to the part where he has a V-8 moment and discover she is a B****.

    Also…someone referred to it already – but Rafe did say $hi* yesterday – I replayed that on the DVR 4 times to be sure.

  102. From SandyGram

    I was having reflective moment this morning, how does it go “Like Sands Through the Hour Glass so are The Days of Our Lives”. It came to me now we are seeing EJ come to Sami’s defense regarding her continued tiraid over the baby’s paternity, protecting her, guarding her, loving her regardless of who she is or what she does. Seems to me that is a repeat of the Sami/Rafe story. Just a thought!

  103. From Michelle

    I think because that particular triangle is over with, the writers are able to put more effort into the other stories, regardless if the viewers wanted Sami with EJ or not, the storylines are definitely more enjoyable. For me, I gained EJAMI rose colored glasses, happy that we are no longer subjected to Safe, as that storyline gave me the most anxiety. I can’t speak for others though.
    Looking forward to seeing Sami in something other than grey, that outfit bothered the heck out of me.
    Spoilers say Eric will grab Nicole in a passionate hug. Oh Eric…Eric…Eric…. Give it up already, he sucks at being a priest. It’s one thing to hire your ex, but do you have to work “with” her, she could have been in a different office, did not have to yours. Now you’re with her every day and can’t help but to be drawn to her. Either fire her or fire yourself, or move her around, do something if you really want this priest thing to last, which I doubt. I wonder when Marlena and Eric will have a little chat about his struggles, or him and Caroline, he has to talk to someone.
    Nick threatens Sami, how will EJ handle that? I’d love to see that. How will they both (ejami) handle it?
    Thanks Tee for posting that video of Ali and James!
    So EJ is keeping something from Sami and I don’t think it’s the Gabi thing, must be a real proposal, how will he top his last? I say fly to Ireland.
    Jolie #43 – Eric is a little manipulator, I understand why he’s doing it, but it’s still surprising me how far he’d go to keep Nicole around. His sad amber eyes looking out the window… telling Nicole she’ll lose his friendship if she goes out dancing, I didn’t understand why it had to go that far, but he’s a jealous priest in hell lol.

  104. From Kat

    About Abby and being a virgin…
    I guess in today’s world, at her age still being a virgin is sort of “rare”, not saying does not happen.

    Abby and Chelsey graduated TOGETHER from High School when JJ was about 1 year old.
    So, as mentioned on here by one poster, Abby is not 18 yrs. old.

    I go by the SL’s watched …
    So, being Abby’s age, about 24 – 26, could be a story Line, whatever, and that is maybe why she has a problem admitting it…

    As far as Jenn, being a Mother, I would say .. she deserves the Worst Mother Award of the year,
    she left a little boy behind in England, as far as I know and remember, JJ is about 1 year older than Ciara.
    Also, it is None of Jenn’s business how and when Dr. Dan deals with his Child’s Mother,
    period, Stay out Jenn, you are just a girlfriend, and even if you were more, it still is wise for you to stay out of The “Parents” business. That’s the way it is in real life..

    Nicole seems So Big.. compared to Eric, she seems to “tower” over him.

    Kate’s performance the morning after, made me almost Sea sick to watch…
    Her constant shaking of her Head/Hair, and the constant fidgeding (SL) with Her cloth and the sheets was so annoying to watch,
    and to top it off, The Old Snake Pro… trying to act as if she was a nervous Teenager, that didn’t know how and what just happened…
    so out of character…
    Got to give her credit however, only Kate can go from 80 something Stefano to young studs like Rafe, EJ in the past, you name it, she has had them…
    Just what “Dry Dock” Rafe needed, a Pro like Old Snake Kate, to get Him afloat again… The scenes did have their moments.
    Wonder if there will be More….

    Last August in EJ’s interview,after the New Writers had taken over.. he did mention that EJ would be getting Married. So far everything He did Say in that interview has come true.
    Love to See Ally, Sidney as little flower girls, and Johnny the Ring Boy, and either Roman or Will as Sami’s best Man.
    If we go by only what we see on the screen, Roman is the worst Grandfather…. or Father, hardly see him.
    Looks like Rafe just lives for the moment to get something on Sami, so he can run over there,,, So Glad, that Gaby talked him out of it…

    Gaby sure is acting pretty dumb right now, for a girl, that not to long ago, was so on top of her game, manipulating Chad and everybody about Melanie. Now she is such a victim and withholding a lot of truth about what Will did or not…A lot of that is partly why there is so much confusion, her not telling the whole truth about things.

    SandyGram, EJ’s siding with Sami, is in No Way, the things Rafe covered up for Sami, LOL, at least not yet….that I have seen.

    And Yes, Rafe did say
    Sh.t, and it was meant to be Sh.t… so what is the difference, sounded like sh.t to me
    and the word did fit the Moment..
    Why are we even talking about something that was/is so “there”.

    If Dr. Dan was willing to give up Jennifer for Nicole and EJ’s baby, why not for
    His former Love/Wife and his own little Bio Son…
    He did love Chloe, did not love Nicole… so what’s the big deal..
    He gave up Jenn twice now,
    to her Husband and Kids,
    for Nicole and Her kid…
    whoopie do da….
    Besides Dan and Jenn Have 0 chemistry IMO.

    At least Rafe is getting his own screen time, his own SL, even if it is still with the DiMera’s….one way or the other…

  105. From jolie

    #101 Stacey, that is not a bad idea, Rafe and Jennifer. Much better than she and Dr Orange. Rafe and Nicole are friends so Jennifer and Nicole would need to bury the hatchet and perhaps could. And with you on the Gabi baby story, just not into it. Same with Kristen..yes, she is boinking his brain out and he loves her so much and she is going to make him marry her. Yawn!
    #102 Sandygram, you will be drawn and quartered for that one. But I think you have something there. Rafe stood up for her against all odds and helped her in her schemes. Now Elvis has that job. There are those who claim that Rafe tried to change her and Elvis is the only one who loves her for who she is. I don’t get that. I just see Sami man-hopping and sucking the very life out of them. Look at poor Lucas…never able to really move on. Not that his mother has helped but she is just another version of Sami..see my needs first. Fill my needs first!
    #103 Michelle, I bet Eric employs that well-known coping mechanism…denial…over his feelings for Nicole and the dilemma he will find himself in. And he is a manipulator..he shares that gene with Samantha Jean. But I thought he looked pouty when he turned his face to the side and wouldn’t look at Nicole once he threw his little fit and socked her with the ultimatum. If Nicole had not gone thru what she has been thru, I think she’d have chosen Door #1 and walked right out, giggling. But she has changed and has hurt and has some soul mending to do. Do you think that in the end Nicole will completely pull herself away from Eric because she is a stumbling block for him? Of course they will eventually end up together but Nicole wanting to do the right thing might take a side road for a while? Maybe that is where the rumor of her with Lucas comes into play but poor Lucas.

  106. From Kat

    I see Rafe and EJ’s standing by Sami, totally different, ok, MO…
    EJ calms her down, Rafe used to pump her up, and helped Her doing bad things….keeping kids from their father. etc… MO….

  107. From Cougar

    Don’t get me wrong I think Allison Sweeney is one of the most beautiful actresses on TV but heavens’ to bestsy that hair do. Did she offend her hairdresser to get the same hair do as Wilma Flinstone or Pepper (AKA, as they refered to it, pin head)on American Horror Story!

    Also Nick was a hoot doing his best Rober Downey impression only with out handcuffs in bed covered up with a heart shaped pillow. Hillarious take you by surprise moment.

  108. From Cougar

    Also loved the little moment EJ had with Caroline at the pub.

  109. From jolie

    #107 Cougar, she must have pixxed off her dresser as well. Her clothes have been off lately. At least she is partially clothed now rather than those little bitty dresses she was squeezing into. And not that she can’t rock it with the tights and boots but leave that to Chloe and make at least make Sami up to look like a mother of a grown son and upcoming children. Chloe can just keep on acting and dressing slut-pup as that is also her MO around Dr Orange.

  110. From Cougar

    Jolie not only is Sami a mother to a grown son bit supposedly an executive to a fortune 500 type cosmetic company. A little class please.

  111. From Cindy

    #39 Linda: I agree. It seems that Chloe will go to any lengths to get Dr Dan. Maybe they will give her Munchausen by proxy to keep Dan around their ‘poor sick son’ all the time. It is one story I do not remember them doing and if Chloe is only here for a short time, it would explain her leaving without Parker adn Dan could catch her before she really hurts him. Just a thought.

  112. From bobby

    Wow. After seeing Nick today, I might never have sex again. Why is Sami withholding the “L” word? E.J. told her today he loved her and her only concern was getting that ring on her finger. I am not looking forward to her lighting into Gabi. She’s putting her own grandchild in jepordy just to act like a bigwig. Would also put Will on the outs with her. She has everything she’s ever wanted. Kick back and enjoy. Keep your nose out of everybody else’s business. She doesn’t want her mother in her business, and yet, poor Will can’t sneeze with out her butting in. It’s scary to think she has 3 more kids to screw up.

  113. From Mouse Fan

    Whatever the excuse is for Elvis to stand there with his hands shoved in his pockets while talking to Allie, maybe next time he could at least kneel down to her level. Then it wouldn’t have been so obvious that he skipped the personal interaction with her.
    And, maybe if he was on her level, it would be less intimidating to her, and she might be more inclined to hug him at some point. Just MO.
    But again, we’re at the mercy of the writers. :)

  114. From Maryl

    Cougar, I totally have to agree with you on Sami’s hairdo. Not a good choice by her hairdresser is my opinion. I do not like that bun on the top of the head on any actress, so it’s not just Sami.
    I think it pulls the hair back too tight and looks like a bagel sitting atop the head. I only like that style on a skinny ballernia. lol!

    Kat–I think Sami DiMera sounds so much better than Sami Hernandez. Our Sami may go from being a Mexican “dish” to an Italian “dish”! lol!

  115. From SandyGram

    Episode Thursday February 14th:
    Wow talk about something that will knock out your short term memory…Nick and his strategically place red heart…was so funny but hopefully not a memorable moment. Then Gabi if she didn’t catch on to Nick today she never will after he says to her ‘neither one of those guys will ever get near our baby’, of course talking about Will and Sonny. Then, it looks like Will is in for round two of hurt over Sonny with the unfortunate delivery of Sonny’s Valentine Gift, ordered before their breakup.

    Before I forget, in the conversation with Will and Lucas yesterday about who could be blackmailing Lucas, Will commented “I forgot about Mom. Please tell me you didn’t say anything to her”. And Lucas responded with “I would never turn your mother loose on something like this. She’d only make things worse, you know that!” Are they talking about Sami doesn’t know Will shot EJ, or they didn’t want her to know about the blackmail message? I’m losing track of just who does know about Will shooting EJ……Lucas, EJ, ‘T’, now Nick….but who else?

    Very nice moment between EJ and Caroline and Caroline and Victor today. And how gracious of Maggie to encourage Victor to go visit Caroline. I hope we don’t have to worry that Caroline takes it the wrong way and with her memory problem works it into something it’s not.

    Kristen caught me off guard today when talking to Chad, especially this comment “when it comes to Horton and DiMera romances, they kind of always end up as train wrecks.” I need a reminder when did a Horton – DiMera have a relationship other than Jennifer and Peter Blake? With their conversation today it actually seemed like she cared about Chad’s feelings. And then again, after she reads Brady’s card “Thank you for showing me that I could be happy again. You might not know it but you saved my life. I love you so much.” “ Brady”, she mumbles , “That’s so trite but I know you mean it from your heart. Sins of the father shall be visited on the generations … I don’t know any more if it’s the right thing to do.” She doesn’t know anymore, could this be the first visible step in her true feelings for Brady coming out. Which then we would have to ask which will be stronger her feelings for Brady or her loyalty to Father? And probably silly me, but I liked Brady defending Kristen to Maggie.

  116. From gerri

    I took was wondering,why Sami didn’t respond to EJ’s L word,she supposedly has waited and waited,for this…She was surprised,to open the box,and find earrings instead of “”The Ring”"I think It threw off guard,and she,didn’t know how to reply.

    Was a sweet thing Victor did for Caroline…
    and poor Brady,He just keeps on,and on,heading for that disaster,when he could walk away,If he feels like,there Is no chance for a happy ever after,why does he keep wasting his time,with Kristen?

    Rafe and Kate,both had a good time,and like another has said,she might be a granny,and a snake,But Is the same with Sami, A granny and a snake.tho younger.But I don’t want to see a relationship form between them,I wish writers would put him with Nicole,if not her,maybe Jenn..closer to his age.

    But hope we will get to see how Sami reacts,if and when she finds

  117. From Mouse Fan

    SandyGram #115: Caroline taking Victor’s gesture wrong crossed my mind too. I hope not. It’s heartbreaking to watch a loved one with Als work through the misunderstandings.

  118. From SandyGram

    Happy Valentine Day EJami’s, from Michael Fairman and Interview with Allsion Sweney and James Scott:

  119. From Michelle

    Kat #104 – Could you tell me where you found that Interview with James, I would really love to read it.
    Jolie #105 – I know most rumors are untrue, but I really believe your theory on Nicole and Lucas, when Lucas mentioned Nicole to Eric, I thought it was pretty weird because it’s been almost a year since he’s come back to town and a normal person would think he has run into her already, why the sudden outrage of seeing her? and of all the women who has wronged him, Nicole is not the worst. And Tomlin did say that it is a long way coming before Eric and Nicole become an item. things change so quickly, so a long time may mean in three months. They can’t keep having irrational and immature fights to fill the time.

    I agree, I don’t like Sami’s bun, but the colors are such an improvement from the four days of gray. Her eyes illuminated in that outfit.

    I hardly talk about Eric Martsolf’s acting, but boy oh boy, I believed everything he said today, I saw all the hurt and regret he felt regarding his last two fiance’s. But he really couldn’t have done anything for Arianna, she was involved in something that really had nothing to do with him.

    I loved that EJ and Sami kissed in front of Caroline, it showed how secure they were with each other. That eventually everyone in Salem will know, slowly but surely and they won’t care, as they’ve already told the kids, Will, their parents, and now neutral Caroline knows.

    It’s such a nice concept, being partners romantically and professionally, besides the obstacles EJ and Sami will face as a husband and wife (wishful and possible thinking), what obstacles can they face as executives of a very successful fortune 500 company?
    Will Kate ever get her company back?

  120. From Tee

    Hello all and Happy Valentines day!!
    My husband got me a 2 foot long box of Chocolates from our local Anthony Thomas I am munching on, among a few other things.Hope everyone enjoys their day and candies.

    Todays show was great tomorow will be better.

    Beofre I start here is a link on the law that says a husband is the leagl father in fact his name must be on birth cert or the birth cert will be deemed incomplete.

    PATERNITY, The state or condition of a father.
    2. The husband is prima facie presumed to be the father of his wife’s children, born during coverture, or within a competent time afterwards pater is est quem nuptim demonstrant. 7 N. S. 553
    This presumption may be rebutted with absolute proof to a court by a motion filing that there under no circumstances is in any way the husband could be the father.

    Hers more links

    The law is called Marital presmption of Paternity in all states.
    I also have personal exp with this law.So yes Nick knows he needs to marry Gabi and yes he is going to use blackmail but he also knows the law and when he sees he is not gonna get what he wants easy he goes pushing marriage again just wait and see.That is why Kate and Rafe try talking him out of it again.

    Those who still think Gabi is innocent and clueless should know Nick said it very bluntly today noone is taking their baby and he tells her his plan I believe tomorrow.So there will be no more excuses about Gabi she will know without a doubt Nick intends to take Wills child as his own.

    Sami is helping Will, and had she not spoke up and if she odnt continue Will is going to lose his child to Nick for a while.It is not easy as Sami said Will is going to have to convince a judge to let him have a paternity test as Gabi and Nick will contest it it could take a very long time, so Will could miss precious moments with his child like the birth and what not.Sami being involved or not Nick never intended to let Will be the father of his own child.

    I am ure many are going to have lots of comments after seeing whats in store tomorrow.
    I enjoyed Caroline and EJ and I think she is worried about what Maggie thinks and we already know Caroline said Victor is the love of her life she stayed with Shawn because of his lifestyle and cause she thought he could not change she was upset he did for Maggie.She said she her love never died and all that.I hope also she dont take it the wrong way, or perhaps there is more to this story then we know.We will see.Either way I love Caroline.

    Ej telling Sami he did not want to come between her family and he could handle anything they give cause she is worth it was great and her saying so are you. He looked so suprised like he was so touched she said it. You could tell it meant alot, I also loved the card he left her on her desk it was beautiful and you can tell she is full force ready to be Mrs.Dimera.Love what she said to Will about it.

    Speaking of Will poor guy his heart is about to break all over again, but I dont think it will be for long at least I hope not I love Wilson.
    Love the new pic of Sonny up on the front page here as well.

    For the EJAMIS like myself they trended today again, from my understanding.I cant wait to see more love stories of couples tomorrow.

  121. From jak

    Ok so…we all know when will gets this paternity test done nick is going to change the results…hello! PREDICTABLE! And I can’t stand nick! Ugh or gabby they are both liars…they all wanted to blame will, but they left out the fact will offered to marry her when he found out the baby was his!
    As for the Brady and Kristen situation Brady is just acting stupid abdominal like a teenager. Really its been 3 months of “secret dating” ur sooooo in love and want to get married? Bahahahah come on now
    And as for Jen she I don’t think she can get more ANNOYING!! When she comes on I wish there was a fast forward button! Whoever made the grandma comment is right! Bahahaha and does anyone else notice whenever she talks she acts like she is out of breath…she always does!!!!
    One more thing! Haha this new thing with Hope calling her cuz all the time…seriously Hope ur an adult..grow up don’t act 12 anymore! We all know u r cousins and its not the cool thing to do to walk around and call each other cuzzzz anymore!
    Ok rants over:-) goodnight all:-)

  122. From Kat

    120 Tee, again you are so right…
    some might not have caught on yet,
    but yes, once Nick marries Gaby, his name will be on that Birth Certificate as the Presumed Legal Father,
    and Nick knows that, and so does
    EJ and Sami, that is why EJ did hire an attorney for Will, to prevent any of this messy stuff to be a possibility to happen.
    Sami right now is so “hated” that some do not see clear, ….
    A paternity test right now, or before the baby is born, or before Nick can marry Gaby, would prevent a whole lot of misery coming up.

    Forget about the feelings towards Sami…LOL, she is right in looking out for Will, seems like her EJ are the only ones ….
    Michelle, the interview with EJ was last August, and I have quoted on here so many times, that James Scott did say, that Sami and EJ would be together,
    and also he was laughing when he said, thaat EJ would be getting married.

    Everything he said, so far has come true.
    I’ll try to find it again…OK
    Never thought I read on here, some cheering for Kate the Snake,
    and dissing/bashing Sami.
    When she was with Rafe, Sami could do No Wrong, and she was bad then…IMO…
    Now, without Rafe she is treated as if she is worse than Kate,…. Kate, multi/killer/etc. Kate…Wow…who would have thunk that….
    I can almost see, should Rafe and Kate do some more dating, she will become the Darling of the Rafe Fans….unbelievable …..
    Sami has told EJ that she loves him, so she did not say it today,
    my God, call the cops…..
    Her eyes, her face, every movement says, I love you EJ, did some of you miss that, the language of love, without saying a word….

    She is like a woman, that thinks she knows something, finding the Ring, and typical woman, it is driving her crazy, not knowing what is going on….
    So what’s wrong with that….Only shows how eager she is to become Mrs. EJ DiMera….
    that could certainly become The Wedding of the Year….and one that would happen all the way….

    I like Sami right now, certainly much more than when she was with Rafe. She was not happy then,she always had EJ on her mind, and she did admit that today.
    She has always wanted EJ, and he has always wanted her…
    Go live with it, I am, and I am enjoying the beautiful “Slow Boat Trip to China”, go EJami….go…finally.
    Nothing can spoil that for me right now, nothing at all.
    Enjoy watching all the moments/time they will have together,
    incl. all the ups and downs, I am sure will be part of their relationship.
    If Rafe stays with Kate, he would not only be Uncle Rafe, but he could also become Grandfather Rafe and GG
    father Rafe…. LOL, I am having fun…

  123. From SandyGram

    #105 jolie
    ‘Drawn and quartered’ how funny. I was thinking more like shot at first light, or run out of town on a rail. I did think the analogy fit pretty well, could even add Lucas into the mix, although he’s seen the light, he just can’t get her out of his heart. How did you like the Michael Fairman Interview in Post #118, for two actors that liked to keep their characters close to the breast they sure have come out with their opinions of Sami and EJ. Fantasious! My new word for satisfying the fans.

  124. From SandyGram

    #119 MICHELLE

    The link to the Allsion & James interview is in Posting #118. Enjoy!

  125. From Barb

    OMG Sami! Make-up was nice but what were hair and wardrobe thinking?! The bun, Audrey Hepburn she is not!! I think Sami was thrown by not getting the ring and that’s why the L word wasn’t there.
    I also have experience with the paternity law, which I don’t care to go into here, so I stand by what I wrote in number 98. But I don’t know how it would play out in soapland.

  126. From jolie

    #111 Cindy, that is devious thinking but would make a good storyline. Daniel would end up with the child and could send him to the pub for a sleepover and Chloe could wander off to parts unknown. Really I don’t remember doing a story like that either and Chloe is playing a dangerous game now with Parker in the middle of her schemes.
    #112 Bobby, good take on Sami. She should have it all now but can’t be satisfied. Poor Elvis, he has a tough row to hoe now. But she’ll never keep her nose out of her kids’ business. She is the Rev 2.1 of Kate, next generation version.
    #115 Sandygram, Lucas is a wiser man than he gets credit for being. He knows Sami better than anyone else and I guess he might put his heart out there for her but not his son Will. So good for Lucas if Sami doesn’t know. Apparently Elvis is wise as well if he has never told her either. And I am with you…don’t want Caroline to go off the deep end with Victor due to her illness. That would be so disrespectful to the actress and those with the illness. Victor and Maggie are showing kindness to Caroline and so far this has been written with respect. I want to hang on to it. Kristen left out the Brady/Dimera romances and how those seem to hit the skids as well. I don’t remember another Horton/Dimera romance other than Jennifer and Peter. Feeling a bit sorry for Chad right now. Can’t see the point to sticking him with Abigail, only to split them right back up except it was exactly what the writers did to Sami and Rafe so this must be their newest modus operandi. In the end, I don’t think Kristen will determine her true feelings and how strong they may be for Brady til it is too late. Maybe she’ll have to go against Fatha to save Brady or whatever. As for Brady defending Kristen, he should be used to it by now.
    #116 gerri, it is so good to see Sami thrown off her feet over the ring box. Is she afraid to utter the L word? Brady doesn’t think with that brain in his noggin. He is more focused on his feel good regions and confuses it for love. He just better be thankful he isn’t one of Kate’s brood but then all his fiancées die anyway so Kate’s expertise isn’t really needed here. And I too want to see what Sami has to say about Kate and Rafe…it will likely be ugly!
    #119 Michelle, I would not mind a real romance for Lucas and Nicole but he’ll end up getting hurt so I hate that for him. Especially with Eric involved. And yes, the fights have been irrational and immature. Eric is pouty and Nicole confused. Not a good combo. Poor Brady, he is like the hard luck kid as far as his love life but he seems to always go to extremes…well, like everyone else in Salem. I agree he could do anything for Arianna but then he couldn’t for Madison either. And if Elvis and Samanther are kissing in public, is the secret not a secret now? Are we allowed to tell it?? Poor Caroline might see it and know it now but she may think Sami is Marlena and is cheating on Roman with Stefano the next time. And I don’t mean that disrespectfully to those who suffer the disease but just that is how it sometimes works..short term memory out the door and long term is the truth they know. I am not sure if I agree that Elvis and Sami working together is a good plan for the future. I love my husband but I also love my work time as my own. My own history there, my own friends, my own time as an individual. I know some people make it work beautifully because we are all geared differently. Maybe Elvis can keep Sami on an even keel by working with her. Good luck to him on that!
    #120 Tee, Gabi may be filled in on Nick’s plan and Sami’s actions will help her see the need for it. She is convincing herself that Sami (Will, whoever) will take the baby away from her. Nick is like a knight on horseback who rises to her cause, no matter the methods. Well Sami is a bit of a dragon so Gabi can fool herself into thinking it all justified…just like Sami thinks she is justified. No one here is thinking about the baby anymore, except maybe Will, it is all about custody!
    #122 Sandygram, I left out tarred and feathered.
    #124 Barb, I know of a case a long time ago in our town where a guy married a girl who had a son out of wedlock but had been living with the child’s father so everyone in town knew who the father was. So the parents split, the girl dates then marries Bachelor #2. He never adopts the child nor did the child’s name ever change from the mother’s maiden name. Later she cheats, and yes with the child’s father who actually never left the picture. When they get to Family Court for the divorce, she has the nerve to ask for child support because Bachelor #2 has a good job and has provided well during their 2 year marriage. Guess what, the judge awarded it to keep the child off the public dole. He set up visitation as well because #2 was the only true to life parent the child had and the judge told the guy that is was not the fault of the child but that he needed him. Not sure how this one ever turned out or if any of it was even legal but this did happen and was much talked about around town. Real life is stranger than fiction.

  127. From Linda

    Nick and the heart pillow yesterday was both hilarious and scary at the same time! LOL

    I didn’t care for Sami’s hair done up that way but I didn’t mind her outfit. Maybe a little young in style, but the color was beautiful on her and let’s all of us play the youth card for as long as we can! Right?! She sure was primed for EJ to pop the question and the ring! Will was so sensible talking with her about an EJ proposal. He wasn’t critical, just wondering about her being with Rafe just two weeks ago. The timing of her man rotation (like the bag carousels at grocery stores) is a little hard for people to understand!

    Caroline and Maggie looked lovely. Maggie was so sweet and understanding about the flowers Victor sent to Caroline and then her idea of him having lunch with Caroline. Sad that Brady feels as he does about not marrying Kristen because of what happened to Madison and Arianna, but if it keeps him from standing on the altar with Kristen, I’m all for it.

    I feel sorry for Will that the gift from Sonny is all a misunderstanding.

    I am a Rafe fan who is definitely not looking for a “couple” relationship between Rafe and Kate but I loved their scenes together this week. Both actors were spot on with each other, and I found the twinkle in Rafe’s dark eyes even more sexy than usual. And I liked seeing Kate the way she was, too. I hope they will be friends and allies in the baby/custody story. A romantic pairing of Rafe with Nicole, Hope, or Jen has been mentioned on here, and I would be ok with any of those, but bringing someone new on for Rafe would also work for me. These soaps keep recycling the characters’ love interests and it can get old.

  128. From Kat

    121 yak, your post actually made me laugh….I needed that,
    and of course the New found “Love” for Kate, former snake, made me laugh also..
    One never knows…
    wonder how Will will feel about Rafe’s Women Rotation on the grocery carousel… Sami, Carrie, Sami and now Kate..
    So Sami had her hair up, good grief…. we all know that she has beautiful hair and we see that all the time, it’s not like Jenn that likes living in a bun, looking like a grandma…
    So Jenn, had a Spray tan the other day, and for once wore a nice sexy dress, but the “Real” Jenn is the mousy grandma looking Jenn….I don’t think she is gone yet.
    When there was Safe…. Sami could do no wrong, even though she did, and plenty,
    but splitting with Rafe, made her the enemy No.1, bash her .. dissect her every move, her cloth, her hair, every word she says or does not say… need I say more, and when Kate is more popular than Sami, then …. need I say more… All IMO…

    Michelle, still looking for that James Scott interview from last summer….

    If Nick messes with the paternity test, and Gaby goes along with it,
    then I think Will/his attorney should pull out all the stops and expose Gaby and Nick all the way,
    assuming that the test might have been tampered with…
    And Sami should be the first one to smell a rat… because she was a pro at this test switching scenario after all.
    Sami, go and look out for your Son’s rights, because right now, poor Love Sick Will does not know what is going on around him, and the looming threat of .. “I know who shot EJ.”… is not helping at all.
    He needs Sami and EJ to do some of his thinking for him, because poor Lucas is all worried about the looming threat towards him and Will at the moment.

  129. From Barb

    Somebody say Kate is more popular than Sami? Guess I missed that. Several people, including me, enjoyed their tryst this week but that’s all. Sooo hilarious and entertaining! And I liked them together today, too, and teaming up to find out what Nick is up to. Kate has it pretty well figured out, even though she doesn’t know about Nick’s scheme about Will shooting EJ, and Rafe will be onboard with Kate. Loved them across the table from Nick!
    If there is a paternity test, I don’t think Nick will mess with it because everyone knows Will is the father. And Nick acknowledges that, too. Instead, Nick appears to be headed toward trying to prove Will to be an unfit parent.

    The thing I found the most touching today was Will’s conversation with Gabi about the baby, Sonny, and how Will doesn’t want anyone to know he thought Sonny was getting back together with him. Will was so sweet, and he is so trusting. Gabi shouldn’t have to ask where Will stands, as she did after Will left. But she has Nick putting false ideas in her head.

  130. From R

    I’m so over Nick. He’s so smug and thinks he’s perfecct. I can not stand him. I hope that ex-convict does something to get him off the show. So done with him.

    Chloe. OH MY GOD! Really? She’s so pathetic and crazy. She needs to go to a mental hospital. It’s really sad that she does the things she does. So pathetic. ’nuff said.

  131. From Kat

    Enjoyed the scenes between Sami and EJ… him so not tuned in, what Sami was thinking/assuming.. LOL, funny,
    and then the best, our Sami knowing and trusting EJ enough, to come clean to him about her wrong assumptions, so funny and cute…
    Sami is good with EJ, she knows she can let her guards down, trust him, the way it should be..
    and their Make up sex on the desk,
    at least finally a desk was used for Making Love, not having just Raw Sex, like some others we have watched…

    Sami threatened to have Will go for full custody,,,, IF, the little word IF,
    somebody would try to deny Will His Child.
    Why is it so hard to remember, what really was said by Sami,
    Rafe keeps repeating her words the wrong way, he knows very well, she said IF,,,,dumba$$.

    All EJ and Sami want, is for Will to have legal Shared Custody, instead of going by a Hand Shake.. LOL, what is so wrong with that…18 years are a lot of years, and Will should have his rights protected by the Law.
    If not, then he is a Fool in a big way.
    If he was my son, I would make sure, that he would go the legal route, for his and the Baby’s sake, someday he might be glad he did..when different occasions come up in life.

    Rafe teaming with the Queen of Mean and Deceit, so funny, but I am actually enjoying them together.
    But not to bright on their part, asking Nick all these questions, what is Nick
    going to say….. Wow, you two are so smart, you got me, I am up to No Good…etc… Give me a break….

    I truly think, that maybe Kate might get on to him, after all she is Kate, or like Sami, they know all the tricks in the book themselves, they can smell a con…
    and then Nick is going to mess with some of Kate’s Medical Test results, and of course that will neutralize Kate in a big way…

    Don’t think Nick will tamper with the paternity tests, to lame by now, specially in Salem, people “should” be a little smarter by now, you think!!!!

    He’ll think of another way to get Will out of the picture,,,
    however the big question will be,
    will Gaby go along with all that stuff,
    just like she did with Andrew, or this time will she do the right thing, as she should have done for Melanie??????

    There is a chance for maybe being able to redeem herself..
    But I guess in the meantime, hopefully we get to watch an exciting story about what Nick will do, in order to win.. Should get interesting..

  132. From Kat

    Barb, It was I, that said, it seems to come across, that Kate was more popular/whatever than Sami, well that is how it came across to me,,, MO..

    Guess it was also because, Rafe and Kate, were cute…as some said, and they went after EJ and Sami, a couple in love, not in drunken Lust… and did not give them a nice break… That’s all.
    Everybody is entitled to see things as they wish, and I stated what I saw and thought…. All MO..

    Gaby, again the victim, first it was Andrew, LOL and now it is Nick, making her do things. etc…
    Let’s just wait and see.

    I agree however, that Nick will most likely mess with the Paternity, but will try to destroy Will in other ways, as I mentioned in my last post.

    Will and Gaby were cute, but why didn’t those two clear the air, of why and what, and why Will really wants a paternity test, and that he is not after full custody, and only wants Legal Shared Custody,,, but then of course we would Not have this confusing SL developing.

  133. From Barb

    Kat number 132 I know. It’s so frustrating. I wanted to pull the words out of Will’s and Gabi’s mouths today so they would clear the air between them. But I guess it doesn’t matter because Nick will pull her into his way of looking at things. Otherwise, as you said, we wouldn’t have a story. And I am into this story much more than I expected to be!

  134. From ntg

    Sure wish the writers would calm down on the make-out scenes. There are young children drifting thru the room seeing all that. Let’s pleases allow them to be little for as long as possible. And leave something to the imagination for pitty sake.

  135. From jolie

    #121 jak, I wouldn’t call what Brady and Kristen have been doing as dating exactly. They only recently went out and that was in Chicago where she pretended to be drunk and I still missed the point of that. I am a bit worn out by this story as well. And look Cuz, Hope is so at loose ends over where the heck Bo is that all she has is her Cuz.
    #122&128 Kat, I think everyone has caught on to the fact about why Nick is in such a rush to marry before the baby arrives. I just don’t think many care anymore. I am glad you like Sami so much now that she is with Elvis. It seems to come up in most of your posts lately that Sami is hated. Not much in the way of likable in her character.. but the actress does her job. I still say Run Elvis Run! And I have always been a Kate fan. I like her style of being a real meanie but maybe not her antics. I liked her with Stefano. Don’t want to see her with Rafe as other than friends but don’t really care. I have never liked Sami’s character. She is a mess. Who could stand her for long…did I say today Run Elvis Run Fast?? She gets all over my nerves. I am a big Nicole fan but again I don’t agree with some of the things she has done and I often say, Nicole what are you thinking! But never have I been a Sami fan. Love the actress and not the character. So I am thinking I am not the only one here that feels the same way. I thought the actress was perfect when she found the ring. It was good acting and she was really cute if not very realistic. Still it seems to come up often that Sami is hated but you like her now. Good, she needs someone on her side. It seems to disturb you that you think some people don’t like Sami because she is not with Rafe. Many here have said they are extremely glad she is NOT with Rafe. But then this is a TV drama and most don’t care. And no one really needs a large reason not to like Sami. But again I am glad you like her now that she is with Elvis. Did I mention Run Elvis Run?

  136. From Kat

    133 Barb, one of my best friends is Barb…
    see how nice it is, to go back and forth, disagree about some stuff, agree about other things.
    I am not always totally about one Character/or what they did/or not,
    that I can’t see what they are up to… Called EJ out many times in the past, specially the Robe/Rafe thing he allowed Fatha to do.. and went along with it,
    I go strictly what I like and agree with, and what I think is stupid IMO, no matter who the character is.
    I used to go after Sami in a big way,
    actually, I did not like Sami, until she started falling for EJ way, way back,
    but then when they did not happen, I again did not like Sami.
    I despised her with Rafe, when she did all the “hide the kids from EJ” stuff, all her lies about the kids,
    etc. when she shot him, need I go on…
    Never said, things EJ did were all fair and good, but I did stand up and voiced my opinion, that the women in EJ’s life did Mess with Him Big Time…. yes they did, and a lot,”Not ALL”, he did was in retaliation to what was done to him.

    I mean, starting with Nicole, and then Sami, he did get royally sc..ed over by them about his children… and then Nicole continued, not because she was afraid of EJ, LOL, she wanted to run away with him,
    but because she was jealous, and that was the same reason Sami did what she did about “Grace”, their child.

    So glad, that Sami and EJ cleared the air between them, several times now, in case somebody did miss that…
    and they admit, that they love each other, always have and always will…

    So All of you busy bodies in Salem, specially the ones that live in a Glass House, get ready, because here come
    EJ DiMera and Samantha Brady, soon, for sure to be Mr.and Mrs. “Finally Together, against all Odds”.
    And I hope, and would love to see a scene on their Wedding Day, when images of Santos and Colleen look down at them and wish them well,
    live the life/love that they could not have.
    Writers, are you listening,……Complete the SL started in Ireland, where Santos and Colleen met….
    as a matter of fact, why not go to Ireland and have the Wedding in the Same Church where Colleen Met Santos the first time….
    Now that would be so romantic and fitting.

    Never know, Santos might still be alive in his 90s, and EJ could play him again….
    why not, anything is possible on a soap…
    After all, Marlena was the Devil at one time.

    I guess I better stop, I am not writing a book after all….
    MAB, Maryl, where are you…………….

  137. From Debbie

    I liked the Valentine’s Day scene between Victor and Caroline at the pub and thought it was a sweet thing for him to do. I was a little disppointed in EJ though when he left that box on Sami’s desk. He seemed surprised that Sami was so upset that it wasn’t what she thought. As romantic as he is, he must know that a small velvet box means more than just that to a woman but I do realize that he was totally in work mode when he did that. But it’s still Valentine’s Day in Salem and I suspect he has made some plans to romanticize the day for Sami and himself in some way. And I’m glad Sami wanted to be honest and told him flat out what she imagined the situation to be, so whatever misunderstanding they may have had was easily diffused by talking it out so they can move on. I am enjoying their ease with each other and acceptance of each others flaws, like EJ said.

    Although I didn’t like Rafe’s hookup with Kate, I did like how they paired up to talk to Nick today. I think these two will work well together in keeping an eye on Nick.

    I felt sorry for Will when he learned that Sonny seemed to have moved on so quickly. Their conversation at the cafe was friendly and it looked to me like Sonny was going to say he wanted Will back, but it’s not to be this time. I’m still hoping they’ll find their way back to each other as their relationship has been very realistic in the way it has developed and I applaud the writers for the sensitive way they’ve written this story.

    And thanks MAB, for clarifying my confusion with the other Debbie and especially with checking out the closed captions of Galen’s slip of the tongue the other day. He sure avoided the censors on that one but he sure fooled me! lol

  138. From Kat

    135 jolie, wow, did you ever confuse me…
    why are you so concerned why I like Sami or not….
    all I ever stated, that when Sami was with Rafe, she could do no wrong,
    now that she is with EJ, all the same people, yes all the same ones, do nothing but bash Sami, and of course, that is their right, is it because they dislike EJ, or what is it now, I am confused and your post did not help me….
    I also Like Kate with Stefano, I am one of their biggest fan, wrote about it all the time, but for High and Mighty Morality Rafe, to end up with Kate of all people, after he just got through trashing Sami to anybody that would listen….
    the first pick is Kate, give me a break, no matter how funny they were in their drunken Lust together….

    And If I say it again, about Nick and why he wants to marry Gaby so quick, I will say it again… or is there a rule how often I can say it,… I think you are getting just a bit personal here… and I am not disturbed, don’t read my mind… please…

    It is not my problem … if some don’t care anymore, are you their spokesperson now….
    A lot of stuff is written on here, they are Our Opinions about the SL and the characters, and that is what we should stick to, IMO.

    Come to think of it, the wise things prob. would be to ignore your post, but the temptation to respond got me… Like you said…
    Nicole/ I mean Kat what are you thinking…..

  139. From Linda

    I liked Sami better when she was with Rafe. Not for the simple fact that she was with Rafe but I found her more likable during that time. And I thought it was because of Rafe that she was.

    I actually thought EJ was cute today with Sami. What is it about that woman that she always ALWAYS jumps to conclusions?! At least EJ used the better judgement thinking it’s too soon for a proposal of marriage, – IF he is being sincere.

    I didn’t get much out of Abby and Cameron’s scenes except that she is still hung up over being a virgin. Golden Circle Club? How embarrassing, and funny, for Cameron to find out what it was from that nurse. It’s a wonder he didn’t get his face slapped before she realized he didn’t know what the term meant!

    Will and Sonny were having fun together. Too bad it was spoiled by Brian arriving but at least Will didn’t reveal that he thought Sonny wanted him back. It was such a nice conversation between Will and Gabi and him confiding in her that Sonny really didn’t want to rekindle their relationship. I just wished Will and Gabi had expanded their talk to the baby/custody issue at hand. She sure stiffened up as Will was leaving when he mentioned the paternity test.

    Kate and Rafe are both on Gabi’s and Will’s side and they were great together across the table with Nick. Rafe had been checking Nick’s prison file so I wonder if he really does know all that happened to Nick in prison, like he said?

  140. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    great Show today.

    I first want to say lets stop baiting other posters as I love this blog and seen they shut down last weeks and I am not wanting to see this one shut down.Lets all hug (smile)
    As far as who likes Sami before and who don’t I thought Kat you were always a Sami fan in fact I went through old blogs last night looking for that interview from James Scott for you to post for Michelle, and though I only went back to August as that is when it was done I have not seen you really downgrade her. You are right many have changed their opinions and tunes on who they like but I guess we are all entitled to.
    I will admit I changed my opinion on characters, for example years ago I hated Nicoles character, but Ariana Zucker brings so much to the screen I like Nicole, even when she does wrong her scenes are great.I have had people tell me how can you like Nicole and Sami?Easy I just do, I don’t like Nicole with EJ I think she should be with guys like Brady,Eric, the somewhat tortured soul guy, whos really a good guy.The guy who will believe she will change and perhaps even help her do it, the guy who has a past but not a evil one per se. Like Eric and Brady.Some assume that since you like a pairing you hate the people in other pairings, for example I love Sami and EJAMI I by means must not like Nicole or Rafe or even Lucas .But in fact I love Lucas and Nicole.Ejami has no real threat from Lucas, Sami has chosen EJ over him. I like Lucas and Sami and think they make great bff’s, he gets her as does EJ.I also think that Sami could remain friends with Lucas even if he was paired elsewhere and Lucas has shown he could be her friend no matter what.Nicole is one of Samis main enemys but I love her too. I don’t like her with EJ but I love her with Brady and I liked her way back with Eric, before EJ ever even graced Nicoles presence.I went through things with her where I was like wow wtf is she doing, and sure there have been times I could not stand her(Nicole) But really I have to say she is one of my favorite characters on the show.She don’t need EJ or Sami for a storyline either.She does well in her own.As does Sami she does well in many story lines just look at how many fans she has for different pairings that speaks volumes.I hope Lucas gets a great love story that fans can root for, he deserves it. My complaint about Rafe was 1. I did not like him with Sami but following the fact that I can still love a character if they are imo in the right story and pairing that was the problem we had only seen Rafe in stories involving ejami. They need to get him out of that and give him his own stuff to amass more and more fans. That’s how it works for example EJAMIS don’t like Ericole but many of us like for example Bricole that means more viewers are gonna be able to watch Nicole and sami both in Great pairings.Same goes for safe fans they love Safe, but see when that happens usually you have EJ with Nicole so therefore that leaves out a huge group.If you can cross over some of the pairings and draw in fans it makes for better tv.If rafe found a great pairing other fans can root for it would be great for the show.I agree Nicole and him have great chemistry but it seems in the long run its gonna be Ericole so where will Rafe land? I cannot wait to see and perhaps I will be able to enjoy watching and rooting for a Rafe pairing.That would be great if I could tune in and Like EJAMI, Ericole,Jarlena,Bristen and a Rafe pairing. That means when those couples ar eon screen I would be glued to it, making the show have better ratings the more fans enjoy a story or couple the better the s hows ratings will be.Nicole and sami can bring in fans in more then 1 pairing as can EJ.Even Bo Had loads of fans of Bope and Barly.Another example and I am not a fan of the second is Dannifer. I am amazed those 2 actually have a big following now, I don’t care for them. I did like her with Jack, but wow they are amassing followers not as many as she did with Jack but they got a good number going.Every character needs that I think, I think Rafe may have been able to get that with Carrie, so many liked him and the original plan was Carrie was going to return but they changed that for whatever reason. I assume because Hope is gonna be lonely without Bo, but who knows.All I know is Rafe needs a nother great love story to amass more and more fans for Hope this all makes sense lol

  141. From patty

    Another cheesy, tacky ,overdone desktop romp, blech!
    jolie, good post! Sami’s actions are the reason people dislike her, not because of whoever she’s with at the time or how she compares with other characters.
    Tee, I still didn’t see that Gabi knows without a doubt that Nick plans to take Will’s baby from him. He told her he would not let them take her baby from her.
    Kat,I’m going to Ireland in June, think I could get an invite to the EJami wedding?

  142. From Tee

    My other post has not shown up yet, hope it does But I forgot to add some things
    Sandy thanks for posting the video I was wondering I had posted that same video in #94 above your post and It is on Days website as well, do you know if this was a Days made video or done by Michael,The one I had posted is from hulu but it is on Days facebook and twitter and does not have him listed. I love his interviews but wondered who did this one.Thanks if you know.

    Debbie #137 I would not be surpised if EJ is pulling her strings and really is going to propose soon, he may have h ad it planned and if you remember when they were at her apartment and she was looking at the ring, he made sure she heard he was coming back to the living room, he actually said coming and made a loud noise or so mething, so I think he may be playing it off so he can really surprise her and if you watch the video I posted in #94 or the one Sandy posted Alison says he has a secret and for us not to forget it she was laughing and the secret you can tell is nothing bad, so I bet he is planning to propose just she caught him so he needs to redo It.If you seen how he proposed the other times he did you know he makes it pretty romantic and heart felt. I say a engagement is coming very soon.

    Kat I took a stroll down our posting past looking for the video to post for you of James for Michelle and yes you are right many opinions have changed on Sami and what not.I guess we can all change our opinion. I had posted about my own opinion changing on Nicole but not sure if it will come through. I have always loved Sami though and I love Nicole too, I don’t like Nicole with EJ, I love her with Brady I did however like her with Eric years back so I am looking forward to that. IF my post don’t go through I will repost as I really wanted the post to be seen. Either way I see what you mean, and I have always thought you were a fan of Sami, You have said you felt she was not herself with Rafe but most of us think the same, though some don’t. I always seen Sami as a schemer and a girl who gets what she wants no matter how she has to get it, she has always been grey to me. When she got with Rafe that changed,Even the character of Rafe thinks he never knew the real Sami. It is key in his words when he said”I was in love with someone who never existed” or I don’t think I ever knew who Sami was He has said many things lately that show he knows she was not herself with him.He was in love with a woman who was pretending to be something she is not as Rafe puts it, I agree. Many Sami fans have said that.Now on to EJ since many think he had to change for Sami. I disagree. EJ has always been shown to think and put her first.Key in his words to his father when Sami shot him he said “If she shot me I deserved it. I broke her heart toar it in two. I lied to her made her think her daughter was dead.Father do you understand I throw her babies clothes in the river bloodied and made her think she was dead. I deserved it”I love Samantha and I miss her her putting a bullet in my head if she did was my fault
    What about all the times he stood up to his father for her.Ej has always made it clear he wants a family and Samantha, His father was always second to that.EJ has been molded by his father but we have seen his remorse over the years and seen him struggle with dark and light he goes back and forth.He is grey as well. Stefano is not grey he is evil lol.Its always when he has nothing to lose he reverts back to his fathers ways.But he has always shown his good side, I want him to still be grey not a goody goody, as do I sami.Sami came in as a schemer and has been for most of her time on days.Her and EJ are much alike in that they both struggled for the love our their parents. Ej even told Stefano all he did was for his love not long ago.He told him how much his love ofr his father has cost him.
    Ironic EJ struggles with gaining love from a evil father, meaning he must live to his expectations, and Sami who has a so called goody goody family struggles to live up to theirs.So you had Sami striving to be good and only be with a man who is deemed a goody goody in her parents eyes. Then theres EJ who strives to be more bad for his father in the past, while secretly wanting to be a great man for the love of his life and trying to balance that.His wants are love and a family.Samis is the same, but both families hate each other.It is nice he accepts Sami for what she is and she him.The real EJ is not a murderer and evil crime lord, the real EJ is much like Sami herself.
    Nicole did not care about EJ and his fathers schemes and evil ways, but the thing is she did not give him the push he needed to be who he really wanted to be only Sami did.Nicole had him embracing the evil and it made him lose what was important to him over and over again. Rafe did not accept Sami for her as he has said recently, but he did back her in many things and help her get what she wanted. Sami did try to be what she could not be for Rafe and her family, and it did not work. That is my opinion.

  143. From Linda

    patty #141, Ireland in June. What a wonderful trip is ahead of you!

    I don’t think, either, that Gabi knows Nick wants to take the baby away from Will. She doesn’t have a clue what Nick is up to. She knows from what she sees and hears him say that he isn’t wild about Will, or Sonny, but as we saw today, Nick is keeping her totally in the dark about his plans for Will. She did question Nick more today, though, and made an issue out of him using the “gay boy” term again. Nick explained it away but I’m not sure she fully bought it.

  144. From Kat

    141 patty, well for you to get an invite to Their wedding, would depend on, if I put in a good word for you…. after all you “hate” both of them with a passion. LOL… So maybe, I would say Not….never know….
    Maybe, if you play nice, I’ll put in a good word for you, and you and I can toast the couple together… we’ll only in our dreams….LOL

    140 Tee, I played nice, so I hope you are not talking about Me, I started nothing…
    About Sami, I thought I explained,
    I never did like Sami from teenager on, never liked all the things she did,
    started to like her with EJ, they had chemistry together…
    went back to Not liking her at all, when she was away from EJ….
    specially when she was with Rafe, and became so over the top in her Rage against EJ…LOL… trying to kill him,……

    but now back with EJ, Sami seems softer, EJ knows how to handle her, she is different with EJ….
    so I hope, I don’t have to go on and on explaining myself, about when I like or do not like Sami.

    Patty, cheesy desk romp, then what would you call Rafe and Kate…
    drunken rump.. or what, but no, some liked it a lot, thought it was delightful/cute, whatever….
    I give up….
    like I said before, it all comes down to Who does What with Who, when and where….

    All of you have a good Weekend, and on a serious note, I really don’t give a hoot what goes on in Salem,
    it’s entertainment.
    It’s all about debating different SL’s and actions taken by the characters, and the way We See It… and thus voicing our opinions.

  145. From Tee

    Patty-You are going to love Ireland. I am going to try to go with my best friend this summer, We are also going to Scotland as well. I keep telling her I may be rare here as a redhead but in Scotland I am not lol.Irelnad has loads of red heads as well, but Scotland you see it more.I have never ben to Scotland but have heard from family and friends redheads are very common there. I recently moved from a condo and when I lived there there were about 13 of us redheads just in my building and the one next to me.Each one had 4 condos so in 8 condos lived atleast 13 redheads I thought it was crazy.I had never seen so many redheads in my life lol.
    As fas as your question about Gabi goes. lets see, Gabi has made many comments while alone and rubbing her belly, like your daddy Nick and Me and your daddy Nick, I do have to give it to her today she stood up for Will about the gay comments Nick was making, but Nick has told her many times, and I thought it would happen today he told her about blackmail he lead into it so I guess that conversation will finish next week.It is going to happen though.How about when Nick asked her if she really thought they were on Wills side, or how about that she never invited or told Will she was having a ultrasound.How about why did she not as another poster said above ask Will what his plans are?How about she don’t really want a paternity test. If she is so worried Will is going to do something she could ask, but Will has said over and over how happy he is they are working together on this, and what his intentions are.Instead while she is alone you see her making comments to the baby about daddy Nick, and she is gonna worry about Will and sonny getting together as well, while she is playing Will saying she is there for him and he asks her not to tell anyone as he is not sure what is up with him and Sonny she runs right to Nick and tells him.She fears Sonny may tell Will the truth she says,Will has been a great friend to Gabi, he offered to marry her and everything and give up who he really is, but Gabi thought it best he let Nick raise their baby?Will seeked her advice as a friend and she betrayed him by telling other people and even secretly she don’t want him with Sonny?Will is taking her side and Nicks against anyone who thinks bad and she does not have enough respect to keep what he says a secret or come to him with any questions she has about what he will or wont do?He comes to her and even respectfully included Nick in the decisions.Would they include Sonny if Will was with Sonny?I doubt it since she is asumming without asking Will.We discussed how I think people would solve problems by going to the source IE the parents Gabi and Will, why is it ok Gabi don’t.She is playing like she is cool but she secretly wants it to be her and Nick with this baby and I can tell that by what she says to the baby, and how she is passive with Nick.Gee Nick said he planned to use the Horton and Bradys secrets against them, shouldn’t gabi stop jumping to conclusions and sit down with Will and have a talk?Will does that with her.Sami never said Will wanted full custody she only told Rafe if Gabi tried to stop Will from having his parental rights then it would be dumb considering Will would then have to go to court and a judge will see Nicks past and Gabis and give Will the child. That is my issue here.If Gabi plans to allow Will to be sharing parentage with her and Nick and them 3 raising together as they planned then why is she worried?People say Will don’t want shared custody but in fact he said he wanted all 3 of them to raise the baby together and Sonny then too.Which is shared custody pretty much.He wants them to do it together, and that is all Sami asked for Will to have shared custody.People are blaming Sami when we as the audience knew all along Nick has no plans to allow Will to be a part of the babys life.He plans to raise it as his, Will was against that when asked and they convinced him by saying he will lose Sonny and this and that and his family would be confused yadayada.So he eventually agreed but he was not ok with it he even said it over and over again.Gabi kept pushing him along with Nick then.Nick has made it clear many times before what he is doing, and mark my words Gabi will go along as she did the first time he suggested it.she even said herself as I said above that this should be Nicks baby not Wills, and that Her and Nick should raise this baby and her and Nick decided that because this or that and this was last week.She is palying her cards wait and see.I think she is sorta like well everyone knows this is Wills baby so I have no choice but if Nick found a way to get Will to give up custody she would agree just wait and see.

  146. From Tee

    Kat Nope was not talking about you girl. In fact I thought as I had seen you write that you only did not think she was being herself with Rafe.So nope I did not think you were baiting, and I agree she was not herself. I also agree some now don’t like her because she is with EJ. As I said I can see the difference when I went in looking for that interview for you to post for Michelle as I remembered the interview you quoted about James atleast I thought it was you and another poster wnted to see the interview. So just going back from August you can see some posters saying Sami go get your man, and SAMI looks so happy and di you see their chemistry with rafe, So yes you are right some don’t like her it seems because she is with EJ. Some don’t like her because they just don’t.I don’t care if they like her now or then, I only don’t like that some think he EJAMIS did not like her when she was with rafe or someone else. I am like you as I said I may not like what a character does sometimes ex I gave was Nicole who is one of my faves. Another I could give is EJ. I have despised things he has done but he is my fave male on the show.But I never downgraded them or talked down on them as some do Sami now based off who she is with. I only wanted to clear up this EJAMI does has loved Sami since she came to Salem, and to ask some posters no name naming as I dont want to be baiting anyone to not bait others as I don’t want this blog shut down, but nope I was not talking about you at all.
    In fact when I wrote my post your post had not even shown up yet, as is it took some time for mine to show up lol, seems sometimes it takes a bit for posts to show I almost rewrote my post, then it popped up

  147. From Tee

    Kat I just scrolled up and seen what you thought but I actually typed my 140 post before your 138 post showed up. You must have done it while it was still typing or something, I actually am waiting on 2 other posts to show up, there is a lul it seems and I have been trying to wait atleast 15 minutes to see if it shows before retyping it.I was not talking about you in the post though.
    So you are a EJ fan first love it. I am a EJ fan as well, but I have been a Sami fan since she came to salem.Some have not.There is nothing wrong with that at all.For example I hate to admit this, I know I will get some slack but I was never I n past a Jarlena fan.In fact I never used to like Marlena at all. I loved John with Isabella and Kristen.Now though I think they belong together, though had Days explored John and Kristen again I may have been on board with that lol.Something even weirder is I was a Bope fan, but I actually enjoyed him with Carly as well. That is rare since I shipped Bope as my fave couple, but Bo and Carly grew on me too.Another admission back in the day I wanted Marlena to fall in love with Stefano lmao.But after all the years I eventually felt he was too evil to her.So my favorite with her was Roman, but now I like her with John.My constant has always been Sami,Lucas and EJ, As my favorites on the show.

  148. From SandyGram

    Episode Friday February 15th:
    Wow can you say condescending when Nick was talking to Gabi today. She caught on to every one of his indignant comments today with good responses, but he is so good at making her believe him. Now she is thinking everybody in Will’s family doesn’t like her. With this, her over all insecurities and Will’s unfortunate timing of asking her once again about the paternity test I can see where she thinks everyone is against her and she has no one to turn to but the Nickster.

    Now Gabi and Will’s friend talk was great. But is she going to be able to keep her commitment to Will not to say anything to Sonny about Will’s feelings about him?

    Sami and EJ were charming today. Even my husband got a kick out of their cat and mouse conversation. It is obvious that the writers are putting in quite an effort to reinvent EJ and I’m hooked for now, but the truth in the believing will be when Stefano comes back to town. There is just one part of Sami and EJ’s conversation that raised the hair on the back of my neck, it went something like this:

    EJ – No, I’m saying sometimes working here is pure drudgery as you know so this gives us a break from all of that (Meaning the nail polish campaign)

    Sami – It’s a chance to get me out of the office?

    EJ – That’s one of the perks of the situation. Think about it. You can spend more time with the children or you can see William through this horrible situation with Gabi. And if I get stuck I’ll pick up the phone and I’ll call Diane and she can come in here and help me.

    Sami snaps – The hell you will!
    Could this become a problem for Sami later where EJ wants her out of the office more often? She sure didn’t like that idea.

    Well it looks like the writers are trying to give Kate a new persona also. I like her and Rafe working together on behave of Will, Gabi and the baby. Galen and Lauren work very well together to bring out an excellent camaraderie between Rafe and Kate. And very glad to see Kate point out to Rafe it is Nick that they should be leery of. And last, I’m thinking Rafe has opened up the unraveling of Nick by telling him he knows what happened to him in prison. You could see Nick begin to twitch. Anxious to see how this plays out.

  149. From Tee

    Jolie#135 I was like you with Bristen. I thought they pretty much were sexual, lately I have seen a bit of chemistry but perhaps it is because they are doing more then have sex lol.So good point there. Was that what you were meaning about not exactly dating?Cause if so you were right I don’t think we have seen to much romance out of them only the teeny bit lately.I may think they have some chemistry but I would still want to see more romance and what not to officially ship them. I do enjoy watching them because Eeileen is wonderful in her scenes, and I like what the story line is hopefully going to bring with John,and even Stefano and Marlena involved at some point. I like when the vets like them get some story line like this.

    I also want to add I can appreciate those that say they have never liked Sami and mean it. I can also appreciate those who don’t say run EJ run lol.I have said that about characters in my head before.I make no qualms I have like Samantha since she came, and even if I don’t like her pairing I still like her, then you have those who enjoy her because of her pairing, I can relate to that as well. I as I said before used to not Like Nicole but it was Brady and Nicole that made me enjoy her. I liked her with Eric, when she first came on then she chose money over him and I did not like her since then until she got with Brady.Now I am a fan of hers.Have been for years even though at times I am like wtf. I Will also say I did not sympathize with her when she blamed Jen, or for trying to pass her baby off as Rafes. I felt she was in the wrong. I did sympathize she lost the baby and still do. I took EJs side both times she lied about his baby.

    Kat I also agree with you about when she was with Rafe and that EJ did some things in response to what was done to him. You are right he did. As I always like to say it went back and forth with them hurting each other. Sami lied to him about Grace and so he paid her back with the Sydnapping,She shot him, and then tried to keep the kids from him, later he went along with Stefano with Robo Rafe then gave her full custody when he felt he was crazy for what he did.On and on it went.If you watch the video me and Sandy posted they talk a bit about how even when not together they had to be around each other rather fighting or loving each other. It was like they wanted to hate and hurt each other because they loved each other or something.

    Rafe was really a victim there I see it now, he went along with it all but in reality Sami always ran back to EJ she only tried to hate him but could not.

  150. From Tee

    Sandy #147 Great post. I also appreciate you are giving EJ a chance and see they are putting in a great effort.Not even when he is alone or with others has he shown he is going to revert.That says a lot, if this was just some front on him he would be scheming behind her back.As shown he is trying to be his own man not what his fatha wants him to be.

    I think the whole moral of Diane was it was her Idea, the Gemstone thing, and he did say we don’t have to spend so much time here. I think she snapped because she assumed EJ was insinuating Diane could be there when she could not but not in a work way.She thought he was proposing not presenting a campaign to her.So she was ready to kick Diane and EJ’s arse so to speak. I was laughing so hard when she was tearing up that Rose.
    Either way knowing EJ he really is planning to propose, he is not dumb and knows Sami found that ring in his pocket.I think he has to do something different now as she found out too soon.

    I do like that Rafe may see that Nick is the problem, but really don’t think he can out do Nick either.Lets not forget that soon a gunshop salesman will be coming to Salem, someone is gonna buy a gun wonder who? Then we get that physical therapist who is all secretive who I s being cast, so I assume someone is gonna end up shot, and working with this beautiful secretive therapist and maybe fall in love who is the suspects here and who will get shot.Perhaps this therapist is Emily I would love that as would many here

  151. From Kat

    Tee, Eric will be shot….

    that should keep Nicole in Salem.

  152. From SandyGram

    #150 Kat
    How do you know Eric will be shot…is there a spoiler somewhere on this?

  153. From Kat

    TV Source, Soaps…. Dool Febr. 18 edition…
    Eric will be in grave danger,
    but I also read on another site,
    that Eric will be shot..
    I guess one of the released Con’s, (Nick knows) will be at the church, don’t know who will do the shooting, but something will go down.
    And of course it will keep Nicole, who was contemplating leaving town… around…
    Brady and Kristin will move in together, don’t know where….etc. etc.

  154. From Irene

    I always wanted Lucas and Sami together. However,I am now pulling for Sami and EJ. They are great together. One thing ticked me off earlier in the week with Hope and Nick. When they were in her office talking, Hope said the entire Horton clan would support Nick. Did she forget that Will is part Horton? Duh!!!! Will has to get some back bone. I hope they send Nick somewhere else. Cannot stand him.

  155. From Michelle

    Todays episode was so perfect, funny and romantic and anxieties are finally put to rest. Sami loves EJ no doubt about it. And yes she had been written to be pretty indecisive, but she’s always gonna look that way if her choice isn’t EJ to begin with. She can’t get him out of her system.
    I liked will and gabi’s scenes today, it highlighted their true friendship, when ever its just the two of them together, their bond sense pure, but when nick is in the middle, that’s when gabi loses herself.
    As i posted before, i used to love Galen on passions and i wanted to love him again, i think I’m on my way, now that he isn’t trying to be Sami’s decider.
    Kate and Rafe were funny as lovers and they are ok as partners, but i can’t invest too much interest in them beyond that because Stefano will come back home.
    I hope it is rafe that gets shot, just so the therapist had a reason to be around him. All if the current women in Salem are spoken for in one way or another and he’d be the loser for any of their hearts. Thus new lady could be a fresh start fur him, it could be his first love, which I’m really hoping is the case.
    But then again, i can also see Nick shooting Lucas, and like rafe, he is unlucky in the current Salem love pool.
    Can’t wait to see it all played out.
    I don’t see Eric as getting the one that gets shot. Usually after something as traumatic as that, he would be stuck in that hospital bed for at least two weeks our time. And i doubt the drug addict would come back to shoot him.their attention span is too short. All they care about is their next fix, not their next revenge.
    I like Kristens craziness, but I don’t like her as a sister, too many times havei noticed a facial expression that seemed off, when she interacted with EJ and Chad, and i almost forgot about her blatant disrespect for Lexie. I hope Chad and EJ realize soon that they should not rely on her support.

  156. From Michelle

    I guess Eric will be the one shot, just wish it was someone else.

  157. From Tee

    Hoping my last post comes through but heres on the Physical therapist being cast and looks like she will air after someone visits a gunshop,

    Days of Our Lives has put out a casting call for a 25-30-year-old, Caucasian physical therapist, by the name of “Keara Baldwin,” according to Soap Opera Digest. Reportedly, she:

    “hides herself behind plain hairstyles and glasses as well as a dark secret about the last few years of her life.”

  158. From Leah

    Havent got much time so will post more later. Ejami on 14th and 15th… Wow, wow, WOW! Good stuff. I’m loving it.

  159. From Barb

    The spoiler at the top of this page tells all about how Eric gets shot.

    I think why people do or do not like Sami, and when they did or did not, is being over analyzed a bit. I like some characters better sometimes than I do at other times. Rafe is one I like no matter what because even when he does something underhanded, it’s to benefit someone else and not himself. He reminds me of Bo in that sense. (And I never get tired of looking at Rafe, either!) Over the years, I have been on and off about liking Sami. I liked her best when she was with Rafe, and I saw such chemistry between the two of them, and I loved how their love story developed. But I liked Sami with Lucas, too, although now I like them as only friends but I do like Sami when she is with Lucas. I don’t like her when she is with EJ. I did when he first came to town and, oh, I thought they were hot as could be together. But I don’t anymore. The first time I was turned off on them was when he forced sex with her before he would help save Lucas. Their relationship has gone downhill for me ever since, for obvious reasons. And Sami’s part in the baby issue turns me off on her, too, right now. She may have the right slant on the paternity test but she is going about it the wrong way. Badgering Gabi, being pushy with Will, and making threats in her arguement with Rafe, are not the way to go about it. Lucas warned Sami about taking that approach but she hasn’t listened.
    I don’t care much for Gabi but I don’t think she even suspects what Nick has planned for Will. Her referring to Nick as “daddy Nick” to the baby doesn’t really tell me anything. Gabi is planning to marry Nick at some point, and my cousin’s young children call their father “daddy” and their step-father “daddy Bill”. I’m giving Gabi the benefit of the doubt for now. Nick’s plan is so extreme that I just don’t think she suspects. Maybe he will explain it to her and then, of course, I will feel differently about her if she goes along with it.
    I think SandyGram is right that now Gabi thinks all of Will’s family is against her, because that’s the way Nick is painting that picture to her. And the way Sami has acted, and from spoilers apparently is going to act, toward Gabi isn’t helping matters.

    FYI I can feel for Marlena right now in this mess with Kristen but as someone else said, I’m not a Marlena fan. Isabella, Brady’s bio mother, was the woman I liked best with John. Their love story was reeeeely something!! The day she died, I think I cried the hardest I’ve ever cried over a soap!!

  160. From Michelle

    The new spoilers says eric be in grave danger, if he’s able to embrace Nicole for a period of time, i don’t believe he is the one shot. The therapist isn’t set to appear until May, a lot of story can happen between next week and May. And i always thought the physical therapist immediately steps in shortly before the patient leaves the hospital. Lucas as the father of the “gay boy” who had suspected Nick as being the black mailer could be the victim. Or it could be rafe, he uses his critical thinking skills and really sees what Nick I’d about and tries to warn Gabi and like Nick said he won’t let anyone get between them.
    Whos to say that Nick would be the one using the gun? It makes a lot more sense though. Because why would they go through the trouble of filming some strange extra buy a gun at a gun shop, that extra coukd have just appeared with the gun and it would still not make a difference. So besides Nick, would it be Will? Sonny?
    I really feel it would be Nick who felt backed into a corner and retaliated. And not a one time drug addict going after Eric. I can’t wait to see it played out, to see how wrong i am. Crossing fingers

  161. From SandyGram

    #158 Barb
    I really enjoyed your post and I’m with you Izabella’s story was wonderful. And thanks for reminding me that Eric getting shot is in the summary above, I even commented on it earlier. My short term memory is in a ‘dunder head’ mode I’ve been spending so much time going through ancestry records to build my Family Tree my concentration on other stuff is suffering.

    I’m looking forward to the coming weeks. For me, the writers have really been doing an excellent job for most of the characters. It’s hard getting use to some of their changes. Although I’m enjoying them, my radar is still up that their only temporary. I’m anxious to see Will hold his daughter for the first time. Like he was, I hope she is an on screen birth and that he’s there for the delivery. I wouldn’t want to see Nick be the first to hold her. Actually I would like to see Will, Sonny and Chad be their for the birth, meaning Gabi would have to go into labor like maybe at the Coffee House. That could then resolve the issues between Gabi and Chad and give Chad a chance to hold a new born which he didn’t have with his baby girl with Mia. And it could be the defining moment for Will and Sonny’s relationship. Not to mention it would send Nick to the moon, he could be watching through the window….that’s intense just thinking about it! So that’s my big speculation for the day. Thanks again for the great posting.

  162. From Barb

    Michelle number 159 I copied and pasted this from the top of this page

    Eric finds himself facing danger. Nic walks in on the priest being held at gunpoint by one of Salem’s junkies. She winds up in the middle of the scuffle. Although Eric saves Nicole, he ends up seriously wounded. Fearing that he’s headed for paradise without her, she yelps that she loves him. When he regains consciousness, she worries that he may have actually heard her profession of love.

    But I suppose there could also be another shooting down the road.

  163. From Barb

    SandyGram number 160 I think what you outlined in your second paragraph about the birth of the baby would be a wonderful way for it to happen. And what a nice touch for Nick to be only watching through a window!!

    One thing about the shooting, too, is that I do think Nick could try to hurt Will in some way so there could be a second shooting late spring, which would account for rumblings of a guy at a gun store and the casting of a physical therapist. Will could be hurt, or someone trying to protect Will could be hurt instead, or Nick could be hurt during his attempt.

  164. From gerri

    #158 Barb
    great post….my thoughts exactly…I don’t want Rafe and Kate pursuing a sexual relationship,but I do like the S/L
    with both working together,to find out everything about Nick.

    would love to see Will,be the Ist to hold the baby.
    Wonder how Sami,will feel,when Eric,falls from Grace to be with Nicole(If that Is what Indeed will happen)I can just see her now,Ranting and Raving,about something that doesn’t concern her.

    and If Rafe only being the Step parent,to Sami’s Kids,shouldn’t have never been concerned,or Involved so much In their lives,
    EJ hasn’t any rights to either,with Allie,or getting In the middle of Will’s situation.

  165. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Barb and Sandy It is nice to see other Isabella fans. I was the one above who said She was my first choice with John.I too cried when she died,It was a beautiful story.

    I had posted another post with links to Eric laying on ground shot from NBC but it did not go through.I will try to post again.

    As far as Gabi goes, I do not think she knows yet the extent Nick is going to, but I am not going to forget how she pushed Will right along with Nick to let everyone think Nick was the father.Will right away said he would marry her, drop out of school get as many jobs as it took, and she was right there with Nick convincing him to give up his rights.Now that everyone knows that is not going to work but it dont change the fact that she wants Nick to be the father.She told her baby that as well.See if Gabi wanted Nick to be the father from beginning what changes now, the only thing is others know the truth but it still dont change she wants Nick as the one raising it not Will.She would be happy if Nick was able to accomplish that.Gabi may not be on board with as far as he takes it but all will see soon.
    Spoilers already say Nick tells her he plans to blackmail Will, Spoilers already say she is unhappy when Sonny shows up to support Will at hospital.She also is putting off having that paternity test as well.
    Lets not forget Nick decides he and Gabi are gonna get married right away and that is what pushes Sami since Gabi is getting married and has not set up that test yet.
    So Kate and Rafe talk to Nick and now he has decided he and Gabi are getting married and noone is stopping them.Yep sounds like their little talk did not help either.
    In fact it seems he is pushed to now not agree with Rafe and wait to marry he is going to marry Gabi.
    I remember when Will asked Gabi for the test she did not want to get it, and later we see her telling Rafe and Nick she was worried about getting the test.Why?Either she d ont want Will to establish hispaternity or she is afraid he may not be the father.We have not seen anything on screen that would involve another father, and given her not really wanting Will to be a father from the beginning, it leads me to believe she dont want Will to establish paternity.Can anyone think of a better reason why she is not doing it?She just keeps making up excuses.
    My point was so many are mad at Sami saying it will be her fault and she will get what she deserves when we as the audience know that Nick never had any intentions to let Will be the father.So if Sami did nothing Will would be stuck fighting a court battle and hoping he could convince a judge he was the father and order that test.Lets not forget that.I think while Sami is trying to help her son, and she is going directly to them she is in the right.Atleast she is not plotting behind her back. I know any mother would back their child and help them just as she is.Perhaps she should not argue with Gabi, but Gabi is not truthful anyway.

    Gerri #63 I too hope Will is there for the delivery of the baby, and gets to hold the baby before Nick does as well.
    As far as Sami minding her own business well Eric is her brother, and Marlena is her mother so inn that case they should all mind theor own business about her and EJ as well.If she dont have a right to voice her opinion to her family then they have no right with her.Goes both ways.

    I never had a problem with Rafe being involved with those kids as the stepparent.When he was with Sami he had every right to be involved as a stepparent.

    I did say this though.Rafe told Sami she was a bad mother because she and Lucas shipped the kids between each others houses, since she was not with Lucas obviously, but then had the nerve to tell Eric that her children with EJ could not be raised by just their father they needed two fathers. Double standards so he is trying to say Ejamis kids need to be shuffled around between parents and need to be raised by another man not just their father and slung from house to house but not the others?That was my only comment on Rafe and those kids.He was a good stepfather while with Sami. I also think EJ has a right to be a stepparent to Will and Allie. I dont recall anyone saying Rafe did not have a right to be a stepparent but maybe I missed that somewhere.

  166. From Michelle

    I’m a little skeptical about these spoilers, over the past few weeks, what I’ve seen on screen weren’t exactly what was described. So I’m still holding out hope that, he was just pistol whipped on the back of his head, or something. And I know Jennifer has rejuvenating skin that heals in record time, but the others are usually stuck to a hospital bed for a while, unable to move, so if he does hug Nicole, how is he able to do that?
    For example : spoilers said Johnny knew all about EJ and Sami’s reunion, when he only knew what Sami told him about Rafe.
    Spoilers said EJ told Sami he doesn’t care what almost happened and just wants to focus on what they have, but EJ hardly said anything during that whole scene.
    there’s more I’m sure, but they are the ones that stick with me.
    I just don’t trust the spoilers and their wording 100%, they left room for argument.

  167. From Michelle

    I’ve just been proven wrong. NBC has posted a picture of Eric lying on the floor, Nicole above him with blood on her hands.

  168. From Arlene

    I think the writers must be watching the old flick with Dustin Hoffman being seduced by Mrs. Robinson! We got Kate and Rafe and then we got Kristin and Brady. These May/December affairs don’t do it for me. Also, is my memory serving me correctly in that, didn’t EJ and his father plan on doing harm to Allie and she was sent to live with Lucas out of the country? Or, was this just Stefano’s plan only, I just can’t remember.

  169. From Kat

    164 Tee,
    that was one of the best written posts written on here today…
    you are so right and very observant, and you call it the way it really is….Bravo.. I like.. so much…Kept nodding my head, yes, yes,….

    I agree with you and Michelle, the spoilers, at times can really play a trick on you, misleading… IMO.

    After all the hoopla, maybe the Baby really is not Will’s, who knows what went on while we were not looking..
    remember Zach, thought Stefano or John could be the Father, after all the did the deed…

    Then out of nowhere they showed footage of Bo and Hope/Gina having been together, and there was Zach.

    I know, some might explode, but I would love to see a great temporary SL between Marlena and Stefano..
    Two Icons, on the screen together..
    John could be tied up for a while with all the Kristin/Brady Mess, and we never know, he might get involved with Kristin, game plan, or for real, don’t know.
    But Marlena needs something/involvement in the meantime.
    If Rafe can sleep with Kate the Snake,
    Marlena could develop a relationship with Stefano, does not have to be sexual…whatever.
    Ladies, this is not real life, it’s a soap, and something like this, if done right, could be a great interesting SL.
    Let’s just get Out of the Box.. a little bit, LOL, go wild, go unexpected, just like Rafe and Kate did… No of us saw that one coming..and so many of you enjoyed it, I read on here….

  170. From Michelle

    It was Stefano’s plan, EJ urged Kate to convince Lucas to send Allie over to him.

  171. From Kat

    167 Arlene,
    Hi Lady, it was Stefano’s threat alone,
    as soon as EJ heard that Stefano threatened harm to Allie, he had Kate call Sami, to make sure that Allie was sent to see Lucas…
    EJ loves Allie, he took care of Her and her Brother Johnny when Lucas was in Jail… I remember him changing diapers,feeding them, playing with them and just plain taking care of them right along side with Sami.
    EJ has always been good to Sami’s kids, and He sure straightened out Will after his trying to blackmail EJ… EJ turned it around and taught him, it’s not nice to play rough with the big boys….And they bonded very nicely…

    Rafe is 42, Kate 60 in March…
    Brady 41 1/2.. Kristin 53 1/2
    but I understand, in Soap life their ages are supposed to be a bit different…
    Kate would be much older, Kristin would be older, Brady would be younger.. whatever…
    I am also a big fan of the Love Story between Isabella and John, it was one of the best, remember when she died in Italy after Brady was born…. so touching…
    Another things, Kristin, before she lost Her Baby, also John’s baby, she was a sweet nice girl, and John used to chase her like crazy. She was supposed to be married to Tony,
    but she fell in love with John, and John never gave up on her.
    Saying, that Kristin was not always that bitch she is now..
    Loosing their Baby, and with the Help of Stefano (oh No) she went down a desperate road,
    somebody remember Nicole….
    and once that evil Genie was out of the Bottle, that was it.

    Wonder, if they will ever have to nice and sweet loving and caring Kristin “Return”…
    Just look at Nicole, and she has done 100 times more bad stuff than Kristin did,
    Kristin got hung up on John leaving her after he found out all the deceit and He went back to Doc, his Marlena…
    It’s all up to the writers,…..

  172. From Arlene

    Hi Michelle and Kat, Thanks to both of you for answering my question about who wanted to harm Allie. My memory just isn’t what it used to be. Have a great evening!

  173. From Michelle

    Arlene, from what I remember, Stefano wanted Rafe to suffer, so he chose to threaten Allie’s safety. He planned to have her abducted I think…. I don’t remember the details of what he planned to do, but I do know that it was Stefano’s idea and EJ was against it, hence urging Allie be sent to Lucas.

  174. From Clear

    Even my son that watches once in a while asked if there was anyone left in Salem that Kate hadn’t slept with now.

    I really enjoy watching the Eric and Nicole scenes. He makes her want to be a better person–even though she is dreaming of him in an unpriestly fashion!

  175. From SandyGram

    #164 Tee
    I for one, it’s not that Sami is asking for a paternity test or encouraging Will to ask for one. It’s how the writers have her attacking Gabi on the subject and her back door threats. Sami hasn’t had a calm conversation with Gabi since she heard she was going to be a grandma. If they had Sami be supportive of Gabi and get past this ‘she lied to her’ feelings, Sami might find out Gabi might listen.

  176. From Linda

    Yes, the problem is the way Sami has gone about getting her points across. Will also lied to Sami and she forgave him so why couldn’t Sami have sat down and had a reasonable conversation with Gabi and cleared the air. Instead, Sami has been attacking Gabi ever since everything came out at the almost wedding, and hardly giving Gabi the chance to even talk. Sami has only made it easier for Nick to enforce in Gabi’s mind that everyone except him (Nick) is against her.

    Rafe knows first hand what a sleezy guy EJ has been, and there is no concrete reason yet for Rafe to think EJ has changed, so of course Rafe worries that it’s not good for the children to have only EJ has a father influence. At least Allie has Lucas to be a good influence on her and hopefully guide her to a life of good and decent choices, in case EJ reverts back to his old ways, – which I have a hard time believing he won’t do eventually.

  177. From Linda

    I meant to also say in #175 that there isn’t anything that can be done about it since EJ is Sydney and Johnny’s father, but that at least Allie has Lucas.

  178. From Kat

    But Rafe thinks not only having EJ for their Father…but they also need the Influence of Him, the Crooked Cop, LOL.
    Wonder how Allie will feel, finding out some day, that her Father Lucas, Allowed Her Mother to go to the Electric Chair, whatever Chair, and only after Injections had already been made,
    did He speak up, and tell the Truth, that Sami did not kill Franco.
    Seems bad things about “everybody” are forgotten…
    maybe someday, people will forget about EJ’s and Sami’s bad deeds.

    I am very happy, that the kids will have their parents together, and make a family.. Why can’t We all give them a chance, instead of so many already “knowing” what EJ might do next.
    If that is the case, they should also start worrying, what
    Victor, Nicole, Brady, Stefano, yes Sami, Kate, even Rafe.. Salem’s “Robin Hood” might do next. Robin Hood, Kate that is a good one… Only Rafe does not steal “Money”, he takes Babies and gives them to others or Himself… yes .. when he is bad, as I have read, he does it for the good of others..LOL
    and himself…more LOL
    Remember everybody on here. Let’s keep the Humor alive.

  179. From Kat

    177 Kat.

    LOL, of course I meant to say… Kat, that is a good one….

    Not Kate……………..

    I thought I had posted about the Tattoo, EJ has on his arm….
    It’s a poem by William Wordsworth…
    “Nature never did betray the Heart that loved Her”.
    As James said, He is a “Nature Guy”.
    Ok, I will add on, Rafe was a good Stepfather, in his own way,
    but now the Kids are with their Mom and Dad,
    stop Bad Mouthing Sami and EJ as parents,
    they do love their children,
    and as for sending the Kids to sleepovers all the time,
    when You were with Sami, the kids almost Never were around, it was talked about on here a LOT.. LOL
    At least in the Mansion, they are in the Same Building, so close by …..
    not somewhere in the Pub…

    Forgot to mention, that when Sami was in
    the Safe House with Rafe, it was again EJ that took good care of the Kids….with great Help from Nicole….Where was Daddy Lucas…..

  180. From Linda

    Yes, it’s like some already knowing what Rafe is thinking and what he will do next. No point in speculating.

  181. From Kat

    Here we go again, forgot another thing…
    Read that EJ loves to drink … in the summer time…
    A Shandy… which is 1/2 Beer and `1/2 Lemonade…
    we have the same thing in Germany, very famous also,
    called a “Radler Mass”, beer and lemonade.
    Nothing more Refreshing on a hot summer day
    than a Shandy or a Radler…..
    EJ, I wish you would have one on the show sometime, like in the PUB,,,, Caroline, Give ma a Shandy…

  182. From Mandi

    Loved this weeks episodes so sorry ladies haven’t been on lately.
    As many on here I really did enjoy the Rafe and Kate scenes, but to Rafe seemed to be like the high school kids in American pie and Kate was his MILF lol crazy stuff happening there. The one thing that bothers me though is that Kate is telling Rafe almost the exact same thing as Sami in terms of Wills rights as a father maybe the fact that Rafe is so emotional when it comes to Sami that they can’t discuss it rationally… but with sneaky Kate just really very strange to say the least. But entertaining.
    I think part of the reason why Sami is giving Gabi a hard time is she does not want to see Will go through everything that Lucas had gone through when it came to Will. Sami is a master schemer ( one of the many reasons I love her lol ) and she is covering all bases that Will may not be able to think of for himself.
    I really think Jen and Dan should just move on. I understand that Chloe wanted Daniel there at the hospital any parent would but I understand why Jen didn’t tell Chloe and really he should as well. Men gah!! lol. As far as Anne is concerned I don’t blame her why she does not like Jen that woman has no right to the job she has at the hospital other than her name and she is never there or takes time off anytime she wants. I’m really curious about Dr. Camerons “dark past” should be interesting.
    Hope is just plain dumb how can she say all the Hortons are on Nick’s side? did she forget that Will is a Horton as well and Nick isn’t the babies father… I just don’t get it does she really hate Sami ( her niece ) that much how can she even look Marlena in the eye and talk to her thinking the way she does about Will. Just don’t get it I really don’t like Hope right now she needs something to do and I’d really like to know what Roman thinks about all this as well.

  183. From Mandi

    ps Kat I would also love to see Marlena with Stephano even just for a little while I think he would treat her like gold.

  184. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Feb 15, 2011. EJ threatened to make good on Stefano’s plan to get rid of Allie if Rafe didn’t fix the cookie debacle. The next week when Stefano decided to make good for real, EJ told Kate to get Lucas to send for Allie, before Fatha could make her disappear. (Archives this site from Feb 2011.)

  185. From Leah

    The words from a song keep coming to mind when I think of Ejami and what we’ve got to see and enjoy with them the last few weeks. And its this phrase “You got it, you got it bad.” Yep, thats certainly describing our Ejami.
    I just love all the one liners EJ says to Sami. No other woman gets them. EJ has always wanted to be able to open his heart wide open to Sami and we are finally getting to see it. Its adorable and endearing. More, much more please! Aah Days… bringing back the love, the romance, the chemistry and the family. Loving it!

  186. From patty

    Thank you DTBB! I knew I remembered correctly that EJ was also using Alie as a threat against Rafe right along with his father. He might have had a change of heart down the road but he was in on it with Stephano just like he was with everything else about Faux Rafe. No matter how someone might try to sugar coat that action for him, EJ was not always a good stepfather to Allie. The reason that little girl was used against Rafe is because they knew he would have done anything to protect her from harm, as any loving stepfather should.

  187. From Maryl

    #185 & #183 patty and DTBB, that’s where it seems you don’t see the “grey” between the black and white concerning EJ Dimera. He may have used Allie as a threat to torment Rafe, but he never ever would have allowed that to happen, just as the sl proved–when he saw that Stefano was serious about making Allie “disappear”, he took it upon himself to make sure it didn’t happen. EJ has played along with Stefano many times, but deep down inside when he sees things getting to a point that he can’t accept, he will go against Stefano.
    One more example of that being his willingness to free John from Stefano’s and Rolf’s clutches. He also returned Sydney to Sami instead of taking his two children on the run like he first planned to do. He had a change of heart when he realized his kidnapping/ revenge game was all wrong and that he still loved Sami.

    Back then, Rafe was so busy trying to “get” Stefano and EJ, he forgot he was messing with the big boys, so being held captive and cloned was giving him a taste of what bad guys do when you mess with them and you are not anywhere near capable of “getting” them. Rafe’s ability to bring in Stefano can be rated as a zero. He always tried to do this by himself and behind the back of the Salem PD. I guess he didn’t want to share in the glory of putting away the dastardly DiMeras. lol! He definite loves to play the hero. It’s just too bad he very seldom gets the job done. He is more of a Dudley-Do-Right than he is ace cop.
    He is much better, however, in trying to hide babies from their real fathe

  188. From gerri

    Patty and DTBB,
    both of your posts,speak as to why,some of us has been against,EJ,this entire time.myself,I could care less,as who Sami spends the rest of her life with,I thought she was happier with Rafe,but he deserves better(with children involved,you’d think her eyes would have been opened wider,)no matter,If .two of them are EJ’s,he proved his love for them,by his part in the Fake Rafe S/L.this one thing alone,tells me,he wouldn’t know parental love,If It bit him In his read #183 tells more about his actions involving Allie.

    I just have a hard time,seeing how anyone could love,someone,who had raped them ,then that same person,having a part In putting a dangerous man In the children’s lives..I know forgiving someone Is part of life,but you don’t forget,and parents are supposed to protect their kids,not endanger their lives..I will never see this S/L any other way.I think Sami has blinders on,but only time will tell,If EJ has changed his evil ways,even If he has,I wouldn’t be able to put .these evil acts behind me,but more power to her,she apparently has.

  189. From patty

    Maryl, the fact that EJ used the love of his life’s daughter as a threat at all proves he is blackhearted and is capable of anything to get what he wants, nothing grey about it. Getting her sent away before Stephano made good on his threats is a far cry from a an act of courage or heroism, it was just him preventing something horrible and covering up for something that he helped set in motion. That is the reason women want to keep their children from them, as they should. Yet Rafe is being made to look bad for trying to nail the Demiras or stepping outside the law to help protect the people he cares about. He knows first hand what they are capable of and what people have suffered at their hands. Everybody in town knows how the Demiras operate which is why nobody wants Sami and Brady to be with them yet they are called hypocrites for voicing their concerns. Just because EJ is playing nice right now doesn’t mean he has changed, wait till Fatha gets back.

  190. From Barb

    number 187 gerri We forgive but we do not forget, and there in lies the lesson to not let the same thing(s) happen again.

    Oh gosh, there’s more insight into Rafe outlined in number 186. The guy is just one big hero seeker. NOT! There is no evidence he wants or wanted any kind of glory for anyting, ever. We haven’t seen Rafe talking about it, thinking to himself about it, nothing. It’s just a speculative label some put on him because they don’t like him. And what’s up with the cloning and captivity giving Rafe a taste of what it’s like to mess with the bad boys?! Is that what it was all about and the worst that can be said about it? Not in my mind. What it was, was an awful evil thing to do that had nothing to do with Rafe trying to bring down Stefano and EJ. It had to do with EJ’s jealousy of Rafe with EJ’s kids and Sami.
    gerri, patty, DTBB your posts are more along my line of thinking.
    Kat number 180 I never heard of that Shandy drink. Half beer/half lomonade sounds good!

  191. From Barb

    AND (back of my hand to my forehead) I am so weary of sorting out the gray areas of EJ!!

  192. From Barb

    AND (back of hand to my forehead) I have grown so weary of sorting out the gray areas of EJ!!

  193. From jolie

    The rumors! Did you read them for 18th? Double wedding bliss at Casa Dimera. Wonder who drives the motorcycle thru the window this time? Can Marlena ride a bike?
    #148 Tee, yep, I don’t really see that Brady and Kristen are dating in the traditional sense. The actors are good together (if that is what you mean by chemistry, I am not sure if that is what posters mean when they say that but assume that is it). I think all of us are afraid Brady will be badly hurt (almost a given) and go off the deep end again (oh dang, another given). I would like to see Brady happy in a relationship in which he didn’t have to drink to survive like with Nicole (and I am Nicole’s biggest fan) or spar with Victor or wait for the other shoe to fall. And I am very intrigued that Stefano and Marlena might have a story together that would put them on even footing in which maybe they are up against the same foe who would bring danger to their shared family. How cool could that be? And I do not like Sami, I am just one of those. I do think it is much to overanalyzed as to why some of us do not like Sami. I did enjoy her scenes on Thurs and Fri. She has some ‘splaining to do. She was flustered and you could see that Elvis has his hands full and it will not be all roses and candy hearts and who’d want it to be?? OK, the desk sex…I don’t care where they do it as I am not into them but thought it was so funny that Elvis still had his shirt on and it appeared that Sami just had on his tie and those cubic z’s! Too funny and well played in my book. While we are on the subject, I am really having a difficult time warming up to Eric. He has been too bossy and wishy washy in his assuming he knows what is the best of Nicole and that she should be able to just push her past life aside and live like he does. That is not our Nicole. I know things will heat up and likely soon so we’ll wait and see.
    #160 Sandygram, when I saw your post that you wanted to see Will hold his daughter, it scared me. I think the story will go out on a tangent in which Will won’t get to hold her until the whole Nick escapade is settled. Would that not be terrible? We have coming blackmail, the chance to change a paternity test, all manner of ways to keep Will off the radar when the birth happens. I wish Gabs were not quite as dense as she appears to be but I am not sure Nick would have latched on to her so quickly if she were not very needy and easily controlled.

  194. From MAB

    Well I hope this one posts, because my Friday’s post is gone. I know it was there before, but I don’t see it anymore. It apparently was removed.

    Valentine’s Day in Salem was good, except for the DISGUSTING spectacle of Nick on the bed w/ the heart – literally turned my stomach! But I sure don’t wanna talk or think about that, so I’ll move on.

    I felt sorry for Will getting his hopes up about Sonny, then talking to who is supposed to be his friend Gabi about it. She was nice to his face, then changed her tune as soon as he walked out of the room. I can’t believe she has lost the ability to use her brain to think for herself. As I’ve said all along, she will be just as much to blame as Nick is when it comes to the ‘screwing Will’ scheme. She should know Will well enough to know he wouldn’t try to take the baby from her. After all he was gonna sacrifice for her in the beginning, and being there for her during HER choice to consider an abortion – to now and her treating him like an outsider, from him having to find out from Abby about the sonogram, and almost making him have to ask permission to be a part of his child’s life. All he wants is his rights as the father to be legal, not one thing wrong w/ that. If Gabi didn’t have other ideas herself, or they weren’t being planted by Nick, she would be fine about the paternity test. I mean if the tables were turned here, Will could be ugly and try to keep Nick out of the baby’s life. He has every right to do that, and most definitely will once he finds out what Nick was up to. And I hope when Nick is found out, Will will take action to keep Nick out of his child’s life. He doesn’t deserve to be a part of anyone’s life since he seems to be just as disturbed as he was when he went to prison the first time. If this ends up in a battle for custody, it will be Nick & Gabi’s fault. Nick for doing what he’s doing, and Gabi for not being independent enough to make her own decisions about her child w/o the influence of her psychotic boyfriend. Of course, I can just see Gabi now when the truth comes out. She’ll make excuses for herself once again like nothing is her fault (much like her brother Rafe so it must be a family trait), just like she did during the Melanie situation. A custody battle will not be Will’s fault, and not Sami’s either. Sami is doing nothing wrong other than trying to protect her son’s rights, and w/ what Nick is planning, it’s a good thing she is persistent. She is gonna make sure Nick & Gabi don’t try to pull one over on Will, which is exactly what they are planning on doing, so again, Sami’s involvement is gonna be necessary when this all plays out.

    I felt sorry for Chad to still be an outcast just because he’s a DiMera that told the truth, especially since anyone else in his position w/ the last name Horton or Brady would’ve already been forgiven. I’m still hoping for him & Abby to happen, because I don’t trust Cameron, and see no chemistry in him & Abby at all. They are very boring.

    Maggie is a great woman to allow Victor to spend time w/ Caroline on V-Day. I think it was great of him to send her flowers, and still remembered her favorites. I loved their scene, very nice & well done. Very cute of EJ giving Caroline a rose too.

    The EJami scenes were SO romantic…from their scenes at the pub to their scenes in her office! At the pub, they were so cute sitting there at the table like no one else existed in the place. He looked amazingly handsome, as usual, and she looked lovely. I loved what they said to one another, and the kissing, especially when he went to get them food and he kissed her before walking off. She was so engaged she didn’t even open her eyes. It is so nice seeing them really happy for a change, which was inevitable to happen for them since they reunited. Everything is just happening naturally for them, and it’s beautiful!! Then there were the 2 little black boxes Sami was given. EJ should know what kind of ideas that would put in any woman’s head on V-Day. Of course, the first one had diamond earrings which were a hit, but the second one was merely a ring for an ad campaign. And w/o going into all the misunderstandings, they talked about it, and all is fine now. But I think it was just a prelude to what is obviously gonna happen sooner or later, as EJ more or less already alluded to. At least next time, she’s knows there won’t be a misunderstanding! Then them enjoying a little afternoon delight in the office was just an added bonus. I loved how he took her down on the desk, very sexy!!! And very carefully done w/o knocking those beautiful flowers off the desk too. Then they laid there in each other’s arms in complete satisfaction, talked, and further solidified their bond & relationship. Great stuff we EJami’s are being presented with. Thank you writers, etc. – and kudos to the camera guy in those office scenes. Great shots of EJ & Sami on the desk, and the couch!

    I think EJ will question Rafe about Kate to see if they are scheming together. He is obviously gonna think it’s odd that they are all of a sudden friends and discussing the baby situation, so I think he’ll nose around to see what their intentions are, and he’ll have every right to since he trusts neither one of them.

    I did like how Kate & Rafe talked to Nick. I guess it took a roll in the hay w/ Kate to get Rafe’s light bulb to come on where Nick is concerned. Of course, Rafe still couldn’t lay off Sami & EJ and insinuating they are the problem. Kate noted the obvious to Rafe, that Nick is the problem here, and of course, Kate is right, and it’s time for Rafe to get over his anger towards Sami, stop blaming her for hurting his sister, when it will ultimately be Nick who hurts her. But Rafe shouldn’t need this pointed out to him, especially after Nick’s behavior when they were talking to him. I still say his cop instincts should’ve already kicked in, but he is blinded by his own angry & hate to see what’s right in front of him, always has.

    The day Nick went to talk to Hope, she angered me to NO end. She is related to both Nick & Will, but she’s taking sides w/ Nick. What about Will? She said Nick has the entire Horton clan in his corner. Well Hope my dear, that apparently only consists of you, Jen, Julie and Maggie. Will has just as many, if not more, people in his corner. Hope needs to stop being so righteous. It’s obvious what she truly thinks about Sami & Will. I think she’s always disliked Sami, and thought she was better than her. So naturally I’m not surprised she takes Rafe’s side over Sami, and now Nick’s over Will. Hope is being so two-faced since Bo left. And I can’t believe Nick has all of them so snowed. I can’t wait until they find out about his schemes against Will. Of course, I’m sure they’ll make excuses for him, saying his days in prison caused his bad behavior, which will be just more double standards by the holier than thou Horton’s.

    Tee – just wanted to tell you I was one of the biggest John & Isabella fans! I always thought they were meant for each other, and still think that. I’m ok w/ John & Marlena, but have never been a diehard fan of theirs, because of Isabella. I loved their love story, and hated when she died. I’ve always hoped they’d bring her back, not just for John, but for Brady, but I guess that will never happen.

  195. From jolie

    #162 Barb, it seems we are going down a path for a second gun of some sort. Eric gets shot by a junkie who could get a gun from anywhere but never legally thru a shop. Then you have the gun shop owner being cast. Two very different scenarios it seems. And the physical therapist…maybe it is Rafe who gets shot later on in the line of duty and he meets the mystery woman.
    #164 Tee, you may be right that Gabi has more to hide than we all know. The only reason I can see that she is not wanting the test now is that Nick is pulling the strings. As far as the arguments between Sami and Gabi, I just see them as the older/newer version of the same thing. Deceitful and it will come back to haunt them but will hurt everyone else in the path. And I don’t get all the debate on step-parenting. Rafe was good to the kids. Elvis was good to the kids. Lucas was good to the kids. Sami found them a nice place to do sleepovers. It is the writers who seem to spin it one way or the other.
    #165 Michelle, we have been told that the spoilers are true but it does seem like they are misleading at times and perhaps to the degree they are actually true. Best taken with a grain of salt.
    #170 Kat, what you are saying about Kristen is true but she is more fun as this nasty, crazy foxy nutjob. I don’t think the sweet, caring Kristen will be back. Nicole has done some terrible stuff but it always seems to land right back on her and makes her miserable in the end. That might make fans more able to forgive her.
    #172 Michelle, not a proud moment for Stefano. Makes me shiver to think Allie might move right back into the torture parlor.
    #174 Sandygram, now that is exactly how I see it. Sami has her tongue sharpened up special for Gabi it seems. It doesn’t make Gabi right but it doesn’t make Sami right either. It is feeding Nick’s fire. If this had all been talked out in a relatively calm manner things would certainly be different now but we don’t want to go back there.
    #175 Linda, once Fatha comes back, Elvis will be walking a fine line between what Sami wants and what Fatha wants of him. Bless his heart, would not want to be in his shoes.
    #177Kat, by the same token, what will Allie think when she finds out that stepdad held a gun to Mommie’s noggin to get Johnny? Or that Mommie tried to sell Auntie Belle on the baby black market? Is there really a difference? Folks have a hard time giving up all the bad stuff in the past for these people because there is so little else from any of them.
    And that Shandy..we call it lemon droop. Or at Halloween, make a punch out of it and call it Witchy Brew.
    #181 Mandi, I think it makes sense that Rafe could actually hear what Kate was saying because the emotion is out of it. Rafe will get over Sami but it will not be in a week. They were almost back together so he has hurt feelings. Just as Elvis did when Sami found out about Sydney. Elvis was totally on the outside and his feelings were hurt. It makes people do really dumb stuff. Well our citizens of Salem have long histories of dumb stuff so they don’t need much prodding.
    #184 DTBB, well there you have it. It will not be popular.
    #190 Barb, maybe there are 50 shades of Elvis. You have some work to do to sort it all out.

  196. From patty

    Here’s a reminder of what an outstsanding stepfather EJ was with big bad Rafe trying to calmly reason with him to let Johnny and Sydney see their sister Allie and brother Will.

    Another proof of what an exemplary father EJ is. EJ gets Sami to tell Johnny she doesn’t love him.

  197. From Barb

    From The SalemSpectator
    “Looks like somebody might be going to court on DAYS OF OUR LIVES this summer. The NBC soap is casting a character named Melinda Trask, who is a special prosecutor, described as tough, intelligent and confident. DAYS is seeking an experienced African American or Asian actress in the 35 to 50 year old range for the recurring role that will start taping in early March”.

    Mmmm, they wouldn’t need a “special prosecutor”, would they, for a custody case?!

  198. From Kat

    191,192, Barb,
    well let’s face it, Rafe is also very grey in his own way,
    he surely is Not White or Black…

    Same as EJ, He is grey in his own way.. LOL

    187 Maryl, you are right,
    EJ might have said the words to Rafe,
    but All of us knew, that He would never ever allow for Allie to get hurt by Stefano…LOL

    Barb, when making a Shandy/Radler Mass,
    when We use Lemonade, it is the Clear Kind, sort of like 7-Up,
    not what is lemonade here in the USA.

    Shandy is and English drink, and EJ likes it sometimes in the summer, as He said…

    188 gerri,
    Everything the writers put into SL’s, is for a reason,
    to make the Story interesting,
    Make viewers like and dis like,
    so Even with the whole laundry list about EJ, and let’s face it, Sami’s list is so much longer, she was at it long before EJ was even born…
    if in a soap they get back together, that’s what a soap is all about.
    There MUST BE A REASON, Why so many,many people hang in there, watching this
    “terrible” stuff for decades and decades LOL.
    Luke Raped Laura, Bill Raped Laura, … and they became the biggest Super Couples,
    and when those guys did “IT”, it was rough,
    with EJ and Sami, we saw not physical violence,, hold it now… I am not excusing it…

    I like the Brady and Kristin SL, what do “some” want,
    Brady finding the good girl, get married, live in a nice house, have kids…. and then it would say…The End…

    Not Me, I like all the intrigue that is going on right now, looking forward to what John has planned,
    maybe seeing lots of screen time between Marlena and Stefano, no speculations how this might go….
    just show them inter act together, two Icons…

    It would be nice, if there would be more acknowledgement that Stefano and John are indeed brothers, let them sort of form a relationship, could make for great scenes.
    Like to see some day, John honoring His Mother Colleen and Use the Name she gave him “Ryan” and maybe even become a DiMera in Name… Ryan DiMera, sounds nice..
    No running away from a Name, And a Name does Not make the Person. They are individuals, look at Nick, he is a “Horton”, so what went wrong with him….Bill was a “Horton” and he raped Mickey’s wife Laura, what went wrong with Him….Marie was a “Horton” and she killed her Boyfriend Tony, after she had an abortion… so what went wrong with Her…
    All this Name throwing Around is a bunch of Malarky(SL), they are all just another human being, name or not…IMO

    Shake things up a bit, I do not like lame/boring SL’s,
    that’s not why I watch a Soap. I like outlandish, LOL, unbelievable, characters like Nick plotting, making us wonder what he is up to in the end… how will he do it, etc.

    187 Maryl, good one Lady, so funny, so we don’t Think like others,
    that is what makes it great…. different minds, different thoughts, different Opinions…
    Does Not ever make one side better than the other… only different…LOL

  199. From patty

    Here’s the difference between who’s a good stepfather and who isn’t.

    Here’s another example of what a good father is not.

  200. From jolie

    #196 Barb, so we are going to court or at least we will see a nice big investigation. I don’t think you need a special prosecutor for custody. Maybe a kidnapping of someone that would involve death and some political ramifications, an execution type killing that involves organized crime, a court officer being killed, something large on the crime scale that will need a non-partisan investigation. So we’ll have a gun shop and a special prosecutor. Could the gun that shoots Eric be traced back to anyone (as in sold in a gun shop)? If so, then the junkie who shoots Eric will be more than an everyday junkie. Or will this involve something that went on in prison while Nick was there…crime that has spilled out into his outside world. That boy-genius may be the mastermind behind some outrageous crime that we are not privy to as yet. All sorts of possibilities here. So could this actress also being Abe back into the picture? He and Kayla seem to have cooled off since the holidays. Or Roman?

  201. From jolie

    #187 Maryl, I think Elvis does have to appease Stefano to keep him on an even keel but not sure really if he would have gone along with having Allie disappear for a while because I wouldn’t put anything past him as we have seen. We’ll hopefully never know. Elvis has had to walk a fine line to keep his sanity amongst the craziness that is his family…much like us all on a far less grandiose note. Sooner or later Elvis will have to make concessions again for what Fatha wants. He’ll have to lie to Sami to keep her out of the middle of it and things will unravel for him a bit and hard decisions will have to be made again due to their businesses. But maybe that will be a while down the road for their fans.

  202. From MAB

    According to spoilers from SOD, Eric does not get shot after all. Here’s the article:

    An armed robber comes into the church and tries to take money from Eric. Greg Vaughan explains that there is a lot of dialogue between the robber and Eric, as Eric tries to make the robber see the error of his ways. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work, and Nicole comes in just as things are getting dangerous. The robber tries to take Nicole’s jewelry. A fight ensues, Eric is unconscious and the robber takes off. While Eric is unconscious, Nicole is so worried about him that she tells him she loves him. When he wakes up, she wonders if he remembers…

  203. From Kat

    Did any of you jump out of your seat today…..
    Rafe lecturing Nick on Coming clean about your past… before going into a deep relationship/marriage…
    Rafe, rather than telling Sami about His Past, Ran away.. LOL
    and none of us know anything about his past yet…..Only that Emily died in a car crash.
    A big Thanks to the Writers for that scene, very much appreciated, now if only they will go back into Rafe’s Past…..

    If anybody ever should be called a POT, it was our Rafe today for sure..

    So more Bed scenes of Kate and Rafe,
    but you know what…
    I saw Chemistry today between those two.
    We’ll see where that one goes…
    the Old Snake must have something going for herself… hope Rafe enjoys it for, probably just what the Doctor prescribed to help him get over Sami…

    Nice talk today between Jenn and Nicole, seems like Nicole is really having a tough time with her feelings for Eric…

    Victor’s speech today about all the bad women in Salem, that are trying to become “good girls” again,
    well Victor “Kettle” aren’t you doing the same thing, trying to be/and stay a Good Boy.
    Seems Lucas’ Trademark” is Yelling and screaching,(SL) whatever,
    that is one of the Reasons I never could warm up to Lucas to much,
    his High Pitched Voice, talk more normal Lucas, it’s not very manly,.

    194 MAB, right on my money, everything you said, as always….

    199 jolie, Who knows what/or not EJ will do when Stefano comes back, I can wait and see.
    Doubt however very much, that Stefano will have the same control over EJ he once had…
    I think/hope, EJ has become much stronger, as we have seen so far,
    and he will be more and more able to handle Stefano. I believe hopefully, that EJ is more moving forward, than going back….
    but I am willing to give EJ a big chance,
    and that Sami will be by his side.
    As long as they stick together, they can battle and overcome anything, Love is a very strong and powerful tool to fight the “Evil”, meaning Stefano.
    Having said all that, I Do Like Stefano, he is my Main Man on this show, right there with EJ…

    Maybe a June Wedding for EJ and Sami would be nice, with all the trimmings, and like I said,
    do it in the Church in Ireland. Could be so Romantic,
    but the writers probably have already written “Their Script” and are not going to listen to Little Kat..

  204. From Michelle

    Ok… Lucas and Nicole’s scenes were weird. I was not there during the Fake Marriage storyline, but why does Lucas hate Nicole so much? How true were his feelings for her? is he mad because he looked like a fool? Sami and Chloe has made him look worse?
    And their argument… I never seen Nicole so childish… Lucas just brings that out of people. Such a whiner…. LOL
    I really hope it’s him that gets shot in the spring, so that woman give him a reason to stop whining. It’s getting too much.
    BTW what to you all think about Bryan’s tweet about calling off the dogs {telling his fans to stop campaigning for for Lucas scenes}? where do you think that’s gonna go?
    And just wondering… why on Twitter, do I only see Lumi fans and not Lucas fans? That’s a dying breed, after the last failed attempt, I don’t think I could ever see Lucas and Sami back together romantically, they are perfect as co-parents and friends.
    I won’t say best friends, because I believe that title belongs to your spouse and not another person of the opposite sex.

  205. From MAB

    #200 was supposed to say:

    A fight ensues, Eric is “knocked” unconscious and the robber takes off.

  206. From MAB

    Maybe things could’ve been handle in a calmer manner between Sami & Gabi if Gabi hadn’t lied to Sami. Sami did a lot for Gabi, and Gabi paid her back by lying about the baby, but more importantly Will. Sami saw thru Gabi, and her lies fueled Sami’s fire. After Chad let the cat out of the bad, if Gabi had talked to Sami in the bride’s room, instead of letting Rafe do all the talking, then maybe things would be different. If Gabi would’ve told Sami about what Will had done for her up to that point, what he was willing to sacrifice for her & the baby, etc., than maybe her & Sami would be ok now. She made it out like Will didn’t want the baby, and that he was the one who wanted the abortion when we all know that was her idea. And w/ Will’s rights stripped away, that meant Nick was gonna be the father. I don’t blame Sami for taking offense to that. Will’s decisions were being pushed on him all because he was trying to do the best thing for Gabi & the baby, while Nick controlled the situation, and Gabi let him.

    TPTB finally got it right w/ their 2 most popular characters, and according to what they’ve said, they’re going full steam ahead w/ EJami. So why all the assumptions about what “may” happen down the road for EJ & Sami? I’m sure their SL will have its ups & downs, like all soap opera couples, but there is no evidence to support EJ & Sami won’t last. No indication EJ will lie to Sami (or vice versa), or that Stefano or anyone else will be able to come between them. I think some underestimate EJ, especially now that he has what he’s always wanted, Sami. EJ isn’t about to lose her this time, and I think he will fight tooth & nail to keep them together (and I think she will do the same). I don’t doubt Stefano will come back and try to stir up trouble, but I can’t see EJ letting anyone screw things up for him & Sami this time. Things are the way they should be, and EJ finally has what he’s always wanted, a family w/ Sami & his kids, and I think finally Sami has what she’s always wanted too. So I can’t see EJ or Sami allowing anyone to come between them & their happiness, least of all Stefano.

  207. From Michelle

    Kat #200, I was so ready to give up on my idea that Eric does not get shot, but I have read spoilers from other sites that says explicitly so. But if by chance, they are misleading, I’d like to speculate that maybe the blood comes from the gash he incurred after the pistol whipping. it’s possible to be unconscious after getting shot, but it’s always very possible to go under when hit upside the head.
    I can’t believe I’m actually excited about Non-Ejami scenes. Hahaha

  208. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Seems we got some great discussions going as always.

    Eric may or may not be shot, the NBC website released spoiler pics looking like he is.
    Now the Gunshop thing is after all this.
    So next month I think is when someone visits a gunshop. A physical therapist is also cast to appear after that presumably to help whoever is shot.
    A special Prosecutor usually steps in when the regular one has a conflict with the case. I will also say it is usually to investigate things like say the Salem Police.Who are in direct connection with the real prosecutor.A special pros also is not Government affiliated at all.Based off that I would say it is Salem Police is going to be investigated.It is to investigate a Government office or officiate.

    Hope that helps you all spec at why the special prosecutor.

    Just wait till Nick messes with Ejs woman lmao He wont know what hit him and yes that is a little hint from me.We are gonna be seeing a little more of that grey EJ us fans of his like most likely and it wont be to harm his love or children.He is not gonna take threats on Sami and or her kids lightly.That is exactly what Nick does he is going after Will and will be threatning Sami as well.

    Sami is not even responsible for Gabi going to the hospital.I cant wait for that girls secrets to come out.

    Crazy Sami should not be with EJ because of their sordid past written by past writers, but Sami herself is ok to be w ith others after she Raped Austin, drugged him,Kidnapped her own sister and sold her on the black market.Lets not forget her days as Stan.She has shot someone and oh the big omg was when she was indirectly responsible for Arianas death Rafes own sister.Does anyone forget she called Rafe and Will and told them she was gonna tell EJ the truth the chased her down and she was hit by a car.So yea Tell me how she is ok to do all those things and its ok if she is with Rafe, or Lucas.But not EJ?Sami is mor elike EJ then many will admit.Perhaps Some see it as the both committed the same crime therefore belong together.Either way it was years ago by a different set of writers and it has been addressed on the show.I am not concerned what either did in their past.They know and have talked about it and moved on and so have I.Neither acts like they are innocent either.
    It is a double standard to use EJ’s “rape” and say he should not be with her when she herself did it to Austin. I guess many dont want to hear it is not even being called that anymoren.We will all never agree on it anyway but for me it was years ago and a different writer one who explored the out of the box things like Marlena being possessed, so going from that are we too think She is the Devil and keep all kids and what not from her. I mean we are judging from her past right just like EJ?Being possesed by the devil is serious.I try to look at each character with a open mind, I am not a big Marlena fan, but I would never say she was possesed by the devil keep all kids from her, an dyaday yada yada because dang that was years ago, and she is a different person now.Just like EJ and Sami are not the same people.Neither are exactly going around raping anyone or whatever anyone calls it.
    Wonder if Caroline ever found out her second choice love Shawn kidnapped Bo her son with the love of her life Victor and had him beaten, just so he could keep the secret of the Dimera/Brady vendetta sexcret.Or wow what about When so called Saint Marlena who treated Brady like he was dirt beneath her because she was Johns child with his love Isabella?She did not care about her kids just John then and her child with him.Hence why They were in Boarding school.Atleast
    we see Samis kids rather we hear of them at sleepovers or not.It has nothing to do with Sami being a good mother it has to do with set limits for kids.Dang we have not seen Ciara in a while Kaylas son has been upstairs playing with tiys all last 2 years except for Christmas.That is why some people say the hate for Sami is overboard.It goes from calling hr a bad mother due to set regulations on children, even though we see her kids more then any on Days,to blaming her for cray cray Nick who has always planned to keep Will and his family from this child, now people think it will be Samis fault? I am confused what part of Nick is crazy did some miss, what part of Nick never intended for him to have his child did osme miss What part of Gabi is a grown adult and she also thought it was ok to push Will from the babys life and used he may lose Sonny to do it did some miss?Does anyone really think their motives changed no it just means now that people know it is harder.I am sorry When I seen Gabi push Will along with Nick to give up cusotdy to Nick, even after the guy who is in love with a man and Happily Gay offered to marry her, giving up his love Sonny, offered to drop out of School get as many jobs as it took, I cannot sympathize with Gabi.She knew Will was willing to do whatever it took to raise his child and give it a good life, and she tried pushing him out and just because people know Will is the father now it dont change she wants Nick as the father. I am sorry it just don’t.
    So blaming Sami for this is not happening with me, she is on her sons side and rightfully he needs it he trusts his good friend Gabi and Nick, and we all know that is his fault right now, and if not for Sami he would have done lost his rights.Gabi had no problem arguing with Sonny she did not double over in pain.Sami is not responsible for her trip to the hospital either all will see, well the ones who look outside the box will.Perhaps the o nes who blame Sami for everything wont.She just may get blamed for Global warming soon lol

    Jolie lots of good points in #195 I may not agree with them all but still good points and s ome I do agree with.
    I agree the emotion is out of it for Rafe with Kate and allows him to see things differently because of that.He is mad and hurt.I think he also knows EJ is right.He also knows he never knew the real Sami and that Sami prefered EJ.He has said it many times lately he fell in love with a woman that dont exist.That pretty much puts into words what many EJAMIS have said Sami was not herself while with Rafe, while many people enjoyed that Sami longtime fans of hers thought she was not herself.Like myelf.Many who dont like EJ claim he is not being hisself, but in fact the one thing he always wanted all these years was Samantha and a family.It is always being talked about with him by Stefano, by Kristen even Kate all know EJ’S dreams were always a family of his own to love and be happy with.It was always what will EJ do to get that that makes him grey and when he di dnot have that he was a Dimera Soldier being pushed molded and prodded by his father.He still always maintained through it all his goals.Samis are the same.Both gre up with a parent or lack of parent who gave them traditional love.Marlena shipped her kids off to boarding school, anf they believed she chose John over them and her child with John.EJ grew up being molded to be his fathers evil heir, and not really ever knowing if his fatha even loved him something he shared with Stefano, he said all he wanted was his fathas love, he lost everything trying to get it, Sami only wanted Marlenas love, and lost much trying to get it.They are more similar then people think.Looking at EJ’s situation he was raised by a mad man.Sami was not.Lexie came out ok, and look at John hes a Dimera so no not all Dimeras are evil to the core,EJ dont have to be was always shown EJ defied his fatha for anything Samantha related meaning he chose her and his kids above his fathas love time and time again.I believe Sami did love Rafe, but she always had to have EJ in her life just As Ali said in the recent video her and James did.Rather they be hurting or loving each other they could never leave each other alone.It was I hate you because I love you thing,Sami hating him because he was a Dimera and meaning her mother would once again push her away as would her family, and she secretly wants their love she always has.EJ frustrated that she does this and wanting his fathers love, and cant believe he would risk it all for her and still love her and justify every thing she has done to him by saying he deserved it.It was destined they would one day come together.Sure Rafe was great and all but he will never be her number 1 and he has realized it.Nor did he really know Sami he said it many times.I am glad they acknowledged what many fans have been saying.In one day they made it clear that Sami was choosing Rafe before because he was what her family wanted for her, they also shot down Nicole and Taylor by saying she was the only woman he ever trueely loved.umi at this point was already shot down since she chose EJ over him.Both made their declarations and truths. Rafe said he never knew the real Sami, and fell in love with a woman that never existed that shot down Safe fans.Their relationship was fictitious, with Rafe loving a woman who was trying to be what others wanted her to be but something she was not. I have never seen Days shoot down so much in one scene, but they did and that shows alot it shows they are investing in them for the l ong run.How do you go back from that?How do you?What do you make Sami be something she is not?It has been said she was not herself with Rafe and he admitted he loved someone who did not exist and she admitted it was all for her family?You dont they put it out there.I am looking forward to seeing where Rafe is heading, I will say it will not be with Hope anytime soon. I have recently heard that from someone very reliable.Now down the line IDK.
    Sorry for the long opinion all.Thanks for reading it

  209. From Michelle

    Sorry, I meant MAB

  210. From Tee

    Brian Datillo has been making it clear form my understanding Lumi are over for good.I am gonna assume that is what calling off the dogs are there have been some pretty mean things from Lumi and even Safe fans being said about EJAMI and I assume it is his way of saying show some respect.Of course these fans use their twitter pages to disrespect, and even disrespect Alison as a actress.I would never disrespect any of the actors/actresses like that.For example Alison had a chat with us EJAMIs her and James and she posted a pic for us and fans went crazy disrespecting her it was uncalled for.If you dont like the storyline there is no reason to disrespect her or any actor for that matter imo.

    I dont know if Eric gets shot but this is not related to the gunshop stuff that will come in another month or so.Nor is it related to the therapist.

    I have a post I just posted waiting to see if it goes through that explains that more.

    Mab #204 I think TPTB made it clear when they shot down the other pairings with things like.Sami saying Rafe was because it was what her family wanted and she wanted to please them.EJ shooting down ever loving another woman like her and saying it has always been her.Rafe saying he never knew the real Sami and he was in love with a woman that dont exist.Datillo has been quoted as saying(I did not see going by what others said)Lumi are over for good.They pretty much shot down all tose pairings of EJAMi.How do you go back to Safe if Sami said she was with him because it was what her family wanted not her, Rafe said he was in love with a woman who nevr existed,something we knew all along, we knew she was not herself with Rafe she was trying to be what others wanted her to be.How can you?You cant unless you have Rafe being with somene he dont know,Sami being something she is not.EJ deciding to chose somene he never loved over a woman he does.
    They made it clear EJAMI is the long run.Like Jarlena was and bope was etc.
    EJ always chose her over his fatha and Stefano would get mad because no matter what she did he blamed hisself for her actions. Stefano may try to cause problems but it has always been clear EJ wanted Samantha and a family over his fatha.

    To all the Isabella fans thanks for sharing I loved that story and glad to see there were others like me who did

  211. From Kat

    Well Michelle and MAB,
    spoilers again, playing it tricky…
    it does say above…Eric held at gunpoint… Eric seriously wounded, and we have seen a picture of him… laying in blood,,,
    so I guess some of us assumed, he got shot.
    I guess the Grave Danger, meant.. held at gunpoint…LOL,
    Should teach All of Us… don’t assume to much about what the spoilers are saying, as I said… They are very Tricky…
    Michelle, I like your thoughts and your posts very much.
    Are you the same Michelle, that I talked to back then, about Your daughter,
    If you are, hope she is happy and well.

  212. From Barb

    Ooo, la-la Rafe and Kate enjoyed big time sex again today! They really are good together! But this is the 3rd time, now, and I don’t really want them to become an “item”. Or maybe I do and I just don’t know it yet! lol
    I agree with Rafe saying Nick should come completely clean with Gabi about his past before they marry. Rafe’s past?, I don’t care, but if I was marrying someone who I knew had been in prison, like Nick, I would want to know a whole heck of a LOT!!
    Lucas and Nicole were sure worked up over each other. Eric didn’t know what to make of it and I guess I didn’t, either! Jen “sometimes you have to do the right thing” hit a huge nerve with Nicole. But now what is Jen going to do now that Chloe got exactly what she wanted and is moving in with Daniel? Or will Maggie talk Victor into inviting Chloe back?!
    Kristen is definitely not so sure anymore of the direction she’s going in with Brady.

    jolie number 198 no not for custody so there must be another big time crime issue on the horizon. Could be the prison connection with Nick and any of the things you mentioned. Or if Nick tries to hurt Will, or Will going to court over actually being the one who shot EJ? A gun store owner, special prosecutor, and a physical therapist all appearing on the scene at relatively the same time must add up to an interesting s/l.

  213. From MAB

    Michelle – I assume you meant me in your 205 post.

    Anyway, SOD specifically says Eric is knocked out, and doesn’t refer to in any way that he gets shot. SOD is the most reliable source when it comes to spoilers. They are the only ones I don’t think are misleading.

  214. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    From the guide I am going to summarize it The week of The 25th
    Nick demands will give up his rights
    Sami will Confront Nick about his prison record he stays firm..

    Nicole decides to just leave town
    Sonny and Will reunite.
    Nick threatens Sami.
    Bristen discuss thruthfully Kristens time away from Salem.
    Gabi picks a special name for her baby.
    Abi and Chloe battle it out.Chloe comes up with another plan.
    Eric contacts Abe about a new project.

    Those above are in no order and it comes form the guide on what comes on day to day but I just summarized it for the week.

    Spoilers have not been giving away stuff on purpose.So I hear.

    Seems things are about to get sticky now that Nick will be demanding Will give up the baby, and threatening Sami.
    Abigail of course is still in this But I am a virgin storyline.Maybe her story with Chloe will be bteer.

    Wilson together again squee Love it.
    Mab Kat Michelle some great posts

  215. From patty

    Here’s a good example of who is the best stepfather to those kids.

  216. From patty

    Here’s a good example of how not to be a good parent to your kids.

  217. From Kat

    210 Barb,

    How come Rafe never did come clean with Sami about His Past,
    we are all still waiting for that to be revealed….

    Chloe is moving in, but only with Parker, Not Daniel, .. Daniel is going to a Hotel… heard him make the reservation.
    See Barb, how easy it is to be mis -leading,
    reading your thoughts, one would/could assume, that Chloe and Dr. Dan are Moved In With Each Other… Not…

    Same with some spoilers, it’s all in the words used.

  218. From Barb

    For a woman who was not herself, and a man who married a woman that didn’t really exist, Sami and Rafe sure made their love believable for me! Loved it and how it unfolded. As I have said before, I liked Sami a lot better back then. My feelings about her character vary accoring to her storylines. I have never hated her. I am completely UN-fond of her right now!

  219. From Maryl

    Kat, I agree–a wedding in Ireland for EJ and Sami would be perfect! Especially if they would have Colleen’s and Santos’s ghost watching in the background. Wow!

    I have been wondering if EJ will take Sami to Paris to propose. Paris was special to Lexie and EJ is changing a lot because of her influence on him. He may want to commit to Sami there in Lexie’s honor. Lexie always told EJ that if Sami and him would ever quit fighting they would discover the love that is there between them. Finally this has happened!

    I think Lexie made EJ take a good look at himself and he didn’t like what he saw–she never gave up on EJ because she saw the good in him.
    Sami is also able to see the good in EJ, but because no one else in her family can, she had been intimidated into denying her feelings for him. We know, of course, all the problems that were caused by this denial and the forbidden love that she felt she had to keep hidden. Thank goodness she has finally started thinking clearly and is choosing to follow her heart.

    Not sure that EJ will do Stefano’s bidding like he did in the past. A number of viewers who dislike EJ, are lined up to say he will revert to his old ways. But I’m wondering if Stefano just may give EJ his space like he did Tony and Lexie. Stefano almost destroyed his relationship with EJ when he thought EJ wasn’t his son, so he may walk more carefully around EJ in order to not alienate him further. Maybe Stefano will mellow enough if he sees that EJ and Sami are really happy and good with each other and most important thing of all to him, would be to see his grandchildren secure and happy in a stable home.


  220. From gerri

    Victor made the show great today!

    Nicole was very teary-eyed,while talking to Jenn,so hoping for a good relationship for her.

    Was hoping that Rafe and Kate,was a one nighter,only.and they would be a team just to get the goods on Nick.
    Chloe Is one crazy girl,makes the show interesting,but don’t like her character now,but Victor did get a few jabs at her,which was exactly,what she wanted..

    Brady and Daniel need to start a “”"Dumb and Dumber Club”"”
    it looks like maybe Rafe could become a member Ist,with others to follow.

  221. From jolie

    #206 Tee, Rafe may well know now or will finally know that the real Sami eluded him. And that Elvis was her destiny. I am glad that Rafe will move on. I like him but he was getting his heart beat up with Sami. I like he and Kate as friends but don’t you know we better all walk on egg shells…how long can that last? But it is good to have someone to help you see what is there and many don’t without help. I hope Elvis makes a more likable Sami. I thought she was always very selfish and really it didn’t change for me. She was still selfish. If Elvis can handle it and not loose himself…good for the writers. They will have done their job. Anyway good for their fans.
    #210 Barb, Rafe and Kate are quite the twosome! Nick could probably talk all night and Gabi would still be in the dark. He is devious. I had hopes for that klutzy and smart guy back to take the stories back into the boardroom so all of them could have more sex on their desks but looks like Nick has taken a different route. Barb! Oh crap, Will shooting Elvis…you are one savvy cookie my dear. Nice big crime, Salem Po-Po all involved family-wise. This bodes ill for young Will. Reckon he’ll lose custody chances over this one or likely can.
    The spoilers are just teasers and should make you think and want to see what happens. I think it is good when they don’t give too much away. Then we can speculate and come up with all manner of theories.

  222. From Cougar

    Rafe & Kate get a little afternoon delight! Who’s got your granny now!?

    Two things that Rafe keeps say about Nick being GAbbi’s greatest liability don’t ring true. One: actualy, GAbbi’s greatest liability is Gabbi herself if the whole truth comes about about her prior actions. Two: as much as I hate to say it, when people go to jail even for murder, and then are set free they have paid thier debt to society in the eyes of the law. Some time ago we had a local person strangle his wife infront of his two children a 3 year old and 7 year old. When he was released from jail he petitioned the courts to get custody of the kids from their aunte and won. I don’t agree with it but it is the law and it is what happens. Having seen that happen, I dont really see a jail record as an empediment to Gabbi or Nick. As a law officer Rafe should know the law a little better than that.

  223. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    RE my post #184. I adlibbed the daily update archive. I wasn’t stating an opinion. Somebody asked was EJ involved? My opinion about the character is irrelevant to the topic.

    My opinion has always been that EJ was written for me to dislike. A bad ass and a criminal. What’s so wrong with that? It’s scripted that way.

    As soon as he gives his Uncle John his kidney, and funds back and apologizes to Rafe for doppleganging him and to Lucas for compromising Sami’s virtue in order to save him, or locking him in a freezer truck, and to Sydney for kidnapping her, or to Nicole for setting in motion the murder of her mother, or to Ariannah for setting into motion the drug convict that killed her, we can’t really talk forgiveness. 12-step program for Eeeeeej. Oh, but YAY he loves his children and Sami. Eyroll.

  224. From Leah

    The biological father and dad have a completely different and separate role to that of a man who steps up and into a father figure role occasionally. As Dr Phil often says the most influential parent of a child is the one of the same sex… hence that be EJ. Dr Phil also says that a step parent should leave the decision making and discipline etc etc to the parents of that child. A step parents role is to support their partner of the child not to interfere with the parenting or parents role in that childs life. A step parents role is to be the step parent not the parent. Over and over again you see trouble and problems when the adults don’t define these boundaries and lines. I think Rafe may have benefitted from a little visit to the Dr Phil show… ha, ha!
    Rafe HAD his role in little Johnnies life but Johnnie is fully aware who HIS DAD is. Johnnies response would be his dad is EJ not Rafe. And that is what Johnnie calls him “Rafe.”
    In my opinion this topic is like crying over spilt milk. Its irrelevant as the characters and storylines are moving on. Why agrue and disagree over what is invalid and in the past?

  225. From Leah

    Personally I think its a shame Lexie is not around to see EJ and Sami together. As EJ said to Sami at her funeral… Lexie stated “If you and Sami could actually manage to stop fighting for a minute, you two might make each other the happiest you have ever been.”
    Lexie knew her brother well. She knew of his undeniable, unquenchable love for Sami. Lexie had witnessed Ejamis games for years and she was a smart woman. She knew the score. Lexie believed her brother would have that love and the family he so longed for. Lexie would be thrilled and I’m sure is smiling down from heaven thinking “I told you so little brother.”

  226. From Maryl

    Leah–read my blog 217 and you will see we are on the same page regarding the relationship with Lexie and EJ. I so agree with what you said! I think Lexie was always a good influence on EJ.

    DTBB–although EJ was scripted as you say to be a bad guy and for you to dislike him, no one character’s personality on these soaps is written in stone–his character can change quickly depending on what the writers want to happen with him. It may be that EJ’s character is long overdue a script change in order to create a new sl for him as a man, who for the sake of love, turned himself around. This happens with others who have just as bad a history as EJ and most of them weren’t even groomed by Stefano DiMera.

  227. From Michelle

    Tee 208 – That sounds better, although I am not much of a Lucas fan, {i do love his relationship with Will}, I don’t want BD to be fired, because I heard how bad his life was, working Construction, before he came back to Salem. I tried looking up the transcript of Jamison’s conversation with FL and came across a thread and I saw a lot of hateful comments about AS from her supposed fans, so i can see BD “calling off the dogs” in that respect.
    While looking through BD’s twitter feed, I can’t help but feel like there’s a divide over at the set. Like it’s BD, AZ, GG against AS and JS. That’s just by looking at BD’s conversation. {I was extra nosey today}
    Kat 209 – I am not that Michelle, but thanks, It’s so fun writing these blogs, sometimes I try to stay away, but I can’t help myself.
    Barb 210 – I was getting to know a cop friend of mine who worked for Chicago and ATL, if we ever gotten serious, asking him about his experiences on the job was at the top of my to do list. I like to know what the people I care for go through, to avoid doing something that upsets them or to understand their actions a little better. It would have been nice if Rafe was a little forthcoming during that 4 year stint.
    MAB 211 – Even if I have pie on my face afterwards, I will stick to Eric not getting shot. It’s too extreme a plot point for the Ericole story.
    Tee – I cannot wait to see EJ defending his loved ones, how stupid can Nick be? And I really don’t get the logic of some of these Salemites. Oh Dimeras are dangerous, stay away from, oh let’s try to mess with a Dimera..they can’t do anything to us…. Which one is it?? No one should be surprised or appalled at whatever EJ does to Nick because he was asking for it.
    It’s so easy to fall in love with the idea of falling in love, and that’s how I see Rafe and Sami’s relationship. She loved the idea of being with a man her family approved of, and sure Rafe has some good qualities, but regardless of her feelings for Rafe, whenever EJ was near, she could not ignore him.

    I gushed on facebook about EJ and Sami going to Ireland for their wedding to pay respect to the love story that preceded them, and then going to Italy for their honeymoon, for no other reason then to enjoy that great country of romance.

    Stefano definitely does not have the same control over EJ anymore. After being pushed away by him and downright disowning him, EJ finally saw that his striving for Stefano’s love was ruining him. It didn’t give him what he desired most, a family and his great love, something that his sister was able to obtain because she set boundaries on Stefano.
    And I think this time around Sami will not be such a pain in the A$$ for Stefano either, there will be banter as there should be, but no heavy conflict.
    EJ is finally making love to the woman of his dreams on a daily basis, I don’t think he plans to mess that up.
    Victor was hilarious today. Hated again that Chloe used her child in her schemes. But if that’s the only thing she has going for her, I guess she has no choice….not. She looks so desperate right now, I don’t know what to think of her.
    And Nicole has done this too, but I absolutely hate when they so easily throw the men they used to love {and are still friends with} under the bus. The line about Phillip lacking character, Brady being weak? Did she have to go that far? {Nicole in order to save her own butt told EJ that Brady went back to drugs, as a sister of a drug addict, even joking about something like that is just wrong, all they need is one little trigger and all hell can break loose}

    Seeing Kate and Rafe in bed still makes me queasy but I do like them outside of the bedroom.

  228. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    #224 Maryl, I agree 100% with your assessment. EJ went from bad to boring in less time than it takes me to type this. Bad move on the part of Days. I prefer him totally black hearted. Not a sap in love.

    I’m not much into caring about these storylines. I don’t care for the priest storyline, nor the child custody or the EJami borefest, or the 1970′s virginity storyline. What’s left? Dan and his psycho women? Bristin? WilSon? I should say I think the writing is better, even if I don’t like the s/l’s.

  229. From patty

    Michelle, actually seeing Rafe and Kate in bed doesn’t make me half as queasy as EJ and Sami having sex on top of her desk.
    Leah, if you want to quote Dr Phil, he always says that the best way to predict future behavior is to look at past behavior, so yes in this case the past is relevant even though some would like to have it erased. Why is Rafe’s past so relevant that everybody wants it brought up? It’s not like he’s some dangerous psychopath who needs to be exposed. Why is Santo and Coleen history so important when they’ve been dead and buried for over a century? What has Bill raping Laura in 1945 have to do with EJ forcing Sami to have sex to save Lucas’ life? If EJ’s past is invalid why is everybody elses relevant and brought up all the time?
    I don’t see why Rafe would benefit from Dr Phil about parenting since he was the best father to his stepchildren that they ever had. Sami herself has said so plenty of times and her children still love him for it. Besides, he’s not the one mothers feel the need to keep their children from because of past deeds.

  230. From gaelyn thomson

    when it comes to her kids samie has every right to protact them you don’t mess with samie

  231. From Michelle

    Patty, I loved EJAMI lovefest. It was better than I could imagine.
    It’s ok to look at the past to dictate what will happen in the future and in doing so, you should look at the circumstances around the deed. When EJ isn’t reacting to an action against him, he’s not plotting. The whole thing about Dimeras is they love to get revenge, so much so, that’s what the show kept highlighting when EJ and Kristen gave little bro advice. It was centered around Revenge…and revenge is a reactionary act. So EJ must feel wronged to take action. And this time, EJ does not, and he has not been wronged by Samantha, so I think their future looks good. And considering the fact that he had every right to exact revenge on Nicole and her two lovers, he chose not to. that says a lot about the growth in his character.
    So yes, EJ’s past and everyone’s else past is relevant, but you have to look at it fully without poking holes.
    Just like Rafe felt justified for his actions against EJ, so does EJ and now EJ does not see the need to wreak havoc on anyone’s life as his life is going swimmingly.
    And most of the people who mentioned wanting to know more about Rafe’s past has already explained their reasoning…it’s for good storyline.

    Gaelyn – I totally agree, Sami has every right and she shouldn’t be crucified for it. People are calling her the mini Kate, but I don’t anything that she has done yet to warrant that nickname.

  232. From gerri

    I agree one’s past,does have implications on your present and future…..can’t change that.
    my question has always been,if EJ,
    wanted to be a better person,all It took,was for him,to say no,I won’t be a part of all this evil,but he played a big part In all of It,and got great pleasure,from It,esp laughing at Rafe when he was being held prisoner,all the while having Fake Rafe,In the middle of his children’s lives,and making out,with “”The Love Of his Life”"..

    If Roles were switched,and Rafe was the bad guy,and EJ the good one,my feelings would be get the bad guy,and make him pay for destroying all these lives.

    Why did Sami,put a bullet,In EJ’s head?She wasn’t going to let him leave the country,with her kids.
    where has that Sami gone???
    Was this the love and trust,she has now found?
    umm so many questions,so few answers..

  233. From Barb

    Kat #215 Sorry if my wording misled you or anyone else, sayng WITH Daniel instead of AT Daniel’s. I wrote the post about today’s show so I guess it was obvious to everyone who watched that Dan is getting a room. Guess Jen is still not going to be happy.
    patty number 227 I like that post and would ask the same questions you did.
    Also Dyeing to be Blonde number 221,your second paragraph, love and agree with it. Seems like some people give EJ so much credit for so little, whereas they relentlessly pick apart other characters.

    Why is it being brought up again that Johnny knows who his dad is and loves him? I don’t think anyone has ever questioned that. But Johnny also loves Rafe. And that’s because Rafe was such a terrific step-father!

  234. From patty

    Michelle, Sami’s lovefests are not really something I envision in my head, to me it’s just Sami having sex. She’s no better with one guy than the next. She just looks like she can’t get enough of it no matter who she’s with. She couldn’t get enough of it as a married woman with Rafe either but that relationship was said to be just about the sex on here. Looks like that’s all it is with EJ too. That and already looking to get hitched after two weeks,which is another Sami tradition. What will this be, her 6th or 7th time? You would think she’d get a clue.

  235. From Kat

    221 DTBB, are you sure you did not forget a few things in your Laundry List about EJ.

    I enjoy bringing up all Bad Past Deeds by Others, as long as EJ’s bad deeds are brought up over and over again..
    Just trying to be Fair, got to recognize all characters that have done bad things in Salem,
    otherwise EJ might feel He is the only Bad boy/girl and That Just would Not be Right…
    Don’t want to give Other “Bad People” a complex, by Only EJ always getting All the Glory, and I am LOL, really..

    231 Barb, no big problem…. all in the game of being a poster on here.

    And to patty,
    Colleen just died a few years ago,
    Santos, who knows could still be alive,
    so let’s forget the century remark,
    and Bill Horton, from what I hear will be coming to town…
    and yes, like I said before, Names mean nothing,
    and the Horton name is not such a clean name …
    so IMO it matters, it matters to the over all SL’s on here.
    All we ever hear, oh of course, He is a DiMera, so what, so many on here that have done bad stuff are Horton’s, like the “beloved” Horton.. Nick…..
    And the Brady’s also have a lot of dirt on their sticks, like mentioned, Shawn having Bo mistreated and hurt…..
    I think a deep breath would help,
    they are all very highly flawed people there in Salem, they just take turns being the Top Baddie…

    and yes, When Rafe got all indignant about Nick not talking to Gaby about his past,
    why is He.. Rafe.. so secretive about his own Past…

    Let’s not have to many double standards now.
    EJ has been called Pond scum and worse, and how could Sami be with him, well now Sami is hated too,

    But Rafe being with Super Scum Kate, no problem, wow.

    I would like to see Kate back with Stefano,
    but I have to admit, I am starting to enjoy Rafe and Kate in Bed together, Lusting around, no love, not yet,,
    but EJ and Sami on the desk, now that was done well, before and after, we did not see the in between, good,
    we saw love and romance, before and after glow…
    not the deed… well done writers.

  236. From Maryl

    #226 BTBB- Your assessment of EJ is not the same as mine. So not sure where your 100% agreement comes in to play? My assessment of EJ is not boredom and it never will be, however, I know just how you feel about the “boredom” you are experiencing watching EJ and Sami because for about the last three years all of us who love EJ and Sami being together had to watch the “Safe boredom” being played out on the screen. Rafe trying to fill EJ’s shoes as Sami’s lover and a father figure to EJ’s kids was misery to watch and it was a total failure. Thank goodness the writers finally saw what needed to be done and had the courage to do it. If EJ bores a viewer and the viewer is into Rafe, why not simply fastforward or flip the channel for a few minutes. I did that a lot when Safe was a couple. Still do it when I have no interest in a certain sl.

    I would think a Rafe fan should be able to latch on to Rafe in a new and exciting sl such as he has been having this past week — shacking up with Kate as a “for instance”. Who knows just where all that will lead! That should definitely replace some boredom on the show for those who are experiencing it.

  237. From Dyeing to be blonde

    Yeah, Kat, I left off the black glove crimes and Stephanie in the morgue by EJ’s minion, the tracking bracelet on Nicole. Etc. Etc. Etc. That’s my point. He’s written that way. I, for one, hope he reverts to form when Stefano returns. This smoochie, blah, blah, domestic, lipstick, nail polish crap is a waste of talent and my time.

    But, I gotta ask Michelle, you said EJ had to be wronged and seeking revenge to take action. Re-read my laundry list..what was his revenge in the black glove crimes, John’s kidney and stolen funds, the doppleganging, and the rape of Sami, or the drug ring? To suggest that he needs revenge, suggests he’s been victimized. Maybe the hidden pregnancies, but the rest of his crimes, he was the self-serving protagonist…certainly not a revenge seeking victim. Or did I miss something? Good talking to everybody. Tired of being sick..

  238. From Leah

    True Patty but Dr Phil does believe in never giving up on people as well. Dr Phil also believes people can change! You only had to watch him with the Dr Phil family to see that. And GOOD ON HIM I say. Here, here!
    My point is and was… it was a huge, MAJOR mistake Rafe made getting all caught up in trying to isolate and separate a child from its father. And the thing most disappointing about it is he didn’t learn a thing from it. Why? Because as you say Patty he repeated the exact same behaviour wtih Nicole when she was pregnant with EJs child. So as for the better parent? Well Rafe isn’t one so doesn’t even qualify to come in under that category. He was a step in, step up into, supporter/spouse of Samis. Thats it.

  239. From Leah

    #229 Michelle… good point! :)

  240. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    My 100% agreement, Maryl, was your statement that personalities are not written in stone and can change on soaps.

    I don’t consider myself a Safe fan or Rafe fan, altho I do like Galen immensely from his Passions days. I also like James. That’s my point. You’re looking for a “love story” and I’m looking for a bad guy. So, it’s not a Safe vs. Ejami for me. Both are apparently equally boring. But if there was a Safe story, EJ would be free to wreak havoc. Your ‘love story’ has him admiring nail polish. You’re getting what you asked for, to the detriment of the show. I’m not getting what I asked for…a reason to watch. At least, Safe was up to their necks in storyline. There’s nothing going on in the Ejami storyline.

    A couple of facts that have nothing to do with soapworld.
    Paternity is used to assign child support. It’s number one on the hit parade in IL. So, while it’s being used to further a plot, it’s still a correct methodology. Will might be unhappy when the judge hands Gabi a blank check for 18 years.

    Grandparents have no say between feuding parties (or parties in agreement) to custody if the parties are of age. All this squacking between Ejami and KaFe is irrelevant. If I have to shut up, I wish they would, too. Just sayin’.

    One last thing before I take my sick butt to bed, I hope they don’t do a back story on Rafe. Sounds boring with new characters. I hate that. I like the current cast. Utilize them.

  241. From Leah

    A thought for the day….
    We have all heard through spoilers that Nicole is going to be involved in her own triangle this year. I’m wondering, just wondering if its going to be Lucas/Nicole and Eric. It just seems strange out of nowhere Lucas and Nicoles paths are suddenly interacting. What do you think? Would seem ironic to me if this is where the powers to be go with this as Nicole left Eric and married Lucas for money many moons ago. It could get all rather interesting.

  242. From Clear

    What if we found out Emily didn’t die, had Gabi, but is comatose for years–all Rafe’s fault. Hence the crazy Meredith. Emily could wake up and have all kinds of connections to current stars.

    I still don’t understand what that account Alice had paid for–keeping those eggs of Mags? How much money? What about Stefano and the coin? What happened with that?

  243. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Is Lucas going to the attic to get Allie and Bo, and Celeste? LOL.

  244. From SandyGram

    Episode Monday February 18th:
    Now the writers have gone and done it, enough ammunition for the fans to talk about for a month. Starting with the Rafster, the minute he said “You’re talking about starting a marriage, a family … how do you expect to do that if you haven’t been honest with your fiancee about your past”. We can only hope this is the first step in Rafe’s own past being addressed. Bite my tongue, but I really enjoyed Kate and Rafe’s camaraderie and their approach with Nick. Looks like Nick is going to have Office hours like Sami, when he feels like going into the office. I’m still pondering what I think about Rafe and Kate’s tryst, I have to squint to watch it! If she ever thought about getting Stefano back…this may seal her fate. Wonder if she will give up the DiMera name?

    Nicole is in a world of hurt….it looks like this is the build up to her possibly leaving Salem as the Spoiler has indicated. I would venture to say that spoiler is a tease. Could it be with the argument between her and Lucas today do we have some more anger sex to look forward to. I’m trying to remember what really went on between the two of them other than she took the $5 million from Kate to marry him. Lucas seems to have so much pent up anger toward her.

    Maggie is going to have to get over Chloe leaving the KMansion with Parker, she is never going to return. Doubtful she will ever be invite to Thanksgiving Dinner. Victor was so funny and a little dense today, even I could tell Chloe was laying it on a little heavy just to get booted out.

    Then there’s Jenn…..Knock, Knock, Knock…guess who’s…well we know where this is going.

  245. From Tee

    hey all!!

    Michelle The Jamison chat transcript is unavailable.There is no transcript allowed.It was a great chat and long. Are you a member of FL?

    Lucas married Nicole to gain custody of Will, that was around the time he kidnapped will from sami, she went crazy thinking he was dead and looked for him like crazy.

    I am not really sure where Rafe fans are getting defensive because people want to know more about the guy.We know so much about all the families in Salem and not much on the Hernandez family.I think many of us have said we are interested in emily and what all went down, if anything it will give him more story and backstory.It is still ironic people live in the past and cant get past that.EJ has been a different man for quite a while but all some want to talk about is what he did years ago.I know I can say I have made mistakes in my past I am sure we all have to to say we are what we are in our past is wrong. i know many who are nothing like what they were years ago. Example my High School reunion I could not believe how noone was really the same we all changed so much.It is what it is.Noone is denying EJ did bad things nor are we denying most in Salem has. I could make a list of those who commited murder alone.lucas has committed Murder for example. Mnay have blackmailed, schemed, kidnapped, raped on and on.Even the so called good guys.Jack raped Kayla for example, yes you have Luke and Laura who became a huge supercouple, I remember when Marlena chloroformed and chained Kristen in the curch and set it on fire possesed or not she did it. I believe that was before Kristen went bad even.She has drugged and shot a few people herself.I think even Caroline was gonna shoot Victor once.Theres Bo the River Front raider, Hope addicted to sleeping Pills committing crimes.I believed Victor even Had sorta made some type of deal with Kimberly Brady to get her to sleep with him as well. It was to save Shanes life. I cant count the many people Kate tried to kill and even the ones she poisoned Brandons Wife Angela ring a bellI remember when Roman wanted to impress Marlena so he beat up Brady.See these are things I remember but it is their past, I could go on and on about all the characters of Salem and their crimes but why i dont judge them for it. If I did I would be judging all of Salem, I only judge whats on the screen in near past and present.I am not a judgmental person I guess and I certainly would not try to attempt to Judge Salem people because they all have done something.2 wrongs dont make a right.

    Clear #239 Most of that was orchestrated by Ian, the coin was last seen when Stefano tried to give it to EJ and he told him to shove it.
    #237 Actually I am fine as a EJAMI fan with the love story how its going. I would hope they build a foundation first as they are.They will have many things to go through in time.Stefano is returning and Nick is going to cause problems.Right now the writers are establishing their bond and closeness first.I would not have liked if they declared their love and immedeiately had to start some storyline that would try to interfere or cause harm to them.Yep Safe was all up in EJAMi storyline it was always about them and their hating or loving each other.EJAMI is gaining a foundation and that is important to me.Paternity is used to establish more then child support it is also used to esrablish visitation and rights.That is formost support comes after that is set in motion.With shared custody both would be equally responsible for the care so none would pay support to each other.Both would provide equal care.Also Grandparents have rights see link below. They have rights of custody and visitation.

    Uncles and Aunts dont though.As you can see from the link I give Salem has alot they could play with on that law. I will also tell you In my exp, Grandparents dont usually have a issue getting court ordered visitation of their grandkids.My exp comes from Law School.if Bo was being backburned to bring on newer faces your damn straight I want a backstory for a frontrunning character like Rafe.Just saying and my opinion.

    As far as videos go well I have posted many that show EJAMI dealt with their past, or even EJ being a good man and repenting or this or that.i could also post many of him being a great stepfather.nonne is saying rafe was not a decent stepfather but it never ends, I think many of us have said he was, but that dont change the fact that EJ is their father and he is doing a good job at being their father.rafe called Sami a bad mother because she shuffled Lucas kids back and forth, because Sami was married to rafe, and therefore they had to go back and forth, and then says Samis other kids with EJ should be shuffled back and forth presumably between him and EJ.Yea makes sense to me, that would only be affecting the children more.But I guess to some its ok if EJ;s kids are shuffled and not Lucas, those are kids and I dont care what their fathers did or did not do I would never agree with that logic even if it was Ej who said it.I think it is ok for a stepparent to help raise them if she is with them, but to say even though the real father is there they need to be raised by another man as well is wrong especially when he thought she was a bad mother because she did it with Aliie and Will while with him.

  246. From Tee

    Heres a little video for anyone who missed EJAMI discussing the Conceiving of Johnny and it features Rolf. i miss him. Sami said she was more upset that after that night he treated her bad and said he acted like a sleaze after that is what hurt her most,He at this time was trying to get Lucas out of jail, he had already Turned against his father, and as we know They make love that night and Lucas gets out of jail.

  247. From patty

    Tee, it seems you have heard and seen things on Days that most of us didn’t, like for example Rafe saying to Sami she’s a bad parent and that she should shuffle her kids back and forth with him. Now I’m pretty sure there is no video to back that up because it never happened.
    If it’s ironic that some people keep bringing up the past or judging characters on the show, then you must be speaking about everybody on here, everybody does it, including you. Or is it only EJ’s ugly past that should be forgotten about but it’s ok to remember the few times he tried to play nice.
    Nobody is getting defensive about Rafe’s past, just questioning why it’s so important we find out about his when we need to forget about EJ’s.
    We are all aware of what other characters have done to each other in the past and if we are not we are reminded of it here, but
    none of these characters are shoved down our throats as a forbidden love story that always existed because it wouldn’t be believable, as EJami’s isn’t. To me the EJami story is of an obssessed man charming his way back in the life of his victim and a weak woman succumbing to her abuser.

  248. From Barb

    Not sure why grandparents rights has come up again but as I briefly mentioned once before, my own experience comes from best friends of ours who went through a nightmare with their granddaughter.
    She is their daughter’s child and they raised her from 3 months old until she was 4 years. Then at that time, their daughter and her boyfriend-turned-husband came on the scene and wanted to be parents after 4 years of doing their own thing. They wanted our friends, the grandparents, out of the picture so they could bond with the child more easily, and they even moved to a different town. That might make sense on some level, to reduce contact between the child and her grandparents, but to cut off all contact was cruel, not only to the grandparents but also to the child.
    Our friends were completely heartbroken and even got grief counseling over it. And there was nothing they could do legally to get visitation. Attorney after attorney told them since their daughter and her husband were a untied front on the issue, and there was no physical abuse of the child involved, the court would view it as a family dispute and not get involved. (Some of us considered it emotional abuse of the child to take away the grandparents who were her parents for 4 years.) One attorney did finally take the case but it went nowhere.
    Now, it would have been different if our friends’ daughter had been divorced and her ex had custody of the child and was not letting them, the grandparents, have contact with the child. The court in that instance would have heard the case and probably given the grandparents visitation rights. Or if their daugher had died, the court would have ruled against any objections of the father about them seeing their granddaughter. But since the parents of our friends’ grandchild were married and a united front against the grandparents, the grandparents lost out.
    This situation has resolved itself over the past few years. The child is now 8 years old and our friends’ daughter is divorced from the child’s father and is back in a reasonably good relationship with her parents (our friends). And our friends now have easy access to their granddaughter, since their daughter needs help with daycare, etc. while she works.

    I have no idea how this kind of thing would play out on Days, or if they will even bring grandparent custody into the baby s/l. I see no sign of it so far.

    I love Rafe as is and have given no thought to his “back story”. But if he were getting married, and had spent time in prison, then I would want to know more about that and would think his bride-to-be (whoever she was) should know all the details before she married him.

  249. From Barb

    We know that Nick hasn’t discussed with Gabi what happened to him in prison, but does Gabi know all the true details of why Nick went to prison in the first place?

  250. From jolie

    #216 Barb, too funny, your description about Sami and Rafe in love. And I agree with you. I never hated Sami, just don’t like the way the character has ever been written. Very un-fond of her too. She has always been so selfish but the actress is beautiful and talented.
    #217 Maryl, ok, the ghosts in the background..a little creepy for me. And if all the changes Elvis has made hold true, I think he’ll finally propose right in Salem. No grandiose plans, just something simple. To me that would show that he is really into the relationship and not just the gesture. But it really doesn’t matter to me and I know it does to others. But I just see it more simply done as the characters are growing up a bit now, hopefully. And Lexie was just like the rest of the characters in Salem, some good, some bad, all entertainment. I think Elvis will buck Fatha some but sooner or later, the call to his Fatha will come. I don’t think Stefano will let Elvis completely off the hook of being his son and Elvis will not be able to resist the hook of being his son. Those two actors are good together so let’s hope they go back to being Fatha and Son and soon.
    #218 Gerri, first your comment of Dumb and Dumber Club. Oh how appropriate! Can Lucas, Rafe, Chad join as well? And Jennifer should join the Ladies Aux branch of the same club. Victor played right into Chloe’s scheme but surely Mags and Dr Orange will talk about Mean Old Vic and how he went off on Chloe and it will all come out??
    #221 DTBB, please tell me you are not holding your breath for that apology of sort from Elvis! You are so entitled to your opinion and you support it well.
    #222 Leah, I agree it is irrelevant as is Dr Phil who’ll do anything to get his mug on the TV.
    #225 Michelle, what is so bad about working construction? It is honest but hard work and millions go out and do it and make a good living each day. I know you were not throwing off on those folks but Bryan worked construction and made a living and supported his family. No shame in that so maybe something I am missing in the whole story. And Chloe using Parker again to get her way and the things she said about Phillip and Brady, karma is going to hit hard on this gal.
    #226 DTBB you know you are my hero.
    #238 Leah, Lucas had feelings for Nicole at one time so like Lucas normally does, he vents and loudly. Would it not strange that he would still harbor some feelings and their story is not much different than any on this show. Nicole was funny in her reactions to him. I hate for Lucas to get in the middle of a triangle because he will again get hurt no doubt.
    #241 Sandygram, Lucas’ pent up anger may be hurt in disguise and left over feelings for Nicole. But please if they have anger sex, move it out of the church building!
    Did I miss something? When was Dr Phil ever in Salem???

  251. From MAB

    Mediocre show yesterday. More of the same w/ Daniel/Chloe/Jen and Brady/Kristen, ugh, kinda boring. The only highlight was Victor and the comical words he always seems to have for the likes of Chloe. And Chloe is really pathetic at this point, even more so when she hit rock bottom as a prostitute. I don’t see her return as her being the tough go-getter…more like a desperate leech.

    Nick is so smug I can’t stand it. And the words he uttered to himself saying “I have enough evidence to get what ‘I’ want”!? Really? Well that’s just screams that this is all about what HE wants, and no one else, including Gabi. I can’t wait until all his schemes come back to bite him in the @$$. He is pure evil IMO.

    Rafe & Kate, not so funny this time around, just tacky. There is nothing attractive about their pairing, in or out of the bedroom. I didn’t buy their stance against Nick, especially Kate being nice, but I guess she was reduced to that since Rafe was there. I bet that scene would’ve gone down a whole lot differently if it was one-on-one w/ Kate & Nick. I have no doubt she would’ve threatened Nick over Will. Where is that Kate when she is needed? I guess she is off her game since she got some. If I were a Rafe fan tho, I would be highly upset that his character’s SL has been subjected to such boredom, and sex w/ Kate. He is so anti-DiMera, yet he can’t seem to drag himself away from their territory. If nothing else, Rafe sure is a glutton for punishment. Wonder what Stefano will do (if anything) when he finds out she slept w/ Rafe? Could he get another visit to the DiMera dungeon? At least it would spice up his SL.

    While I think it’s horrible for fans to send hateful comments to Ali Sweeney just because she & James Scott’s characters are together as a couple now, it’s Ali who is laughing all the way to the bank! This girl has it made, and I’m sure she is thick-skinned enough to let the childish behavior of some fans just roll off her back. I’m sure it’s nothing she hasn’t heard before. With that said, she also received MANY good comments from MANY fans who love EJami! Her blog was full of them.

    I think it’s fine for a spoiler not to give too much away, but I don’t like it when it spoils something that doesn’t even happen, like saying Eric was shot, when he only gets knocked out.

    Michelle – you stick to your guns about Eric not getting shot, because according to SOD, he doesn’t, he just gets knocked unconscious. And I’ve never known SOD (Soap Opera Digest) to print a story w/ misleading information like that. Oh, and you have every right to feel ‘queasy’ over seeing Kate & Rafe in bed w/o being poked at for your opinion. Believe me, you’re not the only one feeling that queasiness!

    Kat – yes it was SO laughable when Rafe said to Nick he needed to come clean w/ Gabi about his past. And even tho that is true, he sure never did it. But it’s typical for him to throw out advice that he’s never used himself. And he still continues to go around blaming Sami, and now EJ, for talking Will into fighting for full custody when that has never happened. I get SO sick of the double standards and selective memories of what has happened. Rafe, Nick, and even Gabi go around lying, stirring the pot, assuming things that are not true, when in reality, they are the cause of all the friction w/ their lies & deceit. All that has been said is that no one is gonna keep Will from his parental rights. And the only words about custody battle I’ve heard come out of anyone’s mouths are Nick & Rafe. They are the ones who keep talking about it.

    EJami have been together all of a week and some already expect or want the drama. Tsk tsk! At some point, all couples are allowed their happiness w/o interference, and that is what is happening w/ EJami now, so it’s not uncommon for them to be in love, happy, and together fully. This is a typical SL for them at the moment. There is nothing wrong w/ it, because their SL is a love story. Everyone has a SL going on, whether you like them or not. And I’d say some better get used to it, or turn the channel. Looks like their in it for the long haul, as there will be many SL’s to come for them.

    We EJami fans are getting exactly what we asked for, the most romantic love story to happen in years, EJami!

    I agree, the anger between Nicole & Lucas has come out of nowhere. I mean they have existed in the same town for years and have not argued like they did yesterday since probably they were actually involved. I for one tho wouldn’t want to see Lucas involved in a triangle w/ Nicole & Eric because we all know he would loose in the end. I keep hoping for a real story for Lucas w/ a real love interest. He deserves it.

    Tee – I agree, Rafe needs a back story, and it has nothing to do w/ EJ that some can’t seem to stop inferring. Not having a back story as long as he’s been on the show makes his character one dimensional, and quite boring. Need I say more?

  252. From Michelle

    Jolie 250 : I’m not saying anything is wrong to work construction, it has always been good money, when the economy supports it. But during the time he was doing construction, the economy was not in the best shape. And the video that I did see of him and things I read made it out that he was ashamed of the way he left DOOL and ashamed of what he ended up doing. So to me, after seeing all that, I saw that the Soap industry has not been good to him, he couldn’t find any work outside of DOOL, that’s what I took from it. And if he left DOOL again {all speculation, which I hope isn’t true}, then he’d go back to doing things he rather not be doing. A celebrity with a huge fan base is reduced to working labor. I am not knocking the hot construction workers who make a good living, but it’s different because BD is in the public eye.
    Patty 234 : I’m sure you know why my experience is different. I see Sami and EJ a completely different way. Love them together. I hope this will be her last wedding, but if it’s not her last wedding, I will take a Nikki/Victor situation when they keep divorcing and remarrying and divorcing and remarrying until they are 90 years old. Hahaha

    Why is this conversation about wanting to know Rafe’s past so redundant? The good thing about this site is everything is in “print” so people can go back and see what the others wrote. The people who want to know more about Rafe’s past is not looking for crimes, they just want back story. They don’t want to size up the past of EJ to Rafe’s to see which one is worst. Because obviously EJ will have the worst past, he is Stefano’s son after all. And he was groomed to take his place. They would just like to know how he became who he is. Why is that so hard to understand? Just a question, you don’t have to answer…but really. In the interest of keeping the show on the air, stories should stay familiar but fresh at the same time. Is Rafe destined to circle Sami for the rest of his life? Can’t he just be the main focus without her and EJ involved? Digging into his past is a way to understand the character better and see his non-ejami trials and tribulations.

  253. From MAB

    There was a pertinent reason Bryan Datillo working construction came up, because he was working construction on the same soap opera sets he used to work on. And although there is no shame in him doing that kind of work, Bryan admitted in an interview he did before returning to the show that it was a little degrading & hurtful to him that he had to do that kind of work while still seeing the people he used to work with walk in past him to go to work on the set that he was reduced to building.

    Michelle, I’m glad you brought this subject up, but you shouldn’t have to explain your comments to anyone. It is what it is, and you’re entitled to your opinions w/o being questioned by others for it.

    The question was a valid question and if it’s not directed toward you, please leave it be. This is how issues crop up, by those getting involved when they shouldn’t and there is no issue with people asking each other questions. ADMIN

  254. From Kat

    Yes, I would like to know about Rafe’s past, like Michelle said, it doesn’t have to be criminal….
    Rafe needs some kind of Real Identity, something, not just Gaby, who I wish would turn out to be his daughter…
    That would give both characters a bit more stability, IMO.
    Don’t understand, why some wonder why it is important to some of us, to learn more about Rafe… I would think all the Rafe fans, would be just as interested to find out all about Rafe, good or bad…
    Sami and EJ, as I read on here, Victim and Abuser,and Sami succumbing to an obsessed EJ, to funny.
    Sami, our Sami, A Victim, now I have heard it all.
    I see, finally two Strong, bad/good people, throwing all reservations about family,friends, whatever away, and doing what they want to do… Love each other and be together…. A Great Soap Love Story, true to Soap Form.. IMO
    And No patty, you are not invited to the wedding, LOL…
    hope you get, it’s a Joke, you were wondering about it.

    Also, as long as there are laundry lists, etc. talk about What EJ did, and did, and did….
    I will bring up what everybody else in this town did, fair enough.

    Lucas and Nicole, I can’t see that,
    there has Never been any Love between them, just a Deal/5Million’s worth…LOL
    for Lucas to get Custody, as said above.

    I forgot, did Lucas ever kidnap Will, Letting Sami think that Will might be dead,
    reminds me of EJ taking Sidney…
    The list about Lucas is growing, like letting Sami almost die in the Chair….
    EJ, there is hope for you, since so many now
    just love Lucas….even when he left His Kids and went to China…

    Nicole’s short pants yesterday, at work in a church… No comments, but Sami get’s bashed for what she is wearing, and Not to Church, working very close with a priest…
    I don’t care, just trying to point out stuff…
    All the above, Just My Opinions….No right or wrong….

  255. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Jolie, since I can’t breathe, holding my breath would be redundant.

    Tee, let me reiterate. I am in Illinois. Grandparents have no rights to custody or visitation in Illinois. Pretty sure EJ wouldn’t have ANY rights to say ANYTHING in this case, as he’s no party to any of it. Each state has their own set of rules.

    Thx, Jolie for your hero comment. I’m my granson’s hero, too. Silently, and behind the scenes, doing all that I can.

    I’m not defensive personally about a Rafe backstory. I just said I wasn’t interested. Couldn’t care less about the Hernandi clan. I also don’t care about WilSon, AbiCam, or Ejami. I don’t think there’s much I DO care about.. sad, really.

    Is Abe in the attic, now, too?

  256. From Michelle

    MAB 253 – Thanks for clarifying, I knew I saw and read about BD’s predicament, but it has been so long ago I forgot all the details. I’d be just as embarrassed as him, knowing I had to see the guy that took my spot (EJ) and the other guy that took my second place spot (Rafe) working everyday, while I sit back and watch the soap I’ve been on for over a decade regard my character as if I never existed. That’s not something I’d wish on any actor.
    Kat 254 – That victim and abuser remark really gets to me, because that’s just not how I see it. Being in a relationship where your partner belittles you and tries to groom you to become the perfect spouse is psychologically abusive. Being made to feel less than your worth on a constant basis is abusive. And I never saw that with EJ. They gave to each other as good as they got, and I saw them more as equals than anything else. Sami held her own with her. The sniffling for acceptance from the man that’s supposed to love you is degrading. And that’s what Sami had to endure with all her men except Brandon and EJ. So I really don’t buy the victim/abuser relationship. JMO.

  257. From MAB

    Michelle – I agree, until Rafe gets a back story and/or SL of his own w/o involving EJ & Sami, he’s gonna stay stuck in the same rut he’s always been in, playing second fiddle. I don’t really care what he has or hasn’t done in the past, I would just like to see a SL for him w/ some substance. And as far as crimes go, well he’s committed enough of those as he is now, so whatever’s in his past can’t be much worse than what he’s already done in Salem. And of course EJ has the worst past, he is a DiMera after all, but unlike Rafe, he’s also got a back story that we learned about which made him more of a multi- layered, interesting character, other than the obvious traits he exudes in looks & persona.

  258. From michele

    Kat, no that is not me. Easy to tell us apart, Michelle with 2 L’s is a Sami fan and I Michele with 1 L loves to hate Sami. Thank you for asking about my daughter, she still struggles but it is getting better. Thanks again for asking

  259. From MAB

    #253 – ADMIN – my comments were directed to Michelle only, and I was making the clarification to her, no one else. I wasn’t getting involved in anything, just stating a fact. So if there is no issue w/ people asking questions, then why do you pick apart what I say?

  260. From MAB

    Kat – not sure if was kidnapping, but Lucas & Kate had Will one time when Sami was involved w/ Brandon, and they were trying to drive Sami crazy w/ that look-a-like doll, making Sami believe she was seeing Will. She was out near a cliff and when she went towards the doll, she fell off, and would’ve fell to her death if not for Brandon.

    Michelle – I never thought of EJ taking Lucas’ spot because Lucas still had a SL even w/ EJ on the show. I do think Rafe took his spot because he was let go shortly after Rafe appeared on the scene.

  261. From jolie

    #252 Michelle, thanks for the background on BD and I knew you didn’t mean anything against construction workers. I just didn’t know any of BD’s story so wasn’t questioning you but rather what was going on but you seemed to realize that. I think it is true that the soaps have not been good to his character Lucas. I wish Lucas had a good meaty storyline and one in which he got to do more than stand around and speak harshly. And Harrison Ford was a carpenter who got a break while working around George Lucas. So maybe great things will happen for BD yet.
    #255 DTBB, get better soon. And I am with you..not really interested in the Rafe back story because it gives the writers too much leeway on bolstering the idiotic things they have written. And Abe is indeed in the attic. So is Theo. Sad, yes.

  262. From Michelle

    Eileen Davidson (Kristen) is going back to Y&R, is that their way of saying they released her from DAYS? Can she do both simultaneously? Her talents are wasted in Genoa City, I’ll be sad to see Kristen go. With Tucker (Stephen Nichols, Ex-Patch) gone from Y&R, she will not be there for love. I guess it will be about keeping the Abbotts together, like their late dad John wants them to.
    I wonder how she will exit DAYS, how will Brady find out about about her deception, will she leave Salem screwed over again? I’m very interested in this, can’t wait to see it played out.

  263. From gerri

    I also wish the writers,would give Lucas a decent S/L,instead of the one that involves Nicole,from so many years ago.While he’s up in the Attic,he might not come back down either,sorta like what happened to Don Craig,way back when,he didn’t return from the mailbox.

    Maybe they can bring in his former girl friend,that he left, when he returned to Salem.

    Nicole needs someone so bad too,(not Lucas as I mentioned)Eric will most likely leave the priest hood,for a S/L.maybe with her.She Is the best actress on Days at this time.Nice scene with Sydney today.

  264. From jolie

    #262 Michelle, is this a done deal with Kristen and do you know the time line? Things are probably well ahead on DOOL so she might be very near done. Looks like the story will come to a quicker end or at least by soap standards. Now if we could just end the Gabi/Will potential custody fight and get this over with. Bet Kristen leaves on top this time. Her time here has been spent, well mostly wearing poor Brady out, but making things uncomfortable for John and Marlena. Would love to see a real ending to all of this. And hopefully it does not involve Brady in the bottom of a bottle. That got old a well.
    #263 gerri, I am with you on Nicole, the very best actress and can play it mean, sweet, sad, fearful..she can bring it. So if Brady is going to be cut loose, wonder if Eric might be a passing thing or if he will leave the priesthood. The Jenn/DrOrange/Chloe triangle is slowly growing mold. Maybe if Brady is cut loose, we can have a rectangle of Nicole, Eric, Lucas, Brady. Or dodgeball. And would you not just love to know what the writers had intended for Don Craig when he went to the mail box and is he Daniel’s father and if he came back would he be about right for Kate and is Bill Horton really coming back and will he be 125 years old when he does? Sorry but that was a rant of questions that just came pouring out.

  265. From MAB

    If it’s ok to answer ‘questions’ surrounding Eileen Davidson’s return to Y&R, here’s the scoop from

    Eileen Davidson, who plays vixen Kristen DiMera on Days of Our Lives, is returning to The Young and the Restless as Ashley Abbott; albeit only temporarily.

    Word is that Days lent Davidson to Y&R for a few episodes. Look for Ashley, who was sent to New York, when Davidson defected to Days, to arrive in Genoa City and visit her brother, Jack.

    Davidson, however, is still under contract to Days and will continue to wreak havoc for John, Marlena and poor, unsuspecting Brady.

  266. From Leah

    I am TOTALLY disgusted at fans getting on Alison Sweeneys site and abusing her because “Sami” has finally confessed her true feelings and Ejami are now together. Some people! They need to get a grip between real life and fiction, and take a good look at themselves. She is an actor, a person paid to do a job, a person with feelings and a real life. I may not have liked Safe or Lumi but would never think of doing that! How horrible… makes me wanna get on there and apologise to her for others behaviour. Lets not forget this is more than likely “adults” doing this. Shame!

  267. From gerri

    Maybe If Kristen Is leaving,Nicole will be paired back up with Brady but ,I figured he might be Chloe’s next choice,If Daniel finally convinces her,that they have no future together.

  268. From Michelle

    Just saw the SOAPNet DAYS preview, Eric gets pistol-whipped, Nicole is lying on him and she whispers that she loves him. So glad I wasn’t wrong, I was beginning to feel silly for a moment there.
    Jolie 264 : I don’t know if it’s a done deal, but all of the articles that I’ve seen on the subject of ED make it seem like she’s back to Y&R for good and they did not comment on her status with DAYS. But as you said, DAYS shoots so far ahead, it might be a seamless transition from DAYS back to Y&R.
    Who knows maybe Jarlena will come out stronger than ever after he departure, that would be nice for their fans, but ED deserves a good send off because she played a big part in livening up DAYS after the dreaded Gabi Stalker and Nicole Dead Baby storylines.
    Loved how unhinged she looked today, I felt really bad for her mental stability. Or instability.

  269. From Leah

    I’m with you MAB I am enjoying this Ejami bliss. I am enjoying seeing them so in love and so happy. The drama will come (even though those two have had enough drama to last them both a life time)… the drama will come so I’m going to enjoy this normality of a couple in love while I can. I am enjoying every second of it.

  270. From Barb

    gerri and jolie I so agree about Nicole being the very best actress and it was so sweet between her and Sydney today. Wish Syd wouldn’t have had to be rushed off so fast for her playdate.
    I said recently, I’ve never been a Marlena fan but I loved her today and the way she handled EJ and Kristen. She left both of them with something to think about. Actually left Kristen quite rattled but only temporarily.
    Speaking of rattled, Chloe did it to Jennifer again!! But I did enjoy Maggie sticking it to Chloe!
    I don’t see Rafe stuck in a rut. In fact, I’d say he’s out of one now that he’s done with Sami. And please, writers, let that last! I would like a good romance for Rafe again, though. I say again because I loved his romance with Sami until she ruined it and hurt him so much.
    I agree about Lucas needing a woman. Bring the one he was engaged to.
    Dyeing to be Blonde number 255 you and I (number 248) seem to be on the same page about grandparents rights. It’s one thing to read the info on the internet and quite another thing to actually live the truth of the matter. Hope Days doesn’t bring this into the Gabi baby story. Hope you feel better soon.

  271. From Kat

    256 MicheLLe, just want to clarify, the Victim and Abuser remark, It was Not Mine… somebody else had made it, and I was just talking about it and giving my Opinion…
    Maybe I misunderstood you…
    LOL because it is certainly something that I would Not say…
    Keep up the good posts, I like them, just like MAB’s..

    258 micheLe, nice to hear from you again, or maybe you did post, and I just assumed both LL and L are the same.
    What are your thoughts about the Gay SL line, and Will becoming a father, and possibly Sonny and Will “Parents”.

    I totally agree, Lucas should get a great SL, but first, he has to loose that screeching voice, bring it down a notch,
    act more calm and mature, more manly, not like a high pitched teenager,
    and give him a SL away from Sami and EJ,
    not with Nicole, there never was love between them, LOL,
    Give him something serious, respectful, show he is a Man and then women will take him more serious.
    However keep the friendship with Sami, that is good…even with the Past they have, along the lines of EJ and Sami’s past….

    Lucas needs a professional woman, mature and secure in her own rights. I would like to see Lucas in a whole new different light, that would work for me…because I always still see him as that Little overgrown Boy, pouting, shouting, maybe not as much as he used to, but it is still there.

    Sorry to hear Kristin is leaving, so are we back to boring Marlena and John again….
    So many times we get an exiting character, and then, poof, gone..

    Brady, bragging to Eric the Priest, of how he beat up EJ in order to kill him… well that was his intention now…. and Eric just sits there, and is more concerned that Kristin is having sex with Brady.

    Cute little new Sidney, nice to see Nicole with her,
    and EJ also was nicer to Nicole than she deserved.

    EJ, patience, sooner or later you will proof them all wrong, and they might have to acknowledge that even You have the right to change, not just the Rest of them..
    Maggie, busybody, constantly having Her Nose in Dan’s Love life, but Sami get’s chastised for trying to protect her Son from Himself….and make sure, he is not taken advantage of…
    You got to love it on here … with all of us on here, trying to be more right than the next one,
    even though all of us are so wrong so many times,
    depends on who you talk to…

  272. From Leah

    I’m interested in knowing Rafes past and I agree wanting to know more about Rafe isn’t sinister. I personally think it will be good for the show and also for his character. It will give Rafe some much needed depth. Think about it… apart from him and Gabby how many others characters on this show have been on for years and yet we know little to nothing about them or their past. Eventually it all comes out. So why oh why are the Days powers to be choosing not to go there with these two characters? I agree with an above posters comments by opening up his past will give Days much more to play with than Rafe continually circling Ejami and Sami. We’ve been there and done that for the last 4 or so years. Rafe needs more going for him than Ejami/Sami. Surely Rafe fans can’t agrue with that and would have to agree. I wanna get to know the real Rafe… what makes him tick, what happened during his childhood etc etc to shape him to who he is today.

  273. From Kat

    Soooooooooooo glad to hear, that Kristin, one great, great character is Not leaving Salem…Thank you 265 MAB and dear Lady, you can ask and answer to me anything you want, no problema for moi.
    Characters like hers, make the show, at least for Me, Kristin, EJ, Sami, Nicole and Stefano, the “Kat’s Meouw…..did I spell that right….
    Can’t help it, but to Me, Jenn is just getting more annoying by the day,
    I almost hope that Chloe gets Dr. Dan back.
    I see No chemistry between Jenn and Dan, just a lot of blah, blah… but I do see screen chemistry with Dan and Chloe, way more than with Jenn…

    Jenn, you are not a Step parent yet, just a girlfriend, if that so far…
    stay out of Dan’s stuff regarding his child, that is between Chloe and Dan…
    All you do, is make problems for Yourself… LOL, as we have seen so far.

    Chloe is the mother, and will be part of Dan’s life through Parker for a very long time to come…

  274. From Michelle

    Kat I know, I was just elaborating on that idea, was going to ignore it but I couldn’t help myself. because i seen it too much on other sites as well, not just on here.

    MAB thanks again for clarifying, glad to hear ED will not be leaving us, it would have been such a waste for her character, sure the writing over at Y&R has gotten a little better but I still don’t see how they could use ED to her potential.

    I don’t like how sneaky Kristen is with EJ and Chad, but I still love her greyness, just wish she doesn’t bring them down with her when her world explodes.

    One day I’m congratulating Jen on her spunk the next day I’m tired of her. I really don’t care about this storyline anymore…. I tried.

    I did like chloe’s power suit, i’d wear something like that.

    So did Abe revert back to being the mayor? they never said who took EJ’s place, and with spoilers saying Eric has to ask Abe about something regarding the community, the only thing that comes to mind is he has authority because he’s the mayor.

    Hope is annoying. that is all.

  275. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    #270 I Think I made it quite clear how I know about Grandparents law, I only found it on the internet to give you a link rather then write it all up. I have 2 1/2 years of Law School under my built, so yes I would say I got my information from a little more then the internet, same place I got my knowledge on Special Prosecutors my head.If you actually read the link I posted it even says there that It is usually hard if the parents are married and easier if there is a separation of the parants, and say One parent is denying the Grandparents rights.While Illinois does have rights for Grandparents it is harder one must proof more then bing cut from the childs life it must show that a child is in mental, physical, or emotional health would decline ex If the child was really close to the Grandparents and would be depressed without them etc.Also the child must be atleast a year old.
    No as another poster said I doubt it will come up here in Salem but considering states vary on this law they could go however they wanted with it.I only posted about it because another person said Grandparents don’t get rights but there is a law in all states it just varies on what will constitute a Grandparents rights to custody or visitation.Since Salem is fictional they could interpret it how they want as they always do.If you are interested to see the Illinois laws here is the articles of Law they are 750 ILCS 607 It is called the Illinois Dissolution and Marriage act.Those specific numbers correspond to the part about Grandparents it was amended I believe in 2007.Prior to that it was a bit easier then before.One could still say A child has cried to visit his grandparents and that could be deemed as good enough In Illinois.

    Patty I indeed can show you a video that rafe is arguing with Sami in the Church and he tells her She was not going to get a chance to screw up his sister baby’s life, and that Will is so screwed up after Sami had to pass him back and forth between her and LucasHe even said Johnny and Sydney would end up the same and that is where EJ told him to get out now and they said Johnny and Sydney know they have 2 parents that love themGee I mean I seen the scene in fact I just watched it again, and he clearly was saying Will is how he is because of sami, and shes a bad mother and she shuffled him between her and Lucas, and of course he is messed up from it.Those were Rafes words in a gistHe also said his siter and Will were in love with different people and almost said Will was in love with a man, and even said Sami is using this for some fantasy about her son and Gabi getting together and married.Then a week later he tells Eric that Johnny and Sydney need to have more then one father so yes it in my esyes was hypocritical and messed up he wants to blame what he thinks is Wills problems on the fact that Lumi were not together to raise Will in one household rather then ship him between the 2,He did not have a problem with that when he was living with Sami.Then he has the nerve after he says that to go and tell Eric the other kids of Samis EJs should have 2 fathers He clearly said they needed more then EJAMI as parents.So I am not sure how anyone else takes him yelling at her about will being messed up because she is selfish and shipped him between her and lucas and then saying that is precisely what EJAMIS kids need another parent.So this happened at the Church on January 23rds episode and I am currently looking it up on Youtube.As far as me bringing up someones past yep I do to defend a character and I also say though everyone in Salem has a sordid past well we don’t know anything about Raafes really, I don’t judge them.I judge the show on what is on screen today,If I judged crimes of salem, I would hate them all just about.That is the difference If you read my post I am not saying I judge them I am simply saying if you judge one then judge all.I cannot sit and throw stones at one when all have done crap on this show many worse then EJ even.I will defend EJ all I want as I will defend any character.
    To the posters who said we don’t want to see rafes history to judge you are right, I don’t I just think it would give him backstory and make his family more prominent of we know what makes them tick.We know what makes the Bradys tick, The dimera the Hortons etc.We know nothing really of the Hernandez family.It makes for good tv to know.

  276. From patty

    According to spoilers, it looks like Sami will be threatening to use Gabi’s past against her to battle for custody. Now with Nick threatening Will’s past it looks like this baby fight is taken over by two selfish nuts with no consideration for the real parents. They are putting the child’s life at risk and taking a chance that the baby will be either born in jail or without a mother or father. Or even worse, that Grandma from hell ends up with this poor child! If it comes to this, I hope someone uses her attempted murder charge against her. This poor, poor little girl, coming into a world with bad people trying to tear her away from her mommy and daddy. Time to wake up Gabi and Will and fight for your baby together against those two lunatics.

  277. From Tee

    hello all!
    Heres the video of Rafe telling Sami he was not gonna stand by and watch her screw up her sisters baby, after he berated her about how she was selfish and shipped Will between her and Lucas and blamed that on why Will is why he is, I am pretty sure I can confer he thinks Sami was not a good mother considering he even said he would never let his sisters baby be screwed up by her too. He even said Johnny and Sydney would be the same way and that is when you see EJ tell him off.

  278. From Tee

    Well considering Nick gets up in Samis face and threatens her first, then he demands Will give up his rights, and drops the bombshell on him, yes Sami has every right to help her child, She was threaetned by Nick and he demanded will give up his paternity rights.That happens all before sami uses anything on Nick.See Once again it somehow is Samis fault she is defending her son and herself against a crazy man who will stop at nothing to get that baby.I will also tell you Sami is going to use Gabis crimes as well to demand Will keep his rights as the father.Thought I would put that out there as well so Anyone can condemn her or support her actions now.I guess sami should just go shake in her boots and run and hide and not help her son.She should just let Nick swindle his rights away with blackmail?I will repeat Sami is not at fault for Gabi going to hospital at all. Gabi is on Nicks side right now.I guess sami would be more considerate if she just let her son lose his baby knowing Will needs help right now he is going to be blackmailed by Nick.Yep sounds about right lol..Not.She has every right imo to help her son who is being blackmailed to give up his child.
    Sami will first threaten Nick with his prison record since he threatens her and her son, Will actually goes to turn himself in because he does not want to lose his child. He needs His mothers helpand fathers and even EJ who he shot since he could be the biggest help here since the crime was committed on him.My opinions and based off facts and spoilers.Fact Will is going to threaten Sami, Fact Nick is going to blackmail Nick and demand he sign over his rights.Based off that iwould say Sami has every right to help her son, and use what she can to do that.Fact Rafe has every right t back his sister as well.Wow how do you like that I feel Rafe has rights to help his sister and Sami has rights to help her son, you know the one she gave birth to and raised.You don’t mess with someones child.Nick is and he threatens her.Gabi needs to stop Nick and get rid of him.

  279. From patty

    Tee, I have seen that footage and nowhere does he call Sami a bad mother or that the kids need more than one father. He tells her she is selfish, which is not news, Elvis and everybody else have called her that too. She says that’s unfair and Rafe says yes, it is unfair to Will and all the other kids. He said” Will is mixed up”, Will can attest to that, he says it himself all the time that he’s screwed up. Rafe tells Sami “if you think the other kids are going to be less mixed up than Will, then you’re wrong,” which seems to be a pretty fair assumption considering what the poor things have been put through. Then Rafe told her if you think I’m going to stand by and let you screw up my sisters baby you are dead wrong.
    Well it looks like Sami is about to screw up his sister’s baby and I hope Rafe uses what he knows to shut her up. Who knows, maybe in Rafe’s secret past he knew how to play dirty .
    I’ve read the spoilers and according to spoilers both Nick and Sami go about fighting by threatening others with blackmail, which makes one no better than the other. Both fighting for something that doesn’t belong to them for their own selfish and insane reasons. This baby belongs to Gabi and Will.

  280. From Tee

    I just seen my post above and noticed the video did not post so here is the video sorry.
    I am also sorry if my posts came off the wrong way, I got a little passionate in my last post lol.

    Someone above I think Mab or Kat was wondering about what I posted about Lucas and kidnapping Will.He Kidnapped Will, was drunk driving got into a car accident, Will had brain surgery because of it.Then started the story line after he murdered Franco and sent sami to prison for it while she was being injected to be killed for the murder Meanwhile Kate paid Nicole to marry lucas to help him gain custody while Sami was incarcerated.Yes in end Lucas stopped the whole thing, and Kate had some other guy take the fall to save Lucas. It is odd maybe I don’t hold that all against Lucas either, I mean the guy kidnapped his child, was driving like a drunken maniac and Will almost died and had to have Brain surgery because of it.He killed a man and blamed Sami for it, sending her to the deathbed and only caved at the last minute.That is pretty high up there and right along the lines of some things EJ has done to Sami.I found a old article on my computer It is pretty interesting it is the actors takes on some of these story lines when they went down I will post it for anyone who wants to know what they were portraying on screen.This one talks about why EJ kidnapped Sydney and it goes with what many fans say it was a reaction to what she did.He even says most of what he does to her is in reaction to what she has done first.

    For Stefano fans I know you have seen this before but here you go his interview when he was written off, and his disgust in some of the stories and his dislike that Stefano is blamed for all that goes down in Salem

    I just may post a few steffie videos in light of Him returning he has been gone so long

  281. From Leah

    Here, here Tee! I agree with what you said concerning Rafe and his comments to Sami in the church about her children. That is exactly what I heard too. Funny it didn’t take long for him to change his spots did it? So um, Rafe not only bitter and twisted but just down right mean. So unforgiving… maybe someone needs to tell the kids how Rafe thinks they are going to be total screw ups. Just cos Rafe the bully isn’t getting his way… he is vomitting up what he really thinks and what he thinks is the truth. The kids are better off not having a two faced step parent like that in their lives. When mom dearest wants to hit the sack with him, they are shipped off to Grandma Carolines etc no worries but when Sami does it to be with EJ its “Oh Samis giving herself a night off” and is a bad parent? Another example of Rafe hypocrisy. Get over it mate and move on….

  282. From Tee

    Patty to answer you I am pretty sure most can confer from rafe saying Sami is to blame for Will being what he calls troubled, on Sami for shuffling them back and forth between her and Lucas because she was selfish him saying she is not a good mother.It is called a inference.He also cleared that inference up by adding he would not allow sami to screw up his siters baby. I am pretty sure he was saying she was not a good mother because he was not applauding her parenting, in fact he was shootong it down, and he did use Sami shuffling will between her and Lucas as one of his points.Something Sami did because her and Lucas were not together and she was with Rafe.He also went to Eric and told him this.
    Rafe: Whatever! WHATEVER! If Sami wants to put that loser in her bed, that’s her business. . But those kids, those kids, if EJ is there only dad.

    So you see I can say he was putting her down and saying she shuffled Will between her and Lucas, and he was not saying he thought it was a good thing.Then he tells Eric that he felt EJAMIS kids needed another parent in his words he said if EJ is their only dad hinting they needed more then one.So why is it not wrong he blames sami for Will being so called messed up as you say, though I think Will is finally being who he wants to be, and Then says Sami is to blame and uses her shuffling them between their household and Lucas, where btw he was a stepparent, then says EJAMIS kids need another father to help raise them besides their own, meaning they would be shuffled between more homes.Guess some think its ok for him to want to do that to EJAMIS kids I don’t.I also think he was a good stepparent but I have given my proof and its there in the words he said.He was not applauding her parenting he was putting it down, and He did say EJAMIS kids needed more then one father which would mean shuffling around as he said was don with Will.

    I wanted to post a few videos for anyone of Stefano I n light of him returning and Rafe and Kates new found uhh friendship these videos show his hate for Rafe,They also show EJ making sure Rafe was not killed, and strangling his father.A little refresher for when the man comes back and finds his Katerina has been sleeping with his enemy.

    Heres a little Kate and Rafe

    I was worried about this story line because I think it will put Rafe back into danger with the Dimeras again, only this time, Hes not dealing with EJ, who no matter what did not ever want him dead.He is dealing with Stefano who could care less. It is a scary thing.

  283. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Wow. So, Tee, I should throw out the 3 attorneys and $10K I’ve spent and just hire you, since you know the Illinois law better than these practicing family law attorneys do? Boy, the things you can learn on a soap weblog.

    Everyone, Let’s get back to discussing Days Of Our Lives and stop these arguments. We’d prefer not to close this thread. Thank-you ADMIN

  284. From Tee

    I dont care what you do Dying and the statement was not made at you anyway so once again people jump in to a comment not even made to them. I was answering another blogger who said I did not know what I am talking about, second live right here in the good ol Midwest as well.In fact I am one state over form you. Third not sure what All your case involved but if you persist here ya go. Are you familiar with your legal Aid Society here is a link on it from there.Second if you look up those numbers I gave you you’ll also find the actual Law as it was written. Not sure why it had to be a argument on it anyway, I was merely stating what could happen based off laws to another poster and now Someone who disagrees wants to argue it with me.I am also sure your familiar with each case having its own facotrs involved , most Attorneys could tell you right away if you have a case or not.As I said above and as the links to the Illinois law I will post say You would need to show it is a threat to said childs Emotional, physical or mental state.The child must also be over a year old in Illinois. Now since we are discussing how Grandparents do have rights and yes it varies on what Burden of Proof is needed for it, In Salem as I said above in response to someone who said Sami has no rights as a Grandparent, could interpret the Law or adopt any states part of it. I think that is the part that is being missed here. Instead when I posted they do in fact have rights and also stated it varies you want to get sarcastic about it. I am not sure why, but either way I have stated my piece and I do not have to have any poster tell me i am finding my info on the internet when I have the Blacks Law book right here that gave me the laws for it. I have also posted enough proof a Law exists and since Salem does how it wants based on its own interpretation of Laws, that do exist it is plausible that if it was used in Salem they could use this law. So I meant no harm in my post, in fact as I said it was in respnse to another poster, who was right about things being different based off a case to case basis.One major difference is for example are the Parents married That is many States will actually deter any Grandparent trying to gain visitation if both Parents deny it.

    So as posted above an actual link From the Illinois Governments website with the actual Law. So Yes I am valid in what I say as may you be with your experience you may not have met what was required for it I dont know.If you did well maybe this could help you support your case.Either way I felt it no way to disrespect my knowledge on the subject, and If you felt I disrespected you it was not menat that way.Thank you and moving on.

  285. From SandyGram

    Tee et al:
    Although I enjoyed reading the stuff on real parent/grandparenting…does the real law matter since Days is not real? As we all know the writers have never followed the actual rules of a Hospital or the law for any subject.

  286. From Tee

    Sorry if this posts twice been having issues with posts.

    Dying I responded to a comment made about me from someone other then you.I originally posted about the law to discuss what was being discussed or said by another poster about Grandparents not having rights. I sited the Actual law and gave a source.I was using it to say that while it may not be where we see the story heading, Grandparents do have rights.yes it varies from state to State, but another poster questioned my knowledge and so as A good backup I sited my sources, You gave your particular State and so I quoted that States Laws, as it varies from Sate to State it was not to undermind you it was a example with the Law name ad codes.So It seems I have to defend my education on a Soap Opera Blog, Here you go a source that cannot be disputed as It comes directly from the Government webiste of your State with the Law coding I stated.There is never a need to be sarcastic with me like that. If I came off the wrong way I apologize matter of fact I even stated if I came off the wrong way I was not intending to.One thing many should know by now is I use sources to back up what I say as I used above with videos. I am not going to put something out there and stand by it without one.It is what any good debater or Writer does.There are about 3 posts of mine that somehow have not come through yet and one does state I was not meaning to come off the wrong way and apologize ahead of time if I seemed to.With Law there are many variables that affect a case, and perhaps I dont know yours may not met those variables required.EX in some States if The parents are married as I stated it becomes harder to get Visitation as a Grandparent as they see it as a united front and interference with wishes of the united Parents. None the less here is your Governments take on the Law as it is written.

    I would never ever underminded someones Education especially if they sited Sources. I have respect for people, we may not all agree but a fact is a fact.I was not wrong in what I quoted and even though your experiences were not what it states doe snot make it not fact or Law.Thank you.

  287. From Tee

    Sandy actually I stated above that Salem does what it wants and interprets actual Laws how they want, This discussion came into place from another poster who said Sami has no rights because Grandparents don’t have rights.Then When I responded to that someone wants to undermine my education. I know we don’t always get along here but I always try to present things in a manner as not to undermine anyone else, or belittle someone, I do try. I feel that I was disrespected more then just a EJAMi vs Rafe type thing, And I am ready to move on from that. I stated what I had to say and am moving on. It went from discussing how the show could use the actual Law anyway they want to undermining my Education. I am being as respectful as I can with it and I gave the source and am moving on. It just goes to show sometimes how things can get out of hand. I will not be baited into a argument over my education, because I shared my knowledge about something.

  288. From Maryl

    #250 jolie–Seems as if you couldn’t resist shooting down my dreamy idea of EJ’s proposal to Sami, right? Ha!

    While EJ proposing to Sami beneath the Eiffel Tower may sound a bit grandiose, it’s not so much the case with EJ–he’s a romantic at heart–he’s filty rich, and he has a family jet at his fingertips–so why not? To escape from Salem with Sami for a few days would be desirable in itself, especially when he proposes to the woman he has always loved.
    Oh, and talk about him being more into the relationship rather than gestures–whatever happened to that rope Rafe tied around himself and Sami during their wedding ceremony? That was some sort of Mexican gesture or tradition that looked good but sure didn’t keep that relationship tied together–maybe Rafe wasn’t into the relationship as much as he professed himself to be. I always thought that rope was long enough for Rafe to “hang” himself with!lol! He definitely did get hung out to dry by Sami!

    Stefano and EJ’s relationship and how they will interact, remains to be seen–no use trying too hard to speculate–the writers will handle it the way they want to. I’m sure we can expect drama and problems.
    I think Sami and EJ’s biggest hurdle will be her family. They will be tested to the brink by them.

    Oh, jolie, please Santos and Colleen in their ghostly aura could never be creepy looking down on EJ and Sami and smiling their approval. You know we have been told not all ghosts are bad, afterall look at!

  289. From Adele

    Tee…I totally appreciate your postings. Your post this morning re EJ and Sami back in the day when Lucas was in prison finally reminded me of why I held in the back of my mind that Sami and Ej’s problems were not because they hated each other but because they had this chemistry that they tried to deny but could not.

    I would also like to say that I appreciate your posts because you are as fair as anyone could be, Sandygram comes to mind as another poster that is always open minded and very careful of other people’s feelings.

    I always look forward to your posts because of how respectful you are of others opinions. That seems to be a rare commodity.

  290. From Michelle

    I’d just like to gush about the 4 successful weeks DAYS has had. Ratings have been at 2.0 and above for a straight 4 weeks. I think the Paternity secret and EJAMI reunion played a large part. I’d like to add in Bristen, but all I usually hear and see is complaints about the cougarness of it all. And of course WilSon has a large following as well, even though it’s been pretty rock for that couple for the majority of these 4 weeks.

    Telling a mother that her oldest son is messed up and her younger ones will end up the same way because of her “selfishness” is basically telling her, she’s not a good parent, or she’s a bad mother. He doesn’t have to say it ver batim, she got the gist.

  291. From Leah

    #285 Maryl… well here’s one I read and liked. Ejami proposal and wedding… in Ireland. EJ and Sami go back to where their family history all started and honour the legacy of Santo and Colleens love. Just a small intimate wedding with the kids (if Lexie was alive I’m sure she would have been included). Then off on their honeymoon as a family to Italy. Again honouring EJs Italian heritage and showing Sami and the kids part of his world. Sami needs to do some travelling so this would certainly broaden her horizons. Then home to announce to Salem… yep we “did it, we got hitched.” Love it.
    On that note as Ejami are a supercouple and this forbidden lovestory has been so longed for wouldn’t it be nice to actually see Ejami on location in those places. Yep blow the budget Ejami are worth it for alot of us. Why not? Got to invest money to make money. Other soaps have done it. Nick and Sharon went to Paris, Sharon and Adam New Orleans, Ridge and Taylor to the island of Thomas, Ridge and Brooke Sydney Australia, Liam and Steffy the snow covered mountains and Liam and Hope… got married in Italy. Fans love it when soaps get out and about on location. So that idea gets my vote :)

  292. From Leah

    Adele you are right. John was one of their main advocates during that time. John said to the immigration guy when asked if he believed Ejami loved each other… “I don’t those two kids actually realise just how in love they really are.”
    Then we had the whole Ejami making love. When John found out he said “Oh its about time. You could cut the air in here with all that built up sexual tension.”

  293. From Tee

    #289 Leah. I remember that I wonder what he would say now, if I remember today had EJ asking Marlena how John felt about them reuniting.I even found a old video of that time frame of Marlena telling Sami Ej can change and that she should give him a chance. I was watching it earlier today. I Hope we get to see more of a real Uncle/Nephew thing with them.I mean they gave Lexie a chance, you know I was just thinking did John ever acknowledge her as his niece? I cant remember.

    sandy I wanted to say I was not ranting about you earlier when I replied a bit ago, I was ranting about the issue at hand. I just reread my post and realized I did not separate by a space and it all came together.

    Michelle I noticed ratings are even up quite a bit from same time last year, so I am glad lots of good stuff on now.

    Adele #286 Thank you and I also think Sandy is very fair, I admire her for sometimes trying to look at stories differently, and for keeping the peace. I try to do that and I did get emotional earlier but I guess we all slip from time to time lol.

    Kat,Maryl,Leah I would love that Ireland wedding. I was thinking about it earlier I have this irish saying cup collection. My son keeps asking me a funny question which actually has more to do with the Scotish, but none the less its on my cup.The cup says That their kilt should be short enough to dance a jig, but long enough to cover the Lucky Charms, he keeps asking what it means, so I gave a generic version of Well The men used to wear Kilts, and some still do, and so It is talking about dancing in your Kilt which I had to explain was like a skirt, and Eating lucky charms, he said but their hiding them I said yea because its their favorite cereal and they don’t want to share it. Needless to say All the grown folks had a big laugh later, and of course I then thought of this wedding in Ireland after that.My son came back in and said I get it mom Look on the box of cereal (He had a box of lucky Charms and said theres a pot of gold Mom. He thought there was maybe a hidden map or something, then he runs back and says mom wait why would they wear a skirt its for girls, I then let me husband take over from there.It was pretty funny though.

    Michelle #287 Thanks great post agree with all.

    What did everyone think of the new Sydney?

  294. From SandyGram

    Episode Tuesday February 19th:
    Abigail, Abigail a beautiful young woman can’t she please go live her life and refrain from getting in her mothers business. Any attitude she may put forth or comments she may make to Chloe or Daniel or even Nicole is not going to help the situation. She can support Jenn in private, but leave the grown ups, and I say that lightly, handle there relationship issues.

    Well I hesitate in saying anything so as not to tarnish EJ’s new persona and acts of chivalry. But for me, he certainly did not show Marlena his new kind, honorable and courteous side as he snidely taunted Marlena about his reconnecting with Samantha; John’s absence and what he may think about him getting back together with Sami; Brady’s relationship with Kristin; and the idea that she may loose her relationship with her daughter. It didn’t seem like his verbal mannerism was one to win friends and influence enemy’s, but more condescending and ‘in your face’. There are many comments about EJ and Sami’s relationship over the years, but the one comment that sticks in my mind is the many times EJ, when angry at her or in love with her, he has stated his main goal to separate Samantha from the whole Brady family. I suppose as we near the return of Stefano we may see the writers start to add a little of the, let’s see what is it being called today, EJ’s gray side leaning toward the darker side of gray, back into the story.

    I’ll re-watch the show again in the AM to see if I see any difference and to pick up what I missed since I didn’t get to watch it all. Snow came today and it is extra burr tonight.

  295. From Raffette

    Admin…. Please —-. Please

    If there is an issue with a poster, please send us an email with the link, the poster’s name and number of their post causing the issue. Admin

  296. From Leah

    Not happy with how Marlena was with EJ today (19th Feb). EJ came in with a good and happy attitude and she was just plain, nasty, NASTY! There was no need for it. EJ was the one who acted like the adult today not Marlena. He was trying to make the most of a delicate situation. I hope both EJ and Sami hold onto the fact that they think they are both worth putting up with this kind of nonsense because I have a feeling its gunna get alot worse before it gets better. Marlena saying to EJ “You won’t last. You never do’ made me nervous. Marlena and the rest of the Brady clan need to wake up to themselves. Sami was not exactly innocent in all of this and has certainly done her fair share of horrid acts as well. Stop the Brady hypocrisy and selective memory business.
    Its another example of Marlena wanting to rain on Samis parade and bring her down. No wonder the girl has had her hang ups. Carrie and Rafe get Marlenas nod of approval for being in love with each other and committing to a relationship… What the? Marlena is losing her marbles. Go Ejami, make them eat their words!
    As for Nicole…. why is she around Sydney again? EJ could have stopped her from talking to Sydney but he didn’t and what did he get for his trouble? Pure sour grapes. Nicole wake up… you said it yourself with EJ its always been Sami, Sami, Sami! The girls certainly had their claws out today but EJ handed it the best he could. Bravo for you EJ!

  297. From patty

    I totally agree SandyGram, EJ didn’t use his new improved persona yesterday with the people of Salem, he was his old obnoxious self. It’s obvious he doesn’t care about Sami’s relationship with her family or to show them what Sami tells them about him is true because he didn’t change. It’s also obvious that he will never be accepted the way Rafe has been in the family or that he will even come close to being the well liked person Rafe is in Salem. He doesn’t have anybody else fooled except Sami and she will soon be an outcast just like he is. That is probably what he’s aiming for since allienating her from her family just like Kristen is doing with Brady would be a major win for him and Fatha.
    He was rattled somewhat by Marlena’s words that they won’t last, they never do. He knows how true that is.

  298. From Barb

    Tee since number 270 is mine, I guess you are referring to me, at least in some of your posts. I respect your knowledge, your education, and your presentation of online sources. But what I meant is that what grandparents have, and are, living through is also fact and cannot be disputed. What has happened, has happened and is fact. As with so many legalities we hear about, the real proof is in living it! When you know first hand grandparents who have lived through it, you know it’s a helpless and heartbreaking situation, not to mention leaving an empty bank account after paying lawyers who, in the end, could do nothing to help you. The grandparents we are best friends with that I wrote about, through their own struggle, came to know many other grandparents, in several states, who were going through exactly the same thing. They also joined a Grandparent’s Rights support group. So it’s out there. And then we even have another poster on this very site who apparently is going through it, also.
    This is all I have to say on the subject, as it isn’t in the show’s s/l yet and may never be, and if it is, it may not resemble reality in the least. I have said I respect your knowledge, but please also respect what my husband and I witnessed with our own eyes that almost destroyed two loving people!

  299. From jolie

    #268 Michelle, for sure Eileen has livened things up tremendously. She was superb Tuesday banging on the bed and ranting around the room. She plays a nut job very convincingly and almost makes you pull for her!
    #270 Barb, I have to admit I got a bit misty eyed when Nicole talked with Syd. It was so sweet. Then Elvis arrived and they sniped at one another. He was like a little boy with a new toy sort of like ‘see what I got’ about Sami. I got over their scene in a hurry. And I thought Elvis was a bit off handed with Marlena. Looks like he was prodding her when I would think he might want to reassure her that he will take care of Sami and the kids. Indeed Marlena was at the top of her game today. Not so much for John. He needs to quit his pouting and get back in the game. And he basically hung up on Marlena. Bless his heart but he’d know it the next time he called my phone if I were her. Totally uncalled for. And I’d say Rafe is finally pulling himself out of a rut. Let him roam around a bit and interact with other characters. When he came to town, he had to take sides immediately for Sami. If you were against Sami or she was against you, then he had to take that stance as well. Well now he doesn’t and he has made friends with Nicole, Daniel, Kate. More possibilities for you when you branch out of your shell.
    #275 Tee, I am not so much against Rafe’s back story as getting his history but more that the writing will be inconsistent and we’ll have revisionist history and will have to argue it out as to what it means right here. I would just like some consistency in the story if it ever comes.
    #279 Patty, I just want this story to be over. That poor baby, can you imagine the dark cloud hovering over it’s little bassinette once it is born? Maybe if it is lucky, Nicole will kidnap it and raise it as her and Eric’s baby.
    #281 DTBB again, my hero! Even when you can’t breathe and don’t feel well, you can still hang.
    #285 Maryl, I am so sorry my dear! I didn’t mean to shoot your dream down by any means so I’ll withdraw my simple and homespun proposal. I guess I just saw all the trappings of Elvis’ wealth and all that stuff at his finger tips pushed aside and it being just Elvis and Sami. And I remember that rope thing but I was not into Rafe and Sami as a couple so I didn’t remember much about it and at all until you brought it up. And I was being sincere about thinking Elvis might want a simple set of circumstances around his and Sami’s eventually wedding. It just seemed to be right at the time. Then of course the rumors are of a double wedding so I think it just grew! And I always loved Stefano and Elvis together so I hope their relationship picks back up. Those were the best times. Casper! That was a hoot. Here I was thinking Marley out of A Christmas Carol! I’ll reboot and rethink the whole thing!

  300. From jolie

    #291 Sandygram, I felt the same way about how disrespectfully and smug Elvis talked to Marlena. A bit scuzzy of him. It did no one any good. And he is basically cutting Sami out of the Brady herd so you are right about that as well. But amazing how others saw it as totally the other way.

  301. From Maryl

    #299 Thanks jolie!–I feel so much better now!! Ha! I will accept a “simple” proposal/wedding regarding EJ and Sami, however, those two will never be “simple” in anything that they do. That’s why I like them as a couple and hope that the only thing “simple” between them is that they “simply” are truly in love with one another and will provide a good home for their children! Do I get an “Amen” to that? lol!

  302. From Linda

    Dyeing to be Blonde and Barb, just wanted to say that our church lends itself out to a Grandparents’ Rights group that meets there one evening a week. I had no idea of the plight of grandparents trying to have access to their grandchildren until hearing about this group.

    I thought EJ was deliberately doing his best to get under Marlena’s skin yesterday. But I thought she handled him great. She gave him some points to ponder! She was great with Kristen, too. Sorry John treated Marlena like he did over the phone.

    Normally, I think Maggie should stay out of other people’s business but under the circumstances of what Chloe is trying to do, I didn’t mind Maggie taking her on. Abigail, well, she is young, means well, and desperately wants to jump in and support her mom and for her mom to be happy.

  303. From gerri

    Just think how funny,It would be,If Eric and Nicole end up a couple,”"She and Sami would be Sisters-In Laws”‘ can one say Fireworks??

    I would rather she end up with Rafe,or back with Brady,but the writers will decide…….

    Of course I agree with all negative remarks about EJ,didn’t take long for him to start his slide again.You’d think If he really loved Sami,he would be doing everything neccesary,to help her,stay united with her family,not pulling her away.
    but he proves over and over again,the only family that Is important to him,Is his own….

  304. From Kat

    Since I was the first one to bring up, that a Wedding in Ireland/in the Church that Santos and Colleen first met,
    would be nice, and then of course I added, Santos and Collen looking down on them…Why would that ever be bad…LOL
    Why not, what is the problem with that,
    How often have we seen “Isabella” appear to Brady, and everybody loved it….

    Tee, always like you informative posts, keep it up…
    and I understood what you were trying to say and Why you were saying it..

    Marlena .. what a Snot… when talking to EJ..
    That woman has such double standards, as discussed on here, depends who she is talking to.
    She was all aboard with Rafe and Carrie, two married people, she did not give one hoot, how her other daughter of Austin would get hurt….did she now…what a hypocrite.
    At least Sami and EJ are Free, to be with whoever…

    And I have not seen any indication, that EJ is trying to cut Sami out of the “Brady Herd”, LOL, Herd of What…I am curious now…

    And “scuzzy” is never a word I would use about EJ.. it fits Rafe much more.

    Nicole, another Snot with a big mouth at that moment, and I do sort of like Nicole, always have..
    EJ was being nice, he did not have to let her see/talk to Sidney…. but he did… LOL

    To much Wishful thinking on here, about what EJ does or might do, or what EJ thinks or might think. Wow, let’s see if it turns out that way… or most likely NOT.

    And Yes, Rafe did say All of those things to Sami, and he implied even more, at the church and then again.
    As I said before, not nice to throw those things into the face of a woman that trusted you with her secrets..
    Also a woman, that just a week before you were ready to be with again… and claimed to love….
    Real Men.. don’t do stuff that way, No Matter what went down….but then again, Rafe is Not the most Respectful Man, not when it comes to the Law, etc…It’s always His way…

    Maybe Kate will straighten him out, after all Kate is more than 10 Samis combined and More any day…

    I still would like to learn about Rafe and all the missing years, and why not, what is the problem with that, good or bad, so what..
    Unless the writers don’t know yet, just what his Back Story would be… long as when they figure it out, they will let us in on Rafe’s prior life story….

    And to Abby and Maggie, please stay out of Jenn’s and Dan’s Love/or not Life…
    None of your business…. Maggie, she is just over doing it, on the phone, running over to Dan’s, at the hospital, etc…
    stay home and listen to your husband’s funnies, feed him home made cookies, and take a course in Baby sitting, know when a Child is Sick….(Have to say, that scene was poorly written, but it made Maggie look bad).

  305. From jolie

    #293 Tee, the new Sydney was just the cutest little girl. I can see her as Elvis’ girl. Good casting. And covering the Lucky Charms, now that was funny!
    #301 Maryl, I am not a fan of Elvis and Sami but I’ll ‘Amen’ your post just because you are a fan.

  306. From Crystal

    Thank God Sami and Rafe are supposed to get back together by the end of the year :) Soooo looking forward to be able to watch Days again without gagging. Sami with EJ is just so sick and hard to watch. Thought Days was well past that. Would have been nice to let Eric and EJ fight over Nicole. Maybe Lucas and Rafe over Sami. Not sure why Days keeps messing things up. Their ratings continue to drop and they just keep messing things up. I’m only watching every once in a while because of this. It’s ashame. I’ve watched from the beginning and can’t say it is as good as it used to be. The characters are so one-dimensional now. Couples keep changing partners too much. Too much sex and not enough romance.

  307. From Crystal

    Thank God Sami and Rafe are supposed to get back together by the end of the year :) Soooo looking forward to be able to watch Days again without gagging. Sami with EJ is just so sick and hard to watch. Thought Days was well past that. Would have been nice to let Eric and EJ fight over Nicole. Maybe Lucas and Rafe over Sami. Not sure why Days keeps messing things up. Their ratings continue to drop and they just keep messing things up. I’m only watching every once in a while because of this. It’s ashame. I’ve watched from the beginning and can’t say it is as good as it used to be. The characters are so one-dimensional now. Couples keep changing partners too much. Too much s-e-x and not enough romance.

  308. From SandyGram

    Just finished watching what I missed in yesterdays show. It looks like Kristen is starting her internal turmoil over what appears to be her real feelings for Brady working against her and Stefano’s plan. Marlena was great with her one, two punch as she walks away from their encounter, she says “that’s not the flush of victory, it’s flop sweat”. Marlena gets a call. “You’ll have to excuse me, it’s my husband”. All causing the rest of Kristen’s scene’s to be very intense.

    Although Eric is Marlena’s son and a staunch protector of his mother, he’s also a priest. It’s hard to say it, but I suppose I would expect to see him, as a priest, have a little compassion for Kristen. Especially since he has forgiven Nicole for all her deeds and is trying to help her live a better life.

    Nicole’s run in with Sydney was adorable and so is the new Sydney. And how cute is her Nanny…Maybe she can be worked into the younger characters story line, like with Chad. Well I’m looking forward to the rest of the week …. I did notice a spoiler on Days Cafe that says ‘Nick is insisting his name be on the baby’s Birth Certificate’, now who didn’t see that one coming??

  309. From patty

    Kat, that means EJ is not a real man either because he has never had any respect for the law(and he’s a lawyer) the law, has broken it thousands of times, has thrown things in Sami’s face that are much worst than what Rafe said and is not respectful towards anyone which is why he is despised in the town of Salem USA. Nicole, Brady and Marlena were all right in what they said to him yesterday, not everybody in town can be wrong about him. I don’t see anybody talking to Rafe that way, why? Because everybody trusts him, not so EJ and there are good reasons for that. I don’t see how finding out about Rafe’s past is going to change how people feel about him, what people do in their pasts doesn’t matter right? At least in doesn’t for EJ on here. But it does matter in Salem and to the people he’s hurt, of course except for Sami until she changes her mind again.

  310. From Barb

    Real men don’t dig and jab at women the way EJ did to Marlena yesterday!
    The new Sydney is adorable!
    Linda number 302 appreciate you acknowledging the issue.

  311. From Maryl

    jolie–you’re ok–you did not compromise your position on EJ and Sami on my account, because the “Amen” I was seeking was for the hope of EJ’s and Sami’s children having a happy family life. lol! You are sweet for thinking of my feelings!!

    Kat, I’m with you on the Colleen and Santo spirits being present at EJ’s and Sami’s wedding! You said it first girl and I second it! I think you and I must have the same idea of what constitutes a love that never dies.

  312. From patty

    Now I suppose it’s going to be all Gabi’s fault that Julie, who I imagine is now going to be called a hypocritical Horton, took it upon herself to go tell Sami, with Will’s help, to butt out of the paternity issue. I, for one, enjoyed it immensely. Now there goes Sami being true to character for assuming Gabi put Julie up to this and doing the exact opposite of what she said she would do , immediatly going off to subject Gabi to another one of her vicious tirades. So happy Will was there to deflect Sami and Rafe swooping in to the rescue. Sami`s face when Gabi started having pains shows what little concern she has for her grandchild and what a heartless witch she is. She probably thinks Gabi is faking this because that is just like Sami to assume things as usual but also because it is a trick Sami herself would pull and probably did in the past if she thought it would work for her. If something was to happen to this baby, it would be Sami`s fault, no one else`s and Will would never forgive her for that. Can somebody tell us again that Sami is only helping her son here. Sure doing a good job of it so far and he looks like he really appreciates it too.

  313. From Crystal

    It was never love. First it was rape…then it was obsession on EJ’s part. That hasn’t changed. Sami will come to her senses again and leave EJ. She still wants Rafe and that is evident every time she gets near him. Days is supposed to be setting it up for them to get back together (SAFE)…you can already see the wheels in motion.

  314. From jolie

    #306 Crystal, where did you hear that or is it common knowledge and I have missed it? Either way, it will make most on this site barf. Those who waited long and hard times to see Elvis and Sami together and those who endured long and hard times to see Rafe free from Sami. I was just not aware that Sami and Rafe were to get back together. Not looking forward to it. I like Rafe just fine without her.
    #308 Sandygram, Kristen was in prime form yesterday as she got all worked up over Marlena and Marlena was good. John was tacky. Eric does seem to draw a hard line and doesn’t waiver much. He was really tough on Nicole about going out the other night and he isn’t budging for Brady’s sex kitten. And yes, the nanny was cute as pie and could find a place amongst the younger set. If she got a story, it would probably be that she was abusing the kids or drugging them. Oh dear!
    #311 Maryl, I am just not hitting the right wavelength with you today but I am supporting your love of Elvis’ and Sami’s love. How is that?

  315. From Maryl


  316. From gerri

    with your latest posts,It shows we
    are all on the same page…

    The look on Sami’s face,when Gabi,got those pains,shows how much she cares about her future grandchild,…none.
    go Will keep tabs on your mom,you’ll see her concern……..

  317. From patty

    According to spoilers Sami tells EJ she wants Nick Fallon gone. There’s the old Sami going all Demira on us. I’m sure Elvis will only be to happy to oblige, right up his alley.

    Great Nicole and Rafe scenes today! Love their friendship.
    Chloe/Dan/Jenn, same old same old. Same arguments, different day.
    We know both Eric and Gabi will be ok but both suffered unjustifiable attacks today.

  318. From jolie

    #316 gerri, Sami is going to go too far. I don’t see Sonny putting up with Sami’s antics once Will and Sonny get back together. He is very respectful but he knows the truth about Gabi and it has turned him against her. Sami needs to see this about Sonny. He may eventually see the need to protect Will from her, especially with Nick in full nutsy mode coming up soon. I know the actress has to have a ball acting like Sami does from one minute to the next. Me…I’d like to stick a sock in her yapper.

  319. From gerri

    yep,our facial expressions,tell alot,without a need for words….
    Happy= smiling,giggling
    Sadness=tears,or lowering your eyes.
    angry=frowning or smirking,
    I don’t find that this Is hard,to understand.
    Sami was for sure smirking.
    this Is what my eyes saw,or maybe I imagnined It.

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