Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For February 21 & 22.

Too much, too fast.

Gabi is rushed to the hospital and the blame for her premature pains is put upon Sami. After Sami is lectured, she tries apologizing but only succeeds in making things worse. As the doctors tend to Gabi, Nick tears Sami apart.

Jenn manages to make things worse with Daniel after she tries to mend their relationship, her demands prove to be too much. Meanwhile, Kristen and Brady get into another fight when she insists that he move in with her and her father.

For more about what’s happening around Gabiꞌs labor pains, be sure to check out’s DOOL Spoilers.

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  1. From dc

    well, sami is always a threat to evereybody, what should gabi be any different?..
    todays show (2/20) was really a good one. i hated eric getting hurt but at least we now know nicole loves eric, she tells him but he is unconscious.
    chloe finally said too much to jennifer but i think she might be going a bit too far, the way she is talking to daniel..
    will stands up to sami but we see that does not last long. he knew she would go to see gabi.
    good to see theo and abe today. really missed seeing them.

  2. From patty

    Yes, Sami is a danger to the baby, a bigger danger than Nick. The look on her face today when Gabi doubled over in pain showed that she could care less about what happens to her grandchild or it’s mother. If something was to happen to the baby as a result of Sami’s vicious attacks, Will would never forgive her.

  3. From Barb

    Such a hoot, most everyone voting Sami is a danger to everyone!

  4. From SandyGram

    Episode Wednesday Feburary 20th:

    I liked that if Nicole is leaving town she wanted to say good-bye to Rafe. Like Rafe said “a year a go” he may not have been saying he would miss her but things changed between them. I’ve always like them together whether sharing a drink at the bar, him pretending to have the hots for her, or him helping her they have good chemistry what ever their connection in the story line is.

    Now the rest of the Ladys, and I use the word lightly in some cases, were just running their mouths about stuff that is none of their business. Interesting Maggie told Daniel that she and Victor had taken some of Chloe’s demands and acted upon them, like changing dry cleaners and have the air vents cleaned out. I’m sure Maggie is willing to do anything in hopes Chloe would bring Parker back to live in the KMansion.

    Julie is so out of line again, as was Sami. There was a comment made on the Next Weeks Spoiler page that no one has done Gabi harm….the obnoxious, over zealous and pushy behavior from both Julie and Sami will cause Gabi tension and stress that causes her pain and puts the baby in danger. It was nice to see that Nick wasn’t in any of these scene’s for once, it’s hard enough watch the Samster go off..I suppose we will get enough of Nick tomorrow when Gabi goes to the hospital.

  5. From Leah

    Sami is smart… she smells a rat and you and I know whats going on behind the scenes with Nick so we know she is right on the money. Sami is wanting to protect Wills rights, nothing wrong with that. As for Gabi I think Sami has her number because Sami recognises some of her traits in her. To me Gabi is nothing more than drama queen. The going gets tough, shes asked the hard questions or made to be accountable for her actions and ouch, holding stomach I am feeling pain. Gabi is acting all sweet and innocent but we all know that certainly is not the case. Eventually Gabi you have to reap what you have sown. So far you have not… hope the truth of Melanies kidnapping etc comes out soon. Tick, tock…

  6. From patty

    Leah, the only rat Sami smells is herself. She has no clue what Nick is up to and is not smart enough to figure it out so there is no justification for her attacks on Gabi or for mistrusting her. Sami’s an idiot thinking Gabi is a fake like she is and would pull some of her same stunts by pretending to be in pain. Sami is the one who needs to reap what she sows and it would be poetic justice that by the time all this mess is over with all the threats of exposure and blackmail, that Sami’s attempted murder on Elvis Demira was brought to light again. And I would hope that Rafe would be the one to do it because we all know that Rafe would not be afraid to compromise himself if it came to that.

  7. From Kat

    5 Leah,
    you are so right…
    Our Sami knows something rotten is up… takes one, to smell it…

    Someday soon, Will is going to know, that His Mom was right to look out for him…..
    Gaby and Nick are not his friends…
    Gaby, the victim, give me a break…
    she is a cold blooded little and we all know it,don’t we now… or are there some, that dis -agree.
    She looked at Melanie through that door window, saw that girl tied to the Headboard and knew her Best Friend was at the mercy of that Nutjob Andrew, and she Did Nothing to help her so called friend.
    I have No use for Gaby,,, pregnant or not, she is bad, bad, bad… and with Nick…double bad IMO…

    Will, you should have listened to your Mother, after all, a Mother has your Best Interest at heart, always…
    even if she was not always the best Mom in the world, but she loves you.
    Gaby and Nick do not love you, lOL

  8. From patty

    |Gabi is an angel compared to Samantha Brady . What she has done in the past is a far cry from being as bad as stealing your baby sister and trying to sell her to the black market , drugging a man to have sex and pass your child off as his, shoot the father of her children in the head and keep a child from his real father which Gabi didn’t do and is still not planning on doing. Gabi didn’t set out to hurt anybody with what happened with Andrew and besides being a little naive when it comes to Nick, she has done nothing or planned nothing devious since and certainly not against Will. Gabi does love Will no matter how anyone wants to try and change that, that is a fact. Gabi is not faking or pretending to be sick and she is not up to any plotting with Nick. She’s hesitant about the paternity test because they already know who the baby’s father is and she doesn’t want to put her baby at risk unessessarily. Sami is the one screwing things up right now, not Gabi and Will knows it and keeps telling her.

    What happened in Gabi’s past doesn’t make her any more an unfit mother than Sami after everything she has done and is still doing, she is definetly not fit and doesn’t deserve to be this child’s grandmother.

  9. From HAYCAM

    LOL! pond scum Sami and angel Gabi!!NOT!

  10. From SandyGram

    It’s not about what Sami knows or doesn’t know, it’s her approach as usual. Now the the writers have approached making EJ a better man, maybe it’s time they worked on making our Samantha a more rational, ‘not so in your face’ mother. She’s only repeating Kate’s actions when Will was a baby, always attacking Sami, now Sami is always attacking Gabi. And of course brother Rafe is going to come to Gabi’s support, just as Sami tried to beat back Kristen from being involved with Brady. Both Sami and Rafe are passionate about protecting their son and sister and the fur is going to fly with every gathering that occurs until they stop ranting at one another. They both need to get past it’s not about neither of them and look at the bigger picture. And the ever helpful Julie and Hope types need to hold their tongues, there is nothing about this situation that is any of their collective businesses. The writers can’t think that keeping Sami and Rafe so explosive is going to endear them to the fans.

  11. From Barb

    Sami doesn’t know any more about Nick and his intentions than anybody else does.
    Some of what Sami is telling Will makes sense, paternity test and all, but she’s been yelling, she hates Gabi and has been attacking her, and Will has tuned Sami out. At this point, Will only sees that Sami hates Gabi.

  12. From carol

    i want to see nick &gabi marred and after she loses the baby be nicksnot wills when thedna test come back and iwant to see samie to get whats coming to her is for her to back the hell off of gabi&nicks babyand iwant to see that danlie waks up and sees that he is still in love with cole and let jen get hit by a car and dies

  13. From Leah

    According to spoilers…. Gabi doesn’t lose her and Wills daughter. She will be born in spring and apparently the name of the game is going to be custody.

  14. From Mouse Fan

    Not all mothers have their children’s best interest at heart. Sadly, some children are used as pawns in the game of revenge. My husband’s ex used to go away for the weekend and let people she barely knew watch my two young step-daughters, because “It’s not his weekend!” He’s a great dad and loves them dearly. It was heartbreaking. Definitely NOT in their best interest. Alas, Karma has come back to bite her. Now that they’re 19 and 20, they resent her for the times she kept them away from their dad and all of the horrible lies she said about him. All in the name of revenge… or just being a biache! :)
    Watch your back Sami! Will is old enough to see the manipulations!

  15. From Lisa

    First off, Nick is a ticking time bomb! He is a control freak and in my opinion, very dangerous!

    Yes, Sami is a problem however I think she knows that Gabi and Nick (mostly Nick) are not on the level when it comes to the baby.

    Poor Will seems to be in the dark.

    Speaking of Will…are he and Sonny gay in real life? They make such a cute couple! :)

    I cannot stand Gabi and I think she and Chloe both ought to leave town!

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