Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For February 25-March 1.

Putting an end to things.

Nick resorts to threats when he attempts to keep Sami away from Gabi. Fallon then corners Will and bluntly makes it clear that he knows who really shot EJ. Will runs off and tells his father. He fears that he has no choice but to give into Nickꞌs demands. Heꞌs about to turn himself in to the cops when his father and Sonny talk him out of it.

Kristenꞌs plans to get Brady into Casa DiMera hit a snag when he catches her bragging to her father about moving her new beau in.

Abby gets into a furious fight with Chloe, who accuses her of stomping on Jackꞌs memory by supporting Jenn and Danielꞌs relationship. For more about the fate of Dannifer, be sure to check out’s DOOL Spoilers.

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  1. From Ninnie

    Well CRAP!! I have taken a two weeks leave of absence from this dorky show because of BR-ISTEN and all of the other junk, and come on here and find out every thing is STILL as it was??? OH GIVE ME A BREAK!! HOW many more weeks am I going to have to put up with watching The CHEW before these story lines dissolve and moves on to other and better things?? I am gaining weight by watching CHEW!! LOL!!

  2. From COLIO

    Will someone clear something up for me. If Maggie is Jennifers Aunt and Daniel is Maggies son..wouldnt that make them cousins!!!

  3. From gerri

    Fast Forward,maybe 20 years,when Allie Is a young adult,and Is involved with an EJ type,and his family has tormented,(himself Included)all her family,will Sami just sit back and try not to get involved?Of course not,she has already proven this,by her actions
    re-Will/Gabi’s baby,and In this case,no physical threats or harm,has happened.
    so What In the world,Is she thinking,that It’s perfectly
    ok,if she’s doing It,but not her Mom.Get real Sami!!

  4. From Kevin

    Maggie was married to Mickey, Jennifer’s uncle (and brother to Jennifer’s father Bill), so they’re not related by blood.

  5. From Leah

    I thought EJ was TRYING to be nice to Marlena on the 19th. He came in upbet, happy and with a good attitude. Deep down we all know from his conversation with Kristen he was dreading seeing amd talking to Marlena. But the boy took the bull by the horn and did. Brave EJ :)
    Marlena on the other hand was just plain mean and nasty, nasty, NASTY! She seems to forget he is the father of two of her grandchildren. She seems to forget Sami has been in love with him for years. She seems to forget she may not like her daughters decisions but as a mom shes said her peace to Sami now her role is to support Sami and her grandkids and hope it works out for the best. But no what did we get from Marlena? Bad, nasty, mean and stinking attitude. Her cold and hard remarks AND an obviously deep down desire that all goes pear shape. What? So she can say to Sami “I told you so!” Nice – NOT! Marlena needs to wake up to herself. No wonder Sami has had so many struggles in her life. What? Carrie and Rafe (Samis ex husband) can declare their love and intention of building a life together and thats ok by mommy dearest but Sami finally gives into her love for EJ (the father of two of her children and by the way whom most of Salem at one time or another have known Sami was in love with and said so)…. but Sami finally gets truthful with herself and Marlena wants to rain on her parade. Jinx it? Pathetic mothering. Double standards! I hate this hypocrisy. No wonder Marlena has given up her day job. I think she is going through some kind of crisis. She needs a shrink herself or is it she is getting old and cranky? I am not a happy camper with her!
    The whole Brady clan need to grow up and wake up. They seem to forget Sami has given EJ as good as he has given her. They need to remember Sami aint no saint herself and has done many horrid things over the years. The Bradys need to stop all this selective memory, one eyed hypocrisy. Samis family need to wake up and see that true love can forgive and forget… EJ and Sami are proof of that! Inspite of everything Ejami accept and love each other and simply can’t stay away from each other.

  6. From Kat

    Well, just lost my Long essay…
    so here we go again…
    MAB, great stuff, I so agree.. if you get a chance go back to last weeks in a day or so…
    I talked about pretty much the same things you mentioned…

    So, today, what would our Jenn know about spending time with Her Kids, she all but abandoned little JJ in London England…well..She has, like it or not.. bad writing IMO…
    It is not Her Place to tell Dr. Dan the new found Daddy, to tell him that He should have Nothing to do with the “Good” Mother of his child…just how small, childish and insecure can any woman get..
    Parker needs more than ever, that he has two parents, that get along
    and love him, even if they are not together… Jenn, IMO, with that statement/demand you made to Dan the Father,,, you suck big time.
    And yes Jenn, Chloe was right, no matter what… you could use a little bit….ooooomph…something..
    and so many on here have stated the same thing many times…
    I just do not see Jenn and Dan lasting…
    It’s like watching a repeat, Jenn and Nicole,
    now Jenn and Chloe…maybe Dr. Dan is just not that much into Jenn,
    is more like our Sami was.. trying to please his new found family,
    by going with the Good girl Jenn/like Sami with “good Boy Rafe,
    but it is Not what They really Want and Desire at all…
    Sami finally had the guts to admit what/who she really wants..
    and I just do Not believe, that Jennifer is the answer for our Dr. Love/Lust Dan… Just MO…

    Julie, practice what you preach, Mind your own business..
    Big question to anybody that knows, Is Nick Fallon a Blood Horton.. or not…
    So many, like Julie, Hope (don’t like her at all lately) seem to forget the Best Interests for Will, Bill Horton’s Grandson…LOL,
    why is that troubled Nick all of a sudden so much more important than the bio Father Will Horton… puzzled…
    Dr. Dan, great Pink Shirt, it would look so much better on EJ, because he is not as Orange as you, never liked pink with orange..
    but love Tan like EJ with pink, he wears it so well… now that I got my “dig” in,….it was all in good fun.
    because if any of you on this site think, that I take anything in Salem serious, I have a bridge to sell you… It’s for fun on here, it’s about fiction, nothing serious…

    Now about Mommie Sami,
    well all of us viewers already know, that
    Sami smelling are Rat is right on…Will … will find out sooner or later, that his Mom was right on the money…
    Will, when it comes to Mother’s … they usually have a 6th sense about their Kids… I do and have always had a sense, and my two sons have learned to know that Mom usually was right…and they love me for it… I am their Mom, and they know, I never meant them any harm…LOL,
    a Mom’s Love endures all, no matter what…wouldn’t some of you out there agree with me…
    Even Sami’s right now, and let’s face it, her “Smeller” is right on the money…Like Her or Not… she is right in the end, and Will is going to find out, and love his Mom even more…speciall once He becomes a Parent
    and learns what “parental” love is all about..

    Liked the talk between Ann and Chloe, it was a Normal talk, and Chloe realized she went to far.. and Ann, sort of reigned her in a bit…
    sounded very much like what could happen between friends in real life…
    And I hate to say it, but Ann is not that far of about “Her Majesty Jenn”, coming and going to her Job…,while everybody else has to put in their a whole day’s work…
    how would any of you, like to work with the Horton Princess, and None of you would ever say a word.. LOL

  7. From Jenni

    Maggie is Jennifer’s aunt because her dad, Bill Horton and Mickey Horton were brothers… Maggie is only her aunt out of marriage to a Horton… so no blood relation between her and Daniel.

    Nick is a Blood Horton, Marie Horton (youngest daughter of Alice and Tom)had a daughter.. Jessica who married Joshua Fallon… and they had Nick… nice cousin after all… Geez… i believe we saw Jessica when Nick was having his parole hearing and all that.

  8. From Jenni

    Maggie is Jennifer’s aunt because her father, Bill Horton and Mickey Horton were brothers. So Maggie is her aunt out of marriage… so no blood relation between her and Daniel.
    Nick is a blood Horton. Marie Horton (youngest daughter of Alice and Tom) had a daughter, Jessica Horton who married Joshua Fallon and they had Nick. Nice cousin…geez… I believe we saw Jessica when Nick was having his parole hearing and all that jazz.

  9. From patty

    According to spoilers Sami tells EJ she wants Nick Fallon gone. There’s the old Sami going all Demira on us. I’m sure Elvis will only be to happy to oblige, right up his alley.

    Great Nicole and Rafe scenes today! Love their friendship.
    Chloe/Dan/Jenn, same old same old. Same arguments, different day.
    We know both Eric and Gabi will be ok but both suffered unjustifiable attacks today. Sami needs to have a restraining order against her and a muzzle for her big mouth.

  10. From HAYCAM

    Did Jenn really just tell Dan not to have anything to do with his son’s mother????? wow!! That is really just plain horrible. Betcha Will will wish he listened to his moma very soon

  11. From Kat

    OK, I checked it out,
    Nick Fallon is Jessica’s son…Jessica is the daughter of Marie Horton, The Nun, that got progo while still being a Nun with What’s his name…slipped my mind just now…
    and she later finally tracked her daughter down.. long story…
    So Yes, Nick is an all bio Horton, just like Will.
    Only proving that not all Horton’s are Saints…. ha…Nick was a bad boy, even under drugs. just like Cuzz Hope..
    But now, without Drugs, Nick is still being a bad boy,,, what about that…and I think there will be much more to come… just stay tuned in..

    But I like it.. good for

    Thank you Jenni

  12. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Kat you can still see the previous blogs, I think you would have to go on side bar click on blogs and find the week you are looking for. I did it when I was looking for a old interview of James Scott. I do like the idea of making it a bit easier to find though lol.

    Great posts and as I promised many would learn Gabi dont want Will to have that baby either.So here in the newest SOD article is this.

    Sonny and Will discuss Will’s letter and their feelings. The two make up, decide to be 100 percent honest with one another, and make love.

    Their new commitment is tested when Nick interrupts them and ends up revealing what he has on Will. Sonny comforts Will after Nick leaves.

    Nick goes back to Gabi and tells her he wants his name on the birth certificate. Meanwhile, Sami shows up and is determined to make sure Gabi and Nick don’t pull a fast one on her son. Nick tells Sami to back off when he see the effect she is having on Gabi. When Sami overhears Nick telling Will his daughter would be better off without him, she intervenes. And that’s when a notary arrives with official papers.

    From the National Enquirer
    March 4th week spoilers

    Roman comforts Marlena, who is distraught over the state of her marriage

    Nicole almost confides in Chloe

    Gabi expresses deep concern about Nick

    Kristen invites Chad to live at the mansion with her

    Sami tells EJ that she wants Nick Fallon gone.

    Nick tells Gabi he wants to step up their plans

    The latest Soap Opera Digest has an article about John’s plans to return home.
    This also in latest SOD and airs next week
    Stefano taunts John with the news that Brady is moving in with Kristen, and that he (Stefano) will soon be joining them. John is unsettled by the news, and contacts his pilot for a return trip to Salem. John still believes that Kristen is trying to get back at him. Despite the problems they’re currently having, John wants to look out for his son.

    Meanwhile, Marlena is unable to reach John after Abe urges her to call him. The couple has lost the trust between them, and it’s going to take a lot of work to repair it.

    So based off some spoilers John is coming home, but things still wont be good, and Marlena will be getting comforted by Roman sounds interesting to me.

    Sami wants Nick gone and tells EJ uh oh sounds interesting as well.

  13. From Barb

    I think Sami was wrong to go into attack mode toward Gabi again today. And Sami is wrong about Gabi sending Julie to talk to her. She didn’t. But I don’t hold Sami totally responsible for Gabi doubling over and having to be hospitalized. They have showed Gabi as being tired and not feeling all that well for several days, Nick has been talking a lot of crap that is scaring her, and everyone squabbling around her today didn’t help matters. However, Sami was at the root of the squabbling.
    I loved how Will showed up so soon after Sami did! He knows his mom! Poor guy just can’t get his mom to ease up!
    Chloe over played her hand with Jen. Liked Jen and Daniel making up but now it’s going to go sour due to Jen’s demands on him.
    Nicole and Rafe were super together, as usual, and the gun scene at the church was good, ending with Nicole whispering her love for Eric.
    I think Eric has another run-in with that junkie next week. Saw it on DaysCafe.

  14. From Barb

    Hmmm, Marlena comforted by Roman. Now THAT could be a story!

  15. From Leah

    Why the surprise at Sami telling EJ she wants Nick gone? Sami doesn’t have to pretend to be something she is not anymore YIPPEE! Go cause some havoc Sami, we have missed you.
    Sami may not have the Dimera name yet but she has, does and is acting like one :) I remember so clearly after Ejami visited Dr Baker at the cop shop a frustrated Sami came home and said to EJ I would have cheered you on if you had killed him right there on the spot. EJs smiling response as she walked out of the room “Spoken like a true Dimera.” Yeeha… bring it on.

  16. From patty

    Nobody in Salem knows what Nick is up to yet. Sami’s actions towards Gabi have nothing to do with Nick so Sami has no reason to be pushing or attacking Gabi, endangering her grandchild and trying to run Will’s life. He has told her to stay out of it but she insists on causing more problems and making the situation worse . That is not the actions of a caring mother or grandmother, those are the actions of the old Sami who lived to cause conflict and trouble for other people, the one nobody could stand. The one who has reverted back to her old wicked ways since she has latched on to a Demira. The same one that will whimper and feel sorry for herself later on when she falls flat on her face and her family won’t have anything to do with her because of her actions. Sami is not doing any of this because she smells a rat or to help her son, she’s doing this because she is turning back into the bitter shrew she’s always been. Nick may be wacko, but he still hasn’t done anything that indicates he would hurt this child, Sami is the biggest danger to her grandchild. Gabi should get a restraining order against her and forbid her to ever come near her or her baby.

  17. From Barb

    Will is actually showing great restraint toward Sami, given the way she is acting. I am both a mom and grandmom and if I talked that way to either of our kids, their spouse, or any of their friends, even if I was in the right about a huge issue, they would shut down on me so fast it would make my head spin. But, then, I would never want to talk to them like that. Sami needs to learn a softer touch to get her point across.
    Like that’s ever going to happen!!

  18. From patty

    Both Sami and Nick are acting stupid and irrational, both focusing on the wrong person in this war with Sami’s unexplicable hatred towards Gabi and Nick’s towards Will. Gabi and Will are not the problem here, Sami and Nick are so if they want to dig dirt and blackmail anyone, it should be on each other. Stop playing with this child’s life and let this little girl be born with both her parents around for her and not in a jail cell or worse.

  19. From Kat

    patty or Barb, sorry none of you got My point, maybe my fault for not articulating it to good…
    I was talking about a Mother’s 6th sense, she knows something is off with Gaby and Nick and sorry to say, she is right…
    Well, patty, you console poor Will, when Sami, his mother,is proven right….
    and Barb, sometimes you just have to take a huge chance with your loved ones, that they might not like what you are saying… and take their immed. wrath…..
    but if you are right in the end..
    it takes a lot of Love, to get the courage, to stand up for what you believe is right, that is real love in the long run..and that is what our Sami is doing right now.

    Sami is Sami, and is the way she talks… I have seen that for 20 years now, and it is not going to change any time soon… It’s passionate Sami, and I.. being from Europe, can so much identify with her ways.. and my family knows that, and loves me for it all the way…Their caring and passionate Mom all the way, …
    And Rafe, he sure is Not Mr. Calm and Cool either…he gets as loud as Sami.. LOL

    Sami, go for it, you are on the right track…follow your instincts
    about that whole mess…

    18 patty, no matter what Sami is doing right now, right or wrong,
    you will not like it…
    so no surprise there at all…
    even if it is for Will’s best Interest in the long run,
    and that is what Sami is looking out for right now, and I get that…

  20. From patty

    Leah, then you wonder why Sami’s family don’t want her with EJ and want her with Rafe? Then the rest of the people are called hypocrites because they don’t forget EJ’s past and tell him where to go and call Sami selfish, irrational and self destructive. Just because you enjoy seeing Sami and EJ causing havoc and destroying people, it doesn’t mean the people of Salem are going to cheer them on and encourage them. They will continue to be treated as the outcasts that they are and that is the legacy they will leave their EJami family. Being a true Demira is not a burden those children will bear lightly.

  21. From Tee

    If I rememebr Sami was not a innocent goody goody long before EJ came to Salem, see that is precisely why many fans of hers from the beginning, like myself think she was being something she is not the last few years.Sami sure didnt know EJ when she kidnapped Belle and sold her in the black market, or when she was scheming and plotting on her sister, or her own mother and John.She has been in Salem what 20 years and atleast 16 or more of those years have been spent by her being scheming, plotting going after what she wanted no matter the cost etc etc.So I feel it is safe to say this is the real Sami.
    As you Said Patty many in Salem don’t know it is Nicks fault so therefore when stuff happens is Sami supposed to know it is Nicks fault as well every time, She goes directly tot he mother of the child Gabi.If Sami stands back and does nothing Will is going to lose his child, as I have said before Sami is not to blame for her going to the hospital.I am still waiting on her getting blames on Global warming lol

    Barb I have been saying that a while now that Gabi has been showing signs all is not right she is constantly tired and sick I can count atleast 5 or more times I have seen her be that way in last few weeks alone. I think there is something else going on with Gabi and a very reliable person did tell me it is not Samis fault she goes to hospital, so I am inclined to believe it.I can understand some think Sami needs to back down, perhaps she has taken it a little bit too far at times, but I dont think she is intending to hurt the baby, and she is only trying to help her son.The real problem here is Nick.That is what amazes me that someone condemns Sami for helping her son when we know Nicks intentions, We as the audience have got to see what nick is planning no matter if all of Salem knows, we do so then why should Sami step out and allow her son to be blackballed, and pushed from his childs life?

    When Will asked them about the paternity test gabi was the one who did not want to Nick right away answered for her and said no problem she will do it.Gabi has been the one who keeps worrying over it and telling others she dont want to do it.Why is that, either she has something to hide, or she dont really want Will establishing his paternity.It is as simple as that.Now Gabi must have went to Julie who is not a doctor and asked or seeked her opinion or whatever it was.The agreement was they would ask a doctor, and Sami is right they should go ask a Doctor, Gabi has shown no intentions of making that appointment or asking a doctor.Will and his naive self is going to be needing his mothers help real soon, and that has nothing to do with Sami that is because Crazy Nick is going to blackmail him meanwhile Gabi is on his side as well.So what will be Gabis excuse when Nick asks her to put his name on Birth Cert What will be the excuse when a notary shows up what will be her excuse when Nick tells her they need to step up their Plan.Not his plan Their plan
    All Sami really said to Gabi was Julie is not a adoctor and has not had a paternity test since Nixon was president which had me lmao, She was not screaming and she said ask a real doctor we can go right now.Then in walks Rafe.Who had every right to defend his sister but then so did Sami have a right to help her son in my eyes.

    Marlena and EJ’s scene I think EJ was right they should try to get along now, and I think he was trying to put their differences aside, but it is not a secret Marelan dont like him and he has a right to not lay down and take it.He did try to ask her if they could put their differences aside and of course she was not planning on doing that.I dont see EJ as trying to alienate Sami from her family in fact last week he even took her to the pub and said He could take out what her family dished because she was worth it. I have never heard him tell Sami she could not be around her family never ever.I dont see him saying it now.He does not have to put up with Marlenas snarky comments and has a right to get snarky back when she acts that way.I think he really thought he could appeal to her and put the past behind him.He was not rude nor did he downgrade her he stated the facts and tried to put aside their differences.She got all snarky which is hypocritical of her considering she not long ago was all hand on back of his chair trying to get him to stay away from Kristen as she was a bad influence on him.Marlena is noone to cast stones at anyones house when her own house is glass.

    Leah #17 Great post and as I said above that is the real Sami, not the fake Sami.EJ does not make her that way he just accepts her for who she is.Like I said above Sami was like that long before he came into the picture.Funny how some think it is because she is with EJ, but in all truth she is herself when with him.Much like Kate who does what she thinks she need to to get what she wants Like trying to kill Chloe she can be herself with Stefano.If for example Kate changed her ways all of a sudden I would not buy it either, she has always been the woman who does what she needs to to get her results.Scheming and plotting and what not and yes even plotting someones demise as Sami has many times over.Sami don’t care what EJ does as long as it don’t hurt her and her family.She accepts that he is grey as she is.Good reference also Leah.

    Patty #10 Yep Sami is back to being herself the real Sami.I have watched her like this for alomst 20 years so This is the Sami I love, I like her when she is being herself not what someone else wants you to be.EJ is also being him.He never really was happy with doing fathers bidding, and has always been played to love Sami, and it was always shown he did his fathers bidding because he wanted his love and because he was convinced sometimes he could get results this way, which usually was trying to get Samantha.EJ only ever wanted to be with her and have a family, that dont mean he cant be a bad boy sometimes.He is a Dimera, and even Lexie sometimes was grey as is John at times.He just had a harder times after being beaten by Stefano and pushed to do his bidding all the while maintaining his love for Samantha, and turning against his fatha when it threatened that many times.That is the great thing Sami dont need to pretend to be what she is not he accepts who she is as Alison and James discussed in their latest interview, and EJ gets what he always wanted his love and children.That dont mean he has to be a good boy. I dont blame EJ at all for what Sami is she was always that way.I will have to wait and see exactly what happens with Nick.

  22. From Leah

    #22 Patty you can’t be serious? EJ gets the blame for this yet again? A) The boy is nowhere to be seen in this Sami, Gabi, Will, Rafe scene. EJ didn’t send her over there Sami went of her own accord. Looks like tomorrow EJ is about to find out what went down and calls off all the dogs barking at her for Gabi being in hospital! Good on ya EJ.
    B) Sami was doing pretty well at upsetting her family and getting into trouble all by herself… And that was way, way, WAY before we had even heard of an EJ Wells/Dimera. So Sami being involved with EJ isn’t going to change things one little bit. Sami is Sami and I for one love her for it.
    PS: And your beloved Rafe didn’t change her one little bit. Sami was still up to no good when she was with him. Sami changed Rafe not the vice a versa. Sami drew him into her world not the other way around. Sure Samis family may have been happy when she chose their “family approved” choice but Sami wasn’t. As she said to EJ… she tried and tried and tried with Rafe. Why? Because she was so desperate for her families approval. Sami and EJ for that matter were in denial and dead in their other relationships. Thank goodness they have chosen to put themselves and their wants and needs first for a change. Blow the families! Its great to see Ejami ALIVE again and happy :)

  23. From Tee

    Kat #21 Agree and great post

    Barb I also agree with your post on Will and Sami and the situation.Sami has been there and knows what is really going on she has some experience here, and yes right now she has no idea who is pulling what string but she knows Gabi is the mother, and Gabi is ultimately who needs to stand up against Nick. I would never ever if in that situation stand by and allow a man to call my babys father the other gay boy.Yes Gabi said something about it, but is that the kind of man she wants around her child?Gabi has and will see more and more Nicks plan.So yes Sami should have a lighter approach but that is not Sami lol as you said

    Lets not forget that Gabi not long ago was teaming up with Nick to convince Will to lie and say it was Nicks baby.That is a fact some forget in defending her.Does anyone really think her goals have changed?She just cant do it as easy now because everyone knows Will is the father, she still wants the same she wants Nick to be the daddy.She just rubbed her tummy last week and said that to the baby.She also told others her and Nick decided this and her and Nick decided that. Sure we just see Nick scheming, but it dont cange the fact that Gabi wants the same thing, as she did in the beginning.Her defense about not getting the test was Julie said not to.Umm I thought they agreed to ask a Doctor not Julie, who is not a Doctor and hasn’t even had a baby in many years.

    Patty #22 So they want Sami to be something she is not?How can they blame EJ for what she is when she was that way before he came to Salem.It don’t really matter if anyone wants them together as it never mattered to Marlena what her kids wanted when she shipped them off to boarding school, and cheated on their father with John.Or when she treated Brady like he was dirt beneath her feet, hell even Roman trying to impress Marlena beat up Brady.Yep Glass house.Marlena was such a great person she tried to convince ehr husband to get rid of his own chilld for her, and had her other husband beating him to impress her.Marlena is to blame for why Sami is how she is not EJ.It is best for her to remember that.She could not be bothered with her other kids, as she had John and their love child together and be damned the other kids of her or him.Her heart was evil enough it allowed for her to be possesed.Another glass house for Marlena.Just as EJ was raised by Evil Stefano and it affected how he came out, Sami is affected by her own Mother.I guess people forget how many lives Marlena destroyed and all she has done.Who is anyone in Salem to cast a stone except for maybe Jen Horton haha.She has not done too much to build her glass house yet.Gee Marlena is so lucky to be forgiven by Brady after ll he suffered because of her.Sami and Eric still show signs of suffering.Sami is Sami because of it and that wont change.Meanwhile eric is trying to be a priest to atone and it is not workingout too well for him as he is in love with Nicole.Which is fine by me, another fantastic example of the prejudices.Nicole who has committed even worse crimes then Sami and sometimes crimes up to par and worse then EJ is everyones little Sweetheart lmao.Ya right.She is allowed to be forgiven by people and claimed she has changed but we have seen her changes for only a few months.EJ has been becoming a better man for a year now and still people believe Nicole changed but not him?The things that made peple mad about EJ are not being done, he is not so called raping anyone, nor has he put in place any robo Rafes or any other character.He has always stopped his father from murder it was never his forte.He has not kidnapped his own child and pretended it was dead, anymore.Wow look all those crimes were committed against Sami and or Rafe, and well I highly doubt he will be harming either one anytime soon.If Nick wants to go threaten someone and go all crazy on people EJ has a right to defend his family.Just as Sami does.I guess it is ok for the people of good ol Salem to defend against a Dimera but not a Horton lmao.Glass houses evrywhere.Sami learned real well how to bend the rules, from all her family when the Dimeras messed with them they did what they needed to and some, but when she is threatened by Nick she should not defend herself.Glass houses.I don’t see them wrecking havoc on all of Salem they never did that, in fact Sami wrecked more havoc when she was with Rafe. The only person I seen her wrecking havoc on while with Ej which they have never truly been together anyway was Stefano.

  24. From Leah

    #23 Tee… its also interesting to note the actress herself is glad that the old Sami is back. Alison obviously knows after 20 years what makes her character Sami tick and enjoys acting EVERY PART of Samis layers. Great stuff!
    I’ve also heard James say its much more interesting and fun to play a grey character than a plain black and white one. Seems like James and Alison enjoy their jobs and their characters… hence that is why they are so good at bringing them to life. People either love them or hate them and are rarely indifferent to their characters. That means the writers and the actors are doing their jobs. Good stuff. Go Ejami!

  25. From Tracey

    Good for Jen for telling Daniel not to have anything to do with that bimbo Chloe. He still sees Parker there is no reason for him to see Chloe. She is a manipulating,scheming liar who is using this little boy. She sucks as a mother! Why does she never work she is supposed to have this teaching job that she has never been to. She is too busy with Anne trying to drug Jennifer. Why doesn’t she just stay away from Jennifer, but she keeps going over to Jennifer’s house. She needs to get a life and move on . Daniel loves Jennifer not the ex-hooker. Maybe they should lay off on all that god awful make-up that they cake on Chloe she dresses and looks like a call girl. I love J & D together and hope they get married! We know the writers won’t let that happen because rumour has it the bimbo and Dr D will get together if its true. Nobody is ever happy in soap land!

  26. From Tee

    heres a little reminder of Marlenas hate for Brady.Her won daughter Belle called her out on it.She made his lfe a living hell growing up, and even after Belle told her Brady saved her she still did ot believe it.Wow Marlena really is noone to judge EJAMI. Noone at all.Her glass house is the size of a mansion by now.

    Whats ironic is Brady forgave her after all she did to him.But Marlena cant ever forgive EJ and let her daughter be happy.Wow Glass houses.

    Above one is pretty much more proof, Ironic Will had shared almost this same scene with his mother.Except Rafe is not his father, it still goes to show Marlena raised Sami to be how she is.

    Above Sami forgives her mother and realizes Marlena was really torn between John and Roman and that it was her choice to be with John.Scene features Sami and Eric Marlena overhears.

    So see maybe some of what Sami does is a direct result of how she grew up, but either way Sami realized it was more important that John made her mother happy, and forgave her mother.Brady forgave her as well after how she treated him, and his accident that almost caused him to neer walk again.Marlena should give EJ a chance with Sami.

    LEAH #26 great post and yes they are.

  27. From patty

    You said you wanted to see EJami wreak havoc , I said that’s why everybody in town dislikes them so much. Where did I blame EJ? Sami might have always been a bitch, but it was usually to EJ. That is probably the reason for the excitement to see them destroy people in true Demira fashion as a team , it’s a change from destroying each other I guess. How anyone can root for such scumb is beyond any comprehension really.

  28. From Tee

    Leah #17 I wonder if I read right in that you said the real Sami is back and for Sami to wreck havoc?I assume you were referring to the spoiler you quoted about Nick right? I agree Sami has always been this way.

    I guess if everyone in town has disliked Sami for 20 years seems she dont care since Sami has been wrecking as it is called havoc for about that long. I am still trying to remember EJAMI eevr wrecking Havoc on Salem?I do know together they are unstobbable but I have never seen them go and wreck havoc on innocent people together either.
    Sami spent about atleast 16 years being a bitch to others that are not EJ.So no Usually she is not being a Bitch to EJ.Is it really just Dimera fashion if Sami has been doing this long before EJ eevr came into her life?I also guess now EJAMI are just scum? Wonder what happened a few months back when pics were being posted of the wonderful chemistry of SAFE?Was she scum then I wonder?
    Who are they detroying as Leah said It seems to me Sami is the one mainly involved in this story line not EJ.Sure EJ is going to defend his woman just as Rafe has been excused for his defending of Sami in the past.Rafe committed many of crimes to defend her and it is looked upon as ok because he was defending the greater good which I guess was Sami, but all of a sudden she is scum.
    Scum used to define someone that is the lowest form of life.
    Ah to each their own.We all think what we think.

  29. From haycam

    I totally agree that Marlena was a horrible mother to Sami and Eric. She has turned out to be a great mother inspite of that. No boarding school for her kids! poor JJ. Can’t wait until he comes back into Salem and shows how badly his mother has screwed him up.

  30. From Leah

    Yes Patty… you called it wreak havoc I call it Ejami standing up for themselves and taking nobodies garbage. Whether it is their parents or family or “so called” friends Ejami have been pulled from pillar to post. No one can agrue with Ejami defending themselves. And I think Marlenas nastiness to EJ is just the beginning. Its gunna be the tip of the iceberg. No wonder Ejami wanted to keep it quiet and enjoy each other first before they let all of the Salem busy bodies in their glass houses start throwing their stones. I’m hoping the writers give them a bit longer but lets face it Ejami are always in the thick of things on Days so I suspect its all gunna start again rather soon. Oh dear!

  31. From Leah

    #29 Yes Tee your right my comment was in reference to the Nick spoiler. But I have also had enough of Ejami being expected to just sit back and take everyones condemnation and judgements. Especially from the citizens of Salem who have all had their fair share of dramas and cover ups. And yes I’m with you I don’t ever remember Ejami ever working together to cause any kind of havoc in Salem.
    If Days didn’t have the Samis or EJs in Salem… how boring would the show be to watch it? If I wanted to watch the Brady bunch then I’d watch that. Its a soap I expect there to be all sorts of adventures, drama, excitement, fun, mysteries, mischief and trouble.

  32. From patty

    Tee, what has Marlena sending her kids off to school or what went on between her and Brady have to do with Sami being a meddling, immature, selfish and irrational 40 year old grandmother from hell. Don’t you think it’s way past time to stop blaming mommy for being such a screw up. She’s not 15 anymore, she has kids of her own to set an example for now. Time to grow up and stop playing the poor misunderstood child and blaming everybody else for her mistakes. Look at how Will’s life was messed up and even though insecure, he turned out to be a more mature and rational person than his mother. Sami choses to act the way she does, what other people did in their past has nothing to do with it.

  33. From Barb

    Yes, Tee, you and I (my number 14) agree that Gabi has not appeared to feel very well lately, with her being so tired and generally not 100 %. So I believe her trip to the hospital is legit, and not necessarily all Sami’s fault. Although Sami’s attacks on Gabi don’t help if Gabi turns out to be under some kind of physical stress with her pregnancy. And Nick constantly feeding Gabi scary information about someone taking the baby away from her sure isn’t helping, either.
    I don’t care for Gabi since her part in what happened to Melanie that she has never fully owned up to, but I think Gabi is more weak than evil. The way I see it is that the plan with Andrew was Gabi’s idea at first but once they really got into it, Gabi was easily manipulated by Andrew into extreme measures. And now she is being manipulated by Nick, who she is in love with, which makes the manipulating even easier for Nick.
    I still think Sami’s anger is directed at Gabi for lying to her about the baby, which Will also lied to Sami but he’s her child so I guess that’s why she was able to get over it but not get over it with Gabi. I don’t think Sami knows anymore about what Nick is up to than anybody else knows, which is nothing at this point. Except for Kate who doesn’t trust Nick a bit.

    Kat I just think Sami would get further with “protecting” Will if she reasoned with him in a calmer manner and took the hate for Gabi out of it. When I said my own kids would shut down on me if I talked to them like that, it’s what has happened with Will. You can see it. He isn’t hearing anything Sami is saying. He is only seeing that she hates Gabi and anything Sami is saying that might make sense, is getting lost.

  34. From patty

    Marlena’s disaproval of EJ is due to the way he has treated Sami in the past, what he and his father have done to her family, her husbands, to her children and especially to herself. Most of Marlena’s past actions were usually as a result of some of Stephano’s schemes. He’s the one who caused all the separations from her children, keeping her away for years, keeping her prisoner in cages and towers, tried to make her his queen of the night, stole her children and brainwashed her husbands and erased their memories, keeping fathers away from their children. So if you want to blame anyone for Sami being so screwed up, blame him. The Demiras are behind the Bradys and the Blacks lifelong hell, which is why they don’t approve of them or want to be part of their family. Nothing to do with glass houses.

  35. From Leah

    You may know this but I certainly didn’t….
    I just found out something I didn’t know surfing the net. TV Guides Best Actor for the Year 2012 was none other than JAMES SCOTT. Congratulations and well done James. You deserved the recognition for your acting talents which has been long overdue. I agree with the writer who said he thinks Days need to capitalise and use you more. It’s obvious the females fans love you as you don’t get voted Mr Adonis 5 out of the last 6 years for nothing. And your acting speaks for itself. I do not understand why Days do not promote their actors accomplishments more. The others don’t seem to have a problem promoting their stars, maybe that is why Days lags behind? I believe the majority of us Days fans have felt for a while James Scott is the lead male actor on this show. James and his character EJ have earned and deserved to be centre stage on this show. So I hope Days continue to do right by the actor and his character. I know for me no EJ, Sami, Ejami or Ejamily and I’ll be gone. I’m sorry to say that and it would be with regret after watching this show for around 30 years but to me EJ and Sami ARE the new generation of supercouple, forbidden love, destined love, romance and family. Without them Days would just struggle to hold my attention.

  36. From MAB

    ADMIN – ok I don’t get it. I posted yesterday on this page, and it was there last time I was on here yesterday, and now I look today and it’s gone. If you’re gonna delete my posts, please tell me now so I won’t waste my time.

  37. From jolie

    #13 Tee, thanks for the spoilers as the ones above seem a bit sparse for the week. So Marlena turns to Roman about her problems…I always wanted a story for Roman but maybe not this one! I see him like Lucas- a man in waiting. Waiting for something to happen to wake him from his long slumber. I am a bit confused that Stefano taunts John when the last scenes we saw them in almost friendly banter. I guess I read too much into it as we tend to do. But if it gets John’s noggin outta his arse, so be it. John is setting himself and Marlena up for problems. Just come clean John…it isn’t like he has always been squeaky clean and above board. I think my biggest problem with all of this is that Roman might be in the middle! I am sure that Sami telling Elvis that she wishes Nick gone is one of those spoilers that will not exactly play out like it sounds..but lots of intriguing thoughts will pop out on this one. So New Elvis will have the chance to talk her off the ledge or she’ll go to Stefano and make it happen….ha!
    #14 Barb, I am not sure how Gabi is still walking around with all the stress in her life. Tired and not feeling well, that is totally understandable. Sami is Sami and jumping at a chance to stick her nose into a bee’s nest is her forte. Chloe and Jenn, how can 2 women be so stupid about a man with such a history of broken relationships? When will we learn to walk away and cut the losses?
    #20 Patty, Sami is in her modus operandi…acting stupid and irrational because after all it is all about her. Nick is a convicted killer with some major and documented problems so he can’t help but act stupid and irrational. Again, I say have Nicole kidnap the baby and raise it. This is the safest outcome.
    #26 Leah, it seems that most actors will say this same thing. It is fun to let go and have at it and be the baddest and most outrageous character with no holds barred. I have always thought that of the Sami Actress. She is nothing like the Sami she portrays but don’t you know she has fun being the Slammin’ Sami? And the character Sami, I think she is a bit of a sociopath so she can’t help but be how she is. If it seems to fit what she wants, she goes for it. Elvis has a family name to uphold and he appears to struggle with it at times so I see a little difference in the characters. Sami, no struggles at all! Just jump in with both feet. I am not saying good or bad, just how I see them. The show needs its villains.
    #35 Barb, I agree that Sami would get further with Will and Gabi if she were calm and took the hate out but she’d need a lobotomy to do that. And Sami just sees herself in Gabi, well, herself without the steroids.

  38. From gerri

    umm,lets see It’s very much okay,for Sami to be this concerned mommy’s ,and be Involved In all the Will/Gabi/Nick drama,
    but not for Marlena,to speak out,re-EJ’s past with Sami,and all the Bradys..
    double standards here for sure.

  39. From jolie

    #40 gerri, it seems like we are in a contest for worse mother. And they both get my vote. Yes, they both care about their kids. Yes, they both are both fictional characters who are at the mercy of a plethora of writers over the years. Yes, they will continue to make silly decisions. Yes, Sami will continue to employ the sleepover which she recently invented for a way to get rid of her kids since Caroline has closed her 24-7 Days Care. I can’t see the difference either. Now if you want a good mother figure, let’s talk Kate. She is willing to pay large bucks for or poison brownies in the name of love for her sons. That is a mom who cares!

  40. From jenny

    It’s nice to read how others feel about the soap, their opinions etc….but geez, some are like reading a book….when there’s over 150 comments, it’s a long time reading

  41. From Linda

    Two of the spoilers on DaysCafe for 2 weeks from now are

    “Gabi starts to wonder about Nick, who is increasingly obsessive.”

    “Sami wants Nick out of the picture and seems to want EJ’s help. But how far would she want him to go?”

    It also says John and Marlena are not back together, and Chloe regroups with a new plan. . . .enter Nancy.

  42. From MAB

    I’ll try again, and see if this one remains or gets removed:

    I understood what Jen was trying to convey to Daniel yesterday, but the part about telling Daniel to cut all ties w/ Chloe was wrong. Like it or not, she is the mother of his child, and he cannot cut all ties w/ her. They have to communicate for Parker’s sake. But he needs to make it clear to Chloe that he wants nothing to do w/ her other than them sharing their son. And what Jen should’ve done was make it clear to Daniel that she isn’t gonna put up w/ Chloe anymore. And tell him it’s not gonna work between them if he doesn’t get tough and make it clear to Chloe that they are together, and that he will not allow her to come between them. And since Chloe got herself thrown out of Victor’s, as Maggie confirmed to him, and she has no place to go, then he should tell her since you’re staying at my place, I’ll be staying w/ Jen. He needs to prove to Chloe he’s committed to Jen, and see how Chloe is working him, and stop being so clueless to let it happen.

    Julie was out of line to go to Sami, on her job nonetheless, and approach her about a personal matter. Besides, it’s none of her business anyway. I loved how Sami brought up the fact of them (the Horton’s) taking sides w/ Nick when Will is also their family. Of course Julie denied it, but she uttered those exact words to Gabi at the pub about having a slew of Horton’s behind her, and she’s not even their family. They’re only behind her because of Nick, and they could care less if Nick wasn’t in the picture. I just don’t get the importunacy of Nick being a part of this child’s life. The baby is Gabi & Will’s, and they are the ones who need to be supported here. But they are all behind Nick 100% and continue to have a problem w/ Will’s legal rights. Sami was right, a blood test would not hurt Gabi, or any pregnant woman, and she was right in everything she said. And Sami doesn’t have to have knowledge of what Nick is doing, she is smart enough to know he is already up to something, and that Gabi is letting it happen. And Will is just to blind to see it. Like I said, he’ll be thanking his mother once the truth comes out.

    Let’s hope EJ & Sami can make Nick gone. It would solve Will & Gabi’s problems, and save all of them a lot of heartache. There are several ways to make Nick gone, and putting his butt back in prison, or a mental hospital, both of which he belongs. And proving he is a psychopath & still a criminal will be simple, because he is. And that is the DiMera way of making someone gone, doing things the good ol’ fashion way, revenge!

    Gabi’s been tired & stressful for a while now. And most of the stress she’s been experiencing all along is from Nick & Rafe who have been the constants in her life, preaching to her over & over about the baby, etc. They have her brain working overtime being scared Will wants to take her baby from her, when that is nothing but a lie. In fact Will has been the ONLY one who has treated Gabi respectfully & tenderly since she’s been pregnant. So her problems doubling over yesterday didn’t occur from just the one incident yesterday. All Sami did was walk in and start talking to her. That didn’t happen until Rafe walked in and started screaming at Sami and got Gabi all freaked out trying to calm them down. So if anyone is to blame for what went down yesterday, it’s Rafe. Sami was talking to her & Will calmly before Rafe barged in and started yelling.

    Poor Eric, he tries so hard to help people and see the good in them, and what does he get? Beat up & knocked out. So looks like SOD’s spoiler was the most accurate as to what actually happened, in that he got hit in the head. He was hit w/ the gun, then clubbed over the head w/ the cross.

    Kat – Daniel’s pink shirt, I liked it. And some say real men don’t wear pink. Ha! Oh, and I agree about taking huge chances w/ your loved ones in protecting them when you know you’re in the right. I would rather them be mad at me than hurt by someone if I could’ve done something to prevent it, and I think ‘most’ parents (mothers) feel that way.

    Marlena’s disapproval of EJ is due to him being a DiMera and the fact he is Kristen’s brother, her rival. If Kristen wasn’t making her life miserable, I bet she wouldn’t have been so nasty to EJ the other day. She compared their relationship to Brady & Kristen’s and as mad as she is, she even knows that is not a fair comparison. She could at least be supportive of Sami & her grandchildren that they are happy…and she should also remember that if not for EJ, she would be living w/o John.

    Leah – glad to see James Scott won yet another award…he no doubt deserves them all!

  43. From gerri

    you are too funny,about the best mother contest.
    Yes Kate would be at the top,with her actions,to protect her sons..
    isn’t too much,that she hasn’t thought on doing,or hasn’t done….

  44. From jolie

    #47 Amanda, what?!? Do you mean that the poster here can’t tell Chloe off? That these people have no choice on how they act or react to the other characters? That this is all fabricated? Wow, bust my balloon! Where is Dr Phil when you need him? I think I need a session now.

  45. From MAB

    To my fellow EJamis – you must visit Ali’s website ( and check out the pics of her & EJ, and all the gifts they’ve been sent by fans since their reconciliation. A must see!

  46. From michele

    Kat, again thank you for asking about my daughter and wanting to know my opinion on the way they are handling the gay story lines.

    I think Days of our lives is doing a fabulous job with it. They are truly showing all sides. For example, when Will first came out as being gay, they had Lucus be the excepting parent and Sami loose it. Then they had Lucus have a problem with seeing it.

    I thought that was a very realistic showing of how what is easy to deal with in words is one thing and with the eyes is another. Just like so many on here that support the Wilson relationship have voiced that it is hard seeing the relationship.

    They have shown the stuggles a person goes through when they realise that they are gay, the way it is easier on some family members to except then others, the way not everyone is ok with someone being gay, even though it has nothing what so ever to do with them.

    The baby story. I have said before, that I think this story is going to show, and open the eyes of, what gay parents have to go through. I wonder how many people 2 years ago would be defending a gay mans right to raise his child with his lover. But that to the way Days has dealt with this story, Will is not just a gay man with a lover. He is a human being just like you or I that happens to be gay. Being gay does not define Will it is just another discription in a long list of discriptions. He is a young man, that has a big heart, is gay, blond hair, goes to college,has 3 siblings,(has an awful mother,lol you know I have to say SOMETHING bad about…..etc.

    I commend DOOL and the way they have told this story. But even Sami’s reactions were real to life, a lot of parents do not comprehend that being gay is not a choice at first and have asked if it was something they have done, or have thought that their child is just “doing this to get attention”. It is not true, but they have to learn and process it.

  47. From Renee

    I just read on rumor mill. That Sydney is really Nicole after all. I wish they would show that s/l.

  48. From Renee

    I just read that Sydney is really Nicole after all.

  49. From LUMILY

    I hope Sydney is Nicole and EJ’s and I wish they would get back together ASAP.

    I wish Johnny was Lucas and Sami’s son,and they get back together,and I would be a happy fan for life.

  50. From Barb

    DaysCafe for next week says “Eric’s attacker is baaaak and he almost kills him.” I don’t get it. If I needed money would I go rob a church?! Wouldn’t think there would exactly be a bundle there!
    Even though we’ve known for a while that Gabi doesn’t lose the baby, gosh, I was still on the edge of my seat today.
    I so agreed with everything Will said to Sami,both at the pub and at the hospital. Sami knew she did wrong, we could see that, and when she mouthed to herself at the pub “Oh, my God, what have I done”, I think it really hit her and she was scared for the baby.
    I was glad Sami apologized, and also directly to Rafe for upsetting his sister and I was glad that Rafe, then, also took some of the blame.
    But then for Sami to turn right around and go into Gabi’s hospital room was beyond stupid! Yes, she was in there to apologize but Gabi, of course, after what happened at the pub, would be completely stressed out to wake-up and see Sami there. One would have to think that could very well have caused the onset of premature labor, unless there is something else going on that tests will reveal later.
    Chloe has really turned into a piece of work! Daniel and Jen are both right in where they are coming from about Daniel’s relationship with his child’s mother but it’s going to be difficult to come to a middle of the road agreement to work things out. Compromise is not in Jen’s vocabulary right now!
    Abby and Cameron – kind of a silly s/l right now, IMO.

  51. From SandyGram

    #50 Michelle…
    Excellent and enjoyable posting on the gay story line.

    Today’s show (21 Feb 2013)was intense. Although we pretty much knew what was going to happen with the spoilers and pre-show conversations, all of the characters and their personality’s portrayed their part making it a ‘sit on the edge of your set’ show. It’s very emotional for me to watch anything that has to do with a baby’s life being threatened (even thought we know Gabi will deliver the baby later),so my only critic for this part of the show is job well done by all.

    But now Abby, finally she has confirmed to Cameron she is a virgin, now maybe she can get on with their relationship if there is going to be one.

    Daniel, Jenn, Chloe, Maggie, let’s move it along writers need some fresh dialog here. Maybe mama Nancy will clear the air and give us something new in this story.

    Another excellent day for Eric and Nicole with the exception Eric picked up the crucifix that was used to boink him on the head possibly disturbing finger prints from his assailant. Then there’s Roman, down from the attic, swooping in to take care of his son. I wonder if Eric knows Nicole and Roman appeared to of had a one night stand way back when? I don’t reckon that will ever come out since there was no further story behind the brief incident.

  52. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from the Michel Fairman article on Why James Scott Did Not Submit Himself for Lead Daytime Emmy Nomination, dated 18 Feb 2013:

    Quote from James:
    “James, who many felt was a shoo-in for a nomination for his work, decided not to submit himself and a clip of his work in the initial round revealing, “I looked for a couple of weeks and couldn’t find anything I really felt confident about. I had a lot of pretty good shows, but nothing that I felt would really place me in contention so I thought it best to duck out this year. And, honestly, I am a little disenfranchised with the whole process. Last year I submitted 3 minutes of what I thought was the best material I have done in a long time and it didn’t even make it past the first round.”

  53. From IlsaT

    PLEASE get this Jennifer Daniel Chloe triangle taken care of. I CAN’T STAND JENNIFER. I have never liked her and never will. There’s just something about her that makes me want to scream every time she’s on. I guess that means good acting, huh? Whatever, I’d like to see her stomped in the mud until she has had so much, she leaves Salem.

  54. From Leah

    #50 and 51 Renee I have wondered why the powers to be have decided to keep Nicole on the fringes with Sydney AND MOST IMPORTANTLY EJs change of view in letting Nicole have a relationship with her. Before EJ didn’t want Nicole within cooee of Sydney so why the change? Time will tell I suppose but personally I would hate it. Sydney has spent so much more time with Sami since “the truth” came out. To change all of that now would be horrible. Sydney was a 1 year old baby and is now a walking, talking 3/4 year old child. I don’t think you should do that to a young child who is now aware of stuff! And I would absolutely hate it but am not going to discredit it because to be honest I thought it was kinda strange that the new Sydney actresses first scene on the show was with Nicole and not Sami. Wonder if that was one of the reasons for the change of actress who plays Sydney? So a new relationship could be established. Up and coming spoilers suggest something really makes EJ mad in May, there is a big DAs case coming up and then there’s being told that whole Nicole/Eric storyline may not be going exactly where the fans think it is heading. All rather interesting…

  55. From Michelle

    Sydney is definitely NOT Nicole’s. It’s funny that I saw this as a speculation on a different site and all of a sudden it’s rumor?? Ha… no. I know they like to rewrite history, but really there’s no way they can make sense of THAT. Ha….

    But to be truthful, I hate seeing rumors like that, because it makes me anxious…

    But as a rational person, I have to take a step back and look at the current situation. The actors are happy for the storyline, they have constantly shown love for the current route EJAMI is going, and they know a Sydney baby switch (Yet again) would contradict everything that they’ve already said.
    Yes EJAMI will experience angst, but it won’t go that route. That’s my pure belief.

  56. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    First to address the rumor that has been floating since Sydney became Sami and EJ’s. I dont think Nicole was using Samis toothbrush that was in her own apartment that even sounds gross, and It is just that a rumor that EJoles have been hoping and spreading for years.Who knows down the line but even according to Ariana herself, in a interview discussing her baby she had lost pretty much shot that rumor out of the water, she also shot the ruor out the water that the baby she losteither one would ever come up alive.But it dont stop fans from thinging Kristen had it, and I feel so embarrased you should see What Eileen Davidson had to deal with recently where fans were on her page yelling at her saying she had Nicoles baby, her reply was always nice and she said I dont have the dead baby the baby is dead.Then one fan took it to a creepy extreme I guess because she told them she was being creeped out and she dont have that dead baby.I felt embarrased for Eileen to have to go through that.Ariana said in her interview it was far more likely a child she had before coming to Salem would come back alive then one of the others being alive or turning up as hers. I assumed from that since we know she was married before she came to Salem to a Trent I believe that its possible one day she has a child from that.
    just like the rumor going around saying James Scott is unhappy with his role and not interviewing or promoting his story line now and yadaydada. That makes me mad a fan would start that it is disrespecful and not true. I can tell you I have read atleast 6 interviews James has gave and all mention EJAMI in past year alone, and On FL where I am a member we hosted him And Alison recently for a interview where he answered our questions and gave us some good stuff about the show.That is a interview that you will find no transcript for as we did not make one.So only members of the site who were there know what happened and what was said.Theres a new one I seen saying SAFE will reunite bu end of year, thats funny when Days has not even filmed that far ahead yet.Just be careful with rumors some do come true but many are just that rumors.

    Mab yes I have seen the pics the champaign and cupcakes were from FL.I believe Rogue sent some stuff over as well.Lots of great respectful EJAMI fans and very thoughtful to send in gifts to the staff and set. Galen got some birthday stuff from fans as well, I believe it was Ali who posted one of the pics and I dont know who posted the pic of his candy basket he got from a fan or group of fans.

    Guess we learned from Todays show that Gabi was having those pains becase she had been dehydrated, and she told Kayla it had been happening for a few days now.Kayla seemed to worry she would go into premature labor, and that was why she wanted to keep her, Sami was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.It as I said already was not her fault.No matter if Sami came and said anything it was going to happen, as Gabi even admitted she had been experiencing this for a few days, She even said what me and Barb keep saying, she said I am tired, and went to sleep.As we know in Salem only a few days have passed in last few weeks. I and Barb both said she had been acting tired and sick and well turns out she was.So nope not Samis fault.I also think she wanted to make it right with Gabi, and it seemed the two could have had a nice talk, until Gabis pains started.I hope Gabi tells her crazy man and brother This was not Samis fault.
    For a minute it looked like all were trying to put their differences aside, even Sami and Rafe, but then Crazy Nick will start with his threats and Blackmail Will.Sami is not going to lay there and take it.

    About EJ being nice to Nicole and allowing her to say hi to Sydney and even being nice about it, well I dont see it as any different, remember EJ sent her a video on Christmas of Sydney, also EJ told Sami it is ok if Johnny loved Rafe. I think he is just being grown up about it and knows that Nicole and Rafe are important to their children in their own ways and no need to be mean about it.

    Leah I will tell you Ali and James said it is heading in a place EJAMIs will be happy with, and The MAy thing may have something to do with what Alison said.Some are taking a bit of the FL chat they heard about and spinning it but they dont know the whole detail.The May thing was a tease from Ali about a conversation she and her hairdresser had and the hairdresser told her uhh ohh Ej is going to be mad.Both are very exicted and happy with where this is going and both said TPTB are going in the right direction with EJAMI.Ali also said she thinks her character is being more like the Sami she always knew.I really cant say alot about the chat but that stuff is out there though sometimes twisted a bit.
    The change of actress had nothing to do with what you think either. Not sure if many realize it but we have actually had 4 or 5 recasts For Sydney with the last recast being just a little over a year ago. The last few recasts have only stayed about a year as well.
    Now going back to making Sydney Nicoles.1. Nicole lost her baby she was wearing a fake baby bump to trick everyone,So not sure how it would make sense to now turn and say Nicole carried it to term when we clearly know she misscarried and was using a fake baby bump.

    : Do you ever wonder if Dr. Baker (John Callahan) took Nicole’s baby and told her it was stillborn?

    Arianne: The baby was only five months along, so I don’t wonder

    Of course anything is possible in soaps though.
    But there you have it, This interview was done right before she lost the last baby.

    It is a soap so much could happen, But it seems unlikely since she only carried it to 5 months.

    Funny in a interview done while Nicole was plotting with EJ helping him become Mayor she said was asked about if there was anyone in Salem she would like her character to hook up with and she said she thinks she needed someone older, and no heros as the fans would be mad.She then said Dr.Dan would be a good choice she thought. Looks like that was a prelude to a spoiler since she did get some romance with dr.Dan.She also said when asked about EJ and her that EJ will never be hers because his heart belongs to someone else. At the time of interview she was with EJ.Dang that girl can give some good spoilers lol.
    Anyway moving on

    #40 Gerri, well actually The whole Marlena thing is in response to why Marlena and Salem is allowed to throw stones at Sami, Since another poster said that EJAMI would be outcasts and the whole town dont like them and how they would be making their children outcasts or growing up with the legacy of it or whatever.So see noone was saying Marlena could not give her daughter advice, or Sami could not will. It was meant to say who are these people to cast stones and also it was about why Sami is Sami, as the videos show She only learned things from her mother.Some jump to conclusions about what a post is about before reading all posts, So I thought I would explain that for ya.Now is Sami teling Will who he can and cant or should and shouldnt date?Nope she is not nor has she.See that is the thing Marlena is noone to judge, she has her own glass house and therefore should not be judging Sami for being with Dimera, or a man who makes mistakes, If you watch above you will see Marlena was very mean to Johns son Brady, Roman was ever ready to please Marlena and even roghed up Brady for her.John left her because of her treatment of his son.Brady almost never walked again because of her, Brady forgave her abuse, why cant she be more forgiving and give someone a chance like many have her?That was the point.

    Patty as you say EJ did some stuff to Marlena???What was that I know he went against her father and told her John was alive and where John was. Yes EJ did things to Sami, not Marlena.If he did is Marlena really in a place she can pass judgment and not forgive, if her daughter has after all my whole point was to show that she abused Brady emotionally and mentally, making him a outcast and evenn trying to blame him for belles accident after Belle told her Brady did not do it, Then she had Roman doing her bidding and he beat up Brady.
    Brady forgave her after all those years of abuse from her, why cant she stop judging someone, Is it because hes a Dimera well so is her husband.Stefanos crimes on marlena are not EJ’s just as they are not Johns.Then you say Sami is how she is because of Stefano.How is that when Sami and Eric spent most their life in boarding school, and she ended up bullimic because she seen her mother Cheat on her father while her father was feet away.How is that Stefanos fault?How is it Stefanos fault Marlena was abusing brady and treated him like dirt?Dang Joe Mascolo is right his character is blamed on everything in Salem, he may get blamed for global warming before even Sami does.Sami is not cry babying around blaming anyone for how she is.She is who she is, and her family should accept her and her choices.Smi accepted her mother loved John.I guess it is Steffies fault also That Marlena thought it ok Carrie was in love with her sisters husband and even encouraged her to be with him?Was it also Stefiies fault that Marlena then later thought Sami should just be with Rafe after he wanted her sister?

    Has anyone thought perhaps Billie and Lucas have no romance in their life because their mother?She always wants to kill any person who gets with them especially Lucas and Philips love interests.Gee I guess shes a great mother so jealous and controlling she will kill any woman who gets with her kids unless she pays them to lol.

  57. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    Hey Jolie I guess my post cut off it should say after that I give it to Kate as you said she will even go as far as poisoning for her kid lol.That is taking motherhood to a new extreme and how can Ya top that one lol.Kate would win on how far a mother will go for their child for sure even if It is a little cray cray lol

    Michelle great post and I do hope all is still going good.

    A little early morning treat for ya all.

  58. From patty

    Tee, sorry but I still don’t see what Marlena’s back story has to do with how Sami is acting as an adult. Marlena has more rights to dislike, disapprove of and distrust EJ and the Demiras than anybody else after what they put her and her family through.
    Now for the rumor about Sydney being Nicole’s , that is one rumor I hope turns out to be true. Billie miscarried her daughter and buried her in a box and she still turned up to be alive so yes anything is possible on DOOL. That would certainly explain the close connection and bond Nicole and Sydney share, something we never saw with Sami.
    There are a lot of rumors circling around but I don’t believe it is up to the fans or even the actors to decide which ones are true or not. Actors giving interviews are mostly not allowed to give out upcoming storylines and usually don’t even know that far ahead so a lot of people are just misinterpreting what they say and twist it around into rumors. Myself, I would rather wait and see what turns out to be true or not even though spoilers are mostly correct but those too can be worded in a way to leave us wondering until we actaually see it.
    One thing that I know to be true is that Sami is responsible for Gabi going into labor. She knows it and admits it, if not why would she bother sneaking into Gabi’s room where she says she wanted to apologize but only managed to scare the living daylights out of her. Sami’s fakeness was so transparent when she touched Gabi and it was enough to send Gabi in a panic waking up to Sami’s face in her Wilma Flinstone hairdo staring down at her. Also, why didn’t Sami or Will bother to call Lucas? Instead we hear that she calls EJ, who has absolutely no business in any of this.
    Sami made everything worse and has set off Nick. I hope he pulls one on her instead of on Will.

  59. From jolie

    #49 Michele, what a wonderful post. From the heart. Kudos to you gal.
    #53 Kat, I got tickled at your post but it is just my sense of wicked humor…A toothbrush out of the bathroom, that both Sami and Nicole were using. I could just picture them using the same toothbrush! This is a no win situation. Here Nicole has lost years with Sydney. Sami will be devastated (did I just take up for that witch??) and Elvis will feel the pain as well. I just don’t know how this will go but as with all the stories, someone’s heart will be ripped out and someone else will act very ugly and we will fuss or rejoice or both over it.
    #54 Barb, just when you think Sami has pulled her most stupid one, she tops it. I can’t believe she is sneaking around the hospital. That she was likely scared for the baby in Round 1, yes. Did she learn anything from it? No. All about Sami, everyone else step aside. Is Jennifer making such large demands so she can bow out of this fiasco that is Dr Dan? It seems like it to me. Chloe, Chloe…you are indeed a piece of work…and it ain’t art.
    #55 Sandygram, anyone out there who doesn’t know Abigail is a virgin…please stand up! Makes you really wonder where this one is going. And I agree that maybe Nancy will breathe a fresh breath on this story between Daniel and all his women. Tiresome at best. I had forgotten about Roman and Nicole but it didn’t make sense anyway at the time and the writers probably have forgotten it as well.
    #56 Sandygram, just goes to show you there is more to the process than we know. Actors have large egos which is likely why they are actors in the first place because the rest of us would not dare put ourselves out there like they do time after time. He knows himself better than anyone and knows what he wants. Good for him too.
    #58 Leah, I thought the very same thing. It was always so poignant when Nicole was around Sydney. It was almost like torture for her. I know this is a rumor so I am not too invested in it til we see more proof but this is DOOL and we know very well it can happen. Terrible for Sami. Then I read Tee’s post that said this rumor is unlikely so I am back to not feeling too much pain for Sami and loving my Nicole. Life is good.
    #61 Tee, thanks gal. I just have to have my fun and I giggle each time I sit and read the stuff we put out here. This is the place to be outrageous but respectful and let that imagination run. But you know that I would not allow these people around my dog much less my grandkids.

  60. From gerri

    I don’t see how Sami learned very much,from Marlena,since she wasn’t around much,remember,the Dimeras,had her locked away,a long time,then she had her husband,replaced by Stefano,John entering the picture as Roman,by the time this was discovered,Marlena had fallen in love with John,So Sami was really raised by neither parent,thanks to the DiMera family,that Is why some of us,have a hard timebecoming a part of the family,that tore her’s apart.
    we know how she reacted then,but she see’s nothing wrong,In the way she handles anything,Will and Allie,and maybe Johnny,as others myself included,question as to him,being Lucas’s son as well,she doesn’t seem to care If Lucas Is around,or not(hence sami not calling him to come to the hospital)but calls EJ instead.
    so we have double standards here also,she Involves EJ,why treat Rafe,as a nobody,re-her kids,but It appears A Dimera can be front and center,with one of the two,that we know isn’t his.

    as Patty,said Billie was so premature,appeared to have died,and was buried,I’m hoping also the same for Sydney(Nicole has been the one that bonded with her,Sami hasn’t seemed not to.

  61. From Linda

    patty number 62 I also wondered why Lucas wasn’t called.

    I would guess there are very few people who would not think a low stress level is best for a healthy pregnancy. Whether we like Gabi or not, she certainly has not had that and Sami has been a huge cause of sending that stress level sky high. Maybe there is an underlying cause for Gabi’s current problem, in addition to dehydration and fatigue, but low stress would still be favored, just as it was for Nicole’s pregnancy.

    In my mind, Sami was the basic cause of the upset at the pub. In the end, when Gabi first experienced pain, everyone was argueing, but Sami is the one who caused the dispute in the first place. And Sami knows it. She told Will and Rafe that she had learned her lesson but then she sneaks into Gabi’s hospital room. The worst thing she could have done! According to what we read, EJ is going to appear on the scene to come to Sami’s defense, even though he wasn’t there to see how this all got started. Anyway, again, it should be Lucas who arrives. He is the baby’s father’s dad and the baby’s grandfather.

    IMO Sami has been all wrong in her approach with Will and Gabi. We moms will go above and beyond to help and protect our children but there is also a line we cannot cross or we will defeat our own purpose. Especially with adult children. Sami has done that with Will. Instead of succeeding in protecting him, she has shut him down with her attacks on Gabi. In that respect, Sami herself will be partly responsible for Will being played like a fool by Nick. And Sami has also made things worse with Nick and how now he is more determined than ever.

    Jennifer’s request to Daniel seems over the top but there are exes who can’t get along so for the most part they handle everything through phone calls, e-mails, send the child out the door to the other parent’s car for visitation pick-ups, etc. and this allows the parents to avoid being in the presence of each other unless they absolutely have to be.

  62. From MAB

    I’m glad they noted that Gabi was dehydrated. She hasn’t been feeling good, and several times has talked about how tired she is. No doubt it’s physical, which proves Sami is not to blame for what happened to her. I will never buy that this one incident caused her to end up the in hospital in premature labor. I think it was horrific how Rafe, Nick and even Will treated Sami. And where does Nick get off telling Sami to leave HER family’s establishment? UGH, he is so annoying & pathetic. And it makes Will & Rafe sound SO stupid standing there balling out Sami when the real culprit is standing right behind them. I will give Rafe credit tho, he FINALLY admitted that he couldn’t put all the blame on Sami, as he shouldn’t have yelled at her, making things worse. But of course, all that was out the window when Sami tried to go in and apologize to Gabi, and she started having pains again. My opinion, it’s a good thing she was in there when it happened, otherwise no one would probably know she was having pains again.

    Great stuff w/ Nicole & Eric! I loved when he pulled her into that hug. I think their love story is gonna be awesome, and they are gonna be another couple who are hot, like EJ & Sami. I’m hoping Eric heard Nicole say she loves him. Looks like she isn’t going anywhere now!

    The rest of the show was mediocre, not much to say.

    Kat – I agree, why wasn’t Will the one who was talked to when the doctors came out? HE is the father, not Nick.

    I hope Sydney is NOT Nicole’s daughter. Nicole needs a fresh start w/ Eric, and doesn’t need any baggage from her past, and she doesn’t need to be tied to EJ. It’s time to break that cycle. Nicole (& Rafe) need their own SL’s outside EJami.

    I don’t blame James Scott for not bothering to submit himself for the lead actor emmy. Those awards are a joke! They’ve always subbed Days, and they pick the same people every year to win, and pay way too much attention to Y&R.

    Tee – I think it’s sick that there are any fans out there who would disrespect the actors like they do just because of their characters…the horrific feedback & some of the rumors they start…ridiculous! Some take things WAY too serious, to the point of absurdity, and it’s disturbing! Ali sure has experienced throughout her career, and more so lately since EJ & Sami’s reunion. Of course, she’s probably used to it, but the highlight are the MANY fans out there who love her just the same, and show their support for EJami. From what I’ve read, James & Ali are very happy & excited about their SL.

  63. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Mab Great post and Thank you.

    As far as EJ being there for Sami can anyone here tell me they would not call their spouse or significant other for support when upset? I know I would and Sami did call Lucas He is on his way with Kate and Sonny overhears and is coming as well.

    Sandy the scene James submitted last year was with Sami before Grief sex when they thought Johnny was dead.I agree with him on his reasons for not submitting.Ali did not either.
    Mab yes days is snubbed much.

    #62 Patty Well when I see a post saying EJAMI are now outcasts, and what kind of legacy they will leave their children, and how all Salem will judge them and rightfully so then Yes I responded in kind with why I think Saint Marlena has no business judging her.Stefano did torture her but as I said are all Dimeras at fault for that.Dang she is married to his brther, and Lexie was their good friend both Dimeras.EJ never harmed a hair on Marlenas head in fact he saved John for her.If her daughter can forgive EJ then she should try to as well.I mean like I said who is she to judge after what she did to Brady and John forgave her.I did not bring this up in fact I believe it may have been you who said they were outcasts and even scum as you called them. I merely put out there why people in glass houses should not cast stones.Sure she has a right to give her daughter advice any mother does, but Wow what would happen if Brady did not convince his father he and Marlena were good he left her after she abused him all those years, but Brady thought she changed and she would be less of a hypocrite for being less judgmental.That is my point.By its ok Stefano wont have to take all the blame in Salem some will Blame Sami now for it all.To each their own.If Kate is such a great person why not Sami If Nicole is such a wonderful person why not Sami?It is Stones in glass houses,The citizens of Salem have no right really as I said except Jennifer and she may be starting her glass doll house as we speak, a doll house still is nowhere near a mansion

  64. From Vickie

    Love the posts most of them are positive
    Days is pretty good right now I have to DVR it and GH right now and I have only watched all the Days episodes. I have not been this into days in a long time.
    I am over the moon about Sami and EJ I have been a fan of this couple since he met her at his door in the towel. They were hot then and even hotter now. The stories are almost oldschool Days and that is a good thing that is what was missing from this show for so long. It’s not perfect but it is must watch for me right now and for a lot of others acorrding to the ratings Days has been at 2.o or higher for 4 wks in a row. when is the last time that happened?

  65. From susan costley

    Hi group! Is anyone here going to be at Universal Studios in Orlando tomorrow for the autograph sessions or the Q and A? I am so excited I cannot stand it! If you are going to be there please let me know. I am planning on parking myself in my wheelchair in line way in advance for the Q and A. Been watching days since I was in college in the late 60s. Cant wait!!

  66. From grandma to many

    I’m sorry but i have a hard time faulting Gabi . She is a young woman going to school and working as a waitress in a pub with only a much older brother around for support . She finds out she is pregnant from basically a one night stand . Nick claims to love her and wants to help raise the baby as husband and wife . Will goes along with this plan until Chad interupts the wedding . How many of us would be willing to accept this plan or face the life of an unwed mother with no education and a very low paying job ? Gabi was playing the steal your friends boyfriend game not so long ago which indicates just how young and immature she is . What would you do ? Being an old lady who has learned a few things in this world makes it easier but as a 20 year old ?

  67. From Tee

    Not sure if my last post went through But Kat you are right anything could happen in Salem.Some writer co uld change it one day.The rumor has been going around a few years now and every time they recast Sydney it gets spread again lol.I dont think it is the plan right now, It may change one day this is a soap anything happens, but I dont think it is intended that way right now.If they wanted to give her a child with EJ why make her lose 2 of them?The first one was misscarried very early in pregnancy and so It is just harder.Bo and Billies child was brought back what 20 years later.I know she was all grown up, so who knows some writer some day could decide to do it.I guess the thing that makes it harder is she lost this baby very early on and also Noone knew she wore a fake belly and Stefano was not involved in this one, theres no way after the downfall he suffered from what he did to EJ when Nicole took Samis baby.Though once again a writer could change that many years l ater.It is just not the intention imo of the story line.

    Sami did call Lucas and he and Kate are on their way as i s Sonny.
    I agree Kat she has a right to have EJ there with her for support

  68. From Michelle

    I don’t know about there being two Michelles with (LL), but there is one Michelle that loves everything ejami (me) and a Michele (L) that loves to hate Sami, her words. I don’t have children, she has a daughter. I don’t want her words to be discredited, her last post was very great.

  69. From justafan

    the kissing cousins are brady and kirestaN JOHN IS BRADY’S DAD AND STEFFANO’S BROTHER Makes them cousins ok why not change salem to cougar town why the older women with young studs kate kirsten jennwerfer. 3 too many

  70. From Mandi

    Hey just watched todays show and I just don’t understand Will the only time he shows he can stand up for himself is yelling at his mother .. who is trying to stand up for him and his rights. Really. I know Sami shouldn’t have snuck in there but at least she appaulagized for upsetting Gabi. I was kinda hoping that Sami and Kate would have teamed up for team Will here but with her and Rafe that doesn’t seem to happen. I’m really surprised Kate would be ok with having her ex daugther in laws sloppy seconds seeings as how she hates Sami so much. Speaking of Sami, Ali does such a great job playing her at the end of the episode when Nick closed her in the room and was talking to her I love the spark that ignites her eyes, she is ready to play and it won’t be pretty. I would be very afraid Nick. I also love the friendship between Sami and Lucas they love each other very much and know each other better than anyone if they could stay on the same page they would be great. I don’t mean romantically cause I love Sami with EJ but Lucas and Sami are great for each other.
    Days is getting so good again and I love it. I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for Jen when it comes to Daniel I kind of really like Chloe with him they seem to mesh together nicer.
    I hope that rumor about sidney isn’t true but I think the new actress that is playing sidney looks more like sami so I hope they aren’t going to go that route.
    Maxine was fantastic today as well helping Gabi through everything and not taking anyones crap I really love her :)

  71. From Barb

    Sami did finally call Lucas, but she got in touch with EJ first. Seems like she sent EJ a text. I think Lucas should have been her first contact but at least he and Kate got there.
    At least EJ had sense enough to get Sami out of there and to a different waiting room. And he didn’t quite think Sami acted appropriately. Those big eyes when Sami told him on top of everything else she went into Gabi’s room.
    Lucas had that I told you so moment with Sami. Although he didn’t persist as he could see how guilty she felt. And she did feel guilty, tormented might be a better word, and she should have.
    Now we know from Cameron’s mouth that Gabi was dehydrated, yes, but that stress played a big part in what happened. After he said that, we could almost hear the big Woosh as all eyes turned to Sami. The sheepish guilt on her face and in her eyes was priceless. Guess Ali has that guilty look down pat after all these years of playing Sami!! Gabi’s stress didn’t all effect her just at the pub yesterday. It’s been building up for a while and Sami has been a huge part of it.
    Rafe was super with Will and there was that cute little chuckle they had together about Sami. EJ questioning the “beautiful moment’ between Rafe and Kate. EJ, you don’t know the half of it, honey! At least not yet! Kate at her tender grandmotherly age, was sure haveing one sweet daydream about Rafe. Wonder how much talking they’re gonna to do when they meet later?!
    I think today and yesterday have been just about the best acting I’ve seen from Gabi. I haven’t cared for her since the Melanie thing but I do have compassion for her and what she just went through.
    Will was so glad to see Sonny show up at the hospital and I’m glad Sonny went. I was teary as Will told Sonny how his feelings toward his baby had evolved. Sonny finding Will’s card to him could make all the differece now in them getting back together. Hope so!
    IMO Kristen and Brady’s s/l today paled in comparison to all else that was going on.

  72. From Barb

    P.S. When Cameron said also that Gabi would have to reduce her stress level from now on, it was like the spark that lit Nick’s fire to double down on his plans. But Sami stared him right back at the end of the show.
    I loved Maxine today. She was wonderful!

  73. From Maryl

    Spoilers for Feb. 25 said that Nicole will witness secret “lovers” having a close moment, and it posed the question, “what will she do about it”? It must be Rafe and Kate that Nicole sees because I don’t know who else would be considered to be “secret lovers” right now. Has anyone read any more about this spoiler?

  74. From patty

    Mandi, Kate and Rafe and everybody in that room is on team Will. Sami and Nick are the only ones taking sides here.
    I think there’s a reason nobody is made to be suspicious of Nick and Sami is made to look like she’s to blame in everybody’s eyes here. This is just a speculation I read on another site but it makes sense. Sami telling EJ she wants Nick gone might not bode well for her. There’a a ex con out there with a vendetta against Nick so if he hurts or maybe even kills Nick, Sami could either be blamed or framed to make it look like she did it. That is where the court prosecutors we hear about could be coming in. Just a wild guess here, but I don’t really believe Nick will go out without a fight or that Sami won’t be tripping herself up before this is over. Just sayin.

  75. From Michelle

    Kat lol i understood what you were saying, i was just making it clear. And i actually thought there was another Michelle with two l’s, i started to worry
    . I have not watched todays episode, but man oh man, i cannot wait. From what i hear, our dark knight was perfect.

  76. From patty

    Your dark knight didn’t do much but stand around and pretend to be Rafe when he use to be there for Sami. That and get in Rafe’s business about Kate, which should be none of his concern.
    Maryl, if the secret lovers in that spoiler are Kate and Rafe, there is not much Nicole or anybody else can do about it. They are two unattached consenting adults , they are not cheating or hurting anyone, just having fun by the look on Kate’s face today.
    I also loved Maxine today and the way she tried to put Gabi’s fears to rest. I also loved Rafe’s support for Will and how Will opened up to him, which proves they’re on the same team .

  77. From Michelle

    Patty you’re funny.

  78. From Leah

    # 80 Kat… the “Sydney” rumour. A fellow poster on another site stated that the actress who plays Nicole put a quash on it all in an interview she did. Arianne said: A) Nicole miscarred her first pregnancy simple as that. She wasn’t that far along and the baby would not have survived. B) Nicoles second pregnancy the baby was born dead. Arianne did go on to say that if Nicole was to have a child it will more than likely be a grown up one. A child from Nicoles pre-Salem days. So there you have it even the actress herself doubts it. I like these tidbits and feedback we get from the actors themselves. It gives us all great insight into them and what they are thinking in regards to their characters.

  79. From MAB

    IF stress played a big part in what happened, then it’s not just Sami’s fault. Rafe was out of line at the pub, and he admitted to it. And it’s Rafe & Nick that have been keeping Gabi stressed, constantly worrying her about what may or may not happen.

    Will is SO blind to what they are doing behind his back. And I agree, he only gets a backbone when he’s arguing w/ Sami. He needs to show that tough side to more people. I can’t wait until Will will once again have to apologize to his mother when he realizes she was right all along to protect him & his rights to his child. But him being clueless, Nick being psycho, and Gabi not controlling the situation will ultimately land them in court fighting for custody over thatn baby after all…and all of it could’ve been avoided if she would’ve just took the paternity test that was suggested by Sami. We’ll see who will be sorry in the end…

  80. From Cougar

    Loved Maxine today. Yes there is hope for a Maxine family somday with her mentioning her son a biology major and wanting to be a Dr. We can hope for the possbility of an extended family sl there someday; I think it would be great. Maxine is the most under appreciated great supporting actress on day time TV.

    It was kind of funny when the Dr.s said stress could also have an ffect on the baby and everyone looled at Sami and didn’t say a word. The ironic part is she really was sorry and really was trying to apologize to Gabbi when things went south.

  81. From Leah

    #80 Kat… It seems the actress who plays Nicole herself has put quash to the “Sydney” rumours. Arianne said in an interview A) Nicole miscarried in her first pregnancy. It was way too early the baby wouldn’t have survived. B) Nicoles second pregnancy… the baby was born dead! Simple as that. Arianne did however go on to say that if Nicole did in fact have a child it was more than likely it will be a grown up one. From before Nicoles pre-Salem days. I secretly have always wished Nicole did have a child to either Brady/Eric/Victor. I reckon it would be fun to watch her parenting with one of these men :) Her and Victor would be a hoot. Imagine it… they can’t stand each other. Anyway I love getting this feedback from the actors themselves. They give us great insight into their characters.

  82. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    Kat You are right it could have been Nicoles toothbrush. I dont discredit that it could be changed somehow if they decided to. I guess Rafe could have assumed he knew what her tooth brush looked like, and perhaps Nicole did not really keep hers in that suitcase she had.
    So yes your theory does have merit, I was not making fun of you was laughing about them sharing a tooth brush, it is something others had suggested not you though.

    I guess to me It would be hard to believe she did not lose the baby after all she was not even barely showing she was not far enough for the baby to have much chance to survive.Actually according to statistics there pretty much was no hope the baby survived.She was bleeding everywhere and Brady came and took her to the hospital. She was almost 20 weeks pregnant.That is very very early. Iknow it is a soap, but still even too early for them.Also Where is the 3rd baby if by chance It did happen?Mia and Chad were Graces parents.
    I know many think it would be wonderful, or what not or even possible based off how Rafe used the toothbrush, but Based off how far along she was. It just seems impossible. Here is the video look how tiny her belly is there I am not even sure if she was 2
    almost 20 weeks there.She barely has a pouch and her placents ruptured.

    Advances in medical care have made it possible for many infants born prematurely to survive and develop normally. The earlier the gestational age, the greater the chance of death or significant medical problems. Whether or not a premature infant will survive is intimately tied to his or her gestational age:

    21 weeks or less: 0 percent survival rate
    22 weeks: 0-10 percent survival rate
    23 weeks: 10-35 percent survival rate
    24 weeks: 40-70 percent survival rate
    25 weeks: 50-80 percent survival rate
    26 weeks: 80-90 percent survival rate
    27 weeks: greater than 90 percent survival rate

    There is the statistics on how possible it could be and though this is a soap they do tend to go with stuff like this, they base their reality off of reality at least.I think that is why when people ask Ariana or others they have always said The baby was too young to survive.Now yes perhaps a writer could come back somehow create a 3rd missing baby, and change all the info here, all the blood we seen her screaming bloody murder when the pain would not stop after her placenta already ruptured.I do see your tooth brush theory and your right it could be seen as a opening, but man that would be hard with the fact that she lost it so early in her pregnancy and ruptured her placenta right there on the cabin couch blood.
    Warning clip above is Nicole losing her baby.
    I do credit your theory as it is valid, I just dont think it is the case too many things against it ever really happening.Had the baby been a bit older, had she not ruptured her placenta and screamed bloody murder when it happened as her baby had died at a small age of about 19-20 weeks, Then I would be on that ship saying yep that tooth brush is not full proof.But yes as you said there is a opening of course.

    Mandi #76 Great post and right on about Will

    The new Sydney is cute. All of them have been cute, The rumor has been going around since sydney was found out to be Samis. We are pretty much discussing that it is rumor but this is a soap, and Kat has a good theory I just think That baby could not have survived that young.Now the second baby has more chance to be running around somewhere alive in my opinion.I also think the show made it very clear by showing the baby dead having Nicole hold it and all that it is dead.Though who knows anything could happen years down the line. I think it was a bit easier to make Chelsea Bllie and Bos to cause angst for Bope because her illegal parents had no Salem ties and were dead.To take Sydney from Sami would be different, but once again this is a soap lol all is possible when they run out of stuff who knows what they will do.

  83. From Leah

    I agree Michelle I couldn’t help but laugh at your comment Patty. You hate EJ but you simply can’t help but watch his every move and comment on it.

  84. From Ginger

    I do not like Rafe at all. Why would Sami ever consider getting back with him after his relationship with her sister? At least EJ never kissed Carrie! And his attitude towards Sami is unbelievable for someone who supposedly loved her. What a lie! He knows what is sister is about and Nick and blames Sami. Sami is totally right to want the paternity before Gabby marries Nick because if he marries her while she’s still pregnant, when that baby is born, he’ll be the legal father and Will would have to fight for custody of his own child. Nick knows this and that is his plan!
    Jennifer needs to dump Daniel. Chloe wants what she wants and will get it. Just like Daniel stepped aside for Jack and Jen to get back together than SHE should do the same!
    And Brady…did someone drop him on his head?!
    Lucas had it that Nick was the blackmailer, but Will is so niave…he thinks Gabby is a good person…well, if Sonny would wake up, he’d tell Will that Sami was right!

  85. From Leah

    William is absolutely clueless! Boy is he going to owe his mom a big apology when everything starts going down. Wake up Will, wake up!

  86. From Linda

    . . . .or it could have all been avoided if Sami had been a nicer person and sensibly reasoned things out with her son and Gabi. Sami “sensibly reasoned”?!, did I really say that?!

    Absolutely great show today!

  87. From Michelle

    I’d just like to know…. why the hell hasn’t gabi and nick or gabi and will gone to any parenting classes? All the things she’s screeching about could have been avoided, if she had known… and considering that this is her first pregnancy and she’s baby in her family, why didn’t anyone around her recommend those classes? just a random thought, because this B*tch is grating on my nerves. lol.
    Dr. Cameron (who i don’t even believe is specialized in OB/GYN) should be taken off her case, because he did not warn her about what to expect in a pregnancy….
    and one more thought, what is the chief of medicine doing working a case? this is all too much for me. lol

  88. From Tee

    hello all!!

    Sorry If some of what I say here goes is a repeat I posted a response to Kats question and So far it has not shown up. Kat I did not want you to think I did not answer you back or you miss my answer.My other lost is longer lol But I will sum it up.

    Yes I think you are right the dna toothbrush could have been Nicoles if they writers someday deemed it so.It does seem to be with flaws,So yes your idea is something I definitely think left it open.I also was not making a joke at you girl o nly the shared toothbrush. I do understand you mean that the toothbrush could have been Nicole’s not Samis and yes it is a logical thing to think could have happened if they wanted it to.I went back and watched the heartbreaking video on Youtube you could barely even see a bump she was not hardly showing at all just a small tiny bit.She was not very far along either.In the real world a baby born at 19 -20 weeks would almost have a 0% chance of survival outside the womb. I had posted the statistics on it, and she was bleeding all on the couch her placenta ruptured, and her painful screams as the baby stopped breathing and the pain took over was so heart breaking as she pushed what was left out after her placenta ruptured.Brady took her to the local hospital poor thing.For 5 whole months almost after that we watched her wear a baby bump.There was no 3rd baby in the mix.the one was Mias and Chads so where was the 3rd baby because Sami’s baby survived and as did Mias.That would mean that another baby would have to be out there somewhere if so.Chelsea was brought in for angst for Bope but she was raised by people who had no Salem connections and who died.For them to change who sydeys mother is would be a big thing for many in Salem,unlike Chelsea whos illegal parents had died in a car accident and were not involved in Days day to day story lines. I do think the door could be open for any writer one do if they chose to go that route. But I dont think it is the intentions at all.

    EJ is really being shown to be understanding of Rafe as a Stepparent, and Nicole over last few months.That is the writers trying to make him a better person perhaps to appeal to theones who hate him I dont know perhaps to show his growth, but He is just not understanding of Nicole and her role in the kids life he also told Sami he knows his kids love Rafe and he is fine with it.It would be more odd if He was resenting Rafe as important to his kis and allowing Nicole contact but he is being shown to show understanding for both Stepparents I think.

    #81 Sami is really supposed to worry about cray cray Nick?Come on the girl herself could handle him and if not her Man EJ can,Funny most of Salem cant take down a Dimera, but some have faith that Nick stands a chance against EJAMI lol.I am not too worried. I actually think EJ will be like he was today Samis voice of reason.Nick is going to threaten Sami, and not just a little stay away From Gabi a real threat, then he is going to demand Will who has done nothing but be supportive give up the baby or else, then blackmail and threaten him and those who still think nick should be cheered on I just dont see how really.Nick should not even be allowed around that baby after the homophobic comments he has made about Will and Sonny.Why would Will want a man or Gabi for that matter raising their child like that?It is sick.

    The ex con is one who will bust Nicks secrets wide open lol.Spoilers have been saying that.

    I posted in last weeks blog what a special prosecutor is and I will do it again.They investigate a governemnt entity or individul for a crime.

    special prosecutor n. an attorney from outside of the government selected by the Attorney General or Congress to investigate and possibly prosecute a federal government official for wrongdoing in office. The theory behind appointing a special prosecutor is that there is a built-in conflict of interest between the Department of Justice and officials who may have political or governmental connections with that department. The most famous special prosecutor was law professor Archibald Cox, originally chosen to investigate White House (and President Richard Nixon’s) involvement in the Watergate scandal. President Nixon demanded that Attorney General Elliot Richardson fire Cox who was being aggressive in his investigation, and Richardson resigned rather than comply, as did Assistant Attorney General William Ruckelshaus. Deputy Attorney General Robert Bork finally discharged Cox.

    So this prosecutor most likely will be prosecuting a official in government and that means current government, Maybe salem Pd.
    I will tell you this,Gabis secret is going to get exposed, any guesses on what Government officials covered up that whole crime that rocked a city?
    Rafe is a officer of the Law he knew.
    A attempted murder case would not warrant a special pros.Not even If Roman covered it up.It is a crime committed on the Goverment usually.Ie The Government ahd to pay alot of money after Salem was rocked, The Government was laundering money,

    A special prosecutor is a prosecutorial lawyer from the private sector chosen to investigate, indict and prosecute government officials. While prosecuting a government official suspected of illegal activity would normally fall to a US attorney, a district attorney or an attorney general, the close political relationship of one branch of government to another would suggest that a prosecution conducted by someone employed by the same government, or same branch of government may not be impartial. In these cases, the government may ask a private sector lawyer to serve as special prosecutor, so that no partiality exists in pursuing the case.

    Many countries employ a special prosecutor when it comes to cases where a government official stands accused. Partiality may exist with lawyers working for the government already because they may have a direct relationship with the accused, they may have gained political power through the defendant’s political position, or they may be employed by the accused. On the other hand, if the government-employed prosecutor is openly opposed to the defendant’s political party, he or she may prosecute injudiciously. Thus in most cases, a special prosecutor must be employed so that no relationship between the defendant and the prosecutor exists.

    o basically Someone most likely at Salem Pd is gonna be accused. It will not involved EJ because The Salem Pd is not impartial to him, meaning they would not be lenient on him.He also is no longer a Government official.So There are a few options on what it could be though.I just assume since Gabis secrets are going to be revealed, and it was known by a officer of the law That could be one of the things.EJ has not pressed charges on Sami so it is not that.It will not be Will as he is not employed in a government job, Nor is Will,Though I have a feeling Nick committed some crimes in prison he is keeping secret, I dont know how that would warrant a spec pros as he is not employed by the Government either.So yep spec away it will be fun and give us something to debate other then Gabi and Sami

  89. From Linda

    If EJ was the dark knight referred to, he didn’t have much of a part in things today. And that was quite refreshing!! He didn’t swoop down and make a big show like he usually does, and like I expected. Rafe was front and center, though, along with the others.

  90. From bobby

    Please wrap up the Kristen/Brady story line. Couldn’t be more boring. It’s stuck and just not going anywhere.
    So Sick of Sami. And E.J. grinning as she is telling him what happened. She has no boundries and put her own granddaughter in danger. With that she is going push Nick into blackmailing them all. Thanks Mom! Again-she has everything she’s wanted, and still has to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong. Go home and take care of your own kids , Sami. Poor Will. Nick can’t stand him and Sonny, and yet Sonny is the only normal one in the mix. Grow up Sami. Are we sure she isn’t just jealous because Will has his attention somewhere other than her?

  91. From Tee

    Hello Leah Thinks for posting what ariana said I had put some tidbits from interviews about it on here but you found what I was looking for.I know many people hope or want it to be, And yes Kat is right about the toothbrush but the baby died both of them for all purposes. Ari has always been upfront and even as I posted above told a interviewer many times before her and EJ would never be forever because he would always love someone else.James says over and over and even told us recently in FL that he has always played Ej as loving Sami above anyone but his kids of course.From day one he said.Nicole has been EJAMI angst just as A interview once revealed Rafe was EJAMI angst.Rafe has just really made himself into a integral part of this show as has Ariana both in their own rights are leading ladies and Gents.All 4 have huge followings.Even Lumi has its following and loyal fans.

    Why does anyone think if Sami never said anything Nick was going to let him be a daddy to his child?Nick has made it clear from day one hehas no intentions of letting Will be the father.In fact before anything he was already trying to Find blackmail deets on Will.So if Sami never said anything but kidn words Will would still be getting blackmailed by Nick for that baby.Nick is the real problem here and I dont understand why noone sees that.

    Ginger #91 Yes usually when your significant other has been in love with or been married to or had relations with your family members it dont last.
    I will take Kate out and not include her as EJ because she did not know it was Stefanos son, no one did then.
    Dr.Tan is the prime example of that he has slept with Billie and her daughter.I know I am missing some here with Dan lol seems he has a long list.
    EJ Taylor
    Rafe Carrie

    It all goes downhill once you go messing with ypur partners family in the romance area I think anyway.

  92. From Tee

    Linda #96 He was Samis dark Knight.He was there to calm her down, and he removed her from the situation.He was respectful and Though he inquired and spoke a moment with will he stayed out of it.He was there as support for Sami,as he has the right to be just as Sonny came as support for Will.He never once said anything out of line, and He was the only person besides Lucas after he calmed down who really seen sami was distraught herself.yes rafe apologized for yelling, but they all wanted her to leave when Clearly Gabi was in a room with doctors.She had a right to wait out there, either way EJ did take her away and calmed her down.Then he also instead of fighting told Sami they should go spend time with their kids and that Will or Lucas would inform her of anything as everything was ok at that point.Believe me had Sami been without EJ she may have got pretty defensive and argued when they all started treating her like crap.Whats sad though is Next week Will needs his mother and she is the one who fights for Will in it and according to spoiler pics Will is right there with her. I posted a link above that explains once Sami finds out he is blackmailing Will she Steps up to help Will as he does not know what to do.
    Nick was looking up Wills secret to use since the wedding.he would have blackkmailed Will anyway it was always his plan go back and watch.

  93. From Tee

    Hey Kat Your post had me laughing I too would like to see Brady move into the mansion. I think it would make a great story line,It sure would be interesting. I do like the breaking bread and Victor comment and so true about him too lol.

    es you are also right DNA and Salem dont go together. That DNA toothbrush was so flawed. Some of my response was to others as well I Just typed it all in one lol.We have been getting so many comments I sometimes foget which post numbers and what not lol.I have to scroll up and try to remember who said what and what post number.The blog has been busy I like it

  94. From Tee

    Kat hey been having issues with comments some go through sometimes it goes through much later. I also think that was part of my confusion as I had to rewrite it a few times so yes I understand How frustrating it got trying to get your point across. Enjoy the time with your Grandson

  95. From Linda

    Tee, I watched the show so I know what happened. I was just commenting that IMO EJ really wasn’t all that big a deal yesterday. And that was fine with me! But, yes, he did get Sami away from the others, which was a good thing.

    As for Sami sticking up for Will next week or whenever, she could have gotten Will’s attention a lot sooner if she had used a different approach other than ranting and raving. As I and several others have said, by acting the way she has, she only pushed Will away and he stopped listening to her. I will be only too happy to see Sami and Will working together but until now, at least, she has been defeating her own purpose of protecting him.

  96. From Leah

    How frustrating I’ve tried to post on here 3 times. I wonder if this one will go through?
    Just watched Fridays episode and loved all the drama, drama, drama. Sami in trouble again, EJ there to calm Sami down and make her see reason, EJ there for her and Will, Will clueless and out of his depth, Rafe making more threats and trying to keep Nick at bay, Lucas the sound one, Nick ready to explode… he really is playing this role well. Creepy!
    But the best part of the whole day for me… the Ejami humour. EJ talking to Sami and telling her he was going to go and get the car and then tapping her on the nose while saying “Please do not talk to anyone.” Loved it, couldn’t help but laugh and smile especially after all the drama that went down that day. Thanks Ejami :)

  97. From Vivian

    Nick Fallon’s Gene Pool ! His mother Jessica was involved with Jake Kositchek (aka Salem Strangler)during her multiple personality times….and when the dust settled….Jake was dead, Jessica and Josh Fallon married and Nick was born sometime later…there was a lot of speculation among us fans that felt Nick was Jake Kositchek’s child. So with a mother and father that were both unstable….

  98. From Frances

    I was thinking if they are getting a new prosecuter I bet Nick will be murdered and Will will be charged for it. Just a thought

  99. From Debra

    I have not watched in 2 weeks, can’t do it. The writers are dragging out the jenn and daniel thing to long. They have all the men ( Daniel, Rafe, Brady, John etc) as men without minds or backbones. I’ve watched this show since about 1970, and it has really gone downhill. Please, writers stop making all the men on this show act so stupid and stop letting the female trash have so much control over them. Its really getting boring.

  100. From Leah

    Frances WOW, Nick dead… now that would be a big one. While it certainly would stick the cat amongst the pigeons I have to say I’m kinda liking Nicks character on the show. He is certainly spicing things but and adding to the show so don’t know if I’d like to see him popped off.

  101. From Vivian

    All Will has to do it go to EJ and he will take care of Nick. He has Sammi now and he doesn’t want to lose her, so he will protect Will….and Sammi. Does she even know it was Will? i think eventually Nick will kidnap the baby.

  102. From michele

    Thank you all for the support!

    I think we see another, oops in the story lines, most likely due to the change in writers. However, if Salem is a state where the husband is presumed the father of the baby, then why did Sami have to lie and say that she adpoted Grace, why wouldn’t Rafe and Sami just get married? Also wasn’t she married to Lucus when Johnny was born? In the states that say the husband is the father, blood tests do not matter. What about Parker, his parents where married and there was no blood test saying that Philip was the father? If they are saying that it is the bio father that is the father, then Nick and Gabby getting married would not matter. If they are going with the husband is the father then a blood test would not matter.

    I know that it is a soap, and nothing is real, but I would think that they would follow one set of laws, even if they are making them up. If I am not understanding, this story line correctly please help me understand.

  103. From Vivian

    FRances #110 – I sure hope Nick remembers the results of those DNA tests he did on Johnny and Allie that said Lucas was their father before someone does him in…I have been expecting him to flashback to it…maybe he needs to get knocked out by another explosion to remember….HA HA

  104. From patty

    Kat, if you are going to bring out anybody’s conscience and how they can live with it, how does EJ and Stephano do it? Or Sami and Kristen? We certainly know they don’t feel guilt about anything because they don’t have a conscience and they live their lives day to day just fine. Neither Gabi or Rafe have done anything that comes close to what they have done.
    Sami doesn’t have Nick’s number, she no more knows what he’s up to than anybody else in Salem. She will soon though when he’s done with her.
    Your dark knight use to be Snake Kate’s bunny too but she seems to be enjoying bunny Rafe a whole lot more.

  105. From HAYCAM

    Patty- sometimes I wonder if we are watching the same show

  106. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    I am looking forward to this week on Days.Nick will be starting his threatning like a crazed man, and blackmail plan.Should be interesting.
    So I am sure most know, Some stars from Days were in Orlando for a fan event.

    Daytime Royalty did a interview with James and Casey joined in. I will post the link some highlights

    James Prefers Sweevil EJ, to Good boy only EJ.He Thinks he should be Sweet To Samantha and Be able to be self assured, confident and ready for any kind of trouble like he was before.Look for him to embrace, his love for Samantha and His darker side making him more grey.Sweet to those he wants to be and not to those who cause issues.
    He also is excited because Sami is back to being herself.He says the number one reason he loves the scenes hes been doing and is doing, is Sami is back to being trouble.The scripts over last few months are the best he has seen in past few years in his opinion.
    Here is link to whole Interview
    Casey is involved in A triangle with Abby and Cam, he says and also says he is tired of being in the coffee shop.

    Galen and Camila Interview
    Gabi does not like his with Kate, and brings up he was happy with Sami to which he answers He was actually pretty miserable at that time,Gabi says She rememebrs the happy times and was there to see it.They talk the baby drama.Camila said the pic going around is not Gabis baby..

  107. From Tee

    A interesting interview with Shawn(Dan)Kate Mansi(Abby)

    If a ny of the interviews did not post I will repost tomorrow as I have been having issues sometimes posting and sometimes they show up later. I posted about 4 interviews.Enjoy

    Love that Ariana said the show has a 6month to 1 year arc and there is nothing there about Sydney when asked about their being in contact still.She said the just have little scenes here and there, she was addresing the whole baby switch stuff, but it was not asked that way So she was basically saying as of the next year there is no plans to make Sydney hers and that is as far as she knows as they plan the story that far ahead.I bet she gets asked this all the time, and I am glad she found a nice way to answer it.Noone asks why Rafe shares scenes with Johnny.We all know he is not Johnnys father lol It is just the show playing out the stepparent role on both sides.Which I actually think is fair.

    Eric Martsolf calling Ariana a Priset bedder was pretty telling lol

    March 4th Guide spoilers

    Monday (“Rushing the Wedding”)
    Nick suggests to Gabi that they get married sooner than planned; Rafe and Kate get intimate.

    Tuesday (“Questions”)
    Kate wants to know how Rafe feels about their relationship; Nick confides in Gabi about his time in jail.

    Wednesday (“Getting Rid of Nick”)
    Vargas vows to get revenge on Nick; Nicole realizes that Chloe is using her.

    Thursday (“Moving In”)
    Brady tells Victor and Maggie about his new living arrangements; Nancy arrives in Salem determined to help her daughter win Daniel’s heart.

    Friday (“Stefano Returns”)
    Stefano returns home; Nancy causes problems for Daniel and Jennifer; Chloe takes advantage of an intoxicated Daniel.

  108. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from an article on Daytime Royalty with James Scott (EJ) and Casey (Chad):

    DR: “Well, tell us what EJ has coming up.”
    James: “My goodness. What’s airing at the moment. We’re four months ahead. It’s very confusing. I’m excited about what’s coming up. The stuff that I have with Alison Sweeney is wonderful. I’m really enjoying that. And I feel like that the stories that I’m about to go and tape…I’ll tell you what I love. The number one reason that I love them is that Sami is back to being trouble. You know what I mean? Remember when Sami was just a hot mess of trouble? Okay. She’s back.”

    DR: “What do you think about the way EJ’s being written right now?

    James: “I don’t…I have to say, you know…it’s sort of a hard question to answer. Without commenting on how my character is written let’s just say, I definitely enjoy when he’s not…there’s have been times when he’s been much more self-assured and powerful. And grounded. And I think that’s always when he’s the strongest. I feel like every time he tries to change for love or become someone he’s not, he fails. I loved him when he was charming and nasty.”

    James: “Yes. He’d be really nice to you one minute, and then he’d cut your throat the next. That’s when I liked him best.”

    See the whole interview on Daytime Royalty.

  109. From Barb

    Yaay, Daniel Day-Lewis won for Best Actor (in “Lincoln”) at the Oscars last night! If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s wonderful, Daniel Day-Lewis is wonderful, and he really makes you believe he IS Abraham Lincoln!
    Can’t wait for another week of Days to get underway today.

  110. From MAB

    Friday was a good show, aside from the beat down Sami had to endure from ‘Team Gabi’. SO glad EJ showed up to support her…her dark knight – love that reference – so fitting! He took her out of the line of fire, talked to her, and calmed her down. He pointed out the obvious, that while she may have not made the right decision to go to the pub to talk to Gabi, she didn’t mean any harm to Gabi or the baby, and never would. I love the depth of their relationship, and how it’s progressing. He is no doubt her rock, something’s she’s never had before. Also, Lucas was there for her too, and pretty much emulated what EJ did & said. They know Sami and know she’s not at fault here. I still say what happened to Gabi was HER own fault, not drinking enough fluids getting herself dehydrated & overdoing it working. What kind of crackhead thinking is that? She doesn’t know enough to take care of herself for the baby’s health before it’s even born? What does that say for her when the baby is born? Is she smart enough to know hwo often it’s needs to be fed? I wonder… Gabi should be doing all she needs to do take care of her baby, and that means taking care of herself, but also think about taking some parenting classes, lamaze, etc. And again, IF stress was part of what happened, Sami isn’t the only one to blame. Rafe & Nick have been keeping Gabi stressed constantly worrying her about what may or may not happen. Will is the only one who hasn’t caused Gabi any grief, and yet he’s the one being manipulated behind his back. Will is gonna be saying sorry a lot to his mother when he realizes she was right all along, and he was trusting people the wrong people who were doing anything & everything to remove him from his child’s life.

    I can’t wait to see the exchange between Sami & Nick today…it should be epic! And I hope EJ walks in and catches that loser psycho threatening Sami & Will. It’s time someone knocked Nick down a peg, and Sami & EJ are just the ones to do it. He is no match for either of them, and I have a feeling they are gonna make Nick’s life a living hell. Go EJami!

    Will was so concerned about the baby, and his tears & words showed how much he already loves HIS child. Nick showed no emotion, other than th wheels turning in his head as to how he can turn this situation into his favor. The way he rants & raves should make Rafe & Will suspicious, but they are so focused on blaming Sami, they can’t see the evil right in front of their face. Glad Lucas & Sonny showed up to support Will…you could tell Will was very touched by Sonny being there. Rafe was ok for the most part, except for the attacks on Sami, and being smug because EJ showed up. I’m surprised at Kate tho, and her sympathy for Nick. She has never liked or trusted him. She knows what he is capable of, and being the smart woman she is, I would think she would be on to him and how he’s trying to manipulate her own grandson. I guess her being preoccupied w/ her new bed buddy has muddled her perception.

  111. From jolie

    #89 Tee, nor was I making fun of Kat but laughing as well about the thought of a shared toothbrush. I agree that it was entirely possible that Rafe could have snatched the wrong toothbrush. I think it was brought up by several here at the time of the DNA test.
    #93 Linda, I want to know what they have done with Elvis. The real Elvis. I don’t care how much he is kissing Sami’s buttocks to keep her sedated enough to have a relationship with her but she was acting like a total idiot on Friday. Sneaking into Gabi’s room, for gosh sakes, that is a bit like stalking or attempted battery or something. I am sick of this story and Friday sure didn’t make it any better.
    #95 Tee, could the special prosecutor be investigating Roman since Will is his grandson and Nick brings out the sordid tale of him shooting Elvis?
    #97 Bobby, I am so with you on both your points. Brady, wake your axx up. And Sami is just jealous because most everyone’s attention if focused elsewhere. And is Elvis on drugs? He just does not act like Elvis and is about as lukewarm as they come.
    #98 Tee, there is a show for that family-sharing…Jerry Springer!
    #110 Frances, now that is a fresh idea. And with Nick’s past prison buddy coming into town, it is viable and Will would be a likely suspect..he always is it seems! I wish they had not make Nick so crazy like he is. I was hoping for a redeemed Nick and a good story for him. He is playing this one very well indeed so I got half of my wish list.

  112. From cheri

    Rafe and Hope should get together, they are alot alike. Gaby and Nick deserve a good life together with the baby, Will has too much baggage and unhealthy lifestyle to raise a young one. Sami need her attitude adjusted, and Maggie is such a pain in the but, she thinks she is really something, maybe she should start drinking again.

  113. From MAB

    EJ is still EJ, at least to us EJ fans that is. He’s pretty much the same, just more grounded & happy now that he has his true love Sami back in his life. EJ fans have always seen both sides to him, especially this side of him that has a heart & soul. The only ones who keep insisting he’s changed are people who don’t like him. It doesn’t matter how he’s acting, because those people dog him either way, no matter what he does.

  114. From Mandi

    Totally agree Kat and MAB but I must also say that I do feel a little sorry for Kate. I really think Rafe still loves Sami and like you said is acting like a spoiled little boy with his toys taken away. Does she not see she is only a rebound option for him? I wonder what Nicole will say assuming that is who she catches. I am also wondering why Rafe super cop is not contacting Nicks parole officer saying something is up with him it is his job to protect everyone from psycho ex cons as well. EJ had the right idea in calling him. I noticed how Rafe didn’t even look at Sami the boy is hurt and I do feel kinda sorry for him but he treats Sami like an object or like a play toy which is why I think that perfectly sums up what is wrong with him.
    I do really enjoy Nicks acting though he is fantastic as much as I hate him I can’t wait to see what he is going to do next and I can’t wait to see him unravel he is fantastic at what he does. Will and Sonny were really great today as well and once Sonny and Will find out Nick is going to black mail him I hope sonny or even better Chad comes out with what Gabi has done as well. EJ is great for not telling everyone either I would be dying to if I were him lol. Love how Stefano had beautiful woman with him too he still has it;) I would still like to see him with Marlena but I am thinking that if she starts to confide with Roman about John maybe they will get back together, or start another triangle. But I would really like to see Stefano with someone I really like Kate because of her back bone but with her trysts with Rafe it really doesn’t make me want them to get back together. Maybe Nancy would be great they both don’t back down to anyone but I don’t recall if they even met each other when she was on the show last. I just don’t want him to be alone lol.

  115. From patty

    #116 Haycam
    I’m pretty sure we’re watching the same show,. DOOL where the dirty Demiras create havoc and get away with it, where Sami Brady has been selfish for decades without any thoughts to the consequences of her actions, where Kate has bedded every man that breathes, that show? What in my post 115 hasn’t happened in the show you’re watching?
    Today Kristen Demira has shown what a reptile she is by convincing Brady how sick her poor father is while he’s partying it up in Europe with drinks and some young babe. I hope Brady has heard the end of her conversation with Stephano and has finally caught on to her but that is wishful thinking since they insist on making him such a fool.

    #118 SandyGram
    It looks like even JS isn’t crazy about having to play at being Mr Rogers since that is not who EJ is. I guess EJ will have to step in the role of Rafe and be Sami’s mess picker upper. I have a feeling Sami is going to need someone to clean up after her because she will get herself into it deep before this is over.
    Loved how Rafe congratulated him on his prize. I still don’t get how it’s any of EJ’s business what goes on between Rafe and Kate though. Or anything to do with Will’s and Gabi’s baby for that matter.
    I actually think Sami was caught off guard by Nick today and we saw a little glimpse of uncertainty when Nick alluded to past crimes. I’m not even sure if Sami knows about Will shooting EJ but if she does, I’m sure she doesn’t think Nick knows it or if he knows she shot him too. Love how everybody is into plotting against one another for custody of a baby while the real parents are busy elsewhere, one making up with his boyfriend and the other sleeping off a near miscarriage, oblivious to everything going on by the busybodies that supposedly care about them.

  116. From patty

    Stefano, John, and Nancy all return to Salem.
    In between romps, Sami and EJ plot to get rid of Nick.
    Sonny and Will realize Nick’s true intentions.
    Eric and Hope offer Vargas a place in their prison release program, but he may have a different agenda.
    Kayla and Maxine convince Daniel and Jennifer to come to Maxine’s Nurse of the Year party.
    Nicole figures out that Chloe is using her.

  117. From Barb

    I felt it was out of place and a lot of nerve for EJ to approach Rafe about Kate. Rafe didn’t start it when he went after EJ about what a “prize” Sami was. EJ deserved what Rafe said to him. Then for EJ to bring up the custody of the baby in a threatening manner, of course Rafe was going to bristle at that and think of his sister. Telling EJ to go to Hell and take Sami with him was probably a normal
    Last Fri., what went down about Gabi was that Cameron said about her being dehydrated. Then Nick commented on how much water she would be drinking from now on. Then Cameron said “Well, she’s also been under too much stress.” Then Will asked “What? So stress can play a part in it? Cameron answered “I think it definitely did”. So there is no IF stress was a factor. Cameron said it definitely WAS!
    So I didn’t get EJ trying to talk Sami out of taking responsibility for her part in it. He completely played down the stress, and mentioned the dehydration, and then kept saying there are usually underlying causes with these things, which he doesn’t know a thing about any underlying causes. EJ’s a doctor now?!
    What happened at the pub may not have suddenly caused premature labor, but the stress has been building up over weeks and Sami has played a huge part in it. I think Sami was ready to accept that and do the right thing, sending flowers and all, but EJ was making a big effort to talk her out of feeling any kind of remorse. Sami was taken back a little, I think, when Nick said the best thing would be for Will and his family to be out of the baby’s life and he went into that whole thing about some people not paying for their crimes, but neither EJ or Sami know yet what Nick is really up to so I didn’t get EJ’s attitude at
    Marlena looked lovely today and that plum color on her was fantastic. And loved her hair. If she’s upset over Sami’s and Brady’s choices in relationships, wait until she gets a load of Eric and Nicole down the road!! Tender hug between Nicole and Eric before Marlena arrived.
    Kristen, how wicked you are! Lying about Stefano’s health to get Brady to move in with you at the mansion. Wonder how much of her conversation with Stefano Brady heard?
    Poor Eric. Guess that junkie really hurts him this time.

    By the way, EJ tells Rafe “Samanther and I did have a rocky start”. ROCKY START?! Seriously?! Shooting somebody in the head, kidnapping a child, and a multitude of other terrible things is a ROCKY START?! James Scott had to be laughing inside when he delivered that line!!

  118. From gerri

    I guess I’m watching the same show as you,as we see the same things.
    we see the evil ways,of the DiMeras,I make no excuses for any of them,they might make the show,exciting,but I think payback is long overdue.

    Rafe might have done, some underhanded things,but It’s been to protect,someone he loves,and has also been at a request,from Nicole,and Sami,to protect their babies from EJ,why was that?

    I just can’t watch,the Gay scenes,so thankful,I have a remote,to switch channels,quickly,
    oh well to each his own,this is entirely my choice.

    Stefano did make a statement,at end of the show today,re-how the Brady’s would feel,when they see that they have one of their own,(Brady going to live at the mansion,)This tells me the vendetta,is very much the same,as it has always been.anything to hurt and destroy the Bradys.

    I have often said,that I believed,In the end,Johnny will In fact be Lucas’s child,DNA tampered with,on orders from Stefano,to get the ulimate,revenge to take a Brady Child,and raise them as a DiMera,and Vivian In post #115,also
    says this Is possible.guess we will wait and see.

  119. From patty

    I really don’t see where Rafe is all broken up about Sami. I think he wasn’t looking at her because he can’t stand the sight of her and that is with good reasons. She just drove his pregnant sister to almost lose her baby. I think Rafe is relieved to be rid of Sami and he’s finally not taking any crap from either her or EJ anymore. As much as EJ would like to gloat about his “win” ,I think he knows Rafe is doing just fine and that’s why he’s getting in Rafe’s business about Kate, he probably would rather see him mope around and be miserable.
    I agree that Nick is doing a fantastic job at what he does. I also don’t believe that Sonny or Chad will be the ones to tell Will about Gabi, Sonny knows how it would implicate Chad and Chad needs to cover his own butt. Sami is the one who will be using that against Gabi so I’m guessing EJ will be the one to divulge that little tidbit at the risk of his brother going to jail for his part in it and beating up Nick. Will is not going to blackmail Gabi with anything, just like she wouldn’t do it to him . Neither Will or Gabi want to take the baby from one another , they want to raise this baby together. It is Nick and Sami with EJ’s help who are trying to keep this baby girl from her mommy and daddy.

  120. From MAB

    Like I said, IF stress was a factor, Sami was the only one causing Gabi’s stress. Rafe & Nick also contributed to it. IMO, I don’t buy that stress caused all that to happen to her. I think it was the dehydration and the overworking. That’s my opinion, regardless of what ANYONE says!

    Mandi & Kat – great posts!

    I also agree w/ HAYCAM.

  121. From Shannon

    ok, why cant Chloe just stay away? she has room to talk about jen being a bad influence on her son, when lets see, shes been a hooker, and just a round about bad person…its so sad to see bc i was watching old reruns of when she first stared the show. she was so nice, quiet, and so forth…now shes just a witch! is she that desperate for love? i mean get over it! i hope that jen and doc dan will make it together. they have both had their fair share of heartbreak, they deserve a happy ending.
    as far as nicky boy goes, hes still as crazy as he ever was…he should have stayed locked away! i have to admit i did feel bad for him seeing him locked up, but now that hes out, i want him right behind bars again! him and gabby are good together though, bc they are another bunch who just plain desperate!! she tried killing abby, and he tried killing melanie all bc they thought they were in love with them!!! ive been watching this show for over 20 years now…and it just goes right back to the same old thing…i know they need drama to keep up ratings and such..but i would LOVE to see a happy ending for just a couple people on that show…like for the ones who TRUELY deserve it, not the ones who are shady in everything they do!!

  122. From Kadee

    You guys realize ———-. You all seem to be investing a lot of time in something that isn’t real. It’s just supposed to be entertainment. Chill out a little…………

    Please take care not to bait our posters. They may be passionate but they are also dealing in reality and this is a safe place they can discuss the soaps without being judged. ADMIN

  123. From Leah

    Good morning my fellow posters! For those of you who are Ejami fans like me check out these new youtube clips of our favourite couple. Its a glimpse at why I love EVERYTHING Ejami. The good, the bad, the ups and the downs… sound a bit like EJ now don’t I – LOL. Anyway heres the names of the clips when searching for them – ENJOY, I know I did! :)
    Ejami January 2013 I Will Love You (song by Fisher), Ejami – Give Me Love (song by Ed Sheeran), Ejami Surrender 2013, Ejami Thank you for Loving Me (Bon Jovi) and EJ Sami Forever Love.

  124. From patty

    Kat, it really doesn’t matter to me who Stephano is gavillanting with but he certainly is not the sick and feeble man with one foot in the grave that Kristen tried to sell on Brady. If Brady was smart he would see right trough her lie because since when does Stephano die and stay dead?
    Why in the world would Kate want to go back with that dreadful man after having been with a wonderful, considerate hunky man like Rafe? She’d have to be crazy, or blackmailed or something.
    As for EJ getting in Rafe’s business, this seems to be his new role now as Sami’s lap dog, get in people’s business, pick out nail polish colors and plot in between romps.

  125. From Leah

    #130 Barb I LOVED EJ saying something to Rafe about Kate. EJ aint dumb… the boy can put two and two together. He’s been there and done that himself. Something else he and Rafe have in common – LOL. Anyway EJ was kinda loving the fact that he may already have something on Rafe and he was having fun with it! I ENJOYED it too and had a smile on my face. Nothing like a bit of Ejami humour in amongst all the drama. Go Ejami!
    PS: Here, here HAYCAM :)

  126. From Leah

    #133 Patty have to agree with you concerning one thing… Rafe can’t stand the sight of Sami AND LETS HOPE IT STAYS THAT WAY! Rafe now clearly sees what he chose to ignore for years he felt in love with someone who didn’t exist. Yay! So move on boy… with whoever your heart desires! Maybe its Kate, maybe it will be Nicole, maybe Hope, maybe Emily or maybe someone we just don’t know yet. Bring it on!
    As for EJ… Sami is a treasured “prize” to him. He loves her unconditionally and doesn’t want to change her. EJ is attracted to the good in her just as much as he is the bad. It is something they have in common hence them being two peas in a pod. Can’t wait to see what mischief Ejami together can get up to. At least with them we get some life and excitement not the mundane or boring. Go Ejami.
    PS: Reason Rafe made the snide Sami “prize” remarks wasn’t directly about Sami either but more showing us how hard his pride has taken a hit on “losing to EJ” more than anything else. Nothing more or nothing less to it than that. Rafe just didn’t like losing.

  127. From Mouse Fan

    Not all mothers have their children’s best interest at heart. Sadly, some children are used as pawns in the game of revenge. My husband’s ex used to go away for the weekend and let people she barely knew watch my two young step-daughters, because “It’s not his weekend!” He’s a great dad and loves them dearly. It was heartbreaking. Definitely NOT in their best interest. Alas, Karma has come back to bite her. Now that they’re 19 and 20, they resent her for the times she kept them away from their dad and all of the horrible lies she said about him. All in the name of revenge… or just being a biache! :)
    Watch your back Sami! Will is old enough to see the manipulations!

  128. From patty

    Kat, leave the kids alone should apply to everyone in soaps, even to Gabi Hernendez. This is her child first and foremost, everybody else needs to butt out.
    What would you consider more interesting than discussing how bad Stephano and EJ are, discussing how Rafe is to blame for everything that goes wrong in Salem like it’s implied? No can do, your dark knight’s armor is much too tarnished to even compare to Rafe’s shiny one.

  129. From gerri

    I hope Rafe regrets everything he has done underhanded to help Sami,she has shown she Is so not worth It,and Is now acting like It weren’t even neccessary..why Is EJ trying to get Info from Rafe about him talking with Kate?what business Is any of this,to him?

    The writers will decide when time Is right,to start ending some of the S/Ls,and moving on to some new and different ones.

    Nicole seems so broken up and lonely,wish writers would speed up a decent S/L for her.I was really hoping,that she would be paired up with Rafe,but probably will be Eric at some point.

    If Kristen Is heading back to Young and Restless,they need to speed up,her S/L with Brady.

    Nick Is playing ,his character very well,but doesn’t have a chance at all,to be the legal father of this baby.Maybe Rafe and Kate together,will find out,about his plans to nail Will..

    as far as a pregnancy goes,Stress,can be and has been,a reason for early labor,The Doc said so himself,along with the other things like dehydration(even tho I’ve never heard of this)being a factor…….

  130. From Leah

    Everyone can sit here and carry on about Sami with Thursday/Fridays episodes but even Rafe admitted he added to all the drama so was partly at fault. AND as much as some of you might like not to admit it SAMI IS RIGHT ABOUT HER SUSPICIONS WITH GABI AND NICK. We are getting to see the behind the scenes with false smiles and words. Sami is spot on here. Sami smells a rat and she is right. Good on ya Sami girl. This is the Sami we love…

  131. From LouLou

    Hi,Could you please find someone for Rafe. I can’t stand to see him with Kate. He deserves better than that. Nicole is available,why not her. They are funny together, there could be love. My husband agrees with me. Do something about it. Thanks

  132. From patty

    I have to wonder who is really watching the same show if anyone sees anything with EJami that is any different or better than when she was with Rafe. She clung to him too and depended on him to defend her and clean up her messes. She wore the same sappy smiles and told him how safe he made her feel and how he was such a perfect man and jumped in the sack with him every chance she got. The only difference is she got Rafe to cover for her bad behavior, this guy encourages it and is willing to plot and scheme right along with her. Two peas in a pod that deserve each other, not belong together because their love is so special. Rocky start??? Six years of torment and vengeance is not really what I’d call a rocky start. They’ve been together two weeks, not exactly the forever ever after ending either.

  133. From patty

    Sami’s suspicions were wrong about Gabi and now she wants to send flowers. Gabi wasn’t planning to hold the baby from Will, Nick was, and until today Sami didn’t know that, all the blame was focused on Gabi, not Nick so Sami didn’t smell a thing except her own rotten self. Now she’ll want Nick gone but I think Sami better be careful what she wishes for . Sami will screw up even with a pro mobster by her side, she always does.

  134. From patty

    Kat, do you really read the posts through? Where did I say Kate was a darling or that I think that she and Rafe should get married???? I said how can she want to be with an old goat like Stephano after being with a man like Rafe. Rafe and Kate are having a fling, nobody believes that is going anywhere, not even Kate. I know what Kate is, she’s an older version of Sami so I doubt Rafe would be crazy enough to go down that road again.
    I also never said Stephano was a sick and feeble man, I said he is not the sick and feeble man that Kristen wants Brady to believe he is.

  135. From patty

    haycam, we all watch the same show, some of us just choose not to wear the rose colored glasses.

  136. From haycam

    oh Patty lol…btw I wear contacts lol

  137. From Michelle

    I’m here, just have been really stressed with real life, but best believe I watch today’s show. DAYS has become more stingy with their spoilers so I wasn’t even sure how great EJAMI was going to be today, I’m glad I came home on my lunch to watch. They were perfect. So many things about EJ and Sami’s relationship are perfect. The fact that they tell each other things as they arise, without simmering over it. Being openly affectionate in front of the haters who wish their demise. I’m just so happy for them right now. And with that JS interview, not only will Sami turn into bad ass Samantha Gene again, EJ will be that slick cunning man he’s always been.
    Besides my favorite two characters… I really like what else was shown today. Sonny came across jerkish when he was asking Will about the card, he obviously felt humiliated why don’t you stop making him squirm and get to the point already?? that was my thought, LOL. So I was glad when he finally did.
    Kristen is batsh*t crazy and I love it. I’m looking forward to tomorrows episode to see the sh*t flying on the walls…. lol. Has brady always been this dumb, or is it Eric Martsolf? His Ethan was a hot sack of rocks and hammers on Passions.
    Marlena needs to be taken down a peg or two, not that I’m defending Nicole… but she doens’t know her children as well as she thinks. Now she just needs to learn that Belle is having an affair with Patrick Lockhart and visits him in prison for conjugal reasons…
    Of course, whatever Carrie does, she was justified, so need to worry about her.
    I would really like to see a Sami/Eric scene soon, I really don’t like the nasty scent of pre-judgment I’m getting off of him. Let him hear about EJAMI’s reunion from his own sister’s mouth instead of looney Marlena. I hope when they do talk about it, he will realize the same battle that he’s fighting internally over Nicole, was a long and hard fought battle Sami endured for years that she gave up on.
    Speaking of Nicole and Eric, he’s too touchy feely! Not that I’m complaining but if a priest held on to me like that, I’d think he was a pervert lol. Can’t tell you how much I love this storyline. I wasn’t there for Eric 1.0, but I like this judgmental Eric 2.0. He’s a horrible priest but I love his soul. And soon enough when he follows his heart, I hope the judgmental personality vanishes.
    I can’t believe this week we’re getting Dannifer for three straight days. :/ WHO LIKES THEM?????
    Rafe… well if I had to say anything positive about him, I’m glad he finally understands what it means to be there for his sister. And I appreciated the fact that he saw something off with Nick. But I have a feeling he will make the situation all about EJAMI fighting for Will’s right and ignore the fact that Nick is what’s causing the situation to stay Volatile. We will see in the coming months.

  138. From Michelle

    Another difference that I see between EJAMI and Safe, Sami is just as much an equal in the relationship as EJ is. Rafe was like her bedder and babysitter. Yuck.

  139. From Hildie

    …. just a crazy thought ….

    Maybe there is something wrong with Gabi’s baby. A blood test would show something is really wrong ….. Sami would be the heroine of the week instead of the one receiving hateful comments from everybody! … just a thought ….

  140. From Mandi

    not sure why only half my comments every seem to post but I guess i will try again. Gerri after seeing your post I freaked lol I love Kristen so I looked it up she is only going to be the Y&R for a few days and she will still be on Days apparently Sony owns both shows and they let her do both :) but it will only be temperary on the Y&R. I was really releaved when I read that. lol I love Kristen, I don’t always like what she does and wish she was good again but that’s not up to me I’m just along for the ride.
    I know alot of people on here have posted Rafe is over Sami I don’t see that at all he’s hurt and licking his wounds with Kate of all people the one person other than Carrie that couldn’t hurt Sami more.
    The battle with Nick and Sami I think is going to be epic and Will really should thank her I was surprised when he attempted to corner her and threaten her in the waiting room she really held back trying not to make things worse for Gabi and the baby she did a good job, you can tell that there was so much more she wanted to say or do.
    I totally agree with you Kat Stefano is sexy, he’s powerful and has that beautiful accent he should be living it up when he can why not if Kate the cougar can. I really did like them together she stood her own ground and together they were great just like Sami and EJ will be as well.
    I couldn’t believe that Marlena is so rude to just about anyone Nicole was right she is just rude and nasty, I don’t understand why she thinks she has to be that way. She will look pretty dumb as well when Nick shows all these psychotic issues when he is finally caught, she is the one after all that said he had reformed. Even EJ said when he was first released that if he was really that much of a genious than he could obviously fake it. I guess Marlena only saves all her doubt for her children and who they descide they want to be with. The only child she seems to actually want to help and stand by is Carrie and she’s not even hers lol. I’m still not over the fact she was all hunkydory over Carrie and Rafe and still tried to convince Sami he is better for her.

  141. From jolie

    #130 Barb, tell it gal. Elvis was sure interested in what Rafe and Kate were up to and totally none of his bees wax. And have you noticed that everyone is talking about custody except the parents…Will and Gabi? These people all need to step away from the baby. 2 giant steps back and now. And I caught the line that STRESS was a big part of what was going on with Gabi and Will surely got it that his MommieDearest was at the other end of that stick. I was struck as well that Elvis was trying to talk Sami out of her culpability in Gabi’s episode. Sami cares about Sami and it shows. Elvis is just kissing her tail to keep her from going off the deep end and so soon after he has thrown all caution and what was left of his brain after she shot him to the wind. Sami is just as nutty as Nick is. At least Nick knows that he is all in and is telling that he will protect ‘HIS’ family. Sami wants to cause damage then stand back and whimper that she didn’t mean it. And I ask again…where is the real Elvis??
    #132 Gerri, would that not be the ultimate..that Johnny was a Horton/Brady rather than a Dimera? Oh dear…the possibilities. Poor little Ali would most certainly be sent to the showers then. I really don’t want this to happen but like most other things on this show…no holds barred so it could happen.
    #143 getti, it appears from some of the articles last week that Kristen will just make appearances on Y&R and still be in full Kristen mode on DOOL but I might have read it wrong. And I too am feeling Nicole’s pain. She is so lonely and gets the brush off from any and all of Salem’s fine citizens who come to Church…yep, just the way they ought to act at Church. Eric is a bit weird to me. Nicole told him she wanted to see her sister and was having bad memories over her past with her father. Then he thinks it is something more. So did he hear her or not? And I am really not into this as he seems to have that Brady selfish streak in him, like his sister.
    #144 Leah, a rat can smell a rat and Sami smells it on Nick for sure.
    #155 Michelle, I was feeling something about the way Sonny was acting about Will’s card and you voiced it perfectly..jerkish. I felt sorry for Will, he poured his heart out then had it laid out in front of him and didn’t know how it would go. But all good for them in the end. And Kristen is a loony and hopefully Brady might find his brain in that sawdust pile in his noggin. I really think Kristen will lie her way out of it..again. I don’t think Stefano would be able to come back to Salem and act as decrepit as she would need him to with Brady in the house so will be interesting to see who has the next move here. And Brady caved in too easily to Kristen about moving in. That boy has no backbone or brains. Cajones…yes but we know what he is using those for….his thinking.
    #156 Michelle, and I am not arguing with your opinion as I know you are a fan of the couple de jour. I just see Elvis as appeasing Sami now and I don’t like it. I know many see it as love and romance but he has changed and left all the best parts of himself behind. Yes, I do agree about and didn’t like Sami with Rafe as she used him and drove him crazy. Now she is making Elvis unrecognizable or rather he is making himself unrecognizable to keep her from jumping off her desk. Dr Orange and Jennifer…the only positive thing I can see about their relationship..we know it won’t last. And Nancy is coming to interfere aplenty.

  142. From Barb

    Sure Rafe is hurt about Sami. What man wouldn’t be?! Sami getting back with EJ only days after being about to have sex with Rafe the day of the wedding and giving Rafe every reason, and I mean EVERY REASON, to believe she was getting back with him. But Rafe is also completely disgusted with Sami. Again, who wouldn’t be?! But that hurt and disgust wasn’t what prompted Rafe’s “prize” remark to EJ. EJ brought that on himself. Even thought EJ has Sami now, he still likes to stick it to Rafe. EJ just can’t get Rafe out of his system.
    Nobody on here that I’ve seen wants a long term between Rafe and Kate, or think they are each other’s “darling”. I don’t. They are having a fling, no demands on each other, no commitments, just uninhibited sex. I like it and say more power to them. They’re free to do what they want and are not hurting anyone else.
    patty you are so right about Sami not having a clue about Nick until now. Her anger and blame has been directed to Gabi only. The first notion Sami has had about Nick is when he said what he did to her yesterday when they were alone at the hospital. That’s why she looked taken back by it. But then even when she told EJ about it, she still didn’t act that worried, and EJ went along with her and acted like there was nothing to it. What could Nick possibly know?!, well they will soon find out!!
    I guess Will is going to find out today! But he’s going to go to Lucas with it, not Sami.
    It was rather comical that Sami wanted to send flowers to Gabi, someone she has been tormenting for weeks, but I thought it showed at least a glimmer of regret on Sami’s part.

    I read a rumor that Safe will be back together by the end of this year, and I think I also read in one of Tee’s posts that the rumor is out there but Tee discounts it. I sure hope Tee is right because I wouldn’t want that to happen. I am a Rafe fan but not a Safe fan anymore!!

  143. From Michelle

    Jolie - What part of EJ do you think is missing? The EJ on screen now reminds me of 2006 EJ Wells, before his character became grey, he stuck up for Samantha and always made her feel like she had a friend in him. It wouldn’t make any sense for his other personality traits to surface at the moment because he’s happy.but soon the honeymoon will be over and he as well as sami will have to deal with the people and problems before him, and I am confident you will not see this current EJ anymore, at least not unless he’s dealing with Sami or the kids.

  144. From Barb

    jolie #159 in your last paragraph you said it so well about EJ and Sami. He is schmoozing her all over the place, at every chance, – including on the desk. But on the desk, I can handle, as long as I peek through my fingers. It’s the rest of it I don’t like from him.

  145. From gerri

    I’m sure Rafe still has feelings for’s emotions can’t be turned off and on,like a water faucet,Before the wedding(that didn’t happen)and during all of It that did,before Chad stood up,with his comments,Sami was all over Rafe,the others in the chapel,along with us viewers saw It,she was acting all” lovey dovey”
    til the big explosion there,and then so suddenly,It was EJ’s turn
    to cozy up to.
    I know It’s a soap,but the writers should have given some time,for things to begin with Sami/EJ,they only made Sami look,like a very loose woman,by this sped up “”Romance”".If that Is what Is.
    I only see It as a physical attraction,until I’m proven wrong.

    I hope Rafe Is getting to the point,and place,where no matter how angry and hurt he felt,he will be so over that part of his life,I do hope If Johnny and Allie,want to see him,It will be allowed,if Sami would refuse,It would show how selfish,and inmature she Is.

    I agree with some of the others,that Rafe and Kate are adults,and the relationship they have,is nobody’s business,But I certainly hope It don’t go farther,he needs a younger woman,to build his life with.

    I wonder how far off,it will be,before Sami/EJ move to the mansion?we will surely see some fireworks,with Brady/Kristen there too,maybe Stefano will bring his new young gal,.will make some exciting moments,they might need to hire more help,poor Mary can only do so much.

    Nicole mentioning her sister,how of the blue,I’m wondering what’s up with that,will they bring Taylor back,for a few episodes?
    and Nancy needs to get back,and try to instill some pride In her daughter,to back away,from Daniel,he doesn’t want her,and they can be parents to Parker,without living together,I don’t like Jenn’s new persona either,she needs to really put the brakes on,and end this with Daniel.he will move on,(he always does)with someone else.

  146. From MAB

    Well everything that came out of Nick’s mouth yesterday was BS! The doctors confirmed stress was only a part of the reason Gabi landed in the hospital (even tho I don’t buy that). But I guess Nick thinks he’s genius enough to make that call and blame Sami for everything. HA! Then he calls Sami selfish which is nonsense…he is the one who is selfish trying to railroad the REAL father of the baby. And last but not least, he had the nerve to say Will AND his entire family should be shut out of the baby’s life, which includes not only Sami, but Lucas, Kate, Marlena, Roman, & Caroline, just to name a few. The reality is the ONLY person that needs to be shut out of this baby’s life is Nick himself. He keeps saying he’s not gonna allow anything to happen to her or our baby (ugh I hate when he refers to the baby as ‘ours’). Well, I think if any harm does come to Gabi & the baby, it will be by his hands. Luckily tho, spoilers say Gabi starts to notice his obsessive behavior soon…uh…ya think??? It should’ve been noticed a long time ago! All in all, I think Sami handled him very well yesterday. She made her point about him NOT getting away w/ keeping Will’s child from him, and spoke the truth about him knowing his role and that he’s NOT the father of this baby, Will is. And this is what all of this has boiled down to from the beginning…Nick. He is behind everything that has happened thus far, the reason why things have played out the way they have for Gabi, Will, Sami, Rafe, etc. He is SO disturbed!

    Geez Rafe, open your eyes! Can’t you see behind Nick’s façade? I would think if Rafe was so tuned into his cop instincts, he would’ve figured out what Sami already has. For once, I’d like to see Rafe take his anger out on someone who actually deserves it instead of standinf there childishly insulting EJ & Sami. Of course, they showed they were above him by letting him make an @$$ out of himself, while they took the high road of maturity. And I didn’t see EJ’s questions to Rafe as anymore than gathering a little knowledge as to what they were up to. Really just an observation on his part, and maybe a little poking fun at Rafe for the irony of him ending up in bed w/ an DiMera (even if it was just by marriage). Or should I just say Kate who everyone has had a go at. You could just see Rafe seething as Sami & EJ walked off together. Whether he’s over her or not, he still can’t stand the fact he lost out to EJ.

    Loved EJ & Sami at the office. She is SO lucky to have him in her life now, and in her corner. He also spoke the truth that Gabi’ premature labor wasn’t her fault. I love his concern for her, and how he protects her.

    Well, Sonny finally admitted he made Will’s situation all about him. I still don’t like how he was so gung ho w/ Brian, and I wonder if he’ll try to cause problems for them when he finds out they’re back together.

    I’m loving Eric & Nicole. You could but the sexual tension w/ a knife between these two. I can’t believe that guy came back tho. Most never return to the scene of the crime, especially the next day. He must have a death wish. I hope he is caught this time. You’d think Roman would be cruising around keeping an eye out. And where is everyone else in the church when this is guy is lurking around?

    Brady – still stupid for believing Kristen and anything she says. And really believes Stefano is at death’s door? HA! I can’t believe he’s gonna actually move into the mansion. How crazy is that? Of course, Kristen once again gets her way. Stefano wasn’t happy at first, but quickly changed his tune when he realized what this would do to John & Marlena. All I know is I can’t wait until he returns…the show is just way more interesting w/ him around.

  147. From Maryl

    Hi, everyone! Been very busy–it’s tax time–daughter is a CPA and been helping her.

    Gabi is under a lot of stress and she is not taking good care of herself. Most of her stress is explainable and understandable.
    l. She has a guilty conscience over what she did to Melanie and Chad and that her crime is still being hidden.

    2. She has to deal with the fact that the father of her baby is not the man she professes to love.

    3. She was exposed, on her wedding day, as trying to deceive the
    family and the church about the baby’s true father–this had to be stressful for her.

    4. The truth unleashed hostilities and squabbling between the families–another stress factor. She is also worried about sharing the baby with Will and deep down, like Nick, she would probably rather keep the baby away from Will.IMO.
    Sami added to Gabi’s stress with the arugments, but she is far from being the main cause of Gabi going into premature labor.

    Practice deep breathing Gabi and drink a lot more water!! You better grow a strong backbone, because you will be needing it. No teary-eyed, weak little girl will be able to handle what’s ahead of you, I fear. I think, in the end, your worst nightmare will be the man you claim to love.

    EJ and Sami as a team is great! Not for a minute do I believe either one of them will be a couple of easy pushovers!! The one thing I have to say about the EJ character is that there are people who “dislike” him and people who love him, but there are no people out there watching that are INDIFFERENT to his character. He is always noticed and anaylzed for every little gesture he makes and every word he says. That’s a proven fact just by reading all the blogs about him on this site alone. The very same holds true for the Sami character. Thanks to the great acting of both James Scott and Alison Sweeney! EJ walks in a room and everyone will notice. Too bad I can’t say the same for Rafe–even Kate can’t lift up his character from the pit of boredom. The only reason Rafe is noticed or anaylzed by the viewers is not because of his own merit, but because of his connection to EJ and Sami. Not the same thing as compared to EJ and Sami. They stand on their own.

    I appreciate the writers not bombarding us with sex scenes between EJ and Sami. Although I love their sex scenes, I think it’s refreshing to not have to continuously watch them rolling in bed the way we had to witness the Rafster when he was with Sami—and of course now it’s with granny Kate. Rafe is so sexualy driven–why hasn’t he gotten some woman pregnant?

  148. From Barb

    Galen on Rafe and Kate in a daytime royalty interview. Quite a lot like what many of us have been saying.

    “Galen: Anyway, what I love about the relationship with Kate is that these two characters don’t expect anything from each other except basically to have a good time in bed. I don’t even know if they trust each other. On that level it’s almost really honest. Most of the time in Daytime, especially for me, you’re this altruistic, heroic character looking to get into this long term relationship and be all meaningful. But they’re just like, no. We’re just going to have sex and it’s cool. Whatever. Don’t leave your stuff at my house, and I won’t leave mine at yours. Then obviously her relationship with Stefano DiMera. That can become complicated when he finds out potentially. So there are a lot of levels to explore with her and Rafe. And using her potentially as an ally with the baby.

  149. From jolie

    #144 Michelle, I miss the part of Elvis that seemed alive. He seems a bit wooden lately. Going thru the motions. But I know many see it differently and I respect it.
    #146 Gerri, the one thing that I bet is not in Nancy’s vocab…back off! You are right about Chloe’s pride. At one time she might have had some but not this time around. Jennifer does need to regain her own sense of self and end this crap with Daniel…what woman would put up with this stuff? Of course there are those who would fight fire with fire but Jennifer is not really the type and it always backfires on her. She is like Nicole in that. Whatever Nicole does …always backfires on her.

  150. From Doris

    I’m a big fan of Ejami! Absolutely love them together, couldn’t wait for them to get together. But I have to agree with the anti Ejami’s on the new and improved EJ – don’t like him. He’s not being true to his character and James Scott as said as much as well. I don’t mind him being this way with Sami and the kids, but I want the scheming, grey EJ back when it comes to everyone else he comes in contact with on Days.

  151. From jolie

    #150 Doris, one thing, I am not so much of an anti Ejami but not really invested in them as a couple. Was not invested in Sami and Rafe either. But either way, I agree, he is just lukewarm now and not very interesting. I think it happens because he has lost his focus which was to top Rafe and get Sami. I have always heard that one should be careful of that which you pray. You could end up with it. Well, now he has to live with her and poor Sami is just not that much fun 24/7. She’d be hard to deal with on a daily basis. She made Rafe and Lucas both miserable. Elvis is actually in the same boat as Brady…up the creek without a paddle.

  152. From Mouse Fan

    Why would Elvis ask any questions about Kate and Rafe? It’s none of his business. I wonder if he is just a little bit jealous of them? Didn’t he have the pleasure of Kate’s company quite a while back? Does Stephano know about their dalliance? That could be interesting.

    Maybe Taylor is coming back to stir the pot for Elvis and Sami.
    He was all over her when they had the scarf affair going on. I can’t remember if he professed his love, or not. No matter, Sami looks good in green! :)

  153. From Tee

    Hello al!!

    I am having posting isues so sorry if a post comes through later with some of this in it.

    On EJ and his not being what people think are EJ.Well according to James EJ is being grounded right now, and he is going to be grey Sweevil EJ, We have to think one of Ejamis problems was Stefano, and how far EJ sometimes went with Stefanos plans.Yes EJ drew the line many of times, but Stefano had a way of getting him to see it his way.EJ has always been one who does not like to take things as far as his father, and even was always against murdering someone.He stopped his fatha from murdering Rafe many times and even forbade it.Ej needed to grow into his own self apart from Stefano and so that is what we have seen.Right now we have seen the grounding and foundation being layed for EJAMI.It does not mean this is how it is always going to be, James said he wants and thinks his character can be sweet to Sami and still be more of what he is about.Which James said is confident,self assured, powerful and grounded.He said he is charming and nasty.He also said his character should be loving and sweet with Samantha, and then said theres a scene coming up where they are in bed discussing how to deal with a problem and it is sort of a turning point.He will be getting back to what EJ does more the sweevil EJ wwhile also being sweet and loving with samantha and kids.That is what James said.So yes guys we are seeing only EJ’s sweet side and we should they just got together, He is excited andd so happy all his dreams have come true, but they will be getting back to their selves soon. they are enjoying the high right now from love, and it is building a foundation and grounding both of them.Sami is already showing signs of being Sami, EJ is just being more careful I assume, and Once we see Nick threatning We will see EJami be more of who they are.James also said he loves that Sami is back to being Sami, and she is going to be trouble and he loves that as does his character.These 2 accpet each other for what they are once that whole wow we finally did it wears off a bit they will slide back into their comfortable selves.EJ is still going tobe his own man though and the show spent a very long time showing him doing that.It does not mean he cannot be self assured, powerful and nasty to anyone who messes with his family ie sami and kids.You will just see a better over all grounded EJ.You also see a more grounded Sami, one who also has decided to be herself and not what her family wants and to be with EJ not be with who her family wants.I remember last year I told everyone what the show was doing, and that Safe needed to be temp reunited to give closure to the relationship and All what I said is coming true.I always had faith in the surce who said it and told me, and It is showing now.In order for EJAMI to be the way they want it to be, which is both all in, Safe had to get closure or else people will say but she would go back to Rafe or this or that.The show has now made it clear Rafe was in love with a owmn who dont exist and he dont accept Sami the real Sami and Sami was pushing away EJ because her family thought Rafe was better for her.I do think they loved what each other gave them for example Sami loved Rafe and the fact that her family accepted him, but it was not the same kind of love that deep love she has with Rafe.She did love him though.Rafe also loved the woman he made him self think she was.

  154. From jolie

    #152 Mouse Fan, Elvis did indeed have the pleasure of Kate’s company before Fatha married her. Not sure that Stefano knew it but then what does he not know about in town?? Not sure what he’ll have to say when he finds out about Rafe and Kate. I don’t see them as a really long term couple but as friends…why not. There was a rumor that Taylor was coming back for a visit and Elvis most certainly professed his undying love, right before he didn’t love her anymore and went back to loving Nicole…again. Maybe Elvis just has a fetish for the well placed scarf. And Elvis/Sami fans would scalp Taylor for coming back to mess in the playhouse before it is even put together!
    #153 Tee, that may all well be and I am not arguing about it…I am just bored with it But more power to the fans who are digging it.

  155. From Doris

    151 – I think it’s just the writing right now making EJ seem lame. There are so many places they can go with Ejami story lines. I hope it’s like Tee said and it’s just to lay down the foundation for better things to come.
    152 – Taylor – yuck! I think people tuned out in droves when she became involved with EJ – so unrealistic for him to completely move on from Sami – turned out the viewers thought so too.

  156. From voiceofreason

    #147 Maryl, EJ and Sami are only interesting when they’re given interesting stuff to work with. Same with any of them. Galen was great when working in the RoboRafe story line. Right now, EJ is boring. Sami is only interesting because they continue to make her the self absorbed, whiney, irritating person that she has always been. As soon as they take that away, she would be boring too. It’s all in the writing! That’s why I don’t understand the constant arguments about those three characters especially. If you’re just going by straight acting ability, I don’t think anyone holds a candle to Victor or Nicole. They can make anything interesting.

  157. From MAB

    No where has Gabi said she wanted to raise the baby w/ Will. Will is being the only honest one in this situation, although that makes him a target for Nick. Nick & even Gabi have manipulated Will from the beginning, and we already know that is what Nick wants, and given the chance, Gabi would want to live this little fantasy of hers where she & Nick raised the baby and Will would not be involved.

    Kat – ditto leave the paternity of the kids alone! It’s an overdone & used SL. I want Nicole to have a fresh start w/ Eric and no ties to EJ or her past. Hey this is soapland, she can always get pregnant again and finally have a baby w/ the man she loves, and a man who loves her back. I also agree about Rafe throwing in EJ’s face about Sami keeping EJ’s child from him, yet he conveniently leaves out the part he played in what happened. To me it just shows how two-faced he is.

    Leah – yep Rafe’s pride took a blow, and he can’t stand loosing out to EJ on anything. That is what this all boils down to, Rafe’s ego. It doesn’t even have to do w/ whether he still loves Sami or not, which I don’t think he does, and hasn’t since Carrie.

    Well duh, Kristen lied about Stefano’s health. Who didn’t see that one coming?

    I bet once Stefano returns, he & Kate will eventually find their way back to one another. She may be filling her time w/ Rafe now, but her heart belongs to Stefano. The heart wants what it wants, just like EJ & Sami.

    So what if Rafe & Kate find out about Nick’s plans. What are they gonna do? They haven’t figured it out so far, and I doubt they will unless they are clued in. They’re too busy hopping in bed w/ each other. Sami is already on to him, as is EJ. They are a much better team to bring down Nick.

    Like EJ said, there were underlying issues causing Gabi’s premature labor. Stress may have added to it, but it was a combination of things, not just the stress. Stress can’t be the only reason for a woman to go into premature labor. If so, all babies would be born premature. It’s impossible for anyone to be stress-free. And again Sami isn’t the only one that caused stress to Gabi. Rafe & Nick also dealt out the stress to her, and even she dealt out her own stress to herself. Even Rafe admitted himself he added to it, which was exactly when Gabi started having pains.

    haycam – love your comments!

    Michelle – great posts!

    It was discussed last week about Eileen Davidson’s return to Y&R. It’s only temporary for a few shows, and she’s not leaving Days.

    Mandi – I agree, I’ll never be over the fact Marlena was supportive of Carrie wanting to walk out on her husband (who did nothing but worship her) only to pursue her sister’s husband. But she can’t support Sami’s decision to be w/ EJ. Sad! But that is typical Marlena behavior of how she treats Sami, or anyone she feels is beneath her. I also didn’t like how she acted superior to Nicole yesterday.

    I’m sorry, but saying Sami is just as nutty as Nick is ridiculous! Nick is certifiable psycho! Yes, Sami is overzealous at times, but she is doing nothing wrong in trying to help her son keep his rights to his child.

    Nick is nothing more than a boyfriend who is obsessed w/ a girl who is carrying another man’s child. Gabi & the baby are NOT Nick’s family. I guarantee Nick’s so called claim of protection will ultimately put Gabi in danger in the end. It won’t be Sami.

    Where is the real EJ? He’s standing right beside Sami. He’s very recognizable. The ONLY change in him is he has the love of his life back. But for some it doesn’t matter what form of EJ we’re getting because they would trash him just the same regardless of how he’s acting.

    EJ just asked Rafe a simple question yesterday. It was Rafe trying to stick it to EJ. It’s obvious Rafe is the one who just can’t EJ out of his system. He’s always been obsessed w/ EJ.

    The only thing Sami was taken aback by yesterday was Nick saying he did his time for his crimes, and some never do.

    Who cares what Rafe & Kate do w/ each other? It’s disgusting anyway you look it. For some, if it were anyone else other than Rafe bedding her, they would be trashing this right & left, but because it’s Rafe, it gets a pass. Just like Nick, some are giving him a pass just because no one wants to admit Sami is right in her attempts to protect Will.

    Maryl – great observations about James/EJ & Ali/Sami’s popularity. They definitely stand on their own. And I said the same thing you did, Gabi’s worst nightmare will be Nick. Also, I appreciate how the writers are handling EJ & Sami’s sex scenes and not shoving it down our throats. They are loving & passionate in all their scenes together, and together they are wonderful & refreshing, and you can see their love. They don’t have to be in bed to show their affections, in fact they don’t even have to try to pull off their magic, it just happens. Their chemistry just shines! What they have is not just sex, unlike the tackiness we have to witness from Rafe & Kate.

  158. From MAB

    The writers took their time in laying the foundation leading up to EJ & Sami’s reunion. They are together, and they’re invested in proving all the naysayers wrong, and making things work this time for real. I’m sure there will be ups & downs, and that is to be expected, but I’d say most of that will come from their own families not being able to deal w/ the fact a DiMera & Brady are together. But EJ has already stated that no one is coming between them, and I believe it. He isn’t about to loose her again, and I think Sami feels the same way. But EJ has shown he can still be himself. He is still powerful & ruthless, the only difference is he just made Sami & the kids his priority, which is what any man in love would do. He still makes no bones about being a DiMera, and has told Sami she would have to accept who he was because he couldn’t & wouldn’t change it. And apparently she has accepted it. It was just like Lexie said, if EJ & Sami stopped making each other miserable, they would be happy together. And that is all it took. They haven’t changed. They are just finally happily in love w/ each other. I’m sure we will see both EJ & Sami’s bad sides emerge when necessary (as we are already seeing Sami’s). But that is the good thing about them together. They accept each other for who they are. They don’t have to pretend, or act like people they aren’t. With them, they can be bad, still be in love together, w/o judging each other. I’d say that’s the recipe for a successful, but not typical, super couple relationship. Keep it up writers, MANY of us applaud what you’ve done w/ EJami thus far, and are loving every minute of it!!

    Why bring up EJ & Kate. That news is so old that it goes back to when EJ was knows as Wells and not DiMera. It’s only being brought up because some have to have something to compare EJ & Rafe with. Also, to my knowledge, Stefano knows EJ was w/ Kate, but it didn’t matter, AND it was way before Kate & Stefano got married.

    The Taylor & EJ thing was a realized mistake by TPTB, and was quickly changed, and she was eventually removed from the show. Which is also why Taylor ended up professing her undying love for Quinn and left Salem w/ him. Although they apparently didn’t stay together, I doubt Taylor returning to Salem would matter at all to EJ. I don’t think she is returning, but if she did, I’m sure it would be all about Nicole.

    Kate Mansi (Abby) said in an interview when asked what would be happening w/ her virgin SL, and she said “Well, I think you should watch. No, it’s still um…it’s a really exciting storyline, and there’s sort of an interesting triangle happening”. I hope this means she will be getting back w/ Chad. I don’t trust Cameron, and don’t like her w/ him.

  159. From Barb

    voiceofreason #156, I agree with what you wrote. Give me Nicole any day of the week, as far as acting ability, right along with Nick, even though I don’t like the character of Nick. And, yes, Victor has still got it. I really wish we’d see more of him. When he was bad, he was always my favorite over Stefano.

    I think plenty of posters thought Sami was right to want to protect Will. But where did she get with it? What has been discussed is that her approach was all wrong. Yelling and attacking Gabi, when it’s been Nick all along but Sami didn’t know that yet. And how do we know Sami’s approach was wrong? Because she succeeded only in having Will push her away. That’s how it shakes out when you go overboard trying to convince somebody of something, – like maybe getting a paternity test. But Will does defend Sami to Nick today, although at the same time saying he would try to keep her under control. But, then, the way it ends between Nick and Will, that no longer matters.

  160. From jolie

    #155 Doris, I think it makes perfect sense with what is happening now with Elvis and Sami. One would just hope the writers will be able to pull the nose of this thing up in time so it doesn’t crash and burn. Elvis was more fun when he was bad. Right now, he ain’t! And I agree that Taylor was not very popular and not the time right now for Elvis to stray or even think about a past fondling of a particularly enticing scarf.
    #156 Voiceofreason, you always have something to say and a wonderful way with words. Loved the post. Could not agree more about Victor and Nicole as best actors on the show. Hard to argue as they can bring it in any situation, even when the writing or storyline is crappy. If Sami isn’t screeching and insinuating her way into the center of it all, she is whining and now to Elvis. And Elvis, bland and boring and smoothing things over so Sami will quit her screeching. Rafe, I like him acting with Kate and Nicole as he seems to get better lines then. I was tired of him and Sami screeching at each other. You are right, it is what they are given to do. But obviously you do not see the true and great love and tenderness that Elvis and Sami display and that they are meant for each other and can be who they really are when together and all that chemisty that shines thru now that they are together. Yeah, me either.

  161. From Leah

    Good post Tee #153….
    As for Elvis, he HAS ALWAYS DESIRED to be the man Sami has wanted and needed. Hence why he turned against his father in revealing to Sami and Marlena that John was alive and fatha had him! I also remember Sami saying to EJ upon her return to Salem “EJ you are showing me a side of you I didn’t know existed.” EJs response to that was “Thats because you never really gave me the chance to show it to you Samantha.” EJ has had IT bad ever since meeting Sami. She is the love of his life. The ONE THING EJ has never shy-ed away from his unwavering love for Sami. So should we be surprised at what we are seeing? No! But I think all Ejami fans know at the moment they are in the honeymoon stage. After denying their love and themselves for so long they are enjoying being at the place they are BUT its Ejami we all know the fun, trouble, excitement etc are coming. Nobody in their right mind thinks for one minute Ejami are going to turn into boring, mundane Safe. We don’t want it and eagerly await for it all to start going down. All I care about is that Ejami and Ejamily stay together. The rest from there is a bonus!

  162. From MAB

    If you wanna go by acting skills alone, Stefano tops them all, then I would say EJ, Nicole, and Sami. The rest of them are great for the most part, like Bo (when he was still ther), John, Marlena, Kristen, but it does depend on their material. Stefano, EJ, Nicole & Sami can make any scene work, w/ any material hands down! That’s just how good they are, and what sets them apart from the rest.

  163. From Barb

    I forgot to mention Chandler Massey (Will) as one of the best actors on the show. Amazing right now and this past year!

  164. From MAB

    Oh, give me a break! Will would blame his mother if he said the sky was blue and she disagreed. He loves her, but he still blames her every chance he gets. He needs to grow up and stop blaming everyone else for what happens, especially when he’s blaming the wrong people. I don’t care what Sami does, Will should never trust Nick or even Gabi over his family. Bottom line, Will will be thanking Sami eventually for pointing out the truth about Nick. Also, Sami’s behavior should be nothing new to Will, but he should also know she wouldn’t be so passionate & over the top about this is she didn’t know Nick & Gabi were up to something.

  165. From gerri

    I agree that Nicole Is by far,the best actress on Days,she can play any part,and I think she would get an award,for her acting,during the birth(and the supposed death of her baby)she played that character,so well..

    and Victor can say pretty much anything,and make you laugh….

  166. From Barb

    Only thing is, Sami didn’t know about Nick. She was taking everything out on Gabi. Wrong!!
    But the fun all starts as of today!

    Will and Sami both have the same trait of blaming their mothers.

  167. From voiceofreason

    I will agree that Joseph is great as Stefano, but have we really ever gotten to see him act as the nice guy? He is stereotyped into one role and plays it very well. EJ on the other hand, is getting a chance to play the “sort of” nice guy and sorry, but he’s boring. Again, that’s nothing against him as an actor necessarily. He just doesn’t have anything to work with when he’s not evil. Sami was, is and always will be a character that only works when she’s being manipulative, self-absorbed and whiney. Anything else and she’s no different than Jennifer. Vanilla Rafe is the same way. Again, it’s all in the writing. Why some people can’t see that and seem so hateful and spiteful about certain characters is beyond me.

    To me, Ari Zucker and John Anniston have always been able to go beyond those stereotyped roles of their characters and provide whatever is required to make their character insteresting in whatever situation they’re in.

  168. From Michelle

    So the next SOD issue has a five page interview with James and Ali. They are 100% behind their EJAMI love story. I cannot wait to buy it!

  169. From Leah

    Ok put aside our favourite character, put aside our favourite actor, put aside looks etc etc etc. With all that aside… James Scott IS hands down the best male actor on the show. Who has been given so many layers as an actor or character than EJ?? He has had so many layers… and he has been able to convey every single one of them! To the point that people either love him or hate him. People either find these qualities faulted but endearing or despicable. Lets face it EJ can be adorable, sexy, flirty, charming, selfless (when it comes to Sami and the kids), charismatic, loving, romantic, sweet, tender, forgiving, playful, wanna do the right thing, sincere and somewhat honest BUT EJ can also be mean, determined, unforgiving, relentless, evil, naughty, hateful, nasty, self seeking and wanting to give in to revenge and payback. So many layers, so many emotions and James Scott brings it all! Whether you love him or hate him James Scott is able to get a reaction out of people… this site is testimony to that fact. NOW THAT COMES DOWN TO PURE ACTING TALENT! Alison Sweeney is exactly the same in my opinion. Hence you either love her character Sami or hate her also. Kudos to them both! Great actors doing a great job.

    #168 Michelle I agree with you James and Alison are enjoying being able to bring to Ejami fans THEIR LOVESTORY at long last. And it shows in their scenes and the way they are with each other. Magical!
    Should we be surprised? Well no I believe James has been an Ejami shipper all along. You only gotta read his interviews to see that. James expressed his frustration along with the fans whose number 1 question to him was “When are EJ and Sami getting together?” James said it was frustrating for both of them because he’s never been able to give them an answer. Also remember James saying in another interview if Ejami broke up he would miss working with Alison as he couldn’t think of a better way of spending an afternoon than kissing Alison Sweeney – LOL. And think about it, it shows on the screen. Since 2006 we’ve seen the actors fliratous with each other. Touches here and there, eye staring, kissing of the head, cheek or hand, checking each other out, hitting each other in laughter, being humourous and playful, being sassy, sexy and up in each others faces. Of course there has to be a CERTAIN CHEMISTRY with the actors for it to click, something James Scott hasn’t denied. As for Alison she’s always said James is sexy! KABOOM!
    As people I think James and Alison have alot of interests in common hence the triathlon thing etc. Anyway it all makes for good TV acting, storytelling and viewing. Go Ejami and Ejamily :)

  170. From Barb

    If you have a tentative relationship with your son anyway, why try to reason with him the way Sami went about it?! Sami wasn’t telling the truth about Nick because she didn’t know the truth about him. She was ranting, raving, attacking the mother of Will’s child. Sami messed all that up so I have no reason to believe she won’t also mess things up from now on.
    However, I would like nothing better than to see Sami and Will on the SAME side and working together for a change. We can only hope Will’s whole family, along with Rafe, will stand together eventually.

    voiceofreason #167 you make another good point about Joe as Stefano.

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