Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For February 28 & March 1.


Abby becomes the victim of a Chloe rampage as the diva goes off on her for supporting Jenn and Daniel’s relationship. The doctor and Her Royal Hortonness arrive as the two women start wailing on each other. It isn’t only a fight that’s broken up because of this.

Will wants to turn himself in but his family won’t let him. This move may only play right into Nick’s hands.

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Viewers Down Under have something to be happy about when DOOL Returns To Air In New Zealand. Find out how Hanna dealt with the hit-and-run by reading our PLL Recap: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.

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  1. From G Morris

    I am so sick of Brady and Kristen. Brady sure is one dumb fellow. And Chloe makes me sick. She did when she was on the show before. They also need to get rid of wacko Nick, he was a sick fellow when he was on before came back the same way.

  2. From elaine

    I am sooooo sick of Daniel and Jennifer. Jennifer has got to go!!

  3. From anolddaysfan

    I agree! But, I’m also sick of Daniel and Jen. Today’s show was the reason FF was invented! I like Rafe and Kate together but if she gets pregnant, I’m done! Nick is annoying as hell. And, one last thing…does anyone care that Abby is a virgin?

  4. From Barb

    Seems everything lately plays right into Nick’s hands.

    What, Abby’s a virgin????

  5. From dc

    yea, really getting tired of brady/kristen fiasco. jenn and daniel come in a close 2nd.
    the baby thing between gabi, nick and will is my 3rd choice.

  6. From Missy

    So happy to hear that I am not the only one totally sick of Dan and Jen! They have completely ruined Jen’s character. She’s turned into a whiny schoolgirl and its beyond annoying! A few episodes back they insinuated that even when she was with Jack that she was still in love with Dan. Jack was the love of her life and she spent 20+ years with him and we fans are supposed to believe that she loves Dan, who she hasn’t even been intimate with, more than she loved Jack??? To the writers….please make it stop!! Its not even remotely believable. And stop dressing her like she’s 20….she’s pushing 50. Dan was so much better with Chloe or Nicole.

  7. From sissy

    Please put Dr. Dan with Nichole it would be interesting to watch Chloe’s response.. And pLease stop the Kristen & Brady thing!!!
    and I hate the EJ-Sami thing….
    din’t her rape her!! PLEASE!

  8. From Sami Days

    Im a big Sami Fan.

    I want Nick back in jail. I want Will to take gabby Baby with sonny, I want Sami with Ej. Chad and Mel back together. I want Jenn to Die, Chole and Daniel back together. I want Bo back.

  9. From Gloria29

    Attn: writers. A long time fan here. Sick sick sick of Nicole/Eric. Jenn/Daniel. Get rid of Nick, Jennifer. Put a new pizzazz into DOOL. No wonder we don’t win crap. The repetition of the same words/lines/couples is so boring. I only watch it now for Rafe (in love with Galen), Sami & EJ (I like that couple). Bring John back to Marlena, find a softer side of John. He tries to act mean, not doing a good job of it. Lucas, he needs a woman!!! Get him someone quickly! Great you came out with Gay issue. Is Kate & Rafe known as Cougar couple? Yound and old? Please no pregnancy for Kate, Chloe, Jennifer. Just do something smart for a change. Bring main modern day issues into play. We might win.

  10. From Renee

    #6Missy They have been intimate before Jack came back. If I remember right they went out of town somewhere but that has been a while back.

  11. From Kat

    10 Renee, you are right,
    Dan and Jenn, before Jack came back went to Green Mountain lodge I believe, and They Did IT.

    I see no real chemistry between Jenn And Dan…
    I liked when Jenn was with Jack, now they had chemistry, IMO

  12. From lyn

    Sick of Kristin she needs to go & Brady is an idiot he could go w/her (he was ok w/Ariana the best Hernandez) Please send Chloe away she looks & acts like a slut. Daniel & Jennifer are good together. There is really no good parent for the baby – if this baby is really going to happen it should be w/Will (if he gets his act together) & Sonny. Sami & EJ are good together.

  13. From lyn

    Please get rid of Chloe she acts & looks like a slut. Why is she back? Jennifer & Daniel are good together. Kristen needs to go she is horrible & Brady is a brat – what an idiot he can go w/her. There isn’t a good parent for this “baby” if it must happen it should be w/Will(if he get’s his act together) & Sonny. Gabi can’t act needs to go along w/Nick. EJ & Sami are good together.
    Nicole & Eric seem like a good thing. I like Kate w/ Rafe – but please nothing serious. She needs to be back w/Stefano!

  14. From lyn

    Kristen needs to go & take Brady w/her, he’s such a brat & loser(was only good w/Arriana)the only good Hernandez. Chloe should join this group as well – looks & acts like a slut. Daniel is good w/Jennifer. There isn’t a good parent for this “baby” if it must happen it should be w/Will (if he get’s his act together)& Sonny. EJ & Sami are good together. Nicole is good w/Eric. I like Kate w/Rafe but she really needs to be w/Stefano!

  15. From Nat

    For the first time in about 20 years, I’m not interested in ANY of the story lines going on on Days. Kristin was a mother figure to Brady when he was a little boy. I find their relationship sickening. I am a big Mathew Ashford fan so I hate that they killed him off and the whole Gabi, Will, Nick storyline isn’t interesting either. While I check in once in a while, I just can’t seem to watch it for now.

  16. From JOSH B

    Oh God People —- … It’s a TV Show ..— and Really Wishing Jenn Dead WTH??? SAD When a Soap Opera is all you have in your Life … RELAX PEOPLE And If You Dont Like it …EASY TURN THE CHANNEL

    Some of your post was removed due to SoapOperaFan’s guidelines. We do not allow baiting or rudeness toward our posters. ADMIN

  17. From haycam

    Josh b. Couldn’t agree with you more! And everyone knows that nobody on fool stays dead for long lol

  18. From haycam

    Oops I meant dool. Not fool. Darn auto correct

  19. From Leslie

    So bored with Days of Our Lives I used to watch when Matt Ashford on I loved his character but think they should bring him back. I would change that Jack would be dressed much better like the old days.

    Also make Jenn run after him but Jack says no when he finds out about Jen getting together with Dan right after Jack died. Who would want someone like Jenn after she falls fast for Dan just after Jack died.

    I hate the couple of Dan and Jenn so boring. I don’t see the chemisty

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